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Lie To Me: Episode 15 Open Thread
by | June 27, 2011 | 140 Comments


Ah-jung gets the word that she’s fired and runs out of the party barefoot. Piggyback time! And then to drive the Cinderella motif in further, someone retrieves her shoes, and Ki-joon puts them on her feet tenderly as he literally makes the crack, “They’re not even glass.” He calls her a crybaby (ain’t that the truth) and promises to make it so that she won’t cry anymore. Care to make a wager on that?

The next day she gets help from Jae-bum to find out if she can repeal the decision, and finds out that she can gather evidence to present to the board. Both Ki-joon and Dad have to hear that she was fired from other people.

Yoon-ju finally decides to leave for Paris. Why is she still in this drama? She confesses to Mom that she should’ve given up cleanly, but she kept doing bad things, and becoming a bad person. Yes, that is an accurate assessment. So… again I ask, why are you still here?

Ki-joon feels useless to Ah-jung’s cause, and in the end helps by staging a one-man demonstration outside her office, passing out flyers to get people behind her cause. It’s no “Donna Martin Graduates!” but Ah-jung is touched by the gesture anyway.

She practices her big speech and then presents her case to the board and Ki-joon waits anxiously. The rest of us do not, because we know this conflict is neither here nor there, and she’s certainly not going to end the drama jobless.

She does the big fakeout and then laugh-cries that she got her job back.

Even Ki-joon’s aunt tacitly gives in to approve of Ah-jung. Why do you switch sides every other episode? Because you’re a plot device rather than a real character?

Ki-joon buys ice cream for Ah-jung’s whole office to congratulate her big return. He makes Park Hoon wear a Pooh costume because he’s sadistic like that.

Time for new conflict: Ah-jung has cold feet about marriage. Buuuuuuut… that makes no sense.

Meanwhile they decide to surprise Dad and Not-Mom with a surprise wedding. No one thought that springing a surprise wedding on people might go badly?

Yoon-ju declares that Ah-jung has won (thanks for the news, Sargent Slow on the Uptake) and leaves for Paris, with goodbyes from Ki-joon and Sang-hee. I’m confused about who Sang-hee’s in love with. I think he is too.

Ki-joon proposes that they write down their top ten qualities for an ideal mate. His are:

1. Even cereal is okay! A woman who makes breakfast.
2. A woman who will exercise with me in the morning.
3. A woman who knows how to accept an apology if I say I’m sorry after a fight.
4. A woman who can cry at a sad movie.
5. A woman I can spend time with, even if our hobbies are different.
6. A woman who is honest even about the little things.
7. A woman who can drink like a guy.
8. Even if the years pass, a woman whose wrinkles are pretty, without having to maintain wrinkle care.
9. A woman who’s planning on at least 1 boy, 2 girls.
10. A woman who knows what kind of woman Hyun Ki-joon’s woman is.
P.S. A woman whose hands and feet are pretty.

Ki-joon’s aunt calls Ah-jung over and gives her a big scare, prepping her to become World Group’s trophy wife. Ah-jung tells her that she’s not going to quit her job, and starts to feel the pressure of what it means to marry Ki-joon. She starts crossing off everything on his list.

He can sense she’s in a bad mood, so he brings her over to his house for a surprise… and shows off his new decor, a la Vegas Light Show. How is redecorating your house a present for her? He shows her his secret model-building room. He lights up the model village, and the train arrives with a necklace for Ah-jung. Oh, that’s cute.

Ki-joon: I’ve only ever lived for other people, and this is a place just for me. Now I want to share it with you. Will you marry me?
Ah-jung: I’ve thought a lot about marriage… I don’t think that I’m your woman.

WHAT, now?


140 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. javabeans

    Wait, Sense, come back! Where are you goooooing? *cries* But I love you so…

    • 1.1 girlfriday

      Sense checked out eons ago, to be replaced by hapless brothers Contrivance and Unimaginativeness.

      Okay, that’s not a word, but it’s worth inventing a new one for the shenaniganery goin’ on around here.

      • 1.1.1 watchumlots


        Terrifically said! Did you add “shenaniganery” to the list of new words??

      • 1.1.2 Noi


      • 1.1.3 emy

        well said.

      • 1.1.4 nonski

        @GF and JB… thanks for still allowing this weecap despite… well you know…

        based on what i’ve seen on the preview, LTM fans will be on for the biggest disppointed… but still hoping it won’t! (wishful thinking!)

        • nk

          Wow, just catching up on the weecaps now. Despite my love for KJH, glad I checked out of this drama.

      • 1.1.5 faan

        > Sense checked out eons ago, to be replaced by hapless brothers Contrivance and Unimaginativeness.

        Well, they ran out of ideas, but they needed something to fill in the last couple of episodes.

        It’s really sad to see YEH wasted like this. From Coffee Prince, it’s clear that she would be able to shine in a well-written drama. But she got screwed over with 아가씨를 부탁해, and now this pile of dung…

    • 1.2 just a girl

      Hey who cares about sense, when this show gave GF the chance to make an orginal 90210 reference. Loved it by the way. The non-sensical break-ups and fights are soooo Brenda and Dylan.

      • 1.2.1 obivia

        Forget the actual show–I gave up on that a LONGass time ago. Now I live for more 90210 references. Another example of when the recap outdoes the actual drama. So sad. Yet so entertaining.

      • 1.2.2 Brian

        I was wondering how many people besides myself would catch that 90210 reference, hehe.

        • Rina

          I was trying to remember why that seemed familiar. It didn’t hit me until I read the comments 🙂
          I remember seeing random episodes growing up since I use to go over to my older cousins’ house & they loved the show.

      • 1.2.3 nk

        Just a girl and Obivia, totally agree with you there. Ding dong!! Oh wait, that’s another drama. Too bad, what a waste.

    • 1.3 Pikachu

      this is THE BEST WEECAP EVER
      when this started to go down the long dark MSOAN road i hoped you guys would go all out
      THANK YOU!
      i am still ROFL-ing

    • 1.4 mel




    I love these 2….want them to be together in real life

    • 2.1 kangling

      eps 9 that’s when I left this drama. I will watch it again, I promise myself. just because I love both of them too.

      • 2.1.1 ...

        can’t force myself to watch this anymore… its so sad! the potential!!!! T.T

      • 2.1.2 Anne

        I agree… from ep 9, it seems that they’re just putting plot in to make it longer.

        I’m trying to force myself to watch no matter how terrible it is because I’m a true Yoon Hye fan… so help me God.

    • 2.2 sunflowery

      Who jb and girlfriday?

      • 2.2.1 Lemon

        Lol I was thinking jb and gf too!

    • 2.3 cookie

      That wouldn’t look too bad ;o
      Also ….. why can’t korean people write a show….. thats 16 episodes full of silly & fun ……. w/o any MELODRAMA shiz going on???

      Also… who the hell says NO to marriage when asked by ——-> Kang Ji-hwan!!!!!

      I mean……seriously……WTF are they writers doing? 🙁

  3. Cynthia

    Why is it that the ONE thing this rom/com had going for it was dropped by the new writers?!
    I’m referring to the HOT CHEMISTRY between the two leads!
    Way to drop an already semi-deflated ball, Show!

    • 3.1 Cynthia

      And totally OT, but I just watched the new ep. of Miss Ripley.
      No spoilers, other than to state:



      For the love of all things (un)holy, ladies, PLEASE put up a recap asap?!?!


      • 3.1.1 b1

        im stalking this page for that too —-

        • yaya

          me three..

      • 3.1.2 MEK

        your comment made me giggle like hell….cute.

    • 3.2 Cynthia

      I just watched the FINAL ep. of LTM. (I had stopped watching after the infamous ep.11 where she said, “Let’s take it slow….”

      Why, oh WHY couldn’t this drama have most, if not all their episodes on par with the finale?! Well written, well paced, well wrapped up – tie a bow on this sucker and bid it adieu!

  4. Nyl

    LOL Javabean – funniest comment ever 😀

  5. Shara

    I’ve just one thing to say : Aigoo!

  6. DN

    The only thing that makes sense about this show is that it’s ending.

    • 6.1 Dara


    • 6.2 bananajam


      • 6.2.1 Venus

        LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OUCH indeed!!!!!!

  7. ahjummabunny

    LMAO I wanted to make a make an insightful comment but I keep laughing in disbelief.

  8. Mimi

    It’s an okay show but I kinda lost the weekly waiting by my laptop for a new episode feeling. I’ll just wait for it to be finished then have a marathon, all the while fast forwarding the little slow parts. It’s still cute though!

  9. Dux

    JB & GF: hahaha, I love your wecaps, especially your comments. It says a lot that people read your wecaps and don’t bother to watch the movie, they are certainly more entertaining than the show itself. Though to be honest I would probably read whatever you guys post anyway ; )

    • 9.1 kfanholic

      agree totally! Where’s SENSE!
      Your weecap is certainly more entertaining than the show.
      i’m wondering who is the scriptwriter coz I’m going to boycott whatever shows they are writing next.

  10. 10 Aphrodite

    Ok. I have to give up! I was defending this drama for all the previous 14 episodes. One way or another, for me, things did make sense. Were a bit of confusing but they made sense. But this? NO!
    After enduring all this [email protected] up supossed-to-be obstacles, now she say… NO?
    *HeadSlaps AJ like Leroy Jethro Gibbs does to Tony DiNozzo*


    Thanks anyway gf!
    Btw, the new writer sucks. At least with the previous we had hot kisses and stuff. No… Nothing! Not even fan service.
    Ps: This was the episode that really needed a weec(r)ap.

    • 10.1 bd

      Don’t understand how “hot kisses and stuff” = good writing.

      It’s one thing for developments not to make much sense, but an unoriginal, cliche filled storyline and topped by stiff, boring dialogue to top things off – pretty much makes for one of the worst shows ever.

      • 10.1.1 Aphrodite

        No, I didn’t mean that.
        I mean that with the previous writer, even though the plot was boring, at least we had some kisses to watch from this couple with the sizzling chemistry. Now, the one thing that is the best in LTM, the chemistry, is not used as it should be.

        Me,I don’t think its one of the worst shows ever, not even a bad one to be honest.

  11. 11 k8

    I love the wee caps! They make me laugh and smile more that the drama did. I was really hoping this show will pick up but had given up watching after Ep 9 (not really sure… the ep where AJ got lost in the woods).

    I hope YEH will pick a better drama next time. I really liked her in CP and even in PH.

    • 11.1 Venus

      Hi K8, I agree with you that YEH needs to learned how to pick her drama/movie projects…cause they are wasting her talents and not challenging her at all and that just a sad thing to see, cause the girl does have potential to become better.

      I truly did had high hope for LTM, the trailer and pics were cute, but after watching the first 3 episodes I knew that this drama had no direction at all. I’m no picking when it comes to romcom, but plz I need a solid story, is that too much to ask from writers?…..

  12. 12 Ginny

    No matter how much I love the actors, this has got to be one of the most boring, sensless dramas of this year…what a pity!
    The only nice thing about it were the kisses and now they took away that too…

    • 12.1 han

      So true. I watched the first 2 episodes and got bored. Skipped to the kiss scenes and didn’t even read the recaps.

  13. 13 Celexa

    Is the rollercoaster ride almost over? I don’t know how many more loops I can take!

    • 13.1 Venus

      almost there Celexa…..just hang on tight..we are in for the last loop of the ride here…..

      • 13.1.1 Celexa

        I just want to get off with a bit of enjoyment hopefully without puking my insides out! :p

  14. 14 Emi

    Just like we wonder why Yoon-ju is still there, I wonder why Sang-hee is still there. He was great in the beginning, and had a bunch of scenes with Ah-jung, but around episode 5 he disappeared, only to resurface briefly every other episode for 1 scene where he kind of sighs wistfully and provides absolutely no conflict/love-triangle/reason-for-being whatsoever. I’m really disappointed in how they abandoned his character. I love Ah-jung and Ki-joon as a couple (they are so adorable) but everything and everyone surrounding them in this production (well, ok, Hoon is cute too) is a waste of space. *sigh*

    • 14.1 Cynthia

      I LOVED! me some Hoon (when I was watching this);
      He’s like this cute Alvin Chipmunk w/Theodore’s eyeglasses.

      Wait! Did I just admit that I watched the Chipmunk movies?!
      **shuffles away on Walk of Shame…***

    • 14.2 Daniela

      Hoon! So cute, I love him

      • 14.2.1 JLemonade

        Me, too. Hoon is so cute in every episode. Good acting!

  15. 15 Jane

    lol… when the staunchest of supporters start to bail, you know at this point it’s already in the sewage system.

  16. 16 Jen

    This is a problem when another writer takes over a production halfway. She’s got Auntie’s nod but having cold feet?

  17. 17 sb

    This drama’s still not over?

    • 17.1 tweetpie

      Sadly when I saw this weecap that’s what I thought, I actually FORGOT it was still airing…

  18. 18 linda

    what’s wrong with the writer.. the storyline is becoming worse and worse. Such a waste for that cute couple.

  19. 19 Erika

    Yup only read your recap and not watching the drama.drop it at ep3.idk why they become no 1 in search video.yeay I love this drama,really love it because its finally end today.mhuahaha.lets get move onto next drama.

  20. 20 Paula

    Wow, there’s a lot of things not making sense in this drama anymore!!! I am still hanging on, but I feel like the train has left the station on this show, indeed!

    I liked both of them when they were doing the coffee dramas, Coffee Prince and Coffee Shop, now those were fun characters to watch. The character of Ah Jung makes me cringe for all things female, and the character of Ki Joon makes me want to throw things.

    I wish that they had developed the rivalry more between the two brothers, but that just fizzled and died pretty much. I am not even sure what the younger brother is doing in this drama anymore. And Yoon Ju could have been better developed as well. As the second female, she could have played more bitchy and catty, but she was just the person who cried a lot and felt sorry for herself.

    I love an absolutely evil second female lead, they add such color to dramas, but this one was pathetic.

  21. 21 Lise

    Psshhh! She’s having a laugh!!!
    I think i stopped caring after the cola kiss, cuz it became more of a procession for me week in week out : (
    What drama’s replacing this next week, anyone??

  22. 22 steeeph

    seems like the kiss was the best part of the drama.. and then it all went away.. sigh. i really love YEH and KJH.. wish it was a better script..

  23. 23 daine

    what the heck? he went thru so much for her
    suddenly she turn him down. the writer is suck
    it should be more kisses……….

  24. 24 daine

    may be she has cold feet because of his aunt
    boy if he find out , she will be in trouble
    well we find out last ep tomorrow.

  25. 25 Daniela

    I was waiting to pay at the store (like a Wal Mart) while I was reading this and I couldn’t hold my laugh. Hahaha I bet the person behind me looked me with concern. I love the weecap. Im not strong enough today to watch the episode, Im saving it for to morrow.
    I want a surprising end. That will justify the (almost) 16 hours I spent watching this drama.
    It could be like this: Ah-jung goes to a trip (I think she will) and when she comes back Ki-joon says: Hey, in this time I realize that my perfect woman is Manager Park, the list applies to her!
    And Ah-jung would say: Hey I found some one too! He is not the owner of a hotel so Im not scared of marrying to him!
    They hug. Hoon becomes a pre-school teacher, Aunt retires. Chen adopts Ah-jung (I know she has a dad but hell, sense has no place here). Sang-hee, well he leaves again because he falls in love with Manager Park. And everybody lives happily ever after.
    Any sugestions for the finale?
    Aww, poor Hoon. He looked funny, tho.

    Thanks for the weecap!

  26. 26 kdramaFrenzy

    From the get go this drama only had two legs to stand on, two talented leads. But they can only shield a bad script and bad writers for so long. The chemistry between the two leads gave me a one eyebrow raise and a 30 degree head tilt of interest in this show. Why, why why is the script so bad! I hate last min conflicts, they do nothing for the show, except let it die a slow painful death.

  27. 27 snow

    lol this drama is getting dumber by the minute. how do the actors not burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it all?

    • 27.1 bananajam

      They’re probably dying a little bit inside every time they shoot a new episode.

      • 27.1.1 Snicker

        Hahaha!!!! This is just too funny!!!

  28. 28 yong in

    aigoo. writer had to make AJ say no coz there’s nothing left for the last episode…
    but, i still love the chemistry, so i’m hanging on… only one left.

    • 28.1 Celexa

      yea.. it will be anti climatic… she will say she loves him too much to be by his side because she is not the woman fit for a chaebol and she doesnt fit his ‘list’

      he will tell her she is ‘perfect’ for him and all will be back on track for the wedding of the year!

      if we’re lucky…we’ll get plenty those smoldering kiss scenes over and over again for the finale!

  29. 29 Carinne

    It’s low beam headlights at the end of the tunnel for this show, ehhh, BL sucked the battery life out of every high beam headlight in this universe.


    • 29.1 Adriana


    • 29.2 Carinne

      Is it me and my criticism, or that the last two episodes have horrible make-up on every cast member? Did they change make-up artists the last stretch of the show?

  30. 30 kukkoo

    i knew Ah Jung will say that. She kind of hinted that few eps back. anyways, i’m not even watching this drama anymore, i dropped the drama since ep09, just reading the recaps. no matter how much i love these two actors, the plot went downhill and its not interesting anymore, the conflict you can see them all in most kdramas, same thing happened with Take care of my lady.
    and there are some characters in this drama that went vestigial such as Sanghee who were such a cutie in the beginning and same thing with Miran.
    seriously, if they had good script these drama could have had a potential to garner attention since the two leads especially YEH who is known for being popular with all her dramas (except TKoML).
    arrhhh i really hate how this drama turned out. i adore YEH and KJW and had high expectations of this drama and yet it disappoint me.
    okay now, i should go back to watching Temptation of Wife.

  31. 31 MEK

    someone made comments before about YEH not being able to pick a good drama after coffee prince…i know right?!! wth – she can act but both of her recent dramas have been substanceless…i wanted this one to work out for her…it started out cute but the weecaps are enough to catch up on the story…sigh…

  32. 32 Mychocoheart

    After episode 8 I’ve forced myself to watch 9 and 10 and have decided I’m completely giving up now. I prefer to just imagine the rest.
    In my imagination after episode 8, KJ declared his love to AJ and they decided to quickly get married [insert intense kissing/bed scene here] only to realise later that they had rushed the decision and the reality of marriage is different than what they imagined.

    SH remained best friends with AJ, he never falls in love with her but KJ thinks he does, leading to some jealousy. [Insert argument leading to kissing scenes]

    YJ is heartbroken to learn KJ is married, gets really drunk with SH and they start a secret romance of their own. [Whilst KJ and AJ are somewhere being really cute]

    SR gets divorced; AJ comforts her and starts to wonder how strong her own marriage is. KJ is always away on business and she feels the pressure to be the perfect wife. He surprises her with a holiday to Jeju and reminds her how much he loves her. [Insert Major kissing and love scene here]

    Ending; At AJ’s dad and cafe lady’s wedding. AJ is pregnant and happy with KJ, SH and YJ’s secret relationship is revealed. JB tries to get back with SR who’s reluctant but hints that she might forgive him. [Ending scene KJ, AJ and kids]

    Seriously how can the writers mess it up?

    • 32.1 Katherine

      I love the sound of that. I think I’m going to imagine that is what happened as well. I officially stopped at episode 9, kind of got over it and have no clue what has happened so far. I’ve even avoided the wee-caps because well for me the show doesn’t deserve my time BUT today I decided to come in because I realised its nearly over.

    • 32.2 sharreb

      waa my tots in did. they should have hired you.haha honestly the plot is getting senseless n such a waste to the talented leads. sigh. now if only they quickly rectify the last episode

    • 32.3 Paula

      I love your ending! I’d watch that in a heartbeat!

  33. 33 Dara

    oooooo! Just realized I’m not perfect, lacking no. 2 (exercise every morning), why do I have to get out of my bed to do THAT? Farewell KJ . Well, you will be done tonight anyway, buahahaha……….

    Aww….Warrior BDS Teaser, why so cool?

  34. 34 tori

    wtf? after all the drama of ki-joon fighting for her she’ll say that she’s the not the woman for him?! that is so absurd!!! damn drama pulling out so ridiculous rabbits off the hat. bleh! 😛

  35. 35 k

    At this point I bet most folks are just willing to write their own fanfic rather than follow all the nonsensical turn of th current writer…anyone got any good ideas??

  36. 36 Ace

    At this point some people who still like this show have given an argument/reason/excuse on why AJ acted like that. I’m simply amazed that they made (questionable) sense of the nonsensical. Go LTM fans! (One of my friends argued that it’s because AJ wanted to “take it slow”. Gah!)

    • 36.1 Kiara

      Lol maybe tomorrow she’ll change her mind and want a quickie marriage. This show is so bipolar thanks to the writers.

  37. 37 miniejungle

    OMG I was LOL-ing at javabeans and girlfriday’s comments above!!! 🙂 sense has gone for good, really, and we all know we watch this show for the sake of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye only (starting to wear me down too…) 🙁 thank God it’s gonna end tonight.

  38. 38 laya

    LOL at “Donna Martin Graduates.” I’m old, I know! xDDD

    JB and GF, there’s no use looking for sense. Ain’t no longer in the dictionary, baby. xDD

    Thanks for the weecap!

    • 38.1 Mei

      This show has gone bonkers.

  39. 39 Mia

    Was that “toy model room” a cheep rip off from the toy room in Coffee Prince? Marriage fake out? My head hurts.

    At least if there is romantic bits shouldn’t they at least try to be endearing? His list….*wince* I can’t watch this show. The weecaps produce a good dose of wincing and joy but I fear I will lose my sight (good thing for the 1 hour – bad for the rest of life) if I watch a full episode.

    • 39.1 Verónica

      I thought exactly the same about the toy room. But at least Han Kyul’s toy room had some real meaning in Coffee Prince, it was an external view on his own childlike inner self that we end up seeing growing up throughout the series. Here’s just to add a few more minutes to the show.

      And that list, anything but romantic. Was it too hard to make something cute and silly like, dunno…”A woman who can snore harder than me while trying to watch “Lie to Me”, or something of the sorts?

      • 39.1.1 Verónica

        Pff I hit submit comment before ending my rant, hah.

        Just to say, I truly feel sorry for how bad this series turned. Specially for both YEH and Kang Ji Hwan, I know that expectations can or cannot be met, but this one is…ufff….

        Like they say in my country: verguenza ajena!

    • 39.2 Jane

      Yes, the list is so bland.

      And people are saying the new writer is worse but I read the first writer was so horrible they constantly had to rewrite her stuff. So they hired a professional to spare them the double work and I think she’s just trying to create a plot where there was none.

  40. 40 KANGly

    Episode 16 tonight will be the best episode of this series….. coz it will be the last!!!! hahahaha…

    i do hope YEH finds a good project ASAP to erase this nightmare from the minds of her fans….. I do hope she finds a better project because I don’t want to erase this nightmare of a drama with another (even worse) nightmare of a drama …..

  41. 41 evelia

    Thanks for the recap.

  42. 42 Mhen

    “I DON’T THINK THAT I’M YOUR WOMAN” … huh??????…….. WWWW!!! TTTTT!!! FFFFF@*%#!!!!! Is that all the previous 14 Episodes worth?!!!!! I want to hang upside down & skin-off alive the writer!!! Who’s with me?

    • 42.1 blahblahh

      Count me in. “Even if the years pass, a woman whose wrinkles are pretty, without having to maintain wrinkle care.” HAH?? What? Duh? I’m a skin care & make up junkie and for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

  43. 43 evelia

    I was not suprise to her reaction. There are a lot of things that have happened to her and she is tired. The writing might not be there but I love the show still.

  44. 44 Anh

    what a waste. 🙁

  45. 45 rumba lumba

    wow, this crap is still on?

  46. 46 suzi q

    I ‘m in utter disbelief that after 15 episodes Ah Jung says “NO”. What has she been doing the whole time with Ki Joon? If she cries again in episode 16, I’m going to puke. She from another planet?

  47. 47 Melody Lovee

    Well, this drama is kind of dense
    After you get rid of the lie thing, which should have ended after 5 eps… (did it? well, i think it was dragging on forever… so it felt like eternity)… theres really nothing, with few comical moments to have kept it afloat for a while.

    They focus too much on the main two characters. Everyone else is just like…. there… like the background. There’s no character growth from the other characters.

    I kinda get why she said no in the end. I saw bits and pieces of the drama when it was airing (I was tv surfing), but I could tell that they were trying to tell the audience that she was having doubts since the mother of the guy were all like you have to do this and this and this, and she felt like she couldn’t do it all, and she wasn’t deserving and all that stuff. Though, I gotta say.. it was badly timed. I really hate it when a propsal gets cut with a NO. They should have dealt with this before this episode. It makes it seem like she’s so dimwitted that she didn’t figure all this out before.

  48. 48 fdsafdsa

    I ‘m in utter disbelief that after 15 episodes Ah Jung says “NO”. What has she been doing the whole time with Ki Joon? If she cries again in episode 16, I’m going to puke. She from another planet?

  49. 49 asianromance

    My theory is that YEH and KJH are either dating for reals or are really close friends now after bonding over the train-wreck of a plot. I wish the drama had taken the self-actualization route with Ah-jung and deal with the deep-rooted insecurities that made her lie in the first place (which was the way I wanted it to go) and even made her feel that she needed to pass the civil service exams in order to feel worthy enough to confess to Jae-bum.

    And they could have even taken the cold-feet-about-being-rich-dude’s-wife route a few episodes ago and developed the story from there – which would be an interesting and relevant route considering the royal wedding. At this point, the story will make the most sense if there is a temporary separation/time jump in episode 16 to let Ah-jung reflect on what it really means to be Ki-joon’s wife before deciding to continue her relationship with Ki-joon. Now if she suddenly realizes at the 11th hour that love can conquer all fears and they kiss and get married, it will feel contrived.

  50. 50 VioletSakura

    “WHAT, now?”
    I was kind of expecting this, you know why? There’s ONE MORE EPISODE, that’s what it is, nothing more 😀

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