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Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 11
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Time for the moment of truth, and it’s a good one. Sometimes it takes a figurative smack to the head to realize how you feel, and sometimes a literal one provides the kick-start. What’s even more gratifying than watching Dok-mi emerge from her shell, though, is the way she’s reaching out and reciprocating, lending a hand of support when once it was everyone else’s mission to get her to take theirs.


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EPISODE 11: “Can I return to the me of the past?”

Backing up a bit, we revisit Enrique’s book-signing event, where he offers hugs to his adoring fans. A glimpse of a poster for the Van Gogh exhibit reminds him of Dok-mi going to see it with Jin-rak, which wipes the smile from his face. He forces the smile back on.

Jin-rak is ridiculously pleased about Dok-mi’s invitation and spends all his pre-date time chuckling to himself. Dong-hoon even styles him up for the big occasion, though he ends up giving him a sharp pointy hairdo that has Jin-rak growling. Hee. On to the museum he goes.

It turns out that Enrique’s follower isn’t Seo-young after all, but the cutesy fan-stalker who’s styled herself to copy Seo-young. She’s there when the skulking ajumma darts out to shove him into traffic. Screeeech!

Slammed to the asphalt, Enrique imagines Dok-mi standing there and realizes he must be in love after all.

At the museum, Jin-rak adorably hovers at a respectful distance from Dok-mi while she takes her time looking at the artwork, and shoos other visitors away so they won’t interrupt her viewing. He barely registers on her radar, though, because she’s imagining Enrique standing next to her instead, chattering on about how he likes Van Gogh, sharing info about younger brother Theo who wrote his brother lots of letters and supported his career.

But it’s Jin-rak who appears at her side in real life, knocking her from her reverie. Hilariously, he steals a glimpse of Dok-mi’s hand down at her side, and starts shaking as he tries to make the move to hold it. He’s so fixated on that objective that when Dok-mi asks whether he knows about something Van Gogh wrote in a letter to his brother, he blurts, “I want to hold your hand.” Omg. Cringe. I’m so secondhand embarrassed for you.

He gets a reprieve, though, when Dok-mi says he’s right—though the hand-holding Van Gogh referred to was a handshake. Jin-rak heaves a sigh of relief to have escaped the moment, although Dok-mi does belatedly catch on and surreptitiously tucks her hand under her scarf. Ha, and aw.

Enrique is rushed to the hospital, and the glimpse we get of his limp bloody hand is not at all encouraging. Neither are the frantic messages posted online by his worried fans, which is how Do-hwi and Dong-hoon find out about his accident. They wonder whether they should tell Dok-mi and Jin-rak about it, and in Do-hwi’s typically one-track-minded way, she’s more freaked out hearing that the two went on a date than Enrique’s “serious condition.”

At the exhibit, Dok-mi tells Jin-rak about a friend of hers who particularly admires Theo Van Gogh, the younger brother who supported his hyung both emotionally and financially as an artist. That person felt Theo ought to be remembered as well, and Jin-rak guesses he knows who she’s talking about.

Jin-rak tries to put Dok-mi at ease by saying that he hasn’t been out in a long while, and their apartment has a way of keeping you inside: “So what I’m saying is, you’re not strange.” Sweet of him. She says she’s never once found him an uncomfortable neighbor and refers to his daily milk drawings, and he assures her he’s prepared to draw her lots and lots more.

But at that, Dok-mi asks him not to anymore since she’s moving. He tells her he already knows, and explains that when he was younger he used to feel uneasy after receiving a present, because something bad always followed. He had a similar thought this time when she invited him out, thinking she must be doing it as a goodbye gesture, and says that he’s fine as long as she’s fine. Aw, don’t cry, Jin-rak!

Then he asks if she’s moving because of him—if so, then he can revert to the way he was and not bother her a bit. “But perhaps… is it because of the traces?” He refers to that conversation when she spoke of people leaving bits of themselves behind. “Is it because you’re afraid it’ll be painful after he leaves? That you won’t be able to forget him? Are you wanting to hide someplace where he’s never been?”

Now it’s her turn to blink back tears, though she explains saying that it’s her dream to spend a year doing what she wanted—she’s just moved up her plans a bit.

Jin-rak gets a text alerting him to Enrique’s attack, and he lets Dok-mi know that his condition is serious. Aw, he didn’t even struggle with the dilemma, which makes me love him more.

She’s rattled and fumbles for her phone, but he stops her. Instead he accompanies her to the hospital and gets Dok-mi past the doctors by saying they’re from Enrique’s company.

She enters the emergency room to see the doctors calling out to Enrique and tending to his body, and the sight of the blood-stained sheets has her reeling a bit. She flashes back to their last encounter when she’d treated him so coldly, and after he’d turned back from his flight to Spain.

And then, Enrique walks into view—he’s not the patient, but watching from the bedside. He’s half in shock as he asks the injured woman—his ajumma attacker—why she did it, and has to be ushered away to get treated himself. He’s taken past Dok-mi without seeing her, while she staggers in relief and heads back out in a daze.

Jin-rak waits outside and actually encourages her to stay behind. He says this is the only time he’ll back off and push her in the other direction, but that she should be with Enrique now. With that, he trudges off—see, he can be so cool when he’s not trying.

Enrique drops by his attacker’s room, though he decides not to press her to talk today when she turns away from him. But it’s the ajumma who gets worked up as she yells that it’s been five years since she’s had a decent conversation with her son, who’s so obsessed with him and his games that it’s all he does. She grabs him by the jacket and starts cursing him, calling him the devil, only to be stopped by the arrival of her teenage son.

Enrique pulls the son aside, who apologizes for his mom and tells him to go ahead and press charges. But Enrique asks, almost angrily, whether the son spends all his hours gaming, playing in secret and neglecting all else. The son insists he’s not an addict, explaining that he wants to design games like Enrique, and that it’s his way of studying them.

Enrique informs the kid that he has no business making games if he can’t make his loved ones happy: “You have to love to make games.” Do I detect a touch of self-loathing in his speech? Or perhaps it’s merely wisdom gleaned from hard-learned lessons.

Dok-mi arrives and stays with Mom during this conversation, which the ladies can hear from her bedside, and she encourages Mom to find “it” from herself: “I don’t think it’s something you can’t look for in others. Reasons to hurt, to be angry, to be sad—find them with your son.”

She says that Enrique’s a good person who wants to make people happy, but he steps inside to contradict her, saying that he doesn’t really care to be a good person to Mom, who is welcome to keep hating him. As for himself, he stands strong behind his work.

However, he challenges Mom to try playing his games if she truly has a desire to seek happiness—not because she’ll find them in the games, but because she should understand her son’s feelings in liking them. He advises, “Love is knowing that person.” Again, spoken from experience.

The rest of the posse has reconvened in Ryu’s apartment, where Do-hwi prepares a boxed lunch for Jin-rak despite being told that there’s no point in trying to win his favor that way. But reasoning with Do-hwi is a futile exercise, and she primps to hear that Jin-rak is headed over.

Dong-hoon gets a text from his mother, and he heaves a big ol’ sigh to read what seems like a familiar message: a request for money, for hospital bills and rent. Poor kid, working himself to the bone all the time.

Jin-rak arrives, spots Do-hwi present, and turns right back around. Ha. Serves you right.

She chases him into the hallway, though he really is in no mood to hear her excuses for inviting her old teacher to the party, expecting that she’ll feign innocence and claim good intentions. But there are things a person can’t conceal, he says, his voice getting angrier and louder: “Cha Do-hwi is, from the front and back and in every way—”

Here he pauses to calm down, and says tiredly, “—not my type.” That was definitely a nice way to put it.

She pulls him back, crying now to say he’s being harsh. Said the pot and the kettle rolled into one big blob of blackness. Jin-rak seems to have seen her nature, though (hooray for that) and says he’s ready to listen to her when she can speak completely honestly, without excuses and lies.

Dok-mi and Enrique take a cab home, and he admits to feeling bad over the whole ugly incident. In particular, he remembers how the ajumma leapt in front of him to take the brunt of the car’s impact, seemingly regretting her actions right after shoving him into the street.

Enrique thanks her for staying with him today and heads off toward his building, head hanging and mood low. But he ends up in her hallway anyway, and Dok-mi invites him inside.

He sits there dumbly, lost in a funk, and Dok-mi tells him reassuringly that there are many more people who have been made happy by his games. She says, “When people are overwhelmed with their troubles, they look for reasons in other people. That’s easier, but it never solves anything. People are weak.”

Enrique spots Dok-mi’s piles of books, tied together and ready for moving. She says she’s just reorganizing them, then changes the subject to say that she feels his accident was her fault. If he hadn’t come back, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

He asks if she really thinks he’s a good person, as she told the ajumma, and sighs that he understands how she feels. Perhaps he ought to become a shut-in too, to prevent more of these things from happening.

Dong-hoon pushes Do-hwi’s lunchbox at Jin-rak, telling him to consider her feelings. It’s more than Do-hwi deserves, but he does have a point about everybody just stuck staring at someone else’s back.

Dong-hoon tells Jin-rak he’ll have to quit working on the webtoon, wistfully saying that it would be nice if he really were a runaway rich kid out pursuing his dream. Instead, he’s decided he’ll devote the next three years of his life to making money.

Jin-rak doesn’t know what’s prompted this decision but his expression hardens and he grabs his jacket, ordering Dong-hoon to follow him outside. Dong-hoon shrinks back—is he intending to beat him for leaving?

Enrique eats the dinner Dok-mi cooked, giving it a thumbs-up, and she continues offering him encouragement, suggesting that he hold one of his talks for that ajumma and her son. He says that the ajumma won’t want to listen to him since she hates him so much, but Dok-mi surprises him by admitting that they helped her.

She’d read his lectures while working on his book, and felt a rapport with his words. His life was entirely different from hers, yet she felt his words applied to her: “Living must all be similar. He understands. He’s talking for us. They’ll feel that.”

Enrique pushes a finger to her forehead to chide her to eat slower, but the moment of connection brings a pleased smile to her face. It’s adorable.

That night, Dok-mi works on a new passage:

“Because people aren’t machines or toys built in factories, we’re special and complicated. Our uses, the colors of our hearts, our scents, our pressure points or weaknesses that hurt even when something grazes it—everyone is different. One must look for a long while just to make out their outlines. That’s why that woman doesn’t believe in fateful loves. She didn’t believe.”

As she writes (and Enrique watches TV nearby), we see glimpses of the other characters, showing the truth of her insights. The ajumma and son sit in the hospital together, awkward but perhaps seeking a line of communication; Do-hwi mulls over the day’s events; Enrique’s fangirl studies photos of Seo-young to mimic her more closely; Enrique lectures to eager listeners.

It turns out that Jin-rak takes Dong-hoon not for a beating but to the PD’s office. Dong-hoon slips out while Jin-rak goes first, armed with something “really important” to tell her. The PD has a bit of positive news in that women are starting to respond to the show (despite the still-dismal star ratings); in fact, they’re bombarding her with tons of questions about love. “Do I look like I know anything about love?!” the PD shouts. (Jin-rak shakes his head no.)

Jin-rak offers her one dating tip and tells her to speak softly. That’ll force the other guy to lean in close, at which point he can notice her sweet fragrance. (Jin-rak sniffs: “You haven’t washed your hair, have you?” Heh.)

Just in time to test this out, Dong-hoon pops back, bearing a gift. The PD tries out the whisper tactic, and crows to herself when it works. Ha. Showering also helps.

On to the matter at hand: Jin-rak has come today to request changing the name on the webtoon’s credits to Dong-hoon’s. He declares that Dong-hoon drew more of it than he did, and says he’s no longer an assistant. Aw, he’s just rising to the occasion all over the place today, isn’t he?

The PD holds Dong-hoon back to ask him about his debt repayment, because she’s starting to have nightmares that the loan sharks are going to come after her, as his guarantor. Dong-hoon assures her that he’s not going to skip out on the debt, and takes her hand and offers her a compromise—then how about she give him a call whenever she has nightmares? She gulps, totally smitten, and whispers, “Okay.”

That night as Enrique sleeps, Dok-mi answers a call from her realtor and assures him that distance is no problem. All she’s worried about is the deposit. She hangs up quietly… and sees Enrique glaring at her, not sleeping after all.

He’s fuming with hurt and disappointment, and accuses Dok-mi of treating people’s hearts like debts to be repaid and put away—it’s why she visited Enrique for a final goodbye, and why she took Jin-rak to the gallery.

He reminds her of her own words to the ajumma about not trying to attribute reasons to other people: “You think you’re not like that because you keep yourself hidden away, don’t you? But you’re just like them. Other people hurt you, other people give you a hard time, so you run from them. Don’t lie and say my lectures helped. Nothing has changed.”

He scoffs at himself, like he’s sorry he let himself hope, continuing:

Enrique: “When I got into the accident, you were standing there. I thought you liked me too, just a little. I was wrong. I’ll stop here. I’ll disappear. So don’t hide, and don’t run. I guess I’m just leaving you with unhappiness. I don’t know if I can return to the me of the past. I’m sorry. And be well.”

All the while, Dok-mi looks stricken. He’s got it all wrong, and as he turns to leave she bursts out, “No! Go back to the way you were.”

Dok-mi: “Go back to being the nonstop-talking, easily smiling, honest, warm Ke-geum who hears my inner thoughts. I felt so hurt when you said you were returning to Spain all of a sudden. I was hurting too, though I thought my heart wouldn’t get hurt again. I hid my feelings away, wanting you to stop bothering me and to leave me alone… but I liked you. I liked you a lot.”

He turns to face her, staring intently. She adds, “Return to the Ke-geum of the past, and go on your way. Forget everything that happened here—you can just open that door and leave.” Dok-mi musters a smile and says she’ll do the same: “I’ll open that door and leave. I’ll take care.”

But he approaches her instead, tears flooding his eyes, and says, “I hear it again. Your inner thoughts.”


Yay for honesty! And transparency! And communication! What’s interesting to me about these two is that they’ve always been on the same wavelength, but it’s the communication part that gets in the way, making them feel more distant than they are. It’s somewhat the reverse for Jin-rak, who thinks he has Dok-mi figured out a lot better than he does.

I don’t think Jin-rak’s got it completely off-base, and these boys aren’t perfect opposites where one’s always right and the other’s always wrong. (Thankfully. I hate when our choices are diametric opposites, as though that’s the only way to depict a difference.) But it’s the difference between seeing somebody and really knowing them. As Enrique says, to love someone is to know them. Really and truly, not just in the way of seeing a person every day and thinking you’ve got them pegged.

That was the crucial missing link for the ajumma, who is also not entirely unfounded in her worries but who also had a skewed impression of her son (assuming he was an addict and not an aspiring designer). I think it’s significant that ajumma was right about how the son was spending his time but was in the dark about how he felt all the while.

That said, I really love Jin-rak’s quietly honorable actions in this episode. When he’s trying to be the cool guy he just manages to be a big dork, but the decency of his character is what makes him a good guy. And you’ve got to give him props for putting himself out there honestly; he’s a big ol’ grumpypants but his heart is in the right place. The world could use more guys like him.

I’m just left wondering (worrying) that with feelings confirmed here, with three weeks still left on the calendar, where do we go now? I suppose it’s too much to hope for five episodes of rosy cheery happiness and fanservicey romance, huh? Sigh. *prepares for angst* *also prepares to rewatch smoochies a dozen times to soothe that angst*


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  1. birdscout

    I love KJH’s Jin rak!

    • 1.1 Kiara

      Cant get enough of Kim Ji-hoon so I watched SFFTS again. If he ends up with Do-hwi I will forever hate this writer.

      • 1.1.1 JoAnne

        I found Do-Hwi teeth-grindingly annoying in the beginning, and truly hated her at the ‘party’ – but her reaction to the reaction of others regarding that, and her behavior since…it’s not what I was expecting. Something is off about it.

        Do Hwi is been played pretty carefully, with cartoonish big strokes. I would say she’s poised for a big reveal, one that the writer/director/actor hopes will make us say awwww, now I understand, she’s not evil after all, there’s hope for her! I’m open to it, because if I’m honest, there were moments when I kinda liked her. And that actress, well…generally the people she plays, I just want to punch her face when I see her. So kinda liking her is going far for me.

      • 1.1.2 skelly

        This show is moving in some very conventional ways, and so I fully expect a reconciliation between DW/DM, a reformation of DW’s character, and a match-up with Jin-Rak shoved down our throats in the last few episodes.

        I hate it when these shows feel they need to redeem their female villians, because it is never believable and really pleases no one.

        This show is also very conventional in it’s portrayal of first kiss/first date – really, yawn-inducing, although cute, and not original at all.

        Next thing you know, there will be a time skip where DM learns to live life again and then she runs off to Enrique and we get chaste kiss #2 with them standing in the surf at sunset on a putative Spanish beach.

        I was really hoping for something more inventive from this show – it started out with such interesting characters, but it is putting them through the same old plot machinations we’ve seen again and again.

        And I don’t know what PSH is going to do when she has to play a real-life adult character without any inhibitions or relationship problems, because she’s one of the worst kissers out there – she’s got the same old standard ‘lips pressed together, stand stiff with arms at sides’ thing going, same as MGY.

        • Mar

          I’ll second you on the read on the future and the yawn of the kiss. As much as I am enjoying the show, I am starting to have equal amounts of let down.

        • Arly

          I was hoping and hoping that would go toward the way Yoon Si Yoon kisses (like in Me Too, Flower!)…lips moving and eyes closed!… but I guess it steered more towards PSH’s…stiff everything (arms, lips, & body), eyes opened(mostly)…*sigh*…

          • Ennayra

            lol. i was hoping for a Me Too, Flower!-esque kiss too.

          • Sherry

            Yeah, the kiss was a total snoozer. It was like they were kissing cardboard!

            Definitely PSH’s kissing is weak. I’ve never seen anything but chaste, passionless kisses from her. (Has anyone?) Honestly, I was like: What’s up with this girl? A little googling reveals she’s only 22, which makes me more sympathetic. I’m guessing she hasn’t had much(any?) bona fide romantic kissing experience. Bless her heart. Either she needs a boyfriend or someone needs to invite her to a makeout party so she can try out some real kissing and stop boring the watchers.

        • asianromance

          I thought PSH’s acting in this episode was pitch perfect (especially that last scene with Enrique finding out she was going to run away again) until the kiss scene and she was just standing there. At least touch his arms or something!

        • camille

          thanks to the webtoon boss and flower boy no.3 yoo dong hon, this episode was saved from the dour mood of the main leads..
          best lines:” it’s not as if I can come find you in your dream…
          (but) then call me whenever you have a nightmare, whether it’s at dawn, morning, afternoon or at night. whenever!”

          YSH got cheek implants to look the part, so i cant take him seriously here, he was way better in ME Too Flower.
          Park shin hye’s GDM is so boring, if not for KJH’s jin rak..I wont watch anymore coz I think we all know how this would end.. aish, gotta find my “you’re bEAUTIFUL” DVD or hayate the combat butler , if ever I want to feel better , Park shin hye, this is so depressing..

        • purin

          I thinks she kisses this way because of her characters, when you contrast her ridiculous kisses with Jang Geunsuk in Minami Shineyo and the Etude lipstick cf they filmed together before co-starring in that drama… http://youtu.be/PCHFHeVed6g

      • 1.1.3 ys

        SFFTS! Sigh….

      • 1.1.4 asianromance

        omg, I also went back and rewatched SFFTS this past weekend because of Kim Ji Hoon/Jin-rak! My sleeping schedule is all screwed up because I pulled an almost all-night rewatching SFFTS.

      • 1.1.5 Gahhh

        I reaaaaaaaaaaally hate the character too! But for some reason, I dislike the actress as well. She’s too good as a villain. 😛

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you!!!!!

  3. ilikemangos



  4. leeena

    yay they finally have contactt!!! this episode had so much character development, i’m so glad that Dok Mi is finally willing to take a step and venture out in the world 🙂

  5. Nespelem

    Loved that there was more editor (and less do hwi!). The editor, always funny, was adorable when she was trying out the dating advice.

    • 5.1 Mari

      She is awesome.. I love how she wrote down all the advise. I hope by the end of the show the girl gets one sleep

      • 5.1.1 Mari

        Some… Not one..

      • 5.1.2 pogo

        I love that she put it down in huge letters then underlined it lol

        (and her thrill at discovering how the ‘speak softer’ advice actually worked, I died)

        • elysium

          I loved that JR and DH started whispering too! haha it suddenly became this whole whisper-sequence – really hope the editor/DH relationship develops more

    • 5.2 Naz

      I love the editor’s character! She is just to cool.

      • 5.2.1 Ennayra

        I agree. This was a pretty serious episode, but her scene had me laughing for real. The actress who plays her has a great sense of comedic timing. Love her!

    • 5.3 Ash

      She’s hilarious. I nearly cried laughing when she stopped talking altogether and just mouthed the words.

      PD/Dong-hoon is totally my dark-horse OTP.

      • 5.3.1 Xephyra

        Couldn’t agree more. In the middle, I was scared that they would pair off Do Hwi and Dong Hoon. That would have been a waste of a great character.

        • trotwood

          I am afraid it will be worse. That in the three weeks they will pair up Do Hwi and Jin Rok. Really, the people in this show are all far too decent for her to be paired up with any one. I have said this elsewhere, and I will say it here. There will need to be A LOT of backstory (with her helping orphans and lost puppies and sweet old ladies and donating organs,etc.) for me to change my mind about how horrible a person she is. This actress has done a great job in really making me hate this character, so it is going to take more than a couple of tears, a sunny apron, and a lunchbox to get past the horror that was that party and her insistence that she is somehow a victim in all of this.

          • alua

            Not even backstory will convince me that Do Hwi is anything but a terrible person. She needs to get the message from Jin rok that he doesn’t like her (and he needs to stop listening to her and just cut her out of his life).

            If she truly wants to be better person, she needs to leave and start from scratch somewhere else, with new friends and people that she is honest with from the start. But these people, she has messed with too much – she doesn’t deserve a chance with any one of them.

            But, sadly, I think the drama is going to go for reuniting the girls and pairing Do Hwi up with Jin rok.

          • pogo

            There will need to be A LOT of backstory (with her helping orphans and lost puppies and sweet old ladies and donating organs,etc.)

            ahahahaha my thoughts exactly! She’s a hateable character all right (Park Su-jin does play her so well)……but far too awful to continue associating with any of our protagonists or their friends. She’s taken up all the screen time I can tolerate, and I do not want Dok-mi having her for a friend again, ESPECIALLY when that witch
            a)isn’t even sorry for what she did
            b) is pathetically hung up on something that happened when they were in high school, to the point of ruining Dok-mi’s life over it. It was awful then, it’s almost worse now.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Pogo, Alua, Trotwood!

            Stop terrifying me! No, no, a thousand times no!!! The writers had better NOT bring Do Hwi and Jin Rok together.

            First, it’d be too pat. I can understand Enrique and Dok Mi loving each other after both are coming off years-long non-romances or rebounds. But Do Hwi just isn’t Jin Rak’s type. He likes protecting folks.

            Oh i could go on forever about why they won’t match..but you guys already know why. If screenwriters mess up the story, I will be mighty furious. I like Do Hwi, but I do not care or trust her desperate love of Jin Rak.

            I’d want Jin Rak to fall for Ahjumma or for Seo Young but NOT Do Hwi. If the screenwriters want to tie everything up in a neat little knot, maybe they could match Do Hwi with Tae-joon the mysterious.

          • pogo

            Carole – never fear, we don’t want it either! Jin-rak may do the wrong thing sometimes but he is far too good for the likes of Do-hwi, whether or not he gets Dok-mi in the end (very likely not).

        • CATFUL

          i wish dong hoon and do hwi togther

    • 5.4 am

      I don’t know how the Editor climbed her way up my Favourites List but she’s holding on v strong in her spot.

      Although I liked that there were less Do Hwi scenes, I really enjoyed the few solid moments that the story revolved around her.

    • 5.5 pogo

      The editor is pure awesome. My favourite supporting character in this entire drama, by a mile <3

      (I love Dong-hoon and sweet Watanabe too, but she's something else altogether)

    • 5.6 asianromance

      I love how when Jin-rak showed her how the tip works, it was like she had discovered the holy grail of secrets to how love works!

  6. rjyuggy

    fangirling mode ON!!!

  7. k-soup

    OMG! I thought I’ll be 1st.. better luck next time 🙂

  8. k-soup

    OMG! I thought I would be 1st.. better luck next time 🙂

  9. Xephyra

    I’m going to watch this right now. I was actually just waiting for your recap. Every time I wait for your recap, read the introduction to see whether you liked it or not, and then proceed to watching. It helps me either prepare myself for heartbreak or exhilaration. Proceeding now!
    Thank you 🙂

    • 9.1 Xephyra

      Just saw it. Wow. I loved this episode. What I especially liked was that while Dok Mi emerged out of her shell by leaps and bounds, hers wasn’t the only character growth.
      We saw Enrique mature too. In this episode, he said a lot less but it meant a lot more. The few words he said in this episode probably meant a lot more than his endless chatter in the first few episodes. But, I have to say, I do miss the endless chatter 😀

  10. 10 Seorori

    Thanks for the recap !!
    I’m also wondering what will happen in the next three weeks (or tonight).
    I’m rooting for Enrique but Jin-rak grows on me. 🙁

  11. 11 Ashley

    I both watched and read this episode and I feel like I missed something. Is Ke-geum Enrique’s real name, and when did we learn that?

    • 11.1 javabeans

      It’s his nickname, but nobody has used it other than his hyung and Seo-young. Enrique Geum = en-ri-KE-GEUM.

      • 11.1.1 Ashley

        Ok, that makes sense, thanks 🙂 And awe! It is cute that she is now open enough to call him by a nickname only people close to him use.

        • ricky

          Actually, she calls him “ke-geum-ssi” from the 3rd episode, the same night she learns his name.

      • 11.1.2 birdscout

        I can’t remember in which episode, but Dok-mi used that nickname which surprised me because it implied a (subconscious ?) closeness/familiarity that betrayed her outward formality in dealing with Enrique.

        *must backtrack and find that scene

        • 009

          I believe it was when she stepped in to separate him from Seo-young so there would not be any misunderstandings between the three of them, including Tae-joon.

          • birdscout

            Yes, it’s at about the 8 minute mark of episode 8. She speaks to Enrique in jondaemal, yet uses his nickname (but not to address him directly). I found that very interesting.

      • 11.1.3 pogo

        Dok-mi uses it too….

  12. 12 Nano

    This was such a nice episode…sigh, these flower boy series are spoiling me for rom-coms now.

    • 12.1 Abbie

      I know what you mean. I wish all rom-coms were this good.

      • 12.1.1 psh forever

        but they dont,right? ive always found rom coms silly. this one has so much depth.

  13. 13 Mari

    I just love this show… I don’t get all the PSY hate that’s been going on lately. The sweet kiss was perfect, it was just what the moment called for. Plus I just love how she can express soo much without saying a single word.

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      I agree about how awkward her kisses were in the past, but for this particular scene and given her character, it was fitting. DM is young, not used to intimacy and in distress at this particular moment. Would I behave differently? Hell, YES! But she’s not me. 😉

      • 13.1.1 Mari

        Ha!! Soo true. Leave me in a room with Jin-Rak and wow.. The things I could do. 🙂
        Starting by burning all his sweatpants, a man that fine should not wear ugly sweatpants.. Did he go to the gallery in sweatpants??

      • 13.1.2 nomaden

        I guess since you put it that way, it does make more sense…but PSY kisses have always been awkward, though…

      • 13.1.3 pogo

        I agree that context makes all the difference here and the kiss – and the way it happens – make sense within that scene and for this character but I do wish she’d been allowed to react a little bit more – NOT to Queen In-Hyun’s Man levels, that wouldn’t work right here, but it could have been great if they’d carried the intensity of the preceding scene through into the kiss in some small way.

        And I honestly don’t mind some mild awkwardness in kiss scenes when a character is plausibly inexperienced or taken by surprise (in You’re Beautiful, it was both, with Dok-mi it’s the former) but it’s just funny that it’s a pattern with PSH.

    • 13.2 Maris

      I agree.

    • 13.3 lili

      So agree!!
      Park Shin Hye is playing an introvert, what did people expect? I didn’t expect them to make out/snog each other on their first attempt, it would be kind of unrealistic and out of character if you ask me…

      • 13.3.1 pogo

        what did people expect?

        Not full-on snogging, but maybe her being allowed to put a hand on his shoulder or something. Our hopes are modest 😉

      • 13.3.2 Gidget

        Well, at least they let her close her eyes for a brief moment. I think the awkwardness was due to how much time they gave the shot in this episode. In the next, they cut down the time and the encounter makes mire sense.

        Yep… just watched the whole next episode… in Korean. Didn’t understand a word if it. These kdramas are turning me into such a dork.

  14. 14 Rashell

    Yeah, I’m a worried that we’ve seen our confessions way too soon for smooth sailing to the end. We better at least get one happy episode before the coming angst! This drama makes me so happy. I want an Enrique and a Jin Rak. Hey, since its fantasy, I may as well be greedy. 🙂

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 14.1 Miss D

      Thank you!

      When it ended all happy and then I watched the preview for the next one all of this happiness is just FREAKING ME OUT! We still have way too many episodes to go…unless of course, just as java beans said, we get lots of cutsy couple-y dating and more smooches. If any inspiration is needed in that department, Queen In Hyun can help 😉

  15. 15 stellar


  16. 16 Abbie

    Whoa….. FANTASTIC EPISODE!!!! Loved it to pieces. So communication does work in dramaland. Thank goodness for honesty. That ending was the best. But, I’m also worried about the remaining episodes. What angst will this show throw at us next?

    These recaps seem to just breeze by so fast. I really wish the episodes were longer so I could stay in this wonderful drama world a little longer, but there is an advantage to having a 40-50 minute episode.

    So happy with this ending. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

  17. 17 eternalfive

    Awww, Jin-rak. :'( But yaaay, kiss!!!

    Hopefully we get lots of cute couple-y moments next episode.

  18. 18 Hyun Ae

    OMG … cannot wait for Eng Sub … SO SWEET 10003X

  19. 19 Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap!
    Loved this episode. A lot. JR had an anti-epiphany & broke my heart even if I didn’t want to. I want him to be happy too, just not with DM! lol. DH is starting her redemption (not that I care, but still). The editor is on the way of having her boyfriend. And finally our couple has an honest talk about emotions: I like telepathy but it doesn’t solve everything. The only thing I didn’t really like was the story with the stalker ahjumma (acting a bit off) and her son. Looks like Enlique wants to save the “friendship” between the girls. The intention is good but not sure there is something to salvage here…
    5 pink episodes would be awesome but I don’t believe in it either. It would be dissonant with the global tone of the drama.

    • 19.1 Carole McDonnell

      Yeah, i think there will be moments when some incident –probably caused by Do Hwi– will tempt Dok Mi to return to isolation. Although, for the life of me, I don’t see how that could happen. Unless Do Hwi still can’t get over the competitive teenage issue and now yet another person has loved her shy unfashionable friend more than her. So even if Dok Mi is not with Jin Rak, the fact that Jin Rak likes Dok Mi will still grate on Do Hwi’s nerves.

      I keep thinking of the creativity of everyone involved. Jin Rak’s art, Ahjumma’s son’s gaming aspirations, Dong Hoon’s skills, Dok Mi’s unfinished WIP, Editor’s editing skills, Enrique’s games, Do Hwi’s clothes design. I feel something will come up having to do with art and the creative person’s skills.

      In some ways it’s like this drama is talking about art (and subtly about drama) and about how communication are important to all aspects of art…and storytelling. I feel in many ways it’s like King of Dramas, but in this case, it’s talking about skill, honesty, and bravery in one’s artwork and art as a mirror of life. Hence, Jin Rak’s challenge about honesty when he spoke to Do Hwi. Also why he thinks Dong Hoon’s name should be on the webtoon. Am thinking Jin Rak is almost the stand-in for the drama’s writer.

  20. 20 Russe12

    Thanks so much for the recaps!!

    What an awesome episode for character development! I can’t say much right now because I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m that much more excited for when I do. I’m sure there will be squees all around at the ending.

    And a totally random thought…but didn’t the kiss scene in FBRS happen in episode 11 also? I have no idea why I remembered/thought I remembered that…but FBRS still had a lot of plot left in it, so I’m not overly worried about this one.

    Loving it!

    • 20.1 Russe12

      Now that I’ve watched the episode, I am even more impressed with Jin-Rak. I couldn’t quite understand why everyone loved him so much from the previous episodes. I thought he was a good enough person, but not extra-ordinary enough to merit all the SLS. But this episode was really his time to shine. It takes so much strength to be able to let go like that and watch someone you love walk away. And he did it with so much dignity that I really felt proud of his growth as a person.

      I loved how organic the progression of relationship between Enrique and Dok-mi was. You can really tell how much Dok-mi likes Enrique in this episode, which was something I had been a bit unsure of before. But now I can look back and see the slow progression and it makes sense to me because she’s someone I can really relate to. Enrique seems to be growing as a person also, although I’ve had my suspicions that he may have been the most mature about life all along – just wrapped inside a child-like, self-preservative exterior.

      And the writer noona…still loving her character.

  21. 21 PollyRose

    I have felt many emotions when watching Jin Rak up until now…laughter, empathy, frustration (otherwise known as a desire to kick him in into action), annoyance at his ability to see only what he wants to see, and feelings just like he got when he was getting a present, knowing his happy is inevitably going to be followed by sad…

    Today, I felt respect. Well done!

    • 21.1 Ash

      Jin-rak really brought his A-game this episode. I’d hoped that he wouldn’t try to hide Enrique’s accident, but no hesitation before telling her AND he suggests that she stay with Enrique? Good job, dude.

      And that speech about he *expects* good things to be a forerunner of bad? ;__; I’ve always liked him when he’s not awkwardly, unwarrantedly possessive, but man, he was almost edging me toward second lead syndrome today.

      • 21.1.1 Nanaki

        That bit about expecting good things coming immediately before bad ones broke my heart into pieces.

      • 21.1.2 Sammy

        Omgosh, me too! Glad I’m not the only one. I was so surprised that he actually told her right when he found out. Buuuut…. It will always be Enrique for me. Jin rak just finally managed to be cool, and not just grumpy.

        • PollyRose

          Too true. I’m Enrique all the way. But it’s definitely nice to see Jin Rak step it up and be the man we all knew he was.

        • Ash

          Yep, same here. That’s why I had to throw the “almost” in that last sentence. He was so great in this ep, but he stands zero chance of making me jump ship, the poor guy.

          • pogo

            I know! He was unadulterated awesome this episode, I want to give him a puppy or something.

        • Anduril

          It was an episode that was OK for Jin Rak to shine. Because with that connection at the end, there is no way to jump the Enrique ship, no matter how utterly awesome they let Jin Rak be. I loved how real and awkward and quiet and sweet they were.

          • pogo

            exactly. Jin-rak was gold, but once our OTP got into the same space, there wasn’t even a shadow of a chance for him there.

      • 21.1.3 asianromance

        That speech made me go ;__; too! The feeling of always waiting for the other shoe to drop is really sad. He seemed so happy getting this date with Dok-mi, but inside, he was really worried.

  22. 22 k-soup

    oh! I super duper love this episode!!! I have to watch it first!

  23. 23 amie

    LOVED, LOVED, this episode!!! I am glad do mik finally spoke out her true feelings…And I am in love with Enrique!!!

    • 23.1 altair

      Where do we find an Enrique, each?

  24. 24 Nanaki

    Okay, I was not expecting all that to happen in the one episode. I had the same reaction as JB. First I was doing a happy dance and then I was wondering whether my nails would survive whatever is in store in the next five episodes.

    I love that Dok-mi and Enrique can both let loose when they see what they love is on the line, and not just because the plot needs to go forward–it feels really true to their characters when they snap and give words to the truth (as they see it, for good or ill). That last scene felt both cathartic and terrifying. And Jin-rak? Today, Mr Grumpy, you were just cool.

    Thoughts expressed, I’ll go back to grinning like an idiot now.

  25. 25 Nafiza

    I loved this episode but WHAT is up with that kiss? Disappointed, man. Sniff.

    • 25.1 am

      Weak. That’s what it was. I mean, I get that she’s inexperienced and stuff but man, Ke Geum..wut.

      Where was the passion! Not that I was expecting them to make out or anything I just kind of felt like it fell a bit flat.

      • 25.1.1 mommai

        Well Enrique has been pining after his first love that he never got for, what, 10 years? Doesn’t seem like he’d have much kissing experience either.

        • meanrice

          Kissing experience lacking or not, there were two ways to play it. 1) Tender and sweet but extremely awkward or 2) the unleashing of raw desire. Instead it was weaksauce.

          There I said it that kiss was weaksauce. That kiss was so weaksauce, I cam straight to dramabeans to the comments section to find the first comment that mentioned that the kiss was unsatisfying JUST to comment that the kiss was weaksauce.

          Sigh. It is cable, open mouth is allowed people.

          • am

            Idk why I laughed so hard…and I’m still laughing. Weaksauce.

            Their lips were parted…just slightly though :))

  26. 26 Babspr57

    I totally loved this episode!!! And like Javabeans says: it’s totally adorable the whole idea that Que-Geum and Dok-Mi can understand each other in a deeper level… Although I love Jin-Rak the felling of rightness in not there for him to be Dok-Mi’s counter part. Que-Geum and Dok-Mi complement each other. Now on to bigger things, although I love Park Shin-Hye she needs to kiss better!! Those kisses that she’s had in dramas up till now have all been good because of the male part of the equation! Javabeans I with you on the whole what to expect now aspect; I’m anxious already!

  27. 27 hana

    can,t wait for next ep….

  28. 28 jaz

    This drama is seriously giving me a hard time who’s guy to choose. I love both YSY and KJH personally and their characters here don’t quite help either since they’re both equally adorable for me as Enrique and Jin-rak respectively. Though I like the warm ol’dork Jin-rak better for now…*sighs* Now I understand Dok-mi’s dilemma…just so hard to decide! But since she’ll obviously choose Enrique, I’m sure I’ll be crying side-by-side Jin-rak when the next angsty episodes come…*sighs again*

  29. 29 Maricel

    This drama is so awesome…and the preview ♥♥♥♥♥

    Jin Rak it’s not the right guy for her, but he is a very good one. If the writers can convince me, using those skills that turn things up and down, i could accept him and Dohwi. She looked so hurt , that he might understand she has been all wrong the whole time.

    I love the editor, she is so freak, and i love her screaming.

    I’m hoping this drama keeps being as great as it is 😉

    • 29.1 lily

      yeah, i wouldn’t mind it either,if do hwi ended up with him,only after she stops applying that terrible orange thing on her lips.

      • 29.1.1 Mystisith

        She’d have to save the country from a zombie attack before I let her approaching him. Must not be hard to find a better woman. Just saying…

        • Nanaki

          Yeah, he’s WAY too good for her. I have no objections to her getting a redemption arc or whatever, and I may even conceed she has a right to a good man once she has truly repented (and suffered. SUFFERED). But she can keep her greedy bitch hands off Jin-rak.

          • lili

            She is totally a NO NO for Jin Rak!! Get your hands off of him, you b*tch! Seriously, is it really necessary for everyone to be paired up? Let him end up alone, you don’t get over a three years one-sided love like that…it’s unrealistic. Anyway, I’m sure they will redeem her next episode and I’m not looking forward to it because nothing will redeem her in my eyes…I’m so fed up with the villains being redeemed at the end of the day. Be original already!!Why oh why the shy, selfless guy have to end up with the loud annoying girl?!? It is so kind of punishment?!? No, make me hate Jin Rak first and maybe I’ll agree with this outcome…be warned, it will be far from easy, you’re dealing with a Jin Rak/Ji Hoon fan after all!!

            Now, I hope the drama will tie all the loose ends together… Who is really Jin Rak/Jae Won? Why Do Hwi seems to know him? Will Jin Rak/Enrique relationship turn sour? And so on…

          • lili

            typo : some kind of punishment.

        • trotwood

          This episode proves that he is WAY TOO GOOD for her. She would have save the entire world from an invasion of alien zombies for me to feel any satisfaction if the writers pair them up. I am curious to hear what she has to say, but only so I can watch Jin Rok say, “That ‘is’ a really sad story, but I still cannot love you” walking away into the sunset to accidentallly bump into some really nice outdoorsey girl who loves web comics.

          • Maris

            I agree. dH is way too selfish and “cruel” as DM put it whereas JR is opposite. I cannot see her saying anything in her defence for me to be able to change my mind. Even, JR and DM dating got a panic response whereas E’ s critical condition evoked no concern.

          • mokimchiplz

            What about Enrique’s stalker fan? They could be sweetly stalkerish together.

    • 29.2 Alex Mottis

      Oh, no! No, sir, I won’t have any of that! No one can convince me that Do-hwi is the right one for Jin-rak, she’s done a lot of unforgivable things and her intentions aren’t clear yet so redemption for her is a risky bussiness, I’d rather they focused on Jin-rak’s path to getting over Dok-mi and the illusion he had of her than in a relationship with Do-hwi. Nah, she’s terrible and annoying

  30. 30 Maris

    That was a wonderful recap. I have been thoroughly enjoying this drama since the beginning. It always leave so much food for thought. Excellent acting by all specially in the scenes between E and DM. I love all the characters ….have so much depth that I could write chapters on each of them. I am not worried about the remaining episodes because this drama is well planned up to the minutest details and so well scripted on the whole.
    Loved JR and could actually feel for him…..at his excitement in looking forward to going with DM, moving everyone from around her, his attempts at holding hands, his pain on seeing DM’s feelings for E……loved how he rejected DH. His helping of DG. He is definitely man of substance….acted so well by KJH

  31. 31 snow_white

    thanks 🙂

  32. 32 lily

    i love the music playing in the background, it just fits every situation so well.

  33. 33 owl

    I was so crabby all day until the subs for this episode were up – daily fix!

    Psych! in the ER – shades of Dalja’s Spring (remember the body cast guy?)

    I love that Enrique is truly himself all the time – his molucules agitating self is him when he is happy and his glum downcast head is him when his heart hurts – honest and transparent.

    I cannot believe anyone lets Do hwi within a 10 ft radius – be gone, national goblin (TTBY reference :))

    Love editor gal. Her rock on walk through the club was da bomb! Quiet voice does not suit her.

    Jin rak, you are rough handsome, but you are way Gumby – too bendy for a relationship.

    KISS – aah, sweet. Me likey.

    • 33.1 sweetcloud

      Hahaha I saw the body fake out coming because of Dal Ja’s Spring too, which made me expect a more comical reveal though.

  34. 34 sally_b

    I LOVE the writers SO much at this point…I’m not actually worried that they’ll have enough material to finish out the last episodes without going completely melo ~~ .

    There’s still lots to explore:

    *pretty much EVERYONE on the show has a need for healing in some respect – so resolution must be made.

    * Jin-Rak’s past has to be revealed

    * possibly at least one(?) good OTP kiss, instead of two planks of wood leaning against each other

    * Will the security guard ever catch a hook-up with the land-lady?

    * Will Watanabe Ryu ever have a purpose in this show other than being a shill for BiBi-Go? (the restaurant that they product place to such a shameful degree)

    * will DoHwi’s girl-squad ever have names?

    * and finally– will Dok-Mi ever take sheep shears to DoHwi’s Cookie-Monster/Flamgo *ss?

    p.s. I still love Jin-Rak and will hold his hand and make him Ramen…what-evs he wants… 🙂

    • 34.1 psh forever

      instead of two planks of wood leaning against each
      other :LOL!
      i agree with the watanabe part. he’s so cute. it would be criminal ,if they ended the show without giving him more screentime. maybe,more cooking shows?

      • 34.1.1 Sammy

        At this point, I’ll be surprised if they do. I don’t think he’ll be doing anything, since we’re already so far in and he’s done nothing but be cute, stumble over Korean words, and have cooking classes. I hope they don’t make him just a random character just put in to advertise Japanese prettiness, but it looks like that’s where they’re headed. 😛

        • Babspr57

          Very true… But at this point in the game I find it hard for him to do more… He was just there to be a Flower Boy, remember we needed a lot of them so she could be surrounded by Flower Boys as the premise of the show promised.

      • 34.1.2 Venus

        what if Watanabe was sent to spy on Jin Rok? LMAO! I have no idea what else he can do aside to promote BiBiGo…oh poor guy just like the rest of the Do Hwi’s side kick girls

      • 34.1.3 hh2468

        what if watanabe & dokmi went to Spain together? dokmi will be after enrique and watanabe wanted to learn Spanish cooking, didn’t he?

        but yeah, so far there is never been an actual interaction between wata-san and dokmi. but hey, one can hope, right?

    • 34.2 Babspr57

      From all you’ve mentioned I think the most important points are finding out Jin-Rak’s past and the whole Do-Hwi and Dok-Mi relationship… Everything else is just totally not this drama’s style… You know they’re not going to give those 3 sidekicks names… They don’t have enough airtime for that… And I totally agree about the planks of wood, he tried when he started the kiss to be a bit more kissy like, but PSH (who I love as a an actress) needs to improve on the kissing, every drama I’ve seen her in and she kisses it’s just depressing! I feel sorry for the guys. I know they have sort f this code for kiss-acting but you can do a little more kissing without having it look totally wring in Koren standards. I mean look at Son Ye Jin, Yoon Eun Hye and other actresses who do good kissing scenes..

      • 34.2.1 seriously

        so if an actress doesn’t kiss back but do well in everything well isn’t a great actress, huh?
        Besides the kiss ( which we can blame the situation and characters at this point) Park Shin Hye is killing this role
        Make we wonder if an actress doesn’t kiss qualified to be the best actress? lol

        Sometimes people focus on the fanservice than the real acting…

        • skelly

          I complain about this a lot, and it’s not for fanservice reasons (believe me, I’m way beyond that) but that no matter what, I want a character I can believe and a character who acts as they should for any given situation. If you are really evil, show it and act consistently throughout. If you are in love, then show it, so we can believe that you really are as attracted as the plot makes you out to be. And if you are an idol – well, nine times out of ten just get off my screen.

      • 34.2.2 alua

        Is there a code for kiss-acting?

        Many Korean dramas do seem to go for the two planks of wood, but I’ve also seen otherwise (Secret Garden or Yoon Shi Yoon himself in Me Too, Flower)… Is it the actors’ preferences? The networks’? Specific to the drama?

        I think in this case the kiss suited the situation fine (and it got cut off by the end of the episode anyhow so I more see it as having gotten a glimpse of a kiss that’s starting), but fingers crossed for something more intense at a later point!

        • pogo

          @alua – I think dramas tend to err on the ‘safe’ side, kissing-wise – the first drama in which I saw a girl kiss back was Goong, and back then I had no idea that that was JUST NOT DONE in Korean dramas, especially since I’d just come off Japanese dramas, which tend to be even worse with the dead fish kissing. Little did I know what an exception Yoon Eun-hye was….(glad to see Jung So-min following in her footsteps that way, haha). To a lesser extent Shin Mina and Son Ye-jin also do pretty decently with not-a-dead-fish kissing, and I was really impressed with the way Yoo Inna went for it in QIHM, real-life relationship or no.

          I do think the real culprit is network dramas, most don’t really go for the actively-reciprocated kissing and I don’t blame the actors in that case. And I like your take on the kiss, because it’s true we don’t get to see all of it and I prefer to think of it as just the start of a kiss (and that way, it’s more in keeping with the tone of the situation) than anything else.

    • 34.3 alua

      It’s a bit disappointing that they haven’t used all the flower boys to their full potential. I would rather have an interesting sidestory about Watanabe – more of a development of his character than him just being pretty background visuals – than all the screen time that Do Hwi has had, or the ahjumma side story or the panda girl one that I fear might come up.

      • 34.3.1 Maris

        Not possible in a 16 episode drama and do justice to all. It’s like there are lot of people in your neighbourhood but you get to know some more than others

        • pogo

          They managed in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, though I suppose giving more time to the central romance here (romance was not the focus in SUFBB) makes it impossible.

          • Mystisith

            Scriptwise, SUFBB was better than FBND. I heard that it’s the original author of the webtoon who did the TV adaptation. Inexperience shows… It’s still good for a a first, tho.

    • 34.4 momosa

      and how about Dong Hoon & Ms Editor?

      • 34.4.1 mokimchiplz

        I am so behind this couple! And very much anticipating how their hilaricute relationship will gradually progress. Dong Hoon has been my secret bias since the beginning. His amazing facial expressions! His sweet personality! The actor just makes me feel along with him. And isn’t it funny that he’s so goodliking and smooth, while his Editor (while very cute imo) is so shaggy and awkward? They have great comic timing together.

    • 34.5 ys

      That woman, whether she’s really the landlady or not, doesn’t deserve the security guard ahjusshi.

      • 34.5.1 momosa

        She doesn’t deserve him from what it seems like she thinks she is too good for him.

        But if we turn it around, say, Ahjussi is after her because he thinks she’s the loaded landlady, then the situation is completely different. So many possible scenarios….

  35. 35 anotheraddict

    Aw, pobre Jin Rak– he was so excited about his big date. Today wasn’t his day, but he sure handled it gracefully. I think it’s high time we found out his backstory– he’s still too much of an enigma. I’m really enjoying watching KJH play something other than a buttoned-up type– but I’d love to see him get the chance to really let loose and play a more 4D character.

    Just as they’ve summed up each episode in a tagline, it seems that they could use a line from tonight’s episode to sum up the whole drama: “Love is knowing that person”.

    This drama is such a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the recap!

  36. 36 Belinda

    I can’t see any other actor than KJH playing the part of Jin-Rak. Perfection !

  37. 37 Sammy

    Thanks for the recap!! 🙂

    The fact that real life threw a lot of really annoying wrenches at me today makes me very annoyed at the how the fact that a kiss was coming today was plastered ALL. OVER. THE. INTERNET. Gah. I cannot explain how annoying it was to know that it was coming. >.<

    Don't get me wrong, it was adorable, and perfect in every way. It's just that the fact that I KNEW it was coming just annoyed me. A lot like how the the first kiss in You're Beautiful (I don't remember what episode that was in) annoyed java beans to no end.

    That aside….

    I really liked Jin Rak this episode. A lot. Quite a bit. His speech about how a bad thing always happened when he got big presents was just so so so sad. 🙁 The guy is in serious need of a hug.

    Do hwi needs more humiliations like that. Really. She also needs a really hard slap upside the head.

    Also, did anyone notice that the surname of that teacher is the same as Dok mi's? And that his name is Jae won? I wonder if that has anything to do with the sudden appearance of the teacher and Do hwi's recognition of Jin rak's former name…

    My love for the editor is growing with every episode. I love her. So. Much. <3 Girl just needs some love, man!

    Last but not least… I'm with Dok mi on this, Enrique. I want the old you back. The you that we used to call "Enrique the Energizer Bunny". You're heartbreaking when you're not acting worthy of that name. 🙁

    • 37.1 Sammy

      Just so there’s no misunderstanding, I loved this episode a lot too. It was amazing, and I loved the reversal. Dok mi was trying to keep Enrique from falling into a depressed hump and withdraw, while for the earlier part of this show, it was Enrique who was trying to draw Dok mi out of her shell. It’s just… Yeah… Life…. 😛

    • 37.2 PollyRose

      Ugh, curse you previews and my inability to turn away! I did it to myself first, but even if I had managed to avoid it then, I saw comments online about it immediately after, even trying to skim through without “seeing”…Sigh.
      The entire episode it felt like I had this distracting voice in my head that wouldn’t let me forget a kiss was going to happen.

      “The kiss is going to happen this episode, right?”
      “Hey, don’t go there, just watch the episode.”
      “Are they kissing yet?”
      “Uh, no…as you can clearly see, Jin Rak is being awesome and putting Do Hwi in her place.”
      “Mmm, what about now?”
      “No! We are having a funny interlude with the editor. Pipe down and enjoy!”
      “Ooh, this looks about the right scene for it.”
      “Will you be quiet, they’re having an emotional moment! I’m trying to tear up here.”
      “Yup, yup, gonna be soon now…”
      “Your’e killing the scene!”
      “Yay, it’s here! And…huh…totally sweet but why I do I feel hollow inside at it’s arrival?”
      “I tried to tell you…”

      On a side note I really did think the kiss was right for the moment. The production team has shown they know how to pace and if more smooches of various levels are right for the moment, I think they’ll bring it.

      • 37.2.1 Howforwardsale

        The kiss warning in the previews for the episode saved me from a heart attack. I wouldnt have been able to handle an unannounced kiss for this OTP. I had time to obsess, speculate and then just accept it and let the kiss scene wash over me.
        The kiss read as sweet and Enrique is being sensitive yet true to their feelings. I need to check out the NGs from that scene for further research though. That kiss was spliced from several kisses, some looked hotter/more emotional than others.

      • 37.2.2 Sammy

        Omgosh, that’s exactly what happened to me! In every scene by themselves I was asking, “Are they kissing yet?” “Nope.”

        Yeah, I think it was perfect for the moment too. It would have been more perfect if I hadn’t been constantly asking myself, “Are they there yet?” 😛 And if the production team does bring in another smooch, I hope it won’t be advertised everywhere on the internet. 😛

    • 37.3 pogo

      I saw it in the preview (damn that kdrama habit of spoilering kisses) and knew it would be coming this week but thought it could be in either episode 11 or 12 because someone said the previews covered both episodes – so my viewing experience of 11 was relatively unspoiled until Enrique started getting emotional after overhearing Dok-mi’s moving-out plans.

      Lesson learned: DON’T WATCH THE PREVIEWS. (especially after the mid-point mark, when a kiss is most likely to happen – the accidental kiss in episode 4 wasn’t spoilered, and was that much more of a hilarious and awesome surprise for it.)

  38. 38 Almontel

    thanks for the recap…

    loved this episode too…a lot of good revelations…but then again..i know there’s more to come since there’s still 5 eps to go…it’s just starting to build up..

    i’ve always loved JinRak and loved him even more here…i felt his angst, but loved the fact that he definitely have a good heart, he’s a ‘hyung’ to everyone around him…

    and shouldn’t there be more revelations to come? i’m so looking forward for more..


  39. 39 Ash

    This show is a textbook example of how to do well-paced, organic character growth. In the beginning, we had a Dok-mi who could barely bring herself to put a hand out her door to get her milk in the mornings, who struggled with every sentence, and now? Now she’s venturing out, she’s talking to strangers, she’s unhesitatingly inviting Enrique into her home. It’s hard to believe that this is the same person if you flip from now to back then, but the journey from A to B was so natural and fluid that I barely noticed the shift.

    And Enrique! I love that we get to see him deliberately pulling up the sunny front, and I especially loved seeing him drop it when he was playing with the camera in the beginning of the ep. That sense that he gets on his own nerves sometimes has been a saving grace for me when the puppy-ness might otherwise have grated.

    The more we see of Dok-mi, the more she has that innate goodness and desire to help that he has; and the more we see of him, the more apparent it becomes that he’s crumpled and damaged and closed off, too. They pull each other back from the extremes and meet in the middle. It’s beautiful to watch.

    • 39.1 Maris

      Yes. So true. Feel the same way.

    • 39.2 pogo

      I agree with every word. And best of all, it shows how they bring about that change in each other, when so many dramas leave one half of of a couple basically the same from beginning to end,

      What I really like is that it’s done in a consistent and organic way – Dok-mi’s personality allows it to make sense that she’s shutting herself away yet wants to come back into a world that isn’t full of Do-hwi-style evil, while Enrique’s playfulness is part of his personality but one that he plays up deliberately as a cover. And that final scene just slayed me so hard this is my ghost writing – not from the kiss itself (which is standard for Park Shin-hye and here actually kind of makes sense for a girl who could barely make contact with other people not that long ago) but the looks on their faces.

      It almost hurts to see how open and vulnerable they are there, but Enrique dropping the act completely and Dok-mi taking the huge, scary step of admitting her feelings out loud is just perfect.

    • 39.3 kumi

      I think she’s a bit behind though.

  40. 40 To much

    I am LOLing at everyone dissecting the kiss. My 2 cents, the actor playing Enrique was totally holding back. Saw him start to go for it and then cut, the director was probably like no sorry this is a strictly closed mouth kiss.

    Side note, can I just say that the dude playing Enrique can cry like nobodies business!

    • 40.1 Sammy

      It’s a K drama, everyone dissects the kisses. 😛

      And YES. Yoon Shi yoon is just perfect for this drama. He can play the hyper side of Enrique well, and it doesn’t feel forced when he goes to the depressed side. I’m going to have to check out some of his other dramas… He just gained another fan girl, lol. Shi yoon oppa ftw!!!!

    • 40.2 TA

      Well but this is the PD-nim from FBRS… and Jung Il-woo literally made Lee Chung-Ah’s lips bleeding at their first kiss.. and Yoon Shi-yoon can also kiss like no body’s business…

    • 40.3 Minty

      Yoon Shi Yoon (who plays Enrique) cried a LOT in that drama Baker King Kim Tak Gu… he sure can cry LOL

    • 40.4 pogo

      to add to the kiss dissection (lol) I’m surprised but yet not – first off because this is cable, and both previous Flower Boy dramas featured kisses where the actress was actually allowed to seem a little more enthusiastic about the kiss than your standard kdrama heroine (who is not Yoon Eun-hye, sadly)….buuut, it’s Park Shin-hye, who is an incredibly talented actress who has only actively been into a kiss when it was in a CF (her Etude House one).

      I wasn’t expecting Queen In-hyun’s Man-style smoochies either because that woudn’t make sense for Dok-mi, but at least she did lean in and close her eyes – I agree with the interpretation that says this kiss is more about reassurance and soothing than a grand declaration of passion. But it would be nice if she looked a little more into it next time!

      • 40.4.1 ys

        Right, that Etude House CF with Jang Guen Suk. Mrawrrrrr.

  41. 41 hanna

    Yeah & aww the moment of truth, the confession of their love & a touching thoughts that lead them to an unforgettable kiss. :-))
    Thanks jb a lot.

  42. 42 doel


  43. 43 TA

    the kiss is sweet and all but I don’t think any girl in real life will kiss that teary-angry-hot-YSY like that just saying…

  44. 44 K

    aww…enrique the sunshine finally forced Dok-mi the dormouse out of hibernation…love love love this show, the words seem to take after my own heart…hoping that in the coming episodes,the press won’t play spoilsport in this budding romance since he’s so famous and she’s just barely made it out of her hole…too much spotlight might send her scurrying back again..hehe j/k,we have a strong character in our dok-mi shii with a lot of depth and instinctive understanding and enrique just makes me happy, its like going out in the sunshine on a cold cold day…hope that the ending shows them being together encouraging each other’s dreams, all healed and ready to face more challenges head on…thanks jb for dramabeans…much love!

  45. 45 Jeanette

    Completely on the same page as you. So happy that they’ve finally come out with their feelings but dreading the drama to come with the next five episodes. Bracing myself for someone or something to get in the way. Love this couple though. A little atypical from other couples you usually see and a little more genuine in an opposites attract kind of way.

  46. 46 editor-in-chief

    i love her in this episode and tips from jin rak on how to catch a guy…and how she responded. so funny

  47. 47 Christine

    Kim Ji Hoon is naturally very very handsome.

  48. 48 yohan lei

    JB, thanks for the recap. I’ve always been waiting for it after watching every ep raw. Oh, how I love this drama and it’s so sad that it’s almost over. I love all the characters except Do Hwi (although she also adds spice to the drama). Yeah, Watanabe is adorable and I hope they would give him more screen time in the remaining episodes. I love Jin Rok but I love Dok Mi and Enrique to be together.:)

  49. 49 Pepsi

    Park Shin Hye is such a good actress. Sans words, only silence….eyes and lips only…she is an actress. Only a few can do this.

    • 49.1 Maris

      Yes, she is. That’s why the scenes between her and YSY are always powerful because he is such a good actor too. The casting director did make the difference to how this drama turned out. Truly a wonderful team effort.

      • 49.1.1 pogo

        yeah, PSH+YSY is set to tie with PSH+JGS for my favourite pairing of hers, haha.

        Which is no mean feat, considering just what her chemistry with Jang Geun-seok was.

    • 49.2 Janet

      Ha Jiwon and Park Shin Hye are the two korean actresses I find amazing!

    • 49.3 pogo

      She is actually one of the best young actresses in her age range in Korea right now – so incredibly expressive, and with a chameleon’s gift for completely becoming her characters no matter how different they are.

  50. 50 dany

    Thank you, this show warms my heart.

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