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I Hear Your Voice: Episode 14
by | July 18, 2013 | 320 Comments

You know what’s great about this hero? He swoons more than we do. And you know me—I just can’t get enough of a boy who wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s a sweet, character-building episode this time around, with some time for moral dilemmas to simmer and rise to the surface. It sort of feels like we’re all taking a spin in Hye-sung’s revolving door for an episode, which hey, I never mind as long as Su-ha’s along for the ride.


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EPISODE 14: “Having to be silent in memory”

Su-ha tells Hye-sung the truth—that he’s recovered his memories and his abilities, since the day they found out Min Joon-gook was still alive. She takes a step back in horror, thinking: “Then he knows how I feel? He knew all this time and pretended not to?”

He reaches for her hand but she backs away from him and runs into her room. He stands outside just staring at her door, waiting and waiting.

As he looks over at the living room, he flashes back to the first time his uncle came to see the place, wowed by how nice it was. Uncle asks happily if they should all move into this house together, and Little Su-ha happily agrees.

He hears Uncle thinking that between this apartment and his life insurance payout, Dad’s turning out to be a blessing, and Little Su-ha says there’s even more, like his retirement and stuff. Horrified, Uncle asks how he read his thoughts, wondering to himself if Su-ha is a monster.

Little Su-ha swears he isn’t a monster, and reaches out to Uncle, who backs away screaming: “Don’t come any closer!” He runs into the room Hye-sung is in now, and Little Su-ha pounds on the door crying, “I’m not a monster! I’m not a monster!”

Su-ha watches his younger self pounding on that door and sighs as he thinks in voiceover: “I couldn’t hate Uncle. It was undeniable. What a monster I must have seemed, always looking in on his inner thoughts?”

He walks up to the door and raises his fist to knock, but can’t bring himself to do it, and just rests his hand against the door. Inside, Hye-sung is crouched just on the other side of the door, head in her hands.

He leans against the other side and thinks: “Telling the truth is always painful.”

Kwan-woo gets treated at the hospital after his bloody encounter with Min Joon-gook, and has his arm put in a sling. He was knocked unconscious at the end, so he didn’t see where Min Joon-gook ran off to.

He tells the cops that Joon-gook came to find him because he had something to say. Flashback to the fight, where Joon-gook gets the upper hand and gets the chance to speak. He assures Kwan-woo that he won’t kill him: “You were the only person in the world who took my side.”

Kwan-woo says that’s not the case anymore, but Joon-gook doesn’t care. He thought that someone in the world ought to know his story, “because I’m going to see this through to the end.”

Kwan-woo asks what that end is, but Joon-gook says he’s not here for that—he’s here to tell him about the beginning. Kwan-woo tells the cops that it was like a last will and testament, the way he was talking, and he’s pretty sure that seeing it through to the end involves going after Su-ha and Hye-sung.

In the morning, Su-ha makes breakfast and gets a call from Kwan-woo. Hahahaha. He’s saved Kwan-woo’s number as “White Socks.” Hahaha. He doesn’t say much other than to make sure Su-ha will keep Hye-sung safe.

Su-ha finally goes to her door and apologizes: “I won’t ever look at your eyes again, ever. You can just use my eyes in court. And if… you don’t want that either… if you never want to see me again… I’ll do that too. Just let me stay by your side until Min Joon-gook is caught.”

He tells her he’ll wait outside, and then she finally comes out to see the table set with food for her and sighs. On their way out, she stops to ask if that’s it—are there any more lies? Oh noes. He immediately thinks of the big one, about Dad starting this whole chain of events…

He swallows the thought and says there’s nothing else. Ack. I don’t know which is worse. Okay, lying is worse, but I get why he’s treading lightly right now.

She’s silent the rest of the way to work, noting how careful Su-ha is being about not looking her in the eye. He literally stays two steps behind her the whole way, stopping when she stops, always keeping his distance. Could he be any more of a puppy right now?

Thankfully for them, the bus driver is a fan of skinship. When the bus lurches at a stop, he falls onto her lap, and he’s forced to look her in the eye for a split second. Mostly he’s just mortified, and she busts out laughing. Hee.

He stays behind her the rest of the walk to work, and says he’ll come to pick her up at night. She starts to walk away but then whirls around, and he hilariously spins around to face the other way so as not to look at her.

She’s finally had enough of it and stomps over to him and makes him turn around. He does, but stares at the ground, “I didn’t look, really.”

She reaches up and grabs his face in her hands to make him look into her eyes. “I like you, Su-ha-ya. As a dongseng, as a friend, and… as a man.” Eeeeeeeee!

She admits, “Ever since I started to like you, I disliked and feared your ability. I have so many thoughts now that I don’t want uncovered. I feel like every time they’re found out, I’ll resent you. And then when I think about that resentment hurting you, that’s horrible. And beyond that, there are all sorts of reasons why we don’t work, and I think that at some point we have to get over these feelings…”

He starts to protest, but then she adds: “But I still like you anyway. A lot. So let’s not think about the end and spend our days like this. Let’s look at each other and laugh, and say the things we want to say honestly.”

The way his face changes as she says those things, gah. He can barely contain his excitement as he agrees and turns to go. He walks away with this giant shit-eating grin on his face, and then stops.

He whirls around and goes running back… and then he just throws his arms around her waist and picks her up so high until he’s looking up at her. “Thank you. Thank you!”

He leans in to kiss her and then runs away, grinning like a fool. Melty puddle of goo, I am. Hye-sung watches him go with a smile, and then the reasonable side of her brain kicks in: “What the hell did I just do? Is this okay?”

Lawyer Shin meets with Hwang Dal-joong to tell him that they’re looking for his daughter Ga-yeon, to prove that his ex-wife is the death-faking, hand-chopping woman they know her to be, but can’t prove.

He asks Dal-joong what it is that he wants to gain from this trial, which is a good question to ask of a man with a terminal illness, facing an attempted murder charge against a woman he supposedly already murdered. Dal-joong: “An apology.”

Do-yeon pleads with the chief prosecutor to be put back on the case, which he can’t allow but also can’t defend—he’s doing it as a favor to her father, which they both know.

Hye-sung comes by Judge Kim’s lunch table (there’s a funny beat where he’s badmouthing her for causing more trouble with another jury trial and he realizes she’s standing right behind him: “She’s standing right behind me, isn’t she?”) and asks what he’d do if he hypothetically sent a man to jail for murder and then the victim turned up alive.

Judge Kim says he’d overturn the verdict because that’s the right thing to do. She asks if there was a judge who found that out but didn’t, is he breaking any laws? Judge Kim says no—he’s not punishable by law. Damn.

Hye-sung sits outside and goes through this great inner monologue as she thinks over the case. That bastard Judge Seo ruined an innocent man’s life but can’t be held responsible by law. So what can they gain from this trial?

She worries about revealing that Do-yeon is the daughter—won’t it just turn her life upside-down? And then she immediately wonders why she’s worrying about that girl, ha.

Su-ha comes by on his break to walk her back to work, and she remembers to give him back his old cell phone. She just smiles as he leads her away by the hand. That is, until the detectives (on the Min Joon-gook case) show up, and she immediately wriggles her hand out of his grasp.

They tell her about Kwan-woo being attacked by Min Joon-gook last night, and insist on following the two of them wherever they go. Aw man, cockblocking cops around 24/7? Can’t you people come back when the romance is on a downswing?

Kwan-woo is back at work, and Pretty the Paralegal signs his cast: “Hurry up and stick, bones!” He sighs that Kwan-woo isn’t at the age where bones reattach very well either, and Kwan-woo just scowls at the misguided attempt to cheer him up.

He asks about the new public defender in the office, who’s apparently a superstar. They’re calling him Lawyer Eom, so I’m guessing we’re in for a cameo soon?

Hye-sung and Su-ha come by to check on Kwan-woo, but he says with a bright smile that he’s okay, and that Min Joon-gook came by to say something, but there wasn’t time for words with all the fighting going on. But Su-ha hears him thinking: “They probably don’t know anything about Min Joon-gook and Su-ha’s father…”

Hye-sung is so distracted by thoughts of Min Joon-gook that she can barely hear a word Lawyer Shin is saying, and excuses herself for a moment. Pretty the Paralegal is used to this behavior and tells Lawyer Shin to cover his ears.

From the conference room we just hear Hye-sung screaming: “Min Joon-gook! If a cow has a baby it’s a calf, and if a dog has a baby, it’s you! Min Joon-gook, you bastard, I’m not afraid of you anymore!” And then she comes back out with a hair toss, calm as you please, like that didn’t just happen. HA.

She asks Lawyer Shin if they hypothetically knew who the daughter was, but she grew up thinking her adoptive parents were her biological parents—isn’t it wrong to drop this on her? Lawyer Shin doesn’t think so, but Hye-sung points out that he’s only thinking about this from Hwang Dal-joong’s perspective, but what about the daughter? I love that she’s genuinely concerned for Do-yeon right now.

Meanwhile, Do-yeon skips along, having finally convinced her boss to let her back on the case. She heads to the hospital to see the victim, and catches a glimpse of Dad leaving. It’s just from behind though, and she brushes it off like she must be mistaken. He’s just been there to find out that Bio Mom is unconscious and hanging on by a thread, which he totally smiled at, by the way. Creepy.

Su-ha comes by Kwan-woo’s office that evening, and asks what Min Joon-gook said. He hears Kwan-woo wondering how much he knows, so Su-ha tells him that his memory has returned, and he knows about all of it.

Su-ha wonders to himself if he should plead with Kwan-woo not to tell Hye-sung, convinced that he’s going to let the secret out at any moment. But Kwan-woo sits down and tells him not to tell any of this to Hye-sung.

He says that he doesn’t believe Hye-sung would treat him differently if she knew, but he does believe that there are some truths not worth knowing in this world. “The person who started all of this is Min Joon-gook, not your father.”

Aww, Kwan-woo, pullin’ me back in with the sincere good guy underneath it all. Slow clap. I don’t agree that she doesn’t need to know the truth, but your heart’s in the right place. Su-ha gets up to go, and Kwan-woo tells him not to berate himself with useless guilt, and Su-ha brusquely tells him to cut it out because it’s annoying. That kind of kills me—he knows Kwan-woo’s being the bigger man, and that in and of itself drives him crazy.

Kwan-woo gets a call from a Choi sunbae, and asks how Meahri is doing. Hee. I like all the plants for cameos to come.

Su-ha paces up and down the hallway, fuming in frustration. He finally sighs at Kwan-woo’s knack for always turning him into a childish, pathetic fool. He takes out his old cell phone charm and ponders what to do.

Hye-sung and Lawyer Shin go through a speed round of arguments to test out what they can achieve without the daughter’s DNA, and as expected, the win goes to the prosecution. Lawyer Shin is hilariously glad for a moment, until it has to be pointed out that he was role-playing for the other side.

He asks if Hye-sung knows who the daughter is and is holding back out of concern for her, and though she denies it, he offers his opinion that if she’s ever torn about what to do, telling the truth is the best option.

Kwan-woo goes to dinner with his sunbae, who turns out to be Choi Yoon (cameo by Kim Min-jong). Yoonie oppa!

Yoon offers Kwan-woo a job at his firm, promising that there’s lots of pro bono work he can do there, and that it’s better than failing the public defender’s interview. He’s stoically unhelpful when it comes to Kwan-woo and his one-handed attempts to eat slippery sushi, but then when Meahri calls on his way out, he turns into a sweet teddy bear, of course.

At home, Hye-sung goes through another round of Truth or Not, and asks Su-ha what she should do about Do-yeon. She tells him what Lawyer Shin said about picking the truth if she’s undecided, and of course Su-ha is stuck wondering the exact same thing.

He thinks back to Kwan-woo’s words that some truths are better left unspoken, and tells her not to tell Do-yeon. She’s shocked, and points out that Su-ha’s been all about truthiness since Day 1.

There was Sung-bin’s trial, and the twin trial, and he said that the truth was won in court, and called her the worst. “You always told me to tell the truth, and relentlessly at that.” She pauses to add that she really is very understanding person, to have overlooked all that. Heh.

It clearly niggles at him, but he tells her to just bury it if she wants to, and she wonders aloud, “Well if you say it, then it must be the right thing to do.” Aw. But she slams her head back down on the table and sighs that it still feels like she’s wiping her ass with curry paper. Uh, callbacks are one thing, but we’re not actually going to recycle ALL the dialogue to cover our extended asses, are we? Just checking.

Hwang Dal-joong’s condition starts to worsen while in jail, and he begins to write some things down on paper.

Hye-sung runs into Do-yeon at lunch, and is shocked to hear that Do-yeon is back on the Hwang Dal-joong case. She warns Do-yeon to stay away from it, which just raises her ire—everyone from Dad to her boss, and now Hye-sung, all warning her to stay away from Hwang Dal-joong with no explanation. Hye-sung doesn’t tell her anything, and just says she doesn’t want to keep going up against her in court.

Back at the office, Hye-sung wonders why she still hasn’t seen the new public defender, when he finally appears. Eom Ki-joon! He bursts into the office in a flurry of activity and chatter, and he’s kind of like Kwan-woo on speed—all earnest and hardworking, but revved up to impossible levels of enthusiasm.

He seems exactly like Kwan-woo in fact, until he starts handing Pretty the Paralegal all his receipts for his expenses while on the job. Pretty just stares at them, all What am I supposed to do with these?

Lawyer Shin has to explain that they cover their own expenses, and in fact have to pay for the paralegal’s salary out of their own pockets. Eom Ki-joon explodes that he can’t work this way, and Hye-sung points out that he just declared he’d do anything for the people. Eom Ki-joon: “But… my money!” Haha.

And that’s how Cha Kwan-woo, second place interviewer, returns to the public defender’s office. Yay. He dodges another hug from Pretty, but shakes Hye-sung’s hand as she welcomes him back. She can’t resist snarking that he must not have anyplace else to go, which he just lets her believe.

Su-ha arrives at his tutoring academy, and Sung-bin and Choong-ki run up to join him. Is… Choong-ki wearing glasses? He looks at them in confusion, and they say that he doesn’t remember, but they used to give him answers in school all the time. Pffft.

He has to tell them that he recovered his memories, and Choong-ki grumbles that he knew this was a bad idea from the moment she told him to put on the glasses. Ha. Sung-bin says she’s going to join anyway to keep up with him, and Su-ha hears her worrying in her head about how he’ll react.

He tells her to register upstairs, and then hears Choong-ki thinking that she’s at it again, digging her grave. He reads Choong-ki thinking that Su-ha shouldn’t give her false hope, and then adding with scorn that he was nice to the orphan because he felt sorry for him. Ouch. This bromance does so much better when Su-ha can’t read minds.

Hye-sung overhears Judge Kim apologizing to his friend about Kwan-woo turning down the offer to join his firm, and asks him about it over lunch. (She’s really sweet about helping him eat with the one hand.) She says that if he came back because of her…

But he quickly cuts her off to say that he does like her, but he didn’t choose the job because of her. He’s more interested in his dream, not the job specs. She asks if he didn’t even consider the big law firm, and he says no—the decision was easy. “I always decide based on the choice that I think is even one percent more right.”

She wonders if he still doesn’t regret it, but he says that’s why that one percent is so important: “Because if I had chosen the other thing, I’d regret it that one percent more.”

Something clicks for her, and she smiles. She thanks Kwan-woo for everything. As she takes a spin in her revolving door, she thinks to herself: “I’ve always chosen the side that I thought was one percent more right, just like Cha Byun… and I’ve always regretted that choice. I still regret opening that door to the courtroom that day. Because if I hadn’t opened it, none of this tragedy would have begun. But…”

She flashes back to Do-yeon’s drunken confession about how much she regretted that same moment. “It occurs to me now, for the first time ever, that if I had made the opposite choice that day, would I regret it more? Just one percent more?”

She makes a decision and walks ahead. She storms into the office and tells Lawyer Shin that she’s going to face Judge Seo and win this fight, and hilariously asks for a high-five. She tells him not to ask how she found out, and then tells him about the daughter.

As Hye-sung and Su-ha walk home that night hand-in-hand, he spots a car following them and switches around to her other side like a good bodyguard. She says it’s the detectives, and he immediately lets go of her hand.

She fishes his hand back out of his pocket, and he asks if she isn’t concerned about other people. She says she’s decided not to care anymore because that one percent is more right, and doesn’t explain what that means.

So then he just wraps his arm around her and pulls her in close: “What, you said you don’t care.” Kyaaa.

In the morning, Su-ha hears her pep-thinking herself before meeting with Judge Seo, and you have to hand it to her for not being embarrassed that he can hear her think: “I’m perfect.” Lol. He thinks she seems pretty nervous, and suggests a wardrobe change. She takes one look in the mirror and rolls her eyes, “Dammit,” and scurries in to change.

She goes to see Judge Seo and marches right up to him, head held high. She says that she’s discovered some interesting things about Hwang Dal-joong’s case twenty-six years ago. He denies that he did anything wrong, and she says it wasn’t the verdict that was wrong, since the victim orchestrated false evidence.

“But knowing the truth and pretending not to isn’t something I can forgive.” He counters that he hasn’t done a single thing in the courtroom that he’s ashamed of, and she scoffs that he sure is consistent, if nothing else.

She thinks back to what he said to her as a teenager when he was waiting for her to confess to her crime, and repeats the exact same words to him now: “I’m not listening to you because I believe you. I’m waiting, for you to acknowledge your faults, repent, and apologize.” Okay, that was delicious payback.

She tells him that she’ll give him the chance to apologize to Hwang Dal-joong and admit his wrongdoing, and if he doesn’t, she’s going to see this through to the end. He doesn’t budge, which she expected, so she points out that she did give him a chance.

She turns to go and then swings back to add that in case he’s thinking of taking drastic measures, she’s got a police detail on her around the clock, and nods over at the detectives so he can see. Nice.

And then she walks away in a full-on self-congratulatory strut down the sidewalk: “Jang Hye-sung, daebak. Mom, did you see that? Isn’t my charisma the best?” So great.

Su-ha shows up to nag that she came here all alone, and she asks if he read Judge Seo’s mind. He did, and there isn’t going to be an apology. She figured as much, and sighs that Do-yeon is next.

While Hye-sung goes to Do-yeon’s office, Su-ha stands in a public plaza and purposely listens to the chatter for a moment, and zeroes in on two schoolgirls who commiserate about doing badly on a test, each thinking to herself that this might be her chance to score first place.

Su-ha: There are more times when the thing that makes the world and relationships between people more peaceful… is lies rather than truth. Lies can suture discord and calm insecurity for a short time. Truth is more uncomfortable than lies, so most people ignore the truth. I am the same. Telling the truth is often more painful. And so often when faced with truth… I close my eyes.

As he says the last words, he takes out his cell phone charm. It’s a locket, and inside are pictures of his mother.

Hye-sung tells Do-yeon that they’ve found Hwang Dal-joong’s daughter, and that they’re going to run a DNA test to prove that his wife is the same woman who faked her own death. Do-yeon asks why she’s telling her this.

Hye-sung: “Because I need you. You’re Hwang Dal-joong’s daughter, Hwang Ga-yeon. I’m sorry, Do-yeon-ah.”

Su-ha finishes his narration: “But one day, my Jjang D’Arc was—more than me, who sees the truth—chasing the truth.”


I’ll be honest—the show does feel slower since the extension happened. The thing is, I don’t actually mind the character-building stuff in this show because it’s done so well, and I love these characters, so we could have endless bits of cute character interactions and I’d be happy with that. And the romance of course just makes my day. What does suffer is the pace of the plot, which used to move at breakneck speed. This show was always a step ahead of expectation when it came to reveals, and now it’s starting to draw everything out.

The addition of Su-ha’s backstory with Mom seems to be a step in the right direction, though even with his dad’s secret, it’s already starting to feel more manipulative. By the time he was talking to Kwan-woo about it, I was screaming at them to tell me, and felt like they were milking the secret and holding out on me, which this show is normally so good at NOT doing.

That said, I adore where we’re at with Hye-sung’s character, whose growth is so satisfying to watch, especially because she never loses her charm. Who ever said you had to be modest while becoming a better person? Her confrontation with Judge Seo was so satisfying, but coupled with her concern for Do-yeon, it really felt like she was growing up rather than just standing up for what she thought was right. The one percent idea was a nice way to bring her back around to that initial choice to testify against Min Joon-gook—the choice and the regret that had defined her as a person. When it was just Do-yeon confessing that she regretted her choice, it didn’t sink in, but I love that what Kwan-woo says gives her a new perspective. She always just considered her one-sided regret, and not the fact that the opposite choice wouldn’t have been regret-free. Because there’s no such thing. If regrets are a given, then it’s the choice that feels that tiny one percent more right that has one percent less regret attached.

What’s great about it is that her problem was never not doing the right thing—it was the fact that the ONE TIME she did do the right thing, she spent the rest of her life regretting it. But now that realization makes her a person who seeks out the truth, even when she knows it might hurt. It’s of course in perfect contrast to Su-ha, who sees the truth despite not wanting to, and is now trying his damnedest to hide from it. I don’t want him to keep the truth from Hye-sung much longer, but the shift in their dynamic works on a thematic level, and I like that he’s retreating as she’s becoming braver.

I never get tired of exploring Su-ha’s abilities and how they both show him more of the world (to an intrusive degree) and cut him off from the world (by making him different). Any time we get to be with him as he faces his worst fears—being seen as a freak or a monster by that one person he has left in the world, whether Uncle or Hye-sung—is Such. Great. Stuff. It pangs my heart in such a good way, because the answers aren’t clear and because he’s right to think that fear and horror is the normal response to having your innermost thoughts invaded. It’s true, and perfectly understandable.

But you still just want Hye-sung to say she loves him anyway, because you think that if there’s an ounce of good on this earth, there has to be someone in this world who doesn’t think he’s a monster, and wants to hold his hand in public, and is willing to look him in the eye even if truth is harder to face than lies. And that’s why she wins the bucketfuls of puppy love—because when others ran away, she took his hand.


320 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. the68monkey

    Another great episode, but one that leaves me feeling uneasy at the end.

    The Great:

    Su-ha falling onto Hye-sung’s lap on the bus. LOVED it! What a great reversal of the typical cliche of girl falling into the man’s lap. Sooo cute! I loved how embarrassed he was and how everybody was cracking up over his reaction, jumping up and bumping his head. Hehehehehe

    Attorney Uhm! He works so hard for his defendants, up to the point of exhaustion and nose-bleeds! Nothing stops Lawyer Uhm in his quest for justice . . . except the realization that he doesn’t get reimbursed for his travel expenses. What? Guess being a public defender is no better than being an arts academy teacher. 😛 So cute how Uhm was the spitting image of Attorney Oska, even down to the same glasses. But what looks the same on the outside isn’t necessarily the same on the inside, as Cha proves by refusing the tempting offer from Choi’s law firm. Principles over paycheck.

    Now the Not So Great:

    While I’m talking about Attorney Oska, WHY do you have to go giving advice to Su-ha? Stop messing with this guy’s natural tendencies to be truthful — the quality that’s making Hye-sung a better person through her relationship with him! Grrrrr. The first part of what you said was correct — Hye-sung’s feelings for Su-ha will not change — but the second part? The fact that her feelings will not change is ALL the reason to go ahead and tell her and be done with it. Seriously, she will not be burdened, so let the guy move on!

    And sweet, vulnerable Su-ha. You are so adorable in love. You’ve gone from lost puppy adorable to playful, excited puppy that’s even more adorable! So why are you starting to doubt yourself over something a killer told you and Cha about your father — something that’s probably only a sliver of the truth? Hye-sung even ended up ignoring your advice not to tell Do-yeon the truth! As she reminds you, YOU are the one who always thinks the truth matters, no matter what! Stop listening to Attorney Oska! It’s because you’re feeling unsure about yourself compared to him as a rival for Hye-sung’s affections, but stop it! Don’t drive a wedge between Hye-sung and yourself by holding back information from her. You know the truth is going to be revealed eventually, so speak up now and have a little more faith in the woman you love.

    Now, why am I talking to fictional characters in a drama? And why do I have to wait another week to see if they listened to me?

    • 1.1 On a QIHM High

      I have a lot of faith in Hye-sung but I don’t think she’d be unaffected that SH’s dad was the beginning point for all this. I know it’s not SH’s fault or anything but when you’ve lived your life in fear and your mom has died because of this, it’s hard to ignore. The emotional response (as she had when her mom died) would be to blame Su-ha. So I think SH has legitimate concern when it comes to that…although I do agree that he should trust she’d come around.

      And when it comes to KW’s advice, yes it may have been in the wrong direction, but I appreciate that he was sincerely trying to give SH good advice. He wasn’t trying to mess with SH like he did earlier. His advice is something I’d actually agree with in real life (some things are better left untold). But this is drama world so I know it’ll come out, which is the main reason I want SH to tell HS sooner rather than later.

      and LOL at the talking to fictional characters. I’m starting to feel a bit crazy too. Creds to the writer for making them so believable.

      • 1.1.1 bee

        IMO the biggest problem with the truth about the father is not if Hyesung will be unaffected or not. The biggest problem is that Suha is hiding it from her, and she’s just said: “But knowing the truth and pretending not to isn’t something I can forgive.” :S

        About the extension: every now and them I keep wondering “was this in the original script or did they added it to fill the two-hours addition? Way to ruin the cute, damn SBS gold-diggers!

        • Minny

          Fully, fully agree!
          The most typical outcome – Hye Sung will find it out before Su Ha manages to tell her the truth, and she will blame him for being insincere again.
          And I also think that this issue is dragged a bit. They could have dealt with it faster.
          But still, the show is awesome.

    • 1.2 Z

      I don’t think that Lawyer Oska’s advice was interfering with Suha’s honest tendencies at all. Suha had already decided to hide the truth; the whole reason he went to see Oska was to stop him from telling Hyesung what Min Joongook had told him. That’s why he was surprised that Lawyer Oska was the one who suggested keeping it from her. If anything, what Oska said probably did more towards spurring him to tell the truth than anything else because hearing his own crazy rational spoken out loud like that seemed to really unsettle him.

      I do agree that they need to go on and tell her the truth but I think that if Oska had insisted on Suha doing it, he would have just restisted more and this dumb secret would stay bottled up until Episode 17 or so.

      • 1.2.1 Paroma

        Preee-cisely. =D You said it.

      • 1.2.2 Ennayra

        I think that’s true too. It’s hilarious how Su-ha’s gut reaction is to do the opposite of whatever Lawyer Oska says.

    • 1.3 ?

      lol you comment like SH decided to lie to HS because of Cha lawyer when it was SH that chose it. He lied two times already about not knowing anything more. Don’t try to blame CHa for what SH did and decided please.

      People here are always read y to hate and push all the blame on Lawyer cha lol. SH can do wrong and is not perfect

      • 1.3.1 the68monkey

        No, I realize Su-ha had already held back on telling Hye-sung what Min Joon-gook said about his dad already. But once Cha sat down and told Su-ha that Hye-sung doesn’t need to know everything (don’t burden her), Su-ha has played that moment over in his mind when he’s doubted himself. Ep. 14 showed Su-ha wanting to go ahead and tell Hye-sung, but then stopping himself as he re-played Attorney White Socks’ words in his mind. (Thank you, GF for pointing out White Socks on Su-ha’s phone! LOL)

        I don’t think anybody hates Cha, but a large number of viewers really, really don’t want to see him end up with Hye-sung. If you look at Melissa’s comments below (, she sums it up nicely. Attorney Oska is the perfect boyfriend, but he’s not perfect for Hye-sung. As we’ve seen throughout the show, he puts his principles before anything else, including Hye-sung. For me, the dealbreaker was the moment he decided to go ahead and defend Min Joon-gook, rather than refuse due to conflict of interest. From that moment, I think any pairing of those two was doomed.

        Now on to speculation about the extension and the upcoming finale. Thinking of Dream High is making me worry a bit for the outcome of our characters: In the end of Dream High, Song Sam-dong won the lead’s heart, but they didn’t end up together. They all went their separate ways to fulfill their dreams. What is Su-ha’s dream? It can’t be just to protect Hye-sung. He needs to realize who he is and have a dream of his own. I just hope it is a dream compatible with being by Hye-sung’s side. And last week, I jokingly commented I can live with some twists as long as Su-ha doesn’t turn out to be Min Joon-gook’s biological son. Please writer, don’t go there. Amnesia? Okay. Big twist birth secret? No, no.

    • 1.4 skelly

      Lawyer Oska continues to bug me – he’s such a train-wreck of righteousness.

      • 1.4.1 heyitssarang

        I totally agree with you.
        I stopped liking Lawyer Oska every since the last last episode where he blames SH for Lawyer Jjang’s problems and I’m mind blown *skdoosh* because I just cannot BELIEVE he just did that. It was a big no-no. Get off your pedestal of righteousness.

        • Melissa

          Love how everyone’s calling Lawyer Cha ‘Lawyer Oska’. xD

          Anyway, back to the point: Su-ha might cause problems and might bring out the worst in Hye-sung, but it’s because of him doing so that Hyesung grows as a person. While Kwan-woo is the sweet, adoring boyfriend every girl might dream for, he has a tendency to pamper Hye-sung too much, and he accepts her even at less than mediocrity. Whereas for Su-ha, he doesn’t accept Hye-sung at anything less than her true, righteous character, and that’s how Hye-sung can truly excel as both a lawyer and as a person. Kwan-woo might be a perfect boyfriend in the moment, but it’s Su-ha who is truly the best for Hye-sung in the long run. He doesn’t let Hye-sung take the easy way out; he makes sure she makes the right decisions that she believes in and won’t regret. That’s what makes him the best guy for her. 🙂

          Also, this is coming from someone who never really supported the Su-ha/Hye-sung pairing in the first place ’cause she wanted Su-ha all to herself, so this just goes to show that Su-ha and Hye-sung were made for each other. 😀

          But, of course, Jong-suk belongs to Woo-bin. Forever. >:D <3

          • Ratsuki

            Pwahahahahaha love your last comment. Bromance ftw~

          • panshel

            Funny how you call Kwan Woo “every girl’s dream boyfriend” because everyone here dreams of Su Ha as the perfect boyfriend.

          • jaglaine

            YES!!! Jong-Suk and Woo-bin! Love this bromance.
            Your last line is a killer, Melissa.

          • pogo

            But, of course, Jong-suk belongs to Woo-bin.


            Adorable as Puppy In Love is, I have to say, Puppy Whose BFF is BFFS With Him Again is EVEN CUTER.

      • 1.4.2 EX-DF user

        I love you for that description of him. 😀

    • 1.5 Mayisoon

      I completely agree, but I’m more worried that the extension plus that ending moment of Suha’s mother means we’re in for an added storyline of Suha’s family in which his mother turns out to be Min Joon Gook’s dead woman and Suha’s father may not be his real father. Really don’t want to think about that wormhole. One big birth secret is enough, right writer-nim?!

      I’m loving this so much, so I really hope there were some plans ready for implementation when these extensions talks started.

      • 1.5.1 picklemonster

        OMG your prediction just made me break out in sweat. Please don’t tell me they’re going to make Soo-Ha to be MJG’s son! That would be such a huge and epic twist, but I’m not sure it can work anymore with just a two episode extension. If the writers really are going in that direction, then they would need at least four more episodes with lurking hints! I really really hope they won’t go down that path, because if Hye-sung finds out that Soo-Ha is the son of the guy who killed her mom…oh boy…we would go down the deep and ugly end of melodrama. And this show just isn’t supposed to be that dark.

        But all in all, I think I’m just over-thinking it. I will trust the writers on this one!

      • 1.5.2 June

        I was dreading this too… let’s hope Min Joon Gook won’t turn out to be Suha’s father? =p

        • Celery

          Or half-brother -_-”

          I honestly hate this faux family trope so I really hope it doesn’t go there.

      • 1.5.3 jicachan

        But I don’t think they will twist it so that SH will be MJG’s son, because then MJG would have known all along and trying to kill his own son makes no sense….

      • 1.5.4 Serena B

        Honestly I didn’t really think about this possibility until you mentioned it but I don’t think it’ll turn out (although a super fun speculation!). Mostly because even though Min Joon Gook is an evil guy, everything he’s been doing he believes is part of his revenge, so it’s not like he’s just some random psycho that gets off on killing people, he’s got motivation. What would be his motivation for killing Suha if he’s his real father? Doesn’t make sense to me. Unless he doesn’t know the truth either, in which case no one involved really knows the truth and it’s irrelevant.

        If it does somehow turn out to be the case I have faith (mostly) that the writer will somehow make the trope less…trope-y feeling. Like with the amnesia storyline. One of the biggest tropes in drama-land, I nearly burst a head gasket when that happened and wrote the show off as having jumped the shark, but it was utilized in such a great way that I had to give props to the writer for going there.

        The extension is what throws everything into the unknown for me. Even a great writer can only do so much when given so little time to re-write the end of a story. Hoping for the best but we’ll see what happens. 🙂

      • 1.5.5 Chloe

        Actually, why didn’t the trial of Min Joon Gook killing Suha’s father reveal the intentions of MJG? Surely he was asked why he targetted Suha’s father? I don’t see why he would have any qualms about revealing in public that Suha’s father killed his wife. Doesn’t disadvantage him in any way at all.

        • ananke23

          Actually, since he was pleading innocence that would have provided motive…. Why would he want to say he knew the accident victim at all??

          • Chloe

            @ananke23 thats right i forgot he was pleading innocence! silly me… thanks!!

            i guess we’re left with how the prosecution didn’t manage to find out the motive.

    • 1.6 blkasian

      I talk to fictional characters all the time and sometimes they answer via the upcoming episodes….tee hee.

    • 1.7 avimea

      Kwan-woo after he gives advise to Su Ha he get a call from A Gentleman’s Dignity ,,Choi Yoon” and wonders about ,,Me Ah Ri” so cute intern joke 🙂

    • 1.8 dee

      what! these characters are fictional? 😉

    • 1.9 zandria

      14 just made me totally nervous because it seems like the writers are trying to steer us into believing their not meant to be a couple by changing how Su ha reacts to things now. We spent most of this drama with Su ha being far more mature then the other characters because of what he has had to go through in life and now it seems as if they are trying to change him to justify an ending I know I won’t like. Hope I’m just paranoid. Somebody out there reassure me.

    • 1.10 Joy

      I seriously love how no one bothers to call him Lawyer Cha anymore. It’s always Lawyer Oska or Attorney Oska LOL.

  2. Eille

    Four more episodes to go! I’m honestly glad for the 2-episodes extension but really hope the excellent pacing so far won’t be disturbed.

    • 2.1 azfih

      I’m glad for the 2 episode extension. And I also like the pacing of this episode. I don’t want the cute to end. And the more cute there is the more likely we are going to be put through the emotional roller coaster when everything starts a going.

      Also I love a show that gives me extended period of smiling time instead of “omg why are we even having this conflict?!” time. LOL

      • 2.1.1 KimYoonmi

        If the extension affects the show, you’ll see it in the next week, rather than this week’s plots.

    • 2.2 ilikemangos

      I’ve always appreciated this show even in the slower moments because it was a reasonable pace. Not slow, not fast. Just right. The change in pace is more glaring now considering the previous episodes took us on a roller coaster ride during the min joon gook attack.
      But i really dig the more quiet moments with su-ha and hye sung after all the heartbreak and confessions(it’s needed!)
      I don’t know how i feel about them filling up these few episodes with do yeon’s parentage and case with her biological dad, but at least they’re not just throwing it in for the sake of dramatics. They’re fleshing out this conflict that lent its hand to the min joon gook case. Otherwise, i’d consider it rather random that they threw in a birth secret with do yeon.

      • 2.2.1 Jess

        HA! “Lent its hand” You’re killing me here!

    • 2.3 alua

      I’m okay on the pace.

      I don’t mind things like lingering on Sooha’s inner conflict… I feel like we are getting insight into the character, because I think in reality we don’t decide these things in a nanosecond either. We do ponder over them for a few days or take time to realise things (e.g. the thing about Hyesong not immediately noting that the ‘old’ Sooha was back in the previous episode… I think she was starting to catch on, but it was just a day or two of interacting, for a few hours, not 24/7). So for me that seems natural, even if in most dramas we don’t normally get that kind of ‘time’.

      Plus, some of the reflective bits come with immediate actions, like Hyesong confessing her feelings rather than debating them in her head until the final episode (as it happens in most dramas).

      Where I do feel the slower pace is with people like the Uhm lawyer guy, who really served no narrative purpose at all. Uhm’s not visible in ep 13 and in ep 14 we only get his tirade about the expenses, which of course is only so that he can quit the job and Oska can come back. But Oska could have just won the Public Defender competition right away…

      I do hope we won’t get any new narrative twists. We need the details of the MJG/Suha’s dad situation, but hopefully nothing like Suha’s mother being involved in this or more birth secrets or whatever.

      • 2.3.1 jicachan

        Haha, but if Oska would’ve won right away, then he wouldn’t had the offer from the other law firm and then he wouldn’t be babbling about that 1% and HS wouldn’t have decided to tell Do Yeon…

        Well, they could have done it in another way I guess, but that was the path they took…. T_T;

        • alua

          True! Forgot that.

          But they could have done it another way (e.g. Oska getting the offer from the law firm before the results of Public Defender competition are out), I do think it was a filler because of the extension.

      • 2.3.2 Serena B

        I totally agree with you about her confessing her feelings right away instead of waiting and drawing it out for the last beat of the episode as most dramas do. I think that’s the main reason I didn’t really feel like the pacing of this episode was off compared to the others. I don’t think it’s the pace, I think it’s the level of dramatics that shifted, mainly because there was less focus on external threats from Min Joon Gook and more of a focus on inner turmoil such as all the ‘do I tell the truth or not?’, which is less exciting to watch.

        Really am looking forward to what they come up with for the extension. *crosses fingers*

      • 2.3.3 RWJQ

        Your last two paragraphs coincide with how I felt after watching this episode. The only difference is, you put it across in a much nicer, not to mention, calmer way; whereas I ranted on twitter. (:

  3. everriell

    Yey! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. KDaddict

    1. A BF who cooks…..you breakfast, with rice, soup and all! Awwww.
    A BF who lifts you up into the air when he kisses you! Where can you find one of those?
    A BF who stands outside your door ALL NIGHT when you are mad! Ruining real life expectations totally. Completely.
    Brain Melt…..

    2. Two cameos in 1 ep! Squee.
    Love that in Kim Min Jong’s cameo, they mentioned Mi-rae twice.
    Cha: How are you doing, being with Mi-rae?
    The phone rings. Choi: Yes, Mi-rae. I didn’t drink much. I’m coming home right now.
    Cha: Completely pussywhipped. pussywhipped.

    Eom Ki Joong’s char is a public defender who thinks there is a big budget for reimbursements! He must have been practicing corporate law!
    Love his hair. Much more flattering than other hairstyles I’ve seen on him.

    3. Tho HS deliberated, still can’t believe she just dumped the truth of Do Yeon’s parents on her like that!!!

    • 4.1 azfih

      Completely ruining expectations! My expectations are so high I’m never gonna be able to get along with my future bf/ husband. LOL
      “Why are you sleeping instead of waiting outside my door after we fought? Why do I have to cook the food? WHY CAN’T YOU DROP ME OFF AT WORK AND VISIT ME DURING BREAKS?”

      I loved the Eom Ki Joong cameo too. “My money!” XD

      • 4.1.1 Crystal

        Totally ruin it. Period. *SIGH*

      • 4.1.2 Jess

        Can I just say… my hubby is soo like that. Cooks for me, doesn’t ever want to go to bed without making up after an argument, drops me off and picks me up anytime I want him to even if he’s really tired. Soo Ah is like a younger version of my sweetie. Now if only my Sweetie could read minds…

        • Brandi

          Wow, thanks for the review, Jess; I’ve been looking into purchasing one of the new Night models: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Zettai_Kareshi

          • Ennayra


          • ~Feather~

            OMG! Too funny! XD

          • pogo

            omg I am crying tears of laughter right now

            I have to say, I’d still take Soshi over Night, though! (look who’s playing him)

    • 4.2 redfox

      well I dont want anyone to do those things for me. independent and solitary as I am. but in this case it looks so adorable. I would definately want that for, like, my best friend or something.
      havent watched it yet, just made breakfast, gonna eat and read and watch.

      • 4.2.1 redfox

        ahhaaa oh well, so soon? well we aint getting any younger right.
        but I seriously want to throw a bucket over the cops head on one hand,…but it is nice they now do want to protect them. but please close your eyes, will ya?

        • panshel

          I think the cops are probably on to the fact that Su Ha and Hye Sung are together, what with their hand-holding and all.

          • redfox

            thats WHY they SHOULD close their eyes, if they want to consider…you know

  5. Emily J

    This episode was so awesome. In the beginning I was resistant to the main couple, but now I’m completely won over. I love love love all the characters, how they learn from each other. My favorite kdrama since School 2013! Thank you, girlfriday, for you fantastic and speedy recaps!

    • 5.1 ilikemangos

      amazing how much character/relationship development can change your initial thoughts about a OTP. not to mention the ADORABLE chemistry between the two.

  6. JenJen

    Ack this drama is my favorite of the year. It has such a great flow about it and so many cute moments.

  7. blegh

    I hated thst interaction/chemistry beteeen hyesung and kwanwoo! ugh! like how she was helping him buy putting the side dish on his spoon. it’s lije my fears are slowly coming true! it kinda reminds me of how sooha and hyesung helped each other opening bottle caps and such. man I hope this chemistry only stays as one between good colleagues/friends and nothing more.
    please writer! don’t do what you weren’t intending to do but migh do because of the extension. 🙁

    • 7.1 ilikemangos

      I thought it was really cute/sweet that hye sung helped kwan-woo eat. Their relationship is slowly returning to what it used to be in the first half when he was adorably dorky. I kinda like it now, esp since i was worried he was regressing into typical male second lead. Now, he’s wearing his glasses again, backing off from his feelings, all the while helping hye sung become a better lawyer. I like that dynamic in their relationship. I hope they stay good friends, as the writer intends.

    • 7.2 alua

      Having watched too many dramas, seeing Hyesong put food on Oska’s spoon with her chopsticks only made me think “Indirect kiss! Indirect kiss! No!”

  8. zsa

    I think the last fallout would be knowing about SH’s father, that would be the last test to their love. We’ll just have to see whether HS can overcome that, but if played well, that very reason could solidify their love. I hope for the latter….

    enough of that….SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    Now this the right order of things!!! Amen!

  9. mrshobbes

    This drama will be the death of me, I swear. I thought nothing could be better than Original Recipe Suha coming back. I was wrong. Original Recipe Suha with a Side of Blissfully in Love just wrenches my heart in all kinds of good ways.

    The confession scene just gutted me because Suha’s reaction and kiss–that was such a little boy’s reaction! Imagine, for the first time in 11 years, someone confesses to liking him. I love how LJS played the nuances of the confession scene with his eyes and that smile, GAH.

    I am just really grateful this episode gave fans all kinds of awesome, giddy feels. Yes, a part of me is all tensed up for (likely) next week’s fallout/s, but for now, for today, I’ll take the lovely love 🙂

    • 9.1 TheTofurkey

      I am also dreading next week’s probable fallout. I just want our characters to be happy. I could literally watch two hours of fluffy cuteness between Su-ha and Hye-sung each week and be perfectly content. I don’t need the drama.

      • 9.1.1 bee

        About the fallout, I agree with you both, but I try to be possitive: usually when there is a fallout a couple of episodes before the end, then happiness will follow, right? Right?

        • TheTofurkey

          It better!

    • 9.2 Chloe

      But…just think about this: Choong ki and Sung bin have been waiting for years too, pining for their respective unrequited love!

    • 9.3 pogo

      co-signed on everything you said, especially about Original Recipe Su-ha just getting even better with the reciprocated feelings.

      And LJS’s expression is what MAKES that entire confession scene, the way his face changes when she admits she likes him as a man (awwww, puppyyyyyy!!!) to when he walks away and then runs back for the hug and kiss (adorable happy puppy making this noona soon)….it just kills me.

      He keeps up at this rate, he’s going to be the death of me, being a wee bit in love with Kim Woo Bin is bad enough, I can’t be in love with him too! (though objectively, of the two LJS is the better actor)

  10. 10 Smile134

    I was literally screaming YEAHHHHH!!!! when Soo-ha ran back to Hye-sung. This scene totally makes my day ^^

  11. 11 TheTofurkey

    Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!! I am truly fan girdling here, and that NEVER happens. What has this drama done to me????

    Also, this part just killed me:

    “I won’t ever look at your eyes again, ever. You can just use my eyes in court. And if… you don’t want that either… if you never want to see me again… I’ll do that too. Just let me stay by your side until Min Joon-gook is caught.”


    Thanks for the recap! I have been waiting anxiously all day for it. I’m so happy it’s here!

    • 11.1 KDaddict

      It pains me to watch Suha in Repentance mode: eyes on the floor, walks 3 step behind, looking like he’s abt to cry. LJS plays it so well. That must be the ultimate Come-to-Noonja look.

      If he is That dejected when she is only mad w him, can you imagine how bad it’d be if they don’t end up together?
      He won’t be able to take it. I know I won’t!

      • 11.1.1 TheTofurkey

        I know, he makes it nearly impossible to stay mad at him! He truly does resemble a puppy. And only sadists like to hurt puppies.

        • zsa

          and Hye Sung is not a sadist is she? Hahaha…I love love love your comment!

  12. 12 mandakins

    If Su ha and Hye sung don’t end up together….. someone is gonna get hurt! LOL

    • 12.1 blegh

      “somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad”

      • 12.1.1 azfih

        If they don’t end up together I feel like my brain would explode! I have a bad feeling about them though… especially because Soo Ha looks so cute and crazy in love. If some one dies in this show like Soo Ha or Jjang, regardless of who it is, even if it is someone like Lawyer Shin or the pretty paralegal I think everyone is gonna be so heartbroken… Please show don’t go there!!!

        • Chloe

          I think i’m in love with the pretty paralegal…

          • Ennayra

            Pretty the paralegal is very pretty. 🙂

      • 12.1.2 Z

        I see what you did there with that quote! Love it! Now I’m gonna have to go watch old Russel Peters videos on youtube.

      • 12.1.3 Brandi

        “Somebody. I’m not going to say who. But I think you know him really well.”

        I love Russell Peters.

  13. 13 Celery

    “He walks away with this giant shit-eating grin on his face, and then stops.”

    Well, there’s a giant shit-eating grin on my face now for that sentence cos’ it. is. so. apt.

  14. 14 dramacafe

    I really love how subtle the approach is for this episode and yet it packs a wallop of an impact!

    How can anyone forget that confession, I was watching and squealing like there’s no tomorrow when HS finally said…as a man.

    What made the confession even more awesome is SH thanking him with a kiss!!! A thank you kiss is more amazing that saying I love back and kissing that person…just sayin’.

    Rooting for all the characters! Well, except Judge Seo, Hwang Dal Joong’s wife and MJG.

    • 14.1 Nanaki

      I loved that it was a ‘thank you’ kiss as well. It’s heartbreaking, but in the way that your heart bursts because it’s so full.

    • 14.2 lynn

      I have a really hard time wrapping my head around Hwang’s wife as written.

      They really really want Hwang to be the sympathetic character, but IRL the woman who is willing to self-amputate to get her daughter out of a bad home situation is not the bad guy.

      Likewise, the estranged husband who then knifes her upon finding her really should not be acquitted.

      …unless they are going for ‘it wasn’t me, he knifed herself to frame me’ in which case blerg…she’s clearly being written to fill the hole in the plot, not as a character.

      So I still can’t really say I hate her because there is no her to hate.

      • 14.2.1 Ennayra

        I’m with you on this one. How bad is someone’s home life for them to cut off their own hand and go into hiding for 26 years? And now it’s looking like she might die, so HDJ really will have killed his wife. I wish we had more backstory, and I can’t judge this ill-fated couple until we get more of it.

        • Ennayra

          By “judge” I mean the law can’t judge. Not me personally.

  15. 15 Kyuviko

    Thank you GF! It’s always great to read your recaps!

    Another 2 sweet eps! They manage to make the drama looks so good until now, I hope we do get a good ending as well.

    I love the part where Su-ha looks like a puppy who did something wrong, yet loyally followed behind Hye-sung to send her to work. I’m surprised Hye-sung accepted him just overnight. She must have love him so much now, she doesn’t want to let him suffer for too long. Awwww so sweet!

  16. 16 harukogirl


    Yeah, that about sums it up for me

    XD *dies*

  17. 17 On a QIHM High

    EEEEEEEEEEEE! So. Well. Done. Can I hug this writer? I was so terrified for this episode because I thought it’d let me down but nope, it hit all the right beats. Also, I’m really happy that Kwan-woo is back to his earnest self. He’s not writing himself as one of those damned second leads and I’m so glad (mind you, puppy is still the only one for HS!)

    So many laugh out loud moments too, and the cameos were great! Also, no characters are getting lost in the dust. PUPPY IS AWESOME! And I love when he’s happy…it makes me all giddy inside. LJS, I hope you realize how many hearts you’ve enticed.

    I actually love the pace and the subtle growth in each character. I feel like these characters are real people around me and I understand where they’re coming from and what they’re doing. I even like the court scenes!

  18. 18 ilikemangos

    I don’t mind the extension if we get character developments and more shippy moments between the OTP.
    What can i say? Su-ha and hye sung are my favorite OTP of 2013 so far.
    The official confession was so perfect on hye sung’s part because she was honest and straightforward with all her feelings.

    • 18.1 On a QIHM High

      After the misleading preview (damn you PD, playing with our feeble hearts), I was uber happy how the scene played out. 100 points for honest confessions! (one of the things I liked about MY in DAC too).

      I haven’t loved a drama relationship this much other than QIHM (and so far this has less angst and more cute, so it might even top QIHM).

      • 18.1.1 the68monkey

        This drama is definitely up there with QIHM and my all-time favorite drama, Coffee Prince. But please don’t like IHYV even more, because then you’ll have to change your name to On a IHYV High! 😀

        • On a QIHM High

          HAHAHAHA didn’t even think of that. But don’t worry, I’m planning to stay loyal to QIHM 🙂

          • Kaybee

            QIHM??? Abbreviations gets me…

          • ilikemangos

            Queen In Hyun’s Man.

      • 18.1.2 Kidsname

        I agree . I usually watch the drama and read the recap but yesterday preview made me think of reading first since i didn’t think i will be able to handle HS rejection. I wished that i didn’t see the preview because that would have made the next 24 hours bearable.

        But somehow i managed to make myself watch and i am happy that it wasn’t what i expected

      • 18.1.3 jaglaine

        I agree with you. QIHM and IHYV definitely top the list. I’ve watched the last 3 episodes over and over and I still can’t get enough…

  19. 19 j

    Love the cameos.

  20. 20 DDee

    gf, i think you’ve outdone yourself with this awesome recap! and yes, total squeefest this epi was. i love how this relationship is going places so unexpectedly fast.

  21. 21 lemon84

    I don’t know whatto say..it’s a mind blowing!!! I’m kind of scared to know / watch another 4 episode… and seriously I pity lawyer cha… and really hope the extra 2 ep didn’t ruin the whole story..pleaseeeeee

  22. 22 PollyRose

    This ep was almost all Hye-sung for me in the best way. She really manages to stay true to herself even while growing and it’s amazing! She totally subverted my expectations quite a few times:
    -Confessing to Su-ha (happy squeels!)
    -Refusing to give into fear of MJG, screaming at him rather than crying like I’d probably be doing
    -Her genuine concern that Do-yeon would get hurt
    -And finally her self-realization about truth and regret

    Su-ha definitely continues to heart tug and I fear for what’s coming next. The extension isn’t helping matters because I have this irrational fear that they are too happy now so it can’t last, and not just in a “We need conflict to keep the show rolling” kind of way. I don’t like my happy with a side of worry and doubt.

    Someone else said it already, but I’ll reiterate…every time I saw Hye-sung interacting with Kwan-woo I got nervous, worried that with our happy time for Su-ha here so early, maybe they are getting it out of the way to make room for other happenings later.

    Ugh…too many emotions…I’m going back to the earlier episodes to tide me over til next week. Sure there’s conflict there too, but I already know what’s coming and can just sit back and enjoy the cute 🙂

    • 22.1 the68monkey

      “every time I saw Hye-sung interacting with Kwan-woo I got nervous”

      I seriously wanted to yell out “NO, NO NO!” at the screen while the two of them were eating lunch together, Hye-sung feeding him. Yuck. But it’s also hard to hate the guy. I like Cha, but not with Hye-sung. Stick to your principles, dude, and forget about the girl.

      I’m so worried about what Hye-sung tells Su-ha, as GF recapped: “there are all sorts of reasons why we don’t work, and I think that at some point we have to get over these feelings…” NOOOOOOO!

      Please tell me that Hye-sung is 1% more sure that the feelings she and Su-ha have for each other are much more important than any of those other “all sorts of reasons.” If the two of them don’t end up together, I will have lost my faith in K-dramas’ ability to make me happy, ever again!

      • 22.1.1 PollyRose

        Gah, that statement about needing to get over their feelings someday scared the heck out of me. I’m all about embracing the now too, but I feel like that line is going to come back and haunt us.

        Great point about the 1% though. When the time comes that she’s struggling, thinking that she has to get over him now, she’ll remember that not being with him will be a bigger regret…though I think we’d all agree that she’d be regretting it by a whole heck of a lot more than 1% 🙂 Don’t go there writer!

        Ha, and funny thought that occurred to me that kinda ties in with the regret theme: Imagine the extra regret that Do-yeon should be feeling about not testifying…she could have been the one to get Su-ha 🙂 Not that I’d have our OTP anyone other than HS-SH, but just sayin’…

      • 22.1.2 jjangnisa

        Same here.

        i really like Cha. his kindness and his flaws. i can accept that.
        but i am going nervous everytime he’s with hye sung.
        is the writer will break su ha’s heart?

        i can’t deny that hye sung have chemistry with both guys..
        with different feels.

        • Mohammed

          Im not worried about Cha anymore, Hye Sung has clearly choosen Su Ha as the ones she has romantic feelings for.

          She can break up with Su Ha for other reasons like secrets but not for Cha. The writing wouldnt make sense when its clear who she wants of Su Ha and Cha.

          Im glad Cha is being friend zoned by Hye Sung. Its too late in the series for the heroine not to be sure who she wants.

      • 22.1.3 Chloe

        it’s not the “reasons why we don’t work” part of her confession speech that gets me, but what girlfriday recapped above as, “I have so many thoughts now that I don’t want uncovered. I feel like every time they’re found out, I’ll resent you. And then when I think about that resentment hurting you, that’s horrible. ”

        it’s really a harbinger of what is to come when Su-ha finally reveals the truth behind MJG’s killing and how it all started from Su-ha’s dad. HS may have feelings on how she blames Su-ha, and possibly even resents him, and he’ll read these feelings of resentment and get hurt.

      • 22.1.4 pogo

        I actually saw that scene, and all their interactions in this ep, as a return to their pre-dating relationship, when they were just colleagues. Only now they’re colleagues and friends, and I like that she can help him eat and work with him without being in a bind about her feelings.

  23. 23 Kandiboo

    Refreshing every 20 mins at work and trying to peek thru my fingers.. But GAHHH!!! Fangurl! If the reality of noona/dongsaeng relationships were that cute (especially with their age gap, which I presume to be more than 5 years)… Then I am sure lots of people might consider jumping in~

    HS and SH, too cute!!!

  24. 24 Raine

    Best episode thus far. I think there is a huge difference between me who is just watching, and you, who has to watch and analyze. This episode was just so packed with goodness that I didn’t notice the pacing change AT ALL. It was gloriously good.

    I also love how she’s starting to voice her thoughts more. When she congratulates herself, she does it aloud this time. Or, she takes her time to steam and stew, them comes to talk about it with him.

    And about him keeping truths from her. She understands him and WHY he does. That’s the beauty of her. she gets where he’s coming from and doesn’t judge him for it. And then what he does with his ability is also beautiful.

    This is the best episode for me BY FAR! Just drama gold. I rewound almost every other scene in it. Wonderful. So happy. Soooo happy.

  25. 25 Z

    1) Yeah for Hyesung breaking KDrama law and not running away when things got awkward. I was totally cheering when she did her awesome confession and when he ran back and kissed her. I’ve never been on the Hyesung/Suha ship and I’m still not. But if I have to watch that boat sail then I like that they are doing it without dragging out the angst.

    2) I am very much still the captain of the Hyesung/Oska ship after that adorable little lunch date that they had.

    3) Hyesung and Doyeon were totally rocking their outfits today. Especially that purple dress Hyesung was wearing early in the episode.

    4) I am dying to know how exactly Daddy Park “killed” Min Joongook’s wife. I wish they would give us some more clues but I’m also glad that there is still some mystery left. I am a bit disappointed that everyone is just taking the crazy killer’s word for it instead of doing a little digging and seeing if they can figure out what really went down.

    5) So sad for Suha when he read Choonki’s thought’s. I’m hoping it was just the jealousy speaking.

    6) I laughed out loud when they did that dramatic close up of Lawyer Oska taking off his glasses and it was so obvious that there were no lenses in them.

    • 25.1 Z

      7) I was yelling at my TV screen every time Suha hesitated on Telling Hyesung the truth. And, honestly, I don’t understand why it is that big a deal. Even Lawyer Oska admitted that she wouldn’t look at Suha any different and I agree. I don’t even see what would potentially hurt her feelings about it. I guess they are thinking that she would hate Suha because the whole situation is his father’s fault and I could possibly see that given her response to him when her mom died. But, she got over that pretty quick and I have faith that she would do the same when she hears this news.

      I really hope he tells her everything early in the next episode. To be honest, Daddy Park’s secret doesn’t have much dramatic tension for me because it seems pretty obvious that it was more of an indirect thing that Min Joongook has taken to the extreme. Sure, I’m curious about what the whole story is but I’m not at all worried that it’s going to be some kind of tragic dealbreaker.

      • 25.1.1 jicachan

        I soooo agree with you. It’s not such a big deal. Just tell her and let us move on….

    • 25.2 Z

      8) I can’t believe I forgot be mention the Big Role Reversal between Hyesung and Judge Daddy. Such a great moment. I don’t even feel a little bit bad for that terrible old dude. I do feel bad for Doyeon but, once her world is shattered maybe that will be the catalyst for her and Hyesung to finally HUG IT OUT AND BE BESTIES!!!!

    • 25.3 ilikemangos

      This couple is such a breath of fresh air because of all the k-drama rules they’re breaking one episode at a time.
      There’s none of that dragged out angst or misunderstandings that bog down episodes.
      One of the reasons why i love the pacing of IHYV is because our OTP works together and any conflict they have is easily resolved because the other steps up by being honest and admitting they’re wrong or sorry.
      It’s just so great. The show focuses more on conflicts that matter and hold more importance.

      for your number 4 — same here. i think su-ha’s dad probably had an indirect hand at the death of min joon gook’s wife. I don’t think he really killed her — as in physically kill her himself. That would just break puppy su-ha because the only memories of his father were happy ones. we’ll be finding out soon!

      The fact that kwan-woo’s glasses don’t have lens is just hilarious. It’s all for show, that dorky exterior.

      • 25.3.1 alua

        As long as they don’t break all drama rules – you know, like the one that takes the girl’s hand rather than wrist grabs, or the one that piggybacks her all the way home, is the one who gets the girl in the end.

        The whole thing with Suha’s dad: we are being kept almost completely in the dark, with only some hints that seem to spell out the worst. I’m not going to believe any of it until they reveal the whole situation, because I also think he didn’t kill physically.

        And the hiding from Hyesong… I understand it and I don’t. Because, in the end, whatever Suha’s dad did is not Suha’s fault. Yes, it would be a shock if Suha’s dad started it all, but it’s a chain of events, one thing following another, with tragic things occurring… but in the end, you have to let it go. Especially because Suha is innocent in all this.

        Given from what we’ve seen with Hyesong, in general but particularly in this episode, I would think she could handle the truth and would love Suha just as much.

      • 25.3.2 pogo

        I knew they were breaking kdrama rules right in episode 6, when they had that fall-on-top-of-each other moment over his report card, and there was no lying on top of each other and getting awkward.

        Same with the police academy flyer scene last ep – even though there are reciprocated feelings by this time, they don’t resort to cliche – and it’s a great decision, to have an OTP that is so comfortable with each other, it makes the whole relationship more real somehow.

    • 25.4 zhill

      I don’t think Soo-ha’s dad killed Joon-gook’s wife. It could be a buisness deal gone bad, and she killed herself.

      • 25.4.1 Kappy

        I don’t think so either. The translation of MJG’s outburst was something like, “…because of his (Su Ha’s father’s) cunning words… he killed her.” Maybe he was a lawyer. Ooo, another lawyer thrown into the mix. Would fit..

    • 25.5 boholanna

      Love the fashion in this drama. Great outfits on the lawyers. And, where can we get those handbags?

  26. 26 Min

    i SQUEED sooo much when she told him that she likes him as a man…. god I think everybody’s eardrums ruptured at my house… heh

  27. 27 Nanaki

    This show has made me its bitch and I don’t even care. I really wasn’t expecting Hye-Sung to come around so fast. That made my day (week, month, and quite possibly year).

    • 27.1 CupidinLove

      Preach, preacher!!!

  28. 28 nonski

    thank you so much GF! you just don’t know how you are making my day every wednesday and thursday! 🙂

    i know a lot of people here will agree with me that a lot of us just fainted, just about died, fainted again, swooned and more swooning last night!!!!

    this is the most awesome episode by far in terms of skinship and there’s plot development too!

    i’ve reeling from the way HS told SH cuz really the preview the other night made me worry what HS would actually tell SH. 🙂 it was such a relief!

  29. 29 MariD

    I want her wardrobe, all those pink dresses and cute skirts. Ok sometimes kdramas are clothes porn for me.

    Dear show, did you just give us 2 happy episodes because next week you are going to break our hearts?

    Oh and there’s nothing better than happy puppy. The lift and kiss *sigh love love love

    On telling the lawyer the truth about her parents. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but when it comes to blames it all goes to the Judge. If he was a better man, he could had gone and apologize to the man in jail. We already know that he is not going to get any sort of punishment, so why not do it. Why could he not save his daughter the pain?

    • 29.1 KC

      Anyone have any idea what company her clothes are from? I second the clothes porn comment – I would like to buy those work dresses she wore in this episode!

      • 29.1.1 Ennayra

        I know! The pink one with the tan belt was my favorite. I think half the reason I first became addicted to Kdramas is the clothing.

  30. 30 SopheaJane

    I felt the same too… the pace is slow.. eventhough, it doesnt loose its momentum plot-wise.. but it does lost its momentum in its pacing throughout the episodes… seriously, extending episodes does ruin a bit of this story.. I just hope for a solid and justified ending and just bear with a-little-slow-pace-than-before future episodes… It suddenly made me feel non-excited to watch next episode… 18 episodes is way too long for k-drama. Because each episode is 60 minutes pack without ads… Today’s episode does not loose its grip on storyline, but, slow-pacing… which reminds me of Gu Family Book and made me afraid of future episodes…

    *still traumatized from Gu Family Book*

  31. 31 MikaSan123

    Okay, can someone PLEASE explain what happened with Doyeon and Hyesung and the whole fireworks incident in the past? I mean I’ve been so confused ever since we found out that the photo evidence that convicted MJG in the first trial (the picture taken by the cellphone) was falsified. I remember Judge Seo saying something like, Doyeon was just doing the same thing as what Hyesung was doing: she made up evidence to catch the culprit. But the thing is, Doyeon lied when Hyesung wasn’t the culprit and when she didn’t know who the real culprit was, whereas Hyesung lied when she DID know who the culprit was and when MJG really WAS the culprit so that MJG would be caught. I don’t get how that’s part of the same logic because Hyesung wasn’t the culprit and MJG WAS the culprit. I don’t get how Judge Seo says he figured out that Hyesung was the culprit of the fireworks incident (when she wasn’t), although I guess he’s not one of our reasonable characters anymore, now that he’s doing everything to keep his reputation alive. I’m just left wondering, why hadn’t the young-Hyesung ever posed the same question to Judge Seo that she had asked young-Doyeon: Why didn’t you avoid it if you saw me shooting the fireworks towards you? So confused.

    • 31.1 Bengbeng

      I think it has something to do with the law and the court. Doyeon was the one who testified against Hyesung and nobody has ever proven her wrong, therefore, HS is the culprit. Judge Seo knows that DY is lying but since nobody rebutted her on that fact, and all the evidence (DY and the other eyewitnesses) all pointed to HY, then even though he knows about the lies, he can’t do anything about it but follow the evidence, being the judge and lawyer that he is.

      re MJG, HY knows the truth, but her evidence is unacceptable. But still she talk about it in the court and MJG reacted on it, which made him look guilty. If only he stuck to his lies. That is the difference between DY and MJG. DY stuck to her lies while MJG reacted to the truth.

    • 31.2 Z

      Judge Seo believes that Hyesung did shoot Doyeon in the eye and Doyeon believed it at the time, too (at least I think… I can’t remember if she saw the other girl shoot her or not). He knows that Doyeon did not actually see Hyesung shoot her but he is willing to accept her falsified testimony if that means that the culprit will be caught. His idea of justice is to punish the criminal at any cost, even if the means are unjust. That’s why he said that what Hyesung did was the same thing as what Doyeon did. Both used a lie to expose the “truth”… it’s just that, in Doyeon’s case, it really wasn’t the truth.

      • 31.2.1 skinnymocha

        But I can’t really trust the words of Judge Seo, and what if he was spewing crap and lying to Hye-sung that day? What if he’s just trying to protect Do-yeon no matter what the cost is? I just can’t help it, but I get the feeling that Judge Seo knows the truth (and turning a blind eye to it – just like the way he dealt with Dal-joong’s case).

        Also, that day he ignored Do-yeon at the bus stop. Was he simply disappointed in her for not coming forth as a witness or was there more to it? Maybe she’s a constant reminder of the mistakes/failures he’s made, especially as she was used as a bargaining chip to keep up his reputation… And on that same day, he had to go against his “morals” (not that it looked he had much to begin with) yet again and lie to Hye-sung. It was probably a bitter pill for him to swallow.

        Or I REALLY am over-thinking this and things are just as you said.

    • 31.3 KimYoonmi

      It’s perjury in court either way. Simple. Don’t make it more complex in your head than that.

  32. 32 cloudyskies

    This show hurts so good…really enjoyed all the small, realistic and warm fuzzy moments, this may end up as my all time favourite Kdrama.

  33. 33 mikan

    Thank you for the wonderful recap girlfriday.
    I think I just found my new favorite episode — although that seems to change quite often with this drama.
    I love how much this drama does not draw out the angsty moments for as long as possible.
    I can’t wait for next week’s episodes, but at the same time I’m dreading that the end is so near. 🙁

  34. 34 Bengbeng

    thanks GF, I love your comments so much, read it thrice =). This will be my new line borrowed from you “Who ever said you had to be modest while becoming a better person?”

    Stay beautiful!

  35. 35 On a QIHM High

    Can the next four episodes center their conflict around Do-yeon/other characters? Can the OTP just stay how they are – cute and perfect? I don’t want any dramatic separations/misunderstandings 🙁 I’m dreading it so much.

    • 35.1 SweetPea

      I can’t get over how perfect everything was this episode.

      On the other hand, I’m also scared/anxious of the angst that’s to come. IHYV has already broken many typical kdrama rules so far, but I’m still on the edge of my seat given the extension and all. If extension just means more incredible character development and relationship building scenes like today, I will be over the moon.

      Please, show. Don’t stop now! Hwaiting! 😉

    • 35.2 Kazoo

      That’s my biggest fear as well, that with the extra episodes they will use that time to separate our OTP and won’t reunite them again until after a time jump at the very end. That would be disppointing for a show that has been subverting the cliches and also seems to understand what a special pair they have in SU and HS.

  36. 36 Kris

    Thank you Lord Jesus and writer nim for a strong, beautiful, complex, work in progress K-drama female lead in Hye Sung! Her growth in each episode is so amazing to watch. That heartfelt and honest confession to Su Ha; the way she struggles and makes a firm decision to do “the right thing”; her dogged determination to seek the truth; even her growing empathy toward frenemy Do Yeon–we see her grow more awesome in each episode, and she knows it!

    And our male lead, how do you manage to look like an adorable puppy and a sexy beast simultaneously?! LJS, seriously, you do to our beating hearts what you do to this show’s rating! You are more than just a pretty face, you are definitely beyond a flower boy. This boy can act! Fierce. And that walk, looking like you are stepping right off of the catwalk.

    I don’t mind the uber cute scenes in building the OTP’s romance. We are sailing along with you guys, so ship don’t sink us now! Writer nim and producers won’t hear the end of it if you hurt/kill either of these two characters. That is a promise, not a threat!

    • 36.1 KimYoonmi

      Uhh… I think Jesus has better things to do than check in with a drama and inspect the writing of an atheist writer…

      Separation between Kingdom of Man and Kingdom of Heaven… yeah, I would think there are more important things.

      But this episode was filled with lots of cute, which means terrible is coming soon.

      And it’s a Rom Com mostly, not a melodrama. Aristotle’s rules about tragedy v. comedy apply here. And it’s not a Chinese mainland drama either.

      • 36.1.1 Kris

        Interesting that you have taken a literal approach to my common phrase of expression, “Thank you Jesus…” I’m not talking about Kingdom of Heaven vs. Kingdom of Man, as Kingdom of K-drama is in its own orbital universe.

        But you never know, maybe Jesus is rooting for the rom-com ending…just because the writer is an athiest, can’t mean they are not in communication. We can’t presume these things. Unless of course, wait…re you Jesus? 🙂

        • BadBob

          Many people find the “Thank you Jesus” phrase objectionable; non-believers for obvious reasons and believers for using it it in a comment on something (KDrama) that is trivial. Best to avoid it.

          Having said that, this is a good show. My Korean wife is sure that the pretty boy must have had plastic surgery.

  37. 37 applecookie

    Personally, I think Min Joon-gook actually is misunderstood about Su-ha’s father having been the driving force for his wife’s death. It may turn out that he was wrong, that all of his terrorizing and murdering was for naught – and since he’s far passed the point of redemption, the only way for justice is for him to die as well. On the same vein of thought that some Korean viewers seem to have, I don’t believe that it’s okay for him to be given a legitimate motive to be committing such atrocities, ….because he’s been committing such atrocities. No amount of wrongdoing that is done to oneself can justify retaliation by their own hands; it plays nicely with Hye-sung’s motif of: “The moment you act out of revenge, you’re no longer the victim, but the murderer.” Many of the court cases we’ve seen actually deal with the same idea, like Dong-yi’s and the twins’. Whether Min Joon-gook is vindicated in his crimes in that it was Su-ha’s father’s fault or not, the truth is that he is now irredeemable because of that. Villains like him tend to take their way out via suicide, which I can see for someone like him. What a horribly tragic character.

    • 37.1 the68monkey

      “Villains like him tend to take their way out via suicide, which I can see for someone like him”

      Min Joon-gook seemed genuinely surprised when Su-ha refused to kill him at the fishery. He even let him live, telling the grandpa to take him in. Yet in the end, his need for revenge overtook him, and he had to let Su-ha get arrested to complete his full plan of revenge against Hye-sung, as well.

      In the end, this character has nothing to live for other than his revenge. If the police don’t get him, I think you’re right — he’ll do himself in.

    • 37.2 PollyRose

      I think what we’ll be getting is the explanation, not the excuse. Regardless of his motivation, nothing could justify his actions. He’s the one who made his own choices. Even if, IF, Su-ha’s dad did somehow play a role, significant or otherwise, in his wife’s death, MJG chose how he wanted to respond. Whether or not he’ll truly understand that…Like you said, he seems to be the type that will be looking for death at the end. Tragic indeed.

      • 37.2.1 On a QIHM High

        Yeah, that seems to have been especially emphasized when Su-ha didn’t kill him. That he had a choice. And he made the choice to become a murderer.

        • Thursdaynexxt

          Yep. And that’s why it’s so significant that Su-ha’s choice was to keep his promise to Hye-sung, not to kill MJG – even if it there was only a 1% difference in making his choice.

    • 37.3 jicachan

      Even IF SH’s father did kill his wife, didn’t MJG already kill the father and had his revenge?

      Going after HS and SH is just revenge because they got him into jail and had less to do with his rage from what happened to his wife.

      I think people can hate enough to want revenge, to take punishment in their own hands, but then they have made the choice to become a murderer, therefore should face the consequences, but MJG doesn’t. He doesn’t seem to regret what he’s done and only put the blame on others. I think he is a psychopath who LIKE to make his victim suffer, so I have not sympathy with him whatsoever, even with what would have happened with his wife in the past.

      But then, he is a villain with a complex character, he isn’t only our “usual” psychopath. Btw, missed him in this episode. What is he doing?

  38. 38 stars4u

    It’s a surprise how fast Hye-sung faced Su-ha about her feelings which makes me love her character all the more! I thought they were going to stretch that part due to the extension but I guess the secret about Su-ha’s dad would suffice. Just like what Lawyer Cha said about Hye-sung changing the way she treats Su-ha when she finds out how it all started.

  39. 39 Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap! Absolutely loved this episode and I’m not going to say it was slow or boring cause I personally enjoy when no one dies. Less tension, a lot of cute: Fits me perfectly.
    Calling puppy a monster: WUT? He is the first annoyed and I think he didn’t take too much advantage of the situation: I would have done worst…
    I love how he lets her breathe and digest the news. She can’t stay angry because it’s just impossible. The bus scene was great because you see her all cold and then the happy music begins and you know it’s the end of her pouting.
    HS’s confession, sincere and a bit clumsy: Love it. The way he reacts, all happy and proud. Then he is parading with his woman like a puppy with its new toy. Gah, I can’t. By the way: I love LJS’s hands. I could stare at them all day.
    About the Big LIE: We know we will take it right in the face later. I’ll prepare calming tea for that.
    The cameos: Loved this.

    • 39.1 PollyRose

      Ha, an episode where no one dies is just fine by me too 🙂

      And about that calming tea…where can one purchase this…say, in bulk? Gah, fallout…there’s always gotta be fallout.

    • 39.2 ilikemangos

      An episode where no one gets stabbed/bludgeoned/attacked in any way shape or form is fine by me at this point because i’m still recovering from the intensity of a roller coaster this show put me on. (I have a weak stomach)

    • 39.3 Kappy

      Yes, I third the motion of no one dying being a good thing (except MJG). Puppy is the furthest thing from a monster I can think of. So happy to see him and HS have their sweet moments and so, so wonderful and refreshing to hear her confession to him now rather than holding out ’til the last few minutes in the last epi. Although I do fear what others have expressed…pain and sadness in the next epi? Hope not, with all my might.

      Also hoping that the 2-epi extension doesn’t make things go all crazy and Peyton Place on us. Can I join you for the calming tea?

      Love LJS’s hands, too. You noticed.

    • 39.4 FairyTail

      Seriously guys, “an episode where no one dies”? For a moment there I felt like I was reading a recap for A Game of Thrones (actually I don’t think there are any such episodes in there…)
      But I agree that extra cute moments always make you suspicious that something terrible’s going to happen next!

      p.s. Sorry for reviving this discussion 2 years late. I just finished watching the show and felt compelled to talk about it. 🙂

  40. 40 DramaFan100

    I don’t mind the pacing. I know the heartpounding tension is not the same as before but I love the romance and character interactions. I am suspicious about all the love they are making us feel. Remember how they made us love the mom? That feeling itself is making me tense.

    • 40.1 Nanaki

      Yeah, once I got past the initial squee I developed a two-sided reaction to this episode. One side is basically, ‘ilubthisshowsooooomuchsquee’ and the other one is, ‘extrapolating on this character interaction, with this line of dialogue and bolstered by several years of kdrama viewing, I really, really do not like where this is (could be) going. Shit.’

      • 40.1.1 Thursdaynexxt

        Haha, love this very scientific analysis of k-dramas!

        • jaglaine

          Yep. Our intelligence expended on this. Imagine that. My friends shake their heads and can’t fathom it.

  41. 41 Mee-Ra

    Su-Ha needs to quits this surprise kissess and just do that intense passionately I’m-all-yours-foreva kiss. 😀
    I mean, for the sake of rest assuring her dally doubting feeling (still, she thinks of him as 1%? come on!)

    • 41.1 bunni3

      I believe she thinks of it as 1% MORE. Like when she’s struggling with decisions, the thing that she “thinks” is right has 1% more (more like 49-51 instead of 50-50).

  42. 42 Penny

    Aaah!! They’re together! Finally! Love him. Love her. Love them. Love this show. Love this site. So much good stuff. Thanks gf!

    • 42.1 dani305

      I love the way she realize that it doesn’t matter how complicated things can look on the outside. They love each other so they should just enjoy the moments they have together. Life is too short and esp. more so in a drama.

      • 42.1.1 ilikemangos

        Yes. Some of those lines were what made her confession so perfect.
        Being honest, looking each other in the eyes, and enjoying each other day-by-day is such a great message. Instead of worrying about what others think or looking into the future, just go with your feelings and be happy.

  43. 43 Alex

    Thanks for another wonderful recap, always embedding a great deal of heart and fun and thoughtfulness!

    I am not familiar with Korean dramas, so I am not sure if the way the narrative method is quite common? Something I noticed in Ep. 13 and 14 are that Suha seems to be narrating from a ex-post perspective, almost like he’s either reading from past entries in his diary/memoir, or that someone else is reading his diary. Examples are

    – on the bus, his voice-over said something to the effect “AT THAT MOMENT, your mouth lied but your eyes told the truth”.
    – at the end of ep 14, quoting GF: “Su-ha finishes his narration: “BUT ONE DAY, my Jjang D’Arc was—more than me, who sees the truth—chasing the truth.””

    I don’t remember if this sort of voice-over narrative happened with past episodes, but the fact I noticed these apparent idiosyncrasies now unnerved me somewhat about what’s to come for Suha or HyeSung. It felt like the way someone looks back at events in someone’s own or someone else’s life, ages later, from a diary, but either the diary writer or the subject that the diary focuses on is no longer there.

    Or am I thinking too much?

    • 43.1 risa

      I get where you’re coming from but I like what somebody pointed out in last night’s recap, which is that when Su Ha lost his clairaudience ability, he was able to become much more in tune with his own thoughts since he wasn’t being bombarded by everyone else’s. Now that he has his superpower back, he’s still overwhelmed by others’ thoughts at times, but not to the extent that he’s lost touch with his own internal dialogue. (Hence the voiceovers that began this week.)

    • 43.2 applecookie

      I tend to agree with you on that last bit. When I was looking through some Korean forums about this drama, many people were mentioning that it was indeed perturbing to hear Su-ha’s narration about Hye-sung in past tense, as though the narration were a reflection being made in regards to the past in some distant future where she isn’t around. Some people were quick to voice their heavy concerns about Hye-sung possibly being killed off (per Min Joon-gook’s “final task”)….but I don’t think that’s really a possibility. Many were senselessly robbed of their lives by this guy, so I think it’s only right for the writer to start proving to us that good will prevail. Ideally, anyway. If anything, it’s probably Su-ha and Hye-sung having been separated later on, and the show ending with them reuniting or something of that nature.

    • 43.3 Z

      They’ve done at least one episode with voiceovers from Hyesung’s perspective (the one where she wakes up in the hospital) so I think it’s just something they are interspersing though to set the tone. I think it’s a way for us to hear what the characters are thinking but to get a bigger picture since they are looking back at it from some later date.

    • 43.4 Kris

      I know EXACTLY what you mean. Episode 13 I was like, ok, we hear Su Ha’s thoughts and narration now, wonderful for the audience to hear his thoughts.

      Then the more that I listen to Episode 14, underneath all the cuteness and “fan servicing,” you can sense the foreshadowing and foreboding. The journal that Su Ha always carries around, is he (or someone else) reading from that journal? Su Ha originally referred to Hey Sun (episode 1, I believe?) as his “Jang D’Arc” (Joan of Arc), a Christian saint who, as a teenager led the French army to several important victories during the Hundred Years’ War, which paved the way for the coronation of Charles VII of France, but was burned at the stakes at 19 years old, being wrongfully accused of heresy. And at the end of Episode 14, his ominous words were ““But one day, my Jjang D’Arc was—more than me, who sees the truth—chasing the truth.”

      So what are the consequences of “chasing these truths?” Does Hye Sung (or Su Ha) die a martyr’s death in the end? Augh! I can’t help but sense that this week’s build-up means crash landing for next week.

      • 43.4.1 KimYoonmi

        I smell red herring. It’s a Rom Com.

        He might pull a Noble Idiocy… Haha.

        • Kris

          This drama was originally touted as a “rom com” along with Thriller & Suspense, Korean Drama, Action & Adventure, Drama (http://www.viki.com/tv/12147c-i-hear-your-voice).

          But with the 2-episode extension and pressure from the viewers, the finale in episode 18 might be decidedly different from the one originally planned for episode 16. I’m just hoping it’s more rom-com than thriller suspense ending.

          • KimYoonmi

            First of all, the majority of writers are not that gullible to actually follow the moods of viewers.

            Let me demonstrate a bit…

            Hong Sisters in Hong Gil Dong, explicitly knew that people would not like the ending they chose, but they went there. (Being a sageuk). It served the story well, even though it ticked me off at the time such that I accidentally ended up saving a bird. (true story).

            George RR Martin is not going to stop going fishing or doing his craft projects because people want his next book faster.

            A memoir writer (these days) isn’t going to make up their background and change it just to make the reader happy.

            I’m not going to stop putting in people of color just because it offends someone out there.

            If we writers followed the whim of viewers, it would be one boring and cut up story. It would be 1 hour of Su Ha kissing HS, but I’d get bored.

            This writer isn’t so ephemeral and without some grounding in understanding that you need to work for an against the viewers in order to ultimately please them.

            Viewers don’t know what they want since there are so many and they vary so much.

            We writers serve one master, that’s story. The Audience is the second master after story, for adjustments, but not in lieu of the story. We do not abandon story for audience, otherwise we’d be stand up comics. =P (Or LSS’s birth mother…)

          • Spot

            Kdramas, especially towards the end serve one master, the ratings. Men in suits control. Hence two more episodes.

            But in the final episode the producers can screw the audience and the story if they want. High Kick 2.

            This show is set up for a bad ending. Extreme go all the way positions have been stated by the two leads and the bad guy. Su Ha won’t murder no matter what. Really? How will that be tested?

            Going against that is what makes the show popular, the relationship between the two leads. Whatever the ending I am most curious about whether it will make any sense or leave much of the audience going, huh? Kdrama doesn’t have a good record on endings. Will the fictional end justify the fictional evil? A mother bludgeoned to death? Foreboding is right.

          • Kris

            Spot, I don’t know why it won’t let me comment under you, but I really want to say that I totally agree with you!

            Kim Yoonmi, writers would, of course, like to think that the only master is the story, but c’mon, we know that K-drama is big business, and when it comes to business, only the bottom line matters: big money. And guess what, ratings means it’s raining money!

            Many K-drama shows have gone this route, examples that you have referred to not included (and for which I have total respect for both writers and dramas for not giving in to pressure). Even GF writes about how extensions make her nervous since the story line might suffer one way or another: Protect the Boss, Goong (snooze), heck even Gu Family Book was a big WTF ending. The point is, no mater how noble a writer’s intention is, outside forces can force the outcome of the story; not because they are gullible to follow the mood of the viewers, but because they are pressured to deliver riveting ratings week after week.

            IHYV has been 1st place consistently across all ratings since Episode 11 (TnMS and Nielsen, respectively), so that’s a lot of burden on the writer and production team’s collective shoulders. But since the drama has delivered quality product week after week, I’m hoping that the big finale will not disappoint.

        • wag-a-muffin

          Noble Idiocy NOOOOOO! I hadn’t even thought of that!

        • Alex

          I did forget it is supposed to be a rom com. A very thoughtful one at that.

          As we wait for the writer to unfold the story she intends to tell, the combined efforts of actors, production staff and fans are making the process enjoyable! (Nonetheless hoping for that ultimate happy ending!)

      • 43.4.2 Alex

        Coincidentally, Kris, a spot on radio the other day discussed the making of a French film on Jeanne d’Arc and also her legacy and life, and I remember reflecting with some foreboding of SuHa’s nickname for HyeSung…

        • jaglaine

          I think Joan of Arc is a favourite character in Kdramaland. I’ve seen quite a few Kdramas where characters would be referred to or likened to Jeanne D’Arc. I think it’s more to do with Joan of Arc’s heroism, her braveness and belief in her ideals. Rather than her dying at the stake.

  44. 44 altran

    Hmmm, I definitely had a different take on this episode than most. Definitely a scene setter, peppered with precious, too precious fluff. I’m fearful for our characters. The truth/lie dichotomy now takes the place of the victim/murderer dichotomy in the first half of the show, and it’s not boding too well for our trio. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we haven’t heard what SH’s dad did to MJG. Don’t read on if you don’t like theories!

    For Hye Sung, it’s ALWAYS been about figuring out what’s right. She wants to do what’s right and have it recognized as truth; she believes truth is right. It was what she struggled with the fireworks incident, even though she lost that spark for years after. It’s what Good Job Bear is about. It’s her strength and her source of integrity – see her badassery admitting she liked KH and SH – but it’s also her Achilles heel, as Su Ha’s final voiceover suggests. Truth is, her time without So Ha’s powers showed it wasn’t truth that she needed, but a good kick in the empathy muscles. The truth can’t solve all your problems – it creates some if the timing’s off. Still, truth is her sticking point.

    For Su Ha, he’s flipped and become jaded about truth and its “rightness.” I think he’s not entirely wrong even though we might side with Hye Sung now because she just had her little victory over Bad Judge. But I think he’s choosing the wrong thing to lie about (the breach of trust with Hye Sung that might be fatal for their relationship and because the information on what happened might avert her own mistakes), while Hye Sung is choosing the wrong thing to confess and brag about (poking the Conspiring Old Dragon while it’s down and threatened. Pay attention to your boyfriend, fearless Hye Sung!).

    I think Hye Sung might make a costly move by tapping into her need to be right, reversing the Episode 8-9 scenario. Unlike So Ha, Hye Sung has remained pure with regards to MJG. So Ha paralleled MJG in his path for revenge, but Hye Sung stopped it. But if she uses her silver tongue – as she has with Bad Judge – and causes trouble, then the two stories told by this show come full circle.

    The question is – what is she going to regret in the end? Who takes the place of Mother? And will our characters’ growth processes – as friends, as lovers, as listeners – save them from the same costly mistakes from before?

    • 44.1 PollyRose

      Thank you for verbalizing what I was feeling this episode but couldn’t find the words to express!

      I truly, truly did enjoy the happy moments…but man did I feel so apprehensive nonetheless watching this episode. It was like they were too happy and I kept waiting to see what was going to threaten it.

      I think you are right that there is a reason why we have yet to get the full story on Su-ha’s dad. Many things have come full circle or seen reversals, so this concept of words killing will have to come back up and likely through Hye-sung.

  45. 45 celloangelninja

    It’d be interesting to see what would happen if you gathered all the fans of this drama and made them watch this episode… i would bring earplugs, of course… I was squealing half the the time while watching this from the cute… Now i have to wait like another week lol… I’m going to miss this drama when it ends.. and JONG SEOK GETS A GIRL.. *mindblown*… in a good way. Thanks always for your recaps… it’s nice to have somebody sum up all my thoughts in one article.

  46. 46 Alice

    ‘I hear your voice’, raising standards in the opposite sex since 2013!
    Where can I find a Su Ha for myself?

  47. 47 panshel

    It was adorable how Su Ha made sure he was always standing behind Hye Sung and when he hurriedly spun around to avoid her eye contact. Thankfully for them, the bus driver is a fan of skinship. I laughed so hard when he fell into her lap. I accidentally spoiled the kiss for myself (grr), but I was so happy to see him happy. Our couple got awfully handsy, awfully quick.

    This show does juxtaposition really well. Su Ha debating whether to reveal the truth to Hye Sung juxtaposed with Hye Sung debating whether to reveal the truth to Do Yeon. Then Hye Sung confronting Do Yeon’s father about his secret juxtaposed with Do Yeon’s father confronting Hye Sung 11 years ago. I noticed this in yesterday’s episode too, when Kwan Woo was telling his interviewer how he learned from Hye Sung as Hye Sung was telling Do Yeon how she learned from Kwan Woo.

    I was loving our high school reunion scene with the kids lying, not knowing Su Ha already regained his memory… until Choong Ki called Su Ha an orphan. Why’d you have to go there, Choong Ki?

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    • 47.1 On a QIHM High

      It was kinda jarring to hear Choong-ki’s thoughts because his actions reflected otherwise…which is brilliant because all of a sudden we got a flash into Su-ha’s reality. We base our perceptions on outward actions but he always sees the truth behind them…and then all of a sudden we saw how deceived we had become.

      Though I hope Choong-ki doesn’t feel that way completely and is just jealous regarding Seong-bin.

      • 47.1.1 DramaFan100

        I felt terrible about that too. I kinda really enjoyed that relationship when Su-Ha could not read his mind. I really feel it was not necessary for the writer to show the reality of his condition. We already know it, don’t we? Why make it so hurtful?

        • hitoritabi

          But in a way I feel grateful that Suha has no flinch of disgust now at Choongki’s words. Maybe because he has Hyesung now, he is able to take the bitter truth a little better. At least he has one person on his side.

      • 47.1.2 pogo

        re: Joong-ki, I hope so too 🙁

        At least Sung-bin, whatever else one says about her, remained a sincere friend – I really hope Joong-ki was just resorting to the old insult out of jealousy because I don’t want him to be that nasty in his mind to my puppy 🙁

  48. 48 Amberscube

    He’s saved Kwan-woo’s number as “White Socks.”

    Hahahaha… Thank you GF for pointing this out.

    I cried tears of joy when HS confessed…. Love this couple to death.

    More skinship please!

  49. 49 risa

    Who’da thunk that something billed as being a romance-fantasy-comedy-thriller-mystery drama could so successfully weave all those genres together? IHYV is so refreshing that way. And it’s awesome that it’s getting such great ratings– unlike so many criminally underrated gems out there.

    The casting is just terrific for this show. I’ve already sung the praises of the leads and of BME (Best Mom Ever)– I feel I also have to give props to Jung Woong In who’s killing it as the killer whose expression can turn on a dime. I also really like Lee Da Hee as Do Yeon– it’s nice to see her in a more dynamic role (her character was kinda suppressed in Birdie Buddy). I don’t know if she’s done a sageuk or not, but, because of the way she carries herself, I could totally see her playing royalty in one .

    *goes back to revel in the warm fuzzies again*

    • 49.1 pogo

      Who’da thunk that something billed as being a romance-fantasy-comedy-thriller-mystery drama could so successfully weave all those genres together?

      The last show that successfully did it (romance-fantasy-horror-mystery-melo sageuk, no less) was Arang and the Magistrate. It’s great to have another, and I am so happy about the ratings, which Arang did not fare as fantastically with.

      I totally agree with your comment about Lee Da-hee and her sageuk-appropriate carriage, too.

  50. 50 LN

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as convinced about a kdrama dongseng/noona couple as I am of this pair! they are so convincing & their chemistry is undeniable! I want my own su-ha-yah!

    • 50.1 jane

      so true, I’d be so jealous if I were Jisung

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