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You From Another Star: Episode 15
by | February 6, 2014 | 354 Comments

I love when the shoe is on the other foot, and in this case it means it’s Min-joon’s turn to stew in jealousy and pettiness. It isn’t that I can’t understand his reasons for keeping his distance, but given that he’s trapped by his need to be noble for his love’s sake, I can’t deny that it’s gratifying to see him squirm a little in its wake, pinned by his own actions into walking the talk. Even if all that talk is a big fat noble lie.

Ratings held steady with 25.9% for this episode. Next week may or may not experience a shift due to the Sochi Olympics, though the drama will not be pre-empted. (It’ll air a little earlier than its usual timeslot, but we’ll get episodes.)


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Song-yi’s father stays by her bedside all night, and she wakes to find him clasping her hand. He looks at her with unsure eyes as she registers the fact that he’s here, finally. She asks tearfully, “Why did you only come now? I grew up all alone—why did you come so late?” Both cry freely as they embrace for the first time in years.

A little while later, the mood is freer as they toast with fried chicken and beer (though Dad doesn’t let her drink). She asks if he missed her all these years, and he says that it was lucky for him that she became so famous, so he could see her everywhere. Song-yi, on the other hand, didn’t have that luxury—she didn’t even know if he was alive or dead. Even when her former manager struggled through his father’s long illness, she was envious: “No matter what kind of father he was, I would rather have him by my side.”

She says that she regretted her angry words the last time they’d seen each other, almost as soon as she’d said them. She’d come home after her accident that night wanting to tell Dad all about it, only to find that he’d packed and left. She holds no grudges, though, thanking him for being here when she woke up.

Mom arrives at the door just as Song-yi asks if Dad ever married again or had kids, and smiles to hear him answer in the negative. He asks Song-yi if she has a boyfriend, and after a brief pause she says no, and that she hasn’t met anybody as good as her father. He chides her, saying that he shouldn’t be her barometer for good guys, and she concedes, “Well, there was one man who was similar to you. Someone who made me feel uneasy that he might disappear.” Those words bring a stricken look to his face.

She describes her affection as one-sided, but her father assures her that he’s sure the man loved her back. Song-yi muses, “I’ve learned that it’s not an easy thing for the person I love to love me back. That’s a miracle.” As if to underscore that point, we see Se-mi in tears in Hwi-kyung’s hospital room, distraught over his condition.

Min-joon sits down to write a new entry in his journal, now with only one month left in his remaining time on Earth.

In the interrogation room, a frustrated Detective Park runs into the door repeatedly, trying to figure out how Min-joon could leave the room on one side but not appear on the other. Is there a secret portal? Magic? He literally bangs his head over and over, which makes it a lucky thing that he’s not the brains of the operation.

But Min-joon walks in of his own will, here to complete his confession. “However, it will be a completely different story,” he says. “You probably won’t even believe it.” But he has decided that in order to get them to believe the rest of his claims, he has to first explain himself.

After relocating to a camera-less area, Min-joon begins by confirming that he was on that cruise. Asked about being caught on a security camera in a separate building, Min-joon admits that he can transport himself at will, which makes the detective burst out laughing. Seok, on the other hand, listens seriously.

Min-joon recounts the incrimination conversation he heard on the cruise, which didn’t make sense until after Yura died. He names Jae-kyung as the culprit and hands over a piece of evidence: a USB drive. It’s not the same one that Yura kept, which got stolen from him, but fresh footage that proves that Yura was dating Jae-kyung. If they believe him, Min-joon offers to do what he can to help their investigation in the coming month.

Afterward, both investigators sit shell-shocked, trying to make sense of what they heard. The cop sighs, “Even as my head tells me it’s not true, my heart already believes him.”

Bok-ja visits Song-yi in the hospital and guesses that Song-yi is hoping for someone to visit or call—say, her alien man. Bok-ja points out that it’s not polite to be thinking of another man when Hwi-kyung saved her life and lies unconscious in the aftermath. A guy who rejected her, to boot. Instead, Bok-ja urges her to accept her devoted Hwi-kyung and give up waiting on her goblin man.

Song-yi makes a visit to Hwi-kyung’s room, which his mother immediately vacates with one cutting glare in her direction. Jae-kyung remains in the room and says a few comforting words, though he certainly doesn’t look grateful when she says that Hwi-kyung saved her from potential death.

Song-yi mentions telling the investigator that Jae-kyung dated Yura, asking if that made trouble for him. He dismisses it as a misunderstanding, then asks carefully whether she told anybody else. She answers, “Not other than Hwi-kyung,” which Jae-kyung notes thoughtfully. Ack! Not when he’s unconscious and so close to death already! That would be like taking candy from a baby for Jae-kyung. Or, you know… killing a baby.

As Song-yi leaves the room, an unseen figure snaps photos of her from the hallway.

Se-mi reads the latest headlines, which identify Song-yi’s rescuer as a handsome young chaebol. Min-joon hears the same thing from students at school. Neither receives this news happily.

Song-yi’s mother decides to back out of the management contract with Jae-kyung, offering to return the contract fee in full, only to get a rude awakening to hear that breaching the contract incurs a penalty three times the signing fee.

Min-joon catches the tail end of her conversation as he arrives home with Lawyer Jang, alarmed at the mention of Jae-kyung. Having heard about Min-joon dumping her daughter, Mom turns hostile (“Who the hell are you to reject her?”), which gets Lawyer Jang fired up on his behalf, and he snaps that Min-joon only acted as Song-yi’s manager because she begged him to.

Mom has to have the last word, and fires a parting shot: “We won’t miss you at all! Song-yi’s contracted with S&C Group, and she’s going to get engaged to Hwi-kyung too!”

Lawyer Jang worries that Min-joon’s upset at his interference, only to realize that Min-joon is so fixated on his thoughts that he isn’t even paying attention. It’s the engagement comment that’s weighing on his mind, and Min-joon argues that Song-yi doesn’t even like Hwi-kyung, who’s just a friend. “That was before the accident,” Lawyer Jang points out. “He saved her life, so her feelings could change.”

“Did I not save her life?” Min-joon demands. “I saved her lots!”

Lawyer Jang supposes that Song-yi started to like Min-joon after he saved her, so it’s possible her feelings could turn since Hwi-kyung saved her this time. Min-joon cuts him off: “Would you fall for everyone who saved a life?!” Insisting that he’s not angry, no not at all, he storms off in a huff.

Then Min-joon goes online to read the news that Song-yi is now engaged to her chaebol rescuer. He scrolls down to the comments, wondering what to pick for a handle: “Am I supposed to pick a singer I like?” He starts to type in a name, Lee Mi-ja (which made me laugh out loud, since she’s a 72-year-old trot singer your grandparents might like).

Then he deletes that to pick a new name—”Bae Ho jjang.” HAHAHA. (Which is like saying “Rain Rules!” in about forty years.) He types out his message, sounding like a cranky old senior citizen: “You say Chun Song-yi is getting engaged? Hur hur. This sounds to me to be a baseless rumor. In my long life, I see that smoke occasionally appears where there is no fire.” Immediately his comment gets derisive replies, and he huffs at the rudeness of young folk these days.

Then Min-joon logs on to the chat app on his phone and starts writing a message to Song-yi, only to stop himself each time. The messages try to sound casual and instead come off curt, because they’re all dancing around the thing he really wants to say: “I miss you.” He types that out and moves to delete it, but his finger hits send instead—and then he freaks out to see the message actually post. Can’t have her read that!

He bolts for the door, while across town Song-yi hears her phone ding and reaches to take a look. Suddenly time stands still and Min-joon darts forward to intercept her phone… and gets foiled at her pattern unlock code. HA! Too many failed attempts gets him locked out for 30 seconds, so he stands there nervously waiting it out. He reaches toward Song-yi and touches a lock of her hair, just as time restarts. Oh, yes. This is much better.

So Min-joon is caught red-handed hovering over Song-yi’s head holding on to both her hair and her phone, and the first thing he thinks of to say is, “So, do you feel better?” Song-yi demands to know what he’s doing and whether he really can transport himself places, and Min-joon sorta fumbles to answer, “Um, sometimes, when I’m busy or if there’s traffic…”

Then she notices the phone in his hand, which he drops like a hot potato. She asks suspiciously what he was doing with it and orders him out of the room. He reminds her to check her message, waiting for her to enter in that pattern code before freezing time again (ha), so that he can then delete his incriminating message from the account.

While Song-yi puzzles over the lack of messages on her phone, Min-joon loiters to ask about her contract with Jae-kyung. She reminds him to mind his own business, and he bursts out that she wasn’t even going to sign in the first place. Too bad she’s quicker to realize that she never told him that, and asks if he goes around eavesdropping on people’s conversations. Min-joon’s eyes dart back and forth guiltily and he says, “I don’t listen to everything…”

Now Song-yi recalls all the embarrassing things he might have heard her say (like her raging that he never liked her), before a horrifying thought enters her head: “You don’t… maybe… the shower? Or… the bathroom? Are you a pervert?”

Min-joon exclaims that he’s not some kind of weirdo (though the indignation falls a bit flat considering you’re an alien), and he insists that he can’t spend his life listening to everything; he only catches little bits sometimes. He finds himself swearing that he’s not a Peeping Tom, and Song-yi orders him to leave: “Get out, Pervert Alien!”

Hwi-kyung is still unconscious, and every day that goes by that he doesn’t wake up increases the danger to his life. This is a fact Jae-kyung notes with too much interest, and Min-joon happens to see him on his way out of Song-yi’s room. So he pays Jae-kyung a little visit in Hwi-kyung’s room to confront him about all the lives he’s endangered, including his little brother’s.

Jae-kyung just laughs and says that exposing him will expose Min-joon too, and people will fear him as a monster. Min-joon asks why Jae-kyung has gone to such lengths to kill people when he already has so much. Jae-kyung sniffs that the world is full of people who are as expendable as bugs, with only a few who are truly necessary—and when a few of those “bugs” get in his way, it’s best to eliminate them.

“That isn’t evil,” Jae-kyung says. “It’s a good deed that benefits more people.” Yeesh. I wonder if he really believes that. I suppose we should be glad that Jae-kyung classifies Min-joon as a useful person, and makes one last attempt at a deal: Use his powers for Jae-kyung, and Jae-kyung will protect him. Then Song-yi could remain safe as well. Min-joon agrees to think about it, and I really hope that’s just to lull him into a false sense of security.

Min-joon goes home with Song-yi’s mother’s words ringing in his ears about Song-yi marrying Hwi-kyung, and that prompts an unwelcome hallucination—it’s his dream of marital bliss, only starring Song-yi and Hwi-kyung, cavorting in his own bed. I swear, you can almost see him indignantly thinking, That’s MY fantasy! Suddenly enraged, Min-joon grabs the bed linens and flings them madly, dispersing that image.

Then he imagines Hwi-kyung and Song-yi baby-talking to each other like lovesick fools, feeding each other fruit, and enjoying cozy domestic moments together. Aw, poor guy. His delusional fantasies sure are thorough.

Song-yi is discharged from the hospital with warnings not to engage in strenuous activity too soon. She intends to head right back to work, though, saying that she’ll be careful. She explains to her father that she’s realized that life moves quickly, leaving you little time to do all the things you want, and be with the people you want. So she wants to use the rest of her time well.

Song-yi’s mother tries one more time to reject the management deal, but it only takes one fancy van and an eager-to-please staff to win her over. So Mom orders Song-yi to come outside to be escorted to the film set in style—but when Song-yi gets there, it’s Min-joon who comes screeching up in his car. No van, no staff.

Turns out he sent the staff away, having paid the contract breach fees in full and speaking as her attorney. We see him taking care of the matter in a hero moment, full of cool music and forceful charisma—but to Song-yi’s face he glosses it over like it’s nothing.

So he ends up driving her, offering to be her manager. Song-yi snipes at him the whole way to the set, reminding him that she’s keeping her distance and making certain he understands why. And when they arrive Song-yi stops Min-joon from following her in, and asks him not to wait for her either.

Reminding him that he was the one who said she was nothing to him, she asks him to leave. Bound by his own words, he can’t argue. “You said you disliked me,” she says. “Then act like a man who dislikes me.”

Song-yi would rather keep her distance from Se-mi as well, but Se-mi steps forward to intercept her on her way in. She explains how Hwi-kyung had decided not to treat her as a friend anymore, for Se-mi’s own sake, because he didn’t want to make her unhappy the way he’d felt while pining after Song-yi. “Do you understand how I felt, hating you?” she asks.

Then she sighs, saying, “How could you understand? To you, Hwi-kyung is a good friend who’s comfortable to be around. But to me, he was the one person I would give everything up to have.” She admits to feeling jealousy behind her back, “But when I saw Hwi-kyung diving to catch you, I prayed that I would die instead of him.”

She understands that Hwi-kyung feels the same thing for Song-yi, and that’s why she’s come to this point: “I’ll ask a favor of you. Can’t you accept Hwi-kyung?”

Jae-kyung receives a surprise visit from Detective Park, and to avoid a scene he agrees to be questioned. Chairman Dad is furious to hear it, and orders someone to talk to their inside man at the prosecutor’s office. Above all, they must make certain this doesn’t get leaked to the press.

Then, the camera pans over to show us that Hwi-kyung, lying in his hospital bed a few feet away, has woken up. In fact, he’d stirred that first night, only to keep up the coma ruse.

So when Min-joon had materialized out of thin air in his room, Hwi-kyung was awake to see it. Hwi-kyung had clearly not wanted anyone to realize he was awake, so Min-joon had kept that knowledge to himself. And when Min-joon had confronted Jae-kyung about all the people he’d killed, Hwi-kyung had been listening.

Without an entourage, Song-yi waits to film her scene for hours, only to find out that it’ll take several more. She bites back a snippy retort and pretends this is fine with her, heading inside to wait out the rest of the night.

By the time Se-mi is done with her scene, it’s too late to shoot Song-yi’s. The maknae crew member gets distracted and forgets to convey the message, leaving a napping Song-yi behind in the prop room.

Thus she wakes in the middle of the night with nobody around for miles. She heads outside alone, incredulous to find that everyone packed up and left without her. But as she stumbles on a stair, a hand is right there to steady her—Min-joon.

She shakes off his arm and asks why he waited when she told him to leave. Min-joon answers, “I think I’ll have to protect you.”

She scoffs, “What does that mean? I’m not that smart so you’ll have to lay it out concretely, so I can understand why.”

Min-joon searches for a response, and she asks accusingly if he’s a player, or if he enjoys toying with a person’s feelings. She stalks off, then whirls back around to demand, “You said you never once liked me! That you never felt butterflies for me, or worried about me, or pictured a future together! You said I was a stand-in for that girl!”

Still he remains silent, so she adds, “Now I dislike you too. With you acting like this, I dislike you even more. So disappear from my sight—no, from my life. And I hope you can understand how selfish you’re being.”

She turns to leave for good this time. Suddenly, a light flickers on, and another and another, until all the houses in the set village are lit brightly and looking like something out of a fairy tale.

Then Song-yi flies into the air, soaring toward Min-joon and landing just close enough for him to hold her. “What are you doing?” she asks.

“The most selfish thing I can,” he says, and kisses her.


It’s the scene after Song-yi’s surgery, and her father leaves her room before she wakes. He takes the elevator down alongside Min-joon when the car suddenly comes to a halt. Min-joon explains to Dad that Song-yi has longed to see her father and would love to see him when she wakes.

Dad asks if he’s very close to Song-yi, and Min-joon answers, “I like her very much.” Aw, so Dad did know what he was talking about when he assured Song-yi that her love wasn’t one-sided.


Aw, yeah, I love when the noble idiot comes to the breaking point of his nobility and just acts selfish, because that’s what we want them to be anyway. Where’s the gratification in withholding and restraint and reasonable logic when you’re just dying to be together? Even if we (or he) have to suffer through a bout of pneumonia in penance, I think that’s a consequence we’re all willing to live with, no? Although if he were to suddenly discover a building up of immunity, I wouldn’t mind that so much, either. Maybe that could be a new research project he could work on. Kisses in the name of science!

Min-joon is such an even-keeled personality that I love it when he breaks character and acts out—I’m pretty sure that any look of glee on Lawyer Jang’s face is mirrored on my own. And seeing how Song-yi stuck to her resolutions highlighted just how much he enjoyed the effect whenever she broke past his outer shell; he got to huff that he didn’t like her being around all the time while totally loving it deep down. It was hilarious at the time, but now he’s at the point where if he wants that back, he’s got to make some admissions of his own, and it’s so satisfying to see him just admit it. Even though he literally froze time and space to take it back the first time with that errant text message. (Would it have killed ya to let her read the simple “I miss you”?)

I have to admit that this drama has played the Jae-kyung Is Uber-villain card for much longer than I’d anticipated, because I didn’t think that would be our big source of conflict in this final stretch. There exist so many sources of conflict and complication aside from the Dr. Evil angle that I just figured we would have explored other story threads. As much as he IS an entertaining evil (at least he’s fun to watch, carrying out his dastardly deeds in an amusingly over-the-top way), I want to know more about Min-joon’s alien life and the comet that’s coming to fetch him and the mysteries of his place in the cosmos.

The investigators fall into the same category of funny sidekick characters who I don’t mind watching but who are obviously there as plot devices, so I find myself hoping that the Yura investigation wraps with a few episodes left in the series. Because if ever there were a series where I could enjoy a whole episode of dreamy, flirty, hilariously fish-out-of-water-y epilogue, this is the one. No need to play out the obvious murderer angle till the bitter end, is there? Not when there are adorable bickering matches to be had and smooches to be doled out.


354 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ziggystardust

    *grabs random passerby and shakes them* He was awake the whole time!!

    I found this episode to be really well balanced. I went from worrying (especially for HK’s safety around his hyung, ack) to heart twinge-y to cracking up to almost flailing off of my bed because of how cool something was. Jealous Min-joon was the star of this episode, though. I think I might have actually pulled something laughing at the accidental text panic and when time started again and he was just holding a piece of her hair. *wipes tear*

    • 1.1 White_Bat

      I know! What was with pulling on her hair anyways?

      I got so nervous when Song Yi and Jae-Kyung were in the same room together. Sure Hui-Kyung was in there too, but he was “unconscious”. I really don’t believe Hui-Kyung could fake being in a coma for that long, but I’ll go with it. But I know I’m up for all the boys finally on the same page.

      The accidentally sent text was hilarious. I’m still trying to figure out why he was pulling her hair… All I can figure is he was trying to show her that he teleported there.

      So… if Min joon faints from that kiss… it would be funny.

      • 1.1.1 ziggystardust

        I think there was a thread or something in her hair and he just automatically went to remove it? And got caught in the act, obviously. 😛

      • 1.1.2 ilikemangos is flying to Cupidland

        If you replay the scene and look reaaaaally closely, there’s a small piece of lint or something stuck to her hair that he was trying to get out.
        I don’t think min joon really cares anymore about the repercussions that come with swapping saliva :). poor guy couldn’t hold it in anymore or he’ll explode! the pros clearly outweigh the cons here. Kissing > Fever
        I really gotta give a big clap to hwi-kyung who faked his coma and managed to get valuable information from jaekyung himself. and park hae jin nailed that scene, fear, disbelief, and hurt filled his eyes.

        • Kris

          I totally agree with you. Park Hae Jin is an awesome actor (I mean, look how much emotion he can evoke with just his eyes!) but his acting sometimes takes a backseat to his prettiness. The man IS beautiful!

          And yay for some true actions b/w our OTP! I’m so glad they ended this episode on that high note, since I couldn’t take another week of angst.

          • Emmy

            I never thought Park Hae-jin was attractive at the start of the series because his character is so goofy and dorky, but I saw some stills released by his agency and he is gorgeous.

            Beautiful eyes and really well-defined features. Really good actor as well. I am keeping an eye on him from now on!

            Love how Hwi-kyung is faking his coma to gather information about his hyung!

          • Rushie

            SBS has been good to me over the past few months. I’ve discovered a couple good actors and actresses over the course of their dramas. Kim Yuri in MS, Kang Ha-neul in Heirs and Park Hae-jin in YFAS. I am enthralled ever time Park Hae-jin smiles that full smile, he has really good dentition.

          • Rushie

            Yep, Death Hyung is really pretty. Especially his eyes. There’s just something about them.

      • 1.1.3 Lindsy

        Love the episode, and there was lint in her hair that he was removing when he got caught.

        • trerenee

          Glad to know it was lint. I was asking myself if he say a white hair. LOL.

      • 1.1.4 v

        dude, if MJ faints that is a reverse role…..lols

        • Steph

          Can we have that please? MJ can faint and then SY can drag him to bed and give in to all of her feelings. 😉

          Also, in real life that AD (the one who forgot to tell Song Yi the day’s shooting was done) would be so fired. It doesn’t matter how minor SY’s role is, that’s a huge liability issue right there. It’s the AD’S job to make sure everything’s in order on the set. Plus how do the costume people not wrap up at the end of the day? I mean, SY is wearing a costume, and at the end of the day costumes are always cleaned/refreshed and put back in place. That alone should have woken SY up.

          I call BS on that plot point. But then again it did give us that hot kiss at the end. So I guess I can’t complain.

          • Ivoire

            I was not impressed by that plot point either. I know it served a purpose, however, I agreee with you, in RL, hopefully, that would not fly.

            The other thing I didn’t get was, why was MJ so late? He said he would wait around. So, shouldn’t he have started to look for SY the minute the crew and staff were leaving? What happened to “I want to (always) protect you. I have to know where you are, especially since you got almost killed” kind of reasoning? Did MJ leave after he dropped her off? Who was going to take her back then? That didn’t make sense to me. Again that whole scene was just a plot point, as you said.

          • kathy


            With his power, MJ knew where Song Yi was so there’s no reason to look for her. He just let Song Yi sleep and rest for a while and I’m sure he’s there outside waiting for her to come out. That’s why when Song Yi came out and slipped, he’s there at once to help her.

          • v

            realize this, MJ is about waiting for moments, and SY is about spontaneity. That’s how they complete each other, MJ grounded them while SY move them forward. Too much of either character won’t last long.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Kathy (and v),
            I appreciated your responses, which made me have some responses of my own. I will have a busy day today, however I am planning on responding at some point, today or tomorrow. I just wanted to let you guys know, in case you might be interested in reading what I have to say 🙂

      • 1.1.5 jaglaine

        He was trying to pick a piece of thread off her hair. Had to watch it again coz I knew there had to be a reason for it.

      • 1.1.6 KDaddict

        I’m worried about the ‘side effects’ of that kiss! MJ’ll be sick and JK will gain the upper hand? Oh no! Hate it when the villain is on a winning streak.

        JK offed his brother early on; his wife found out; so he had to lock her up. (But why didn’t he off her as well?) Then Hana found out, n had to be offed too. CSY overheard him n Hana talking, and was next on his list. CSY told MJ, so MJ became a target. Now JK found out that CSY told HK, so HK must be next. That’s the problem w murder–usually sb finds out and you’ve to silence them too!

        CSY is too trusting to chat w JK n reveal so much so casually, after having witnessed his exchange w Hana who turned up dead. Didn’t she see part of the vid too?

        It takes imagining CSY being happily married to HK to spring MJ into action. For sb who has lived 400 years, he’s not quick on the uptake, when it comes to feelings, is he? 😉

        I got goosebumps when MJ tells the cops he can teleport, n therefore his real identity. What’s to be done then? So many ppl know. He either has to leave or to die, right? If this has a sad ending, I’m going to get very mad, esp. after PM&I fizzled out like that! No more bad endings, please.

        • anniejang

          Me too. If you’ve been to movie theaters, you know that when there’s a happy ending, people are leaving the theater talking and laughing, but if there’s a sad or bad ending, everyone’s walking out quiet and subdued-depressed. And in the case of dramas, it’s even worse because so many more hours by the viewer are invested in the story and the romance.
          On another note, I just re-watched the last part of 15, and realized that when Dad told Song Yi that her love loved her, he already knew it because Min Joon had already told him. Wow-you have to get the sequence of events right here, or you will miss a lot. Really, I feel that the back and forth way they’re doing this makes it more interesting, whereas at first I just thought it made it too choppy.

          • Anduril

            Yes, it is a way to make plot twists without jerking around the story or sending it into nonsense-land. I am enjoying it too.

        • 헤군

          I get why CSY is so comfortable with LJK. They literally grow up together and CSY is really dumb. Even after watching that video, she can’t probably figure things out. Even that goofy LHK is smarter than that girl. Which is why she doesn’t realise DMJ loves her and Semi hates her before this.

          • v

            Well you know for someone who doesn’t feel much rejection in life SY was lulled into securities of her own life. She also used to always think about the social media that I think she loses grip on reality around her.

        • v

          well with MJ he was quick in action remember when he was younger, but after always being chased around because the goodness that he did, he becomes hesitate also with people. MJ have trust issues, that’s why he keep Lawyer Jang really close cuz he is the only one he had for 30 something years.—-bromaaannceee

      • 1.1.7 ranimah

        actually he wants to remove something from her hair

    • 1.2 Quinze

      I think you basically just spoke for me. I was basically cackling at Do min Joon this episode. Serves the butthead right for being a noble idiot for so long. Definitely my fave thing this whole episode.
      I’m so happy to see Hwi Kyung awake too! I had a feeling he was but I thought maybe he’d have woken during the DMJ/JK confrontation. I like him connecting dots!
      And I’m back to sort of feeling sorry for Se Mi or at least understanding where she’s coming from to an extent.

    • 1.3 nomad

      I LOVE IT! NO AMNESIA PLOT!! That alone is a reason big enough to rejoice for!!

      • 1.3.1 Yue

        OMG! I was thinking the same thing when it ended with the accident — PLEASE NO AMNESIA PLOT! I think we have enough of those in dramaland that we can survive one drama without it.

    • 1.4 wits

      I love this episode! I love it, I love it, I lovvveeee eeettttt!!!! Totally daebak.

      When DMJ realized in horror that he inadvertently sent that text! And then stopping time to erase it, and being caught touching her hair!!! har har har!

      His jealous fits were also priceless.

      That last scene where he sent her back to him flying… ahhhh nice touch Min Joon ssi, nice touch indeed. But of course, the kiss was definitely nicer.

      Can’t wait for next week!!! waahhhh…. what will I do in the meantime?? ok… what episode shall I start replaying….???

      • 1.4.1 Crazynoona

        This one?

      • 1.4.2 Pearl~ai88

        Indeed, there’s quite the old-fashioned romantic hiding deep down in Mr. alien’s soul, judging by the last scene!

    • 1.5 Seanshine

      …and back by popular demand! Our adorable OTP loving it up like there’s no tomorrow. Go MJ! Go!

      OMG! I died with the ending. Thank you drama gods..thank you!

    • 1.6 deestar

      cant wait for the next episode!!

    • 1.7 ct

      The drama seem to get more exciting…i really hope it would be happy ending. Let them marry ..and CSY have baby with DMJ…at least once DMJ left….CSY have something that connect with him….hahaha my wild imagination…little DMJ ….how cutee!!!!!!

  2. Yue

    Snag! Prolly not firsr post ahhaha…

    • 2.1 Yue

      Whew, okay, read everything and watched the show twice and now I have to deal with the fact I have to wait another 6 days before the new episode is even out. It’s probably a good thing that they are not pre-empting the episode or they would have a really angry loon on their heels. I just cannot take another one episode per week. That was killing me in so many ways. Now that I’ve finished ranting — the episode was just amazing! I cannot emphasize how much I love it. I can’t say it’s my favourite to-date either, well, that’s probably because episode 12 was (dream sequence anyone?), but, it was a strong episode.

      I love Song Yi in this episode. I really do, she basically, obviously, still very much in love with Min Joon, but, she didn’t just go all goo when he comes to her rescue again. I don’t think it’s pride talking, but, she genuinely loved him and when he say he didn’t, she is trying to move on. I like that part about Song Yi, instead of being obsessive, she allowed herself to mourn and try to move on and she did so with dignity – I can’t help but to respect that point about her.

      As for Min Joon, damn, how I love that he is finally shown to be jealous. Ain’t fun when it’s you, right? Well, I love him — but, I swear, sometimes I do want to pull his hair out. I get it — you’re leaving in 3 months – so? Just tell the girl you love her, give the three months and then say goodbye — preferably her knowing who you are, where’ you’re going and that you’ll always love her and then tell her she should move on — Though not ideal, I think I will be on that boat, three months is better than nothing and though hearts will break, memories will remain. That aside, can’t alien boy build some immunity towards you know — bodily fluid? He should, Or — He could just keep kissing Song Yi in the name of science, you know heheh… Not that any of us are complaining.

      As for Lawyer Jang and Mom… OMG! He really did sound like Min Joon’s dad in that period of time. I laughed my ass off coz he was so defensive going all; “OUR MIN JOON GRADUATED FROM HARVARD!” I think I cracked a rib or two during that scene. I wonder what marriage talk of their children would be with these two – it would have been plenty hilarious. I can imagine Min Joon stiffly; “Aboeji” and Song Yi trying to calm her mom down and not yelling in the process.

      And Hwi Kyung, God, I wish that evil brother won’t try to do him in. I like that he figured out who his brother was. I think, right now, he’s probably plenty conflicted. He probably figured out Min Joon just wanted to protect Song Yi and confirmed that Min Joon does feel something towards Song Yi. I dunno which one is the harder pill to swallow for Hwi Kyung – He has Superman as a competitor for Song Yi’s heart or — the possibility of being killed by his own brother. Both pretty much tragic in a sense. I think Hwi Kyung knew now that his brother is a monster, but, still figuring out Min Joon. Either way, I do like the fact that he was smart enough not to show he was awake.

      There was of course the Dad — God, I love that reunion. And I love the fact Song Yi accepted him just like that even when he couldn’t forgive himself. I also like the fact that Min Joon basically admitted he loved Song Yi in front of her father — THAT took some gut! I can respect that. Most of all, I love that the family is recovering. That, in whole, I love very much.

      But no, I don’t think the Prosecutor or the…

      • 2.1.1 Bella57

        He only has one month left. Didn’t I read that DMJ learned to write right handed for the show? I was thinking of that when he wrote last month on earth
        Loved the episode almost as much as 14,

        • Yue

          Yea, I meant from the get-go LOL… I probably should have clarified that bit.

        • crrabb

          And we are left with almost 1 month of the drama too.. haha.. Yup, I read somewhere that KSH learn to use his right hand to write in this show. Is that his actual handwriting using right hand? If yes then it is very well done!

      • 2.1.2 Áhel Ani

        The elevator scene with I interpreted as meaning that DMJ not accidentally took the elevator with the father. Not inadvertently stopped the elevator! DMJ so he could to start a conversation with the fatherand as a real old-fashioned Mr. to say the father that really likes his daughter !!! 😀

    • 2.2 Yue

      — Didn’t know I exceeded 3500 words… So, continued hahah…

      But no, I don’t think the Prosecutor or the Detective are basically a plot to get the drama going – I actually like them. I’d like to think that the writer is showing how Min Joon is being accepted and that no matter how much Jae Kyung called him a monster – there are more than two people in the world that would not. Min Joon had always wanted to connect and there was it, the connection he had been waiting for 400 years. And I also think part of the whole evil-brother scene is interesting. Hwi Kyung had always been the baby – the carefree child, I think this is how the writer wanted for him to grow up. Heartbreak is one thing, but, no one can hurt you like your family. So, I hope Hwi Kyung will approach this with open eyes. I fear for his life, but — He can always just scream for Min Joon hahah…

      Anyway, what do you think will happen after the kiss? The couple talking and giggling in bed or… Min Joon gets the knee? It’s Cheon Song Yi we’re talking about here… Everything is unpredictable, so… I am curious heheh

      • 2.2.1 Seanshine


        I think she’ll shrug him off and be all.. “Why?” I definitely won’t like that. I’d love to see them at Min Joon’s happily in each other’s arms, fingers intertwined. Just both of them happy and loving.

        How much you wanna bet MJ doesn’t get sick this round? Miraculously he builds up his immunity to human bodily fluids. I would die a second time if the next episode shows them in bed together! Lord help me! But I know this is PG 13 so we won’t be seeing anything close to that. Lol

        “Did I not save her life?” Min-joon demands. “I saved her lots!”

        This was my favorite line of this entire drama so far. Our hero is so petty.

        Love this drama 2 death! Thanks so much DramaBeans for all your hard work! (^_−)−☆

        • Yue

          Hahah! Yes, that line killed me. I find DMJ hilarious because of that line alone.

          About the kiss, I am really curious now and it’s a pain in the butt to actually wait 6 days… My heart can’t even take it.

          I honestly vote for them to talk and be all – I’m laying this out in the open. I wish DMJ would give CSY the choice to stick with him for the month instead of just pushing her away.

          There’s a good chance she’d scream; “BYUNTAE!” and kick his shins too 😛

        • Crazynoona

          somehow they need to make that scene even if its still a PG-13 kind of bed scene since our alien has been restraining himself for the last 400yrs and that’s just not healthy. Just look at his vivid imagination, both his own or picturing SY & HK lol

          • Yue

            That’s true. I mean, that is one hell of a vivid imagination hahah… DMJ needs some action. It’s not like they have to basically show them doing the deed, the implied like they did on Queen In-Hyeon’s Man would have been enough to get everyone went crazy!

      • 2.2.2 EllaKay

        I personally really like Prosecutor Yoo — he’s actually my favourite character after DMJ. It’s nice that he’s characterised as having good sense rather than taking a more typical “not gonna believe the weird story” approach.

        • Ivoire

          I also really like Pros. Yoo. I have liked him since he appeared. He is the reason why this murder and JK real personality will be uncovered, because he was stubborn about doing due diligence to YR’s “suicide.” And he is really cute to boot. I also love the color of his hair. I love how serious he looks, and how seriously he took MJ, during MJ’s confession. Also, how he intuitively knew MJ was not telling the truth in ep.14, and was trying to protect someone. He is really smart, and he tries to read between the lines, which is also great.
          Such a great pairing with Det. Park. They are awesome, even though they are an odd couple. OK, I am going to stop raving now. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who likes Pros. Yoo and thinks well of him 🙂

          • dramarama

            Prosecutor Yoo is indeed cute, making an impression from the first we saw him. My wild imagination conjured up this irrelevant plot line of if Semi had been wily enough to introduce her hottie brother to SY, make sure SY gets totally swept off her feet by him, thus HK is out of the picture, gives up on SY and SM can have him on the rebound!

          • Anduril

            Me too! In the beginning, that was the ending I was looking forward to.

      • 2.2.3 ranimah

        This is my opinion, what the writer is trying to tell us with all the odd feelings Min Joon faced lately like failure of his power, his body resistance to cold, his feeling towards Song Yi and his temperament are his way of getting used to become human as his fate and destiny lays with Song Yi. He will continue living on earth and marry Song Yi and they will form their own family together. He was ill after his kiss with Song Yi is not because of exchanged of body fluids but because of his heart beats reached 300 ps and his emotion reach peak as he never felt this way before. HK and Semi will be a couple as HK will finally realize how important Semi is to him and that what he thought as friendly feeling towards Semi is actually real love and what he felt towards Song Yi is more like worshipping.

        • locket-shawol

          you’re probably right, but i really hope not.

          i want min joon to leave at the end of the series. idc what happens to anyone else, i just want him to go back to his home planet.

          for that matter, i cannot understand the attraction between min joon and song yi. like, i get why she likes him, but what can he possibly see in her? a resemblance to a 12 year old girl he once met in the past?

    • 2.3 Peeps

      Um, snagging a place in the comments thread has long since been an “unethical” move in DB. Because it’s useless and is considered rude to the posters below. Like cutting a line. Everyone’s thoughts and comments are equally important you know.

      • 2.3.1 Yue

        I was gonna post something, but, my doctor called me in and I had to basically just shove my phone back into my pocket. Unfortunately, I’m a bloody moron that decided to buy on a jelly cover that covers the back phone only. So, I APOLOGIZE for my INSENSITIVE and RUDE behaviour. God, I was just in a hurry – in case you haven’t noticed, I even made a typo — something of which, I don’t really like to do in my previous posts if I’m on my computer. It looks like you’ve NEVER seen me post before and if you had, you’d probably notice that I don’t give a bloody rats ass if my post is on the third page. I just find JB’s posts funny or else I wouldn’t have been bothered to post at all.

        • Seanshine


          I saw that comment as well and ignored it. People can’t even post or reply to other posters without being hounded by the darn Drama Netizen Cyber Police???

          **Ahhh.. Hold it there! Your in violation of posting out of turn. That warrants a ticket!**

          It’s not that serious! 🙁

          • Peeps

            It’s not serious but it’s annoying. And I’m sorry for stating my opinion.

          • Yue


            I’m not usually cranky. But, since I am in pain, I tend to be. So… Yeah, sorry for being pissy. I generally just give up because there’s a whole load of people with plenty of opinion.

            Plus, I don’t usually post until this show comes up coz I have two valid reason to post. I like the show and JB is funny. Probably should go back to shying away from posting.

          • ilikemangos is happy

            I thought Peeps had a valid point and was just repeating some of the rules that JB herself has written in the Commenting Policy.

            @Yue — Please don’t let this deter you from posting in the future. Even if you post on the first page or end up posting on the last page, people will still be able to read your comments, we swear! Don’t let this bring you down. 🙂

      • 2.3.2 anniejang

        I had no idea there was a rule like this. If so, it’s a stupid rule, because it means no responding to any post except the last one. Or am I misunderstanding you?

        • anniejang

          Also-why does EVERYONE have a reply button then?

        • peeps

          Not sure if you will read this but you are MAJORLY misunderstanding this. Replying is one thing. leaving a nonsensical, short phrase just to keep your place and then wrting what you really wanted to write below as a reply is considered ‘cutting the line’ and is thus, rude.

          Just stating. God, all these hullabaloo just because I pointed something JB herself stated.

  3. Mademoisellegeline

    This episode is DAEBAK!! (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

    I loved every second of it!!! I kept squelling like a mad woman!!! ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ)・*♡

    Where to start? ˞͛꒰๑ऀ •̆ꈊ͒ू•̆๑ऀ꒱⁇

    Do Min Joon Joseon curse FTW!! ~ヾ(^∇^)

    Omg!! The “I miss you” text and how he tried to get rid of it.. ꒰*⑅˃̶͈ ৺˂̶͈⑅꒱੭ु⁾⁾·°

    Jealous Min Joon and his hallucinations are PRICELESS!! ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))л̵ʱªʱª⁎*.*

    Lawyer Jang got too immersed on his role.. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

    I felt bad at Se Mi.. She loves Hwi Kyung too much.. ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

    The prologue! Awwww!! I love how Song Yi’s appa told her that Min Joon probably likes her a lot after Min Joon tells him he likes her a lot!!

    Of course the ending scene (literally flying kiss) ( ⋆•ิ ᴈ-ิ(ᵕ❥ ᵕ⁎ ॢ)

    My FEELS!! *ଯ( ॢᵕ꒶̮ᵕ)ॢഒ*♡

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!! ⊹⋛⋋( ՞ਊ ՞)⋌⋚⊹ *soul left my body and went to heaven* ✖‿✖

    ᒄ₍⁽ˆ⁰ˆ⁾₎ᒃ♪♬ Coz you make me feel like, like I’m locked up in heaven for too long!

    • 3.1 OMG

      one of these days, i am going to learn how to do these emoticons!

    • 3.2 Aid Sincera

      I’m speechless… so damn happy!! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!! 😀

    • 3.3 news

      I think it’s safe to say that Min Joon has set the new standard with the flying kiss.

      How do I recover from this?

      • 3.3.1 Mademoisellegeline

        It’s been hours since I watched this episode and I still haven’t recover from it.

        Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! My feels!!!₍₍¶(ू⁄›˅̮‹ू∖)⁋₎₎

      • 3.3.2 Crazynoona

        me too XD I’m gonna have to say it again, this episode is the best <3

      • 3.3.3 damianna

        And I was hoping for a screen cap of the moment Song Yi flies in the air. The look on her face when experiencing his ability firsthand, priceless. Well, that calls for some re watching.

        • Mademoisellegeline

          I think I re-watched every episode for like 5x already.. I’m just so addicted to it!! ☆*✲゚*。(((´♡‿♡`+)))。*゚✲*☆

    • 3.4 ilikemangos is flying to Cupidland

      LOL i bet lawyer jang got a HUGE kick out of yelling at min-joon for once (im assuming he had to switch to banmal in front of song-yi’s mommy). He was waiting for this moment to yell at our alien for being a noble idiot.

      • 3.4.1 tiny

        i love that he was shouting at MJ. in banmal at that! hahaha

        how much do i love lawyer jang for saying he raised ‘this kid’ preciuosly. Lawyer Jang is his longest relationship. i think I’m gonna cry buckets when he leaves. *sniff

      • 3.4.2 Mademoisellegeline

        I can only imagine. ꋧ(⁎ˊ̭ સˆ̀)◞₎̵₎ʱªʱª

      • 3.4.3 jenny

        omg! lawyer jang is so cute! when i saw lawyer jang acting as minjoon’s dad, i thought it was the most AH-dorable thing. he’s all “well, MY son graduated from Harvard! and look at that face!” and when minjoon’s tries to get him to stop, the guy’s all “Be quiet, you punk!” and then that sheepish, guilty look when he realizes he was speaking in banmal. lol lawyer jang pretending to be Daddy Jang is the best!! XD

  4. ilikemangos is flying to Cupidland

    YESS! Im flyingggg too! hold me, I cannot. contain. the feeeeels! ♥♥
    The ending was so romantic. It wasn’t the hottest kiss they shared, but I was so swept up in the moment. ☆Swoon~☆☆
    Next week our alien will continue to make us giddy, and i’ll be playing cupid to make sure we get more skinships and making out. Watch out for my arrows, I don’t miss.. ➶

    • 4.1 Emmy

      I love how you changed your username after last night’s episode!:D

      I too am completely dizzy from all the cute and romance that I was witness to last night. The kiss from yesterday was so sweet and left me dizzy. And that song that was playing as they kissed! I can’t wait for it to be released.

      As frustrating as it sometimes is to watch a drama live (only two eps a week, dramas can sometimes disappoint), it is episodes such as this and the feels that they deliver that keeps me following currently airing dramas like a rabid fan. I’ve replayed this episode three times!:D

      • 4.1.1 ilikemangos is happy

        I was just too overwhelm with feels I was no longer just ilikemangos. (:
        I feel like following a drama live is both a very torturous but gratifying experience(for shows that i love to death). Torturous because we have to wait a week in for every pair of episodes (esp. ones will craaazy cliffhangers). Gratifying because you get to sort of follow an extremely fervent fanbase and then bounce insights off of each other. It makes me appreciate and savor each and every episode and that adds to my love.
        Thus, the pro outweighs the cons for me in terms of watching week-to-week.

  5. Honeymylovesosweet

    I don’t know where or how to begin… this episode has too many awesomes. Too many I can’t even handle my emotions. The characters were really compelling. From leads to side characters. This show. Oh, show how do I love thee? I can’t count the ways.

    But I can’t just pass without mentioning this:
    The word flying kiss was reinvented. Dayum that was the hottest flying kiss in the human er, human-alien history.

    • 5.1 neener

      Love the flying kiss comment!! HAHAHAHA and yes it was damn HOT!

    • 5.2 Honeymylovesosweet

      And how could I forget to mention just how much I love the jealous min-joon? I could sit through it all day long or even for a week.

  6. Emmy

    Most amazing episode EVER! An hour of pure entertainment. I was laughing an squealing. After it was over I texted my friend to squeal even more. I am so in love with this drama!

  7. redfox

    >Excerpt from Redfox´s Mad Diaries:
    Is it not strange how a guy who flipped over tables previously now comments on the internet . what a fall from glory. And also cause…. where did the revenge go? Have we forgotten we are having a situation on edge? But SOOOOO funny. I laughed so hard I felt pressure in my ears and thought my head would burst. Oh man. So, now we go into total angst, right? Seems logical after all the laughs ow gowd help me crawl away. I know it will get BAAAAD but for now I enjoyed these laughs. Although I bit my tongue and spilled tea on my lap. Ahaha oh
    And Hwi Kyung! YOU! You need to have your own detective series after this! Like, a la „Angel”! with such characters, korean dramas step on the heels of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Midsomer murders. Amazing guy. I think I love this character more than Min Joon. Or they are equal. That´s the thing: this drama finally does what I was waiting for: every character is strong and has their own moment. This is how I am writing my story as well, well, trying to.
    And the end…3…2…1… MELTDOWN.

    • 7.1 redfox

      I still feel many events are, how kopytko once said in OT, formulaic, a must-have compulsory elements. Like Hwi Kyung getting that much injured. Operation? Brain injury? Cmon. I have had 28 concussions and it takes a rather hard blow to be knocked out. Garden rake, a brick, from experience. Not a fall.
      unless he planned it all along…. and had the doctors on his side. Some things have no ground, also, the villainy is just pointless. Just to cover up his deeds? Is he stupid? Like Kim Jong-Un type of stupid? Hitler kind of logic? Yeah, Hitler.

      • 7.1.1 Faye

        ummmm…..how about this…..ever had a 25lb rock fall on top of you…..hmmmmm….now let switch that to, say 125lb or more of human meat and bones free falling to land on you while you rush towards it (it’s like 2 cars colliding but in body parts). LOL, I blame this on slightly bad editing in making the scene look deceptively mild when the impact in real life is really life threatening (which is why it has people scratching their heads when the docs proclaim surgery needed…the editing people, the editing!!). If you read enough comments from other areas you’ll know that some people actually have personal testimony in how much of critical damage the person (in this case HK) will sustain when breaking the fall for SY. In which case HK is taking most of forces and alleviate SY fall quite a bit. So on a scientific view HK is the one more hurt…which is what the show portray correctly…again, just bad editing on the fall part, if it was done right it would have looked more convincing. Oh and there was some padding on the landing but look again, it’s quite thin…just my 2 cents 😉

        • redfox

          oh, ok, thank you for explaining, now it makes more sense. Yes, the editing could have been better. a la Mythbusters slo-mo.

        • TVaddict

          You put it so eloquently. After seeing the scene I knew to expect that HK would receive the brunt of the fall as it’s even possible to die from that. Maybe it’s because I’m have a MD. Also, the splenic rupture SY received was also plausible because of wire snapping and her hitting the wall (hard) before finally falling.

          Like you I blame the editing. It definitely down played the impact on HK.

          • jomo

            Did anyone else think that SY should be able to sue the suit off of the production company?

            Seriously. Negligence of the worst kind.

            Forget the fact that they used a new hire to check the ropes, NOBODY came to see her at the hospital to apologize, etc?

            I know the States is more litigious than SK, but come on.
            DMJ knows all about the law. Take them to the cleaners!

        • osmanthus tea

          I was actually a little confused as to why HK had to go rescue her. She’d looked like she was gonna fall onto the crash mat initially…

          • Ivoire

            I was a little confused about that as well…

          • aaa

            i thought about it too. but seems HK rescuing SY made sure that her head will not be damaged.

  8. tiny

    how can he be so boyish with the texting and be such a grumpy old fart with jealous rage? i think i want grovelling for at least half an episode next week LOL

    Best episode ever. Excited to see them conquer extraterrestrial matters next.

    • 8.1 Faye

      awwww….you guys, leave the poor alien alone. He’s the one in the most agony out of everyone on this show. He’s losing his powers, he’s uncertain dealing with a nut-job, he’s feeling things he’d never felt in 400+ years, he’s leaving and don’t want to, he could possibly die in more ways then one, he’s forced to be cruel to the one person he loves the most for her own sanity when he leaves/die and fears constantly for her safety. He’s hurting from all direction and all everyone could think about is “omg why is he stuck on noble idiocy”…and wanting him to suffer even more just because he’s trying to emotionally protect SY???

      While I’m all for better to have love and lost then to not at all…but flip the coin here and it would be like saying you can’t miss what you never have. *Insert reality and why nobility is needed*. If I was SY, a guy I was never in a relationship with but I just really really like him dumped me, I’d be heartbroken sure, but within a few years if not a few months be back to normal again….BUT if said guy loves me back and we started an epic love story and I’m crazy for him as he is about me…and then WHAMP he disappear forever leaving for, not another continent where I can reach him but another friggin star where I could never possibly reach or worse died protecting me, I (lol being the romantic that I am) would never be able to live with myself….I’d die of heartache if I didn’t kill myself. So there…that’s for you people who scoff at the idea of being noble and calling it idiocy :`P

      Poor, poor MJ…I for once support all your effort.

      • 8.1.1 Seanshine


        “…but flip the coin here and it would be like saying you can’t miss what you never have.”

        Yeah, but he’s had a taste (the kisses), so there is no turning back now. Lol I understand MJ’s plight, and agree with you that it’s just as hard for him as well. So hard, that he didn’t move away or anything once he knew he, himself and she had fallen in love. Once that happened, everything just went downhill.

        My guess is, Min Joon hadn’t fully convinced himself that he was actually doing the right thing for the right reasons. If he had…he would have succeeded in distancing himself from homegirl. He is protecting himself because he fell hard. He was straight up lying to himself, and using it being for HER own good as an excuse to push her away. Which makes no ounce of sense. So I’d just remove the Noble and leave it as him being an Idiot. An Idiot that has wasted too much time, until now. ; )

        • Faye

          well, no I meant that statement as in, they not getting deeper into the relationship…a few stolen kisses here and there is not gonna break you when it ends (from her point of view), but starting and being in a relationship is a whole other higher level entity all together. I see MJ as a man-alien that would not hesitate to go for the girl if there wasn’t anything in his way, I see this in the many ways he treated women in his past (the glimpses that we have of his interaction with other women in olden time). But the impending separation is all too real for him. His rejection of her IS, in his mind, for HER own good…but he can’t help but have HIS own desire of wanting to be with her as he stated many times to his lawyer. So its a constant conflict of whats good for HER vs. what HE wants to do thats why he hasn’t been successful in pulling out completely because he DOES have some selfishness in him. So when she called him selfish, he snapped (heck I would be too!!!) You want to see selfish? I’ll show you, I’ll just do what I’VE been wanting to do…I’m not even gonna care how you’re gonna deal with this later on when I’m not around ;P

      • 8.1.2 Crazynoona

        I agree with u on the pain, it’ll kill me out of heartbreak missing the guy…but what if he left her with cute babies that look just as good as daddy Do? That’ll help with the grief I think lol

    • 8.2 Emmy

      His boyishness was so adorable. I was out of control with laughter when he stopped time to delete a text message! How sneaky!

  9. neener

    There are many things to love in this episode!!

    One thing I was sure was that when Song-yi was talking to her dad, he met Min-joon beforehand! I was like I kneeeeew it during the epilogue!

    and Do Min-joon sshi….aren’t you a lazy kid… why fly Song-yi to you and not teleport in front of her? hahaha

    Can’t wait for next week!

    • 9.1 hoshisma

      It was like the alien equivalent of the classic kdrama arm grab, but actually romantic.

      • 9.1.1 neener

        it was! and more skinship wouldn’t hurt HAHA

      • 9.1.2 KimNaNa

        Hah! Yes, he took the wrist-grab to supernatural level!

    • 9.2 tyty

      No more running and grabbing and twisting girl’s arms for a kiss, just LET HER FLY OVER HERE…. hhha what a good idea of kissing scene.

    • 9.3 niKai Soh

      I actually thot he was going to teleport himself to songyi! Alas, a flying song yi it is. As if telling himself that she was the one who came to him and he would be a bad guy if he just stood there and do nothing. Hehe.

  10. 10 Ivoire

    Some of my questions: 1-“urita”, a different word for “my daughter?” ( I know of one word, but it doesn’t sound like that one). 2-I didn’t fully get this, “while living – the guy I like liking me isn’t easy. Other things are a miracle.- That’s the miracle.” Did she mean that getting MJ to like her would be a miracle? And that getting him to like her has not been easy? 3-Because I am curious: does anyone know why KSH learned to handwrite with his right hand for this drama? (when he is a left hand writer?) Was that important (for the drama?). (I read that somewhere). 4-@ Bella57, could you please let me know when read my post? Thank you! 5-“Albide (sp?),” is that a higher for of speech than “abuje (sp?)”?) Very formal? (Lawyer Jang used that when he spoke to SY’s mom).

    Awesome ep! Probably the best one so far. And I know, we said that about yesterday’s ep., but seriously, this one was So. Good. Like a beanie said, in INR3 comments’section, this is why Kdramas mess you up. You start thinking you can have romance like that. LOL (Well, BJ does). In its genre description, it says, “romance, fantasy, melodrama, and comedy,” and the drama has been living up to the description, with one genre not being overshadowed by another one. I also felt that this ep. more than delivered. Again I cried, I LOLed, I held my breath, I clapped my hands and I squeed. I felt full, after watching this ep.

    THE MELODRAMA ( and moving scenes): 1-SY and dad’s reunion in her hospital room. All the scenes between SY and her dad in this ep. (not all the scenes were sad, as we know). 2-SM’s confession to SY about HK and the favor she asked of her. 3-MJ’s eyes when SY was talking to him on the location shoot, in the last scene. 4-SY still missing MJ and being depressed all day, constantly checking her phone. 5- The dad’s face when he looked at SY (when he 1st saw her). It was all there: his regrets, his shame (at leaving his family), his loss (of not seeing them grow up, hugging them, etc…), his hurt at how he hurt them (by not being there) and hurt himself as well. Well done, drama! If we didn’t see the dad that much to get this scene, it was worth it. 6- The beer and chicken, YAY! 7-SY quickly forgiving her dad. 8-SY constantly checking her phone and the door to see if MJ would contact her.

    THE FANTASY: 1-MJ teleporting SY (she looked like an angel in the air). 2-MJ teleporting to SY’s hospital room.
    THE COMEDY: 1-Det. Park running into the door and the wall to figure out how MJ disappeared so fast. 2-Det. Park admitting he believed MJ (which was touching as well). 3-MJ being jealous about HK and SY possibly being together, and his reactions. 4-Lawyer Jang fight with SY’s mom. 5-Lawyer Jang arguing with MJ, right after that. 6-BJ telling SY to forget MJ (I thought that was touching, she meant well, but it was also hard to hear). 7-Lawyer Jang speaking in banmal (and insulting?) MJ. 8-The scene with the phone (MJ).

    THE ROMANCE: 1-MJ teleporting SY and kissing her. 2-MJ lighting up the shooting location, (why did he do that, btw? I was just curious). 3-Kiss scene on the forehead.

    THE AWESOME: 1-MJ going to reveal the truth to Det. Park and Pros. Yoo and volunteering to help them catch JK. 2-MJ turning off the lights and making JK talk (and confess to murders). 3-MJ making HK listen to the conversation, and JK being unaware of it. 4-MJ making a video of the USB and giving it to Pros. Yoo and Det. Park.

    • 10.1 Ivoire

      And thank you so much for the recap! I felt sooo full after watching this ep.

      A few other things I loved in this ep.:’
      1-SY’s mom wanting to back out of the contract, (but then she changed her mind, once she saw the team for SY). 2-Pros. Yoo’s desire to do due diligence to YR’s suicide case, and his calm and thoroughness throughout this investigation. 3- MJ waiting this long to reveal who he really was to Prosecutor Yoo and to Det. Park. That made sense to me. I don’t know that they would have believed him, if he had told them the truth earlier. I think it helped, that they noticed some weird occurrences related to MJ. To me, that never weakened the plot. 4-MJ shaking the sheets to make his vision disappear (SY and HK on the bed). 5-Imaginary HK being petty with MJ (when he bumped into him, on his way to the kitchen). 6-MJ sending the text. 7-MJ stopping time, touching SY’s hair, and stopping time again, to erase his text. 8-MJ, arguing with SY.

    • 10.2 earthna

      He said “uri ddal” which translates to “my daughter”. Sometimes it can be “nae ddal”. The miracle thing, I think is just mistranslated.

    • 10.3 ppppp

      lawyer jang used the phrase ‘aebi dwineun saram’ which is just a fancy way of saying he’s the dad. i dont think aebi is formal, maybe just an older word?

      • 10.3.1 Peeps

        I think Do MinJoon’s old-ish way of speaking is rubbing off Lawyer Jang. I have never heard AeBi been used except in Sageuk or by really old Korean people, haha.

    • 10.4 Bella57

      I haven’t read this whole post of yours yet ( it’s 4:30 am) but I just posted the same question why did he have to learn to write with his right hand for the drama,. Especially when there is something so darn sexy about a hot left handed guy , if he has a thin upper lip to boot I’m in heaven.

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    Hah I was waiting for this. This episode is so funny. Somehow a jealous MJ is way funnier than a cute SY.

    I mean the whole sms and trying to delete a wrong message scene? Hilarious. Seriously I wish I could stop time. Especially when I once had my personal photo uploaded onto viki because of some phone malfunction and I could not delete it but had to wait for the admin staff to do it. Scariest thing ever to happen to be online.

    So totally understand him and I have NEVER seen a male lead chase off a van full of staff and pay off someone. Or rather their contracts. Or use his own money to achieve something. This is way more exciting than just paying off someone’s hospital bill. Or buying the heroine a makeover clothes. Or buying them an apartment.

    • 11.1 redfox

      but it was way predictable that he would pay.

  12. 12 just.here

    …and i just died from pure happiness. *gets back to life* wait! how sick can grandpa do get next week?

    • 12.1 v

      lol grandpa, noooo he’s ancestor…bow down to ancestor…

  13. 13 Rushie

    Omo! Hwi-kyung heard the whole thing. I suspected there was a reason why that confrontation scene happened in his room right in front of his bed.

    What’s with Min-joon telling everyone except Song-yi that he likes her? When he sent that I miss you message, I was squealing, but he just had to go and ruin it by using his superpowers to get rid of it. I’m glad the cute and funny came back in this episode. That kiss at the end, *sigh* Do Min-joon, what are we going to do with you?

  14. 14 neyrie

    The same alien-human dynamic and now in that isolated and dark area, when MinJoon lighted up everything up… it so reminds me so much of my favorite US series, ROSWEL.

    Almost 15 years ago, it was Max Evans and Liz Parker who made me so giddy and happy and now it is MinJoon and SongYi!!!

    Ahhhh, I never thought i could love another alien, as much as I did Max Evans, but this episode definitely sealed the deal in that it made me love and swoon all over again for a not so homo sapiens species of equal proportion as max evans!!!

    • 14.1 jaglaine

      Am so with you there. Also luvvvv Max and Liz! That was True Love! And the make-out sessions were hot!

      • 14.1.1 neyrie

        oh my goodness a you’re also a fan of roswel…!!!
        Me and and a friend of mine are the only people I know who love that show!!! So glad to know you…
        Max and Liz was really TRUE LOVE!!!
        those 2 were so awesome and meant to be!!!!

    • 14.2 Seanshine

      OMG!! ROSWELL!!! I love that couple. I looked forward to the scenes they were in together. Even if they did nothing but stare at each other. The chemistry was awesome. Jason Behr (Max) was a so gorgeous!! **swoon***

      • 14.2.1 neyrie

        Agree with you!!!
        those two can stare at each other forever… and I would just swoon

        and I am having that close affinity to this couple as I did with max and Liz!!! and their stares are also awesome!!!
        their chemistry are EPIC!!!

        I have this thought that MinJoon and Max could very well be of the same alien species… hahahaha!!!
        Jason Behr and Kim Soo Hyun are both gorgeous!!!

  15. 15 ricky

    I’m still not sure if Song-yi believes in the alien story. Does she believe him and she just takes the news really well? Does she not believe him and thinks that he’s making it up to get away from her? So far, it’s hard to tell.

    This show has been great with the mixing of romance, comedy, and fantasy. I have to say, though, this is my favorite episode by far. The way this episode weaved the comical moments with the serious ones was very well done. And that ending! Let’s just say it was a nice ending and I totally didn’t throw both fists in the air in triumph.

    P.S. Lawyer Jang was hilarious this episode and so was that narration for the internet comment scene 허허.

    • 15.1 tdot

      Re the alien story, he flew her through the air, so she should at least be suspecting by now that there’s something weird about him.

      And yes, Lawyer Jang was sooo funny in this episode!

      • 15.1.1 FGB4877

        Lawyer Jang had to give a well-deserved tantrum.

        Sometimes you have to yell at your friends because you love them so much you hurt when their errors come back at them.

        It wasn’t at the right moment nor for the right reasons or in the right way, but Lord, he had to vent.

      • 15.1.2 redfox

        Lawyer Jang is officially the Mad Hatter of the show. I want to have a Crazy tea Party with him!

        He can lead a revolution…

    • 15.2 ilikemangos is flying to Cupidland

      I think we can all agree by saying this episode was FREAKING awesome and probably a favorite. Such a good blend of different feels. That’s how i like it

    • 15.3 v

      She does believe in him. If you rewatch the car scene when she speak formally to him and he speak banmal. He told her that he is muuuuuccchhh older than her, and it shut her up.

    • 15.4 Kaityn

      She does believe him. She certainly is very accurate with her guesses about his powers. Plus she’s seen so many things he’s done that she had dismissed before, but now they make sense to her.

    • 15.5 Rachel

      I was thinking the same as well. In certain scenes(when she found his pic from centuries ago in the museum), it seemed like she actually believed his alien story. Then you have the other scenes where she’s all sarcastic towards DMJ’s alien-ness(?). Like when she teased him at the beachside restaurant, then in today’s episode when she asked if she should pay him in meteorites for being her manager lol. To me it feels like she’s just playing along with MJ’s alien theory because she feels he’s joking about being an alien?

    • 15.6 AdAl

      There’s just too much evidence for her not to believe he’s an alien in this episode. Like the way he suddenly appeared in front of her at the hospital, turning on all the lights by thought alone (such a beautiful scene) and flying her through the air into his arms.

      Before this, she’d always suspected that there was something weird about him, although he always shut her up with pseudo logical explanations. There can be no doubt in her mind after this episode.

      I just wish someone would tell her why Do Min Joon is trying his darnedest to break up with her – the fact that he has only one month left to stay here on earth, and that if he doesn’t leave he may likely die and not to trust Jae Kyung because he’s a serial killer out to kill her. She’s not that stupid, if someone could break it down for her, I’m sure she’d understand.

      I hope Do Min Joon doesn’t get sick from the kiss this time. And for God’s sake, just tell her you love her already!

      I felt Se Mi finally redeemed herself. She was not so hateful in this episode. I felt her last conversation with Song Yi was genuine, and I think Song Yi felt her sincerity too. I hope they are still able to flesh out her character, even though there are only 5 episodes left. She was beautiful in QIHM, and has the potential to play more than a one-dimensional character.

      Question – do they really keep the side characters waiting in the cold during shoots? Really? Then that’s a tough, tough job! How about reforms for actors? Any thoughts, anyone?

  16. 16 v

    I WANNA SEE BEHIND THE SCENE FOR MJ’s IMAGINATION it should be fuuuuun!!!!!!! SBS pleaaaseee!!!

    • 16.1 ilikemangos is flying to Cupidland

      I’d rather have them give us the 70 minute “special” with BTS instead of a recap.

      • 16.1.1 v

        waiiiittt is this possibility of ep 21 for?? or ep 22?? BTS?? YAAAYYY!!!

        • ilikemangos is happy

          i doubt it 🙁 But there’ll be a special airing on the 7th of friday which is tomorrow for me. They’re still planning on airing both episodes 16 and 17 next week just at earlier times (9:35 p.m instead of the usual 10 pm) because of the winter olympics and if they follow that schedule they’ll most likely end on ep 21.

      • 16.1.2 RWJQ

        Now we will get to revisit all the cute scenes in this ep since the Special includes Ep15. I hope it’s competently edited, and not just a plain sequence of scenes in chronological order.

      • 16.1.3 Emmy

        I am looking forward to the special!

        I think it will mostly be a recap, but hopefully with an interesting narration and please PD-nim, at least a few BTS???

  17. 17 KDrama Fan

    Gah!! This episode has cute and so much more!! I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG at the end.

    Thanks for the recap JB. And the cute Yeo Jin-gu pics posted earlier. See you’ve been busy sharing the love:)

  18. 18 ilikemangos is flying to Cupidland

    I LOVE how the tables have turned and the roles have reversed. Min joon gets a full blow of jealousy and gets to do the chasing. He also gets served a helping of Song-Yi’s wrath (much deserved, imo) All i’ve got to say about that is…about time! This is the moment i’ve been waiting for.
    I really did feel closer to our alien today, and that’s because Kim Soo Hyun plays love-sick, jealous, sulky alien SO well. When he yelled at them in the kitchen to stop, omgosh. Grumpy, restrained man gets reduced to childish petty monster in this episode, and i loved every bit of it.

    • 18.1 redfox

      the table already got turned in the previous episode btw

  19. 19 tdot

    I spent equal amounts of this episode giggling at DMJ’s predicament, cringing with embarrassment on his behalf (when he posted that comment on the engagement story, OMG), and yelling at my computer screen, “Say it! Just tell her! Say it!” Not sure how I feel about the ending — he still hasn’t said it, even thought Song Yi was clearly prompting him to be straightforward about it, and I didn’t like how he levitated her to him, instead of going to her, but I guess that will sort itself out next week.

    Also, I feel that it has now been definitively proven that Hwi Kyung is a significantly brighter bulb than Min Joon, even thought MJ is the one who graduated from Harvard (and several other prestigious universities). If HK had been on the Evil!Hyung case earlier, I think that mystery would have been cracked episodes ago. Hwi Kyung, fighting!

    • 19.1 Emmy

      I went beserk watching this episode. I am so glad I was watching it alone in my room at 2am in the morning.

      I was giggling from all the funny scenes (Min Joon is so cute when he’s jealous), just dying with laughter and second-hand embarrassment with the text message, and squealing at the flying kiss and his line “I am doing the most selfish thing I can”.

    • 19.2 Faye

      I disagree 🙂 … MJ came into HK room to protect him from Evil Hyung then MJ realize HK is actually not in a comma anymore and turned off all the lights so that Evil Hyung won’t notice HK is fully aware. Then MJ methodically expose Evil Hyung for all that he is in front of HK so he really knows what his true brother is like. This tactic is way more impactful and give beyond reason of a doubt rather than just telling HK his brother is bad….no one would have believed MJ without some concrete evidence. In this scene the winner for me here is MJ all the way while HK is a bystander witness.

      • 19.2.1 tdot

        How I interpreted it was that HK woke up when Evil!Hyung was talking to Song Yi, but kept still so as not to give anything away. The camera deliberately showed him processing the information Hyung was giving Song Yi. Then when MJ came in and said, “Wait, aren’t you supposed to be in a coma?” HK heard Evil!Hyung outside and gave MJ a signal to keep quiet about him being awake so as to give him (HK) a chance to continue to passively gather info. Something about the way the scene was edited (the second time we saw it in the episode) gave me the impression that without the prompt from HK, the set-up for the revelation from Hyung wouldn’t have happened — I just got the feeling that HK, even from a hospital bed, was the brains behind it.

        I think I arrived at that conclusion partly because HK has just been stealthier and more systematic and a better deducer in trying to figure out what’s going on with Evil!Hyung than MJ has. Although I guess HK has more invested in trying to solve the overall mystery of what the hell is wrong with his brother, whereas MJ is less interested in all of that and more solely focussed on keeping Song Yi safe.

        • Lisa

          I’m also thinking along the same lines. Seems like HK signalled for MJ to be quiet when he heard JK outside his room, and then MJ turned off the lights immediately. (I agree that he had wanted to make sure HK is ok, in case JK does something to him.) Now that he is aware HK is actually not in a coma, what better way to convince him why he needs to protect SY from his Evil Hyung than exposing JK to HK? ^^b

  20. 20 mirae

    Omg another week to go before ep 16.im dyinggggg.i super super love this ep

  21. 21 Arhazivory

    That was so awesome! I wanna go watch the whole episode again. Hwi Kyeong…..gah! I love him. He needs his own series. He recovered so quickly from seeing Min Joon teleport and pretending to be in a coma…..so smart.

    Sighs~ That ending. So many feeeeeels!

  22. 22 v

    Does this mean Song Yi’s dad give approval to Min Joon??

  23. 23 Quinze

    You know there are times where this drama plays a scene that’s either cliché or overly dramatic (hello head injury? coma? surgery and blood transfusions?!). And normally this would irritate the hell out of me and make me want to nosedive into the Han River (I can’t swim…).
    But this overall story is so engaging that I will gladly accept the flaws if it means the story moves forward and we don’t linger on them. Like if you’d kept either Song Yi or Hwi Kyung unconscious or dying for more than one episode I’d actually feel the annoyance creep in. But I’m happy they don’t because I can go “Reaally?!” but then move on because it’s doing something like forcing Dad to face his family again and allowing Hwi Kyung to pick up intel on his serial killer bro.
    So go drama!
    But yea I need this murder to wrap up so we can move onto solving how we’re keeping our hottie alien in Song Yi’s clutches. (weakly punny…?)

    • 23.1 v

      Hwi Kyung’s injury is to overdramatic, Song Yi’s possible if the wall hit and fall hard enough to hit the ribs, but looking at the footage, I mean come on!! Make it believable please.

    • 23.2 Faye

      *sigh* it’s not overly dramatic…people keep complaining about it without knowing the medical know-how. Ask any medical profession/student and they will explain it to you. This is an EXTREMELY dangerous situation, they both could have died of internal bleeding amongst other things (scroll up to read previous explanation comments). The reason people don’t understand this is because the editing for the falling part is done a bit on the poor side to depict the extreme danger in a significant manner.

  24. 24 magicbeans

    Thanks for the recap, I really loved this episode. I hope the last scene is not a dream and if its real i’m glad MJ cannot erase memories or turn back time to undo/hide what he have done and his feelings…

    SO excited for the next episode I hope the writers give more time to MJ and SY together and not a dream and let HK and the police to deal with JK..

    Is there any preview for the next episode cause i only find one when its wed w/c is just few hours from the episode. or any stills or spoilers cause i really want the next episode right now… i should had waited for this to finish before i start to watch because now im just waiting for wed to come and cannot do anything….

    • 24.1 ilikemangos is flying to Cupidland

      LOOOL. don’t even. if the last scene ended up being a dream sequence (my mind did not even entertain the idea), i will do more than just flip tables.

      Unfortunately YFAS production is super stingy on BTS and usually have previews released like a couple days before next wednesday, most often it’s a day before. Understandable since the team are so behind in filming.

      • 24.1.1 RWJQ

        Besides being on a tight filming schedule, I suspect they’re saving the BTS/NGs for the director’s cut DVDs later.

      • 24.1.2 redfox

        um, there are no more tables left to flip

      • 24.1.3 Lisa

        I have seen some BTS clips of the earlier episodes cuz there were these “making of” clips, such as MJ saving young SY, MJ riding his bike, SY arriving at school, etc.

  25. 25 jaglaine

    I cannot believe the amount of kisses in this drama! Daebak! And these are kisses that keep me wanting more, more! Do Min Joon, can I have me some of those pretty please? They look like they taste so sweet and you are so yummy. Arghhhh!

  26. 26 bluie1

    More Alien love please!

  27. 27 jaglaine

    Javabeans! Even though I had already watched the episode, I still laughed hard when I was reading your recap. That was great JB! Thank you very much for making my day and for all your hard work.

  28. 28 Jolie

    Both MJ and HK are going to live? Right? RIGHT????!!!! I mean, I’m pretty sure SY is safe, but I worry for MJ and HK (I want HK to have a happy ending too, just not with SY).

    • 28.1 redfox

      if they end with “they moved to a distant star” I am going to scream lod enough to shatter glass

  29. 29 lidy

    they’re doing this on purpose aren’t they, in not giving us previews? :-(:-( 🙁

  30. 30 Crazynoona

    About damn time Do Min Joon! Yeah <3

  31. 31 ava

    My first Kdrama was Goong and I thought that was the best. Then came Coffee Prince, Best Love and just recently Master’s Sun and Reply 1997. Now this!
    I am totally changing my fave kdrama of all times. Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi!!!! But honestly, I am afraid how the series will end up. Anyhow, thank you drama gods! Thank you Javabeans for the recaps too!
    Now I am hoping to have the murder thread tied up next week and have our couple, do couply things for the remainder of the series. And I wouldn’t mind flashbacks of DMJ plotting Prisonbreak-style the reckoning of our evil gel-loving villain! And I hope DMJ/SY will have their happy ending!

  32. 32 anniejang

    OK, something I’m not getting at all-why so many people commenting about noble idiot, etc…that could be partially true, BUT-the big problem for Min Joon is the exchange of body fluids. We saw him almost die the last time, but everyone seems to be ignoring or forgetting that. It’s so obvious that if he confesses, he will have to put his money where his mouth is, which means sex-or-since this is a kdrama, only kisses. That’s by far his biggest problem, because if he didn’t have it-he could just opt to stay behind and stay with her.
    Also, someone wishing they would explore the alien/far star issue just worries me that if they did it would be a pre-amble to his flying off in a spaceship and leaving her at the end. (the handshake at the airport ending.)
    I’m sorry, but FAR to many otherwise good and great kdramas have ended with a handshake at the airport, whether for good, or just a few years to “study abroad.”
    This type of ending is VERY unfair to viewers who have invested hours of time, emotion and hope in Le Grand love story, only to have it fizzle out-are you listening, City Hunter, Shining Inheritance, and MANY more????
    Turns out they’ve toyed with our hearts and minds for many hours for nothing, doesn’t it? Or maybe they get a big kick out of enthralling us and then letting us down.
    I am stupidly addicted to watching new dramas as they unfold, but when I watch old ones, at least I can check out the endings before I waste any time on them.

    • 32.1 Kaityn

      I have a feeling that he will build up an immunity to the body fluid issue. Remember that he almost died from the spit of the disgruntled employee (or whatever he was), but he just had flu like symptoms for a couple days from kissing Song Yi. Maybe he won’t get sick this time. I’m hoping. 🙂
      Also, we still don’t know much about Min Joon’s planet or life there. Maybe they age normally when they’re home, and just have some kind of suspended animation thing that keeps them from aging when they go visit alien planets. Maybe he can choose to turn it off and become fully human. Or maybe he can choose to take her with him, if she wants to go. He said his planet was like earth, so I assume she could live there if she wanted.
      I realize he’s an alien, but it doesn’t mean that he’s another species – like Doctor Who, with the two hearts (ha ha), who only looks human – maybe Do Min Joon’s people are humans that just happen to come from another planet. Who ever said that aliens have to be completely different than humans? Anyone ever see that episode of the original Star Trek where we got the explanation of why all the aliens still looked basically humanoid? It’s because supposedly all humanoid life came from the same place originally. (That’s all I can remember of that explanation -ha ha- I thought it was very clever at the time.)
      But anyway, think my point was that just because Min Joon is an alien because he comes from another planet, doesn’t mean that he’s completely different than a human. Maybe they are just more technologically advanced on his planet (obviously, since they flew to Earth) and they’ve learned how to use all these skills or have some kind of technology that gives them the powers. I just hope there’s more explanation for that in future episodes.
      I also predict – about this episode – that Song Yi won’t make it entirely easy for Min Joon to make up with her right away. He really hurt her feelings after all, and while we know that she is a very forgiving person, he’s definitely got some explaining to do.

      • 32.1.1 Patch

        There’s a wild theory that the meteor that killed the dinosaurs was a spaceship and the aliens inside it? Humans.
        If we never hear more about MJ’s homeworld, his species or the reason they came to Earth I’m considering making this the basis of my YFAS headcanon, MJ and his team came to Earth to see how their brethren had adapted to an alien world.

  33. 33 Mrgrt

    I thought one of the most interesting plot developments in this episode was that Hwi Kyung and Min Joon who were (are?) rivals are now allies. I wonder if this will play into the plot resolution in the end.

    • 33.1 redfox

      Hwi Kytung is smart enough to use his rival.

  34. 34 Natalie

    This drama just has too much power over me! It made me laughed, cried, worried, and happy like an insane person. Bring in the romantic comedy parts! They are pure gold!!!

  35. 35 Lisa

    Thanks for the recap!! I looove this ep sooo much! Kekeke~ ^^

    It was touching to see Song Yi reunited with her dad after 12 years and she’s just glad he’s finally here.

    The detective banging himself against the door and wall was hilarious… XD So glad Min Joon finally decided to tell them straight up what he knows and that both the detective and prosecutor’s gut feeling is that he’s telling the truth. And yay for new evidence on USB. Min Joon is not so helpless with the lack of evidence after all.

    When Jae Kyung and Song Yi were in Hwi Kyung’s room and Evil Hyung discovered that Lil’ Bro knows about the relationship with Yura as well, you can just see the wheels turning in his head how to silence Hwi Kyung. >.< Stop this madness already!

    The convo with Song Yi's mom and Lawyer Jang was so funny, especially the latter who was acting so fired up on behalf of his "son"!! But the scene after in Min Joon's apartment is even funnier since he is so upset and jealous hearing about the engagement, insisting to Lawyer Jang that he is most certainly NOT mad when he obviously IS mad! Denial! Loved his comment about how policemen and firemen would get all the love if you loved everyone who saves your life. =P Also, his reaction when hearing the gossip about Hwi Kyung saving Song Yi from those girls at the hospital earlier. He's probably upset at himself for not being the one who had saved her.

    I totally laughed at Min Joon going online to leave a comment on an article! It's so uncharacteristic of him!! The whole process of choosing a handle and then seeing all the cursing he got back. LOL!

    Then, he just mopes around like a sad, lost puppy and hops on LINE to try to send a message. Love how he keeps typing and deleting, but then, the "I miss you" got sent! Totally felt his O-M-G?!?!?!?! Gotta freeze time to delete THAT! Hahaha… Love how he can't figure out the unlocking pattern, then let time proceed and tried to act oh-so-casually that he's in Song Yi's hospital room, and yeah, he teleports when he's busy and caught in traffic. LOL I really wished he didn't freeze time again the second time in order to delete the message. Really wanted Song Yi to see it while he fumbles for an answer… But what followed cracked me up even more! When Song Yi realized that he had eavesdropped on her convo with Hwi Kyung and started to wonder if he was an alien pervert!!! ROFL He must have been sooo utterly insulted!!! Hahaha!!!

    Then, we get more hilarious scenes!! This is what made this ep so enjoyable!! Min Joon is just pissed that all the dreams he had once had with Song Yi are not envisioned with Hwi Kyung!!! I literally LOLed and had to rewatch that part since he was just so mad. He absolutely can't bear to see Song Yi with another man! Jealous Min Joon is hot!!

    Glad to see Song Yi having some time to share her thoughts with Dad on treasuring the time that she has after her near-death experience. I hope that will continue to prompt her to spend her precious time with Min Joon as she knows more and more about the truth as he slowly reveals more and more to her. She's still not quite believing he's an alien though the concept isn't daunting to her. She even mentions it as if it's normal and even not that surprised by teleportation.

    So glad Min Joon handled that 3 x contract withdrawal fee cuz I was worried that was gonna get dragged out with further complications since Song Yi wouldn't have that kinda $ right…

    • 35.1 Aid Sincera

      Pervert, indeed! His dream about bed scene and pregnant Song Yi! Also, freeze kiss! It’s totally pervert! Hahaha 😀

      • 35.1.1 Lisa

        Hahaha… Poor alien has been deprived for 400+ years and wants it ALL!! XD

  36. 36 ilikemangos is happy

    Aside from my gushing over the OTP, I really enjoyed this episode mainly because every character got to shine. Detective park went from irksome to hilarious (head bumping? you’ll just lose more marbles), Lawyer Jang acts out role of alien daddy more comical than ever, Song-Yi’s father’s return is treated more heartwarming than i expected, and Min-Joon as a standalone character in this episode was so satisfying.

    I will be able to study and sleep at ease until next Wednesday. As soon as they release Sung Shi Kyung’s OST. 1 minute is not enough

    • 36.1 earthna

      Detective Park was so funny especially when he bumped into the wall and so “Oh, it’s also not the wall!” HAHAHAHAHA. Looking for a portal or something. In the last scene, I don’t know if I should be squealing because of the kiss or because of the Sung Shi Kyung OST.

      • 36.1.1 ilikemangos is happy

        A beautiful song sung with a beautiful voice can really elevate a scene for me. ie. baek ji young’s ballads always end up giving me so much feels whenever her OST plays in a heartfelt/emotional scene and sometimes even more feels than the scene calls for.
        Sung Shi Kyung sang such a beautiful song in AM1994 and now he’s on a roll with YFAS.

        • earthna

          Exactly! I was waiting for a Baek Ji Yougn OST but I guess the best we can get is Song Yi’s drunken “Like Being Shot” lol

      • 36.1.2 ilikemangos is happy

        Come to think of it this show has quite the star-studded OST team — Lyn, K.Will, Younha, Hyorin, Just, Huh Gak, and now Sung Shi kyung.

        • tiny

          keep the faith ilikemangos! we’re getting a Baek Ji young OST! pleasssse

        • Ivoire

          Is that Younha from PM and I, or it is probably a different one, right? The other one would have been too busy to sing a song for an OST. Also, now that I think about it, she is a member of a girl group, and has not sang alone? (I am assuming?). Sorry for speculating here, I was thinking as I was typing…

          • earthna

            Younha is a solo artist. She sang a Bleach OST called Houkiboshi, not sure if you know. But yeah, the one from PM&I is called Yoona and I’m not sure if she ever did a solo before. 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Hello earthna,

            And thank you for your response. I realized after I posted my comment, that “Younha” would probably not be “Yoona,” and that I had mispelled “Yoona’s” name. I am currently listening to the song you mentioned. It is in Japanese, isn’t it? The lyrics look like Japanese. Now, I will have to go listen to Younha’s song for this OST, to see if I recognize it.
            Thanks again for clarifying things for me 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Also earthna,
            I just listened to Younha’s song for this drama, and I didn’t recognize the song. Have they played it in the drama already? One of the things I LOVE about the OST for this drama are the instrumental songs, I really love them.
            I did recognize the song Younha sang for PT with LMH (my 1st Kdrama 🙂 ). I have the CD of PT (OST).

          • earthna

            Hello Ivoire~~!! Yeah, Houkiboshi is Japanese. It was the first song of hers that I heard and I’ve always thought she was Japanese. Anyway, I think they only played the OST once I didn’t even know that she sang one for YFAS. lol. And I love her OST in PT! And the drama as well, of course. 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Hi earthna,
            I agree with you, I don’t think they have played Younha’s song a lot on YFAS. I would have recognized the song, if I had heard it enough times. Maybe they will play the song more, as the drama continues:-)
            She has a nice voice, and I am glad you like her song for PT 🙂

      • 36.1.3 osmanthus tea

        this and yesterday’s Harry Potter questions were just hilarious.

        I was so annoyed with him initially but now I quite like him. He’s finally getting smarter!

  37. 37 Lisa


    So glad Min Joon handled that 3 x contract withdrawal fee cuz I was worried that was gonna get dragged out with further complications since Song Yi wouldn’t have that kinda $ right now. Do Manager is baaack! Woot woot! Love how he plays it off as nothing important around Song Yi, and how she got into his car anyway after counting 1, 2, 3, 3.5… Ha!

    The convo once Min Joon and Song Yi arrived on set was significant as a turning point as she is now reminding him what his place should be if he had said those words to her before. You can feel how much he regrets lying about there being absolutely nothing left between them. I’d bet he’s beating himself up inside for saying those things in the first place, especially now that he truly realizes he really wants to be with her and doesn’t want her to be with somebody else. Then, it just pains him even further when Se Mi asked Song Yi the favour of accepting Hwi Kyung since he would undoubtedly cherish her forever.

    I love the twist that Hwi Kyung is just faking his coma (thank goodness he’s OK)! And he heard everything going down between Evil Hyung and Min Joon! Eeep! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for though I didn’t expect this is how Hwi Kyung would discover the truth! And I guess he’s also aware of Min Joon’s superpowers now…

    As for the end, I knew Min Joon would be waiting for Song Yi. I love how Song Yi called him out on why he’s acting like this. It’s about time that he is honest with his feelings. When Song Yi shot back all the words he had once used on her, I can see the pain in his eyes. I hope this makes him realize just how hurtful it was when he had said those things to her before. If he feels this way, think about how SHE had felt. Then, Song Yi goes further by saying to never appear again in her life and that’s something that Min Joon cannot bear… I love how he stopped her in her tracks with the lighting up of the village set bit by bit. It was magical. Then, he flies her close to him and does the most “selfish” thing–KISS!! *swoon* Finally!!! I hope Song Yi will see that he’s not playing around this time and this is his way of showing her that he DOES like her and he CARES a LOT about her!!!

    Love the epilogue when Min Joon got Song Yi’s dad to stay by her side AND confessed that he likes her to him. It now makes sense when Dad was so certain that the guy Song Yi had mentioned definitely likes her a lot. =)

  38. 38 Ace

    It must be so conveniant to delete the text you accidentally sent your crush ::sigh::

    Anyone else happy that Semi’s brother actually has his wits about him? I really appreciated that. Also the fact that we have some character development in Se Mi as well…

    Being as this is the last stretch… Can we just have some happy times? No denial between the main two? Is that to much to ask for in the dramaverse?
    At this point I dont know if SongYi will be furious as him for kissing her like that (probably not… But she can definitely nurse Him back to health!) or if he’ll finally come out in the open and just say what he feels.

    Either way, till next week!

  39. 39 Sophee

    Is it just me or the set village is also the one in secret garden, the place of the shooting where hyun bin and ha ji won arrive after ha ji won drove like a badass with hyun bin screaming for dear life in his car? Where hyun bin saw ra-im doing a fight scene and notices the blood dripping from her arm after..

    • 39.1 Crazynoona

      I thought so too, infact imo a lot of scenes were also familiar (the feels)…or maybe I’m just missing binnie

    • 39.2 Emmy

      That was my first thought when I saw it. I am prettysure it is the same place.

    • 39.3 RWJQ

      It is. I think the place is known as Petit France.

      • 39.3.1 Ivoire

        Thank you for that info.

    • 39.4 kaka

      ikr? i notice that scene too, and i was like.. OMG! this place in runningman when nickhun and taecyeon came!

    • 39.5 Spider

      It is also used in Beethoven Virus. One of my faves, but not in the romance department.

    • 39.6 chickletta

      Actually, it’s not a ‘set village’ but an odd ‘theme park’ of sorts called Little France. It’s about 2 hours from Seoul, in the middle of nowhere. A bunch of houses and castles are built to look like a small French village. There’re also stores that sell baked goods and knick knacks… As one walks around and inside the buildings, there are armours, antique furniture, statues of Little Prince, lots of French pottery. Families and couples go there on an outing and take a lot of pictures. This is the first time I see it in a drama or movie.

  40. 40 Gidget

    For me the last couple of episodes have made the JK storyline more interesting.

    Last episode I loved the special effects of showing MJ off leash. And seeing him take the omnipotent JK (dressed in his very best red satan suit) drop him 20 stories and then threaten to dismantle his life one element at a time, was like watching a cat playing with a mouse it’s about to eat.

    And this episode seeing that HK now knows what JK really is…and that his father is complicit in covering up JK’s misdeeds in order to protect his ‘alpha’ son.

    For me, all of this gives the story some interesting territory to cover.

    • 40.1 super

      anyone else who thinks JK’s handler is DADDY????

    • 40.2 Ivoire

      Hi Gidget,
      You said something important: HK slowly finding out, not only who his brother truly is, but the role his dad plays in the whole plot.
      WOW! If HK exposes his brother, he will have to expose his dad as well. Scary! I hope HK makes it till the end of the drama.

  41. 41 earthna

    Is it just me or is it starting to get hot? It’s quite cold where I am now but my face is all heated up right now. Kyaaaaaaa!

    This feels more like a YFAS episode. Yesterday was most definitely a filler episode. Anyway, I totally enjoyed this episode. I watched it early in the morning when the raw just came out. I was desperate to watch it coz I have work at 9am and I think I’d go Cheon Song Yi level crazy at work if I don’t get a dose of this drama before I go. So yeah, I was a screaming pterodactyl this morning and woke up everyone in my house. They thought something happened to me. LOL. Well, yes, something happened to my poor heart!

    The jealous scenes were so adorable. You Mister Alien is so human like, it’s funny. I died laughing at the BaeHoJjang scene and the “Ho Ho” laugh. Why Halbe, why? Lawyer Jang fighting with Song Yi’s mom was funny as well! He’s so into the father role that he was even calling Min Joon punk as if he’s his real son. “Do you know how preciously I raised him?” LOL. Anyone knows why Min Joon reached out to Song Yi’s hair strands? Except that it makes everything awkward (and hilarious!)?

    I hope we get a good deal of explanation about evil hyung’s past. It seems like Dad knows what his son is doing but he’s trying to cover them up or just ignore them. Something probably happened and it concerns the eldest brother who died. If he kills Hui Kyung though, wow.

    I don’t know about you all but I really can’t hate Se Mi. I was quote disappointed that she called out to Hui Kyung when Song Yi fell in yesterday’s episode but thinking about it, it does makes sense. Also, seeing Song Yi being taken for granted during the filming gives as a view of what Se Mi went through when she was the “sidekick”, when she was not the lead. It would’ve been worse since she’s been in that position for 12 years. Plus Song Yi is the one Hui Kyung loves. I’m glad that she didn’t completely turn dark (though her character can probably be explored more). To me, she feels so real, like someone you know or heard of before. I also think that Yoo In Na plays the character really well.

    I can’t wait for the next episode now that Min Joon finally accepted that he loves Song Yi and would rather spend the remaining month with her. Kinda worried about the kiss though. Hurry build up your body immunity, boy! guy! er… granpa!

    Thanks so much javabeans! First thing that came to mind when I finished watching this earlier is how fun it would be when your recap comes up tonight. Feels like a party to me. Ho ho ho – Min Joon laugh~

    Let’s survive the long wait and see you next week, beanies~~~~

    • 41.1 Faye

      he was taking a piece of lint out of her hair, lol.

    • 41.2 redfox

      maybe Hwi Kyung is adopted? so Dad favors Jae Kyung?

  42. 42 jam

    i loved this episode b/c we got to see a lot of character developments. the ending was so cute although the flying part kinda made me chuckle a bit. i’m glad HK was able to hear everything straight from JK’s mouth. all the actors and actresses here are so perfect *-* JJH is just soooooooo awesome… i love how sassy, ditzy, and serious she can be all in a span of 10 mins. pls come out again to the dramaland after this!!!

  43. 43 selene

    Question: Is it possible to retrieve deleted LINE messages?

    I couldn’t help but think that maybe..maybe Song Yi was able to read the deleted text. Her conversation with DMJ almost seemed as if she was pushing him to confess. Also, the scene of her walking around the hospital room seem a bit unnecessary. Perhaps she saw the message, realized he cared for her, and then searched around to see if he was keeping an eye on her?

    I know it sounds a bit farfetched, but wouldn’t it be awesome if she knew all along 😀 I know that she is definitely perceptive enough.

    • 43.1 earthna

      I just tried deleting a chat from my LINE and a window came up saying:

      Confirm to Clear
      Once you clear your chat history, you won’t be able to get it back. Delete?


  44. 44 Emmy

    Did anyone notice the little prince statue in the last scene? I thought that was a really nice touch!

    And yes Min-Joon, please continue being selfish, we like you selfish! Especially when it brings us flying kisses!

    • 44.1 Ivoire

      Hi Emmy,
      I did notice the Little Prince statue in the last scene. However, I thought it was a girl. You thought it was a nice touch, meaning? (I was just curious).

      • 44.1.1 Emmy

        Min-joon’s story parallels the Little Prince who has fallen to earth from his star. The loneliness, love and loss that the little prince feels are similar to the experiences that Min-Joon has had on planet Earth.

        I think that reference is made deliberately (given the writer’s love of quality children’s books), but subtly and I really like the way literary references are used in this drama.:)

      • 44.1.2 Ivoire

        Hi Emmy,

        I will try and be back later to write some more (respond). This is interesting (our conversation), because I tutor French, and I have actually read Le Petit Prince (in High School), and while I was tutoring one of my students.

        I googled “La Petite France in Korea,” and some interesting info came up. Because of this drama, and because of people like you, I am learning some new things, like how well liked (it seems) or how popular (maybe?) Antoine de Saint Exupery is in Korea. In any case, I came across this page, and I thought I would share this info with you. I hope you will get to see this message 🙂


        • Emmy

          Hi Ivoire,

          I read The Little Prince about two years ago, but have forgotten most of the plot, so I have just started reading it once again after this episode.

          I would love to hear more of your thoughts about The Little Prince and the (probable) connection with our hero.

          It seems like The Little Prince is everywhere in Korea’s Petite France! Definitely on my to-go list if I ever go to Korea in the near future (crosses fingers).

      • 44.1.3 Ivoire

        Hello again Emmy,

        So very nice to see that you are as interested as I am in continuing our conversation, and in exploring what we are learning through this drama. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE these kinds of conversations.

        The Little Prince seems to be a book and a theme that has been used a few times in Korea. Mind you, the French were in Korea for quite some time, during part of Korean history. Also, the French did help the Koreans build their high speed train, which is quite closely based on the “TGV” in France, the French high speed train. I remember seeing a KBS World documentary about some Korean books (many of them) that were in France for a long time (they had been taken away by the French when they were in Korea), and Korea had to negotiate with France to get the books back. The books came back in 2010 or 2011, but they came back on loan, so it seems like they don’t fully belong to the Korean government (and people) yet. It was a very interesting documentary.

        I am not saying this to bash the French, I am saying this to say that my feeling (from the little that I have learned about Korea so far), is that France (like the US) is one of those countries that seem to be well regarded in Korea, and there seems to be somewhat of a French influence in Korea. Even in Kdramas, going to France is an achievement (MNIKSS, CDDA, to name a few).

        As I was thinking about my response to you, I remembered this commercial, which must be one of the most expensive commercials, because of the star powers in it. Le Petit Prince is one of the themes in this commercial. If you manage to freeze the image at 6 seconds in, you can see the contents page, and the Little Prince is clearly mentioned, and it appears in the segment with KHJ and JGS. I don’t know if you have ever seen this commercial, so I thought I would include it here.


        Whether you have seen the video or not, please let me know what you thought of it.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Emmy,
          I have more to say. However, I was up until 3am this morning (and it is currently 6:21am). And I will have a busy day today. I just wanted to let you know that I plan on coming back here and respond some more to your comment. If you remember (and if you would like), you can come back (at some point), and see if I have gotten a chance to write some more.
          I usually do that, until the next recap is posted (and even after). I like ongoing conversations 🙂

        • Emmy

          Hi Ivoire!

          It is the first time I saw the video, but it sure is star studded! Who would have thought, Hyun Bin, Choi Ji Woo, Song Seung Hun, KHJ, JGS and others all in it! Lovely fairytale concept for the clip and I really liked The Little Prince part. I think I am just a fan of Saint-Exupery’s illustrations!

          I never knew about the French being so present in Korea, but I definitely see how France and the French language seems to be something that is sought after, at least in Korean dramas. I clearly remember the first episode in Cheongdamdong Alice, where the protagonist was going for an interview in the fashion industry and for some reason speaking French fluently was a prerequisite for a job! PSH’s character had a French name, Jean-Thierry Cha, and had spent many years living in Paris. It would be interesting to find out why there’s this K-drama fascination with France.

          I wonder if The Little Prince is going to be an ongoing motif in the last few episodes of the show, because I love how Min-Joon read out of “Edward Tulane” in the first couple of episodes. Kim Soo-Hyun has a lovely voice. I could listen to him narrate books even if I hardly understand Korean!:D

    • 44.2 Ivoire

      Hello again Emmy,

      I have a few minutes to pop in. Speaking of the Little Prince, I rewatched the last scene, and yes he is clearly in the scene (Le Petit Prince). you see him better when she comes down the stairs. I say that because I wondered (at first) if he (Le Petit Prince), had been included on purpose, or if his statue just happened to be where they were planning on shooting that scene. What I mean is, do you think the writer is thinking of the Little Prince’s story as a symbolism theme for DMJ? I know that she clearly did, with the book (about Edward Tulane), and I wish I could ask her about Le Petit Prince. Is she thinking the way we are thinking? What do you think? 🙂 (I put a smiley face, because I said “think” so many times).

      Yes, I love that commercial, I think it was really well done. Apparently, HB was sick as a dog when they shot that commercial, poor guy. And I agree with you, the concept is lovely. I am so glad I thought about posting it here, because I didn’t know if you had ever seen it or not.

      Sorry, I just reread your very 1st response to me, and realized that you had explained why you thought the writer deliberately included the Little Prince in this drama. However, if you want to expand on that, please feel free 🙂

      About this, “I really like the way literary references are used in this drama.:),” do you think that there are more literary references (besides the one [or is it two?] about the ancient Joseon’s authors?) Oh, and I guess we can include the philosophers, and scientists MJ mentioned in his lectures as well? (That’s a form of literature, isn’t it? Kind of? He does cite findings).

      I do agree with you, KSH does have a nice voice, and a really good diction. I personally loved that when he was sick (because of the kiss), he made his voice change (it was hoarser, deeper) when he talked to SY. And then, (I don’t know if you noticed), at the end (in this ep.), when he told her “I want (or is it I need?) … to protect you,” his voice broke down and he looked like he was about to cry. That scene was really well done, and it was very telling. It was obvious (to me) that he wanted to say more. He actually wanted to say what was really on his heart, like with the text message. That he missed her (like crazy), he only had one month left, and yes, he wanted to protect her, however, as he said to Lawyer Jang, he just (mostly) wanted to be with her (like people who are in love). If he could marry her, he would. Hence his dream sequence, which was considered to be their married life (with babies and everything). I thought KSH did a really good job with that scene. I could see it in his eyes, and I could hear it in his voice. He sounded broken, at the end of his rope. He didn’t want to fight his feelings and his loneliness anymore.

      But it was hard for him to say that, because he knew how deeply he had hurt her, and so he knew she was entitled to feel and say what she said. He also had never confessed his feelings before, so that must have also been hard (as we know, MJ is not the most comfortable being/person, when it comes to social interactions). Those were all the things I got from that scene. More than the kisses, and as much as I like the cutesy, lovey stuff, I always like to try and figure out what the writer, director and actor (or actress) are trying to say. I like to think and feel my way through a drama, as I am watching, and that heightens my experience of the drama many…

      • 44.2.1 Ivoire

        Sorry, my sentence got cut off. “and that heightens my experience of the drama many folds :-)”

        Also, I wanted to say this, “I would love to know what you love and like about Kdramas 🙂 Sorry, I went on a tangent. I will write more later. Thank you for reading my responses, I hope your day is going well.”

        Btw, do you speak French? I was just curious… 🙂

      • 44.2.2 Ivoire

        Also Emmy,

        I thought I would share this with you. If you scroll down, to the comments’ section, you will see a video of MJ and SY’ (almost) identical behavior. enjoy!


        • Emmy

          Hey Ivoire,

          I always found French a lovely language so I took some classes for a few semesters while I was an undergraduate student. Unfortunately, I never became very proficient at it. Now I can still read it relatively well (partly because so many English and French words are similar), but I can hardly speak it!

          I checked out that video last night and I think it is so cute! I loved how her rejection of him at episode 15 paralleled his rejection of her from episode 11!

          It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly I love about K-dramas. There is of course the visual appeal. The cinematography of many K-dramas really impress me and I love the attention paid to the details of the sets, costumes, etc. The gorgeous actors and actresses also helps to keep my eyes glued to the screen! I love rom-coms in general, so I usually check out any K-drama rom-com that is airing. The OSTs also add to the appeal. I think K-dramas have such lovely soundtracks. With YFAS, I am in love with Hyorin’s “Hello” and Shin Se-Kyung’s new OST (the one that plays during the kiss) is going to be another winner for sure! K-dramas also have really interesting stories that sound absurd initially, but are completely compelling, especially those with a fantasy tangent. I loved MGIAG, Arang, YFAS, Master’s Sun. The King 2 Hearts is probably my favourite K-drama of all time, I just loved the relationship of the lead couple. Haha.. I am sure there are many more things about K-drama that I love that I can’t think of at this point…

          What about you? How did you start getting into K-dramas and what are your favourite things about them?:)

          I am having a nice day! Hope you are too!

          • Ivoire

            Hi again Emmy,

            So very glad we are doing this, our ongoing conversation. Before I forget, you said that you saw that video last night. Do you have a link, please? I tried to see if there was an internet link on the page I posted, however, there were none. The only way I can watch that video (for now), is to go to that recap page. I would actually like to have an address for that video. So, if you happen to have a link, please share 🙂

            About me, I was just about to tell you some things about me, and then I thought, “might it be better to do it in an email?” What do you think? I have done it before, with beanies I have met here. It is just so my personal info is not here, and so if you are OK with that, you can email me at “[email protected]
            People smile when I say this, however I am very safe, and I am not JK, aka an axe murderer 🙂 I am actually a live in nanny, so even parents trust me with their children.

            I do speak French fluently, I write in it and I tutor French. I also assisted professors for their French labs and French classes, when I was in college. I really love languages, and so I LOVE the many ways in which Kdramas have opened new doors for me. I am exposed to so many things when I watch them, and I have been so curious about so many things as well, so I always feel engaged, and challenged intellectually, which I love.

            What is interesting about French is that although I speak it, I love listening to it as well. What I mean is that I would listen to it as if I didn’t understand it, paying attention to its ebb and flow when it is spoken (I do the same with Korean), so I pay attention to the sounds, when the intonation goes up, comes down, etc… It is interesting to me how languages have a feel of their own.

            About this, “It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly I love about K-dramas,” I am the opposite. I could write a book about why I love Kdramas. I know why I love them. I love them for the reasons you listed, and for what they expose me to. I love that I get to see a different kind of acting (than say the American or the French, for ex.), I get to listen to (and slowly learn) a different language, they have made me more engaged as a viewer (and I was already quite engaged to begin with), since because I don’t understand the language, I have to “read” the actors and actresses through the emotions they portray. And that has made me more sensitive (and more attentive) to any series or movie I watch, regardless of the country. Koreans can emote, they have too. It is apparently something they emphasize in their acting, meaning when they are being taught to act. And I have come to truly appreciate that.

            I find that Kdramas do romance well. I love the slow build to an OTP, and the different tropes that are used to convey the romantic feelings (the forehead kiss, the bickering, the platonic sleepovers, the jealous fits, the acting irrational by the leads who don’t know at times why they are acting that way, etc). I find Kdramas writers to be very creative when it comes to writing those tropes, and I always look forward to how different or new the tropes are, and to how their execution is. We have some of that here, in this drama, as you know. Though I found it hard to pinpoint when SY started to fall in love with MJ (even if she didn’t know it). Do you know when she started to fall in love with him? What the signs were, that she was falling in love with him for him, and not because of what…

          • Ivoire

            PART 2, Emmy:

            I love that in many Kdramas, even if you have a fake marriage contract, or force living arrangement, there is some sort of courtship, for the leads (and other characters) to know each other. Their children actors are amazing as well, really. Like you, I love Hyorin’s song, and I will love the one you mentioned as well. Koreans do really write nice ballads (for dramas and just for listening), and we can feel the emotions in their voices as well, Hyorin being one of them. I have listened to her song with headphones on and I just love her voice. I have listened to 2 of her songs, by now. The other one is “I choose to love you.”

            Kdramas can be so dramatic, it is a world I love to escape to (from reality). I appreciate that the people in that industry are hard working, even though their working conditions are really really challenging. They really push themselves. I love that I am being exposed to a new country with a different landscape (with places like Seoul, Busan (or is it Pusan now?), Jeju Island, La petite France, etc…)

            Also, I am from Africa, and the Korean culture seems to be in many ways (but not all) similar to mine. The deep respect for the elders, the sense of family, community, the fact that they still cook, or like to do it (it is a nurturing thing), the sense of sacrifice to help raise the younger siblings or contribute financially to their education, even how they prepare for marriage, with the gifts brought in ahead of times, things like that. I like that Kdramas have many genres, and still within those genres, you can find many of the same themes, such as family, loyalty, betrayal, etc… The themes explored are themes I can often relate too. (I don’t relate to being married to a chaebol, but I don’t mind watching it).

            I love how the hero and the brothers (oppas) usually have that sense of protection towards the girl, their families, sisters, etc… their sense of duty (I grew with that sense as well) to the family and the community. I like to see the many ways in which Korea has become part of the 21st century, and yet has maintained and cherishes its traditions. The way they are able to mix the old and the new. And I agree with you, their stories can seem somewhat out there, and yet, they can be entertaining.

            I LOVED the King 2 Hearts. It is one of my favorite Kdramas as well. LSG really elevated his acting in that drama. And one learns a lot about both Koreas while watching it (that drama makes you think). I actually felt a sense of loss when the drama was over, and I had to grieve. I then understood what “drama withdrawal” meant, it took me 3 days to let go of that drama, I was literally mourning, I hadn’t realize how emotionally vested I had become. Do you know it is the drama with the most comments here? The last ep. had more than 2,000 comments. You can check for yourself.

            My 1st Kdrama was Personal Taste. I found it by accident on a site called hulu, where people can watch shows online. The description reminded me of a show called “Will and Grace,” so I wanted to check it out. It was nothing like that, and a friend told me that the lead (LMH) was in BOF. So I checked that out, didn’t like it (couldn’t stand the F4, stopped watching after ep. 3), and my friend encouraged me to continue watching, so I did. I found the guys cute, but the series long. I had 2 Korean TVstations at home, so I began watching them, not just the dramas, but all their programming.

          • Ivoire

            PART 3:

            I was a philosophy and foreign languages major in HS and in college, so I love to dissect Kdramas. I watch them the way I would a literature class. I take notes, I write down my questions, my thoughts as I watch the ep., etc… Did I say I get engaged when I watch them?

            I think I thoroughly answered your comment 🙂 I will answer the next comment later. I hope that is OK.

          • Ivoire

            Sorry Emmy,
            I just wanted to add one more thing: that 6mns video also highlights how good this writer (for YFAS) is. The fact that she has her leads mirror each other’s body language and reactions is quite telling of her talent.

      • 44.2.3 Emmy

        Hey, Ivoire!

        I too rewatched the scene as well and the little prince was very present in the final shots. It’s always hard to determine if it was just coincidence, but given how often the camera captured him, I am guessing that the little prince is significant here. Even in the shot where they kissed, there seemed to be an effort to capture the face of the prince (see the last picture in JB’s recap). In any case, my literature teacher always taught us to assume that everything is deliberate, so that shall be my starting point here.:)

        I have just reread “The Little Prince” with YFAS in mind, and I think there are certainly some interesting parallels.

        Firstly, the little prince leaves his planets to explore other asteroids before finally coming to earth, and he remarks how strange and sad he finds people he discovers, because of their silly concerns (businessman, king, drunkard). It kind of reminded me of MJ’s psychology classes and his observations of humans and the human condition during his 400 years on earth. MJ and the little prince are both aliens on earth, so they manage to act as neutral observers to the inhabitants of this planet.

        There is also this lovely allegory of the prince and the rose on his planet that he loves. He realises that she is a proud rose, but he takes care of her, sheltering and watering her, and when he comes to leave his planet to explore other places they are both sad that he will be gone.

        His encounters in other planets and on earth grants him more insights into his relationship with the rose. When he meets a geographer, he is sad to learn that his rose is ephemeral and might soon cease to exist.

        Also in the book, Saint-Exupery uses the term “tame” (as it is translated in English) to describe the establishment of personal connections in human relationships. The little prince recognises that his rose has “tamed him” and the reason his rose is special and not just a common rose is because of the time he has lavished on his rose. A fox the little prince meets also tells him “For what you have tamed you become responsible forever… you are responsible for your rose.”

        The prince returns to his star exactly one year after he landed on earth. His relationship with the narrator, an aviator is also central to the story. They “tame” each other during their experiences in the desert and when time comes that they must part, there is an inevitable sorrow. The prince. while happy to return to his rose, is sad to leave his aviator friend.

        I wouldn’t be surprised actually, if the writer of YFAS incorporated the themes of the Little Prince into the story.
        I think Yi-Hwa/Song-yi and Min-Joon’s relationship echoes that of the prince and the rose. Just like the prince loved the rose and protected her. Min-joon loved/s and protected/s Yi-Hwa/Song-yi.
        Just like the rose however, Yi-Hwa, Song-yi, Lawyer Jang and all the humans he makes connections with are ephemeral, and therein lies Min-Joon’s dilemma. To “tame”, or to just live life on his own?

        I hope my post has been coherent!:) Sometimes I tend to write what comes to my mind and that is not always coherent to others. Literature was one of my favourite subjects in school and I always love it when movies or dramas have plot points/themes that are found in famous works. So I really enjoy discussions like these:)I’ll come back and add more points if anything else comes to mind!

        • Ivoire

          Hello Emmy,
          Yes, your post has been coherent, and I appreciate how detailed you have been. I have been quite busy, however, I will respond when I can.

      • 44.2.4 Emmy


        I realised I forgot to mention other literary references in the drama,there was one in the early episodes:구운몽, “The Cloud Dream of the Nine” that Min-Joon called his favourite (fantasy) book. If you are interested, I found a link http://www.eldritchpress.org/kim/cloud9.html and interestingly it is the first Korean book to be translated into English.

        There was also this book that Min-joon was always mentioning to Song-yi that I can’t remember at the moment. Seemed to be about etiquette or moral code from the Joseon period. I really love the theories he refers to in class and how they parallel our OTPs emotional state of being! I would love to be in that class, those student-actors are so lucky!

        Speaking of books, another thing that made me love Min-joon even more was when we saw his study and his massive collection of books. A man who reads widely and collects antique books? 😀 Where does one find someone like that?

        • Ivoire

          Hi Emmy,

          WOW!!!! Thank you so much for the link (for the book). I just briefly looked at that page and just, WOW! Thanks again.

          About this, ” Speaking of books, another thing that made me love Min-joon even more was when we saw his study and his massive collection of books. A man who reads widely and collects antique books? 😀 Where does one find someone like that?”
          You love men who like to read? 🙂 (you can answer that in the email). I think I need to contact/get in touch with MJ and see how I can get you to his star/planet. If MJ is like that, I am willing to bet that some of his people are like that. Would you be willing to go, if you knew there would be a great chance for you to meet and marry a potential MJ? 🙂

  45. 45 Kaityn

    Ok – First off – Dramabeans – I absolutely love your recaps and I love coming here and reading them after watching the newest episode. I have even come to your site and read recaps of other dramas to decide which ones I’d like to watch next. Thank you very much for what you do.

    I’d also like to say that I am very happy to be able to come to a discussion site and actually be able to read the things that people like or dislike or speculate or whatever about a show and NOT have someone yell “Where is the warning that you have SPOILERS?” That’s so annoying to me. Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would read the comments about a particular show Before watching it, unless they want to know what’s going to happen. Don’t read the comments then, is my opinion. Seems simple enough. So that’s my rant. 🙂

    Anyhoo, about this particular episode. Along with everyone else – I loved it.
    I was happy to see Song Yi reconcile with her dad (hope little brother is able to as well), and we get to see what a truly forgiving person she is – because let’s face it, 12 years is an awful long time for someone to disappear from their child’s life just because she was mad at him. And I think her forgiving nature will come into play more in the future episodes.
    After all, she’s going to have to forgive Min Joon for seriously hurting her feelings. I for one, hope that she makes him grovel just a little bit first. I’m fully expecting her to smack him at the beginning of the episode next week. I hope they don’t gloss over that and really make him start explaining himself. He’s wasted a lot of their precious time already.
    Along with everyone else, I’m so happy that Hwi Kyung is actually awake and paying attention.
    It’s nice to see Se Mi not being such a snot, to put it nicely. I actually kind of hope that Hwi Kyung notices her devotion and switches his affections. After she starts to earn it by being a better person.
    I love that Min Joon told the police about himself. That’s cool. Also noticed that the interview took place in the library from the high school in Heirs. 🙂
    I laughed so hard with the text message problem of Min Joon’s. Who hasn’t sent one accidently? So embarrassing. Would be great to be able to teleport there and erase it. But while he was writing them, I kept yelling at the screen “Just send it!!”
    I liked his warped fantasies of Song Yi and Hwi Kyung. I loved how – in HIS dreams, he and Song Yi were happy and in love, but still true to their personalities – they were in fact, realistic dreams – but in his warped fantasies of SY and HK, they were sooo not themselves, just his nightmare cartoonish versions. Hilarious.
    And of course, loved the end. Who doesn’t want to see them kissing at this point? But as I said before, I don’t think she’s going to be that easy to sweep off her feet without some really good talking first. And I think I must be in the minority that thinks Min Joon is probably building up an immunity to the whole body fluid issue and I think he won’t get sick or only a little bit sick this time. But we’ll see.
    I really think this drama is going along so great and they haven’t made any missteps with it, so I’m hoping the ending will be great as well. I just know there will be some twist that will allow them to have a happy ending. Fingers crossed.
    Also, one last point. I know he’s the bad guy and everyone just wants his storyline to be wrapped up – but seriously – every time I see “Evil”…

    • 45.1 Kaityn

      every time I see “Evil” Kyung – I can’t help but think “Man, that guy is pretty”!!! 🙂

    • 45.2 redfox

      the Dad and little bro: he is young, dad was missing most of his life, and his devoted love to Noona may also get a bit scarred cause he rushed to save her, and he felt like he was not important.

  46. 46 Bennie

    How do I wait 6 more days,it’s killikg me

  47. 47 dramarama

    Major LOL-ed at jealous/grumpy/old fogey MJ commenting on internet rumours with his Joseon context! Plus his huffiness at the replies! And his insistence to lawyer Jang that there can be purely platonic friendships in this modern age! So fun to watch when min joon lets his emotions get the better of him. And might I add way better modern day-olden day juxtaposition references than the time traveling dramas.

    1 month left to alien homecoming. Bring on the baby goblins!!!

  48. 48 Jenjen

    Squee! Need more kisses! For science!

    On a side note, totally recognize the “set” in the last scene from one of Running Man’s early episodes. Possibly a sign that i watch too much korean television

    • 48.1 dramarama

      Where is the location of this ‘set’? Is it open to public?

      • 48.1.1 earthna

        I think it’s located in the SBS building. It was shown in an episode of Running Man and I’m pretty sure the venue for that episode is SBS building.

        On another note, the sets were awesome. Everything was in there. All their houses/rooms, prosecutor’s office, balcony, etc. Really cool.

        • ilikemangos is happy

          Interesting! I read some news that the running man team got to go into the prosecutors office in one of the episodes — that must be the episode where they were at the SBS building? I didn’t know that the sets were all there. But then i saw their breath while they were talking so that set in the last scene must’ve taken place outside?

          • earthna

            Oh yeah the last scene was outside. I think it’s like a French Village in Korea. I saw it in Running Man before too. lol

  49. 49 dramarama

    Is this the first time Songyi has been treated to DMJ’s Romantic Romeo side? Seems like playing hard to get works for both genders, and we finally get to see alien man pull out the romantic stops. It’s also so gratifying to see DMJ getting a taste of his own medicine!

  50. 50 Ha ni

    I love it . I love it. (Blushing)

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