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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 14
by | May 17, 2010 | 64 Comments

I have one word to describe this episode: FRUSTRATING!

It was frustrating on several levels, all of which I understood for the sake of Angst (who won’t go away) and for the sake of developing characters. But let’s also put it this way: I watched it with a fellow non-Korean drama addict, and I could not help gasping so many times that she started turning her attention away from her homework and towards the TV. Then she thought I was weird. (But she was also 13 episodes behind so I can’t blame her for not understanding a single thing.)

Song of the Day

Funnily enough, I also wanted to put up Nell for this week! aberdeen_angus and I must be riding on similar wavelengths! =P

Separation Anxiety – 기억을 걷는 시간 (Time Spent Walking on Memories) by Nell [download]

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Episode 14

The Kiss. How do you follow up the kiss?! This is the second time I’ve had to recap an episode following a kiss…

The two of them are so swept up with emotions that it’s hard to describe the happiness and yet the sadness that comes with the kiss. In Woo holds Hye Ri tight, and says it’s much easier if she chooses to hate him. She refuses to, finding greater comfort in the knowledge that they love each other, and says “I feel like I’m breathing properly.”

Did you hear that? My heart just broke and shattered into millions of pieces on the floor.

She pulls away first, though, and says, “That’s enough, now.”


They move their conversation to the park outside. He has just told her about his foster father, and Hye Ri is relieved that the father was so good to him. And she finally remembers him as the boy who came to her home long ago and stood outside. She completes the ‘muffin love’ memory.

Young Hye Ri had brought a muffin and a banana milk to Young In Woo for him to eat, so that he would not starve himself. However, In Woo was not in a forgiving mood and swatted the milk away. Hye Ri – ever the optimist – said it’s ok, the muffin is still safe… but In Woo – still bad tempered as ever – swats it away onto the floor as well.

They sit in silence, far apart on the bench, before she finally gets up to leave. In Woo doesn’t chase her – they’re both too lost in their own thoughts, now realizing the full magnitude of their actions and what paths they are on.

In the Ma Residence, the mom goes into her long-winded speech about how she wasn’t worried about Hye Ri until Ma Sang Tae brought it up and… well, in short – Hye Ri has a man… and it’s In Woo. But no worries! Seo In Woo has a good pedigree!

Yeah – the father’s not too happy about that.

Hye Ri goes to visit Shin Jung Nam once again, and he’s not too pleased to see her. All Hye Ri wants is to get his story straight – that he didn’t see Seo Dong Geun actually murdering Yoo Myung Woo. Not to mention, after the murder he quit his job and opened the flower shop; she implies that he was probably paid off to lie under oath.

Mr. Shin is nervous and he asks why she keeps pestering him like this. She repeats her name, and then reveals that she is Ma Sang Tae’s daughter. On top of that, his son’s lawyer Seo In Woo is Seo Dong Geun’s son. Mr. Shin is caught! He has fallen into a trap where the snares are made up of the second generation of the culprits/victims, and it’s called Karma.

After Hye Ri leaves, Mr. Shin is hit with a double whammy by the entrance of none other than Seo In Woo (who was watching Hye Ri from a distance by the way, as usual). In Woo comes to look at the freesias and wonders whether he ever revealed the reason why he bought freesias every week. His father loved freesias, even though women usually like that flower.

In Woo reminds Mr. Shin that he had promised to help In Woo in any way after his son’s case was cleared. He’s back to collect on that promise.

Meanwhile, Ma Sang Tae worries that In Woo approached Hye Ri and manipulated her feelings for this case. He calls In Woo to his office for a chat. It must be noted that In Woo looks around Ma Sang Tae’s grand office with a slight disdain and apprehension – he’s finally in his enemy’s lair, and this lair is pretty nice for a criminal.

Ma Sang Tae only wants to know about their relationship. Did he want revenge? If that is so, why did he have to go through Hye Ri? In Woo doesn’t care for this act of the ‘concerned father’. What he wants first is an apology from Ma Sang Tae – and Mr. Ma is unwilling to unseal his lips about the case. In Woo tells him to spend more efforts in persuading Hye Ri that she should stay away from In Woo, because he is not going to drop the case.

In Woo tells him to face his past and admit his wrongs (thus clearing Seo Dong Geun’s name) – if he can’t do that, then he will take Hye Ri for himself.

The gauntlet has been thrown!

On their way home, Hye Ri and In Woo bump into each other, and she greets him with a simple hello. But they walk right past each other, their hands so close and yet so far. They turn back to look at each other, but they stop halfway and continue on their paths.

(Frustration #2) This drama is dead set on not giving me the cliches that I need to get through this!

A cute pairing comes our way in the form of Jung Sun and Se Joon. He comes by to pick her up, insisting they carpool together again. She doesn’t even go to the gym after signing up for membership (yes, he checked up on her) and it’s a waste of oil resources to commute using two cars.

Jung Sun talks back and says that her car is compact and doesn’t use much gas in the first place. Se Joon smiles – this is the old Jung Sun he knew. And he drags her into his car because this is the way that rusty Se Joon woos his girl.

Hye Ri finally returns to work after several days’ absence and makes her rounds in greeting all the other prosecutors. Even her two coworkers missed her presence! She attends the morning meeting, and Min Suk and Prosecutor Chae are more concerned with Hye Ri rather than reporting their own cases. Prosecutor Chae even tells her that she shouldn’t have used up her vacation days – she’s a government employee so even if she is absent without notice, they can’t fire her. What is up with him and his bad habits?! He should be the focus for all the wrong ethics in the prosecutorial world too!

Jung Sun and Min Suk reveal that the Chief was really worried about Hye Ri, and they had to stop him from just appearing on her doorstep without prior notice, even if he is the chief. The Chief takes offense at this but Se Joon points out that what she said was right, and she used formal speech. Aha – so Se Joon likes taking sides eh? This does not go unnoticed by Hye Ri, who’s actually amused that Se Joon and Jung Sun are flirting in their own way.

Just then, Mr. Shin gives her a call. She goes out to his flower shop to meet him, and he decides to tell her everything because of a promise he made to In Woo, who had shown up right after she left. (And she thinks, “My goodness – he’s just everywhere, isn’t he?”) Mr. Shin takes out a briefcase full of money, that he had kept all these years.

Fifteen years ago, his son Dong Ha was hospitalized for heart failure, but Mr. Shin did not have the money to pay the medical bills. He had left his guard post that night to negotiate with the hospital for an extension but to no avail. He hurried back to the construction site and saw a car drive by – it was Ma Sang Tae. But Mr. Shin was rushing so he did not think it was Ma Sang Tae at first.

He went about his rounds and saw Seo Dong Geun in the room with the bloody Director Yoo. Mr. Shin went to phone the police and when he came back, Seo Dong Geun was gone. However, all the money that Director Yoo was surrounded in was left intact. Without thinking, Mr. Shin rushed in and grabbed all the money. He never realized that the money belonged to Ma Sang Tae either. In exchange for Mr. Shin’s silence, Ma Sang Tae allowed him to keep the money and paid for the hospital bills.

Hye Ri is shocked to hear this and immediately rushes to her father. She wants to know everything that happened on that day; it would be useless for her father to hide it anymore since she knows the truth from Mr. Shin. Ma Sang Tae is surprised that she knows so much, but he deflects and asks if she’s only being like this because of Seo In Woo.

Hye Ri concedes on this point, and her father is aghast that she would just do whatever In Woo ordered her to do. However, Hye Ri says that she’s only seeking the truth. In Woo knew that she would find out the truth eventually anyways. She also didn’t meet each witness accidentally. In Woo – the same boy who meticulously planned for this for fifteen years – made sure that she encountered each one of these people.

Ma Sang Tae asks if she’s going to prosecute him for In Woo’s sake. But Hye Ri is more loyal than that. She denies his allegation – if she was solely acting on In Woo’s behalf she would have reported the case to the prosecution and pleaded on her father’s behalf. But because she loves her father – and thinks she knows her father best – she refused to believe any of the things she heard until she had solid evidence that her father was the murderer. She maintains her father’s innocence, and yet she also feels bad for In Woo because she knows that he has suffered too.

Ma Sang Tae tries to convince her that In Woo just used her, but our mature Hye Ri says that she would have done exactly the same thing. She is still ashamed to face him, knowing that she can’t just ask In Woo to forgive her father just yet since his parents’ death were caused by Ma Sang Tae. Her father gives her a hypothetical situation: what if he really was the murderer, what would she do? Hye Ri has no response – if she thinks for either’s sake, she worries about the other and so she’s going crazy.

Mr. Ma has just witnessed his daughter grow up before his very eyes as she suffers for her love.

Out on a bridge, he rethinks the two kids’ words, and realizes that he has to make a choice. His choice will affect his daughter’s life either positively or negatively. It’s just a matter of whether he is willing to let go of his pride and his reputation.

Ma Sang Tae stumbles home drunk, and he asks his wife, “Being full and warm, what else did you say you needed?”

She promptly responds, “Having peace of mind.”

He brings up the past when they first married, living in a small newlywed home and visiting company presidents to build a name for his own company. He asks if she enjoyed being poor. The mom says that it wasn’t about being poor. It’s just that they were happier because they worked hard. (They didn’t have to resort to underhanded tactics to get what they wanted.)

But Ma Sang Tae hated that time the most of all. He came from a family of servants and wanted to break the cycle of poverty.

Ma Sang Tae: Starting with my child, the child that was born trusting me – Ma Sang Tae – with plump fat, with the most beautiful eyes, more beautiful than any jewel… starting from Hye Ri and her children, and the children of those children, boldly and proudly – I wanted them to live like that for generations.
Park Ae Ja: What’s wrong with you?
Ma Sang Tae: Something went wrong. This is not what I intended. I’m about to ruin my daughter.

This actor is so much more awesome in this role than he was in Shining Inheritance.

The next morning, Ma Sang Tae waits outside of Hye Ri’s home and sees her struggle to go to work. She’s much too fatigued and worried, but he can’t get out of his car to help her. Seeing her suffer like that is enough for him to call up and visit In Woo in his apartment.

Ma Sang Tae: You don’t take after your father. You’re not Seo Dong Geun’s son. Your father was a soft person. Good person with a soft heart. During Cheonji-Dong redevelopment, Seo Dong Geun was in charge of negotiations. Till the end, he sided with the demolition victims. If he was a meticulous, scheming, and calculating person like you, that wouldn’t have happened to him that night.
In Woo: Are you trying to say it was my father’s fault?
Ma Sang Tae: I mean that personality determines your fate. Like Hye Ri – your father was like that. If Hye Ri was like me you could have never dreamed of approaching her. If Seo Dong Geun was like you in his life, he would have never been falsely accused of murder.
In Woo: It sounds like you’re implying he was accused because of his own accord.
Ma Sang Tae: No. I’m mad at myself for not knowing that you snuck your way into my daughter’s life. Then, I’ll ask you directly. What do you want me to do? I came here because I wanted to clearly what it is you want. If you want an apology, I’ll apologize. And if you tell me to go down on my knees, I’ll go down on my knees. I didn’t intentionally frame your father.
In Woo: If you want me to bury the case, I cannot do so.
Ma Sang Tae: I don’t want to be a father who hammers a nail into his daughter’s heart and ruin her life.
In Woo: What I need to give back to my father is exactly that. How you want to be seen by your daughter – my father must have been the same. So, I cannot abide by your request.
Ma Sang Tae: Then, if I acknowledge it, will you let go of my Hye Ri? From my daughter, whom you approached because of me, will you disappear forever?

Kaedejun: Say NO In Woo!!! NO! N-O!

Ma Sang Tae: You said you’re here to clear your father’s name. Is it not enough that you used my innocent daughter to dig up her father’s case?
In Woo: I have no intention to do so – besides clearing my father’s false charges, I have no other desires.
Ma Sang Tae: You promise me? My Hye Ri does not take after me. She is not cruel. If you are intentionally holding onto Hye Ri’s heart, I won’t let you go.
In Woo: I give you my promise.
Ma Sang Tae: Alright. If you are Seo Dong Geun’s son, you should keep promises well.

(Frustration #3) Why must In Woo do this!? He even wonders it himself whether Ma Sang Tae ever realized that he could have loved her too!

Ma Sang Tae only asks that In Woo not say anything to Hye Ri about this arrangement until he has had a chance to explain himself to Hye Ri first.

Meanwhile at the office, Jung Sun has a heart-to-heart with Hye Ri. She wants to know what’s bothering Hye Ri, but Hye Ri is too surprised to say anything. Jung Sun takes the silence as Hye Ri not wanting to say anything, but finally she speaks.

She asks if Jung Sun has ever been bothered by her conscience. This throws Jung Sun for a loop – conscience? She probably never realized that Hye Ri even knew the word! Hye Ri asks what they should do when the truth is scarier than they think. Should they continue pursuing it, even if it could bring harm upon others…or her family?

Jung Sun answers simply – there is no answer. Every prosecutor makes the decision based on their own beliefs and background. Hye Ri wants to know what Jung Sun would do, but Jung Sun wants to know the details of the case. Hye Ri can’t bring herself to say it, so Jung Sun immediately assumes that it has to do with In Woo.

Hye Ri reassures her it’s not, and so Jung Sun wonders if they broke up. Hye Ri once again says they’re not in that kind of relationship (really? I thought after two passionate kisses you two should be something). Jung Sun wonders if In Woo is someone whom Hye Ri wishes she never met from the start – if so, then she should forget him ASAP. Wah – dishing out advice just like an older sister!

Later on, Jung Sun goes to Se Joon’s office to pick up a case file, but she sees on his desktop a curious file folder with her name on it and opens it – it’s all her pictures from the cherry blossom path!!

Se Joon approaches her and she runs away without taking the file – too embarrassed. Se Joon realizes that she saw the photos and meets her out in the hall. Jung Sun at least asks him why he has the photos – has he been talking to Bin? Her mom has no idea how to work with digital cameras.

Jung Sun: Did Bin say anything?
Se Joon: Say what? That you like me?
Jung Sun: *SAY WHAT!?* face
Se Joon: Why are you so startled? You said it with your own mouth?
Jung Sun: Me!? When did I? I only told Prosecutor Ma…

CAUGHT! How cute. She runs off to “interrogate a defendant” – and Se Joon smiles.

Hye Ri returns home in a somber mood – still battling her dilemma. She sees In Woo sitting outside on a bench – in a somber mood after his conversation with Ma Sang Tae. Hye Ri hides behind a pillar and starts using her phone to snap away some pictures of In Woo. Unfortunately, she can only get his side profile or his back, as he is not facing her.

Little does she know, In Woo sensed her presence, and he is purposely turning his face away from her so she can’t get a good shot. That’s what you get Hye Ri for trying to out-spy the master spy!

Suddenly she hears a voice: “Isn’t that Prosecutor Ma there?” Hye Ri looks up – but In Woo is nowhere to be found! Turns out, he’s right behind her. He tells her she must be really sick – does she like him that much to take secret photos of him? Why is she copying his strategy? Ah – because she has no photos of him and he has so many of her.

Embarrassed, Hye Ri turns to leave, but In Woo says that for this afternoon, they’ll break all their rules and “lose their minds.” They head over to a park and he opens up his trunk to reveal his numerous disguises and camera. In Woo takes the camera out, and Hye Ri reaches over to see if he took photos of her with it.

As she makes a grab for it, In Woo stretches his arm out of her reach. Ah, to be teased… a sure sign that the boy likes you 100%!

In the park, In Woo starts posing, and Hye Ri reluctantly takes a picture of the “cool” In Woo. He realizes that he should try other poses, like a “gunshot” pose, or the “heart” pose, or a “jumping” pose, or a funny face, or a “waving” pose. And In Woo smiles so brightly for her… but he knows that this happiness will have to come to an end.

Hye Ri reviews the photos and wonders why they have none together. She asks for a picture together, but he doesn’t want to.

In Woo: I don’t take pictures with just any girl.
Hye Ri: Any girl?
In Woo: You’re not a lover, nor in the future. You’re not a friend. You’re not a family member. Then you’re no one. Don’t you agree?
Hye Ri: A lawyer should speak properly like a lawyer. Being someone and being no one, is that the same? If not, what’s the difference?
In Woo: Here comes your occupational habit of asking questions. You need to be careful of that. Men hate that the most. Women tiring you out with questions…
Hye Ri: Women hate men like you the most. Never losing once. Word after word. As Soon as the woman speaks you strike back. And you speak in a derogatory manner. And… and… There’s more…
In Woo: There’s more?
Hye Ri: Way more! There’s a lot more!
In Woo: Why do you like that kind of man then? Taking pictures secretly… what to do about this popularity of mine.
Hye Ri: You’re the one who secretly took pictures of me first. Are you really not going to take a picture with me?
In Woo: Yes!
Hye Ri: Then give me all of the pictures you have of me that you took secretly. How many of them are there that you took when you had me followed? Give them all to me.
In Woo: I’ll give them all to you. I was going to throw them all out anyway. When do you want to come get them?

(Frustration #3.5) Only halfway, because while I’m mad that they can’t take a photo together – probably so that Hye Ri’s pain won’t be so severe sometime in the future as she looks back and realizes she took a picture with the jerk – they have resumed their bickering selves. Something I missed for two episodes.

In Woo laughs and tells her that photos are useless – they can’t capture every single expression or moment in their lives. He walks away and mutters to himself (again): “In my head, in my eyes, in my heart, there are all of your various expressions…”

They reach home, and Hye Ri is ready to part ways. In Woo is not, and proposes a drinking bet. They go to a restaurant and he begins to make soju bombs for her. He fails in making a tornado within the cup after mixing the soju and the beer, so Hye Ri expertly does it for him. (Ha!) They toast and he drinks his cup in one shot. Hye Ri watches him carefully and decides to only take a sip.

Something is up – and she knows it. In Woo – just spill it.

In Woo: Of all the things I said last time, there was an error. So I wanted to correct it. “Because I thought it would be fun to use you so that Ma Sang Tae gets backstabbed by his own daughter” – that is not why I chose you, Ma Hye Ri… It might sound like an excuse but I needed you as a prosecutor. Even if I became a prosecutor I wouldn’t be able to handle my father’s case. If it’s not me, what prosecutor in this world would investigate with interest a case that was resolved over 10 years ago. Especially since it was a case that had no suspicion of being needed to be reopened… In the beginning it was simply to clear my father’s name. But you were the safest… Although it’s late, I wanted to apologize. For using you who is innocent. I am sorry.
Hye Ri: That apology, you’ve already said three times.
In Woo: While facing you, I wanted to say it officially. And, despite being this sorry, that I can’t do anything – I am sorry.

Hye Ri accepts it with a smile, and for me, I would take that a lot harder than if she just hated me after I apologized.

They return home drunk, and In Woo relishes in the fact that he has someone to catch him if he were drunk. They enter the elevator, standing side by side and holding onto the bars for support. Their fingers touch ever so slightly, but neither make the first move to actually grab the other’s hand. Instead, every time their fingers skim each other, they move it away.

They reach the fourth floor, and Hye Ri exits the elevator. In Woo hangs his head down, as though saying “I’m sorry to see you go. I’m sorry that you can’t be here for me too.” Hye Ri almost wants to rush back in but the doors close on her, and In Woo lets out a tear.

(Frustration #4) I think it speaks for itself.

They spend a sleepless night – he wanting to call her but unable to, and she looking at the photos of him. And Ma Sang Tae looks at a photo of a younger Hye Ri – with long hair and looking startlingly like Se Joon’s wife.

If the producers aren’t careful, people could use this as proof that Se Joon’s wife and Hye Ri are long lost twins or something.

The next morning, Jenny calls up In Woo to check up on him, but In Woo is feeling too hungover to go to work. He goes to a nearby pharmacy to pick up some medicine, and on his way back he sees Hye Ri’s mother carrying a bunch of groceries.

He hides the medicine and goes to help her carry them up to Hye Ri’s apartment. Talk about scoring points with the mother in law when he really has no reason to anymore. She talks about how awesome it is if they were “lawyer spouses,” and In Woo’s face just reads *awkward*.

Hye Ri’s mom offers to make him tea, or lunch, and he politely declines. She wonders why he’s so much more restrained around her, and In Woo says simply, “We broke up.” That dampens the mother’s mood, but she doesn’t blame him at all. He leaves the apartment, and Hye Ri’s mother notices the medicine.

A little while later she shows up at his door with some porridge. In Woo doesn’t want to accept favors from her like this, but Hye Ri’s mom brushes it aside as a neighborly thing to do. She chooses to wait until he’s done eating it and then take back the dishes.

As he eats, Hye Ri’s mom asks why they broke up. Was it because of the father? Or did they fight? In Woo looks mighty uncomfortable so the mom decides to shut up. In Woo notes that the two are very alike, and she delights in the comparison. She then tells him sadly that she loved hearing the word “mother” come from In Woo’s mouth, as she always wanted a son. And since he didn’t have a mom she had hoped to be that mom for him. If there’s anything she could do for him –

*Ding Dong*

And Jenny comes barging in at the “right” time saying, “Honey, I brought you some porridge! (sees Park Ae Ja) Is she the maid?” (Argh – I wanted to strangle Jenny right here. I never disliked her until now!)

In Woo tells her to watch what she’s saying, apologizes to the mom by calling her “mother” once again, and Hye Ri’s mom rushes out, dazed at having met In Woo’s new “girlfriend.” Jenny’s not too pleased that the two are cozying up either. She reminds him that the mom could know something about him and that the statute of limitation is approaching fast. However In Woo tells her to stop worrying. He’s not being naive in continuing to be nice to Park Ae Ja, and he knows that Ma Sang Tae is going to say something to Hye Ri soon. That’s why he’s willing to wait a little longer – even with the deadline approaching – to see what the Ma family will do. Jenny’s afraid that Hye Ri will decide to cover up the case instead, but In Woo has faith.

While this is happening, Hye Ri goes over to the Ma Residence to talk to her father privately. He called her over after he sent the mom out, since the less she knows right now the better.

Ma Sang Tae: I’ll tell you everything that you’re so curious about and desire to know. Yoo Myung Woo… I killed him.

(Frustration #5) SERIOUSLY!?

LIES, aberdeen_angus, IT’S ALL LIES – RIGHT!?!?!?


As you can see, most of my frustrations stemmed from the InHye side of the story. I can understand why they did it though. Every momentary separation took a lot of courage, and it shows that Hye Ri is no longer the needy child that clings on to In Woo every time something goes “Boo!” in the night. She’s standing on her own two feet.

It’s actually scarier to be in the light than to be in the dark – the truth is far more terrifying for her and to see all the true sides of a person in the light is worse than seeing at least some of those sides hidden in the dark. And yet, Hye Ri manages to do everything on her own, instead of visiting those witnesses with In Woo. She does not ask for his help either (even though he gives it unconditionally) and confronts her father by herself. It’s not just the fact that she is unworthy of him and vice versa because of the baggage they carry, but she is becoming her own person and choosing to carry that baggage herself. After all her crying that he was never around to talk to her when she needed it, she now doesn’t look to him for conversation. She just wants him to be there – as both her goal and motivation to solve this case.

I wondered why, after Hye Ri got out of the elevator and left In Woo crying alone, they did a close up of her shoes. She’s not exactly trying to put up a mask in front of In Woo. But she is walking away. Instead of feeling like she has been rejected or is lost, she knows what she is doing and is doing the rejecting instead. She knows that it would be bad to stay by In Woo’s side for the both of them, and she’s the stronger one in doing the leaving. And to be the stronger one would require her to be in heels too, which she gets her confidence from. Heh.

Ok – on to the main debate of the episode – did Ma Sang Tae really kill Yoo? I say no – only because:

1) He admitted it too easily and too stoically to Hye Ri.
2) We know from the entire episode that it’s going to lead up to this moment and he was feeling conflicted about it.
3) Ma Sang Tae did admit to his wife and In Woo that he was ruining Hye Ri’s life. So all it came down to the question: does he love his daughter enough to sacrifice himself?

I say that he is admitting guilt because he wants his daughter to live the good, happy life that he envisioned for her. I don’t think he’s necessarily doing it to protect anyone. I don’t know who it is he’d be trying to protect anyway! It might have just been easier to admit guilt because then, In Woo gets to clear his father’s name and Hye Ri will get to be with the man she loves. Ma Sang Tae would have faced his past and karmic justice would play out. Hye Ri would know what path to go on and continue living “boldly and proudly,” knowing that she does not have to hide behind a family secret.

Whether Hye Ri will go to In Woo is another matter, but it looks like she will since she cares for him deeply. She loves In Woo and her father, but the love runs deep enough that she doesn’t know which side to stay on. She needs one side to surrender so that she knows who is in the “right” and who is in the “wrong.” If Ma Sang Tae presents himself as “in the wrong,” then Hye Ri knows the steps that she will have to take to prosecute him. It won’t be nice, but Hye Ri won’t have a dilemma to deal with anymore. In Woo would also be by her side to support her, because even though it’s nasty business to prosecute your own family, we know that he’s terribly sorry for it and would make it up to her if he could by supporting her. Ma Sang Tae knows that In Woo would never surrender, and so that is why he gives himself up.

I would not be surprised if Ma Sang Tae goes to jail for a few years, because it was not a premeditated murder. I think it was an accidental murder, so I think he’d get charged with a lesser punishment than if he had consciously, voluntarily killed Director Yoo.

One more thing about Se Joon and Jung Sun. With all the drama in regards to the case and all that, the writer manages to deftly insert these two as a “break” from the tension. Their comedy allows us to rest our thoughts in regards to the case, because now we know that this ship is getting ready to sail.

Wow – this ended up being long… By the way – anyone notice that her nails are no longer the ghastly yellow-tipped French manicure? They’re now a subdued pink. Thank goodness…


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    First thanks for recapping, you are so fast <333 This episode is very sad and happy at the same time, no feelings to describe it.

    I am happy about prosecutor yoon and sung, they are meant to be together, both are such nice people, and prosecutor sung took child of his daughter for so long, it is time for prosecutor yoon to return the feeling.

    I am feeling sorry for the father, father will love their kids no matter what, and he is a good father to HR. So I also dont get why IW needs to do this, trading HR for revenge. I mean, how could he, what right does he have for it. I bet the father is not the killer, he is only saying it to protect HR.

    The park scene was the best, if there was no revenge, they would be a happy couple going on a date, but that is not going to happen because of the revenge. I am starting to dislike Jenny now, I dont want her to turn evil,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    I hate those kind of plot developmentsssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

    In-woo, say it isn’t so, please, I want to see your card under that sleeve of yours. Otherwise I’ll personally go and kill ya!

    Well, not really. I know that if he was serious about that promise, Hye-ri, the writers, almighty heavens or someone won’t let him fulfill it, right? RIGHT? But, boy! Why would he make it???????

  5. shurlee

    Thanks so…….much for the recaps! Can’t wait to see the last two episodes!!!

  6. kiseki_destiny

    Thank you for the wonderful recaps! it’s so fun reading it <3<3
    And really, when they are in the elevator, I just want HR to make a move to comfort him… oh lord. frustration at its peak!

  7. splgt001

    thank you for the recaps =)

    The secret Ma Sang Tae is hiding better be HUGE!!! or else, I don’t know……

    They are very mature adults who are facing hardships face on and this is something I truly appreciate. They have confessed their feelings and realise that there are obstacles to them being together…. and they are working resolve those issues (rather than not saying ‘I love you’ to the very end and making me go bald in the process)….

    what more do the writers have up their sleeves??

    what to do after PP… hmm…

    waiting for Wednesday.

  8. snowanh

    I just read recap of eps 13 & 14 interesting, thanks JB…..and the kiss got me curious… Should I start watching this drama ???? I am down to only 2 dramas left PS Man and Personal Taste…what to watch next ???

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    I love each time both of you (kaedejun & aberdeen_angus) recap events in PP, putting words into those “in between lines” … elaborating meanings on subtle gestures and things…though I watched the English subtitled episodes, your recaps are still always longed for and indispensable. Thank you very much indeed.

  10. 10 Annie

    @ snowanh

    you should watch it for sure, a lot of people didn’t watch pp at first because it is not as popular as the other 2. But once you start, you can’t stop, it is so addicting.

  11. 11 aberdeen_angus

    Yeah, snowanh, just after episode 3, you won’t be able to resist the temptation of watching a non stop marathon of PP.

    me: Hello, I’m aberdeen angus and I’m addicted to PP.

    audience: hello, aberdeen!

  12. 12 supah

    Fab recap Kaedejun!

    OK, fair enough, SJ wasn’t to get the girl but…
    Why Jung Sun?!
    She’s cute and tomboyish and all, but she’s so dull!

    What have they done to my sexy, sexy, charismatic SJ?
    Couldn’t they have let him remain the sexy single father?
    And 3 yrs is NOT enough time to get over your dead wife!

    (I’m not over a guy I really liked and couldn’t be with after 7yrs!)

    So they could’ve let him continue to grieve and then find someone (way better) he’s NOT feeling indebted to.

    Is Jenny not available? Even she’s prettier and less dull than JS!

  13. 13 kaedejun


    hehe thanks! but here’s the thing – why Jenny!?! first of all, she and SJ don’t know each other.

    you’ll say – they can be introduced

    but then i’ll say – if you think Jung Sun is dull, then I think Jenny’s dull! they have never fleshed out her character too much – she’s simply the voice of reason to IW and nothing more. at least with Jung Sun I know that she is 1) tomboyish 2) stubbornly cute 3) not as tough as you think she is since she is a tomboy 4) nurturing towards Bin and 5) insanely pretty if she dresses up and tries to be.

    jenny – i only know that 1) she’s hot and 2) she just wants IW to get his revenge and go back to the states with her.

    and everyone changes and grows at their own pace – there are people out there whom 1 year after a divorce or death of spouse would immediately jump back into the dating game and remarry.


    you and i, and a bunch of other people have to join PPA – Prosecutor Princess Anonymous, the group that meets weekly to discuss how to move on after PP – hehehehehe!

    and yeah – his card up his sleeve is the WONDER WOMAN COUPON! =D he’ll use it and tell the dad – “i’m not breaking our promise, i’m just using a promise i made BEFORE i made the promise with you.”

  14. 14 sallynally

    I disagree that MST is admitting to the murder in order to help his daughter and SIW be together. Instead, I think it’s exactly the opposite. MST believes that SIW is simply using his daughter, and he wants to protect his daughter from In Woo. Since SIW said that he would leave MHR alone if MST would admit to what he did, I think MST is admitting to the murder to protect his daughter. Whether or not MST actually did murder Yoo Myung Woo, either intentionally or accidentally, is still up for debate and we will find out this week.

  15. 15 v

    woohoo! yay kaedejun!! thanks for the recap…
    lol.. i didnt realize until u pointed out that this is the second time ur doing a recap after a kiss.. lol.
    ok, now i’m off to read the rest.. .sorry, i just had to say thanks first XD

  16. 16 kaedejun


    oh yeah… good point – i must have it mixed up too since i forgot that IW promised to leave HR alone… hehe!

    but i also think that he knows his actions will lead to future happiness for HR – with or without IW. so aside from doing it to keep IW away, he’s also doing it for HR’s sake…yeah? hehehe 😛

  17. 17 aberdeen_angus

    @kaedejun: I was thinking about that, too. He might use it. No, no, I’ll correct myself. He MUST use it.

  18. 18 Missjb

    Might I repost this awsome IW’s hidden messages in the clock scene. Boz i think every lines is so touching….

    Translation of the clock scene!:) Thanks to peace369 from baidu for the chinese translation…
    Ma Hye Ri ssi,
    How old are you now? Where are you living?
    I mean, where are you residing now?
    I’m living in the house with the terrace that I moved into the day you moved in.
    It’s really nice here.
    Yet in such a great place, I’m… preparing a time of pain for you…

    Being with you will make me feel both happy yet unsettled.
    I don’t know if my plans will change
    I have my own arrogance to blame for choosing you.
    I know it’s going to be painful for me but I’m still going to hurt you..
    I can’t stop, no matter what.

    Hyeri ah… don’t eat grass anymore
    Live a long time… be healthy
    Find someone who will really really love you and erase away the hurt I’ve left you.
    Have a happy and blissful life… that way I’ll feel a little less sorry.

    I hope that by the time you hear this, you’re 77 years old
    Just like in Titanic, when you tell your daughter who loves you about your younger days…
    when you were young and innocent and beautiful…

    When you smile and say that even though I was a jerk who made your life hell, you don’t care whether that jerk is living well or not…
    I hope you will hear this when you feel like scolding me or hitting me…
    I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

    Cr: hanakokoro at soompi thread…

    God, this drama is awsome, LOVE IT

  19. 19 supah

    Haha! Those people must be men then! I’m sure we women are a tad more loyal. 😉

    Nothing too specific about Jenny really, I was thinking the possibilities out loud.

    I don’t understand how he couldn’t remain the way he was before, I’d like if he’d remained a sunbae to HR, if she ever needed his support. It’s not like he’s a threat the In-Hye relationship anymore.
    I don’t think there was any need to have relegated him to such a useless status, which is sorta unfair to us fans who really liked the YSJ of the initial 10 episodes.

  20. 20 absothe

    Frustration #6
    I still have no idea how this drama is going to end, not even a hint of what is going to happen in the next episode. Never in my 2 year drama watching time have I experienced this, how do they do it?
    Did they drop out of k-drama writing school after the wrist grabbing lesson?

    About Ma Sang Tae; I think it was an accident, it was obvious that (presumable AFTER the murder) when he left the scene in his car, he was confused and scared. Anyhow I won’t make any more predictions about the storyline, I always get it wrong with this one. LOL

    About HR’s Mom: Did anyone notice how HR and her mom are so much alike? Obviously not by looks, but the way they talk and act is so similar. The way they talk fast when they are nervous or the little laugh to fill up an awkward moment. It really makes them such a believable mother and daughter couple.
    And the scene where HR’s mom just met Jenny and walked down the stairs feeling somehow bothered by Jenny’s presence. This scene was shot almost exactly the same as HR’s scene when she walked down the same stairs during IW’s ignore period. (I hope she gets back at him for that)

    Gosh I wrote a bit more than I wanted to, which was: thnx for the recap, I enjoyed reading it!

  21. 21 dulcedeleche

    Great recap!

    Surprisingly, i didn’t consider the angst that frustrating. I like how Hye-ri isn’t constantly sobbing by herself like a lot of K-drama heroines tend to do.

    thematically, i thought the focus on promises was interesting. How important is it to keep your promises? In-woo is doing all of this for a promise he made to his father.In order to fulfill his promise to his father, In-woo is being caught up in another promise — to leave Hye-ri alone.
    Keeping promises is equivalent to maintaining your honor. And at this point, how important is honor ?

  22. 22 Sumee

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…these Guys are killing me into bits & pieces…kaedejun..I so agree about PPA – Prosecutor Princess Anonymous, the group that meets weekly to discuss how to move on after PP – My life will not be the same..sob sob …Sigh..

  23. 23 Sumee

    Well I had to write this one toooooooo..I missed on something..Hell Ya..Wednesday is coming…PS don’t ask me how many times I have watched IW & HR’s scene together..I just downloaded Eps 1-6 from Veoh ..its of super good quality & i am waiting for further episodes to be put up & i add it to my collection… ke ke ke (^.^)
    🙂 😀

  24. 24 ernie

    Has anyone noticed Yoon Se Joon’s hair change? It used to be all away from his forehead, held up with hairspray or something, but now it’s back to the way it was before he met Hye Ri and was always with Jung Sun. 🙂

  25. 25 Katrin

    Thanks for the recap! I was waiting for this and the last one eagerly.
    I love this drama and I – too – started it quite hesitantly only a few days ago.
    I was so bored by “Partners” and therefore didn’t want to watch another lawyer-drama even though Park Shi Hoo was my favourite character in “Iljimae”.

    But here are my comments on episode 14. Hye Ri’s father is definitely not the murderer. If he was there would hardly be any chance for a happy ending, and that this drama will have a happy ending is a sure thing: It’s neither a historical drama nor a melodrama. It’s a very cute, interesting, well-done, thought-out romance. And even melodramas seem to have a happy ending nowadays. (“Will it snow for Christmas”, etc.)

    (I sometimes wonder why people bother to discuss who will end up with whom. One glimpse at the official poster tells you everything about it.)

    Anyhow. I wonder why so many of you think that Hye Ri knows that In Woo returns her feelings. He has never admitted to them. (Or did I miss a scene?) He kissed her and held her tightly after she confessed her love for him but this could be interpreted as his way of saying “I am sorry”. A kiss is not a confession.

    I think his words after the picture-taking-session “You aren’t my lover and won’t be in the future” were really hard. He really restrains himself from showing his love.
    He was very passive in the elevator. Again it was Hye Ri who longed for a sign of attachment.
    She was the one who approached him by stretching out her pinky just a little bit and hoping for some sign of affection on In Woo’s side but – though tempted (tiny finger movement?!) – he pulled his hand away and continued to stare at the floor.

    When she left the elevator she stopped still waiting for a reaction, but he didn’t look at her. I didn’t think that she was thinking about comforting him. Neither did she see his tears. I don’t even think that she was clear about his pain.
    But that’s only my interpretation.

    Even though I might be wrong it at least makes me even more anticipate his final love confession.

  26. 26 v

    yep… start watching this… i was hooked from the beginning but because HR’s fashion sense and over the top scenes in the first 2 ep are hard to digest for some, most get hooked at ep 3/5/7.. lol. this is totally worth it!!!

    me in audience: hello, aberdeen!

    ok, i disagree with u about JS and SJ (who would have thought? XD) since i dont think JS is dull (ok, maybe im biased since i’m kinda like her.. haha) but well, won’t say much about this or it might turn into essay writing again. :p jenny and SJ is random but can work too. XD lol… altho we all know yoonie is truly ur BF XD
    “I’m not over a guy I really liked and couldn’t be with after 7yrs!” >>>> WOW
    i’m impressed.. lucky u, knowing what love and romance is… it still hasnt happened to me yet. *sigh*
    and let’s shout it for female loyalty!!! but wouldnt it give us less headache if MEN were the ones being loyal? lol

    haha. Love this >>> Did they drop out of k-drama writing school after the wrist grabbing lesson?
    agree about AJ and HR similarities… ive noticed that for a couple of ep too.

    yep i noticed the hair change… but really, HJS can pull off any kind of hair and still be wow.

    Count me in PPA!!
    ok, now, let’s go to commenting ur post. awesome recap!! it was worth waiting and checking for it til today. (love the song btw. good choice!)
    love how u insert ur own side comments in it! lol.
    and is this week List week? with aberdeen_angus and her face to faces and now u, with ur frustrations… looks like u guys r on really on the same wavelenght…
    for me this episode was not frustrating… or for the lack of better wording, it was frustrating but in a good way… i LOVE it.. it’s not too overdone unlike in some dramas where i just get TIRED big time of all the missed almost-moments… but up until now, it’s done at just the right dose for me to get me involved.

    “He has fallen into a trap where the snares are made up of the second generation of the culprits/victims, and it’s called Karma.” or it’s called almighty IW… XD

    like u said, love how the comic reliefs are well done. SJxJS (and i really like JS) couple is clumsily cute (they look like teenagers courting..) and i love all the prosecutors. they didnt appear much but i have a soft spot for them. 🙂

    Omo… i totally forgot MST was in Shining Inheritance but now that u mentioned it, i immediatly remembered him as BSB’s father. he is SO good in this episode… it’s a shame he didnt have an occasion to shine in SI.

    I agree with ur frustration 3.5… it was really good to be able to see IW SMILE again (melt) and act cute… it really showed how good HR and IW could be together if not for all that mess. even tho all that is just a facade hiding all the misery awaiting them, i don’t care.. i needed that. and again, IW apologizes!! that made my heart break, as well as the elevator scene.
    i understand why IW and HR think they can’t be together and act accordingly (IW, seriously, HR is NOTHING to u?? come on, uve just KISSED her..) but it’s hard to watch.

    but ur right for pointing out the HR is becoming more independent and yet knowing that she needs IW, not for him to help her but for just to be there for her! that was awesomely put! as well as ur shoes analysis. and ur analysis about truth in daylight being scarier that the dark and all was BRILLIANT!!

    i still dont hate Jenny but she did irritate me with AJ’s scene… for some reason, i sympathize with her. all she did was wanting to help her BFF (and crush?) and now she ends up being out of the loop and dropped to the backseat for trying TOO hard to help.

    now about speculations… they are seriously driving me nuts.. pple come up with the weirdest theories ever… and btw, someone DID mention SJ’s wife being HR’s twin sister. lol.
    and since ur on soompi, u must have read/will read the preview for ep 15… so now, i dunno if MST killed the yoo guy or not. i dont even know if the preview is accurate since SBS announced that it wouldnt come up with a preview and nobody saw the preview on the PP main page but then a preview that looks legitimate comes up.. -_-” rahh.

    GRRR my post is long.. AGAIN.. i should learn to edit.. seriously.

  27. 27 balladish510

    thank you for the recap!
    PP sure has so many loyal dedicayed fans/ followers!

  28. 28 marbleloaf

    how is this going to end? suspense is kinda killing me!

  29. 29 dorispngPinas

    of all the 3 wed-thu series I’ve been watching, PP is the one that making me bite my nails with anticipation for the coming last 2eps. It’s at the bottom of my list for the first 2eps, been outshone by CS’s “Pantene-like’ moment and by PT coz of my greater love for LMH, but then as the series’s goes on, I’ve grown tired of CS angsty moments and ‘you-know-why-we-cant-be-together’ scenes of the 2 leads and if not for CJM and Taec, I wouldn’t last till now and though I’ve yet to be at a ‘tired’ stage with PT, have liked it less and less coz of In-hee, the typical k-dramas girl #2…..and now for PP though this week is its last 2eps, I feel like that am still in the middle of the series, still highly anticipating how the story will unfold, and for the first time ever in watching kdramas I understand the reason why the 2 leads can’t be together in the end (though of course I still want a HAPPY ENDING for my In Woo and Hye Ri pleaaaaseeee!!) …. but If my wish can’t be granted, still, I can accept their reason why they can’t be together in the end, if MST is truly the one who killed In Hoo’s father which part of me can’t believed he did it for the simple reason that he told MHR about it so calmly but then……if he’s not the one, why go such lengths of paying all the witnesses to stay silent??…….see?? that’s why I so looovved this series, coz of all the mysteries, plus this series is filled with Park Shi Hoo’s hotness and who can’t resist that??!!

  30. 30 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =)
    i hope in-woo and hye-ri will have a happy ending because they both deserve it. =)

    i love your recaps, they are very insightful!! =)

  31. 31 Yeng

    i wonder what does “statue of limitation” mean…is IW working with/for someone else regarding this case that there is a time limit? if not then jenny dont have to rush it. btw i think Jenny is a bit annoying…i understand that she has a deep, close friend relationship with IW or even like him, but its his problem, she can help him but not push him.

  32. 32 v

    a statute of limitation is mentioned when talking about a case… depending on the crime, there’s a time limit after which u cannot prosecute and investigate the case anymore. in IW”s father case, it can only go to court before 15 years (i think) has passed. after that, Ma sang tae is safe from prosecution.

  33. 33 beanice

    i can’t stand this
    oh god, the 2 last ep.
    i miss it right now
    they are such a cutest couple ever ( hehheheh she is not too young but how could she do that, i always hate a”cute””girl but i can’t hate her :)))

  34. 34 jj

    Lol, totally agree with supah at Jung Sun being too dull. Except I’d like to expand that by stating both her and Se Joon are PAINFULLY boring characters. So goody goody, in the same occupation, and just overall a very predictable, uninteresting match. It feels a bit like both are “satisficing” for each other.

    Second pairings in general annoy me, because they seem like something the writers make up to fill up time in the episode. These two are more likable in general than usual second characters (aka Jenny) but imo not necessarily likable together.

    Not to mention Jung Sun looks about 10 years too young for Se Joon.

    Everything else in the episode was great tho 🙂

  35. 35 cecee

    Thanks for the great recaps! We only have 2 more episodes to go and I am dying to find out what is going to happen!!! Normally, I would know but for this particular drama, it is so hard to guess because anything can happen!!!! Like some, I do not think the father is the killer. I wonder why he confessed so easily! There must be some other reason!!! I can not admit defeat for HR and IW just yet!!! I want to feel hope for them!!!

    Also, I hope he uses the Wonder women card! That would be fantastic! I hope they tie everything together nicely!! They still have a lot to cover!

    And yes, Jenny is getting on my last nerves!!!

    Writers, please give us a GREAT ENDING or I’m going to be super pissed~~~!!

  36. 36 Maria Bean

    Frustration #3.5…LMAO…still ROTF…

    KAEDEJUN : Been waiting for your recap since episode 14 & luv it. tqvm. Can u please count me in the PPA? Sigh otoke? after PP…

  37. 37 Sukispop


    Thanks for the great recap!

    Man, this drama is excellent on so many levels…the primary love story, the crime story and how everything is interlaced, and even the secondary love story(which I actually find really sweet…and I don’t find SJ or JS boring at all). I love virtually all of the characters in this drama…even increasingly annoying(but still beautiful) Jenny.

    And it took me awhile to recognize JS’ cool mom, who was Mother Superior in YB.

  38. 38 Missjb


    “In my head, in my eyes, in my heart, there are all of your various expressions…”


    In WOo Definitely LOVE HER ALOT!!

  39. 39 balladish510

    ^38: I agree
    My heart litterarily melts at that timeeee
    epic line it is!!!

  40. 40 Hachi

    Once again, you have done another outstanding recap of PP> just for the sake of being silly and ridiculous in regards to the last 2 eps…. I would like to see Hae Ri, do the case involving her father, bring it to a close and then take that position on that island that the Chief always mentions when he wants to threaten them, and then maybe In Woo will go look for her and really confess his true feelings, and HR will have built up her confidence and see his sincerity and they they both walk off into the sunset on the beach….ah I just love make believe…….you can end the story anyway you want…. and the other 2 prosecutors meet in the middle and drive off into the sunset,,,Happy!
    Thanks again JB, you are awesome….

  41. 41 yukiyukiku

    kaedejun, thank you for your wonderful recaps … luv it
    I was waiting for this all day … kekeke
    (talking about craziness … i totally love PP)

  42. 42 maricor102

    thanks for the recap..Gaawwwd!!i’m so inlove with this drama..although, you’re right that this ep has a lot of frustrating scenes..but, i think that those scenes were necessary for us to be able to really capture the emotions of these drama..i’m soo hooked and yeah!! i admit, i’m one of the many followers who wached 13 & 14th for the nth time..lol!! i lost count anymore..

  43. 43 yap


    well tomorrow gonna be wed~~~ our PP would come to an end at last~~~
    i really hope the father didnt’ kill IW daddy..so at least there’s a chance they can get back together!!!

  44. 44 Hana

    Thanks for the awesome recap kaedejun! And to aberdeen_angus too! The two of you have great reviewing chemistry! ^0^ I’ve never had so much fun reading drama reviews and your commentaries after.

    I think the largest frustration in Ep 14 is that we have to wait an entire week before we can find out what is going on! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! It’s even more frustrating that I don’t know whether i should be happy that this is the first drama in which i cannot see how it will end at all! up to the final two episodes and I’m still kept guessing…the theories are flying wildly in the air…but there is NO CLEAR ANSWER!! How awesome is that!!! At the same time…I MUST KNOW RIGHT NOW what is going to happen because the wait is killing me… and then knowing that there are only 2 episodes sends me into the depths of despair!! What am i going to do after this??? Sign me up for PPA!

    I wonder if IW will back away in the end… he has cleared his father’s name in getting MST to confess to HR… but since he was never bent on destroying anyone, maybe his love for HR will be greater than his promise to his dead father…after all… what good is proving a dead man’s innocence? It’s not going to bring his dad back…I don’t think anyone really cares about SDG innocence except IW to be perfectly callous about it….:P

    So maybe IW will back off and let the deadline slide so that MST won’t be prosecuted…and HR’s family won’t be destroyed the same way IW’s was… but then… that would leave IW in an even more angsty state… hasn’t the boy suffered enough…

    I want a happy ending…i must have a happy ending… but I just can’t see how it’s going to happen…

    Sorry for a long post….!
    ha ha ha PP has turned me into a rambling wreck!!!!

  45. 45 tm

    Thanks for the recap!! ^ ^


    Yeah i notice the behaviour that hyeri’s mother displayed when she was walking down the stairs too! that exasperated expression and the way she fan herself was totally same as hyeri too. Haha. I can feel that the scriptwriter’s detailed writing on that. Like mother, Like daughter. ^ ^

    I’d read the preview for tmr’s episode! But i won’t reveal it here since its spoilers here. ^ ^

  46. 46 kdlover

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama!!! It just get better and better!!! Awww sooo sad its ending!!! I love the HYe RI..she is such a refreshing character…LOVE HER!!! My inner fangirl just love lawyer seo…his voice is just sooo smooth and sexy…awww LOVE HIM!!! Best drama for me so far this year!!!!!!!

  47. 47 yukiyukiku

    kaedejun & aberdeen_angus, i love your reviews/recaps
    i don’t know how many time i read them already
    specially with all this waiting …
    reading the reviews/recaps, make all these waiting go faster
    thank you .. 🙂

  48. 48 Jane

    Thanks for recapping, can not believe it is going to end soon

  49. 49 flor

    Thank you for the recap.

    I just want to say that I LOVE THIS DRAMA. It is the best drama for me…. Love MHR and SIW…

    I want season 2 of this drama….Sign me up for PPA…

  50. 50 v

    wow… the vid preview for ep 15 looks like we are going for more angst… TT there’s not even one person smiling !!

    for those interested in seeing, here’s the BTS of the ep 14 kiss scene, courtesy of mandalaywith @soompi

    it’s quite funny to see what goes on before the kiss and how he has positions and all… lol. and looking at the kiss from another angle=KYA!
    there’s also a short making of ep 13.

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