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Prime Minister and I: Episode 14
by | January 28, 2014 | 62 Comments

It’s time for the other nearly dead shoe to drop, and the past comes to rear its ugly head. I’d say that that truth is welcome here, if only that truth didn’t threaten to send everything we’ve come to love topsy-turvy. Never have I wanted to wield a blazing sword to protect the happiness of the Kwon family as much as I do now, so you can take that angsty bug elsewhere. Shoo, fly—don’t bother this family.


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Yul confesses his feelings for Da-jung and wipes away her tears, apologizing for making her cry again. He takes her hand and vows never to let it go. Oh, swooooon, now that’s romantic.

But their sentimental moment is cut short when little Man-se bursts into the room seconds later, and then throws an adorable tantrum over how Da-jung chose to sleep here with Daddy last night and not him.

Boo, Na-young is still lingering outside the estate—I rather hoped you were just a figment of my imagination last week. A security guard asks her to state her business here, but she leaves without another word.

Looking at Na-young’s photo, Joon-ki wonders if Yul is really the reason behind her death. Oh boy, are you in for a surprise. Then Joon-ki is actually somewhat kind to his wife for a change, telling her patiently that his liaison to Hye-joo is purely business. Did that slap spur a personality change?

He plans to take everything away from Yul, starting with Hye-joo. Once he’s gone, Madam Na says what we’re all thinking out loud, wondering why her husband hates Yul that much and thinking it’s about time he gives it a rest.

Back at the estate, Da-jung sees Yul off to work and both of them can barely hide their smiles at each other. Little does he know that his car drives past Na-young on the way out.

Da-jung discovers the bow hairclip while cleaning up Yul’s study, which calls to mind his previously awkward suggestions about doing something with her hair. She laughs at the realization that it’s for her.

She surprises Yul at work with a packed lunch, saying proudly that kimbap is her speciality since she had to make her own after her mother passed away when she was young. He admits that it’s better than her ddukbokki attempt. Hee.

Realizing that Da-jung grew up without a mother as well, Yul asks if that’s why she’s so good to his children. His kids have changed greatly since Da-jung has entered their lives, and so has he. Aw.

As for In-ho, we see him lying in bed in a sweat. He recalls his conversation with Na-young, who’d told him that he’d gotten it all wrong. In-ho had spit back that he distinctly remembers how scared his brother was following his meeting with Yul. Moreover, he had heard it was Yul who was chasing after them and reported the accident.

But Na-young had cut him off, saying that Yul wasn’t in the wrong: “The accident… it was all my fault.”

Da-jung’s calls to In-ho go unanswered, which makes her think that In-ho must really be sick, something Yul agrees is atypical of his aide.

Da-jung puts on the hairclip while Yul isn’t looking, then shows it off to him. Yul nearly chokes at the sight. Ha. At the question of why Yul didn’t give it to her sooner if it was meant for her, he grumpily says it because it makes her look old-fashioned.

That strikes a nerve and she gets up to leave, but Yul stops her to repin the hair accessory himself. Aw, these two.

When Hye-joo reports to Joon-ki at the office, she declines his suggestion to speak casually when they’re alone, citing professional boundaries. Joon-ki respects that and notes that’s probably why Yul had no idea about her one-sided crush for all those years. Dude.

Joon-ki still doesn’t understand why Hye-joo agreed to work for him, but satisfied with her answer that she couldn’t work for Yul again and wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to work at the Blue House.

She turns the question back on him—did he employ her to provoke Yul? Joon-ki doesn’t deny it, but reminds her that her loyalty lies with him now, not Yul.

Da-jung swings by In-ho’s place after he calls her over, and ack—he looks like he’s halfway to death. She urges him to rest, dismissing his apologies for making her come, and then puts down her things. Unbeknownst to them both, the envelope’s contents spill onto the floor, exposing Na-young’s photo.

The air is tense when Joon-ki and Hye-joo cross paths with Yul, who says seeing his plans through will be tougher now that Joon-ki is working so closely with the president. Joon-ki warns that that’s not all Yul should be worried about.

Yul asks for a private audience with Hye-joo, and once they’re alone, he asks about her new job. Hye-joo asks if he doesn’t hate her, but Yul simply smiles in return, adding that he wanted to apologize to her in person for putting her through so much over the years.

Hye-joo holds back tears at his concern and praise, and manages to get in a final word of gratitude. She adds one last word of warning before she leaves: to be careful of In-ho.

Da-jung returns with porridge, only to find In-ho muttering in his sleep. He awakes sometime later to see Da-jung still by his bedside and pulls himself up. She asks what happened that made him so sick, and he reveals that the person he previously thought dead is in fact alive.

In-ho acknowledges that it should be good news, but he’s held onto his revenge for so long, only for everything to come crumbling down at the revelation that the woman, his hyung’s lover, is the one responsible for hyung’s vegetative state.

To that, Da-jung asks carefully what his brother would have wanted for In-ho—would it have been revenge? She’s certain that isn’t the case, and that his brother would have wished to see In-ho be happy.

Feeling much better, In-ho offers to take Da-jung home later that evening. He climbs out of bed to get ready, which is when she spots the photo on the ground. Uh oh.

She recognizes Na-young’s picture since it came up in her background check on Yul, and wonders why it’s in In-ho’s possession. He answers that it’s part of the process to declare Na-young legally dead.

Meanwhile, Yul waits outside for Da-jung to return home, which aw. She smiles to see him standing there and is amused at his grumpiness for making him wait outside in the cold. Hee.

He sits with her as she eats and asks after In-ho’s health. She answers that he was pretty sick, but people need to get sick in order to get better, then adds that In-ho will be back at work soon.

Yul is relieved to hear it, and Da-jung asks why he isn’t saying anything about how she spent the entire day at another man’s house. He picks up on her hopes for a jealous reaction out of him, and laughs, “Do I look like someone who would be jealous?” And then admits that of course he did. Haha.

Da-jung just smiles through his lecture about how he won’t let her off next time, and he finishes, “Is this what you were hoping for?” Cute.

Then Yul confesses that it felt nice to wait up for someone; he thought he had forgotten that exciting feeling, but Da-jung brought that back in him, so he’s grateful.

He remembers that tomorrow is when Da-jung visits her father at the hospital, and offers to clear his schedule so that they can go together. She lights up at that, and then it’s her turn to thank him. Gah, I love how they make sure to show their appreciation for each other, even in the little things.

Yul retires to his study to do some work in order to spend time with Da-jung tomorrow, and takes out the marriage registration paperwork. At the same time, In-ho calls to ask for another meeting with Na-young, who interestingly goes by a different name now.

We pick back up with Na-young and In-ho’s conversation at the cafe, the latter clearly in shock. Now we learn the real story behind the accident, as Na-young recounts how she and Su-ho had intended to run away together to the States that day, but he had pulled a hard stop on those plans.

He had told her to go back home, arguing that she wouldn’t be any happier with him. Considering that a crueler fate, given how she walked out on her family, Na-young had chose death and unbuckled her seat belt.

In his efforts to stop her, the car had swerved out of control and rolled down the hill, and we know the rest of the story from there. What the? How did Su-ho end up as a vegetable while wearing a seatbelt whereas you recovered just fine without one? Fate really is a bitch.

In the present, Na-young cries over a photo album containing pictures of her children. Wait, how did you get those? Damn, I know things were hard on you, but that was a shitty explanation and my sympathy for you has flown out the window.

Reporter Byun is understandably suspicious about the Scandal News Team intentions over dinner. When Editor Go fishes for a hot story about Joon-ki and Hye-joo, the reporter blanks before lying that he can’t go around spreading such rumors.

But Hee-chul calls Reporter Byun out on his bluff, which just adds to the plethora of reasons why he’s awesome. Reporter Byun has one tidbit, though: Hye-joo is a spy.

Then we see Hye-joo rifling through Joon-ki’s desk for clues and considers a report from the prime minister’s office as evidence that In-ho was passing along information. She finds a file on Su-ho right behind it and hastily puts everything back just before Joon-ki’s arrival.

She processes through the information once she’s alone and notes that Su-ho was Na-young’s psychiatrist… then makes the brotherly connection.

Da-jung and Yul visit Dad at the hospital, and the two men are adorably sweet together as they pour each other shots of OJ in lieu of soju. Yul says that he’ll pour juice for Dad every day… because he plans to have Dad live with them at the estate. Aw, yay!

Little do they know that Na-young is conversing with In-ho at the same hospital. Through tears, she confesses that she came to her senses at the sound of Man-se crying. In-ho points out that she could have gone back then, but that’s when she found out about Su-ho’s hospitalization.

She would have returned to her family if Su-ho had died, but the guilt of knowing she was responsible for his unresponsive state. In-ho notes: “You really lead a dumb life. Like me.” Is what I’m sayin’.

She knows she has to right to apologize, but does anyway. In-ho tells her that if Na-young is truly sorry to him and his brother, then she won’t ever appear in front of Yul and the kids nor keep watch close by and ruin their present happiness.

Na-young asks if Yul loves his new wife very much, and In-ho says he does. She asks what kind of person Da-jung is, and In-ho answers, “A good person—a warm and good person.” He reminds Na-young that her reappearance will only serve to hurt that person, and tells her never to return as her former self.

She answers that she has no intention to, especially when she has no right as a mother. She promises to stay away from the family, but asks to continue to look after Su-ho.

Aw, Yul plays a round of go-stop with Dad, who stops the game to say that he’d rather stay here and see them live happily. Yul smiles back that he can’t bear to see Da-jung cry again, referring to her as his wife (and not by name) for the first time. And that’s that. Cute.

Da-jung meets with the doctor and recognizes Na-young at a distance. She follows after her out the hospital but loses sight of her, which is when In-ho appears to ask what she’s doing here. At the same time, Yul wonders where In-ho’s brother is staying. Eek!

In-ho dismisses the notion that Da-jung saw Na-young, saying that she must have been mistaken. Then he grows anxious to hear that Yul is here with her at the hospital.

That’s when Yul appears to join them, and when Da-jung suggests they visit In-hyo’s brother, Yul says he has to get back. Hm, did you already see him?

The answer is yes, as we see that Yul had indeed dropped by the hospital room to see In-ho’s brother. The realization that the man lying in the bed was his first wife’s lover had hit belatedly, and the words of warning about In-ho echo in his head.

Yul confides in Da-jung and asks how much one should trust someone. What if that person turned out to be much different than one initially expected?

She asks if he’s referring to Hye-joo, but he replies that it’s a rhetorical question. What scares him the most is the betrayal of someone he once trusted. Da-jung asks if he wants to trust that person anyway, and when he says he does, she tells him to go ahead and trust them unconditionally then.

She points out that he must trust the person if trusting that someone is what he wants. Even if that same person were to betray him later, it isn’t Yul’s fault for trusting them in the first place.

She gets upset when he laughs at that, wondering if he finds her simple explanation foolish, but Yul says he’s grateful. He suggests that she’ll become his problem-solver from now on, and she agrees.

Da-jung thanks Yul for having Dad come to live with them, and he says that’s a given because they’re going to be a real family soon. Omo.

“I’d like for you to become my real wife,” Yul proposes. “Let’s get married for real.” Eeee! Who knew that a proposal to sign a piece of paper would be this swoontastic?

Yul walks back inside and placing a hand on the piano, he asks Na-young in his head if it’s okay for him to be happy now and to forget her.

Yul meets with In-ho in his office and divulges that he hired In-ho because of the look in his eyes. He admits to being envious of that bright-eyed expression that made him wonder if he was the same when he was young.

In-ho asks where this is coming from, and Yul explains that a bright-eyed expression cannot hide the hurt behind them. He doesn’t know what pains In-ho’s heart, but hopes that In-ho can be happy from now on.

He’s only repeating the same words that were told to him—that it was okay to be happy, to laugh now. Those words gave him peace and now he’s passing them on to In-ho. “I trust you. I trust that you’ll be happy.”

Back at the estate, Da-jung worries whether she can become a good mother to the children if she officially marries Yul. That’s when Na-ra comes home bawling, and Woo-ri explains that her church oppa crush is leaving for seminary to become a priest. LOL.

Woo-ri mentions that he got this strange feeling that someone was watching them at church. Da-jung instructs him to stay at home with his sister while she goes to fetch Man-se.

In-ho meets with Hye-joo, who reveals that he’s the reason why she switched sides. She surprises him with what she knows about big bro, and accuses him for exacting revenge on Yul. Hate to break it you Hye-joo, but you’re two steps late on the guilt train.

Na-young keeps watch over Man-se at school, and he recognizes her as the ajumma who comes by occasionally. He asks her whose mother she is and surprised that she already knows his name.

Man-se is confused by her tears and asks if she’s hungry. Aw, kid. So he offers to give her a hug, because that’s what his ajumma taught him. But then Da-jung calls out to him… and then sees Na-young. Da-jung sets off after her and loses her again, but now she’s gotten a clear shot of Na-young’s face.

Elsewhere at a church, Yul smiles at a new set of rings, one of which he’s already wearing.

Hye-joo says that she won’t tell Yul, but she cannot stand by either. In-ho tells her that he’ll figure it out and asks for time. He gets a call from Da-jung just then, and she keeps repeating that she saw Yul’s first wife.

In-ho says that he’s on his way, but Hye-joo has heard him say Na-young’s name aloud. She can’t wrap her head around the idea, so In-ho spells it out for her: “Park Na-young… is alive.”

Yul waits for Da-jung at the church for hours. He smiles at the sound of her entry, but then his face falls to see her on the verge of tears. As Da-jung falls into his arms crying, the ring clatters to the ground.


Oof, I knew that getting these two together wouldn’t be that easy. Seeing these two in wedded bliss for an hour should have been the warning light, but why would I worry about the looming angst when these two are just so darned cute together? Now that we’ve gotten a glimpse of how happy they can be together, I know that whatever is up ahead is going to hurt all the more. But man, does it hurt good all the same.

Even in the first waves of the dramatic contractions, I do think that Prime Minister has done a fine job of unraveling its conflicts and doesn’t let a pesky one-episode extension ruin the narrative flow. No, I wasn’t thrilled with Na-young’s not-so-dead reappearance either, but I appreciated that our characters’ reactions weren’t dragged out until the finale week, either. In a way, that makes the story feel secure as we count down to the last few episodes.

In that same vein, I love the moment when In-ho explicitly warns Na-young from showing her face to Yul and the kids, because while she may be very much alive, they’ve already accepted her death and moved on. He knows just how happy Yul and Da-jung are and how much they love each other, and even he would put aside his own feelings to protect that happiness. That’s what makes me sympathetic for his character more than the traditional tragic second lead (but boy is it tragic—his tear-filled eyes says it all), and I believe that we’re witnessing the turn in In-ho, with the guilt of holding onto a misplaced grudge and a genuine longing to right his wrongful intentions. Dang it, I want to trust him just like Yul does!

That’s more than I can say of Na-young, who I hoped had a better explanation for her absence than the decision to abandon her family and then stay presumably dead for years. It sounds harsh and yes, she admits to her own cowardice, but is it that hard to send a postcard? I kid on that last bit, but surely there must have been other means to end an unhappy marriage than adopting a whole new identity, letting the whole world think you’re dead, and putting them through grief—certainly, THAT is a crueler fate.

But again, I can understand if Na-young doesn’t have that same resilience and resolve that Da-jung does, and I can pity her longing to see her children as their birth mother. But we all know, including herself,that she relinquished her motherly rights the moment she decided to walk out on them to pursue her own life elsewhere. I wish that dramas wouldn’t always paint abandoned mothers with weak explanations of so little sympathy, but I really have to wonder: if In-ho hadn’t discovered her, how long did Na-young plan on remaining hidden and watching her kids grow up at a distance?

On a brighter note, however, I still love seeing the marked changes in Yul’s behavior and actions. I’m to the belief that those affectionate and endearing qualities in him were all part of his character, masked under the grief and resentment. His principled nature sets him apart from the traditional rom-com prickly hero since we’ve seen him respect and appreciate our heroine time and time again. I love that he wants to believe the best out of people and can genuinely hope for someone else’s happiness because he’s happy. Well, up until about five seconds ago when he saw Da-jung’s tears. And mine. Let me tell you, those will be great big tears.


62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JD

    Yoon Shiyoon totally won me over. He sacrificed his own feelings to protect the woman that he loved. That scene was just brilliant. I love our second leads. Seo Hyejoo & Kang Inho approached their love in different ways, but that theme of selfless love binds them together. I think, that in itself is sweet, and in many ways, a big reason why I love this drama so much.

    Park Nayoung’s character baffles me tbh. I understand that she felt a huge sense of guilt and whatnot, but that doesn’t give her a reason to ditch her children and husband for all those years. If the marriage doesn’t work out at the end, she should’ve still came back instead of living a lie and putting her family in so much misery for all those years. Mansae was still a baby back then. Imagine how hard it was for the PM to raise him by himself, without his wife.

  2. whitewire

    Aja! Let your romance blossom Yul and DJ!!!

  3. seovero

    Oh.my.God! How I hate and love this episode at the same time! Finally… we saw a brighter light with the relationship between each character. How I wish the first wife can really just vanished from the Kwon’s family and stay by KIH’s brother till the end of the show but it won’t be as fun if we don’t see KY busy admitting his love to DJ when the first wife appear. Arghhh… just crossing my fingers. I hope the next eps can show how DJ can sacrifice for KY family and KY busy protecting his love to DJ. Oh show, what am I talking about just now? *confused with own words* LOL…

  4. tebz10

    These 2 lovebirds are just giving me the warm fuzzies.

    Next time, the PM should make sure that the bedroom door is locked.

    The not-dead wife just has the worst timing ever.

    • 4.1 docster6

      Wow, yes, lock that door. Did you see those two adults withdrawn their held hands? As if holding hands is forbidden in front of the kids. Here we are complaining about the lack of kisses…holding hand was too much for Man Se even.

      • 4.1.1 Appelsin

        Yeah, the lack of kisses is almost unforgivable…were it not for this drama general cuteness and awesomeness. <3<3<3

        Where did all that awkward moments go, OTP skinship, NJ pulling herself down on Yul??? I miss it!! I swear if we don't get a kiss soon I will go there and lock the door myself.

  5. Beng

    awww, i feel her sadness =(

  6. sungsta

    The oof sums it up so nicely.

    Hopefully, this will make the awww at the end more sweet.

    Once again, thank you for a great recap.

    And thanks to Suho for not stepping on the brakes when Na Young opened the door. Otherwise none of this would probably have happened.

    • 6.1 KDaddict

      Suho was a psychiatrist. Professional ethics aside, he should know that his patients aren’t the most stable of ppl. To be involved w one to the extent of agreeing to elope to America w her was WTF! To tell her off while driving was beyond stupid.
      If Inho must blame sb, it should be Suho.

  7. angel101

    I don’t like Park Na Young too…

    But she has depression, and she was seeing a psychiatrist. It is not an excuse definitely… But depression makes people do incomprehensible things.

    • 7.1 Orion

      I agree about that, but the problem is, she had 7 years. And during those 7 years, she kept doing very horrible things and making bad decisions. Keeping away, stalking her kids etc.

      While emotional, rash decisions can be made with depression, it does not change a person’s morals and keep them in some sort of insanity-like everything-is-excused state for 7 years straight.

      She is a sad person, but she has no excuse or right to appear in front of Man Se or keep stalking the family now. So after episode 14, although I do need subtitles to be 100% sure, I feel no pity for her. She made her own Hell, after a certain point.

      • 7.1.1 angel101

        But it is not explicitly stated if she is successfully able to manage her depression in those 7 years.

        Her depression could be an ongoing problem in those 7 years – and this could be a factor, couldn’t it?

        • megumi

          i don’t feel any sympathy for her at all, it really doesn’t excuse her for abandoning children like that, how can she feel guilt over making her lover like that and not feel any guilt for abandoning her children like that? also she was having treatment for depression at that time, wasn’t she? the stupid psychiatrist brother is also at fault here for crossing the line, not only was she a patient of his but he knew she was a married woman with three kids and a husband, i hate guys who go after married women knowingly or girls who go after married men and wreck their houses. The psychiatrist guy could have suggested her to get divorced if she was not thinking right, running away was the worst decision they took and paid for it, now they have to live with it.

          • ame

            I kind of disagree. As I understood it, she made it sound like she had already said goodbye to her kids, that she wasn’t coming back. She had definitely already drawn the line with her husband. When you try to make a clean break like that, it’s not something you can just come back to, especially after a tragic car accident involving her lover. Yul would probably take her back because of his principles, but if they had a loveless marriage before imagine what it would become after that! I feel some sympathy for her, I think she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

        • Blkasian

          I could lean towards agreeing with you had it not been made known she was taking care of Kang’s brother during that time frame. I’m sure her feelings of guilt relating to the accident played a part in her wanting to tend to her lover but I think her feelings for him also came into play. Since I have no experience with severe depression I can’t say if her actions were based on her illness. I just think she became healed enough where as depression was not a major issue for her anymore as she continued to volunteer. What a great drama..I love it.

      • 7.1.2 Toystar

        Oh boy poor PNY after seven years her big plan is stalking her kids & hiding.

    • 7.2 KDaddict

      That’ why Inho’s brother is a dick and an idiot, for being a psychiatrist who got involved with a mentally/emotionally unstable woman under his care! She was on meds, for goodness sake! He ought to have licence revoked, if he hadn’t become comatose!

    • 7.3 Patch

      I blame the brother more than NY, he was supposed to be her psychiatrist but he crossed the line to lover then after she agreed to leave her family, go live with him in America, he dumped her! NY attempting to jump out a moving car makes it obvious she was still mentally ill.

      Depression and guilt would be difficult for anyone to overcome and they’ve said NY was never strong personality wise.

  8. noernov

    EXO suho gonna be priest,Lol 😜

  9. angel101

    Regarding Park Na Young’s legal existence:

    After the accident and Park Na Young went missing – a paperwork for her missing was officially filed right?

    After 5 years of her still missing, Kwon Yul could have filed for the declaration of death. Only he did not. And what Kang In Ho filed for in episode 13 was that right? The one that he talked to a lawyer with and was told would take 6 months.

    Since Park Na Young has new identity now (what with a new name and all), and if no one officially or legally reports that she is still alive – then she is still “missing.”

    Or is this wrong?

    • 9.1 Sungsta

      Hear hear. Maybe In Ho can complete the declaration of death, Na young will decide to stay with her new identity, the world will know no better, and we will be spared the angst in time for more OTP cute time.

  10. 10 kiyutata

    why na young? WHY?? after seven years abandon your family.. dont break your family’s happiness… please..

  11. 11 kasihummu

    my curiousity is killing me. i end up reading recaps because PM & I ep14 eng subs didnt release yet. and i loike how this story keeping it tracks. i love the way PM make his love confession. and na young should go back to her grave, seriously!

  12. 12 Shukmeister

    I’m livid that ex-mom would promise to leave the family alone and go right back to stalking the youngest.

    There is a plethora of selfish mothers in the current crop of dramas, and I guess this one is no different. Grr!

    And after all that cute too. [sigh]

    I wonder how the brother is going to handle a sister that didn’t care enough to tell him she was alive either.

    • 12.1 PlumWine

      Good point about the brother. I wonder why she didn’t contact him earlier? Now all his anger issue at the PM is nothing but snotty torn up tissues.

    • 12.2 megumi

      come to think of it this ex wife managed to hurt so many people single handedly, joon ki, in ho, his brother, kwon yul, her children, and even if she meet her children now how is she gonna explain the kids? i don’t think they would understand the meaning of depression even if they get explained, depression or not she has no right to show her face infront of a family that are going to be happy without her existence, she abandoned her family to make her own happy life with that psychiatrist brother so she should allow kwon yul to have a happy life of his own.

  13. 13 itsam

    NDJ confession to KY was bold and lovely and just when I was convinced that they couldn’t match her confession we had KY earnest confession which was exquisite. They’re are way too adorable together. I just hope the issue of the not so dead ex-wife gets resolved quickly. But arrgggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhh it’s still going to be to painful for the kids.

    • 13.1 docster6

      Those two confessions better be honored. Da Jung said, “I will never leave your side, Prime Minister, because I love you.” She said it twice even. Kwon Yul said, “this hand, I will never let it go” and that along with that said in the press conference, “this woman, I will never let her go.” If one of them back off, I would be totally angry (PO) with the writer. In the next preview, I actually saw a scene of Da Jung leaving with Man Se crying and dropping onto the ground (great acting). Wow, poor prime minister, Secretary Seo left too even though the latter loved him for 20 years.

  14. 14 coby

    I don’t know why Na Young has to be alive. A never-been-in-loved Na-jung contractually married to a prime minister with 3 kids is a rich story to dig already so why does she has to be alive?

    Why sprinkle a little makjang?

    Guys is it the first time that Na-young showed up in front of Manse? Was there an episode wherein Manse was approached by an unknown ajumma? because I kinda recall seeing that… which I could be totally wrong and mixed everything up.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 14.1 LizJ

      Man Se told his stalker bio mom that he had seen her before.

  15. 15 klir

    Well we have three episodes left so how much mess they can cause at this point right,RIGHT? I hope todays episode isn`t as dramatic as this one but seeing the preview i might need a tissue. Da Jung Fighting!

  16. 16 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Man-se feeling betrayed that Da-jung slept with Yul was so funny. I want to see the scene where Na-ra and Hyung attempt to explain to Man-se why husband and wife should sleep together. LOL I can picture the embarrassed breakfast conversation when Man-se blurts out that Ajumma and Dad slept together …

    or maybe Man-se could do it in front of some politicians who all are forced to cough-suppress laugh-blush-clear throat while pretending they don’t understand what that means. With of course the Scandal News catching wind of the rumor that the PM is quite a lusty man, and debating if they want to run that story …

    • 16.1 ricky

      I think I might be disappointed if this scenario doesn’t happen.

  17. 17 PlumWine

    Thanks Gummimochi for the recaps and commentary. I sharpened the sword last night, so the flames should be hotter for you. 🙂

    I can understand why ‘not dead’ wife didn’t go back to PM after awhile; depression, guilt, and the rest of that mix. Not to mention, after awhile it might be bad for his career after if it took her awhile to get her head on straight. (Not that is now.). However, I thought since her brother was still hung up on her death (to the nth degree, oy) that she had a close relationship with him, yet he doesn’t know either. ???

    Any way, really enjoying the show and looking to see how the resolve it with a HAPPY ENDING with the PM and Da Jung. (TOGETHER £€¥#!)

    Have to share – while watching this on Viki, during the seen where Da Jung is running after ex mom someone wrote – ‘Koreans are really bad at hide and seek’. Lol. In kdramas they really are bad. One way or the other depending on what the writer wants, to the point of ludicrous. (No meanness intended – I just thought it was a well timed comment.)

    • 17.1 KDaddict

      Don’t know what’s wrong with that brother of hers. How could he have known what was going on inside that marriage, that car on that fateful day, which KY wasn’t driving! How could he have put ALL the blame on KY’s head all these years? Did he see KY run them off the road? Did he even know that his sister was having an affair?
      BTW, do people in depression typically go off and have an affair? Is that one of the symptoms, I ask sarcastically!

  18. 18 harimsam

    PMAI is very special for me because this drama had restored my faith to KDrama again. I mean I had always like rom-com but too much teenage oriented with rude kind of hero and such weak and meek heroines makes my intelligence cannot tolerate it anymore. I have to admit I am LBS fan not just for acting but personally he seems like a very well mannered man. As Yoona she is just a Kpop idol that had a chance to be the lead actress because of her popularity and then BAMm she really shines I would not compare or saying too much praise but NAm Dae Jeong is her and Kwon Yul is LBS and OMG they actually one helluva quirky couple made in drama heaven. The drama is not perfect but the sweetness and goodness is just perfect for me thank you PD and writers keep up the good work.

  19. 19 noanao

    I have never in my life ever squealed over an almost middle age man over his mere on screen presence so much as I did yesterday that I surprised myself with the funny sound came out of my mouth every time LBS appeared! Even reading the re-cap made my heart flutters and I keep squealing over and over and over again! My God! LBS!! What have you turned me into!!! The show is getting better and better and although I dread the angst curve ball that will come into the upcoming episode, but I have faith in Yul that he will get Dajung back no matter what happen. And that is totally a swoon worthy promise that I can’t wait to happen.

    • 19.1 docster6

      I am a guy so I don’t squeal over a man but I 100% respected him for insisting that Da Jung’s father move in with him. Now, that takes guts, I am telling you. But Da Jung’s dad is way too funny though, maybe that is why Da Jung is a “funny and wacky woman” to In Ho.

    • 19.2 Laica

      Lee Beom Soo is one hot ajusshi. I fell even more head over heels in love with him in this show.

    • 19.3 ricky

      Agreed. Kwon Yul can be rigid, but his character as a man is honorable and honest. Asking his father-in-law to move in merits respect. When Nam Da-jung’s father tried to refuse, Yul’s reply was even nicer. Knowing Da-jung would like to be with her father, especially with his diagnosis, and actually asking him to move in is a good gesture. He’s looking out for her happiness.

  20. 20 Nanny

    She dated her shrink?! That’s *never* a good idea.

    • 20.1 KDaddict

      1st, he wasn’t a shrink, but a psychiatrist. You just talk to a shrink (psychologist); you get meds from a psychiatrist.
      2nd, the Qn should be: He dated his psychiatric patient? Now THAT’s NEVER a good idea!

  21. 21 tata

    Such feelsss in this episode!!

  22. 22 ziggystardust

    One of the good things about Na-young being alive is that it just takes the wind right out of everyone’s great big revenge sails. Convenient, that.

    Her not being dead isn’t exactly an unexpected twist, and the character herself kind of baffles me with how dumb her excuses are, but there are positives to the storyline in how they’ve set it up. We’ve seen all show long how PM struggled to let his wife go because of the way she left (he said himself he could forgive her for loving another man and leaving but not for dying). He already accepted her leaving HIM a long time ago and now he’s moved on with Da-jung, but knowing she’s alive could go a long way towards putting that crap to rest for good, which I’m all for.

    I’m not worried about Yul wavering in the slightest, but I am worried about how Na-young’s reappearance will hurt the kids if (when) they find out. Particularly Woo-ri, who remembers his mother the most clearly, whereas Man-se doesn’t have an emotional connection like that with her at all.

    As long as we’re back to fluffy Kwon family hijinks promptly after the angst, I can deal. No, really, I’m ready, hit me. *cowers*

  23. 23 Sajen

    Arrg, if they’ll just sign that paper they’ll be married for real and when the truth about the contract comes out it won’t be able to hurt them, sign it, sign it.

    “What the? How did Su-ho end up as a vegetable while wearing a seatbelt whereas you recovered just fine without one?”

    That’s a good question, maybe she was drunk, you know how drunk people cause accidents and kill sober people while they frequently seatbeltless come out perfectly fine. Or I thought I saw her jump/get thrown out the door in the flashbacks last week or whenever which if that’s what happened that also explains how she came out fine.

    • 23.1 docster6

      From her dialog with In Ho, it appears she has lost her senses for a long time too, not knowing who she is until she heard some baby cried and reminded her of Man Se. She ended up in a Woman’s Shelter and was given another name. So Park Na Young ceased to exist at that point. That surprises me though because Jeju Island is not highly populated like Seoul is, there must have been a way to associate her head injury to Su Ho’s car accident.

  24. 24 Anon

    “In-ho notes: “You really lead a dumb life. Like me.” Is what I’m sayin’.” -> ahaha! Thanks for another great recap gummi! It’s almost midnight where I am and I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing out loud and run the risk of being thought of as insane by me neighbours. I really really do love all their (what I shall term as) courtyard conversations – I’ve watched many kdramas prior to this and I’m amazed by the fact that things get resolved through honest conversations! And over a cup of tea no less – who would have thought? 🙂

  25. 25 Langit13iru

    My heart goes to Junki in this episode actually. Poor bro. I mean he doesn’t have a memorial place to place his respect for his sister since the body never been found and what not.

    PNY doesn’t even mention about her oppa while confess to IH. There you got your oppa blame the husband for the death of his sister.

  26. 26 scheherazade

    Reading this recap over
    “the lonely sherpard”

  27. 27 Anna

    Out of all the evil mom-in-laws and jealous unrequited lovers, this woman clearly wins in one thing: I cannot sympathize with her. I can understand why rich mom-in-laws don’t want their sons marrying who they assume to be gold-diggers, and I can understand the frustration of unrequited love, but THIS.

    PNY clearly has no excuse. A mom who leaves her children for another man? Fine. Okay, she was unhappy, and maybe she felt that here was one guy who understood her and fell in love…and her whole sob-story. But she disappeared without a trace. I don’t even know if that’s possible(she was bleeding – surely she would have gone to a hospital or something! How would an unknown adult that doesn’t appear in any government records appear out of nowhere – injured? How could people not have found her? Her brother and husband must have surely searched for her), but assuming it is, why the heck does she need to keep a watch on her children – taking photos even. Motherly love? Na Young, with your new identity, that’s stalking. And Kwon Yul. 🙁 If you leave someone, leave them with explanations. End the matter. Go through the required procedures if you are legally bound with that person. Don’t come up winding trouble when they are happily over it SEVEN years later. That’s simply being a…

    And the biggest thing that ticks me off is, why the hell did she go after Man Se(and even Woori and Na Ra) right after promising the avenger-turned-to-be-the-best-ever-supporting-character Chief Kang that she won’t come near them? And dare she ask if Yul loves his new wifey. She doesn’t have the right to know why Kwon Yul married someone and if he loves NDJ or not.

    Kwon Yul – I trust you, Prime Minister. Thank you, writers, for creating rational characters with adequate intelligence.

    PNY’s reappearance would solve two things though;
    1 – get rid of the brothers-seeking-revenge duo
    2 – let everyone get a closure(I hope she doesn’t inflict any lasting damages and I surely hope she doesn’t meet the children)

    Chief Kang can do one thing…he can speed up the process of declaring a missing person dead, so that there is no trouble with Yul’s political position, and so Yul’s second marriage doesn’t create trouble – looking at you, Scandal News. And even if PNY comes back, since she would already be declared dead, and even with a media outrage – she would not have any legal support or rights(even her brother wouldn’t support her now – he’s a negative character, but he has reasons), she can go back to living her own life while letting this cute family enjoy theirs.

    God, that’s my ideal ending at this point of the storyline.

    And NDJ leaving Man Se…I can endure such painful scenes if the creators promise me 60 minutes of family fluff at the end.


    • 27.1 docster6

      If the original plan for this drama series is to be like “Sound of Music,” the Kwon family might have to leave their present situation and live happily ever after somewhere else. It seems that staying as the Prime Minister and taking on the powerful Chaebols might be too difficult a task to handle.

  28. 28 erika

    this episode breaks my heart and it wil bresk mine more.dj and yul are the sweetest.I hope that all otp can be like them,talk and clear everything before you jump into the wrong decision. ny really piss me off.wonder when will our otp have their cute,slamming into each other like in earlier episode back?don’t tell me they will give boating in the last minute.damn it I want 1 no 1 and half episode full of their cuteness please.

  29. 29 Aigoooo

    I just saw the next episode and all I can say is.. this show just got bumped up to my top 5 list of all time favorite dramas. It has so much heart and the OTP, wow.. I haven’t seen this kind of chemistry since Coffee Prince. This show should really be getting “My Love from the Stars” numbers as far as ratings.

  30. 30 whatis

    Just wanted to drop by to say that I’m lovin’ Prime Minister’s new hair do… 🙂 <3

  31. 31 wannabean

    is it just coincidence that the first thing i saw on the homepage was a Lee Seung GI dramabeans banner and a screenshot of yoona for PM&I? xD

  32. 32 Suzi Q

    I just love that they are finally a “family”, but I don’t know where NJ fits in now.

    Even though NY has been hiding out for 7 years due to depression, amnesia, or guilt, she must have been declared legally dead otherwise how could Yul marry NJ? He didn’t register the marriage with NJ either because it’s a contract marriage so she’s not legally his wife? I’m confused. Is Yul a bigamist?

  33. 33 Dee Leta

    these following details are confusing:
    – PNY ‘s ID, whereabouts, the past 7 years. (too well dressed for a person living in a shelter). how did she support herself all these years (her livelihood), with no ID, no jobs. Maybe she was out of it the first few yrs, and now just recently regained her memory?
    – she “left” 7 yrs ago, and Manse is now 7 years old, so the accident happened when Manse was just a newborn? Then, the scene of her playing the piano with Nara and Manse sitting with her is wrong. Hard enough for Nara being older, to remember her Mom.
    Other than some details, the show is great.

    • 33.1 docster6

      To answer some of your questions: Na Young’s name is now Kim Min Jung and she lives in a woman’s shelter supported by a church group. That is why when Kang In Ho showed up to look for her the women there were intimidated by the presence of a man. From what Na Young told In Ho at the cafe she lost her senses after the accident and didn’t know who she was. She regained memory after she heard a baby crying (not Man Se) and that reminded her of her own Man Se. That was how she remembered and then she found out about Kang Su Ho being in hospice care and started to take care of him as a volunteer.

      The fact Na Young is really well-dressed is because her clothes are provided by the sponsors. Wow, Da Jung sure had a change of clothing style after she married Kwon Yul and I don’t see how she could pack everything she has in two little suitcases. There have been comments made about poverty stricken girls having Galaxy high-end smart phones too. We should just ignore that element of the show since the sponsors help us get really good shows to watch. LOL.

      I looked carefully at the piano playing scene and the boy in the scene appears to be taller than the girl so that boy is meant to be Woo-Ri and the girl is Na-Ra, so Man Se would not have been in that piano scene. I think the PD was careful enough to not show Man Se in the piano scene.

  34. 34 harimsam

    Don’t worry about the rating it does not represent the whole nation choices furthermore many prefer to watch through streaming nowadays and look at this way just read the comment 98% are loving it and the international fans that had stumbles upon PMAI people like me had actually gasp and fallen in love with this drama (not to mention the OTP) as many clichés they had the writings, elements, execution is classic example of something wonderful that will be remembered years to come. As I said before it was not perfect but looking at the chaos and stressful life nowadays this little fantasy (entertainment is a very powerful tools that can actually change people minds) will teach someone what love is all about. Most of the time paying attention to small things is the factor that lead to long lasting happiness.

  35. 35 zzyx

    Ever since the confession, I get giddy with their every interaction, even just thinking about it now makes me smile.

    Yoon Shi yoon’s portrayal of In Hoo is right on the dot, just with his eyes we can feel the pain that he is feeling. How his world collapsed when he knew the real reason behind the accident. How it drained him and how sorry he was towards Da Jung and Kwon Yul. I’m hoping he could write his wrong and be happy just like what Yul said.

    Na Young, why you! I trusted you when you said that you won’t ever appear in front of the kids again. And no, spying on them and looking at their pictures as you cry won’t let me forgive you for abandoning your kids. Yes, you felt awful but you shouldn’t have decided to abandon them in the first place. Is divorce not an option? You really have to run away and leave them be without a word? And now look what you’ve done, you are about to burst Kwon family’s happiness, and my happiness.

    I do appreaciate how Yul and Dajung always express their gratitude towards each other, even for the smallest thing. Yes, saying thank you is sweet but can we also hug it out? or a kiss maybe? Too much? We still have 3 more episode do go so I’m still hoping..

    Because of PM&I, my mom is now joining me in watching it (the one who is telling me how “addict” I was, now look at you mom, watching it on KBS world) Since KBS world is 4 episodes late, she decided to join me in watching the updated episodes and I was like “nooooooo!” and hugged my laptop, Yul is mine! (I suddenly became possessive haha!). Then she said, “promise I’ll be quiet”, because she knows I’m not going to continue watching with her if she keeps on asking questions (since she’s missing 4 episodes) I need to focus on every moment 🙂

    • 35.1 docster6

      “zzyx”, hwaiting! Be sure to keep your concentration, only 2 or 3 episodes left. I watched alone too…

  36. 36 KoreasTina

    Ok I love Yoona but why is she watering a fake plant? Aigoo… God Kwon Yul is flippin romantic. Gah LBS! I Love YOUUU!

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