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Big: Episode 14
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Just when you think you’ve gotten through all the major revelations, more twists and turns come barreling through everyone’s lives like a tornado. The twists are cool, but the way everyone’s acting has me climbing the walls and losing my patience. Must everyone be on the path to noble idiocy? And if you get found out and keep going down that road anyway, doesn’t that just make you… an idiot? Thankfully Kyung-joon’s heartbreaking reactions keep me grounded in the moments, otherwise I’d just be throwing things.


In a dream, Da-ran walks down a hall, where Kyung-joon is standing at the end, bathed in light. Or is it Yoon-jae? She asks, and he answers cryptically, “The one Gil Da-ran wants it to be.”

Then they’re suddenly in a dark hospital room, with a body covered by a sheet. It’s Kyung-joon’s body, and she asks who this one is. “The one Gil Da-ran let go.”

She looks back over in alarm, and then they switch places – Yoon-jae in the bed, and Kyung-joon standing next to her. And then back again, as Yoon-jae says, “The one you let go will disappear forever.”

Crap. That’s pretty much worst-case scenario, as far as omens go. She looks back, and then they both disappear, and she’s left standing there alone.

She wakes up with a start and finds Kyung-joon awake too. She asks if he’s sick and tries to drag him to the hospital, but he pulls away coldly, saying that if she pushes, he’ll just run away.

He looks down at his watch and scoffs, thinking now that she cuffed him to her because of this, and not because she wanted him by her side. Ow, that hurts my heart. Stop letting him think these horrible things!

In the morning, he ignores breakfast and the note to go to the hospital from Da-ran, and Mari comes by with a see-didn’t-I-tell-you-so, to confirm that Da-ran followed through with the lie. Now you’re gloating? Can we put her on a plane already?

Kyung-joon asks her point-blank if she asked Da-ran to lie to him, and Mari stammers a no. But he says it doesn’t matter – regardless of the reason, he can never forgive the fact that Da-ran let him go.

He says he doesn’t need anybody and doesn’t care. He’ll just give them what they want and then disappear forever. Aw. See what happens when you lie?

Da-ran goes to see the boys’ mom and asks what’ll happen to Kyung-joon after the transplant. Mom says Dad will take care of him.

Da-ran insists that Kyung-joon will wake up, and demands that Mom beg that child for forgiveness, and even if he says he’s fine and pushes her away, to grab hold of him and spend the rest of her life making it up to him. “Don’t ever leave him alone.”

Mom: “Don’t concern yourself with that child. Yoon-jae comes first.” Da-ran: “No. Kyung-joon-ie comes first.” Hell yeah. Finally she does something I can cheer for. She asks for Mom to promise to put Kyung-joon first. And you trust this woman to keep her word?

Da-ran asks her to swear that she’ll say that she’s sorry and grateful to Kyung-joon in front of Yoon-jae, otherwise she won’t convince Yoon-jae to undergo treatment. Mom agrees.

She drags Kyung-joon out to dinner with the parents, and he goes with revengey thoughts, wondering how traumatized they’d be if he told them it’s Kyung-joon in their precious Yoon-jae’s body.

But he doesn’t go through with it, and Mom does what Da-ran asked. She tells Yoon-jae that they’re always really sorry and grateful for Kyung-joon and want to keep him close and make it up to him when he wakes up.

That gives Kyung-joon pause, but he says that that isn’t necessary. Mom says she’s going to hold onto him and spend the rest of her life making it up to him, and adds that it’s what Da-ran asked of her.

Da-ran says that Kyung-joon is kind and smart, and notes that Mom picks the beans out of her rice just like Kyung-joon does. She says that if she nags him enough, he’ll eat the beans when she’s not looking because he’s a good kid who listens to your requests when you ask sincerely.

Mom marvels that a child she’s never met could take after her in some way. And then she admits that it could very easily have been the other way around—Kyung-joon could have been her son and Yoon-jae born to save him. What?

She explains that Yoon-jae and Kyung-joon aren’t just brothers… they’re fraternal twins, separated on purpose by the parents. One to be born right away through in vitro, the other saved for later. Saved for later?! Like a frickin’ cookie?!

She says that the order could just as easily have been reversed. Kyung-joon gapes, “That’s when it was decided? That Yoon-jae would be first and Kyung-joon would wait… and then wake up when he was needed? That was it?”

Da-ran takes his hand, but he throws her off and storms out, “This time it’s Seo Yoon-jae’s turn to wait, so go ahead and wait with desperation.”

Damn. They’re TWINS? Separated by twelve years? Well it’s far more interesting than a pair of brothers, I’ll give you that.

Da-ran chases him out and he throws his hand up, “You said Seo Yoon-jae’s hand is warm but mine is cold. Now we know why. I had to wait so long it froze.” Ouuuuch. He goes to the hospital and sits with his body, wondering aloud why they keep telling him things he never wanted to know.

Da-ran sits at home with the Miracle book, wondering, “If all this is a miracle, then Kyung-joon-ie has to have a happy ending.”

Choong-shik gets grilled about noona’s marital status, and Mom asks if he’s figured out who KKJ is. He says he searched all the teachers and Da-ran’s friends, but came up empty. He wonders, “Maybe it’s not a person, but a code… like… Kiss Kiss Jagi-ya.” Pfft.

What’s ever funnier is that Mom calls him smart, and asks him to keep searching. Choong-shik IS smart enough to know that the only KKJ in noona’s life is Kang Kyung-joon, but of course wouldn’t suspect that connection in a million years.

Kyung-joon goes to see Aunt and Uncle to tell them that he’s going to be taking over care of Kyung-joon and his estate. They kick up a fuss, but “Yoon-jae” has his bases covered—he has legal consent from Kyung-joon and he’s his hyung.

Uncle’s jaw drops to realize that they share a dad, and he says that when Dad came by, he sang a different tune. He said he didn’t care about the money, but just wanted to take care of Kyung-joon, because he was the son of the woman he loved.

That in turn confuses Kyung-joon, who says Hee-soo would never have done that for love. It must have been money. But this time it’s Uncle who knows his sister better than anyone, and says she grew up wealthy to begin with—it was for love that she had Kyung-joon and raised him in the States all alone.

That just gets Kyung-joon’s blood pressure rising yet again, as he says with fire in his eyes that those people used his mother’s love for their gain. He confronts the parents, demanding to know if Dad loved Hee-soo.

He says he did, but has no right to. With tears and a quivering lip that just breaks my heart, Kyung-joon searches Dad’s face, “If you loved her, you should’ve stopped her! How could you just leave her be? You used her!”

Mom admits that it was all her doing—she asked Hee-soo, because there was nothing she wouldn’t do to save Yoon-jae. Kyung-joon turns her words around and says there’s nothing he can’t do now then, and walks out.

Mom is hateful, there’s no doubt about that, but she’s willing to take all the blame, even for Dad’s part in everything, which makes me think she feels a lot guiltier than she lets on.

Mari has followed him back and forth this whole time, and now as he walks past her dejectedly, her heart sinks.

Da-ran waits and waits and calls and calls, with no answer. Kyung-joon sits at a bar nursing a drink, and I guess it says something about the portrayal of the character that it looks wrong to me. You’re barely legal!

He thinks back to Mom’s words about Hee-soo being kind and willing to listen to their request, the same words Da-ran had used to describe him. He balls up his fist in anger.

Mari tries to follow him in but gets denied at the door, so she has to turn back. Kyung-joon finally answers a call from Da-ran and says that he’s drinking. “Stop me if you can. Because I’m a good kid who listens to your requests when you ask sincerely.”

She comes running in to find him lining up shots of whiskey. He tells her to ask him sincerely to stop, and if her sincerity gets through, he will. He picks up the first glass, “Do you really think those people are my parents?” She says yes. He downs the shot.

He picks up the second, “Do you think that I have to accept and listen to those people, who aren’t even parents?” She answers yes. He downs another.

She begs him to stop acting like a child. He says it’s not working and gulps down another one. He asks if she thinks it’s a given that he should give up everything for Yoon-jae. She sighs and answers yes again, because that’s how Yoon-jae will live. He grumbles that it’s killing him, and drinks.

She tries to stop him, and he whirls around and yells at her to tell him the truth then. “Tell me to do whatever I want! That no matter what I do, that I come first! That because I’m first, you can let go of everything else!”

Oof. It’s everything she’s feeling, but she doesn’t admit it, and says that she can’t. “You won’t do that. Because you’re a good kid.”

He looks at her with heartbroken eyes, “You sincerely believe that. That because I like you, I’ll do whatever you ask.” She says yes, “Because I trust you.”

He finally stops with the drinks and gets up, refusing to let her touch him. He washes his face in the bathroom and says aloud to himself, “I won’t be used so easily, like my mother was.” He turns to go, and leaves his watch on the sink. Sadness.

Mari comes running in with a guardian in tow, but Kyung-joon is long gone. The manger says her friend left his watch behind though, and she takes it.

At home, Kyung-joon picks up the Miracle book with a smirk, fueled by drunken anger. “Miracle? You mean a miracle for Seo Yoon-jae, and misfortune for me.” He throws it to the ground and stalks off.

Da-ran picks it up and reads it, thinking that Kyung-joon saved Yoon-jae when he was born, then Yoon-jae saved Kyung-joon in the accident. And now it’s Kyung-joon’s turn to save Yoon-jae… only if this is the end, how will it be a happy one?

Se-young meets Mom for coffee and says that Yoon-jae needs the transfusion soon. Mom says that Da-ran is trying to convince him, but she’s curiously more concerned about Kyung-joon. Se-young thinks that’s weird, since she assumed Yoon-jae would be her priority.

Da-ran makes breakfast and tells Kyung-joon to go the hospital. Today he says he will, replying numbly that he’ll do as she asks and get it all over with.

It’s then that they both notice his watchless wrist, and he searches his room for it. Well at least you didn’t know—I thought you left it at the bar on purpose. Da-ran asks him about it, but he pretends not to notice or care.

He wonders to himself what the point of finding it is, when he’s going to leave it all behind. At school Da-ran sighs thinking that if she had just given it to him as a regular ol’ birthday gift, he could’ve just kept wearing it.

Ae-kyung absently asks what time it is, and Da-ran looks down at her own watch. It’s actually 10:10, and Da-ran breaks down in tears, “It’s 10:10. Ae-kyung-ah… I think it’s going to be 10:10 for the rest of my life!”

At the hospital, Kyung-joon administers the drug to his comatose body, and Se-young marvels that when Yoon-jae does it, Kyung-joon stays calm. He mutters if this is what he studied medicine for, feeling bitter about its use now.

He says that Seo Yoon-jae is pathetic, and Se-young says that Kyung-joon wouldn’t think that way about saving his big brother, but Kyung-joon says he would very much, actually. Heh. Can’t argue with that.

He then takes Da-ran to see his parents, and agrees to be treated—but at Dad’s hospital in Germany, and by himself. He asks if they love him to stay by Kyung-joon’s side.

Da-ran runs after him to say she’ll go with him, but he asks her to keep her one promise, to be there when he wakes up in his own body. She promises that she will.

Da-ran tells her family that Yoon-jae will be in Germany for a while because of work, and that she’ll be back home. They worry, and she doesn’t tell them anything, but does indicate that she and Yoon-jae are not planning their futures together.

Choong-shik is already depressed at that news, when Mari says she’s planning to leave to chase after someone else. She tells him to erase her from his brain.

He points to his head and says it won’t matter. She’s not in there, but in here, and taps his heart. So cute. How could you not love him?

Da-ran gives Kyung-joon a plane ticket from his dad and says they’ll all come to the airport. She asks if he’s going because of her, and offers to move out of the house if that’ll get him to stay.

He says he’s selling the house anyway, and tells her to throw everything they gave each other out, and he’ll do the same. He adds coldly that the only thing she ever did for him was give him that watch, and since he already lost it, there won’t be much cleaning up for him to do.

But once she’s gone he heads to the bar to retrieve it, and finds that Mari has her grubby paws on it. He finds her at the hospital and demands she give it back. She swears she doesn’t have it and he calls her a liar, but she says she’s going to stick to her lie until he lets it go. He tells her to lie to the end then.

Da-ran shows up at the bar to look for the watch, only to hear that Kyung-joon came to do the same. She lights up at that, but when she gets home, she sees him throwing out the watch box.

She asks if he’s really going to throw it away, and he says he’s not like someone who picks up something she threw away to wear it again. He glances at her ring, and she instinctively hides it.

Her heart sinks all over again, thinking he found the watch just to throw it away.

He visits his body in the hospital, staring at the Miracle picture from his wallet. This time he drops it on the ground without looking back. But the wind picks it up and it floats away…

Kyung-joon goes to say goodbye to the parents, saying cryptic things like, “It’s the last time, so give your son a hug,” and “Keep waiting for your son to return,” like he’s on a suicide mission. I have a bad feeling about this.

Downstairs he says goodbye to Da-ran and tells her to hug Yoon-jae too, but she tells him to stop acting this way. She takes out the Miracle book and says she’s thought long and hard about the miracle that swapped their souls.

“Isn’t it possible that your body grew so that your heart could grow and you could deal with these things like an adult?” He argues that his body may have grown overnight, but his heart didn’t, and he’s not an adult.

She believes firmly that all this happened so that he can be happy—so that he could have a family. All he needs to do is open his heart to accept them. But he says curtly that there’s no such thing as a miracle to rapid-grow a heart.

She wants him to wake up and be happy, but he says this story is about Yoon-jae being happy, so she can wait for Yoon-jae to return and be happy with him and his family, while Kyung-joon disappears from the picture.

With that, he heads to the airport alone.

Da-ran and the parents wait by Kyung-joon’s bedside, and Mom wonders how she’ll face him when he wakes up. Da-ran just asks her to be sincere, and Mom admits now that she couldn’t accept him because of Dad’s love for Hee-soo. But Dad had the hardest time of all, because he loved her and spent his whole life being unhappy.

Kyung-joon arrives at the airport, where Mari is already packed and waiting. She tells him she’s going to Germany with him, and he tells her she can go, since he never planned on going there in the first place. I knew it! You had all the signs of a teenage runaway.

He says he’s going to disappear in this body, and leave them all waiting and wondering. He tells Mari to go back and tell them about the body swap too—that way they’ll be in even bigger pain.

Mari tries to stop him—it’s dangerous. What if something happens and he dies? But Kyung-joon scoffs that when it becomes dangerous for this body, he’s sure that Yoon-jae will figure it out and re-swap, since this is all about him. He stalks off, leaving Mari panicked.

He won’t listen to her, so she calls Da-ran in tears. Da-ran runs to the airport, thinking back to what he said at the bar, that the only way to stop him was to be sincere and tell him the truth.

She catches up to him just before he enters the gate, and he stops in his tracks at the sound of her voice, but doesn’t turn around. She says through tears:

“I’ll tell you the truth. Will you listen? Your father loved your mother sincerely. But to save his sick son, it was the only thing he could do. So he spent his whole life unhappy. Kyung-joon-ah, don’t go. Save Yoon-jae-sshi, even if it’s difficult. In exchange I’ll live the rest of my life being unhappy. I probably will anyway… because I love you.”

OR… you could just be happy with each other?? Sigh. Anyway…

A tear falls as she says the words, and he turns to face her. He wonders how things could be this way, because now Gil Da-ran will end up unhappy too.

Mari walks up to see them facing each other in tears.

At the hospital, Teddy finds the Miracle picture that Kyung-joon dropped, and gives it to Rabbit to make her feel better. These two are so cute. She recognizes it right away as the angel picture that Doctor Seo showed her a while back, from his book.

At home, Da-ran says as much to Kyung-joon, that Yoon-jae had the book too, and that he must’ve been searching for Kyung-joon intending to make things better for him, not worse. Kyung-joon complains that he should’ve woken up in the other body then, if he was so concerned, instead of leaving him alone to deal with all this.

He picks up the book and decides to go find out the story from Dad. Dad says he drew the pictures, but didn’t write the story. That was Hee-soo.

Kyung-joon goes to ask the art professor about it, since she first gave it to him asking for him to pass it along to Yoon-jae on his eighteenth birthday. The professor recalls now that she had made the book in hopes that when the two brothers would meet someday, that they would help each other find happiness.

She had always thought of Yoon-jae with a thankful heart, because he’s the reason she had Kyung-joon in her life. She had planned that when Kyung-joon grew to be Yoon-jae’s age, she’d tell him about his parents and his brother, so he wouldn’t be lonely.

Kyung-joon argues that it’s not exactly going according to plan—nothing he’s discovered will help make Kyung-joon’s life any happier. But the professor argues just the opposite. Kyung-joon knows nothing of what happened while he was sleeping. So when he wakes up, he will have a brother and parents waiting for him.

Then a new truth dawns on Kyung-joon, and he sits a while with the book to suss it out. “To be the happy miracle that Mom wanted, my memory has to disappear from that moment [of the accident]. The reason that Seo Yoon-jae isn’t waking up in my body and has stopped time… Is that to save me, to make me happy? If that’s another miracle… when I return to my body, I lose the memory of everything that happened here.”


Mari asks Da-ran why she said those things to Kyung-joon at the airport. Da-ran replies that nothing but the sincere truth would’ve stopped him. Mari asks nervously: Then is she going to hold onto Kyung-joon?

Da-ran says no, “Because I like him so much, I said I wouldn’t hold onto him.” BUH. If the theme in this drama is that adults do everything ass-backwards, then I guess kudos for sticking to your guns. I’ll just go be annoyed in the corner.

She sighs that she wanted to hide it and let Kyung-joon return to his place, and Mari tells her to erase it all from her brain. Da-ran wishes she could.

At the same time, Kyung-joon sits at home, thinking of all his happy memories with Da-ran, as if watching them replay in front of him. He repeats her words, “It’s strange. Why am I so happy you came?” He smiles and reaches out to her, but she disappears.

He starts to cry, and this is an angst that I understand and agree with—the fear that going back will be giving up the fact that he loved her… I mean, what higher price could there be?

He makes her his famous chicken dish for dinner that night, and says that tomorrow is the big day. He tells her to be by Yoon-jae’s side instead, and not to be there when he wakes up. He makes her promise. Oh god, this is killing me.

He says that he’s going to pretend like none of this ever happened, so not to feel too bad. She agrees that if he acts like it never happened, she will too. No! Don’t do it!

She’s on the verge of tears so she goes to the fridge, and muffles her cries. At the table Kyung-joon starts to cry too, and covers his mouth. They each cry silently, not wanting to be heard by the other.

It’s D-Day, and Kyung-joon braces himself, as Da-ran and Mari wait outside. Se-young finishes prep and he says he’ll do it himself, and the machine starts to pump the blood from Kyung-joon’s veins.

He holds his own hand. At the same time, Teddy and Rabbit hold the Miracle picture and argue over which angel is prettier, while spinning the card back and forth.

The room starts to spin and Kyung-joon falls to the ground.

Se-young comes to tell the girls that Yoon-jae collapsed. Mari takes off running toward Kyung-joon. He’s still asleep.

Da-ran goes to Yoon-jae. He stirs awake and she calls out to him nervously, “Kyung-joon-ah.”

He looks back at her without saying anything, and gets up. He looks around, confused, slowly taking it all in.

She asks again, “You’re Kyung-joon-ie, right?”


Ooh, you WOULD cut there. If they’re going to swap back at all, they’d better have swapped there, otherwise yet another fakeout would just make me kick something. I want enough time in the final week for Da-ran to show us that she loves Kyung-joon the same in his own body, and if they don’t switch back now, there’s not a lot of screentime left to convince me. I’m not worried that she won’t, but I need to see it in drama time to be left satisfied at the pairing, because we’ve spent ninety percent of the drama getting attached to the hero in the wrong body.

While I understand each character’s motivation for perpetuating a lie, it’s stupid and frustrating when you consider the alternative, which involves trusting the other person to be mature and just do the right thing. At least Kyung-joon’s big rebellion made Da-ran confess her feelings, though it packs less of a punch than the first time, because you’ve spent the entire last episode going, but you guys already know that you love each other! This whole noble sacrifice trope is such a staple of dramaland that when I encounter characters who just take the other face value with no new twist, it leaves me frustrated.

I think the memory dilemma is far more interesting as far as big final arcs go, because then you’re setting up something massive for Kyung-joon to lose in saving Yoon-jae. I wish this had been the focus of the will-he-or-won’t-he-save-him, rather than the family strife and just wanting to make them feel bad. They certainly deserve that and worse, but ultimately I don’t care about that nearly as much as I do about the soul-body-teacher love triangle.

I like the idea that Yoon-jae might not be waking up in Kyung-joon’s body to somehow facilitate his waking up with a clean slate, to give his little brother a second chance at life. And on the flipside is Kyung-joon’s price, in forgetting that he ever loved Da-ran, and that she loved him back. It’s a great conflict, and I think one that should’ve been given more weight instead of the parental drama.

The twin twist is a great one, since it makes the age question even stranger. It’s so much crueler to know that the order could have been reversed, and that Kyung-joon could have been the older one who was the right age for Da-ran, and that it was just a luck of the draw, weird twist of fate that he ended up the twin born twelve years later. In that sense the age gap is artificial, and Kyung-joon should technically be twelve years older than he is right now. How strange to think of the body swap as Fate course-correcting. I still hold out hope that the real solution for a happy ending to the so-called miracle is to return to their own bodies, souls intact. Even if Kyung-joon wakes up with no memory of the events of the past year and he has to fall in love with Da-ran all over again from the beginning, I’d rather he do that than be stuck in his brother’s body for the rest of his life, twin or not.


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    If there’s one thing I’m thankful for in this drama is my “discovery” of Gong Yoo. I’m off this train by now, but sometimes i tune in just for him. Was never a fan of CP, but boy do I love him here.

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        Gong Yoo was very good in Dogani but what made this movie spectacular were the youth actors/actresses. They were unbelievably good in a movie where it’s so tragic and painful, made worse because the movie is based on a true story. It IS an incredibly great movie but bring boxes and boxes of tissues and be prepared to go on an emotional roller coaster ride! This is no easy carousel.

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          I feel like have to steel myself before going in. Animals and children strikes me to the core. D:

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    • 3.7 katiamon

      is this a sucky season almost every drama? I mean, Dr. Jin, Big and AGD are terribly, its super absurd plots and extreme noble idiocy overdose. They must get into the box of nails!
      I’m sticking with Gaksital and Ghost, GAKSITAAAAAL!

      • 3.7.1 katiamon

        is this a sucky season almost every drama? I mean, Dr. Jin, Big and AGD are terrible, with their super absurd plots and extreme noble idiocy overdose. They must get into the box of nails!
        I’m sticking with Gaksital and Ghost, GAKSITAAAAAL!

        • MaryElenaMz

          i am right there with you this season for some reasons most dramas are just barely making the cut when they had such sublime premises… they’ve all just fallen short ‘cept for ghost and gaksital

        • redfox

          I am o Train Gaksital as well, I feel nostalgic cause I like these Zorro-type heroes. except for the fact the white outfit makes him look like a madhouse patient.

          But I am waiting forward to Big parodies!

      • 3.7.2 Awe

        I DO – I DO agree with you about sucky drama season.

        Gaksital, Ghost and I DO I DO are my watchables.

        Golden Time is starting to get interesting—-although they need to stop all the bickering during patient care—its so unprofessional.

  4. sita

    finally! oh 2 episodes again 🙁
    i wonder if Da Ran still love KJ if he switch to his own body

    • 4.1 Lilly

      My guess is she will, and since they are twins when she sees him again when he is older he will look like his older brother.

      • 4.1.1 jane

        that’s exactly what I thought. lol. because in the end it HAS to be LMJ with GY.

        • jane 2.0

          Yes! It really has to be Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo. They look sooo good together!

      • 4.1.2 Pepper Fish

        But they are technically fraternal twins, so they probably wouldn’t look alike in real life. But this is dramaland, and I could totally see them doing another time jump just to have GY play an older KKY.

        • my_diaries

          I second that . So Gil Da-ran have to wait for KKY to grow like YJ ? . Its really messed up. It’d be inappropriate if KKY and Gil Da-ran will be together when KKY still teenager . gaah

      • 4.1.3 Kim Yoonmi

        They are FRATERNAL twins. No one caught that? Maternal twins look the same, fraternal twins don’t. She’s screwed.

        • come2noona

          Identical twins look “the same”.

        • Sapientia

          Well a very small percentage of fraternal twins can look alike, and this has led to the following speculation in the Medical World:
          “The proposed ‘third twin type’
          Some researchers believe there may be a third type of twin, although medical opinion is still divided. It is proposed that the egg splits in two, and each half is then fertilised by a different sperm. This theory is an attempt to explain why some fraternal twins look identical.”

      • 4.1.4 coolrepublica

        They will never look alike. they are fraternal twins.

        • Taber

          Its is differently possible for fraternal twins to look alike, Mary-Kate and Asley Olsen are fraternal twins and they look just alike.

      • 4.1.5 steadystrike

        Maybe it’s just me but Gong Yoo and Shin Won Ho looks alike a little bit.

  5. crazedlu

    i have less patience than you guys. hong sisters. :'( gaksital this drama to oblivion.

    • 5.1 Awe

      crazedlu: i agree.

      hong sisters have been dipping into the crack pot.

      hong sisters had to smoke it first because the handmade IVs from dr jin weren’t available until epis 4. since then, hongs have been mainlining a drip to crank out this bizarro crap.

      sigh. i can’t stomach watching it. and can only skim the recaps (no offense to girlfriday) . it’s just that the story is toooooo bizarro.

      i feel so sorry for girlfriday. hang in there, fighting!

  6. kirst3n

    angst, angst, angst…. Well it is a korean drama after all.

    • 6.1 msim

      I long for real drama angst – not false angst that could be cleared if one sentence was uttered.

      As an homage to the dramabeans-podcasts tradition, I had a couple of glasses. But no amount of wine can make this “noble idiocy” syndrome any better.

      • 6.1.1 bd


      • 6.1.2 Awe

        bottoms up, baby.

        let’s drink to ’tis the season of silly soaps’

    • 6.2 scarlett

      try watching filipino tele-series, em sure you’ll have a turn around on kdramas. ^__^

  7. Miki

    Thank you for the recap, girlfriday!
    It’s going to be torture waiting for next week… I couldn’t help but be frustrated with these week’s episodes! Noble idiocy is so overused in Kdramas. ><

    I just want to see how it all ends. I really really hope KJ will be ok.

  8. Laeah


    I am so ready for him to go back to his own body. I miss Kyung Joon’s body. haha

    I want them to start loving each other again somehow, even if he forgets, maybe she can wait until he grows up and then love him again? Too much to ask?

    • 8.1 jomo

      If we take the story as that he remembers everything before the accident, then he does remember DR.
      He did have a little crush on her.

      Only problem is he finds out she is married to his brother, and just starting divorce proceedings.

      They could remeet up later, and fall in love all over again. I’d take it if we get a redo of the umbrella scene like everyone suggested.

      • 8.1.1 coolrepublica

        This drama resolved itself in episode 14. Hong Sisters are predictable in their writing. They always give you the answer you just have to look for it.

        That conversation that Choong-shik had with Mari when she asked him to erased him from his head is the answer we are looking for. He said he can’t erased her from his head because she is in his heart.

        KKJ is going to have similar thing happen to him when he wakes up. He will not remember her at first, but little things will bring back memories and his heart will remember. I am guessing he is going to go back to the house to retrieve his bed or something and he is going to see the panda, the kitchen and it will come flooding back in his heart like a flood and will dramatically kiss her when he remembers and they will live happily ever after.

        So no worries he is not going to forget her.

        • Sapientia

          haha that is actually very likely. It would be too cliched if that really happens but now that you remind me of Choong Shik’s dialogue that could be very well what we are heading towards.. let’s see x]

          • klinc

            It’s gonna be the watch that does it.

    • 8.2 kilmenyanne

      I miss Kyung-joon’s body too 😀

    • 8.3 redfox

      the lack of the cute Kuyng Joon ruined the drama long ago. Yoon Jae should have woken up immediately and it should have been more about two “strangers” being swapped and loving the same woman and then discovering they are brothers as well.
      it started out funny, then became a romantic drama, then a weepy-creepy tearfest. I dont know what it is trying to be, I wouldnt give it 3/10 points but 8/10 for Gong Yoo. minus one, cause he let himself be talked into something so pointless and one more off for not insisiting on more humor and less angst.

      • 8.3.1 MAC

        I’m with you on this!

        I was thinking that Gong Yoo is really a good actor, but why the heck did he agree to do this drama? It pains me to see him wasting away to a crazy, confusing and convoluted drama. I’ve given up trying to find the logic in the story. It feels like a hodgepodge of funny, cute and tear jerker situations that they tried very hard to connect to each other just to come up with a story.

        Can you imagine what the ratings would have been if Gong Yoo is not the actor?

      • 8.3.2 Kim Yoonmi

        They chose to be pretty religious to the original Big movie… I didn’t expect that. (Only they combined the fiancé of the movie with the larger body)

        Which means the switch, like the movie will be the end of it.

        Only I think the drama will have a happy end v. the movie which was very, very bittersweet.

  9. Eternal

    Isnt’ the reason why she said “In exchange I’ll live the rest of my life being unhappy. I probably will anyway… because I love you” because she knows that once he saves Yoon-jae, and they switch back, it’ll be so much harder to get together. Cause technically, she’s married to Yoon-jae, and Kyung-joon is Yoon-jae’s kid brother.

    I think the reason why Da-ran chooses not to hold onto Kyung-joon even though she loves him is because she thinks that being happy with his new family and being happy with her are mutually exclusive. He can’t both be Yoon-jae’s kid brother and the Kyung-joon who’s stayed by her side the past year. Well technically, it’s possible. Just … frowned upon.

    Maybe I’m cutting Da-ran too much slack here. The lie she told at the end of Ep 13 did frustrate me, but I felt Ep 14 strangely made sense.

    Either way, Gong-yoo and Lee Min-jung’s crying scenes were amazing. This drama has made me such a big fan girl of Gong-yoo particularly 🙂

    • 9.1 Soso

      Hm, that’s a thought and thanks for sharing that. Maybe I can buy into that theory… but I guess it’s still noble idiocy, but at least with some kind of an explanation.

    • 9.2 flyingbunny

      I agree with you. It would be so hard for her and Kyung Joon to be happy when they switch back. She would cause a lot of drama for the family because I think we can assume that Yoon Jae really did love Daran in his own way and Daran was promised to marry him.

      Her lie at the end of episode 13 had me yelling at the TV, but she seemed to have her reasons this episode.

      I really really loved that confession though. I watched that part twice and teared up both times! haha

    • 9.3 redfox

      I don´t agree. th only thing Kyung Joon asked for once before was to be remembered as Kyung Joon by Da Ran

    • 9.4 PrincessSerenity81

      It might be hard for KKJ and Da ran to be together since she is married to YJ. Even though it is frowned upon (divorce and dating siblings) maybe, just maybe in drama land it might work. Her parents are also several years apart and they are living happily ever after.

      As for they MAJOR cliffhanger….man it better be good…after all this. >_<

  10. 10 21

    The whole twin set up was really cool but if their bodies are not swipe by the next episode I would be very angry. It has taken too long for the swipe to occur and time is running out to see what the real YJ is really like!!! THanks so much for the recap!

  11. 11 Soso

    Thanks for the fast recap. I’m with you, I just don’t get why they still can’t be together, if the memory is intact, anyway. Why does GDR have to give KJ up? Don’t get that.

    But this is a heck of an improvement over Ep. 10.

    And GY, he’s been so great in this drama, better than CP and BTSC. I wish he was in more dramas, but I haven’ heard great things about the other older ones. And the memory scene where he’s in the thank, wow, something about it is so sexy, even more than the full bare chested scene!

  12. 12 flyingbunny

    I loved this episode. Daran’s confession at the airport made me tear and KyungJoon’s memories of Daran on the sofa when he figures out he might not remember her was heartbreaking.

    I honestly really hated yesterday’s episode but this really made up for it! can’t wait until episode 15.

    The thing that really makes this drama for me is the acting. I never watched Coffee Prince before but after seeing how freaking awesome Gong Yoo is, I think I might have to go back and watch it. If he has other works that are recommendable, please let me know! I also love Lee Min Jung in this drama. Suzy… stick to singing please… =_=

    Thank you so much for recapping this drama, GirlFriday and Javabeans! I know there are a lot of people doing drama recaps on this site but but you two are definitely my favorites 🙂

    • 12.1 Rashell

      OMG…YES, go watch Coffee Prince! I really don’t think you’ll be sorry. That’s where I fell in love with Gong Yoo. That is a fabulous drama. Really.

      He’s also adorable in Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, but that drama is much harder to find.

      • 12.1.1 amhrancas

        Seconding the Coffee Prince nod, also- you might want to check out Finding Kim Jong-wook (aka: Finding Mr. Destiny), it’s both adorable and wonderful 8|b [ http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/11/gong-yoo-is-adorkable-in-finding-kim-jong-wook/ ]

        • Rashell

          I’m so dying to watch this and can’t find it anywhere with subs. Do you have any suggestions on where I could find it?

          • enz

            i found it on dramacrazy.net, rashell. i didnt think it was that good though – watchable fluff. much preferred s diary with kim sun ah – he is such a rascal there and nobody plays rascal better than gong yoo 🙂

          • Rashell

            Oh thanks for the site and the additional rec. I love Gong Yoo enough to watch BOTH!!! 🙂

          • Enz

            Rashell, get ready to enjoy the hot scenes of gong yoo and Kim sun ah.. Will make you wish you were the one in her place

          • Awe


            NETFLIX ftw! you can watch this instantly (no need to order dvd).

            it’s cute.

          • Z

            Look under Finding Mr. Destiny. I think I watched it on mysoju under that title.

        • flyingbunny

          Thanks so much, Rashell, amhrancas and enz for your recommendations!!! I will be all caught up with GongYoo in a couple of weekends 🙂

    • 12.2 bd

      CP is the most complete K-drama romcom (great writing dialogue, acting, characters, soundtrack – the works).

      The only negative I’d have to say is that it starts a little slow; doesn’t really get going until ep 6 or so until all the supporting characters (all the ‘Coffee Princes’) are introduced and all the relationships start to develop.

    • 12.3 enz

      my faves from gong yoo are coffee prince, s diary and crucible. i could not get into biscuit teacher and star candy coz there were multiple obsessive loves there involving teachers and students that disturbed me!! 🙂 i did finish it though, all to watch gong yoo :p

    • 12.4 Kiki

      Coffee Prince is the best kdrama I’ve ever seen. Absolutely everyone brought their A game to that one.

  13. 13 Rashell

    I just don’t know if there is an ending that will satisfy me in the time we have left. I don’t think there is enough time for DaRan and Kyung Joon to really show me a connection in his own body. But it seems so wrong to leave him stuck in Gong Yoo’s body. Buuuuuut it’s Gong Fricken Yoo! He has been so awesome through this whole drama making me care when I really didn’t want to. How can I not want him to get the girl? Oh, this drama just makes me stabby.

  14. 14 hey

    I read somewhere that Big is getting extended to 20 episodes! D:

    • 14.1 Awe

      no. please no. veto the extensions, pah-leazzze.

      this drama is wrong for all the right reasons.

      imma crying for gong yoo atm.

  15. 15 Yeng

    I am getting lost here…I mean I really dont get the point of Dan-Ran planing to leaving KKJ. She found out she love him and they already confess to each other right? so in order to save him, she has to leave him? Really dont find a connection there, nor a good reason of why she has to lie to KKJ in the first place. Can’t she just tell him to get treatment and support him, and promise to be by his side even when his body switch back because I thought she already made up her mind to give Yoon-Jae back the ring. So I was just frustrated the whole episode, not really understanding why she has to leave him, not that it involve saving him. She can both have him saved and be with him right. Or she is doing it for Mari’s sake?

    • 15.1 Brittni

      I don’t think she’s doing it for Mari. I do think she’s doing it for him because she doesn’t want him to be alone. If giving him up means he can have a family again then she’s willing to do that. Hence why she begged the mother to hold on to him no matter what and beg his forgiveness. And to the uestion can’t he have both well ,How can the family even understand it if when he wakes up she suddenly leaves her ” husband ” for a boy she barely knows thats been in a coma for a year. It woudn’t make any sense. Because obviously no one knows that she wasnt married to Young Jae so it would be weird. I think shes sees him having a family is the better choice.

      • 15.1.1 YY

        …and the boy happens to be her husband’s twin!

        • Kim Yoonmi

          fraternal twin. fraternal…..~

      • 15.1.2 redfox

        Is someone really loving a person when she is thinking “I can´t love him cause his family will think it weird???” If you love someone, you just do. If you REALLY love someone, you don´t care what others think or if it is weird or wrong. You can´t help it, and you will not just wipe your love out the door or put it in the Freak Box, locked up.

        • Soso

          I think she’s not saying she can’t love him b/c his family will think it’s weird… she’s saying she loves him, but being with him will be strange/weird/awkward/whatever. She wants him to be happy and for now she’s making the decision for him that he’ll be happier *hopefully* with his family and without her to mess up that new family relationship.

          • gretac

            But he doesn’t even like that family, and he loves DaRan – pretty sure if you asked him he’d say he’d rather have DR!

  16. 16 juul

    🙁 honestly even though i would like Kyung Joon to return to his body. the whole drama we’ve been too focused on Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body making us love his characher. Also if he loses his memory, basically all of the last 14 episodes of this drama have gone up in the air, maybe he will get his memory back somehow? ahh i can’t wait to see how it ends 🙂

    • 16.1 toritorisan

      I will be majorly mad if KKJ wakes up and “poof” his memories of D and everything is gone. What a waste of time… I have a feeling that this drama might have an ending where no one ends up with anyone. If they switch back, I will be really surprised if KKY ends up with D. Since GY is the star it would seem obvious that he ends up with D…

      • 16.1.1 Brittni

        I think that they are giving us the possibility that maybe him forgetting and everything returning to its place IS the best thing. I get the feeling all he really wanted was to be loved and have a family again.( The scene where Da ran is scolding her brother playfully and he watched them with like a wistful look.)I think that showed how much he craved that family bond. So part of me believes that him waking up and getting a family is almost better then the trials and complications that would arise if him and Da ran tried to continue their relationship. Think about it ,he was only her student for what a week? So if they suddenly announce they loved each other how would they explain it? He’s been in a ” coma ” for a year. Plus its her Husbands brother, if he chose her he would lose his family. It’s just a thought but maybe the end will be them apart with her resuming her life with Young Jae and him getting the family love he wanted.

        • Redge

          Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too. DR would start over with YJ but differently now after what she learned from her time with KJ.

          • Brittni

            Yeah I like the idea of Da ran staying with Young Jae bc I think he really did love her but maybe he found out he was dying so he didn’t want to go through with the wedding but didn’t know how to tell her. How do you tell someone you love that you’d be making them a widow? I think her being with Kyung Joon made her grow up a little bit although I could argue she hasn’t change all that much but maybe it made her value her feelings a bit more where in the begining she was a pushover. So them spending time together was mutually beneficial. He gets a family and she gets a better relationship with Young Jae although I still want to know how she’s going to explain the marriage thing. haha

          • Shiku

            I don’t think Daran will stay with YJ because she knows it will hurt KJ. I see her walking away from both of them.

        • boyofin

          the thing is i agree that ur prediction may very well be how the drama ends, it would be logical except for one flaw.

          kyung joon wakes up with no memory, with a family and hes happy. cool beans.

          yoon jae is healthy, gets the girl. cool beans.

          the flaw is da ran. yes i think she has grown up and matured, but her love for kyung joon won’t fade. if the story ends as u described, it will end as she told kyung joon at the airport, she will forever be miserable for his sake. i just don’t think that the hong sisters would end the drama on such a somber note haha, though i may be wrong.

          • juul

            also an important point to make was when Mari and Gil Daran’s bro were talking and she was telling him that she had to erase him but he said that it wasn’t in his brain, it was in his heart so he wouldn’t forget. Then Mari told the same thing to Daran to erase KKJ. Is this a correlation somehow? hmm..

          • Awe

            good point. thanks for sharing.

          • Awe

            good point. thanks for sharing.

  17. 17 jenjula

    Okay, but fraternal twins are genetically related in the same way any other siblings are -_-

    • 17.1 flyingbunny

      LOL. true!! but I guess the only difference here is that they were extracted from mom/dad at the same time… one was born through in vitro right away and the other one was frozen, but it could have easily been KyungJoon that was born first.

    • 17.2 shinko

      Yes!!! That’s exactly what I was thinking! But I still love this drama!

    • 17.3 invisibelle

      Yeah, I don’t think they’re actually twins. Or if they are, it’s by a really creepy definition that only exists in the mom’s mind.

    • 17.4 shel

      I have friends who were unable to have kids the old fashioned way. They did in vitro, and had several embryos frozen for a later pregnancy, while a few were implanted in her uterus. Only one survived, a girl. Two years later, they implanted more so that they could give this little girl a sibling.

      Technically, they are fraternal twins….conceived from the same mom and dad on the same day. But, they were born 2 years apart. They look similar, as siblings do, but not identical.

      And “maternal twins?” I never heard of maternal twins….

  18. 18 SillyRnti

    I agree GF that I want the drama to end with each guy in his own body with his soul intact. I’m crossing my fingers YJ is back in his body. Another possible twist if it is would be YJ deciding not to use KJ’s blood. Something along the lines of “Um, my bro has given me enough. Let’s not steal blood from an kid in a coma.” Whatever happens I really hope DR finally acts like an adult and tells both brothers that she’s fallen in love with KJ and, for God’s sake, grows some girl cajones.

  19. 19 Kiki

    Hopefully somebody got Gong Yoo a glass of water, after all he must have been dehydrated from all of that crying.

    • 19.1 juul

      it made me cry when he cried!

  20. 20 Hannah

    Thanks for the well-written and entertaining recap, girlfriday!!

    Can anyone please give me a link of the lyrics of Suzy’s I Still Love You(in hangeul)? I really love that song! I think I’ll be a fan of Suzy from now on! ^^

    • 20.1 oren-ji

      Here you go. 🙂



      I’m so glad Suzy gets so much love from her OST because to be honest her character Jang Mari is hard to like..lol Check her other OSTs as well; Too Much Tears from drama Me Too Flower, Winter Child from Dream High and You’re My Star from Dream High2. She’s improved so much.So proud of her.

    • 20.2 oren-ji

      Here you go. 🙂



      I’m so glad Suzy gets so much love from her OST because to be honest her character Jang Mari is hard to like..lol Check her other OSTs as well; Too Much Tears from drama Me Too Flower, Winter Child from Dream High and You’re My Star from Dream High2. She’s improved so much.So proud of her.

      • 20.2.1 msim

        I enjoyed crazy Mari until the last 2 episodes. She had been the one constant character who never deviated from her course: KKJ.

        I cannot believe she would actively plot to hurt her (in her head) boyfriend.
        Crazy, obsessive, delusional, and a fashion-criminal? Yes.
        Evil manipulator forcing others to lie? No.

      • 20.2.2 Hannah

        wow, thanks for the links, Orenji!!

        yeah, it’s really hard to like Mari’s character especially whenever she tries to break our OTP’s apart.. it really infuriated me when she lied to Kyung Joon and made stories about Da Ran knowing Kyung Joon’s real parents from the very beginning etc.. grrrr.. she’s adorable when she’s with Choong Shik, though.. they’re such a cute pair!! i hope Mari will get over with Kyung Joon and eventually end up together with Choong Shik.. hihi

  21. 21 jomo

    Thanks for the recap…and the laughs.

    I pretty spent after all the gasping and sobbing out loud, and sighing in relief that people said true things and KKJ found out he is precious and loved and good.

    If YJ comes back, and he was in there all the time watching and listening, he and KKJ can get on a plane to another country together, and divorces DR. KKJ remembers everything, finishes med school, becomes a doctor like the rest of his family.

    KKJ and DR make a promise to meet back up in a few years; Shin’s baby face pretty much rules out a story without a time jump. I would love to see them try to age him, though. Eventually DR marries KKJ.

    • 21.1 shinko

      I agree that KKJ and DR won’t be together immediately. I don’t think anyone would feel that satisfied ending with DR being with the manchild Shin. I can’t see how they’d actually age him since they’d have to change his voice too. He’s way too young to be married right away so there has to be a time jump.

    • 21.2 YY

      But is that allowed in Korea? To marry your brother’s ex-wife? Won’t that create a scandal?

      • 21.2.1 YY

        But if Yoon Jae dies and she becomes a widow, and marries the brother years later, that would be alright, I guess? That’s why I feel Yoon Jae will die for KJ and Dr to have a happy ending.

      • 21.2.2 jomo

        I really don’t understand the taboo against someone marrying brothers or sisters for that matter. Is it really a law somewhere?

        I mean, why would this be a problem? The lady is not blood related to her husband’s family, therefore, not the bro-in-law.

        • Ariane

          Would you really want someone in your family who divorced your elder son to marry your younger son? I know I wouldn’t and I don’t think it’s a cultural thing either. The sense of betrayal would never go away.

          • flyingbunny

            i agree… it’s not a legal issue but a moral issue.

        • schlieren

          If you’ve ever watched A 1000 Kisses, apparently it’s ten kinds of wrong. That show had waaay too many teary scenes and gave me a massive desire to give pretty much every single character a good shake. I don’t get the issue either…

    • 21.3 momosa

      … and Song Joong Ki takes over the role of adult KKJ. That will solve Shin’s baby face problem and I’ll be happy KKJ finally grow up and marry DR.

      • 21.3.1 faye

        ahahahahahaha!!! I would go for Soong Joong Ki or Yoo Ah-in as older KKJ!!! hahahahaha!!!

        It will be like this. KKJ and SYJ will be swapped back to their own bodies. KKJ will lose all his memories with GDR and all the time he spent in SYJ’s body however, SYJ knows it all. SYJ will also tell GDR that he loves her and he is just hesitant to marry her because he can’t in his dying state and he also wants to find his sibling, KKJ, that time. Remember that SYJ placed his passport and airline ticket inside the Miracle book so there’s a possibility that he knows what happened to Hee-soo and Kyung-joon and he is on his way to find his missing little brother. He said that in his essay (the one that Da Ran plagiarized) that he’s going to find the warm hand that saved him. So he really wants to find Kyung-joon!!! And for that, now that they swapped back to their respective bodies, he will give way to his younger brother’s happiness. I’m sure, through YJ’s explanation, their families will understand. Da Ran and Kyungjoon will now be allowed to have a happy ending! 🙂

      • 21.3.2 jomo

        SJK MUST cameo as Shin growed up!! He can take a break from his drama, can’t he?

      • 21.3.3 Kim Yoonmi

        And Shin won’t have to work and he can stay in bed, sleeping. Everyone wins~

        Everyone seems to be concerned for Shin because they still want to have him work from bed. Must be fun after a long day of modeling to just sleep.

  22. 22 CrazilyAddicted

    ohmygosh. when he cries, it seriously just breaks my heart. 🙁 aaaaaagh. I want mooooooore. I want to know. >_< waiting for the next episode will be torture.

  23. 23 panshel

    I’ve been faked out by a gaining conscious Gong Yoo so many times before, I’m not even holding my breath at who he is. -_- I want Shin to wake up and for the brothers to switch back.

    The forgetting-everything-post-accident twist is interesting, kind of like a spin on the cliche amnesia arc. But if he loses his memory, I hate that Da Ran need not do anything to win Kyung Joon’s love back because Kyung Joon had a crush on Gil Teacher all along. She’s such a despicably passive character, it frustrates the hell out of me. >_<

    I'm going to be livid if we hear nothing about Yoon Jae in the last two episodes. He was obviously trying to right his mother's wrongs and search for his brother. Please don't kill him off just to kill him off…

    • 23.1 YY

      Next Episode:

      Da Ran: Kyung…Kyung Joon-nie?

      Long silence.

      Gong Yoo: Sorry to disappoint you, Gil Teacher.

      Da Ran: Gah. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

      KJ: Gil Teacher, wait, what are you doing? No, Gil Teacher, noooooooo!

      Gil Teacher has leapt through the glass window in frustration.

      • 23.1.1 frustratedviewer


        Though I’d jump out of the window myself if that happens. And probably so would half the people here.

      • 23.1.2 jomo

        Da Ran: Kyung…Kyung Joon-nie?

        Long silence.

        Gong Yoo: Where’s jomo? I need her to survive.

        jomo: YES! I knew it!!

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Dahn Dan Dan… then people found out Jomo was married with kids and Gong Yoo Oppa leaves her because he says, “Sorry, I don’t do Makjang with married women–people like me in dramas always lose.”

          So, Yoonmi, who is only one year younger than Oppa shows up and says: “Oppa~ I’m single. I’m unattached. I have solved all my birth secrets. I’m no makjang material. Please accept me into your heart. Hoi-hoi?”

          So Gong Yoo accepts Yoonmi whose watched all his dramas and movies. And she finally gets to touch his chest and lips… uhh… I mean get to know him better as a person (and see him shower brood) I mean brood of his nestlings. Yeah….

  24. 24 Andrea

    I hate seeing kj cry it’s the reason I can’t bring myself to watch episode 13 and now I know 14 is no better. I can’t wait to see how this ends.

  25. 25 Anvesha

    I don’t get the logic of this drama sometimes!! I don’t understand why DaRan would “suffer because she loves him.” Say I love you but you should save your bro, regardless of how insensitive your stupid family is. How can anyone ever justify the mom’s cruelty? I even wished once that Yoon Jae would die, just to spite the mom’s ‘Yoon-Jae first’ mantra!

    Lastly, I can understand KJ’s dilemma about possibly losing his memory.. his noble idiocy stunt is reasonable and heartbreaking.

  26. 26 Byul

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, thanks to my history professor’s homework, so I decided to just skim through and see if gong yoo was going to break my heart any more than he has already done…and then OF COURSE I HAVE to see the part where he finds out they’re twins…I don’t know how that works cause I was too busy beating myself up for always finding the spoilers in the recap (I saw the kiss last time:D) but yeah. Gong Yoo. Don’t break my heart any more D:

  27. 27 oscyani

    hahahas.. Hong Sisters always leave us hanging till the very last episode.. they always keep the options open as to whether it will be a happy ending or not.. personally.. i dun know what’s a perfect ending for this drama already… i hope they really know what they’re doing!

    offfff to gaksitallllll~~ hahas

  28. 28 JD


    Wait wait wait I’m confused. Why is Da-Ran lying again???

  29. 29 oscyani

    damn… i’m not gonna buy any other storyline… i just want gong yoo!!!~ lols!

  30. 30 pumpkinattack


    Thanks for the recap! 😉

  31. 31 Summer

    Am I hearing things or are there 20 episodes instead of 16?

    • 31.1 joonyeon

      Rumours are spreading as such.. but I don’t see how that can benefit KBS financially, given the show’s low ratings. I also don’t see how this extension will benefit my sanity.

    • 31.2 YY

      No, please, please no. Enough of the are-you-KJ?-are-you-YJ? cliffhangers….I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!!

      • 31.2.1 cleo

        No. KBS has never planned for 20 episodes.
        The successor drama after Big will air in August because all 3 main TV stations are trying not to air dramas during the Olympic Games..which will start next week till mid August.

        • joonyeon


  32. 32 Vick

    Wake up and tell DR the truth and switch back! I love KKJ in YJ’s body!!!!!

  33. 33 stellar

    what i don’t get is….if they were really twins, how in the world did their parents know that yoon jae was going to be sick (if i remember clearly, he got sick at around 18 years old) and that they need to “keep kyungjoon for later” to save him. i mean, what excuse could they give for their actions?!

    • 33.1 zeTgi

      nope. he got sick at the age of 12… yeah i’m also wondering..

    • 33.2 Shukmeister

      A lot of couples will have multiple eggs fertilized and frozen during an in-vitro process, because implantation is not 100% successful. It’s also easier on the female to harvest multiple eggs at one time then to keep going on fertility drugs every other month.

      It’s a cold business, but frequently “spares” are kept in storage.

      • 33.2.1 mita

        If that’s the case, then they are just brothers and not twins because they didnt come in one fertilized egg .

        • Shukmeister

          Unless they waited for the first split before the freezing process, which theoretically would give you two zygotes with identica DNA. And of course its a fictional drama so they can do whatever they want. If SYJ’s disease is genetic in nature then having a twin wouldn’t help.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          They are fraternal twins. *arrggghh* fraternal. FRATERNAL. That means different eggs.

      • 33.2.2 jomo

        This happened to my sis is law.

        She was 40 when she got married.
        Pregnancy through in-vitro turned out to be the only way she could conceive. They harvested more than two eggs, but I don’t know how many.
        Over the next five years, she miscarried twice.
        When she was 49, they gave her a choice: destroy, donate or implant the last three. She and her husband picked the third option.
        Two survived, and at the age of 50, she gave birth to a son and a daughter.

      • 33.2.3 malta

        Yeah, but the “spares” are in case implantation is not successful or you want to have more kids later. The spares aren’t purposefully kept from the get go for possible future organ harvesting….

  34. 34 nuts

    I am running out of tissue papers..oh man! Gong Yoo is really great in this Big drama. His portray of his emotions, cuteness, ignorance, anger, sadness..blah blah is so realistic. Can somebody give him an award for this drama. Although this drama is almost coming to an end, I really hope to see more of Gong Yoo’s dramas in the near future.

  35. 35 nuts

    Oh Yes! Thanks for the recaps GF. just by reading yr recaps is enough to tear my heart apart for KKJ.

  36. 36 Jen

    I have to agree that the twin scenario definitely adds an interesting twist to this crap-hole situation. Honestly the only foreseeable ending would be for the body-switch to occur which would mean less screen time for Gong Yoo and who wants that? I remember watching the first episode and lamenting his absence. Sure he appeared as Yoon Jae but for only five minutes. But hey they can always pull a You’re Beautiful (Park Shin-hye dual gender roles) and Kyung-Joon grows up to look like Yoon Jae. Wackier things have happened–i.e. Mi-ho coming back to life with a real fox tail. Frankly I am eager to see how the Hong Sisters try to effectively wrap up their stories in the final two episodes. What is going to be the real miracle in the finale? Will the P.E. Teacher finally ask out Da ran’s friend? Will Chong-Chik finally capture Mari’s heart? And what is going to come out of the V.P. and Uncle story line? So many things to tie up and to it in two episodes seems to be pushing it for me.

  37. 37 zeTgi

    Me too. i will probably kick something if they don’t switch by next week! i miss Shin’s acting. T.T .. i have some presumption.

    1. if they switch, and kyung joon totally forgot everything after the accident, they still can love each other bcoz maybe… he loves her from the first sight. remember he keep saying “I love u from the first sight that makes me follow u around”. maybe their first sight not in the bus, but along the way to go to the bus. if this happen, they still need to face with i’m-technically-married-with-your-brother, and if they get divorce, still what will people think, the school think, the parents think sort of. whatever happen i want they kyung joon and da ran together!

    2. Nope! they will never switch forever. kyung joon will stuck in Yoon jae body forever so they can keep in love legally (not in 19 years old body). but of course shin’s body will wake up and mom need to face her fav son in her not fav son’s body. the enddd….

    whatever happen, just don’t let the ending be so frustrating like Rooftop Prince.

  38. 38 joonyeon

    Am I the only one who is less of a fan of Gong Yoo because of Big? I guess I am, then. His acting has been the show’s saving grace, but I don’t feel much attachment to KJ/YJ as much as I did towards all of GY’s previous characters. Though that probably isn’t his fault at all, given that this has been the worse drama I’ve watched as of late as far as individual characterization goes. I pretty much hate everybody. Even KJ really. Don’t think he was a particularly likeable person in Shin, and don’t think he is likeable now in GY, apart from when he is around DR and the children.

    Nevertheless, I find myself fangirling over GY less these days, and even my extreme shalowness can’t change that heheh

    • 38.1 malta

      It’s ok. Crushes come and go…

  39. 39 Jae Min

    The way Gong Yoo cries, is just heartbreaking. I’ve never seen a man cries like that, it made me cry too. I want to give him a bear hug.

    Poor KKJ have to go thru all that drama…even his embrio was like a standby for this family. SICK!

    The sad thing is, that KKJ will forget Daran after the body swap but Daran will still remembers him…

    Episode 13 & 14 are making my heart beats at an abnormal rate. Anger, happy, relieved, annoyed feeling all in one.

    Even tho, Daran started out to be still in love with Dr.Seo during the body swapped…But she grew to love his fraternal twin KKJ…

    If you were so in love with no.1, you wouldn’t fall in love for no.2, right? Finally Daran confesses…Phew, that took forever!

    I’m excited for the next episodes! I want a happy ending in this twisted story in this drama!

  40. 40 meecheellee

    Derp. This drama is an Hong Sister drama, so people, forgive the angst. Heh. But man. Gong Yoo’s waterworks are pretty polished, too. Not exactly plentiful like Young Rae of Dr. Jin, which is enough to start a hydroelectric powerplant, so that’s good. DaRan, I. GIFF. UP. ON. YOU. You know, if you actually were married to someone like me, I would… *mutters random things in native language that would not be pleasing to the ears*

    GAH. This drama. Lol.

  41. 41 queencircles

    This drama is getting on my nerves. Gong Yoo saves it, but still gahhhhh. The only truly interesting part is the that he thinks he’ll lose his memories. So he has to choose, and he can’t go back. I hope he keeps them, but just his sadness that he thinks he won’t remember her is touching, and it’s a true heartbreaking conflict.

  42. 42 TeamBig

    I would be very glad if I found out that Yoon Jae is willing to give his body to his brother. The fact that Kyung Joon was the one who save him using his blood. NO TURNING BACK. maybe Yoonjae (in Kyung joon’s body) will learn to like Jang Mari and everyone got their happy endings.

    And Choongshik will have a healthy love triangle to struggle on. :p

    Anyway they are fraternal twins.

    That’s my Dream Ending.

    • 42.1 mita

      And I would be sad if the will be the case. I prefer KJ to be in his own body because it’s the right thing to do and also since young YJ’s body is always sick so I doubt if his body will continue to stay healthy in the future especially if KJ’s body is gone.

    • 42.2 mita

      And I would be sad if that will be the case. I prefer KJ to be in his own body because it’s the right thing to do and also since young YJ’s body is always sick so I doubt if his body will continue to stay healthy in the future especially if KJ’s body is gone.

  43. 43 MariePhils

    I agree with girlfriday, i want to see KJ to return to his own body now than sacrificing the final episodes still heavily inside HJ’s body.

    However, i want him to WAKE up with no memory of the events nor of Daran.

    Again better than be stuck in REAL own happiness as human.

    Afterall, KJ deserves to be happy…and that would better be experience on his own body!

  44. 44 MariePhils

    If not for Gong Yoo…i have totally withdraw from watching this drama…i believe in his acting…and he should be nominated in an acting award in KBS or Baeksang.

  45. 45 Ennayra

    I’m really enjoying the recaps and reading everyone’s comments!

  46. 46 bd

    ‘Big’ has numerous flaws, but all that could be somewhat overlooked if the relationship btwn the 2 leads was done well, but in this case, it just wasn’t.

    Aside from the constant rehashing of the same battles/arguments btwn Da-ran and Kyung-joon (it’s expected for the lead couple to bicker/fight from time to time in a romcom, but it gets tiresome when they fight the same battles over and over again), I just can’t buy DR falling in love (at least not this kind of love) w/ KJ, especially after finding out that Yoon-jae did love her and wasn’t cheating.

    Exacerbating this is that the ‘real’ KJ still looks like a 14 yr old boy who hasn’t yet completed going thru puberty (Mari looks too old for KJ); and aside from that ick factor, shouldn’t DR be further grossed out that she married the body of the older brother and now has romantic feelings for the younger brother? (And not just brothers, but brothers who should have been fraternal twins).

    As a result, all the emotional scenes/crying have had little impact (btw, LMJ’s crying has improved since the early eps).

    Like much of the rest of ‘Big’, the romantic relationship btwn DR and KJ seems a bit forced.

    It also doesn’t help that the whole plotline is simply RIDICULOUS; what should have been fraternal brothers are born from diff. mothers years apart and then just happen to meet in Korea by chance? lol

    I can ‘believe’ in the body switching (or a 600 year old gumiho), but not this (esp. w/ a 1-dimensional genetic mother whose every action and emotion/lack of emotion makes things even more ridiculous – since KJ could have very well been in YJ’s place as the 1st born, the mother behaving so coldly to KJ seemed totally forced).

    And the father (all of a sudden revealed to be) working in Germany and the determination that it would be better if the procedure was done in Germany?

    Did the Hong sisters do that simply so that there would be the cliche airport scene? (it would have been more believable if father just worked in NY or somewhere else in the States).

    And really, the way KJ found out about the ‘big secret’ in the prior ep was for him to overhear it in a conversation? (After the endless no. of badly done teasers about the big reveal, it sure was disappointing.)

    One of the funniest thing in ‘Big’ is the way LMJ runs – slanted to one side w/ one arm swinging awkwardly (the way Suzy runs is pretty funny as well).

    Speaking of Suzy, her acting has improved as her character had some more serious/emotional moments.

    Doing comedy well is often more difficult, esp. a character that is as over-top-as Mari was in the early eps (CSW did a really good job w/ Dokko Jin in that respect).

    As ‘Big’ is coming to a close, the only real good things to take away from it are Gong Yoo’s performance and the theme song ‘Hey U’ by Venny (also the actor portraying the loyal, but dim brother also rocked).

    The rest of it was just too jumbled, repetitive, ridiculous and filled w/ the usual K-drama cliches and one-note overly stereotypical characters (I thought the Hong sisters were beyond this).

    And really, that whole unrequited love storyline w/ the vice principal and uncle is just stupid and went nowhere.

    With this, RTP, TMTETS, ‘Dr. Jin’ – it hasn’t been a very good year for K-dramas.

    The best thing I’ve watched this year is an older drama that I happened to miss – ‘He/The Man Who Can’t Marry’ which is excellent (no typical K-drama cliches and overly stereotypical characters), as well as one that I’m watching now that I just happened to take a shot at – ‘I Need Romance 2012’ (which has more action in its 1st ep than it seems like ‘Big’ has done in 14 eps).

    • 46.1 marisa

      “The rest of it was just too jumbled, repetitive, ridiculous and filled w/ the usual K-drama cliches and one-note overly stereotypical characters (I thought the Hong sisters were beyond this).”

      Cookies and caramels for bd; a perfect summary of this imperfect drama. As per her/his recommendation, I’m off to watch I need Romance 2012.

    • 46.2 Redge

      Well said and I agree with everything. It’s such a shame this drama. All the right ingredients but the chefs just couldn’t execute a good dish out of them.

    • 46.3 kkrazy

      Well said and I agree with your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of this drama. Oh, I was hoping for so much!

  47. 47 MariePhils

    the worst scenario would be…in the end…it’s all but a fakkin’ DREAM! lol!

    • 47.1 JD

      Hahahahha -_- that would make me hate the Hong Sisters forever…and Lewis Carroll 😛

    • 47.2 jane

      HAHAHAHA. that would be worse than the worst. omg imagine if it will really end that way. ;__:

    • 47.3 zeTgi

      Hahaha.. remember Lovers in Paris? in the end it’s just a story telling

  48. 48 Biggie

    Its funny how the recap sounded ‘lazy’ to me.

    • 48.1 Smallie

      At least it was longer than one sentence.

  49. 49 via

    Im curious as to how everything will wrap up.

    Everyone hating on the mom but I kinda get why she’s the way she is even if it defies logic. I mean her hubby loves this other woman, and this woman (Hee So)stole her hubby’s heart. SYJ got sick by the time when I guess the hubby was philandering. All of sudden her married life is poofed. She probably asked Hee So just to see what she will decide. Then when Hee So agreed and there she closed her heart cuz I mean, she finds herself the 3rd wheel when she’s the wifey. And Hee So’s decision will make sure the hubby will be hers regardless if he stays with the wifey. So everything connected with this love affair of course the mom hates. She could have chosen some other person to carry the baby to avoid all this mess, but I guess she wanted to know how far Hee So’s love prove (and Us viewers).
    The mom is actually warming up that KKJ might be so like her, as per the beans aversion. That might be the “miracle” for her toaccept KKJ.

  50. 50 TheManFairy

    The reason why they’re twins is probably so KJ can stay in YJ’s body. Cheat yeah. And why do they have to make Mari so dense and such? She’d be a more likeable character and I really want to like her. Suzy has that charm they didn’t use to flesh out Mari. Darn.

    • 50.1 lili

      That’s my main problem with this episode…I don’t like the “twins” twist, it’s too much of a convenient plot device imo.
      I was afraid that Hong sis would pull something like this to make a KJ/DR ending more acceptable to audience, it seems they don’t have the guts to stay true to the original premise.

      I’m disappointed, I love Gong Yoo, he was terrific as KJ but it would be so much more meaningful if she were to end up with the real KJ (Shin Won Ho), that’s why I hope they finally switched back and it’s better be for real this time because I can’t take this teasing anymore (that’s annoying and I’d probably drop this drama for good)

      Best ending would be for real KJ to lose his memory (yeah cliche but more angst) and DR trying her best to win him back (get him remember everything- you have to fight for your love girl^^)
      Another beautiful umbrella scene to mirror episode 1.

      Worst ending would be for KJ to either be stuck in YJ’s body forever or for him to look like Gong Yoo (twin plot device)

      PS : I’m afraid people would think I dislike Gong Yoo when actually it’s rather the opposite, I love him (since Coffee Prince) but I want a logical ending so I just put my bias aside for the sake of the story…

      • 50.1.1 anaapenas

        THIS! I couldn’t agree more. I’m so glad there is someone who thinks the same.

      • 50.1.2 yellowcake

        I don’t really like the idea of Kyung Joon losing all his memories, because to me that would remove all the character growth he went through during the soul-swap, but if he does lose his memories, I would like for Da Ran to win him back, like you said. 🙂 I quite like your ending for the story.

        Furthermore, I agree that Kyung Joon should return to his original body (Shin Won Ho); it really would be so much more poignant for him to end up with Da Ran as he was originally.

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