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My Fair Lady: Episode 10
by | September 17, 2009 | 66 Comments

Another enjoyable episode, although I have to admit it didn’t top Episode 9 for me. Still, the drama is starting to feel solid, and although it comes a little late for my liking, I’m finally at a point where I’m rewatching episodes and getting emotionally invested.


Kim Yoon-ah – “Girl Talk.” Kim Yoon-ah, singer of rock band Jaurim, is awesome and this song makes me think of Tori Amos, who is also awesome. [ Download ]

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First, a note on the terminology:

Dong-chan’s former profession, a jebi [제비], is most often translated as “gigolo,” but I think that word is too strong. (It’s sometimes translated as “player,” which is too mild.) A gigolo in English refers to a male prostitute, and is a pretty straightforward sex-for-money relationship. But jebi doesn’t translate directly to English; he’s more like a man at a host bar, who flatters rich women and accepts money.

(It’s like that blurry area with being an escort, some of whom are prostitutes and some of whom provide services that aren’t sexual but more social. And similarly, there are different classes of bar hosts and jebis, the highest tier of whom often make quite a lot of money.) A jebi’s female counterpart is not as much “sex worker” as it is “gold digger.” If that helps.

As for his current profession, he is a jibsa [집사], which can be translated as “butler” or “manservant,” both of which I feel are awkward terms and not exact translations. A jibsa is more like a household manager or steward, but those are somewhat clunky to use in conversation (“I’m your household manager! I will continue to be your household manager!”). That’s why I sometimes use the word “attendant,” because in an emotional moment (as in this episode), it just seems silly to use the word “butler” when a jibsa is more than that. Also, Dong-chan is her su-haeng jibsa, or her personal, private steward. (The trio of pretty boys are regular jibsas.)

The drama attempted a bit of a pun by also making Dong-chan a jibsa at church — in church terminology, it means deacon. They haven’t really done much with the church jibsa bit, though.


Hae-na steps back from the hug first and starts to walk away. Dong-chan grabs her arm and suggests they go home, and drives back in silence.

As Hae-na broods alone, she ignores her phone, which causes Tae-yoon to worry because he can’t get in touch with her.

In the morning, she hears that Dong-chan left early to go somewhere, and wonders where. He received permission to leave but hasn’t told anybody his plans.

Eui-joo is still steaming over Hae-na’s rudeness at lunch the day before, so she tags along on a flower delivery in order to have a word with her. Now that Hae-na knows the full truth, Eui-joo speaks openly and asks if Hae-na’s harsh words the day before were to make Dong-chan feel bad about his former profession.

Eui-joo asks with some indignation, “Do you know why he had to live like that? Of course you don’t. If you knew, you wouldn’t have spoken like that.”

Eui-joo: “Yes, he was a jebi, but that was because he had no choice — it was for his mother’s hospital bills. He wanted to do whatever he could to save her. Yes, working for you intending to seduce you was wrong. But to be blunt, what did he do to you that was so bad? Did he hurt you, or seduce you and prevent you from dating someone else? Did he ask you for money? He didn’t do any of that. He was treated badly but he looked after you and took your side. He was so good to you that it drove me crazy watching from the sidelines. What did he do that was so bad that you had to talk like that? What crime did he commit that you looked down on him and harassed him so much? I’m going to be very clear — you can’t treat Dong-chan like that. So don’t look down on him. And please, don’t live like that either.”

All throughout Eui-joo’s speech, Hae-na’s expression grows more troubled and contrite as she realizes she had judged Dong-chan unfairly.

Tae-yoon arrives to check on Hae-na, having grown concerned at her lack of response. He sees Eui-joo leaving and wonders what that was about.

Dong-chan, meanwhile, has traveled to his mother’s mountainside grave. Fiddling with Hae-na’s sparkly hair ornament (I called it!), he talks to his mother and sighs, “I don’t know why I live like this either, but I really care for her. A lot.”

That evening, Hae-na waits for him to come home anxiously, now that she knows the full story.

Dong-chan starts by apologizing for the previous night, but Hae-na takes the lead and admits that she’s really glad to have him working for her. She may have given him a hard time, but she liked hearing him say, “Because I’m your attendant.” She apologizes for treating him meanly:

Hae-na: “But I really trusted you. I believed that everything you said and did for me was sincere. I think I felt so betrayed because of how much I trusted you. It’s okay, that doesn’t matter — but now, I’m afraid. Is it okay for me to trust you? Will I be able to trust in you again?”

I think Dong-chan realizes in this scene that the worst part of everything isn’t that he betrayed Hae-na by lying — it’s actually worse that he affected her so deeply that now she has trouble trusting in people.

Dong-chan: “You asked if I was hiding anything from you, and if I was, to tell you the truth. But I didn’t want to tell you. Even if everyone else found out, I didn’t want you to know who I was. And that’s because…”

Here, he falters for a moment. Hae-na waits, and then snaps her eyes to his face at his next line:

“Because… I had feelings for you. That’s why I quit before, and why I turned you down when you told me to come back. But now my reason for staying by you is to pay back my debt for approaching you with bad intentions. And I’ve stopped the feelings had for you, so you don’t have to worry. You can believe that.”

Dong-chan excuses himself, leaving Hae-na sitting bewildered. (Ah, isn’t timing a bitch? Just when Hae-na seems to be warming to the prospect of liking Dong-chan, he tells her he’s over her.)

Tae-yoon can’t shake his twinges of doubt, so he requests a meeting with Eui-joo, and asks if there’s something going on between Hae-na and Dong-chan that he doesn’t know. He admits overhearing a bit of her conversation with Hae-na yesterday, and it seemed to be centered on Dong-chan.

Eui-joo denies that there’s anything, but guesses, “You don’t like him being around her, do you? I don’t like it either.” She suggests that there’s one solution that would solve both of their problems — if Tae-yoon marries Hae-na. Since they’ll probably marry in the end anyway, why not sooner than later? Tae-yoon is taken aback, not having thought that far ahead.

Dong-chan requests a favor of Eui-joo, handing her a flash drive. He suspects that Su-ah stole Hae-na’s files and swapped out the images, and asks her to take a look around. Eui-joo agrees to help, but deflates to realize that this is another thing he’s doing out of concern for Hae-na, and says that she envies her — not for Hae-na’s money or lifestyle, but for the way Dong-chan looks after her as jibsa.

As work winds to a close, Dong-chan suggests going out for soju, and he and Hae-na end up at a pojangmacha. All day, Hae-na has been shooting him sidelong glances and acting awkward around Dong-chan, so he asks if she’s uncomfortable because he confessed that he liked her.

Hae-na admits that she does feel uncomfortable, but for another reason — Dong-chan is no longer the person he used to be. He’s different in her eyes. But she just needs time to get used to him, and to learn the things about him that she doesn’t know.

She asks why he Dong-chan became a jebi to begin with, and he answers vaguely, “I was just a bad guy. I was immature and had no money, and wanted to live easily — why else would I live like that?” (Again she gives him a chance to be honest with her, but this time she’s not upset at his response because he’s declining to make excuses for himself.)

Hae-na wonders, “Why don’t you say that it’s because of your mother?” Dong-chan is dismayed that she knows about that, but answers philosophically, “Telling you that doesn’t turn my mistakes into good deeds.”

As they leave the pojangmacha, she announces, “I think it was a good thing, learning all about you.” She recalls how Dong-chan had once said that the beginning is important in all relationships, and holds out a hand: “Let’s start over, like we’re meeting for the first time.”

They shake hands.

By the time they arrive home, a bit of their old camaraderie has returned, which immediately kills Tae-yoon’s smile. He’d been outside the house eagerly awaiting Hae-na’s return, but now he turns pensive.

He has patched things up with his brother (or rather, their business stand-off has been resolved), and wanted to tell Hae-na about it. Not noticing that his spirits dim whenever Dong-chan is mentioned, Hae-na happily congratulates him and says that he should have joined her and Dong-chan for drinks.

Dong-chan approaches with the phone for Hae-na — it’s Grandpa Kang — and Hae-na steps aside to answer the call. While it’s just the two men together, Tae-yoon asks whether Dong-chan regularly drinks with Hae-na. There’s a hint of censure in his voice, which Dong-chan understands, and he apologizes.

Tae-yoon tells him, “I think you’re a good person, and someone that Hae-na needs. Please don’t make me change my mind.”

In anticipation of her biking date with Tae-yoon, Hae-na prepares lunch at Dong-chan’s prodding. As they roll the kimbap, she asks when he’s going to use her birthday coupon, pointing out that there’s an expiration date. She also reminds him that he’d offered her a wish, which she’ll be claiming at some point.

She invites Dong-chan to join them in bike-riding if he’s not busy, and tries to hide her disappointment when he says he has a “date” with Eui-joo.

Tae-yoon is impressed and pleased with Hae-na’s kimbap offering — until, of course, she says that she learned how to make kimbap from Dong-chan. He keeps his voice light but we know his meaning when he says, “You’ve learned to ride bikes and make kimbap from Seo Dong-chan — I guess you can’t be without him.”

Hae-na wonders what he means, and he asks, “Do you absolutely need a butler? Other people live fine without them.”

Hae-na asks whether it’s Dong-chan making him feel uneasy, or her lifestyle. He answers honestly, “I suppose it’s both.”

She understands how Tae-yoon feels, but explains that Dong-chan has helped them considerably. Without his intervention and assistance, they might not even have ended up dating. So considering the circumstances, could he think of Dong-chan in a thankful light instead?

When Dong-chan meets Eui-joo, he announces that he will be her attendant for the day, reminding her how she envied Hae-na for having a jibsa. Well, today he will look after her and act as her own jibsa.

Eui-joo is touched, and goes along as he insists upon buying her a pretty dress. They follow that with some street browsing, enjoying the day.

A bit hesitantly, Eui-joo broaches the topic of Hae-na: Does he ever get tired of always looking after Hae-na, of being stuck in his one-sided love? He admits that it’s hard, “So I’m trying to get over it, but it’s not easy. Is it harder to see her and feel pain, or to not see her and miss her? I don’t know.”

Hearing this hurts Eui-joo, who is cursed with being seen as “just like a sister” when she wishes he’d see her as a woman. It’s particularly painful to hear him be so generous with Hae-na, admitting that he doesn’t even hope for Hae-na to understand him.

Eui-joo warns him harshly, “Forget her. No matter what, you have to forget her.” She stalks off angrily, crying in her taxi while Dong-chan sits and broods.

When Tae-yoon drops Hae-na off back at home after their date, his mood has lightened. He even takes back his comment questioning whether she needs a personal attendant, and promises to try his best to come to terms with her life as it is. However, he adds with a smile, if they were to potentially get married, “Then you have to come alone, not with your jibsa.” (Hae-na isn’t necessarily averse to the suggestion, but she says that it’s a little early for that line of thinking.)

After Tae-yoon leaves, Dong-chan comes walking up the driveway into Hae-na’s line of view. But before he sees her, a taxi pulls up to the house, and Eui-joo steps out, beelining for Dong-chan.

Eui-joo hugs Dong-chan and tearfully apologizes for speaking so harshly to him. He’s just relieved that her problem is so minor: “Dummy, you came all this way just to tell me that?” He assures her that he wasn’t hurt, and tells her not to worry.

He’s about to dismiss her, but Eui-joo hangs there, working up the nerve to say something. He looks at her questioningly, and she musters her courage — and kisses him. (Hae-na watches in alarm, then tries to look away.)

As Eui-joo pulls away, Dong-chan’s reaction is so stunned that he doesn’t know what to say. She tells him, “I really like you a lot. For a really long time, I’ve only liked you.”

Having said her piece, Eui-joo turns and leaves. It’s only now that Dong-chan looks up to see Hae-na watching. Hurriedly, she assures him, “I didn’t see anything! Really!”

However, Hae-na is distracted for the rest of the night, and in the morning she and Dong-chan face each other with awkwardness. This doesn’t last long, however, because Grandpa Kang has returned from the States, and Hae-na rushes to welcome him home after his successful surgery.

Grandpa wastes no time getting back into the swing of things: He states his intention to formally announce Hae-na as Kang San’s successor at the upcoming company anniversary party. This is unwelcome news to both Hae-na and Chul-gu — the former because she’s not ready, and the latter because he’s determined to claim that spot for himself.

Chul-gu tells his family that he has a plan. Mr. Jang senses the same thing and worries over Chul-gu’s potential move, admitting to the housekeeper that the chairman couldn’t get surgery for his advanced condition. He makes her promise to keep the truth a secret from Hae-na, and estimates that the chairman may survive the fall, but probably will not live through winter.

Hae-na confides to Dong-chan that she’s not up to being the successor, nor does she want to do it. He responds by saying that people can’t all do things they want: “However much we dislike doing things, if we work hard, we can learn from them.”

He assures her that she’s capable, but teases that she has a few flaws she’ll need to correct first. Like talking rudely to people and threatening violence. Hae-na mock-complains that he’s being a nag, and he answers, “It’s because I’m your attendant… at least until this weekend.” (The comment makes both of them sad, but that’s what they’d agreed upon…)

Meanwhile, Tae-yoon shops for rings. (Despite the mentions of marriage in this episode, it looks like couple rings, although I leave open the possibility of being wrong.)

And now for the anniversary party, which is the company’s largest event of the year. The staff prepares, fancy guests arrive, and Hae-na prepares for the big announcement while battling her nerves.

Also battling nerves is Eui-joo, who arrives intent on telling Dong-chan that she wants to date officially. She works up her nerve as she waits, then spots Dong-chan heading toward the house.

He heads back to accompany Hae-na, a bit awed at how especially lovely she looks today. Hae-na (of course!) stumbles on a stair and lands squarely in Dong-chan’s arms, which is a cute move, if only we hadn’t seen this multiple times already…

He escorts her to the prep room, where she nervously practices her speech.

In her anxiety, Hae-na drops her water glass and cuts her finger on a shard, which Dong-chan wraps with a handkerchief. He gives her a pep talk, urging her on with his favorite bit of encouragement: “After all, you’re Kang Hae-na.”

The words have their calming effect on Hae-na, but the opposite effect on Eui-joo, who has arrived in time to witness this cozy scene. She feels the sting of Dong-chan’s gentle attentiveness to Hae-na, and turns away bitterly, remaining unseen by the couple.

She doesn’t escape the notice of Tae-yoon, however, who arrives just as Eui-joo walks rapidly away. He calls out to her, sees her stricken face, and looks at her in concern.

Eui-joo hesitates for a moment, then makes up her mind as she faces Tae-yoon: “How much do you know about Dong-chan?” She’s ready to answer Tae-yoon’s question about what’s going on between Dong-chan and Hae-na.

Just about to head outside, Hae-an first tells Dong-chan that she’s decided on how she wants to claim her one wish. If her speech goes well today, he has to grant it to her.

She plans to tell him the wish afterward, but Dong-chan wants to know what it is now. Hae-na stammers a little, then says, “Don’t leave. Grandfather has returned, but don’t leave. Stay with me — that’s my wish.”


I know there have been a lot of comments dissatisfied with Eui-joo. I have to say that I understand those complaints, even though I don’t have the same problem with her character. To me, Eui-joo is refreshingly likable for being a second female lead — recall the heyday of Hallyu trendy dramas where the second female lead always got clingier, angrier, crazier, and irrational-er as the drama wore on. Often they were caricatures, not real people, but thankfully the more recent trendies have given dimension to this oft-overlooked role.

Eui-joo is stuck in that limbo that women often find themselves in, that “He’s just not that into you” purgatory. The outsider can see that yeah, the guy isn’t into her in “that way,” but he treats her so well and there are confusing moments where it’s understandable that she’d get her hopes up. Dong-chan’s affectionate with her, huggy, considerate, and protective. He brushes her hair aside, wipes her tears, and calls their meet-up a “date.” Her disappointment is understandable.

So when she’s reminded of his actual feelings for Hae-na, it’s a rude crash back to earth for her, and that makes her angry. She’s probably angry with herself more than anyone, but of course that gets channeled outward and causes her to lash out at Dong-chan defensively. I think she’s relatable and realistic, so she rings true as a character in a way that, say, Tae-yoon doesn’t. (He’s getting better recently with the jealousy, though.)


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    this may not be directly related to this drama but if there are some Yoon sang fans here, pls join me in extending our birthday greetings to him come Sept. 21st (Monday). Saengil chuka haeyo… Happy happy birthday Yoon sang hyun! May you have many many more birthdays to come! I hope he gets to have a grand celebration while filming on the set of MFL! Thanks again javabeans!

  34. 34 Nom+Kitteh

    I was a bit disappointed in this episode. Some of the scenes were shot earlier, I think, before HN got her hair cut into a bob, and the difference was stark. The earlier episodes — I blame the directing because it is obvious that both YEH and YSH are good actors — did not have emotional depth, and the scene with HN watching DC’s being kissed felt really…flimsy. After an emotional breakthrough like the one in the last episode, HN’s reaction should have been more intense, not just a sideways slanting of the head with a quizzical look on her face. There needed to be feelingd of betrayal, loss, anger…any number of strong emotions because however much they both deny their feelings, there is an attachment there. I think the emotional scenes of EP 9 and some of EP 10 (like the one in the roadside eatery) were filmed recently and the ones with the biking, dates, etc., filmed earlier. And the two different styles of story telling didn’t mesh.

    I liked, though, the overall episode. I like that all four are still doing the mating-dance. I have always dreaded the moments in K-dramas when the two leads acknowledge feelings and date and THEN break up for two or three episodes only to come back together again. Hopefully this one will end with the two coming together.

    @31 and 15: I hear ya. Maybe you can do what I did, which is to look at YEH’s and YSH’s acting and talents separately and appreciate each separately. That’s hard to do in a romantic comedy, I know.

    Beyond the miscasting, though, I just keep stumbling over the roles. Every time DC is servile, I feel so sickened. I know that many K-dramas portray the female in the servile role (What Happened in Bali or Lovers in Paris or any number of other dramas), and those roles for women infuriate me, but societal norms dictate enough that I can deal with it and get into the romance. But here, watching DC bow to TY or wait on HC makes me wonder how on earth they will establish a relationship of equals! Damn, I am having class and gender issues. Drats.

  35. 35 Raine

    Came here scouting for reviews for the latest episode of MFL since my internet is as slow as a snail and I can’t get to episode 10 just yet, but thought I’d holler out

    @26 YES ikr, they SHOULD make Eui Joo & Tae Yoon get together (I rather think they look good together + they would make such a good couple, because I think TY would help EJ grow and vice versa whereas if EJ ended up with DC…it would…go nowhere…although that could just be my personal bias coming into play).

    Thanks for the great reviews JB, now I know where to go for my Kdrama fix 😉

  36. 36 Molly

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! I hate waiting an extra day for the episodes to be released (I can’t justify the download time so I wait for Viikii) but your recaps satisfy my My Fair Lady cravings.

    I love the analyses by everyone here! They’re wonderful to read and add YET another layer of depth that I enjoy.

  37. 37 belleza

    Yeah, about the Eul-joo character .. . gotta remember, most of the viewers associate MCW as Seung-mi from Shining Inheritance. In that show, she was hopelessly, even pathetically in love with the male lead, and she ends up doing a whole bunch of very bad things to try to keep him. And the female audience HATED Seung-mi with a vengeance that was only exceeded by Seung-mi’s despicable mom. Eul-joo’s situation is similar to Seung-mi, but she approaches it from an opposite style and in way, it does feel like that was somewhat deliberate by either the actress or the writers. MCW was great as Seung-mi, though. She looks like Kim Hee Sun, but she broods like early So Ji Sup.

    Really enjoyed this episode (moreso than episode 9), I felt everything was well balanced. Kinda wished Tae-yoon was in more scenes. The show’s triangle isn’t very good, because he literally isn’t around.


    “But here, watching DC bow to TY or wait on HC makes me wonder how on earth they will establish a relationship of equals! Damn, I am having class and gender issues.”

    Actually yeah . . . I’m starting to realize that’s what hurts the “romantic connection” with the show for a lot of viewers. The chemistry is fine, but having a subservient male lead who’s on the female lead’s beck and call. . . well, that’s what you actually expect of the 2nd male support role (and usually he’s also “prince-like”, holding his head high, not eyes averting like a servant.) He’s nagging like crazy too.

    “Some of the scenes were shot earlier, I think, before HN got her hair cut into a bob, and the difference was stark. ”

    Yeah, definitely a boo-boo.

  38. 38 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @23 belleza

    LMAO!!! what??!!!! NO WAY!!!!!! havent watched this ep yet….. oh no, no, no, they better not give him a mullet…..


    Re: the “….he’s not just into you…” Ouch! ouch!ouch! I feel sorry for EJ……

  39. 39 Katrin

    It’s episode 10 and the relationship of the lead couple developed so fast in these two last episodes that it feels like we are approaching the ending of the drama. However, there are still 6 more episodes to go. So I am really curious how the plot is going on. Unfortunately, I kind of fear that there will be a tragic ending. ‘Cause how could there be a happy ending for a rich heir and a poor uneducated butler? Their social state is just too far apart.
    I am looking forward to see how the script writers are going to solve this problem. Maybe we will find out more about DC’s background on his paternal side. Perhaps, he is a rich heir himself?! Or is he going abroad and comes back as a self-made man? As long as they don’t bring anything up like “HN is going to die and can only spend her last months with DC” I’ll be happy.

  40. 40 MEIKO**** ^-^

    about DC being HN’s servant…. I agree with Nom_kitteh…, the social status bothers me too (not as much as before…DC is getting more aggressive..so I tend to forget the facts…hehe), for me, it is quite unrealistic and strange that a quite famous rich girl would fall for her kind, cute, personal servant, when there is a guy who is rich, more handsome and superbly nice who is interested with the girl….and I truly dread the possibility of the typical poor, hardworking-guy-gets-to-be-the-president storyine…

    But, you know, the episodes are getting interesting actually, that am forgetting most of the things that bother me…and I am falling for DC myself (JIW you are still my number one really…!!!)… ^-^ oh well…. *mumbling…”talking about confused emotions”…lol*

  41. 41 Amy

    “for me, it is quite unrealistic and strange that a quite famous rich girl would fall for her kind, cute, personal servant, when there is a guy who is rich, more handsome and superbly nice who is interested with the girl…’

    i dont find it unrealistic at all. YES TY is rich, more handsome and superbly nice…but he is also incredibly boring. Not to mention, most of the time during their dates he is not 100% there with her, there’s always a phonecall or something that comes up due to his job that ruins their moment.

    HN’s likes excitement in her life and DC is giving her that, plus he is the only one who can really manage her personality and is there for her rain or shine. It’s not hard to develop feelings for someone like that.

    Once love hits you it just does despite of social status, age and etc..

    My parents are true testament of that. My Mom much younger than my Dad, daughter of a Haciendero, while my dad was just a worker working for my grandfather’s hacienda. My mom and dad fell inlove. They were opposed by the whole family and my mom even got disowned for awhile. I was already 10 years old when I met my grandparents. But they fought for their love and are still very much inlove even up to this day.

  42. 42 ockoala

    @ Nom_kitteh and Meiko

    I agree, hate the unequal relationship in any drama, and the #1 driver is inquality of money/power. It doesn’t bother me any more that the person of power/money in MFL is the woman (HN) and the man (DC) is her employee. In BOF, Jandi was literally in a maid’s costume serving Junpyo! And many times, the leads meet because one is working for the other.

    I don’t find the structual inequality in MFL different in this regard. DC has always acted as HN’s equal in the way he treats her, he’s subservient in the performance of his duties, but otherwise, he’s not cowering or in awe of HN. I don’t know how this issue can get resolved in a manner that is practical and acceptable, though, because she’s so darn rich.

    But if everything can get wrapped up in a pretty bow in BOF, and Junpyo’s mom gets a personality transplant, I’m thinking MFL will go down that path with any external issues.

  43. 43 dangermousie

    Nom-kitteh, I feel exactly the same way about the power differential. For me, it’s a lot worse than in Bali (I haven’t seen Lovers in Paris) because, desperate or not, Ha Ji Won was a company employee and to me there is a huge difference between a regular employee and someone who is literally a servant. Not to mention in Bali, and other similar dramas, they balance out the power inequality by having the richer, more powerful man be the madly-in-love one who is thus subservient to the poor female who is won over by his devotion. This isn’t the case in MFL at all – Haena is recently developing feelings for DC but that wasn’t the case for a very long time, it was long after he fell for her.

    Not to mention that, in Bali, that whole scenario was portrayed as incredibly dysfunctional and with two very damaged people – I’d have less of a problem with Haena/DC as a couple if some major issues were addressed – such as the fact that Haena’s tendency to take her frustrations out on servants is appalling. It’s not cute or funny, it makes her a remarkably unappealing character to me. Or the fact that she really has no motivation to work or do anything productive and has to be prodded constantly. So she is a spoiled rich bully but we are supposed to find her charming and vulnerable with only minor changes needed?

    One last thing: I am not keen on subservient men or women in any drama, but with women, I agree, at least it’s socially acceptable. It takes a ‘special’ kind of man to be subservient when that isn’t even the societal norm, and I don’t use ‘special’ in a kind way, either. I keep wanting to tell DC he is not a carpet for Haena to walk on but even as he is becoming less ‘beaten-down’, the fact that he is literally a servant to her as a job description is very off-putting.

  44. 44 Katrin

    @ Nom_kitteh and @ dangermousie

    thank you for the interesting discussion.
    However, I can’t see DC as subservient at all.
    From the start he has never showed any respect towards HN or any inferiority just because she’s rich and famous. Remember the scenes when they clashed because of HN’s reckless driving style? He never backed off.
    He took on the job as her personal attendant only because of the money, but has never acted as a proper butler at all:
    He usually talks back and makes her do things herself. Actually he really determines her every action – even if he has to use “force”: Carrying her away, grabbing her arm, pulling and pushing her around and shouting at her. He tries to bring her to terms and reprimands her all the time.
    I remember the situation well when he came home in rather good spirits in spite of the beating and she was waiting for him in front of the house. She ordered him impatiently to walk up to her quickly. He only answered, ‘I don’t want to.” So she said, “You don’t want to? Well, I guess, then I have to come to you.’

    He really acts more like a harsh superviser than a servant. In addition, he knows a lot more about people and business than she does and always has good ideas and tips.

    When he does act obidiently and always stands by then it’s because he is naturally gallant towards women and, of course, because he is paid for the job and loves to be with her and wants to support her.

    HN looks up to him for his willpower and experience, so I think there is no such thing as “power differential”. It’s only the society that makes him look that way, his education and heritage. And that’s why I can’t see where their realationship could go. But I don’t see DC on the weak end.
    Fighting, DC!

    HN fell in love with him quite a while ago, I think, and not just recently. Just remember how she felt when he quit his job. She was devasted.

  45. 45 Kgrl

    It is somewhat uncomfortable seeing DC doing HN’s beck and call, but I don’t see this as an issue with their emotional development. DC has been quite forceful, relentless in sidetracking HN’s snobby, stubborn, or rude streaks – and he’s not averse to offending her to get his point across. He knows her well enough to be demanding or soften when needed and that is probably the problem people are having – he caters to her emotional states so carefully and so often that it makes him appear “weak” and “subservant” in their relationship.

    As for TY – his scenes are just too short and inconsequential. Like he overhears a conversation, shops for rings, waits for HN, etc. It’s really just him appearing onscreen without much character development. The few shots of his jealous or pensive face is enough to let you see JIW’s capabilities in protraying subtle emotions but not enough for you to invest completely in his character, which may be necessary so the audience will sway towards Hye-Chan.

    As for EJ, I’m with JB and some others, who find her refreshingly real; from her righteous indignition to her jealousy, to her fear of disturbing the balance of the brother-sister status quo – her character has been consistent and realistic – albeit may seem annoying to some. I also love how she’s frank, loyal, just, sassy, and remain true to her emotions. She’s the one character that hasn’t wavered in her feelings…yet. Though I would like TY and EJ to develop a love-line, and see many directing hints that suggest so, I find it hard to conceive EJ ever wavering from her love and loyalty for DC. MCW has completely convinced me of her long, focused and yearning love for DC, that it’s hard for me to imagine a swing from that focus.

    @#9 Jay: I find MCW extremely pretty in that dress too. Like DC says, princess style fits her very well. But I like her natural, laid-back attire in the show. Don’t know if it’s intentional to show the stark contrast with HN’s wardrobe?

  46. 46 jkl

    Thanks so much for the recaps JB! I totally agree with your little comment about Eui-joo’s character. I’m glad the writers decided to bring a fresh second female lead unlike those unreasonably obsessed women in Full House, My Girl, Delightful Girl, etc. who inhumanly cling on to the male lead. Eui-joo has reason to hold on to Dong-chan. As shown in this episode, she was somewhat given a unintentional kind of false hope(hence, their ‘date’), that triggers her to go for it. This confuses her feelings whenever she comes to the topic with Hae-na, resulting in pain. I’m sure that there’s many people out there that have actually felt this way before and that’s about how realistic it all gets.

    Tae-yoon(no offense!) bugs the crap outta me. I admit that I was formerly a Tae-yoon fan but the director managed to turn the tables when his hair began to look displeasing and when his smile turned into jealousy. I just got BORED.

    By the way, I also have this weird feeling that Dong-chan has had an interesting past that has yet to emerge into the story. Bits and clues came from Eui-joo’s mom, on how much Dong-chan knows about winery, and his skills with a kumdo sword shown in episode 2. Anyway, who knows? He could have been rich; switched at birth; gotten amnesia —- think of all the possibilities! ^^ It’s a Korean Drama after all.(filled with cliches) -__-;;

    YEH’s acting have definitely settled into place after episode 9 with all the emotional scenes. But I also got this strange feeling that her acting was heavily criticized because of the way she presented Hae-na’s character in the first episodes. People expected her to be a HUGE bitchy snob — just the way Gu Jun-pyo(BBF) and Anna(Couple of Trouble) was. But YEH’s entrance as Hae-na had a different feel to it. She sounded more like an irritating little brat than a cold-hearted, almighty person TRYING to find someone to bully.

    Tae-yoon + Eui-joo = Dong-chan + Hae-na


  47. 47 opionated

    umm i know the accidental falls happen way to much, but maybe its to show that these aren’t accidents but instead there love interfering with their actions…well at least thinking of it that way makes it better to watch. the episode was nice though i liked how she asked him not to leave you could feel the love.

  48. 48 MEIKO**** ^-^

    Yey!!! Just finished watching this episode!!!

    am sooo excited….!!!!

    I didnt see any mullet… ^-^… there was a scene where JIW’s hair had a little “baby mullet” but I guess, it was just accidental?! I can still see the “lego-toy hairdo” but it looks like the hairstylist tried to loosen it a bit…lol!!!

    My heart breaks for EJ…. I kinda see Kgirl’s point regarding EJ’s seemingly unwavering love and loyalty for DC…right now, she doesnt even see TY as someone she would like(although I can see they would make a good couple)… and from what I just saw, she might really start to fight for DC!

  49. 49 Nom_Kitteh

    Great discussion! I found myself nodding through all the posts, even the ones I conceptually (whatever that means) disagreed with because I was persuaded by every argument. I am relieved to see that I am not the only one affected by the class difference/power differential. I was beginning to feel so guilty: when did these bourgeois thoughts start taking hold of my ultra-left socialist mind?

    A possible resolution would be to give DC a life (a real life — not just that of escaping thugs) outside of HN’s. Maybe a storyline where DC shows that he has a great mind for…I don’t know…advertising, and then harabogi gives him a job at the company, and HE WILL STOP BOWING TO TY.

    About EJ: Okay, I can see that she is an interesting character, but I am so tired of bitchfests whenever there are women involved in K-dramas. Why does EJ have to be so nasty towards HN? Why are the three central females (EJ, HN, and that cousin) so mean? How come the men treat each other with so much civility? Even when TY is jealous of DC, he still speaks to him politely, and even compliments him. Why are the women incapable of showing this basic level of humanity? I liked that EJ actually sat down with HN to explain why DC worked as an escort. We need more scenes like those, instead of snorting, glaring, hair pulling cat fights.

    We need to start an online petition protesting the negative portrayal of female bonding.

    (Yes, I know that I am taking the show too seriously. See: Tongue. Cheek).

  50. 50 javabeans

    Why does EJ have to be so nasty towards HN? Why are the three central females (EJ, HN, and that cousin) so mean?”

    @Nom_kitteh, I think Hae-na’s meaner to Eui-joo, personally. I wonder if this is something that gets lost in translation, but Hae-na’s way of speaking is harsh, and almost startlingly rude at times. Eui-joo shows her anger toward Hae-na in her expression and tone, while Hae-na maintains a cold exterior but spouts antagonistic words. I can see how Hae-na may seem “calmer” and more civilized, but the content of her words evens things out, in my opinion. Plus, Hae-na instigates with her rudeness, while Eui-joo reacts.

    For instance, Eui-joo might say something in a heated tone like, “How dare you treat Dong-chan so badly? Does money give you the right to step on people?” Meanwhile, Hae-na will say coldly, “Shut your idiot trap, ignorant girl. Someone like you shouldn’t dare speak to me.” and so on.

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