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King of Dramas: Episode 14
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This show, I tell you. It’s just so sweet, warm, and full of feel-good moments and heart. Not to mention copious amount of laughter, since Hyun-min encounters a bad case of foot-in-mouth that lands him in hot water with his girlfriend and his co-star, which in turn lands him in the middle of a press scandal. Since when have misunderstandings been so funny?

EPISODE 14: “From Dusk Till Dawn”


Anthony rushes inside to save the Ajusshi Extra, even though the burning building is all but collapsing in on itself. Everyone waits outside on pins and needles as time ticks by with no sign of either man.

Inside, Anthony tries to carry the ajusshi on his back, only to have a beam fall in their path. We don’t see what happens, but everyone braces for the worst with tears in their eyes. Dong-seok has to hold Director Goo back from going in after them.

A fire truck finally arrives, but before then, Anthony finally emerges carrying the ajusshi. He looks unharmed for the most part, at least, but is faced with a completely silent crew.

He focuses on Go-eun first, pointing out her teary expression. She insists that it was just the smoke, but Anthony smiles, knowing better.

However, the ajusshi isn’t doing well. Anthony, Go-eun, and Director Goo accompany him to intensive care, and both men share a silent look. Has this happened before, or do they just know that this means bad news?

We finally get an answer as they wait outside ICU for word: An extra did die on Director Goo’s set five years ago, with Anthony there to witness. Director Goo had been more outwardly torn up about it, but Anthony’s gaze wasn’t free of anguish, either.

That incident haunts Director Goo to this day, so it’s understandable that he’s afraid it’ll happen again.

Hyun-min shows up at the hospital while Go-eun calls her mom from the lobby, his expression grim. Go-eun is both surprised and proud that he would come, and reassures him that he can go home and rest: “You don’t have to worry because I’m here.” Aww.

But Hyun-min opens up about the guilt he feels, having left the ajusshi in the storehouse because of a phone call. Go-eun comforts him by saying that he couldn’t have known what would have happened, despite his thinking that he could have prevented everything if he’d only given it some thought.

It’s moments like these where I love their friendship even more, since Go-eun changes her tactics: “Cheer up, Kang Hyun-min style.” After a small back and forth, Hyun-min’s expression changes. She does know him way too well.

“…Like Brad Pitt?” he ventures.

Go-eun smiles: “Yes, like Brad Pitt.” These two kill me. I just luff them so much.

Fortunately, the ajusshi’s condition stabilizes, which means he’s on the road to recovery. They all go in to visit the ajusshi, who thanks Anthony for saving his life with tears in his eyes.

Anthony reminds him to get better quickly so that he can do his ninth drama with World Productions, which has the ajusshi even more teary and thankful. Now I’M all teary.

Min-ah gets the good news, but ends up thinking about how Anthony checked on Go-eun first, even though she’d been just as worried.

While Anthony makes sure that the ajusshi will get all the monetary help he needs to recover, he gets hit with a headache. (Or something that affects his eyes, anyway.) Not good.

Now that Director Goo is at ease, he admits to Anthony, “You’re a pretty okay producer.” Ha. He drags Hyun-min off for filming, and even Anthony can’t help but notice how much Hyun-min has changed.

Go-eun agrees, but notes that he hasn’t changed as much as “someone” she knows. When Anthony asks, she replies, “I’m talking about someone who was the original cold-blooded asshole, but now suddenly changed into a nice guy.”

She wants to know what possessed him to run into the fire, but he merely shrugs it off, like heroism just happens to him naturally. “Didn’t you say you sold your soul to the devil, Kim Bong-dal?” she asks.

Anthony: “The soul Anthony sold – Kim Bong-dal bought it back, cheaply.”

And whoa, has Hyun-min changed. After filming, he volunteers to throw a get-together for the cast and crew. (With his sponsored beef, of course.) Except he claims he’s paying for all of it.

He invites Anthony to say a few words, and he does give a nice rousing pep talk: “Somebody said this: ‘If you’re worried, you will lose. But if you’re excited, you will win.’ In the future, I wish that all of our hearts will be filled with memories of excitement.” Cheers to that!

Hyun-min then serenades the staff with a rendition of Kim Jang-hoon’s “I’m A Man”. Haha.

They move to an inside room for the second round of partying, and everyone is having a (really enviable) great time. Dong-seok happens to see Hyun-min’s manager putting the moves on that pretty FD he likes, and the two engage in some bantering to win her affections.

The atmosphere is much different in the room where Anthony, Go-eun, Min-ah, and Director Goo are. He more than hints that Anthony and Go-eun should go in for the night, especially since Go-eun is their bread and butter. He instructs Anthony to take care of her the most.

Hyun-min comes to lighten the mood, and suggests a game called “Yaja Time”, where everyone’s given a free pass to speak in banmal to each other. I’ve only ever seen this game turn out badly.

But it’s so funny to see Go-eun be the first to oblige, telling Anthony to be quiet. Aha. The look on his face.

Min-ah’s next, and scoffs when Hyun-min calls her “noona,” because he’s pretending to be younger than he is – really, he’s older than her, so there’s no “noona” there.

Director Goo suggests putting an end to the game, which is when Anthony finally joins in: “Young-mok, be quiet. The adults are talking.” HAHA. It’s the best, because you wouldn’t expect Anthony to participate. Everyone ends up smiling and laughing, though, so all is well.

Only then does Anthony get the call that Director Nam resigned. Eek.

CP Lee ends up begging Director Nam to take back his resignation, since things have already gone south the short time he’s been away. Like those dramas he would green-light because he thought they were what the country needed more than what would make the station money – those are all falling by the wayside. CP Lee knows Deputy Director Kim just means bad business for them.

Go-eun goes outside to talk to Anthony, only Min-ah gets there first. She wants to know exactly why the calculating Anthony would run into that building: “The more I know you, the better I want to get to know you.”

He doesn’t know himself, but he does notice Go-eun walking away.

Hyun-min calls Bit-na to tell her he won’t be home tonight, and he actually gets mad at her when she refers to the ajusshi who got hurt as “some nobody extra.”

So when she fires back that he must be hanging out with Min-ah, he finally caves and says he is hanging out with her just to make Bit-na mad. In fact, he wants to hang out with her all night long. When Bit-na asks if he really likes her, Hyun-min shouts into the phone, “Yes! I love Sung Min-ah! I love her very much! I love her so very much!” And then, in English: “I LOVE YOU, SUNG MIN-AH!”

…Which, of course, Min-ah overhears and takes as truth, all slack-jawed. Haha. She warns him to find someone in his league.

Go-eun rides back with Min-ah to Seoul to next morning as promised, only to have Min-ah admit that she likes Anthony, and that the two of them used to love each other: “So we’re trying to work it out from now on. I’m hoping you, Writer Lee, can help our relationship.” Eek.

We see how business is being run over at SBC now that Deputy Director Kim is running things (man, that was a fast transition), and he’s all about one thing: Ratings. CP Lee looks positively miserable.

Anthony goes to Director Nam to find out exactly why he resigned from his position, and it’s interesting to see Director Nam open up to tell him frankly that he only got his position because of his dad, Empire’s Chairman.

And this, of course, is news to Anthony.

“Maybe that’s why I hated you more, Representative Kim,” Director Nam admits. “To me, you seemed worse than my father. I wanted to deny having such a father, so I’ve lived thinking I don’t have one. I wanted to hide it until then end if I could.”

But Anthony won’t take that as an excuse, as he brings up Director Nam’s fight to rid the drama world of corruption and people like him. “You once told me that people like me should disappear from this field. But in the end, I’m still here, and you’re leaving. Before you leave, keep this in mind: That, in the end, there will only be dirty people left with shady tricks.”

While filming the next day, Hyun-min is told to make a surprised face, which he does… before it melts into real surprise, as Bit-na marches on set to slap him right across the face.

She declares that she’s done with him, and that he can go be with Min-ah as much as he wants. Every jaw on set drops as she marches right back out, but no one’s madder than Min-ah, who mouths the word “moron” to Hyun-min when he looks at her.

Ha, I love this misunderstanding. Min-ah really thinks that this is all about her. I’m also cracking up at how Hyun-min’s outfit is a direct copy of one of Joo Won’s from Gaksital. I swear, even the pompadour is the same.

Go-eun can’t help but think on Min-ah’s words as she tries to write that night, and gets all flustered when Anthony calls her about the contract-renewal. She doesn’t want to face him and says she’s going out so he can’t meet her at her studio…

Only to find Anthony one step ahead of her, since he’s already at her Mom’s when she goes to visit. HA. This got a good laugh out of me.

He has his troll face on as he hands over a contract and pen, only to be genuinely confused when Go-eun expresses trepidation in signing it. He thinks she’s mulling over other offers, only to have her reply exasperatingly, “Do you think I’m doing this because of money?”

Then again, she can’t really explain why she’s thinking about it, and I’m guessing it has to do with her feelings. Anthony narrows his eyes at her like he’s trying to see through her, and he makes sure to remind her that he suffered through the cold for her.

“Don’t make me wait too long,” he warns her. He smiles, Go-eun cringes.

Hyun-min’s “love affair” with Min-ah ends up making front page headlines, due to what was said on set when Bit-na slapped him. Oh, motherfather.

And it’s only funnier when Min-ah reads the news, because she thinks Hyun-min released the article on purpose because she wasn’t accepting his heart.

The news makes it to CEO Oh and the World Boys, with Anthony being the last to find out. They’ve got a full on scandal on their hands now.

Hyun-min and Min-ah try to disguise themselves as they meet for drinks, with Hyun-min hilariously scooting his chair closer to hers so he can answer her accusations that he released the news with a: “Have you lost your mind?” In banmal.

Min-ah’s not afraid to speak in banmal right back, and she even talks down to him as she orders him to take the articles down. Unfortunately, their animosity comes off looking romantic to the waitress from where she’s standing.

She recognizes them, and wishes them well on their love. In the words of Hyun-min: “Oh my Jesus.”

The tyranny over at SBC continues under Deputy Director Kim, who’s more than content to cut a smaller show because it’s underwhelming in the ratings. When faced with complaints from the production company of the show slated after, Deputy Director Kim flies into a rage, claiming that they’re above all those production companies as a broadcaster.

Which is when Director Nam makes his grand re-entrance: “If we are above them, then we should show an appropriate image.” He goes onto say that while they do make the schedule, the schedule is a promise they make with the viewers. Is that a promise that should be broken at will because of bad ratings or bad commercial value?

Without a proper retort, Deputy Director Kim fires back that Director Nam doesn’t have the right to be in the meeting, only to be caught off-guard when Director Nam replies that he’ll be retaking his position on the Chairman’s orders.

So Deputy Director Kim is forced to vacate his seat right then and there. Burn.

Director Nam apologizes to the rest of the board for leaving in the first place, and reminds them that while they are above the production companies, actors, etc., “I would appreciate if you remember this point as well: Justice without power is lifeless and futile. But power without justice is just violence. Now, the era of violence must end. The era of violence must not be repeated.”

Anthony gets a call from Director Nam to ask about the shooting schedule, but we know, Anthony knows, and Director Nam knows that it’s just a way of letting Anthony know he’s got his job back. Do I… do I sense the beginnings of a bromance? Please, drama gods. Please let this happen.

Even Daddy Chairman pops in to see his son at work. He even seems, dare I say it, sad that there’s such tension between them. When asked to explain why he changed his mind, Director Nam explains that despite gaining his position by his father’s unjust methods, quitting won’t solve anything.

“And I should do my best in this very position to not let this drama field rot, to not let this industry go back to that past full of corruption and shady tricks. I thought that was a very important thing to do.”

Daddy Chairman acknowledges this with a nod. “Well, times have changed, I guess. I will keep watching to see whether you will change, or the world.”

Go-eun passes by a sweet potato stand, and ends up thinking of her night with Anthony, where she’d mentioned sweet potatoes as something warm she wanted to eat when she was freezing.

She tries her best to focus on her work, only Anthony comes knocking just in time to throw her off her groove to ask about the contract.

When she wonders whether that’s all he came for, he produces a bag of roasted sweet potatoes. Awwww.

He explains that there was no ulterior motive – he’d just seen them being sold and remembered how she said she’d wanted to eat them. A-dorable.

She’s conflicted when he leaves just like that, and while he stares at her rooftop from his, Go-eun stares at the bag of sweet potatoes. She remembers Anthony telling her how he believed in her, Anthony kissing Min-ah, Anthony after the fire, and Min-ah in the car. And, finally, the sweet potatoes.

Finally, she comes to a decision and makes her way to Anthony’s rooftop, potatoes in tow. She holds them out to give them back: “Why do you confuse people? You’re dating Sung Min-ah, so why are you being like this to me?”

Anthony doesn’t even blink, he just seems slightly amused. “Who said I was dating Sung Min-ah?”

Now it’s Go-eun’s turn to be confused, though she can’t hide a tiny smile when Anthony informs her that he’s not dating Min-ah. “I don’t have such feelings for whomever, so you don’t have to be concerned.”

She doesn’t know what to say when he asks her if she always gets confused if someone buys her sweet potatoes (ha), and he finally picks up on it when she can’t stop stuttering: “Do you, by chance, like me?” She blinks, and then he brushes it off like, Nah, that’ll never happen.

But she stops him as he turns away, like she has something to confess…


Is she going to tell him? Is she going to tell him?

One of the things this drama gets so, so very right is the idea of friendship and/or what it means to be in a partnership with someone. It seems rare these days to get a good, old-fashioned friendship, and especially rare to get a working friendship between a male and a female without romance mucking everything up. And here we have friendships all around, but none quite as fun and heartwarming as Hyun-min and Go-eun’s relationship.

I know I joked about Hyun-min and Go-eun as a pairing last episode, but really, I just love them together. They’re more like siblings than anything else, and it’s kind of weird to be picking up on the great chemistry they have… as friends. I think dramas have just conditioned me that the second male lead in dramas must always be the third leg of the love triangle, so I keep expecting that angle to pop up when really, what we’re seeing here is probably it. And that’s even better than I could have hoped for.

They’ve had great moments throughout the series, but I really appreciate how Go-eun tends to take care of Hyun-min, even when she doesn’t have to. The fact that she knew him well enough to cheer him up at the hospital just gave me the warm fuzzies, but it was really Hyun-min’s reaction that sold it: We could see him coming around. Go-eun knew just how to reel him in, and did so for no other reason than to make him happy. You could say she really did it with her drama in mind, but Go-eun doesn’t seem like that kind of person. She did it because she cared.

In that same vein, Anthony’s budding bromance with Director Nam is really coming along nicely. We saw how Deputy Director Kim was cutting shows left and right, but Kyungsung Morning was never in any danger because it’s performing so well. So we know that Anthony had no real ulterior motive in helping Director Nam come to his senses, only that he did it because he cared.

And I’d venture to say that the reason why Anthony ran into that burning building, the reason he himself can’t pinpoint, is that simple: Because he cared.


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  2. nova611

    thank you, merry xmas & happy holiday everyone
    love ya

  3. Ivoire


    • 3.1 Ivoire

      Thank you so much for this recap!!!! I do hope that you are feeling much better and that you will enjoy the holidays!
      This was one of my favorite episodes. I agree with what Heads said at the beginning and in the recap: it did have heart, gave me the warm fuzzies (many times over), made me want to throw my fist in the air, made me smile, wanna do the happy dance and took me through a myriad of emotions.

      Within the first 10mns, I cried, literally. When Anthony went into that building and the whole cast and crew were waiting, I was waiting with them, with bated breath. To see Dir. Goo, Anthony, GE and later on HM wait at the hospital was so touching, I cried, I couldn’t hold it. And the back story really helped in explaining to us why Dir. Goo had taken to the bottle (I am assuming) and why he didn’t want to do dramas after that extra died. Anthony has changed so much, and I loved it when he was talking to one of the WP boys, asking him to make sure the ahjussi would get the compensation he deserved and the best care. Seeing all of them at the bed of the ahjussi was also very moving to me. He might be an extra, but he was hired for a reason right? He also acts in that drama and he matters, and his family probably counts on him for their livelihood. I loved the worried look Anthony had towards Dir. Goo at the hospital, and how different Anthony’s reaction was here: it wasn’t about his drama being made at any cost this time around, he showed that he cared about the people involved with and in the drama.

      I also loved HM in this episode, a lot. He looked like a little boy when he went to the hospital, all worried and feeling guilty. They really (him and GE) have the best kind of friendship to witness. I love how she knows how to talk to him, to get to him. The thing that I really LOVED was how when she was cheering him up, he looked at her with puppy eyes, and said “like Brad Pitt?” The last time he said it (after the scene at the beach), she rolled her eyes (probably thinking, what a pompous …) and she went along, but she didn’t believe what she was saying. This time, she used the same expression “yeah, like Brad Pitt,” but she meant it this time, she thought he was great and she really wanted to encourage him and she was sincere, so she played along, however, it was different. It was a small moment, but it spoke loudly.
      I loved how the cast and crew have come together and we do get a true sense of community and family (if I may say so ) among them. Heartwarming!!!!

      I wonder (can’t help it) what the headache/problem with his eyes Anthony felt at the hospital mean. I don’t think they showed that for nothing. And that makes me worried. Will something bad (healthwise) happen to Anthony? This is a drama that has A LOT of meta, and we know illnesses are tropes that are used in Kdramas a lot. So I guess we will see.

      I also love the bromance between Dir. Goo and Anthony and Anthony and Dir. Nam. We kind of (subtly) touched on that in the comments in epi. 13, but man did I want to put my fist in the air when I saw Dir. Nam back at SBC. I didn’t want to believe that he would not be there till the end, so I was SO HAPPY to be proven wrong (he would be there, till the end I hope) and I loved his speech and I LOVED how Anthony didn’t exactly tell him to go back to SBC, but made him think and question his reasons for leaving and more importantly, he helped him realize the consequences of his actions in the big scheme of things. Those two have had quite a journey together since the beginning of the drama. I might be back to comment on it more later.
      I just LOVE how much Anthony shows that he cares and he swings into action for other people, and as Heads has noted, even when he doesn’t have anything to gain from it.

      I did like the scene with the sweet potatoes and the scene on the rooftop, sooooo funny, especially GE’s line “I don’t know if the potatoes are good, (I am implying that), they could be from China… HA 🙂 ” when she was stuttering to give a reason why she didn’t want the potatoes.

      I will have to be back later to comment more, however, I did like so many moments in this episode: Bit Na walking in, the slap (looked like it hurt a lot :-)), the misunderstanding with SMA, with the waitress, the scandal, the games (after the filming), the singing (after the filming), the dad going to see his son in his office (Dir. Nam’s dad), the bromance between Anthony and Dir. Nam (at least the beginning of it), Anthony knowing where GE would be and being there ahead of her, CP Lee begging Dir. Nam not to quit (he still had time to go back) and the whole team happy (it seemed like) to see Dir. Nam back at SBC, Joo PD’s little fight over the girl he likes, etc…
      I think as a whole, I just LOVED this episode, I am now realizing that. It reminded me of how much I am enjoying this drama and of much I appreciate the writing, directing, OST (yes that, I LOVE), acting and pacing in this drama. I love how it makes me think, learn new things, laugh and sucks me in emotionally and how because of it, I am here and can read others’ perspectives, learn from them (Thanks Chickletta 🙂 and the others, we were responding to each other yesterday :-)). I might be back to comment more later.

      Question: Does CP mean: Chief Producer (CP Lee)?

      • 3.1.1 ryoko

        I too noticed that moment at the hospital when Anthony’s eyes or head seemed to be bothering him. It didn’t seem like a throwaway bit to me. Considering all the common Kdrama tropes this drama has touched on in past episodes, I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if an illness was thrown in. My own theory is that he was injured when he ran into the burning building to save the ahjussi. At the end of the last episode, there was a shot of the burning beams in the ceiling, and it looked like one of the beams was about to come tumbling down on Anthony. The camera cuts to outside then, but if I’m remembering correctly, there was also a sound effect that sounded like a “thud” as if the beam really had come down. If that’s true, then Anthony probably shielded the ahjussi’s body with his own, meaning that the beam could have bludgeoned him on the back of the head, hence the headache/eye moment at the hospital. There’s no visible wound when he comes out, but that doesn’t really mean much – lol, he came out of a burning building looking as put together as he did when he entered it. Now, I could be reading too much into this, but if they really are going to throw in a disease/injury, this scenario would fit perfectly. I definitely could be wrong, but I was really surprised at the beginning of this episode that we weren’t show the inside of the burning building with Anthony and the ahjussi, considering how the last episode ended with that shot of the ceiling beams and the ominous sound effect.

        • Laurita

          When Anthony had that bad moment with his eyes in the hospital, considering K-drama cliches, I somehow immediately thought “Is it inherited?”, I mean, his mother became blind when he was five (I can’t remember, whether it was an accident or an illness…?). Anyway, no matter the reason, I also thought about the possibility of incorporating it into drama (any other drama, and I would have said – no no no, please, not that; but with THIS drama, I somehow have no problems with them if they’ll go to that direction.

          As for the rest of episode, it was a pure awesomeness. Seriously, how can I re-comment something so wonderful 🙂

          But the scenes with director Nam kind of stopped me for a minute. Everyone here says that it was such a good moment (his comeback, that is), but… it’s such a friction with other k-dramas’ characters, who won’t come back to the job no matter what, because it just against their principles of justice. Why it wasn’t possible for him to gain such position because of his efforts? He worked that hard and I think for many years… I like that he came back, because he is a right man, but if there would be any other person who would have to choose: resign or stay in a “bought” position, then what? What a world we live in, if the man can make something good only through something bad…

          • Arawn

            We live in a world that is not black and white. In a world where many things are not bad OR good but something in between or both at the same time depending on the point of view. We live in a world where some principles we hold conflict with other principles and sometimes we have to choose. It’s not a simple world. It’s not a drama world.

            Which is why director Nam’s storyline here was awesome. It’s complicated, it’s grey – it feels REAL.

            And besides, it’s not like he didn’t get his director position also because of his hard work. He might have been chosen for the director position even if his father had not meddled with it. It’s just that now we’ll never know.

          • Laurita

            Yeah, I do understand that drama world is not the real world that we live in. Maybe that’s why it strikes me: I used to see k-drama reality as either especially (even ridiculously) complex or … simple. And surely sometimes that idealistic reality really appeals to me (as in: work hard and you’ll succeed) and I even find something motivating from it. I think I was just used to that and now it’s strange to get something motivating/moving from Director’s decision, and at the same time feel that it maybe cannot be considered that “motivating”, because it wasn’t purely good (I don’t know how to express it). I kept searching for a pair of scales to measure when such decision as director’s

            Of course I absolutely agree that this storyline feels realistic and is really good. 🙂 I also adored the moments between director and Anthony ( they seemed so similar).

          • Laurita

            My keyboard was lost at this moment. So I will end the sentence before my last paragraph here:
            “I kept searching for a pair of scales to measure when such decision as director’s will be considered good, and when – not.” Sorry for inconvenience 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Hello Laurita and Arawn,

            I don’t know if you will get to read this, however, in case you do, I will post my comment. Director Nam strikes me as another character who is not perfect. Let’s remember that as human beings, none of us are perfect. Sometimes, we see some characters in Kdramas portrayed as perfect (or close to it) and we accept it and buy it, for the sake of the drama and… because many of us want to escape our realities and the real world, so watching “a character” who seem perfect is OK with us, in the context of the drama.

            That being said, the characters that often are very interesting are those who have some areas where they need to grow, and Dir. Nam is one of those. I personally appreciate how the drama managed to keep hidden the relationship between Dir. Nam and his dad, and only revealed it at the appropriate moment. That was a great element of surprise that worked really well and of course was well acted.

            As Dir. Nam explained, he didn’t like what his father did, the way he conducted business. I get the sense that he was ashamed of him and Dir. Nam has said it himself, that he did not want to have anything to do with his father, so he acted like he didn’t have one. When Dir. Nam got the position, I was very surprised, because I did not see that coming, and so was the staff at SBC (surprised). Dir. Nam at that point probably did not know how he came to have his position. Once he learned how, he probably realized that he owed something to his father (a new position that probably meant more prestige and more money), and that was painful to him and also probably a blow to his ego and pride. Daddy had had the upper hand in his professional life and in his success, this time around.

            As Arawn mentioned, that did not mean that Dir. Nam was not qualified for the job. I believe that he was, as we have seen him step up to the plate, defend and protect K. Morning (when it almost lost its slot on SBC and every single time it was threatened by someone at SBC), as well as defend and protect the dramas that did not bring enough revenue and did not have a lot of commercial value. We have seen Dir. Nam lead meetings and put people in their place, gently at times, but firmly and that applies to some of his staff people that might be older than him.

            What I think Dir. Nam had to learn, was that something may have started flawed (or bad) or not praiseworthy, However, something good could be made out of it, or come out of it. Dir. Nam (imho) had to learn that even if something was handed to you (and you didn’t have to fight for it), it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for good and work hard to show/prove that you were worthy of it after all. Dir. Nam was too black or white, that was how he saw the world, however, the world, as Arawn pointed out, does not work that way, most of the time. The thing is that Dir. Nam would be better used (or more useful) within the industry (TV) than outside of it. After all, that was an industry in which he had worked for many years, to get to the position that he had. He did not get there overnight, and to throw all of that hard work away, because of the principle would not be very smart or even wise, imo. And Anthony tells him that, something along the lines of: “if you (and people like you) leave this industry, then there will only be people like me in it. How are things suppose to change then? People like you should be in it (and a part of it) to keep people like me in line.” (I added my own interpretation, of course). The principle was not bad to have, imho, however, even with such principles, Dir. Nam needed to be flexible and recognize and focus more on what he could do with his new position.

            If you think about it, by leaving, Dir. Nam does no one a service, not the industry (the people in it), not to himself either. I am assuming that he did love his job and that industry, that was why he stayed for so long (up till then) in it. Anthony helps him see things differently, he helps him consider another perspective on the situation. That was why I personally appreciated that Anthony never told him what to do (exactly), he just questioned his actions and he made Dir. Nam ponder the consequences of those actions as well. I was (and I still am) quite OK with how Dir. Nam (as a character) has been written so far, because he makes sense to me and I personally like and appreciate that he is flawed as well, and he has areas where he needs to grow and change. Yes Dir. Nam can be emotional, and idealistic, just like GE. It can be a good thing, if it is balanced and grounded in reality.

            The same happens with Anthony, GE (she had to put her pride aside and listen to SMA’s recommendations and critique about the writing and about using SMA more in the drama), KHM, the Chairman (Dir. Nam’s dad), even SMA has to grow and change, learning that you have to let go of someone if they are not into you any more. Joo PD needs to learn to be more brave about his feelings to his object of affection. I personally think that it is one of the themes of this drama that people (the characters in it) have to grow and change in the process, learning what is important to hang on to, and what should be let go of. As they do that, we see them become who they should be, a better version of who they are.

            This was long, however I hope that I was able to make my point :-).

          • Laurita

            Thanks for such an extensive answer 🙂 ( I don’t know why, but I kept returning to this theme of discussions to think about that situation again, and I was really surprised that someone did answer letting me think about it once more).
            I liked how you said about Director’s realization, that “if something was handed to you (and you didn’t have to fight for it), it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for good and work hard to show/prove that you were worthy of it after all” and I have to agree with these words. I feel like I understand Director’s decision better, but I’ve discovered that I actually didn’t blame him for what he did. Instead, I felt bad for him, since he, being so sincere a person, now (in my eyes) will always have some kind of guilty feeling inside for not standing for his principles. Maybe Anthony’s suggested different perspective to the situation is really very right and good ( I don’t doubt its rightness anymore), but if I were in Director’s position, still, it would be impossible for me to completely forget that what I did is (even though very slightly) not actually considered purely right thing to do. 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Hello Laurita,

            I am sooo glad that you thought of visiting this page again and that you saw my response. I also thank you for appreciating my (long) response. I tend to write with details, so that by the time I am done writing, people would know what I thought 🙂

            After having read your response, I have come to the conclusion that your opinion differs from mine and Arawn, and it always will. We would then have to agree to the fact that we feel OK about different things, and that you had hoped for a different process (and outcome), whereas I think Arawn and I are OK (if I may speak for Arawn here) with the process AND the outcome.

            As I was reading your comment, KSH (the lead actor in The Moon That Embraces the Sun) came to my mind. He was up against Shin Ha-Kyun (the lead actor in Brain) for the 2012 (48th) PaekSang Arts Awards, which apparently is an important and valuable award in SK. KSH ended up getting the award, which many didn’t think he deserved, especially when compared to veteran actors like SHK. Even Javabeans here (I think it was Javabeans) mentioned her surprised (and disbelief maybe?) at KSH getting the award. I read on another blog that (apparently) KSH himself must have been aware that compared to SHK, he didn’t deserve the award. He didn’t give it back, however, and mentioned in his acceptance speech that he would work hard to show/prove himself worthy of such an award. I don’t know the whole content of his speech, b/c I didn’t watch that award show.

            So, I am saying all of this to reiterate my point that even in real life, there are instances when people are blessed/lucky and they don’t deserve it, and they know it and acknowledge it. I think that Arawn and I tend to think that in Dir. Nam’s case, you (Dir. Nam) are humbled by it, take it and make the most out of it. You saw what would have happened if Dir. Nam had not returned back to work. The Deputy Dir. was already taking charge and business was back as usual, with ratings, ratings and only ratings being THE most important thing. If things had stayed that way, a lot would have been lost: the viewing audience would have lost out on some really good programming (b/c they didn’t have a commercial value and were not bringing in money), the ethics would have been bad at SBC (in the drama’s department) and many of the workers would have been unhappy, working under Deputy Dir. Kim. Also, many actors, actresses and extras and staff and crew people would have lost their jobs (and some might have been the breadwinners in their families) who worked on those dramas that were not making money. So you see, there are a lot of responsibilities and repercussions with Dir. Nam’s position.

            So in the end, I see what you are saying and I just have a different perspective. I guess we should (maybe) leave it at that. It did make for an interesting conversation however, and I always enjoy those. I hope you did too 🙂

          • Laurita

            I really liked to talk about it, so thank you for your comments 🙂 Yes, it seems, our opinions are quite different, but I believe that’s the interesting point in any discussion, haha, so I too think, we can just leave it as it is now 🙂

            What I felt necessary to add from my part (you don’t have to answer it :))that I actually can compromise on Director’s decision (but only in this situation that this drama provides, because of importance for many other things/people/responsibilities that held Director’s decision). And I can say that I am willing to accept such writer’s (so, and Director Nam’s) decision. So that makes us in the same side after all 🙂 (but only in such case that this drama provides).

            As for the actors’ example, some time ago, I would have said that I completely against such acceptance of this award, but after these comments, I feel, I understand why he accepted it and I don’t blame him at all.
            It’s just that I have this idealistic side of mine which always wants everything to be right, so in this situation I would like to imagine that he also felt a little bit uncomfortable getting his award. I mean, I believe people still feel bad when they do something like that, though there might be no other (better) way out.

            Thank you again for your different perspective. I really like thinking about other opinions since mine is still not firm about many things. 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Hello Laurita,

            You will have to forgive me b/c I felt compelled to answer your post, since a few things jumped at me after reading it. So here it is :-).

            I have already said that I totally understand and support Dir. Nam’s behavior and how he came to take his position back. What I would like to add to that, is that principles are good to have (we should have them), however, if we only operate by them, then we can become paralyzed, meaning we might not act or participate in producing change, b/c our options are very limited (or non existent).

            The truth is that none of us operates or lives in a vacuum, we live in the real world and so what we do (or don’t do) has consequences (for us and for others). Principles are good to have, however if one is too bound by them, what good are they? We saw clearly how Dir. Nam was frustrated that he couldn’t change the industry at the beginning of the drama. Once he got the promotion, he could bring change, and b/c of his title and the power that came with it, people would have to listen to him and they did. Yes, he didn’t get it the way he wanted, but it was also a great opportunity that he might not have had, later on. That is why it was really good that he reassessed the situation and was willing to change his mind.

            I am all for having principles and there are definitely times when one should not break them (I would never advocate for a spouse or a partner to cheat on his/her spouse or partner, for example. There is no valid reason for that in my book. Cheating, stealing, etc… there are instances when it is better, imho, to be unpopular and yet have principles. I agree with you there). And then there are instances like Dir. Nam’s situation, and I was glad to see that for this particular instance you actually agree with Arawn and I. I would respect your decision anyway, which ever it ended up being.

            RE: KSH, I totally understand him taking the award. It is a prestigious award and he (or I) do not know when he might get another one. It was an honor for him to get it. I did appreciate however that he was humble enough to recognize that he wasn’t at the level of the other (older) actor and that he said that he would work hard to be worthy of such an award. I would have done the same. One could also say that him getting that award was a nod from the industry to his hard work and his talent (b/c he has some) shown in TMTETS and also the belief that the industry had in him to continue to nurture his gift, work at his craft and prove them right. Many (very talented) actors do not get such an award in SK, and I think that KSH is intelligent enough to be aware of this and act accordingly in the future in his career.

            KSH didn’t choose to have the award, it was given to him. He might have felt a little uncomfortable, but I would imagine that he must have felt really blessed to receive it. It’s not like he is a bad actor either. There are better ones than him (even his age or a couple of years older), but that is besides the point. I would imagine that he was also happy b/c he was recognized by the industry and in front of his peers (fellow actors). That has to be VERY encouraging and a little bit of a burden, to continue to do well. Anyone who works hard at something appreciates being recognized for one’s effort and hard work.

            You said this: “It’s just that I have this idealistic side of mine which always wants everything to be right.” The danger with that, in my humble opinion is that in life, very few things are always right, to the very end. I am not sure how old you are (and you don’t have to tell me), however, if you live long enough, you will find that to be true. And I am not trying to be condescending with that comment, I am just saying what I think and what I have experienced so far. You can be that idealistic, however, I am a little concerned that you might get disappointed (and/or hurt) quite a bit as life goes on (however, we all experience that as well). Again, just my opinion, so you don’t have to agree with me. Again, like Arawn said, the world we live in operates differently, and as much as we go to Kdramas (some of us) to escape reality and hope for perfection there, they (the Kdramas) also sometimes choose to portray really life, and in that respect they give us flawed characters, like Dir. Nam and many of the characters in KoDs.

            It has also been a pleasure for me to converse with you, and thank you for allowing Arawn and myself to make you look at things differently. That is one of the reasons why I come here, and interact with people (here and in my circle of people I know), to be exposed to other opinions as well. And believe or not, like you, my opinion about many things is not firm either. So, you are not alone… (And I already have gray hair 🙂 )

          • Arawn

            Wow! You’ve been having a feast here without me! 😀 Very good points from both of you, I have nothing to add anymore. Well, except for one thing about principles that Ivoire brought up in her last comment. As Ivoire says, it’s good to have principles but if we stick to them like mules and never re-evaluate or rethink them, we might actually end up causing more damage than doing good. Director Nam’s case is excellent example of this as him leaving would have left dep. director Kim in charge and as Ivoire pointer out, everything would have reverted back into “only RATINGS matter!!” Not to mention that Kim clearly wasn’t as capable and good director as Nam was from the purely operational point of view.

            I’ll be honest here and say that idealism, if not paired with a healthy dose of realism, can be even dangerous in worst case scenarios. A little bit of idealism is needed, but sometimes we have to accept that things are grey or even black and operate accordingly to make things better. This is the lesson director Nam needed to learn, as Ivoire said.

            And finally I would like to thank both of you, too! You really had interesting points and it’s great to have a meaningful and respectful discussion about such big matters. Even though I was kinda absent for the most part of it. 😀

          • Ivoire

            Arawn, I will be back later to answer. I have to go to work now :-(…

      • 3.1.2 Arawn

        Ah, director Nam! You said it! The moment he walked in and cut dep. director Kim short was such a “f**k yeah!!!” moment. I’m totally ok with his resignation because we got this. It suits him, he’s not perfect but he’s ready to evaluate his thoughts and actions and then act according to new information. That is a GREAT thing in a person because it’s so rare. I still think that his resignation was very emotional and rash, but later he thought about it more carefully and did realize that he can do much more good by sticking to his position no matter how he got there. And he acknowledged this by saying he’s sorry for resigning for “personal reasons”.

        Dep. director Kim is such a despicable person, huh. I actually despise him much more than I despise Chairman or director Oh. Actor is doing a damn good job even though his role is rather small. Kudos to him.

        And hey, did you notice how other directors reacted when Nam walked in? They were all very frustrated with dep. director Kim even though he had “ruled” for few days only, you could see it written on their faces. And when Nam showed up and said that hey bitches, I’m BACK – they all SMILED. Well, except for that Kim underling, but all others were so happy and relieved. It just melted my heart.

        Anthony & Nam bromance is definitely something I like and would like to see a bit more. I LOVED that it was Anthony of all people who really made director Nam to think about things and come to realization that he doesn’t want to quit after all. And the moment when Nam called to Anthony and took a very official and commanding tone to which Anthony answered all smiling – aaaaaaaaw! You’re my guys, Anthony & director Nam! Ant to add, I really like Nam’s closest underling nowadays, CP Lee. He was trying to get Nam back already in episode 13 and looked SO happy when it finally happened.

        Man, these characters are awesome. When even the smallest side characters manage to make your heart melt, you know, that drama is goood.

        Aaaaaand! Chairman going to see director Nam in Nam’s office… It was a small moment but so full of meaning. Especially when Chairman said “what is there to be disappointed with?” Like, everything is said and done, what else there is anymore. Feeeeels!!

        • Ivoire

          Hello Arawn,

          I am sorry this is a little late, but here it is. You said it all, and you said it well :-)!!!! I wholeheartedly agree with all that you have said. What is it they say about great minds thinking alike???? (I don’t know if I am a great mind, however, I do think we do tend to care and be touched by the same things 🙂 ).

          And because you said it all and well, I won’t repeat anything, except to say that I thought the same thing when Anthony was talking to Dir. Nam. I too, thought that it was interesting that Anthony (as you have said) of all people, he was the one who got through to Dir. Nam. CP Lee tried, and failed, but Anthony managed to make Dir. Nam reconsider his stance on his resignation. What a change in the tide of their relationship, huh? And to think that they could not stand each other at the beginning of the drama…

          This drama is definitely well written. The different plot points are not forgotten or let loose and I applaud that. As Chickletta has said (somewhere 🙂 ), you need to use your brain and pay attention when watching this drama, but it is totally worth it. The viewer gets rewarded for paying attention, imho. I know that I have personally learned a lot, not only language wise (I am not Korean or of Korean descent), but also on a host of issues and by reading the recaps and the comments. I do appreciate (a lot) these conversations we are having.

        • liza

          I felt sorry for Director Nam’s father, he looked so broken, for a quick second, I thought that Nam was going to reach out to him but he didn’t. More proof that Nam is far from perfect.

      • 3.1.3 crashbabe

        I think though i hope not that Anthony may be inheriting his mother’s disease that caused her to be blind.

  4. Rotikirai

    Thank you, thank you, HeadsNo2! Happy holidays, everyone! 🙂

    • 4.1 Rotikirai

      I haven’t finished reading, but I just want to share this before I forget:

      The part where Director Goo acknowledged Anthony as a pretty OK producer, he seemed to be really grateful to Anthony. This reminds me of the episode where Anthony wanted to fire Goo, but Go Eun told Anthony that in his current state, he has to keep people on his side. In this episode, looks like Goo will definitely be on his side. I don’t know how to word my thoughts properly, hope the readers here get what I mean…

  5. Stardust

    Thank you thank you for the recap HeadsNo2!! I am really loving this drama and glad that there will be four more episodes left! heheheee!! I am glad you are feeling better too, you are so awesome to be churning these out right after you recovered…

    MERRY MERRY BLESSED CHRISTMAS!! To all dearies of dramabeans, recappers and readers alike! ♥♥♥

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    i totally cracked myself laughing my head off at hyun-min’s conversation on the phone with bit-na about ‘loving’ min-ah and thereafter min-ah’s expression when she overheard. kept replaying that scene and cant stop laughing. hyun-min’s a JOKER. love siwon for this character. priceless. <3

    • 7.1 JustSoYouKnow

      Ya, that’s funny!

      I was watching Hello Counsellor, and 3 of the Super Junior guys were the guests. One of them was Sung Min. After that, I just can’t help picturing Siwon declaring his love for Sung Min! (Sung Min ah and Sung Min-ah sound the same, no?)

      • 7.1.1 nova611

        really may i know which ep was that?

        and guys…pls check out siwon on running man ep 22..
        hes totally funny there…its xmas special 2 yrs ago
        the character of hyun min is there^^

        • JustSoYouKnow

          @nova611: You mean, which episode of Hello Counsellor was that? Thought I heard it was the 100th ep. The episode had Eunhyuk, Sung Min & Shin Dong.

          I think I saw that Running Man ep before!

          • nova611

            thank you for that info..gonna google n watch it

      • 7.1.2 Nokcha

        Siwon is killing me in this drama! And your comment reminded me that there is a movie with the Super Junior guys, “Attack of the Pin-up Boys”. It’s pretty darn funny, a little gross, but funny. If you haven’t seen and you’re a fan, you might really enjoy it.

        • nova611

          i’ll try to watch it tonight

  8. Mystisith

    I keep on loving this show so much. Characters with hearts big *like that*. And with flaws which become advantages.
    Anthony with his troll face cracks me up every time.
    The pseudo love affair/scandal of hyun-min is too funny: It’s like a giant farce with few bad consequences. (Except a red cheek.)
    I really hope Go Eun is going to confess her feelings. Let’s be honest: She doesn’t sign this damn contract cause that way she can run into him unexpectedly at any hour of the day. At this stage, I’m just a basic fangirl who needs to see her OTP together: The preview… for today gives me a bit of hope. 🙂
    Gosh, that whole World Production team will be missed when this drama is over. But let’s not think about this. It’s almost Christmas after all. 🙂

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      I’m a watcher of IMY and I noticed Mystisith’s comments there. Haha look back at the thread I dropped a sweet message for you! Ha! Also, because of you I tried to watch KING OF DRAMAS. Boy, I’m a fan now! Thanks for recommending. I’m a big fan of YEH & Yoochun but wow dare I say this is shaping up to be the better drama. KOD Ep 2 later!

      • 8.1.1 PayPhone

        I mean this thread, Mystisith:

      • 8.1.2 Mystisith

        @PayPhone: Thanks for the helping hand on the “other side”. Lol. Tough clients out there!
        I’d rather have the company of the commenters of KOD to be honest: The atmosphere is much more relaxed and friendly. Glad you gave this show a chance: It’s really one of the best dramas this year imo… And I watch a lot.
        Have fun with the next eps of King of Dramas and see you around. 🙂

        • PayPhone

          That’s what I noticed too about King of Dramas viewers/commenters. That’s why I gave this a chance. They are balanced, wise, very (VERY) intelligent (not just fans for fans’ club sake).

          Loving this… The episode 2 was a a laughing ride for me! Haha! Thanks Mystisith for dropping by IMY thread — I discovered this gem.

      • 8.1.3 soyabeans

        Heehee… I had to be a busybody and check out that thread. Boy, yes, what “tough clients” there… haha

        Welcome to the KoD club, PayPhone! I really enjoy reading the KoD recaps and comments in dramabeans. It’s like there’s love all around, and I can really feel it! I don’t see any bashing (perhapz coz there’s just nothing to bash!), and I do learn some stuff… like hypothermia (and hyperthermia too; found out they’re actually different…).

        • liza

          If you read the comments for Faith, you will learn a little quantum physics, you never know about what you will gain a little knowledge.
          For the most part, the people who read/comment on the recaps do not give the impresssion of being rabid fans. we all can be snippy sometimes but all and all, this is a fun blog.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Liza,

            I smiled when I saw your comment about Faith, and I just wanted to say that learning about quantum physics gave some of us a headache, and some of us are actually getting a Master’s in Physics (I know a Kdrama lover and watcher who is getting her Master’s in Physics AND she got a headache just trying to follow those explanations, LOL). Yeah that was fun, as it is to also see when some people are so enamored with their actor/actress, they don’t seem to be able to see their (acting) flaws. To each, its own, I guess and maybe something about beauty (or in this case talent) being in the eye of the beholder.

            I hope you are enjoying the Holidays :-)!

  9. anais

    Aw! I was all warm and fuzzy at the end of this episode. This week’s episodes were heartwarming and hilarious. Thank you as always, HeadsNo2, and happy holidays!

  10. 10 mommai

    There were SO MANY AWESOME moments in this episode! I know people on Viki were complaining about the amount of flashbacks, and some even complained about PD Joo’s little romance with the FD, but I really enjoyed this episode! Also, Hyun-min yells “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, SUNG MIN AH!!!” in English. Sorry, OCD popping up there 😉 I love the feely moments in this show, but I also love the little things, like how Hyun-min is actually 31, not 27. I was kind of hoping that the picture of our two star actors was photoshopped so they could make fun of those kinds of scandals, but they just used a still from the show.

  11. 11 Deeko

    I completely agree about Anthony! He really showed his caring side in this episode. I dare say that all along, from his early years, him as Kim Bong Dal must have struggled with his sensitive, caring side that opposed with his driving ambition to be successful and get out of poverty. I am liking this side of him, being sly when he has to, supportive when he needs to and encouraging when it’s necessary.

    Thanks for the recap! I completely agree with all you’ve said about the genuine friendships forming. I completely love Hyun Min teasing Go Eun. They’re like adorable siblings who tease and encourage each other. Same with Director Nam and Anthony, who are begrudgingly acknowledging each other’s strengths and purpose in life. not to mention Director Goo appreciating Anthony in front of Hyun Min and Go Eun. So heartwarming that they are all affirming one another like that.

    I would say though that this episode slayed me with all the flashbacks… Some were good to be reminded of, especially when Go Eun recalled how Anthony defended her without wavering. I just wish they had saved some time with the flashbacks and given the entire rooftop conversation instead. Oh well, tomorrow is Monday.

    Somehow, I have an uncertain feeling about Anthony saying ”I don’t have that such feelings for whomever…” Eep. :-/

  12. 12 JustSoYouKnow

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    Oh, I need to re-watch this and look out for that tiny smile!

    And I can’t wait to watch the English subbed episode 15. Hope it’ll be out tomorrow! Or I may just succumb to watching the raw vid, which I try not to do!

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    • 13.1 chickletta

      where did you watch that?

      • 13.1.1 liza

        I hope that I am not breaking any rules, but check out Viki.com, the 15th was available on the 24th, the 16 episode was almost completly subbed by 2.30pm on the 25th

    • 13.2 Ivoire

      Hello Koirv, where did you see the preview, please? Thank you!

  14. 14 Lilian

    Hyun Min never fails to make me laugh each episode. But the fact that he is spending HIS money on the staff. Wow! Growth for the childish man…haha. I hope that they don’t suddenly fit him in as part of the love triangle or square though. It is fine for him to remain single and available till the end!

  15. 15 quincy

    and who can forget Go-eun’s excuse for her confusion.. “eh i’m confused whether the sweet potatoes are from China or Korea…” Totally adorable!

    • 15.1 whitewire

      How awkward was that! What will she do!

      • 15.1.1 quincy

        yes i feel so sorry for her! To go to Anthony with indignation (?) and resolution only to be floored so quickly… Go-eun ah!!!

  16. 16 nakai

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  17. 17 Eun

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    I think I should start watching this drama while reading the recaps. XD

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    Awww… that was a sweet recap. And that was a sweet episode.
    And Kyun Min was hilarious with Min-ah. Hilarious.
    Love this show and it’s already Monday. Yay 🙂

    • 18.1 umalily

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  19. 19 rearwindow

    This was a really fantastic episode! I feel like this show keeps getting better and better. And you’re right, I think one of the main reasons KoD is so strong is that the story, even the romance, is built on rock-solid friendships. I ADORE the friendship between Hyun Min and Go Eun. They have such a wonderful platonic vibe that, like you say, is very uncommon in kdramas (but incredibly refreshing nonetheless). I continue to worry that Anthony will break Go Eun’s heart (or maybe I’m more worried that he will break my heart, haha), but I hope I am pleasantly surprised by next episode in the romance department. It’s not that he’s any less into her than she is into him, but he is TERRIBLE at acknowledging/verbalizing his feelings. I love him as a character, and I don’t want to feel the urge to smack him through my screen. So…take note, writers! 🙂

    I’m disappointed but not surprised that Mina tried to get in Go Eun’s head by misrepresenting her relationship with Anthony. I AM surprised that Anthony set the record straight (well, as straight as he is capable of setting the record) within minutes of when that happened.

    I really feel that this drama has flown by in a flash. It’s hard to believe there are only 4 episodes left. This is one of the most low-key, effortlessly entertaining kdramas I’ve watched. It’s just really solid all around–acting, writing, plotting, directing. Here’s to going out with a bang!

    • 19.1 Arawn

      I think that was a play with drama tropes, too. Misunderstanding trope, to be exact. You see this SO often, when either one of the leads of both misunderstand the romantic situation of the other and think that the other is already in a relationship and that is usually played for many many episodes or up until the end of the movie, when misunderstanding is FINALLY cleared up and they dart to declare their love.

      Here misunderstanding is a very plausible one. Go-Eun saw with her own eyes Mina kissing Anthony and she from PD Joo that they used to date. And then Mina said herself that she’s are getting back together with Anthony. So of course Go-Eun would thing that they are dating, it’s the ONLY logical thing to think. But unlike most other shows where hero/heroine just silently suffers, here we have Go-Eun actively confronting Anthony about the dating and so the misunderstanding is cleared. Hurrah! I really liked how this all unfolded.

      What comes to Mina, I think her way to manipulate Go-Eun was almost genius. She could have just said “stay away, woman, I have a claim to this man”, but that would give several messages she clearly didn’t want to give. It give Go-Eun the impression that Anthony might be interested in her and that Mina actually sees her relationship with Anthony serious enough to be a threat to her. So Mina telling about her newly budding romance with Anthony to Go-Eun like the latter was a confidante, was a clever move from Mina’s part. She is good with mind games.

  20. 20 Koirv

    Anthony: What a stupid game, Yaja Time.
    Go-eun: Anthony, keep quiet.

    • 20.1 nova611

      dont forget this

      AK to Dir Goo
      “Young-mok, be quiet. The adults are talking.”

      • 20.1.1 Arawn

        That nearly killed me. But you know what I want to hear from Anthony? “Go-Eun-ah”!!!

        • Koirv

          Now THAT is what I’ve been imagining for weeks!!! How sexy would that be!

  21. 21 autleaf

    I’ve been playing a game called “How will KoD subvert Korean drama’s most overused cliches?”.
    1) Amnesia wake-up scene with a prank,
    2) scary yakuza financier who succumbed to terminal illness,
    3) main female character witnesses male lead kiss the 2nd female lead but was caught sneaking away,
    4) female lead running away to avoid attention but male lead clearly mind reads her and wait at her mom’s (instead of running all over Seoul to find her)
    and what seemed like a confession scene will end with….. I don’t have a clue, I give up but I’m waiting on pin and needles for Episode 15 for what I’m sure will be a laugh.

    Plus, Director Nam-Anthony bromance FTW!

    • 21.1 whitewire

      That certainly is a good list! Yeap, King of Dramas dodged those cliches! Woooo! And counting…

    • 21.2 autleaf

      @whitewire: Feel free to add, I’m sure there’s more in the earlier episodes. I love writer-nim, fighting!

    • 21.3 Mystisith

      Soon there will be a KOD drinking game: 1 shot for every cliche ridiculed. *Goes to prepare the hangover soup*.

    • 21.4 rearwindow

      I love this list! I guess we can add “awesome moms who root for their children’s happiness above all else” to it. And hopefully also “male lead exhibits symptoms of mysterious illness but it ends up leading to absolutely nothing” by the time the the drama’s over.

      Please, writer-nim…pretty pretty please??

    • 21.5 autleaf

      Keep ’em coming, rearwindow! Let’s see, I will add birth secret of Director Nam but the stalwart son stood up brilliantly against Chairman Nam with minimal angst. Well, it was minimal IMO as it took up under two episodes and brought us a potential bromance.

      • 21.5.1 rearwindow

        Ooh yes, good one! Also: meddling 2nd lead who is completely unsuccessful in her meddling (Mina misrepresents her relationship with Anthony, but Go Eun finds out in the same evening that she’s lying through her teeth; also, Mina kisses Anthony so Go Eun can see, but Go Eun also sees him push Mina away).

    • 21.6 quincy

      not sure if this counts… when Anthony asked Go-eun what she thinks of him as a man (i was so expecting a confession or something… only to have him proclaim “this is called ‘melodrama’.. now go back and write your script!”) such a dramatic anti-climax!

      • 21.6.1 autleaf

        Of course, of course, how could we miss this! The ultimate cliche to be debunked! Kudos Quincy!

    • 21.7 Arawn

      -2dn male lead has NO romance with the female lead.
      -Romantic misunderstanding cleared fast and early.
      -Awkward kiss

      I hope we can add “serious illness turns out to be just the male lead needing glasses”. 😀

      • 21.7.1 rearwindow

        “I hope we can add ‘serious illness turns out to be just the male lead needing glasses.'”

        That would be INCOMPREHENSIBLY AWESOME. I can see it now–dramatic music, fluorescent lights, and a pale, worried Anthony. A doctor in a white coat enters the room, his shoes clunking ominously on the tile floor, to deliver the bad news…a prescription for contact lenses.

        I feel like I would explode from happiness if this were to happen. In fact, this would maybe become my favorite show JUST for that moment.

        • ainiseunggi

          OKAY!! from now on I will only think and imagine just like you guys!! HAHAHA !!

        • Laurita

          Well that’s an idea, that needs to be heard by the writer. I am 100 percent for the “prescription for contact lenses” hahahaha 🙂

        • Koirv

          I will be as calm as you are REARWINDOW. Wooooo, here we go, we have 1.5 hour left!

      • 21.7.2 JustSoYouKnow

        In ep 2, Anthony was already shown wearing spectacles (the part when he was working on the computer to send the drama proposal to Watanabe)…

        • Arawn

          So he needs just stronger glasses, then. 🙂 (Or how ever you say it, but I’m sure you all know what I mean. 🙂 )

      • 21.7.3 autleaf

        Hehehe, awkward kiss with mummy-like twirling hands! Haha, Go Eun, the fantasies you have….

        • quincy

          and it’s soooo mortifying for her enactment of her (wild) fantasies to be witnessed by none other than the subject matter himself!!!

          what’s more to be likened to an overturned turtle?! (Anthony is so mean but this description totally had me in stitches!!)

  22. 22 yingz

    thanks for the recap and merry Christmas!

  23. 23 Orion

    The only issue I have with this drama is my fear of what this industry is really like. Anthony’s scary moment in the hospital, when he got dizzy, scares me.

    See, I know this series would never result to such a cliché, the very thing it would make fun of. On the other hand, the ratings and the fact that it is a Korean drama, no matter how good, worry me. So, is this just another hard trolling on their part and preparing us for lovely meta or did someone at SBS force an illness into their script?

    It’s funny (and kind of sad) how a series about kdrama has us biting our nails over how it will go, because of its very nature as a kdrama. I hope this is trolling. I really want this series to be free until the end. Free to complete the brilliant story it has been telling so far. Just a bit more. We’re almost there. Let this go out with a bang and restore some faith into this medium. And let it be a lesson to others, that you can tell your story the way you want it if you try hard enough and find those who will support it. We need more such kdramas. It can be an art form and not just light soapy entertainment. They just have to trust their amazingly talented people and let them create what they love.

    • 23.1 rearwindow

      I agree completely. Please please pleaaaase let the mysterious flash of illness be a misdirect, or even better, a hat-tip to the kdrama cliches that KoD actively subverts.

    • 23.2 Mystisith

      I’ll never be so happy to be declared paranoid in my life. (That 0.01% chance of being a real problem for Anthony). I’m waiting for the diagnosis like if it was for me. And I hate ophthalmologists…

      • 23.2.1 whitewire

        This has been one of the highlights of my paranoid life too. Writer? U there?

    • 23.3 quincy

      i feel a little torn about this as it seems that the writer has planned for AK’s medical condition from the start (we know of his incessant tearing in ep 2)? i hope we get a satisfactory twist to the plot!

    • 23.4 liza

      you would hope, this is all I can say without putting spoilers out there.

    • 23.5 pipit

      I’m praying too! Let this brilliant drama stays the way it is! Don’t kill us with the same sickness that we all hate in other dramas please… please…please…….

  24. 24 Uhnny

    Thanks for the recap!!!~
    Happy holidays beanies! 🙂

    Ivoire: “I wonder (can’t help it) what the headache/problem with his eyes Anthony felt at the hospital mean. I don’t think they showed that for nothing. And that makes me worried. Will something bad (healthwise) happen to Anthony?”

    And upon seeing the preview for ep. 15 when Anthony went to see a doctor, I got so intrigued. (But still keeping my fingers crossed) 🙂

    Can’t wait for episode 15!

  25. 25 ainiseunggi

    Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! this episode blows my mind away!~
    I can’t wait to see Go-eun confesses her feeling to Anthony! I pray to drama gods that it WILL happen in the next 10 hours from now!! PLEASE~ Since KoD is a really unusual drama so it is very okay if the first lead female chases her love FIRST!! right?? aaaa!! I JUST CAN’T WAIT IT!!
    I read someone has watch the preview of episode 15???!! Where can I watch it???? O.O
    I haven’t been able to concentrate to any of my assignments well because I can’t stop thinking of our OTP’s romance hahaha!
    Help me!!


    • 25.1 Mystisith

      Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_PUn_Ksb9vg
      Just a few hours to wait now for the complete episode…

      • 25.1.1 ainiseunggi

        thank you soooooooooo much!! \^^/
        I’ve watched it but what it this mixed feeling I have for??

      • 25.1.2 twelvejan

        Oh dayummm. My hand’s shaking.


        So I’m guessing Ep 15 will open to a Go Eun denying her feelings for Anthony. I was squealing at the end of Ep 14 and freaked out when it ended with the inevitable cliffhanger.

  26. 26 Noelle

    Please say you like him!

    • 26.1 Koirv

      Am I the only one wishing Anthony would say HE likes HER first? Hahaha!

      • 26.1.1 Saima


      • 26.1.2 rearwindow

        THIS!! I will be much more satisfied if Anthony is the first to declare his feelings. Especially since I don’t trust him to react kindly to Go Eun if she shares that she likes him first. Bah, emotional stuntedness! So compelling to watch, and yet so frustrating!

        • Koirv


          Because maybe, just maybe, when Go-eun confesses first, Anthony will take it casually and it will beef up his ego big-time! Whereas when he confesses to Go-eun first (because he can’t handle it anymore), Go-eun might take it as a joke but there’s definitely that grain of truth & sincerity. Idk what will happen. Anxious here. Heh! 🙂

  27. 27 Abbie

    Such a good episode. I loved this one so much! I really liked the little speech Director Nam gave when he came back. So cool.

    I love Hyun-min’s and Go-eun’s relationship probably because it’s not romantic. I love that she can cheer him up and that he can open up to her about what’s bothering him.

    Min-ah annoyed me this episode. She’s so jealous and petty and that makes her irritating.

    I really hope Go-eun confesses to Anthony, and I really hope they end up together. They’re so good together.

    If Anthony looses his sight, that will be so sad. Just so, so sad.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads! I hope you feel better soon.

    Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

    • 27.1 ainiseunggi

      OH MY GOD!! PLEASE NO! Just by imagining Anthony looses his sight makes me afraid. Is it because his mom has that illness? NO!!
      But what I have just realized is, I’m now in the middle of studying the lyrics of “Blind in Love”, the OST that Yesung sung for this drama. And what makes me frightened is that I remember 6 months ago I was crazy with TK2H and I pleaded that Eun Shikyung will not die, but then someone said that the theme song for the STP which is Eun Shikyung-Lee Jaeshin has the lyrics that said their love will only be memory, that there be only tears,and something like that, and it happened! Eun Shikyung died! T.T

      And….but no, just imagining it, I cry, the first line of the song that Yesung sung is “Because I’m blind, I only see you” …. oh nooo!!!!


      • 27.1.1 Koirv

        OMG NOOOOOOOOOO! Let it not be patterned in Yesung’s song! No! No! “Blind in love, I only see you.” No! Please, no!

        • ainiseunggi

          Yeah~~ I’m praying that too.
          Let’s just think just like Arawn suggest “serious illness turns out to be just the male lead needing glasses” ..


  28. 28 Mari

    So can we officially say that Siwon can act?? I love this kid, the amount of faces he makes in every episode are just priceless.

    • 28.1 Nathalia

      I’m so glad that everyone has given their stamp of approval this time on Siwon’s acting. I’ve been a fan of his since Oh my lady, & i’m kind of sad that his dramas are not rating well before, but this time everybody is having fun watching his character. Hooray for Siwon & Hyun min hahaha.

      • 28.1.1 Koirv

        But this is my favorite Siwon role. So perfect his acting!

    • 28.2 nova611

      mayb someone can make fanvid of HM various reaction for fun…including the part of ‘OH MY JEHSCHUZ’ and ‘OH FATHERMOTHER’ offcourse

  29. 29 anotheraddict

    Yay for another ep. sans Empire Strikes Back machinations. And I just loved that instead, it was filled with so many cute, touching, and funny moments.

    After watching ep. 1, I had serious doubts about Show being able to redeem Anthony in a way that I would be satisfied with, because he was so utterly callous back then. He didn’t seem to care that he was most likely sending the motorcycle rider to his death; he didn’t seem to care that the dying man needed comforting in his final moments. But little by little, we’ve seen this man become less Anthony Kim, and more the Kim Bong Dal who bought his soul back from the devil. Of course his running into the fire to save Ajusshi Extra was a not-so-subtle illustration of how much he’s changed. But what prepared me to accept the whole transformation trajectory was his bouts of bawling in ep. 2. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t keep suppressing all of Kim Bong Dal’s feelings. I really like how it’s not so much that Go Eun has changed Anthony, but rather that she’s helped him to become more truly himself.

    Heads, you’re such a trooper– tonsilitis, then year-end review, then back-to-back recaps, and now holidays and more recaps. I hope you take very good care of yourself and don’t try to push yourself too hard.

    Merry Happy, everyone!

  30. 30 Saima

    Fave Heads quote: “Oh motherfather.” HAHAAAAAA!!

    Like GE all of us were proud when HM turned up at the hospital & him being affronted at BN’s “some nobody extra” was adorbs. As much as he is (seldom) infuriating all of us need a HM in our lives. 🙂

    Have to put this out there: Kim Myung-min is freakin’ Sexaaayyyyyyy!! I died of the CUTE in the following clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsqCWSCpZz4 Now WANT to nom-nom on some cheeks!!

    • 30.1 twelvejan

      NOOOOOOOO. My dream of being in Anthony’s arms. TT-TT

  31. 31 Arawn

    To be honest, I don’t think Go-Eun will confess. She’ll probably just say something along “lets eat this sweet potatoes together.” 🙂

    But when Anthony brought her those potatoes, all I was thinking was “how can you NOT love a man who brings you baked sweet potatoes!”

  32. 32 geen

    Can someone pls tell me the title of the english song sung by a lady in KOD? Lyrics goes like “I’ll be here, when the Tuesday comes…” Thanks

    • 32.1 nova611

      if im not mistaken the song had been mentioned on recap ep 12..try check it out..on comment side

      • 32.1.1 Koirv

        Really! Where where where!

        • quincy

          Big Baby Driver’s Tuesday Song?

          • gingeranna

            I made a little video with a version ripped from the drama, apparently the song will be released with the full album, in april.
            So I thought that a little piece is better than nothing, here it is:

            This song is so sweet and… I don’t know, I just love it ♥ (but I still love Anthony more)

  33. 33 Df

    This is my new fav KoD episode (knocked episode 10 off the pedestal). So many wonderful moments. I laughed, teared up, jumped and screamed for joy, bit my fingernails in anticipation…just damn! I’m glad I watched it alone because anyone around would have thought I was nuts. Also the extra deserves some sort of award like Viola got for her ONE scene in Doubt because she was just that good. I almost cried when he so graciously thanked Anssony in ep. 13 but straight up teared up when he thanked Anthony for saving his life in this episode. And the way Anthony assured him I just…and then the scene with Go Eun and Hyun Min in the hospital, Director Nam with his dad longing to have his son back, Director Nam coming back like a BOSS, Hyun Min getting epic slaps from Bit Na..just so many great moments wrapped up in a cast of characters I love (excluding Chairman Oh and Mina in particular…I’m very, VERY glad Oh and anything Enpire related was barely in this episode) made it a favorite even with all the flashbacks.

    It would be HILARIOUS if Anthony walked into World Production office with some glasses on. I know he’d werk them though.

  34. 34 Df

    I also think its interesting that through the course of producing her drama, Go Eun has formed (strong) connections with one of the best directors in the industry, a top actor/star in the industry and a (soon to be) best representatives in the drama industry. Talk about networking!

    • 34.1 Femme

      How lucky! To debut her first ever drama, there’s the mythical Lord of the Drama Anthony Kim, Top Stars Kang Hyun Min and Sung Mina, Seasoned Veteran Director Goo.

      Bonus there: A heart of stone turned into a heart of flesh, beating insanely for her. 🙂

      • 34.1.1 ainiseunggi

        @Femme Oh~ I really love that of your “A heart of stone turned into a heart of flesh, beating insanely for her.”
        Kyaaaa~~~ I’m so fangirling Kim Myung-min LOL

  35. 35 twelvejan

    Director Nam is back! I love how the table’s turned around and it’s Anthony giving the same advice to Director Nam.

    And with everyone else, I find the hospital scene really touching. And Hyun Min is slowly growing up.

    And can we please have a confession in tonight’s episode please? Gahhh.

    메리 크리스마스, EVERYONE!

    • 35.1 Koirv

      It’s a mandate! Anthony, please confess to Go-eun. It’s all I want for Christmas, really! Merry Christmas too, twelvejan!

    • 35.2 ainiseunggi

      YEAH PLEASE!! A CONFESSION! Well…Okay I don’t care who do it first! I just need a confession from this couple!!! TONIGHT!!! YEAH!!

      /maybe in that couch tee-hee 😛

  36. 36 twelvejan

    And it’s official. Even though I don’t really fancy Siwon, his character in this episode was beyond hilarious!

    “Brad Pitt, cheorom?”

    “Oh motherfather”


  37. 37 shiku

    I absolutely loved the fact that Anthony went into the building and save the Ahjussi extra. (I was kinda hoping HM would do it but I guess it would be too drastic for him to change so much.)

    The ahjussi extra scene at the hospital had mw bawling my eyes out at how touching the scene was. Kudos to the actor portraying the ahjussi. It also made me think how you have actors with real talent struggling to find roles yet the major roles go to people with questionable talent just because they have an idol fan base or have a pretty face.

    I wonder if they wrote the deputy director scene because of how tyrannical the MBC president is canceling shows left and right with no warning, ramming shows down everyone’s throat even though they have valid reasons to disagree with him, and was the main reason for the MBC strike. Too bad they don’t have a director Nam there.

    I love Goeun and Anthony’s relationship and how its progressing. I hope she confesses her feelings (doubtful) and I hope he admits to himself he likes her. I absolutely loved how he trolled her and got to mom’s restaurant before she did it and how. He made it clear that there’s no love relationship between MinAh and him. Its sweet he bought her sweet potatoes and that she tried to question his intent on giving them to her.

    I like HyunMin’s and GoEun’s sibling relationship, they totally get each other. I loved the Bitna phone scene and slap scene. So funny and I think I wore out my rewind button. HyunMin and MinAh scenes are such a riot. And I love that blue scarf, I want it!

    • 37.1 Koirv

      Your 2nd paragraph is basically everything to me!

    • 37.2 jomo

      Me, too! “I hope she confesses her feelings (doubtful) and I hope he admits to himself he likes her.”
      but I agree with your “(doubtful).”

      I like how are playing with us on many levels.
      On one level, they have given us the drama cliches of witnessed kiss misunderstandings, the “Do you like me?” accusations and fantasies of kissing and flashbacks of tender exchanges for the OTP to dwell on.
      But on a totally different one, we have partners experiencing and helping each other through hardships.
      Two impassioned enemies learning more and more about each other, admiring one another’s strengths, and forming a bond that dwarfs small incidents and misunderstandings.

      Anthony doesn’t need to hear GE’s answer, it is OBVIOUS. Everygthing she does for him points to her blossoming feelings.
      As for Anthony, hot damn, the sweet potatoes!
      By buying those and handing them to her, Anthony is asking her to recall the most intimate moment they have shared and that he remembers.
      “I remember how we held each other close. I remember telling you my most personal secrets. I remember how you managed to take my biggest fear, my biggest failure as a human being, and turn it into something to be proud of. I remember your sweetness and your warmth. I am returning them to you now, in a bag, because, I love you, and I want you to love me back.”

      They don’t need words at this point, just the right timing to be able to focus on a relationship. Just not now, not yet.

      • 37.2.1 chickletta

        My my! I will never be able to look at sweet potatoes in the same way again.
        Well observed!

    • 37.3 Ivoire

      Hello Shiku,

      I really liked your first 2 paragraphs, and I felt the same way. I too, bawled (twice) at the beginning of episode 14 (the whole situation with the ahjussi at the hospital) and KHM going to the hospital (even though they were asked not to go) because he felt so guilty and so worried. I just loved how that incident brought them together and how it helped Dir. Goo start on his healing process (5 years is a long time to carry such a guilt of having your extra die on your set).

      I totally 2nd your sentiment expressed in your 2nd paragraph, it rang so true with me!!!!! I have been thinking the same way, when I watch dramas where the 2nd leads or “minor” characters perform way better (or much better) than the lead, however, they will probably not get to that level of fame or exposure because they do not have a big fan base or what is considered a “pretty” face in the industry. We, the viewers loose in those instances (as well as the actor/actress, of course).

  38. 38 Suzi Q

    I think this is the second time AK asked GE if she liked him, and he clarified that he is not dating Sung Min Ah. It’s still too early for her to confess since there are 4 more episodes to go. Just love the chemistry between both leads.

    Si Won is doing a wonderful job..So far, he’s gone to the cold ocean several times, and been slapped numerous times by Min Ah and Bit Ba. It must have hurt. Just love all of his comedic facial expressions.

    The script writers are terrific in this drama. Wonderful mixture of parody, romance, drama and comedy. It seemed to go by so fast.. Hate to see it end so soon.

    • 38.1 nakai

      I love the way he said he’s not dating Mina.

  39. 39 Pinkeu

    Bromance of Anthony Kim and Director Nam!

  40. 40 Deeko

    It would be awesome if the blinking scenes and the constant teary eyes are just symptoms for overworked eyes and the man just needs prescription glasses. I hope they divert that implied blindness with him going to the eye doctor to get a pair of glasses instead.

    • 40.1 srainy

      LOL that’d be so funny! now i hope they really will!
      just make it all melo and drama at first, and end it with him only needing a pair of glasses.

  41. 41 whitewire

    LOL SERIOUSLY what was the writer actually thinking to include: “Whether these potatoes are foreign or domestic, I was confused…” Hahahaha! Because of how random it is, I can’t help but laugh with so much confusion!!!

    • 41.1 Chickletta

      It is not so random. Many Koreans care about whether the produce come from China or Korea. Chinese cabbage (for kimchi) and other produce are considered low qualllity and unhealhty, and when buying stuff people ask about the origin and would not eat chinese produce. Same goes for beef, etc. So, poor Goeun couldn’t come up with nothing better than pretend to be worried about the origin of potatoes. As ridiculous as it is in this situtation, it is not random.

      • 41.1.1 Ivoire

        Thank you Chickletta for this explanation, I really did not know that fact. These are the kinds of things we learn by reading and participating on blogs such as this one, and it makes a difference. It helps me understand the drama better, thus appreciating it better as well :-).

        I really value and appreciate your comments during the showing of this drama. Your contribution to the conversation has been invaluable to me. I just love being able to understand the “whys” behind everything that is being said and done, because it is not always obvious to many of us. I also appreciate that no question or comment is deemed stupid here, we can just put it here and see who responds or who can help us figure it out. That is a plus in reading and participating on blogs like this one.

        • Chickletta

          Good morning Ivoire. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. My pleasure, as always, to share with you all bits and pieces of Korean trivia that my appear puzzling unless you know how it relates to Korea and life here in general. I gotta tell you I’m still reeling from the disappointmeent with ep. 16 – especially after the beauty of ep15. I wonder what you will think of it, so please share. Still hope the writer will redeem himself (herself). I am biased cuz I can’t stand Korean melo not even in small dosages.

          • Ivoire

            @ Chickletta,
            Also, I think I don’t mind melos, depending on how they are used in a story/dramas and how they unfold. I don’t care for melos for the sake of being melodramatic.

            I also wanted to say: am I the only one who has noticed that KMM/Anthony gets his eyebrows done (he has them shaped in an interesting way)? If you look closely, you will see it. Do you guys know why? Has KMM done that for other roles? (It is my first time seeing him on the screen, with KoDs).

          • Ivoire

            @ Chickletta,

            Hello again :-)!!!! Thank you for rewatching episode 16 and for withholding your judgment. I reread my comment and realized that I wasn’t clear about what I was trying to say: I actually watched epi. 16, but I watched it raw (without subs), and so although I was able to follow and get the gist of what was going on, I didn’t understand a lot of what happened, dialogue wise, and that always makes a huge difference b/c Kdramas can pack a lot in one episode.

            There is a little thing that Anthony didn’t do at the end of ep. 16, and that makes me wonder if the concept of being a Noble Idiot is not going to be introduced in the last two episodes. I am thinking that b/c it is such a huge Kdrama trope and it would make sense to me if we see some of it in this drama.

            However, I would also expect the drama to quickly deal with it, 1–b/c we only have 2 ep. left and 2–b/c this drama has not let conflict fester for too long, sometimes solving it in the same ep. (ex. the question of whether Anthony was dating SMA or not. He told her “no” right away. There was no misunderstanding there, once she brought it up to his attention, although she couldn’t tell him that she had heard it from SMA, which I think he should have been told. I would have liked to see how he would have reacted to that. I think that was part of why GE had a hard time letting herself like Anthony, b/c SMA herself made her believe that Anthony and her were trying to get back together, and well… they did date at one point, and SMA is an attractive woman. Even I would have believed her, if she had told me that).

            So now, I need to rewatch ep. 16, this time subbed, so I can really know what happened in that ep. before I can form an opinion, keeping in mind that I still don’t know (I am not sure) what the writer-nim(s) of this dramas have in store for us. We know they are not dumb, they have managed to entertain us and make us think for 15 ep. so far, so I think we should see what they will do with the remaining two episodes. There is a possibility that they could mess up the ending (Queen In Hyun’s Man comes to mind, where in the opinion of many, the writer dropped the ball at the end), however, I would still want to see it so I can then feel entitled to rant and see to what extent I need or want to rant.

            At this point, to be honest, I don’t know if the whole next 2 ep. will be bad (not to my liking), or just the last 15mns of the very last episode (that has happened for other dramas). That makes a difference too, in how disappointed I might be. However, as I have said many times now, I won’t know (I can’t know) until I see it. I don’t wanna put the cart before the horse. I am keeping an open (and wait and see) mind about the last two episodes.

            This is long again, but what can I say: I love to write and I LOVE details, when I write and when I read from others… I hope you don’t mind reading:-)

            P.S.: I also sent you an email, FYI 🙂

            Re: melo Kdramas, I don’t particularly like them, so like you, I don’t flock to them. I would however watch them if they are on TV and that is the only thing I have available (we get KBS World in Northern CA, so we get all of KBS programming, 3 weeks later, b/c they have to sub it 1st). In that respect, I have watched some melos, b/c they happen to be on KBS, and the HD image looked really good and it was there, so why not… I personally like dramas that make me think, that keep me on the edge of my seat, and that allow me to learn a lot (about the food, the history of SK, the culture etc…). So, I like dramas like “President” with Choi Su-Jong and Ha Hee-Ra (really good drama, by the way. It didn’t do so well in SK, but it was REALLY well acted and the cliffhangers were good in it, till the very end. I also liked their OST. That drama had a good budget, and it showed), the “chaser” with Son Hyeon-Ju and Kim Sang-Jung. I loved the King 2 Hearts b/c I thought LSG was really good in it and I thought he did well when he played opposite the veteran actors (which is my litmus test for an actor/actress), I also like the storyline and what I learned about international politics with that drama, even though a lot of it was simplified, but there were nuggets like the fact that Korea would not be bad to Turkey (I think?) b/c they helped them during the war, so they have a soft spot for Turkey and its citizens. I had read that on a blog (a really good one maintained by a lawyer, Korean American who answers all kinds of questions people have about the 2 Koreas, to the best of his abilities) and I was tickled when LSG’s character made that comment in the drama (when they were choosing a team to go against for the games) and he picked Turkey and he said, “we can’t go against Turkey” (I don’t remember if he said why, but I was happy that I knew why). I want to watch Gaksital (I have seen some of it, I found it very violent but well acted and I LOVE the OST). I don’t know if you could tell by my questions, but I have an inquisitive mind, and so I tend to like dramas that would feed that side of me.

            I like to be exposed to many genres of dramas, I always find something to learn (language, culture, social or school system in Korea, etc…. ). I personally liked dramas like Mary Stayed Out All Night, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Dream High (the 1st one, I didn’t watch the 2nd one), I Do I Do (some things irritated me and I would have written it differently, focusing more on the relationship between the leads, but I liked it), and I like sageuks, to an extent. I didn’t love AGD, but I learned some things when I watched it and so I didn’t regret watching it too much. I asked a lot of questions here, about the educational school system in SK (b/c I was confused), and people answered, and so I was happy that I learned some new things and also the importance of social status in Korea, especially if one wants to marry. There is such a thing as “marrying up or marrying down” and that matters (a lot, apparently. At least in dramas).

            So all of that to say that, I have not yet met a drama that I didn’t take something away from, I have always learned a few things (or a lot) and for that I am very grateful to those who write dramas and those who star in them, and those behind the scenes who work so diligently and so hard to produce them and make them and we (the audience) get to sit back and enjoy them. Part of why I like to immerse myself in a drama is b/c I want to honor that effort and understand all the nuances and work that has gone into making a drama. It is my way of showing my appreciation, even though the people on the other end will never know (maybe) that they are people like me on this end, who love to dissect them and analyze them and learn in the process.
            But then again, maybe they do know :-). They know that the Korean Wave is growing and dramas have a lot to do with that.

            Again, happy reading :-)!!!!

        • Ivoire

          Hello Chickletta, sooo good to hear from you again, and I am glad that you checked the comments on the recaps. I will also respond to the messages on ep. 13, so please also check there. I saw ep. 16 this morning (California time in the USA. We are 17 hours behind SK time, FYI). So I could guess a few things but there is a lot I didn’t understand. Viki (a website where they subbed dramas and movies from around the world) has it subbed already, so I will have to watch it again, before I can give an (informed) opinion :-).

          I personally didn’t think the writer was going to go all out on where he went with Anthony and his health (it’s a “he” btw, I checked on AsianWiki). I would like to reserve judgment, because I am curious as to what he will do in the last 2 episodes. This writer has done very well so far, knowing where he was taking the drama and how he was getting there. I felt that he knew his destination, but also his journey to get there. I would like to trust the writer, since for 15 episodes, he has done well, by Kdramas scripts standards. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

          As I said, I haven’t seen ep. 16 subbed yet, and I need to watch it before I can comment properly :-). Have you seen the last song (by MBLAQ) of the OST of the KoDs? (it’s on YouTube).

          • Ivoire

            Chickletta, this message was first, and the other one (posted above) was 2nd. Sorry for the confusion :-).

          • liza

            I have seen episode 16 subbed and I will resist the urge to spoil it for the ones who are not up to episode 16. but what I will say is that one of the reason that I loved KOD was because it was not like the usual Kdrama full of contrived drama, death, loss, pain, sorrow etc.
            I waxed poetry about the greatness of the drama and now, I am on the verge of taking it all back, I am pissed, deeply, profusely teed off, I feel almost as bad as if MY friend had betrayed me.
            I am doubly teed off that I have taken this drama to the level that the plot has affected me this way. If the writers do not correct the story line’s ridiculous projectory with the 17th to the end, I will put KOD firmly back to the pile of same ole run of the mill Kdrama and that would be a shame.
            maybe, the writers did this stupidity because they had to extend the story line? either way, it was rather silly and self-defeating to mess with the drama this late in the game. seriously, the 16th episode, had they done this at the 4,6,even 10th I would have stopped watching.

          • autleaf

            I wouldn’t diss KoD just yet since I feel that the turn has been plotted well in advance IMO. I’ve said this on a different thread that if one look closer at the situation in Episode 16, the writer has put in a lot of details and prior set-up to the plot is ingenious too, I think. Of course, I still hope that the ending is sweet, just to be made sweeter in terms of understanding and accepting each other, and dare I perhaps say even sacrifice? Looking forward to how it will turn out, at least angst will not be prolonged for multiple episodes 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Hello Liza, Autleaf and Chickeletta (again 🙂 )! I 2nd Autleaf stance, I am on the wait and see camp, because I am curious as to why the writers did what they did. Let’s try not be rash (in our decision making) about this, please?

          • Chickletta

            Hello again – I just watched 16 again and am thinking that, as you suggest, Ivoire, we should trust the writer. In the meta drama the script is being changed, so maybe they want to do the same with KOD to show how it can be done. Not sure I feel about it. I was hoping for a lot of laughs and romance in the Xmas episode, and I didn’t get that. As for the melo – I don’t mind melo moments when they appropriate but I don’t watch melodramas like I Miss You, or anythign that has terminal illness, memory loss (except for Nice Guy that bored the living daylights out for me in the second part), or buckets and bucket of tears. Just not my cup of tea. I prefer light, clever, quirky ‘dramas’ that are more like sitcoms – with great acting and great dialogs. I will check out the OST. Love the music in this show.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Chickeletta,
            I am sorry 🙁 I posted in the wrong place (again 🙂 ) my last response is here Ivoire December 26th, 2012 at 1:34 pm, a little higher. I also wanted to add the links to the OST (so far) on YT. So here:

            (8eight (Lee Hyun) – Keep In Your Heart (King of Dramas OST)

            Yesung (Super Junior) – Blind In Love – The King of Dramas OST

            Melody Day (멜로디데이) – 다 너로 보인다 (Miracle) [King of Dramas OST]

            korea’s Drama[ King of Drama] OST Because Heaven (Winter Rain) MBLAQ

            The 1st line is the YT link, and the 2nd and 3rd lines are the title of the songs and the name of the singer or group. Enjoy!!!! 🙂

  42. 42 whitewire

    On the other hand, when AK asked her “Do you like me?” she didn’t reject it or deny it… She even gave time for him to say, “Then again, that would never happen.” WHY NOT REACT (Admit it or Reject it) GO-EUN!!!

    • 42.1 quincy

      actually it is totally in character for her to be at loss for words and kick herself thereafter for not reacting fast enough!

      there were many such occasions e.g. when AK asked her what she thought of him as a man, when AK told her (with the “evil” grin) not to make him wait too long to renew her contract… (there should be more but can’t recall off the top of my head)

    • 42.2 liza


      We could go to the movies together, I completely agree with you, If I should say at any point that I watched The entire I Miss you Drama,( only saw 1 episode snd I jumped ship )or any dramas of that nature, please call the FBI because I have been kidnapped. I am disappointed but I will hold off my final rant until I see the end.
      But you do know where and what he was going to do at the end of 16. and if this is not like any run in the mill Kdrama I do not know what is.
      I did not want sacrifice, loss or tears of pain for KOD, sorrow, pain, tears is simply not how I get my kicks. In the real world I am sad, I cry, I am happy, I smile, laugh you get the idea. I do not use Kdrama as the catalyst for my emotional tantrums. I use it as one of my avenues of escape…Nice things or different things as the first 15 episodes of KOD.
      But I am all in for a misdirect or a dream sequence and as both you Ivoire said, the writers have been great so far. Fingers cross, there must be a ultra good reason for this 360 change. But at the end of the day, we will feel how we feel and fully entitled to do so.

      • 42.2.1 chickletta

        Hahaha! Okay, I’ll keep watch and if you say you’re watchig a Korean tear-jerking melo, I will call FBI.

  43. 43 Cath

    I try so hard to keep myself from reading the recaps because I want to watch the show first BUT oh as fate would have it, I still can’t and haven’t watched even a single episode.
    Anyways….I’ll start reading the recaps.

    Happy Holidays!

  44. 44 autleaf

    I believed that the drama press conference was the last I’ve seen of AK’s fur collars. It was even the most outrageous of the fur collars so far. Or have I missed any in the last few episodes? But I swear, I have not seen them lately.

    Is the lack of fur trimmings any indication of how AK is nowadays shedding the walls and layers that he had built around himself? Symbolism abounds…

    I saw a scene in Episode 15 where the fur collar made a comeback. I’m guessing that’ a flashback, maybe even a clue as to why AK left Min-ah 5 years ago. Oooohhh, can’t wait for the next episode, this is mental torture, I tell ya yet so addictive…

    • 44.1 ainiseunggi

      Owh wow! eagle-eyed there! I didn’t notice it yet till you said it. The fur. Yes I don’t see it lately either. I also want it to be a flashback when AK first got into Empire Production. But, Minah’s hair, I think that’s her present hairstyle. hee. But i don’t know. Maybe 5 years ago she had ponytail when she’s dating with AK like that fishing scene, and she used elegant hairstyle in the evening. who knows. 😛
      But I definitely want that all those smile-stares and everything between AK-MA is only misdirecting of preview editing. I just can’t wait the couch scene between AK-GE!!
      Kyaaah~~ TIME. please be fast!

    • 44.2 Uhnny

      I’d been re-watching the funny scenes while waiting for the next episode. 😀

      And according to Ohkpop’s ep. 15 preview synopsis:

      “Min Ah tours Anthony Kim to a new office space then introduces him to a new investor. Anthony Kim spends time with Go Eun in her home and watches her every move and ends up missing his meeting with the investors when he sees Go Eun slumped on the floor unconscious.”

      So, that wasn’t a flashback.

      Can’t wait for episode 15. (With subs of course!)
      Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂

      • 44.2.1 Uhnny


      • 44.2.2 ainiseunggi

        Oh OK then~

      • 44.2.3 autleaf

        @uhnny – You’re right, the scene in the preview was not a flashback. Oh well, it was fun guessing, hehe…But i’m still keeping the other half of my theory alive, i.e the fur collar is Anthony’s mental mask to complete his cold persona. Without it, he’s more Kim Bong Dal.

  45. 45 Katie

    4 pisodes left??? but there’s so much left to tell!! Love this drama!

    • 45.1 Mystisith

      Only 3 + 1 Special actually. And I agree: They could have went to 20 with this one.

    • 45.2 Katie

      whoops episodes**

      Also since I joined the bandwagon late all I can think of is the director as the dad in Cheongdamdong Alice being super poor when in reality he’s making plenty as a director hehe.

      Love Siwon’s character… do you think in 4 episodes it will be possible for him and Minah to get together?? They’ve got a hilarious love-hate relationship.

  46. 46 sherenz

    I really love this drama.. every character is superb.. Because of this drama , i can understand now the hardship every extra or bit player encounter in making dramas. i like siwon so much and I can say that his facial expression in every episode and his comedic timing is priceless ..
    this is a very good drama with a very good lesson

    • 46.1 Ranter

      Yes, this drama is amazing, and this episode has been the best so far! Thanks for the recap. 🙂

  47. 47 Nallali

    Its hilarious when Siwon says ‘Brad Pitt cheorom’ in his american drawl and GE’s character says it the Korean way when it should actually be the other way round, i wonder if the writers r doing that deliberately for laughs!

    • 47.1 jomo

      I thought the same thing listening to her stilted English. She really has to force it!

  48. 48 ainiseunggi

    Episode 15 is killing me!!!

  49. 49 mjfan

    this show is THE BEST , seriously , am not overreacting ….

    Anthony troll face is the best thing ever …

    Hyun min moments are priceless , my stomach hurt me from laughing so much at that phone confession scene …

    I LOVED Go eun confusion whenever Anthony looked or smiled at her , it was so real and genuine …

    I have faith in this show that they wont make Anthony sick or blind , you can do better , RIGHT , SHOW ????

    • 49.1 Femme


      I don’t know about you…
      But OMG EPISODE 15 is THE BOMB!!!

      • 49.1.1 twelvejan

        Oh shit you’ve watched it? GAHHHHHHHH

        • ainiseunggi

          I have watch it too!! three times! hahaha!!
          It’s just, AWESOME!!! I’m so dead with this episode!!!

          So much sweetness overload, even not a second of Empire villains hahaha!!
          I really need to rewatch it again!! \^^/

          I can’t wait to spazz it out when HeadsNo2 recaps it!

          -officially crazy-

          • twelvejan

            Oh shit, I’d just watched Ep 15!!!!!! GAHHHHH.


            I’ll see you at Ep 15 recap! 😉

  50. 50 nakai

    Thanks for the recap…:) Hope you’re feeling better.

    Happy Holidays Everyone

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