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You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 13
by | August 13, 2011 | 95 Comments

To my massive relief, things finally sort themselves out in this episode. The underdog-theme in this drama is especially emphasized in this episode. You become so invested in this group of students that it doesn’t matter what craziness and power-manipulations are going on around them – all you care about is seeing this group succeed.

And that’s probably why underdog dramas get to me, because it makes me that much more excited to see the final act, when the character puts it all out there and does his/her best.

Also, of all things, Kang Min Hyuk – you’re cute, but not in this episode.

The students are shell-shocked. After all their hard work and their bonding, the performance is now canceled?! Like, what the heck!? Seok-hyun orders everyone to assemble in the rehearsal room as planned, and beelines for the Chancellor’s office.

The Chancellor has no words to say; all Seok-hyun can do now is catch Hee-joo’s mother and convince her to change her mind. When he does find her, Seok-hyun wonders why on earth the mother is so against the performance. 1) She asked him to come back to work on the performance, and 2) Hee-joo is the lead! Isn’t that all she wants!? However, Hee-joo’s mother LOVES the game “Hot and Cold” and this time blames it on all the controversies and rumors that have beset the production in recent weeks.

Seok-hyun catches Tae-joon and blames him for sabotage, even though Tae-joon plays the “I’m innocent!” card, citing that he too is a department head and equally disappointed at the outcome. He calls Seok-hyun’s hot-headedness the reason why Seok-hyun will never succeed.

(Um – forgive me Tae-joon, but didn’t Seok-hyun go to Broadway while you were stuck as a measly department head in a college, never trusted to direct a performance as important as the 100th Anniversary one? Who’s the successful one now, huh?)

Jun-hee can’t get in contact with Hee-joo, which puts all the other students in further despair. They all know Hee-joo had something to do with this, and they break down in tears when Seok-hyun confirms that he can’t save the production. Jun-hee takes matters into his own hands; he heads over to Hee-joo’s place and calls for her to come out.

He wants to know if she really didn’t want to do the performance, and thus perhaps had something to do with it getting canceled. Hee-joo says she didn’t want to perform, which Jun-hee knows is a lie. He chooses to believe in her – he will wait for her every day until she comes back to the performance. She must come back.

Really Jun-hee? Are you going to do this for her? She ruined all your friends’ chances to perform onstage; she hangs out with you and then pushes you away; she’s an annoying attention-seeker who doesn’t play fair; and she doesn’t deserve all these chances! Sure – you can go blame her mom for pulling all the strings, but Hee-joo isn’t doing anything to stop her mother. She wants her mother to pull these strings. So Jun-hee, stop sending her love poems about your “Natasha” and giving her chocolate gifts.

Actually – give her the chocolate gifts – she needs to gain weight anyways.

Shin suggests to Kyu-won some activities where she can cry without hiding, but Kyu-won is in no mood for that. Even if they could participate in next year’s performance, she feels like she gained nothing out of this one because they left it unfinished. Shin corrects her: “You gained the hottest guy in Arts University.” BAH! True. But so ridiculously self-centered!

Seok-hyun wants some time alone to grieve over this loss, but he isn’t given a moment’s rest. A producer named Kim Ho Jin (but with a business card that says “Grace Han”) wants Seok-hyun to direct a successful Korean musical in Broadway. He’s giving Seok-hyun an opportunity to go back to the States, especially now that Seok-hyun is no longer tied to the school performance.

Madame Goo of Catharsis eavesdrops gleefully, and later spills the beans to Yoon-su.

Meanwhile, Shin and Kyu-won break the bad news respectively to their families. However Ji-young tells Shin that when it happened to her in school, she and her classmates performed it anyways in front of the school, and later got in trouble. It gives Shin an idea, and he goes over to Kyu-won’s to discuss: How about they perform it anyways? It doesn’t matter if there’s an audience or not – at least their hard work will be paid off.

Grandpa is in his room, listening in: “Now they realize that art requires no audience?” Heh.

The Stupid and the Windflowers manage to convince Ki-young to come on board; after all, he’s got the most influence in convincing Seok-hyun. However, Soo-myung crashes the party – Seok-hyun is leaving for Broadway.

All the performers race out of the classroom and catch Seok-hyun with his things, and Yoon-su. They beg him to stay – to at least help them for their performance. They’ve worked so hard, and they’ve told everyone they knew about it. The Three Angry Girls adorably get down on their knees and beg, and Yoon-su adds that if it were her, she would have stayed for the performance. Since they’re laying the guilt on thick, Seok-hyun finally puts down his things: if the performance fails, he’s going to sue every single one of them for obstructing his path to Broadway fame again.

Yay! Performance is back on, and this time they’re not going to label it as “100th Anniversary Performance.” It’ll just be a regular show. They inform the Chancellor, Tae-joon, and Young-min of their plans of going ahead, with or without the school’s support. Everyone can’t help but feel somewhat inspired – even Stubborn-Butt Tae-joon. (Yes, I caught you giving a glimmer of a smile there!)

With no money for the performance, Kyu-won suggests hosting fundraisers. Shin pools in his pay from his part-time job, and Sa-rang adds all her money that she saved up for a nose job. It’s sad and touching to see her want a nose job in the first place, and to give up her dream for this. Soo-myung adds that her nose is the prettiest of them all. That’s it – Sa-rang dashes to hug him, and we just have another pairing to go “AWWWW” at.

Seok-hyun formally rejects Kim Ho Jin of the offer, who’s incredulous that Seok-hyun would stay for a measly performance. It’s not about the stage, Seok-hyun says, but about the performance, the art. Madame Goo eavesdrops again, and he hugs and kisses Seok-hyun for staying for the students. Gosh – everyone just wants to hug this guy, eh?

The Windflowers and Shin all make posters for the fundraiser performance, and two of the girls leave to buy some snacks. Shin gives Bo-woon a meaningful glance, and suddenly, like a robot, Bo-woon announces that she needs to use the bathroom. Heehee. Of course, Kyu-won and Shin’s private moment doesn’t last very long as Bo-woon really has nowhere else to go. She pokes her head back in and asks Shin for permission to reenter. ๐Ÿ˜€

With the performance date nearing, Yoon-su sets up private lessons with Kyu-won on dancing and adjusts the choreography for her, as she is the weaker dancer. During a break, Kyu-won finally asks Yoon-su what’s been on her mind ever since she joined the performance – what does Yoon-su think about the play being based on her and and Seok-hyun’s life? Yoon-su is OK with it – though she left Seok-hyun, she didn’t regret trying new frontiers, seeing how far she could fly, because she was young then.

She asks what Kyu-won would do if she got an offer to Broadway after the show. Kyu-won is more pragmatic, and also quite unimaginative. She’s never imagined doing anything other than gayageum, and says she’d reject the Broadway offer. After all, it took a lot of effort to convince Grandpa to let her participate. It’s this limited outlook on herself that Seok-hyun later admits to finding most frustrating; Kyu-won is talented but no one seems to acknowledge it, least of all herself. He wants to nurture that talent within her, but his concern gets misconstrued into all sorts of scandalous things.

That evening, Ji-young and Sun-ki walk home, Sun-ki dragging his heavy luggage like a poor kid kicked out to the curb. She offers to help him carry it, but sprains her ankle in her heels. Excuse to hold hands time! Sun-ki supports Ji-young on the walk home.

Shin also walks Kyu-won home, and when she complains about her legs being tired, he has her sit on a bench and massages her legs for her. Moment is made doubly sweeter when she kisses him on the forehead for it – and then changes the subject about the stars in the sky. Kyu-won then spots her father and Ji-young. Holding hands. The parents immediately drop hands, and clearly, everyone needs to have “the talk.”

Sun-ki tells Kyu-won that Ji-young was his first love. Ji-young tells Shin that no matter what, the kids are more important, and therefore they won’t get in the way of their kids’ relationship. Besides, their time has passed. Whew! Well, I’m glad we got that over with in a jiffy.

The next day, The Stupid and the Windflowers perform at Catharsis for the fundraiser, playing their repertoire of a fusion “Carmen” and “You’ve Fallen for Me.” The fundraiser is a success, and Shin takes some pictures with some female fans after the performance. Of course, Kyu-won becomes jealous, and when a male classmate invites her to sit and drink with them, she happily accepts.

She cheerfully flirts with the male classmate as Shin shoots daggers across the room. So he goes and starts offering to take pictures and videos with any other girl in the room. Oh my God – can you two be any more juvenile!? But Shin lets her slide this once, only because she’s looking particularly pretty tonight, and forbids her to hang out with any other guys in the future because he’s jealous. Gah – how did you learn all these smooth words, Lee Shin?!

Kyu-won goes home and gives her father and Grandpa tickets to the show. Grandpa refuses to go, because if Kyu-won’s the lead actress, then he’s missing nothing at all. Of course Papa will go and watch his daughter shine. Kyu-won threatens her Grandpa – if he doesn’t go, then she won’t bring a single classmate to listen to his life story again!

Jun-hee has been spending every single day outside Hee-joo’s house for hours, waiting for her to change her mind. The mother is irritated with him already, but he finally gets to see Hee-joo when she leaves the house to go for her surgery. He begs with her one more time; the performance is tomorrow, and he really hopes she’d come.

Hee-joo doesn’t answer, and heads to the hospital. However, she can’t get Jun-hee’s words out of her mind. She recollects all those times Jun-hee’s helped her, fed her, followed her around. He’s the only one who seems to have any faith in her as a person. When her mother goes to fill out some forms, she quickly texts Jun-hee to come pick her up!

The team is in the middle of practice, and Kyu-won has clearly improved. Hee-joo comes in, much to everyone’s shock. She wants to come back – after all, the performance can’t be without its lead actress right? Immediately, Shin yells at her – who does she think she is to just come waltzing back in? Besides, Kyu-won is perfectly fine as the lead role.

So Hee-joo directs the question at Kyu-won: if Kyu-won wants her out, she’ll stay out. Everyone looks at her, waiting for her answer. (I hate when they pressure her like this – there’s no way she can come out of this unscathed. Say “stay out” and she’ll look mean to the rest of her peers; say “come back” and she loses her role.)

Kyu-won wishes Hee-joo luck, and congratulates her for coming back at the right moment. (GAHHHH!) Everyone protests but can’t do anything about it. Shin chases after her; how could she let the role slip past her fingers? Though Kyu-won really wanted to be in the play too, she notes that everyone has had to make sacrifices for this performance. Seok-hyun gave up Broadway; Sa-rang gave up her savings; Ki-young is giving his all despite his severe stage fright. The play isn’t about her, it’s about who can give the best performance. ๐Ÿ™ But Shin is proud of her.

Seok-hyun makes no effort to hide his hatred for Hee-joo, but Hee-joo feels likewise. She notes that Kyu-won was off by a beat in her dancing, and so she promises to teach Kyu-won. After all, didn’t Seok-hyun say that the lead and the understudy need to take care of her until the end?

Off to the dancing room they go! Kyu-won doesn’t get why Hee-joo is training her so hard, especially since Hee-joo is the one performing. Hee-joo: “Shut up and do it again.” Hehe. You can’t ever do a half-ass job in front of a perfectionist… Hee-joo wants Kyu-won to be able to say she did her best; she herself never felt like she could say that, and never gave herself enough credit for her work. Understandable – as she’s always been surrounded by people who make her feel insecure about her talent.

Hee-joo’s mother comes rushing to Seok-hyun, wondering where in the world her daughter is. That’s when Seok-hyun finds out the true reason why the mother canceled the performance in the first place: Hee-joo can no longer sing.

Seok-hyun finds the girls, and angrily asks why Hee-joo never admitted to losing her voice. Hee-joo’s eyes well up in tears. This is why she’s back at the performance. This is why she’s helping Kyu-won with her dancing – she may not be able to perform, but she can at least make her understudy give a performance worthy of Hee-joo’s approval.

All of a sudden, Hee-joo is like an unni to Kyu-won, telling her to make sure to sleep early and do well. After all, she had to come all the way over just to make sure Kyu-won was doing it right. She tells Shin to take Kyu-won home, and Jun-hee excitedly offers to take Hee-joo home.

The day of the performance! Chancellor comes around to make sure Seok-hyun won’t embarrass him, while Tae-joon literally admits defeat. He hands over some money so that Seok-hyun can take everyone out to eat. (Well, that was a quick turnaround.)

Back in the make-up room, Sa-rang muses about how funny life turned out. She thought she was going to do the make-up for Hee-joo, but it ended up being Kyu-won. Suddenly, Kyu-won gets an idea…

It’s just minutes to the performance, and Shin seeks Kyu-won out. He’s got a bad case of nerves, worried that no one is going to like his . She cups his face in her hands and says not to worry – “Just tell the audience, ‘You’ve fallen for me’.”

The performance begins, and everyone is there. Grandpa even made it out. The Stupid and Windflowers open up the musical, and then we get the opening dance sequence of everyone pretending they’re in school. And then… they uncover the lead. It’s Hee-joo. Everyone in the crowd gasps in shock – including Hee-joo’s mother. Since when was Hee-joo in the play? Only Seok-hyun looks least surprised.

Grandpa complains loudly about Kyu-won not being onstage, and Jung-hyun insolently adds that she knew Kyu-won couldn’t possibly be talented enough for the lead.

The play follows as Hee-joo and Ki-young act as lovers, and then part with a quick kiss. Ki-young broods, and has a scene where he wears a mask – and then strips off his shirt. (O_O) He lets the ensemble cast (all donning white Phantom of the Opera masks) caress his abs and dance around him. I’m going to interpret this scene as Ki-young/Seok-hyun masking his heart, and transforming into another person who cares no longer for others but focuses on his own success.

Then we get a scene of (presumably) New York where Hee-joo is now a star dancer. A bunch of boys try to win her affections with their breakdancing moves, but she shuns all of them. She relishes in the attention – until she is (metaphorically) hit by a car. Hee-joo returns to Korea, defeated, a lost dancer.

And then – it’s Act 4. The act where Hee-joo and Ki-young sing their duet. Shin starts off with his guitar solo, and then the Windflowers join in. It’s the ending song. Ki-young comes out first. (download)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Go ahead and smile, happiness will come.

Go ahead and smile, so that love can also be in my arms.

Countless dreams like stars up in heaven.

Go ahead and stand up, don’t stand down.

Go ahead and stand up, even if you’ll regret it.

It will be alright.

The female lead sings. It’s Hee-joo…but a look backstage shows that it’s really Kyu-won singing, and Hee-joo lip-syncing.

When my eyes are filled with tears, when your cheers run with tears.ย 

Just yell aloud. It will all be OK.

When my heart breaks down.

When your heartache brings you down.

Just smile big and find hope.


Wow. This episode felt like we had reached the end of the drama already.

I can see why it’s so maddening to have Hee-joo show up in the end as the lead actress and take the spotlight away from Kyu-won. However, I’m really happy with the way this turned out. This scenario was truly a reflection of how the performance team came together and became one. After all the jealousies, the in-fighting, the rumors, and the scandals, everyone finally had one goal: to perform the musical. In the end, everyone wanted to give their best and to be part of something special – big stage or not.

You could say Hee-joo was being greedy to the end, but I think her tutoring Kyu-won was pretty magnanimous. If anything, that’s probably as generous as snobby Hee-joo could ever get. While I wish Kyu-won could have been more assertive in wanting to preserve her place as the lead, I’m glad she didn’t. She’s said before that all she wants is to be part of something different from gayageum. To have been able to dance and sing is enough for her. While we (and Seok-hyun) want her to dream big and realize her other potentials, she’s happy to explore them without having to be in the limelight. By singing for Hee-joo, she gets her chance in the spotlight too – it’s her voice everyone is going to be talking about.

The nice thing about Shin and Kyu-won is that both are characters who believe that they’re good and don’t crave for that affirmation over and over again. They know how to deliver their best and say it was their best. I think Hee-joo needs this performance more than anyone else – to prove that even with a handicap, she can do her best. And that’s why I’m glad she performed.

Tae-joon has been such a weird character for me. His turning point was when Yoon-su threw her support behind Seok-hyun to hold a performance with no funding. When he admitted defeat to Seok-hyun, I wondered: was it 1) Yoon-su choosing Seok-hyun that convinced him he lost (since he has/had a crush on her)? 2) the idea of not spending a single cent for Seok-hyun’s musical that allowed him to admit defeat? or 3) was he inspired by the idea of performing for the sake of art, not audience?

I’d like to hope that it was option 3 for Tae-joon. Clearly, this episode is all about performance for the sake of performing for oneself, and not for the audience.


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  1. NN

    Cute couple and nice chemistry but storyline is pretty lame. Still watching, though ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 1.1 NN

      Tks for recapping!

    • 1.2 TgM4

      yeah its really lame but cute at the same time, but surprisingly me too, am still watching ๐Ÿ˜›

      • 1.2.1 SaisMY

        yea i know right. the storyline is a little cliche and predictable, but it’s soo cute, that i can’t stop myself from watchng it ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Yee

          I know!!! Lee shin and Gyu won is what makes me keeo on watching! LOL!

          • S.P.

            Not Me. I watch this because of Hyun Ki Young (Lee Hyun Jin). Woah, He was so hot when he took off his shirt. ( >.<)
            I could not take my eyes off his moment of stardom.

    • 1.3 a_fan

      I beg to disagree. The main story of this drama is not about the 100 anniversary concert. It’s not even about the love story of Kyu Won and Shin. Rather, it is a story of a girl who is at a crossroads in life. Will she continue with the path prepared for her because of family loyalties maybe even cultural pride or will she pursue the new found interest in singing and performing in musicals.

      Choose the gayageum or dream of broadway? Episode 13 lead us and Kyu Won into this dilemma.

  2. stratosphere

    Hmm… so what next? I was concerned that they’d be pressed to wrap things up in one episode fewer than originally planned, but now it seems they’ve already taken care of the major conflicts/tensions….

    • 2.1 stratosphere

      And of course, thanks for recapping! I’ve really been enjoying reading what you wrote on Romance Town and now this series.

  3. huongap

    This drama might have a lot of faults but I like it, especially with the performance that mixes modern and traditional Korean music. It’s a great way to show people about Korean culture.

  4. pinkpinkpink

    i hope in the next episode the curtain accidentally falls and everyone sees kyu won is actually the one singing making hee joo embarrassed and ruining her i seriously hate her even though i liked her a little before she caused all those problems

    • 4.1 Shel

      I guess it depends on what happens next? Has anyone seen “SInging in the Rain”? When Hollywood goes from silent movies to “talkies”, Debbie Reynolds dubs the talking/singing voice of a bitchy silent star, Lena, with a retarded accent who can’t sing. Lena threatens to sue if anyone lets the cat out of the bag. At the premiere though, the audience wants her to sing so Debbie’s friends have a brilliant idea and kind of force her to go stand behind the curtain and sing so that Lena can “sing”. During the song, they pull the curtain up and reveal who the real star was.

      In a weird real life twist, Debbie Reynolds voice wasn’t considered good enough, so there was actually another actress dubbing Debbie dubbing Lena. Weird eh? Especially since Debbie went on to make several musicals and was performing on stage well into her 70’s.

      So, there’s your Hollywood trivia of the day. So….

      Hopefully, HooJee and the others will acknowledge Kyu-won, so they don’t have to resort to curtain shenanigans.

      This isn’t a GREAT drama, but I’m enjoying it. It’s a nice break from tear-jerker angsty stuff and I like the music and most of the actors.

      • 4.1.1 MelMel13

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of “Singing in the Rain” when I saw this final part. There are still some episodes left so I feel like this could happen between Hoo Jee and Kyu-Won but instead of her constantly being the voice for someone else they might keep her from using her voice at all.

        Hoo Jee is still giving in to the pressures from her mother, so there is a lot that may come from this even though Kyu-Won did it for the better performance.

      • 4.1.2 msim

        I was so thinking “Singing in the rain”. Hope the truth comes out because that Kuy-won is just the sweetest. Like a lot riveting performers she has presence.

        I know it’s a modern drama but it has a very 1950’s Broadway vibe. The main pairing is barely allowed to touch. Could we get a believable kiss involving lips, please?

        Another 1950’s things is the way we always see Ki-young and Soo-myung in the same frame… I’m picking up vibes… That would be my second favourite pairing if the show dares to go there.

  5. keith

    I think what Hee-joo did wasnt completely selfish. I guess in the next episode there will be Kyu-won performing the act. Well, just guessing.

    • 5.1 isabelle

      I agree. I mean, Seokhyun’s not shocked so he approves of the idea. He might have even thought of it.

      • 5.1.1 lucy

        I agree..the director knows GW very well and i think he kind of saw this coming..

    • 5.2 Laya

      That’s what I’m thinking too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. travelcrazy

    yep, sleepy story…

  7. Checkinout

    Thanks for the recap, kaedajun.

    There’s been a lot of mixed reactions on that last scene, but my favorite is what was shared by silver, a fellow DBer on her blog, silverlux.wordpress.com. She literally gave me an Eureka moment (skip to the last section of her EpRCA napcap if you’re in a hurry, but her recaps are really fun reads as well) and added so much more depth and appreciation to that last scene for me. A total must read if you’ve been following this show.

    • 7.1 Mojo

      i love her recaps for heartstrings!

      and her eureka moment, i totally agree with her opinions about Kyu-won’s dream

    • 7.2 moidiom

      Thank you for the tip! I like it.

    • 7.3 Shel

      Ah! Now it makes perfect sense. :0) Thanks.

    • 7.4 lucy

      i also agree with silverlux insights on the last scene of the episode..i think she gave the most accurate and fair POV of the scene..

      i’ve read so many reactions on what GW did on the last scene, some are angry with GW, some are even harsh on PSH and that i couldnt understand..PSH is just playing the role of GW and i believe so great and convincingly, that’s why some cant differentiate anymore the actress and the character she’s playing..

      anyway, i love this episode and i love the performance…it broke my heart seeing GW singing while crying and LS recognizing her voice looking at her at the back….kudos to PSH and JYH for those great eye expressions..i feel the sadness and i teared up.

      its last 2 episodes next week and i always feel that HS is incomplete because for me it started in ep 6 only…HS is so different from the usual Kdrama, its a drama that i could relate well..it made me reminisce my first love, my student days..i love the songs, i love the cinematography, i love the cool and breezy atmosphere, i love LS and KW….I will miss this drama and i will miss the OTP, the cutest and the most adorable dooley couple…

      lastly, thank you HS production for making my wish of seeing PSH and YH pairing up after YAB and seeing them together, i didn’t imagine that they will be so great together, their chemistry is different, it felt so natural, the shyness and the happiness, you could see in their eyes…

      kamsamhamnida HS, saranghae shinhye and yonghwa

      • 7.4.1 Mojo

        i agree on what you say about HS starting only at episode 6, last night i just saw episode 10 and told my sister that if i was going to watch it again, i’ll start with episode 10….

        sadly it will end with episode 15… i just can’t believe that some can’t see that this drama is also good despite its flaws

    • 7.5 Em

      Ok, so that last scene from EP 13 was unexpected and I liked silverlux’s insight in to it. I hope this is going to be a turning point in GW’s character – realizing that this is what she really wants for herself and have the courage to claim it.

      What bugged me about GW is her lack of faith in herself. Everyone is saying that what she did was selfless. That by giving Heejoo the part, it will reward everyone’s effort and dedication to the musical. It’s as if, it has to be HeeJoo in the lead for the musical to be a success. This whole time, the musical is not about someone’s ability to sing and dance or dedication, even but the ability to connect to the audience’s emotions and HEEJOO SIMPLY LACKS THAT. GW does it so effortlessly and that’s what the director has been trying so hard to make her understand. She just needs to believe that she has what it takes to stand in that stage and make the musical a success.

      I can’t wait or the last two episodes ๐Ÿ™

  8. Checkinout

    Darn my fat fingers and IPhone’s auto correct…

    I meant to say checkout Silvers Ep 13 snapcaps… *blush*

  9. Mojo

    i agree that the story doesn’t have a nice flow

    but i do love the funny characters (Sa Rang and her gang XD, can’t stop laughing with Sa Rang’s reaction when Shin told her to stop it :XDD ) the cute moments between kyu-won and shin, and the way they mix traditional and modern music

    Fighting Heartstrings \(^o^)/

  10. 10 S.M

    So right it does feel like it was the ending to the drama…i really think that this episode they wrapped everything up…although somewhat rushed i’m still kinda happy cause more shin and kyu won…now I’m wondering what the next 2 episodes are gonna be about.

    And i had no idea that Joo HEE was the drummer for CN BLUE!!! He really plays his part well, as the cute (idiotic) drummer. Thought he was a rookie actor…Anyone else think that? Or was it just me?

    • 10.1 Cynthia

      Just you? ๐Ÿ™‚

      No, seriously, it’s understandable. He really looks and sounds different from his real personality. He’s done an excellent job here for such a newbie.

  11. 11 mills

    yeah, while the story could have lacked the depth and drama compared to others, well who needs it!!!! our world is already full of that….Heartstrings is a breather from all of this…a reminder that there is still that light, fun and romance in our lives!!!1


    • 11.1 moidiom


    • 11.2 krista

      i absolutely agree with you..HS is really a breather..but sadly korean viewers dont like this type of drama just like international fans do but who cares…this will be another YAB and this has better OST..i like all the songs the cast sang, i love the fusion of the traditional and modern instruments, i was able to learn something about gayageum..finally, i love PSH and JYH, i love how they played as LS and GW, so amazingly natural, the shyness, the sweetness, the cuteness, its all there, hehe..perhaps this is because they are friends in real life that’s why you could feel the chemistry…

      as an ANJELL fan, thank you HS for giving me a chance to see PSH and JYH as the OTP here after YAB, it is a dream come true for me…

  12. 12 moidiom

    Sure, the plots for this episode were predictable and all the evil characters suddenly had personality transplants, but I still enjoyed the episode. I like it because the relationship between Lee Shin and Gyu-won continues to grow. It’s the main focus of this drama for me and everything else is filler.

    I for one actually prefer Hee-joo’s stage performance over Gyu-won’s because it IS better and she fits the character more nicely. I think the show provided the best compromise of having Hee-joo on stage and Gyu-won performs the song. I believe they will share the stage in the end when they do the curtain call and Gyu-won will receive proper credit for her contribution to the show. After all, this turns out to be the meaning of this festival–it is so that the students can bond and unite over a common goal. It’s about team work.

    Ki-young’s taking his shirt off is about the most random thing in this entire drama so far. Was it really necessary besides fan service?! It was off-putting for me and I felt bad for the actor, but I’ll accept kaedejun’s interpretation.

    With only two episodes to go, one can’t help but wonder what’s next. I hope Lee Shin and Gyu-won get married and live happily ever after, but that’s probably not going to happen for a youth drama ๐Ÿ˜€ It really doesn’t matter what happens next as long as they stay together as a couple!

    • 12.1 kim

      The most important thing for me is that i enjoyed this drama..it may lack the depth and the angst korean viewers are so fond of but i love it..there’s something unique in this drama which got me hooked on it..

      and of course my main reason of watching it is PSH and JYH, half of my favorite Anjell band.. i love their characters here, i always look forward to see the development of their relationship…i love their cuteness, their shy sweetness, such an adorable pair..the chemistry of PSH and JYH is amazing, so natural as if i want to hug the both of them, just like the couple bear phone accessories they bought…hahaha

      i will surely miss HS, the first time i watch a drama by live streaming, spazzing together on the chat box while watching live with the other hearties…hahaha..my life will never be the same again..after HS and PSH going to rest for a while, Otoke?

  13. 13 Autumn

    I was initially confused (& a little frustrated) at GW’s attitude during the whole debacle. the musical is something she said she enjoyed, an event she really wants to be a part of and she worked hard for it, yet she gives up so easily whenever there’s trouble. While it was sweet (and wonderfully so) to see S constantly comforting and encouraging her, like you, I wanted her to be more assertive. But I later realised several things, which made me understand why GW had been the way she was.

    1) GW had been passively living her life under the control of her grandpa, who had basically raised her to think and breathe the gayageum. It made GW feel that her future is limited, that no matter what she does she’ll ultimately be stuck with it. 2) Compared to people like HJ who had worked her whole life for this musical, GW was just pushed into it and she knows it, which is why she never felt that she deserved the role. 3) As much as she enjoyed doing the show, she had yet to fully realise how important it all was for herself. Hopefully by the end of the musical, she will be able to see clearly the things she really wants.

    What I love most about this episode is that GW was firm with her decisions. You can’t really say HJ coerced her into it because she did give the power to choose. The choice was GW’s and hers only, and it’s one that I believe she will not regret.

    This drama is undoubtedly flawed. there were conflicts that were created and resolved way too quickly and easily, and characters that are confusing and conflicting, but despite it all, I still love it to bits.

    Thanks for the recap!

  14. 14 mel

    Ki Young’s abs O_O
    and he’s so darn cute when he smiles. -fangirls-

  15. 15 Maricel

    Loved this episode…and the recaps…

    Yes, the whole drama could have gone deeper, but i love its simplicity…to me the story has been nice and i could watch many more episodes…

    I readl sth about Shin going to broadway, is that true???

  16. 16 ish

    I don’t like that hee joo performed in the end and all, I’ve really wanted Kyu Won to get the spotlight she deserves but I don’t think I need to worry…I feel like she’ll have her happy ending

    I also love watching how Shin demonstrates yet again how he pwns most byfriends by his awesomeness, I still feel giddy watching Shin singing and giving Kyu Won all those sweet glances…I just melted

  17. 17 Manaรญra

    Olha , claro que faltam alguns elementos… Mas mesmo assim amo a quรญmica deles e isso faz o diferencial *__*

  18. 18 HeadsNo2

    Does anyone think that perhaps Kyu Won would have been the lead in the final performance had it not been for script changes/lost rehearsal time due to Park Shin Hye’s car accident? Perhaps she was still too unwell to do a full dance number?

    I ask only because they tried their best to make us understand this last scene but it kind of defies the ideas set up from the beginning, to where I wonder if this wasn’t the original intention. They did make it work, to a degree.

    • 18.1 Revy

      I actually thought the same thing

    • 18.2 lucy

      i also feel the same way..

      actually i was hoping to see PSH dance in this drama as she really is a great dancer but well…

      but i heard that there will still be a performance but i dont know if she will just sing the finale or a duet with KY or LS or she will take the role from HJ…i just want that KW be given the credit due her…

      last 2 episodes, i want a duet of LS and KW and a tender, reciprocated lip kiss and KW hugging back LS…hahaha.

  19. 19 Cynthia

    Oh, gee. I’ve been watching YFFM without too many problems in the script to overly bother me. Until this episode.

    The relationship with the young leads is fine. Even the sad ballerina/director storyline has calmed down and is acceptable. Granpa is still cute, although I think he should be headed to a rest home where he can irritate his own peer group full time about how wonderful and famous he is. The parental development is extraneous and feels like a toss-in. The step sister is just a brat and needs some talkin’ to. Hee-Joo and our adorable Theodore Chipmunk bespeckled stalker is kind of pathetically cute, too.

    That being said, why in the name of all that’s holy, did this drama that’s spent 13 episodes to build up to the “BIG SHOW” film a performance that lasted less than 5 minutes?!
    And was CRAPTASTIC, to boot?!

    It’s impossible not to draw comparisons to the other youth musical melo that was “Dream High” – and YFFM comes up seriously lacking.
    Dream High was done right – didn’t anyone on the YFFM team watch and learn from it?

    The YFFM student play (other than the music) was just plain awful. A shoddy, choppy mess of editing, no cohesion of storyline, gratuitous shirt-stripping (okay, I liked that – but c’mon. Really a play plot point? Really?!) and not ONE scene of a semi-complete performance. It was just sad to see how poorly this was handled. An enormous build-up of 13 episodes to this major focal point of the drama?! This is what we get?!

    At least when Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland announced to the their gang, “We know! Let’s put on a show!!”, they put on a show that we could ALL enjoy!

    YFFM? Not so much. Boooo on you. ๐Ÿ™

    • 19.1 checkinout

      Perhaps we watched this drama with different expectations because I thought the musical cuts were done just right. YFFM was never about the musical itself, but about life lessons learnt by our cast leading towards (and after in the last 2 episodes) the musical.

      To me, Dream High and YFFM are 2 very different dramas that happens to share similar themes. While I thoroughly enjoyed Dream High, I am glad that YFFM did not try to be Dream High 2. If I were to draw an analogy, Dream High is like kpop – sleek, smooth, cute, well choreographed, with all the energy of youth – altogether a fun and entertaining experience. YFFM, on the other hand, feels more like real-life campus – it’s rougher around the edges and takes more of a slice of life approach with its languid pacing.

      I enjoyed Dream High for its crisp and witty story-telling but I love YFFM for the overall ambience it creates with its great music and cinematography. I’ll be buying the YFFM DVD just to replay some of those beautiful scenes.

      • 19.1.1 Em

        Thank You, I couldn’t agree more. The charm of YFFM is that it feels relatable. It may feel unpolished, a little rough on the edges but these very characteristics are what makes me look forward to it each week. I know this drama had a lot of potential but it had to contend with PSH’s accident and other production issues. I hope PSH and JYH can work together again in the future!

      • 19.1.2 maria

        For whatever problems the production encountered with YFFM with or without flaws, I still love this drama. I can’t believe that it’s coming to an end. My dose of addiction together with my Thursday and Friday breakfast will be sorely missed.

        Read many were disappointed with episode 13 which I truly love. It made me cry at the end showing an unselfish GW crying while singing the song for HJ . This showed what kind of a person she is that one would admire most. This episode also made me lough out loud during the ghost hunting scene which we did when I was still in school (so real to me).

        Love how this drama can make you feel warm and giddy at the same time. I love how everything look so pleasing to the eyes with it’s beautiful cinematography and how they match all attires of the cast which is mostly the shade of blue. Love the cast especially Yong hwa and shin hye. Love how shin makes me melt every time he makes those sexy eye stare at Gyu won. He maybe stiff at times but love how he interacts with shin hye. Love how this drama wants me to be young again and go back to my school days that I enjoyed so much together with the freedom , not so many responsibilities yet and the bursting of love for a boyfriend which all is visible in this show. I love how it’s light and not as heavy that tires me every time the episode ends.My only disappointment about this drama is they could have used Ki young who is a very good singer, handsome and a good actor with dashing smile as the love triangle of the two leads and limited the useless camera time given to the dance teacher and also not showing us shin hyes awesome dancing ability maybe because of the accident..

        Overall this drama wants me to want more every time I see it so it saddens me that i will not see shin and gyu won anymore so I hope I get over this soon and pray that shin hye will get to star with another anjell!

        • maria

          @ surely @ laugh

  20. 20 a_fan

    What struck me most in this episode was when Lee Shin looked to his back at .yu Won during theire duet. His silhouetted face

    • 20.1 moidiom

      I notice the acne scars ๐Ÿ˜€ I noticed it when I watched You’re Beautiful. He’s going to have a very manly face when he grows up ^ ^

    • 20.2 lucy

      it was a very emotional scene for me, quiet but sad..LS looking back, recognizing the voice of her girlfriend, realizing she is backstage, i congratulate YH for those eye expressions..

  21. 21 sara

    how, how could she take someone else voice for herself? how, how selfish can a human be? at first I didn’t care about her nor did I hate her but now I really do hate her and she did not even say thank you, no she only used it! How could she accept the audience applause for herself, while she didn’t even sing a singel line? How could she smile at the end while she used it? Why didn’t she tell KW to go up the stage and say: I want to achieve it with my own voice not yours? I know she trained for that moment but I bet this won’t be her only show but KW only wants this one! >.<

    Ki-youngs body was very worth being seen, damn that dude has a sexy body โ™ฅ

    • 21.1 lambayyx

      i’m sorry but did you watch the episode or even read this recap? HJ gave KW a choice. she even trained KW’s dancing so that it’d be perfect for the performance. it was KW who gave it up in the end. it’s like you only saw the last five minutes of the episode and decided to place all the blame on HJ. HJ herself didn’t expect to be on stage because of her voice. and is she not supposed to be professional on stage? she’s doing a play, she’s supposed to be immersed in her character. if anything, the writing and editing is to blame. it didn’t show any of HJ’s reaction towards lipsyncing suggestion. for someone as prideful as HJ, does it really make any sense that she just gladly accepted to take the credit for someone else’s singing?

  22. 22 Kay

    I didnt like what happened to be honest. Because I think GW deserves better and HJ didnt deserve the spotlight after everything she did. But come to think of it, I love and admire GW even more. She is not a victim!!! Like Shin said, he doesnt just love anyone, she is the most special girl in the world.She is unique. No one expected what she did rite? She has the bigger heart in any character in this drama. That’s why Shin loves her more and more everyday
    So do we
    ( One fun fact though, GW has been said ” it’s ok/ it’s fine”or Kan- cha-na so many times in an ep that I can remember the word. That speaks a lot for her character)

  23. 23 spearminttt

    NOT COOL. SHE IS SO FLIPPIN NICE. stop being so nice… ๐Ÿ™

  24. 24 Noelle

    Thanks for the recap!

    It sorta sucks that Kyu Won gave up her spot. Hee Joo in her own way sorta deserved this chance to prove that she does have talent. Maybe now her mom will start believing in her abilities. But I really wanted Kyu Won to give it a go just to know what it would be like. They could of gone half and half, right? Anyways, how much you wanna bet that her and Shins relationship kind of turns out like Yoonsu’s and Suek Hyun’s except less drama more understanding. Like she or he (both?) get an offer? I believe this drama is headed to a time jump!

    • 24.1 Kay

      I think so too
      since we have 2 more eps and the time jump ‘s something that fits

  25. 25 Jamie

    I can understand everyone’s dislike of Hee Joo, but I personally like her. She’s one of my favorite characters from the drama. >.<

    • 25.1 krnxbeannie

      Same here.
      I Know that people dislike her because of her personality and greed to get everything she wants but I liked how she was able to come back to participate in the musical even though she couldnt sing.
      I hope she has a happy ending.

  26. 26 Yer Vang

    Wished Gyu-won was in the play.

  27. 27 fanitha

    I wanted Kyu-won to be the one on stage singing, When I saw Hee-joo on stage I was expecting here to continue until the singing part were Kyu-won will appear, because that will make more sense for me, since the beginning they have been saying how Hee-joo’s singing was her weakness as she wasn’t able to transmit emotion, and Kyu-won’s weakness was in her dancing, so the logical way to arrange it for me was to let them perform on what they are good at, being both the lead actress, Hee-joo performing the dance parts and Kyu-won the singing ones. But at the end when I saw Hee-joo lip singing I felt kind of let down, I will loved Hee-joo to step down and admit Kyu-won’s singing talent, just as Kyu-won admitted Hee-joo was better perfomer than her, thus letting her have the lead role.
    Hope a big surprise is waiting for us next week!!

  28. 28 Suzi Q

    The twist where Kyu-won unselfishly gives up the lead actress role to Hee Joo could be because PSH was more injured in that automobile accident and couldn’t perform the strenuous dance routines? It’s a good way to cover up her injuries, rewrite the script, and wrap up the ending.

    Loved Ki Young when he stripped off his shirt. OMG!! What pecs!!!!Talk about being buff! Too bad he doesn’t have much of a role in this drama. Just loved his singing much better than Shin’s.

    I wished Ki Young sang more songs. At the conclusion,
    I hope Kyu-won gets her rightful recognition and starts to pursue her own dreams and not her grandfather’s. It’s sad when parents or grandparents try and railroad their children’s future Too bad it’s going to end next week.I love the musical numbers.

  29. 29 dusktildawn

    Hahaha. Soo Myung and Sa-rang for the win!!! ^_^
    They would surely be an amusing couple to watch out for!

  30. 30 Anhstein

    I feel like I should stop whining about Ki-young not getting a good enough story line because we got to see his abs, lol.

    But then, in a way, I’m glad he was never the second male lead, that way we’d never have to see him heartbroken when he loses to Shin. Dude has one of the best smiles I’ve seen, and we get to see that a lot during all the practice scenes, so yay!

  31. 31 kdheart

    Just watched this yesterday. And I don’t hate Hee Joo. I don’t hate anyone but the Chairman. The Chairman who keeps bowing down at his wife’s orders. I mean, really? You call yourself a chairman?

    Anyway, one of the characters I love in this drama is Yoon Su. Her character may not have seemed right to a lot of people but I reall like how optimistic yet a realist she is. She and Shin are the ones gifted with a brain here. LOL.

    And Kyu Won giving up her spot. I don’t know what to say. It broke my heart, yes, but I won’t wish it to be any different. And I know, after the musical, Shin will hug her again. He just needs to stop asking her if she’s okay. He knows, each time, that she isn’t. Just hug her. And for Pete’s sake, Kyu Won, get your hands moving and HUG HIM BACK. Grr..

    And also, not that I didn’t like it, but Ki Young taking off his shirt is too random. It kinda looks like the crew just pulled a prank on him. HAHA! But from the start, I really had a feeling his mighty body would have a use to this drama… and tadaa! My feeling was rightl It was used… for fanservice. LOL.

    2 episodes left. I kinda want Wednesday to come already but at the same time, I don’t. I can’t bear to see this drama end. It wasn’t as good as others expected it, and others call it lame. But whatever. I loved it from beginning til end so having to say goodbye to something you’ve embraced for 2 months is hard. I’ll end it here before I get too emotional. LOL.

  32. 32 skelly

    Eeeek. Lots o’ bad writing here, in this episode – plot twists with no foreshadowing, lots of inexplicable behavior on the part of several characters – the best example, Mr. I-Will-Bury-You-At-All-Costs hands over dinner money…really, what made you change your whole reason for living up to this point? And I did not believe Hee Joo’s little turn as caring Unni, either. She has been a selfish, spoiled, manipulative brat up to this point – trying to give her a halo now is just ridiculous, after she nearly destroys the reputations of two people, cancels and uncancels the show on her own selfish whims. Sorry, but her pouty little ways get on my last nerve.

    Another reason that the drama falls flat for me in this episode is that I don’t believe that Hee Joo is really talented. I don’t know who she is in real life, that everyone seems to think she is all that, but she can’t act, her singing is stiff and boring, her dancing is OK but she looks like a plucked chicken, especially that unfortunate move where they carry her downstage by her arms – I thought they would snap off.

    I know they are trying to wrap this whole thing up one episode sooner, and yes, I GET the whole deal about the sacrifice for the good of the team (a Jdrama favorite trope!) but everything here felt rushed and … off. Including what I assume were snippets of that unfortunate show. If it wasn’t for the music – well, let’s just say I can see why director made it on Broadway while weepy ballerina did not.

    • 32.1 Cynthia

      As I tried to explain up-thread, for a drama whose central theme has been “The Play”, (the concept that has been at the center of providing angst, hook-ups, revenge and just general pissiness for a few of the characters), then why was the fruition of said “musical” so poorly constructed and filmed? I’m pretty sure that all those kids who were brought on board to dance and/or sing for this drama have real backgrounds in the arts. They must be feeling rather robbed at this point.
      And now there are 2 more eps to go. What in the world are they going to do with them? The “Show” is over, the relationships have been solidified. What’s left? Disease, Noble Idiot Syndrome, Amnesia, Shin hits it big and leaves for the Big Apple? **sigh**

      • 32.1.1 dzach

        That is the beauty of this drama because you wouldn’t know what will happen next.

  33. 33 rr

    thanks for the recap..i cried at the ending scene..kyu-won stayed true to character..that’s the kyu-won i loved since episode 1 ^^

  34. 34 ninji

    And finally a REAL performance, only took 13 episodes.

  35. 35 angelpur

    Rather than ending on episode 15, maybe they should’ve ended it on 13 instead. Because, as others have mentioned, this really felt like the final episode to this drama. After all, what other conflicts can the writers think of which will span for a further 2 episodes? The relationship between Kyu-won and Shin is pretty solid, as well as the director and yoon su. The parent relationship seems to be resolved as well (they accept Shin & Kyu-won) and the grandpa won’t oppose to them. In addition to this, their play is done. So…what other storylines will the writers throw in to extend for another 2 hours? Perhaps Kyu-won will be offered a role abroad? Or perhaps the writers will further explore yoon-su and the director’s relationship by throwing in another marriage proposal or giving the director another opportunity to go to broadway?

    This episode aggravated me on so many levels. For example, we spent so many episodes/minutes/hours watching Kyu-won dither about accepting the role as the main actress and then just giving the role to Hee-Jo while she sings backstage? I know this is supposed to show Kyu-won’s good nature, but as a viewer watching this drama, it wasn’t a satisfying experience to sit through. 9I don’t blame Hee-Jo on this, though, because she would’ve given up her role to Kyu-won)

    Another thing that someone pointed out which annoyed me – Tae joon giving money to the director to buy dinner – so what, we’re supposed to believe he’s a good guy now? Will he not suffer at all from his manipulations?

    And lastly the director rejecting the offer from broadway made me groan. I know its because he loves the kids/show, but still.

    Sorry about this rant I just have to get this off my chest. If there’s any typos sorry…kind of sleep-deprived

  36. 36 Jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    Could barely finish this episode.
    As everyone else said, where are they going to go now? Two more episodes of manufactured conflict followed by a quick and pretty resolution?

  37. 37 lambayyx

    “But Shin lets her slide this once, only because sheโ€™s looking particularly pretty tonight, and forbids her to hang out with any other guys in the future because heโ€™s jealous. Gah โ€“ how did you learn all these smooth words, Lee Shin?!”

    really? that’s smooth?

  38. 38 sara

    Someone explain me how could a person use someone else voice?how could Hee-joo accept her voice? If I were her I would have told KW to go on stage or else I would hate to earn the applaus or feel ashamed!

  39. 39 churasan

    I’ve been following this drama since it started and despite all the writing flaws, I’ve stuck with it because I like the cast. However, this episode really takes the cake! I can’t believe that KW ended up being HJ’s “ghost” singer. I mean that is basically like cheating! I’m surprised that the Korean audience would accept this outcome as well because I know that some people are sensitive when singers lip syncing during live performances and stuff too. I would have been more satisfied if KW didn’t sing at all, but knew she worked hard and maybe next time could get the main lead.

    It’s a shame that the writing was really unstable through this drama because the storyline and cast had so much potential. The beginning was really weak, but it really started to come together around episode 7-ish. But this episode was really disappointing… Also, like everyone else… where are they going from here? Maybe KW and LS will have some sort of story where one of them goes abroad or something…

  40. 40 yeng

    There are pros and cons feeling at the end of this episode. I kinda of like how everyone get together to perform the impossible. HJ and KW are now closer, and knowing KW’s character I am not suprise that she would let HJ perform and get the attention, but help her in secret. But I think KW is too weak, as much as she is kind she could also be stronger. Maybe they can have two leads, have HJ dance, then KW sing in the STAGE and not hide in the backstage cuz that is like cheating…

  41. 41 sarang

    I did not like the end, I understand why KW did it but I still don’t like it. I don’t think HJ deserved it to be frank, she was the one who ruined the musical via manipulation and for her to get the glory it just doesn’t sit right with me. If she played fair I wouldn’t have mind but throughout the whole series she was just a selfish bitch. Not even helping KW redeemed her character for me. On another topic I think the next episodes will deal with KW realizing her passion for singing and or performing, and pursuing modern over traditional. There’s not much you can do with the romance anymore except give us more lovey dovey KW & LS kekeke.

  42. 42 cita

    am i the only one thinking that there would be another performance where KW will be the star or at least a duet of LS and KW..the performance they made was not official..i am hoping that they will again perform this time for the school’s official centennial celebration and the sponsors coming back again..

    as much i understand KW’s reasons for giving HJ the chance to be the star because that’s her true persona and i agree with someone here, she is the kind of person who always say KIN CHA NA (ITS ALRIGHT) BUT STILL, i want her to be given the credit due her..and oh, i was kind of disappointed not seeing PSH dance, i thought that she will be able to show her dancing talent in this drama ( but i guess its also because of her car accident)…

    next week will be the last 2 episodes..i just hope that LS and KW will stay together no matter what..staying behind or pursuing their dreams abroad together..i just love LS and KW, its the two that got me hooked on this drama, of course with the songs and cinematography..

    i will definitely miss HS and PSH and JYH…they played LS and KW so amazingly…the cutest and sweetest couple..never did i imagine that they will be my favorite couple (used to like JgS and PSH until HS)..peace

    • 42.1 msim

      I’m hoping you’ve guessed right. I also feel there will be an “official performance” that will put things to rights.

      LS and KW are the sweetest thing. Not just in love but they actually “like” each other – unlike, say, Shining Inheritance or tons of other k-dramas where the guy is just a jerk and becomes nice at the last episode.

      And someone, please keep the bully-Sa-rang away from the pretty boy.

  43. 43 Abbie

    The ending of this episode was the best so far. Truthfully, I had a feeling this was how it would turn out the minute Hee-joo walked through those doors. I’m proud of her and Kyu-won for setting aside their differences just to put on this show. Which, BTW, was cool! I’ve never seen anything like that before. It was really amazing. Also, the ending scene made me think of the movie “Singing in the Rain”. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

    I am also glad that the parent issue seems to be resolved now. And Tae-joon is being less jerky. And Seok-hyun and Yoon-su are getting serious. And that Evil Mom is… well… nicer? And I’m even glad that Soo-myung was nice to Sa-rang.

    Joon-hee was a little annoying in this episode. His devotion to Hee-joo is getting old and tiresome.

    That said, Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun!

  44. 44 Pam

    I’m so happy that Kyu Won ballsed up and kissed Lee Shin.

    When he was singing her to sleep over the phone, did anyone else notice the pennant in the background? It looked very much like the font for the Chicago White Sox… though it was fast and I wasn’t really paying attention to it as much as I was watching Yong Hwa.

  45. 45 Sukispop

    My daughter and I have been watching this drama independently of each other, and she mentioned recently that some of her friends thought this drama was boring. My daughter still enjoys it, but kind of sees what her friends mean. I, on the other hand, have been enjoying the light and easy weight of this college age musical romance, and don’t have any real complaints about it.

    One thing that has really stood out for me, is how under(read un) developed Ki-young’s character has been. I thought his character had a lot of potential. I don’t know how much of this is due to Park Shin-hye’s unfortunate accident and the subsequent loss of one episode. Now that it’s official that this drama is ending on Episode 15, it seems that the pace has picked up quite a bit, as the producers try to wrap things up to have a good and satisfying conclusion.

    As much as I liked Park Shin-hye’s Go Mi-nam, I LOVE Park Shin-hye’s Kyu-won. With this drama, PSH has reminded me why she’s one of my favorite actresses in her age range.

  46. 46 Laya

    I love this drama so much and I don’t even know why exactly ๐Ÿ˜€ This is going to be added to my list of “comfort dramas.”

    Thank you so much for keeping up the recaps, kaedejun!

    • 46.1 laya

      Also, this part:

      “Shin suggests to Kyu-won some activities where she can cry without hiding, but Kyu-won is in no mood for that.”

      Anyone get a Jeremy flashback? ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. 47 Mojo

    Base from the ending, I believe the story will continue with Kyu-won (duh!)

    Why was she crying? Was it because she regretted “loaning” her voice to Hee-joo or something deeper?

    who knows?

    let us see how they will end this drama…

  48. 48 almontel

    thanks for the recap….
    and as expected there will be mixed reactions and emotions about Ep 13’s last scene…
    i personally loved the last scene, to me it showed several things:
    1. KW’s unselfish act for the betterment of the production, she knows that she was the ‘understudy’ and everyone had to give up something for the show to go on
    2. the realization of her dream, that she actually wants this. to be on that stage and be able to perform
    3. Shin’s understanding of how great she truly is, a girl with a big heart. i loved that part where he eventually turns his head to find her singing in the back and feeling her emotions well up
    4. HJ’s and hopefully her mom’s re-awakening that even though they try to do evil, that good still wins over evildoing and greed
    I’m sure we’ll get the bigger picture on the next ep…
    and as for the last couple of episodes, they will have to show us KW’s dream realization, leading her to have a heart to heart talk with her gramps…that it’s her life and her dreams, not his…that being on that stage will still be part of his legacy even if it’s not in traditional music.

    I really really would hate for HS to end so soon, i’ve grown so attached to watching ParkShinHye and JungYongHwa and the rest of the beautiful casts that i know i will surely miss this series when it comes to an end…
    And i will also personally buy all the osts and dvd for HS just to show my full support of the drama.


  49. 49 Athena 7

    I too love this drama, its the type of drama that does not make me feel all drain out at the end..KW character is a very stable person she was attracted to LS from day one, too me is all sugar and spice. I do hope PSH in real life recover as soon as possible due to the accident, I guess she did lose some weight and look rather weak to me.I love this teenager type of love story.PSH and JYH convince me they could be a real couple in this drama.PSH is one of my favorite actress and JYH and CN Blue is favorite group.This drama despite its flaws, I too think it has the most refreshing season,colorful scenery and light feeling that make you happy .Thanks for the recaps. Dramabeans your wonderful blog is my favorite site. Thanks again….

  50. 50 Lhej

    Thanks for the recap! Can I pre-order a cloned Shin? he’s a perfect boyfriend…a good brother and a good son…
    That ending left a great impact! i wasn’t expecting that! Love it!

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