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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 13
by | July 12, 2012 | 135 Comments

It’s definitely the calm before the storm. While the cute continues, there’s also a sense of apprehension that something is going to go wrong. Eek! I’m scared. Someone hold me.

Note: Please try to refrain from talking about Episode 14. There may be some people who have not watched it yet. The recap for Episode 14 should be out shortly.


The boys take turns getting comforted by the others after being dumped with alcohol and a “wanna go on a blind date?” Heh. However, poor Do Jin is awarded a half-assed comforting session because of a soccer game on TV. Apparently one of the rules in the F44’s friendship is soccer > friend.

Tae San becomes the star of one particular drinking meeting, but not because he was dumped; he’s received his draft notice for the army. A few weeks later, Do Jin, Jung Rok, and Yoon come to see Tae San off at the train station but an embarrassed Tae San pushes them to leave.

The camera pans back and we see that Tae San is the only one without a girlfriend crying on his shoulder. Instead, he’s left with three guys who wipe away crocodile tears while informing him that while he’s gone they’ll use his bed, student ID, and watch. Hahaha. Tae San’s temper erupts and he curses as his friends try to pull him into a bear hug.

Yi Soo rejects Do Jin’s “proposal” and points out that he’s the one who said he didn’t want to marry and that he had no confidence in loving one person forever. He replies that he still doesn’t have that confidence but he wants to try loving her only.

She melts at his last words but plays it cool by commanding him to leave. She power walks towards her house and he yells out a “sleep well.” Once inside, Yi Soo starts squealing with joy and cheerily informs Se Ra that Do Jin wants a more serious relationship. Se Ra gives a wry smile; she broke up with Tae San over the same subject.

The atmosphere immediately changes and Yi Soo tells Se Ra that leaving someone for his or her sake isn’t right; that makes no sense to that person. It just means someone loves the other less. Oh ma gah. Is this foreshadowing. It better not be. ::shakes fist::

Yi Soo texts her students who are in the middle of taking final exams. She sends the rules for taking exams, which state that they should turn off their phones, refrain from kicking the person in front of them for answers, and to throw away all their cheat sheets in the trash. Hah aw. My professors never did that…although I guess it’d be hard for one person to find out the numbers of 200 students.

Yi Soo’s co-worker hands her Dong Hyub’s scantron which is carelessly filled out. Yi Soo glances at some writing on the back of the paper and notes that he’s mentioned dates and names from the last page of the ethics book that she gave him to transcribe. She smiles, knowing that he read the book.

Jung Rok’s bartender notices Min Sook drinking by herself and he texts Jung Rok. Soon after, Min Sook snaps her fingers and calls out “Mister” to him. She comments that the boss here is quite young and orders two more bottles of drinks because she likes his service.

At the same time, Jung Rok receives the message and he immediately panics on the stairs that lead to the bar. He runs into Yoon and his colleague aka the woman who eyes Yoon like he’s a piece of meat. Jong Rok urges them to come with him to another place.

The woman politely declines Jung Rok’s offer, saying that she wants to be alone with Yoon today. The two lawyers head back outside and Jung Rok grumbles that Me Ahri is so much better than that girl. He immediately calls Me Ahri to let her know who Yoon is with.

Me Ahri rushes to where Yoon and his co-worker are drinking and plops herself down at a nearby table. She calls over the waiter and orders a bottle of soju, which she gulps down. Yoon watches her worriedly but Me Ahri gets up to approach his table before he can intervene. She confronts the lady lawyer. Does “unni” like Yoon oppa?

Me Ahri barrels on before the woman can respond. “You’re tall, pretty, and slender and you guys work together which really annoys me. You two drink and meet often too. Can you not do that?”

Her eyes close then and she keels over into Yoon’s arms. Well played Me Ahri. Well played. Yoon carries her into his car and he anxiously waits for her to sober up. A little later, Me Ahri’s patience wears out and she “wakes up” to ask Yoon to take her home if he’s not going to do anything to her. Hah.

Tae San pulls up outside his house just as Yoon and Me Ahri get out of his car. Me Ahri’s eyes widen and she quickly explains that she messed up Yoon’s dinner with another woman and that she made him drive her home. Tae San tells her to go inside and Yoon awkwardly heads back to his car, saying that his wife (Do Jin) is waiting for him.

The two Im siblings converse in the living room and he starts to scold her for acting so immaturely. He warns her that something like today shouldn’t ever happen again and she pleads with him to let her do as she wants. “Is my life yours? Why do you keep controlling it?” He coldly reminds her that she and Yoon are seventeen years apart. When she’s 33, he’ll be 50.

He also brings up Yoon’s past marriage, which is another reason why he can’t approve of Me Ahri chasing after Yoon. She bitterly responds that she doesn’t care about Yoon’s past; what is Tae San going to do if she says she’ll die without Yoon?

Tae San replies that Yoon can live without her. He and Yoon are at an age where there are more pressing matters than love. In fact, Yoon cares more about keeping his friendships than her. Also, does she think Yoon will be happy if he leaves everything for her?

She might be happy, but Yoon won’t be; this is why Tae San trusts him. He concludes with a final statement. “I can give Yoon all of my inheritance and belongings, but not you.” She dissolves into tears as Tae San walks into his room. The entire conversation is heard by a creepy Colin.

Do Jin cuts red pieces of the yarn from Yi Soo’s dress at his desk as Yoon slumps into the apartment. Do Jin tells him that Tae San messaged that he’s going to create a baseball team to join a league. Yoon sighs that Do Jin and Jung Rok are officially on the roster for the Blue Cats and Do Jin feigns annoyance.

Why does he have to play baseball when Tae San fights with Se Ra? Yeah. That logic makes no sense to me either. In any case, Do Jin’s eyes light up when he realizes that he has another reason to see Yi Soo.

The next morning, Jung Rok and Do Jin complain to Tae San who strangely has a bunch of icy-hot patches stuck to his right arm. Tae San rolls his eyes and commands them to just play; the Blue Cats don’t have enough players for the game this weekend. Also, they should give some hefty donations now that they’re on the team. Aha. Now we have the motive.

Jung Rok and Do Jin go shopping for matching baseball jackets and Jung Rok marvels at how fast Do Jin gave into Tae San. Do Jin gives a nonchalant response; it’s the least he can do to help a friend.

Jung Rok calls Do Jin out on his fake show of friendship and Do Jin defends himself; the second sport he rocks at after basketball is baseball. HAHA.

Do Jin then holds up a blue and yellow jacket, asking which one looks better. Jung Rok hands him a green jacket because yellow doesn’t suit Do Jin. Do Jin gives him a glare but takes the green jacket anyway. Heh. I could watch these two all day.

Se Ra has tea with the pretentious caddy that refuses to join her team at Jung Rok’s cafe. He turns her down again while pointing out that she’s a bad player because she has no focus. The only thing she excels at is obtaining media attention.

He is interrupted by Me Ahri, who apologizes for her behavior the last time he met with Se Ra at Jung Rok’s bar. She urges the caddy to listen to Se Ra’s request but he simply walks out after claiming that it’s not Me Ahri’s place to intervene.

Se Ra comes back home and meets Do Jin outside. She lets him inside where they find Yi Soo zapping her leg hairs casually in the living room. A mortified Yi Soo quickly pretends that the device is a hairdryer and then rushes into her room. Do Jin follows her soon afterwards.

In Yi Soo’s room, Do Jin reaches for Yi Soo’s hand and gives it a quick kiss to appease her anger at his intrusion. He then kisses her hand and she responds with a kiss of her own on his lips. I’d say get a room…but they already have one. Heh. They embrace and he tells her that he’s been scouted by the Blue Cats.

She laughs that he probably doesn’t even know how many stitches are on a baseball and he locks his arms around her even tighter. He begins to maneuver her towards the bed but she pushes him aside when her phone rings.

He heaves a disappointed sigh and she comforts him by announcing that they’ll go out to dinner after she takes this call. He waits for her in the living room happily but is let down when a grave-faced Yi Soo lies that her fellow employees are near her house; she asks for a rain check on dinner.

Yi Soo walks into a cafe and sits at a table with two sour-faced men. They bring up the subject of her mother but she immediately corrects them; she has no mother. That woman cared for Yi Soo for twelve years, which is nothing compared to their twenty-four years with her. Are we going all

She demands that they never contact her again and she abruptly leaves. Her step-brothers(?) give her the stink eye as they pass her on the steps and she sinks to the ground as tears pool in her eyes.

Do Jin sits down in front of her and wipes away a tear. He assures her that she doesn’t need to tell him anything if she doesn’t want to; he came because he was worried. However, she needs to tell him whenever she needs help. She gives him a watery smile and requests for his help now because she’s hungry. He replies that they should eat then. D’aw.

Tae San gets a haircut and sits in Jung Rok’s bar as memories of Se Ra flash in his head. He asks Jung Rok if he likes being married and wonders how he could have been the first to settle down. Jung Rok responds that he’s the best looking (heh) and Tae San laments Min Sook’s poor fate; how did she end up with such a…non-catch of a guy…

Jung Rok ignores Tae San and urges him to meet someone else. The world is full of women! Tae San snaps that in his world, there is only one person for him. He stalks out and heads to the baseball field to practice batting. Se Ra watches Tae San from afar but can’t bring herself to approach him when he sits on the bench to rest.

That night, Tae San determines that Colin should go back to Japan after overhearing Me Ahri commanding Colin to his room so she could take a shower. He relays his decision to the other men during lunch the next afternoon. Yoon immediately agrees while Jung Rok balks at the idea of treating Eun Hee’s son so callously.

Me Ahri meets with Min Sook and begins to lie about how Jung Rok has become a changed man lately. Min Sook sees through the act instantaneously and kindly “fires” Me Ahri from her job as a spy. Heh.

Colin calls Me Ahri to ask where the hairdryer is and she retorts that she doesn’t know. She hangs up and Min Sook wonders if she’s dating someone but Me Ahri shakes her head no; the son of F44’s first love is living with them for a bit. Whew. That’s a mouthful.

Min Sook frowns at the words “first love.” Is Colin’s mother Kim Eun Hee by any chance? Me Ahri affirms that she is, which causes Min Sook to stomp over to Jung Rok’s cafe. She commands him to prove that Colin isn’t his son and Jung Rok sputters that she needs to believe him. “Am I the Holy Spirit, to impregnate a woman without physical contact???” Bwahah.

We soon cut to Jung Rok begging his friends to send Colin back to Japan. Ha. F44 calls Colin over to Do Jin’s apartment to pressure him into revealing Eun Hee’s number. He refuses to tell them and claims that he’s going back to Japan tomorrow anyway. Mkay. That’s a lie. Please don’t believe him.

Do Jin drags Colin to the residence hotel so he can spend the night in peace. Before Do Jin leaves, Colin asks him if he remembers his mom. Did he love her? Do Jin responds that he doesn’t talk about his personal life with little boys born in 1995 and leaves after telling Colin that he’ll swing by to take him to the airport tomorrow.

That night, Colin peruses photos of F44 and mentions that Me Ahri would be his aunt if Tae San was his father. She could also be his future stepmother if Yoon is his father. He sighs that both choices are undesirable, especially now that he likes Me Ahri. OMG. Ick.

He shivers when he contemplates Jung Rok as his father and then turns to a picture of Kim Do Jin. If Kim Do Jin is the father, then they’d both be happy. What?! Says who?

Back at Do Jin’s apartment, Yoon comments on Do Jin’s artsy-craftiness over the past week and Do Jin declares that he’s going to propose to Yi Soo. Yoon is taken aback at how serious Do Jin is and then sincerely comments that he wants to be his girlfriend in the next life. Hehe. D’aw.

Do Jin and Yi Soo go out to dinner and she half-heartedly chides him for leaving his office all the time. He responds that things would be easier if they just lived together but a scream of “It’s Jung Yong Hwa!” cuts into their conversation.

They turn to see the leader of CN Blue walk into the restaurant. Yi Soo lights up when she recognizes him and she gives Yong Hwa a hearty wave. Yong Hwa notices Yi Soo and he walks over with a huge grin on his face.

He compliments her by saying she looks exactly the same and Yi Soo blushes. She introduces Yong Hwa by saying that she was his sixth grade homeroom teacher and starts to gush about Yong Hwa’s work ethic and how proud she is to see him doing so well.

She also brags that she sings Yong Hwa’s songs all the time which prompts Do Jin to break out into Big Bang’s “Blue.” HAHAHA. The other two shoot Do Jin a look of disbelief and Do Jin acts shocked; you mean “Blue” isn’t Yong Hwa’s song? But Yi Soo sings it all the time. ROFL.

Do Jin gets straight to the point and urges Yong Hwa to get back to his table because the people in his party are total loners. ::giggle:: Oh writer Kim. The pop culture references never get old. Yong Hwa comments that Yi Soo is way too good for her current boyfriend and leaves after saying he’ll contact Yi Soo soon.

Yi Soo breaks out into a huge smile and Do Jin’s jealousy bubble bursts. He reverts to his five-year-old self and throws a tantrum. Yi Soo can’t speak to Yong Hwa on the phone, especially since she never answered Do Jin’s calls. He walks out fuming but she runs in front of him to block his way.

She declares that she doesn’t want to live with him yet. She wants to date and cultivate a deep relationship with him first. He asks how they can pursue a “deep” relationship and she teases him for not knowing; what about all the women he dated in the past? He replies that she’s the first woman who wanted such an innocent relationship.

He begins to move closer to her and she warns him not to do anything embarrassing. He ignores her and steals a kiss, leaving her flustered. He wonders if that’s something heart-pounding that people in a deep relationship do and she wraps her hands around his, sighing that he has a lot to learn about dating innocently. He assures her that he learns quickly. Hee.

Se Ra receives a call from someone who says that he can’t lend her the money to pay off her debts. She responds that she understands and hangs up dejectedly. She contacts the car company trying to sell her car, only to hear that there hasn’t been one offer for the car.

She turns to Min Sook as a last resort and begs her to lend her some money. She knows Min Sook won’t lend her anything, but she needed to at least try. Min Sook comments that Se Ra is quite prideful for someone who is asking for money and Se Ra answers that pride is the only thing she has left.

Min Sook contemplates rejecting Se Ra’s request and Se Ra quietly asks that Min Sook refrain from doling out criticism if she refuses. Min Sook cocks her head to the side and announces that she’ll lend her the money if she can continue to criticize Se Ra. Haha what a backwards way of being nice. Se Ra hands over the key to her car, which will serve as collateral.

Do Jin finds Colin and his belongings missing from the residence hotel when he stops by and F44 gathers to discuss where he could have possibly gone. Jung Rok remarks that Colin must have run away to avoid being shipped back to Japan. Me Ahri tells the oppas that Colin asked her where people go to play music and receive money from strangers. She told him to go to Hong Dae.

The men scramble out of the cafe and scope out Hong Dae. Meanwhile, Colin sets up his own free concert on the street and begins singing with his guitar. Soon a large group of people forms around him and the four guys follow Colin’s voice. They weave their way through the crowd and watch as listeners drop coins and bills into Colin’s guitar case. They approach him and scold him for running away, but he quickly interrupts them.

Colin: I heard that someone among the four of you is my father. Who is it?


I’m sure most people have watched episode 14 and know who the father is but let’s just skim over that topic for now. There will be plenty to say about it when we get to that part, but I don’t want to divulge here since this recap is for Episode 13. As a result, I’ll keep it short and simple today.

We kind of went around in circles and covered the same kind of territory for Yoon and Me Ahri. However, I did appreciate her conversation with Tae San. It was jarring to hear him say that Yoon’s past marriage is another factor that makes him less appropriate for Me Ahri, but I can kind of understand where he’s coming from; Me Ahri is considered an A+ bride while Yoon is a 40-year old widower.

Yet me thinks Tae San assumes a little too much when he says that Yoon won’t be happy with Me Ahri. On the contrary, I think Yoon would be less lonely and more lively if he and Me Ahri got together. I understand that some people hate this coupling because it’s “creepy” but that’s besides the point. You can’t deny that Me Ahri, despite her immaturity, brightens up Yoon’s day.

Granted, I’m a little frustrated at how underdeveloped Me Ahri has been so far but I’m still rooting for her to grow up and become a woman who is capable of being independent and strong enough to fight for her love. Also, saying Yoon will lose everything is a little overdramatic; I’m about 98% sure that Do Jin and Jung Rok wouldn’t break off their friendship with Yoon if he finally decided to pursue Me Ahri. I mean, really, is losing Tae San’s friendship really “everything” that Yoon has? Yes? Maybe? I’m not sure.

Min Sook is definitely growing on me. She’s such a total softy underneath the sparkling jewels and snotty attitude. Initially, her relationship with Se Ra was catty and resentful but I really like how they can see each other’s vulnerabilities now. They’d be good friends if they just let go of their pride a little. God knows they both need some more girlfriends.

Do Jin is so cute when he wants to be. His petty jealousy when Yi Soo spoke with Yong Hwa was brilliant. Jang Dong Gun is so good at making crazy expressions. I really want to see what he’s doing with the red yarn but I’m afraid that we’ll never see it. Gah. This feeling of dread sucks.

Alright, enough. Onwards to the next episode! ::whimper::


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  1. Ivoire

    Thank you Orangy911, for the recap!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      There is a song that is played starting 18mns into the episode. It is the song that DJ sings along to when Yoon comes back into the apartment, after he has dropped off Me Ahri home. It’s like a Reggaeton style kind of song, but in Korean.
      Does anyone know who the singer is and what the title of the song is, please?

      • 1.1.1 kakashi

        I read somewhere that it’s 남자답게 sung by Bobby Kim – this is non-verified info, though

        • kakashi

          well, it definitely is – I checked it out … here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKkL7-QwXhc

          • Ivoire

            Thank you so much, Kakashi. I will go listen to it now 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Thanks again, Kakashi!
            I just listened to it. It’s my first Reggaeton song in Korean. Will have to add it to my list of favorite songs, and I love Bobby Kim. I discovered him on the OST of Spy Myung Wol (Sp?) and later on, on the OST of Man of Honor. I really like his voice.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Hi, I just wrote a long response in addition to my question, and while I was reading it before I posted it, the page was refreshed without me even touching or clicking on any buttons or icons. That has happened to me a few times on this site and I have not experienced it anywhere else. Has anyone experienced that as well? I am just curious. That also means that I end up losing everything that I had just typed and I have no way to retrieve it. If anyone can help me with this, please let me know, I would appreciate it.

      “: Alright, enough. Onwards to the next episode! ::whimper::” Because of that Orangy911, I just wanted to encourage you for the next recap, we know you can do it, fighting!!!!

      I loved what you wrote about Yoon and Me Ahri. I do find Me Ahri annoying and irritating now, but I was on her side earlier on. I do agree with you that she needs to grow up and show that she can be an independent and capable woman so she can win Yoon over. Yoon’s concerns are valid. What if he were to die, what would she do? That being said, I do feel that Yoon and Me Ahri are good for one another. Yoon is successful, well off financially, smart, educated, sensitive, gentle, loyal and hard working. I do appreciate and understand the obstacles against him in being able to be with Me Ahri, and I don’t make light of them and I do see how Me Ahri is valued in Korean context and society. I do hope that they will be able to be together in the end. With 6 episodes left, I am curious as to how writer Kim will write MA’s character. Would she have enough time to grow and prove herself?

      Yoon very often has an “I am a tortured soul” and puppy face when he sees Me Ahri and that is sad to see (and KMJ does it so well!!!). She is cheerful, she can be playful, she adores him, she is not a gold digger (she would actually bring a lot to the table) and she is actually smart and capable. If she can hold a part-time job, I am sure she can hold a full time job and go back to school. Me Ahri would be good for Yoon in that she can help him put his wife’s death at rest and feel like it is OK to enjoy life again. Her sunny disposition would be good for him.
      And Yoon’s personality would be good for her as well. He would mellow her down a bit. I do understand the age difference but feel that it is not as if this has not been tackled in Kdramas in the past (ATK anyone, and I am sure many other dramas). Besides, we know that they there are people in real life who are together (happily) with such a big age difference.

      Another point is that Me Ahri is legal, so Yoon is not doing anything wrong necessarily (she is not 19, but 24. My mother was married at 23 and my dad at 25, both around MA’s age). Women’s Me Ahri’s age have gotten married or dated, whether they did it with someone closer in age or someone much older. I think I am OK with it, because Yoon is a good guy and I know that he wants what’s best for Me Ahri. His goal is not to use her, ever. He doesn’t need her for that. Having been married for Yoon might actually play in his favor because he has been down that road before and he knows what to expect and he can learn from his mistakes.

      I also thought that TS’s speech and reaction with Me Ahri was quite presumptuous and arrogant. I actually felt that he was lying to MA just to get her to give up. I think he must think that he is helping his friend and his sister, but he is failing or choosing not to see how both are miserable individually. I do think that TS does love his friend and his sister, but his actions are not productive and seem ill intentioned. I have wondered if TS is not a little bit jealous of Yoon because Yoon is repeatedly offered something that TS does not seem to be able to have: a serious relationship that can lead to marriage with potential children later on.

      I also don’t think that DJ and JR would mind Yoon and MA’s relationship if that came to be. I think TS is the only one bothered by it (him and Colin now). I really enjoy seeing Y and MA’s interactions and wish I could see more of those. They are my favorite couple. I also love seeing the other side of Y, which I have mentioned earlier. I love seeing him being a fanboy, dancing (boy has some nice moves), being playful with his friends, warming up for a basketball game where he would be sorely defeated etc… That side of him is so cute and adorable. I also like seeing the capable lawyer he can be and how loyal he is.

      Y needs to stop having that puppy and “tortured soul” face he has when he sees MA, because it makes me want to take him home, feed him (I always associate caring/nurturing someone with feeding them) and listen to him tell me his problems. Ok, I also want to hug him :-)!

      Speaking of Colin, I see him as a character put there to stir up conflict and drama, and I expect he will. He might be attracted to MA, but I am glad she doesn’t feel the same way because the boy is underage and MA isn’t. Their age difference and where they are at in life would be a big no-no in my book, even if for now, MA is not acting very mature.

      • 1.2.1 imprise

        your essay is so long, i think all couple will end up together it just how the writer will make it happen, make us curious

        • Ivoire

          Hi Imprise, and thank you for reading my essay.
          I think I get carried away when I write and I love analyzing Kdramas and their characters, and blogs such as this one seem to be the perfect place to do it. I have also appreciated the response I have gotten so far from fellow Dramabeaners.
          I spend a lot of time on this site and I have noticed that I am not the only one who writes long essays, which tells me that I am obviously not the only who loves analyzing Kdramas and the only who enjoys writing as well. I know for a fact that I am not alone in being like this because of what I have just mentioned (I have seen some long essays). No one around me is into Kdramas and so I am very thankful to have such a community here.
          I used to feel guilty and cringe at how long my essays were but I was never scolded for it by those who manage the site, so I assumed it was OK. A simple solution would be for you to not read such long essays when you see them, that would probably save you a lot of time, and I am sure there are many more comments or shorter essays you could read.

          You now know my screen name. When you see it, you can just skip my comment or essay and move on to the next one. I know people here have a lot of interesting things to say, so you probably won’t miss anything if you don’t read mine and I would not be offended (I wouldn’t even know). It takes all kinds to make a world or a community (such as this one). I guess I am just a little different and that is OK with me.

          I do agree with you that all the couples will probably end up together, however, the fun in watching a Kdrama and analyzing it is figuring out how it will happen. That is part of what I see the recappers do in their recaps. Granted, I am not a recapper, and I don’t aspire to be one at the moment. I just like to contribute my thoughts on the drama, as much as I like reading other people’s thoughts, whether very long or short. I have learned a lot about Kdramas, Korean culture, (and Asian cultures in the process), script writing, the process of making a drama, tone, lighting, cinematography, language, etc… through reading such responses, again, some of them quite long. I don’t mind them. I go to bed a little more educated and intellectually challenged because of that.

          I am hoping that you are having a great day or night based on where you are in the world!

          • m

            Ivoire, I very much enjoy reading your (and other’s ) multi paragraph posts. Whether they’re similar to my thoughts on the Kdrama or share a different perspective they add to my “viewing enjoyment”. That’s why I read dramabeans and the comments — to share in the community spirit of enjoying kdramas.

      • 1.2.2 ~Feather~

        You have mirrored my thoughts into your entire comment. 🙂 I don’t have anything to add or disagree with.

      • 1.2.3 Ivoire

        @ Imprise, I guess I just wrote another loooong essay. Can’t help it, it just comes out that way. I have written some short ones, I swear, although it would be hard to know based on the length of these two essays. You can choose to not read the second one.

        @ ~Feather~, thank you so much for your comment. I guess we both feel the same way about this drama and this episode in particular. I would like to say that I DO love all the couples as they all have their distinct traits and make this drama what it is. I am just more drawn to Yoon and Me Ahri, that’s all :-)!

        • ~Feather~

          Haha! Yeah, I’m more invested in them as well. And Dong Hyub, even if he isn’t relevant in the plot. (>.<)

          • Ivoire


            I actually like Dong Hyub as well (forgot to mention him) and I do think that he has a role to play. I see him as the character who has a crush on his good looking teacher and who protects her when he feels that she is not safe. For some reason, he also strikes me as an outcast who acts tough on the outside but must be very soft on the inside. One just has to know how to get there (his inside) and tap into it.

            I think that YS sees through him, which is why she doesn’t let get away with him being lazy etc… DH doesn’t seem to have a functional/loving family, and I think that he might transfer some of those feelings onto the teacher. The thing is YS CARES about her students and people are usually responsive to that (both boys and girls). Remember how DH threatened the other student who disrespected YS? And how about the fact that when he was hurt and in the hospital, YS was the one they called and she is not even his family. She listens when he talks and she tries to give him good pieces of advice and prepares him for real life after school (it seems as if his life is hard enough already).

            I think that YS and DH’s relationship reminds us of how a teacher can have an impact on one’s life. We get to see YS at work (School) and a little bit of her relationships with her students, just like we see the F44 in their respective work environment, to see different sides of them. That’s my take anyway.

            I love that YS is not afraid of her students and that she knows them well. I loved the scene when they were trying to cut class (I think) and she caught them (because she knew them) and DH made them go back the way they came (by jumping the wall) because, you know, they have their pride to preserve. That to me was cute and funny :-)!

      • 1.2.4 quirkywhit

        You pointing out that TS may be jealous was a real eye-opening moment for me. I hadn’t even thought that, but it makes so much sense! Yoon is turning away something (for him) that he so desperately wants (for himself — honestly, it’s always about him with that one). Even if it’s only on a subconscious level, I bet that bothers him a lot. Yet he also doesn’t want him to accept his sister, because he doesn’t think that’s good enough for MR. Or…something.

        As a overly protective older sister I can understand him wanting to have some say in the matter of who his sister loves, but as a loving older sister I can’t condone how he goes about it. Even if my brother was dating some woman that I could barely tolerate to be in the same room with (which he ISN’T, if he ever someone comes across this site and recognizes my screen name…which he won’t but I just want to make sure I’m coming out clear just in case), I would still accept her because she made him happy. That’s what matters. Worry about the heartbreak and so on later. Even us overly protective older siblings just want to see our little brothers/sisters happy. Even if we don’t like the person they choose or think they should choose someone else (since TS happens to love Y).

        Oh, and off topic: I actually love the long essay-esque posts. I always come away feeling smarter and wondering why I didn’t think of whatever the person posted. I LOVE analyzing to death pretty much every part of my life and KDramas are no exception. 🙂

        • Ivoire

          @ Quirkywhit,

          Thank you so kindly for your response and kind comments. I am currently cooking 🙂 so I will be back later to respond. Please do check back if you have the time and if you remember. I am glad I was able to elicit another thought for you :-)!

      • 1.2.5 df

        It’s one thing if Yoon had a longing for Me Ahri since she was younger (teenager) but that’s not so. He’s always seen her as a younger sister and looked after her but now that she’s grown up and is attractive, he’s seeing her as a woman that he could be with. It’s a natural progression and I see nothing wrong with it. I actually worry more about Me Ahri’s feelings towards him whether it’s just infatuation or true love. I guess we are to assume because she’s such a catch but yet is still chasing after Yoon that it is enduring love on her part.

      • 1.2.6 Suet

        Very well-written, Ivoire!

        I especially love the way you interpreting Yoon and Me Ahri’s relationship. After all these episodes, it becomes very clear to me that the two will end up being together, it is just a matter of time as the script writer has been super busy with the dramas between our main characters (DJ and YS, who have not been my focus from the beginning of the show ^^). The selfish side of me is really hoping Yoon will get more airtime, I completely agree with you that this character is a candy to watch, he is handsome (less-handsome than DJ), successful, caring, gentle, loyal, has a sense of humor…and I like the way how Kim-Min-Jong portrays him!

        Love you commentaries and please do write more.

        • Ivoire

          Hi Suet,

          Thank you kindly for your remarks. I will be back later and respond. I am not sure you will think of checking back here.

      • 1.2.7 Suet

        And I actually think that being with Yoon will make MA the happiest woman among the four ladies in the show. I bet he hasn’t engaged in any kind of relationship (sexual or sexual & emotional) since his wife’s death four years ago, although he had repeatedly claimed that he spent nights with other women occasionally, I doubt it!!!!

        Anyway, let’s hope for the best for these two.

  2. Denali

    Thanks for this recap and the next while we look forward to next week-end.

    Btw the boys were watching a baseball game, not a football (soccer) game. 🙂

  3. Rashell

    Yay! I love this show. And this definitely felt like the calm before the storm. But I’m just going to enjoy all the cute couple moments in this one. And ignore the next one for now. I love Yoon/Meahri. And I hope that Tae San will stop making everything about HIM and really look at the two people involved and what would really be best for them. Do Jin and Yi Soo were adorable. And Jung Rok and Min Sook continue to bring the funny. She’s just an awesome character. LOVE HER.

    • 3.1 MsB

      You’re not lying! Good episode! I reserve all comments for the next! I have a rant coming on……..

      • 3.1.1 Rashell

        Yes, the next episode is rant worthy. I’ll look forward to reading it.

  4. kakashi

    Apart from a few good moments, this episode was AGD’s absolute low point in my opinion – you might call it calm before the storm, but I thought it was unbearably slow filler material. Nothing new or exciting or different came out of these 60’… it frankly bored me. In any case, episode 14, which we are not allowed to discuss here :), gave me hope again! AGD might remain an awesome show after all! So looking forward to this weekend!

    • 4.1 skelly

      Actually, lack of plot means that the characters behave in less annoying ways, so I liked it. The only thing that bored/annoyed me in this episode was DJ going into yet another jealous fit, this time over someone young enough to be his son.
      Really, I do not find his jealous rages “cute” at all; only people who do not have to deal with it in real life could find it cute or funny in a drama.

  5. Mars

    Thank you! I love the f44 so much! Whether there’s only two or four of them together they are so much fun to watch. Can’t get enough of them:)

  6. imprise

    i dont have something to discuss for this ep, coz i watched ep.14 already that ep is the best overall

    but i want to say i think i prefer jonghyun voice over yonghwa, why he isn’t the main vocalist in cnblue?
    *sorry off topic

    • 6.1 kakashi

      yeah, ok, since you bring Jonghyun up … one more comment re Colin … Jonghyun/Colin is sweet (and pwetty) and all – and he can really, really sing … but his acting skills are so dreadful that I keep hoping his character will return to Japan very, very soon. It’s almost painful to watch him

      • 6.1.1 imprise

        i think his acting is improve a lot that dreadful is so mean, he is fine to me now, i fast forward him until ep.11 though so awkward

        his voice is so good btw, let make him sing his line…LOL

        • kakashi

          Yes, him only singing – that would work for me too ^_^
          and I am sure that the many people who don’t seem to mind his acting are just in love with him 🙂

          • skelly

            Yes, it would be much better if he sang all of his lines – then I could overlook that wooden delivery. His lack of expression…it really adds to the creepiness of his lines, his stalkerish ways…for some reason I am really getting an Anthony Perkins (before he goes all Psycho-mama) vibe off of him, and that is NOT a good thing.

          • imprise

            atleast i dont mind him now coz he improved fast what he lacked, his singing talent is the bonus of his role,
            but for some people maybe it like if you dont like his acting you maybe will like his singing, you can find both in this drama, it good promotion strategy from his management company and from drama production,,

          • skelly

            His singing is OK…not enough to make up for the fact that he can’t act. The boy playing Dong Hyub is acting circles around him, for example. One song doesn’t make up for several painful episodes. I think they stuck that song in there just so he could be in his proper element, and regain some street cred.

    • 6.2 Paola

      This is off topic, this comment section is related to the drama not to “who sings better” but to answer your question, i would say that the reason is clearly because Yonghwa has a wider range, versatil voice, he plays well with his voice and his ad libs are damn good… the way he rocks the stage it’s a plus.

      Now that you bring Jonghyun i must agree with the comment below, his acting skills are cringe worthy…sometimes i just can’t even watch, the only thing saving his skin in this drama are the dialogues, dialogues are so good that some people forgive the bad deliver..i hope he returns Japan too, i’m more interested in the other kid plot, Dong Hyub.

      As you said, if would be better if he just sang his lines…i think he did a bit better in Acoustic.

      • 6.2.1 imprise

        i dont care with cnblue though, you seem to be avid yonghwa fans or cnblue fans, i only share my preference i like jonghyun voice a lot…

        sorry if you fell offence

        • quirkywhit

          I wouldn’t call myself an avid CNBlue fan or an extreme Yong Hwa fan, though I do love his voice. 🙂 But I do prefer him, but probably because I know about him more through his dramas and so on. However, with Yong Hwa nowhere around, I was able to really appreciate Jong Hyun’s voice, so I can see where you’re coming from. 🙂 I don’t know a lot about CNBlue but they definitely have to great singers in the bandthat’s for sure. And Jung Shin Chingu, who is adorable (just like Min Hyuk).

          Wow, maybe I’m more of a fan than I realized.

          • imprise

            but i can see you are extreme yonghwa fans from your comment

          • quirkywhit

            Um. No. I’m an extreme Yang Seungho fan. I could talk all day about that cutie, his amazing voice, his talents, his honesty, his baby tummy, his dancing, and so on. That’s what I call an extreme fan. Thankfully I’m only that way with one person . 🙂

      • 6.2.2 quirkywhit

        Agreed. What Yong Hwa can do with his voice is amazing. 🙂 I’ll admit it: I squealed like a fangirl when I saw him in this episode, and I don’t even know all that much about CNBlue (MBLAQ, yes, but not a lot about CNBlue). I just know him through Heartstrings, honestly… He’s adorable though, and even though I didn’t find DJ’s reaction to him at all funny (ugh), I did like having that scene in the show.

      • 6.2.3 Noona

        YH ad-libs are overated
        i prefer the old YH
        not the tried too hard YH

        owhh i’m clearly out of topic

  7. Hagar

    Thank you so much for the recap :))

  8. July

    I love how cute Yi Soo and Do Jin’s relationship is portrayed by the writers. I initially doubted if I would care for them once they became a couple, but the writers have done a great job with them. I’m just glad we got a few episodes full of their cute relationship before we head to angst/tear territory, which seems like it may be pretty soon.

  9. kirara

    Yes, I love the part when Yonghwa came to visit his teacher.. she’s not his fan… she’s his teacher.. total difference Do JIN! But I love how he couldn’t control his jealousy… too bad he only shows up in ep 13.. wish there was more!!

    I also liked your “ICK” comment about the fact that Colin likes Mae Ri.. I knew he liked her and they wouldn’t be too bad of a couple.. except he’s too broody and says one comment lines so I get why Mae Ri would be turned off by him..He’s not the friendly or loving type at all

    Yes I’m afraid for next episode too.. 🙁

  10. 10 KDrama Fan

    Thanks orangy911 for the recap.

    Haven’t much I want to say about this episode so I’ll save my comments for the next recap.

  11. 11 Noelle

    Can’t wait to discuss ep 14 because I’m confused over the ending. I don’t know if the subs were wrong or what but I need some clarification.

    Thanks for the recap!

  12. 12 Jules

    If Kim Do Jin is the father, then they’d both be happy. What?! Says who?

    Ha, that was my exact reaction! I’m wondering if Colin thinks he’s royalty, and his use of ‘both’ is like the royal ‘we’.

    Yi-soo and Do-jin were so cute in this episode – too cute, because as you say, it’s clearly the calm before the sturm (und drang). (sorry! I couldn’t resist.)

    Thanks for the great recap, orangy911! 🙂

    • 12.1 Noona

      in another version of translation
      Collin said “In the situation Kim Dojin is my father, Let’s live happily separately.(각자 행복한걸로)”

  13. 13 Tin

    yay lets talk about this episode! i can’t wait for ep 14
    thanks for the recap orangy.

    i love love loved the restaurant scene and how jealous Do Jin got. Yonghwa was adorable.

    Me Ahri cried… again! i really wish they would develop her more. i like her when she’s not constantly crying.
    i would rather they show more Min Sook / Jung Rok story instead of all that Tae San / Se Ra flashback nonsense.
    ugh Colin and his who’s my daddy. so tired of it, i really want to know about Yi Soo’s mommy issues. what’s up with that?! is her mom in the mob or something? those guys looked like thugs.

    from the last recap some comments were made about how JDG and kim ha neul are sometimes so stiff and awkward with each other that maybe she hated him or something but i just read something that said JDG’s wife would visit on set and she was totally jealous because he was being so romantic and stuff but at home all he does is lay on the couch. which is sad. don’t tell a magazine that, he’s acting and if your husband is in a romantic dramedy don’t visit him on set and watch him! yikes

    • 13.1 sherry_laruku

      I strongly believe in Kim Ha Heul and JDG’s professionalism. Really great chemistry but off screen / behind the scenes, KHN is definitely awkward with JDG.

      However, I can wholeheartedly understand her situation. If I were in her shoes, I would not be “friendly” with JDG especially when JDG is her boss and her boss’s wife visits the set often. I will definitely steer clear…..

      • 13.1.1 df

        Yeah, I’m so interested in this. I’m watching some videos and she’s definitely awkward around him in real life.

        There’s this video in particular: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdZiiX6ScZ4&feature=related (at around the 0:59 mark)

        • kakashi

          woah, she’s really nervous … who knows, she probably likes him in real life??!

          • df

            Yeah she really is! I know things are different socially in Korea so I might be totally misinterpreting her reactions.

            Here’s another video of them at a press conference (I think?) and she’s exactly the same way. Really stiff and self conscious till there’s some outside stimulus…

            I’m always very interested in non verbal actions of people so that’s why I’m so into this hehehe…

  14. 14 asianromance

    hahhaa Creepy Colin! I can’t tell if it’s the acting or the awkward writing but he is sort of creepy. Like what’s with him going to Yoon in a previous episode and asking if he could get his biological father’s money. What is he going to do with the information of knowing who his biological father is? Is he going to kill him and steal his kidney? Is he going to gun the person down for not being there when he was a kid. He just gives off that off-vibe and I can’t tell if it’s because of the character or writing. I love the part when he shivered at the prospect of having Jung-rok for a dad! Poor Jung-rok, though he does deserve all the crap he gets.

    I love the Yi-Soo and Do-jin moments. So far no crazy misunderstandings or violent wristgrabbing. or asshattery! Much as I love those two, I’m rooting for Sera and Minsook in this episode. They don’t come off as very likable women, but they make interesting characters!

    I’m disappointed in Meahri. It’s the same thing again and again with her and Yoon. Stop following him! I’m disappointed that Tae-san will try to stop Yoon and Meahri from getting together (given that Meahri matures and Yoon accepts her), but I understand his concerns. There’s a but of a stigma regarding fresh marriage prospects marrying divorced/widowed marriage prospects.

    • 14.1 imprise

      so we didn’t allow to talk ep.14 in this? another thing of colin that was creepy, will talk in ep.14 recap later

      so far, not only MR Yoon but also JR-MS that couple , same thing always happen in every episode JR – MS always JR cheat – MS want divorce – they reconsile, though we found at first maybe we think MS is devil wife but actually she has devil player husband, both there are no real progress of that couples until now

  15. 15 wanderlust

    YONGHHHWAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Love Jonghyun but kinda wish Yonghwa was playing the long lost son 🙁

    Same feelings about Me Ahri, I love her but all she literally does is start off all bubbly in a scene and then when someone says something she doesn’t like, she starts crying. The actress is a good cryer though. In Yoon and Me Ahris case, I think a time skip would be beneficial!

    • 15.1 quirkywhit

      I was immediately wishing the same thing when he walked onto the screen. If he was Colin maybe I wouldn’t be as disturbed about what Colin’s after. And I wouldn’t be muttering about vampires, I know that for sure. (I think it’s just the hair and the petulant look on his face, because I usually find Jong Hyun quite adorable – he has a cute smile.)

      • 15.1.1 sorry

        LOL, both of you is Yonghwa’s fangirls

        • quirkywhit


      • 15.1.2 sherry_laruku

        As much as I love Yong Hwa the best in CN Blue, I thought Jong Hyun is better than Yong Hwa as a first-timer actor… Jong Hyun is less stiff compare to Yong Hwa in YAB. Furthermore, Colin is such an unlikeable character compare to Yong Hwa’s character in YAB..

        Anyways, I’m a huge fan of CN Blue. My kind of music and they have talent in composing and playing music…

        • Paola

          Although i consider both of them lacking in the acting departament, i think Yonghwa is less ¨stiff¨ taking in cosideration that he prepared himself barely two months before his agency made him act in YAB…whereas Minhyuk and Jonghyun prepared for acting since 2010 since this is not Jonghyun first job, he did Acoustic with Minhyuk.

  16. 16 whatis

    I’m wondering more and more often if the writer had anything planned for the drama beside the basic set up. There are so many interesting elements, why aren’t they being developed? Instead they’re being used over and over again, and things go nowhere.

    1. COLIN: We knew Colin came to Korea to find his father, which was one of the 4 from what… episode 2? 3? What is up with all the set up… just so he can FINALLY ask the big question… 12 episodes later. Why did it take so long for him to show up at their door step? Why did it take so long for him to finally ask them? The recent revelation that Colin likes Me Ahri was super random… Okay. So Colin likes Me Ahri… so what? That piece of information brought nothing to the table. Was there a point for Yi Soo to have met Colin? ‘Cause I don’t see the effect of that having changed anything.

    2. Dong Hyub / Yi Soo being an ethics teacher / School Life in general: How does this fit into anything? What is Dong Hyub’s existence for? Is he going to have a bigger role later? What is his role now suppose to be? And the Ethics Teacher / School Life thing… I really wish it added to the depth of the drama. It’s an interesting subject, especially in love and relationship. I really thought that would be the point of making Yi Soo a Ethics Teacher. But… we don’t get much at all.

    3. Yi Soo’s Mom: Seriously?? We have so much to explore, and the writer decide to throw in a mommy issue? This had better tie in beautifully with the rest of the drama… ’cause things are just all over the place right now.

    4. Me Ahri & Yoon: Age doesn’t really matter to me either… but like many people say, it’s the state of mind, and where they’re at in life. Me Ahri has to grow up and think about the future, how would it REALLY be like to marry a 44 year old man. How can she so easily say “I will raise Colin.” when the possibility came up. The girl’s not thinking! If “The Woman who Still Wants to Marry” can use 16 episodes to focus on the issue of an age gap… they should at leeeast give each episode like.. 10 minutes of air time regarding the issue. Instead of 10 minutes of Me Ahri whining. I really like Me Ahri, she’s fun and cool. But when it comes to Yoon, I just…. !!!

    5. F44: What’s Jung Rok’s deal? Is he ever going to be faithful or not? He’s just dilly dallying. Is Yoon going to ever let go of his ex-wife… has he even addressed the issue of the ex-wife? What is his status? He can’t forget her? Or he HAS forgotten her, and is now focusing his inner struggles on Me Ahri? Is he then wearing the wedding ring to scare Me Ahri off? ’cause no mention of the ring has been mentioned again after the 1st/2nd episode when Yi Soo commented on it. The people who made the most progress, of course, is Do Jin. And a bit of Tae San. Oh yea.. Do Jin’s memory problem. Are we revisiting that or what? Was that a one time deal for a plot device? And if we ARE to revisit it… We only have 6 hours left… let’s not try to stuff all the crazy twists AND resolution in 6 hours. PLEASE! Yea… this is all CRAZY to me, that I’m now 14 hours in, and …. all of these questions / issues that were raised in the first 2 hours has yet to be answered OR developed OR talked about! AT ALL!

    6. General problems: I guess at the end, I’m a little disappointed that the drama isn’t a bit more loaded with serious issues and topics. It’s quite fluffy. I really enjoyed “The Woman who Still Wants to Marry” because they tackled real struggles / personal wants / societal views ALONG with the cute and funny. These characters here are progressing in snail pace speed. It feels like this was more of a 50+ episode drama, than a 20 episode.

    I’ve already turned off my thinking when I watch this show. It’s funny, cute, sweet and fuzzy at times, and that’s what I’m watching for now.

    -END RANT-

    • 16.1 Brenda

      I agree with all your points.
      They have been things that I’ve been wondering about throughout the drama as well. As much as I enjoy a Gentleman’s Dignity, I just don’t understand where the writer is trying to go now. I think the one thing that felt pointless to me the most was the relationship between Dong-Hyup and Yi Soo.
      At first, I thought it was cute but now I don’t understand his significance in the drama. I get that he’s the troubled student who has a crush on his ethics teacher. . .so what? If that’s all the writer intends to do with him then she can just delete him from the story and focus more on developing a deeper story.
      The other thing that annoys me to no end is Me Ahri’s obsession with Yoon. I’ve stated this before in previous comments but I am starting to care less and less about her. After Yi Soo, Yoon and now Tae San have talked to her about her one-sided love I kind of hoped that she’d have an epiphany by now and realize that having her life revolve around one man is not going to do her or anyone else any good. I want her to do something with herself other than follow Yoon around, and when he ignores her, bawl her eyes out because of him. Characters with no goals in their lives like her are the ones that I detest the most.

    • 16.2 Paola

      Totally agree! i’m kind of lost at the moment with this drama, this episode had some good moments but no development and it even introduced more issues…it’s kind of frustrating! and episode 14 is just…….

  17. 17 sorry

    this episode is just like other ep. that lack of conflict, and kind of flat, i dont think cameo from yonghwa is necessary coz we always see DJ jealosy almost everytime, i see it not even create buzz of this drama, Juniel cameo and collin singing scene is the scene that create more buzz,

    i drop this drama after i watched until ep.10 and i may start watched it again consider ep.14 is what i want to see since i hear about that conflict

    • 17.1 Paola

      Yonghwa cameo was top story in many korean sites even before this episode aired and after the episode it was in top 4 naver most discussed topics :/ …of course colin part created more buzz because he’s actually part of the “plot” and he made a huge revelation in that episode.

      • 17.1.1 Noona

        You are avid YH fans 😀

  18. 18 kewbie

    Thank you for the recap, again, orangy!

    I was really hating Tae San in this episode. His words to Me Ahri kinda felt like it was borne out of his lovelife (or lack of lovelife). Maybe if he and Se Ra were having a good day, he would have been less harsh, who knows?

    I am also very curious about Yi Soo’s back story — not so much that it would affect the rest of the series, but just because I really want to know how her mom ended up caring for her step-brothers (?) for more time than she took care of her.

    Colin…his character confuses me. He started out OK to me, but seems to be going down the dark path and I don’t really like it. Well, hopefully more things come to light in the next episodes!

  19. 19 Islagirl2010

    Is anyone wondering why with all her debts, Sera broke up with Taesan? Especially since from the beginning she portrayed herself as a gold digger. I think she really cares about him. I’m starting to like Sera. I wonder what she’s doing with the money she has loaned? Sick family member?

  20. 20 Gbo

    Look, we all know that this show isn’t one with a tight plot- nothing really happens. But I think it’s so enjoyable. The bro moments make me laugh, there were super cute moments during the chase, and once they got together, so. cute. In some ways I like it better than Secret Garden because Joo Won was such as ass. Do Jin has some ass-y moments, but he’s mostly charming, while JW was mostly ass-y wih some charming moments. Much better ratio. I always look forward to episodes, more than Big, even though on paper I like Big better.

    • 20.1 lennonfrk

      I agree, the plot isn’t great but the bro moments are, and that’s what keeps me watching. I also watch because JDG is a great actor.

      • 20.1.1 gbo

        yeah, JDG is great in this! though he’s too skinny these days. i know that’s more in, but he looks so different from his all about eve days.

        • skelly

          I think he had some molars pulled to make his cheekbones more defined/cheeks more sunken. Someone said that Cha Seung Won had this done, too. I think it just makes them look sickly – the sortof emaciated look people get when they have cancer. I thought JDG looked much, much handsomer about 15 years ago, and not just because he was younger – he has definitely done something to the shape of his cheeks and jawline.

          • Gentlewoman's Dignity

            Skelly, if you know nothing about him, it’s better that you shut your smelly mouth. Your comments here and on Soompi are nothing but hatred. Do you think you are so great? Perhaps you should change your name to Smelly instead of Skelly.

          • skelly

            The name is ironic, right?

          • mita

            I don’t know where you got your information but JdG’s face is 100% original. I’ve known him for 10 years and as an avid fan of him, I should know better than you. The reason why JDG’s face looks gaunt was because he’s working non-stop for more than a year. It took 8 months of his time shooting My way in different countries and after that he started shooting for Dangerous Liasons for six months away from home. He was not able to rest for even a while coz he had to start shooting for AGD. I’ve known him for 10 years and as an avid fan of him, I should know better than you. If you don’t know anything about him, then don’t assume coz you look stupid.

          • myla

            I wonder if you’re the same skelly who’s posting nothing but negative comments at AGD thread in Soompi. If you are, I think you should stop watching this drama coz I think you’re having a hard time enjoying this drama.

          • skelly

            Of course I am the same skelly. I always use my real name. I may be a harsh critic but I am also free with praise when I feel it is due; usually my posts are a blend of the two, and my comments about AGD are no exception. If you do not like them, please do not read them. Neither you nor I will suffer from the loss.

      • 20.1.2 df

        Yes same for me…their friendship is the foundation of the show and it’s also the best part. It’s like hanging out with your best friends, they aren’t perfect but it’s always a great time. That’s what attracted me to the show in the first place.

  21. 21 toystar

    Thanks for the recap of ep 13 Orany but I am saving my rant/comments/questions for EP 14. *excited*

  22. 22 Islagirl2010

    Btw, thanks for the recap. Been waiting for it the whole week! Can’t wait for the next recap…and the next episode? Anybody know if there are any previews?

  23. 23 Sudi

    Since pairing is already see in posterd.Collin and Yi Soo’s student will go through hrart breaks.Yet Me Ahri might waver even havibg feeling for Yoon but not getting response she is longing for

  24. 24 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

    I’m seeing this episode as a breather before ep 14 – not much happening, just watching our OTP becoming more solidified.

    The highlight (for me) was the cafe scene with Yonghwa – charming, funny and the timing beats between the three were impeccable. That final look that Yonghwa gave to Do Jin was priceless!

    It seems to me that alot of the commenters here are seeing Jonghyun’s character of Colin to be stiff and creepy, mostly due to his poor acting.

    I, on the other hand am finding him to be perfectly adequate, especially considering that his screen time probably hasn’t amounted to a total of 10 min up until now.
    I’m also reading his character to be angry and carrying a huge chip on his shoulder. He comes across as wanting to get even with his mother’s betrayal of him – especially considering the fact that he thinks his mother had sex with 4 different guys in the same time period. He’s calculating enough to want revenge on whoever his real dad is, and is using the hope of an eventual inheritance to achieve it.

    One thing that’s been bugging me increasingly is Tae San going all righteous on Maerhi and her obsession with Yoon – which would make sense until you consider that he can’t control his own lovelife for crap and yet doesn’t hesitate to pontificate to his sweet sister. Dude! Clean up your own house first!

    On to ep 14. I have a total rant planned for that one.

  25. 25 Brenda

    Thanks for the recaps!
    The one scene I appreciated in this episode was the scene between Tae San and Me Ahri (of course if there is one more scene of someone telling Me Ahri to let go of Yoon, it’ll prove to be moot since the girl just doesn’t get it).
    Tae San is right, Yoon is no longer in that stage of his life where he will let love and infatuation dictate his decisions (one reason why they shouldn’t be together). What Yoon needs the most are his friends not her (another reason why they shouldn’t be together). His friends have been with him since High School, there is no way he would sacrifice a 20+ year relationship for the love of a 24 year old. Hell, his friendship with them spans her lifetime.
    I think she’s just being selfish to think that she can give up everything to be with him, since technically, she doesn’t have what he has. She hasn’t worked as hard as he did to get everything he has.

    • 25.1 lennonfrk

      I don’t understand why he has to give up everything to be with Me Ahri. Am I missing something? I understand that she has to get a life before they can be together, but after that, why can’t they be together?

      • 25.1.1 rebecca34

        Tae San is just spouting of nonsense. He is in a bad place right now and opposes the match regardless. Its just kdrama drama.

  26. 26 Lise

    U know for an ep where the next one was forbidden to be discussed theres a lot of indirect comments that would make a 5 year old pretty much figure out whats coming up! If madame recapper says no discussion can we stop with the hints already?!! (then again even she couldnt help herself as she kept dropping hints lolz) Altho if u ask me i dont think anybody would be getting spoilt, seriously is there anyone here who’s not seen ep 14 yet???

    • 26.1 angie602

      Here. In fact, I haven’t even started on EP13. Don’t feel the pull too initially as I thought that the plot was getting stale. But after reading that ep 14 is a ‘rant-worthy’ one, perhaps I should start on ep 13 soon. Lol.

  27. 27 Mosquito

    Totally adore Dong Hyub’s answer sheet — 4 must be his fav nos?!?!?!? ^_____^

    • 27.1 sherry_laruku

      I love this guy too! If I can’t have Do Jin, I’ll take Dong Hyub anytime anyday! LOL! But damn, he is younger than me!

  28. 28 Abbie

    I really liked this episode. It was great, but some moments were a little hard to watch, because of the angst. ARGH!

    Anyway, my two favorite scenes were when Jung Yong Hwa came in the restaurant, and when Colin was singing. I love Jung Yong Hwa, and just from that one scene I can tell that his acting has improved. I’m looking forward to whatever he does next. And Colin’s scene where he was singing was great. I wondered when he would sing, because why would they cast a kpop star if he wasn’t gonna sing. So great.

    I liked Tae San’s speech to Me Ahri because it is mostly true. Not the part about Yoon losing everything. That is too much; Yoon deserves to be happy. But the part about the age difference. Me Ahri will still be young(ish) and pretty when Yoon is old and gray. I can totally see Tae San’s point in that. BUT, he has no right of trying to decide anyone else’s future. That ticked me off.

    Se Ra and Tae San are still grating on my nerves. Their relationship is the least interesting. They will be together, they just need to talk. Both are so prideful. Annoying.

    Jung Rok was so adorable this episode, surprising. He’s growing on me. Min Sook is too, mostly because we’re starting to see her vulnerabilities. I want her to really let loose though. She needs a good cry. And Jung Rok and comfort her!

    Do Jin was SO adorable in this episode, too. I love him! He’s awesome. His jealousy of Yong Hwa was great to watch. Yi Soo was so cute in the beginning when she came in and squealed over Do Jin’s “proposal”. I love their scenes together more than anything.

    The thing I like most about this drama is the bits and pieces we get from their jobs. Anyone’s job. Yi Soo’s especially. I love the students, especially Dong Hyub. He’s so adorable.

    Next episode is great. But I won’t say anymore.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

    • 28.1 skelly

      The only people who can watch a jealousy scene and think it is cute and funny and a demonstration of some sort of great affection have never experienced it in real life.

      • 28.1.1 Gentlewoman's Dignity

        oh get a life, Smelly!!! you must have a bad childhood! poor thing!

      • 28.1.2 sherry_laruku

        Skelly, there are several types of jealousy…

        If it’s a childish jealousy like Do Jin, I think it’s cute…. however if it’s crazy jealousy like forbidding and controlling, then that’s scary… Even scarier especially if jealous guy is someone you rejected who is not even your boyfriend or husband to begin with… that is mental.

        • skelly

          Hi sherry, it’s true, there are several kinds of jealousy – and I guess DJ’s jealousy is a childish one, but it is coming from a grown man. It is also true that JDG is obviously playing it for laughs here, so I should cut him some slack – he just happens to be pushing my buttons.

          But I had better back off, because obviously the JDG fangirls are through polishing their knives and are on the attack.

          • sherry_laruku

            no worries, i get that… jealousy is usually not a pretty sight

  29. 29 VictoriaS

    thank you!

  30. 30 VictoriaS

    wohooo thank you! too epic

  31. 31 makoto

    I’m out of town for 15 days and can’t download this episode yet. So I’m grateful to be able to read the recaps instead. Lots of thank from Indonesia. 🙂

  32. 32 Suzi Q

    Not really buying the “Who’s Your Daddy Plot”. Don’t care and terribly boring dragging it out to 13 + episodes….

    I glad to see Jung Yong Hwa’s cameo. He is so cute and a much a better actor than Jong hyun. Why didn’t they give Yong Hwa the part of Colin instead?

    We have to watch Jong hyun’s creepy dead pan performance. I like his singing though, but his acting sucks. He should take some acting classes.

    Colin likes Me Ahri? Yuk! Gag…..

    • 32.1 imprise

      LOL people start to bring yonghwa here, yonghwa isn’t a good actor too, only people that crazy over him from heartstring think he is good, how can he get lead role just with one flop drama before, he is way too boring i fast forward his cameo in this drama though, if you want to compare please pick the good one maybe Im Siwan, we dont even sure what character that colin have in this drama it not like YH ever act in many role before, he only act with similar role over and over again and people think he is good, so far i like the way jonghyun play this role, i can’t imagine yonghwa as this role coz he dont have that vibe…

    • 32.2 Noona

      Only YH avid fans thinks he is great actor blabla genius whatever

      Look at YH teeth, he can’t be Kim Dojin’s Son
      You want that bulky, tanning salon lover guy acts as 18yo lost boy?? silly

      • 32.2.1 lolo

        angry fangirl here! hehe
        i’m a cnblue fan and i don’t like when people badmouth them. but girls be real they both sucks.haha. the only good actor in cnblue is min hyuk.
        (yh looks hot tanned. don’t mess with it).

        the story is going to slowly for me.

        love these recaps.

        (sorry for my fangirl coment. realy sorry. and for my horrible english)

        • nouastella

          Agree with u though…I’m a fan of Cnblue but I’m realistic enough to see they are not award winning actors….

          That’s y they pick Jonghyun for the role cos he is more suited than Yonghwa, why would someone bring the issue of Yonghwa better than Jonghyun?If that is the case they should have cast him then.

          Heartstring maybe a flop in Korea but so popular in other countries…guess everyone have different preferences so at IMPRISE, ur in minority.

      • 32.2.2 Jeny

        You think that taking down on YH makes your biase JH look better? your getting the exactly different reaction….This is why people don’t like Idols in dramas, bias fans all over.

    • 32.3 sherry_laruku

      Yong Hwa is definitely better in playing a STIFF guy.. Check out YAB. Jong Hyun lost to Yong Hwa in the stiff department as a first-timer 😉

      Anyways, I still adore CN Blue despite their stiffness sometimes in their acting department as well as their stiffness when it comes to dancing. LOL! Thank goodness for their guitars and music!

  33. 33 Trinity

    Thanks for the recap, orangy911. Appreciate it as always!

  34. 34 Rebecca34

    Like other I do think the plot is a bit meandering but I don’t mind much. It’s got a bit of slice of life genre feel. I don’t care about Colin and strongly support the returning of the minor to his parents. Or let him live off of coins procured from his park pop songs. As long as he meanders off my screen. And I have no idea what kpop idol he is??

    Jack pot! Yoon progressed from utter resistance of Love to neutrality and a bit of surrender. And MA didn’t cry in front of him!! I think Tae San is just in a bad mood because of Se Ra. I don’t understand why MA is so upset. I would have either laughed in incredulity at him or gotten super mad. No tears. No fear. Odd reaction.

    Meander on AGD. Thanks for the recap!

    • 34.1 nouastella

      FYI,Colin or Lee Jonghyun is a member of a band and not a kpop idol.
      And if u don’t care about his story, sorry but a lot of us are watching AGD cos of him and the daebak story of 4 “gentlemen”. In fact, a lot of us fall for all the cast and the drama as well.

      • 34.1.1 rebecca34

        I did not state I did not appreciate his acting abilities. For his first role I don’t think he’s doing a horrible job and I’m assuming he was actually singing at the end which was nice to listen to. I was criticizing the writers and producers for adding yet another cliche kdrama storyline to this otherwise well written story. But even if I did criticized him directly I fail to see why someone would take offense to it. It is simply my opinion and there are far more important things in life to get upset about. Guess I should not even reply but I hate excessive celebrity loyalty lol

    • 34.2 df

      Yes I agree, it’s definitely a “slice of life” genre and the characters are interesting and endearing enough that the plot circles aren’t so off putting for me personally..

  35. 35 JD

    AHHHH I love this drama. It’s been a while since I’ve actually waited around for the next episode release!

  36. 36 Annaaa

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    Btw! Does anyone know where you can find a light blue drink in California!?!?! The flavor doesn’t matter TT TT

  37. 37 red

    Theres so much wrong with this drama, but its so addictive!!!!

    Can I say out of all the characters Kim Ha Neul has played this is probably the character that I hate the most.

  38. 38 memyself

    Do Jin gets straight to the point and urges Yong Hwa to get back to his table because the people in his party are total loners. ::giggle:: Oh writer Kim. The pop culture references never get old.
    what is he referring to??

    • 38.1 sherry_laruku

      sad sad sad sad sad sad sad.. tonight gaseumi apa
      oh no no no no nobody knows mam molla
      one two three four five six seven night…


      • 38.1.1 memyself

        and what is that? a sung? sorry I ask but I really don’t know. U mean he is referring to a sung

        • lolo

          I’m a loner. CN Blue debut song.(yonghwa’s and jonghyun’s a.k.a collin band )

          • memyself

            that they are both in CN Blue, I knew that much 😀 but haven’t heard many of their songs. Or rather haven’t heard many Korean songs apart from the drama OSTs.

        • sherry_laruku

          Yes… CN Blue song… I’m a LONER

        • memyself

          Thanks guys for answering my question.
          the problem I face while watching movies and TV series from other countries is the cultural references i have no idea about, and THAT drives me nuts. I want to understand every detail and when I don’t, many a times I yell at the monitor saying”what was that all about?!!”
          I faced this situation many times while watching friends. everybody was laughing but I didn’t have the slightest clue as to what was what :))
          anyway .. thanks a LOT 🙂

          • Sabah

            Snap! Same here!

            We could always do what Joey did… Hehe.

  39. 39 nouastella

    Finally, someone sees what I see in Jonghyun’s acting and Colin’s character in this drama!!! My point is, he’s not given enough screen time and he is portraying the character quite well. Maybe cos most of the readers here considers him as idol that’s why they are biased with their observation.

    And what the heck with someone saying Jonghyun”s singing is okay? Are you deaf, Or something? The song is so beautiful and Jonghyun’s voice is daebak.

  40. 40 Ann

    Dong Hyub has a bigger role than some people realize, as far as the show is concerned. Without him mugging DJ in the beginning, we would have missed the relationship that YS has with Yoon, we would have missed the plot point with the memory problems. He can bring up small bits of the story in a unified way instead of either having random unconnected ways of bringing things together, OR making things too isolated and have every little quirk brought into place with the main cast.

    Next, he gives YS the opportunity to show her intelligent, wise, logical side. Without the insight in the classroom and how she handles the problems of her students, she’d look like a big bubble headed idiot. She’d just be another girl for DJ. This shows her personality in other ways. She’s a teacher, not just a potential mate. Showing them all outside of their relationships is good. I think if we saw more of Me Ah Ri with maybe some friends, or even a little bit more with her coworker, she’d seem less pathetic. Would love to see her follow her passion more with designing.

    And in Ep. 14, I think he (DH) plays a role too, but we’re not discussing that here.

  41. 41 kayana20

    Tthe fanwares and angst over ep 14, personal opinions, CNblue acting, and who we think in the cast is horrible at acting the role perfectly. I love AGD and all it’s plotpoints even if 2 of the couples work my nerves sometimes. I do want to thank everyone though who has made me laugh reading their thoughts. It’s obvious some take this drama too seriously and don’t watch it unbiasedly.what’s the point of watching a drama if you can’t get into it and accept the cliches because behind everyone their is a happy ending coming. I love Kim Eun sook and I am sure she won’t disappoint us with what she does next with this week’s episode. Now let me go rerun AGD because I just love Yi-Soo and Do-Jin during happier times.

  42. 42 df

    woo! can’t wait for episode 14 recap and discussion! also saturday is almost here! so happy 🙂

  43. 43 Lilian

    Oh wow! I totally din know about Yong Hwa’s cameo. Loved it. Esp since she mentioned being with a.youngee guy. And.I love the Big Bang joke too. haha…..

  44. 44 Suet

    I am so glad I found this website and orangy911 you are amazing! Reading your recap and comments made me smile.
    Please keep it up.

  45. 45 jen

    The relationship between Me Ah Ri and Yoon is a little creepy, but Yoon knowing the fact that it is creepy and they are 17 years apart makes the “creepy factor” go down. He makes it seem real and plausible, because his feelings and reactions towards having feelings for her seems normal. Just my 2 cents.

  46. 46 qtanit

    Hi! Does anyone knows the song which a piano girl sang before colleen starts the guitar song?

  47. 47 mellisa

    can someone pls tell me the name of the song played while Hong Se Ra was watching Tae San in the field?

  48. 48 keny

    can anyone tell me what is the song that is played in the 15 min when me ahri is send back home???

  49. 49 amri jang

    @skelly, stop whining just quit watching the drama. That’s what you should have done in the first place. Your comments or should I say criticisms seem to center only on JDG. It was excusable if you were attacking the Do Jin character he played. But insulting and making up stories about JDG, the actor is highly overboard. You were certainly out of line. You have so much hatred in your heart. You assume a lot as if you were JDG’s PA that you knew everything about the man. If you can’t say anything nice and knew nothing about JDG’s personal whereabouts, just shut up. We don’t need your opinion. So your real name is skelly? Maybe you have lots of skeleton in your closet indirectly revealing them through your criticism ascribing them at JDG. Oh yes sure we will definitely skip reading your comments from this day on because it’s purely nonsense.

  50. 50 shinya

    It’s clear as day that Orangy911 is anti-Colin! Just admit it already! Mwahahah!!!!

    Much as Jonghyun is my bias in CNBlue, I find his acting annoying. Not because he is deadpan or stiff, because I think that was what Colin is supposed to be–creepy and mysterious (to go along with his vampire looks), but because he is a smart aleck. Heck, if he talks back at me like how he irks Meahri, I will smack him with a china bowl on the head.

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