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Good Doctor: Episode 14
by | September 18, 2013 | 80 Comments

Love can take so many forms in any given relationship, but what’s important to keep in mind is that love is more than just a feeling—it’s an action. And action takes courage when words can only take you so far. Our characters continue to wrestle with what that love looks like when it’s far easier to clam up those emotions due to fear.

This week’s ratings saw a slight dip in numbers with 17.9% and 18.6% but still keeps the top slot in the Monday-Tuesday pack.


Kim Jong-kook – “Don’t You Know?” (모르나요)

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Faced with two patients crashing simultaneously, Do-han assigns Shi-on to operate on the other patient. Shi-on says that he can’t—he’s a first-year resident—but desperate times call for desperate measures; they have no time to lose and it’s their job to save their patients. Shi-on decides to do it.

Things aren’t looking good—there’s severe internal bleeding and the patient’s vital signs are unstable. Wracked with anxiety, Shi-on is unable to picture the target area in his head.

At that moment, Shi-on recalls the words to believe in himself and overcome his struggles. It spurs new confidence within him, and Shi-on proceeds with the rest of the surgery in an assertive, focused manner as Do-han and Yoon-seo look on, impressed.

Through the glass, Yoon-seo thinks in her head: “I’m extremely proud of you, Shi-on. It looks like you don’t need me anymore.”

After Shi-on delivers the good news to the parents, he heads back to see Do-han, who gives his usual slice of criticism on the surgical procedure. It’s unlikely that they’ll run into another emergency like this one for a few years, so he’ll say the words now: “Congratulations on your first surgery.” Aww.

Shi-on smiles at the praise, and then the other residents gather around in celebration except for Yoon-seo, who gives a small smile and walks out. Then Do-han calls for a celebratory team dinner, to the residents’ delight.

Back to the hospital politics as Creepy Chairman insists that he’s an investor trying to save the hospital. His conditions are rather favorable, including building the pediatric surgery department, apart from one thing: that president Lee must step down from her position.

He laughs over how easily he could sell the hospital to less capable hands, saying he’ll make sure to instate a young, capable person in her place. Neither president Lee nor Doctor Choi are convinced, but the board president is particularly distressed and she names him as the person responsible for her husband’s death fifteen years ago.

That hardly fazes Creepy Chairman, who hints that the hospital will have to pay their outstanding loan if they don’t accept his “investment” to buy out the hospital. Eek.

Do-han finds Yoon-seo deep in thought on the roof. He asks what she’s worrying about this time, and she honestly answers that it’s about Shi-on. She believes she made the mistake of continuously treating Shi-on like a child because of his disability rather than an adult.

Do-han asks if Shi-on has said anything on the subject, and Yoon-seo vaguely answers that she must have upset him somehow. Do-han understands why she could feel that way, but he disagrees with the idea that her behavior was a detriment to Shi-on.

In fact, he thinks that it was her nurturing attitude towards Shi-on that induced the marked change in him. All she needs to do is to change with him in the future, Do-han tells her. He’s surprised when she opts out of the team outing.

When Chae-kyung meets with the assistant chief, she call him out for using Do-han and Shi-on as pawns in this power battle. But Assistant Chief Kang retorts that Chae-kyung is doing the same by using Creepy Chairman for her own personal gain. Damn, you do know everything.

Then we learn a bit more about Assistant Chief Kang’s personal intentions as he speaks to his wife on the phone about their sick child. He tells his family to stay in the States for the time being.

The pediatrics team clinks glasses on a job well done, and the residents pout over Yoon-seo’s absence since she’s usually the life of the party. At the mention of her alleged nickname as “God-given body,” Do-han says that it’s a self-proclaimed name. Heh.

At home, Yoon-seo looks at the roses hanging on her corkboard for a long minute before placing it in the trash.

Outside, Do-han asks if Shi-on has gone to visit his father yet. He guesses that Shi-on hasn’t in order to avoid feeling ashamed or getting his pride hurt. To that, Do-han asks if Shi-on knows what it is that truly hurts one’s pride: “To fear something once and be afraid of it forever.”

This truth is applicable in both the workplace and in life, Do-han tells him. He adds that many people mistake fear for courage, but they aren’t the same thing. “Courage doesn’t mean that you get afraid, but it means you don’t let fear stop you.”

Yoon-seo runs into Shi-on when they scrub in for surgery the next day. She tries to strike up small talk with him, but it’s apparent that things are still awkward between them.

Doctor Choi is surprised to learn that Do-han is already familiar with Creepy Chairman’s name. But what’s more important, Doctor Choi tells him, is the mysterious chairman’s connection to the late board president aka Chae-kyung’s father.

He explains how Creepy Chairman had tried to buy out the hospital some fifteen years before. Chae-kyung’s father had managed to successfully prevent the acquisition then, though, to great cost to himself. Unfortunately, Chae-kyung’s father was diagnosed with liver cancer shortly thereafter and passed away.

Doctor Choi points out that it seems their enemy already has someone in mind to take president Lee’s place. He hasn’t told Chae-kyung about any of this in case the news would worry her. Oh, if you only knew how much she already knows.

Do-han puts the pieces together in his head right away and beelines for Chae-kyung. He asks point-blank if she knows what she’s getting into by dealing with the devil himself, and he advises that she cut ties with the chairman immediately.

Chae-kyung counters that the chairman was the only person who sympathized with her emotional struggles whereas everyone else told her to get over it. She admits she’s not as strong as she appears to be, and it would have been nice if Do-han made some time to spend with her.

She masks her vulnerability in a flash, and Do-han urges her to listen to what he has to say. It’s only after Do-han leaves do we learn that he told her the upsetting truth about how Creepy Chairman had a hand in her father’s passing.

Jin-wook remarks on how off Yoon-seo’s been acting these past few days, adding that she doesn’t seem to be taking extra care of Shi-on either. She lets out a forced laugh, and then says that Shi-on seems to be doing just fine.

But Jin-wook isn’t so sure since Shi-on is having a hard enough time as it is with his father and hints that he could easily be hurt by other things. Heh, do you know about Shi-on’s crush, too? She playfully tells him to mind his own business, but the words seems to affect her.

Shi-on sits besides the young girl’s bedside, and she thanks him for saving her so that she can continue to take care of her father. When she hears that Shi-on’s father is sick, she says, “The sicker [your father] he is, the more you have to love him.”

Shi-on asks what that looks like, and she answers to do what she did today: to keep in mind that Shi-on wouldn’t be able to see his father if he died.

So Shi-on seeks out the oncologist about his father’s case. Just looking at Dad’s x-rays triggers his anxiety as Shi-on picks at his fingernails nervously. The prognosis isn’t good, and all they can do now is give him medicine to minimize the pain.

Thinking of Do-han’s words about courage, Shi-on takes a brave step to visit Dad’s room. As expected, Dad barks as soon as he sees Shi-on, who involuntarily jerks at the noise.

Shi-on does approach his father, though warily, and his motor tics go into overdrive when Dad grabs him by the coatfront. Dad grumbles when he learns his son won’t be able to treat him, muttering how Shi-on could ever be a doctor.

Then he raises an eyebrow—surely doctors get paid a handsome salary. Oh no, don’t you go playing the manipulative guilt card on him! But Dad does, saying that Shi-on should pay for his poor father’s hospital bills because he worked so hard on raising him and all. Ugh, I feel thoroughly disgusted.

It’s frightening to watch how scared and anxious Shi-on gets as he stammers that he will. Which is when Mom sees the tail-end of this conversation from just outside the door.

Doctor Pomade is in a losing battle against the vending machine when a little girl tugs on his coat and holds out a drink. Aw, it’s the same little girl who did the same for Yoon-seo last time.

The sight brings a smile to Doctor Pomade’s face as he takes it, opens it… and then the little girl tugs on his coat again. HA, did you only want him to open it for you? That’s hilarious. It also makes me wonder if the same thing happened to Yoon-seo back then, too.

Doctor Pomade takes a seat beside Shi-on outside, and he’s slightly taken aback at the question whether he had a good father. Shi-on explains that he wishes his own father would be proud of him, even if everyone else disregarded him, and vice-versa.

Doctor Pomade picks up on a possible father-son relationship on the rocks, so he gruffly takes out a few bills for Shi-on to use as allowance money. D’aww, the gesture alone is sweet.

One of the kids is getting better, and Yoon-seo informs the mother that her son can soon be discharged. At this exciting news, the children talk about what he’ll do once he’s back home. But all is not what it seems because the little boy ends up vomiting again, and he gasps at what he sees.

Shi-on knocks on the bathroom stall door just then. Having heard a retching sound, he asks if the boy threw up, but the kid lies that nothing’s wrong. Then Shi-on spots a bile-stained tissue in the trash and stuffs it in his pocket.

He runs into Mom in the hallway and the two step outside to chat. Her voice breaking, Mom confesses, “Shi-on-ah… I’m your mom.”

Tears fall from her eyes as she apologizes for not telling him sooner. Then she steps forward to gently cup his face in her hands as she calls him her son.

Shi-on stands there, frozen in place. He thinks back to when he had cried reading a farewell note from Mom as a young boy. He takes Mom’s hand and moves it away before saying: “I… don’t like Mom! Mom abandoned me and left me!” Oof.

Mom cries that she was in the wrong, but Shi-on says that Mom is bad, just like Dad. “I… don’t need Mom.” He walks away, leaving Mom sobbing on the sidewalk.

Yoon-seo searches for Shi-on and finds him sitting in his usual corner. She quickly checks their surroundings before she asks how it went with his mother. She’s surprised to hear that he’s doing fine and that he doesn’t want to see Mom.

Shi-on says that he realized that his mother didn’t love him. The first thing that came to his head when he saw his mother was how she abandoned him as a boy and how he hated her for it then. Yoon-seo urges that he hear Mom out, but Shi-on shakes his head. He tells her not to worry about it and shuffles away to a dark corner and cries silently.

Yoon-seo bumps into Shi-on again at the end of the workday, and she encourages him to seek her out if anything troubles him. He says that he can confide in Do-han instead. She deflates.

In-hye sneaks out of the hospital to follow a hunch when she sees the bar’s business card tucked in her sister’s wallet. She steps inside (security is really lax ’round here, innit?) and catches a glimpse of her sister chatting with some male clients.

She’s shocked to say the least, and her raised voice when another employee tries to usher her out grabs unni’s attention. Once outside, In-young asks if Jin-wook was the one who told her, and In-hye is hurt to learn that he knew about it before she did. She runs away, crying.

Her eyes are puffy and red by the time she returns to the hospital, and Jin-wook asks where she’d run off to this time. Angry and hurt, she stalks off.

Another medical emergency occurs when the little boy (who vomited bile earlier) collapses to the ground, unconscious. His mother is fraught with worry, wondering what it could be. And then Shi-on recalls the bile-stained tissue.

The CT scan reveals an intestinal obstruction, namely a pancreatic cyst. Do-han notes that it’s strange how the patient didn’t complain of abdominal pain, a fact which troubles Yoon-seo.

As they prepare for surgery, Do-han assures her that these sorts of cases happen often and it’s still treatable. Yoon-seo blames herself for not catching it sooner, calling herself a burden to the team. Before she ends up too deep in her self-criticism, Do-han tells her to stop talking nonsense and head inside.

Shi-on keeps his eyes on Yoon-seo during surgery, and then he talks to the boy afterward to ask if he really wasn’t in pain beforehand.

That’s when the boy confesses that he was in pain, but he lied because he wanted to go home and spend time with his family. He asks that Shi-on keep the fact that he lied a secret from his mother.

Shi-on steps outside and overhears the mother lecture Yoon-seo for potentially putting her son at risk by almost discharging him when he’s still sick. She threatens to take action, and Yoon-seo can only hang her head apologetically. Then Shi-on takes out the tissue from his pocket.

Do-han assures her that it was a minor incident and that he’ll take responsibility for any further action taken against them. He finds it hard to believe that Yoon-seo would attribute her error to a lack of concentration, but he takes note of her still-gloomy mood.

The nurses worry if Yoon-seo will be all right when they spot Shi-on bow repeatedly in apology to the boy’s mother. Next thing we know, the mother marches into the staff room with the explanation that Shi-on has admitted fault. Oh no.

Shi-on says that he saw the boy vomit yesterday but failed to report it right away, taking out the bile-stained tissue as evidence. Both Yoon-seo and Do-han can tell what he’s trying to do, and when Yoon-seo tries to interject, Shi-on assumes full responsibility.

Thankfully, the mother ends up dropping the matter, but Yoon-seo fumes.

She rips into Shi-on once they’re outside, saying that this was her own mistake. She knows that he did it because he was thinking of her, but instead of putting her at ease, it just makes her more upset.

Yoon-seo asks why on earth Shi-on would sacrifice himself to put his own neck on the line when he’s having a harder time than she is. Shi-on says that he isn’t and doesn’t understand what sacrifice is.

She tells him that she can afford to make a mistake, but Shi-on can’t—what he did today was for nobody’s sake.

When Shi-on is called into Do-han’s office later, he explains that Doctor Choi once told him that taking responsibility for something they didn’t do is how the world works. Realizing Shi-on took those words at face value, Do-han asks why he did it then.

“I think it would be a comfort.” Shi-on answers. He says that he’s lived a life of receiving comfort from others up to now, so he wanted to try and repay that gratitude unto others.

Slightly amused, Do-han points out that Yoon-seo didn’t seem too happy about it, so he advises Shi-on to provide Yoon-seo with real comfort—not in a big, grand gesture, but in the small, heartwarming ways he’s received it from others.

After a few drinks at the Library, Yoon-seo heads home and notices Shi-on standing outside in the courtyard. She asks why he’s just standing around, and Shi-on replies that he was worried she might be upset.

“I was wrong,” Shi-on says. “I’m sorry for making you mad. But… that was the only thing I could do [for you]. I don’t want for you to be hurt. I hate it more than me being hurt.”

Yoon-seo says that she knows he stepped in for her because he likes her, but Shi-on says that what he did has nothing to do with how he feels about her. “I just… wanted to comfort you. Sincerely.”

Shi-on says he kept his distance from her in case she might feel uncomfortable around him, but he couldn’t do that today. He tells her that what happened to the little boy wasn’t her fault.

Tears well up in Yoon-seo’s eyes as she says that she’s already having a hard enough time as it is… and then Shi-on steps forward to hug her.


Let’s start off with the hug, which is a sweet gesture that is so fitting for Yoon-seo and Shi-on’s relationship in this series. I’m less inclined to call it a romantic overture since Shi-on’s intention is to simply comfort Yoon-seo at present, and I love how it mirrors the way Yoon-seo used to comfort him in his times of need. It’s the one thing that he can do for her and a huge step for him in terms of affectionate expression as the one to initiate the hug. I think it’s fair to say that we’re seeing such drastic development in Shi-on’s affective behavior in a relatively short time period due to the narrative timeline (with six episodes left, that is) than what we might expect to see in the real world. So I often find myself wrestling with how to take in these changes when they occur in what feels like a pretty small window of time of six months.

It makes me wonder if it’s the writing (which we know to be less than subtle) to drive his character development quicker in order to develop the relationships with those around him. And yet, what I like about Shi-on’s character is that we get a relatively short turnaround of the nuggets of wisdom and advice from others. Instead of ruminating on those words for several episodes, Shi-on puts them into action, like how he visits his father after hearing he should love him or how he goes to comfort Yoon-seo according to Do-han’s advice. It makes a for a meaty, satisfying watch in those moments, knowing that our hero is actively working towards a change.

It’s an entirely different story when it comes to dear ol’ Dad, who earns no sympathy points in this episode. There was a little part of me that hoped that Dad couldn’t get any worse, only to get the reminder that he really is a downright terrible person. He digs that grave (no pun intended. Well okay, maybe a little) so much deeper this hour that it makes his possible redemption that much harder to attain. Though honestly, I don’t think many of us are expecting to see any change in Dad anytime soon, if ever.

On the other hand, it was utterly heartbreaking to watch Mom’s confession come right after Shi-on was pulled into doing the filial son thing. Even though I knew that Shi-on wouldn’t accept Mom right away due to the hurt of being abandoned—which is also horrible—I do root for a reconciliation between them, if only for the reason that Shi-on deserves a loving family connection. What I hope for Shi-on overall is that he eventually reaches a point where he can reconcile himself to his traumatic past and harness it into a courage that doesn’t let fear stop him.


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  1. Wens

    Awwww the hug!!

    AWWWWWWWWWWW… I was wrong, Shi On is totally capable of love and be seen in the romantic perspective.

    • 1.1 kuxi

      My heart beat fast when I saw that hug scene. I like how si-on hug yeonseo with sincerity. Good doctor has 6 episode left but there’s not single kissing scene in last 14 episode, I want there’s kissing scene soon on next episode. Finger crossed 😡

  2. kumi

    To me, Doctor Pomade rocks in this episode. Especially when he gives money to Shi-on. The scene of opening a juice bottle was so funny. 😀

    • 2.1 Smile134

      Yes, it was really sweet of him. I really hate his stupid and greedy self for the first few episodes (not exaggerating, I wanted to slap him every time he appeared). But lately when Shi-on worked his charm on him, Dr Pomade suddenly becomes a comfort to Shi-on in some ways 🙂

  3. Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap!
    Less than subtle writing: Totally agree. That said, there is one thing that I liked in this episode: All the innocent convos about “relationships” where everyone dodges direct questions about love interest and then tries to ignore the pink elephant in the room. Do Han especially, clearly sees what is happening between Si On and Yoon Seo and he is tactful with his advices. Jin Wook nudging YS to help SO was funny too. Epic fail though. lol.
    SO’s dad is already dead for me. Ain’t nobody got time for that kind of bastard. I want SO to get rid of the fear & then consider him as a stranger. His mom is a pitiful creature but at least she seems warm and SO sure needs affection right now.

  4. KDaddict

    1. Shi On is avoiding Cha becos he doesn’t want to put a burden on her. She is avoiding him becos she feels it’s her fault for having treated him like a baby, and thereby fostered his crush. Things are awkward between them, until….. what happens next???

    2. That scene when Shi On is operating on the girl whose father is blind scares me more than the ghosts in M’s S. He keeps blinking his eyes, looking like he is about to keel over any minute, and I fear for the girl’s life. What’d happen if she had a mishap, or worse died, on the operating table? Can’t believe that Do Han puts both the girl’s safety and SO’s career on the line like that! Incredible.

    3. The parents are often quite nasty to the docs in this drama. In the real world that I inhabit, family members of patients are very respectful to docs who treat their loved ones, fearful that crossing them would compromise treatment. Incredible.

    4. On the upside, DH is talking to SO, and is actually giving useful advice for a change, instead of just intimidating him.

    5. I actually like this ep more than most other eps:
    SO trying to protect Cha by taking the blame; him rejecting his mom; him Walking up to his father. He’s come a long way, hasn’t he? Now what’d be really nice would be him Standing up to his father!

    6. Dr. Greasy Hair gives SO money, cos he wants to be nice, but knows no other way. Love it!

  5. coby

    That young Shi-on is cute! I wanna pinch both of his cheeks every time I see him.

    I really like the last scene. I never thought that that was the comfort that he will give to her. I hope Yoon-seo really feels now that Shi-on cares for her. It broke my heart when she threw the rose.

    I’m liking the bromance between Dr. Pomade and Shi-on.

    I hope they will wrap up the take-over story on the next couple of episode because its trying to watch.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 5.1 KDaddict

      That little boy, all 6 years of age, is asked to play an autism child. He does sad, fearful, nervous, blank, all with aplomb! How does he do that? Incredible little angel. Kissy kiss.

      • 5.1.1 marilyn

        i think korean child actor and actresses are really good in acting. imagine this child playing the role of an autistic child i wonder how the director can motivate him. i agree he is very good.

    • 5.2 Ivoire

      Choi Ro-Woon (the actor playing SO as a child) is oh soooo cute, just darn adorable. He was in the drama Big as well.
      I agree with the above comments about Korean child actors and actresses being very talented, and working hard to portray their character as best they can. Some of them have been said to end up being better than their adult counterparts (in their performances), which, unfortunately, in some instances has been true.
      I too, do wonder how they get trained to become so good and well nuanced in their acting. I would love to see their training, and their BTS with the writer and the director, and the adult actors and actresses, and their parents, and all those who help them give such great performances.

      • 5.2.1 kumi

        Oh right right! He played a skeptical Teddy Bear in ‘Big’.

  6. Spring

    Thank you for your wonderful recap!!

  7. KDaddict

    I bet that one day this medical team will save Asst Chief’s incurable child when he is brought back fr the U.S., and that’ll change his mind about the take-over.

    • 7.1 kumi

      Was it actually in the episode that a child of Ass Chief was sick? Somehow I missed that.

      • 7.1.1 Hephzibah

        He was on the phone with his wife, sending her to another hospital in the US, and the wife was worried that the diagnosis will be the same… And that it would be best if they just came home… He did not let her…

        • kumi

          Thank you! Sounds like I did miss it. Gosh, doesn’t he know that Shi-on is the best diagnosis doctor with special vision.

      • 7.1.2 Laica

        LOL “Ass Chief”… so fitting. 🙂

  8. Beng

    what a heartwarming episode.

    I’m loving Dr. Pomade already, seems like it will not be a bromance with him but rather a father-son relationship, ho cute =)

  9. Dramafed1782

    Thank you soooooo much gummi for the recap! It clears a lot of doubts I had in this episode.
    Shi On being the autistic who has had intense rehabilitiation in his growing years finally puts into effect what he has learned , with inputs from Dr. Cha, Dr. Kim and Dr. Choi is propelling him forward to escape from the paroxysms that is plaguing him in times of duress.
    In this point of time he is beginning to feel that despite his disabilities he can feel others pains and plagues and as Dr. Cha advised earlier “to show teamwork” and trying to comfort her definitely is an improvement to what he was in Episode 2 and 3.
    Even me I wished Dad would change but now he is trying to milk money from his son to see a better day – all I can say he got his punishment and at least in his final moments accept the fact he was a bad father to both his sons.
    Maybe the ending to this drama is our main leads moves on with a better life with Dr. Shi On seeing a new horizon to his capabilities, Dr. Cha feeling she has become a complete person from totally changing Shi On and Dr. Kim accepting things for what they are and try to see a better hope rather than pushing it back.

  10. 10 Chesquared

    I really liked this episode! I’m a sucker for Dr. Dohan and when he complimented Shion I was like “Awwwww.” I’m on the bromance ship, and its setting sail.

    I never connected with the romance side to this drama. I love Moon Chaewon, I do. But her character here is totally bipolar to me. She reminds me of my friend back in HS. Happy one day, moppy the next. Sometimes I feel like she’s playing two characters instead of one.

  11. 11 Hazelle

    Thanks gummimochi! I’m definitely loving the interactions between Doctor Pomade and Shi-on. These two are adorable together <3

    Honestly I haven't been paying much attention to Chae-kyung or to the hospital politics, haha. It kind of bores me 😛

  12. 12 Evita

    Thank you for the recap! I totally saw the hug coming when Dohan suggested to give “comfort” in a different way and it was as sweet as I had hoped it would be. I love this drama.

  13. 13 Chloe

    pancreatic cyst? in a child? wow all sorts of rare conditions happen here. like that pyriform sinus fistula 😀

    anyway, i really love how Shi-on’s deflated, stooped posture is just the right height to envelop Yoon-seo into a nice teddy bear hug there. another thing i adore is Dr Pomade’s change. he’s so sexy when he was in his element doing surgeries in that last episode and with that nice un-pomaded hair. love how he’s a softie on the inside in this episode!

  14. 14 Kamil

    A great episode indeed.. and awesome recap! Loved how the story is making the audience see the progress and growth of SO in all aspect. I super like the juice scene with the supervisor surgeon and the uber cute little girl~~ hihihi 😀

    I have been wondering what is the title of the song which was played on the background where Cha Yeon Seo threw the rose that Si On gave her. I’ve been searching for it for quite a while now. A little help from y’all would be very appreciated.

    Thank you~
    Kamsahamnida~ ^^

    • 14.1 jwcutie

      this is the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0MaFLxmzDs

      • 14.1.1 Kamil

        Oh thank you so much for the reply. I really love this song but this is not the one that Im looking for.

        The ones Im searching was sung by a girl and has several english lyrics like ‘to my friend, to my love … trust me”. It is accompanied mostly by a guitar at the beginning.
        This song is really stuck in my head.. hahaha

        Still hoping someone can finally point me to the right direction, hahaha

        Again thank you jwcutie for replying 😀

        • jwcutie

          oopps. sorry about that. i got confused. haha.

        • kumi

          That OST hasn’t been out yet.

    • 14.2 Chloe

      a lil out of topic but still about music – i love the music that plays when an embarrassing situation is going on. it came on when Shi-On brought the rose to Yeon seo, and again when Dr Pomade woke up at Shi-On’s place.

  15. 15 Sajen

    I know most people want Yoon-seo and Shi-on to just have a brother and sister relationship but I want a romantic relationship between them. There’s few enough people with mental “disabilities” such as high functioning autism in the media anywhere but of those few none that I can remember have ever been portrayed as having the ability to have a romantic relationship. The truth is that they can though and to see that acknowledged somewhere would just make me happy.

  16. 16 july

    thank you very much for recap, gummy. another good episode today 🙂

    • 16.1 july

      Btw I like si-on’s clothes when hug scene. I think it’s the first time si-on wear this because I always see him wear blue shirt 🙂

  17. 17 seersucker

    To me SO’s change has never seemed out of the blue or unbelievable. We knew the most change would come about when he had to face his childhood fears and trauma. I saw a marked difference in his actions and maturity level after Pops dropped by and then after mom revealed herself. This show has never been subtle, but it works.

    I can kind of see a romance working between YS and SO later down the road. I’m thinking last episode, after more change in SO, is when she realizes she loves him romantically, because we really do need all the remaining episodes for such a shift.

    I really like the Assistant Director’s character (or more, what the actor has done with him)–he is mild one moment then a shark the next. I wish they’d give him more to do than sit around talking to people about business. And I wished they’d revealed earlier the issue with his son and added the depth that brings to his character.

    Anyone else want to see a new drama where Dr. Pomade and Si On are roomates? Yes, please!

    • 17.1 kumi

      I want to see a comedy with Doctor Pomade and Shi-on!

      • 17.1.1 houstontwin

        Me too! I loved it when Dr. P gave Shi-on money like a sweet big bro.

        • Ora

          Oh my goodness yes, that part made me smile 🙂

  18. 18 houstontwin

    Kdrama’s are very big on redemption or forgiveness. But, in the case of Si On’s dad, there is no reason for Si On to be the one to seek reconciliation. That is up to Dad, who clearly is completely unrepentant. Dad should be asking for forgiveness, over and over again.

    If I were Si On’s psychiatrist (he definitely should be referred to one!), I would recommend avoiding contact with his abuser and appreciating his wonderful surrogate Dad – Dr. Choi.

    • 18.1 Julia BB

      I agree.

  19. 19 Appelsin

    It’s so satisfying to see how Shi On improves day by day…I know they speed up the process, but I guess there is no other way to do so it can fit in 16 episodes.

    I’m enjoying this drama a lot, never get tired or Joo Won, but I miss some romance, haha!!

    • 19.1 viluven

      wish it will be soon enough we’ll see a lil romance right? may be a lil kiss on forehead?

  20. 20 Noelle

    I love that Doc Pomade is getting the hoobae he always wanted in Shi-on. I have a feeling he will be another father figure for him. That little girl with the juice is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen ever. She’s adorable. I wonder if she’s a daughter of a cast or crew member?

    The hug was the best thing I’ve ever seen. I literally yelled OMG! and had this gigantic smile on my face. It was this huge step on his part. I just hope she doesn’t push him away and takes the comfort as it’s meant. I don’t know if anything more will come of their relationship. I am fine if they remain friends and he moves on.

    Also I am totally not getting why Creepy Chairman is responsible for the death of CK’s father. Are they saying he kept him so busy with trying to save the hospital he neglected his health which caused the cancer to reach such a dangerous stage? That he otherwise would of noticed something and done something sooner if he wasn’t so busy with business? Is this what they are saying cause it all sounds like bull to me.

    • 20.1 goldeng

      I shamelessly skip that hospital politics part so when Do Han said “he’s responsible”, I thought Creepy ahjussi hired a hitman or something! lol and when I went back to rewatch the part, they dont explain what he did to “kill” the father so I hope they elaborate on how exactly he’s at fault…

  21. 21 anna

    For some reason, I feel like this drama has been going on FOREVER. I’m surprise to see that it’s only at episode 14.

  22. 22 Emma R. De Jesus

    Working as a member of the hospital’s health team, I’m beginning to love this drama, specially the character of Juwon as a savant autistic doctor. Working in the hospital for almost 27 years, I never imagined that there could be so many exciting, thrilling life or death situations. Though I know this is just make believe, I wonder of this could happen for real. More power to you Dramabeans for each recap. I’m a Radiology Technologist by the way.

  23. 23 Ora

    I really like Dr. Pomade’s redemption arc. Usually I don’t care to see jerk characters redeemed, but I’m buying his transformation and it’s heartwarming.

    Also, I love the way this drama deals with that awkwardness of trying to stay friends with someone who likes you. Other shows I’ve watched don’t do justice to the melancholy of mourning the relationship that’s lost when one party develops romantic feelings.

    • 23.1 seersucker

      Agreed on Pomade. All it took was for Shi On to mention he must be a good doctor because of his hands, and he’s slowly realized he wants to be a doctor like Do Han, and wants the others to respect him like Shi On does.

  24. 24 chona

    i saw the last two epis & i feel for shi on for having such worst parents, how cld a mother leave or abandon her autistic son when he was a little boy? it’s beyond my comprehension really! also i feel for si on when dr cha told him she loves him a lot but only as a younger brod or sibling! so sad!
    on another note, if all doctors in the universe would at least show or demonstrate what these doctors here on this drama would be like, the world will be a better place! i was trying to say that these doctors are so into their patients’ well being and not only because they have health insurance like their counterparts in other parts of the world! amazing kudos to them i’m inclined to believe that SK got good doctors & hospitals at best! luv this drama & the cast!

    • 24.1 Perrie

      I think it sucks she left him, but I can understand why. She was probably really frustrated with having a husband that abused her and a autistic child. It’s plausible to me.

  25. 25 JJ

    one cute scene wld be the lil girl who handed dr pomade mango juice only to retrieve it coz she just wanted him to open the can that girl is super cute! i also luv that scene where he gave shi on money like a dad giving his son an allowance! i’m admiring dr pomade in this episode! JW is surely da best actor this year, amazing how he does his role with excellence!

  26. 26 Julia BB

    I am watching Ataru, which has a savant helping solve police cases. The behavior of that savant vs Good Doctor’s savant is interesting to contrast and compare. Both seem motivated to change for the love of a woman.

  27. 27 Perrie

    I feel like this episode hits all the right spots, but then I always feel that way. I love this show so much!
    I’m so glad, Cha Yoon Seo handled the crush thing the way she did. It was perfect. I’m kinda glad she rejected him in that way (and yeah, maybe part of it has to do with the fact I’m shipping her with Do Han…sorry Si-onaaaa!). She was honest and she didn’t hold back because she felt sorry for him.

    That said, I wish they’d stop being so awkward…even if it means they have to be in a relationship that I don’t really really believe in, haha! I want the happy relationship back!

  28. 28 Pearl~ai88

    My first ever dramabeans post! Yay!
    I think the episodes this week were the best so far. My heart was racing at the end of both of them! Some of the other episodes have been more slow paced and contemplative, which isn’t bad, just not engrossing in the way these episodes are. I agree that Shion-ah has grown really fast, perhaps too fast to be really believable. But I like the way his relationship with YoonSeo is going and I find her reaction to him to be really realistic. Even though I actually ship YoonSeo/DoHan more, I’m willing to go with it. Good Doctor Fighting! Continue to be heart-tuggingly cute! <3

  29. 29 goldeng

    Do han complimenting Si On made my day! writers, please develop this bromance ASAP!!! Drink baby girl made me ROFL for like 15 mins.!! she’s just adorable :3 hope we can see her “handing drinks” to more people xD! most of the time it annoys me how dramas transform antagonist in good people in like 2 episodes but i’m actually liking Dr. Pomade’s transformation… he got the respect he wanted from someone he didnt expect! I wish Dr. Pomade gets a hint about Si on’s dad cuz with his personality, I know he’ll do something about it.

    I might be heartless but you have NO IDEA how pleased I was when SI On told his mother off… Its true Si On needs to move forward,heal his emotional scars and overcome any hard feelings but this “you have to forgive them no matter what they do because theyre your parents” it’s getting old and it’s sending the wrong message. I know it’s dramaland but there’s people out there that doesnt really deserve forgiveness :S

  30. 30 vernovela

    does any one knoe the name and singer of the last song in the final scene of this episide? where to find it? thanks.

    • 30.1 july

      It’s Kim Jong-kook – “Don’t You Know?” (모르나요). Gummy has put link for download song before recap

  31. 31 didi

    All I could say for now is that Shi-on has horrible parents. The sadness that he felt cannot be removed and will be with him for eternity. Even after he reconcile with his parent, he will always remember that they were a big part of his sadness as he was growing up.
    I think to be a parent, you should always shower your kid with love and show them their wrongdoings. Always being there for them is a hard task, but that is the kind of thing that the kid will always remember.

  32. 32 elvira

    Oh… Shi-on seems to have more troubles than anyone else in the drama yet he still keeps moving on. Hwaiting, Shi-on!!!
    Joo won playing a very good character here since Gaksital. Love him in both drama!

  33. 33 chunlee

    Yay…thanks for the recap…

  34. 34 Mei

    yes, I love the scene where the little cute girl pulled Dr Pomade’s overall and handed him the drink when he was mad at the vending machine for not dispensing his choice. I thought she was thoughtful to offer him the drink then only to realise, like Dr Pomade, that she wanted him to open the can for her… ha ha ha… so funny. This scene was so cute and funny just looking at his expression…. ha ha ha

  35. 35 owl

    What I liked about this episode is the switch in vulnerability between YS and SO. You could feel the sincerity in the comforting hug that SO gave YS at the end – SO worked through his feelings in a way that brought out the adult in him. YS realized that SO could do something like that. When she was on the rooftop with the Professor she commented that SO no longer needed her. I think this is a turning point where she will see SO in a different light and see her feelings for him in a new way.

    • 35.1 Ace


      What I loved that it was a complete reversal.

      But more than that I love the reality of it.

      “I can’t do anything more than say Thank You”
      “You don’t have to do anything…I just wanted to comfort you sincerely”

      To be completely transparent, bare, vulnerable and loving unconditionally like that…
      Its a wonder how her heart WON’T be swayed.

      I mean I believe they’re going to play the development card nicely but i mean COME ON. To be loved like that?
      Inhye was right. Sincerity can go a long way.

      ::My heart completely Swayed::

  36. 36 Stuart

    I’ve been ranting about this episode at length in the soompi forums, so I will just say that I thought it was the worst yet, crudely chauvinistic and I hope it gets better soon.

  37. 37 Ace

    Was I the only one who saw the shift in Shi-On’s mannerisms during that last convo?

    I mean yes the hug was a big step in showing and initiating affection (like it was previously said compared to the first couple of Epis) but what I really love is the nuances during that convo.

    He kept eye contact (as best as he could. He was being still)
    And his tone of voice was different. I mean he still had the same intonation (ex: how YS would always imitate him when he says “we have to do the surgery quick quick!”) but the flow of his voice was what made the difference.

    I watched the scene like twice (OKAY three times because that hug was epic) but I knew something was different.
    He gives off a different feel. Its subtle, but its still a change.

    I commend JW for such an awesome portrayal. I will admit its the subtle changes that make this drama worth it. Its not just the big life altering change, but its in the subtle shifts. Especially in this ep with the shifts of relationships;
    Bromance galor, friends to awkwardness, jerk to concerned semi-jerk (cheers to you Doc P lol)
    Yup. This drama knows what to put in your face and what to build to subtly so that when we have the payoff its all the more Felt. T^T


    • 37.1 Ace


      Also the fact that the jerky intern (ilkyu right? oh well)
      Helped Si On during the surgery was a subtly (but BIG) step I thought.

      Hopefully thats not something the writers are going to NOT develop. That would be disappointing. ::sigh::

      Okay. Calm fangirl in the room…. can’t say sane though ;P

      • 37.1.1 Chloe

        omg now that you mention it, my heart was in my mouth because i was afraid he was going to do a botched job on purpose when helping Shi-on! thankfully that scene passed very quickly and i was happy it was indeed, a subtle but big step as you said 🙂

  38. 38 scarlett

    em wondering how a kiss scene will develop? would there be someone who will teach shi on the way of showing affection through kissing and he would do it literally? em imagining something hilarious in my mind 🙂

  39. 39 Laica

    Thanks for the recaps!

    I really enjoyed this week’s episodes, even though I’m torn about the father’s reappearance and the point the show seems to be making about redemption and forgiveness.

    My heart really broke for Shi-on. Within a few days he’s had to face being rejected by his first love, the traumatic reappearance of his abusive father, the seeming disappearance of his amazing medical talents, which were the only reason most people acknowledged him, and now meeting his mom and remembering her abandonment of him. That scene of him sitting in the dark with very little expression on his face and the single tear rolling down his face totally gutted me. Joo-won is doing an amazing job with this character – he’s always been very talented but he’s learned the subtlety that he didn’t show in Gaksital.

    I love how Shi-on is developing and how his relationships with those around him are changing in response to that. Especially the conversation he and Dr Cha had in the previous episode was so perfect. And in this episode she’s seeing him more as an adult instead of a little brother she needs to take care of. Let’s see where they can go from here. I loved Shi-on’s realization – prodded by Do-han – of what it really means to comfort someone. I can see the potential now for romance between him and YS now.

    Also, Dr Pomade and Shi-on is my new favourite bromance! So funny and cute.

  40. 40 eilliw18

    there was an episode where they said SO has come a long way, and YS said that he was finally going back to his usual self, if you go back to the first episode and watch SO demeanor while and during surgery, its kind of a glimps that he is actually normal.

  41. 41 Harobed

    Am soooo loving this drama. Ope drez some sorta rehab 4 kdrama addictz coz am sooo addicted. Tkz 4 d recap, cnt wait till nxt week. 4rm nigeria.

  42. 42 PeterOZ

    I agree with gummimochi with limited episodes in Kdrama series, writers are forced to rush the progression of the storyline, often character development suffers. Which often makes it even more unrealistic but that’s kdrama.

    I hope a western version will be made of Good doctor, as I wonder how would they tackle the characters. As well its better suited to the flavor of western style tv series, as they often go from 2 to even 10 seasons, giving much needed breathe for believable character development, so here hoping someone does Good Doctor in Hollywood.

    as for the hug, you go Shi On woohoo, I do love hugs.

  43. 43 nora

    prof kim is the pillar of strength for both dr park and dr cha..awesome

  44. 44 lemonade candy


    Sorry, I miss badass JooWon so much. [Not that his doctorly self and dorky maknae in 1N2D are less satisfying]

  45. 45 alain

    one of the best episode of Good Doctor,so heartful teelings when you really in LOVE..no matter what it takes you will do for the one you really LOVE..it reminds me now my girlfriend,im missin her that much,all i can say is i LOVE her so much and hopefully i could hug her now..missin that every minute of my life…ill be waiting on the next episode..hats off to the one who’s writing this kind of story..so heartful.

  46. 46 K. Binodini

    Good doctor is awesome. The more the story progresses, the more i’m enjoying it. There is no match for GOOD DOCTOR (no doubt about it).Joo won and Moon chae won are at their best.

  47. 47 cayl

    let Do Han and and dr.choi end up together romantically. . .. . if she ends up with the autism doctor it will be kind of lame

  48. 48 Plaeng

    could you please help me if you can tell what the song is in many scenes such ep11 (2/2daily motion) at mins19
    girl sung in many english word ” don’t stop….to my friend my love trust me, la la la la la la la ”


  49. 49 Alice

    Hi Plaeng, the song’s title is ”Dacapo”. Btw, I’ve been looking for it for a long time! Ahah, finally I found it. ^^
    Here’s the link, http://rockdizfile.com/gkzgu94d2d19
    Hope it’s help! 😀

  50. 50 Phoenix

    The little girl that got Doctor Pomade the drink, what’s her name in real life? she look so cute =)

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