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Namgoong Min’s cameo for Alice
by | November 30, 2012 | 55 Comments

Here’s one more reason to tune in to the premiere of Alice in Cheongdam-dong this weekend: We’ll be getting a guest appearance by Namgoong Min (Can You Hear My Heart) as Moon Geun-young’s boyfriend. Uh… and why exactly does she go on to marry Park Shi-hoo instead?

The world of the drama is centered around fashion and design (the hero sells it, the heroine wants to make it), and since we can never have a fashion drama where any of its characters aren’t all about it, Namgoong Min’s character will also be employed in the industry. He’s a sales manager for a designer distribution company, though stymied by frustration as he “attempts to overcome his poor reality.” Poor in this case means literally without money — which, as we can surmise, is a huge drawback to living the Cheongdam-dong lifestyle.

Poverty is also the classic excuse for some noble idiocy, and he exhibits it in parting ways with his girlfriend. Does he lie, too, to spare her the misery of loving a guy without money, instead burdening her with the misery of feeling unloved and rejected?

Thus the loss of the relationship spins our heroine off into a completely different direction. Ah, now I start to see the appeal of the rich CEO Park Shi-hoo (not that he wasn’t appealing before). Just, now her project to marry a wealthy Kangnam man starts to make sense. It’s still terribly mercenary of her, but thanks to the drama gods she’ll discover the true meaning of happiness and marriage along the way, despite her motivations at the outset. Thank goodness for that.

The drama premieres on SBS this Saturday, December 1.

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55 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. myweithisway

    My heart, it flutters!

    So pretty!

    • 1.1 JO

      I loved him since his dumb daily drama days! Lol.
      but regarding this drama, with every press release, I’m losing interest like crazy. Sounds like a very very typical makjang with super predictable decisions that will be hardly logical.

  2. Mystisith

    I liked him in CYHMH. A cameo is nice but please can someone give the man a big part just for himself?

    • 2.1 Peridot

      I agree. I want him in a leading drama role now!

    • 2.2 nkaujla

      Aahhh!! I was thinking the SAME thing!! He’s actually a really good actor, and I just fell in love with him in CYHMH. GOSH if only I could, I’d write a drama and put him in there myself, hahah XD

    • 2.3 KKrazy

      I third this motion. Please drama gods!!

    • 2.4 Moko

      Yes please!

  3. ladida

    Maruuuuu! He played that role so well, it’ll be interesting seeing him in a romcom, ven if he doesn’t seem to be playing a funny character.

  4. Dee

    awwww…i loved him in CYHMH. he needs to be in a drama soon, as a lead!

  5. cg

    haven’t seen any of his dramas, but looking forward to this one 🙂

  6. Abbie

    Hmm. I’m not familiar with this guy, but he’s pretty to look at. This show does sound a bit ridiculous, but I may yet watch it. Although fashion shows don’t usually appeal to me.

  7. Strawberry Milkshake

    He is absolutely great when it comes to emotional acting. I am looking forward to the day someone realizes that – other than us, viewers of CYHMH- and give him his turning point!

    • 7.1 Peridot

      His role in CYHMH was so intense. His character was more complex that that of the lead male. I did love the bromance between the two males.

      • 7.1.1 jomo

        He had to play very intense in Birth of a Rich Man, too.
        He was evil and a liar and without scruples
        and SHIRTLESS!
        and very cute.

        He was sooooo adorable with Lee Si Young in that show, especiallly towards the end. It was almost as if all during the filming where he resists her, NGM was resisting her.
        And when he finally could give in, NGM was more relieved than the audience. His smiles towards her felt genuine, like he really wanted to hold her and keep her near him for the rest of his life.

        • Peridot

          Yes, I liked him in that role as well. I think that by the end of the show his character truly cared for Taehee. She loved him for so long and was the one who really supported him.

        • niKai

          I love him in both Birth of the Rich and Can You Hear My Heart. He outshines the leads, in my opinion.

        • houstontwin

          Yes, He was great in Birth of a Rich Man. He is definitely lead material.

      • 7.1.2 ss

        exactly!!! he’s so underrated. joonha hyungggg~

        • ck1Oz

          Oh god don’t.I still feel so sorry for him for all his sacrifice for that mother who was not a mother.

          • jomo

            OMG, EXACTLY!!!

            Was as bad as poor, poor, poor Go Soo in Will It Snow for Christmas?

          • jomo

            By the way, that wasn’t a question, “?” was part of the title, LOL!

  8. nomu nomu nomu

    If anyone hadn’t or want to watch a loooong 20 minute trailers:

    • 8.1 canxi

      WUT. Omg, trailer my butt, that’s like half the first episode, I bet.

      • 8.1.1 nomu nomu nomu

        lol, I know, right? but, believe it or not, it didn’t really tell me anything new, much, that we already knew already.

        to be fair though, they called it: Cheongdam-dong, Alice – Highlights (I used the wrong terminology, my bad)

        • canxi

          It’s OK! I feel like highlights are still trailers, lol, and ahhh well maybe it’s one of those dramas that gets deeper and more substantial as it goes along. Many dramas don’t really launch into anything until the 5th or so episode.

  9. Annie

    I like Park Shi Hoo but… I know who I would pick.

    • 9.1 canxi

      I know, right?! Is it too late for these actors to switch roles? o.O
      Park Shi Hoo has a movie coming out, he’ll be aiight.

      • 9.1.1 inf92

        his movie is already out and its a success.. but anyways i would totally pick Park Shi Hoo.. the man is just stunning…

        • canxi

          Ah, it came out already? Time flies fast. I feel like I’ve just heard about it coming to theaters. And haha, I like both of them. I’ve actually been a fan of PSH for a longer period of time, but Nam Goong Min’s smile melts my heart ;A;

  10. 10 ck1Oz

    Well she looked so nice and hardworking at the beginning.That break up must have really changed her.Because frankly the character description given to her on the website makes me think he might be too good for her. The boyfriend. Although Cha Seung Jo as usual is the smarmy chaebol.

  11. 11 Funkypicklez

    Nam Goong Min! Where da hell have you been?!?!? Seriously. I’ve missed your smile, smirk, and tears so much! >_< I find it pretty hard to believe that no director has recognized your amazing talents so please stop being so picky and hurry back to us with a new project!

  12. 12 bluemoon

    You guys should go watch him in the movie called A Dirty Carnival along with Jo In Sung if you are not familiar with him. A great movie indeed.

  13. 13 Alvina

    MARUU!!!! (I still hear the mother’s voice in my head saying that name *shudders*)

    Man, I was wondering what happened to him. I was talking about him with my sister the other day; what a coincidence.

    I don’t know how the descriptor of the heroine makes me feel… on one hand, it’s nice to see a complex heroine who isn’t described as “plucky, poor, hard working”. But, I also like simple, sweet stories.

  14. 14 namcha

    Oh yes, I remember him. Haven’t seen him in anything besides CYGMH. Most older actors are so overlooked for leading man parts in favor of idols or those 25 and younger, IMO. I would like to see him and Bae Soo Bin in leading man parts.

    • 14.1 Bu Young

      Bae Soo Bin!
      I miss him!! Where has he been???

    • 14.2 Celest

      Better yet, Nam Goong Min and Bae Soo Bin in a drama together. Salivating. But SERIOUSLY. NGM is so underrated in my book. I know Kim Jae Won (and lord knows how much i love me some KJW) won the acting award over him last year but he definitely had equal (if not greater) claim to it.

      But yea….where the heck have these two been in the K-ent industry?!

  15. 15 Trina

    please kdrama gods have him in another drama where he the lead….

    • 15.1 Bengbeng

      praying too.

  16. 16 Village Mrembo

    His bromance with (what’s his face) in Can U Hear My Heart was the best part of the drama!

    • 16.1 jomo

      LOL “what’s his face”

      • 16.1.1 Fab

        Or ”what’s his smile” *smiles*

        Aaah I wish NamGoong was one of the leads!

  17. 17 canxi

    Nam Goong Min you handsome, handsome man you! Get. In. A. Drama. LEAD ROLE! LEAD ROLE!

    And ahhh finally a method behind the madness. Sounds like feelings more than logic, but I can deal with that as long as it makes sense,lol! Yay, bring it on!

    • 17.1 Ryoko

      I’ve been wishing for the same thing since CYHMH. The good news: I believe he is attached to a drama in one of the leading roles. The (potentially) bad news: that drama is City Conquest, which stars Kim Hyun Joong.

      • 17.1.1 canxi

        Oh YEAH! I heard about that and was really upset lmaooo. He’s supposed to be Kim Hyun Joong’s rival, which already sounds like someone is getting out-acted…

        • couchpotato_md

          They should have picked out a lesser talented actor to play KHJ’s rival, so that his acting would appear less problematic. NGM’s acting will leave KHJ’s acting in the dust.

          • canxi

            Exactly! It’s gonna be so awkward.

  18. 18 JC

    It’s Maroo!
    I loved him so much in CYHMH… it felt like the first half of the drama was all about him anyways.
    Glad he’s back, but I want to see him in a lead role!

  19. 19 Bu Young

    Hope he does more than a cameo in his next project! Love him and his double chine 😉

  20. 20 Lilly

    At last Shi-hoo will be back. Seemed like over a year.

  21. 21 koreampuff

    lol.. isn’t nam his last name?

    • 21.1 Rachel

      His last name is Nam Goong.

  22. 22 joy

    Nam Goong Min was the reason I got interested in Korean Dramas in the 1st place. I think he played the suitor of the sister of the lead actress in A Rosy Life. My mom was watching this years back on TV when I happened to see this guy’s face. For the first time I actually asked my mom, who’s that? Of course it would take some more years before my interest and love for k-drama became full-blown. Even so,he would be the first face I would look out for because I would not find out his name till later. When I finally found him, it would be in Can You Hear My Heart…and I fell in love with him again. I really wish he gets his own drama because he truly deserves it.

  23. 23 tamil

    This actor is the best. So disappointed in the cameo but after watching the premeire he really needs the lead role!!!! Ughhhhh!!!! He was a scene stealer! it was soooo good.

    • 23.1 tamil

      I meant that its too bad it was just a cameo!

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