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Scent of a Woman: Episode 13
by | September 3, 2011 | 146 Comments

Thank heaven for the end to the whole noble sacrifice nonsense, because the drama has started to get weighed down with all the tears and angst. I know it’s a drama about a dying woman, but what made Scent of a Woman so delightful, so apart from the norm, was its light, refreshing touch. We all know what the traditional cancer melodrama would bring, so it was a lovely change to see a drama take on the subject without taking the expected route. I’d love us to go back to that, please.


Lee Sora & Kim Min-jong – “우리 다시.” This is the song sung in the duet in today’s episode. The title literally means “us again” but it carries the connotation of starting over. [ Download ]

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Ji-wook crashes his car to intercept the car headed for Yeon-jae, and this knocks her out of her stupor.

This also marks a key point in Ji-wook’s outlook, where he goes from feeling anger and betrayal over her lie to charging to her rescue. It comes at a key time when Yeon-jae is feeling so low that she’s wishing for her own death, making this a significant intersection of their viewpoints: No longer is she just a ticking clock with a deadline, but she’s a life worth saving, even though she’s already dying. It’s a meaningful way to show her that she’s more than her cancer — and despite a limited lifespan, hers is as worth living as anybody else’s. I do sort of love that he’s the one who shows her this, and it brings him into a complete 180.

The camera spins as it closes in on Yeon-jae at the hospital, mirroring her feeling of the world spinning all askew. She waits as Ji-wook is examined, and gets the word that he’ll be fine. He has minor injuries, but has escaped brain damage.

His first words upon seeing her in his room are, “Are you okay?” Yeon-jae asks why he intervened, reminding him that she only has a few months left to live anyway. He tells her, “I wanted to see you. I want to see you. It doesn’t matter how many months, or days. The moment of the accident, I knew it without a doubt. Without you, I’m not happy.”

His words make her think back to her father in his last days, who’d told her gravely that he was sorry not to be able to stay with her for long time. While he was feeling the burden of guilt, Teenage Yeon-jae had told him cheerily, “Then treat me well while you can.”

The next time Ji-wook awakens, he calls out hoping for Yeon-jae, and finds Sae-kyung and his father instead. Sae-kyung takes him home, sees that he’s in pain, and offers to cook something so he can take his pain meds. He tells her, however, that he can’t do this — that the accident confirmed how he feels about Yeon-jae.

Sae-kyung assumes he’s in the lingering-attachment phase of a breakup and says that she understands that it will take time to get over his feelings. Ji-wook tells her that these aren’t feelings that he will get over, and although she seems to recognize that there’s new conviction in his voice, she still refuses to accept his answer, acting like he’ll change his mind in time.

To her surprise, Yeon-jae receives a call from her old teacher, and arranges to meet him. On her way out, she pauses to see her mother and decides to come clean to her, finally admitting the truth.

She explains how her comments had been twisted into rumors that he’d sexually harassed her, and because she’d hated him so much, she’d kept quiet. Well, I suppose lying by omission is a hair better than accusing outright, although I can’t really defend her since she did confirm the rumors to her teacher.

To her shock, though, Mom just nods calmly and says, “I know.” The teacher had told her what happened, and was actually quite generous in his understanding of Yeon-jae’s feelings, saying that she must have been terribly upset to be driven to such a lie. He had decided that if he went away, the problem would be solved. Aw. I wonder if that makes Yeon-jae feel better, or worse: there’s relief that he understood her, and guilt that she wronged a decent man who really, really didn’t deserve such treatment.

She sits with him at his bakery, and he tells her that a decade ago, he used to imagine daily that she would come to find him, so that he could tell her it was okay. But she never came, so he told himself to forget it — so when she appeared out of nowhere, he wasn’t ready to face her.

She supposes that he must have resented her all these years, but he says he hated himself more, because it had been his choice. He’d thought back then that sacrificing in the name of a loved one was a noble act — but he was wrong. (Well, thank heavens for somebody in K-dramaland recognizing that noble idiocy is more idiocy than noble!) He admits that he hasn’t been “able to be happy” in all these years (as in, he never fell in love again), and if he’d had it to do over again, he would have weathered her hate to be with her mother, and with her.

Aw, it’s sweet that her bucket list has for the first time led to a greater gift for someone she loves, because teacher man will likely reconnect with Mom now. Leaving Mom, we know, was one of Yeon-jae’s biggest concerns; perhaps this will encourage her to reveal the truth about her cancer.

It’s only now that Yeon-jin finally comes to a moment of realization as she recalls Ji-wook’s confessions of love. She heads to his house, where he’s just discovered the plant that has been transferred to his front yard by the housekeeper (whom he’d told to take the plant out of his sight).

When he turns and sees her, they stand there for a long moment, staring at each other, the gate between them.

She tells him, “I’d forgotten momentarily. After being diagnosed with cancer, I wrote a bucket list. It wasn’t just so I could do things I hadn’t done before. It was because I’d lived all this time without much thought, and that time felt wasted — so I wanted to spend my time with value, with meaning. Happily. That way, I might not feel regrets. But it seemed like that was making you too unhappy, that I was being too selfish to you, and that pained me.”

Ji-wook tells her, “The moment of the accident, I had this thought: I might die before you. Tonight, I might have a heart attack. Tomorrow morning, I might be in a car accident. When that moment comes, I’d regret it — why hadn’t I held onto Lee Yeon-jae?”

She agrees: “When that moment comes, I’d probably feel regret too — why hadn’t I stayed with Kang Ji-wook?”

He opens the gate, and she steps inside. Holding her, he says, “Thank you so, so much for coming.”

The next day, Eun-seok arrives at the hospital to find Ji-wook waiting for him, wanting to know Yeon-jae’s condition in detail. Eun-seok tells him about her initial six-month diagnosis, but because of the tumor growth, she now has about three or four months.

Ji-wook struggles to accept the information, and Eun-seok tells him that what Yeon-jae needs most right now is Ji-wook, who can do more for her than he can do as doctor.

Afterward, Eun-seok calls Yeon-jae to fill her in, informing her Ji-wook has been by. It’s so sad how it hurts Eun-seok to say that he’s glad she has Ji-wook with her, even as he means what he says.

Ji-wook comes over to pick Yeon-jae up, having taken a few days off work. She invites him in and prepares some fruit for her guest, and when she checks on him, he’s asleep on her bed. Or pretending to sleep, at least — he stretches out an arm, an invitation for her to join him. She cautiously complies, lying stiffly next to him on the bed.

I love the disgruntled look on his face, as if to say, “That’s it?!” So he turns and arranges her to his satisfaction, bringing her close and holding tight.

Eun-seok’s doctor colleague joins him outside and comments on his recent rise in popularity. Eun-seok’s lost in thought, though, and wonders why he chose his field, when “There’s nothing I can do for her.” Even despite treating the cancer, he’s just gotta watch her die. His buddy tells him that’s the fate of doctors like them.

His day doesn’t get any better, with Hee-joo begging him to call her father to assure that a plane ride to the Philippines is fine in her condition. Her father thinks it’s too dangerous but has agreed to let her if the doctor agrees — but Eun-seok can’t consent to it, citing the dangers.

Hee-joo cries and pleads, saying she has to see her mother, who can’t come to Korea for some reason, and that she might die without seeing her. Eun-seok isn’t immune to her pleas, but he can’t in good conscience give his approval. Hee-joo bursts out, “I hate you!” and storms off.

The Line Tour planning team goes out for dinner to celebrate their successful Wando tour package. The mood is great, though it quiets when Ji-wook proposes inviting Yeon-jae to join them, since it was her idea and all. Nobody likes this (except a happy Hye-won), but they can’t contradict the boss, either.

Yeon-jae joins them at the bar and trades little smiles with Ji-wook, who hilariously wonders why nobody’s asking him to sing while everyone else takes turns. That, of course, starts the rally for him to sing, and he says modestly, “Well, if you want me to so much…”

He takes the mike and says that this is a song he’d been wanting to sing for a woman when he fell in love. Aw, was this whole night just an excuse to sing her a love song? And then, in front of everyone, he calls out to Yeon-jae, telling her to join him.

Everyone is agog (except Hye-won, who’s loving this, adorably), and he takes Yeon-jae by the hand and leads her to the stage.

It’s “Us Again,” the song posted up top:

From amongst so many people, I had to find you
Take my outstretched hand
In this difficult time, I had to meet you
All I have are poor memories, hold me

Even without speaking,
even without knowing everything,
I can feel it
With love, even without speaking,
just looking at each other,
We can be as one

Even with the pain after we part ways
I am far away
Accept me into your heart
The sadness still lingers
I can forget you
I can become a new me

We can believe, our two souls
Wherever you are, even if we’re apart,
My heart is the same

That night, Yeon-jae looks over her bucket list, which she’s taped back together, and reveals another entry: To sing a duet with the man she loves. Ji-wook flips through his cell phone, with which he has taken photos of every item on her list. Gah, he may have been a jerk in denial, but he is just the sweetest boyfriend.

She gets to mark off two entries today, because her teacher has also forgiven her. She returns to his bakery to give him the address of the store where her mother works, and also her tacit approval.

She heads to the hospital to meet with the chief of Eun-seok’s department, who thanks her for her contribution and wants to treat her to dinner. She declines the meal but accepts his gratitude.

She thanks Eun-seok for his help in getting her teacher’s forgiveness, but confides that she hasn’t worked up the nerve to tell her mother yet. Eun-seok tells her with a gentle smile that she’ll work it out, that she shouldn’t feel too bad because it’s not like being sick is a crime.

What makes his love for her both touching and painful is that he doesn’t place any burden on her because of it; he puts on a smile for her benefit, and doesn’t betray his own hurt until she’s gone.

But all Hee-joo needs is one look to guess that he likes Yeon-jae, which she’s both happy to guess correctly and disappointed since she likes him. Hee-joo’s back to her usual cheerful self, and tells Eun-seok that her mother ended up coming to Korea after all, and that they’ve been having a good time together. Sheepishly admitting that she’d gone overboard last time, she says she wanted to fill him in on the turn of events.

Eun-seok’s boss gives him the news that he may be able to go to the American cancer hospital, M.D. Anderson, after all. He offers to take on all of Eun-seok’s current patients, telling him this is a great opportunity — but faced with the prospect of not being able to be with Yeon-jae till the end, Eun-seok asks for time to think it over.

The Line Tour ladies gossip about how unbelievable it is that their hot supervisor is dating Yeon-jae, she of the (former) corkscrew curls and glasses. The company president overhears this and demands the full story, then reports this outrage to Chairman Kang. He points to the recent kerfuffle with Seojin Cards, guessing correctly that the broken engagement was to blame for it. He warns the chairman that if Ji-wook’s relationship ruins things for the company, he won’t take this lying down.

Dad calls in his secretary and orders him to look into Yeon-jae’s background, specifically asking for “weaknesses.” Gah, you’re really going for the hateful parent award, aren’t you?

Ji-wook surrounds himself with books, and gets to studying recipes that are good for cancer patients. It’s adorable. He settles on a dish with brown rice, then gapes at the time — it takes 4 hours — and pushes back their date for the night.

Sae-kyung requests to meet Yeon-jae and asks if she still means what she said about encouraging Sae-kyung to date Ji-wook. Yeon-jae does feel bad about changing her tune, and says regretfully, “You and I must really be ill-fated.” Understanding what that means, Sae-kyung flings her cup of water in Yeon-jae’s face. Because rich people apparently have never learned how to express emotions in acceptable ways.

Yeon-jae says there are reasons for her change of heart, but Sae-kyung can’t possibly fathom what kind of reason would explain it. She feels humiliated by the two, and warns Yeon-jae that she won’t stand idly by.

Ji-wook is busily preparing dinner when he receives an unexpected guest in the form of his angry father, who sees the dinner table and figures it’s for Yeon-jae. He flings the tray out of Ji-wook’s hands and goes to overturn the rest of the table, because again, rich people like to throw their food, apparently. Ji-wook dashes in and holds him back, more concerned for the food, and earns a slap to the face for his trouble. Good lord, what is it with the slap-happy in this drama?

Dad orders Ji-wook to break up with her immediately, but Ji-wook says that he can’t. Dad argues that the woman has cancer — his dirt-digging minions are swift — and yells that he can’t ruin his life over someone who’s going to die in a few months.

Ji-wook entreats his father, “Because of her, I’m happy.” Dad challenges, “What about when she dies?” He says he won’t stand to see his only son turn into a wretched mess when that happens. Ji-wook hasn’t really had time to think this over, but he hurriedly says he won’t be like that. Dad doesn’t believe him, pointing out how he was after his mother died.

Dad declares that if Ji-wook won’t end it, then he’ll make the woman end it. Oh please, not this song and dance again. Ji-wook grabs his father’s leg and pleads, sobbing, for Dad not to hurt Yeon-jae.

Yeon-jae arrives soon afterward, and finds Ji-wook still hunched over on the ground, the dinner spilled everywhere.

She wipes tears from his eyes, and he pulls her close in a kiss. They move to the bed, both of them shedding tears as they kiss, and the scene fades to black.

In the morning, they awaken in each other’s arms.

When Yeon-jae arrives home, Mom is waiting up, fuming in her worry and having stayed up all night wondering where she’s been. Yeon-jae mumbles that she was “with someone,” and Mom guesses it was a man: “Red car?”

Hilariously, she reacts in the opposite way that most Korean parents of a single woman would, because this completely dissipates her anger and she squeals in delight: “I knew it! Oh, you naughty girl! I told you he liked you!”

I know Mom can be a trial of patience, but her reaction totally endears her to me: Immediately she starts calculating, figuring that if Yeon-jae marries this year and has a child right away, she’ll be 35 years old… which is too old: “No, you’d better make an accident first.” Ha! She’s like backwards mom.

Sae-kyung meets with Chairman Kang to deliver her decision to dissolve the partnership between their companies, and to take back the investment funds they had offered to enable Line Tours’ expansion into the US market. Geezus, the people in this drama sure do make business decisions with mercurial temperaments — it’s amazing they ever got to their current positions of wealth if they’re so weak to acting based on pique and emotion.

Chairman Kang has expected as much, which confirms to Sae-kyung that he knew about the relationship — even as he pushed Sae-kyung to marry Ji-wook. She takes this as personal insult, and he has nothing to say. She declares that she’s going to retaliate — to Yeon-jae, Ji-wook, and the chairman.

But now Chairman Kang speaks: “She has cancer.”

Next, he calls Ji-wook in to tell him to prepare to be transferred to New York, to oversee the company’s US launch for the next year or two. He won’t insist on his marriage, and orders him not as father but as the company chairman.

Ji-wook says he won’t go, but Dad won’t hear it.

Mom is happily dreaming of marrying off Yeon-jae when a guest walks in: Yeon-jae’s old teacher. He merely says he happened to be in the neighborhood, and rather than dwelling on talk of the old days, he gets her phone number and promises to call. Aw, ajusshi’s still got moves.

Ji-wook submits his resignation to his father with cool resolve, saying that now he won’t have to go to New York — and for that matter, going to work every day eats up valuable time: “We don’t have much time left.”

Mom finds herself checking her phone all day, and finally the call comes. Flustered, she lies to Yeon-jae that it’s her friend, but Yeon-jae guesses what the call is and smiles. Mom excuses herself to take the call, wherein Teacher Kim gets right to the point, asking her out to dinner and a movie.

And then, ruining the mood is an unexpected visitor. Yeon-jae opens the door, and in steps a stern Chairman Kang, ruiner of all happiness.


Groaaaaan. I am not looking forward to whatever parental nonsense Chairman Kang is concocting, because frankly I was tired of the chaebols’ meddling from, oh, Episode 1. I understand the trickiness of breaking off an engagement last-minute, but I do tire of the whole pearl-clutchy outrage over Ji-wook’s refusal to marry Sae-kyung. A woman he has never loved, who doesn’t love him back, in a relationship that was out the outset understood to be arranged more for business reasons than anything.

I understand Sae-kyung’s hurt pride and bruised ego at being passed over for Yeon-jae, but her determination to stick with Ji-wook is starting to get ridiculous. When she thinks they’re marrying, she’s all concern and sympathy. The moment things change, she’s vowing all sorts of retaliation. Frankly, that’s a woman you don’t want on your side even on a good day, because she can turn on you on a dime.

She’s not as bad an antagonist as Dad, though, who is starting to sound downright unhinged in his meddling ways. Seriously, Dad? You need to micromanage and control your son’s life that much? Are you sure you don’t just want a robo-puppy? They sell those online now. I’d started to feel like this episode was showing us light at the end of the angst tunnel, only to find the end of the episode bringing us to a second tunnel. I’d rather watch Yeon-jae live out the remainder of her life and fulfill her bucket list, not see a repeat of early episodes with the rich and powerful throwing around their weight to make her life hell. ‘Cause, a hint for you guys: That life doesn’t need any more heartbreak, thanks. She’s drowning in it already.


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    Yea! I’ve stayed up this late (east coast time 11:43Pm) just to find out what happened. Now on to reading while I wait for a subtitled version to show up online.


  4. Yogurt

    Finally some happiness a loong week of depression.. Can someone pls abduct JW’s dad? He’s really a total of waste of time for JW & YJ’s limited remaining time.

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    thanks so much for your speedy recap! this episode made up for the past depressing episodes…. I just really wish it will have a beautiful ending.

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    Love you, javabeans. *mwah* you’re a godsend

  7. Jomo

    Even though we have angst ahoy! in the next episode, E13 provided a fair amount of closure for our OTP to keep me satisfied for a day or two.

    SK better back the hell off now. Even if her brain is 98% focussed on her own self, at least 2% can understand that THIS IS NOT ABOUT HER NOW! She said she would wait, that means wait OUTSIDE. There is no room for you at this inn.

    While I understand that Kang is there for plot and stuff, but he’s just bugging me right now. OK OK, he loves his son, doesn’t want him to get hurt blah blah blah, but leave him alone!!! Didn’t Dad ever fall in love before? Doesn’t he realize how powerful fresh love is? How transforming it can be? He’s not gonna win unless he destroys his son first. Aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhh!

    I did think the love scene was beautiful, tender, bittersweet, appropriate. Mean old nasty Mr. Reality can’t get them in the circle of each other’s arms. Remembering the warmth of those moments will both help J and hurt him in the future, but mostly I think it will ease the pain. At least there won’t be regret that Y never knew how he felt. It would be so much worse if they hadn’t had the opportunity to share himself with her, and her with him.

    With only three episodes left, I really have only one wish: Can we see them dance the tango again? Just once? Even better if it is in front of an audience — maybe back at that beach in Japan? While she is still up and around and healthy, I hope they go back to where their love began.

    But, chaebol! DON’T MAKE HER DIE THERE!

    • 7.1 obivia

      I know! The tango, bucket list, etc. These are the things that would redeem all the torture everyone puts Yeon Jae through–I’m getting a bit worn out from all the insensitive villains. 3 episodes is not enough time to get in all the heart-warming stuff in.

    • 7.2 ☂ iZzie ☂

      I think Bad Chaebol Daddy had lost all concept of love long ago – even before he lost his wife. I even doubt it that he opposed his son’s dating YJ because he’s concerned that he might be a wreck again when she’s gone, but that when he becomes a wreck, Chaebol Daddy won’t have any use for him. It looks like it’s all business for him. It seems like JW is nothing but an heir to him who is supposed to make his business thrive longer than his lifetime.

      I hate it that Chaebol Daddy is going to play the “leave my son alone” card to YJ. I can’t wait for her to pull a Joowonda and tell him that “they’ll stop dating… they’re going to live together instead” because JW “might die of lovesickness.”

      I think that there will be at least one more tango for the OTP. I also think that there will be another trip to Japan where – judging & hoping from the show’s poster – there will be a wedding.

      As for SK… it’s either she has fallen in love with JW (though it’s not that apparent yet) or with the love that JW has for YJ – that kind that she’s been longing to have. But girl must learn that she can’t force it. The more you force it, the more it goes away. How about showing some truly redeeming qualities, chaebol girl? Or at least hold on to your pride the right way – if a guy doesn’t like you, flip your hair, walk away and look for a better man.

      LOL. I know I planned not to watch the succeeding episodes after ep 12 until the final ep is shown, but I can’t help it. 😛 My EQ is so low it’s approaching the Earth’s core. Thankfully, there much less drama this time.

      • 7.2.1 Ybin

        The wedding was YJ’s imagination. =(

        • ☂ iZzie ☂

          but some imaginations come true. 🙂

          aw come on, the story’s sad enough. please don’t crush my hopes on this.

          give her a wedding or leave him with a child.

          • Ybin

            I’m praying for both. meet the mom. propose (cross off bucket list #11 “have a proposal that all women in the world would die for”. Wedding. and Kid. wahhhhh I don’t want her to die, too pitiful for the kid.

            LET HER LIVE!!

          • Jomo ➒

            She has 4, but your dream requires 9.
            I am here to crush your (and my) dreams.


          • ☂ iZzie ☂

            LOL. In that wish is a hope for remission for YJ – at least long enough for her to bear a child, and have a wedding in between.

      • 7.2.2 yumi

        I actually think SK is somewhat in love with JW.

        I think she expected a cold business partner that she could dominated in marriage when the talk of marriage began.

        But JW consistency his decency (and his rejection of her) especially his decency in refusing to take the easy out and blame her romantic misfortune for breaking the engagement made her begin to care about him specifically as someone she could love and marry.

        • anais

          Yes, I do think she’s begun falling for JW.

          I hate evil daddy. Sick of evil daddy. I want that story over. Stat.

          • flowerpot

            I think Chairman Kang is the brother of Mama Kang from Boys Over Flowers.

            He must have taken all those Dark Lord of the Sith moves from someone and since they have the same surname i guess she’s the best contender.

            Although there is enough cliche in this drama to almost elevate it to makjang-ish Flames of Desire level (The bitch slapping, the hysterics, the meddling parents, the evil, clingy second female lead, cancer and death and all that hoopla that comes with it), i feel that it is still on a level of its own when it comes to how the storyline was so poignantly presented.

            I have never seen more LOVE in a lovemaking than when Yeonjae and JiWook did it. (although the two became rougher too after all that face touching the more they got into that kiss… hehehe! But what is lovemaking without passion too, right?).

            And in terms of how it brings romance to its viewers? This show is EPIC and should be in every Kdrama writers playbook of how things should be done between OTP’s in a lovestory.

            (Better if they get KSA and LDW to act on it too because my gosh the way they portray these characters? I am almost imagining in my head how they’d ride off into the sunset and make beautiful babies together as themselves because they make the feelings that these characters have for each other so believable).

            I used to say that in order for this series to be satisfying, the ending should be presented realistically wherein there are some things in life that even so much love can not conquer like death in particular for this case.

            However, watching Ji Wook and Yeonjae together and how much love they have for each other? I just want to throw realistic out of the window.

            Give me fan service, give me unicorns and rainbows. The world has enough hate and war and famine to make it depressing. I need hope even just in my dramas.

            I need for Yeonjae to live with Jiwook and for them to have their happily ever after.

          • ☂ iZzie ☂

            “I think Chairman Kang is the brother of Mama Kang from Boys Over Flowers.

            He must have taken all those Dark Lord of the Sith moves from someone and since they have the same surname i guess she’s the best contender.”

            Come to think of it… they must be related to Kang Min Ho (49 Days) too. A nephew of theirs, perhaps? From that black sheep brother who drank his way to bankruptcy and domestic violence?

            What’s with the Kang surname and villain roles? I think the real life Kangs should start protesting against this.

    • 7.3 myra

      there are 24 episodes, not 16

      • 7.3.1 ☂ iZzie ☂

        agony prolonged? 🙁

      • 7.3.2 Orleanas

        If that’s the case, I don’t think she’ll die. In one of the very early episodes, I remember the head doctor mentioning something about a trial drug that he wanted some guinea pig patients for. I think she’ll be put on it and be saved!

        • ☂ iZzie ☂

          I thought that drug was the one they used during her initial treatment – the one where she skipped a session and things got worse so they had to abandon the use of the drug?

          If there are 10 more episodes, then I wonder how the plot would further twist. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just curious and a bit concerned for the storyline.

      • 7.3.3 javabeans

        There are 16 episodes.

        • MidwestMz

          ah shucks . . . . . . . . .

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          aw man. are they going to find a miracle in the next two episodes? please?

        • ☂ iZzie ☂

          Oh Yay! 🙂

          … and then I’ll wait for LDW to do a rom-com next. 😉

          thanks, javabeans!

      • 7.3.4 imclumsy

        really really really? they CAN’T let her die, i love this drama. after it ends i want to watch it over and over again, and if she doesn’t live i won’t be able to!!!!

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    You do not disappoint. I was expecting this recap around this time. Thank you!!!! Off to read now. I am glad they are getting away from the melodrama too…

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    i don’t care much for the meddling parent storyline. seriously. it carries no weight for me at all, so i’m with jb here. grooooooaaaan.

    • 12.1 Scheduler Is Mine

      So someone agrees with me about not wanting to go the 49 Days route. God! Would a little fanservice (or a lot seeing as how we want them to keep her alive) be too much to ask for?

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    I like how yes, Yeon Jae’s the with cancer (and I guess if you’re classist like Kang and SK then poor and not on their level or whatever), but geez, Ji Wook’s the one with the unacceptably interfering dad and complicated baggage in the form of a vengeful ex-fiance! It’s like they’re equals, kind of. :p

    Still I’m glad even with the father angst, it’s not a downer like last week. There’s hope for them, and hope for her mom, and Hye Won is cute as can be.

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        • Ani

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    I can already see that your rating of this drama might have dropped from 8 to 6 by the development so far. Hope the Show can go back to the light and heartfelt moment to earn your 10/10 ratings!

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    Damn those chaebols!! I was feeling so happy for our couple, squeeing especially loud when I found out Ji Wook had taken pics of her bucket list!!! Then we get hit with all that Saekyung/Dad nonsense. Really, these characters serve no purpose. The chaebol-opposes conflict is unnecessary when we’re dealing with the bigger issue of how YJ and JW will cope with a relationship that will end once one of them dies from cancer. Stop messing with the OTP’s happiness.

    I wonder if chaebols in korea really do fling water when they get mad. Or if it’s a drama convention.

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    3. Spot the rich person by the unnatural curl in their hair (e.g. Sae-kyung, Exhibit B: Goo Jun Pyo)
    4. Watch for the ones with the big showers, they’re keepers 😉
    5. The douche car is usually a front and a tell-tale sign of a chaebol waiting for a heroine.

    P.S. I can’t believe that JW’s dad would confront a woman with 3 months left on Earth – I don’t think there’s a more hateful thing that he could do. I mean, even SK looked like she might reconsider screwing over Line Tour after the cancer bomb dropped.

    • 20.1 ☂ iZzie ☂

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      Gil Ra-Im: Check!

      “Spot the rich person by the unnatural curl in their hair.”

      Joo-won’s mom, check! 🙂

      “Watch for the ones with the big showers, they’re keepers.”

      And in this drama, LDW has four. Oh happy!

      “SK looked like she might reconsider screwing over Line Tour after the cancer bomb dropped.”

      Or she might play the “I’ll lend him to you until you die” (like she owns JW) to YJ, or ask her to do the noble idiot thing, which is too bad coz YJ’s done that already and it didn’t work.

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      Just like Ra-im did in Secret Garden? 😀 We need stuntwoman reflexes.

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      point 3 : Go JUn Pyo??!!! wahahaha totally curly hair..i agree with u here

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    It wouldn’t make sense if JW’s dad just suddenly approves JW’s relationship with YJ, given his stubborn character that has been portrayed so far.

    Anyway, we’ll know in Ep 14 whether there’ll be a twist to Ep 13’s ending 🙂

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    Q: Isn’t slapping battery/assult in S.Korea? (Here if convicted, a fine or jail term).

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    Thanks for the recap!

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    • 27.1 Elina

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    • 27.2 Minnetter

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      What is more likely is that due to the chemotherapy she might go into early menopause, if she even gets to live more than the three months that she’s been told.

      In the US people who live past 1 year after diagnosis of gall bladder cancer are < 5%. The median survival rates are 2-4 months. However this cancer is more usually found in patients over the age of 60 and are most common in women.

      So unfortunately they can't even pull out the ” let’s take you to the US to cure you” card, because even here we have people dying in less than four months due to this cancer.

    • 27.3 missy_k

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            … and Jomo goes character-happy too. 🙂

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    I love how he is being active with YJ now, hugging her and all…because really they dont have much time left. Do everything now, people, now!

    I dont find SK very bad. She was hurt before so she does not trust love anymore. But through JW’s love for YJ, I think she again slowly see what true love is. He shows her something she longs for all this time.
    I think her shock from knowing YJ’s cancer is because she is shock how JW still chooses to be with YJ despite her condition. That’s why SK falls even deeper for JW, even when the love he shows is not for her, she knows he is a good man.

    YJ’s mom is so adorable.

    ES is the best person in SOAW. He really loves YJ that he does everything for her benefits, even when it breaks his heart. He does not put extra burden of his feeling on her because he already knows what she feels. He just steadfastly becomes her support.
    I am surprise that he chooses to go to MD Anderson. I thought he would stay with her to the end, but maybe he thinks JW is already there for her…and seeing her go perhaps is too heartbreaking for him. Someone should hug Poopypants. Hiks.

    • 39.1 sulyn

      Maybe Dr Poopypants might discover a new drug there. He would then call JW to bring YJ over to try out that new drug.
      The drama can end like this – giving us viewers some hope and seeing the happy and smiling JW holding YJ in his arms on board the flight to MD Anderson.

  40. 40 Daniela

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    The 12 episodes before I never hated Sae-kyung. She was a pain in the ass but I could tolerate her. But oh boy, she can gets on your nerves. If she take all the bussines decisions like this she will be in bankrupt. Why she doesnt get it? I know that bitchy second leads dont develop the capacity to understand the “I dont love you”,but everytime I want to slap them. She looks like a 5 year old getting angry because she is not getting atention and she decides no to share her toys. I believe that Dad would be able to let Yeon-jae and Ji-wook be if he wasnt pressured by everybody else. But Dad,if your son doesnt want to follow your bussines, you cant force him.
    Aw, Ji-wook was so sweet. I loved the “morning after” scene.

    Thank you for the recap.

  41. 41 ☂ iZzie ☂

    … and then SK and chaebol Daddy team up against YJ causing them to fall in love coz of the constant interaction. (They meet more often than JW sees her.) They get married, so both their business problems are solved.

    Awful thought, I know. But if cheabol daddy wants SK so bad to be in his family, then let him marry her. He, too, won’t be at fault for womanizing – something that SK’s daddy wants.

    • 41.1 Fabmari

      SK with evil papa? Not a bad premise at all hahaha.

      • 41.1.1 ☂ iZzie ☂

        the downside: what kind of children will they have? 🙁

        • trixicopper

          Thanks alot. Like I need THAT picture in my head. 🙂

          • ♡ Jomo ☀ ♡


          • ☂ iZzie ☂

            sowee. 😛

            I was just so frustrated here with the two interfering with the otp. 🙂 they’re so like-minded they should end up together.

      • 41.1.2 dee

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    Makes for great watching variety though. But the angst is getting unbearable *sigh*

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s! Thank you as always JB!

    • 43.1 Ani

      I know right? I love the chaebols in PTB. They’re crazy in a funny way. I love them because they’re really bad at being bad. Even Chairman Cha is nice when he comes down to it. And even Na Yoon is this adorable little second female lead that I want to give many friends to. Heck, I don’t mind if she ends up with Moo Won because I WANT them to be happy. Sae-kyung and the other chaebols in SOAW just need to jump off a cliff. Preferably today.

      • 43.1.1 anotheraddict

        My frustration is with the SOAW writer(s) who created such hackneyed characterization. I can’t engage emotionally with SK anymore because she doesn’t feel real to me– she’s just a clichéd caricature. When she (totally inappropriately) went back on the warpath in this epi., I rolled my eyes at the writing, not at her. The SOAW production has done a lot of things really well, some even remarkably so– but overall, the writing feels tired to me. I really hope they let our OTP make the most out of what little time they have left together– wasn’t that suposed to be the moral of this story?

    • 43.2 ☂ iZzie ☂

      I love the Grandma chaebol in PTB the most. 😉 She’s the same grandma in Coffee Prince, right? So cool! I love her more. 🙂

      • 43.2.1 blahblahh

        u should see her as a foul mouthed granny in assorted gems. what a riot!

    • 43.3 mjfan

      I was just gonna say it !!!!!! seriously , guys , I never saw chaebos like those in PTB , I love them all , the dady , the grandma , Na Yoon , theu are all adorable in such crazy way that I didnt skip forward as usual in these scenes when I see those in SOAW , I want to tell all the writers in korea to spare us all these fucking scenes of hateful dad and ex-girlfriend and go with the new trend of PTB PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE…….

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    Thanks for the recap.

    The moment at his gate when they chose to be together, it was so important that SHE made the move to go into his arms, since she had been the serial rejector, and she did. That worked so well.

    And so did the fade to black–light up on morning scene. With every hug LDW conveys that the Ji-Wook in holding on to Yeon-Jae for dear life.

    “ruiner of all happiness” that says. No drama would be complete without at least one ROAH.

    Secret Garden had Kim JooWon’s Mom
    Best Love had Ae-Jung anti-fans
    Spy Myung-Wol had reality and back stage turmoil
    Playful Kiss had Baek Seung Jo (just kidding–I actually liked the drama and BSJ role in it.)

    • 46.1 omo

      But, but, but, SOAW has two ROAH!!! That’s way more than I can handle.

      I sincerely hope to see a softened dad tonight. He’s probably led a life pandering to the whims of the rich and famous. He must have worked really hard because he was not there for the family and JW when his wife died. Status and materialism has really got into him.

  47. 47 Joon

    I also hate the meddling of Ji-Wook’s dad but I think it is reasonable especially now that he has found out how Yeon-Jae is terminally ill. Dads can be overly protective and controlling at times. I remember how my dad went berserk once when he found out I always stayed late at my neighbor’s house before. She was older than me so I totally got whipped. And he’s not even a chaebol. Ha ha ha!

    I just wish the tail-end of this drama does not focus so much on the meddling but on how Ji-Wook tries to save and eventually accepts Yeon-Jae’s fate. ^^

    • 47.1 Jomo

      I understand the father of a teenager who meddles, but his son is almost 30 years old now.

  48. 48 Laeah

    Ugh can Hee Joo just have a miraculous recovery and then can she wear down Eun Seok to start to like her eventually? Cuz that would be kind of cute now. 🙂

  49. 49 laura

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    the writer s/b fired on the spot for the stupid accident plot. so stupid and it’s beyond imagination for the way he/she wrote it!!!

  50. 50 hatechaebol

    Argh! can I slap a chaebol?
    really do not like them. so arrogant -.-
    btw, the kiss scene again…. I wish I’m Kim Sunah… Lucky her. LDW is so adorable.
    *cry in the corner of my room

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