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Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 12
by | February 12, 2013 | 278 Comments

It’s an episode of breakthroughs and baby steps for everyone, though none more than our heroine who takes some bold new leaps, fueled by the power of one cheerleader puppy who really does believe that love conquers all. But what’s great about this story is that love isn’t a magical cure-all for Dok-mi, but a boost of much-needed courage to start opening her door.

EPISODE 12: “The wind blows. I like you.”

KISS! *rewind* Tears fall as their lips meet, and they pull away slowly. Suddenly a noise from the doorway startles them out of the moment. (Drat that timing.)

Dok-mi goes to see what it is, and finds Jin-rak’s flipbook of post-its on the ground. Aw, it’s as if its sticky quotient symbolically got sapped the second Enrique kissed her. Poor Post-It Man.

She picks them up, and Enrique notes how like Jin-rak those post-it notes are: “Slowly, one by one, bit by bit, carefully, carefully coming closer. But I’m not like that. I’ll never forget your face when you were looking at the ocean. So I’m going to take you to better places, to eat tastier things, and I’m going to be next to you, looking at your face and laughing and chatting.”

She doesn’t answer, but she notably doesn’t look upset about it either. She actually looks pleased at the prospect of going outside. He now takes note of the fact that in her confession she said she liked him in the past tense, and though he used to care about those technicalities before, he decides he doesn’t care: “I remember very clearly, you said you like me!”

While he chatters away on his own, Dok-mi smiles and thinks to herself that the old Ke-geum is back. Seconds later, he says aloud, “I think I’ve returned to normal.” He was right—their telepathy is back.

He beams: “Because you like me, I feel like I can solve anything in the world.” He leans in close to say, “Ajumma, just keep liking me, and I’ll like you more, more, more, more.” HE’S SO CUTE.

Jin-rak and Dong-hoon go out to eat after their PD visit, and Dong-hoon thanks him sincerely for the credit on their webtoon, but says even still he has to quit. He admits now that he has to support his family, and all those nights that hyung thought he was out clubbing, he was really working.

He describes the endless string of late-night jobs he’s had, all to pay the family bills, but also to keep his days free. “Because of my dream. Because I had to draw during the day.” He says, head hanging, that perhaps dreams aren’t for people like him. Dong-hoon, don’t make me cry!

Jin-rak can’t believe it, and asks how much he needs. Dong-hoon laughs at the offer, coming from the guy who can’t even make rent, but Jin-rak says he’s actually a rich heir who ran away to chase his dream. Lol, he sounds like he’s kidding but I don’t think he is.

What’s funnier isn’t the reveal, since we all suspected as much, but the fact that the prince-playing-manhwa-pauper line is something they’ve said to each other countless times as a joke, so Dong-hoon doesn’t take him seriously and they just railroad right over it.

Jin-rak says Dong-hoon can’t quit because now he can’t draw this webtoon without him, and this is his first start at realizing his dream, his life goal. Dong-hoon runs off to work, and promises to think about it some more.

Back in Dok-mi’s apartment, Enrique announces that they’re dating now, and busts out the dictionary definition of the word. HA. The definition describes people who are in love, and Dok-mi’s eyes widen at the word, thinking to herself: “Love? I said like!”

As if he can hear her thoughts, he says that “like” and “love” are practically the same thing, and goes round and round in circles till he gets to the end result, which is that they’re dating now. She just gapes silently, wondering if he really can read her mind.

He declares that their first order of business is to unpack her things, but Dok-mi says someone’s coming to see the apartment tomorrow, and it’s too late to back out. He whines that she’s running away, while she says she’s just finally chasing her dreams, like a squirrel who finally gets to crack open the nuts it saved all winter long.

His point is a valid one—why can’t she open her nuts here? He asks if she’s going to write children’s books where the hero runs away from all his problems, and says that all the cool books he’s read are about characters who go out into the world and face their problems. “I want you to write books like that. And I want you to be like that.” And that is why we love you.

She just gets avoidy and tells him to go home because it’s getting late. He says he can’t because there’s a soccer match on tonight and his hyung’s tv is soooo old. She gives him a hairy eyeball: “I saw the new wall tv.” He crosses his arms over his chest, feigning shock. “You’ve been watching all this time?” Hee.

He switches to writer-editor mode, suggesting that they work on a new lecture, using his professional voice. When that doesn’t work, he whines that he’s injured and she’s throwing him out into the street where he might have a horrible accident. And then he bites bandaged hand for effect. This guy.

He announces online that he’s going to do a fan meeting especially for game addicts, but only under one condition: they have to bring a parent with them. Yay, he’s listening to her suggestion.

Jin-rak trudges home and pauses in front of Dok-mi’s door, but can’t bring himself to ring the doorbell.

Suddenly a noise in the hallway brings everyone outside. It’s a drunk Do-hwi, at first knocking on Jin-rak’s door, slurring that she’s ready to be honest. But when he comes out, she says that there’s someone else she really wants to be honest with, and starts calling out for Dok-mi.

Enrique goes inside and urges her to face Do-hwi, because the problem isn’t going to go away on its own. He promises to be right by her side, and says she can do it.

So the four of them relocate to Jin-rak’s apartment, where the boys sit off to the side. Do-hwi launches into a totally defensive rant, asking why it’s so hard for Dok-mi that she lives this way, why she let the rumors grow without explaining herself, like it was her own fault. Gah, I want to slap her.

She admits that she made up a lie when those popular girls took an interest in her, but accuses Dok-mi of being the one who lied about their teacher (Do-hwi is still under the delusion that he liked her and not Dok-mi.) and that all people lie, like it’s some defense.

Jin-rak gets so antsy that he says he can’t take it anymore, and starts to get up. But Enrique stops him, whispering, “She’ll speak. She has to.” Dok-mi wrings her hands the whole time, growing more and more agitated. So do the boys, waiting and waiting, wondering if they need to step in. Finally, she gets up and speaks.

Dok-mi:It was hard for you? Should I be comforting you? Should I say sorry? Transfer? How could I bring up a transfer to my grandmother who was barely holding on, waiting for me to graduate? The rumors that grew more each day, the lies, the looks that turned me into trash—that’s poison. I ate poison every day. DID YOU NOT KNOW?! I was dead then. I’m not pretending not to know you now. That girl isn’t here anymore! SHE’S DEAD! SHE’S GONE!

Do-hwi breaks down, crying that Dok-mi was always stronger than her, but she needed other friends, to be accepted and not an outcast. Dok-mi: “Was I not enough for you? It was always just the two of us, but I was good with just you. More than ten friends, or a hundred, you were enough for me.”

I think it’s that realization that finally sinks in for Do-hwi. Enrique smiles in this bittersweet way to himself, sad but proud of her for finally saying it.

Dok-mi goes back home, and though she’s still shaking, she sighs in this way like she’s finally let go of a burden. Enrique approaches her carefully, and presents her with a cup full of dull pencils, saying that the best time to sharpen them is when your heart is feeling pointy.

He tells her try it—to think of each dull pencil like her bumpy heart, and as she sharpens them, her heart will calm down in the process. So she gives it a try, whittling them by hand as she thinks of Do-hwi, while he watches over her with a smile.

She walks him out to her door, and they promise to say good morning from their windows. She thanks him for being by her side today, and he counters that she was the one who stayed by his side, holding up his bandaged hand.

He tells her to go inside, but she lingers and declares, “I want to try going outside. Out into the world.” Yaaaaaaaaay!

He’s so happy he just grabs her in a hug, holding on for a good long while as he says they have so much to do now.

They say goodnight, and he starts to walk down the hall, turning back to look one more time. This is the moment that kills me: instead of shutting her door and running inside like she always did before, she stands there, holding her door open, lingering and wanting to see him just a little longer.

They stop every few seconds to look again, or to wave, wanting to make the day last just a few seconds longer. It’s maybe the cutest thing ever.

The next day, Enrique meets Jin-rak and the boys start blaming each other for Dok-mi wanting to move. Enrique says that Dok-mi seems to trust him, so he’s going to try trusting him one more time.

He adds a thank you for bringing her to the hospital yesterday, and Jin-rak insists it’s the last time he’ll do that. Enrique says that Dok-mi is ready to come out into the world, and is asking for help, so they join forces to try and get her not to move.

Jin-rak gets an idea that involves their neighbor lady (because they’re under the impression that she’s the landlord though that seems wrong by all indication), so the four flower boys come knocking on her door.

They ply her with dessert and then start ask for her help in getting the prospective tenant not to take Dok-mi’s apartment, say by raising the security deposit a gazillion times or something. She just stares blankly, wondering what she can do.

The security guard ajusshi is there to stop them from saying it outright, and jumps into the conversation… by confessing that he loves her? Ha, anyway, it sends her running. He tells the boys that she can’t know that they know that she’s the landlord. Enrique wonders why there are so many people here who need to hide their identities, with a sidelong glance at Jin-rak.

They decide to try and scare the prospective tenant then, and Enrique suggests that if it’s a man, they’ll tell him the building is leaning, and if it’s a woman, that there’s a nut job living next door. All eyes turn to Dong-hoon to play the part. Hee.

On their way out, Enrique asks Dong-hoon if he wants a part-time job, because he needs someone to film his talk so he can put it up online. Dong-hoon already knows about the addicts and parents talk he’s planning, and wonders if anyone will even come.

Enrique: “Why wouldn’t they, when they have the chance to see my genius, adorable face?” They try really hard not to hit him, and Jin-rak tells Dong-hoon to un-follow his tweets.

Jin-rak only agrees to come after hearing that Dok-mi is coming, though he doesn’t think she’ll come to such a crowded event. Enrique comes knocking when it’s time, and she reacts as expected, not wanting to be around so many people. But Enrique asks SO CUTELY that she can’t say no. Jin-rak’s jaw drops to see that she really came.

Enrique gives his talk and then gets the whole group to play dodgeball outside, which is really sweet. As they watch from the sidelines, Jin-rak tells Dok-mi that he’s really happy to see her outside, and thinks that Enrique invited him just so he could see her this way.

Oof, I feel terrible that he doesn’t know about them. It’s not anyone’s fault, but it makes his already embarrassing crush even more embarrassing. He runs out to join the game, draping his coat over Dok-mi’s shoulders and tripping on his way out.

Enrique’s fangirl comes up to Dok-mi and calls her by name, saying that she’ll let her in on a secret—that Enrique isn’t a person but a fairy (or perhaps an elf is better suited for imagery?). She says that Enrique has the power to make people around him happy, like he did today with all these people.

The girl says that an elf’s life is hard though, because people don’t believe in them, so he’s always lonely, but he can’t let it show because he always has to be bright. “That’s why an elf is always surrounded by light. He has no shadow, no darkness. If those things are around an elf, he disappears.”

The last part shakes Dok-mi a little, like she’s afraid of being that darkness. And I’m not sure that the girl didn’t say it intentionally that way either. Damn, if she turns out to be a pernicious stalker, that’s going to be annoying.

After the event, the foursome stands at the bus stop, and there’s this really awkward moment where Jin-rak looks over at Dok-mi with moony eyes, and then she looks over at Enrique, and this is just getting uncomfortable.

Jin-rak decides to leave first with Dong-hoon, not wanting to freak Dok-mi out with too much pressure on her momentous big venture outside. Dong-hoon sighs that if she’d care to watch his webtoon, she’d fall for him instantly.

She and Enrique spend the day out, shopping and watching movies, and she has moments of fear like when strangers bump into her, but Enrique does a good job of looking out for her. I like that he just dusts her off and urges her to keep going.

Hm, and it looks like that fangirl is going to be a problem—she follows them all day with a dark expression, cataloguing their date.

Jin-rak goes to see Do-hwi, who is at least appropriately melancholy and not her usual self. He admits that he doesn’t understand her, but he knows that being honest is difficult, so he credits her with that.

He thanks her for her liking him, but tells her to stop now. Do-hwi doesn’t fight it this time, saying that she watched his webtoon, and his heart for Dok-mi was evident.

As we watch the end of Dok-mi’s date, complete with a window meeting to say goodnight, she writes more of her work in progress:

A sunflower that smiles up at the sun every day eventually turns into a little sun. A clamshell that’s been playing all day with the ocean gets patterned with grooves in the shape of affectionate waves, little by little. Things that are ardent grow together in likeness—that woman now understands this a little.

Dong-hoon hangs out at his usual club, waiting to be called to work, when suddenly his PD arrives, dressed up in a sparkly skirt. She declares that she had a nightmare, but didn’t want to disturb his work with a phone call, so she came in person. Heh.

Some mean girls brush past her with a snarky remark about how the standards have dropped at this club, and Dong-hoon jumps in to defend her loudly, saying that her dark circles are attractive. Aw. Our already-smitten PD swoons even more.

The next morning, Dok-mi gets no drawing on her milk carton post-it, but just a note asking her to watch the webtoon “Flower Boy Next Door.” She gives it a look and sees scenes from her own life, from milk cartons to trash sorting to Enrique and Jin-rak, and the security guard’s hat rack.

She stops at a drawing of Jin-rak standing at her door. It reads:

If I put my hand there, I can feel her, hiding away behind the tightly shut door.
Is she happy in there?
Someday, won’t there be a trace of my hand here on this closed door?

Awwww. That drawing of his back at her door just makes me want to cry.

Enrique marches over a little while later, annoyed that Dok-mi missed their good morning window date, and huffing to himself.

But when he reaches her door, something shocks him and he starts frantically banging on the door and calling out for her to answer.

What is it? Did she move? She’s not inside, or at least not in the living room, and there’s no answer. Dong-hoon and Jin-rak come out wondering what the commotion is about, but then Jin-rak sees it…

Written on her door in giant red letters is the message: “DIE.”


Holy moly, thanks for giving me the creeps. Ugh, I’m still shaking the shivers offa my spine. *brrrrrrrrr* How many stalkers does a guy need before he hires someone burly to start knockin’ some heads around? Poor Dok-mi. If this is Enrique’s crazy fangirl, it’s extra annoying in that she’s messing with a girl who’s just barely started to come out into the world, over her own crazy delusions. If it’s Do-hwi (though I think that’s too extreme, even for her), at least there’s a personal reason the attack is directed at Dok-mi. GAH. Stop scaring her back into her rabbit hole, people!

That external conflict aside, I thought the episode was a really nice string of positive consequences that came from Dok-mi taking that one very important step in confessing her feelings. She thinks letting him go is what’ll make him return to his old self, but all he really needed was to know she likes him back. And it’s nice to see that the effect for her is like a floodgate, as I hoped it would be—her first leap is to put her heart out there, and when Enrique returns her feelings, she’s ready to conquer the world. It’s what Enrique says out loud, that we see happen in her life more than his—once she conquers that terrifying fear, going out into the world and standing up for herself with Do-hwi are suddenly not so scary anymore. And of course, it helps that she’s got her own personal cheering squad urging her to do the brave thing at every turn.

This is the crucial difference that makes me love Enrique, and why I’ve always been on his side from the get-go. While Jin-rak thinks she needs protecting from the world, Enrique pushes her to be courageous, to speak up for herself, to be strong, to overcome her own problems. What he wants is not to become her knight in shining armor, but for her to become the brave heroine of her own story, to face the world head-on. His speech to her about becoming like her own characters in the stories she wants to write just got me *right here.* I love that he both urges her to face Do-hwi, but stands back and waits patiently for her to speak up for herself when the time comes. It’s painful for them all, but he knows—jumping in to save her will only keep her in that scared little shell longer and longer. That insight that he has, not only about Dok-mi, but about people, is his true gift.

I really liked the bittersweet parallel between Jin-rak’s and Dok-mi’s passages, in his webtoon and her work in progress. They’re actually the most similar characters, and I thought it really nice that their writing reflects a similar way of seeing things, like the hope of leaving traces of oneself behind. (Though I thought it nice that she’s actually a step ahead, in seeing how things might grow together and change each other rather than just leaving a static mark.) It’s heartbreaking, really, to know that Jin-rak’s feelings are only growing as Dok-mi’s relationship with Enrique is taking off, and I hope for his sake he finds out sooner rather than later. It’ll crush him either way, but I want there to be time for him to find his happiness too.


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  1. June

    THank you!~

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Thank you for the recap!

    • 1.2 June

      I found the whole “Enrique is a fairy” speech kind of awkward and weird and creepy.

      • 1.2.1 pigtookie

        I agree, and contrary to crazy stalker’s perception, I think he’s got quite some shadows of his own, ones that Dok Mi sees through his bright exterior.

        • Anduril

          StalkerGirl acknowledged that he could be lonely and have darkness inside. But that when it showed outside he could no longer be a fairy. I.E. he is just a person then. Which of course, it what he truly is. But I think StalkerGirl just wants him to stay bright and fake and alluring?

          • Wendilynn

            Stalkers don’t like sharing. It was a warning for her to go away.

          • Thursdaynexxt

            I really should’ve read all the posts before posting my own – then I could just have agreed with your post! 🙂

      • 1.2.2 IBELIS

        Me and you both. I didn’t see the reference to shadow as meaning he had a dark side as much as the girl was telling her she was the dark thing hanging around him an tainting him.

      • 1.2.3 Wendilynn

        Its supposed to be awkward and creepy since it was a warning for Dokmi to get lost. Stalker girl clearly sees her as unworthy.

      • 1.2.4 iZzie :)

        It’s funny how the fangirl put it – referring to Dok mi as the shadow – that gloomy character hanging around the fairy that is Enrique. Funny, because when one would actually look at it, the darkness that’s hovering around Enrique are his stalkers. But the fairy that he is wants to shine light on every one – even the nasty ones.

        I started feeling irritated by the fangirl when it showed on Dok mi’s face the concern that she might become – or may already be – the shadow that’s going to scare Enrique away, or take the brightness out of him. This may start a spark for noble idiocy. And I hope that Dok mi would know better than to fan that little fire that the fangirl is starting to light.

  2. Wishful thinking

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 2.1 Wishful thinking

      I loved this episode. Most things are out in the open now and we are just waiting for more exciting things to happen. I really wish I had my own Enrique. I just want to hug and squish him like a teddy bear so badly. I can’t wait for next week, please bring on more of the cuteness.

  3. dubokki

    loved this episode.
    i think the stalker girl in the future is gonna be a bigggg problemmmm~

  4. dubokki

    loved this episode.
    dokmi finally confronted her “inner demons”
    i think the stalker girl in the future is gonna be a bigggg problemmmm~

  5. cg

    thanks 🙂

    but I have a doubt: Did Dokmi know before that Enrique likes her?? if she did, then why was she running away from him (when she also likes him)??

    • 5.1 MariD

      I don’t think she knew he liked her. Probably Because Enrique himself did not know he liked her. He was curious, he wanted to help her. It’s in his nature to want to help people around him be happy. It’s not until the accident that he truly realizes he has fallen in love with Dokmi.. At least that’s how I seen it.

    • 5.2 iZzie :)

      I don’t think Dokmi knew before Enrique said so. It may be that she sensed it but she wasn’t sure, since when it comes to dealing with other people she’s apprehensive and is more oriented towards self-preservation.

      But even if she knew, given Dokmi’s acquired reclusiveness, it’s just natural that she would try to repel or run away from anyone who shows interest in her. With or without that knowledge, her tendency is to shut people out, which is what she did – only, Enrique was persistent so she’s now coming out of her shell.

      What happened to her in HS is what traumatized her and created the reclusive tendency for Dokmi. For someone who was gravely betrayed by someone she trusted and loved (friend Do Hwi), it would be difficult to warm up to someone new who cares even when she’s sure of the other’s feelings.

      • 5.2.1 cg

        thanks everyone..

      • 5.2.2 Gidget

        So true. I also like that the writers gave Dokmi’s severe reaction such realism with the the little things they’ve revealed about her. The high school event didn’t act alone to crush her. The high school betrayal pushed her over the edge, after a lifetime of being discarded: Parents that abandoned her when they abandoned each other. A grandmother who loved her but could not be leaned on due to her age and declining health. A teacher who saw her inner potential and bolstered her worth; and then exploited her trust and publicly stripped her of dignity. And a best friend who betrayed her in the most cruel way a schoolgirl can do. Similar to Enrique, others have told her over and over that she’s nothing more than human garbage.

        I love that he simpatico between Enrique’s character and Dokmi’s has been made so believable because their emotional history is so similar. Dokmi acquired her loneliness and defensive mechanisms through the avenue of being an outcast. Enrique experienced and acquired his through his fame. They’re bookends to a common spectrum of loss and loneliness.

        • unik

          Wow! speechless! Keep going, I like reading your thoughts!

  6. snow_white

    thanks for the recap

  7. MapleAna

    I was wondering what they were going to be doing with these characters now that the OTP is together. I’m hoping that no noble idiocy is going to drive them apart and bring them back together. I liked where they took the characters in this episode and I’m looking forward to all the character growth in the coming weeks! Thanks for the recap!

    • 7.1 Ennayra

      Oh no, I actually forgot about noble idiocy. Please please please let there be none between Enrique and Dok mi.

    • 7.2 Carole McDonnell

      I’m thinking there won’t be noble idiocy but fear. And yet, Dok Mi “knows” Enrique. So she shouldn’t fear to dim his brightness. But there may be an episode where she feels that helping Jin Rak out of his “darkness” is better than possibly dimming Enrique’s fairyhood. Would be interesting to see what influence/imprint they would leave on each other’s lives after a short little relationship. But whatever happens, she’ll end up with Enrique… I hope.

      • 7.2.1 MapleAna

        Even more than them simply understanding each other, I think what makes this drama stand out so much is that they COMMUNICATE way more than characters in other dramas. So that’s why I’m inclined to believe (or seriously pray and hope) that the noble idiocy thing might not happen. I’m pretty sure that if Dok Mi tries to leave Enrique, he’s going to be ALL UP in her business trying to decipher the real reason why and he isn’t going to believe any BS from her.

        In an ideal world, the next four episodes will be about fighting stalkers and mending other people’s broken hearts while our couple goes about blissfully in love, but dramaland does not coexist with the ideal world.

        • Carole McDonnell

          So true. When Jin Rak told Do Hwi A) he suspected he knew who she was and B) that she was not his type, I thought, “DANG! In another drama, the screenwriters would take forever to get to his realization and his talk with her. So, yeah, I don’t want my characters suddenly going all silent now.

          The way some dramas go on, it’s as if folks in Korea never tell each other their hearts.

    • 7.3 iZzie :)

      Oh no… not the NI Virus! 🙁

      I think that the involvement of the crazy fan will test the new developments in the relationship between Dokmi and Enrique. While it will challenge Dokmi’s resolve to give the world another try, it will also test Enrique’s commitment to help her come out. This an opportunity for the NI Virus to strike. But, please, drama, don’t go there!

      The fan’s meddling might also pull in Dok Hwi to interfere in a stalker vs. stalker setting – either Dok Hwi dealing with the crazy fan herself or putting Dokmi in a “Stalker 101” for her to learn to deal with the situation. I really hope that the crazy fan doesn’t become another avenue for Dok Hwi to hurt Dokmi again, because rather than moving the story forward that way, DH will just be the hate-worthiest hater who’ll ever be hated.

      I’m curious about what Jin Rak would do in this new development. He might use it as an ammunition against Enrique for bringing danger into Dokmi’s life – which I hope he won’t. Is he still going to help shield Dokmi if he finds out that she’s already dating Enrique? I’m so eager to find out.

      Yeah, I SO agree to not shock the turtle who’s just about to stick her head out of her shell.
      Please. Somebody hand the boys a can of gray paint to spray over that mean message on her door.

      • 7.3.1 iZzie :)

        * Do Hwi.


        Clearly, I need some sleep.

        • Autumn

          Lmbo Dok hwi sounds like a pairing.

      • 7.3.2 Gidget

        Stalker vs stalker. That would be brilliant! Given how careful this show has been with its bookend story elements, hopefully that’s where this is heading. It would be nice to have a some redemption for Do Hwi’s character.

      • 7.3.3 jademwong

        That’s interesting! I didn’t consider the possibility of Do-Hwi helping Dok-Mi fight off the stalker. I would absolutely approve of that plot line.

      • 7.3.4 Carole McDonnell

        wow!!! Yes!!! Great idea re: stalker-lessons. That would be a perfect way for Do Hwi to redeem herself. Hadn’t thought of that. It’s be a nice pat redemption arc but, although I don’t want Do Hwi hooking up with Jin Rak, I do want her to redeem herself.

    • 7.4 Chels

      Yes, there is potential for the dreaded NI syndrome, but good writers use external conflict to push characters into further growth by challenging their new changes. I think this development could be really good. It gives Dok Mi the chance to step up and defend herself and what she wants AND I’ve really appreciated seeing the darker more serious parts of Que Geum’s character and I think we’ll get to see more of that. So, basically, these writers have shown us so far that they know what they’re doing and I’m crossing my fingers they don’t break my trust in this final stretch. Fighting!

  8. Rashell

    I loved this episode sooooo much. It just did everything right in showing the growth of Dok Mi and why Enrique is the right one for her. But poor sweet Jin Rak. He is such a good decent man. I really want him to be happy too.

    I’m not sure about crazy fan girl, but I’m going to trust tha this drama knows what it’s doing. It hasn’t let me down so far. Thanks for the recap!

  9. Neto

    I really enjoyed this episode. More so than ep 11.

    It gave me so many laughs and ‘awwws’ over the cuteness.

    Oh…and Enrique, I am in love. Yoon Shi Yoon is possibly the cutest thing ever since the creation Scottish Folds.

    • 9.1 psh forever

      i LOVED dong hoon’s expression when everyone insinuated he was ” the crazy neighbour” , 😀

      • 9.1.1 iZzie :)

        ah, but Watanabe would easily get my vote for “crazy neighbor” 🙂

        Dong Hoon, fighting! ^_^

  10. 10 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    The good-bye hallway seen, floored me. So sweet, like a sugar coma! Why, why, why does someone always have to throw a monkey-wrench in when things are starting to look up? Geesh, (and why is fan-girl dressing like “first love” all of a sudden), at first I thought fan-girl with her elf story might have shaken Dokmi, but I am kinda leaning towards the web-toon. Falling in love then learning that some-one has loved you all long, and you didn’t choose him. Dokmi’s personality seems like she’d take that to heart. I will really miss this drama when it ends, I feel like I have grown along with the characters.

    • 10.1 To much

      I just said something similar down thread. The web toon is a pretty emotional reveal. Gah please no second thoughts on her part.

    • 10.2 unik

      To be honest, the webtoon doesn’t strike me as something significant enough to change Dok-mi’s feelings on who she “likes” more. It’s a tad bit late since she is now emotionally invested with Enrique after that date. I mean her like didn’t come out overnight, it was there building up since the day she took that trip with him down the beach.

      What the webtoon serves though is a confession of Jin-rak’s devotion for 3 years. It tells her the breadth of his feelings for her, the things he couldn’t express in front of her. It also tells her how he SEES her, his own perspective of her (we all know that what he sees isn’t exactly the whole truth).

      It is very romantic but if you are Dok-mi, how would you feel reading about your life? Other than knowing that you are being loved from afar is the awareness that you have been watched keenly for years. Dok-mi feeling guilty about not reciprocating Jin-rak’s feelings after finding out that he’s loved her for years is a possibility, but I think she feels strongly enough for Enrique to stick to her guns.

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure if she has enough self-esteem to face-up to the stalker girl’s malicious intent. For my OTP’s sake, I’m rooting for her to have courage and fight for her budding love. This time around, I want for her to defend herself from those who wish her harm because as she said, the girl in high school is dead. And the guy is well worth the effort.

      I read in soulsrebel’s blog that by reading the webtoon, Dok-mi may have realized for the first time how she lived or (little she lived) and how she appeared to others in the past 3 years. That moment was sort of an epiphany. And I wonder how she feels about those few home truths.

      • 10.2.1 alua

        The webtoon is romantic, but in another way it’s actually very creepy – precisely because it means someone has been watching your every single move.

        Though I guess Dok-mi was doing that to some lesser extent with Tae-joon at the beginning.

        But still, someone watching you without knowing and then making that public (even without your name revealed)… in the end I think I would find that creepier more so romantic. Only the fact that we know Jin-rok and that he’s really a good guy makes it sweet, but imagine if you found a webtoon on your life on the net without knowing even who created it….

        • Carole McDonnell

          Wow, so true about the webtoon being creepy. There’s good stalker and bad stalker. There’s loving admirer-from-afar with good intentions who hasn’t confessed but who thinks he has a right because he came first. (And who has made you into art for all to see.) And there’s loving admirer-from-afar who thinks she has good intentions who has not confessed and who thinks she has a right to you because she knows your soul.

          When does love and far-off admiration become creepy? Is all love for someone we don’t really know…somewhat stalkerish? Is there a time when one has to create a boundary about how long one should love a stranger/neighbor/movie star.

          This story makes me feel that not only is the subtext about the boundaries of hope when one loves a stranger but it’s also about fame and the folks who admire famous stars and who think they have a relationship with them.

          Weirdly, this reminds me of something with Kim Hyung Joong. Back in the day when he was in We Got Married, he pointed to a guitar and he said, “This was given to me by a fan.” It’s so nice that stars in Korea are so close to their fans but it’s so dangerous as well. I liked it when Enrique got a gift from his fans…and I like it when stars are accessible. Heck, I love getting fan letters from folks and strange folks friending me on facebook. But sometimes I think, “Dang! IF I ever were to get really really famous and really rich, would I allow it as much as these famous Korean pop stars allow it.

          • Lisa-Loo-Loo

            I see your point about creepy. The thing is I don’t think it’s creepy, as much as I think it was his way of communicating. Letting Dokmi know someone saw her, and was okay with her just as she was. I know that she needs to change; that her way of life is not good for her as a person. But sometimes it’s just nice to be accepted for what you are: even if you are a loner, stalker shut-in.

          • unik

            I would accept this “theory of communication” if I didn’t know that Jin-rak kept the webtoon a secret to Dok-mi. Thing is, like his previous post-its, he has always chosen to be anonymous and therefore creepy. He has kept a catalog or diary of Dok-mi’s life and shared it to the world but not to her. That somehow irks me.

          • Lisa-Loo-Loo

            I see your point. Although I don’t know if he intentionally kept it a secret, as much as it just turned into a secret. For me Jinrak’s web-toon has the same intention as Dokmi’s journal entry. It is a way for them to tell their story without having to use words. Each of the characters have a forum that allows them to express themselves, to show their true feeling without being vulnerable. Jinrak has a web-toon, Enrique has video games, and Dokmi has her journal. Which is why I don’t think the web-toon is actually meant to be a secret from Dokmi. The anonymous thing I saw as his way of letting her know someone cared without invading her world (I can’t believe I am speculating this much about a TV show, this drama really makes me think). But I see why it might be creepy as well. It’s a fine line.

        • Gidget

          Ha! Especially when one of the drawings is of her organizing the trash.

          • iZzie :)

            and he got how it looks inside the apartment with her working in the midst of her books – to a T when he hasn’t stepped in her unit or had a look on it. well that may be the producers making the image references easier for the audience. but Jin Rak may get the furniture placements right from listening through the wall for Dok mi’s movements. listening through the wall, he does. yup. kind’a creepy.

      • 10.2.2 Wendilynn

        I’m with you in regards to the webtoon being a wake up call for Dokmi. We never realize just how many people are observing our lives. We do not live in a vacuum. Hermits really aren’t hermits.

        She already had a clue to how much Jin rak cares for her. He’s been dropping hints like mad lately and she is not slow. This just confirmed what she already knew.

        I don’t think she will want to face it at first.

        • Lisa-Loo-Loo

          I agree with you. I think she’ll feel a little guilty, and want to hide. Which (although I like Jin rak) is why Enrique is exactly what she needs. I love that Jin rak accepts her, but he doesn’t try to help her move forward. Enrique pushes her to grow and in turn grows as well. Have I mentioned I LOVE this drama?!

        • Carole McDonnell

          So true about observing our lives. I guess neighbors are in that weird family/friend zone…even if they aren’t personally known to us. But his being an artist and putting his heart on the line involves his putting his neighbors life (anonymously) on the line and his seeming to be making fun of or plagiarizing Enrique. Everything gets so mixed up. I guess there are some things we can communicate and some things we can’t. So loving the questions this drama raises.

          • Lisa-Loo-Loo

            I know this drama is awesome to watch, but it creates such good dialogue after the fact, too.

    • 10.3 secretlyaddicted

      That goodbye hallway scene. Indeed. I can watch it over and over and over again. :)))

  11. 11 Ennayra

    Yay! I loved this episode. I actually liked it more than episode 11. Enrique really knows how to work the adorable, and so does Park Shin-hye as Dok-mi. This drama weekly makes me like Yoon Shi-yoon more and more.

    I’m a little disappointed about the whole stalker/death threats angle, because so much of the drama has been about internal growth. But I put my trust in the show to resist turning this drama down the road towards makjang territory.
    Stalker-girl dressed up as Seo-young after she saw Enrique with her in the airport; it would be hilarious if she started dressing like Dok-mi.

    I loved this episode and I resisted watching the previews. Last week I just kept waiting for the kiss, so it kind of ruined my episode 11 drama-mentality. I want to go into the wait for episode 13 with no huge expectations, lol.

    • 11.1 Ash

      Yeah, I have some reservations about this plot line, too. Everything up to this point has been so contained and internally-motivated; I’m hoping stalker girl will be the catalyst for more of that character growth rather than just serving as a big external obstacle.

    • 11.2 super

      anyone else thinks that stalker-as-plot-complication is a lesser evil than noble-idiocy?

    • 11.3 iZzie :)

      Is it bad if I’d wish for crazy panda fangirl to get a good scolding/yelling from feisty raccoon-eyed PD?

      “it would be hilarious if she started dressing like Dok-mi”

      I think that that prospect is what caused her to write the death threat on Dokmi’s door.
      What’s a girl got to transform into to get attention? sigh. It’s pure exasperation, I’d say.

  12. 12 To much

    Great episode. I’m only worried that reading the webtoon is going to make Dok Mi give Jin Rak a second look. It’s pretty romantic and he has been there for 3 years. Now that she’s willing to see what the world has to offer it could mean dating a d seeing lots of people. Ahh don’t hurt Enrique…

  13. 13 nomaden

    “They stop every few seconds to look again, or to wave, wanting to make the day last just a few seconds longer. It’s maybe the cutest thing ever.” RECAP like this, which makes me love you, GF. You just get these little things, little moments, and you make us remember about them too. Thank you.

  14. 14 Startulle

    It’s the panda hat girl for sure!!!! Another crazy fan! Awwww Jin Rak fighting!!!!!

  15. 15 Karla

    I really look forward to these recaps. I often get details here that aren’t clear in the translations, and I enjoy your insights. Thank you so much!

  16. 16 Abbie

    So good! But that ending was really, really creepy. I bet it is the fangirl. All that stuff she was saying about Enrique being a fairy just screamed crazy to me. Wow. I feel sorry for Enrique for having such strange fans.

    I love that Dok-mi is starting to come out of her shell and going back into the world. She is really getting braver. I just hope that that word on her door doesn’t make her hide herself away again.

    I really hope it wasn’t Do-hwi who wrote that. I’m glad that she seems to be listening more to Dok-mi instead of just ignoring her. Maybe there’s hope for Do-hwi after all.

    Really looking forward to next week’s episodes. Is there really only 4 episodes left? NO! I don’t want it to end!

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  17. 17 Toystar

    Loved this ep. Omg I’m so proud of Dok-mi! Thanks for the recap.

  18. 18 Maris

    “….Not to become her knight in shining armour but for her to become the brave heroine of her own story, to face the world head on”
    You put it so well . This message in the drama is one of the reasons that I love it. It’s true for not just DM but everyone in the drama and outside it too. Each hurdle overcome, brings with it sense of freedom and the joy of living.
    I love the fact that all the characters are benefitting from each other in resolving their issues. ……..the credit going to E for starting the ball in motion
    Amazing acting by everyone makes watching this drama a wonderful experience…

  19. 19 TechnoKeats

    Deceptively simple! If only the kisses were strong enough *^_^*

  20. 20 panshel

    Enrique really is a puppy. Desperately craving your attention but only because he wants to cheer you up. So lovable. <3

  21. 21 Byul

    Thank you so much!! I don’t know how I’m going to live until next week, I’m so scared…and que-geum is so CUTEEE!!! I started watching baker king kim tak gu because I missed him so much over the week;) I’m so proud of dok-mi, but I seriously want to smack both creepy fangirl and do hwi urrggghhhh she just came out people!!! And my heart breaks for jin rak:( I wonder if do hwi knew him through maybe some business connections(both seem pretty rich), and that’s how she knows him…but yeah. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK!!!! I’m gonna go watch more baker king now so I don’t have to suffer from not seeing our beloved que-geum for a week..*sigh*…fangirl problems…

    • 21.1 Jambo

      To get through the week I also started watching previous dramas with YSY. Finished Me Too, Flower! and almost done with Baker King Kim Tak Gu. Problem is…I’m starting to compete with raccoon-eyed PD, except my eyes may be a bit more puffy from bawling over Baker King.

  22. 22 Nanaki

    Enrique’s is so. freaking. cute. And I’m so proud of Dok-mi.

    Actually, all the boys are adorable (Dong-hoon the Dark Horse, seriously, MORE TIME WITH THE EDITOR). I’m really, really enjoying having a bunch of up-front nice guys that I just want to hug on my screen. As opposed to a good-man-hidden-inside-an-arse whom I want to beat with a feminist essay and then force-feed humble pie.

    • 22.1 psh forever

      so true, the feminist thing, this drama really is something different,isn’t it? 🙂

    • 22.2 Mar

      Well, Enrique is kind of an ass in a way but not the normal k drama presentation lol. He’s just as manipulative and controlling and bossy as the normal male lead character. He just goes about it differently. I think he went to the a southern deb training school-look pretty and seem sweet and paste a smile on your face and get away with saying anything. I keep expecting bless your heart to come out of his mouth. And while he is truly trying to help Dok mi, he IS trying to change her into what he wants her to be, so that also aligns with the typical male lead trope. He’s just giving her a different kind of makeover.

      That said they have turned the taciturn guy/bright girl trope on it’s head. Which also rocks.

      • 22.2.1 unik

        Exactly, the approach made all the difference. He’s a disciple of the new “worm-your-way-in-through-bipolar-moves” school of thought. He also advocates the saying “when first you don’t succeed, try and try again”. No matter how Dok-mi said nae, she just can’t resist his antics. Who would?!? He makes you believe that THIS is what you want to do and the next minute you find yourself doing it.

        The nice thing about this is that the drama/writers have set it up subtly from the get go that Dok-mi wanted a change. So when Enrique swooped in to initiate the change, it didn’t seem chauvinistic.

  23. 23 ks

    Enrique is charming, fun, lovable, etc., but I can’t see him together romantically with Dok-mi. He’s more like a great friend who cheers you on and is faithfully there for you no matter what. That kiss between them – yikes, no emotions or even a sliver of passion. I’m still rooting for Jin Rak. I think there have been a few clues thrown in here and there that will lead to her developing feelings for Jin Rak.

    • 23.1 Geurae

      If we’re to compare who would be more compatible as a partner, I think Jin Rak looks more awkward with Dok Mi. He’s such a goofball lol. Enrique seems to be a pretty passionate partner. Look at him already wanting to do cute couple things couples do.

      • 23.1.1 Nanaki

        I think enough’s been said about the kiss but I think Enrique and Dok-mi are insanely compatible. Sure, their love isn’t Shakespearean or anything but it’s definitely love. The slightly freaky sort that comes from a really deep, quiet, instant connection with someone. I think both of them are very passionate in a similar way, too–they’re both very loyal and stubborn as all get-out.

        • ks

          Very true and I don’t disagree that Enrique and Dok-mi are compatible, but friends can be compatible in the same ways, sharing those deep connections, encouraging them to be more brave, etc. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I still don’t feel the romantic chemistry between them. It seems more platonic than sexy. I also find that Enrique’s mannerisms are sometimes too childish for me, even though I agree that he can be very mature and perceptive in his conversations with Dok-mi. Maybe I’ve watched too many Kdramas and been brainwashed into thinking that Enrique just doesn’t fit the typical male lead, ha! Again, no question that Enrique is adorable and a great guy, but I think there may be room for Jin Rak to reveal more about himself, for his character to grow more in the next few episodes such that he and Dok-mi may end up being a better pair.

    • 23.2 Linda

      Right?! I totally agree with you. Love Jin Rak.

      • 23.2.1 ks

        Haha! Guess we’re the only two on Team Jin Rak 🙂

        • lili

          Count me in too, though I know Enrique/Dok Mi is the OTP (they’re cute together), I prefer Jin Rak…That’s why I would be very disappointed if he ends up with fluffly monster aka Do Hwi.

          • skelly

            I am so afraid that they are going to put Do-hwi on the redemption train and shove her and Jin Rak together that I am surviving on recaps until I find out the truth – otherwise, I may be throwing something at the screen. I think Do-hwi is ugly, inside and out, and to whitewash her and hog-tie her to that sweet guy – just no.
            I’m sort of allergic to cute so I just find Enrique annoying. I get that Enrique’s going to be the male half of the OTP, but I hope they give Jin-Rak an ending that promises some happiness.
            And a life shackled to Do-hwi is not a recipe for contentment.

          • Gidget

            So I’m not the only one wondering why she’s always dressed like a blow dried Wookie.

          • lili

            We’re totally on the same wavelength…that’s why let’s hope that the “You should stop now” is not a temporary thing but a forever thing, I sure don’t want her anywhere near Jin Rak, she is annoying as hell, he sure doesn’t deserve this…sorry but she is beyond redemption.

        • Kiara

          I’m bias when it comes to Kim Ji-hoon but I honestly like his character. I can relate to Jin Rak, having a crush on someone (not actually my neighbor) for a long time and not having the courage to tell that person that I like him until he goes out with another girl then “oh crap” I dont like this. I mine-d him for years, go away girl lol.
          Enrique is a bit fairytale-ish for my taste. How often does prince charming drops by your doorstep and pulls you out of that little hell hole that you’ve been living in for years?. For me the answer is “never” but I get that this is a drama so I’ll shut up and enjoy it lol.

          • ZogZog02

            I know right? Jin Rak is more realistic that Enrique. Yoon si yoon’s character is more like “Prince Charming that never exist in life” even when I was watching my first drama i’ve never like that kind of character, it’s so annoying.. grrrrrr

    • 23.3 unik

      I know this is futile but will you let it go? Dok-mi ain’t jumping ship at this point in time. A less than fireworks first kiss is one thing but there is certainly no doubting the connection between Dok-mi and Enrique. And from this episode and the last, you feel the gravity of their feelings for each other.

      Jin-rak is definitely a good man but he’s certainly no match made in heaven for this heroine.

      Maybe in his next manhwa, he’ll get the girl!

    • 23.4 Carole McDonnell

      I understand what you’re saying. I kinda want Dok Mi to have both of them and in this case I actually find myself hoping one of the guys would turn out to be Dok Mi’s long-lost brother. But that ain’t gonna happen.

      There’s a whole world of difference between the life Dok Mi would have with Enrique and the life she would have with Jin Rak. If she gets courageous, then it’d be okay if she went off with Jin Rak. Because all his protectiveness wouldn’t stop her from growing. But if she tends towards always being reclusive, then Enrique is the one for her.

      But then, is true love about having a partner who is part teacher/part healer?

      I like the idea of opposites attracting. And although Enrique is a bit of a boy child, he doesn’t seem to be annoying to Dok Mi. But I also love the idea of birds of a feather joining together against the sorrows of life.

      Thing is, the writers show the depth of Jin Rak’s love and his courage attempt to win her even now…that I do have moments where I think, “Uhm….is she gonna end up with Jin Rak in the long run? And is Jin Rak the right one for her?”

      So, if Enrique is Dok Mi’s true love, I’m hoping the writers will show the heart/passion a bit more. I feel as if I know Jin Rak’s lover-soul a lot more than I know Enrique’s lover-soul. Will see.

    • 23.5 Do-ra-ma

      This is how I’ve felt all along through this series (and why I’ve actually stopped watching it and just read the recaps now). I don’t buy into the romantic chemistry between Enrique and Dok-mi. I just don’t. Sorry.

      And, like you said, I think they make great friends, but romantic partners? I just don’t see the proper chemistry there. It’s like Flower Boy Ramen Shop all over again with me not caring for the OTP.

      • 23.5.1 ks

        Oh good! And I thought I was the only who didn’t care for Enrique and Dok-mi as the OTP! I don’t get why so many people think they have the romantic chemistry. But it’s still a good show and I think you should continue it. I get still get the hunch that Enrique is not going to be the OTP male because his character is too “perfect” – he’s being called a fairy and what fairy ends up being an OTP male? He’s a great guy who’s funny and has done wonders for Dok-mi, I get it, but because of that, he’s also a boring character for me. There’s just not much for him to grow for the rest of the show.

        On the other hand, the writers are still revealing bits and bits about Jin Rak. To spend that much time on a second male lead would be atypical. He’s a flawed male lead who may end up being transformed somehow by the new Dok-mi. And it is Enrique, who called himself the cupid in the beginning of the series, who will help these two come together. The writers also haven’t really shown Dok-mi rejecting nor accepting Jin Rak’s love. So, to say that Jin Rak has a one-sided love is premature. I still think there is more to be revealed about how Dok-mi feels about Jin Rak.

        • Still for Jin Rak

          It is nice to see others are still clinging to the Jin Rak raft with me. If the writers follow through on all the hints they’ve been leaving for a Dok Mi/Jin Rak ending, I will be one very happy viewer.

        • Mylasan

          There’s only 4 episode s left to wish for JR’s tranformation, I don’t think it will happen. Dokmi and Enrique kissed already twice and just what DM said before that she will betogether forever with the man she will share her first kiss.

          And if this drama was based on a popular webtoon called “I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day”, JR is definitely out of the picture coz Enrique and DM are the OTP in this webtoon.

  24. 24 Julie

    “This is the crucial difference that makes me love Enrique, and why I’ve always been on his side from the get-go. While Jin-rak thinks she needs protecting from the world, Enrique pushes her to be courageous, to speak up for herself, to be strong, to overcome her own problems. What he wants is not to become her knight in shining armor, but for her to become the brave heroine of her own story, to face the world head-on. ”

    Exactly my thought after watching the episode… I love Jin rak too, he is such a guy that make me just want to fly there and give him a big hug.. but for Dok-mi case, Enrique is the one that she needed the most….

    • 24.1 Julie

      Dong Hoon and PD…LOL…. oh my new-found OTP..why both of you so cute ??

      • 24.1.1 zsa

        right there with you sis…Dong Hoon is receiving sooooo much love from me this ep…and PD, my love keeps growing for her…hehe….Dong Hoona….why are you so freaking cute???

      • 24.1.2 secretlyaddicted

        Mine too. HAHAHA. so. adorkable.

        • Stephen

          I can not get enough of the PD — she steals every scene she’s in, and has made Dong Hoon a lot more fun too, instead just being the 3rd wheel’s helper wheel.

          For a character who gets so little screen, she seems much more fully realized than say, Do Hwi. Apart from the school backstory, and that she owns an Internet mall, what else do we know about DO Hwi? It’s hard to imagine Do Hwi as a living person that has a life beyond what we see on screen. Whereas the PD — her protest sashes; the whole sleep-when-you’re-dead-or-35 philosophy; clearly carrying some scars in the romance department; how she can terrify the boys at the drop of a hat… — this is a person who isn’t just doing things off screen, but is kicking ass and taking names while doing it.

  25. 25 dumzkee

    “Awwww. That drawing of his back at her door just makes me want to cry.”

    aww, poor Jin Rak. it’s gonna be crushing if he learns bout them. come here, i’ll give you a hug.

    on the other hand, i’m swooning over the sweet, sweet “relationship” between Dok Mi & Enrique. its really amazing seeing how they are good for each other.

    it’s nice seeing dok mi facing her struggles and taking steps opening up to the world. i feel like a mom sending her child to first day of school, happy and worried at the same time. Happy to finally see her coming out of her shell yet worried at what new struggles she’ll face. aw.

    good job to fbnd and to girlfriday. keep em comin!

  26. 26 IzOcha

    Ahhh what a great episode…thank you for the lovely recap:) Love this show. So much.

    I feel like Jin-rak knows the score with Dok-mi and Enrique . . . but he is considering the depth of a river in Egypt still.

    Scary ending is an interesting spin for all the levels of stalking in the show, so seems good for the overall theme . . .Which is stalking means they are not into you, because they are not walking beside you. Gah. But the theme may also be how it is good to be honest and get things on the table. Maybe its all about the return of friendship actually, too? Ah. Hmmm.

    • 26.1 unik

      I agree with stalking as sort of a theme in the show. It is there in so many levels and in all of them, the feeling isn’t mutual with their subject. I like that you mentioned “walking beside you” and “honesty” because these are themes this show handles quite well between the main characters. The peripheral characters seem to have inadequacies about being honest and being toe-to-toe with that significant other, that’s why things don’t seem to work on their end at present.

  27. 27 Mystisith

    Enrique: Synonym = Persistent, cute, irresistible, smart, helpful, inpredictable.
    The tricks he tried to stay at her place a bit longer… How can a girl say “No! Go away!”. I can’t, for sure. He pushes Dok Mi but stays behind her as a safety net, just in case. As young as he is, I don’t have difficulties imagining him as a dad, helping his kid on a just bought bike. He has a lot of maturity hidden behind that puppy smile.
    The more I think, the more I believe than DH will redeem herself by neutralizing the stalker fan. It takes one crazy to know one…
    The scene where JR says: “I can’t take it anymore. Let’s stop this”. That’s his problem: He sees her as a victim all the time and doesn’t trust her inner strength.
    One thing scares me: What if in the end, Enrique would declare his job done and would effectively send DM to JR before returning to Spain? I love DM and all the characters but I can’t find a way to have everyone happy.

    • 27.1 Nanaki

      I’m not sure Enrique’s the Noble Idiot type, and I don’t think Dok-mi would put up with it either.

      They won’t all be happy. Jin-rak is going to get his heart crushed into itty bitty pieces. Do-hwi’s ego is going to be ground into the dirt. But I think they can all move on. They all have other things in their lives that can drag them up again. Then they’ll have another go at being happy.

    • 27.2 sally_b

      Hey @Mystisith – I don’t think Enrique would ever consider leaving DokMi to anyone else – they heal each other. Just as she needs his exuberance, he needs her low-key vibe.

      Jin-Rak…my grumpy-Jin…he’s the doomed-duck in this triangle, but I’m going to pre-believe that the writer’s will still manage to give him a happy ending. We all know he deserves one.

      ….and that absolutely CANNOT be DoHwi. hahaha.

      In my mind she cannot be restored to friendship status EVER.
      ………..EVEN if it turns out she’s the one who eventually *takes out* the sasaeng-fan. (and frankly I don’t care WHO does that…just make it happen)
      Watanabe Ryu – here’s your chance to shine!

      • 27.2.1 Nanaki

        I actually think it’s Dok-mi pulling the Noble Idiot we need to worry. It’s not like she hasn’t run away and accepted unjustified guilt and responsibility instead of fighting back before. One little hint that she’s the shadow in Enrique’s light…

        • unik

          So true, that reaction about being a shadow is quite telling. And blast that stalker girl for pushing the right button. Noble idiocy is one of my pet peeves.

          Enrique already told the Cinema man that he will be the creative director so he can stay and not make “someone” hurt by leaving. That was stalker girl’s beef I guess.

        • Gidget

          But what if it’s not NI, but instead a reversion to her old feelings of worthlessness?

          They could effectively pivot the plot line on the fulcrum of her last journal entry: people become like the ones they spend time with. Initially, with her pulling away because she fears he will eventually leave her side because she is dragging him down. Then turning back to him as she realizes he NEEDS her grounding. His fairy-like persona was just the defensive strategy he used to mask his own pain and loneliness; and protect himself from the inherently cold type of love relationship that a celebrity has with the public.

          • Thursdaynexxt

            I guess you can know all the facts about a person, but that doesn’t mean you connect with them, or that you understand them. Sadly, you can be right next to them (or next door, in this case) and still not be able to help them in the way that they need.

            But I’m hoping that Dok-mi is actually strong enough to make her way in the world, even without Que-geum or Jin-rak by her side. She’s shown that she’s independent, and there were definite signs that she was ready to leave her room – Enrique was the catalyst that just sped up the process.

            Maybe it’s her turn to help the boys. I reckon she has a very protective streak, when her instincts are roused!

  28. 28 oozzeee

    “Awwww. That drawing of his back at her door just makes me want to cry.”

    —I beat you there girlfriday. Iactually teared reading the line from his webtoon, even despite the fact that I am not as invested in this show as much as I want to be..

    • 28.1 psh forever

      i did too, especially when he wrote that an imprint of his hand would be there from the number of times he touched there. so sad.

  29. 29 I'm a fan

    I shivered when I saw those bold words written across her door and Enrique’s reaction when he saw that.

    The scene looks real to me. I’ve been following Park Shin Hye since I watched “you’re beautiful” and its real that some antis blatantly twitt her with those red letter words written on Dok Mi’s door. The antis are (were) fans of her leading men but also supporting another idol or another actress whom they think is best suited for these leading men.

    Late last year, she had to unfollow everyone in her twitter account because of these antis and the most common message were those words on Dok Mi’s door.

    I look forward to episode 13 as to how she will react seeing these words on her door. I wanted to know whether she’s like that in real life too if antis would twitt those words to her.

    Thank you dramabeans for the recap.

    • 29.1 Maricel

      Omg!!! Really,????!!! I have heard of people bashing her espacially when Sukkie worked with this actress, that i never came to like,. Even so, i never believed it had been that bad. I’m glad she re-opened her account again, and her friendship -love , to me – with him is intact.

    • 29.2 sugarpunch

      Wow, I didn’t know PSH had so many haters. Why does she have so many anti-fans? If the reason is that she worked with so many pretty boys, it seems a bit of an overreaction on the part of the anti-fans….

      I’m just so surprised because she’s one of the talented actresses I love. Like what many of you commented before, she does not need words to convey her feelings and that is an amazing feat in itself.

      • 29.2.1 yohan lei

        yes, you are right PSH is a talented actress aside from being naturally beautiful, kind-hearted, and humble. i also don’t understand the anti fans. anyway, that’s the price of working with so many flower boys but is it her fault? lol

      • 29.2.2 skelly

        Fans be cray-cray. It’s no reflection on her, really, any artist who is the nail that sticks up – for whatever reason – is a target. Fans don’t care that she is really a good-hearted person, kind to all, etc. – all you have to do is cross some invisible line in some fan’s twisted logic and you are toast.

        • HandsUp

          This was the perfect episode to watch before valentines day 🙂

          has anyone noticed Jinrak becoming more handsome? As in literally a more fixed hair and makeup? Lol
          I can’t imagine they’re dating already, it was a very smooth and senseful unfolding of their relationship since day 1. A lot of things are going to be revealed soon XD

          PD and Donghoon!!! <3 why did it only start now???

      • 29.2.3 Thursdaynexxt

        Her singing’s pretty good too – very sweet voice. Go girl!

    • 29.3 zsa

      this girl gets nothing but love from me…she can date whomever she wants coz love is free…why would i stop her from being with whomever she wants? It’s not like I can marry her or ‘the supposed guy’ she’s seeing…HAHA

  30. 30 Maricel

    Yeah, me too…I want Jin rak to find his happiness…I hope the writers give him his share XD…

    I don’t blame Cha Do Hwi, she was a teenager and was vulnerable and weak, people are like that, even Dok Mi says so. As an adult she has been a bitch, but now i think it’s like in the episode where even RiQue couldn’t understand Dok Mi. In her case, she couldn’t symphatize with her ex-friend cause she never understood what she went through… People tend to criticize others when they are not living the same hardships. I hated some of her acts but i can see redemption in her.

    The fan girl looked suspicious, being Korea it’s
    not that weird to find fans so extreme like her. I have read many stories about artists being chased by this kind of girls…creepy teenagers.

    I loved this episode it was very funny, and the way of keeping the conflict is realistic and feasible. Gamers are a thing, I have a brother that prefers his games rather than sleeping. He doesn’t enjoy his summer or go out that much. Fortunately he has got friends and a life, most of the time XD

    • 30.1 k

      i agree with you on Do Hwi…not all people are considerate of others or have the strength of character to stay alone…they need people to hide their own weaknesses…yes,she acted rashly and stabbed her friend by betraying her trust but she was at a stage when young girls are most sensitive to how others perceive them…
      i believe that even she didn’t know the level of hurt she inflicted…she believed that Dok mi was a tough person capable of enduring and moving on…she was shocked when she finally realized the level of pain she had given to the point that Dok mi fainted by just encountering their teacher…how weak and vulnerable she must have made Dok mi inside when Dok mi said that the friend she knows has long been dead and gone…people make mistakes, learn from them and move on…there’s no hope only when the person knows the level of their wrongdoing and then chooses to go on wid it anyway just out of spite or malice… i believe that isn’t the case here…Do Hwi may have lost a good friend forever but at least she can incorporate the lessons learnt in her coming relationships wid others…isn’t that how real life works? i see redemption in her yet and props to the actress who’s playing this character…this has been a wonderful drama and i would surely like to revisit it time n again…

      • 30.1.1 meanrice

        Here is the thing about Do-Hwi that will never redeem her for me, she was only prompted to be honest with Dok Mi because someone else told her to. It was her own self interest. Seriously, you knew what your friend was like before, you knew how she changed after, but you never felt any remorse? Even as a teenager you had to know someone was directly hurt by you. Shameful.

        • JoAnne

          People feel things at different levels. Do Hwi was shocked that Dok Mi responded the way she did back in high school. She said very clearly ‘You were always the stronger one. Why didn’t you speak up?’ That situation got out of hand for Do Hwi, and she was too weak to correct it. I also don’t think she truly understood how much of an effect it had on Dok Mi, or that it could be so long lasting.

          What I couldn’t stop thinking about during her conversation with Dok Mi is an earlier quote from the show: Love is understanding the other person.

          Do Hwi didn’t understand Dok Mi, and she wanted more friends, besides. The relationship was never as important to her as it was to Dok Mi, and she realized that after Dok Mi’s speech. Prior to that, she would have thought that Dok Mi felt about her much like she felt about Dok Mi – so Dok Mi’s intense reaction couldn’t possibly be understood by Do Hwi.

          • TS

            I agree.

          • unik

            I agree with you in this. Just like we can’t be all like Dok-mi, we also can’t all be Do-hwi. She is a person who has made many a mistake and doesn’t seem to have the awareness of the gravity of her mistakes as most of us do. She must have lived on many small lies to have come to accept them as life truths, her behavior and way of thinking is definitely wrong but her drunk honesty during the confrontation and the somberness following that realization still put her as someone human, albeit weaker, less likable and more self-centered than most.

            Just because we empathize with Dok-mi and generally know her as the better person and given how badly Do-hwi behaved so far still doesn’t give us the right to pass judgement on her. Telling her to fuck off and fry in the fires of hell make us no different to all the villains in drama-land.

        • skelly

          One of the most annoying things about having well-played villains is someone attempting to excuse their behavior.
          Do-hwi is a liar, a self-centered, unfeeling child. It’s obvious that from childhood it has been All About Her, and no matter how much love and understanding is poured her way she is never really going to change because she feels it is her due. She might be mildly inconvenienced by the rank cruelty and stupidity of her actions, but that is a momentary harsh of her groove that is easily explained away by the fact that ultimately, it is always someone else’s fault.

          Please don’t feed the troll by coming up with convoluted excuses for her behavior and going along with the wholly artificial redemption arc they are going to slap on her. This is reminding me of Shining Inheritance, PTB, The Drama That Must Not Be Named, and all of those other totally unbelievable last-minute redemptions.

          • JoAnne

            I’m not making excuses for her behavior. I’m saying that her genuine shock at Dok Mi’s reaction was just that – genuine. Because she could not put herself in Dok Mi’s shoes, she cannot understand the severity of the damage that she did.

            That doesn’t mean she should be excused for doing it, necessarily. But it does mean that she, like Dok Mi, is a human being, and just because I cannot understand how come she cannot understand, it doesn’t make her an evil creature. It makes her more self-centered and thoughtless than I care for in the people I want around me, but she’s still within the range of what I’d consider normal human response, certainly.

            This is why we have to teach children right from wrong – because if we leave it up to individual interpretation, people like Do Hwi are going to think that telling a lie is ok because the other person could just speak up and clarify. No. Telling a lie like that is wrong, and you shouldn’t do it.

          • meanrice


            I also don’t think Do Hwi’s immediate reaction was understanding when Dok Mi finally told her that she was dead to her, it was shock. Quiet Dok Mi is telling me what now? In that moment in Jin Rak’s kitchen Do Hwi was not thinking “oh I see now, I was and am a terrible unthinking person, I should immediately change my ways after living like a dolt for so long.”

            She may have started to process it afterwards, but usually someone screaming at you leaves echoes in your brain, or at least reverberations. Also even if she gives her life to save Dok Mi from scary stalker Panda girl, her legacy in this life will be three things:

            1) Friend turner-againster (betrayer I guess is a good word)

            2) Stalker Stopper

            3) Wearer of Muppet Pelts.

  31. 31 Mari

    Was anyone else shouting with joy when D finally told Dowhi off? You go girl!!! I love this show soo much.
    Parts that completely kill me…
    1: the goodbye scene, where he keeps walking down the hallway & she’s just there at the door watching him. How freaking cute! To me this was way more romantic then having some huge make out secession. These two kids are soo good at expressing soo much without words.
    2: the scene were they go to the landlady.. When she opens the door and all four boys are standing there smiling.. OMG!!! I would just die!!!

  32. 32 coby

    I love how this show let me feel I am in love! though I kinda curse it for wanting someone like Enrique.
    The best part of this episode was the time that she did not close the door right away when he left.
    I noticed the difference in Dokmi’s eyes and color now that they are dating. Enrique’s smile is different as well. Things that love can do..
    That last part is scary.. I just hope that the rest of the series will not circle around how-to-deal-with-a-saesang fan. I hope Dokmi did not go up to the mountain to be a monk.
    Happy Heart’s day everyone!

    • 32.1 Gidget

      Also changed the colors/lighting in her room: from drab gray with curtains closed to blossom hues with sunlight streaming in.

  33. 33 coby

    oh thanks for the recap! Dramabeans is AWESOME! <3

  34. 34 sugarpunch

    This was a really sweet sweet episode, though I’m starting to feel Jin-rak’s one-sided love is getting dragged out for too long.

    Not saying I’m bored of it, but I cringe when I think about how hard he’s going to fall when he finds out that Dok-mi doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. The longer it gets dragged out, the more heartbroken he’s gonna be. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    I don’t blame the writers for going with the “stalker” development, but man, is it creepy. no, not just creepy, it’s “holy crap, I feel eyes on my back” kind of creepy. BRRR. I sincerely hope the crazy stalker won’t try to kill Dok-mi. That will be too intense.

    Sigh, now i gotta wait for one whole week again 🙁 Btw, thanks for the recaps!

  35. 35 Almontel

    Another great episode…except i didn’t like the last part..yikes!! stalker crazy pandahat girl!!!

    one of the reasons i read up on your recap, GF, is because of your great writing…i love how you can partake of the true feelings of everyone in this series…

    I felt sad too when I saw JinRak’s lonely back with his hand on Dokmi’s apartment door…it’s so so so heartbreaking…and i think i may have seen a glint of something on Dokmi’s eyes when she was watching the webtoon….my heart truly went to JinRak….

    and the PD and JongHoon just gives me a crack everytime i see them together…always something to laugh about..it was so hilarious, she was all shiny and dressed up but the black eyebag just kills me…ke ke ke…

    i can’t wait for next week’s episode..

  36. 36 eternalfive

    SO many good moments in this episode. Although the ending was seriously creepy. *shudder* I’m betting it’s the stalker fan…which is a plot point I actually have my doubts about, but hopefully the conflict in the show won’t end up contrived or cliched. =\

    Anyway, I LOVED Dok-mi’s development in this ep. Loved how Park Shin-hye played Dok-mi’s outburst at Do-hwi. And aww Jin-rak, I just know he’s going to be breaking my heart over and over again for the next four eps. D: And…the CUTE! Omg, the CUTE! Enrique is sososo adorable, gah.

    And also this:

    “…Enrique pushes her to be courageous, to speak up for herself, to be strong, to overcome her own problems. What he wants is not to become her knight in shining armor, but for her to become the brave heroine of her own story…”

    So well-put, gf. :’) It’s also why I loved Enrique’s book metaphor.

  37. 37 pigtookie

    Lovely performance by Park Shin Hye. I found her to be quite expressive, but appropriately restrained at times. Also, that defiant retort to Do Hwi made me tear up when she says, that Do Hwi was enough for her.

  38. 38 저ㅣ시카

    I love this drama big fan of park shin hye

  39. 39 dayoldbagel

    Thanks for the recap. Another great episode, though i am a bit worried about where the show is going with the whole panda fangirl stalker thing. I don’t want to see dok mi have a major setback, especially just because of one person’s delusions…and no noble idiocy please, i am not a fan. The writer hasn’t disappointed me so far so i’m still hopeful.

  40. 40 Noelle

    That sucks! But I think this will be a test she will have to overcome by herself. She will have to be brave enough to fight to be with Enrique. There will always be crazy people following him and thats a risk she’ll have to take to be by his side. I just hope Enrique allows her to make that decision and not be a noble idiot and push her away “for her own good”.

  41. 41 Peggy

    What does OTP mean?

    • 41.1 dayoldbagel

      One True Pairing

    • 41.2 Nanaki

      “One True Pairing.” Describes the couple that, despite whatever gets thrown at them–literal garbage, water, vicious ex-friends, unreasonable in-laws, noble idiocy, ridiculous plot turns and even sheer unbelievability as a couple–WILL end up together.

      • 41.2.1 tesh

        i dint know either, thanks for this imp. info. 😀

      • 41.2.2 skelly

        Great definition! Especially the “sheer unbelievability as a couple” part – OTPs often defy all logic, as well as physical laws of time and space.

    • 41.3 dobabado

      JR doesn’t believe in DM’s inner strength because he does not believe in his own inner strength. For him to find love, he has to overcome the skeletons in his closet. This is one of the reasons why Enrique-DM works and why JR-DM doesn’t.

      With that said, I am slowly appreciating Enrique’s presence for DM (he was so irritating to watch in the first few eps…I’ve stopped watching since ep 9 though).

      He is definitely giving her space and is giving her cuddles when she clearly wants it. Respect is good.

      DM talking to DH was also super satisfying. *u*

      • 41.3.1 dobabado

        Oops didn’t mean to reply but post lol

    • 41.4 Lizzy4e

      Good question, Thanks for asking!

  42. 42 owl

    The way Enrique brought together 2 generations was genius and genuine (and it worked). He always plays to win but he does it right – I really like that (and it applies to all aspects of his life, not just gaming).

    As for the 4-some therapy session in Jin rak’s apt – it really is how “working through” issues should look. Dok Mi faced Do hwi instead of avoiding her, Do hwi gave her perspective and was held accountable for it by Dok Mi and the silent presence of the 2 guys. It broke the wall for Dok Mi which really pleased Enrique. Later Jin rak went to Do hwi’s office to acknowledge that her confession must have been difficult but now, all this must end. Do hwi knows it’s true and I think she “hears” him. All 4 were able to move forward in some way, and although it was painful, it could not otherwise have happened. That’s good writing.

    I also think that clears Do hwi from suspicion in my mind about the grafitti on Dok Mi’s door at the end. She is bad news, but I’m pretty sure she is not the grafitti stalker.

    Best scene this episode: the flower boy line up in the hall in front of Madame’s door – gah!

    • 42.1 Nanaki

      Died laughing at the pretty-boy line up. Died.

      • 42.1.1 redfox

        yeah that was like “Delivery, Ma´am!” ta-dam!

  43. 43 Julia

    What is a good ending?

    I’ve been thinking about this, as so many dramas just seem to fall apart at the end. Is it simply because if I like the characters, I am unwilling to let them go? Is it a pacing issue? Are goodbyes hard to do right?

    At least this isn’t a melo so I am not worried that everyone dies in the end.

    • 43.1 Nanaki

      People seem to have differing ideas on what makes a good ending. A lot of people will go off the deep end if they don’t get everything tied up with a bow and stamped with a smiley face. And I do think it is one of the hardest things to manage to do properly.

      For me, the most important thing about an ending is whether or not it makes sense. Last minute changes of heart (for no apparent or some ridiculous reason), deus ex machinas, people dying for no other reason than for the sake of the tragedy, those drive me nuts and can ensure I will never watch or read the story responsible again because totally messes with what’s come before– it’s like deciding to throw physics out the window because you’ve just realised you’d quite like to fly and gravity is in the way.

      A really good story will establish a world and stick with those established rules and characters to the bitter (or sweet) end. An ending that gently closes the door on a story you can feel carries on behind it. Those are the best ones. IMO.

      • 43.1.1 Maris

        Yes. You are so right. It should be a satisfying, meaningful fit in context with the story

      • 43.1.2 skelly

        Totally agree! One reason why I really liked the ending of Mawang – even though it was heart-breaking, it all made sense.

  44. 44 Julia

    btw, I’ve suspected from the beginning that the owner is the security guard. Will Ajumma see him in a new light if she realizes he is rich?

    • 44.1 Katigie

      Now THAT would be a great twist!

    • 44.2 iZzie :)

      I’ve thought about that too. But why would he lead the protest if he were?

      • 44.2.1 Julia

        Wasn’t the protest against the other building for building so close it destroyed the view? OK, so Wantanabe owns the “old” building and Jin Rak’s family owns the new one being sued (and finally settling).

        Personally, I have not had enough wantanabe, so let’s give him a plot twist.

    • 44.3 abby

      I think that too, maybe he was just deceiving everyone so that they do not suspect him. And I also think Watanabe has something undergoing since he said he couldn’t sleep all night and do not explain why… call me neurotic but this stalker make me paranoic.

    • 44.4 Conny

      Either the security guard or Jin Rak (well, his family). After all, he *is* the rich son who left to do his own thing…

      • 44.4.1 iZzie :)

        Can’t be Jin Rak. Remember how he got crazy over his rent? It could be a member of his family.

        I suspect Watanabe Ryu. When he arrived the tenants got their demands.

        • sweetcloud

          As far fetched as it would be, I like that twist. I just need Watanabe to DO something, instead of being a pretty plant in a pot!

        • abby

          Yes, i also suspect of Watanabe, and now that i remeber, Jin Rak has this weird contract that he will never be late with rent othersome he will be kicked out. So… who does this? I think at the end we will know, its a little mistery diggin in my curiosity.

  45. 45 redfox

    what I think this drama wants to highlight is that we cannot see inside people, they are all like behind closed doors. we do not attempt to hear their inner thoughts. everyone has something they are fighting for and something they avoid. everyone is living one life secretly and quietly moving towards their dream. the doors and the windows behind which they live might all be the same. but there is always more than eyes can see.

    • 45.1 secretlyaddicted

      Very true. And this romcom has done such a great job conveying this message.

    • 45.2 unik

      like this so much, enough said.

  46. 46 unik

    I find that this drama has explored the “STALKER” persona in all it’s shapes and sides.

    Case 1: We have a heroine who spends her time ogling the neighbor from the next building. She’s quiet and assuming and harbors unrequited feelings for the person on the other end of the binoculars. Let’s call her the harmless stalker – those who only watch and dream about their subject or in her case write about him.

    Case 2: We have hero who has been observing his subject for years through whatever means he can. He watches her from outside her home, smells her cooking, hears her movements from the other side of the wall and have taken to capturing your moments together in manhwa form. Unlike the 1st stalker, this 2nd one has made subtle attempts to establish contact (cartoon post-its on milk) in slow, cautious and well meaning ways. Lets call him the well meaning-ed stalker.

    Case 3: We have an ajumma whose motivation for stalking is not “like” but a feeling of injustice. The subject is the unwitting recipient of uncalled for revenge. Lets call her the misguided stalker.

    Case 4: We have a sasaeng fan that has turned stalking into an art form (cosplay anyone?). This one is also of the “like” type but of a more volatile nature. Unlike Case 1 & 2 though, this one has intricate plans of getting involved with the subject matter. And has certain illusions that they feel needs to be protected. Lets call her the “whacked one” because she needs a good whack to let go of these illusions.

    I wonder how many more we have. By the way, I consider guard ajussi Case 2 and Do-hwi Case 4. The writer sure likes her stalkers.

    • 46.1 pigtookie

      Hmm does Enrique count?

      • 46.1.1 unik

        I’m not sure what your asking? But if your asking if Enrique is a stalker, then no. Unlike most of the characters here, he doesn’t like looking at the backside of people. In most of his interactions, he has always chosen the direct approach. Even though I’m not sure, I believe he was an active/known person in with SY’s life all through his unrequited love phase.

        What Enrique is… sadly is a stalker-magnet. It must run in the family since his cousin, Tae-joon, had his own stalker issues.

        • Mystisith

          Very true.

        • iZzie :)

          “It must run in the family”

          – yep. Hippo had his own stalker issues too.

          • abby

            ROFLOL. I just can’t!

  47. 47 Isabella

    four more episodes…hu hu hu hu hu

    i need an enrique-kind of person in my life. jin rak-like person will bore me although he is good looking. but i like somebody like enrique who will make me laugh and will enable me to come out of my shell or ivory tower.

    thanks dramabeans for the recap.

    muchas gracias

    • 47.1 iZzie :)

      I have an Enrique-kind of friend. I once got a bruise on an arm from all that childishness. We had words, and thankfully I never got another black-n-blue. But not accepting the menthol patch peace offering (for the bruise) was another childish debate. >_<

      An Enrique friend is fun. But sometimes, you'd benefit from the silence a Jin Rak brings. 😉

  48. 48 yohan lei

    thanks gf for the awesome recap (as always). can’t wait for next week’s episodes esp. thinking about that creepy graffiti on dok mi’s door…what’s going to happen next week? and it’s so sad that this drama is nearing to its end. oh how i love this drama and how i will miss it when it’s over.

  49. 49 Rockyroad

    I wonder what the ending will be? – I hope they get away from the usual “they live happily ever after” with the couple holding hands while walking in the endless sand (or road) towards sunset.

    hmmm….i want dok mi to move out of the apartment and start writing that book she had been saving for regardless of enrique’s or jin rak’s persuasion to stay where she is. and i want that book to be about bullying and an inspiration to victims of bullying.

    or maybe a very sad one…she had several fainting spells throughout the episode. what if she has leukemia? and dies? she is an orphan right? then jin rak and enrique were left behind to become best friends and eventually collaborated to do an on-line game like what he gave to Dok Mi encouraging gamers go out and have a positive impact on their parents and neighbours.

    next week are episodes 13 and 14. FBND will end on Feb 26. so near.

    overall, excellent acting and script.

    • 49.1 Minty

      oh no, no sad ending please! LOL

      i’m thinking something like, Dok Mi does leave her apartment and the guys, and learn to live again and be part of society on her own strength… then sometime in the future, get to meet them all again probably during her own book-signing event…

  50. 50 Minty

    thank you for the recaps… i really enjoy reading them…

    there are a lot of scenes that i really liked in this episode… but i particularly loved the scene where Enrique suggested to Dok Mi to sharpen the pencils and the way he just stood there behind her, watching and understanding her mood… 🙂

    • 50.1 RockPaperScissors

      I really loved this scene also. Nothing like a “bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils” (Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan – You’ve Got Mail).

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