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Me Too, Flower: Episode 15 (Final)
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All in all, a very satisfying ending. Some strings were tied a little too tightly but I enjoyed the whopping 76 minutes of this finale. I’m left with a warm, sweet feeling, like I had a cup of peppermint tea with ginger snap cookies on the side. I find myself missing the characters already because they were some of the most endearing friends and pitiful enemies that I’ve come across in K-dramaland. Adieu, Me Too, Flower! We’ve had fun.

Disclaimer: this is also very long. I apologize for the blurry eyes and tired fingers from scrolling down in advance.

Episode 15

Bong Sun is rushed to the emergency room and the doctor notes that it may take a while before she regains consciousness. He also advises that Bong Sun should be kept as warm as possible. He leaves and Jae Hee puts his coat over Bong Sun. After a moment’s hesitation, he gets into Bong Sun’s bed and holds her, trying to keep her warm.

Maru visits Bong Sun and sees the couple together. He blushes and goes outside to give them some privacy. He calls the station to let the chief know that Bong Sun is okay when Dal and Mom run up to him. He stammers that visiting hours are over and tries to prevent them from going inside Bong Sun’s room, but Dal slips past him.

They see Jae Hee and Bong Sun holding hands and sleeping and Mom drags a jealous Dal back into the hallway. Dal heads to Dr. Park’s office and comes in uninvited. She plops herself down and asks him to love her. He ignores her request so she repeats her question. If he loves her, then she’ll love him twice as much.

He snaps that she probably doesn’t even know what love is. She makes her way next to him and replies that love is…touching. LOL. He blubbers that shit will go down if she touches him and she pouts. She asks him to love her again and he takes her face in his hands, saying that love doesn’t come with conditions. She grins like a Chesire cat and pounces on him. Whoa.

Bong Sun wakes up and touches Jae Hee’s face, which causes him to wake up. She wonders if she’s alive and he replies that she is. She asks him not to leave her side and he assures her that he won’t. She informs him that she saw him in a dream, to which he says that he also heard her voice. She smiles; of course he did. She called out to him.

She asks him to sing her a song and “pays” him with a kiss. He embraces her, but before he sings, Dad walks in. Oh crap. Dad predictably grabs Jae Hee by the collar and demands to know why he’s with his daughter. He tries to pull Jae Hee outside but Jae Hee calls him “Father-in-Law.” Dad’s eyes widen in surprise and he looks to Bong Sun.

Thus begins a grilling session between Jae Hee and Dad. Dad asks him what he does for a living and Jae Hee responds that he’s currently looking to open up a new business. Dad scoffs that running a business isn’t for children. He also asks if Jae Hee’s parents are alive and what his education level is. Ack. I cringe with Bong Sun as Jae Hee answers that he’s an orphan and he doesn’t have a high school diploma.

Gorilla Dad kicks Jae Hee out and scolds Bong Sun for meeting such a worthless man. She asks him to listen to her but he tells her to sleep. Later that night, Bong Sun slips out as Dad snores like a pig. She finds Jae Hee in the waiting room and asks him what he means about starting a new business.

He tells her that he’s going to give up everything for her. He gave up all his shares in the company, sold his car, and put his apartment in another person’s care. She calls him crazy and immature and he assures her that everything will be okay.

She responds that he can’t throw away his life’s work. All his sweat and tears are about to go to waste. He reminds her of his ten-year plan and says that there’s no need to feel any guilt as he pulls her into a hug. This is his choice.

Hwa Young arrives at Perche and the parking manager wonders if she’s still upset about the press conference. She steps on his food with her heel, saying that she didn’t see him. She turns to go inside and slightly trips, but keeps her nose in the air. Kek.

Jae Hee and Mr. Bae interview three high school students for a study abroad scholarship program sponsored by Perche in Europe. Mr. Bae notes that they have manicured nails and the girls reply that they have to maintain appearances. He grumbles that those pretty nails will get ruined if they work for this company. Later, various other people, including two parking attendants, talk about their life experiences and Jae Hee smiles at their enthusiasm.

Bong Sun gets a surprise party when she comes to the station. The supervisor exclaims that she gave them quite the scare and Maru mumbles that she shouldn’t have gone off on her own. She stands up and simultaneously apologizes and thanks her colleagues.

The chief tells her there’s a certain saying about their occupation. If you work as a civil servant for three days, that quickly becomes three months, which turns into three years. Soon, thirty years have passed by in a blink of an eye.

He tells Bong Sun that she’s worked here for three years and that he looks forward to seeing her continue this job for the next thirty years. She nods and the chief tells her to work hard for a promotion next year.

The supervisor later pulls her aside and hands her a gift. He asks her to give it to her dad, who is a great sunbae to him. He comments that her dad was so dedicated to his work that he didn’t eat or sleep for days on end until a crime was solved. He must have felt like he was suffocating when he was demoted to working in the administrative offices.

She thinks about the supervisor’s words and flashes back to a birthday when she and Mom waited for Dad to come home so they could eat dinner.

Dal shows up at a movie theater but can’t find Dr. Park. She calls to ask where he is, and he responds that he’s at a museum. He only waits ten minutes past the meeting time and she was thirty minutes late. She eventually shows up to the museum and complains that her feet hurt from wearing heels. He retorts that she should wear sneakers next time and she glares.

He tells her to take off her shoes so he can massage her feet and she happily complies. Dr. Park grabs her shoes and tells her to walk barefoot. She pouts but he ignores her and heads to the next room, leaving her no choice but to follow. Haha. Okay, so the fact that they’re going out is a little creepy and their relationship is underdeveloped, but it strangely works.

Jae Hee surprises Bong Sun with earmuffs and declares that they’re going to eat the most expensive meal in the world. She scoffs that he’s poor now and he responds that when there’s a will, there’s a way. She laughs but stops in her tracks when she spots Dr. Park and Dal together, who are discussing what to eat for dinner.

Bong Sun takes Dal aside and Jae Hee asks Dr. Park for a talk. Dr. Park agrees, but asks him to take off his earmuffs. They’re so childish. Haha. In Dr. Park’s office, Bong Sun reminds Dal of her warning: don’t mess with Dr. Park. Dal asks why she’s so concerned and Bong Sun responds that she’s his fan. Dal shouldn’t just screw around with someone’s feelings and Dal retorts that she’s not. She has serious feelings for him.

Dal confesses that Dr. Park accepts her for who she is. He doesn’t care if she wears expensive clothes or a sweatshirt and he’s seen her without make-up. He takes in the good and bad without question. Isn’t that also why Bong Sun and Jae Hee love each other?

At the same time, Jae Hee reprimands Dr. Park for acting so immaturely. Is he really going to date Dal? Dr. Park nods and explains that Dal doesn’t try to hide her faults because she’s honest. She asks someone to love her unconditionally, which makes her no different from Bong Sun. They make not be blood-related, but they’re definitely sisters. Aw. That is so cute.

Jae Hee and Bong Sun take the bus and she reflects on Dal’s request for her to help their relationship. She puts her head on Jae Hee’s shoulder and they silently reach for each other’s hands. Back in Dr. Park’s office, Tae Hwa asks if Dal wants to know something about him. She readily nods and he confesses that he has a daughter who’s in middle school.

Dal murmurs that she and his daughter might not get along (hah) and she asks him what his ex-wife is like. He responds that she’s a good person who forgave him for breaking apart their family. Dal nods her head in understanding and announces that she’s going to start studying to become someone that he won’t be embarrassed of around his friends. He replies that he’s not embarrassed of her right now either. Oh man. I can only say “that’s so cute” so many times… but that’s adorable.

Jae Hee drops Bong Sun off at her home and she asks if he wants to greet her mother. They step inside and Jae Hee bows to Mom, who holds back tears. She thanks him for being in Bong Sun’s life and grasps both of their hands. Bong Sun starts to tear up and looks lovingly at Mom.

In Bong Sun’s room, Jae Hee orders her to take down the poster of Pink. She responds that it’s been up there for years and he replies that she should put up a picture of him instead. If she doesn’t take it down, he will. She retorts that she’s had a longer history with Pink Chicken than she has with him. LOL.

His eyes widen and he demands to know what relationship she has with Pink. She responds that he comforted her when Jae Hee made her cry. They also slept together (HAHA) and he yells at her to take the poster down right away. She adamantly refuses; whenever Jae Hee upsets her, Pink has to console her. This causes Jae Hee to rip the poster down and Bong Sun pulls him down.

She gets up on top of him as he struggles to push her away, which leaves them in a suggestive position. Right then, Mom opens the door with cups of tea and gasps. Bwahaha. First Dad, now Mom. Bong Sun stuffs a tangerine into Jae Hee’s mouth and commands him to leave the poster alone.

Bong Sun visits Dad at work and witnesses him getting told off by a younger supervisor for not understanding how to work the computer. She glares at the supervisor as he walks by and walks up to Dad, declaring that she’ll teach him how to use the program.

They go out to eat and she presents him with gifts for his birthday. She pours him a glass of soju and he returns the favor. He tells her that he’s putting the house under her name and she responds that she wants him to meet Jae Hee one more time instead. He reproaches her for being so foolish; she needs someone stable and educated, whatever that means. He tells her to put back the “we’re in love” card because he won’t accept Jae Hee.

She takes a swig of soju and informs him that she doesn’t know how to love because she’s never received any from Dad. She asks why he doesn’t love her and starts shoving food down her throat. He gently advises her to eat slowly.

Hwa Young, Ah In, and Jae Hee visit Ah In’s father and Hwa Young tells Ah In to greet his dad. Ah In hides his face in Jae Hee’s coat and Jae Hee pushes him forward. Ah In takes a deep breath and announces that he’ll be 8 soon, just like his dad in heaven.

He eats kimchi now and tells him that he loves him. Then he shyly hides behind Jae Hee again. Gah. Who is this kid? I want to steal him away, furry red coat and all. Jae Hee leads Ah In to Hwa Young and he steps forward to inform his hyung that he’s leaving Hwa Young’s side. He put his apartment under Ah In’s name too.

Movers pack up Jae Hee’s belongings as Hwa Young begs Jae Hee to change his mind. Is this because of Bong Sun? Is she mad? Hwa Young tells him that she’ll apologize to Bong Sun if she has to. Uh. You can’t just apologize…to apologize? It has to be for your own benefit too, huh. He tells her that he wants to start over. He has a lot of things he wants to do and fulfill different dreams. He reminds her that Perche was created by her as well. She has the skills to lead it without his help. Right now, he has an important task to do.

Jae Hee meets Bong Sun, who admits that she’s a bad daughter to her parents. He leads her inside and comforts her by talking about Mr. Bae. Mr. Bae’s grandfather was a loving, gentle man to Mr. Bae’s father, who passed that love to Mr. Bae. That’s probably why Mr. Bae is a great man now. Jae Hee explains that maybe her father doesn’t know how to love because he didn’t receive any from his father either. She quietly reflects on his words and responds that Jae Hee is always full of surprises.

Ah In’s father visits Earth and tells Ah In to eat a lot of kimchi to get as big and strong as his dad. He moves to Hwa Young’s room and wakes her up. He embraces her and informs her that she’s still beautiful. He apologizes for making her so lonely and she cries on his shoulder.

In the factory, Jae Hee looks over leather patches until his hyung visits. He thanks Jae Hee for looking after his family and tells him that he needs to pave his own road now. Jae Hee asks for reassurance that he’s doing the right thing and his hyung hugs him. He explains that the accident was never Jae Hee’s fault; his luck just ran out at that time. He absolves Jae Hee of his guilt and Jae Hee lets his tears flow.

The next day, Bong Sun’s colleagues watch a report about the bike thief’s capture. The supervisor proudly claims that it’s all because of Bong Sun, who’s currently meeting a general. He thanks her for her hard work and gives her a packet of letters from the lonely grandpa, who addressed them to “strawberry milk.” Kek. Aw. She’s also informed that she has been suggested for a promotion to sergeant and that good news should come her way soon.

She comes back to the station to announce that she’s on the verge of being getting a promotion. Her smile fades when she realizes Hwa Young’s presence. She gives Bong Sun documents to Jae Hee’s apartment, but Bong Sun returns that Jae Hee won’t accept them even if they’re from her.

Hwa Young nods and assures Bong Sun that she won’t bother her or Jae Hee anymore. With that, she gets up and heads to Dr. Park’s office. What, no apology? Figures. She looks for Tae Hwa, but another man’s voice answers her calls. It’s Tae Hwa’s colleague, who looks exactly like her late husband. He announces himself as her psychiatrist and puts his hand, saying that he looks forward to working with her.

Hwa Young sneers that she doesn’t have any problems, but the psychiatrist thinks otherwise. She raises her voice but quickly calms herself down. He notes that he has a run in her stocking and hands her a blanket. Omg. This is overkill. Blegh. Not to mention I kind of don’t want her to have a happy ending…

Jae Hee cooks kimchi fried rice as Bong Sun marvels at his designs. He tells her that South Korea has a long way to go before catching up to Europe in terms of fashion, but he has some ideas that might jumpstart the Asian handbag revolution. He also admits that he was envious of the interviewees for the scholarship program.

He points out that a scholarship program would have helped him study design more and Bong Sun tells him to go to Europe then. He responds that the program is three years, to which she states that she can wait. It’ll give her a chance to visit him and explore Europe too.

Jae Hee wonders if she’s serious and she nods. He always tells her not to overthink, which is what she’s doing now. The faster he goes, the faster he comes back. He smiles at her cheek and replies that he’ll think about it.

They pray before they eat and Jae Hee asks God, Allah, Buddha, and anyone else in the heavens to keep Bong Sun from crying in front of other men. He asks them to help her take down the poster of Pink and to make criminals quiver at her feet as she handcuffs them.

Lastly, he makes them a promise. He will remind the woman in front of him how special she is to him all the time. He also promises that he will become her “house” and support her whenever she needs him.

He opens his eyes to find Bong Sun still praying. He looks at her in confusion as she thinks about Jae Hee’s words. In a voiceover, she explains that everyone has a memory of a mother who cook warm food and a father who protects the family like a house. However, some families become broken, leaving the house empty and the food cold. The children that live in those homes grow up to become adults who don’t know how to love.

She confesses that she thinks she’s finally become an adult now as she takes the poster of Pink down. Later, we see Jae Hee bowing to Dad and Bong Sun mentally expresses her gratitude to him. She also states that Dad fulfilled another request, which is for him and Mom to attend a consultation with Dr. Park.

She continues, saying people love in order to be loved while people who want to fall in love eventually find that one person. People with scars need love to avoid future hurtful experiences, because love is unconditional and healing.

Even if romantic feelings fade, there should be no regrets. After all, being loved and giving love are both blessings that not everyone experiences. She closes by saying that she’s genuinely happy and warm right now because she knows how to love and receive love.


Something that Me Too, Flower! did really well at first was balancing the cute with the dramatic, and this episode is a testament to that. Somewhere down the line we got caught up with redundant plot points and forced metaphors, which muddied up my attraction to the drama and left me a little cold. Fortunately, the last episode makes up for most of my gripes with the past…5ish episodes because it’s just so darn heartwarming.

After all, I can bitch and moan about how the writing went down the crapper all I want but I can’t do anything about it now. There are plenty of drama trainwrecks that I’ve plowed through because I wanted to see my favorite actors, and Me Too, Flower! is certainly one of the less offensive. I am a little upset that we lost precious character development time because of crazy Hwa Young but I also can’t forget that this drama still provided me with laughs and tears.

So, lots of cover with only so much time, space, and patience. First, I admit that I have become a fan of Lee Ji Ah. She’s not the strongest actress but she breathed life into Bong Sun, who is now one of my favorite heroines. Bong Sun is a complex character and Lee Ji Ah did a nice job handling her prickly, bipolar personality by adding flashes of vulnerability. Bong Sun pulled me into the drama and her happiness is the one that I rooted for the most. She’s an independent woman who learned how to love with the help of an immature manchild.

Yoon Shi Yoon entered this drama amidst doubts about his acting ability to take on an older character. His baby face certainly detracted from the drama and Kim Jae Won would have been a better fit age-wise to juggle scenes with Hwa Young, Bong Sun, and Dal. But Yoon Shi Yoon acted his little heart out and he essentially became Jae Hee. Now, I watched him in Tak Gu last year and I wondered how I’d ever see him as anyone different…and I’m happy to report that all thoughts of Tak Gu are gone.

Jae Hee was often ridiculously frustrating to watch because of his inability to stand up to Hwa Young. It didn’t help that he believed that he killed her husband (I still don’t fully understand how the accident happened btw) and he felt an enormous amount of guilt that kept him from opening up to anyone. He hurt Bong Sun consistently and physically dragged her around like she was a rag doll. Still, I found him interesting because of how different he was from the standard chaebol hero.

This is a guy who worked his ass off to build up a successful, million-dollar company and I half-admire, half-hate his decision to start from scratch. I don’t think it was necessary to give up everything to be with Bong Sun because, as I’ve mentioned before, she was scared to re-kindle the fire for reasons other than that the fact that he was wealthy. If anything, I still feel a slight dissatisfaction at his lack of honesty about what Hwa Young did. But maybe he still has trouble with fully trusting Bong Sun, which is a problem they’ll have to work at.

Dal and Tae Hwa’s romance was rushed and cramped into one episode, but I really enjoyed their dynamic throughout the drama. I can understand some people disliking them as a couple. He is, after all, Bong Sun’s therapist (who also had a crush on her). In addition, Dal and Dr. Park are almost twenty years apart, which some people might think is super creepy. Personally, I buy Dr. Park and Dal’s romance because they fit each other well.

She provides a burst of energy into his lonely, boring life while he grounds her with his gentle but firm demeanor. He accepts her, ill manners and all, while she finds the need to become a better person. It’s a wonderful parallel and his presence helps Dal mature into a woman. As bratty as Dal is, you can’t deny how straightforward and refreshing she is about her flaws. Seo Hyo Rim made Dal likeable and I found her cutely amusing for most of the drama. Dal and Tae Hwa are also really cute together.They have an unconventional romance that fits the slightly off-center beat of the drama. Plus, I want to see my quirky Tae Hwa ahjusshi happy.

On the other hand, Hwa Young’s ending was sickeningly sweet for me. I felt like I ate a burnt ginger snap topped with whip cream, jelly, and sprinkles. I just don’t think it was necessary to slap her together with a look-alike of her dead husband who’s going to “heal her pain.” Sure, she needs treatment for her problems but that doesn’t excuse her past actions at all.

I can’t absolve her from all the crap that she’s pulled, especially now because she never apologized sincerely to Bong Sun, who suffered the worse burns from Hwa Young’s evil game. She’s haughty until the very end and I loathe that nobody stepped on her feet with high heels. Jae Hee might have let her go untouched because she was his first love but I wanted Bong Sun to get in a good smack or something. She probably wouldn’t have done it if given the chance but I would have been happy…

From a narrative point of view, I understand that the author wanted to cast a larger theme about love and how it doesn’t discriminate against people. If I liked Hwa Young, I would accept that she needs someone to love her and help her realize what an amazing person she is. Unfortunately, I don’t but what’s done is done. I did, however, like the “visit from dead husband” scenes because they provided closure. I felt a teaspoon’s worth of pity when she broke down on her husband’s shoulder, but I refuse to give her anything more. Hmph. I do love Han Go Eun though and she did a great job making me hate her. (Not to mention, she is so gorgeous…)

This may be a stretch but the roses above felt like a new beginning, free from the deranged Hwa Young and the constant unpacking of secrets. They’ve accepted each other for who they are and they make up for each other’s shortcomings. Jae Hee helps Bong Sun understand why her dad has such a hard time showcasing his affection and Bong Sun puts Jae Hee above her own selfish desires by asking him to go to Europe. I mean, seriously, what kind of girlfriend urges her boyfriend to go study abroad in Europe so sincerely? (The answer: a great one). I’m going to miss this couple a lot and I thank them for touching my heart.

Lastly (I know…she’s finally shutting up), I would like to provide my immense gratitude to dramabeans and girlfriday for helping me navigate this wonderful site and letting me use precious space to unleash my wordy ramblings. Recaps are hard to write, as I have experienced, and they continue to provide this community with thoughtful interpretations of dramas and I have a deep respect for their dedication. I apologize again for churning the recaps out so late and I’ll miss reading the discussions that people had in the comments section. With that, I shall take my leave. 2012, bring it on.


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    Bubbye MTF….I’m gonna miss this cute couple *sniff*
    Jae Hee-Bong Soon give warm in my heart.

  2. Yushi

    I really loved the drama, flaws and all, it just provided me with so much tears and laughs, and good memories. thanks for the recap!

    • 2.1 zsa

      I must admit i’m one of those who dropped the series because i wasn’t a fan of LJA, but she acted here so wholeheartedly that i’m starting to appreciate her, and YSY really rocks the ‘oppa’ mould…i never imagined he could pull this off!! I was touched by this series, thanks for the recap…

  3. Molly

    Thanks for the recap!! I know this is a belated question but what happened to Dal’s father? Did Bong-sun’s mom leave her new husband? (I’m just trying to figure out why she left Dal with Bong-sun instead of with her and Dal’s dad).

    • 3.1 Francesca

      Dal’s father has died and the business collapsed. I think she/her mom has mentioned it before.

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    i found it terribly cute that Jae Hee actually pray for Bongsun to take off the Pink Chicken poster LOL

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    I loved the main couple. LJA is still one of my favorite actresses.

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    Thanks, orangy, for doing all these shows, and loving the drama even with all its flaws. I hate to say goodbye to this couple, but I know I can go back and rewatch it all whenever I want. I loved their meet cute, their stripping in the station, their handcuffed walk, torrid kisses, fighting and making up.
    Especially the making up.

    I am OK with JH not being perfect. Most people aren’t, but we still love them. JH was really good for BS because he loved her – temper and all. He valued her warmth and wanted to be able to give the same back to her.

    HY – who cares?

    Love the Doc and Dal together, although they could have hinted at them earlier being a couple so it didn’t feel as rushed. The age difference was similar to the couple in WUF, and as realistic, I thought.

    It was a nice parallel scene that JH cooked for BS in the end, and that JH started the prayer for the pair (although the poster part may have been a teensy weensy bit selfish.)

    See you commenter people around! We should all be sure to meet up on the next YSY and LJ projects. I was very proud of both of them pulling out fantastic performances despite the bad press from the beginning. I hope the casting directors feel the same way.

    PS Why will you have to miss the comments? Does that mean you will not recap again?
    Just wondering…

  8. blyssxoxo

    Thank you for your hard work in this recap. I really ended up liking it.

    I think Hwa Young deserved a good ending too cos she suffered a lot and in the process turned into a monster unknowingly. As much as I hate her for the evil stuff she done, she deserve to heal like the rest πŸ™‚

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    Finally, it’s over. Just kidding. I may have posted complaints, but at the end of the day, I really like this drama. The actors were good at selling the poorly written parts and scenes. I commend them for that. However, it could have been better. Also, what happened to talking about Bong Sun’s depression? It’s like the writer just dropped that. Maybe we’re supposed to think that after finding love with Jae Hee, her depression disappeared, but I don’t buy that. Depression is an illness that doesn’t vanish like that. I wish they had explored it more.

    The relationship between Dal and Dr. Park is creepy given their age difference, but they fit each other well. So good for them.

    I’m actually glad that Hwa Young, while not actually getting a happy ending, gets a hopeful one. She still has her son (I wish their had been more scenes with him) and she seems to have come to terms with her husbands death. Really, everyone, no matter if they are a hag bitch from hell, deserves happiness, in some capacity.

    Bong Sun’s family (her parents) I hated at first, but now I kind of like. Her cop friends are awesome, and Maru is adorable.

    Of course, the highlight of this was Bong Sun’s and Jae Hee’s romance. They are just so adorable and I love them and will miss them and this drama.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

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    thank u! i enjoyed your recaps.
    i totally agree – the drama really broke my heart the last 5 eps or so (by sucking), and i’m still a little mad at it after the last ep, but i really did love the characters, the sense of melancholy, etc. i’m happy to be a new fan of both Lee Ji Ah and Yoon Shi Yoon.

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    Ya know a show about Dal and Tae Hwa would of been good. I wouldn’t mind watching that.

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    Thank you so much for the recap. The recap never felt long and was an easy read. Congrats on finishing so quickly.

    As the drama headed to the end, I had some concerns that they would make ‘love’ as a panacea for everyone’s issues and everyone a couple tied up neat little couple packages. For that reason, I love BS’ voiceover statement that even if the romantic feelings leave, there is no regret of having loved and been loved.

    “Tis better to have love and lost than never to have loved, at all.”
    ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

    A thought that just occurred to me: If Dal marries Dr., she and HY will be cousins by marriage. And, since BS is Dal’s step-sister . . .
    Having Dal as her cousin will be punishment enough for HY. hahaha

    • 14.1 ck1Oz

      ROFL only you AuntieMame can come out with that. That’s evil really evil I hope it gets stuck in her craw. Imagine family dinners.

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    THANK YOU for everything you have given us, Orangy! I really enjoyed reading all your recaps and insights. Thanks to everyone commenting here, it was as much fun reading everyone’s rants and raves.

    Withdrawals already at the thought no more BS-JH to look forward to next Wed and Thurs .. and no more M2F reading. Strong connection to the leads, which I haven’t had for any drama for a while.

    The ending – no real complaints (except a nice long kiss would have been nice, on top of all the pecks and cuddles) and I liked how 14’s high-drama cruised nicely into 15 (to provide beautiful continuity, with the warm and fuzzy @ hospital).

    Dal and Tae-hwa – we could see it coming, though not a 100% certainty until the end. Ironic how Dr Park questioned his existence and chaebol life back then, to the pt of divorce … to end up with Ms Materialistic Queen herself.
    Dal got her chaebol .. and Dr Park got er, I hope .. love? She jumped Jae-hee, and now she jumps Tae-hwa like a cheshire cat? ‘Love’ is so transferable with her. But then, they’re two lonely souls. Call me cynical, but I hope his practice keeps going strong and he keeps remaining in his easy-going lifestyle.

    HY’s end was yes too generous, complete with weird husband-lookalike and all. The ghost appearing was also strange to me, though I can see how those ghost visits provided closure to everyone – esp when episode time was so limited.

    Love this drama for all its quirks, and like that it was pretty ‘open-minded’. Not only did it dare to broach mental and mood issues (one of the few dramas out there with a crabby female lead who seeking treatment from a shrink (with his own issues!) for depression … And a male lead who has social phobia (lol – and I thought every ‘chaebol’ figure in Kdrama land seemed to be confidently just public-speak to an audience with no butterflies in their tummies at all!) … plus parents who show up for marital therapy!

    All the writer kept that right to the very end … where I also liked how Jae-hee prayed to everyone (Buddha, Allah, Jesus etc) – while funny, also very inclusive!

    THANKS again for all your hard work, Orangy and all commenters! πŸ™‚

  16. 16 laya

    Thanks so much for the recap… for all your recaps! You’ve worked hard! ^_^

  17. 17 oramylove

    love the main couple here.. thanks orangy11 for the wonderful recaps… thank you thank you… bye bye mtf!!! you’re fun to watch…

    • 17.1 Falconland

      love this drama too much:)

  18. 18 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recaps I looked forward to it. I started this drama late and went straight to ep 8.

    Will now backtrack and start from ep 1 and see what the fuss is about. Plus watch it with subs have been watching it raw.

    I’ve avoided this drama precisely of the 2 leads and the what-duh plot. However ended up loving this (except for ep 12-14) and Lee Ji Ah. Bong Sun had ended up being a memorable lead. They definitely have good chemistry and have made their characters come alive.

    Thanks once again.

  19. 19 churasan

    I absolutely loved this drama despite all my hesitations before I started watching. I was really bummed KJW pulled out, but glad I tuned in anyways. YSY did an awesome job (as always) in place of KJW and really made the role his own. I’ve actually always been a fan of Lee Jia ever since The Legend as she really held her own against BYJ – not sure why people think she cannot act… But this was definitely a good comeback role for her.

    This is definitely one of my fave dramas of the year. Although it’s over, I hope more people tune in since it is so underrated. My other fave this year – The Princess Man – was also so underrated when it was airing (especially in the beginning), but as soon as people gave it a chance, lots of people loved it. I hope the same happens for Me Too Flower.

  20. 20 alua

    Thanks for the recaps!

    I agree with everything you said about HY’s ending. Other than the fact that I think it’s not very realistic (yelling at JH one day to make him stay, already giving him up the next day because of the new therapist? And I’m also not convinced that she can now leave BS alone – although I CAN believe that JH broke with her for good and that will protect BS from HY more than it did in the past). I also have a gripe with the relationship-with-your-therapist thing. Or rather, therapist-falling-for-patient. I liked that the drama dealt with the depression, but I don’t it always covered it well – and the bit of therapists being unprofessional about their patients was certainly one part of it.

    Guess you are right do that it fits with the overall message of ‘love’, but still… I would have rather had HY accept treatment and leave everything else open.

    But all gripes aside, really enjoyed BS as a character and JH most of the time (and never found Yoon Shi Yoon looking too young – that didn’t distract me at all. He just acted so well I have convinced from the start).

  21. 21 hi

    living in the earth by a golden heart gives couragious to every one to stand in front of any problem

    Hope for all such a honest anD impressive Love πŸ™‚

    This drama is kinda candy for me , never forget it’s taste πŸ™‚

    tanx orangy and all u guys πŸ™‚

  22. 22 rainerust

    Firstly, THANK YOU Orangy for the recaps. You’ve been really dedicated, and honestly, I’ve been so busy that Dramabeans has been the only way I’ve been tracking the kdrama world. Other than FBRS, I haven’t seen any kdramas of late (and you would know how seriously busy that is, considering I used to juggle watching 5 dramas a week with work!).

    I’m glad the drama had a happy ending, or I would’ve had WORDS, what with the drama this drama has put me through.

    Hope to still see you around these parts even those you’ve finished recapping the series – and hopefully you’ll make a comeback! After all, January holds a number of promisable dramas…

  23. 23 maltreti

    I really liked your recaps. You did a great job.

    This drama is one of the better ones in 2011 with a great message and wonderful characters. I liked that they had so many flaws and that we, the viewers, could follow their character growth. I fell already in love with Bong Sun when I watched the first episode. Dr. Park was really cute too. I loved the cast overall. Thank you for entertaining me.

  24. 24 Francesca

    I love this drama, one of my fave dramas in 2011. Thanks for recapping till the end, Orangy πŸ˜€
    Advance Happy New Year to you and all the commenters as well πŸ™‚

  25. 25 Dorotka

    This drama, despite it’s shortcomings and occasional makjangness, kept me interested till the end and made me feel very strongly for the main couple. I loved Bong Sun and so indirectly also Lee Ji Ah. She did pretty good job here. So did Yoon Shi Yoon, as after few episodes I could forget Kim Jae Won’s face.

    It’s a pity that later the story more concentrated on the outer problems (diamond bag, matchmaking and that ridiculous bike theft) than on the inner problems of the characters. Why for example to show Bong Sun’s father at his work (with his insecurities) so late? And I think Hwa Young could have been much more evil with more subtle manipulation and usage of Jae Hee’s guilt.

    Also, episodes 13 and 14 felt like written by another writer. Was so glad with the beginning of the episode 15, the good old intensity and funny came back (although that ghost visit I could skip).

    As for Dal and her relationship to Dr. Park, I think that Dal was slowly picking up the true love hints when watching Bong Sun’s and Jae Hee’s relationship, like when she notices how Jae Hee changes when talking to Bong Sun or when she sees them in the hospital. One could say that she learns from her unni about the love and she wants such a love as well. And her pick of Dr. Park is not because he is rich, but because she is genuinely (though perhaps in the Dal’s spoilt manner) searching for love and she likes him (or so I want to believe). The actual relationship did feel a bit rushed and I wouldn’t mind leaving the drama with their relationship just suggested as a possible future.

    Anyway, thank you Orangy for this journey with Mee Too, Flower and wish you success with further recapping.

    PS Liked the OST – especially I Hope by Taru.

    • 25.1 Drina

      yes, especially the OST by Taru!

  26. 26 bjharm

    I think there was plenty of hints that doc and little sis would end up together so it wasn’t really that sudden for me. After all soon as sparks fly between male and female you know there always the strong chance that they going to end up together in k-drama land and sparks fly between those two since they first meet!
    I feel to many put the hate on Hwa Young and for good reason but she was not what any one would call 100 % sane so a happy ending and a new out look in life for her is fair enough.
    I have to add that Jae Hee didnt give all his money away, he mentions he left enough in the bank to start his new business.
    As for the drama itself…flawed, but very much worth the time to watch. You almost get resigned to this when watch k-dramas as orangy911 mentioned last post it just the way drama are made in Korea that the longer the run the more the quality goes down as they pretty much spending 20+ hours a day at the end trying to keep up and end up worrying more just to finish anyway they can, rather than story or anything else.
    I have to say the one drama this year that seems to buck this trend was Baby Faced Beauty even with its two episode extension so good luck to that show in the upcoming KBS awards..:-)

  27. 27 nuri

    Thanks for the recap Orangy911!!

    Wow. that is fast ending. I have to agree with Orangy911 that this show balances cute and drama. thankfully this last episode is full of cute.

    maybe, the writer loves ajusshi love. remember that ajusshi from What’s up Fox. i even believe that, so i’ll easily believe Dal and dr.Park.

    oh. i’m officially KiKwang fans now. or Maru. how can a girl divide her attention into so much actors love? *sigh*

  28. 28 lingergem

    wow! it’s a very very nice ending
    thank you soooooooo much Orangy for all the recaps
    good job!

    Wish you all a wonderful and joy New Year!

  29. 29 Mystisith

    @ Orangy : Gratitude, love and respect for your well executed task. I savored your recaps and waited for your posts like a little girl that i’m not anymore. Want Mooaarr.
    @ Jomo : About commenters gathering around next YSY and LJA projects ( and Jo Min Ki ), count me in. ASAP. Is that what you call a date ? πŸ™‚ Anyway, those actors have a new fan with me.
    @ ck10z : I want a seat at the Bong Sun’s family dinners. AHAHAH !!

    My last word about this show : ” Unconventional “. Like what you would say talking about weaponry. Caution ! Unpredictable injuries and secondary effects to expect.
    I will be now in serious pitiful withdrawal state. How i already miss the provocative visits of Jae Hee at the police central ! Hasta la vista, baby.

    My shuffle matchmaking session :

    * HY with the parking manager. And i hope he won’t use the honorifics when adressing her. And don’t even think about sharing the heater : The cold witch needs to taste her own medicine.
    * Dal with her rude jerk boyfriend of the start. Handcuffed together on a cold rainy Irish island. With only raw snails to eat.
    * Dr Park with a backpack, cruising all over the world. Poor guy needs stress relief after all the crazy.
    * Bong Sun’s mother with Bong Sun’s chief .After an abusive cop husband, a coward
    ” yes, yes “one that would unhook the moon for her.
    * The poor girl dumped on first episode, who crawled on the floor with eyeliner trickling all over her face ( Just ask prosecutor Min to lend you his, girl ) : Falls asleep outside on a freezing night then gets awakened by a kiss from Pink Chicken. I love my fairytales.
    * And finally, i want Milk Grand’Pa to share his favorite drink while playing with Ah In in a Seoul park on a sunny day.

    • 29.1 Jomo

      Love your mish match-ups!

      Hey! You get to see uri OTP in France when they show up.
      All they need to do now is tell you what city, Mystisith.

  30. 30 threeangels

    Thank u orangy911 I appreciate ur hard word w/the recaps it made some things that were fuzzy clear again. I’m gonna cry now (waaaaaaaaah boo hoooo) because this was my fav. drama of 2011 & i love this otp and this ending warmed my heart and reminded me that true love the kind that sees all your faults and mistakes but accepts you and still loves you was definitely the main point here. This drama and lja and ysy have a new fan and the memory of their love will reside in my heart and when i miss them i will rewatch the drama ^_^ HAPPY NEW YEAR EV’RY i wish ev’ry blessings and good health til’ 2012 dramas πŸ˜€

  31. 31 mamadua

    Thank you so much for all of your efforts Orangy! Your writing regarding LJA as BS brought tears to my eyes, that’s how powerful your recap effected me.
    I’m totally taken by Bong Sun character and because of this drama LJA has became my favorite actress.
    Looking forward to her next project.
    But most of all I’ll be looking forward for your next recap in 2012. Have a Happy and Wonderful New Year.

    • 31.1 wharave

      you should watch The Legend.she was daebak in that.my favourite character of all time^^

  32. 32 V

    Thank you for all your recaps!

    When this drama started I was so bitter cuz of male lead swap but it started to grow on me and with it finished I honestly can’t see it any other way. It was wonderful! I don’t regret watching it.

    lovely jovely<3

  33. 33 Soso

    Thanks for the recaps. In spite of all the flaws, I loved this drama because of BS character and because how how well YSY played JH. They really owned their respective roles to the point that in the end I believed 100% in their relationship, baby-faced and all. In fact, in the end, I didn’t even notice YSY’s baby face.

    Funny that I wasn’t even remotely interested in watching this drama, the characters and story didn’t seem interesting to me. I only started watching because I needed another drama to fill up some time while I was waiting for FBRS…. and in the end, I loved BS and JH more as a couple than Eun Bi and Chi Soo.

    The final was okay… sweet enough to leave me satisfied, but I do wish they had fit in another passionate kiss.

    • 33.1 Ennayra

      I waited to comment b/c I couldn’t find English subs, but I’m completely with you on this one.

      For me, Cha Bong Seon is the most memorable female lead I’ve watched yet! I never watched Lee Ji Ah in a drama before, but this made me like her. πŸ™‚

  34. 34 Lil

    Thanks so much for recapping this show!! Despite it’s flaws, it was still so endearing to me because of the characters and the actors who portrayed them.

    I’m really going to miss this show!

  35. 35 Drina

    Secret Garden did fan-service in the final episode, I remembered grinning like loony when I watched Raim and Joowon kissing on their honeymoon, in the elevator, bed, on the snow, bed again, pffft…

    I do hope BS and JH would do those kind of things, hehehheeee….

  36. 36 Suzi Q

    Meh.. So-So ending. Didn’t like the ghostly visitations of HY’s dead husband.Is this a ghost story? Creepy.Also, HY never apologized to BS about her horrible BIATCH behavior towards her.BS got interested in the Doc’s partner who looks like her dead husband. EEEW! The partner should have given her the cold shoulder because she’s a psycho. Also, when BS heeled the parking manager, it would have been funny if she fell into a puddle or mud. She never got her just desserts and didn’t think she deserved a happy ending after all of her shenanigans.DAL and the Doc’s romance was rushed. Even though there was a big age difference, they were honest and accepted each other faults and were the only ones who showed any passion. JH was a jerk would dragged BS back and forth that I got disgusted watching them. Lousy plot about the roof.Seen it before.

  37. 37 hi

    When i miss this drama i come to this page and just read comments . And today is that kinda of day which i miss BS …
    And i m really sad about MBC ‘s DRAMA AWARD ! they didnt even thank one of our drama cast … that ‘s unfair …. they are’nt deserve it ….
    Hope for better judgemend in future …

    Happy New Year : )

  38. 38 asianromance

    Thanks for all your M2F recaps, orangy911!!

    I was disappointed and a bit angry with episode 14 so I was pretty blown away by how enjoyable this last episode was. While it wasn’t perfect, it had hit just the right tone in order to salvage episode 14, especially with the Jae Hee versus Pink scene and ending with Bong-sun’s voiceover. Bong-sun is definitely one of my most favorite kdrama characters ever (along with Lee Ji Ah’s previous role as Sujini in The Legend).

    I have two qualms abt this episode. I support the Dr.Park and Dal relationship, but I thought they needn’t be already going steady so soon. And Hwayoung’s potential relationship with her dead husband’s lookalike is sort of creepy. I don’t think it can be healthy. Why did he have to look like the dead husband?? I was also hoping she would get with the parking attendant manager.

  39. 39 MsB

    What a great ending! Even though HY had done so much evil, I was ok. I also thought the dead husband visit was important to bring closure to the adults. When BS mother cried and thanked JH, I was near bawling myself. Even though there was a great divide in age between TH and Dal; I couldn’t think of a better couple. As always, thanks for the great insight through your recaps. I enjoy them immensely and love the laughter they often provide. See you on the next drama (no idea, maybe give FBRS another try…again, is it just me who can’t get into it?!!)

  40. 40 red

    I caught a couple of the earlier episodes of this and Yoon Si Yoon was such a surprise. I loved the tone of this drama and the characters, thats why I regretted having to drop it and every other drama due to exams and other commitments. And so thankyou so much for your recaps. After reading a couple of recaps of dramas, I’ve realised its so hard to summarise while keeping the essence of the drama. But you did such a great job, I enjoyed reading your recaps as much as I enjoyed watching those episodes. Thankyou again!! πŸ™‚

  41. 41 Jenna

    Thank you so much for recapping this drama! Given the low ratings, I’m thankful that this was done at all. I agree with you on the parts of the drama that were icky. However, I’m so charmed by our main hero and heroine that I’m going to overlook that…overall, I enjoyed the drama very much! It makes me a little sad that not more people watch it!

  42. 42 Dkd

    Me Too Flower was bittersweet πŸ™‚

    And seriously who’s playing the late husband of HY or the look-a-like guy? So curious..

  43. 43 entwyf

    Just finished watching Me Too, Flower last night on DramaFever. I loved it despite many little flaws.

    I had to work really hard to believe the two main characters could have a relationship, especially since at times Jae Hee was so flippant and Bong Sun so serious.

    About halfway through the series, I got annoyed at the number of times I heard variations on “This is it, NOW we’re really through.”

    I had a big laugh at one scene with Bong Sun, Jae Hee, and Hwa Young in which Bong Sun announces (again) that she and Jae Hee are done, stalks out, and then Hwa Young asks Jae Hee to break up with her . . . Huh? Didn’t they just do that? Weren’t you listening?

    And even though I love a good cry in the middle of a K-drama, I got kind of tired of how much EVERYBODY cried.

    I will say that I was very satisfied with how the relationship between Dal and Tae Hwa worked out. From the minute she started calling him a pervert, I thought, “Ooh, this could be interesting.” I actually think that those two characters could be the centerpiece of a really screwball romantic comedy.

  44. 44 Germaine

    Love is Healing — this is a theme I can never get tired of.

    The characters in this drama are each walking wounded, but somehow in this story, find love and healing from each other. These are the scenes most vivid in my mind:

    Bong Sun drives wild-eyed through the night streets of Seoul, her speeding and swerving reflecting the chaos in her mind as she digests Jae Hee’s living arrangements with Hwa Young. Jae Hee hangs on to his seat, anxious, fearful, but determined to stay beside her while the storm rages.

    Later, when Bong Sun sees that Hwa Young has been manipulating Jae Hee, she goes to give him a hug because she finally understands. The room is in the midst of being painted bright yellow, and Jae Hee in his splattered overalls lays his head on her shoulder.

    Love is the presence that perseveres with us through our dark hours, and love is also warm and welcoming.

    Even the horrible characters are given love and healing, and can therefore take steps towards redemption. In justice, Hwa Young should really be charged with fraud and libel, sentenced with large fines, community service, followed by extensive counseling. Dal should be sent to reform school.

    But just as Jae Hee keeps vigil during Bong Sun’s crazy, he stays with Hwa Young throughout her hysterical breakdown, even though he has just been shown the full extent of her evil.

    Bong Sun hates Dal for being a brat, a slob, a gold digger, and most of all, a symbol of her abandonment by her mother. But after trying to evict Dal for three quarters of the drama, she eventually accepts her as a sister, and defends her presence in the house.

    Love through the dark hours, and love that accepts and forgives – this is how all of these characters slowly get better.

    Hats off to writer Kim Do Woo, producer Go Dong Sun and all the actors for giving us such a beautiful drama on this universal theme.

    • 44.1 Tim

      I second that. It’s a pretty true and straight forward theme. The story didn’t need a cancer or terminally ill patient to give it heart lol

  45. 45 ella zala

    I actually watched this in 2012~ hahaha… but i love this in a weirdly weird way. or maybe its just Jae hEE Bong soon. although i’m a year behind, thanks for the recap! love it!

  46. 46 Tim

    This show is so beautifully cute, not melodramatic in anyway to me at all. I find myself going back looking for cute moments: Bong and Jae and Dal and Bong lol

  47. 47 August

    Last week I finished watching Me Too, Flower (AKA I’m A Flower, Too) with Lee Jia (as Cha Bong-Sun), Yoon Shi Yoon (as Seo Jae-Hee), and Jo Min Ki (as Dr. Park Tae-Hwa). This lesser-known drama is not perfect, but it was well worth discovering and the time I spent watching this hidden gem.

    Episode #1 definitely started off slow and it took awhile to figure out the direction of where this drama is headed in terms of the story/plot.

    I appreciate that the writer (Kim Do-Woo) wrote and tried to depict a story about characters dealing with the daily aspects of living while struggling with depression, guilt, grief, obsession, abandonment, family relations/drama, love, and career goals. Further, it addressed accepting vs. questioning success and aspects of trying to fit in with societal norms.

    Lee Jia did a wonderful job portraying her complex character Cha Bong-Sun as an independent woman/female police officer with the combination of strength and vulnerability.

    Yoon Shi Yoon impressed me with his portrayal of Seo Jae-Hee. Likewise, his complex character dealt with being cognizant of and not wanting to disregard the past; struggling with constant grief/guilt; and coming to terms with moving forward in life and giving up things for love and work.

    I will definitely reference/add Yoon Shi Yoon (Seo Jae-Hee) and Lee Jia (Cha Bong-Sun) from Me Too, Flower to the list of best kiss scenes from a kdrama from now on.

  48. 48 Millie

    Love drama beans and just watching this drama delayed2014! Just looking for a good drama. YSY was amazing in this! He does do much better in this kind of character similar to flower boy next door than the sad boring character he played in prime minster and I.and yes they otp couple didn’t really match but they weren’t supposed to . They were united by their kindred spirit of early loss of parents and hard experience. If u hated that feeling then that only means BS was well played as her character was supposed to be unloveable and pushing people away

  49. 49 nwaham fortune

    This movie isl The real deal. I luv the way JH will alway torment BS.

  50. 50 Dramabird

    I’m going voting crazy!

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