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My Fair Lady: Episode 11
by | September 23, 2009 | 64 Comments

I’m sorry to say this, because I think My Fair Lady is definitely the better series, but there’s something about it that reminds me quite a lot of Witch Amusement, that hot mess of nonsensical repetition and confusion. I like this drama a lot more, but I can’t help seeing the similarities between them. But more on that later.


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At the company event, Eui-joo tells Tae-yoon that Dong-chan took the job to seduce Hae-na for money. Although he gave up on that goal, what’s worse is that now he’s in love with her. Having spilled the beans, Eui-joo stammers guiltily when Dong-chan finds her outside, saying, “I’m sorry. I mean, I’m not sorry — I’ve done nothing to be sorry for!”

Hae-na is called out to make her speech, which means Dong-chan doesn’t have a chance to respond to her wish that he stay on as her attendant. She takes the podium anxiously, starting off her prepared speech stuttering — which is when Uncle Chul-gu and Su-ah’s plan kicks into motion. A group of men (directors and trustees, I presume) stand up to interrupt Hae-na, shouting things like, “This is ridiculous!”

They storm out while Chul-gu looks on smugly. Hae-na is so startled that she freezes, until Dong-chan motions to her and starts to approach. At that, she collects herself and addresses the departing group in an assertive tone:

Hae-na: “To be honest, I also think it’s absurd for me to be the successor of Kang San Group. I’m not skilled, nor do I have experience. All I have is the backing of being the chairman’s granddaughter. It’s laughable for me to be the successor. However, I have my pride as well. This is an opportunity that has come my way, and my pride does not allow me to quit before even making the attempt. It’s true that I don’t know much. No, I don’t know anything. I never studied very hard, and I don’t know much about anything. However, I will try diligently. I may not have tried in the past, but I take after my grandfather and I do have brains. If, after I do my best you still consider me insufficient, then I will step down willingly. I’m saying that even if my grandfather wants to give me this position, I will not accept it. Will you accept this promise?”

It’s a pretty cool speech, and it takes the sting out of the directors’ attempted mutiny. However, Grandpa Kang scolds Hae-na for her rash words. How will she live up to that promise? How could she recklessly promise to step down like that? She may have made a grand gesture, but now she has to live up to it.

Understandably, Tae-yoon is pissed off to hear about Dong-chan’s unsavory intentions toward Hae-na, and punches him in the face. He manages to get in a warning to stay away from Hae-na before she comes upon the both of them.

As Tae-yoon drives Hae-na home, she sighs about how she’ll be busy with work, now that she has to live up to that deal she struck. Tae-yoon finds that an opportune time to ask, “If you don’t enjoy working at the company, how about marrying me?”

She laughs it off as a joke, thinking it’s too soon for marriage, but her smile fades to see Tae-yoon’s serious expression. He tells her he’s not joking: “Let’s marry.”

Hae-na comes home in a daze, wondering at the suddenness of Tae-yoon’s proposal. When she mentions it to Dong-chan, he covers up his own feelings and congratulates her. At her hesitation about whether it’s too early to marry, Dong-chan chides her, saying guys like Tae-yoon are rare.

Hae-na tries to suss out Dong-chan’s reaction, saying leadingly, “It seems like you’d be happy if I got married…” Dong-chan keeps up his happy facade, and advises her not to keep a jibsa when she gets married — she should leave that role for Tae-yoon.

His voice takes on the tone of a goodbye as he tells her she was pretty cool with her speech about her pride, and urges her to live like that in the future.

Not knowing what of the encounter between the two men, Hae-na feels they’re both acting odd but doesn’t quite get why. Tae-yoon exchanges the couple rings he’d bought for an engagement ring, and then meets Dong-chan for another talk.

This time, it’s Dong-chan who leads the discussion by telling Tae-yoon he will be quitting. He takes the blame for everything that happened, admitting that he likes Hae-na but that it’s a purely one-sided thing; she likes Tae-yoon, not him.

Hae-na is soon put to the test when the directors present her with an impossible task. In order to prove herself worthy, she must raise the company’s overall business ranking by increasing sales by 15%, and she only has one month to do it. Chul-gu taunts Hae-na, using her own speech against her, and the rest of the directors all smirk, believing she’s as good as gone.

Again her pride flares, and she accepts the challenge. She reminds them to be careful — when she’s named successor, she’ll remember all of them.

Dong-chan corners Eui-joo (who tries to avoid him), and her guilt over telling Tae-yoon everything makes her defensive. Contrary to her expectations, Dong-chan isn’t upset, and tells her that actually, he should thank her. He’d felt so uneasy with his secret hanging over him, worrying what would happen if/when it came out. Now that she told Tae-yoon, it’s a good thing that everything is out in the open.

He even understands why Tae-yoon was angry, because he would have reacted that way, too. He deserved the punch. Furthermore, he’ll be quitting soon and returning to live at Eui-joo’s house. (He doesn’t notice that Hae-na has overheard his recounting of his encounter with Tae-yoon.)

Hae-na’s big problem now is how to increase sales. Dong-chan is encouraging but realistic, reminding her that if she fails, it’s not only she who will suffer — her grandfather’s reputation is at stake. She must work extra hard to brainstorm ideas, and she stays up all night in the office with a team of employees and Dong-chan. (Throughout the work session, she tries to ignore the fact that she’s acutely aware of Dong-chan’s presence next to her.)

At dawn, they stop by a convenience store for some ramen, having worked all night. After a moment of hesitation, Hae-na broaches the topic of why he didn’t mention having met Tae-yoon. She sighs that she should have figured out what was driving his sudden proposal.

Hae-na asks if his feelings were hurt, but Dong-chan doesn’t feel he has that right. And although it seems she’s about to say something important, Dong-chan cuts her off to hurry her along; he’s got a “gift” he wants to show her.

He takes her to the rooftop. She’s nonplussed at the display until Dong-chan explains that he used to watch the sunrise with his mother when she was ill:

Dong-chan: “It makes it seem like everything will be all right, and gives you the confidence to start over, the feeling that you are alive — I wanted to give you the gift of feeling that. Congratulations on your new start.”

He also apologizes for not fulfilling her wish, because he will be quitting. Hae-na takes that in, then asks wistfully, “I suppose I shouldn’t hold onto you?” She wonders if she’ll be okay without him, to which Dong-chan answers confidently that she can do anything well without him.

She asks if it had been very difficult for him after returning to the position, and he answers, “No, this time I was happy.” It’s a bittersweet moment for both of them, and she says with a half-smile, “This time, I’ll let go first. Seo Dong-chan, you’re fired.”

When Grandpa Kang hears, he wishes they could have held onto Dong-chan a little longer, for Hae-na’s sake. Mr. Jang — ever-present and all-knowing — seems to understand the reason for his departure, and suggests to Grandpa that they not be so hasty to push Hae-na and Tae-yoon into marriage. But Grandpa feels the ticking clock keenly, because he wants to see Hae-na and the company settled before he dies.

Hae-na tells Tae-yoon she fired Dong-chan, denying that there’s any special reason she would miss him, calling Dong-chan just an employee. Tae-yoon admits that he had told Dong-chan to leave, and asks if he overstepped his bounds. Hae-na feels that his reaction was understandable, and figures that everything worked out best for everyone involved. If Tae-yoon senses the lack of conviction in her voice, he doesn’t comment on it.

When Tae-yoon asks if she’ll be looking for a new jibsa, she takes Dong-chan’s advice and answers that she’s decided to try to manage without one. After all, Tae-yoon had once asked whether she could be okay alone, so now she’s giving it a try.

Dong-chan spends a day or two wandering around to collect his thoughts before he returns to work at the flower shop. Eui-joo is again elated to have him back, and welcomes him enthusiastically.


Hae-na, on the other hand, has to handle her mounting frustrations, because sales for her internet shopping mall are actually falling despite her best efforts to promote it. One of her employees hesitantly proffers a method to boost sales, but it’s not exactly aboveboard.

Desperate, Hae-na takes her up on the suggestion, and employs a team of netizens to order a lot of merchandise from her own shopping mall.(It’s like in Story of a Man! Except that I’m sorry, SOAM, to compare this plotline to your brilliance.)

Thus the sales figures are unnaturally manipulated, and within days, they increase 7%. Chul-gu and Su-ah are baffled and displeased, while Grandpa Kang congratulates Hae-na for working so hard. She accepts his praise nervously, knowing she didn’t earn it.

Feeling uneasy with her own actions and lost without Dong-chan’s guidance, Hae-na wonders what he would have told her if he had known. She looks at a photo she had once snapped of him and imagines him telling her, “Are you crazy? Come to your senses.”

Tae-yoon contemplates the engagement ring and prepares a romantic dinner during which to propose. But along the way to dinner, Hae-na is assailed with memories of Dong-chan, and therefore when they meet, her mood is subdued.

Tae-yoon admits that he isn’t comfortable with fancy gestures like this, but he’d been urged to make a grand statement. He presents her with the diamond ring and asks, “Will you marry me?”

Whenever the answer to that is not an emphatic “YES!” you know you’re in for a rocky road, and Tae-yoon senses this when Hae-na takes her time answering.

She prefaces her response by saying she’ll be honest with him, and admits, “I’m going through a tough time these days.” Tae-yoon asks, “Is it because of Seo Dong-chan?”

We don’t hear her answer to that but we can guess, since Hae-na leaves the ring behind at the restaurant with Tae-yoon. As she drives home, she broods over their conversation, particularly Tae-yoon’s question, “Are you sure I’m really the one you like?”

So it is that Dong-chan receives a call a little while later, asking him to collect Hae-na from a bar (again).

By the time Dong-chan arrives, Hae-na is thoroughly drunk. She’s perplexed to see him there, not remembering that she had told the bartender to call her attendant so she could go home.

She’s in a loopy sort of mood, and resists when he tries to get her to rise. Instead, she asks, “Have you been doing okay?” She tries to get him to join her for a drink, telling him she’s glad to see him after such a long time.

Ignoring his admonitions, Hae-na pinches his cheeks and coos that he’s gotten cuter since she last saw him. She’s not trying to make a move, but she’s very drunk and she sways toward him as she shakes his head back and forth, which causes their lips to brush against each other.

It’s hardly a kiss, but they both feel something and freeze in shock, then pull back in alarm. Hae-na wonders, confused, “What did you just do to me?” Dong-chan defends himself saying he didn’t do anything.

Obligatory piggyback scene! Dong-chan tries to help Hae-na walk, but she’s so tipsy that she stumbles along, and finally he picks her up to carry on his back.

Dong-chan wonders if something bad happened, not believing her when she says no, and asks whether she fought with Tae-yoon again. Hae-na answers yes, adding, “And a lot of things happened.” However, he’s no longer her jibsa so he doesn’t have to know, and she won’t tell him.

This scene is both cute and poignant because Hae-na is like a little child who resorts to petulance in reaction to being hurt. Dong-chan understands that she’s acting out of hurt and agrees with her, to which she sniffles grumpily, “You jerk. This is all your fault.”

Hae-na: “It’s because you’re gone that things turned out like this. Because you’re not here. Because you left me.”
Dong-chan: “Are you having a hard time?”
Hae-na: “No.”
Dong-chan: “What’s troubling you?”
Hae-na: “I said nothing!”
Dong-chan: “You’re troubled right now.”
Hae-na: “I’m not! You’re not my attendant anymore, so don’t ask anything.”
Dong-chan: “You’re right, I’m not your attendant anymore, so I won’t ask.”

All the while, Hae-na wipes at a few errant tears and Dong-chan looks perturbed.

After Dong-chan brings her home, he leaves her with one last bit of advice. He asks how long she will continue to live so immaturely, getting drunk and kicking up a fuss in reaction to hardship. Even if she’s going through tough times, she should still conduct herself sensibly. It’s quite sweet, actually, how Dong-chan manages to be reproving but gentle at the same time. Even when she asks bitterly why this matters to him, he answers that it shouldn’t — but still, she should be strong and independent, as befits her.

It’s not exactly a lesson she learns quickly, however, because she is tested the next morning (and fails). Su-ah and Chul-gu march in smugly to present Grandpa Kang with some very interesting information. They have discovered (by way of Hae-na’s employee) that the internet mall sales have been manipulated by Hae-na. Hae-na defends herself, saying that she bought everything with her own money, so there’s nothing wrong with her actions.

Chul-gu counters that it’s not her money but the chairman’s — but even if it had been her money, this is unacceptable and dishonest behavior.

After Grandpa Kang dismisses the two, Hae-na complains indignantly at the way they keep conspiring against her, expecting her grandfather’s support. So she’s shocked when he tells her sternly, “Leave my house.”

He tells her to pack immediately and leave: “You don’t even know what you did wrong, or how dangerous your actions were. I can’t leave Kang San to you! I don’t even want to leave a grain of rice to you!”

He’s severely disappointed in her, and warns the employees not help her secretly. Mr. Jang counsels that Grandpa may be acting hastily, but Grandpa barks that this is Hae-na’s problem now.

Hae-na is dragged away and dropped off on the street, left to fend for herself. She’s incredulous at first, and then rallies her emotions and pouts that she can handle herself fine without her grandfather. She attempts to check into a hotel suite — only to find her credit card declined. One after another, they have all been blocked, and she has been effectively cut off.

Looking in her wallet for cash, she has to downgrade to a standard room, where she mulls over her situation. She considers calling Tae-yoon and even dials his number, but given their last meeting (and her rejection of his ring), she hangs up, unable to deal with talking to him. She considers Dong-chan, but is too embarrassed to call him, either.

The problem is, now she’s starving and low on cash. She calls her friends one by one, angling for a dinner invite, but they’re all busy. Stomach growling, she reaches for the mini bottles of hotel liquor, and chugs…

…but when she wakes up, she’s in a different room. Seeing the unfamiliar surroundings, she bolts upright — and then gapes when she finds Dong-chan by her side, announcing, “Wake up!”


You know a drama is running out if ideas when it repeats scenes from itself! Take, for instance, our second instance of Hae-na getting drunk and a bar employee calling Dong-chan to come get her. (On the upside, at least Yoon Eun-hye is a really cute drunk. And the piggyback scene is sweet enough to make up for the lack of originality in bringing it about.)

It’s this quality, among several others, that makes me think of Witch Amusement. On the plus side, this is not nearly as crazed and wacky as Witch Amusement, but on the minus side, this is not nearly as crazed and wacky as Witch Amusement. (That drama was a fantastic one for snark opportunities.)

Take Dong-chan’s constant hiring and firing. Is he her jibsa or isn’t he? It’s like the drama needs conflict so he has to quit, but then they need the two back together so they hire him again. And then he quits. And comes back again. And quits. (The previews for the next episode suggest he comes back again.) It’s like Jae Hee and his damned study abroad all over again. (He’s going abroad! No he’s not! Now he’s going to Paris! No, he’s not! Now he’s going to New York! No, he’s not!) Or like in Full House, when Song Hye-gyo keeps leaving, then returning, to the house. By the end, the reasons just don’t make sense anymore and you just have to close your brain to logic.

Hey, I’m okay with closing my brain to logic every once in a while. But I fear this drama is heading there too frequently, and that makes it tiring.

Like with Witch Amusement, the acting is generally carrying the plot over its rocky points, but the writing is really getting in the way. You get the sense that the actors have stopped understanding their characters (actually, we know that much is fact), so they can only act as they’re told to on the page — subtext and character-building is, by now, a futile exercise. That’s why I feel the characters’ emotions sorta make sense within each scene, but they don’t connect logically from one scene to the next.

And also like with Witch Amusement, the visuals and wardrobe continue to be lovely. I got the sense that WA’s director also stopped understanding his story, so he focused instead on directing, which made for lots of cool-looking shots, extreme angles, wonderful lighting. None of that had anything to do with the plot, but at least the director was getting to flex his muscles. (Car chases, check! Gangster fights, check! Faked kidnapping, check!)

I don’t think My Fair Lady is anywhere near as hopeless as Witch Amusement was, so I’m hoping for an upswing. If a drama can’t be good by conventional standards, the second best thing is to have it be good on an entertaining-crazy standard. I don’t see My Fair Lady dipping into entertaining-crazy, so it’s got to be the former.


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  1. MEIKO**** ^-^

    Thanks JavaB!!!! ^-^

    I havent slept yet! ‘was watching Lawyers of korea while waiting for this…

    now let me read……

    omo! no.1… (am being too obvious huh… lol)

  2. charleen

    Thank you very much for your hard word !

  3. Deena

    Thanks a lot JB, I kept refreshing your page 🙂

    After ep.9 and 10, this episode is kind of a downfall. I agree with you that it feels like they are running out of ideas 🙁 After the last week I didn’t want to be proved statistically right, predicting that this episode will be a disappointment, but it did turn out this way. Too many expectations…

    The truth is that after this episode I am not as crazy waiting for the next one…

  4. red

    Thank you for super fast summary.
    I’m quite agree with you about the plot of this drama.
    It seems a little dragging. When will I ever see DC-HN kissing for real???
    In other dramas leads might kiss by 2-3 times by now.
    The problem of this drama is HN is too naive and arrogant and DC is too mature and reasonable.
    I like the editing part in this episode. It was better off than the previous one.
    Anyway I still addict to this drama even it seems like lack of something and I found DC-HN were very cute together.
    Even I complained I still love this drama 🙂

  5. Nom_Kitteh

    Bah — this episode is such a disappointment. It was just treading water, with no point to it. Yeah, we should expect filler episodes at this point, but since the drama has offered only one episode of substance (ep 9) so far, a filler seems pointless because everything else has been filler.

    I agree that the actors seem to just be mouthing their lines at this point.

    This particular storyline with HN being thrown out into the cold, bad world should have come before ep 9. Many of these scenes were shot earlier it seems, and so the PD is just throwing them in even though they don’t really make sense. After Ep 9, where pandora’s box was opened, how on earth do the PDs conceive of ep 11? Makes zero sense.

    The ratings seem to be sinking as well.

    What a waste of three great actors…

  6. queenofdgame

    I’m not liking this drama anymore, i guess because from the very beginning i wanted tae yeon and hae na to end up together…i think its a wrong move for Jung il woo to take on this character because he’s not able to show how good he is in acting at all…so far i haven’t seen him in a very intense or very romantic scene (i guess when he was running and looking for haena at the farm..and when he hugged her that was a LITTLE romantic)…and this is the first time that i’ve watch a drama that i am not jumping for joy when the lead characters realized they are inlove with each other…i don’t know..there’s just nothing about the characters that makes me adore them..very forgetful series..this is just my opinion so i guess ill just stop watching it and stop whining…heehehe goodluck to all of you..hope this will have a better ending…

  7. MEIKO**** ^-^

    RE: Nom_kitteh’s “It was just treading water, ”
    I agree, and as what JavaB mentioned, there has been some repititions..

    But, am definitely closing my mind to any logical thinking too…LOL… coz I love the “obligatory piggyback”, the accidental kiss ( although i did blurt out, “that was it?!?”…), and TY’s scenes…. (all these just from reading…)….

    Now, ill just have to wait for the subs, and be right back, if there is something else that will catch my eye…. ^0^

  8. ida

    I have been waiting for your recap javabeans..(I have to keep on refreshing the page and come out disappointed when I see your entry about Eugene.. omo omo) and my thoughts are (1) we are back to that point when everything is murky and confusing.. I thought that things will FINALLY start to shape up with Episode 9 but, everything fell flat again, much to my chagrin (2) the writers need to finally put their foot down re: DC’s fate as jibsa or an ordinary citizen.. they stretched it too much, more of that will suffocate me to oblivion (3) and I agree, these actors are surely doing their jobs right, to not think about what real life is all about and play it based on what is written before them.. which is good but you can feel the disconnection. I know that you like Il Jung Woo’s acting Return to Iljimae, which I did not have the chance to watch, but I dont understand his feelings, I know he punched DC on the face but I expect a lot of RAGE and ANGER from the character (from being a human rights lawyer/activist), well its just my opinion. He may be limited to the script, who knows, but still, I am unsatisfied of the TY reactions.

    Given these imperfections however, I am still watching the drama due to awesome job of the actors. Kudos to all of them!

  9. dramafreak19

    I honestly feel like this drama’s becoming a chore to watch.
    Maybe next time, Eun Hye….=S

  10. 10 dee

    Though I find these drama are sort of lacking, MFL is lots better than WA

  11. 11 Nom_Kitteh

    And honestly, how many drunk HN scenes do we need? Have we not gotten one just about every episode? Hasn’t every other other episode had HN drinking her soul out to DC? Might I suggest that the writers try using something called, oh I don’t know, IMAGINATION?

    Also, I am more convinced now than ever that the YEH-YSH story was a publicity stunt. Considering the fact that writers fail at the writing-an-interesting-show aspect, I can see why they would resort to cheap tactics.

    I feel bad for YEH. Lesson learned: don’t sign until writers and PD are confirmed, until you approve of the storyline, and until you are sure that badly trained monkeys won’t be writing the scripts.

  12. 12 maria

    thank god for the chemistry 😀

  13. 13 goldlilys

    You know I have so very little hope left in this drama. I recently finished ep6 and even though subs for ep7-9 are available …. sigh I’m just not in the mood to watch the next episodes. I feel there is something missing from the characters or chemistry. Yes, they’re all doing a good job acting out their roles, but the plot is becoming stale really quick. Like I can totally see what’s going to happen next. There is no unpredictability left. Like you, I do think it’s better than WA, but it’s not THAT much better. It lacks originality or a punch. Geeh, guess now it’s time for me to drop this drama. Yay for next season!!

  14. 14 bjharm

    the old I am dying and wish everything settled before i die but I do not care if in doing so I ruin everyone else’s life is an old theme in K-Drama.
    This grandpa had been more reasonable than most, at lest Hae-na says she likes the guy. But taking over the company. so he expects her to learn to run a huge company in a few months..and his only help he gives her is basically tough love treatment. She bends the rules and he kicks her out..more tough love I guess..but her uncle been playing dirty all along, and without any backing but Dong-chan.If he was for real, grandpa would get the best advisor’s and teachers and let her learn while protecting her from the dirty tricks of the uncle and the sheeplike directors
    Ow well it not suppose to make sense it just a way for getting the main couple back together and get her to understand who she really likes

  15. 15 jj

    i still really like this drama. enjoyable to watch…entertaining and I think it’s cute!
    poor taeyoon tho…

    random note: I really like the engagement ring he bought for haena. SO pretty! lol

    Hoping tomorrow’s episode will be better :]
    thanks javabeans!!

  16. 16 cjj

    i still think the acting’s great..

  17. 17 cheanne


  18. 18 Jeniper Mose

    In my opinion Tamra is still the best drama with amateur actors and the end

    product is indeed entertaining eventhough with a cut – 16 episodes .

    Thanks for the recap. I didn’t follow-up, just reading you recaps only.

  19. 19 BO

    at this point let us just watch and enjoy it. Just like what was said of the actor’s over analyzing his character, let us stop analyzing the drama and lets just go for the ride. After all we are here only to be entertained. Go YEH GO! Find a new drama ASAP. . .

  20. 20 BO

    Oh before I forget, since YEH is considered an A- Lister, then act as an A-Lister. Choose your own story, PD, Scriptwriter, songs, cast mates, etc. etc.

  21. 21 cheanne

    Thanks and Im still looking forward for the next episode’s recap……


    The storyline might be boring and unrealistic for some but I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF WATCHING DONG CHAN AND HYE NA’s sweet moments repeatedly!!!

  23. 23 oih

    Anyone know where to find a torrent or download (no clubbox, don’t have Windows/ activex) of the 450p HAN version of episode 11? Seems the admins of my previous source (aja-aja) gone bonkers and shut down their site.

  24. 24 mai

    I could totally see why you compare it with WA. I watched the new subbed episodes yesterday and I was like D’oh. If not for Eun Hye I would’ve stopped watching and yeah Il Woo’s too cute for me to pass up. It’s good that I’m still enjoying it that’s all that matters

  25. 25 lilly

    What about impotant HN’s bad memories about her fiancee storyline which first made her a mean, bitchy, brat rich girl ? It disappeared.
    What about HN relationship with her other family members (especially her young cousin) ?

  26. 26 asianromance

    thanks for the recap!!! i totally agree with your comments- especially about Dong-chan’s constant hiring and firing. must be hell on whoever is processing his paperwork.

    whoa! the grandpa suddenly got mean!

    @25 lilly, i also wondered about the “bad memories” storyline. now that it has been pushed aside, it doesn’t feel like the bad memory was that important after all. and didn’t Euijoo want to design shoes or whatever…i don’t think they ever went back to it.

  27. 27 gold

    though episode 11 is tad slow, but i think tonight’s episode will make a big
    change. i have confident in this drama storyline. both yoons fighting!!

  28. 28 Anonymous

    they should cut this drama to 12 episodes already! so frustrating!

    YEH waited 2 years for her comeback & this is what she got! i hope the next one will be waaayyyy better, and that she won’t have us wait another 2 long years!

  29. 29 oo

    OIH — Anyone know where to find a torrent or download (no clubbox, don’t have Windows/ activex) of the 450p HAN version of episode 11?
    Try this site –> http://yooneunhye.net/forums/topic/my-fair-lady-download-links

    OIH — Seems the admins of my previous source (aja-aja) gone bonkers and shut down their site.
    Aja-Aja admins have a very good reason for closing their site to free users BECAUSE SOME IDIOTS STEAL THEIR LINKS AND POST ON THEIR SITES!!!! (unfortunately, the good free users are affected by those IDIOTS’ SELFISH ACTION.)

  30. 30 Sara

    trying hard to stay with this series in kbs world…something is just not clicking and getting bored by the minute….hopefully it will get better

  31. 31 Tiffany

    I do agree ep 11 is badly paced. Hopefully ep 12 brings back the atmosphere. FYI, I actually almost fell asleep watching ep 11….

  32. 32 MinT

    it’s doesn’t matter to me if this ep. is slow or repetitive or the writers have no idea left (seem like two different sets of writers sometime) cuz……………there it is my “piggyback scene” LOL . I must be nut to love all piggyback scene in all dramas.hahaha

  33. 33 bamboo

    i just finished watching ep 11 and am still liking it…though the twist of the story about her grandpa asking her to leave the mansion was rather unexpected! overall, i still feel entertained, and btw this is far more better than Witch Yoo drama, i didn’t even dare finish it!

    @32 you’re like me i luv those piggyback scenes…one of my favorite scenes in any Kdramas & glad they did it here too, i thought it’s sweet when a man carries you on his back like that…only in Asia I guess. I’m nuts too like you loving all the piggyback scenes, that makes the two of us hehehe. i can’t explain it but i’m just crazy & fascinated about piggybacks!

    thnx javabeans for your great recap as always!

  34. 34 bamboo

    @12 — yes i second the motion…chemistry is to be thankful for! i luv these two actors – they’re fantastic!

  35. 35 s hee

    @19 & other numbers who are not so critical of this drama… i cldn’d agree with you any better than that…let’s just enjoy enjoy watching instead of being Siskel & Eberts here…i know we’re all entitled to our own opinion but this is not the only drama that you’ll find flaws…look at BOF…it’s not flawless but ppl got drawn to it…no offense to fans coz i watched that too myself…but to each is own, I’m liking this much much better than BOF or WA (this one bored me by epis 3 so i stopped watching though I liked hanga in & ja hee). Overall, i love Kdramas whether there’s flaws or the writers are running of ideas…nobody’s perfect after all! Maybe it’s not one of the best episodes but hey let’s move on!
    thnx for recap javabeans

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  37. 37 Yi

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  38. 38 incomplete

    i haven’t been watching any kdrama the past few years, my last being full house and samsoon but this drama got me addicted so it really says something about it! i think everyone is just over analyzing the drama. pls its not suppose to be realistic in the first place so just enjoy the show man.
    i did have some reservation abt the leading guy but reaching from the 3rd epi onwards im totally into him and the chemistry between him and Eun Hye. its been sometime ive seen a real manly lead in kdrama (think flowers boys)
    Eun Hye is just being Eun Hye, i dont see anything wrong with her acting and if she were to be diff i wouldnt be watching the show anymore.

    • 38.1 Cy

      Same here. I haven’t seen any K drama since My Girl and I found this drama totally addicting (Butler Seo Dong Chan was oh so charming). I really have no idea what others were talking about and I think they were overanalysing a fiction drama.

  39. 39 Sakura

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    she picked the wrong one this time round. Thanks for the recap javabeans.

  40. 40 Lisa

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  41. 41 Biscuit

    Didn’t the original script writer change?

    I think MFL would have been better if the script writer was the same as the original, perhaps.

    There are a few flaws and sometimes Haena will seem OOC.
    In fact, Haena really doesn’t seem like… Haena, anymore.

    I understand that by Dong-Chan/Tae Yoon, she’s “changed” a bit, but now she’s a completely different person. To be honest, she seemed pretty smart in the beginning. Just more rebellious in character. But now, she seems so klutzy, so Chae Gyeong-ish, and her voice is getting higher @___@
    She talks/acts almost like a little girl. It’s like, “Where did Kang Hyena go!?”
    Nor do I understand how Haena “can’t live without a butler” but she seemed to do pretty fine when she was firing them on a daily basis….. -_-

    Oh well, I hope Grandpa is kicking her out so she can get smarter and learn something from it =.=

    Hopefully when episode 12 comes out today, the story will improve. If not, at least this is a 16 episode show.

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  45. 45 goldlilys

    I’m not overanalyzing …. how can you overanalyze things in a drama that is so predictable anyways. Plus, I’ve always been defending BOF as “enjoy the ride because it’s fun to watch” …. but I can’t say the same for MFL … not one moment am I sucked in by the story. I don’t feel entertained whatsoever. I’ve been trying so badly to like this drama because of YEH (especially after Coffee Prince). But all it reminded me of was Goong, which is to this day I have to rate a 4 (good for the set but bad for everything else). Really wished that YEH could have chosen the other script instead of this.

  46. 46 ockoala

    As a love story, MFL is succeeding at the “love” but failing miserably at the “story.” If we strip away every plot point, all the side characters, including EJ and TY, and just have 16 hours of Hae-na and Dong-chan bickering, drinking, bonding, supporting each other, that would be fine because I find that YSH and YEH have great chemistry and their characters falling for each other is believable (though I wish it would have happened either later – for DC, or earlier – for HN).

    The problem is that the story used to frame their love journey is poorly developed, hapazardly staged, and has no tension and excitement. So everything is languishing, and only the Yoons’ are holding it all together, which is really not enough to increase ratings or haul back the early detractors.

    The scripwriter and the PD bear so much of the weight of the problems, but thankfully, I enjoy watching MFL at the end of the day, because DC is such a sweetie, and I really enjoy his character in the drama – his quiet strength and forthcoming nature (after his initial turn as the scoundrel).

  47. 47 Gigi

    the first screencap totally looks like the scene in boys over flowers! thar be thieves among us!

  48. 48 J

    Thanks for the recap JB! I like the scene when Su Ah was wearing her high heels while Hae Na was in her flats and she tried to be taller by standing on her toes. That was cute of her 🙂

  49. 49 thankyou

    My disappointment in MFL is comparable to what I felt for Triple. There were flashes of something that could’ve been but never was great. The actors’ disappointment became obvious as the series progressed. Cliches’ were initially avoided but eventually used to sustain whatever audience remained. For either series, the cast was not at fault for the shortcomings. Unfortunately, the writing was.
    For me, these two dramas highlight the significance of a well-written script. It all goes back to writing. The often ignored element when it comes to showering praise to good series. We celebrate the actors, admire the director and mention the production. The writers are often last on the list, if at all mentioned. I’ve yet to see a good movie/drama/play that did not start with a well written story. Feel free to mention exceptions to this for I would love to see them.

  50. 50 thankyou

    oh and forgot to mention earlier that the best part of this drama was the little kid. I wish we had more scenes of him.

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