I don’t know if you’re familiar with a website called “The Wayback Machine,” (https://archive.org/web/), but it’s a website that basically keeps an archive of what the internet looks like at random intervals. (It takes a screenshot, sort of, and stores it.) You can go through the wayback machine’s calendar and see what a particular webpage looked like, “way back when,” as it were.

I tell you this because one of the archived pages I found in the wayback machine was…the original list of beanie levels that DB had posted. The definitive list. The whole enchilada.

Pics are below, but before you scroll down, decide for yourself if you want to see all the levels; I don’t want to destroy the suspense if you are loving it. (Many thanks to @modernflapper for providing me with the exact link!!!!) (cc: @sicarius @greenfields @ally-le @neener @nightmoon)

(I have to admit, I was a little sad to see that the list sort of has an ending…I wanted it to keep going forever! Although, given how long it’s taking me to get out of Errand Boyhood, maybe it does go on forever, in essence. Heh. And who knows, maybe they have it set up so they can add more!) Anyway, without further ado: