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Boys Before Flowers: Episode 17
by | March 3, 2009 | 266 Comments

I don’t know if this was by design or by chance (because of the broadcast delay), but this episode had some quieter moments, which have been a rare thing in this series — it’s usually so jam-packed with The Drama. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, though, because for once we had a little breathing room in some scenes, and it was a refreshing change.

Now if we didn’t also have a few mind-bogglingly embarrassing scenes mixed in among those nicely spaced-out ones…


The Name – “처음 사랑했을 때처럼” (Like when we were first in love) [ Download ]

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Revisiting happier times, Ji-hoo watches home videos showing him at age five, playing around with his then-doting grandfather. Ex-President Yoon similarly loses himself in memories of the day Ji-hoo’s parents died.

(Just kiss and make up, you two!)

Jun-pyo faces off with his mother, who wants him to officially accept his engagement with Jae-kyung. She tells him that Shinhwa’s deal with JK Group is a huge deal — is he so thoughtless that he could give up everything his father and grandfather worked so hard for, over a silly thing like love?

Jun-hee storms in and instructs Jun-pyo to leave. Steely, she asks her mother, “Wasn’t it enough to do it to me? You need a hotel, so you sell your daughter. You need investments, and sell your son. What are you going to do if you need something else? You have no children left.”

Madam Kang insists it’s all for her children’s sake, at which Jun-hee scoffs. She’s never felt that anything her mother did was for their benefit. Mom asks her where her current happiness comes from if not her, and Jun-hee laughs bitterly: “Happiness? Do you know what happiness is?”

Jun-hee warns Mom to leave Jun-pyo alone — she won’t sit back this time.

Jan-di is busy at work, filling in for her parents on the janitorial night shift, when Ji-hoo steps into the lobby and sees her. After a moment, Ji-hoo pushes up his sleeves and grabs some supplies to join in. Jan-di is a little abashed but grateful for the help, and together, they clean the windows and the floors.

Afterward, Ji-hoo waits for Jan-di outside the restrooms, but grows concerned when she doesn’t emerge. He tries calling, but though he can hear the ringtone sounding, nobody picks up. Cautiously, he looks inside, and finds Jan-di collapsed on the ground.

Ji-hoo rushes Jan-di home and calls a doctor, who says Jan-di will be fine with some rest; she’s just overworked.

Seeing some blood on Jan-di’s finger, Ji-hoo is reminded of the time Jan-di had wrapped his bleeding finger for him. Ji-hoo takes her hand and presses a kiss to it…

…at just the moment that Jun-pyo drops by. Jun-pyo watches for a moment, then turns and silently leaves. In his car, her thinks back to the confrontation at the Macau airport, when Ji-hoo declared that he won’t step aside this time. There’s an interesting moment, I think, when he laughs and cries at the same time, then erupts into frustration.

Thus when they cross paths at school, he ignores her. (She’s nursing a bloody nose, indicative of overworking — although who else immediately thought of That Other Drama Cliché, the cancer storyline? I doubt that’s the intent, but still, there was a little too much emphasis on Jan-di’s blood to escape that thought.) Jun-pyo walks right by her, and Jan-di, feeling hurt, doesn’t see him turn back to watch her. He kicks the wall in anger.

It must be this frustration, coupled with his mother’s constant browbeating, that forces him into his next decision, which we hear from Jae-kyung that night.

Jae-kyung calls Jan-di out and meets her at the playground, grabbing Jan-di in a hug and fighting tears as she starts to speak. At first, Jan-di worries that something has happened to Jun-pyo, but it turns out that Jae-kyung’s tears are of happiness — Jun-pyo finally came around and suggested they start dating officially.

Jae-kyung was so thrilled she just had to share, and gushes, “Isn’t it so romantic to fall in love with your fiancée?” (I think that’s a little backward, but we get the point.) She also thanks Jan-di: “I’m so happy I have a friend to tell.” Jan-di looks like she would dearly love to not be that friend, but musters up a weak “Congratulations.”

The new couple makes their first official appearance at some kind of Shinhwa event (a cell phone launch party?). F4 is subdued around Jae-kyung, and Jun-pyo himself isn’t too enthusiastic to be here with her; he’s mostly quiet as his friends halfheartedly greet Jae-kyung and trade looks.

Jun-pyo and Jae-kyung greet the proud parents, and Madam Kang expresses her approval of Jae-kyung. Even when her parents suggest that she calm down and act befitting her position, Madam Kang encourages her to continue being her bright, lively self — I’m guessing that she really doesn’t care about the girl’s personality given her lofty connections.

Jun-pyo and Jae-kyung leave the party early to go on their first official date, during which Jun-pyo looks mostly unhappy and disconnected while Jae-kyung tries to engage his attention. I think on some level, Jae-kyung must be aware of Jun-pyo’s feelings, because she’s not completely dumb — she does notice his distraction when they’re at the movies (they’re watching Speed Scandal, by the way).

But she ignores this and keeps the date moving along, whether it’s by shoving popcorn into Jun-pyo’s mouth, dragging him around a teddy bear museum, or goading him into riding the cable car with her. (When he tells her to go alone, she teases him about being afraid of heights, prompting him to come along out of annoyance.)

In the cable car, Jun-pyo spies the message he’d scrawled on the wall the night he got stuck there with Jan-di, and I’m exceedingly disappointed that it wasn’t Jae-kyung who saw the message rather than him. Instead, Jae-kyung enjoys a moment of closeness when the cable car jerks — she misreads the way he automatically puts his arm around her to steady her as a sign of affection.

(At least, I think she’s misreading it, because I don’t think Jun-pyo is actually interested in her. It’s not that he couldn’t be attracted to her — maybe he would have been, if not for Jan-di — but that his feelings for Jan-di tend to be so overwhelming that I just don’t think he’s got room to think about anyone else.)

Ji-hoo comes upon Jan-di studying in their stairwell, and she jokes that at this rate, it would be a miracle for her to make it to medical school. But, she reasons, even if she doesn’t, she could always continue helping out at his grandfather’s clinic.

Belatedly remembering that the estranged grandfather is a touchy subject, Jan-di cuts herself off, then suggests that Ji-hoo make up with him. Ji-hoo answers curtly that they’d never fought — he was abandoned. Jan-di hesitantly mentions that his grandfather feels awful and misses him, but that just elicits a scornful laugh.

Their attention is diverted by two people walking down the hallway just inside — it’s Jae-kyung, nagging and hanging on to Jun-pyo’s arm. Jun-pyo’s growing increasingly irritated at Jae-kyng’s constant clinging, which she defends by saying is because she feels uncertain about their relationship. However, she offers to stop tagging along all the time if he’ll make her feel more secure — then she’ll stay put and wait for him patiently.

Jun-pyo asks what it’ll take for her to do that, and she answers, “Give me a kiss.” Her request makes Jun-pyo think back to all the (romantic, sweet) kisses he’d shared with Jan-di… and then he makes up his mind. He grabs Jae-kyung quickly and kisses her — but in contrast to his kisses with Jan-di, his eyes remain open, cold, unfeeling.

Ji-hoo grabs Jan-di to keep her from seeing (it’s a thoughtful, but mostly useless, gesture) and holds her against him until Jun-pyo breaks the kiss.

It has meant nothing to Jun-pyo and he walks off, thinking he’s earned his freedom. But Jae-kyung, happy now, persists in following him, causing him to grumble, “What now?”

Jae-kyung has a list of things she’s always wanted to do with a boyfriend (99 things, in fact) and suggests they tackle one thing per day. By the time they reach their 100-day mark, they’ll be done with her list and be a “real couple” by then. (Jun-pyo, meanwhile, is exasperated at the prospect of still being with her in 100 days.)

I almost put this screencap up top, because it’s my favorite shot from today, and I think it demonstrates the feel of this episode well — quiet, with space to breathe.

Ji-hoo can see how hurt Jan-di is by the kiss, and continues to follow her as she walks around in a daze (even running into a glass door). As with the mop scene before, Ji-hoo gives Jan-di her space and doesn’t push, but stays in the background until she’s ready to talk. When she finally does, she asks him to take her somewhere.

This ends up being the river.

As they look over the water, Ji-hoo says that Jan-di must have been an otter in a past life — she’s hard-working, cute, and needs water to survive. Jan-di thinks that as long as they’re inventing stories, she could be the Little Mermaid instead, but Ji-hoo vetoes this: It’s too sad to think of her as someone who suffers because of failed love.

Mustering some cheer, Jan-di offers to buy Ji-hoo dinner, so they leave the river and head to a restaurant…

… where they run into Jun-pyo and Jae-kyung. I suppose this run-in makes sense, since this is the restaurant the girls had taken Jae-kyung on their day out.

Oblivious to the tension (whether feigned or real is up for debate), Jae-kyung is happy to see Jan-di and greets them excitedly.


Meanwhile, Ga-eul attends her first day in pottery class, which is taught by a woman named Eun-jae.

I take back what I said about Ga-eul being smart. I’m not saying she’s dumb for taking up pottery because of Yi-jung, and I can understand her actions, but I’m disappointed nonetheless. It’s one thing to harbor a crush for someone you know isn’t good for you (you can’t help your feelings, right?), but another thing to actively cultivate that interest. This is a drama so we know Yi-jung is a decent guy and probably the Perfect Soulmate for Ga-eul… but she doesn’t know that. He hasn’t proven himself to be a good match, and in the absence of that kind of conviction, I’d thought she’d be smarter. Oh well. She’s young and he’s hot.

After class, Eun-jae asks about Ga-eul’s interest in pottery; she answers that someone she knows is a potter. Wanting to share an interest with a friend is a sentiment Eun-jae understands; she explains that that’s how she started, back when she was a child.

Ga-eul asks if Eun-jae’s boyfriend is a potter, and gets the reply that the person in question is a potter, but not her boyfriend. I’m sure we’ve all guessed this much, but Ga-eul starts to get an inkling that Eun-jae refers to Yi-jung when Eun-jae indicates a ceramic mug — she repeats Yi-jung’s words from an earlier episode about how these clay creations are stronger than they appear.

Yi-jung catches his father making out with a younger woman at his studio, and faces him in disgust. Yi-jung asks why his father lives like this, and gets back the response that life is boring. Yi-jung snipes, “Have you ever lived properly even for a moment?”

Dad replies, “There was only one woman who made me want to live right. If you let that woman go, they’re all the same. They’re all just meaningless repetitions.” (Way to be romantic and misogynistic at the same time, dude.)

Yi-jung feels that that’s unfair to his mother, but his father sighs, “That’s why I wish this life would pass quickly. But things don’t work out that way.”

We can see how having a father like this has shaped Yi-jung’s playboy tendencies, but Yi-jung resents hearing that he resembles his father. His father knows Yi-jung hates it (he smiles, “Isn’t that cruel?”), but it’s true.

He leaves him with these pearls of wisdom: “The real thing comes once. That’s another cruel truth.”

Awkward silence prevails at dinner. Jae-kyung notices Jan-di eyeing a notice on the wall, and it piques her interest — it’s a ladies’ challenge. Anyone who finishes a “jumbo ramen” within 20 minutes wins 50 coupons for free ramen. Jae-kyung can tell that Jan-di wants those coupons, so she offers to win them for her. In exchange, she wants a wish from each of them if she succeeds.

Ji-hoo is first to agree, and Jae-kyung dives in.

Everyone watches in a mix of disgust and amazement as Jae-kyung eats, and eats, and eats… and polishes off the gigantic bowl. (More than the stomach space, I fear for her cholesterol and sodium levels.)

She wins the coupons, hands them over to Jan-di as a gift, and claims her wishes: She wants the four of them to go on a trip together. They can stay at one of her family’s resorts. Jun-pyo resists (“I hate double dates”), but Jae-kyung points out that he’d already promised.

After his disturbing confrontation with his father, Yi-jung drowns his sorrows in some hard liquor and loses himself in a childhood memory, when he’d been crying under the table and fearing for his mother’s life. (I’m not sure if she was ill, or perhaps, in keeping with the theme, she had attempted suicide as a result of his father’s infidelity.)

A girl joins Yi-jung under the table — Eun-jae — and comforts him, saying she always knows where to find him. He puts his head in her lap and makes her promise not to leave until he falls asleep.

Feeling lost and alone, Yi-jung now looks at the empty space next to him and imagines that Eun-jae is there, asking brokenly, “Eun-jae, won’t you find me again?”

Still pretending she’s here, Yi-jung lays down as though to put his head in her lap, but in reality just lying down on the empty bench.

Jae-kyung gets her wishes, because the foursome check into her family hotel (I’m so confused — it’s unclear where this is, exactly). Up in their suite, Jae-kyung shows Jan-di a new purchase, thrilling at the couple rings she’s bought for herself and Jun-pyo.

Jan-di is taken aback to see that the rings have been engraved with a “J ♥ J” before realizing it stands for Jae-kyung and Jun-pyo.

Her reaction to the J/J engraving is explained later as she sits by the pool looking at her star-moon necklace, turning it over to reveal the same inscription. But she loses her grasp and drops the necklace into the water. Dismayed, Jan-di decides to retrieve it, and searches until she finds the necklace sitting on the bottom of the pool.

As she swims toward the end of the pool, her faulty shoulder, which has been bothering her all episode, flares up. In pain, she flails around wildly, unable to stay afloat. (AGAIN? I don’t know why a bum shoulder means she can’t use her legs to STAND UP. Excuse me while I pause to go laugh my head off.)

No, really, it’s horrible. I tried really hard to tell myself that the pool was deep, but it was still a hard scene to buy.

And then, things get even cheesier when out of nowhere, Jun-pyo comes swimming out to save Jan-di, pulling her to safety.

Worriedly, he calls out to her and jostles her awake. Jan-di’s first reaction is puzzlement, because Jun-pyo can’t swim. He answers that he learned how, since “I figured I’d rather drown than watch some other guy save you.” Because, as we know, it’s too much to hope for that she ever moves beyond the need for rescue.

Jun-pyo takes Jan-di in his arms and starts to carry her away, which is when the other two come running. Ji-hoo steps in to say he’ll take over from here and help Jan-di back to her room. Reluctantly, Jun-pyo puts Jan-di down and relinquishes her to Ji-hoo’s care, staring intently after her as she walks away. Even Jae-kyung can’t escape noticing his reaction this time. After everyone leaves, she finds Jan-di’s dropped necklace on the ground and reads the inscription curiously.

Yi-jung loiters outside a café and glares through the window at one of the baristas inside. His rage is explained by a flashback, which tells us that this is Yi-jung’s older brother.

The two had had a falling out the day his brother gave up pottery and left home. Apparently they had both studied under their father’s tutelage, but Yi-jung had always been the one with the natural talent, and he’s the one who will take over the family legacy.

Yi-jung had felt betrayed at his brother’s abandonment — he’d escaped but left Yi-jung to shoulder the burden alone. (Yi-jung had never asked to study pottery, although his father had pointed out that he hadn’t protested, either.)

(Oy, the shoutiness and the eye-bugging! Kim Bum, I love you, but you are not in East of Eden anymore.)

Meanwhile, at the undisclosed resort location, Jun-pyo broods alone in the pool, thinking of how he’d had to step back and let Ji-hoo take care of Jan-di. Jae-kyung arrives wearing an uncharacteristically serious and solemn expression, silently removes her robe to reveal a bikini underneath, and joins him in the pool. When he asks what she’s doing, she grabs Jun-pyo suddenly in a back-hug.

At the same time, Jan-di has gotten some medical attention (she’s fine, she just forgot that she shouldn’t swim anymore) and assures Ji-hoo she’s okay. She excuses herself to retrieve something she’d lost, and heads back to find the necklace.

And this is how she comes to see the other couple, embracing in the pool.


(Did they get a new music director? The Second Moon guy, perhaps?)

Is anyone else feeling tired out by the drama? I don’t mean tired OF the drama, but tired out BY it. I dunno, for mindless entertainment, sometimes it really makes you work at following along.

I didn’t mind the pacing issues (much) because I knew production had to work around Gu Hye-sun’s accident and filming delays. That meant I was generally okay with the episode, except for a few of those truly odd parts that couldn’t be overlooked.

Jae-kyung. I think I have a handle on her character, but as I mentioned, it’s not clear just how much she guesses about Jan-di and Jun-pyo, and how much she’s genuinely ignorant about. I guess it’s up to us to decide for ourselves how manipulative she’s being, but that covers a pretty wide range and I’d rather know for sure if she’s being oblivious, completely manipulative, or halfway in between (I suspect the latter).

Also, what was the point of the ramen scene? I was puzzled as to why Jan-di was so freakin’ passive in this scene — she’s just going to let someone engage in an eating challenge to hand over an awesome prize? When Jae-kyung said she could tell Jan-di wanted those coupons, I wondered, then why doesn’t Jan-di actually WIN them herself? I thought perhaps she’d join the challenge, or maybe they’d both do it, but instead, she just sat back and said nothing, then accepted the prize.

Interestingly, Yi-jung’s father’s view on love is in line with Ga-eul’s philosophy on soulmates, which suggests that Ga-eul is the match for Yi-jung. On the other hand, if Yi-jung has already had a love and lost her, does that mean he’s used up his quota for this lifetime?


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    Can you upload this song to share with us? It’s Japanese singer Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”. I think the song complements with the sad mood in Jan-di and Jun-pyo’s scenes, or how Ji-hoo is quietly hurting when he sees Jan-di is sad. Thanks!

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    This ep had a whole lot of the two doing “odd” things.. would add nicely to those funny parody videos… Evil JiHoon part 2.

    I thought the same thing for Yi Jung and GaEul… did he already miss his chance..or is she REALLY the one ???

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    Thank you for the recap!

    As usual, I agree with all of your comments. One side note – as to why Jandi was so “freakin’ passive” in the ramen scene, which was totally lame btw and unnecessary, apparently it’s the only scene Gu Hye Sun shot after her accident. You can tell that the left side of her face is still a bit swollen and that she has trouble opening her mouth. Obviously the whole “we’re letting her rest” bit was untrue – clearly the producers have to shoot around her because the poor girl can’t speak.

  8. chivisale

    thanks…great recap, about the ackward scene of Jandi only watching the ramen competion, it was cause the scene was changed for the injuri of GHS… they filmed that scene after she came back from the hospital…
    I’m so happy!!!, this is my fist time writting, but I always read your blog, I love it,sorry for my english…

  9. musicgoer

    originally jandi and jaekyung were meant to win the ramen competition together, but this scene was edited since it was filmed after hyesun’s accident. So i became a one-woman show for jaekyung
    i’m getting a bit tired by the show. JD and JP needs to be reunited soon. They are the energy source of the entire show. And since they have been apart for so long (except for ep 14’s funny spy date moments), i’m feeling the grind of it.
    The junpyo saving jandi scene could have been made better, such as showing how he walks by and notices her struggling in the water. I think jaekyung seriously doesn’t have a clue abt jandi and junpyo’s relationship until junpyo saved jandi from the pool. don’t think JK is acting stupid.

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    Sarah, I’m pretty sure the ramen scene was filmed after Gu’s accident, and that is why she didn’t say anything during that entire scene. She still has stitches in her mouth.

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    this episode was a nice quiet one, not too far fetched. but with the cable car, how many times can they all be on the same one again? first jihoo and jandi, now jae kyung and jun pyo. i am sure there are other cable cars but they all just happen to be on the same one again.

  15. 15 Gallivanter

    I have to suspect that with Eun-Jae and Yi-Jung, it’s going to be different than in the comic. Maybe she will have betrayed him. I hope so, but my FAVORITE scene from the comic and Japanese adaptation is the finality to their relationship (and his with Ga-Eul/Yuki).

    …or, it’s going to end up sloppy. My money’s on this. But, somehow, I just won’t care. I think they’re cute despite the way everything has gone down.

  16. 16 javabeans

    My problem with the ramen scene isn’t (only) that Gu Hye-sun didn’t talk — but because it was utterly pointless and confusing. :(

  17. 17 maria

    OKAY. let me get this off my chest. WUT IN THE NAME OF GLOB was that anycall/samsung modelling bit???

    okay. i think that even with the pacing problems, what’s best about this show is that each of the characters has really come into their own, and we find ourselves liking all of them, honest to glob.
    i was curious about what would happent o the mondayssuck-tuesdays rock pattern, because mondays only ever seemed to set up tuesday eps, and is therefore usually sacrificial in terms of plot and pacing, and yes, this episode did leave me *wtf*ing at some points, but all in all…..*fiiine* it became a tuesday ep. 😛 maybe that’s what’s gonna happen: they’ll make the tuesdays great, like always and make the mondays eps better. YAY!

    thanks for the awesome x infinity recaps, sarah! …still can’t get over their pancakes of sadness. maybe now, now, we have RAMYUN OF SHOCK.

    and *melt* at the scene where jun pyo saved jan di. *swoon*

  18. 18 andrew

    hey javabeans, the ramen scene was confirmed to be the one goo hye sun shot immediately after she was discharged:


    So it has been confirmed that the ramen scene is the one GHS shot after her discharge.
    Goo Hye Sun’s scene after discharge from hospital

    written by:김형우
    translated by: dunlop09

    Goo Hye Sun, who was hospitalized after a car accident, returned to “Boys Over Flowers” filming after her discharge. The scene that she shot was necessary for episode 17.

    The episode that aired on the 3rd contains Goo Hye Sun’s acting after her discharge. This is the scene where Goo Jun Pyo(Lee Min Ho), Yoon Ji Hoo(Kim Hyun Joong), Ha Jae Kyung(Lee Min Jung) and Geum Jandi(Goo Hye Sun) are at a restaurant, and Jae Kyung ends up entering a Ramen eating competition.

    In this scene that lasted for 4 minutes, Goo Hye Sun acted without saying a word. Despite concerns, the swelling was barely noticeable. The only problem was that everything was a bit unnatural due to her injury that has not yet fully healed.

    Originally, Jandi and Jae Kyung were supposed to eat the Ramen together. However, due to Goo Hye Sun’s injury, the script was modified so that only Jae Kyung had to eat it.

    Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun is doing everything she can to recover from her injury. Thankfully, the swelling has almost completely gone down, but she still has problems when it comes to talking. On February 27th, Goo Hye Sun was hospitalized after a car accident. After receiving stitches for a tear in her lip area, she remained in the hospital until March 2nd.

  19. 19 deeta

    I actually like the ramen scene. It’s a reminder that Jaekyung DOES like Jandi, that she thinks of her as her friend. At that time, I don’t think she had any inkling whatsoever about the extent of Junpyo and Jandi. Only later when she found the necklace that she sort of got the gist that they might’ve been more than friends.

    I personally think this episode was better than I would’ve thought. Yijung thing was too dramatic for my taste, it didn’t help that the acting (it’s only first impression, but I can’t stand Eunjae) was well, like you mentioned, EOE-ish. I hope this whole Yijung thing would be resolved nicely.

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    they’re so fun!! but i thought kimbum’s scenes were really good!
    i kinda teared up a bit T.T

    lol i like his shouting too, it showed his rage and then his glare!!
    ooh this is the only time im thankful for the netizens and fans who wanted the So-Eul couple to have a storyline because we get more in depth with yijung.
    I’m really rooting for them, but in the books they dont get together so we’ll see!!

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    Truly enjoyed the Yi-jung scenes

  23. 23 Debbie

    Perhaps the ramen scene wasn’t included in the original script but because Gu couldn’t talk, they had to create something? They probably had something better planned but couldn’t do it?? (I’m giving the producers a lot of credit here! haha)

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    I thought the music was a lot better this episode, if i’m not mistaken no “PARRADISE!” which is always good news.

    I liked yi-jungs story line, pretty interesting. I want to freaking yell and punch him in the face for not realizing his soeulmate is ga eul. But yeah Kim Bum did lots of yelling and had eye issues this ep.
    I think when the 4 met up after jp rescues jd and jae see’s jp looking at jd as she walks away, then finds the necklace is when things starting clicking in her head.
    I really liked jihoo this episode, 17 eps in and i’m finally starting to actually like the love rival.
    I hate Jandi’s passive aggressiveness.

    I have completely given up hope of Jan Di helping herself, totally accepted her being the damsel in distress forever.

    ..poor Kim Joon the only f4 to have no storyline what so ever.

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    The show is a lot of work. While it is currently a guilty pleasure of mine, it does get very tedious trying to rationalize ridiculousness all the time. I hate to be a fan-girl, but at this stage I’m really only sticking through for my LMH.

    I know I’m in the minority, but I found the Kim angst very awkward. I know he was supposed to show off his excellent emo skills, but I was unimpressed.

    Oh, and I also have stopped feeling sorry for the guy who loves the girl and won’t take action. If he decides it’s better to stand in the sidelines and play cupid then why should I get all twisted up for his ‘sorrow’. Nope, over it.

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    for JD to supposedly care for the necklace she sure is careless with it. that whole pool scene was stupid and useless. the JD character is making me very, very tired of her stupidity. the scene of JP and JH cooking is cute enough to just barely get me through the stupidity/fainting/in need rescuing that is JD in this episode. bring back the spunky violent JD soon please.

  29. 29 Maryuan

    According to the news (only about Gu Hye-Sun’s injury now), the reason why Jandi didn’t engage in the Hurl-Inducing Ramen Eating Contest was because they filmed it after Gu Hye-Sun’s accident. Apparently, her lip was too swollen, so they had to alter the script and cut our her ramen-eating scene.

    I would’ve like to see the J vs. J Ramen Showdown though… Maybe they’ll make up for it later in the series when Gu recovers. I’m sure Jandi can win against Jae Kyung because she is SO much better at eating than swimming.

  30. 30 innocentsteps456

    love your review as always :) and I’m really happy that we are starting to explore more of the Yi Jung – Ga Eul plotline that hasn’t been explored before. Although since the drama isn’t going to be extended, I’m kind of worried about tried to fit all the love lines in the next 6 or 7 episode… anyone else concerned?

  31. 31 Jennifer

    “My problem with the ramen scene isn’t (only) that Gu Hye-sun didn’t talk — but because it was utterly pointless and confusing”

    Java, it served to get the three of them to agree to go on vacation with her. And it gives JD free food, god knows her broke ass needs it 😀

  32. 32 GG

    thanks for the recap….i’m a little saddened that there is only one episode this week…but here’s praying and hoping that GHS is fine now.

  33. 33 j

    maybe jandi was still in the state of shock of the 2 kissing? which’s why she didn’t join in on the ramen challenge?

    & did any1 else notice that jihoo’s wearing black, hahaha…

  34. 34 Lena

    Jihoo is really growing on me. I think my favorite scene was the part when he follows JD after they see JP and JK kiss. I really liked this scene and the mop scene from the previous episode. I like how he doesn’t push JD and instead he waits for her to speak first. I wish I had a friend like Jihoo =(

    I’m really getting tired of seeing JP cry almost every episode. It was touching to see at first.. but now I just want him to man the f up

  35. 35 sophie

    wah, kim bum!!!

    thank you for the recap

  36. 36 kate


  37. 37 javabeans

    Let me also add that my ramen scene complaint includes the violation of that Golden Rule of Drama-Watching: I shouldn’t have to fanwank to make it make sense. Accident or not, that scene shoulda damn well made sense.

    But thanks for the info, to everyone and their mother who shared the tidbit!

  38. 38 andygal86

    Thanks for the recap Javabeans! I kept refreshing your page, just waiting for the recap… This episode didn’t have a lot of shenanigans, but it wasn’t too bad either. I had so much angst after Jun Pyo rescued Jan Di from the pool! When Ji Hoo said he would take her from here, I totally yelled at my laptop, telling Jun Pyo to say something! I wish he would have told Ji Hoo that he would take care of Jan Di, but no….Thanks Madam Kang! Its also nice to delve more into Yi Jung. BTW, is it just me, or did anyone think Eun Jae looked like an older Sohee from the Wonder Girls? Just a thought….Looking forward to your next recap! :)

  39. 39 funniebones

    1) I was expecting a comment about more material for the Ji-hoo-Jun-pyo fanmade vids, hahah!

    2) I am really losing faith in Jan-di and Ga-eul…
    …is Jan-di just really overworked and fatigued that she just focuses on the bare minimum…that being work and studying?
    I did agree with you previously about Ga-eul being smart, but I suppose I am impressionable and agree with taking it back…I really was hoping the first round with the chocolates bit would be enough for her. I really wanted him to work for her! Instead she is working for him!
    …and yeah, what were they trying to suggest with Yi-jung’s dad’s message? That Ga-eul is the one for Yi-jung or Eun-jae?

    3) The music is better just due to the variety, but as I am constantly reminded of my friend who just finished up Coffee Prince, I must say…I suppose I’ll take the new music, then.

    4) I mean I am all for Jan-di and Jun-pyo, and not that I am doubting Jun-pyo’s love for Jan-di… but it really, really bothers me that Jun-pyo’s disinterest seems forced…and that they have some muffled chemistry there.

    Thank you for the lovely recap! I love how the obsession with BOF has forced me to drop priorities and instead spend time forming this into a critical analysis-master’s thesis material….

  40. 40 Aye

    Did anyone else laugh out loud when they showed Jun-pyo learning how to swim? Way to ruin a nice scene PD Jun Ki-sang.

    Thanks for the recap!

    P.S.: Do you know the name of the singer and the title of the song that was playing during the scene in the teddy bear museum? It’s difficult to search it online since it’s in Korean. Thanks for your help.

  41. 41 seobak

    “Oh well. She’s young and he’s hot.”
    That line was good. XD I generally liked Ep.17 though. There were a few bumps but I overall enjoyed it.. even though I am still more interested in the Ga-Eul/Yi-Jeong story, there was more interest generated in the Jun-Pyo/Jandi in this episode.

    But I would really just rather watch all SoEul parts. I am interested in how the Korean adaption will take their story.. happy ending, hopes?

  42. 42 ozchick

    Thankyou!!!!!! Been refreshing your page ALL DAY!
    I must admit the show IS starting to get a bit boring now and i’m beginning to lose interest (not completely though! Just a tad bit) Things better be picking up soon since we’re almost nearing the finale!

  43. 43 annie

    ahhh i can go to bed earlier now!

  44. 44 Airajuliafor

    Maybe Yi-jung’s first love wasn’t actually a love…? I mean, if you think about it, during the time Eun-jae came, his life was a mess, and she was this oasis that helped him. Maybe he really didn’t lover her; it was just a confused liking/crush. Or maybe Yi-jung’s dad’s philosophy is just plain wrong… that you can have two loves that you will be able to spend your life with… [I actually heard this philosophy that people are born with 8 (or some number close) soulmates. The first one you find is usually your REAL love; and it’s really rare for you to find the others, but if you do, they say you’d be so close to Soulmate 1 that it wouldn’t be hard to choose.]
    Anyhoo… since monday episodes now technically became tuesday episodes.. does that mean that if the tuesdays-are-better-than-monday-episodes pattern continues, monday eps will now be better than tuesday? (did i lose you? xD)

    Thanks, Javabeans. Awesome recap, as always. Kamsahamnida.

  45. 45 Tay

    so few JD and JP scenes lol…mon episode is so boring lol…

  46. 46 bbm

    wow, it’s strange when i want to comment and had less than 10 comments above me. usually it’s up to 100…
    -edit, wow, just by typing this the comment went up to 40 something… nice
    well thank you for this… i think the decision to put season 1 and 2 (of the japanese storyline) into 24 episodes of one season start to take it’s toll, it become repetitious and kinda slow… i didn’t say it was bad, but if they keep it like this, i’m afraid it will get boring…
    i’m hoping not…

  47. 47 Mastisa

    Hey dramabeans, just wanted to mention that I love your recaps and have been reading them since like episode 4 of BBF. Your comments are hilarious and have a healthy dose of experienced criticism! I love watching BBF now even though to me it’s descended into melodrama and cliche coincidences (GJP and GJD just have to walk into each other WHENEVER and WHEREVER the other looks like they’re with someone else – and then almost every guy scene that is included solely for the purpose of showing his angst and perhaps getting them more airtime for the fangirls) – because some parts are still enjoyable and then I can come read your blog and laugh at all the rest.

    Anyway, it was fun to see a review of a 50% Jan-distress episode (although I felt for her, which made it MUCH better than the past ones, it’s just that it’s been overdone). And YJ’s anger seemed to come out of nowhere. I thought I could relate to GaEul though – pottery seems fun even without a guy as an excuse! But she suddenly went all lovey-eyed when the teacher asked her about it… she should have denied it or said she just saw a guy doing it and thought it was cool or something… now it feels like she’s kind of lost her personality like JD’s lost her ability to stand up by herself… erm…

    But I think the scenes between GJP, JD and JH are still awesome! Even the flawed ones! =)

  48. 48 lidge_fan

    “Is anyone else feeling tired out by the drama? I don’t mean tired OF the drama, but tired out BY it. I dunno, for mindless entertainment, sometimes it really makes you work at following along.”…….lol….yeah, the scene of JD and JH standing in front of the columns was beautifully shot but glad you went with the pic of JP feeding JH….lol

    @17 maria: yeah, the phone modelling thing was a bit o_O but if they didn’t have it, Woo Bin wouldn’t even be in this episode at all :( I didn’t pay any attention to Akira in the manga, Meteor Garden or the J-version but I really, really love the character of Song Woo Bin in the K-version of Hana Yori Dango. *sigh* Poor guy! I’ve never rooted for side characters before but K-drama has changed that.

    Thanks for taking the time to do the recap, javabeans!

    edit: hey javabeans, I tried to edit the name and suddenly my comment had a blue box….sorry! :(

  49. 49 dove

    i agree if jandi would participate in ramen challenge, it would be great. However, i read from soompi forum such that due to GHS injury , she couldn’t eat ramen so that ‘s why they modify the scipt which subjects to jaekyung alone eating the ramen. The ramen part was the one which they filmed recently on monday after GHS discharged from hospital.

    Thanks for the review.

  50. 50 jassarah

    For what should have been a Monday episode, this one wasn’t alcohol-drowning bad. (Falls over in shock) Dare I say Season 2 overall has shown a remarkable improvement over Season 1? There’s definitely a lot more interesting emotional development of the characters. I noticed the change (for better) in the music as well. Maybe the music director is like the schizo screenwriter–it’s anyone’s guess whether it’s good or bad from episode to episode.

    Thanks for the recaps!

  51. 51 sitknee

    ok now i will leave a serious comment seeing as i have finished the episode

    WAHOOO…they got new MUSIC!!!….New characters…BUT no new fiery JANDI :[

    i REALLY wish that JANDI would grow some women balls like in the beginning when she round house kicked ppl!!!…why does she have to be such a pansy….can she just tell jaekyong

    what up with jaekyoung!!!!
    is she just stupid or oblivious of the world she lives in…

    i feel really bad for jihoo…poor kid
    he will be hurt the most in the end when jandi and junpyo inevitably get back together…

    it was also so touching that junpyo learned how to swim so that he could save jandi…which is probably a really good idea… he should also learn how to put out fires, mend wounds, whiloe he’s at it he should just put a TRACKING DEVICE ON HER…actually her automatice JANDIstress works fine

    Lastly, now i understand why yijung is so playboyish…i like eunjae she is pretty…and doesnt seem like a meany…hopefully yijung and gaeul still get together :] even though she is going overboard with her love for him

    anyways it was a good episode. sadly there was only one :[
    i hope gu hyesun gets better :]

  52. 52 Lucille

    Thanks for the recap. I actually liked this episode. You were right. I didn’t know I needed a breather until I got one. My only problem with this episode is that I was hoping that JP and JD would finally talk. I really wish that they would just put their cards on the table. I am tired of them being sad. When he saved her, I wanted her to say something in a daze to get the ball rolling, like “JP I miss you” or ” I found it” and show him the necklace, anything. I just need her to snap out of it and start fighting for her man, and I need him to tell her the truth. I would appreciate an episode where they know they can’t be together and why, but they still lend emotional support to each other. I mean seriously, she had JH, but JP has no one.

    Also, I am a little concerned with the direction the drama is taking. There is still so much more story to tell and only 6 or 7 episodes left. Will JD parents leave, will JP move in next to her, will she save the company, will we meet WB mother and sister, will JP get stabbed and lose his memory, ect? There are still so many directions this story can go in. UGggggggggggg, who can wait for Monday? I guess now Monday will be the good episode.

  53. 53 BOFfan

    Ha! I was thinking the same thing as Javabeans. That look that Kim Bum was doing reminded me of East of Eden. Anyhow, I loved the ramen house scene with the tension on JunPyo’s face as he sees Jandi with JiHoo. It was so controlled…I don’t know how he does it, but he is able to reveal his emotion with just a single look. He really deserves that best new actor award. And I just love Jihoo…. he is so sweet. Makes me kind of wish that Jandi would like him. He is the perfect boyfriend…maybe too perfect and that’s why Jandi and his relationship seems so boring.

  54. 54 hjkomo

    All I could think of during the JH/JP cooking scene was…
    1) Tossing a salad with a wisk? WTF?
    2) The fanvid/parody makers must producing bucketfuls of drool over all the footage of JH and JP feeding each other. LOL.
    3) Damned hell. This song is going to be as annoying as Almost Paradise. I’m tired of it already. Yikes!

    …And shoulder injury -> flailing arms about in the pool??? ANY swimmer worth her salt knows how to tread water sans hands/arms. D’UH.

  55. 55 Jasmine

    LOVED the flashback to junpyo learning how to swim. So cute!
    Thought the Jihoo-Junpyo fixing dinner montage was sort of weird, considering Junpyo wanted to punch Jihoo before for kissing Jandi’s hand.
    Also, that kiss on the hand went on FOREVER. =/
    I don’t like the Eunjae girl either. I don’t know. She has that vibe like the girl from Coffee Prince who toyed with Gongyoo’s feelings. Ick. Felt like the whole substory of YiJung’s family was just slapped in. Seemed a bit unnecessary, but this is the first version of BOF that I’ve seen, so can’t say much about that.
    GRRR JAEKYUNG MUST GO AWAY! I’m feeling the grind on the whole Jandi and Junpyo relationship troubles also.

    Thanks for the recap, dramabeans!

  56. 56 anon

    Raise hand! I’m one of those person that are getting tired with this story. I didn’t bother to watch the full episode. Only parts that interest me or parts that get people talking. The rest I’ll just read your recap.

    Am I the only one that bored with yijung’s storyline? Too much angst and its taking too much screen time from the main flow. I hope this story won’t drag more.

    Thanks for the recap

  57. 57 reluctantbutaddicted

    I am starting to enjoy your recaps more than the show, which I often find so painful I can barely watch, and have to FF over the truly embarrassing bits. It’s lost a lot of impetus with JD and JP being estranged for so long. They’ve got to get that back on track… What the f* is JP thinking? What the f* is Jihoo thinking? What the f* is JD thinking? These are the questions I ask over and over again watching them stumble around each other. Oh, and also , what the f* is JD wearing??? I think the dress she wore to New Caledonia was her lowest point, but I can only be thankful that most of the rest of the time she’s in a school uniform. Just how many hoodies does that poor girl own? Seems to have an unending supply. Which reminds me, that parody video about JD’s ultra-short skirts was hilarious, and oh so true.

    Thanks for the great recaps and commentary.

  58. 58 Akiddo

    Dramabeans – u do have a loyal following when it comes to drama recaps…

    Well – this week felt like a wash out – all the anticipation cramp in one episode. Wondered about a few things:

    1. Jae kyeong seems pretty clueless about JD and JP. Perhaps she is so into being in love and trying to get JP’s attention. A smarter woman would have found out about his past relationships. She has all the money and resources to do so. Can’t believe a clueless girl like her can be an heiress to a conglomerate.

    2. Swimming scene – kinda rushed. Could have developed it a little more as this is one of the rare scenes where we find JP and JD alone. He has so much to say to her and vice versa.

    3. Blood and fatigue – what is it about having nosebleeds and fainting? Are they veering towards a semi tragic ending? Like leukemia? For all we know, they just may do a Jandi falling really sick and has to leave for a foreign country for treatment (with Jihoo of course) and ended up studying medicine there while JP pines for JD and doesn’t have a clue what’s going on except that she chose to leave him. Please remember to down a beer or two in my “honour” if this scenarios happen. :)))

    But still a few good things:

    1. JD and JH moments – i like the picture u pointed out on JH giving JD space. That is a picture of a beautiful friendship. Really liked that.

    2. The MUSIC – thank God for the new sountrack. MUCH better. Looking forward to all the new songs. Esp the fast pace one when JD and JH were having fun on the janitor’s “bike”?

    KBS world is showing past episodes of Boys before flowers – if I didn’t watch this show on viikii beforehand – i wouldn’t enjoy the show so much. The translation was bland – missing out all the humour and bantering between JD and JP.

    Oh well. Just looking forward to next week…Thanks much for the recap.

  59. 59 Lena

    I don’t get why people think JD should fight for JP or tell JK to back off. He called her “a stain he wants to erase”.. if the girl had any sense of pride she would not go back to a man like that. If anything, JK’s presence is just more indication that she should move on from JP. I just hope when the time comes for JD and JP to reconcile (because come on.. we know they’ll end up together), the reason will be good.

  60. 60 BBFan

    Hennessy XO? Seriously?
    Yi Jung should join the drinking game.
    That kid has a stomach lining made of tar!

  61. 61 maria

    i agree with a previous comment. it is sooo about time that they stopped cLockblocking junpyo’s devotion, not to mention rage, and stopped giving him all this emo-ness.

    as for the the debate on jae kyung, i do think she’s somewhere in between. i think she was genuinely in the dark at first, and it was too late by the time she figured it out. she was *in lurv* with junpyo already. now she’s a liiiitle sorta in denial, she thinks she can maneuver her way past this. she DOES NOT KNOW THE MAGIC, MAAAAN.

    as for yi jung and ga eul– who, btw, i think is the more interesting couple, if only because we’re waiting to see if their story will deviate from all previous Hanadans, unlike JP-JD who we know WILL get together after all this– ….i think that pining for eun jae(?) doesn’t necessarily indicate that she IS THE ONE. another cruel truth is that there will always be that one who TEACHES us what love is and how to love, and another ONE who will receive the fruits of the lesson you learned. how supremely lucky to have only one person for both functions, but how rare.. besides, i think the lesson is most effective when they’re 2 separate people.

    cruel truth. sorry. :(

  62. 62 annieee

    seeing goo hye sun get injured and the rest of the cast and crew barely getting any sleep, there should be serious reconsiderations about how the korean tv industry should run. i can see why they would want to change the story according to viewer opinion, but running the risk of injuring the actors, doesnt that hurt the production more in the long run?
    anyways, thanks for the recaps, dramabeans! i love the opening screencap. that scene was so ridiculous yet adorable, and can always be misinterpreted when taken out of context hahaha.
    i find yi jung’s story really interesting and its kinda refreshing after 17 eps of the same angst and drama coming from the jun pyo-jan di relationship.
    also, im starting to ship jan di and ji hoo. always a bad sign, as i vowed to root for jun pyo all the way. jae kyung may be the reason-she seems like she has the ability to whisk jun pyo away.
    i also have to complain about the new songs. at least the old ones fit in some of the time. the new titles are all cheery and upbeat, which does not match with the angst we’re getting in the 2nd half of the drama.
    rambling done for today. thanks again dramabeans! goo hye sun fighting!

  63. 63 eveee

    Am I the only one thinking that Jae-Kyung is totally mistaking that necklace as a present for her? Why else would they stress that J “heart” J thing so much. After all, its not the first time a present has accidentally being given to her, remember the shoes…I would totally laugh if I’m right…

    thank you for all the hard work!

  64. 64 RSzeto

    Thanx Javabeans! Again good recap. Nope I’m not tired out by BBF yet! Epi 17 is not great but had some nice scenes in it like your favorite Jandi Jihoo shot at the pillars. Liked the shot where Jandi Jihoo outside the windows staring into Jun Pyo and Jae Kyung kiss scene. Also liked the flashbacks to Jun Pyo Jandi kisses prior to kissing Jae Kyung. It shows how Jun Pyo is still so drawn to Jandi. Keep it going dahling!!

  65. 65 MommieFan

    Amcoming here first BEFORE watching the drama!
    …..Love the angst..poor JunPyo, can’t have the girl he loves, knows the right thing is to give her the chance to be happy with his best friend… it must kill him , after seing the mouthgluedonhand scene, to decide on the latter ..then he tried to love the girl he IS with (who by the way I totally like and feel that the script had better give her a good resolution.) but he can’t. LMH owns this role..we really get his despair and conflict.

    Jee Hoo, you need serious therapy man if you feel it is ok for one to be a spare boyfriend one minute and a best friend the next- If you want her go for her allready!

    [Ok seriously overanalysing this drama…they are just actors they are just actors they are just actors…..]

    I feel like teling Madam Kang that its a bit lame to quote blood and sweat and then make your company’s success hinge on a blinking marriage..so much for blood and sweat ma’am.

    Also!!! On my favourite couple ever, I am guessing that Gaeul has decided to go for her man and therefore arming herself….good one girl. And Yijung…stop being so pathetic, hot though you are.

    Love your caps and keep on going Dramabeans….we all thank you and love you for it!

  66. 66 Alvina

    …what happened to the sassy K-drama girl era? Why have we reverted to the silent girl who is constantly in need of saving.

    I know a lot of people are getting annoyed with Jae-Kyung but I find her to be one of the only females, other than Jun pyo’s sister, with spunk in this drama.

    I need my cool interesting Jandi back. At the rate this drama is going, I am left wondering why all these hot interesting HOT guys are going after this girl.

  67. 67 Jessi

    my favourite scene was definitely joonpyo’s sister telling off madame kang. it felt satisfying to have SOMEONE actually stand up against her as opposed to joonpyo’s useless “stop it!”‘s and “leave jandi alone”‘s. come on, for a dude that mercilessly tortured classmates and blugeoned people with fire hydrants in the beginning, he sure is turning into a pussy.

    as much as i’m addicted to this show, which I have fondly nicknamed “crack before flowers”, i really hate the character inconsistencies, mostly coming from the two biggest characters: jandi and joonpyo. what happened to the jandi who kicked ass? i generally have a problem with a LOT of female characters in korean dramas that have no back bone and can’t stand up to other people and somehow we’re supposed to still admire them and think that they’re strong underneath all that so-called “quiet dignity” bullshit ( which i’m sure has to do with the difference in culture). even the strongest characters have suffered a breakdown in strength at some point in their respective dramas ( with the exception of Wee Seon Joo in Dal Ja’s Spring) and i’m disappointed to see that jandi is not only suffering a breakdown, it’s as if her weak “save me” bullshit may actually be her trueself and her previous wonderwoman schtick may have just been a passing gimick. i hate to say this but this is an instance where the Japanese version definitely has this one beat. makino is just so much more awesome than how jandi is now. they’d have to make some serious changes to jandi to make her interesting again. i feel like all she ever says now is SUNBAE and NEH? god, stop with the godawfulness.

    *rant over*

  68. 68 panchan

    thank you for the recap, always enjoyed reading them. regarding the ramen scene, i looked at it as a rather lame plot device, a way just to get the four of them to the hotsping/spa and moving the story along. gosh, i hope the fiance is out of the picture by the end of ep 18. as a number of people have mentioned, the drama has become rather draggy and all the sadness and longing between jd and jp, has been so emotionally draining. can’t wait to see some sweet joondi scenes in the coming eps.

  69. 69 Mai

    This episode was kinda like “Okay?” I mean.. It was kind of dull but had some dramatic parts every here and there.. =/ But I’m anticipating the next episode. =)

    Just some thoughts of mine..
    -Goo Jun Pyo is really losing it, he needs to decide soon.
    -Geum Jandi is losing her REAL personality from the original, she’s not that strong girl anymore, she’s weak now.. =/
    -Jihoo is awesome, he’s so caring towards her. He’s really sensitive towards her, completely different from Jun Pyo’s aggressive gesture.
    -Yi Jung… I don’t know why but I feel like those painful scenes of him were kind of awkward? But I thought the scene of him thinking about Eun Jae was sweet. =) Goshers, his brother… It must’ve been heart-breaking..
    -Jae Kyung… Seems like a real sweet girl… And I think she is but, she seems kinda torn, like Jun Pyo in a way… Like, she wants to be buddies with Jandi but she also wants Jun Pyo too..
    -Swimming scene, I agree with you its hard to believe that she couldn’t lift herself up, because to me it seemed like shallow water, not deep. Kinda like the scene in Macau..
    -Evil mom… BOO!! Leave Jun Pyo ALONE! =/

    OKAY.. I think I’m done. =)

  70. 70 Kippy

    i completely agree with a previous commentator about how jun pyo and jan di were the main source of energy for the show … and now that they’re both blue and sad and lacking happy energy, the show itself has taken on the same persona and becoming blue and sad and … lacking energy. i wish they’d have more interaction! even if it’s somewhat stilted, i love how gu hye sun and lee minho play off of each other. they really do have chemistry :)

    WHO ELSE HATES THE NEW ACTORS? i don’t know whether it’s just my pure love of so eun … but i absolutely CANNOT stand eun jae. her character just seems so fake and forced! and i’m not sure if it’s the multitude of plastic surgery procedures, but i feel like the actress just seems … snide and conniving no matter how “nice” she’s supposed to seem.

    and the actor who plays yi jung’s dad … OHMYLORD why did they pick someone who 1) has an incredible lisp 2) speaks in an overly dramatic slow pace and 3) looks up at the ceiling every two seconds

    i really, really hate them all >:(
    with the boys so perfect (who knew that kim hyun joong could be so endearing now?) it’s really hard for me to stomach these new add-ins who are so … imperfect.

  71. 71 shu

    i wonder i wonder. when will jun pyo break his limit.
    i mean now hes trying out the new girl, it might work out..
    but obviously we all know he wont…. but just how long will he take to realise he’ll probably die without jandi… see her in the arms of jihoo???

    anw. gaeul and yijung are love… i wonder how will they resolve their crisis

  72. 72 Annie

    hi, just wanted to know if you have any clue about the new OST?? I read it’s supposed to be online by March 1st, but it’s already been 2 days. If you happen to know, drop some info:) Thanks. when I was watching the Jandi drowning scene, I was like, “Oh man Javabeans is totally gonna butcher this scene. I can feel it.” LOL

  73. 73 Muffin

    I’m really, and I mean really enjoying this series. I enjoy what’s right with it and I equally enjoy complaining about what’s wrong it. It’s just that kind drama. Case in point, I’m literally incensed that Jandi has to work her parents jobs because her mother chose to have a fit of the vapors over the father’s ill timed helping of a friend resulting in their possesions getting red tagged.

    You can’t pay your bills so not only do you not go to work, you let your overworked, injured, highschool daughter go in your stead? How dare you!

    Wow, I love this show.

  74. 74 jxbeaucp

    good shot of the kiss….i was wondering how the reaction all came together…wheither j-di saw it or not

  75. 75 IcanhazGJPyo

    I was deeply moved by the episode, but also very resentful of how they have dragged the fiancee thing for 5 episodes, and more. There is no reason why the whole fiance thing could not have been dealt with in a couple of episodes. The director obviously felt that angst of separation will be keenly felt, and quite honestly, i don’t. And that;s because Jandi and Jun-Pyo have never really established a loving relationship, or even a relationship really. They had one episode when they were together and that;s it. So this whole fiancee thing is just boring. And I am annoyed by how the PD is trying to manipulate my emotions to make me care–with flashbacks, long smouldering looks at each other, silence, etc., and I’m just like, “Get over it and move on. All of you need to grow a pair AND FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU WANT.”

    Sigh. Does anyone know how long this infernal storyline is going to be dragged out for?

  76. 76 Carrie

    I’ve been reading your recaps for BOF and have been reading several others as well! I love reading what you have to say because it’s always a fresh, fun approach to whatever I’m watching.

    I agree, this was a much needed breather. I feel like the only one in drama land who has pretty much loved every episode and hasn’t really been bothered by the unrealities of it because that’s what I’ve come to expect when watching dramas (and I feel the story itself begets unreality to begin with). But I’m with you on the being tired by the drama. I was kind of dreading while anticipating this episode. But it ended up being good!

    I think you said in one recap that scenes without music are much more insense because they really show the true value of the actor’s ability. I was watching a part on vikki and they had turned the sound off because of a copyright issue with a song or something.. and the scene was where Ji Hoo had brought back Jan Di to his house and he had the flashback to her wrapping his finger then he kissed her hand and Jun Pyo saw it. Without the sound, this was such a powerful scene! All I had was the actors and their emotions and I was blown away. There was no sound for Jun Pyo’s scene in the car either, and again, these two scenes struck me as very powerful and well acted.

    Anyway… that’s pretty much it for now. I had to laugh really hard at your Ga Eaul comment about joining the pottery class. I totally agree, she’s an idiot and he’s hot. Also for the comment about Kim Bum not being on East of Eden. It just made me think of Kim Hyun Joong’s comment. “I knew him as the guy on East of Eden who cried a lot.” Love it!

    And to IcanhazGJPyo (Great SN by the way)… I think they will wrap up the fiancee storyline next episode. FINALLY!!!!!!!!! (At least they better or I’ll be hopping on a plane to S. Korea and having a chat with the director.)

  77. 77 Marg

    Jandi’s necklace “J J” could ALSO stand for Jandi/Jihoo in JK’s eyes right? Why would she look so surprised then..? Maybe they all forgot about it..

  78. 78 Devi

    @67 Jessi: actually inoue mao’s makino in the second season pretty much lost her spunk in like the first five or six episodes of that season. shigeru, the fiancee, totally steamrolled her…she was like makino 2.0 and even the F3 were seriously worried about her replacing makino in tsukasa’s heart. plus, jandi’s ‘weed’ like persona is more of an inner strength thing…she works hard (not only volunteering at the clinic but also taking on her parents’ responsibilities), never complains, and tries to put up a brave front despite how crappy her current situation is. to me, that inner strength is a whole lot more realistic than roundhouse kicking someone in the head (no matter how totally badass that scene was).

    it’s funny b/c first ppl were complaining about how off-putting and utterly over-the-top and ‘over-exaggerated’ jandi’s aggressiveness and her loud-screaming/facial contorting demeanor was…and that she should tone it down. and now that ghs has…and understandably so, ppl want the ‘old’ jandi back. *sighs*…i guess jandi’s character can never really win.

    as for the episode i really liked the calm, room to breathe, let’s not try to jam in 50 different manga plot-lines vibe of this episode. a few things that bothered me thou were: (1) uh, jihoo, if a girl has a nasty cut on her finger, shouldn’t you bandage it instead of kissing her hand for like 10 minutes and (2) as much as i luv a shirtless LMH, what a great way to ruin the mood of the rescue scene with GJP popping out of nowhere and then having a cheesy flashback scene of him learning how to swim.

  79. 79 Jessi

    yeah, agreed on the parents thing. who else is getting sick and tired of absolutely HORRIBLE irresponsible parenting in korean dramas in order to show the all-sacrificing, completely unrealistically angelic quality of the forgiving offspring?! case in point, the useless mother in coffee prince, horrible gambling father in my girl, greedy mother in goong, absolutely horrible mother who squanders all their money in choon-hyang, etc. maybe it’s a cultural thing or maybe i’m just a bitch, but i find it very hard to believe that there are children out there who would half-kill themselves working to support a couple of no-good, gambling parents.

  80. 80 WysteriaMagnus

    “Interestingly, Yi-jung’s father’s view on love is in line with Ga-eul’s philosophy on soulmates, which suggests that Ga-eul is the match for Yi-jung. On the other hand, if Yi-jung has already had a love and lost her, does that mean he’s used up his quota for this lifetime?”

    That’s true if only Yi Jung thinks his first love was the soulmate, as suggested by both Ga Eul’s and his father’s definition of a soulmate (i.e. only happens once). But your first love isn’t necessarily your soulmate. Your first love only hurts more and is more memorable because it’s your “first”. In Yi Jung’s case, he’s too stuck in the past and distorted by his relationships with his father, with his older brother and with his first love (i.e. his disfunctional family) to recognize Ga Eul might be the person he’s intended for. From his view, I think he’s been betrayed by all his father, his older brother and his first love (i.e. those he loved the most), he’s not willing to get hurt again. That’s why he doesn’t believe in true love or soulmate. I thinks he’s unhappy with his life, even though he would never show it in anyone’s presence, even his best friends, the F4. Ga Eul’s been the only one to cracked his exterior. The life he’s leading isn’t the life he wants. It’s all been put upon him, although as his father said he didn’t protest.

    Yi Jung’s memory of his first love reminded me of Ji Hoo’s relationship with his first love, Seo Hyun. Like Seo Hyun to Ji Hoo, Eun Chae is like a mother/sister/girlfriend figure to Yi Jung when he needed emotional comfort and warmth the most. That’s why his memory of Eun Chae lingers even when she long gone and crawls back when Yi Jung is at his most vulnerable. That may be love to some people, but to others it may not be.

    Emotionally [I believe] Yi Jung shares the same view with Ga Eul about soulmate. Take a look at their conversation on the boat in New Caledonia again. I definitely thinks there’s a recognition by Yi Jung of what Ga Eul says is what he thinks as well, but his experience (i.e. his first love) tells him otherwise. He smiles (laughing it off), but then goes quiet thinking to himself. So he rather have Ga Eul believe he doesn’t believe in soulmate. He rather plays it as if soulmate is a concept dreamt of by girls who beliefs in fairytales (e.g. Ga Eul, Jan Di, etc.) than to recognize that his first love wasn’t necessary the soulmate he thought it was. Ga Eul’s conversation with Yi Jung’s at his pottery studio only shows even further that Yi Jung’s does believe in soulmate, but he rather hide it.

  81. 81 Nea

    One question…Is there only one F-n cable car?

    The ramen: I think that we are supposed to see that these characters have changed. This experience has jaded them(as it should). For the past couple episodes there hasn’t been the interaction with either of the main characters that I would consider normal unless they were alone together (stalking). Even then we only saw sparks of the personalities we knew. So for me, this scene plays into that.

    All in all I enjoyed it. Mostly for the quiet moments. I think this was a welcomed change and can give the audience time to examine the characters, their motives, their feelings.

    I’m still up in the air about JK but she is rather annoying at times.

    Oh and I loved the comment about the cable car incident. JP’s feelings are rather intense. It’s great but overwhelming. Wonderul and worrisome. He’s very all or nothing and he also seems to falls into YJ’s father’s theory on love, which pisses me off in YJ’s case. I think that he is wrong about what role this EJ plays in his life.
    As for JP, this intensity makes it hard for JD as well and I’m sorry but I can’t have her walking in a daze into doors, nosebleeding and drowning over a necklace every week! I need her to get her life together! F JP! ( Oops:) Sorry. I get a little prideful at times. Just live your life girl!)

    Last, two things, the kiss and WooBin’s face! MinHo is bomb and I love Kim Joon. I truly want more of him. I hate that he has this underdeveloped character.

    I truly have to say that every week, I am so pleasantly pleased with the casting of this drama(F4). MinHo is the top but the others have truly held their own as time has passed and I couldn’t be happier!

    Till next week kids.

  82. 82 seo-hwa

    i think jae kyung may have realized something b/w joonpyo and jandi but will cover it up (denial) by thinking J <3 J on jandi’s necklace means “jihoo <3 jandi” not “joon pyo <3 jandi”

    i wish she would freakin find out about it already though. i REALLY thought she would see it at namsan tower cable car *sigh*

    and yeah, excited for so-eul

    and i was also like WTF about the eating contest. but i get it now that i know goo hye sun had jus been discharged.

    hmm. and where is poor kim joon hahaha

  83. 83 1234

    of course Jandi couldn’t talk or even open her mouth in ramen scene because
    that scene was taken after her accident/surgery. You can still see that her lips
    were still swollen. If it wasn’t for her accident, we can surely see that that ramen
    thing was actually Jandi’s scene. I am mad that they gave that scene to JaeKyung
    it’s like JaeKyung is a mixture of Jandi and fiancee. Gosh, Poor Gu Hye Sun.
    but they just had to put that scene in because apprentl they changed
    the sequence of some episodes, and that scene was needed to give
    why four would go to a double date. OMG I am furious.

  84. 84 tetsi

    the couple ring should have been given to Jun Pyo by Ji Hoo. or vice versa.
    they are my new OTP. seriously.

  85. 85 mystica

    hey there…
    i read what you said about jandi not competing for the ramen…..it was suppose to happen as the original script stated but due to GHS injury.they did not do it….i know it sucks…it would have been fun if GHS did it.if only GHS did not get injured..plus that was her 1st scene after being dicharge from the hospital….here is the website where you can all read about it

  86. 86 michy

    seriously…get to the point of jandi and junpyo….

    if junpyo was such a meanie hottie at the beginning then he should still be a man even if his mom is going to threaten him – of course it’s a drama and i know it keeps the episodes coming, but im tired of jihoo and jandi when i know they’re not going to be together

  87. 87 ayana

    Thank you Javabeans!

  88. 88 Empress

    I agree the ramen scene was a little awkward and out of place. But after seeing it I was hella craving a jumbo bowl of ramen.

    I was also thinking East of Eden during Kim Bum’s scenes. HAHA.

  89. 89 SueNoona

    Jiho grews on me now! He’s that soulmate…. He’s that missing part while i kept on defending JP…… Jihoooooooo why… Why must you be the second man!
    But that second individual brings a mark in your life…..

    Well Till next week…. I’m doing my BOF rehab now!

  90. 90 '05wrotes'

    can i just ask a question?
    where have you seen the episode 17?

    i’ve been looking for this episode and i can’t find it in the websites that i know,…

    pls,.. tell me

  91. 91 Jessi

    to devi: i think maybe you’re mistaking spunkiness with over the top cuteness. most people had beef with jandi’s over the top cuteness, including myself because it seemed entirely unbelievable and exaggerated. i can’t speak for everyone, but i thought her aggressiveness was a whole different story and absolutely divorced from the other part. it didn’t seem that unwarranted or ill-suited for the situations she found herself in because i think many of us can identify with the urge to beat up some guy who was hurting us, our friend and people in general because we lost our temper and just gave in to the aggression (although most of us probably couldn’t deliver that awesome kick). i never once disliked her spunkiness or her willingness to stand up aggressively to assholes. that, in itself, shows fire and that’s why i liked her in the first place IN SPITE of her exaggerated cuteness. now that she’s lost that fire, she just seems beat down and completely incapable of standing up for herself, which is SO nauseating and frustrating to watch. i’m sure a part of it has to do with the fact that she’s so damn over worked but i find it INCREDIBLY unrealistic that all of a sudden she’s just gained the ability to tolerate bullshit and unfairness from other people. without that spunk, she’s just some girl who alternates between cries of “SUNBAE” and “GOO JOON PYO”.

    i think you’re right that she still shows inner strength by working hard without complaining but i completely disagree that this is somehow MORE realistic than standing up to people who treat you badly. but i guess arguing about realism in this show is as futile as arguing about gravity in space.

    as for makino losing her spunk, that is true but the makino is season 2 is still much spunkier in jandi in season 2. case in point: after makino saw domyouji kiss shigeru, she got into this loud shouting match with him and was absolutely not afraid to show her aggressive side. but what has jandi been doing with goo joon pyo during this entire season besides staring blankly like a deer or whimpering like a little girl? pretty much nothing.

  92. 92 dunlop

    Dramabeans, People are saying you are being harsh because they’ve been trying to work around GHS’s accident. I agree with them, there’s not much they had time for. But I also do agree with you. I do agree that the ramen scene seemed a pretty pointless way to initiate the whole trip.

    BUT I think that scene was supposed to be more than just an excuse to go on a trip. As so many people mentioned above, JD was supposed to be in that competition with JK. This is just a speculation, but I think by having those two bond over something they both enjoy(food) that was supposed to be a turning point in their friendship. So far, JD has not been very active in that relationship(who can blame her?) But I hear in the future there will be a scene where JD backs off after seeing how good JK is for JP. So I thought this ramen scene was supposed to be one of those scenes where JD and JK really start to become good friends.

    But due to the accident, JD has to once again be the bystander in that friendship.

  93. 93 ria

    I also love the scene when jandi was spacing out. notice that jihoo is facing her while she is facing outward as if searching for junpyo

  94. 94 Jessi

    ok, i realize i just spent a long time making a useless point about a drama but this show really brings out my aggressive side. yikes.

    all in all, i know it’s supposed to make sense that jandi has lost some of her spark because of the pure exhaustion of losing someone you really really loved, but my point is she shouldn’t appear like a SHELL of her former self. it’s just too much and too unbelievable.

  95. 95 heejung

    haha. the scene explaining how junpyo learned to swim TOTALLY BROKE THE FRIKKIN MOOD. i mean, he like rescued her from drowning, and then all of a sudden a scene of junpyo with a paddleboard pops up. it was cute, but totally inappropriate to the mood, imo. ><

    yeah i too was disappointed with the ramen scene… sigh. i was looking forward to watching jandi scarf down a huge bowl of ramen [which made me crave some 김밥천국 ramyun…], but instead i get Oblivious Monkey. :/

  96. 96 Philippa

    thank a lot!
    but this is by far the least episode i like… maybe its because there was just way too many drama going on. I thought her acting was kind of fake/exaggerated when she was wiping the window.
    I LOVED that ramen scene. I think a lot of people can do that 20 minutes! That’s actually a TON of time for that big bowlll… lol i feel like going to pho and buy myself some noodles.
    Thanks again!

  97. 97 Kimby

    Why would Jae-Kyung start suspecting anything from Jandi’s necklace? She thinks that Jandi and Jihoo have a relationship and they are both J & J too :). She should have of course noticed from other signs!

    The kid playing Kim Bum is a cutie!

    I too am getting tired of Jun Pyo’s “silent frustration”. It seems out of character for him to let this go on for so long. I keep wondering what “major crisis” would have to happen for him to “wake up”!

    Jihoo is too good to Jandi! I’ve never supported the Rui/Tsukushi pairing in the Taiwanese/Japanese version but in the Korean version, I almost wish they do end up together! He understands her the best, Jandi wouldn’t have to deal with the evil mother, and Jihoo’s grandfather already likes her! I guess it would be too easy….

  98. 98 coollady

    who are you referring to when you said “the Second Moon guy”? who is that?

    this episode was not really good but i enjoyed some of the new music, mostly the instrumentals esp. the one used when Jandi was spacing out and bumped into the glass door. that was actually good use of music. the new song used during Jae Kyung’s and Jun Pyo’s date was fitting too, i guess. and the acoustic version of “Because I’m Stupid” is nice to listen to as well.
    Kim Bum’s an excellent actor, but i think he kinda went over-the-top in his scenes today. i mean, especially for a drama that’s not meant to be serious at all, those scenes of him scolding and suffering in angst were kinda awkward to watch. made me laugh a little. It felt like Kim Bum was acting for a totally different drama and then they decided to use the same scenes for BOF. haha.
    also, they have to get Ga Eul involved with Yi Jung’s story so she has to be a little dumb and go to pottery class. it’s just the plot. i still like her character.
    AND LASTLY, i still find it hilarious that Jun Pyo calls Jae Kyung “Monkey”!!! and she totally responds to it.

  99. 99 queen_of_the_game


    Q#1….then why doesn’t Jan-di actually WIN them herself? I thought perhaps she’d join the challenge, or maybe they’d both do it, but instead, she just sat back and said nothing, then accepted the prize.

    my answer..well if she did win the coupon helself then jaekyung won’t have her chance to make them agree on going on a double date….

    Q#2….On the other hand, if Yi-jung has already had a love and lost her, does that mean he’s used up his quota for this lifetime?…..

    she might be his first love but it doesnt mean she’s his one true love….i believe that the first isn’t always the one…you know…(your yang….the one that actually completes you) so gaeul still has a huge chance to be the ONE…

    well i love this episode because it doesn’t have the shouting and fighting and all that busy scenes….its not my favorite episode thought but i still like watching jandi and jun pyo kind of mature in their own way…hope to see more serious scene between them though…and i miss seeing them together…see you guys next week….

  100. 100 Kimby

    Oh yeah…with regards to the ramen scene…the only purpose I could think of is that they needed a reason as to why the other three would agree to go on a trip together!

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