Beanie level: Water maid

Exams are over FINALLY (..ok for the time being atleast)!!
Which means now I can FINALLY psych myself out for the BTS comeback, lose my shhh over that comeback trailer, and fully immerse myself into all the theories.
And then dig into some Greasy Melo!
*Sit back and relaxes*
**Jumps up with a start because loads to catch up on**


    Yay 🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉


      Thanks for being enthu on behalf May! Because as on now the fatigue from the 2 hrs of sleep a day is definitely catching up..I think I am going to hibernate for 48 hrs!


        *smack forehead* sorry for the gazillion typos I can’t type properly tired..


          Don’t worry easily excused, take some rest and come back feeling fresh and lively 😘😘




      You nailed the exact jig my brain did when I walked out of the exam hall!!
      Cut to a few hours later my brain-


        Hahaha hope your brain is up and relaxing now. ^^


          Yea.. I just had to listen to singularity like 8 times, now I am relaxed to the bone. That song is so soothing tone wise, feels like I am floating on a cloud haaaaa~~


    Sounds like an excellent plan!


    Sounds good!


    Hi paperclip! I tried to reply to your comment on the fanfic but just realized I hadn’t actually replied to your comment so you probably never saw it 😆
    Anyways, if you need a break, we can skip to bammsie. She wanted to try writing now that she’s done with school 🙂


      Oops sorry yes I did not see that 😛. Sure you can let Bammsie have my turn.
      Actually Raonah maybe I should shift from the writers to the readers list for a while. RL has gotten a bit hectic now 😫😫.


I really like the poetry in this couple’s names.
Where Namwoo is like a tree rooted in his past, but he is in love with Mirae, the future.


Ahh it seems like I missed the island party,
So I\’ll just make a POETRY SLAM ENTRY
At the event by the wonderful @wishfultoki

See you later Alligator
(A post APAD ep10 Feels comment-ary)

I did not see coming, that sinking of my OTP.
Many will agree it was a great tragedy.
Sadly, I wondered how to say \”Farewell to thee\”.
So I decided to write my own poetry.
I called it \”An Ode to Ageo-sshi\”
And this is how it went-
\”Ageo was born to be wild and free,
But the threads of fate held her to a plain white tee.
There a decade, nurtured and nestled by a warm heart, she spent.
So it was not without regret she returned home, to the sea\”

Now I know this is rubbish, I can\’t seem to put it eloquently,
Could remember no rules other than the rhyming, apparently.
But my heart hurts and my vision is blurry.
So for all of this beanies, please excuse me.

(Oh God why am I here?!.. I have exams I should go study!!)


Please help a noob beanie out 😬😬

So I have never had to use html before and I am not sure what the tags or commands or whatever it\’s called, to use are. The right ones compatible with this site that is. Also I am a bit of a technology dummy, sorry about that 🙃. Could you\’ll please help me out with things like-
β€’ How to insert or embed pictures or gifs in replies. Do the pictures have to be from an online source with a url? What if it\’s on my internal folder? I have a photobucket account and it has many links to use like direct, html, IMG. Which one is the one to use?
β€’ Share links, with and without thumbnails.
β€’ Where do you\’ll make gifs on?

Thanks to @mary assistance in the WWW post I learnt how to format like bold, italics, strikethrough,


(Or let\’s see if I did learn, once this gets posted)

And thanks to @waadmay and @sicarius I learnt about jumping to the parent comment. Very handy when replies are nearly in the 100s and you\’ve been scrolling up all this while to reply. Click on the three dots on the top right on your comment –> click parent.

Are there any other tips there, you kind beanies will be willing to share?


I was going through some old pictures in my folder and I came across this poem I had saved a couple of years ago..Isnt it so appropriate for YWFP?! This is what I would call the point of no return.


While my heart says YEs…
my head says miNO.


1st Comment:
I think the best level up here on dramabeans, is moving from silent lurker to candy. Hurray!!

Hi everyone! I just had to register now that there is an OT for YWFP!!