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Ryu Seung-ryong sells hot and spicy… ramyun
by | December 13, 2012 | 93 Comments

javabeans: As if dramas weren’t enough to make you want to eat ramyun, now there’s THIS. The video’s been out two days and already it’s a smash hit online. I’ll give you a minute. Not to watch, but to fan yourself and recover.

girlfriday: Ryu Seung-ryong? Yeah imma need more than a minute. And what the hell is Man Ramyun? I don’t know but I think I want some.


javabeans: My first thought was that it must be a joke promo, or a really tongue-in-cheek brand like Man Kimchi. But apparently it’s just a line of ramyun that they sell. To the mens.

girlfriday: With puns.

javabeans: Yes, of course. Because naturally when I heard the name I assumed it was namja-ramyun in the sense of “If you are a man…” not literally Namja Ramyun. It’s like the Eun-bi Ramyun wordplay in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

girlfriday: Yes, but taken to funnier and more marketable extremes. The commercial is… just… OMG.

javabeans: First of all, it’s Ryu Seung-ryong being a sexy bastard. Second of all, he’s being a sexy bastard with a totally straight face, saying things like (in sexy man voice), “Gar…lic… mmhmmm…

girlfriday: And… did he just seduce that egg out of that chicken?

javabeans: Why yes, yes he did. And that chicken just gave it up, that hussy. I think what cracks me up so hard (aside from, you know, the whole thing) is the way it just goes on and on forever. It’s ramyun porn, in both the gratuitous ramyun shot way, and the wow-is-he-doing-something-indecent-with-that-noodle way.

girlfriday: Seriously. Does he have to caress everything in slow motion?

javabeans: Well, does it make you think hot and spicy or not? (Per the tagline, of course, which is… “Hot and spicy… if you’re A MAN.” Lol.)

girlfriday: Well yeah, but it’s not really ramyun I’m thinkin’ about.

javabeans: Yeah now I wanna do something indecent with that noodle. But I guess I’ll settle for Namja Ramyun.

girlfriday: Or the commercial on repeat. Fewer calories that way.

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93 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 lovepark


    That was so weird in a bizarre yet hilarious way. I love Ryu Seung-ryong and am so happy he’s getting so much love and recognition lately. He totally makes the commercial with his deep voice and straight face. I wonder how long it took them to film. I would have probably been cracking up in the background and kicked out of the set.

  2. 52 Willow

    Oh…mygod. I died laughing. I wanna see bts of this!

  3. 53 Porcelain

    Going to my local K-mart and see if they sell this brand. Lol… Slow-mo oppa so hawt!!!

  4. 54 asianromance

    OMG! His pose when he cracked that egg! LOL!

  5. 55 Noelle

    HAHAHA! Sorry but all I thought was eww when he blew the garlic in the pot because I saw spit spray EVERYwhere. So dumb you can’t help but love it.

  6. 56 BibiRouge

    OMG >< !!! My life is over 'cause I just died laughing !!!
    And then he pulled out that axe and cut the green onions !!!

  7. 57 Lord of the Things

    Haha I saw Namja Ramyun in the shop the other day and was like, ‘that’s a strange thing to sell along gender lines…’

    But now it somehow makes sense (in that it doesn’t at all)

  8. 58 bobbie

    I keep thinking how many ramyun slurps he had to do to get that ramyun to hit his face just so. I’m thinking that’s a lot of ramyun.

  9. 59 rynea

    Only one commercial and I’m thinking, should I watch all his movies? Oh man, I’m a chicken.

  10. 60 kimchi pop

    oh no.
    it is midnight
    i watched this
    i want some ramyun
    i’m out of ramyun
    only comfort:no ramyun bloat of the face in the a.m.
    still want some ramyun. bad.

  11. 61 hui ting

    omg I can’t stop laughing. SO SEXY. SO COOL. OMG I LOVE THIS.

  12. 62 Lilly

    Going to buy some. Have to now. Image is seared into brain.

  13. 63 Esmee

    Jesus Christ !

  14. 64 Laurita

    awkward. SO AWKWARD..

  15. 65 Jang

    Cool commercial. This ramyun is actually really yum. Seen it in the shops (before this advert), wondered why it is for men (only), so tried it out of curiouslty… it’s got a really fragrant garlic and beef flavour that the regular Shin ramyun or even Yeul ramyun lacks. *thumbs up*

  16. 66 Orion

    This CF is nothing short of epic. I haven’t laughed like this with an ad for a while. Shekshi manliness parodied in the best manner. The noodle slurping climax was just to die for. Ahahahaah.

  17. 67 pillowhead

    It’s a great commercial. I’m totally gonna go eat some ramen right now.

  18. 68 ck1Oz

    Okay I am buying it when I go to my Korean grocer next week.

  19. 69 pillowhead

    what is ” ma poosh pa” mean? 50 seconds in.

    • 69.1 ys

      It’s ‘mat bo go shippuh’– I want to taste it. Then, ‘the taste I can’t wait for.’

  20. 70 neliq

    WOW! That’s one sexy man. I’m like the chicken. I’ll give him all my eggs if he wants them.

  21. 71 goldeng

    i just have to say: coolest and sexiest cf ever!!!

  22. 72 rheina07

    okay. I need RAMYUN RIGHT NOW.

  23. 73 Julia

    Can anyone translate what he says in Korean? I caught beef … man ramen … and something that sounds like delicious.

  24. 74 Damselfly H

    O.M.G. I think I’m not going to recover from that any time soon. And I just saw the 4-minute trailer/MV for History of a Salaryman yesterday.

  25. 75 ilikemangos

    “And… did he just seduce that egg out of that chicken?”
    LOL you ladies are hilarious.
    Makes me wanna go eat ramen.

  26. 76 Ennayra

    now i want to eat ramen

  27. 77 koreamom

    now we have to decide, do we want the ramyun or the guy making it? omg! this is hilarious and so sexy at the same time. who thought noodles could look this good?!

  28. 78 Akiness

    OMG, I had tears coming out of my eyes before I even saw the clip, all thanks to your comments. I love you guys. And the sexy man-beast in the commercial too, of course. 🙂

  29. 79 Lilian

    Hahaha…..spicy ramyun for the man. What if they had a similar one for women? Who would be the best actress for the commercial then? Hmm….

  30. 80 the68monkey

    I totally need a Namja Ramyun t-shirt with Ryu Seung-ryong on it. . . and that hussy of a chicken.

  31. 81 crazykel

    I don’t always eat ramyun, but when I do, I eat Namja Ramyun…that’s what I thought while watching this!!! Oh Ryu Seung-ryong, I love you so much!!!

  32. 82 haaruka

    Namja Ramyun. Get.

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