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You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Episodes 47-48 [Open Thread]
by | August 18, 2013 | 130 Comments

I wish I had better news for you all, but the best I can offer is: This show ends in a week, so at least the next two episodes should be happy and cute? I think? I hope?

We’re dealing with mostly fallout in these two episodes as everyone finds out everything about everyone and does a lot of yelling. And crying. And moping. I get that the story needs the characters to react to the big news, but let’s just say I can’t wait until they move past the reaction phase and head back into cheerier waters. You know, next week.


So, now that the last secret is out about Mi-ryung being at the scene of the hit and run when Dad died, it’s time for everybody and their mother (and their mother) to find out, which means this week’s episodes are all about angry reacting. It’s necessary to the plot, I suppose, but also really mindlessly annoying.

Mi-ryung actually decides to confess this truth to the family, because she’ll do whatever she has to in order to make Soon-shin feel better, but she’s a step too late since Mom hears about it from the police. Grandma overhears (not that it’s hard, since Mom is screaming in the street) and collapses in shock. Not gonna lie, for a fleeting moment I wondered whether the show was doing that to make us happy, but sadly while I wouldn’t be aggrieved at a granny death, it would require the characters to care and we just don’t have time to waste on that.

Mom figures out that Soon-shin already knows and goes to collect her, telling her to come home now.

Soon-shin refuses all calls from Mi-ryung and shakes her aside coldly when Mi-ryung tries to talk. This goes on a while. A really long while. So much so that while I understand Soon-shin’s anger at Mi-ryung for being a terrible person, I’m definitely tired of her reaction to Mi-ryung. This is what the show does so terriblyβ€”it does occasionally know how to hit the right emotions, but then it drags them out and belabors them until you just want to roll your eyes at everybody.

Yeon-ah seems a bit smug at Mi-ryung’s fall, but not as smug as she used to, because the show is turning her around in the eleventh hour to soften her malicious edge. So when she snipes at Mi-ryung for being brought low, Mi-ryung points out that Yeon-ah got what she wanted, but is she really any different from Mi-ryung? Mi-ryung gives her perhaps the one piece of motherly advice she’s qualified to give, which is that forcing a thing only makes you more pathetic, because there are some things you can’t have no matter how hard you try.

Grandma goes to vent her rage on Mi-ryung for killing her son, and orders her never to see Soon-shin again. Mi-ryung accepts all the abuse silently, but she balks at that last bit and protests that she has every right to see her daughter. In fact, Soon-shin isn’t even their bloodβ€”her father wasn’t Lee Chang-hoon!

So that’s a blow, sort of, in that the family reels to learn it. But it’s one of those anticlimactic revelations, which both Mi-ryung and Soon-shin thought would mean the crumbling of the world, and yet the Lee family reaction is mostly, “So what?” I mean, Granny is still bitter and snappish, but for the most part they claim Soon-shin as theirs and tell her not to associate with her terrible mother anymore, because she doesn’t deserve the title of mother.

I… think that’s supposed to be played as heartwarming, but I admit it doesn’t sit well with me that the “good mom speech” is basically the adopted mom telling the adopted child that she should hate her bio-mom forever.

The fresh scandal hits news wires and causes a stir, because I suppose it sounds pretty seamy when you have the Big Star running away from an accident that killed the Father of her Long-Lost Biological Daughter. Unfortunately, Soon-shin gets wrapped up into the mess and some of the malicious gossip targets her, even though she had no part in anything.

Grandma gets hounded by reporters outside their house, and gets shoved to the ground. Bread Man rushes to her side and carries her back in… to which Grandma barks, “Did you think I would thank you?” Uh… no, I guess that would have been asking for too much.

The heat on Mi-ryung builds and builds, and it looks like her career is heading for the skids. Contracts are cancelled, offers rescinded, and Jun-ho’s agency will be on the hook for the huge damages and fees. So she leaves her bankbooks and seal for Manager Hwang to use to pay the contract damages and says a vague-sounding goodbye, then heads off without a word.

Manager Hwang and Jun-ho fear she’s going to do something drastic and tear around town looking for her, to no avail. Soon-shin keeps ignoring Mi-ryung’s calls, even though she’s the only person Mi-ryung attempts to contact at this point, and seems to feel a twinge of guilt when asked about it. But she just says Mi-ryung is none of her business and dismisses the issue (understandable, but not admirable), and Mi-ryung wanders to her old orphanage and cries by the sea.


Uh. I’m digging for scraps again this week, which is light on the good stuff. I don’t really care about the Chicken Family too much, but lately they’ve taken on comic relief status and in light of the uber-melodramatics of recent weeks, it’s nice to lighten things up with jokiness.

Chicken Ajumma is still in a huff about being unappreciated by her family, but this time she actually breaks down and cries because nobody missed her, which is kind of sad. Because while she is a pill, and she brings a lot of it on herself, it’s true that she’s outnumbered in her family and has nobody to back her up. (Again, it’s a self-inflicted wound, but trying to give her the benefit of the doubt here.)

So it’s actually probably a good thing to have Yoo-shin in the mix, because Yoo-shin will go out of her way to smooth things over with her mother-in-law, whereas the men are more likely to just sit there and ignore Ajumma’s outbursts. At least Yoo-shin makes proactive efforts to make Ajumma happy, and insists on a day trip for all of them. Ajumma grumbles the whole way over, but soon relaxes and enjoys the attention.

Woo-joo avoids calls from her father and runs away when he picks her up from school, still angry about his cheating ways. Finally, though, she comes to terms with her feelings and tells her father calmly that he should live with his girlfriend and that she’ll be fine living with Mom. She adds that Mom really had a difficult time with the divorce, but is smiling a lot these days, and that’s something she wants for her.

It’s sweet, and she’s definitely warming up to Bread Man as being a large part of the reason for Mom’s happiness. She’s still awkward around him and runs away when he sees her staring at him thoughtfully, but the antagonism is gone.

So now Soon-shin’s family knows that her biological mother sorta had a hand in the death of her father, and also that Dad isn’t bio-dad, and Soon-shin wears that knowledge like a heavy burden. She keeps head bowed and eyes averted and apologizes to all of them repeatedly, even though Mom tells her there’s nothing to be sorry about.

When she does it again, Yoo-shin yells at her, “What do you have to be sorry about, you idiot?” It sounds mean, in Yoo-shin’s characteristic cranky way, but it’s sweet to hear her saying that Soon-shin should have told them and leaned on her sisters.

And finally, Young-hoon hears that Yeon-ah used some kind of blackmail to force Jun-ho to break up with Soon-shin. That’s a new low in his eyes (though I thought he already knew she was capable of that and more), and takes that news right to Soon-shin. He says that Jun-ho probably thought it was for Soon-shin’s good, adding that they both know Jun-ho can be a bit of an idiot about these things. TRUER WORDS, y’all.

So Soon-shin confronts Jun-ho with it, accusing him of always doing everything his way without telling her, angry because she never asked him to do anything for her own good. He should have just kept his promise, she cries, and stayed with her, because breaking her up out of consideration is not at all considerate. You tell him, sister. And so he apologizes and hugs her and I guess they’re back together now?


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  1. Ivoire


  2. h311ybean

    Argh. I’m also looking forward to the end of this drama. The main reason why I’m still watching is to heckle the heckle-worthy characters on my screen!

    • 2.1 Meahri

      Thanks, Javabeans. I always enjoy the funny/sarcastic commentary you interject into your recaps. It makes the overview much more enjoyable.

      I already vented my frustrations over these last 2 episodes on the Soompi thread, so hopefully my comments here will be a little bit more insightful and less postal.

      You’re absolutely right that some of the content in these 2 episodes was necessary in order to resolve the various plots in our drama. I originally felt that the vacation scenes in episode 48 were unnecessary and that they could have used a return trip home as a plot device to make Yooshin aware of the news regarding Mi-ryung’s involvement in her father’s death. But now that you mentioned that ‘lighter’ scenes were needed to balance the heavier storylines, the vacation scenes do now make more sense to me. That said, it would have been nice to have shortened this story arc so that our main couple had more time to really have a discussion and finally resolve any residual feelings or conflicts related to the breakup. But that’s just me wanting more time with JH and SS.

      While I appreciate ALL and any skinship between our OTP, I couldn’t help feeling the hug was a little underwhelming since we didn’t have an actual discussion between JH and SS. But while I found myself dissatisfied with the hug, there was still indeed a highlight during this scene. SS whirling around to give JH a piece of her mind is the first time SS has actually expressed any real opinion regarding their relationship since SS first confessed and they shared their first kiss. I hope this is the start of Soonshin really having an active voice in their relationship instead of her just being a reactive participant. I’m also hoping she’ll take the initiative and really express to Joonho the depth of her feelings for him…because as others have said before me, it’s mainly been him chasing her throughout the drama.

      Another highlight that actually brought tears to my eyes was when Yooshin hugged Soonshin. When their father had died, YS had used SS to vent all her pain, and she did it quite brutally, regardless of the pain SS was also feeling. I anticipated the softening of YS’ character as a result of her relationship with CW, but the simple embrace YS bestowed on SS to comfort her was extremely touching.

      Oh, and before I forget, the scene where WJ tells her dad to go ahead and live with his girlfriend because she and mom would be fine…not only did it bring tears to dad’s eyes, it brought tears to mine as well…which surprised me since I think WJ’s dad is a major douche. WJ used to get on my nerves because she was such a brat, but I have to say I really enjoyed her growth during this last episode. Out of this group of characters I’ve always rooted for breadman, but now I find myself also rooting for her as well.

      I didn’t want to touch on these other topics because they just irritate me, but I might as well get them off my chest again. The gossipers from the crew need to be taught a lesson on compassion and just human decency. They’ve all worked with Soonshin for some time now, so why is it they don’t have the same respect for her that the director and the other production managers have. The latter all know how hardworking and nice SS is. Soonshin always makes sure to acknowledge and treat everyone onset with respect. I just don’t get why they’re so quick to judge her and treat her like she’s a leper instead of a valued member of their production. Hate them. I do.

      And then there’s Halmoni. I find her behavior towards breadman so unacceptable. It would be nice if this were resolved quickly in the next episode because I now find this story arc very tiring. :-b

      LOL…okay. Done with my venting.

      • 2.1.1 yoeda

        meahri there’s no stamp here. could you paste it and posted it to our thread. kekekeke. joking. that was AWESOME and really agree with you.

        • Meahri

          LOL…nice seeing you here on this thread, Yoeda. I think I got all my frustrations out of my system. Looking forward to final resolution next weekend. :o)

      • 2.1.2 alua

        “not only did it bring tears to dad’s eyes, it brought tears to mine as well”

        Didn’t bring tears to my eyes. I just stared at the Dad and thought, as if he were capable of understanding the pain he caused his daughter and ex-wife. I don’t think he is, not given what we’ve seen of this character. I can just see him go back to Hong Kong with his mistress and being in touch with his daughter once in a blue moon.

    • 2.2 Windsun33

      Despite the title of the show, I am still wondering what exactly Soon Shin is “best” at? She has been pretty much the clueless, spineless doormat throughout the show. Even what success in acting or whatever she has had, almost had to be forced on her by others.

      • 2.2.1 M

        I don’t think that by the best, they mean that she’s the best at something. I think they’re using the word in the context of awesome, treasured, loved, etc.

      • 2.2.2 Blkasian

        I think SS is best at showing concern for others. She is warm , loving,caring and compassionate. She has a sense for doing the right thing. Having these attributes help to make us the best we can be. I really liked the humble personality the writers bestowed upon her character.

      • 2.2.3 vanessa

        I don’t know if you remember the episodes with her father but that was something he would always tell her. His love for her was unconditional, and he told her that even when she wasn’t the most successful or appreciated he valued her highly. It was a sentiment her parents had for her that they treasured her regardless.

    • 2.3 Meix2

      So true, so true. This is the one show that has me waiting for the end not to find out what happens but simply for it to end. I’m not sure why I watch it in FF every week, but partly it’s along the line I’ve started so I’ll finish… Have to say it started to go downhill pretty early on but each week I tune in like a lemon waiting for it to get better and wouldn’t you know it, still waiting after 40+ episodes. I guess by that point, I’ve invested so much time in watching that I simply just keep soldier on till the end. What an Idiot…

      And it all started so well…

      I’m also FF watching I Summon you Gold, which is 50 shades of crazy like I can’t describe. That started so well too. Never again.

      • 2.3.1 Toto

        Soo glad I stopped I summon you gold in the early episodes, totally smelled bad drama :D.

        lol 50 shades of crazy!!

  3. Rainbow

    I really should congratulate myself with a present or even a trip next week. Ha
    Putting up with this show and its craziness. Gah i think i deserves that much.

    • 3.1 dani305

      Hah, I watched this show while on vacation. Skipped so many parts but I’ll finally see the end of it next weekend. Thank goodness football season is starting again in USA.

  4. picklemonster

    *Sigh* It sucks that the bad scenes in this show are so bad, but it makes you not want to give up on it because the cute scenes are so darn cute. =___= It makes me sad that there’s only one week left, and alas the writer decided to stick with her style of dragging out the angst-y scenes. What’s worse is that there aren’t even different “kinds” of angry; everyone gets mad the same boring way…by mopping, yelling, and giving the cold shoulder. The characters on this show really like to hold a grudge huh?

    I’m glad that the Soon-Shin-Jun-Ho misunderstandings are finally solved, but that doesn’t make it any less predictable and overused. This show definitely would have fared better if it focused on the light comedy and romance instead of the family drama/one dimensional jealous villain.

    And why did it take so long for Yoo-Shin to have that nice sisterly moment with Soon-Shin?! Why does everything good on this show take 30+ episodes to happen? :'(

  5. Nanaki

    Highlight: the knowledge that this ends next week and we can finally let it go and be at peace. That this show started off so bright and promising and has suffered, miserably and hysterically drawn-out, for so much of its life, is a constant source of sadness. Or it would be if I cared anymore. Which I don’t. End, damn you. END.

  6. whilethemusiclasts

    Aigoo. This show, seriously. I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING GOOD, SHOW. Why would you decide to change colors halfway through?

  7. Schmazel

    What would we all do without Young Hoon? I wish he had a bigger role. Same goes with Bread Man.

    • 7.1 Docster6

      I agree, Young Houn IS the reason the show was able to survive. His “date” with Soon Shin at the musical theater was what turned the show around; Young Hoon made Soon Shin available for Junho to go after. That restaurant’s camping trip also helped Junho gain access to Soon Shin. Time after time, Young Hoon rescued the show. My suggestion is to have a new drama, to be named, “You are the Best, Kim Young Hoon.”

      • 7.1.1 El

        Hahaha….Totally agree with you

      • 7.1.2 Milzmom

        I so agree. Knowing how much of a noble idiot Junho became makes me wish that Young Hoon dragged out the misery longer. Might have made Junho fight more for her than give her up for such a silly reason.

      • 7.1.3 Chloe

        I would LOVE to know Young Hoon’s backstory in his own show. Does he have a girlfriend, or is he gay? Who does he go home to every day – does he have his own younger sister and younger brother that he treats like LSS and Junho? How did he come to open this restaurant, and where did he attend culinary school?

        I think Young Hoon and Bread Man would make the best of friends.

        • Chloe

          Goodness me, they could be partners. Bread Man can bake all the desserts at his restaurant, which does seem to be lacking desserts.

          Okay I’m getting very carried away:D

        • KDaddict

          I agree with you. Somehow the writer managed to leave out the stories of the two nicest characters in the show!!!

  8. bebeswtz

    I say this every week, but I’m never tired in doing it, here it goes again: YOUNG HOON OPPA, FTW!!!!!!!! <3

    • 8.1 Quinze

      Hah he’s like the only guy that gets shit done. Even with his ridiculous shirts, he’s like the only guy with a brain here…

      • 8.1.1 KDaddict

        I like his shirts, except for that big floral one. πŸ˜‰

        • Quinze

          Hah most of the time they’re fine but that floral one had me going O_O

    • 8.2 Serena B

      Yes, I love Young Hoon. For a while, his tiny moments were the only thing that made the show watchable. He totally deserves his own show. I’d watch it, for sure.

      • 8.2.1 Rach^^

        He is pretty much the only sane and smart guy in the drama.

      • 8.2.2 bebeswtz

        I know, right?!?!??! I dunno if it’s the character Young Hoon that’s so lovable, the actor Lee Ji Hoon oppa ( I luff Lee Ji Hoon, anyways, no matter what character he portrays), or BOTH….. I’m thinking that it’s both γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

  9. KDaddict

    I no longer watch. Just reading recaps now. Which makes me appreciate JBs a lot. Thank you for taking one for the team. This is a helluva show to recap, even in a mini way. You deserve a European road trip. Definitely.

    Poor JJS, being stuck in this train wreck. Get a better project next time, to spare us this kind of grief!

    Have a great weekend in LA, those who manage to attend K-con w DBs!

    • 9.1 Windsun33

      I usually skim through the episodes, but as things have gone downhill since around ep20, it now takes me about 10 minutes to watch both episodes (not counting loading times etc.). But the only reason I do even that is to give me enough for my weekly rant on this awful show.

      I found it rather interesting that the two main weekend melodramas (this and ISYG), with similar basic Candy Girl plots took such drastically different turns. And it makes me wonder what exactly the writers of this show were thinking when they overloaded it with much angst and so few bright spots.

      • 9.1.1 KDaddict

        What were they thinking?
        That Korean ajummas like angst and melodrama drawn out to the max?
        Beyond that, it’d be too profound a Qn for the likes of us to fathom. It takes a twisted mind w a sadistic bent to come up with so much bloody nonsense.

        • colors

          I don’t think so, most of it is just recycled ideas from literature/previous drama. It’s almost like they have all the basic angst and melodrama on post its and choose the ones they like best for this time around…

  10. 10 Quinze

    Just…F*ck this drama seriously. I can’t…just if she EVER pens another drama again I will never ever bother even looking its way.

    THANK YOU GOD that the football season is back and my weekend has something else to look forward to (even if my team’s in a shithole right now).

    I don’t even care if next week had our leads married and with
    kids. I’m so done.


    Yea I might have lost it a little in the process…

    • 10.1 KDaddict

      It’s not just this writer. A lot of weekend dramas are long drawn-out train wrecks. This, ISYG, GoM.
      Urgh….As u say, Never again. No more weekend dramas, for a long while, until the memory of this horror becomes faint and muted.

      • 10.1.1 Windsun33

        Personally, I would not call ISYG and GoM trainwrecks – at least not in the sense or level that this one is. GoM I simply have no interest in, tried watching a few episodes but mostly just found it totally illogical and boring. ISYG I have actually come to like better as the plot thickens around the twins.

        Among the three shows, I would give:
        YTBLSS = 1 star, a black hole
        GOM – 2.5 stars
        ISYG = 3.5 stars (up from 2.5 stars a month ago)

        But, overall you are right – most of these long weekend dramas tend to just be draggy, especially towards the middle. I doubt very much that I will pick up on any of the new ones when they air.

        • KDaddict

          I have no idea How you manage to give ISYG 3.5 out of 5. But to each his own.
          To me, these 3 weekend dramas are boring at best, annoying to aggravating all the other times.

          LSS has a few, emphasis on Few, cute moments for the OTP.

          ISYG doesn’t even have that. It has the most boring OTP ever. And if you said you weren’t sure which one is the OTP, then That in itself makes it a failure. 3.5 for a drama that leaves you uncertain which is the OTP? Way too generous on my meter.

          GoM has a premise that grates on me:
          A writer, supposed intelligent chooses to marry this guy whom she says bulldozes her into everything, including that family house which is a lion’s den, dropping her recognized Soulmate in the mean time. If she has escaped from a lunatic asylum, sure. An intellectual? Maybe on Mars.

          These weekend dramas are turning me into a not very nice person. So I’m swearing off them to watch K movies over weekends instead. At least you can’t get too upset over a 90 min movie.

          • Windsun33

            What you say about GoM is pretty much what I got from the few episodes that I watched. Quite simply, nothing made any sense. The only reason I gave it 2.5 stars is because I have not watched enough of it to (probably) downgrade it.

            I am not sure why I got hooked on ISYG, perhaps it was because the other two choices were SO bad that it won by default. As far as the OTP goes, I actually find it somewhat refreshing that you don’t know who they really are in the first 20 minutes of the first show. I am not putting ISYG up there with the really good shows, but I shamefully admit that I am hooked on the Twin Sisters part of the drama.

        • KDaddict

          Watch K movies and Grandpa over Flowers (in Taiwan)! Much happier that way!

          • Windsun33

            I actually mostly watch Japanese dramas and movies on weekends. There are still hundreds on Good Drama that I have not seen. A lot of them suck, but there are enough to keep me busy for a while.

        • Quinze

          Def not on the same level of crap as this one but I only watched bits of ISYG and the first episode of GoM so I can’t really say overall.

          GoM: I didn’t hate the first episode as much until the last part where it just nonsensical and wtf. Just dropped it there and ran. I love both leading men but the female lead’s supposed to be this independent-ish woman and she struck me as- not. Nothing really seemed cohesive either so nope.

          ISYG- I really only watched bits of it because the second leads looked cute. Lost interest because- just meh. Didn’t find the story compelling enough. I haven’t watched a whole episode through admittedly.

          • yumi

            ISYG-for a while the character inconsistencies drove me nuts and the fact that the patriarch speaking voice was always at a ear-drum shattering level.

            For a while I thought it was meant to be some kind of modern day sageuk, especially how the evil stepmother spoke.

            Then I decided it was actually a comedy and it all began to kind of make sense.

            Now I have no idea.

            There is no rhyme or reason or track-able motivation for their characters. SungEun character changed so quickly I had to get a neck brace from the whiplash.

          • KDaddict

            I find the patriarch such an annoyance. To me he is the weakest pt of this script. He is wrapped around the evil woman’s fingers, and cares little for his sons well-being or happiness (until this latest ep when he hears abt a grandchild on the way). If Sung MR wins Worst Mother Award, then he surely deserves the Worst father Award, and Worst husband too.
            What kind of a husband kicks out his 1st wife on the say-so of his mistress, that his wife is adulterous? Isn’t there some conflict of interest? Wouldn’t you want to investigate it? Tread cautiously?
            Tho that evil 2nd wife/mistress can’t be taken seriously, I’ve to wonder why a rich man would want to go home to her crankiness and tight face every night, when he has all kinds of options. Is that from one face-lift too many or the chip on his shoulder that she can’t smile to save her life? Even 3rd wife/mistress is much less of a pain in the ass.
            1st son, half of the OTP, is weak to the core. I know why, but What has he done other than frown and look miserable? That’s a hero of a long drama?
            2nd son, unbearable like his mother at first, is lately shaping up to be more interesting, as he seems to be parting ways w her 2-dimensional money-grabbing craze.
            Their women, all 3 of them, urgh!
            Like 3d son n his wife r adorable.
            Definitely Less good than bad, like LSS. Only not as bad.

          • Quinze

            @ Yumi: lol I started that drama somewhere around when the main lead had moved out and the focus was on the youngest couple. From what I could tell, I was just wtf about the Dad and his 3 million mistresses and wives and whatever. Like I can’t give you any respect when you’re domineering over your kids after giving them a shitty and confusing home environment. So you agree with you there.
            And I didn’t see a ton of the scenes between the main leads but I could see them having a lot of chemistry either. They look more like friends. I only started watching because of the 3rd couple too lol.

        • pearl3101

          I guess you and I are the only ones still on board the ISYG boat… I know it has a lot of problems too but overall the story line still makes sense to me enough not to skip a single scene.
          The main OTP appears boring because in the last few episodes the focus has slightly been more on the magnae couple and also the reactions of the parents on knowing about the lead couple’s affair. I doubt it if they’ll have more chemistry either way cos of the ethics thing of ‘having an affair with your sister’s husband’.. But, I still liked them back when they used to live together and used to bicker and make-up a lot … And for me I’m currently hooked on seeing Hyuntae’s interactions with his in-laws.. the couple themselves are cute and their living situation is interesting for me.. πŸ™‚
          As for the Patriach its hilarious how he manages to go back and forth to everone’s beckoning.. all the while pretending to be some big dictator..
          And for the 2nd DIL… well.. she is your typical second female lead.. She is supposed to be bitchy all along and in the end repent for her mistakes.. ( not that I like this stereotyping)
          And as you say to each his own but I’m still a little sad that you ‘d rate it this bad… πŸ™

          • KDaddict

            Sorry I didn’t speak nicely of ISYG, which you like.
            I guess the difference in our reactions is:
            You find the patriarch ‘hilarious’, while I find him a really bad father and husband.
            You like 1st son n nice girl when they lived under 1 roof. That arrangement of them pretending it was just a business relationship was too long and drawn out for me. (Mind u, they didn’t know that she and nasty girl were sisters at that time. So the ethics of it didn’t enter the picture at that pt.)
            3rd son, Hyuntae n his girl, are my favs too. I find them adorable fr the get go.
            2nd son’s wife has changed so much so suddenly that, as yumi said above, it gave her whiplash.

            But overall, I do agree that it is better than LSS. How much better is the only part that we see slightly differently.
            I promise to try very hard to like the remaining 10 eps of ISYG and find nice things to say abt it. πŸ˜‰

          • KDaddict

            BTW, I super love the CFs featuring the patriarch and his 2 mistresses, separately, and then Hyuntae and his mom–all 3 CFs sell a cellphone plan on Olleh. Very cute and funny!

          • pearl3101

            I totally respect your views on the drama.. About the Patriach I agree that he is a bad father and husband. Just that, even with all the screaming he does he is still as much weak as everyone else. I just found it funny how he went back and forth with all three sons and their mothers, pitting them against one another( all though that gave him the exact opposite results) I think, if we were talking logical, all three of them should leave that wretched house and start a life of their own. So far only the third one has made that logical choice.
            My liking the first pair could be because of my bias towards Han Ji Hye.. I can’t seem to hate that girl no matter what she does.. While the conventional chemistry is OFF, I don’t find them annoying either.. I’m glad that we atleast agree on the third couple πŸ˜‰ About liking this drama its not something I can force out of someone. But I’m still glad you’ll try though.. Cheers to you too!! πŸ™‚

          • pearl3101

            And about the ads..are they on YT? Can you add their links if they are? I can’t seem to find them..

          • KDaddict

            I don’t know if the ads are on youtube. I just caught them during commercial break. Olleh is a big phone service company, and they can afford to buy plenty of air time, so they seem to be on whichever program I watch.

      • 10.1.2 Quinze

        Current dramas notwithstanding, I have liked some weekend dramas before- Smile, You; Gloria, Family Honor, Golden Bride, Ojagyo Brothers. They ALL had irritating train-wreck components (altho SY was less train wreck more dull-ish) but every drama had enough balance in them that you fell like you could get decent levels of cute every weekend enough to block out the uncute.

        This drama just does NOT. Period. It’s like adding layers upon layers of tears with nothing in between to cushion the blah out.

        You’re right about GoM and ISYG not being much better though I think.

        • KDaddict

          The only weekend drama I ever liked, and I liked it a helluva lot is Childless Comfort. No train wreck element at all. No evil stepmother or even birth mother. Just a family that we grow to know and like. Highly recommended.

          • Waiting

            Thanks KDaddict. I really wondered about CC and thought I’d give is a try as I wait for subs or get bored.

        • KDaddict

          I did like Family Honor. Forgot that it was a weekend drama. It progressed properly and never felt like one.
          OJG Bros wasn’t bad either.

          • Quinze

            Yup! There wasn’t a lot the OMG How dar she attached to it that most dramas have. I appreciated that.
            I hadn’t heard of Childless Comfort, I’ll have to check that out sometime. Who was in it?

            Yea I skipped around OJG Bros for the main couple mostly but the rest of it wasn’t so terrible either. At least it made sense.

          • KDaddict

            Childless Comfort was a cable show that broke all kinds of ratings record. It had a fantastic ensemble cast of real actors, ones who didn’t make it simply by look pretty. Just google it.

          • Quinze

            I’ve been looking for it online. Haven’t had any luck yet :\

  11. 11 yumi

    Thanks for the open thread and weecap.

    So glad Yoo-shin step correct in her response to Soon Shin.

    I think Yoo-shin has improved tremendously having to live with a difficult person, Chicken Ajumma. In her mother’s house she was the difficult one (along with Granny) who had to be appeased. It was nice when her responsibility switched and she now had to do the appeasing.

    Relieve that Granny didn’t kick Soon Shin out once she realized she didn’t share the oh, so precious family blood. Man I keep thinking if she died everyone’s chance of happiness would improve.

    Yes, MamaShin doesn’t realize that her mandate to Soon Shin not only punishes Teacher Song, but also Soon Shin.

    I hope the view I am getting about adoption and the Korean culture from watching k-drama is seriously warped/wrong. The way adoption is viewed on k-drama seems crazy, and scandalous from a Western perspective.

    The closest to adoption parent-child connection done right I’ve seen has been on My Daughter Seo-Young. The nurture mother had some issues but they were resolved in a manner that made sense to me. The bio-mother in the show had some unrealistic expectation about the pull of blood, but at least she realized when it was time to let go and did.

    • 11.1 Windsun33

      I did some digging, and while there is some stigma about adoption and adoptees in Korea, it is nowhere near as drastic as is often portrayed in dramas. Which I pretty much expected, as the vast majority of dramas tend to depict the outer fringes, not the norms. It would be about like if in the US a politics show was done, but the only two parties shown were the ultra-far Left and Right fringes.

    • 11.2 colors

      “Relieve that Granny didn’t kick Soon Shin out once she realized she didn’t share the oh, so precious family blood.”

      Well, I guess to her, SS became once more the adoptive daughter she was -rather than the proof that her son cheated on his wife, then “left” them behind to go to her birth mom. And now they all have “a common ennemy” in the birth mom, so no time to treat SS as bad and irrespectful as before!

  12. 12 TP

    THANK GOODNESS I am not watching this show. I am just here for the hilarious commentaries. By the way, was it just me or is this the shortest open thread for YTB, LSS ever?

    • 12.1 Windsun33

      Well, she tried to hit all the bright spots, and pretty much came up blank I guess πŸ˜€

  13. 13 snow_white

    Everytime I read updates of this drama, I feel so GLAD that I dropped it πŸ™‚

    • 13.1 Manin

      Me too!

  14. 14 coby

    I can’t believe that this show turned out to be like this. I really liked from the start and religiously watching it till episode 30+ish, but it became unbearable. Sigh.

    Thanks javabeans!

  15. 15 alua

    I watched (skip-watched) episode 47 yesterday, just because the subs were out, and generally just felt like there had been NO movement on anything at all (still circling around all the same issues) and everything felt emotionally hollow, from Woo joo’s conversation with her dad to the adoptive mom and grandma holding onto Soon Shin, to Yoonshin trying to mend fences between her in-laws when (Chicken ahjumma: yeah, no one missed you & I don’t feel any pity for you at all).

    I cringed at watching Miryung, who is as selfish and self-centred as ever, and cringed at her preaching to Yeonah, because Miryung is also Mrs. Crazy and I don’t think she’s really capable of understanding what she has done to dish out advice about it to Yeonah. I guess she has some sense that she is causing pain to Soon Shin, but beyond that she just does the same kind of things and still only thinks about her. Revealing that Soon Shin has no bio-connection to her adoptive family at all certainly only illustrated that, her shouting “I was taking MY daughter back”. Unfortunately, Mom and grandma saying “So what” didn’t make me feel all happy either, esp. with grandma it just sounded hypocritical.

    Junho’s noble idiocy still was one of the worst things of the show because it never made even one ounce of sense, and I can’t say Young hoon telling Soon Shin about the blackmailing bit really resolves it for me. So now a hug and they are back together? Are we sure? Does it really make sense? Do I even care? I say that sadly, since they were really such a cute couple, but it’s just some of the things that have happened and pacing of everything makes everything not work.

    Two episodes left. Not enough at all to wrap things up with the kind of pacing these things would need. If Junho and Soon Shin are back together, what about Junho’s family’s objection? Presumably that will just vanish? In which case, that objection should have never been part of the show at all… And there are bits like whoever caused the car accident and Soon Shin’s bio dad (do we know who that is? Did I miss it?)…

    The threads of the narrative feel so frayed, that I wonder if we will in fact get a Junho/Soon Shin reunion, or whether Soon Shin will just forgive Junho and not get back with him together. Like that ending in A Thousand Kisses, were the couple doesn’t get back together. If they do get back together, I’m not sure I care. I just really, really wish that Junho would have been the one character that stood by Soon Shin from the beginning to the end – because his “noble act” was NOT standing by Soon Shin.

    And I stare at the credits, with the cute revolving Soon Shin and Junho in costumes, and wonder whatever happened to the whole “Soon Shin becomes an actress” bit? I thought that was going to be the fun, main focus of the show, but it got sidelined by all the makjang and Yeonah’s malicious manipulations.

  16. 16 Windsun33

    Things I wonder about and trivia quiz:
    1. Why has nobody killed granny yet? I realize that everyone was screaming “do it, do it” when granny collapsed, but no such luck.
    2. Who would take their parents on a honeymoon, even in Korea?
    3. How many times have LSS’s family kicked her out and then wanted her to come back?
    4. How many are hoping for a sequel to this show?
    5. Has anyone else noticed that Chicken ahjuma spends more time screaming than making fried chicken?
    6. How did the Only Restaurant in Seoul survive for 25 weeks when they only got like 3 customers a day?

    • 16.1 alua

      Love your questions. So true, especially no 3. No. 6: one of so many inconsistencies, but I guess it’s getting money for the filming. Though I watched and wondered, they were filming and Miryung walked right into the restaurant to watch Soon Shin’s scene, meaning there is no one outside even checking that that filming not be disturbed.

      As to number 4 – NOT me. Though I did sort of wish a more capable writer would take the whole show and rewrite it from scratch, into what it COULD HAVE BEEN, and then remake it with the same actors (esp. our lead couple).

      • 16.1.1 Chloe

        That’s not true, I always noticed that there’s a guy outside the restaurant to ensure filming wasn’t disturbed. I think Miryung was simply allowed in since she’s Soon Shin’s mum after all. And an actress.

    • 16.2 yumi

      Lately I’m beginning to think that all k-dramas are subsidized by fried chicken.

      • 16.2.1 Windsun33

        I think you might be right. Thinking back,, I can recall close to a dozen shows that featured chicken places. A close 2nd would be coffee places.

        • yumi

          and the outdoor sportswear line.

    • 16.3 Quinze

      1. Do you realize they’d have spent another 10+ episodes on everyone grieving her (and no one buying it at all)?
      2. I just thought: Welp your life has come to this. Faking smiles while you bring your in laws with you everywhere. YS is going to BE chicken ajhumma in 20 years at this rate.
      3. Remember when JH pointed out how much crap she got at home back in episode 6? Wouldn’t it have been a much more compelling storyline to watch the family navigat out of that shitty dynamic. Nope we get LSS the kicked sometimes homeless puppy instead.
      4. Please don’t. Unless we get rid of 70% of the cast and the writer. Or a choose your own plot!
      5. Good point. She’d be happier if she made more chicken too.
      6. By giving it up as a location to film the drama within a drama that’s also based almost entirely in the Only Restaurant in Seoul.


      • 16.3.1 KDaddict

        Chicken Uncle is a saint to have lived with that woman for 30+ years. If I were him, I’d have run away fr home, faked my death, anything, to get away from her. My, that voice!

        • Chloe

          Haha I always thought Chan Woo is a saint for liking YS. I wonder what he saw in her, especially that scene after her father’s death when she was totally ill-treating Soon Shin (when they met on the way home) and even Chan Woo was not cool with it. Methinks he just likes her legs.

          • KDaddict

            He wouldn’t be the first or last guy to choose a wife on that criterion.

          • Quinze

            Hah agreed! I mean most of the time I could excuse her for just being a rough-around-the-edges type of person but how she’s treated SS just shows she has a pretty shitty side to her.

            I can’t call either Chicken Ajhussi or CW saints though because when you CHOOSE to marry people like that, it’s what you took on. Like Ajhussi needed a backbone a long time ago. And CW PINED for YS for years lol. So weird but I guess they just like screeching women?

  17. 17 Anastasia

    I feel like banging my head on the wall each time I watch this show. I wish that granny had been bumped off by a car .The only reason I still follow this show is because of Shin-Shin couple and Breadman.I was hoping that Song Miryeong would jump off but it won’t happen.I don’t see any improvements in this show even as it nears the ending -_-

    • 17.1 pearl3101

      ~funny~ πŸ™‚

  18. 18 substratum

    Just remember: one more week, then we’re going to be let out of this prison. πŸ˜‰

    Joking aside, for the past several weeks I haven’t felt the overwhelming antipathy toward the show that everyone else here seems to have. I thought it picked up majorly in pacing and interestingness when Soon Shin and Jun ho got together. Secrets are coming out at a steady clip (although quite late in the game – this show is a total failure of pacing), and even though people are screaming at each other, for the most part it’s now about things that matter (unlike before). As a result, I find myself enjoying the episodes and disliking very little of them.

    Maybe I just reached a threshold. For a while I was SO irritated by the show and its stupidity, but at a certain point the makjang became entertaining rather than annoying.

    Or maybe I have YTBLSS Stockholm Syndrome. πŸ˜‰

    • 18.1 KDaddict

      Stockholm Syndrome:
      Instead of feeling empathy for the show’s chars, I feel I’ve had Traumatic Bonding with those on this thread!

    • 18.2 Windsun33

      I found that my extreme dislike for this show has mellowed also, but I think it is mainly because I have lost most of my interest in it. Hard to hate something you don’t care about much.

    • 18.3 Saturtledaisy

      For me it’s not so much dislike and hatred of the show, but mostly disappointment. I had expected this drama to be a little warmer.Ok, MUCH warmer.

      But 80% of the time, there’s people suffering and moping around and being sad. Or they’re just screamin at eachother. And I feel like it’s /such a waste of time/ because we could have some other awesome character moments instead!

      I’m still mourning what COULD have been.

  19. 19 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the weecap. I fast fw so much the only scenes I watched were the OTP together and Woo Joo.

    I tell you, on top of the sucky writing this weekend, the editing was CRAP. There were no conversation after the hugging scenes. It’s like, did that now next scene.

    If the stupid writer had known how to pace the plot, there wouldn’t be this need to rush through the last 4 episodes.

    Gah, go slap yourself. The thing is the ratings went up to 30% and she will probably think, oh yeah the audience liked it. This audience here would like to give her a good piece of my mind. Like character development and don’t write a * beep beep beep * 50 episodes drama if you don’t have the brain cells to write good characters and keep your plot going straight.

  20. 20 lili

    I’m finishing this for the sake of finishing it but I lost interest in the show…I just wish JJS will choose a better role for his next project, he’s such a talented actor <3
    His talent is seriously wasted here πŸ™

  21. 21 Waiting

    Well JJS, this was your first leading role after you did a wonderful job in King 2 Hearts. Good to see that this show has not slowed down offers to have you join in. I hope you get to be lead again with a better writer.


  22. 22 Brian

    How interesting —
    I believe that the birth secret, the death secret, etc, would have had more impact and worked better if only it had shown up about 20 episodes ago. Like most people have said, after it all got wound up and belabored with Yeon-ah, most people just got tired of it.

    The last 20 episodes should have been focusing on Soon Shin’s career, mistakes, triumphs, etc. It’s sad now, that while I have an intense dislike for Reporter Park whenever he shows up in the show, I know he’s not a reporter, but should be called “Plot device Park” with his secret power of shoving through a plot angle in the most obvious way.

    I guess I just enjoy watching IU act, and that’s probably why I still watch the show — I’ve come this far already, might as well take it all the way home, LOL.

  23. 23 Rovi

    Thank god this finishes next week.

    And we’d be able to say, “GOOD RIDDANCE!”

  24. 24 Maria

    Not a fan of Miryeong but she was drunk and visibly shaken when the accident occured. It was her manager who dragged her away. True, she could have gone to the police the next day or any day since. But seems a shame that she gets all the blame.
    And Papa Shin doesn’t get that bad a fall out? He protects Miryeong, even gave her an advertising contract!

    She’s a great actress. The best in the drama.

    Is that all that’s going to happen to YN? Not enough. Someone should hit her so she fall on her silicon padded face and need another plastic surgery to fix the damage. Oh wait, she loves plastic surgery so that’s not an appropriate revenge for her!

    • 24.1 colors

      You’re right, he’s the worst manager ever! The guy meddles in her life, gives (sometimes bad) advice to people he knows nothing and doesn’t care about, and he’s mainly just here to move the plot along like a shadow Mi Ryung. I loved how Mom yelled “we don’t need your help!” when Grandma collapsed.

      The Dad is just dead. The good guys don’t get a much of a voice in this drama, even the alive ones. It’s a woman’s show with a lot of yelling.

      • 24.1.1 colors

        Oops, I meant Lee Dad’s dead. I don’t really care about Shin Dad because his story line got so… boring. But then again, nice men are overshadowed by the women’s yelling.

    • 24.2 Saturtledaisy

      Honestly, Miryung was still in the wrong for just LEAVING dad. She could have reported the accident.

      But the manager was just as wrong as well. I still can’t believe the show somehow turned him into the ‘nice guy’ (in comparison to Miryung’s wickedness).

      But even the SHIN dad did something wrong. Like you said. I mean, he was a witness. Shouldn’t HE have called the police? An ambulance. ANYTHING? (did he do anything actually? I don’t… remember.) Not doing so would be a /crime/ in my country. And he even protected Miryung afterwards. (Which is still less horrible than not even trying to help poor Mr. Lee, lying half-dead in the middle of the street D:)

      • 24.2.1 chickletta

        Miryung and the manager saw that another car stopped and called the ambulance, so they did not really leave without knowing that help was on the way.

  25. 25 pearl3101

    I suppose that this is the only drama that has so many people screaming happily that it’s finally going to be over… XD

  26. 26 Abbie

    I’m actually a little bit numb from reading this. This show has lost it’s effect on me. I just… right now, I’m just hoping for a somewhat happy resolution for most people, namely, of course, Soon-shin and Jun-ho. I’ve given up on Soon-shin ever finding out who her bio-dad is, and if it’s revealed next week, that’ll just be sloppy writing. This show took way too long to reveal who Soon-shin’s mother is. The angst and yelling and all that took up most of the drama where it could have been spent on character growth, or romance, or plot development. Seriously, who is this writer? They seriously suck. I think this show could have been better if it had focused on only a couple things (Soon-shin’s bio-parents, Soon-shin and Jun-ho’s relationship) instead of bogging this show down with characters and plots I have long since stopped caring for, and if it had been considerably shorter like 16 or 20 episodes. 50 episodes of this madness has really made me lose a bit of faith in weekend-family dramas. Not that weekday dramas are any better, but I like those to be filled with angst and characters worthy of my love, and for the weekend shows to be light on angst and heavy on humor. Is that too much to ask?

    Anyway, I’m hoping this show gets a resolution that I love, or at least like, but the way things are going, I doubt it.

    Thanks for the weecap, JB!

  27. 27 Lizzy4e

    Thank you for the weecap. I was hesitant to watch this week’s episodes due to anticipated misery. You cleared that up for me; saved me from the displeasure.

    I spent my free time this weekend watching Dalja’s Spring. That was definitely worth my time!

  28. 28 caray

    Thanks JB for the weecaps. Your weecaps are better than the drama itself.

    These last few episodes felt like how it was with AHYI. Really good in the beginning, middle part was kinda ‘meh’ and towards the end, it was like ‘you’ve gotta be kidding me!’.

    And what’s with the ambiguous reconciliation with the OTP? So are they back together or not? Even if they do get back together, I don’t think they’re gonna jump back to lovey-dovey mode in the last two episodes. Does this mean that we’re gonna have a time jump? It really irks me when kdramas are left with final two episodes, rush to tie up all the loose ends and conclude the drama with a time jump. Surely with a 50 episode drama they would know how to pace out their storyline? Sheesh… All these tying up loose ends at the final few episodes could have been shown in earlier episodes and not this late in the drama… *waves fists at Writer* What were you thinking show?! Arrrgh!

    • 28.1 Saturtledaisy

      That’s what I expected as well. 50 episodes, and you STILL have to resolve everything at the very last minute?? WHAT?

  29. 29 Lea

    Man I’m ready for this ride to be OVER
    I am not about to let this show win
    Oh no!! Ms. Lee Soon Shin you will not win this battle I will finish all 50 episodes!!
    I know you shouldn’t watch a drama grudgingly cause what’s the point right?
    BUT this is a challenge I will not back out from because it pissed me off, bump that!!! :[

    With that being said, Jo Jung Seok I look forward to seeing you in The Face Reader, and your next movie, and your next drama ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS + PLUS NEVER WITH WRITER .. EVER … AGAIN.

  30. 30 Rach^^

    The writer does not watch what she writes? How can she pass up on the incredible chemistry that our OTP has? It’s so rare in Kdramaland to find a pair like them, seriously. And this writer chooses to WASTE it. I feel so bad for JJS and IU too, they are the leads of this drama but chicken ahjumma has more screen time than them for the past four episodes! Ridiculous!!!

  31. 31 myungsoohyungsik

    How on earth is this show pulling off 25+% ratings?
    Do the ahjummas and teenage girls at home really have nothing else to watch?

    This show is the epitome of a makjang gone wrong. Such a waste of fun characters and their chemistry.

  32. 32 Tharindi Ariyasinghe

    I love Love LOve LOVe LOVE LOVEEEE this drama β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

    • 32.1 windsun33

      You are just about the only here that does. Most of us hate it.

    • 32.2 KDaddict

      Ha ha ha. At least One person loves it! The writers should be pleased!

  33. 33 crazedlu


  34. 34 KDrama Fan

    Thanks JB for the recap.

    I managed to watch Ep. 47 beforehand so went in with no preconceptions but fingers ready to FF:)

    I am about to do another search for the scene where LSS and JH get back together in Ep. 48:)

    Personal thought: I think this is a show which makes you grateful you don’t have family like those in it. The only person I really like is Bread Man because his character seems complete. He works at his job albeit the customers seem thin on the ground and has been shown well out of the workplace (-if JH had portrayed as a company president doing his job he would have probably got my vote.) The only negative I can see in BM is his goofiness which can also be sweet so it becomes neutral.

  35. 35 Marie

    This show suppose to be nice n SoonShin suppose to be the cheerful ones but I find she is the saddest. There are 2 more episodes left but I still find the show lacking. There is not much of story that head towards ending. Maybe, it will be a hasty ending. Guess I will probably do some check up on this show and most probably, will n_t sup_o_t this writer. Oops sorry, this is my opinion. Hope you will not be offended πŸ™‚

  36. 36 Sapodilla

    I prefer LSS to 100 year inheritance !!! I took time off from that show. Refused to let them put me in the grave !!! I now watch Taiwanese drama. Kisses are hotter and they are funnier. Check out Just you with Aaron Yan

  37. 37 Cheryl

    It’s too bad Grandma didn’t die. That would’ve been an improvement. I feel bad for the actress playing her, being stuck portraying such a one-dimensional character. I feel bad for most of the actors, stuck with such flat characters and bad writing. I’m glad next week is the last week. I forget what’s next, but I’m ready for something new!

    • 37.1 KimYoonmi

      Yes, that’s a character death I actually am wishing for…

  38. 38 risa

    I think the biggest highlight for me in this week’s episodes was NO YI JUNG! (She may have made an appearance that I missed as I skip-watched, but I didn’t have to see her, so yay!) It’s pretty sad when your highlight is the absence of a lowlight, but there you go. I liked her better as A.N.Jell’s head cheerleader in YB, but in this show, she’s nails on a chalkboard to me.

    Thanks JB! Here’s to the light at the end of this looong tunnel… 건배!

    • 38.1 KDaddict

      Who on earth is No Yi Jung???

      • 38.1.1 Chloe

        i think she means that there’s no Yi Jung and she’s really happy about it πŸ™‚

        • KDaddict

          Thanks. I was scratching my head! πŸ™‚

  39. 39 KimYoonmi

    The plot has so many holes in it it feels like we’re all in sieve and desperately not to sink in the shipping of our two mains.

    The illegal adoption that doesn’t feel plausible…

    The car accident from plot point 1… (really? being ashamed that someone saved your life?)

    The definition of love being convoluted….

    The older that the woman is the more annoying she is an less capable of a mother she is…

    The whole late entry into the acting and singing thing…

    And then the downfall of the cute for the convoluted adoption plot, which just got worse as it went. (And I hope sincerely, I’m not the only one that saw how convoluted it was.)

    What I really wanted from this show was the interaction and building of the families together, meshing in a way that illuminated, maybe the struggle to become and actress, how the industry ran from an actress POV, the cute romance, and the push and pull of family. And then as a background element with plot points that made sense, the car accident thing and the whole adoption thing. I wanted warm and fuzzy, but also tough family moments, that highlighted solidarity rather than family dysfunction.

    That’s what *I* felt that I was promised by the writer. But noooo~~~

    I feel a little robbed.

  40. 40 Chloe

    Well I admit it’s a slow-moving drama but I enjoyed it and I love IU and JJS. Esp IU – I think she can act exceptionally well and is a better actress than singer.

    I definitely don’t agree with all the comments on how bad this drama is! Not a popular opinion, I know πŸ˜€

    I’m looking forward to next week! Can’t wait to see how Doctor Shin and Miryung are going to turn out, how Junho’s family will resolve their issues at the end, how Bread Man and HyeShin are going to get together :))), and also whether Chan mi and In Sung will get together. Of course I’d love more scenes with our OTP and I really wonder who’s the hit-and-run killer……Hye Shin’s husband?? (His name escapes me at the moment.)

    • 40.1 chickletta

      I am with you, Chloe. I don’t find this drama any worse than any other weekend drama. actually, some other dramas have much more plots than this one. Admittedly, It’s a slow moving drama, and has turned into a melo, but not all 50 episodes can be filled with ‘cute’ moments, or those moments would become sickeningly saccharine in no time. The most interesteing character for me is Miryung. She’s the only one who’s evovled big time, not only in the drama but in the (imagined) prequel. From a poor orphan to a famous actress determined to succeed no matter what, to a mother who now truly cares for her daughter and would do anything, even lose all that is precious to her, to appease that daugther’s anger and make her feel better. All the other characters do and say all the same things over and over again, but Miryng moves forward. I don’t know, it may be that I like her because Lee Misuk is such an awesome actress, so expressive. She acts with her eyes and doesn’t need screaming histrionics like some of the other female characters to convey emotion.To me, next to Junho and SS’s relationship, this strained, pained and ultimately failed mother – daughter relationship is the most interesting. The adoptive mother forbids Soonshin to see her bio mother not even thinking that this may be cruel to Soonshin. She doesn’t even ask Soonshin what she wants. No one ever tries to find out what really happened that night of the accident. They all scream “you killed my father/son/husband,” and that’s what I find annoying with Soonshin’s family. They just keep jumping to conclusions about everything. Is how real life works? I think much of our pain comes from the lack of communication, not from some evil spot withing ourselves. So, this, too, as annoying as it is, is on the realistic side. My hope for the ending: soonshin finally doing what she wants to do, not fearing what her family would say about her actions. AFter all this is the family in which she, also, suffered a lot, thanks to Yooshin and grandma (who is the only true witch in the show, in my eyes).

      • 40.1.1 KimYoonmi

        It’s not that I want cute 24-7 (in the story). What I really, really want is plot points that make some sense. When plot points have no correlation to reality that’s when I have issues. When they have plot holes the size of the grand canyon, I get cranky.

        I can also separate my dislike of melodrama from my recognition of good writing. This is bad writing.

        My main picks with the writing itself are: Plot holes, bad characterizations, poor handling of adoption, poor understanding of what love itself is.

        That’s separate from my love of cute, wanting more romance, and feeling cheated. And let’s separate cute from saccharine. I know the difference. I would think others here would too. You can have cute with serious plot lines (Nine, for example, had a lot of cute, but a pretty heavy plotline.)

        I make that separation because I can recognize something like, say George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire is well written, but I still dislike it for sexism and racism.

        Something like WTF Paris started with decent characterizations, and then had horrible plot points to the point of ridicule.

        Capital Scandal, I recognized as good writing, but I couldn’t finish it.

        This is poorly written and it fails to deliver on the things I want. It’s a double case.

        Also, I don’t mind slow. I loved the heck out of ISWAK and TKA, which are much, much slower than any other version and stand as my favorites. I love Japanese slice of life which is notoriously slow and thoughtful. I am watching Heo Joon, which is 120 episodes. I like Sageuk. So pacing isn’t the issue with the writing. (Pacing matching the writing is an issue here, though).

        I can recognize good writing independent of my own individual tastes. This fails… dialogue, event chain, characterization, theme–basics I would expect. But it’s early in this writer’s career… so I’m always willing to give the person another shot. We all have to fail sometimes and this industry is more forgiving than most. Some writers I’ve hated I liked later.

        And there was another writer listed too… but they were taken off of Dramawiki…

  41. 41 Skwonto

    Thanks for the recap. Why can’t the show get better as it gets closer to the end? Does the staff see what they are broadcasting? How does the show get its #1 ratings? It’s amazing.

  42. 42 gigglegagaing

    so i dont really get into this drama. i mean, i used to watched it in dailymotion, but then when the user suddenly stopped posting new videos, i stopped watching it too. so i follow the recap here in dramabeans cause no one else is doing the recap as fast as dbeans. i just dont have the heart to drop jo jung seok πŸ˜€ hihihi.

    anyway, i agree most of the time with your frustration, the story being draggy and takes forever to develop things, however it annoys me how you would comment in the middle of your recap like a brat would. the sarcastic comments definitely is a turn off for me. your comments make me become biased when i read the recap and just started agreeing with what you consider low/hightlight.

    yes yes yes, dont get so defensive people, i get the “if you dont like it, then you can go somewhere else to read the recap.” just like what i said, i read jbeans recap cause its the fastest and sorta summarize the whole 2 episode in a flash. IF only you wouldnt put in your comments in the middle of recapping, that’d be awesome. just put your comment down below like you would when you recap a full episode.

    i sense that i’d still get “go away if you dont like it” and some ” she can do whatever she likes on the blog”. hahaha.

    peace out fangirls.

    • 42.1 Caitlyn

      I love the snarky comments, they add humour to the weecap. Especially with Lee Soon Shin, when the weecap is the best thing about the whole show. One of the reasons JB started doing the weecaps instead of recaps is because the show just got draggy and boring and it wasn’t fun for her to recap fully. So, the weecaps came along. They’re not meant to be like a recap, they’re just a basic rundown of the episodes with some comments thrown in.

      I do agree that the comments can totally influence you, but that’s a personal thing rather than a Javabeans thing. I get influenced by other people’s opinions because I just have that kind of personality.

    • 42.2 KimYoonmi

      I started complaining independent of the recaps. And for totally different reasons…

      Couch psychology… that was me.

      The picking up on the lack of understanding of love…

      the poking at the huge plot holes…

      I did that independent of Dramabeans and I formed that opinion from watching the show itself. I often disagree with Javabeans and Girlfriday as well… and pick up details on my own without being swayed.

      So my dislike is definitely my own. Recaps or not.

      I also haven’t pulled out my snark yet either. Criticisms aren’t all snark. Snark is a sharp criticism meant to bring a laugh.

      I kinda feel that other viewers are this way too…

      I keep squinting and hoping that the show will pull out of the nose dive. But it’s getting darker and darker. I think the glow in the dark is the mantle. <–that's snark.

  43. 43 chacha

    I keep watching because the show built a really compelling relationship between SS and JH way back. I find that the scenes that draw me the most are the ones in which they are laughing and having fun. IU has a very compelling laugh that conveys deep joy (when she calls JH “short” and “chicken hearted”, and tells him he will “carry her on his back”). So why do they have her crying the whole time? Also, some logical questions:

    Where on earth did he leave her after he spent all day looking for her and finally had a chance to hug her and make her feel all better (ep 46)? In the next scene (ep 47), she’s homeless, sleeping on half a love-seat in the practice room, and being threatened with rent. The “big hug, what should I do” scene should have been the make-up moment, but instead the show spent two more episodes on this dull tangent, and their togetherness is still unclear. Also, JH looked bored after her cry in ep 48. I saw his face, and thought – “you too?” He’s joined the rest of us in his spite for the canned plot devices. The guy is seriously a compelling leading man making the most of a story line gone bad.

  44. 44 Ha Ni

    In some ways, I dislike granny even more than Yeon A

  45. 45 Yeti

    me lv SS n JH!! <3 tnx jb!

  46. 46 chickletta

    What I don’t get is the people who so passionately hate this drama, but still find time not only to watch it but also write hateful tirades about it. I am happy that some of us have so much time on our hands. It’s very entertaining. My favourite comment was: “Only two weeks to suffer through this piece of beep beep.” Why suffer? Not watching is an obvious choice.

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