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Dream High: Episode 15
by | February 22, 2011 | 356 Comments

I liked Hye-mi from the start, despite her surly behavior, but now I LOVE her, and totally because of her surly ‘tude. Is it me, or did she transform into someone awesome, right under our noses? In this episode she faces not one, but two dilemmas: classical or pop, and Hottie No.1 vs. Hottie No.2. Sigh. It’s tough being a girl.


Hye-mi realizes that she’s running towards Sam-dong…which means she LUUUUURVES him! To make matters worse, he’s heading straight for her with Jin-gook by his side, so she ducks behind a door to hide from them, because she’s adorably new to feelings.

She leans her head against the wall, groaning to herself that she’s crazy: “What are you going to do now? Crazy, crazy, crazy.” Aw. I love this side of Hye-mi.

The kids sign their contracts with White Entertainment, and the teachers supervise the proceedings. Oh-hyuk clocks Principal Shi glaring at him like the crook who stole his daughter, and he leans over to ask Jin-man why the principal’s got laser beams aimed at him.

Jin-man: “I don’t know. Don’t speak to me.” Hahaha. And aw, poor heartbroken Jin-man. The tidal wave of destruction one public display of affection can cause.

The students laugh at Doo-shik’s cheesy words about making their dreams come true together, until Jin-gook points out that it’s Oh-hyuk’s M.O., and he hides his face in embarrassment. I love how realistic that is—when I was a teenager, cheese was the plague.

Outside, Jin-gook and Sam-dong congratulate each other on their contracts, and Sam-dong declares that now he’s pretty sure that he’s up to snuff, to battle it out for Hye-mi’s heart. He asks Jin-gook if he’s up for the challenge, asks if he’s confident he’ll win. Jin-gook says he’s not, actually, and asks if Sam-dong is confident in winning.

Sam-dong: “No, I’m not. Now that I think about going up against you, you’re bigger than me. And possibly better looking. And you gave up your dream to protect someone else, so it’s possible you’re cool too. I should’ve picked someone easier to beat. Truthfully, I’m a little scared.”

Gah, I love their competitive bonding. Also, he’s not better looking. That’s just your insecurity talking, Sam-dong. What I love about his character is that he’s totally old-fashioned. He’s alerting his opponent that he’s going for it, like a gentleman.

Every battle’s got its code of ethics, and this one’s delightfully friendly, while still being tense. It’s the kind of code between two guys who might share some friendly underwear from time to time. Also, confirmation: Jin-gook still has the K pendant.

The girl in question is battling it out on her own, with little imaginary Angel Jin-gook on one shoulder, and Devil Sam-dong on the other. LOL.

Cracks me up that Jin-gook is the angel, because despite being the traditional bad boy, he’s always been the good one to her. And Sam-dong, despite being the good country boy, is the devil to Hye-mi, because he’s made her face tough challenges, and forced her to (gasp) feel feelings. Pwahaha. What a great reversal.

She mulls it over until Devil Sam-dong starts flying Cupid’s hearts at her (HA) and she shakes them both away.

Sam-dong sees from across the way and calls out to her, bringing her out of her reverie…and way too close to facing reality. So she bolts like a rabbit. And Sam-dong, bless his heart, just chases after her because he doesn’t know why she’s running away.

He finally catches up and cuts her off, and asks why she’s running away from him. Hye-mi: “I’m not running away. I’m…exercising.” Is it just me or is this girl getting funnier?

Sam-dong proudly shows her the contract and she says congratulations in her distraction, not even making eye contact. He’s like, this is the face of someone congratulating? And Hye-mi gets to repeat one of my favorite lines: “This IS my congratulations face.”

Sam-dong starts to ask her if she still worries about him or feels sorry for him, but before she can answer, she gets a call from her sister Hye-sung: Dad’s back!

Father of the Year was too busy being Crown Prince Whozit, or running away from debt collectors, what have you, and only now shows up at the house. He goes livid the moment he lays eyes on Oh-hyuk (the guy his wife left him for, as you’ll recall), and takes it out on his side-view mirror.

Once inside, he presents Oh-hyuk and his sister with an envelope of money, clenching his teeth while thanking them for taking care of his girls. When asked if that’s the face of someone who’s thankful, he answers, “This IS my thankful face.” It runs in the family!

Hye-mi comes home and Dad tries to greet her with a hug (do you even know your daughter?), and she responds by hitting him tearfully. He promises her that this time he’s gotten back on his feet, and they can all be together…in America.

Oh crap. Panic sets in over the two boys, who’ve been quietly happy for Hye-mi, until now. Dad says they’ll get everything ready for the move in a week, and they can stay at a hotel in the meantime. Hye-mi doesn’t want to just up and leave to a hotel so suddenly, and Oh-hyuk agrees that they can stay, since there’re so many rooms…

Dad goes over to Sam-dong and Jin-gook’s room, where they both hastily make their beds and in unison: “You can sleep here, sir.” Ha. Dad’s less concerned with where he’s going to sleep, than with what kind of relationship they have with his daughter.

They put him at ease by saying they’re just all friends from the same class, and Dad makes it clear that Hye-mi is Julliard-bound, as in destined for better things, so back off. He then chooses Sam-dong’s bed (!) and then complains about the mattress springs like a little princess.

The boys note that Hye-mi is a cookie-cutout of her dad, right down to the sneer and the prickly demeanor. Heh. I love that they can make fun of her truthfully, even though they’re competing for her affections.

Jin-gook runs into Hye-mi on the staircase, and asks if she’s really going to America. She says with a smile that she’s going, of course, because Dad’s here, and Julliard was always her dream anyway. But when she turns her back, her face betrays conflict.

Jin-gook offers her congratulations, though it’s half-hearted. And Hye-mi accepts his handshake a little too eagerly, as if convincing herself that it’s something to be congratulated for.

In her room, she ponders over her two dreams, now offering up a choice that she never had before. Sam-dong comes to her door, full of fear and anticipation.

Sam-dong: Can’t you…not go?

Ack! Ack! **thud**

He leans against her door, while she leans against it on the other side, and he asks what he’s supposed to do if she leaves now.

In the middle of the night, Dad wakes up in stealth mode, and takes the girls out of the house, suitcases in tow. They stay the night at a sauna, and the girls wonder what they’re doing there, if Dad’s really on the up and up.

Turns out Shady Daddy isn’t quite so on the level. He bolted from the house because he knew that Ma Doo-shik would find him there and demand repayment. Hye-mi rolls her eyes at her errant father, realizing that nothing’s actually changed. She asks why he really came back.

He tells her that it’s because he was worried she’d give up on her dream (of studying classical music) and was sincere about starting over in the States. He takes her phone away and tells them not to tell anyone where they are, so that they can slip away quietly in a week.

At school, Sam-dong and Jin-gook worry that Hye-mi will just leave the country like this, and Sam-dong decides he has to find her. Jin-gook asks if he has any way of stopping her. Sam-dong: “I don’t…but if I don’t find her, I won’t be able to breathe.” Kid, are you TRYING to kill me?

They split up to look for her, and Hye-mi wanders the streets to clear her head. She ends up in front of school, debating whether or not to go in. And it’s not either of the boys, but Baek-hee who finds her first. She takes her inside by the hand, having come full circle from their first steps into Kirin together.

Kyung-jin and Oh-hyuk run into each other in an explosion of awkward, and when she tries to bring up the hug from the other day, he makes the mistake of telling her that he won’t read anything into it, since it didn’t mean anything. Oh, boys. She just agrees, deflated.

When Doo-shik sneaks up behind her, she jumps into Oh-hyuk’s arms yet again, but they refuse to acknowledge the giant pink elephant in the room. Jin-man joins them as they discuss the new song that Doo-shik has acquired for the group.

It’s not really a song so much as a bass line, but then Oh-hyuk adds a melody on top of it. Jin-man’s jaw drops: “Are you a genius?” Heh. Oh-hyuk confesses that Sam-dong’s the genius, since it’s a song he wrote, re-titled “Dream High.” (The show’s title track.)

Everyone thinks that it’s a good song and a good name for the group, while Jin-man has other ideas. He’s prepared for the group-naming session, you see. Jin-man: “ALBATROS!” Ignore, ignore.

Jin-man: “Ok, ok, I have another: R2D2!” I don’t know what’s funnier—the fact that he thinks these are cool names, or the motions he’s got accompanying them. He finally throws a tantrum that nobody listens to him, harrumph, but then his ego shoots right back up when he’s offered the role of songwriter. Cue triumphant Star Wars music.

They’re interrupted when Dad comes rushing in to grab Oh-hyuk by the collar and demand his daughter’s whereabouts. He totally outs Oh-hyuk for seducing away his wife—AWK-ward—and blames him thinking he’s stashed Hye-mi somewhere.

Hye-mi comes running up to break up the fight, which is when Doo-shik realizes who it is, with a gleeful smile. They all calm down to discuss the matter, and Dad finds out that Hye-mi signed with Doo-shik in order to repay his debts. Yeah, catch up, Deadbeat Dad.

He tries to tell her not to worry about the debt, but she says it’ll be fine if she just debuts. That’s when Oh-hyuk steps in, like a real father figure, and reassures her that the debt doesn’t matter. His house has already been leveraged as collateral, and she needn’t worry, and he tells her to think carefully about what she really wants, and not to debut to pay a debt.

She looks up at Oh-hyuk, finally put at ease, and says she’ll think about it. Yay. In your face, Daddy Dearest. Takes more to be a dad than DNA.

Meanwhile, Kyung-jin reels at the news that her crush could be the kind of man to seduce a married woman. Jin-man takes the opportunity to tell her that eight years ago (the time of the supposed affair) is right around the time they were supposed to debut together, but Oh-hyuk ditched him. He decides that Oh-hyuk might have been the bad guy back then. Jin-man: “It’s possible he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing!” Yeah, a real wolf.

I love that Jin-man thinks he’s competing for Kyung-jin’s affections, when it’s really Oh-hyuk that he loves.

Hye-mi weighs her decision as she wanders the streets, playing eeny-meeny-miny-moe at each crosswalk, and frustrated that Fate isn’t helping her decide. Jin-gook finds her lost in thought, and she asks him what she’s supposed to do, since neither of them is one hundred percent.

Jin-gook tells her that if one choice were a hundred, it wouldn’t be a choice, but an answer. It’s because they’re fifty-fifty that it’s a choice, and she should weigh it carefully. He adds that once she chooses, not to look back, and turn that fifty into a hundred, to prove to herself that she made the right choice.

She wonders if he’s not going to tell her not to go, but he says she’s not the type to listen to other people anyway. She smiles, but her thoughts drift to Sam-dong and she walks away lost in thought again.

Jason does a promotional soundbite for an idol talk show, and he sweetly suggests the other members of Dream High for interviews. The PD doesn’t bite at the mention of Jin-gook or Baek-hee, thinking that it’s still too soon, and even makes the dig that people say Baek-hee seduced the president.

Oh, so the TEENAGER seduced the SLIMY BASTARD? Gah, sometimes I hate people. But I love Show for being real about it. Jason snaps at him that it’s not like that, but sees that they’ve got an uphill battle ahead. He suggests Pil-sook, and scores her a spot.

On the day of her interview, Jason watches from behind the camera, adorably cheering her on. He takes a look at the interview questions, and sees that changes have been made. His face falls, as he realizes he’s walked her straight into the lion’s den.

The interviewer starts out naming all her talents, and then adds her biggest talent of all: transformation, as he takes out a giant picture of her from a year ago. Pil-sook panics for a second, her voice wavering…but then she pulls it together and makes light of it, with jokes. Jason breathes a sigh of relief.

She closes the segment with a song that she clearly wrote about her favorite Chipmunk.

IU – “Dreaming” [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Eyes that only look at me
A nose like a sculpture
Lovable lips
Skin like milk and
A face that’s curious about something
Chic words

My friends think
I’m delusional
But I knew
Your heart
Even when you’re coy
I know
You can fool a ghost
But you can’t fool me

Step by step
Nervous footsteps
With excitement

Today with a heart
As big as this
Your dream

After the interview, Jason tells her that the PD found old pictures of her from her homepage, and suggests she take them down. She sighs that she probably should, but confesses that it makes her sad to do so.

She knows that the world will ridicule the Pil-sook of a year ago, and she’s scared that she’ll come to hate her too. Pil-sook: “I was happy with myself back then.” Aw, I love her. Jason tells her that she’s not the only one who was happy with who she was a year ago, and…wait for it…he takes out his phone.

YES! She’s shocked to find pictures of herself. “It’s…pictures of me?” Jason: “Who did you think was in here?” Pil-sook reminds him of his beloved I-miss-you-I-love-you-Julie, and of course, he waits till NOW to tell her: she’s his sister. Knew it.

She turns to keep walking, but he pulls her close. Omo! She immediately reads the sitch and shuts her eyes in a panic, making me die. Jason laughs to himself, and then goes in for a kiss…on the doll who’s hitching a piggyback ride on Pil-sook’s back.

She actually huffs in frustration, as he says he couldn’t help it…the doll was so cute. “But why did you close your eyes? What were you expecting?” Cheeky bastard. She turns to walk away in embarrassment, but he grabs her back for another go. Aaaah! Stop yo-yo-ing her…my heart can’t take it!

He leans in close, and kisses her sweetly on the nose. But she’s had enough of this coyness, and grabs him for a real kiss. YAY! I didn’t think it was possible to love her even more. Gah, they are so cute I can’t stand it!

It’s now one day before Hye-mi is scheduled to leave, and she confronts Oh-hyuk at school. She asks him to tell her the truth about her mom. She admits to hating him in the beginning, but now she doesn’t (tantamount to a declaration of love, from Hye-mi) and adds that he’s helped her become who she is now. Aw.

He finally breaks and tells her the truth—that her mom only ever loved one person her whole life, and married him. But one day Oh-hyuk crossed paths with her…at the hospital. When her surgery was unsuccessful, she had asked Oh-hyuk to make her into the bad wife in her family’s eyes, so that they wouldn’t live with her death as a burden. So he did, because he had loved her once.

Um, okay. That’s a little makjang for my taste (How is adulterer and abandoner better than sick and dying?? One’s a burden and the other’s not?? Hello!), but at least it sufficiently clears up the backstory. I never assumed that Oh-hyuk actually seduced Hye-mi’s mom, but this is more than a little nuts. I guess Hye-mi gets her flair for the dramatic from her mom’s side? Yeesh.

Kyung-jin overhears their conversation, crying in empathy and relief, realizing now what Oh-hyuk meant about his heart belonging to another. Principal Shi comes up to warn her of the rumor that Oh-hyuk is a married-womanizer, but Kyung-jin just says that she knows…and it made her fall even harder. Heh.

At home, Sam-dong and Jin-gook both sit on the edge of their beds, waiting for Hye-mi’s decision. Sam-dong finally asks Jin-gook to stop her:

Sam-dong: I can’t, but you might be able to. Can’t you…stop Hye-mi from going? I don’t care if she listens to you and doesn’t listen to me. If you’re in her heart and not me…it doesn’t matter. If you can stop her…then try.

Heartbreaking. That’s not the kind of thing Sam-dong would be willing to say in any other circumstance, but he’s that desperate for her to stay. Oh, puppy. Jin-gook tells him that it’s not something he can hold her back from, and he couldn’t do it even if he wanted.

Hye-mi watches her finished audition clip for EMG, where she narrates the journey she’s been on thus far, from studying classical music and thinking that popular music was third-rate trash.

Hye-mi: But in the past year, through popular music, I was able to cheer somebody on [“Genie”], I was able to make somebody happy [Jin-gook’s birthday song], and I came to find out that I could encourage someone too [“Goose’s Dream” to Baek-hee]. When I look back to when I ridiculed popular music, I realize that I was the prejudiced, third-rate one. I think in the last year, I’ve barely made it out of being third-rate. And that I have the capacity to become first-rate.

She takes out the K pendant, now in her possession (Tricksy, that pendant. They’re exchanging it offscreen now!) and weighs her decision. The next morning, they pack and wait outside for the airport shuttle, when Hye-mi takes out the pendant again, and makes her decision.

Meanwhile, Sam-dong sits outside the house, clutching Hye-mi’s cell phone charm, unable to face her leaving. He finally takes off running, but he’s too late to stop her. He runs after the bus, screaming, “Don’t go! Don’t go!”

He can’t catch up, and he crumples to the ground on his knees, crying for her not to go. He just cries, thinking he’s lost her forever…when she appears behind him.

She catches her breath, saying she didn’t get on the bus, and called out to him to stop running, but he didn’t hear her. He still can’t hear her now, reeling from the shock. She takes his face in her hands and says it again: “I’m NOOOOT GOOOOING.”

He cries again, this time overwhelmed with joy, and grabs her in a hug. Eeee! This time she’s caught off guard, and you know what happens when she’s confronted with feelings…Robot Hye-mi freezes in his arms.

I’m TOTALLY not squeeing right now. That’s not me, I swear.

Back at the bus stop, Dad is still in disbelief over Hye-mi’s declaration, insisting that Oh-hyuk did something to make her say she’s staying. They try to convince him that this is really her dream now, and that it’s a real possibility. Hye-mi tells him that she’ll show him onstage: if she can stand up on stage in one month’s time, it’ll prove to him AND to herself that this is a viable dream.

To that end, the group starts practicing for their debut, and make their first album. Kyung-jin has an adorable moment when she finds out that she’s thanked on the album, for the first time ever. Aw.

Doo-shik makes the rounds to the studios to try and get them onstage, but he’s faced with the harsh truth: Get rid of Jin-gook and Baek-hee, or Dream High will never see the light of day. Dun, dun!


This show is frickin’ genius. Every episode, it focuses on each character, and the closer we get to the finale, it only makes us sure of one thing: any and all of them could be K. I agree that Baek-hee had a phenomenal storyline in the last episode and it made her a prime candidate to rise from the ashes and become K. I certainly would cheer her on with all my heart if it were her.

I don’t think it’s a done deal though, since what the last episode did was just set her up to be one of the contenders, just as much as Sam-dong and Jin-gook have been set up from the beginning. Now Hye-mi joins the ranks with her own battle faced.

Not that I’m putting my money on Hye-mi. My heart’s still with Sam-dong for K, though at this point it wouldn’t kill me if he wasn’t, because he GOT THE GIRL(!) I think it matters less now that Dream High has formed as a group, and we’re more concerned with their immediate struggle and success, rather than the far-off super-stardom that awaits in the distant future.

Oh, who am I kidding. It’s KILLING me.


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      I enjoyed the fact that throughout their “transformations”, they didn’t become entirely different people, yet maintained their personalities while still growing as a person.

      Baek-hee may have started to become a big cheater, but she didn’t do a 180 transformation. It was always apparent that her true personality was still in her, when she sometimes hesitated from making a wrong decision. And even when she changed for better in the recent episode, she didn’t go back down to her old self years ago, but still kept good points from both of the two Baek-hee’s.

      Or with Hye-mi. She didn’t turn into a light, cutesy, apologetic 24/7 type of girl after realizing how cruel she use to be. I love this drama in portraying her growth without making her become someone else. Yes, she’s nicer now. But she’s still Hye-mi.

      I love that everyone’s character has always stayed intact, and when they did transform, it was by experience that molded them gradually into who they are now.

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      thanks girlfriday for the recaps — just made my day –!

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    1) When Jason leans forward for that kiss. The scene was so sweet. Heck, all their scenes are full of adorableness.

    2) The chasing scene between Sam-dong & Hye-mi. Omg my shipper heart!

    3) When Sam-dong cries thinking he will not get to see Hye-mi again. When she suddenly appears in front of him. The moment when he can’t hear what she’s saying and she holds his face and says she’s not going. And ohmygodohmygod the hug <333 the look on HM's face totally sealed the deal. SAMMI.

    I don't care if they go for an open ending, with no absolute answer as to who the endgame is (JG/HM or HM/SD) because as a SamMi shipper, I can say I'm satisfied enough with the last two episodes. Hye-mi does have feelings for Sam-dong. It's LEGIT.

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      I mean…if Hye Mi didn’t like SamDong as more than just a friend (or “classmate”…PFT, Sam Dong!!), she wouldn’t have frozen awkwardly when he hugged her. Oh, and she wouldn’t have even chased after him when he was chasing after her on the bus in the first place.
      And she wouldn’t run away from him and make up the lame excuse of “I was exercising!!”
      And she wouldn’t imagine devil cupid Sam Dong shooting hearts at her.
      And she wouldn’t be confused as to who she really wanted to congratulate first.
      And when both Jin Guk and Sam Dong were walking in her direction, she wouldn’t have only saw Sam Dong and ran away…
      Okay, lemme correct myself. It isn’t a pink elephant in the room. It’s a HOT PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM~<333

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    I am not sure who K is anymore. I always thought it would be a guy NOT FROM THE SUBS but from the back. Either Sam Dong or Jin Guk. Now, it can be anymore.

    They did say singer and the pronoun in Korean can be either a he or a she. Who knows?

    GAH, this show is killing me, if only it was not delayed a week, we all know the ending by now.

    I’m pretty sure Baek Hee and Jin Guk are good friends and nothing will happen. Maybe the only couple will be Jason and Pilsuk.

    The script writers are good and it’s realistic.

    • 29.1 Cassandra

      I agree with you about that back shot from ep 1. I thought he looked like Sam-dong from the back but it’s totally up in the air now. I can’t say I object though, I love all of our main six and they’re all deserving.

    • 29.2 bella luna ;)

      “Maybe the only couple will be Jason and Pilsuk.”

      – but what of OH-JIN? 🙁

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    The ending leaves me a on edge for how they are going to end the show? Get rid of JG and BH so does that mean 1 of them goes on to be a soloist. And what is going to happen to the EMG thing they all supposedly auditioned for?

    I need episode 16!!!

    • 30.1 Justine

      I think nothing happened out of the EMG thing, since after all, they all didn’t meet the requirements. I think it was basically a plot device to show us how Do Shik decided to sign them.

      Since they’re suggesting kicking out Baek-hee and Jin-gook, then I guess maybe possibly we can say for sure that K will turn out to be either of the 2?

      Honestly, I’m more concerned with Sam-dong, Hye-mi, heh!

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    I really liked this one i finally got what i was wishing and hoping for Hyemi and Samdong concrete proof…lets hope the final episode is as good as all the previous episodes

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    OK, this is my only nitpick, regarding Sam-dong’s emotions. This is NOT a critique of Kim Soo-hyun because that boy is magic and can do no wrong in my eyes; this is just my little wish to the writer.
    Writer-sshi, Kim Soo-hyun can do a lot with a little. With a flicker of his eyes he can change expression and channel a completely different emotion. He’s subtle, yet easy to read. Yeah, he can do more with a little more, but go easy on the boy. I understand that he was devastated when he thought Hye-mi had gone, but did the child really need to fall to his knees in the middle of the street again and bawl all over the sidewalk? It’s like the writer and PD know that with Soo-hyun they have an ace in the hole and so they always give him epic shit, which is great…but chill with the epic shit. It pains me to see this boy’s predilection for falling down in the middle of the road when he’s in pain. I mean, what’s next? Sam-dong literally flopping around like a fish and wailing in tortured agony as he rolls from one side of the street to the other? Aigoo….

    Other than that? MAGIC. Sooo…are Sam-dong and Hye-mi gonna mack in the final episode? Because while I completely understand and respect that this show is about each kid’s individual journey, Sam-dong needs some kissin’. Those lips, DAMN. If Hye-mi won’t nibble, I will.

    • 33.1 L

      I love your comment XD

      Especially the last line 😛

    • 33.2 Bluefyre

      Whoa. This comment is full of WIN! Hahaha!! ^^
      Love it!

    • 33.3 myra

      FUCK YES.


    • 33.4 mellowyel

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      LOL I kinda felt that way too, but he’s in LUUURVE – it’s allowed.

      And totally with you on that last line. Go for it, Sam-dong! *starts playing “Kiss the Girl”*

      • 33.4.1 Miyoung

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    • 33.7 xylophonic

      Ah thanks for mentioning that overdramatic scene, I forgot to xD It’s funny because I was like bawling my eyes out and then he falls to his knees and I abruptly stopped sobbing and muttered, “Oh, no, don’t do that in the street…”

      And then I started crying again when Hye-mi showed up. It was well-acted and everything (thank god it was KSH– any other actor would have made it laughable) but it made me cringe just a tiny bit.

      • 33.7.1 Lahlita

        You are a better person than I. I was cringing a LOT. Once again, nothing to do with Kim Soo-hyun (sweet, perfect child), but the writing there was just painful. I too had been crying up until that point, but then he dropped and I was like, “What the…oh…OK, then” and actually looked away from my computer screen in second-hand embarrassment, all, “Oh Lord, please tell me he didn’t just chase a bus (I repeat, chase a BUS), and then drop to his knees and weep in the middle of the frakkin’ road. Again.” Seriously, if he does that one more time he’s going to get run over by a bicycle. Or a tricycle. Or a double-stroller.

        But then, yes, Hye-mi showed up, and Kim Soo-hyun did that thing he does with his eyes (so gorgeous), and all was right with the world again.

        • Samz

          Ah i thought i was the only one who noticed that thing KSH does with the fiercy look in his eyes. He is so dreamy man, i’m hypnotized

    • 33.8 bella luna ;)

      “what’s next? Sam-dong literally flopping around like a fish and wailing in tortured agony as he rolls from one side of the street to the other? Aigoo….”

      you know what’s odd about that? KSH could do justice to it! he can make you flop, wail and roll with him. (hmm… sounds fun.)

    • 33.9 asianromance

      “chill with the epic shit” — lol!

      I sort of felt the same way in My Girl when YooRin leaves GongChan and at the airport, she was sobbing like a mother whose child has just been kidnapped or killed. Directors sure love to milk out the crying scenes from actors/actresses who can really deliver.

      On the other hand, we can see Sam-dong’s overdramatics as an example of teenage love. When you’re a teen, you think every love story you’re in is epic.

    • 33.10 Autumn

      LOL. now i got an image of SD flopping and rolling on the streets and i can’t stop laughing.

      I did cry while watching that scene, though in retrospective, it was a lil dramatic. to the writers credit, it was in character. SD was never the subtle type, and he tends to let his emotions overcome him. also, like others said, he’s still a teenager, it’s understandable for him to be a little overdramatic.

      on another note, I hate it when dramas get their characters to do their dramatics in the middle of the road. it always gets me to mentally yell at them to stop and watch out for freaking cars!!!! road safety peoples!!!

      • 33.10.1 Lahlita

        Very true, Autumn, very true; SD’s freak-out was indeed completely in character. Boy likes weeping in the road and he also seems to love being on his knees *rimshot*. But it was a little much. When Javabeans and Girlfriday write their drama, I’m going to put in a scene where a character starts getting dramatic in the middle of a four-lane street — and promptly gets run over by a double-decker.

        As for the flopping and rolling around, that’s what I’m going to do from now on whenever I’m upset. It won’t matter where I am. At the grocery store, at the office, everywhere! The minute I start getting emotional, I’m going to collapse to the ground and start rolling all over the place, shrieking the whole time. It’s going to be awesome. I invite you all to do likewise.

      • 33.10.2 Saa

        A friend of mine recently told me about how he witnessed a similar event… Our mutual friend got dumped and he went out into the lawn and started bawling and crying out on his knees… It was quite a thought to process…
        As he said, “It was like he was in a drama or something.”

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    And they kiss.


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      • 38.1.1 adj

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        it changed into Yoon Ju Nightmare Show

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        • asea

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        • Joanie

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          I dont even care about MP anymore and just want the last episode of Crack High RIGHT NOWWW

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    This drama exceeds all expectations. Beautiful cinematography, great storyline, loveable characters. Dream High is unforgettable!!

    I will cry when this drama ends.

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    Kender? Nom Kitteh? ^^

    Put your bets on who will be K and which shipping will rule! Is it JG+HM, SD+HM, PS+Jason.. or a new one… JG+HS (HM’s Lil Sis)

    K: BH!!
    My vote: PS + Jason shipping rules!!!

    • 43.1 momosan

      shipping = Jason + PilSook – they are just cuter than frolicking yellow Labrador puppies.

      K= BH

      (personally I wouldn’t care if the triangle does a Nobuta and all end up friends hanging out in the Grammy audience)

    • 43.2 hapacalgirl

      K: Baekhee or Jingook or better yet both ( I mean we keep focusing on the guy in episode one, but there is also a hooded female walking in front of the guy, so who knows it could be either of them). They just seem to have the drive to want to be top stops and considering their scandals right now I think it would be appropriate if of all of the people they were the ones to succeed.

      Ship: Milky Couple lol.

  44. 44 cassophia

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  45. 45 Jasmin

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    been refreshing since 7pm, I read the recaps and then watch the raws since after reading them I know whats going on
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    I was on a SQUUEEEEEEEEEE spree this ep! so glad n thank u for d recap gf 🙂

    about the kids, no doubt each will hav their happy ending but i hope kyung jin gets a happy ending too…she has become so adorable from the first time T_T

    i can’t wait for the finale….but i dnt want it to end either 🙁

    sam mi all the way!!!

  48. 48 imoan.naomi

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    • 48.1 anais

      Lurrrved that moment when Hyesung smacks away Samdong’s hand. Luuurve her!

    • 48.2 dramafan88

      ikr! at least JinGook got love from a cutie pie since he lost Hye Mi. 🙂

    • 48.3 Jomo

      Fast forward to the Emmy ceremony where we see HM’s little sister all growed up, and yes, with JG.

      Not my idea…read it on RebelSouls transcap.

      • 48.3.1 AmbieH

        i did too lol! thought it totally works for me lol

  49. 49 Gee

    This is totally irrelevant but that doll piggybacking on Pil Sook is from the same company who made her Otto (Jason) doll. It’s so cute, I want one!

    • 49.1 Saa

      Yes it is. Pilsuk seems to be a huge BlaBla doll fan. I’ve seen her chugging around three of them from the company.

  50. 50 lovenyc52

    wow i’m gonna say…that this was probably my FAVORITE episode so far… there’s a lot of funny, some melo thrown in, some resolving of story, some learning-of-what-feelings-are and A CRAPLOAD OF OMGSOFREAKINCUTE MILKY COUPLE~!!! gahhhhhh… can’t take it. 2 more eps of this fantastic genius show….. pilsook is so awesome and hyemi and her discovering of her feelings is priceless 🙂

    • 50.1 Ani

      Did you notice who the MC of the show was that asked Pilsuk about her weight? It was MC Hyeonmu from Star Golden Bell, known for his “Anit-fans Comments Corner”. It was so hilarious when I saw the video because the selection for the person to act the part was spot on. She even gave the reaction most of the stars gave MC Hyeonmu, which was an upbeat look on things that he didn’t expect (he was supposed to rile them up, but the only thing people get pissed off about was there was never a proper flow in the way he asked questions. HAHAHA. I miss him.). XD

      I love the Milky Couple too. They are too cute for words.

      • 50.1.1 asea

        XD I cracked when I saw Hyeonmu.. miss him from SGB! So appropriate for the scene to use him lol

      • 50.1.2 L

        I know! I laughed too 😀

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