Beanie level: Wrongly accused fugitive

Db is not letting me post comments for some reason. They weren’t even long this time, barely 4 lines .
Fuck you db.
This is probably the last time I’m coming here.


    You can’t use certain words. The F word will make your comment not be posted immediately, but as you see, it’s posted.


      Or combination of words. Sometimes I cant figure out what it was.
      Also, if my service is really slow and I try to post a fanwall post before the page has completely loaded the fanwall post just disappears.


        Usually formatting or something it flags as spam. Honestly, I don’t blame Rumi’s frustration. DB has a lot of glitches.


          If you copy & paste stuff does it not flag anymore? Honestly I’m tired of this site, I don’t have the patience to make it work for me anymore.

          They want to pay their writers that’s their problem, there are plenty of people who’d write for free & they’d save their money. If they can’t find a volunteer to fix the issues, pay them with donations or something.


        Yeah that happens with slow net on other site too, not just a db problem.
        Comments disappearing on 5g is a db problem. 4 of my comments disappearing in a row is a definite db problem.

        Comments weren’t long, no improper language or slang or y u lv us boo like language.


      Wall posts or thread comments?
      Thread comments sometimes have to be “checked”, and db doesn’t like you posting too fast.
      The inappropriate word system is pretty broken, as it won’t allow sp0iler but it will allow any number of profanities.
      If it won’t post a wall post it just won’t post it- and you have to edit it- there is no delayed posting for the wall.


        Thread. Notok Recap & get to know staff. 2 on each.


          Hmmmmm I’ve had dB eat my thread comments before. It said something like it had to be checked by a moderator and then once it just never posted. Other times its delayed posted.
          If you post comments in succession on a thread it goes REEE YOU’RE POSTING TOO FAST and then it says you’re repeating comments when you try recomment and… Yeah it’s annoying and I don’t know how to get round it sorry.
          It seems to have some parameters in place to minimise spam that we can’t see but backfire on the user in the meantime.


      I meant on the posts. I don’t use profanities unless I’m driven to by crappy websites with crappy interface.

      Comment 1 was thank you for the recap blah blah with the tag to the recapper
      Comment 2 was about dark fairytales exist
      Comment 3 with a hashtag
      Comment 4 tagging db staff.


Yay \^o^/ I logged onto db after March & I’ve leveled up! Says hi frantically…🤙🏼…. 🏃… *Huff*…. Cz yknow, I’m a Wrongfully Accused Fugitive 🤭


    Make that May. Apparently my memory is worse than I thought 😅


Youtube is out there with so much winter garden content & I’m like why didn’t I find this before?
__This particular edit especially makes me wistful 😪


    Wow they added alot of lines, from his other works I’m guessing, because ik for sure he didn’t say “I love you” but I ain’t complaining! I especially liked how when IJ tells Min ha about JG being in the emergency room, everything goes dark and only JW face remains illuminated!


      Yes the maker used his lines & scenes from other dramas… His reactions in this are kinda what I wish they were…


Day 11 : Worst Kiss : Wei Wei & Xiao Nai from Love O2O

I\’ve seen many bad ones but didn\’t care to try to recall them.
This one sticks out because I love the drama aside from this horrible kiss.

I won\’t say anything more that hasn\’t been said about it already.



    Here Rumi. You post needs some visuals…..


      That isn’t even the worst shot, when you look at her body language after he ignores the guy calling him & goes all in to ravage her – that’s when it becomes the worst kiss.



Saw it people doing this so figured I\’d give it a try too.
Minion Questionnaire: Beanie Edition

Q1. Explain your username (and/or avatar).
β€” @maybemaknae – my username. At the time I joined db I thought maknae meant least experienced, not youngest, & I from my observations everyone else seemed to be a long long time kdrama watcher in comparison so I thought maknae would be appropriate.
__Alas now I know it\’s an age term & not a seniority (or lack thereof) in experience term 😅😆
avatar – the masked mysterious guy from Trashdal. He was leaps & bounds ahead with guarding against the coronavirus. Yes that\’s my story & I\’m sticking to it. Ofc it had nothing to do with my weakness for dark, taciturn & mysterious pretty bois *hides*

Q2. What is the first drama that you watched (or the first drama that made an impression)?
β€” DOTS.

Q3. Tell us about a job or two that you’ve had in the past.
β€” Translator



    Q4. Have you ever lived a moment that you thought belonged in a drama?
    β€” Yes, strangely many.
    a) A boy Best friend with the crush,
    b) A girl best friend who was like a soul sister & saying the exact same things at the same time & finishing off each others sentences
    c) Hate to love moment with my first crush
    d) Confessing via a letter & being rejected in a secretive but public manner with a note
    e) leaning over a classmate/friend with our bodies & heads over each other & ensuing awkwardness when we realized our attraction & comfort with each other ; then looking away



    Q5. What drama genres do you especially like?
    β€” Romance, fantasy, thrillers, mystery, time travel.

    Q6. What drama genres do you especially dislike?
    β€” bullying & rape. They make me very emotional. I can take them in small doses but not over & over again.
    β€” Candy cute shoujo type stuff. Reason why I’ve never seen Hana Yori Dango/BOF or any Itzura na kiss adaptations



    Q7. Is there a drama character you’ve ever strongly identified with, and why?
    β€” Hmmm 🤔 Recently Hae Won from LAND aka ‘When The Weather Is Fine’.
    The whole when you say it was a misunderstanding instead of saying sorry you’re trivialising what you did & putting them onus on the victim for getting hurt. It’s underhanded & a subtle kind of manipulation that makes it feel like you have no right to your feelings. I have the right to feel the way I want & decide who to forgive in what manner & when, if ever.



    Q8. What was your major in school?
    β€” Economics

    Q9. What’s a random skill you have?
    β€” uh using my nails instead of tools 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Q10. Favourite non-Korean movie and/or TV show?
    β€” Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Cake Boss



    Q11. Which Hallyu celebrity would you actually want to meet and spend an hour with?
    β€” [My first response was nobody, because I don’t want to spoil my fantasies & the relief that escapism brings me by it intruding on reality.
    My second thoughts are artists I like & language communication probs 😪
    My 3rd thought is f*ck it, go delulu 😬😜]

    β€” Dean : I’d love to pick his brain about music he likes. I also just want to stare at his face in the height of summer so he’s not clad in his winter layered style clothes 😅
    β€” Crush. His music has been a great comfort to me. I’d love to thank him & share how his simple words have brought solace to me. 🙂
    β€” Jackson : He looks like he’d be great fun to hang out with, plus no language problems 🤭
    β€” Eric Nam. From life to music to chill as a person, I’m a huge fan & his life trajectory gives me a lil something to relate to.
    β€” Stella Jang. She’s awesome & multilingual & I just want to be in her presence. 😍
    β€” Actors wise Yoo Yeon Seok & Seo Hyun Jin
    β€” a date & dance with Jaehyun of NCT or Inseong of SF9



    Q12. Your favorite drama has an unholy alliance with your most hated drama and produces a mutant baby drama. Describe the plot.
    β€” A germophobe bestseller writer in a slump meets a new ditzy curly haired hire at his publishing company while waiting for an interview who . It turns out she was his childhood rescuer & friend against thunder which was due to a past life connection where they both were revolutionaries against Japanese occupation. In that lifetime she died under torture on thunderstorm ⛈ day. Now she’s plagued with memories of her past lifetime, & the phantom trauma & nightmares combined with reversal of her family’s fortune in current time means she’s a frazzled incompetent employee who keeps stalking & following & messing with the life of of the writer ML.
    Together they’re a disaster tempting fate – he’s a jerk & she’s a candy stalker. Eventually their misgivings towards each other are resolved when the FL finds him two ghostwriters – a chic sly fashionable female (who is her bff, & whose mom is a shaman) & a past recounting visible only to them ghost.



    The shaman mom is against all the leads meeting each other & living another tragic lifetime together because she knows of another lifetime thousands of years ago where the FL was a fox goddess on a mortal trial & had her eyes taken away from her as punishment by the crown prince god ML, while the concubine who framed the FL when found out was sent away to East sea to guard a demon, but the King God had pity on her & put into a cryogenic sleep for her to wake thousands of years later as the daughter of the water snake that renegaded on her duties ; whose task now is to take care of both women as their guardian.
    The mom runs a moon hotel for all the ghosts & acts as their problem solver, to urge them towards reincarnation or Nirvana.

    So anyways with past life memories & ghosts wreaking havoc & the publishing company about to go under, the 4 unlikely people figure out ways of past to keep present afloat.



    The FL solves the guys germophobia & complex family problems & together all 4 write a book & record the progress & life as a documentary, which wins the FL a best newcomer award, & the guy another record breaking bestseller & literary prize.

    Β Finally the 2nd lead can let go of the 2nd FL to afterlife after being her human problem solver & financial manager, so that she can move on from her first crush of 20th century, on whom she fell & had her first kiss in school , confessing as a bimbo & being rejected & humiliated publicly… Then nearly dying in a house fire & bonding in the aftermath but ultimately falling near death after a rejection & being put under cryogenic sleep again for hope for a better life in 21st century by the mom.

    The shaman mom having fulfilled her duties, now all former ghosts leave the hotel & die or whatever & the writer + not candy couple live mundanely happy ever after.


      Is that Clean with Passion and Chicago Typewriter? Plus you have so many drama moments play out in real life rumi, my heart skipped a beat at point e.


        Hehe yes. Chicago Typewriter is one of my favourites – the others are hated ones.


    Excuse me, specifically the masked guy from Trashdal that I DREW.


Day 10 : Best Kiss – All Kisses between Seo Hyun Jin & Yang Se Jong from Temperature of Love.

The first one, the ones that followed…. All of them. Great dynamics, they’re shot well & have meaning beyond attraction & chemistry. They range from cute to tender to passionate. 😍😍 😍



    I love how comfortable these actors are with each other πŸ™‚


    They were fantastic together.
    From the train kiss to the bedroom kiss.
    And had a wonderful chemistry together.
    I wanted to root for SL, because I love Kim Jae Wook, but it was impossible. Because the OTP was perfect.


      Same. I wanted him to be happy but I could only commiserate with singing “Let Me Love You” by Stella Jang.


    She’s queen of kisses


Day 9 : Favourite Secondary Couple

I had to scratch my head for this one. There are plenty of second leads & secondary/supporting characters I’ve liked more than the leads, & some couples too which I liked more than the OTP, but I couldn’t think of any that I’d say are my favourites right off the bat.
__So I thought for a while & immediately Lee Elijah & Ryu Deok Hwan came to mind. They were so cute & their progression felt normal. Quite rom com style I must say 😅

The other couples I thought of were Lee Jae Wook & Scarlett from WWW and Yoon Ah Reum + Eun Tak Sem (So Joo Yeon as 4th year resident & Kim Min Jae as nurse) from Romantic Dr 2



    Yessss!! I forgot about them, Lee Elijah and RDH were fantastic in Miss Hammurabi.
    I loved them so, so, much.
    And I also forgot about Ahreum and Nurse Kim… so supercute together.


      It’s how I fell in love with Lee Elijah, can’t forget her now.
      Ah Reum & Nurse Kim even did Zico’s Any Song challenge – their chemistry is superb even without a script.


    The Lee Elijah & Ryu Deok Hwan couple was so so SO good!
    RDH had a lovely loveline in Labour Inspector Jo too, but it was so understated that it cannot be counted as a secondary couple.

    Ok now I remember he had a SUPER LOVELY secondary loveline in Faith too! He is just lovely, end of discussion!


    They are the cutest omg!


Catching up with this month\’s challenge thanks to the chaos beanies! Ngl this was HARD

Day 1 : Favourite Kdrama – Chicago Typewriter

Day 2 : Favourite Cdrama – Bloody Romance

Day 3 : Favourite Jdrama – Chugakusei Nikki

Day 4 : First Drama ever watched – DOTS

Day 5 : Favourite Male Lead – Yoon Na Moo/Choi Do Jin from Come & Hug Me

Day 6 : Favourite Female Lead – Momo (Si Tu Mo) from Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Day 7 : Favourite OTP – Xiao Nai & Wei Wei in Love O2O

Day 8 : Favourite NOTP – The couple from Taiwanese movie Fall In Love At First Kiss. Kdrama wise least favourite NOTP would be from She Was Pretty.
Cdrama – Well Intended Love
Thai Drama – Mint to Be


BORN AGAIN – is anybody else watching this?
Lee Soo Hyuk makes my ovaries explode.😍😘🤩🥰 Gosh I know I shouldn\’t get attached to him considering the whole soul switch-a-roo & that he has his hair up ; but I can\’t help it. I rewind & rewatch his scenes, i can\’t get enough.

JKY playing a murderous psychopath feels too blasΓ© now. He brings nothing new to his interpretation of Cheon Jong Bum.

I am so gone for this drama that I watched the last 3 episodes raw 😆

Just 28 hours to go before I get my fix!!! I know it\’s bad, but tedha hai par mera hai! My poison, my rules lol


    Raw? Oh my Rumi. I’m not watching it cos it sounded like my kind of nightmare and also I’d just make too many JKY Cinematic Universe jokes and then drop it at like episode 5 but anyway…


    My sister and I are watching this. Honestly, it is so bad but so good at the same time lol


    “I know I shouldn\’t get attached to him considering the whole soul switch-a-roo”

    The writer could be fooling us with the soul switching. I wonder if no switching actually took place. But it could go either way (I mean, Ji-Cheol did dramatically write on the walls of his holding cell about his desire to live as Hyung-Bin, even if only for a little while). We’ll just have to continue watching. πŸ˜‰


      If the writer does try to make it a fake out, then it’d just be a huge plot hole because Soo Hyuk doesn’t grab his head, he grabs his eye area in phantom pain.
      ___ It makes semi sense from Jun Beom’s perspective because 80s cop also saw the gruesome murder scenes – the 21st century reincarnation could be interpreting things differently – If he is 80s cop. But the paintings are in a murderers pov so again the soul switch-a-roo fake out would just be colossal bad writing on top of the already bad writing.

      Tbh I also considered the possibility of a fake out but I’m holding faith due to the dramaland hair rule & mdl order of listing actors 😂


        I know some other Beanies had thoughts about Lee Soo-hyuk’s eye grabbing in the current timeline.

        Re: Jong-beom’s character:

        I believe that the people around him (I refer to them as both the Murderer’s Posse–for the man and woman who followed/admired Ji-cheol’s father when he was actively killing–and crazy family–mostly for his mother) are expecting him to be this psychopathic serial killer. A twisted version of the Next Best Thing. As such, they interpret his actions and even his art in that light.

        In a flashback, for example, a young Jong-beom talks to his mother about his wanting to have been able to see inside the body of his late grandfather. His mother has this look on her face and says that he must have a curiosity about studying bodies (or something like that). But Jong-beom replies that he wanted to see if he could find his grandfather’s soul. His mother then has the look of someone who was not expecting that response. As for the paintings: the woman (who was a student of Ji-cheol’s father and apparently the lawyer who defended Ji-cheol in the ’80s timeline) looks at the painting of the person hanging off the ledge. She guesses that the perspective is from the murderer’s point of view. Almost as if the murderer were looking down at the person: he is above everything and the person hanging off the ledge is insignificant (this is my very poor summary of what she says). Jong-beom then replies something to the effect of: “Is that what you see?” He never confirmed her interpretation. Sorry for rambling. I am summarizing and paraphrasing a lot here, lol.

        With Jong-beom’s character, they might be going with a sociopath or psychopath (I always have a problem with these terms as used in dramas, but will go with this), but he might not be a serial killer. I don’t think he is a killer. There is something off about him, but that could be because he does not behave or think “normally.”

        And it could also very well be because he is the reincarnation of the detective. I like what you wrote above: “the 21st century reincarnation could be interpreting things differently.” This is a possibility. But I can’ t help but feel that we could always be fooled.

        Side note: I never saw ’80’s Ji-choel as a psychopath. I can understand that the public might think that, as all of the murders were pinned on him. But the woman who belonged to Murderer’s Posse also seemed to think of him that way. He was troubled, no doubt, but I saw him as a deeply feeling but also troubled person.


          Yes agreed. The mom was definitely wanting a psychopath. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the 80s dad sperm because she was a fangirl.

          Thanks for the reminder about the lawyer author. That one is most definitely a fangirl.


        And LOL re: “dramaland hair rule.”


King has osts from ZION.T & HWASA. I\’m predicting a Hotel Del Luna 2.0 where anybody who is somebody will have osts.
Drama sucks but hey I love those 2; at least the osts are nice (the only nice things about it). Not including the love poem copy ost, we\’ve heard like 3 already.

Unless I go stir crazy from lockdown this is a drop. I\’d much rather binge nicer shows – Any recs?


Day 6

We all develop different tastes as we grow old…. I’m going to share one such change.
When this album The 20/20 Experience part 1 by Justin Timberlake came out, I was more into pop & didn’t care for other songs on the album except Mirror. Now it’s one of my favourite English albums, & Blue Ocean Floor my favourite song by JT.


Day 5

Music March is shaping up to be a great excuse for me to gush about songs I love.
Today’s pick is Korean artist Xydo… He has a very compelling voice. The best discovery of 2019 for me.

I love his songs Drawing , Spotlight , Raindrop and Abyss ❤️❤️❤️

His voice even made me like Justin Bieber’s Yummy.

Day 4

This one is new to me…. But I found parts of it quite relatable.

β€œSometimes the wrong things feel so right….
Sometimes the truth’s a lie
So when you ask me how I am I say fine…
So when you ask me how I am I say fine.”

Reminds me of another song I love (just the vibes) – Drake’s Doing It Wrong.

β€œWe live in a generation of, not being in love, and not being together
But we sure make it feel like we’re together
‘Cause we’re scared to see each other with somebody else”

I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this post,but these are a couple of songs I like, that I wanted to share I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️😅

Day 3

I love songs with the word ‘dance’, that are about dancing. I just love dancing. It’s one of those things that come instinctively to me… I can’t stay still if there’s a catchy beat out there.

Here are 4 of them :-
1. Shall We Dance by Block B
If this song doesn’t make you wanna dance…. Well are you even listening properly?

2. Dance Dance by Day6
Just the newest addition to my dancing songs. I love the English cover version by Shibuya Sunrise too.

3. Dance Pe Chance from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
(tl – take a chance on dancing)
This song literally spells out how to move your body, but with a much more relaxed beat. It urges & coaxes the reluctant person to follow simple steps & they’ll find themselves dancing decently. I frankly think this song is genius & can teach dance to total noobs who understand the lyrics.👍👍👍
___ A similar teach you how to dance with its lyrics song is Hoedown Throwdown by Hannah Montana – it mentions the steps to the dance in such a fast paced manner… Now I couldn’t exactly execute them but it’s still fun to try. 😅😆

4. Dance by Eden ft Woodz
I Love😍Love😍Love😍 this song❤️…. It tickles my fancy side, that has whimsies of twirling on the dance floor with a happy partner.

5. And Dance by Louisa Wendorff
Lol this wants you to dance any & all western dance forms you could think of…. Just dance 💃🕺

6. Dancing on Glass By Bumkey
This makes me want to arch my heels & leap & fly across the floor… Such an upbeat & groovy song.

7. Dancing in the Rain by Rad Museum
This is one of my favourite songs… It will make you want to dance in the rain guaranteed.

8. Dancing Jodi from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.
(tl – dancing couple)
I never understood how people could dance to just instrumentals before I heard this piece…. But I can dance to this with eyes closed.

9. Aaja Nachle From Aaja Nachle
(tl – come dance)
I can’t exactly describe how much I enjoy dancing to this song, how the absurd comparisons can make me goof off, but it’s all in good humour with thirakti beats.

10. Dancing Queen by Abba
This needs no introduction…. It makes me feel like a queen, like I own the dance floor.

Honourable mentions to Shut up & dance by Walk the Moon, Slow Dancing in the dark by Joji, Can I have this dance from HSM3, Nach Baliye & Last Dance by Big Bang.


For Day 2 of #MusicMarch
I’m going to share a song Naina Chaar. (literally four eyes – it’s an idiom that means falling in love or facing each other face to face)

At first listen you might think it’s a romantics song due to its hook & pre chorus, about people struggling in love… But I think it’s open to interpretation.

β€œWoh jo bin bole baatein mann ki kar lete hain”
Those that talk without speaking about what’s in their heart
β€œJhoote kisse bhole ban ke ghardh lete hain”
That spread falsehood while pretending to be innocent

β€œHaanji maan gaye hum hain khoob bure, ye sughad bhale
Fine I’ll accept I’m very bad & they are the good people
β€œYe to ardhiyal hain ji patthar pighlavein, ye na pighlein
These are obstinate people, you can melt a stone but not them
These are just a few sentences talking about people, rumours, etc, but this songs lyrics speak to me.
I couldn’t think of a grand presentation to make, so here is a song that I hold close to my heart because I find it relatable.

The beautiful instruments, the raw voice of Kailash Kher & the melodious tang of Shreya ghoshal is all like cherry on top.

I hope beanies like listening to it even if you can’t understand it 😅[ ]
__Here’s a link with the more conventional meaning, for those interested.

Ah I almost missed the Day 1 of Music March 🎶. It’s still 1st march somewhere in the world, thank God.

To Claire De Lune – you’ll always have a piece of my heart. My faithful companion in sorrow & pain, thank you for easing years of migraines.



Things I LOVE in no particular order

Liva – a patented form of viscose fabric. Highly versatile
The instrumental osts from Come & Hug Me
Claire De Lune
Cool blue scents
A coral lip
Purple makeup
Ice cream & strawberries
Bitter coffee
Saxophone sounds
Rain, rain sounds, songs
Turning PT exercises to dance steps
Hot baths
Masala Chai
Blue lights
Pride & Prejudice
Crashing ocean waves
Neon stars
My mother’s cooking
The scent of nature in autumn
Water bodies
Night time
Historical sites

Love, February

A random pic I took attached just because 😂😅


Wohooo I levelled up but now I\’m a shady mythical being\’s underwear.
A vest might have some magical powers… But I\’m underwear


People who watched BE MELO , Are directors signed to channels & not production companies?

I’m a bit confused by their whole getting DOP, art director, music director etc bit. who works & signs with whom?

I remember seeing posts from someone who worked in the TV industry – if you see this or remember who it was can you please tag or answer this?
__ Or please give me a frame of reference if you have any idea about how the SK drama industry works 🙇🏻‍♀️🙏


    It differs for every country. There is no set rule. But I do think there is one in SK and from what I gather, Directors definitely belong to the channels (from real life news and also if you want to know more King of Dramas shows the entertainment biz). While I guess the rest are somewhat contract workers, the ones you can hire for that particular show, i don’t think they are stably associated with channel as the directors (PD’s).


Ugh I made a random post remembering Buja from Hwayugi & how Buja should be a db level…. But db ate it up. Sed.