Dramabeans Podcast #10
by | January 22, 2012 | 87 Comments

Our next guest segment is here! As you know, we chatted with gummimochi and kaedejun in Podcast #9, and we’d initially planned to include this portion with HeadsNo2. But it will surprise nobody, I’m sure, that we ended up chatting for so long with everybody that we decided to split the parts, although we did record this segment around the same time as the others.

Without further ado, everybody say hello to Heads!

Podcast #10

Running time: 42:49

In which we:

  • Introduce HeadsNo2 and talk about Rain;
  • and sageuks, Chuno, conversion dramas (5:35);
  • Scent of a Woman, Thousand Day Promise, melos, Padam Padam, Salaryman, Myung-wol the Spy (10:02);
  • cable shows, Season 2’s, and extensions (14:10);
  • drama ratings, mainstream dramas, Dream High 2, Man of Honor, sageuk successes, The Moon That Embraces the Sun (19:08);
  • HeadsNo2 on joining Dramabeans, recapping, choosing what to recap, Vampire Idol (24:19);
  • sageuk gravitas, as spoken in The Princess’s Man, Chuno, and more (29:39);
  • k-pop fandom and favorite actors/actresses (34:50).

[ Download Podcast 10 ]

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

Rain – “아쉬운 빈 공간” (Lonely empty space)
Rain – “Quiz”
Rain – “사랑이라는 건” (Thing called love)
Rain – “태양을 피 하는 방법 (Gtr. Remix)” (How to escape the sun)
Rain – “Friends”


87 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lemon


    • 1.1 Lemon

      Wow I realize that I’m first! Heehee I’ve never been first before 😀
      And by fast I mean that I wasn’t expecting it up so fast!
      Thanks JB and GF and hello HeadsNo2! Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year everyone!

  2. Dorotka


    • 2.1 Dorotka

      I’m not a saguk person, more the rom-com one, so I haven’t watched Chuno, TPM… but it was still nice listening to you and feel the love HeadsNo2 has for the saguks.

      Myung Wol – I think I liked it up to episode 10 (though missing the spy teams as well) and then… then I was so glad I could just read your recaps and didn’t have to watch it.

      I still don’t understand how you guys manage with all that watching and recapping. As I already mentioned, one of the reasons I read recaps is to know about shows which I’m not managing to follow. Did you bend the time??? Give me some hints!

      Anyway, thanks again for the podcast and happy Sunday!

  3. Tash

    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Grace

    Hey please recap or watch 청담동 살아요.it’s on jtbc and it’s like the best sitcom ever. Seriously, u will not regret watching it.

  5. JoAnne

    Rain! Gonna listen right now 🙂

  6. Selli

    Aw, thank you for this podcast, you’re all adorable!! ^^

    I’m actually not sure if Dream High 2 will be as popular as the first one, but I guess so. Many Korean teenagers will make their parents watch it XD But I’m more excited for Shut Up ^^

  7. John

    Heads, I enjoy your recaps of HotS.

    Thank you JB & GF for featuring the recappers.

  8. Sophia

    HeadsNo2 is really cute!

  9. bluedarkness12

    I hope after this podcast you guys will do a podcast more often instead of months a part. I can deal with a once a month podcast if I can throw that idea out there. I listen to about 7 different podcast and I think I enjoy this one a lot not only because of what is talked about but because every single female has a pleasant voice that I enjoy hearing compare to the other podcast I hear.

  10. 10 Laica

    YAY HeadsNo2! So nice to finally meet you!

    Love love loved your TWDR recaps, currently loving your HotS ones. Keep up the awesomeness. <3

  11. 11 HeadsNo2

    Oh goodness! Afraid to press play… *crosses fingers*

    • 11.1 xiaoSxin

      welcome to DB! (officially)

      Saving the podcast for later.

    • 11.2 HeadsNo2

      Aww, hearts!! Just noticed all the songs were Rain. T_T Love you guys.

      • 11.2.1 nanomu16

        Your name is unique 🙂 lol yes A love to kill was not a good start I had to stop it haha
        Rain rain loves you:P

        • Nahan

          A love to kill was my second drama and I had to stop too. Who would make such a depressing drama? I thought my heart was just going to stop and the kissing was waaaay tooo much. My sister actually finished it (I don’t know how…and she actually finished Bad Love) but I think that’s why she can’t finish watching dramas anymore. There are so many dramas she watches but never finished.

      • 11.2.2 KDrama Fan

        From now on you are ‘Heads’:) As always nice to hear the voices of the Dramabeans Dream Team. This podcast has got me on a Rain music binge.

      • 11.2.3 danna

        LMAO…..I was just finished the podcast and was thinking to myself, wait till she finds out that they put all Rain songs

      • 11.2.4 javabeans

        Right back at ya!

        I just wanted an excuse to use Rain songs, really.

        • JoAnne

          We never need an excuse for Rain!

    • 11.3 gummimochi

      Ack! I love it! 😀 😀

      • 11.3.1 HeadsNo2

        Yay!! 🙂 <3

    • 11.4 Ace

      I love love love the Rain playlist…I’ve bought most of his albums however the last one was not very good except for 사랑이라는 건 which became my all-time fave Rain song. 😉

  12. 12 jane

    Welcome Headsno2!

    I always love your detailed recaps!

  13. 13 joKat

    WELCOME HeadsNo2~

  14. 14 Cynthia

    Another Podcast so soon?!
    This is like finding a Christmas present you had squirreled away and forgotten ~ and all Rain music, to boot?

    Thank you, ladies. My Sunday is complete!

    • 14.1 Cynthia

      My new favorite phrase:


      Thanks, HeadsNo2! 🙂

      • 14.1.1 Ani

        Pretty much as epic as “Jesus Christmas”. Hahahaha.

  15. 15 diorama

    Yay, nice you finally meet you, HeadsNo2!

  16. 16 asffjsjs

    HHAHA I’m like headsno2! I have phases where I’m invested in someone or something and then get over it, and Move on to the next bachelor!
    Hahha and I too love sageuks and historical movies from other periods of time. I do like some historical accurate productions, but I prefer some that doesn’t focus so much on the historical context. I find it more fun :p but I love the costumes, the back ground, etc. I find it so interesting to try to imagine yourself in that time long ago!

  17. 17 neener

    wow!! just finished listening to podcast 9 and I’m currently listening to this…..

    as for Thousand Day Promise….all I did was read your recaps…I never watched the drama…^_^ and I did cry…I’ll probably cry more if I’m gonna watch it…but nah~~~I don’t wanna cry…

  18. 18 Ani

    Hahaha. “HeadsNo1”. Truth be told, I thought you were going to say it was because of the No2 pencils we had to use as kids in school. XD

  19. 19 jomo

    Hello Heads and welcome welcome!

    That was fun.
    There is nothing wrong with serial monogamy of fav K-stars.
    Poor Eric was high on my list because of Que Sera Sera, but as soon as SMW hit the skids, I was like what elevator kiss? (No, that is a lie. I will always always love the elevator kiss.)

    Listening to how watching dramas is work for you all, I realize what a parasite I am!
    In the great ecosystem of Kdramas, some are viewers are born, some are made and some just kinda stand around and wait to see who is willing to do all the heavy lifting, whether it is subbing or recapping, then run over and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Yeh, that’s me, but a very grateful and thankful and appreciative parasite!

    • 19.1 Deeliteful

      haha..so true..this parasite is thankful too!!!

  20. 20 campaspe

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who follows K-pop because I find it bizarrely fascinating. I have always hated pop-music, but following K-pop is like when you drive by an accident and you can’t help but look. The more i read and watch, the more I need. It’s as addicting as watching dramas.

  21. 21 Melissa :D

    Does HeadsNo2 and gummimochi have their own blog? I know kaedejun has one.

  22. 22 Jen P

    i don’t remember which Headsno2 recaps I read but Headsno2’s taste in dramas seems almost in line with mine (except for the Rain fandom heh ^^). I look forward to Heads’ future DB contributions 🙂

  23. 23 Diya

    Welcome Headsno2!!~

    I’m excited about future sageuk recaps, I recently became a sageuk fan and started watching Jumong, haven’t gotten too far because of megaupload’s shutdown. I enjoy the mixture of history and folklore. Or in some cases folklore with modern perspectives. My favourite so far is Deep Rooted Tree.

  24. 24 Hipployta

    Smile Donghae…eh I watched parts of it for Lee Jang Woo…big WooJung WGM fan LOL

    Everyone has a Rain phase…even if I’m not crazy obsessed he is still on my backlog for when he comes out of the military.

    To be perfectly honest if I get stationed in Korea next year I’m going to make my way to his training facility for some reason LOL.

    As far as idols…I keep adding fandoms but I don’t have many. Big Bang are my long time loves. I do adore Heechul of Super Junior and though he is in the military there are so many pictures and articles about him he’s still around.

  25. 25 cherkell

    Note to Self: Learn to work the term “Batman-yness” into normal conversation from now on… 🙂

    Another great outing, gals — Heads, is it weird for me to think your voice sounds exactly how I figured you’d sound? Also thanks for the horrible flashback to Catholic school and the nuns measuring the distance between boys and girls during our school dances. ::shudder::

    As I’m finding out the hard way myself, I totally agree that it is very difficult to spool up a drama just to watch and enjoy these days. You put it most succinctly when you said “if you love it, you’re gonna want to recap it anyway” (which is why I agreed to take on BVS at one of the most busiest times in my life). There are several shows out there right now that are enough to make me forego sleeping and eating and working overtime… but that’s why external hard drives were invented, ne?

    Also good to hear the voice of one my fellow Sisters-in-Lust wax poetic about My Precious Changwook-ssi — I know I’m in the minority here, but you should eventually give “Smile, Donghae” a chance. Take it in little chunks like I ended up doing just to see JCW’s amazing character transformation. And for all you guys to kinda fade out to the music bumper with squishy thoughts over Yoo Seung Ho’s new drama coming up made me grin like a clown. 🙂

    A technical question, though… what application do you guys use to put your talks together? I’m part of a podcast where we’re using Audacity, and the process is not intuitive whatsoever and absolutely sucks on toast.

    Anyway, enough babbling. Thanks again for all the fun!! 새해 복 많이 받으세요 — Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!!

    • 25.1 javabeans

      Skype. I looked at Audacity and didn’t know what to do with it. It’s like the difference between booting up Windows, and staring at a DOS prompt: Uh, now what do I do with this??

      • 25.1.1 Cynthia

        “DOS Prompt” ?!
        LOL ~ can I borrow your DeLorean when you’re not using it?

        • paper

          LMAO… DeLorean XD

  26. 26 Indigo

    I had no idea Rain kissed Shin Min Ah’s chracter after she threw up. That’s kinda gross. I guess K-dramas sometimes surprise you in the wrong way. But I do like them both, actually.

    • 26.1 Indigo

      Oh and I agree with you on K-pop, it really is an interesting phenomenon. I was quite sure I wouldn’t become a fan of K-pop, but it grew on me without me noticing. I think it’s the weird K-pop magic…

  27. 27 Thatgirl

    I’m excited for future Choi Tae Joon dramas (Jung from Padam Padam) and Park Minwoo Dramas (Bawool from FBRS)

  28. 28 x0mi07

    Oooooh!^^ I was waiting for this podcast since the last one came out. Welcome to the dramabeans family HeadsNo2! *hugs* I’m glad you’re here!=D

    I loved this podcast. It seemed to me like you girls really work well together and understand each other a lot. I find JB and Heads match up on many drama-related things while Heads and GF have similar writing styles in the way they deliver their commentaries.

    Anyway, I could listen to the three of you go on and on about dramas the whole day. It was an awesome podcast and I was quite sorry it had to end because I totally did not feel the 42+ minutes go by. The conversation between the three of you flowed so naturally I had trouble keeping up with the outline.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!^^ Happy to know I’m not the only series/film consumer who watches by current actor bias. Teehee!=3

    Hopefully, I get to hear more from you girls! Keep rocking!^^

  29. 29 Nahan

    I completely agree with you HeadsNo1 about Rain because I have been feeling really guilty about getting over Rain. Its so weird. I love kpop too because its so much fun but its hard for me to watch idols in dramas because i want them not to suck and they rarely don’t suck which is sad. Leave the acting to the actors is what i say (except Rain)…;)

  30. 30 Bluefyre

    Whoa… all the music is Rain. Haha! 😀

    Will listen to this while doing house chores. Thank you!
    Transferring to phone now^^

    • 30.1 Ennayra

      I’m really excited about the Rain music. The podcast songs are some of my favorites. He’s how I got into kpop, and by kpop, I mean Rain and Big Bang and that’s it, lol.

      It really is true- everyone has a Rain phase. 😛 I may have watched Speed Racer…

      Does anyone else use kpop as exercise music? If yes, any song recommendations?

      • 30.1.1 Ennayra

        And welcome, HeadsNo2!

        I can’t believe I forgot to say that.

      • 30.1.2 mud

        Welcome Heads! And thank you Dramabeans for the podcast! I also transferred it to my phone and was listening to it while playing with my school’s cat colony. One of the cats kept trying to paw at my phone in my pocket. I think it’s safe to say that you guys also have many feline fans =)

        @ Ennayra
        I totally use kpop as exercise music! It’s kind of embarassing, but I shut my door (because I’m too old to be caught doing this…and doing it sooo poorly too…)and would try to imitate their dance moves (not the super sexified moves…those I’ll leave to the pros). Right now, I’m really digging T-Ara’s “Roly Poly”. I only check out certain groups that I like and I found myself liking T-Ara ever since Dream High. And fine, I always try to dance along with the Dream High flashmob scene too. Might as well throw in miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl”.

  31. 31 eb

    Yay, for HeadsNo2 and sageuks! It’s great to put a voice to all of you. Hope you continue with these podcasts.
    I also went through a Rain phase around his 2nd album when he came out in Sangdoo! Let’s go to school.

  32. 32 Jas

    I love you guys so much 🙂 Thank for making me laugh while I was supposed to be reading Plato haha!!

  33. 33 mihinikki

    Hi HeadsNo2! I also think History of the Salaryman might be the best drama EVAR 😉 I don’t understand why everyone isn’t watching it.

  34. 34 Arhazivory

    Loved hearing HeadsNo2. I hated…absolutely hated A Love to Kill too. Man….that was some wasted time – watching that.

  35. 35 rika

    thanks for the podcast. really appreciate conversations on saguek dramas. saguek/fusion saguek brought me back to korean dramas after walking away from the arly 2000’s melos.

    random question: are all bloggers & guest bloggers korean americans?

  36. 36 Kat

    It’s so bizarre how HeadsNo2 and I are fixating on the same actors! I’ve been on a huge Jang Hyuk phase ever since watching Chuno, so after that I watched most of his other dramas and movies that I have not watched before, like Thank You, Midas (oh, God, yes, I managed to go through that), Tazza (even this one), and recently, Tree. Once Tree ended, I’ve been flitting through several dramas and then landed on Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, which has Ji Chang Wook as the lead. While waiting for Bachelor’s new episodes each week, I’ve been watching Baek Dong Soo (which I’ve now finished), and have moved on to Sons of Sol Pharmacy and am thinking of watching Smile, Donghae next, no matter how bad it probably is. Gah, I wish I can stop this morbid addiction of fixating on a single actor, but I really can’t help it. It’s really comforting to know I’m not the only one, hahaha!

    • 36.1 HeadsNo2

      Oh my goodness, we’re going through the same phase at the same time. I’ve been moving onto Ji Chang-wook too so I’m planning to take on Sol Pharmacy when I find the time. But it was definitely Rain > Jang Hyuk > Ji Chang-wook.

  37. 37 mmmaggie

    Awww Heads, your “y’alls” made me think of Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights. 🙂

    Great podcast, ladies!

  38. 38 lilypunk

    welcome Heads!

    that was great, Heads really blends well with Javabeans and Girlfriday. i love these podcasts, i wouldn’t mind more at all. i think when you guys are having your conversations about dramas you should just put a recorder on and we’ll lap it up tbh.

  39. 39 nonski

    thanks so much!

  40. 40 nonski

    uhm, i haven’t done listening but taking this chance for HeadsNo2 to read this…

    i was intrigued by Wild Romance and watched epiosde 1, then i just could not get enough and then before i noticed it, i in episode 2 already. all thoughout, i was laughing so hard. i must admit i fell hard for WR and i did not expect so. maybe because i got soaked up in tears between MoonSun and OB that i need something to cheer me. So, back to my old self, hunting for any reading materials when i am addicted, i searched the db database and saw that you recap WR but was really sad when i read at the end that you would not continue recapping the drama. oh, please, can you possibly take WR again and continue recapping it? just desperate… i know i should not be asking for recaps. 🙁 sorry about this. thanks.

  41. 41 olsen

    Welcome, Heads No. 2 🙂

    That was funny!

    I remember watching ‘A love to kill’ and like everyone else, did not understand what to make out of it…BUT, Rain and Shin Min ah, gorgeous human beings. nuff said.

    I did watch Ninja Assassin and Rain’s abs may have something to do with it 🙂

    Thanx for the podcast, like always, it was super fun.

  42. 42 edf


    I was so happy when I saw this, embarrassingly happy. And welcome Head (: This was such an entertaining podcast to listen to <3

    • 42.1 edf

      woopsie, heads!

  43. 43 Mystisith

    Warm welcome Heads ! I just love hearing you talking girls. I love Rain too and i miss his clown face ( and his abs of course )! I hope to see you soon on your next recapping project. Did something catch your attention ?

  44. 44 Lovebug

    Um is it bad that I just recently began my Rain phase. I watched Runaway Plan B and for some reason became obessed with Rain and his very shiny beautiful hair. I have since watched the video for love song a embarrasing amount of times (even though the end makes me somewhat uncomfortable.) By the way this is the Hip Song Rock Tonight!

  45. 45 Carinne

    Aw~ I too miss gorilla Bi, not many Asian celebs can tower over me with such long buff arms and broad shoulders to make me look small.

    Amusing podcast as always. There’s Heads, now where’s Tails? *waves H-E-L-L-O*

  46. 46 Aye

    I was pronouncing your username as heads-no-2. And then I would scratch my head because I just didn’t get it, LOL. You bet I facepalmed myself when I heard it on the podcast. Anyway, you’re not alone about Rain, Headsno2! I was in love with him around the same time, too. Full House was what started my kdrama addiction. And then I moved on to Choi Shi-won, then Lee Min-ho, and now I’m stuck on Park Shi-hoo!

    • 46.1 liz

      Haha, I thought it was “Heads Number 2” as well :X

  47. 47 doozy

    Thanks for another entertaining podcast! And a chance to get to know HeadsNo2!

    Double yay for Rain “the gateway drug” as javabeans put it and for a whole podcast playlist with his songs! Listening to the songs made me feel all nostalgic for those good ol’ days..

  48. 48 WhatHasBecomeOfUs

    I feel I must speak up in defense of open-ended series.

    Yes, I agree that tightly-plotted stories can be very rewarding, and that the American model of television doesn’t encourage it the way Korean television does.


    Open-ended series are operating on a different plane. Growth and change are not encouraged in an American series. The story doesn’t move very quickly horizontally, but instead it spreads out vertically. Characters don’t change, but our understanding of them changes as the series reaches deeper and deeper, exposing what was there all along, unseen.

    It’s difficult to do well. I would say it’s more difficult to do an open-ended series really well than a series with a limited run. This is why many American series start to fall apart as they age. But when done right, it allows for more complex world-building and greater depths of character.

    A thoroughly enjoyable podcast — it only lacked a dissenting voice on this one subject.

  49. 49 CKDexter

    It’s true, everyone has a Rain period. And if you haven’t, you should. He was my gateway to everything Korean. When Rain was mentioned for the first time on the Colbert Report in 2007, I had never heard of K-pop. By the time Rain and Stephen Colbert had a dance-off roughly a year later, I was totally caught in the whole phenomenon. It happened that quickly.

    And “A Love to Kill” makes me feel like such a sucker. The drama is so damn sappy, and completely unsatisfying and yet I really enjoyed it.

    One thing that’s frustrated me with K-dramas in the past is how rare it is that they take risks. You just don’t see usual and challenging television like Twin Peaks or Mad Men or the best of Buffy. The nearest I’ve seen was episode 7&8 from Joseon X-Files. That’s also why I’m looking forward to History of the Salaryman. The more unusual, the better!

    HeadsNo2 is so witty! It was a pleasure to finally hear from you, Heads. Thanks for another great podcast, ladies!

  50. 50 song pong

    Thank you girls for another great podcast! I love listening to you talk about dramas:)

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