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49 Days: Episode 13
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Yay for more secrets getting revealed! I like when people find out stuff and are forced to deal with the fallout, rather than constantly trying to keep the same old secrets hidden all series long. Keep the revelations coming, please!

Also, this is a good episode for evolving our rules, and delving into Yi-kyung and the Scheduler’s past. And also for manipulative backstabbers to get served, a little bit. That’s always fun.


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Kang surprises Ji-hyun with a hug, moved to do something to help her and frustrated that he can’t do more. A few seconds later, Ji-hyun recalls herself and pushes away, asking what he’s doing. Kang plays dumb, but in the cutest way ever: “Did I just do something? I was sleepwalking, so I don’t remember.” LOL. If you think that’s gonna work…

It doesn’t, so he tells her she looked so lifeless that he acted out of encouragement: “It’s a comfort hug!”

He adds that he lived in the U.S. for a decade, where hugs are eeeeverywhere! “Ah, you must not know since you haven’t lived in America.” HA. Use America as an excuse for everything.

Ji-hyun’s still suspicious, so he reminds her that she’d called herself an orphan with nobody to count on. That makes Ji-hyun pout inwardly that he’s smitten with Yi-kyung, and she tells him that a guy with a girlfriend shouldn’t go around hugging other women. He clarifies that he never said he had a girlfriend, just that there was a woman he liked.

She retorts that he took someone that big bouquet of roses, and he replies that it was to lift her spirits and give her energy. She yells, “But you just hugged ME to give me energy!”

Two…plus two…is…? Sigh, Ji-hyun, our endearing little dummy.

At a distance, Min-ho’s lackey finally has some evidence to take back to his evil boss, having snapped a photo of the hug.

The not-couple heads back to Heaven, where Kang orders a full meal for the two of them. But they’re still maintaining appearances, so he pretends it’s all for himself — but he only wants a taste of everything, and the rest will go to waste…so…

That’s enough excuse to get Ji-hyun eating. To continue with his whole motivate-Ji-hyun-secretly plan, he tries to work in some encouragement by telling her, “Why are you eating right now?” Ji-hyun: “Because you told me to.” Kang: “No, it’s because we eat to live. To live. LIVING is more important than anything.”

Not surprisingly, his crypticness just puzzles her; she’s basically tells him that she understands the words coming out of his mouth, but has no idea what he’s getting at.

Kang explains that love, revenge, and eating are all pointless once you die. But now we’re getting too close to the truth, so to ward off her suspicion that he’s on to her, he reminds her that she’d told him she had a limited time to live.

Later, Kang puzzles over the details with Manager Oh, about how Ji-hyun hid her seal on the day she was supposed to be married. Kang is now looking into the Haemido project, tapping contacts at other companies for info. Manager Oh thinks Kang should be concentrating on the whole how-to-keep-Ji-hyun-alive issue, but Kang is afraid he’ll endanger Ji-hyun by mishandling her secret. Right now, he decides, the priority is getting Ji-hyun’s father into surgery.

Manager Oh’s wife has been trying to come up with ways to “prove one’s true feelings,” and suggests that the key is in one’s gaze, since the eyes are the window to the soul. (Or, in Korean, the mirror to your feelings.) Kang thinks she’s on to something.

Thirteen episodes in, and finally the Scheduler gets his music-video moment as he basks in the sunlight listening to music. Naturally he’s grumpy when Ji-hyun interrupts, worried that Kang’s on to her secret. The Scheduler replies that from a logical point of view, nobody would believe her secret as true, and in any case, as long as nobody finds out as a result of Ji-hyun’s own behavior, she’s in the clear. (Loophole being: People are free to find out on their own.)

Another nugget of info he drops: Even if Ji-hyun lives, she won’t remember her 49 days. If she did, that would upset the balance of, like, the world.

Horrified that all her newfound knowledge would fly out the window, Ji-hyun realizes that she has to take care of the Min-ho situation before the 49 days are up, so that she won’t go back to her trusting ways and marry him. The Scheduler says cryptically: “You might, or you might not.”

Also worrisome is Min-ho’s sudden change of heart — how he went from pursuing her to dropping her like a hot potato — and decides she needs to find out his safe passcode asap.

In-jung’s Spidey sense is tingling with the mention of Ji-hyun’s mysterious, alleged new friend Jung-eun who is interviewing all of Ji-hyun’s friends. She confirms that neither she nor Seo-woo has been contacted by her, and tries to find more information on her.

Ji-hyun is alarmed when she hears that the restaurant’s plants have been repotted, fearing for her seal’s safety. When she drops by to clock out with Kang, she steals a look at his plant and asks if he in fact repotted them all. He lies and says there’s no way he’d risk his back for that, assuring her that the pot will stay there forever, noting her relieved reaction.

What makes me giggle is how Kang then emphasizes the part about men needing to take care of their backs, which is one of those things Koreans say with a completely straight face that makes my inner 12-year-old snicker. (A friend’s mother once advised us not to date boys with bad backs, saying knowingly, “One day you’ll know why.” And there we were, trading glances, thinking, “Uh, we’re 20 years old. I’m pretty sure we know already.”)

Kang’s “I’m A MAN too, you know” statement makes Ji-hyun’s memory flash back to the recent hug, and she stammers and tries to leave quickly. Kang insists that she sit with him, and they sit in awkward silence for a while. When she asks about the ceramic box on the side table to break the silence, Kang interrupts her hurriedly — her seal and bracelet are inside — and suggests they head out together.

(He grabs her hand in his hurry, and then covers for it by insisting it’s a handclasp of encouragement. Oh, Kang-ah, I’ll let you encourage me, all night long…)

Meanwhile, Min-ho’s minion reports to him about the latest developments, replete with photos. Jealous, Min-ho heads for Heaven that night, and watches as Kang and “Yi-kyung” emerge together, alarmed when they literally fall into each other’s arms (accidentally, but still). He calls her name angrily, and Kang starts to intercede, but when Ji-hyun holds him back, Kang forces himself to be patient and withdraws.

At his jealous comment that she’s been swayed to Kang’s side, she says pointedly, “Any woman who knows how to judge men would naturally stand in line for Han Kang, not you. I was stupid and no judge of character to get ensnared by you.”

He demands to know why she was with Kang in Jinan, and Ji-hyun tells him she knew he’d come back to her — that his dismissal of her was an attempt to convince himself he was through with her. She tells him she hasn’t revealed his plan and association with In-jung to anybody.

Kang watches Min-ho escort her away in his car, clenching his fist and wondering what she needs from Min-ho.

Min-ho takes Ji-hyun to a bar, calmer now and concerned about her health, recalling that she’d blacked out in Jinan. She replies that she suffers from narcolepsy, furthering the trend of this drama’s characters either having major sleep issues, or blaming their problems on them.

Ji-hyun says she’d like to go to that restaurant again, the one he used to take his mother to. He admits not liking talking about his mother, but shares that she’s been in the hospital for years — a fact that tips Ji-hyun off that the woman he’d passed off as his mother at their engagement was a fake. Playing up this moment of his emotional vulnerability, she puts her hand on his sympathetically.

She doesn’t allow Min-ho to see her home, but he’s got this covered and sets his minion on her tail.

The Scheduler pops up on the bus to alert her to her follower (quipping, “Are you shooting a Bourne movie?”). She recognizes the minion as her father’s driver and Min-ho’s friend, realizing that he’s having her followed. She frets about what to do, only to have the Scheduler say, “We’ll just have to become Matt Damon and Franka Potente.” And which one will you be, Scheduler?

His idea of a slick Bourne-esque getaway is…to run really fast off the bus. LOL. Seriously, that’s about as high-tech as he gets. The glee on his face is sort of priceless, though.

Mr. Minion has to chase on foot, and loses them. The Scheduler gives a celebratory whoop, although it’s not like their pursuer could see him anyway (he’s still invisible to humans), which just confirms that he’s a thrill junkie.

The Scheduler points out that she’s not working on her Three Tears Project, instead fixating on revealing Min-ho’s true colors. Ji-hyun answers that she doesn’t need to go around trying to find tears, because that doesn’t change whether she was loved or not in life. Shrewdly, she asks if these 49 days were really just a present to the soul who died too early.

She might be on to something, because the Scheduler fidgets at these questions he can’t (or isn’t supposed to) answer. He declares further discussion “crossing the line” and ends their conversation with a warning to be careful not to disrupt Yi-kyung’s life. Well, any more.

Min-ho arrives home drunk, and finds In-jung waiting for him. She’s worried about this Jung-eun character, sure now that she’s responsible for the missing seal. Hearing that she was also in Jinan, In-jung fears that Jung-eun may following them.

Min-ho’s not nearly as worried, and suggests that if she’s so concerned, In-jung could go abroad for awhile. She accuses him of trying to get rid of her, and although he admits that he does like Yi-kyung, he insists that she’s not their problem, and that their relationship was on the rocks before that.

Min-ho reminds her of the very date In-jung first proposed the Destroy Ji-hyun Plan to him, since it was his birthday — which I’m betting also gives us his passcode (October 5, 2009). Ever since, they’d spent all their time training Min-ho on Ji-hyun’s personality, likes, dislikes, parents, etc. “What we did for two years was business, not love.” It was natural that feelings would cool when they did nothing to keep them alive. He’s…not wrong.

That night, Ji-hyun’s spirit has trouble falling out of the host body, which has been happening ever since the Jinan trip. When Yi-kyung’s back at the control panel, she meets Dr. Noh at the cafe, and is startled when he asks about her day off.

Thinking back, she realizes that what she’d thought was a dream must have been real — a fact that brings the Scheduler by, beating himself up about forgetting to maintain his Yi-kyung disguise in front of Dr. Noh. It’s as though some unexplainable force prompted him to show his real face, but he doesn’t know what. Worse yet, he may be facing another penalty.

More hypnosis. Yi-kyung revisits another memory, of herself and Yi-soo arguing. The tone hints at a breakup — one where he’d broken her heart: He’d told her that people change, and she had cried, “But you’re Yi-soo.”

Yi-kyung had been working at the hotel at the time, so this must have been just about the time he died. Interestingly, the phrase he tosses at her here is one he repeats as a Scheduler, but what was said defensively in the flashback has become derisive in the afterlife: “People always change. That’s what they do.”

Still in hypnosis, Yi-kyung’s memories now conflate with Ji-hyun’s, as she describes seeing Min-ho and In-jung in the hotel together. She recognizes herself in the scenario, but doesn’t feel that this is really her, and starts flashing to other scenes from Ji-hyun’s time in her body. She even sees Ji-hyun’s spirit talking to her.

The explanation our doctor provides? Yi-kyung must be recalling scenes from a past life, mixed in with her current life. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. I’m on the floor, laughing.

(Koreans do speak of past lives in a fatalistic sense, but even so, it’s kind of absurd for a medical professional to immediately offer that up as his “diagnosis.” What about a simple “Dreams don’t always make sense”? Dude, I once dreamed that my brother was MacGuyver and rescued me from a building under artillery fire — I’m under no illusions that any part of that dream was “real.” I was also once able to fly in a raccoon suit, which I’m pretty sure was a result of playing too much Super Mario 3. Aside from that explanation, maybe she’s having schizophrenic episodes?)

Yi-kyung is sure it’s not a past life, though, and says something strange is happening to her: “I want to talk about it, but it feels like it’s something I can’t talk about.”

When Yi-kyung gets home that morning, her hand brushes against Ji-hyun’s spirit — and both ladies feel the sensation. Uh-oh!

In-jung gets Jung-eun’s phone number from one of the other friends, and the number pattern strikes her as familiar. To confirm her hunch, she seeks out Ji-hyun’s mother, taking her to lunch with the comment that Ji-hyun had wanted to eat pasta with her mother. They go to Heaven, where Kang greets Mom warmly and serves her Ji-hyun’s favorite dish.

This is all to put Mom face-to-face with Yi-kyung, of course, to see if she calls her Jung-eun. Kang, on the other hand, guesses that Ji-hyun would enjoy seeing her mother, and calls her to come quickly. Alas, he doesn’t explain why, expecting this to be a pleasant surprise. Well, one of those words applies.

When Ji-hyun arrives, Mom exclaims, “Jung-eun!” That gives the self-satisfied In-jung the opening to ask how Song Yi-kyung could also be Park Jung-eun, a question that puzzles everybody.

Ji-hyun can’t explain this and rushes out, and In-jung follows her to confront her about the name change and why she called herself Ji-hyun’s friend, accusing her of lying.

But at that, Kang — having clocked Ji-hyun’s panic — joins them to declare that Yi-kyung is right — that he hired her at Ji-hyun’s request, that Jung-eun is a nickname, and that there’s no issue here.

In-jung argues with Kang, calling his behavior odd, but he retorts that hers is even odder. Why should she care if the two ladies were friends? “How important is this, that you’d use Ji-hyun’s mother?” He reveals that he knows she’s dating Min-ho and calls her behavior shameless. He warns In-jung to watch herself, so they’re able to smooth things over with Mom.

Later Kang asks Ji-hyun innocently, “Were you really friends with Ji-hyun?” and exclaiming that that must be why he thought there were similarities between them.

Ji-hyun wonders why he covered for her, and he reminds her that he owes Ji-hyun for a lot of things, and that she was always the type to stick up for the underdog. So while he didn’t understand the situation, he could see she felt cornered.

He adds that he doesn’t really care for In-jung, asking, “Didn’t you know about her and Min-ho?” Her response confirms his hunch that she knew.

Figuring In-jung will blow her cover right away, Ji-hyun calls Min-ho to get to him first. He takes her call with a smile and they make plans to meet later, and when In-jung calls immediately afterward, he frowns and shuts off his phone.

After lunch, Kang drives Mom back to the hospital and takes this opportunity to have a word with Daddy Shin, who is as gruff as ever to Kang. (Although, I swear he’s moved from true dislike to grudging acceptance — that’s jeong and the Korean way for ya: Persistence breeds affection. Hm, maybe that explains a lot about K-dramas…)

Kang says he’s speaking on Ji-hyun’s behalf, because they’ve been in similar circumstances, and proceeds to share about his mother. Kang hadn’t known she’d died until a year afterward, per her intention. She’d sent him abroad, thinking it would be best for him, not telling him of her illness or why she divorced.

Kang overrides Dad’s protests and says he still doesn’t understand his mother. So how will Ji-hyun feel if she wakes up and finds her father gone, knowing it was because of her that he didn’t get the surgery?

Ji-hyun meets Min-ho to out her double identity as Jung-eun, Ji-hyun’s magic club friend. This explains why she had been friendly when they’d first met, and also why she then hated him after learning of his relationship with In-jung. The news comes as a huge blow to Min-ho, who has trouble processing what this means — that “Yi-kyung” knew he was with Ji-hyun, but that she still likes him now.

In-jung bursts in, ready to announce her big discovery to Min-ho, only to find out that she’s been pre-empted. In-jung tries to discuss it with Min-ho, trying to suss out what “Jung-eun” is up to, but Min-ho doesn’t have the headspace to deal with her frantic worrying and yells at her to leave him alone to think it out.

In coming clean, Ji-hyun has been able to keep her story straight, but now she worries that she’s cut off her avenue to learn more from Min-ho. Not in Yi-kyung’s body, at least. Which means her father’s health and future are still in danger.

Ji-hyun sees Min-ho dashing out of his building in a hurry and wants to follow him immediately. She races home to drop off her host again, but as much as she wants to go out immediately, she’s also worried that leaving the door open (so her soul can leave) will worry Yi-kyung.

Finally, she decides to wait out of consideration for Yi-kyung, which turns out to be a good decision because Yi-kyung wakes up and immediately checks her surroundings, relieved to see her door closed as she left it.

Min-ho checks in with Kang about knowing that Yi-kyung was Ji-hyun’s friend all along. Min-ho says that if Kang had just told him from the beginning, they could have avoided a lot of hassle rather than getting all upset whenever he got involved with Yi-kyung.

But Kang has a pretty airtight defense: “But I trusted you. I believed you loved Ji-hyun.” Plus, he adds, “I like her.” Eep! (I mean, we all knew. But there’s always that thrill you get from hearing someone admit it out loud.)

That night, Ji-hyun (in spirit form) is about to leave to attend to her own business, and waves a cheery goodbye to Yi-kyung. Problem is, she’s starting to care more and more about Yi-kyung’s life and welfare, and her worry prevents her from leaving.

Instead, she follows along to see what Yi-kyung is up to, which takes them outside a church where Yi-kyung sits alone. Seeing that, Ji-hyun asks sadly, “Do you really have no place to go? Nobody to meet? I’m lonely because there are people I want to meet, but can’t as myself. You’re lonely because you have nobody to meet?”

Ji-hyun leans in as though to brush Yi-kyung’s hair away — but Yi-kyung reacts to the almost-touch, like she can feel her presence.

Ji-hyun (the spirit) follows Min-ho into his apartment that night, waiting for her opportunity to get at the safe. It’s not the most effective plan, given her lack of physical form, and she has no choice but to wait things through, hoping he’ll open the safe himself. Alas, he doesn’t, and she sits like this for several days with no luck, until she’s down to 16 days.

When Ji-hyun finally leaves Min-ho’s apartment and heads back home, she greets Yi-kyung in her customary bright way — but today, Yi-kyung looks around as though she heard her voice.

That takes them back to side-by-side brooding: Ji-hyun is glum about her predicament, while Yi-kyung feels haunted — but by Yi-soo, not Ji-hyun. Finally Yi-kyung breaks down in tears, crying, “Yi-soo…Don’t do this to me…Why now?”

Her tears move Ji-hyun, who cries sympathetic tears for her pain, wanting to comfort her but not able to. So when Ji-hyun next takes her place in the body , she beelines for Yi-kyung’s college yearbook, wanting to connect Yi-kyung to old friends.

And that’s when she catches sight of the picture right next to Yi-kyung — Yi-soo. And my, doesn’t he look rather familiar…

She finds the Scheduler at his music studio (ignoring his orders, “Don’t come over!”) and races in with the yearbook, insisting she has something important to show him.

The Scheduler’s dismissive, but when she flips to the page, his eyes widen in shock:

“But…that’s me.”


Yay, finally more information about Yi-kyung and Yi-soo. While the flashback doesn’t give us a ton of information, it appears that they’d grown apart, which is actually kind of heartbreaking to watch when you contrast Yi-soo’s impatient irritation with his devotion in previous flashbacks. I guess it happens on a daily basis so the cooling of love — something of a motif in this episode — isn’t tragic stuff… But it’s sad, given how much their rift affects both of them — and one of them has had his memory wiped and is in the afterlife. If that’s not enough to break a bond, I’m figuring a little youthful desire for change wasn’t going to be enough to do it.

As for the main love triangle… You know what’s funny is that it’s pretty trite stuff, and yet I’m just eating it all up. I think it says a lot about the pull of these characters, and the romantic conflicts, that we’re starting to go round and round in circles, and I KNOW it’s feeling repetitive, but I still love every second of it. Min-ho jealous? Kang jealous? Ji-hyun going from one wrist-grab to another? Both boys taking turns fuming and brooding? Yes, please, more!

(That said, I wouldn’t say no to shaking things up a little…)

And while I don’t think they’ll ever redeem Min-ho, we get more of a look into his change of heart. I like that In-jung was the instigator of the plot, not just because it makes her more active in this plan than the sad-sack girlfriend along for the ride, but because it adds a nice karmic touch to her current misery. She brought it on herself, so she has no one to blame but herself.

I’m also curious to see where this Ji-hyun/Yi-kyung development is heading, since it freshens up the plot at a point when we’re settling into familiarity. Three tears, check. Min-ho takeover plot, check. We need something to liven up the conflict, and this should do it nicely. I like that there are two ways to look at their dynamic: (1) the separation between their souls is weakening and getting confused, or (2) the connection between them is strengthening. It’s two sides of the same coin, but both offer different perspectives on the issue.


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  1. Godislove


    At first I was on the Kang+YK/JH boat……. and then I jumped on to the Kang+JH boat (after seeing those high school scenes)……… but after this episode I’m back to where I started!

    It’s cause I kinda like the whole idea of the real Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yo Won together … ya know? like how they’re the same age, incredibly cute during interviews and behind the scenes…..but too bad LYW’s taken :(… then again, that doesn’t mean they can’t be together in the drama…. right? O gosh…. I’m dying to know what will happen!!!

    But I think Kannnggg will end up with Ji Hyun in Ji Hyun’s body…. I mean that’s who he wanted all along anyways…. anywhooo…. Kang’s happiness is all ultimately all I care about haha


    O gosh almost forgot! I can’t believe that JH won’t remember anything if she wakes up from her coma!!!—————- the thought of JH losing all those memories and more importantly losing the feelings she developed for Kang breaks my heart already~~~ hoping that JH will be a special case and she remembers everything!!! hehehehe

    • 1.1 mellissa



      • 1.1.1 YY

        Kang ah ah ah!!!!! You so cute!!!!!

        • ZZ

          HAN KANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Jomo

            Yah! Hang Kang!

          • kyun

            Yi SOOOOOO/ Schedulerrrrrrr!!! <3

          • MJP

            I heard that Red Hot Reaper Boy aka Jung Il Woo is featured in the “Singles” magazine shoot for May!!!!

            Will JB or GF be posting an article, I wonder?

    • 1.2 Ah joo ma

      I was thinking the same thing last week. What if she wake up with no memory of her wandering soul. that’s super awfull. and the other one is what if before she wake up, she saw her dad smile and walked into the elevator together with the schedulers?

      anyway.. I don’t really care who Han Kang should end up with. as long as he’s not dead and he’s happy at the end…


      • 1.2.1 JeSsBeL

        Maybe Kang ah or Yi Kyung will help her after she wakes up…
        or maybe she’ll leave a small note for herself (in her room or such). like documents prooving Min-ho being a very big bad wolf

        • Godislove

          OOOOO~~~ that sounds good!

          Jihyun has done it before and she’ll probably write a letter again.. to herself this time like you said..

          eeekkk can’t wait till tmrw’s episode πŸ™‚

    • 1.3 thelorax

      You know what’s really coool?! Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yo Won shot a mv together a few years ago and it was for Seeya (Nam Gyuri’s group) ! I found that so interestingg, a nice twist of fate how they’re all reunited^^

      • 1.3.1 Godislove


        Yeah! totally! Jo hyun Jae was talking about that fateful incident on ‘Strong Heart’… He’s too cute!

        Kannnngggg ahhh~

        The interviews they had during the filming of the Seeya MV was super cute as well πŸ™‚

      • 1.3.2 chocobo

        Reading this, I’ve just instantly searched it on Youtube. And oh my God! Kang ah in short-clean-hair-cut and in mane-of-glory!! All in one MV!!
        Dream do comes true

    • 1.4 Jenni

      For me, I don’t find Kang plus Yi Kyung attractive. I don’t know, it’s kind of like… pairing… uh… two people who don’t know each other together. Because, after all, Yi Kyung hardly knows who Kang is, and we’re 13 episodes in. Turn around? I think not.

      • 1.4.1 fmrosi

        yea, for me. i too think the same. i want to end up kang and jihyun

      • 1.4.2 Litzy

        I do agree, only because I’ve been so invested in the characters themselves. Regardless of who plays what character my mind instantly establishes their proper soul counterparts, so even though it’s Lee Yo-Won playing Ji-Hyun in Yi-Kyung’s body, I always see her as Ji-Hyun.

        Others might be more absorbed with the acting. And it does play a major role in establishing the relatability of the character, so I can’t fault them for liking the Yi-Kyung x Kang pairing (though personally I’ve never had a problem with Nam-Gyuri’s acting). They look quite cute together, and since we’ve barely gotten any scenes of Ji-Hyun x Kang that are non-flashbacks, I can understand how it could be difficult to imagine the latter two together.

        That and maybe they like the whole Kang-changes-Yi-Kyung’s-outlook-on-life deal XD.

        • fea

          yes, i totally agree with your ideas. kk still, i want the two to end up together… YK and HK

      • 1.4.3 Raitei

        I don’t know about that. Official posters always hint on something, right? It’s already episode 13, that’s true, but Yi Kyung is starting to be aware of things. Somehow, I think, before episode 17 comes, Yi Kyung will be fully aware of what’s happening.

        This drama’s pace is relatively fast, so I think, them falling in love within, say, 4 episodes, won’t be much of a problem. Or, maybe they won’t exactly fall in love. Maybe the end will be like them comforting each other with their losses (a hint to what will happen in the future)? I mean, what’s with that response from the Scheduler? (Although, it will be very sad if that happens…)

        • Litzy

          I think it really depends on how the official posters are viewed. Lee Yo-Won could be representing Ji-Hyun-in-Yi-Kyung’s body in that poster, as she is the main actress, acting the majority of Ji-Hyun’s scenes.

          And also because, since Yi-Kyung have been loving Yi-Soo for so long, and Kang loving Ji-Hyun for so long, in order for them to fall in love again their previous love will obviously have to be addressed. While I’m quite happy for Yi-Kyung to move on (if Yi-Soo cannot come back to life), I don’t really see the possibility of Kang moving on and falling in love again, not after so long, and definitely not so quickly, not within 20 days at least (unless there’s some time-skip plsgawdno)

          Of course, what you’re saying is definitely a possibility. If Ji-Hyun and Scheduler does end up passing on to the great unknown, Kang and Yi-Kyung could end up comforting each other. But a part of me (if I was Yi-Kyung) would always wonder if Kang is thinking about Ji-Hyun when seeing Yi-Kyung, especially since they’re so intimately connected. It is quite possible that they could overcome it, but with the number of episodes and the plot, I don’t think it’s something that will be resolved if the plot decides to move in that direction. Most likely if that turned out to be the case, they’d just have an open ending, and for me that’d leave a really unsatisfying feeling. I’d rather see them go their separate ways, or just stay friends.

    • 1.5 alex

      That’s exactly why I was hoping there will be more episodes left after she wakes up, so that all the emotional process she went through as a ghost will not be speed-of-light after she wakes up..
      damn, I am getting pretty scared this show ends up on a sad note πŸ™
      like she wakes up but will not remember what Kang did for her or ever fall in love with him
      she doesn’t wake up
      yk dies in her place.
      anyhoo, there should be a poll on who’s going to shed the next tear πŸ˜‰

    • 1.6 Molly

      Isn’t there another kdrama where this happens? I’m having such a deja vu moment, and I could have sworn said drama was recapped by Dramabeans…

      • 1.6.1 Molly

        Sorry, I was vague – by “this” I mean another kdrama where the protagonist is at risk of losing her memories during a conflict and has to start all over in love after the whole issue is resolved.

        • muffin

          Secret Garden, maybe?

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      To show my boundless love for Kang Ah I promise to write him his own story just like I did for my first love Lee Jin Soo.

      It might take sometime but he deserves it! Kang Ahh just wait and see how much I love you. I’ll definitely will do you justice.

      I’m the one who love you most!



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        Another proof that I love him :

        Jo Hyun-jae – β€œλ‹¨ ν•˜λ£¨λ₯Ό 살아도” (Even If I Live Just One Day)

        The translation is from JB’s previous post (sorry if I put it in the wrong place). The hangeul is taken from Chichan-Onew website.

        Artist :: Jo Hyun Jae (μ‘°ν˜„μž¬)
        Title Album :: OST 49 Days Part 7
        Format :: Single, Studio
        Title Track :: 단 ν•˜λ£¨λ₯Ό 살아도
        Genre :: Drama OST
        Release Date :: April 25, 2011
        Label | Distribution :: Star Entry Ent. | λ‹€λ‚ 

        Hangul and simple romanization

        μ–Όλ§ˆλ‚˜ κΈ°λ‹€λ €μ™”λŠ”λ°
        olmana gidaryowanneunde (I’ve waited for so long)
        μ–Όλ§ˆλ‚˜ μ•„νŒ λŠ”λ°
        olmana apanneunde (I’ve hurt so much)
        μ˜€λž«λ™μ•ˆ μ‹œκ°„μ˜ ν”μ λ§ŒνΌ
        oretdongan sigan-eui heunjongmankeum (As much as the traces left by that long time)
        λ‚œ λ„ˆλ₯Ό κ·Έλ¦¬μ›Œ ν–ˆλŠ”λ°
        nan noreul geuriwo henneunde (I’ve longed for you)

        μ§€μΉœ λ°œκ±ΈμŒμ€ μ–΄λŠμƒˆ λ‹ˆ 곁에
        jichin balgoreumeun oneuse ni gyote (Tired footsteps have brought me to your side)
        λ‚  데렀왔어 아무것도 아무일도 λͺ»ν• κ±Έ μ•Œλ©΄μ„œ
        nal deryowasso amugotdo amuildo mot-halgol almyonso (though I know there’s nothing I can do)
        널 μ‚¬λž‘ν•œλ‹€λŠ” 말
        nol saranghandaneun mal (Saying I love you)
        늘 κ°€μŠ΄μœΌλ‘œ μ™Έμ³€λ˜ 말
        neul gaseumeuro wechyotdon mal (are words my heart has always shouted)
        널 μ‚¬λž‘ν•œλ‹€λŠ” 말
        nol saranghandaneun mal (Saying I love you)
        λ‹ˆ λ’€μ—μ„œλ§Œ λ˜λ‡Œμ˜€λ˜ 말
        ni dwiesoman dwenweyotdon mal (are words I’ve repeated, behind you)
        널 μ‚¬λž‘ν•œλ‹€λŠ” 말
        nol saranghandaneun mal (Saying I love you)
        λ‹¬μ•„λ‚ κΉŒ ν•  수 μ—†λŠ” 말
        daranalkka hal su omneun mal (are words I couldn’t say, afraid you’d run away)
        μ‚¬λž‘ν•œλ‹€ 겁이 λ‚  만큼 널 μ‚¬λž‘ν•œλ‹€
        saranghanda gobi nal mankeum nol saranghanda (I love you so much that I’m afraid I love you)

        λ°€ν•˜λŠ˜ 수 놓은 λ³„μ²˜λŸΌ 항상 λ³Ό 순 μžˆμ§€λ§Œ
        bamhaneul su noheun byolchorom hangsang bol sun itjiman (Like the stars in the night sky)
        λ‹€κ°€κ°ˆμˆ˜λ„ λ§Œμ§ˆμˆ˜λ„ μ—†μž–μ•„ λ‚΄ λͺ«μΈκ°€λ΄ 널 μ§€μΌœλ³΄λŠ”κ²Œ
        dagagalsudo manjilsudo objana ne mogsin-gabwa nol jikyoboneun-ge (always visible
        but unable to be approached or touched)
        맀일 널 κΈ°λ‹€λ € μ–΄λŠμƒˆ κΈ°λŒ€ν•΄ λ―Έλ ¨ν• λ§ŒνΌ
        meil nol gidaryo oneuse gidehe miryonhalmankeum (That must be my fate)
        λ‚΄ 킀보닀 컀져버린 널 ν–₯ν•œ λ°”λž¨λ“€
        ne kiboda kojyoborin nol hyanghan baremdeul (to watch over you)

        널 μ‚¬λž‘ν•œλ‹€λŠ” 말
        nol saranghandaneun mal
        늘 κ°€μŠ΄μœΌλ‘œ μ™Έμ³€λ˜ 말
        neul gaseumeuro wechyotdon mal
        널 μ‚¬λž‘ν•œλ‹€λŠ” 말
        nol saranghandaneun mal
        λ‹ˆ λ’€μ—μ„œλ§Œ λ˜λ‡Œμ˜€λ˜ 말
        ni dwiesoman dwenweyotdon mal
        널 μ‚¬λž‘ν•œλ‹€λŠ” 말
        nol saranghandaneun mal
        λ‹¬μ•„λ‚ κΉŒ ν•  수 μ—†λŠ” 말
        daranalkka hal su omneun mal
        μ‚¬λž‘ν•œλ‹€ 겁이 λ‚  만큼 널
        saranghanda gobi nal mankeum nol

        κ³ λ°±ν•œλ‹€ 였늘 λ§ŒνΌλ§Œμ€ μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄
        gobekhanda oneul mankeummaneun saranghe (If I could only live one day, I’d want to be by your side)
        단 ν•˜λ£¨λ₯Ό 살아도 λ‹ˆκ³μ— 있고 μ‹Άλ‹€κ³ 
        dan harureul sarado nigyote itgo sipdago (If I could only live one day, I’d want to be by your side)
        κ³ λ°±ν• κ²Œ μ΄μ œλŠ” λ§ν• κ²Œ 널 μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄
        gobekhalge ijeneun malhalge nol saranghe (I’ll confess I’ll say the words now I love you)

        Hangul :: Daum Music
        Romanization :: Chichan-Onew
        Thank u so much πŸ™‚

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          I haven’t written anything yet Mellissa. But I’ll do it. It’s a promise.
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          If only we have more than 24 hours a day, if only real life won’t stand between us and our Kdramas. *Sigh*

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            It doesn’t matter when you will come out with the story, I will surely check your blog regularly.

            If Show fails to give Kang and Ji Hyun a chance to be happy in this world, HK-JH shippers will be happy to read your story giving their beautiful love story the lovely ending it deserves.

          • pipit

            I think you don’t have to worry about their happiness. I’m quite sure that they’ll have it.

            How could they not let our adorable Kang Ahh be happy with the love of his life, the lovable Ji Hyun? This is KDrama we’re watching. It must have a happy ending for its leads. That’s the reason why we (well,at least me) watch it doesn’t it?

            Anyway, just click my name for my blog or is that doesn’t work:


            Regardless of the ending of 49 Days, which I’m sure will be a happy ending. I’ll write a love strory of our Kang Ahh wherein he’ll get the happiness he deserves.

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      My thoughts exactly!!! I’m still on the HK <3 YK ship. We should let the living do the loving.

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      She might be on to something, because the Scheduler fidgets at these questions he can’t (or isn’t supposed to) answer. He declares further discussion β€œcrossing the line” and ends their conversation with a warning to be careful not to disrupt Yi-kyung’s life. Well, any more. ”

      So, I wonder if this means that she won’t actually have to get three tears? Is there some kind of loophole coming, just like it’s okay for Kang-ah to guess what is happening, Ji-Hyun just can’t say anything about it.

      Wasn’t Kang-ah just adorable in this episode? The way he is trying to help Ji-Hyun anyway he can. It’s good to see his character developing.

      Also, Ji-Hyun’s character is developing, she’s still letting airplanes fly-by her head, but she’s an “airhead on a mission!”

      Finally, what was that melded scene Yi-Kyung recalled for the doctor. Maybe she has some past with Min-Ho? Possibly due to her previous work at the hotel? As we discovered she had a past with Kang-ah and Ji-Hyun and Scheduler… maybe just maybe there are more secrets to be revealed? We have seven more episodes to go.

      • 6.1.1 asianromance

        Maybe the test isn’t the 3 tears, but a test of selflessness. Who knows!

        the melded scene is actually from JH’s adventures using YK’s body. YK was technically unconscious in her body, but her body was still awake and her physical brain was still processing stuff, so she “remembered” seeing MinHo at the hotel with Injung, even though it was really JH who saw them.

        • MJP


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        The good thing in this episode is to me, that Kang is able to do also good things and is able to care about her, although Ji Hyun doesn`t know.
        Just like in the past, while she was caring and helping him …
        So I think somehow they will be pleased by their ways..

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        So basically, I have a feeling that if there is someone who shed tears for jihyun-spirit-in-yikyung-body, that tears are valid.

        Maybe later, when her 49 days almost finish, she’ll only has 2 tears (hankang and seowoo). But then, with the dramatic time-is-almost-up, all the heaven’s family will shed the tears for her, knowing that she’s dying.

        ps: sorry my english

        • chocobo

          *if not all the heaven’s family, then maybe yikyung

      • 6.1.4 aquastarr92

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        You know, as in, JH got into the deal because she thinks she needs people to love her so that she can stay on (hence the 3 tears). It’s not selfish, really, but what if she realizes that she’ll be happy just to love, and that all she really needs is for the people she leaves to behind to be happy?

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      Three reasons to love the scheduler:
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      As far as he’s aware of, “Ji-Hyun” and “Yi-Kyung” are two different people, and share two very different characteristics (one innocent and naive and the other far too knowledgeable for her own good). Hence I’d say he’s attracted to Yi-Kyung/Ji-Hyun not because of any feelings that he might have harbored for Ji-Hyun.

      Maybe it’s because Yi-Kyung keeps going back to Min-Ho’s side, despite knowing all of his evil doings (we know she’s doing it to spy on him, but he doesn’t). Maybe he felt accepted by Yi-Kyung?

      That and maybe he felt like he could relate to Yi-Kyung somehow. Being alone, poor, going through a lot of hardship…

      • 16.1.1 Jomo

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        Now that JH in the YK shell has revealed that she is JH’s friend, and that is how she knows everything, and that is why she has acted so strangely towards MH, does that mean MH realizes she doesn’t like him?

        Does he like YK, or was he just keeping her close to keep an eye on her? I thought he was fascinated, and, as Litzy said, moved by her sad situation, but like like?

        We keep talking about him being jealous of Kang-ah, but I’m not sold on that. Why would he like JH/YK?

        • Litzy

          Well, I see it as despite knowing Yi-Kyung is Ji-Hyun’s friend, and despite knowing everything, despite her acting strangely towards Min-Ho (which is now explained to some degree), she has always been at Min-Ho’s side. She sat next to him in the bar and held his hand. She stalked him to Jinan, and she asked him to remove the picture of him and Ji-Hyun that’s in his room (which could be interpreted as her being jealous I suppose). She has been completely manipulative, but hasn’t outed his secret to anyone, and even showed some concern (*snicker*) for him. She might outright dislike him…but she always leaves enough of a nice impression on herself to pull him back.

          She’s kinda like the tall, dark, mysterious figure, ‘cept female =D.

          In any case, I get the feeling that he he does like like Yi-Kyung (a little). But at the same time I see it as some sort of an obsession – like a puzzle that he wants to solve. She is so involved with all his affairs, but she doesn’t give the image of being his enemy.

          • swui

            Wow..Litzy that’s how I interpret MinHo’s feelings towards YK/JH too…Because YK is blowing hot and cold he couldn’t help but be curious…she’s like this mystery he couldn’t help but obsess about….I think he feels like everything is within his calculation…somewhat egoistic…and when he couldn’t figure YK/JH out…he got even more interested despite himself. And her dark side definitely appealed to him because well, he’s pretty twisted himself…so it kinda make sense he’s into a more “twisted” relationship.

            Actually this kinda characters are pretty common in HongKong dramas…where actually the villains sometimes garner more attention than the leads. And I guess I’m pretty twisted myself coz I totally dig that baddie BSB is falling hard for YK/JH because it’s gonna hurt bad during payback time.

            That said, I’m loving BSB here…and of course JHJ and JIW…everyone’s great!

          • Jomo

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            He used the word “attraction,” too. Which doesn’t have to be love.

            And, yes, I love that JH in the YK shell gets to torture MH a little.
            Now I will voice what may get things thrown at me. Maybe, just maybe, the problem is that the actress isn’t running hot enough to convince me.
            I’d like to see tiny hints from her that would make MH insane with interest. Why not a lingering touch on his back? Why not eye contact that makes MH look away first?
            All she has to do is lean in a little more when she talks to him, or whisper in his ear, ya know?

            I know it is the direction, but wouldn’t the actress instinctively flirt during the scenes?

          • swui

            Jomo…I get what you mean…about the little flirting actions…

            However, I don’t think it’s applicable in this situation, bearing in mind she had no intention of seducing MinHo in the first place…plus she’s supposed to be like really naive?? It’s just that MinHo’s interest in her made her realize she can actually manipulate his affection to her own advantage. That said, JiHyun’s character is supposed to be like pure and straightforward …she has a hard time reining in her hatred for MinHo half the time and whenever she tried to be “nice” to MinHo, it’s kind of halfhearted and forced…so I think it’d be too much for her character to go all out and really seduce him…

            It’s moments when she was being sincere that MinHo was more taken to her…for example the outburst in his appartment when she declared she wanted to stay with MinHo when HanKang wanted her to leave that first time…of course her “passion” was not directed to MinHo but he doesn’t know that…

          • Jomo

            You’re right, you’re right.

            But I want a meaner version of JH to crush and humiliate thim with her filthy ghostly ways…

            Oh well, I guess that would be another show altogether…

          • swui

            LOL…guess we’d have to wait for the next version of a similar drama for the direction you’re keen on…actually it sounds like the plot of Temptation of an Angel (BSB also?)…I didn’t watch it but I’m thinking THAT story should have the scenarios you’re looking for…?

            OR as Ji Hyun becomes more and more engrossed in seeking revenge she’d get more “experienced” and seduced him more…muahahaha…

        • Jay

          From the beginning, I think Min Ho has been so drawn to pursue JK precisely because she appears to hold him in such contempt. JK was initially a challenge to MH — he wanted to win over her, prove that she wanted him even if she acted as if she didn’t. The more she pulled away, the more he wants to prove that she could be his. Now he’s become addicted to the relationship as he perceives it — she knows every bad thing about him, insults him to his face, but from his point of view can’t seem to stay away from him and his pursuit of her, and MH and his ego just lap it up.

          I think that’s a lot of the reason MH’s feelings for IJ have so completely died; she’s way too easy for him. She’s willing to do anything for him, and he couldn’t care less. JK keeps MH working for her, pursuing her, and that’s what keeps him focused on her — he wants her all the more when she doesn’t seem to want him.

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    I am loving the JH x YK relationship. I love how they’re sitting side by side in this episode when we’ve always seem them sit opposite each other. I was watching the episode in teh school library and had to pause and ff-ed through the crying scene at the end because I was abt to cry myself. Both such lonely girls =*(

    I was pretty shocked that IJ was the instigator of the plan! I was totally expecting IJ’s weird kidnapping to be part of his plan. And yay for HK scolding IJ!

    and HK is just so nice, smart, and understanding. <3

    I wonder what the Scheduler will do now. And is it against the rules for him to find out abt himself before his job is done?

    • 35.1 Litzy

      Ooo yes. I also noticed how after Yi-Kyung had her hypnosis treatment, when Dr. Noh asked her what she knew, she kept it what she saw to herself, perhaps instinctively knowing that she needs to keep Ji-Hyun’s affairs a secret. Maybe to protect Ji-Hyun?

      Not that she’s even aware of a Ji-Hyun person. She seems to be under the impression that she’s being haunted by Yi-Soo. But another reason for her sudden awareness (after Jinan) may be a result of her wanting to see Yi-Soo again, through Ji-Hyun (while Ji-Hyun is in Yi-Kyung’s body)…

      That sounds more confusing than it really is XD.

      As for Scheduler finding out about himself…I don’t think it’s going to be a major problem, at least not one inherit of some penalty. The guide-book of semi-dead-once-humans seems to have enough loopholes to take care of that; after all, it’s not HIS fault he found out. It’s Ji-Hyun’s XD.

      • 35.1.1 Jomo

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        THEY picked YK for JH.
        THEY assigned S to JH.

        Let’s assume there is someone up there with a giant Stratego game, moving the bombs and spies into place for them to trip over, just to see what happens. All these characters are intertwined for a reason, ani?
        Then, all of their stories/conflicts can be resolved with a team effort.

    • 35.2 aquastarr92

      I know right? It’s so creepy when the dramas suddenly answer our questions. Satisfying and awesome, but also creepy. And yeah, I totally love the JH & YK part. It reminds her that Jihyun is a kind, loving girl who gets affectionate & attached quickly. She wants to help her, and help her she will! This episode also lets us know more about YS & YK which is really sad & sweet at the same time.

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    also ji-hyun is making efforts for yi-kyung, rite? what if ji-hyun’s parting gift to yi-kyung is having one final moment with yi-soo/scheduler (a la The Ghost)With the end of d final day of countdown, maybe…as ji hyun is leaving the body…yi kyung might end up missing her invisible companion, thanking her for being there in her loneliness n shedding a tear… T_T

    dat wud be so nice….. πŸ™‚

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      So we do finally get to see a kiss between them but not between them.

    • 38.2 Phyllis

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      I am waiting for the time Yi-kyung is totally cognizant of being Ji-hyun. I feel like they will merge at some point. And I think you are right in stating that Yi-kyung will shed the next tear. I think others have mentioned that when commenting on other episodes.

      All the speculation is interesting. Ji-hyun is becoming more self aware and is finding true love. I hope it is not too late.

      I have my fears about how this will all end. I hope it has a concrete ending and NOT an abstract one. I am really sick of BAD endings. I do not have problems with imagination. I just want to WATCH the happiness of people who we have learned to love and enjoy. I think the best drama ending is in “City Hall.” There has not been a better one in my book.

      If they make us figure it out I will be raving MAD!!!

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    And how freaking adorable was Scheduler in those glasses, with that perm?! I was never a fan of the perm (even on Goo Joon Pyo), but I see it now. JB may be on to something.

    Lastly, I can haz Han Kang? PLZZZZZ?

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    I think it’ll be a classic, in my mind; something I’ll remember years later as being fresh and different πŸ˜€

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    Cant wait for episode 14!!!

    I love how everyone knows things; it’s frustrating having to wait for the characters to realize stuff lol.

    • 46.1 rockee

      Me too. I love, love, love how the story is progressing in this drama. I mean, I don’t think any of us saw ep 13’s ending coming. I didn’t think they’d reveal this much in ep 13. The only thing is everyone, except Seo Woo, knows some secret or discovers things that are usually revealed way later on in a drama. I guess they still have to keep at least one character guessing. Poor Seo Woo.

      And I believe almost everyone here have already fallen in love with Kang-ah. His akward but lovable, adorkable character is veeerrrry refreshing. So much that you just want to hug the guy and put him in your pocket, never let him fade away…hehe:D JHJ, I might just call you Kang-ah from now on. Ok, that’s enough Jamba Juice for me…today:D

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    And I like that JH and MH seem to “discover” their feelings again. Even when MH does not know she is JH, it seems he felt something for her.

    Maybe I’m the only one but Kang is the most boring character in this series. Too plain and normal.

    • 49.1 Jomo

      I am curious, too, when the dislike started.

      They show IJ in tears in the flashback when SW announces that JH wouldn’t be coming back to the school, and moved to Seoul. Could something have happened that involved Kang-ah once they all reunited after Kang-ah and MH returned from the States?

      That whole space of time has NOT been talked about at all.

  50. 50 Ani

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