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Teaser poster and stills for Gu Family Book
by | March 31, 2013 | 94 Comments

Here’s the first poster for fusion fantasy drama Gu Family Book, with not one but two Seung-gis. Don’t you try to trick me with double the puppies, to hide the fact that you only made one poster. I’m onto you. *hairy eyeball* At least it’s got a concept, with the half-human half-gumiho hero Choi Kang-chi torn in two opposite directions, with some supernatural lightning-wind to boot. Although it looks like Red Ranger got a little carried away at the salon… ’cause nothing says beast-man like frosted highlights?

The drama stars Lee Seung-gi as the half-gumiho hero who desperately wants to become human, and chases a legend to try and make it happen. Suzy plays the sword-wielding heroine he’ll eventually fall for. It’s another of those everything-but-the-kitchen-sink genre mashups, promising everything from an action fantasy fusion sageuk, to comedy and romance. Just don’t be one of those shows that doesn’t deliver on anything because you’re trying to be all things, okay?

I like the character posters, with dimples and sass. Though it has to be pointed out that the hero and the heroine have the same hair, not that it makes them any less adorable. Second lead Yoo Yeon-seok is making a showing with Pensive Face, looking every bit the refined nobleman’s son he’s playing. The two boys will have grown up in the same house, which makes the rivalry a little closer to the classic Two Brothers, One Love scenario that dramaland loves so much. At least with one being half-gumiho, they won’t end up suddenly related in the fourth act.

Among the stills is the leads’ fateful first encounter, where the heroine discovers a sleeping Kang-chi and pokes him awake. So much to learn, grasshopper. So much to learn…

Gu Family Book premieres April 8 on MBC.

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94 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pabo ceo reom

    From the stills, I’m hoping Suzy kicks ass and plays the alpha female compared to Seung-gi. That would be fun…looking forward to this!

    • 1.1 KDrama Fan

      Thanks for the pics GF.

      Ditto your comment pabo ceo reom.

    • 1.2 JO

      But usually what happens is: the girl is initially the alpha but later as the series goes on, the story does many things to contradict this. As in, the girl is supposed to be good at fighting but all of a sudden is not, or she just gets too lovey dovey and weak or idk.
      I usually don’t buy “strong female” stories because the girls, if you realllyyy think about it, aren’t strong.

      • 1.2.1 starryeyes

        Yes, this. You get a kick-ass female in the start…she’s opinionated, feisty, and all sorts of awesome. Then she falls in love and turns into a mess, all puppy-eyes, never speaks her mind, and always following after the guy.

        I really hope it doesn’t turn out like this. One of the many reasons why I loved Shiwon as a character in Reply 1997.

      • 1.2.2 harukikara

        This is too true. If anything, I don’t mind if a strong female character becomes slightly dependent on a guy, as long as its a “partners in crime” sort of deal.

        I just hope she doesn’t become a simpering mess after falling in love and continues to be a strong, independent warrior whose not afraid to speak her mind. That’s all I ask for. Please drama? Pretty please?

  2. mandakins

    Soooo excited! Can’t wait for this one!

    • 2.1 YFYKID

      Me too!!!!!!!

  3. orenji

    I read it’s just a teaser poster. So the real one hasn’t come out yet…so i hope the real one is even better. First meeting and he’s already get slapped..lol So anticipating their bickering relationship. Woot~woot~ Please be awesome show!

    • 3.1 karen

      i think he was just shocked by her touch (she poked him awake i think)

  4. Fia

    The last picture, behind Suzy…IS THAT SUNG JOON?

    • 4.1 lemondoodle

      Yes, it is

    • 4.2 Miss D

      I’m looking forward more to this unrequited love than anything else! SUFBB forever!

    • 4.3 ilikehim

      Wow, nice catch. I didn’t even notice it.
      I’ve heard little to none about him…getting less and less hopeful that his character is anything prominent.

    • 4.4 hanie

      I think soo
      Sigh~ So all we get is too blurry SungJoon huh?

    • 4.5 mav

      Maybe Sung Joon is blurry cause his actually a ghost in the drama…………..

      • 4.5.1 redfox

        in one sense or another…hope he is a very frequent ghost, not one of legend alone.

        • mav

          Preach sister! Better use the Sung Joon lots, if not many are going to be pissed at the Drama. Even if its still freaking good, I will feel cheated…

          • scbound

            why feel cheated this is not his drama he is simply part of the extended cast, his picture was not even included on the extended cast poster at press conference. just enjoy the drama as it is. or not lol

    • 4.6 pogo

      aka main reason I want to watch this…..looks like it is him!

      • 4.6.1 LoL


    • 4.7 Lord of the Things

      You are amazing. Top notch Sung Joon Spotting Skills

    • 4.8 JoAnne

      Oh Geez…I knew Sung Joon was going to be in this. What I failed to connect, dot-wise? Sung Joon in SAGEUK HAIR. Sung Joon in SAGEUK CLOTHES.

      Be still my heart! And then besides Sung Joon (breathe, JoAnne, breathe) there’s Suzy looking adorable and Seung Gi has never looked better. I so hope his character displays his developing range to his advantage.

    • 4.9 ilovemandoo


  5. gummimochi

    I’ll take a ponytail/top knot combo over identical perms any day.

    • 5.1 Russe12

      I definitely second this comment. I’ll take this over several hairstyles seen in dramaland recently xD

    • 5.2 a_diva

      eek, u guys are kah-ray-zee. love lee seung gi but those bangs and ponytail are so 1990s head cheerleader. there have been some hideous hair in the dramas lately so i’ll give him a pass but only because this is sageuk . . . still, i’m sure i’ll be cringing and peeking between fingers throughout this drama if the hair does not improve.

  6. lemondoodle

    His little high ponytail is seriously the cutest thing. I’m not sure I can take him seriously yet since he’s too adorable. I guess that’s what beastly half is for.

    Yoo Yeon-seok is working that pensive face. This is a no brainer love triangle though. I’d take the cute puppy over the grouchy noble man.

    • 6.1 Annie

      That’s how my mom used to tie my hair when I was little. So cute!

    • 6.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I enjoy watching bubbly puppy characters, but I will always fall for the pensive, serious character. Yeah that we don’t all like the same kind of men.

      • 6.2.1 lemondoodle

        Well, I thought I implied enough that it would be my choice and and no brainer for me. I wasn’t denying your love of Mr. Grumpy pants if you want him.

        • scbound


  7. Mawiie

    Seung Gi always seem to have kick ass and sassy love interests, and I love it!

    On a side note, I thought that the “blue Seung Gi” from the poster was Suzy, and I’d never notice that it was 2 Seung Gi if girlfriday didn’t point it out. LOL

    • 7.1 Gon

      me too…the clothes are identical..I wonder if it have something to do with the plot..

      • 7.1.1 come2noona

        same here

      • 7.1.2 Tappie

        Oh no please…I hate body switching ,if there is any, plots.

  8. aaannie

    is that Sung Joon in the blurry background of the last pic? i’d watch this if he was the lead instead

    • 8.1 PM

      Too bad you are not watching this then, since he is NOT the lead – not even 2nd lead.

      • 8.1.1 Whatever

        I could not have said it better, PM !

  9. Raine

    KYAAAAA!!!! So excited. And I’m also stoked for the pairing. Suzy is most definitely growing on me.

    And I can’t visit DB without feeling sad that April 11 I’ll be wishing I’m in NYC instead of Colorado. At least it’s beautiful weather here…


  10. 10 glmb

    Yay! Excited to see Seung Gi back on my screen!
    I don’t know why but I have a feeling Kang Chi and YYS’s character don’t fight for Suzy’s character love, it has been something much more than that, so far they are merely reported to be rivals, don’t say about what, right? BTW, just my thought, maybe because I can’t picture YYS and Suzy together.

    • 10.1 lemondoodle

      He hates KC, though he used to treat him like a brother, because he blames him for something that happens to his family. The whole stealing his love interest is probably just a bonus thing. It’ll all end in them hugging it out.

      • 10.1.1 glmb

        Thanks for the info, it sounds heartbreaking, I hope YYS’s character is well written, not one dimension and OTT, I always love to watch Seung Gi’s bromances.

  11. 11 bellaluna

    Love the poster but it looks like Kang Chi and his grandaddy in there :)) , beastly doesnt mean older o dear stylish. Cant wait to see cutie Seung Gi in action :))

    • 11.1 crazyajummafan

      I agree. The beastly image seems old – white highlights? And the dark circles kinda makes him look haggard.
      More like Wolverine please!!!

      • 11.1.1 Gon

        and inuyasha…will this drama make a new kind of genre like MGIG did…

        • ss

          omgggg!!! please let lsg be like inuyasha!!! will he scratch his ears with his legs???? squueeeeeelllll!! but then again, i dont think lee seung gi is that flexible >.<

  12. 12 nadia

    LOL @ Seungi always getting scared by his heroines in first few episodes 🙂
    And then he will eventually fall for them and do something swoon-worthing.

  13. 13 Cynthia

    I’m looking forward to seeing his tail.
    Soju, moonlight, Puppy’s silvery tail(s).
    It’s ALL good.

  14. 14 asianromance

    Love the poster! Definitely getting more interested in this drama….

  15. 15 crazedlu

    yup. still not digging suzy. a total side, but i LOVE that kang jihwan “because the world needs dramabeans” header. hilarious! hahaha. the text in the header! HAHAHA. i need to find that post. ~

  16. 16 NoodlePower

    I see Sung Joon in the last pic!!
    Cant wait for the next week 😀

  17. 17 Osi

    7 days to go. Can’t wait to see Seung Gi on my screen.

  18. 18 anna

    I was wondering why Sung Joon isn’t second male lead, but then I figure that maybe his quiet, brooding and hopelessly in love bodyguard role might actually steal more hearts and stoic nobleman which will probably turn evil and be all psychotic and possessive. That’s just terrible.

  19. 19 MIKAN

    Drama I want a Badass and No nonsense Heroine OK????
    I want that kind of character so much.

  20. 20 Christy

    I’ll be tuning in for Lee Seung-gi, Sung Joon, and to a lesser extent, Lee Yu-bi, but I have to say, I may be one of the few who hasn’t really taken to Suzy. I’ve got nothing against her, but I don’t particularly like her either. I don’t really get the hype surrounding her. But maybe it’s just because I haven’t checked out Introduction to Architecture? Maybe that’ll change with this drama.

    Regardless, I’m just crossing my fingers that this drama won’t crash and burn as they so often do.

  21. 21 Kitzeekat

    So excited 🙂 Please show be awesome coz LSG is awesome!

  22. 22 Jyyjc

    Before I read anything I automatically assumed the one on the left side of the top poster was Suzy and was shocked at how manly she looked.

  23. 23 snow_white

    [email protected] least with one being half-gumiho, they won’t end up suddenly related in the fourth act. 😀

  24. 24 milkteanlsg

    Love Seung Gi’s shocked reaction to the “poking him awake” skinship~
    So cute~~~

    Really anticipating this drama!!! (Please don’t disappoint me!)

  25. 25 SistAr

    am i the only one who thinks that that hairstyle looks so damn awful on LSG…….. so ugly

    • 25.1 magnus

      I think you are the only one. Sorry!

    • 25.2 scbound

      yep, the only one. He is adorable as always

  26. 26 seunggimonster

    can’t get through the rest of the stills cus i’m stuck at the first one: seunggi oppa’s adorable smile 🙂

  27. 27 Sugarpunch

    I feel weird about this pair… I like them both individually but Suzy seems too young for Seunggi. Hope this drama is good enough to overcome the age gap!

    • 27.1 Annie

      It wouldn’t exactly have been uncommon in those days (or these days for that matter).

  28. 28 niKai

    So darn cute is all I can say. And one more thing : love the costumes. Remind me of hong kong comic books I loved so much.

  29. 29 wanne

    The kdrama posters have been looking cliche mostly, so this surpassed my expectation. I like that it got a concept. Looking forward to more and also the press conference tomorrow!

  30. 30 Yasmin

    Finally a drama that I’m looking forward to see !

  31. 31 Jushi

    I wonder if old Korean garbs are actually pleated. It seems that Suzy’s even electric pleated. 😀

  32. 32 Sponge

    Oh whhat, i thought it was Suzy in the poster because she’s wearing blue… and has the same hair LOL oh dear, anyway i’m SUPER excited, FINALLY a drama to look forward to! It’s been a while dramaland, i need some good action and a badass heroine! 🙂

  33. 33 VIAVE



  34. 34 Miky

    Oh boy Seung Gi looks so pretty with this look!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35 tessieroo

    What the…isn’t this the exact same pose as the Me Too, Flower poster? What is with all the posters coming out that look exactly the same as other dramas? No one has any creative imagination?

    Yeesh. *grumbles and walks away*

    • 35.1 lolo

      beware your face will be old.. grumbler.. lol

    • 35.2 scbound

      C YA

  36. 36 LuvSG

    Lee Seung Gi fighting. Looking forward to the drama just because you are in it !!!

  37. 37 Ceecile

    Looks like she slaps him too. And I see Sung Joon!

  38. 38 lulu

    I saw close up version of this poster and Suzy looks like man! Literally! I don`t know what they have done to that poor girls face but it`s not good!

    I hope official poster is better!

    • 38.1 lulu

      Wait i just realized thats not Suzy in the poster its two Seunggis! Lol!

      • 38.1.1 Mia


  39. 39 Mia

    Well, this is Suzy’s make-or-break role – we’ll see whether or not she can join the company of the other “good” idol actors, like UEE, Yoochun, and…Lee Seung Gi.

    …Nevermind, what am saying? Like most marketable idols, she’ll probably get many more opportunities even if she flat-out sucks, lol.

  40. 40 Snowman

    Seung-gi and Suzy look like siblings in the second and fourth pictures 🙄 Maybe it’s the hair.

  41. 41 anonymousmouse

    I know that people keep talking about Lee Seung-gi and Sung Joon, mostly arguing for their interest in one or the other, but am I the only one who hopes that they’ll totally rock a bromance in GFB?

    I loved Sung Joon in Shut Up! Flower Boy Band — and all of his snarky, funny, sweet, angsty moments with his friends and bandmates.

    I loved Seung-gi in King 2 Hearts — and all of his snarky, funny, sweet, angsty moments with his brother and Shi-kyung. (Actually, he was pretty awesome with Byung-soo as Dae-woong, too.)

    The character descriptions about Sung Joon being Kang-chi’s “helper and friend” and them having a “bickering relationship” made me excited about the prospect of them having an epic friendship (later complicated by being in love with the same chick).

  42. 42 Elizabeth Bennet

    You know what? Despite the fact that Seung Gi does beta male really well, I’m kind of hoping he’ll be Alpha in this one. Kind of like Hong Gil Dong – playful, smart and strong.

  43. 43 franz


    8-minute teaser.

    ugh, it looks epic. i actually had low expectations, given the writer. but I’m hyyyyyyped.

  44. 44 yuriko

    does koreans really hate suzy???

    • 44.1 cattaort

      i think poeple love suzy .. yeah she is nice.. some of my friend she is kind of idol with bright personality

    • 44.2 cattaort

      i think poeple love suzy .. yeah she is nice.. some of my friend told me that she is kind of idol with bright personality

    • 44.3 orenji

      Nope at all. Koreans love her. She has a very good personality,always so bright and polite. But popularity comes with haters. So yeah, she does have haters just like any other popular IT idols like Yoona.

      • 44.3.1 yurimo

        i like suzy, she is a person who always do her best, such inspiring idol, and lee sung gi known with great personallity too, i’m already love these poeple from this drama.

  45. 45 mrsskim

    i just cant wait it… just please playing this drama NOW! lol: XD

  46. 46 jacks

    just saw their press con..

    suzy!! i love her!! i ‘ll support and watch this drama

  47. 47 Ivy

    OMG the last two stills totally just confirmed the fact that I will love this show! I just know it!!!
    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48 YFYKID

    As one of LSG’s fans, I’m looking forward to this drama!!!!!!

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