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I Hear Your Voice: Episode 16
by | July 25, 2013 | 398 Comments

It’s time for fallout, consequences, and a hefty dose of horrifying omens. What, you didn’t think Show would send you into finale week without the ever-living terror ground into your bones, did you? Pssh. As a standalone episode it’s the least whole of the series—it’s a bit of a prelude episode, to set us up for the finale to come. Ratings hit another high at 24.1% today.


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EPISODE 16: “Overture to La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie)”

Su-ha hears Do-yeon’s conflicted thoughts about prosecuting her biological father in court, and sends Hye-sung to find her in the bathroom. She finds Do-yeon sobbing uncontrollably, and Do-yeon begs for her help to save her dad.

I know, a hug is asking for too much (and would frankly be jarring) but would it kill you to pat the girl on the back?

By the time Lawyer Shin comes looking for them, they’re both crouching behind a row of chairs like co-conspirators, which kind of makes my day. Hye-sung asks if Do-yeon can really go back in there, and I honestly think she’s talking about the state of her mascara as much as her dilemma about her two fathers.

She mimes to Lawyer Shin, as if Do-yeon’s tears weren’t telling enough, and Do-yeon sincerely asks for their help to get an acquittal for Hwang Dal-joong. Hye-sung assures her that they’ll do their best, and Su-ha smiles.

Lawyer Shin even gives her the closing argument, saying that she’s their best shot at moving the jury. After the prosecution gives their closing statement, Hye-sung looks over at Su-ha to ask how many jurors are on her side. He says four.

She gets up to speak and scoffs at Lawyer Shin’s worry that she’s nervous (even throwing in a hair flip for good measure, ha) but gets off to a rocky start. She shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath, and it takes us to a flashback.

She finds Kwan-woo listening to music before a trial, and he says it’s a form of mind control, to prepare himself before he enters the room. He shares, and it’s the overture to the opera La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie). She asks why this song, and he says it’s based on a true story.

Back in the courtroom, Hye-sung plays the song in her head, and it calms her nerves. It also gives her an idea, and she opens her argument with the story of the opera—a woman is sent to prison for stealing silver, when in fact the real culprit was a magpie.

She asks who’s to blame in this circumstance—the bird, or just plain bad luck? She says that it was the law that sent her to the gallows that’s to blame, and the people who made that unjust decision. Her argument is for the jury to right the wrongs of the system, and by the time she’s done, Su-ha’s holding up all ten fingers.

While they break for the jury’s decision, Sung-bin and Choong-ki arrive, having gotten so heated in their debate over the case that they wanted to see how it turned out. Su-ha laughs, and then gapes when he sees Choong-ki’s nails painted blue. Haha.

The jury is unanimous in their verdict: not guilty. But the problem is the judge, who disagrees, and has the final say. He calls both sides to a conference room to deliberate. As the prosecutor argues, Hye-sung gets a phone call and screams, “Shut up, Grass Hair, I can’t hear!” Hahahaha.

It’s good news: the victim is awake. It doesn’t change the fact that they have to make a decision though, and Grass Hair is pretty much the only vocal dissenter. Finally Do-yeon speaks up and offers to withdraw the prosecution entirely.

Aw, are you throwing yourself under the bus to save your dad? Grass Hair tells her this won’t be taken lightly, and she says she’s prepared for the consequences.

The trial resumes for the verdict, and the judge sums up the arguments again, just in case we were sleeping the first time. He then announces that the prosecution has withdrawn the case, and that Hwang Dal-joong is a free man.

He breaks down in tears in the middle of the courtroom, as does Lawyer Shin. It’s twenty-six years’ worth of tears for the both of them. Do-yeon struggles to hold back her tears, and Hye-sung holds Lawyer Shin’s hand as he cries.

She exchanges a victorious thumbs-up with Su-ha, while Sung-bin gets to gloat over winning the debate, and hugs Choong-ki. Omo. He goes from sulky to happy in about two seconds flat. Okay, you had nothing to do with the case, but that was worth it.

Long after the courtroom has cleared out, Hye-sung and Do-yeon are the only ones left. Do-yeon is the first to get up, and stops to say in a tiny voice: “I’m sorry.” Gasp. Hye-sung wonders if she doesn’t mean “Thank you,” but no, Do-yeon was talking about the fireworks eleven years ago.

Hye-sung can’t believe it, and wonders if Do-yeon finally believes that she may have been wrong. Do-yeon: “I think just like my father, I didn’t want to acknowledge that I might be wrong. But I found out today, just how horrible it is not to acknowledge your wrongs.”

She turns around to look her in the eye: “I apologize. Sincerely.” Wow. And Hye-sung doesn’t even gloat about it (I fully expect her to later, but I think it’s big of her not to do it in front of her face) and just accepts the apology.

Lawyer Shin and Hwang Dal-joong finally get to smile and laugh after the trial, and Dal-joong sees Do-yeon walking out. He asks if she’s really his daughter, and says he pretty much figured out what Judge Seo did.

Lawyer Shin asks if he isn’t angry, and Dal-joong says he is, but he already forgave. Hye-sung and Su-ha stop to listen. Lawyer Shin wonders how such a thing can be forgiven, but Dal-joong just smiles, “I don’t have much time. I don’t want to spend the rest of my days hating someone. I don’t want the last things I feel in this life to be so terrible. That’s why I forgave.”

The words trigger Hye-sung’s last memory of Mom, and what she told her in her final moments: “Promise me, that you won’t spend your life hating someone else.” Su-ha looks over at her and reads her thoughts as she sheds a tear.

He just puts an arm around her and pulls her close without a word, while Lawyer Shin hugs Dal-joong.

Do-yeon comes home and back-hugs Mom, and then asks through her tears: “No matter what I say, I’m still your daughter, right?” Aw. She asks Mom to brace herself, and starts to tell her what she knows.

Hye-sung plops down on the couch at home, and Su-ha tells her she should rest after expending so much energy today. She sighs that he did all the work, and chastises herself for relying on him again.

She tells herself she has to stop depending on him all the time, and he pouts, “Why can’t you keep depending on me?” Hye-sung: “Obviously because…” and she doesn’t finish her thought, because the news report of the case comes on.

The verdict gets reported rather succinctly, with no mention of her. She shoots up from the couch, suddenly very energized, and up in arms about how they could leave her out: “ME. I was the star of that case! They call that news?!” Lol.

Su-ha: “I thought you said it was all because of me.” She huffs that that’s just stuff you say, and he laughs.

Judge Seo finds the breakfast table set for one, and his wife says that Do-yeon told her everything. They plan to stay at Grandma’s house for a while, and adds that never in thirty years did she think he could be that cruel a person.

He’s left alone at the table muttering aloud to himself, “What did I do wrong? I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong!” Is it wrong that I rather enjoy that he’s a bitter hateful man till the end?

Hye-sung tells Kwan-woo all about the trial on the way into the office that morning, and she hilariously gathers the whole office and asks Lawyer Shin to tell everyone how good she was. She cracks me up.

She insists on details, and Lawyer Shin genuinely tells her she did a great job, adding that it made him wonder if he had any right to give advice and act like he knows anything.

Kwan-woo picks up on his existential crisis, but Hye-sung remains blissfully unaware, and keeps prodding for more praise. Kwan-woo plays interference and makes sure that Lawyer Shin is okay, and he swears he’s fine.

Do-yeon goes to see Hwang Dal-joong in the hospital, and returns his belongings that he had the day he entered prison. He asks if there wasn’t a set of pastels, and she takes them out of her purse: “Didn’t you buy these for me?”

She asks him to sit down, and takes out a sketchpad. Aw to draw his portrait? He lights up, and she says nonchalantly, “I’ll come by as often as I can from now on to draw for you… Father.”

He doesn’t even really register it until a moment later, and then asks her to repeat it. He has to prod her to repeat the last part, and she finally says it again: “Father.” He breaks down in sobs, and she tells him not to move otherwise it’ll ruin the picture, so they both tamp down their tears and smile.

Kwan-woo finds Lawyer Shin deep into his third bottle of soju that night, and joins him. Lawyer Shin asks what might have happened twenty-six years ago if Hwang Dal-joong had met a different lawyer—someone like Kwan-woo or Hye-sung. He figures he might not have wasted half his life away unjustly, blaming himself for all of it.

Kwan-woo knows a pity party when he sees it, and asks if Lawyer Shin remembers someone throwing poop all over his car seven years ago. He does. “That… was me.” Haha. What?

He gets chased in circles around the pojangmacha table and Lawyer Shin screams that it took forever to get all that poop off. He asks why, when they didn’t even know each other then. Kwan-woo promises to tell him the story if he won’t hit him.

He says that was back when he was a cop (and partners with Hyung Cop currently on Su-ha Watch), after the Red Socks Murder trial. He didn’t shower or change his underwear for seven days to catch that bastard (ew, thanks) and worked tirelessly to collect all the incriminating evidence.

But because of one public defender, all his work was for nothing, and Red Socks was proven innocent in court. Lawyer Shin asks if that’s a reason to go throwing poop around, and they go for another spin around the table.

Kwan-woo says the real criminal was caught later, and Lawyer Shin saved two people that day in court: Red Socks, who would’ve spent his life in jail unjustly, and Kwan-woo, who would’ve been responsible for that man’s life.

“And so that day I quit the police force and began to study the law, so that I could become a public defender, just like you.” D’awwwww.

And then Lawyer Shin does the best thing ever. He just stands there, arms outstretched, waiting for his big bro-hug. It’s so great.

Kwan-woo runs over to hug him, and then Lawyer Shin gets in a good hair pull for the poop thing, before coming back around to the hugging. Heh.

Su-ha sleeps on the couch, and he’s lit way too dreamily for this to be real. Hye-sung wakes him up gently, wearing a white dress. He wonders why she’s dressed that way at home out of the blue, and takes a look around the room. “Is this a dream?”

Hye-sung: “Of course it’s a dream, like this would be real. Could your dreams be more childish?” She futzes with her dress: “What is this concept anyway?” HA, I love that Dream Hye-sung is a smartass.

He says she looks pretty, and she just rolls her eyes, ordering him to hurry and wake up because the dress is uncomfortable. He just grabs her in a hug and says he’ll wake up whenever he wants to, and kisses her forehead and cheek and snuggles some more. Gah.

Then suddenly, her hand falls limp. What. He looks down at his own hand, and it’s covered in blood. He asks what it is, but she’s already dead in his arms, and bleeding through her dress, in the place where he once stabbed her.

He pleads with her to wake up, but she doesn’t.

Hye-sung finds him tossing and turning in the middle of his nightmare, and wakes him up. He finally opens his eyes, and grabs her in a hug, so relieved that it was just a dream and she’s okay.

She asks what he dreamt, and he says it was nothing, but won’t let go of his vice grip on her.

Min Joon-gook looks like he’s planning to spring into action—he gathers a rope, duct tape, and his favorite weapon of choice, a wrench.

Kwan-woo gets to the office early and intercepts two more letters from Min Joon-gook, this time a story written by someone else reporting that a man went into a violent rage at a hospital. A flashback shows it was Min Joon-gook. And then another is an article about a grandma with dementia and a little boy, found in the streets. Interesting, this is going further back than just the two wives’ deaths.

Hye-sung and Su-ha stop by the mall, and she asks what his dream was about. He refuses to tell her, which she calls unfair since he can read her mind, and guesses that maybe it was a naughty dream: “He is a man…”

He hears her thinking it and swears up and down that it wasn’t, and she does that patronizing, Oh okay, we’ll say it wasn’t. He butts heads with her to get her to take it back.

They split up to run errands, and he catches her stopping to look at a pretty necklace and sighing that it’s too expensive. It looks conspicuously just like the one in his dream. Uh-oh. Don’t buy the thing in the omen! Don’t tempt Fate!

Once she’s gone he goes over to look at it and sighs at the price, wondering if Uncle deposited his allowance yet. I love the pair of detectives watching from their respectful distance, sucking on lollipops and sighing at the romance. “It makes me want to date.” “Does your wife know that?”

A woman shows up eyeing the same necklace, and the jeweler says it’s the last one. Suddenly Su-ha bolts, and the detective on Su-ha duty sighs, “He’s running again.” Lol, I didn’t stop to think how annoying his job would be. At least Hye-sung is always in heels.

He chases him all the way to the ATM, and witnesses the adorable little “Yessssss!” when he checks and sees money in his account. He grabs the cash and runs back, annoyed detective in tow. He slams the cash down to buy the necklace, and the shopkeeper happily sells it to him instead of dealing with the crazy lady who keeps trying to haggle (both are comediennes swinging by for a cameo).

Do-yeon sketches her father, and amidst jokes about his better side (she deadpans that he doesn’t have one) he wonders if she would’ve grown up to be this beautiful and smart if he had raised her.

She says (not even slightly kidding), “Of course. No matter who raised me, I’d be pretty and successful.” She proudly shows him the finished product, beaming that it’s a perfect likeness. He agrees in that way a father would say of an unintelligible finger painting, and then adds that she probably chose well to quit art and go to law school. Ha.

He suggests they take a selca and send it to Hye-sung and Lawyer Shin, and I never would’ve believed it, but she does it, complete with cutesy faces. Lawyer Shin laughs, and Hye-sung actually jumps in horror.

She picks up her phone like it has cooties and tells Pretty the Paralegal, “No matter what you could possibly imagine, I saw the thing that’s worse than that.” Pfffft.

She goes rooting through Kwan-woo’s desk looking for a new rubber thimble, when she comes upon a stack of letters addressed to her. Uh-oh. Kwan-woo runs in a moment too late, and she asks why he has her mail.

Su-ha is walking down the street grinning from ear to ear, when a pickpocket on a motorcycle whooshes by and nabs his bag. Not the necklace! He was SO happy. The detective runs after him, but gets knocked down. It turns out to be a license plate he’s already familiar with, and he calls the precinct to say that the purse-snatcher has shown up again.

Hye-sung sits Kwan-woo down in the conference room, and it’s a little like principal and misbehaving kid. He refuses to make eye contact, which she doesn’t let go on for very long. He begs her not to make him say anything, because he can’t.

She figures that it must be for her own good, because that’s the kind of person Kwan-woo is. She guesses that whatever the truth is, she’ll be hurt. “If that’s the case, then I’m really disappointed in you. Do you think that I’m that pathetic a person that I can’t even handle a thing like this?”

THANK YOU. Why do the boys not understand she’s a grown-ass woman? I mean, yes, petty and immature, but still. She can handle the truth, people.

He remains tight-lipped, so she says she’ll just have to find out for herself. She grabs the articles and gets up, when he finally spills the beans: the reporter is Su-ha’s father, the grandma with dementia is Min Joon-gook’s mother with his son, and the person who sent the letters is Min Joon-gook.

The detective returns Su-ha’s bag and he’s relieved to find the necklace untouched. He isn’t missing anything else, except for his phone. He doesn’t seem worried about it, but I get the sneaking suspicion we ought to worry.

He pops into the office looking for Hye-sung, but they say she’s in court. So he goes to the courthouse, but it’s empty, and a clerk says the hearing was rescheduled because the defense lawyer never showed. Okay, it’s too early to panic, right? She could just be upset.

He finds Kwan-woo out in the hall and he doesn’t know where she is either. They came together, and each had trials. He calls, but she hangs up as soon as he says hello. Su-ha reads his mind and realizes that she knows about his father and the letters.

Kwan-woo says he had to tell her the truth because she found them in his desk, and Su-ha asks in a panicked voice if she knows the whole truth—about his father starting this whole chain of events.

Kwan-woo confirms that she knows the whole story, but promises that it has nothing to do with her going off the grid. Su-ha screams, “What do you know?!” His eyes fill with tears, “Why did you tell her?”

He storms out of the courthouse, and his detective sighs that he should’ve picked Hye-sung duty. He asks his partner to switch, which of course gets denied.

Kwan-woo runs out and asks Hye-sung’s detective if he’s seen her. He says he never even took a bathroom break, and swears she never came out. It’s official: she’s missing. Okay, I’m starting to panic now.

Su-ha sits outside the courthouse and drives himself crazy thinking about how furious Hye-sung must be, and how he lied to her time and again. He walks over to the payphone and thinks to himself: “How do I tell her? No excuse will get through to her. What if she hears my voice and hangs up? If this is the end, will I be able to live?”

His hand trembles as he picks up the receiver and dials her number. She picks up. He races to say it’s Su-ha, and begs her to listen and not hang up. But it’s Min Joon-gook who answers on the other end of the line. Fuuuuuck. “I’ve been waiting for your call, Park Su-ha. Are you looking for Jang Hye-sung?”

The receiver drops from his hand, and he lets out this terrifying, wailing scream, over and over as he beats his head against the phone, like he might knock the whole booth over. And then he narrates:

Su-ha: July 26, 2013, 3:10 in the afternoon. She was kidnapped by Min Joon-gook. And two hours and thirty minutes later, our story of eleven years came to an end.


Oh. Holy. Crap. And he doesn’t even have his phone to track her! Aaaaaugh. I knew that pickpocket was bad news. That damned necklace was a diversion. It was the freaking phone we should’ve cared about, Su-ha-ya! Goddamn omen. Nothing good ever happens after somebody has a dream on this show.

I was thisclose to calling it a slow episode (granted it still was for the most part, and far less cohesive than any other episode of the series) but then that happened, and now I’m back to the way I love to be when watching this show: terrified and clutching my broken heart. We did meander a bit to get here for the past few episodes, which is an unavoidable fact of the late extension. I mean, all that angst about The Secret and Kwan-woo outs it offscreen anyway? Whatever. I guess the fallout with Su-ha is the more important part, which will come later. Well, hopefully later, because if one of them dies in two and a half hours, I’ll stop believing there’s any good left in this world.

At least Min Joon-gook FIIIIINALLY got his act together. I still don’t see the point of having waited so long if all he was going to do was kidnap her, which so far is unimpressive for the guy who cut off his hand so that Su-ha would go to jail for murder. Yunno, on the Evil Scale of Evil. And what was the point of the chain mail when he was just going to kidnap her anyway? Basically we spun our wheels on the central plot to fill extension time, which I don’t hate for the extra episodes themselves, but it does take something away from the villain in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully we have a long history of things we’ve seen him do that are terrifying enough to keep us on edge now, despite the fact that he hasn’t done something scary in a while.

My favorite moments in this episode were the friendship ones, between the two girls and between Kwan-woo and Lawyer Shin. (Also the two detectives, who’re cracking me up. Wish we had gotten more running commentary from them in past episodes.) The reconciliation between Do-yeon and Hye-sung felt so earned—despite not being the most prominent conflict, it is one of the longest-running relationships of the series. I feel like we watched them grow up onscreen, and when they shared that quiet apology and acceptance in the courtroom, I was genuinely proud. I do think that the two women gained a lot in terms of character growth from the extra episodes, and I appreciate how far they’ve come.

Su-ha’s growth is at a bit of a standstill, because we’ve been at this secret for far longer than we needed to be. But now that Hye-sung knows (and more important things are at stake), we can finally get to the good stuff—oh you know, just life and death and whether or not our couple has a future with each other… or at all. See, when the stakes are that high, you can’t blame me for wondering why we’re wasting our precious time with less important questions. Giddyup, horsie. You’ve got people to save, and some of us might not be breathing until you do.


398 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. the68monkey

    OH MY GOD! How can this show end like that and make me wait for a week to see what happens?! And that voiceover by Su-ha at the end? Noooooooooo! PLEASE tell me that it ends their 11 years of worrying about Min Joon-gook, not their 11-year connection to each other!

    I think I’m too much of an emotional mess right now. This episode really did me in, thinking I was going to be bored with flashbacks on minute, and then WHAM, punching me in the gut. I can’t believe I actually groaned when Attorney Oska started his Red Socks flashback. I thought we were in for a big old slice of filler, but then the reveal! When Kwan-woo tells Attorney Shin that was the case, the moment, the inspiration for his studying law and becoming a public defender? *sob*

    Okay, for the not-as-emotional stuff:

    I love most of Hye-sung’s outfits in this how, but aren’t they starting to verge on the unprofessional for a public defender? They’re starting to be reminiscent of Aly McBeal — lawyers with lots of leg. We’re in the 21st century, not the 1990s.

    My absolute favorite part of this episode? The two cops in the mall, one saying to the other that watching Su-ha and Hye-sung makes him want to date again, it looks so fun. But oops, what will your wife think? LOL!

    Su-ha’s dream was so cute, with Dream Hye-sung staying in character, grumping about the frilly dress, but then . . . Gah! Please tell me he can only read minds, not the future. Does Su-ha know that Min Joon-gook’s wife, mother, AND son died? Ouch! Okay, so now I’m back to the emotional stuff. I think I need my own phone booth to rip apart, trying to make next Wednesday come RIGHT NOW! (And you just know that evil bastard used Su-ha’s phone to trick Hye-sung into walking into his trap! And why did he have to buy that necklace after his nightmare, making it a premonition!)

    • 1.1 KDaddict

      My take exactly.

      But I wrote my comment After the recap comes out, so it appears down below, mins. later.

      • 1.1.1 KDaddict

        My bad. This was meant as a reply to Sue’s #2.

      • 1.1.2 the68monkey

        I finished watching this episode around 11:00 ET, then immediately came here to get GF’s take on it and see what everybody was thinking/saying about the episode. Since this show is drama crack, I thought I’d go crazy refreshing the page, waiting for the recap, so I ended up typing up my reactions while I waited. Otherwise, I might have broken my computer since I don’t have a phone booth handy. 😛

        • minion

          I seriously did just that!

        • lemon84

          Same here!! Sigh..~

    • 1.2 Dita

      I’ll (need) believe in you, yes, the last voiceover, it NEEDS to be the end of worrying MJG, not the other one! Please, be true -_-

      • 1.2.1 owl

        I reread the voiceover after finding your comment here and HOPE it does mean that – the end of the history with MJG. The wording is ambiguous enough (at least in the English translation) to derive that as the meaning, rather than the end of SH and HS *talking self into this by repeating the possibility*

        • KDaddict

          I totally blocked that Voiceover from my mind!
          “I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you”

          • judepps

            @KDaddict LOL! love your comment.. it’s a refreshing way of breaking the tension & gripping episode for this drama..
            the way it end episode 16 just makes me even freak out!!!

            I must be crazy to believe in happy ending though we can clearly draw the line after episode 16 was aired..
            whoa! what a hearrt-pounding ending of episode 16..

            and the OST I hear you just couldn’t get out on my mind.. its just soo addicting just like the drama itself!

            thanks GF for the wonderful recap as always.

        • zandria

          Maybe this is what he says after she is saved but can’t forgive him for not telling her the truth and she is just overwhelmed by it all. Then we spend the last ep with them finding each other again. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

    • 1.3 Smile134

      Well, on the site note, I think Hye-sung’s outfits (and also Do-yeon’s outfits) look professional enough for their jobs. Talking about unprofessional outfit, if you watch Shark, I always wonder if there is any prosecutor in South Korea who dresses like Hae-woo.

      • 1.3.1 KDaddict

        There is a light moment in this ep:

        SH has a nightmare, wakes up shaken, is tired the next day.

        HS thinks he has had a wet dream. He hears that thought and vehemently denies it, by giving her a neck lock.

        They are the cutest when they fight.

      • 1.3.2 rita

        I totally agree on the Shark part… those skirts are too short for any office setting.

      • 1.3.3 Jasmin Rice

        Not only in South Korea, in other places in the world I do not think we can find one .

        In South Korea, we can find one, Hae-Woo.

    • 1.4 yumi

      He needed to buy the necklace to fulfill a product placement obligation.

      [Who stroll through the mall on their way to work]

      We know Hye-Sung will live, because no manufacturer worth a dime will want their product associated with a woman’s murder.

      –unfortunate, it might seem a romantic survivor gift.

      • 1.4.1 the68monkey

        Okay, I’m going to convince myself that there’s no way it will be a romantic survivor gift, because if Hye-sung lives and Su-ha doesn’t, then how the hell is Su-ha giving us a voiceover narration if he’s dead? Huh? Yeah, I’ve just convinced myself right there. . . . I hope.

      • 1.4.2 Karen

        I want you to be right!! Let Hye Sung n Suha be alive and have their happily ever after please!!!!! None of them die.. Ok even if they make the villain survive n get his happy ending.. I am fine with it too!!!!

        • mitch

          no! he needs to be in prison again, if ever he survived.. his a threat..

          … this drama keeps going on my nerves. i want a realistic ending somehow.. buit i don’t want anyone to die, except for MJK..

      • 1.4.3 Lilly

        If a Bad Guy type ending then they are going to kill her to drive everyone crazy and depressed, and the prosecutor gets the necklace.

        • KDaddict

          Shall we start a pool?

          1. Those who think Suha will die
          2. Those who think HS will die
          3. Those who think it’ll be a DIY ending
          4. Those who BELIEVE (Not Hope) it’ll be a happy ending for our OTP

          • harukogirl

            I’m Number 4~!!!!!! 😀

          • ~Feather~

            #4 all the way!!! I refuse to believe otherwise!

        • KDaddict

          Have you guys seen the ratings? Been going up up and away!
          27-28% for ep 16. Can’t imagine what it’ll be next week, w everyone tuning in to find out the ending.

          I sure hope and believe the voice over is just there to play w our heads, so that viewers would all be anxious and rush home to sit in front of the tv next week, to bring the ratings to that ever desired-ever elusive 30% mark.

          If they don’t die, the show deserves its 30%. Or else, they deserve Eggs! Stinky rotten ones!

          • Kidsname

            If they gave me an Happy ending I would be happy if the show reached 30 % but if not i am sure i for one will be disappointed that they let down so many anxious viewers. Who probably waited for Wednesday to arrive inspite of their hectic life schedules

    • 1.5 Z

      I was thinking the same thing about Hye-sung’s clothes. One of her “dresses” was like a black version of Tinkerbe’s costume. It reminded me of I Am Legend, where What’s Her Face kept showing up to court in mini skirts and tank tops.

    • 1.6 mysterious

      That was my first thought when the phone went missing: that it was the focus of the theft and not money. So either Min Joon-gook called Hye-sung or he used Su-ha’s phone to find her location like she did to find Su-ha in episode 9. (Su-ha set up the tracking app on their new phones in episode 13.)

      • 1.6.1 yumi

        I know–

        Totally agree with you–the moment the theft happened I knew it was about the cell phone. Anyone using SuHa’s cell could text and HyeSung would always go where SuHa asked her to go, and SuHa’s phone would track her.

        I will say I felt as if they dropped SuHa’s IQ by a few points from the moment of the robbery until the end of the episode. Maybe he had gotten complacent because Joon Gook hadn’t shown his hand for a while–that doesn’t explain it because Joon Gook had been sending letters.

        Also that surveillance detail was weird. How can you tail two people in one car. Also, in the mall when Hye-sung wandered off, both officers stayed with SuHa. That wasn’t given Hye-Sung any protection.

        • MAC

          Or maybe because he was more worried about her finding out his secret that he forgot about the danger of Min Joon Guk.

          • RWJQ

            Agree with you. It’s not so much Su Ha has become complacent or turned dumb but more the fact that at that moment he was more preoccupied with Hye Sung discovering his secret and knowing he’s lied to her. His worry that it’d end their relationship attests to it.

            “What if she hears my voice and hangs up? If this is the end, will I be able to live?” This kills me. T.T

        • Celery

          Yeah, he probably got distracted by the whole my-daddy-might-be-a-true-villain-cant-let-her-know-just-yet arc. Plus, they had their hands full with Prosecutor DY/GI’s case.

          But more so, I think his eagerness to impress HS with the necklace and subsequent retrieval at the station kinda took a few unnecessary hours off his schedule which made him late to escort HS (perhaps that’s why Cha did it?) and in that window period, MGJ managed to get to her.

          I think the sneaking suspicion that we all had about MGJ setting up the robbery is true. Which idiot takes just the handphone and not the wallet or necklace?

          I suspect that perhaps HS took a moment to call/contact SH right after being left alone in court to confront him about Cha’s reveal only to get MGJ on the line, a parallel of what happened when SH called. She freaks out like how SH did, and knowing her, it’s quite likely she would comply with his requests to meet him under some guise of a threat to SH’s life.

          I know it sounds too coincidental to be true, but this is life in dramaland. Maybe MGJ’s a meticulous stalker, had their daily routine written down in a creepy notebook, knew all the blind spots in the courthouse and orchestrated the kidnap down to a T, who knows.

          About the surveillance, I am assuming the one as to SH tails him on foot (“That kid runs fast!”) while his superior gets to stakeout in a cushy car outside her office and then the court.

          • Celery

            *assigned to SH… Not as to

          • KDaddict

            I don’t feel that he’s trying to “impress” HS w the necklace. I feel that he genuinely ever wants to do whatever pleases her.
            “She is eyeing that necklace. She wants it but thinks it’s expensive. Do I have the money in the bank to buy it For her?”

            All he ever wants to do is to make her happy. I think that’s why all of us are shipping these two like mad, even ppl who thought SH was too young for her at the beginning.

          • Celery

            Impress in the loosest of meanings, like surprise her with the gift and for her to go “woah, you cutiepie, finally you put your mindreading chops to good use yada yada cue cute flirting”.

      • 1.6.2 kars

        Whay app did they use to track each others phone?

    • 1.7 vawnki

      I noticed the Hyesung’s short dress too. And then I totally forgave her right after. Gotta give her a break – it’s getting to the last episodes and MJK is after her. Why not show off her legs to Suha while both of ’em are still alive?

      Sorry, that was macabre of me. ><

      • 1.7.1 Phantastic


        Man imo there are 5 most likely ways the series will end :

        1. HAPPY
        Su-Ha teams up with Kwan-Woo and the cops, saving Hye-Sung and putting MJK in prison. Hye-Sung then lives with Su-Ha happily ever after or ends up with Kwan-Woo but at least she’s still alive right?
        2. Poor Hye-Sung
        Su-Ha reaches MJK and after an emotional confrontation, he fight him and wins but Hye-Sung dies in the process. Su-Ha is devastated but remembers what Hye-Sung told him and leaves to join the Police Force.
        3. Poor Su-Ha
        Su-Ha reaches MJK but ends up having to sacrifice himself for Hye-Sung. His dying wishes are to forgive MJK and become the defender of people he knows she will be. We see a time skip and Hye-Sung is working harder than ever, fulfilling Su-Ha’s wishes and being the best lawyer she can be.
        4. Poor Kwan-Woo
        Su-Ha teams up with Kwan-Woo and the manage to save Hye-Sung, but Kwan-Woo dies in the process. He wishes the two of them luck and passes leaving Hye-Sung crushed. Either they try to move on in their relationship or their love story ends right there.
        5. Poor Hye-Sung and Su-Ha
        Su-Ha and Kwan-Woo find Hye-Sung and defeat MJK. Both Su-Ha and Hye-Sung are dying and confess their mistakes to Kwan-Woo. Hye-Sung says she always cared for him and Su-Ha says that he never deserved to be with Hye-Sung and apologizes at his behavior to him. Kwan-Woo mourns and strives to fight for everything those two believed in.


        Hye-Sung dies in Su-Ha’s arms and he swears revenge on MJK who escapes. He spends the next 5 years training and makes a fortune (idk how but watever). Basically the sequel turns into a CITY HUNTER show where Su-Ha struggles to bring MJK to justice and does everything he can to help a passionate prosecutor correct the law system guiding their nation, trying to eliminate the injustices occurring due to their faulty law system not giving the victim any privileges (as stated by Hye-Sung in the episode where MJK is released as a free man).

        There you go, what i think would happen in the finale

        • Celery

          LOL, do you by any chance play a lot of JRPGs? This is practically a multiple ending walkthrough feast! *chuckles*

        • nomad

          I think if your preferred ending happen, I would bang my head on my wall out of frustration. I love city hunter and all, but THAT ending? Made me not able to rewatch the wonderful drama that it was. If a drama goes through soooo much pain, it needs to have a pay off of a happy ending, that’s all I’m sayin’. 🙂

        • KDaddict

          1. She ends up w Cha? Which rabbit hole can that be pulled out of?
          2. HS dies? Then it’s POOR Suha, NOT poor HS. Like he said, Will he be able to live w/o her?
          3. Suha dies? NOOOOOOOOOOO. And HS lives as an old maid?? Good God!
          4. Cha dies. Why would Suha and HS’s love die there? Have we been watching the same drama?
          5. Both SH & HS die? ………… OK. Not the same drama.

          • yumi

            6. Something makes Joon Gook stop before he goes to the point where things can’t be reversed.

          • Maki

            HS ends up wit Cha??? Noooooooooooooo!!! Absolutly NO!
            She merely for SH and no dies ending for both SH or HS as well… please

        • evadiva

          You forgot another outcome
          #7. Poor Hye-sung, Happy Cha and Happy Suha
          MJK is caught, sent to prison for life. Cha and Suha get together, leave Hyesung after realizing women are to complicated. Cha and Suha end up reenacting their Secret Garden scenes but instead they get together this time.


      • 1.7.2 Celery

        Is it just me or did the skirt magically became shorter in the scene where she was watching the TV with SH? I have this feeling that LBY accidentally readjusted her skirt with the longer sides to the side?

        • kiyutata

          or maybe the front of skirt not hanging properly because HS jump from the couch suddenly…. or the skirt shorter automatically if HS alone with SH…

          • Celery

            HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, you perv 😀

        • the68monkey

          Yes, when she jumped off the sofa to get mad at the news broadcast, the camera was focused on Su-ha’s head and Hye-sung’s thighs. I thought it was odd that her skirt was bunched up so high you could almost see her underwear, but sweet Su-ha doesn’t even notice the peek-a-boo opportunity right behind his head. *snicker*

          • pogo

            well, this is the boy who imagines her into a long white dress in his dreams and not, you know, other things, so I am not surprised 😉

    • 1.8 Hari

      I love this series! At first, I was totally annoyed another adult woman and teen male leads concept – how can a HS student be a believable romantic lead for an adult woman? I’ve squashed that and just enjoyed this thoughtful and suspenseful series.

      I come to Dramabeans to see I any nuances were “lost in subs” and even the recaps (episode 14) make me tear up!

      Yes! Ally McBeal reference… Hye-sung’s clothes are great, but seems a bit too much for court. Still she’s got to look good or we’d complain about boring suits too. lol

  2. Sue

    Even though the extension slowed down things a little bit, I must say the good moments make it all worthwhile. Watching Lawyer Cha and Lawyer Shin’s argument was priceless; Do-yeon apologizing and bonding with her father was touching and fun (that selca!); and the first half of Su-ha’s dream was cute. Also, by now I think we know that there is no way that Hye-sung would end up with Lawyer Cha. Nothing has been set up to indicate this could be a possibility. The question now is if death will tear apart. I am hoping and praying that this will not be the case. Or else I will take a few clues from Min Joon-gook and go hunt the writer down.
    Another (crazy) thought: Min Joon-gook was arrested for the disturbance in the hospital when his wife died. His mother with Alzheimer’s took his very young son and died in the street because she had nowhere to go. Then Su-ha’s father, out of guilt, adopted the kid. Min Joon-gook gets out of jail and doesn’t recognize his son, Su-ha. We know the rest of the story. Crazy! Of course, I sincerely hope it doesn’t go that way. But I am suspicious that Su-ha has never spoken about his mom, and yet we see her picture in the locket. That would just be nuts. Please drama, prove me wrong.

    • 2.1 SweetPea

      Oh my gosh…

      If that really happens, it’d ruin the drama for me, because everything I love about this drama is the fact that is doesn’t go by the typical drama norms and cliche. If that happens, it’d be the worst makjang ever.

      Please, no, show.

      Ahh, I don’t know what to think.

      • 2.1.1 yumi

        If they go there, with Su-ha being Joon Gook forgotten/mis-identified son, taken in by reporter Park out of guilt or a sense of obligation–it becomes a Korean-Greek tragedy. A reversed Oedipus Rex.

        Oedipus killed an old man who wouldn’t give way on the roadbridge so he could pass on, not recognizing/knowing that the old man was his biological father Laius.

        The consequence of that murder was a plague on Thebes, only when Oedipus recognize his blame, and stabbed out his eyes so he couldn’t the disaster he had brought about, and went into exile, did the plague lift from Thebes.

        If Joon Gook wife and Su-Ha’s mother was the same women, and Joon Gook got 4 years in jail, separating him from his six-year old son–

        And Joon Gook in his greed for vengeance unleashes a plague of terror.

        This writer loves parallels and I think does them well.

        So the so Su-Ha’s pendant is the equivalent to Oedipus’s swollen foot. It will allow Joon Gook to recognize him–if Su-Ha is his son.

        Also the ambiguity of who Do-Yeon means when she says “father” echos here.

        Because when Joon Gook says Su-Ha’s father started it all, which father does he mean, Reporter Park or Joon Gook?

        Let’s hope they skip the incest plot line of Oedipus and not have Hye-Sung be a close blood relative to Su-ha or Joon-Gook.

        It age difference between Hye-Sung and Su-ha isn’t that different than between Jocasta and Oedipus.

        But I’m pretty sure Hye-Sung is not Su-Ha’s mom. And it did not end well for Jocasta.

        If the writer goes anywhere near the Oepidus plot, let’s hope she sticks with ‘reversal’ and ‘recognition’ and end it with Joon-Gook stabbing out his own eyes.

        I think the reiteration of ‘the best Mom in k-drama” lesson in forgiveness is necessary to this drama because it seems no matter how you slice it, it is probably that one of Su-ha’s fathers started a chain of events the affected Hye-Sung’s life in a catastrophic manner. Luckily she has been exposed to wonderful examples of forgiveness in this drama.

        • Dustin

          OMG….. Yumi you are a GENIUS! I never would’ve made that connection to Oedipus Rex!

          • yumi


            less a genius, and more a student of dramatic narrative structure.

            Later in the thread, the community is pushing for the Star War master narrative so, one, the other, both or neither might be a part of next week’s resolution.

            time will tell 🙂

        • altran

          This makes some sense, sadly. So Ha as MJG’s son is the one revelation that could actually undo MJG from the inside. That Hye Sung in fact stopped him from killing his child when she snapped that picture. That would stop his revenge in its tracks and probably lead to his suicide.

          The worse is that there’s a simple explanation for SH’s lack of recognition of his real father – he has a history of burying terrible memories. Grandma dying in the streets would fit the bill. It’s a stretch, clearly, but maybe this memory loss is hereditary and would explain MJG’s blindness in shamelessly trying to kill his own son years ago.

          BUT ew. EW! I would hate this. And honestly I don’t think it’s the kind of thing you can process in two episodes, even if this show is notorious for its breakneck speed.

        • OHNOBIG0X

          I think Su-Ha’s father IS MJK too!

          His mother is shown as a mysteriously anonymous figure within the show with a face. The face that is encased within SH’s pendant. SH was even evasive when Jjang enquired about his mother!

          I think his mother was MJK’s lover. SH’s “father” who was killed by MJK wrote an article involving a heart transplant. MJK believed the article 98373987498734%%. His “lover” went through this heart transplant thanks to MJK’s recommendation The transplant went wrong?? MJK became the furious incredible hulk that reigned chaos throughout the entire venue ( as shown in one snippet )

          Then MJK’s “lover’s” son was entrusted to his grandmother. She starved in the toilet?? The reporter to cover the case was SH’s “father” who was killed by MJK?? He saw the little boy and adopted him?? It parallels with DY’s case of the fathers!! There were several other cases where MJK’s case and the court case paralleled with one another vice versa!

          • OHNOBIG0X

            ++ and oooh i think his pendent will be recognised by MJK. The pendent contains only the picture of MJK and mother duo anw. Why was there no pic of him and the father whom MJK killed previously unless this pendent was with him longer than when SH and “father” met???

            I think MJK will recognise the pendent too. SH will feel anguish remorse that his biological fthr is the same person who killed Jjang’s mother. He can’t kill MJK i think the other lawyer can!! What was his name??? The lawyer who has a soft spot for Lawyer Jjang!! They walked out all unscathed but SH will detest himself and his whatever biological system. I think he will distance himself away from Jjang despite Jjang not being explosive with him??

            Then Jjang will be with the other lawyer. SH will resume independent education in the what’s that police force academy?? Without communicating/loveydovey with Jjang. SH becomes a police and met Jjang coincidentally. They rekindled their relationship but as siblings type of relationship instead???????

          • OHNOBIG0X

            picture of SH and mother*******

    • 2.2 girlfriday

      NO. Just… nooooo.

      If they go there, I will cut a bitch.

      • 2.2.1 DIANDRA

        LOL Your comment is hillarious.

      • 2.2.2 Mar

        I got your back girlfriday. After you are done with the ganking, well, I have a truck and a shovel and I am sure I can find someplace shallow. 😉

        • katmoo

          I’ll be the alibi….we were watching dramas together, officer.

          • Melissa

            And I’ll be your public defender 😀

          • Redskirt

            And I’ll be your prosecutor who says “Nevermind, we withdraw the charges.”

          • pogo

            can I join in? I’ll be the judge who lets you all off because it was for a good cause 🙂

      • 2.2.3 Carmensitta

        Same here, next Wednesday is my birthday!!!! I’ll join this party if the writer goes anywhere close this kind of plot.

      • 2.2.4 Pemberley

        I’ll bring the blade.

        Seriously GF, you are too funny! I fall back on my bed laughing at your comments. I love your recaps; your site is my go-to site after watching IHYV. You bring clarity to the drama as well as add fun and great insight. Your recaps and comments extend the enjoyment of the drama.

        Most importantly for me, your comments (along with all the others) rescued me from serious personal concern about my emotional well-being – Because I am having fits about this drama! I am experiencing ALL of the same emotions that everyone has written (including a sense of violent reaction if either SH or HS is killed).

        I’m thinking we should take a page from Cha’s book and spread dog poop on somebody’s car if this thing doesn’t end right.

    • 2.3 the68monkey

      I had misunderstood when watching the drama, and thought that the grandma and the kid both died. Oh, hell. But after reading your theory, I wish that I hadn’t, not that it isn’t a good one! It sounds plausible, which frightens me. If Su-ha really does turn out to be MJG’s biological kid, I think I’ll be sick to my stomach with a feeling of betrayal.

      Writer, please don’t do this to us! 🙁

      • 2.3.1 ttc

        There’re some details I read about the article on the dementia grandmom and the grandson (whom I believe to be MJK’s mother and son):
        both were starved to death in the toilet room in the park (no date specified, the article just said “last Monday”).
        Also, it said the daughter-in-law (maybe MJK’s wife) died of heart disease 1 year ago. Then the son was arrested later so the two spent at least 3 months wandering around and ended up dead.

        So I don’t think Suha is MJK’s son.

        • DramaFan100

          I am glad you can read Korean. I wish I could freeze those article screen shots just so that I can read what is written there. That should give us some hints right? Also, articles would carry dates (unless ofcourse the writer is trying to manipulate us a bit). I really want someone to tell me the gist fo the article. Plus, flashback showed the son… he did not look like Suha to me.

        • Sue

          Thank God for that. The subs only mentioned the grandma dying. I hope you are right.

        • sophia

          Please be right. My sanity depends on it.

          I’m going to cling to the hope that MJG’s wife just died in the hospital after the 100% cure claim turned out not to be true. That’s bad enough isn’t it? SH being MJG’s son is just too cruel.

          (Going to rewatch the fun, happy parts of this last episode and replay bus stop kiss so that I can pretend it’s all going to be ok).

      • 2.3.2 yumi

        I actually think it would be awesome if Su-Ha turns out to be Joon Gook’s son. It would underscore the point that seeking vengence blindly (or at all) is setting yourself on fire.

      • 2.3.3 mrsevalee

        Then when he tried to kill him in the car really wouldn’t make sense.

        • Lilly

          You are right. They would have known each other then if father and son.

        • drmjs

          Yes, I agree with you. Wouldn’t MJG recognize his son while he was killing SH’s dad and vice versa?

          Geesh, no Greek tragedies please…err, let’s just leave that one bit for MJG hmm?

          • rita

            This sounds more plausible. Even if MJG was so intent on seeking revenge, wouldn’t his son at least remember what his Dad looks like?

            Also, if Reporter Park adopted his son, I would assume he should at least know who the kid’s real parents are, and there’d be no way for him not to recognize MJG when the latter tried to kill him.

            And also if Report Park did adopt SH, I’m pretty sure the petty/selfish uncle would in no way care for him at all.

            But there is definitely some back story to SH’s locket of his Mom… it’s like the script writers just keep pointing us to that direction, first when Hye-sung brought it up.

        • yumi

          I’m not sure that SuHa would remember if Joon Gook is his father.

          for a couple of reason

          1- I assume Do-Yeon and Hye-Sung are the same age (29 or 30).
          -Hwang Dal Joong was sentence to or served 26 years. Which means that De-Yeon was 3 or 4 when she was adopted and she had no memory of having other parents.
          – the writer like to emphasize by having parallel actions.
          – So she might repeat that trope.

          2- SuHa has a habit of responding to tragedies psyco-phsyically.
          -When his father reporter Park was murdered he lost his voice.
          -After witnessing Joon Gook cutting off his own hands he lost his memory (with a able assist from the car accident)
          – So if the writer said he forgot who his father was after being homeless and witnessing his Grandmother’s death on the street, I would accept that because she has skillfully laid in that information into the script.

    • 2.4 Airyn

      This is no time to be channeling George Lucas, guys. Nope. Nope.

      Right, Madam Writer? Right? *crickets*

      • 2.4.1 Mystisith

        We had a Darth Vader allusion in the last episode, just saying. But I’m suspecting it’s the case for a few episodes now..

        • Mar

          Right on Mystisith. I got that too. I was like no way do not go there omg

          My favorite part of that episode was the judge snapping out his robes ala Vader and the cape.

        • Airyn

          Ugh! You’re right, I just remembered that Darth Vader comment. ARGH! And then with Dal-joong’s wife and MJG’s hands getting cut off.

          What the heck. I feel like I just entered into a weird Lucas Twilight Zone.

          • Mar

            There are quite a few allusions to SW. I cannot decide if I like them or not! But if we go there…wanna guess who is Chewwie? 🙂

          • yumi

            Well if it is Star Wars then

            1- SuHa is Luke
            2- Kwan Woo is Hans Solo
            3- Hye-Sung is Leila

            So Kwan Woo gets the girl

            and SuHa get a Daddy.

        • Sue

          Oh dear God, this is getting beyond weird. I wish I had not thought of that. Now my mind is twisted. Could they really go Star Wars on us?

    • 2.5 Nanaki

      *Calms down*…MJG can’t have been put in jail before as a previous criminal history would have come up at Su-ha’s dad’s murder trial…

    • 2.6 missDVM

      That Suha is Min-Jook’s son has been a concern of mine for quite some time…

    • 2.7 zsa

      I’m not even going to think about that…the writer-nim does that, I’m gonna be mighty disappointed and angry…Jjang byun kind of angry….it’s not gonna be pretty!!

      • 2.7.1 yumi

        I think Jjang byun is very pretty, even when she is angry.

    • 2.8 lechugas

      when i read this and realized that it is a possibility…
      all the hairs of my body just stood up like they took a bottle of viagra…
      and worse… i have to wait a week…. to let them settle down.

    • 2.9 jyyjc

      OMG. The writer better not go there! But after reading what you said I’m getting visions of MJG fiddling with sooha’s phone and findly opening the locket only to recognize his wife, put two and two together, and realize SH is his son. That is, if the locket is on SH’s phone? Is it? Ughhhhh…just…they better not go there!!

      • 2.9.1 Elly

        The thing is, Su-ha would have known MJG is his father, no? The boy shown in the flashback with his grandmother looks old enough to know at least who his parents are. It makes no sense, since he is also old enough in the photo with his mother in the locket. Up to this point Su-ha has ever only acknowledged one father, unless his mother ran away with him when he was young with reporter Park. Maybe after the failed heart transplant Su-ha was restored to his biological father (aka MJG) but the two never met because MJG was arrested. And then Su-ha was taken away by reporter Park again before MJG was released?

        Seems awfully complicated, I hope I’m wrong!

    • 2.10 syida

      you know what scared me the most….the moment SH dream on HS dead, reminds me when her mother dream of her drowning…something really bad is happening….i just scared if something happen so SH just like what happened to HS mother!!!! oh no!!!!!

      • 2.10.1 Lilly

        Same here. Writer might kill her just like writer had mother killed in that terrible way with last phone call, so stole the phone.

        • syida

          watching this episode gives a goose bumps…waiting on what coming next even more scarier!!!! i’ll die waiting and wondering!!!!

    • 2.11 kidsname

      I seriously wish that it didn’t happen that way. If they want to show the guy son alive please let it be someone else not soo-ha .

  3. SweetPea

    I wish I could have enjoyed this episode more, but when Su-Ha had that dream, I just knew something bad when going to happen. 🙁

    Which brings me to the question: why in the world did he buy the SAME exact necklace from the one in the dream? Dude, what are you trying to do? 🙁

    I’m freaked out that the rumored spoiled ending might be true. Here’s hoping that the writer will surprise us- like she has from the beginning- with a fantastic ending and end on high.

    Talk about being anxious. I don’t know how I’m going to get through the week. This is pure torture.

    • 3.1 owl

      Right, did Su ha not recognize the necklace from his shudder-y dream?

      I am thinking, thinking ~ his comment “…that ended our 11 year history” can’t be literal, can it? That’s too direct…isn’t it?

      MGJ can’t have his complete revenge, can he?

      Show, you’ll take us to a good place, won’t you?

      • 3.1.1 Lilly

        Or we will all need therapy after show.

        • Melissa

          Then the true product placement of the show will be an indirect advertisement for therapy centres worldwide.

          • Divyrus

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha that was hilarious !

            No am crying now !

            NO SHOW PLEASE !

          • xombie

            haha! awesome!

          • ARIANA12

            HAHAHA omg yes

      • 3.1.2 Waiting

        The necklace he purchased was not the same as in the dream – had a similar teardrop shape, but not identical.

        I hated his narration at the end as it mimicked when someone calls the time of death.

        Just say it aint so, Show. I don’t want to leave this awesome ride angry and disappointed in you.

      • 3.1.3 SweetPea

        “MGJ can’t have his complete revenge, can he?”

        I still don’t understand why Su-Ha’s secret has been portrayed to be such a BIGGG deal. C’mon. Didn’t Min Joon Gook already get his revenge by murdering his dad, and the professor? What does that have to do with Hye-Sung or Su-Ha? They had nothing to do with his wife dying.

        If he’s mad that Hye-Sung put him in jail (causing his mom and son to die because he couldn’t take care of them), then maybe he should have thought of that first before he bludgeoned somebody to death?

        DUDE, just stop BLAMING everyone for your freakish killing spree.

        At this point, Min Joon Gook is just blood thirsty and is just using every excuse in the book to justify his killing.

        Can you believe the secret has been dragged out for at least THREE episodes? I appreciated the character development but this is just too much IMO.

        Here’s hoping the final two episodes will go back to normal. Or we will have issues, show.

        • lalala

          sweetpea, that’s what I’m thinking now..MJG starts to bother HS’s life right after he went out from jail and even killed her mom too..that is sooo cruel cruel cruel..then now he starts to reveal the truth story about SH’s dad after killing those innocent people..I just can’t get it with his revenges!

      • 3.1.4 yumi

        He bought it because Hye-Sung liked it, but wouldn’t spend that much on herself.

  4. MeeisLee

    What, an end to their 11year history?! What do you mean, Show?! You can’t kill off Lawyer Jjang or else we will have fistycuffs! Arg, I’m glad Hye Sung finally knows about the letters. Since she understands why Lawyer Oska was hiding them from her, I don’t think there’ll be much or any lets-take-a-break stuff between her and Su Ha because she’s totally going to come back from being kidnapped so he can teasingly hit Su Ha… right?!

    On a happier note, I’m loving how Hye Sung continues not to be afraid or ashamed to toot her own horn and being hr frugal self (ha, a necklace = 300 sausages). The pacing of the show seems to be affected by the extension but at least the filler is a bunch of cute. I’m going to need as much cute as I can get since I know the next episode is going to be an emotional sling shot.

    • 4.1 Minimeme

      Haha.. I always call Lawyer Cha as Lawyer Oska too..

  5. PollyRose

    The tension is back! It began with Su-ha’s dream then ratcheted up the moment I saw Min Joon Gook put that wrench in his murderous shopping basket, giving me teary flashbacks to awesome mom. I was on pins and needles, waiting for something awful to happen. Gah, Su-ha, I know that you wanted to have to an awesome romantic moment and were worried about the necklace (from your scary premonition dream no less), but hello, cellphone with tracking on it for Hye-sung?! You need that!

    Needless to say, I think we all had that sinking feeling that said her disappearing was likely not over finding out about his dad. I hate when I’m proven right. SO NERVOUS to see fallout from this episode…I’ve already been scared by Su-ha’s ongoing narration, but that bit at the end just about did me in, that in 2 and half hours their 11 year history would be ending…this means the end of having to be scared of MJG, right? Not SH or HS, right? Right?

    Ugh, scared as I am, I just know these next two episodes are going to be back to the tightly paced and tension filled show we know and love. But cute has always been a part of it too, so lets end on that!

    • 5.1 Lilly

      The wrench. I missed that. So looking like the whole last phone call murder thing again.

  6. KDaddict

    Holy mackerel!
    It looks like Suha may be MinJG’s son after all! His wife died in the hosp. He went on a rampage there. Got jailed. His senile mother died of hunger, with his young son by her side. Where is that son?

    I’d so hate for that son to be Suha, cos he’d be devastated! His monster father killed the only father he knew. And how can he face HS, know his father killed her mother? YUCKS! That’d suck BIG TIME.

    Plus, 2 involuntary adoptions in 1 series is too much, no?

    • 6.1 Nanaki

      Ok, I love this show, but I’m going to seriously reconsider that love if everyone is someone’s adopted kid. Argh.

      • 6.1.1 kidsname

        I agree most of my favourite K dramas went into hated list because of the last two episodes. I just want to end one of my favourite this year to have a nice ending.

    • 6.2 SweetPea

      If that really happens, it’d ruin the entire drama.

      Especially since this is NOT supposed to be a Makjang.

      I’m freaking out, too. >.<

    • 6.3 MeeisLee

      Nooo. On yesterday’s recap I (jokingly) mentioned how much of a mindf*** it would be if Su Ha was MJG’s son I really hope not. There’s enough conflict and other ways to go with the story for the writer’s not even dare think about anything makjang. If that was to happen I would be like Su Ha in the phone booth at the end of this episode. Except the payphone will probably be my laptop.

    • 6.4 Karen

      I think it unlikely that Suha is Min Joon Gook’s son. If so, Min Joon Gook would have recognised his own son 11 years ago when he tried to kill off Suha’s father in the engineered accident..

      • 6.4.1 Sue

        Of course that is common sense. But when does common sense make any sense in Korean dramas. Wait my head is spinning… As much as we love this drama we have to admit a lot of it does not make sense. Like MJG only getting 10 years for killing SuHa’s dad. And Do Yeon’s birth secret (what was the point). And the fact that lawyers that should recuse themselves from cases where they have a personal involvement do not do it. (Really? The prosecutor and the daughter that provided the DNA are the same? Would this really be allowed under Korean law?). And the biggie: Su Ha can read minds, but only when he sees people’s eyes. Does that make ANY sense?

        • Nanaki

          Re the reading minds thing – there’s been times when he hears the voices OF A CROWD. Now, THAT makes even less sense, if you ask me. He can’t possible see everyone’s eyes at once.

          Possibly this is a show you don’t want to think about with your brain, or outside of the moment. Both.

          • Melissa

            Yeah, and even if he quickly glances across the crowd, and manages to hear a bunch of thoughts, wouldn’t it end up like this?

            Student: OMG today’s test was—
            Office worker: —meeting today, don’t forget—
            Teacher: —giving me headaches—
            Old lady: —legs hurt—
            Random girl: —ohmygosh period cramps suck—
            Reporter: —must interview that—
            Random guy: —where did I put my—
            Sales assistant: —COME IN AND BUY SOMETHING!!

            And not the full sentences he hears in episode 1. If he can only read minds when he sees that person’s eyes, then wouldn’t it mean that he can only hear that person’s thoughts for the duration that he looks into that person’s eyes, and not be able to hear it anymore after he looks away?

          • Nanaki

            I thought that – aside from that moment in episode one – perhaps he could do that when he wants to, meaning he can ‘expand’ his ability when he tries. Which opens up some interesting, X-men-like possibilities. And you’re right, people don’t really think in full, coherent sentences a lot of the time.

          • Celery

            Lolol, maybe time freezes on the outside for a split second while he reads their thoughts. Just kidding.

            I try to write it off as mysterious and that perhaps he doesn’t understand the full extent of his power. As a plot device, it comes off as uneven at times BUT I do think the writer did an acceptable – not perfect – job of utilizing it for narrative purposes.

            I still want it to go away though by the end of the series. Or slowly fade away. You’re handicapped enough by your age, I don’t want it to further jeopardize your policing and relationship, SH :/

      • 6.4.2 Pemberley

        Also, Suha as MJG’s son would be the ultimate death knell to a SH/HS pairing. There is no way that HS could imagine having an intimate relationship with the son of MJG, even if it was Suha. She is over his age, she has forgiven him about her mother, she is going to have to get over him not telling her about his father. Add the notion of Papa MJG to the mix, and it’s back to hello Lawyer Cha.

    • 6.5 MAC

      If he is the son of MJG, why was he going to kill him in the car? He doesn’t know he is his son?

    • 6.6 Tulip

      It could be Choong-ki? They were both orphans right?

  7. KDaddict

    What a cliffhanger! Kidnap HS and SH would come running. 2 for the price of 1.
    Then MinJG finds out that SH is that son???
    Then all hell breaks lose, for Suha???

    Now I’m freaking out.

    • 7.1 Alex

      If the news article on MJG’s mom and son was from when he was in jail for journalist dad’s murder, Su-ha and MJG’s son can’t be the same.

    • 7.2 owl

      And both adoptees have a parent who cuts off a hand?

      • 7.2.1 Melissa

        And both adoptees are adorable when they’re with Hye-sung?

  8. Nanaki


    • 8.1 DIANDRA


      • 8.1.1 azfih

        Best comment ever 😛

  9. yumi

    It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here.

    I was beginning to hate Shark because it seemed to be blocking my joy.

    But now it’s here.


  10. 10 kz

    I just visit this site and suddenly the recaps pop up. Don’t want to get spoiler because the subs still not available. But judging by the screencaps alone it’s scary!! Don’t want them to be separated! Please Show, please let them together happily ever after!!

  11. 11 Sab

    omg…think I will wait for next week recap before even watching this ep!!!

    • 11.1 the68monkey

      Tonight’s episode is a seriously good argument for waiting until a series wraps before starting it. I so want to hit the play button for episode 17 right now!

      • 11.1.1 kidsname

        I agree. I even thought of delaying watching today episode till tuesday because i could have waited a week after episode 15 for episode 16 without making myself a wreck but i know if i watched ep 16 they would make me wish episode 17 was available now.

        How am i supposed to wait till thursaday morning for episode 17 with eng subs?

      • 11.1.2 sachel

        This is how I happen to manage my kdrama addiction, not watching shows as it runs. Well at least not until it’s halfway done. I check out what’s hot on dramabeans, marathon the past episodes and by the time I’m done its going into its last few episodes. Just in time to experience the peak of the nail biting anticipation with all of you beanies 🙂

        Now, I have the time back read all your delicious comments on this drama but…

        Isn’t it wednesday yet?

        • df

          I will start doing this! I will start watching tomorrow so I missed the boat with this show.

    • 11.2 KDaddict

      Same here. I’m NOT going to watch next week’s eps live, in case the shxt hits the fan.

      If you watch ep 17 live, you’ll have 23 hours of climbing the walls, I assure you.

      Better wait till the dust settles, me thinks.

      • 11.2.1 RWJQ

        Good luck with your decision. I entertained the same thought for just a second and gave up right away. I might be able to do it with other Kdramas, but definitely not this. I’m so obsessed with it that it (the obsession) drives me nuts.

        • kidsname

          I don’t think i can wait till Thursday morning. How can i wait for another 24 hours. I don’t think it is possible for me at least.

          • ARIANA12

            Hmmm..doesnt viki upload the subtitles around 11pm pacific time? so u might be able to watch it during the late night! 😀

        • KDaddict

          I think ep 17 will show the confrontation between Min and SH, and end with a Mother F—ker of a cliffhanger that will give all of us splitting headaches:

          Will she live? Will he die? OMG! It looks like (s)he is dead! Will ep 18 be a ‘picking up the pieces’ kind of ending? Or will (s)he miraculously recover???

          You want to go thru that anguish for 23 hours, waiting for ep 18? I have a stomach problem, and don’t want to end up in ER.

          • Kidsname

            You are right. I haven’t thought like that . All i was thinking was where to find episode 17 right now since the cliffhanger is make me anxious. But what you said make sense what if episode 17 cliffhanger is more nerve wrecking.

            I think i will wait till friday to watch episode 17 well my waiting time is getting longer.

            Show please why cant you come out tomorrow . pretty please

        • Pemberley

          Same here. I am able to wait with other dramas, but not this one. I get giddy as soon as I see an episode listed (subbed or not). My trigger finger presses play, and I slip blissfully into another hour of emotional turmoil.

          I watch each episode on three sites (Viki, Gooddrama, and Drama Fever). It’s kinda fun to see the variations in translation. I, then, read DB for the recaps to improve my understanding of what transpired in an episode, and to relive the joy. Yet, still, I can’t get enough of IHYV (or more to the point, I can’t get enough of LJS!).

          I am going to miss this drama.

          • Kidsname

            If it was some other dramas i would probably have been not anxious or stressed out. But this drama is so unique and special that i think it deserves all the viewers .

            I usually read recaps then watch the episodes for most dramas but this the first one i am holding out reading recap till i watch the show because i dont want the suspense quotient to decrease while i am watching.

      • 11.2.2 Gaeina Lee

        Sound advice. I might do as suggested.

  12. 12 Katie

    ACK. Cliffhanger much?? No one better die in next week’s final 2 episodes. Even Min Gook. I’d like to see him in jail for a very very very long time.

    I’ve started really liking Do Yeon in the past couple of episodes…and the selca she takes with her bio dad is ADORABLE.

    I loved the beginning of the dream sequence as well, Hye Sung is so haughty lol. I can’t wait for next week…will it really be over? That’s the only downside.

  13. 13 kaybee

    Oh my so many feels right now…. Thank you for the recap… I’ve bee refreshing like mad… Can’t wait for next week!

    • 13.1 Kaybee

      While now everyone were thinking that SuHa might die in the end but look what a twist the writer-nim threw on us… I am still sure that HyeSung won’t die but I am soooooooo SCARED FOR HER NOW…. I still think that no one will die in the end except MAYBE for Min Joon Gook.

      Whatever it is… this scene should have been at least in episode 15… Episode 17 and 18 should have told a story after all the storms over…
      About how Park SuHa passes out from Police academy with flying colours and finds way back to HyeSung’s life after being separated from her after saving her from MinJoon Gook. How everyone has been in the last 3/4/5 years (how long the Police training and graduation takes?), about how every characters finds peace and love and lives a normal life while HyeSung recovering and missing SuHa… None of the K-dramas gives an ice ending…either it is a rushed one or a open ended one… I like a completion- a complete circle, back to the starting point…. So far I am not disappointed but I am worried that 17 and 18 will go in angst instead of my two favourites coming together for a good long screen time… They might show them reconciling in the end but I know it will be for not more than a minute or two…
      Whatever it is… HyeSung don’t die and Park Suha definitely DO NOT DIE…

      • 13.1.1 kidsname

        I agree too. If the OTP didn’t die we get a one minute reconciliation for whatever reasons they were separated.

        If they killed the OTP it going to make me want to scream . But if they gave a minute reconciliation then i am going to be disappointed.

  14. 14 Camm

    I can’t breathe. What’s with Su Ha’s narration!!!!

    • 14.1 yumi

      I’m hoping that Su Ha’s narration is a good sign. Usually the person that gets to tell the story, is the person that survives.

      • 14.1.1 Lilly

        She is so dead.

      • 14.1.2 Melissa

        Or he’s telling the story as Hye-sung’s guardian angel. T^T

  15. 15 ilikemangos

    I was beginning to think this was the slowest of the bunch but then I thought back to my overall experience with this episode and realized I teared up quite a bit, i think even moreso than the last episode. And that’s because this show hit so much emotional beats with do yeon and her dad, as well as lawyer shin. I actually love how her started to waver in his skills as a lawyer, but then when kwan-woo told him the red sock case there was so much heart. I feel as if at this point show did what I wanted it to do and then some. Everyone got a moment to shine(pretty the paralegal being the exception), so i’m going to leave this show loving our characters for the most part.
    Now that we’ve got tons of character growth all around, I can’t wait for the intense, thrilling, heartbreaking finale. All this build up will be worth it for the payoffs.

    • 15.1 yumi

      I love Kwan-woo as a police officer–it was almost as if the actor was doing a cameo.

      I thought Kwan-woo scruffy determine quick to punch cop was kind of sexy.

      • 15.1.1 Peridot

        On a purely vain note, can we have a prequel story about Kwanwoo, the sexy, scruffy police officer ? lol 🙂

        • the68monkey

          I’d be in for 16 episodes of that!

          • Peridot

            lol! 🙂

  16. 16 Alex

    The newsclipping on how MJG’s son and mother starved to death during his incarceration sheds a new light on his malice for Hye-sung. I guess he blames her for leaving him in jail, for causing him to be thrown in jail, and also rendering him to be unable to look after his dependents? (Though, the translation I saw only stated the grandma passed away, no info on the son’s whereabouts.)

    I read transcriptions of Suha’s diaries posted by SBS, beyond what’s shared with us through Chong-Ki, oh how little Su-ha’s emotional dependence on Hyesung grew over the years, after the people around him left one by one. And of course we saw how HS responded, even to the point of willingly running toward his knife to save him from becoming a murderer. I think that’s the aspect that touched me about the love between HS and SH (not just romantically but just a pure emotional connection). Even though I really didn’t like Su-ha’s ending voice-over (what end to what story??), reading the diaries makes you feel that they are eventually meant to be read by Hye-sung, after she gets freed, and anticipating Su-ha’s return.


    A question about Korean semantics: someone highlighted there’s a transition in the diaries in Su-ha’s reference to Hyesung from Noona to “You” (tang-sin). Some said that tang-sin is used to convey respect, whereas others said it’s used to convey a sort of loving familiarity. What does the term actually convey? I think he used it when he talked to Min Joong Guk…

    Also a question on assistants to actors: having viewed some making-of footage for the series, and considering that I thought tennis players were well attended to by ball boys in between games, it is striking how much the actors are fussed over by a posse of their assistants in between takes -fanning/watering/wiping sweat… IHYV is the first drama I followed with great interest and detail, is the meticulous fussing a norm for Korean actors?

    • 16.1 rie

      For your last question, it is normal. Some of the Korean singers and actors I follow have 4-5 stylists/assistants helping them at once.

    • 16.2 Nanaki

      I think tang-shin is a familiar way of saying ‘you’, so Su-ha and his preference for banmal (talking informally) would call Hye-sung and JMG ‘tang-shin’, despite the fact his feelings for each are poles apart, because he’s very familiar with them both.

    • 16.3 happyendingplz

      I am not 100% sure but I think using “tang-shin” is kind of a more serious way to address someone. When used on someone close to you, it shows familiarity; when used on someone you are angry with, it means “I dont mind fighting with you”.

    • 16.4 ``

      THIS>>> “reading the diaries makes you feel that they are eventually meant to be read by Hye-sung,”

      woah, that makes sense.. plus i’ve seen it used in other dramas. :S Now I’m having bad thoughts

  17. 17 Celloangelninja

    … Why show why???!?!?!? Why must you end that friggin episode like that after making me cry and laugh the entire time??? WTF?!?!?!?

    • 17.1 MeeisLee

      I know! I was having so much with all the cute moments and laughing and then bam! Show decides I’m not meant to enjoy an episode without my heart being broken into pieces. I get the feeling that the show is already tying up some of it’s loose ends by having a few characters already reconcile with each other. That just makes me think they’re going to stomp on our hearts even further and by the end we’ll be like “All these folks had happy endings so it’s not so bad that 2 didn’t” to justify the inevitable anxiety and nail-biting.

  18. 18 noernov

    Omg..my heart start to stop,naughty min joong gok!!!!!*SlapOnTheBum*

    • 18.1 KDaddict

      You want to slap Min JG on the Bum? Seriously?

      But, you’ll have to Touch his Bum!

  19. 19 Ellie

    So MJG got someone to steal Suha’s phone and tricked Hyesung into thinking he had kidnapped Suha, and told her to come alone. I don’t think Hyesung was kidnapped from the court house, that would be too hard with all the security.

    My guess for what happens next:
    I feel like Doyeon still has a big role in the story left. She JUST learned a big lesson, it would be unsatisfying to see her apply it. She still regrets not coming out as a witness against MJG. For her character development to be complete, I feel like she has to be the one to make the sacrifice this time. Hyesung put him away the first time, Doyeon has to be the one to ultimately take down MJG this time.

    As for Suha: He ultimately wants to protect Hyesung, but it has always ends up being the other way around. He has this supernatural power, but he’s always been powerless to save Hyesung. His desire to protect her ended up getting her hurt the first time around. Now MJG has her and again he cannot do anything about it. Throughout the series he has been slowly growing. Learning that he cannot do everything by himself, learning to rely on others. Though he feels like it’s his job, he may not always be the best person to save/protect Hyesung. He lived his whole life thinking his purpose was to protect Hyesung. But I think it’s actually the other way around. Hyesung has always been his guardian angel(whether she meant to be or not).

    I know people are afraid that Suha will die, but I don’t think that will be the case. It seems like he’s been the narrator of this story. I think he’s alive at the end of it. Also, his character has always been the one being protected or saved. I think the drama will end with him all grown up, protecting people as a police officer.

    I believed MJG when he said he won’t kill Lawyer Cha, but Doyeon and Hyesung are not safe. They are the one I’m most worried about.

    • 19.1 On a QIHM High

      But she went to the court with Lawyer Cha + the police guy was watching the entire time and didn’t see her leave so how could she have left the court house?

      • 19.1.1 Ellie

        MJG can’t have held her hostage inside the court house. They would be found eventually. Either she snuck out willingly, or MJG went inside and kidnapped her and snuck her out. The second option is much harder.

      • 19.1.2 KDaddict

        Min had Suha’s phone. He texted HS pretending to be SH, telling her to go out the back door, and meet him somewhere, and she’d go, pronto!

    • 19.2 Dita

      I think MJG steal Su Ha’s phone and texts Hye Sung to come pretending to be Su Ha. May be.

    • 19.3 yumi

      There are a couple of set-ups in the story that haven’t been activated.

      1- SuHa’s locket and the pictures inside. It has been too prominent displayed for it not to play a more significant role in the story.

      2- Since SuHa’s acquittal, Sung Bin and Choong Ki’s storyline has been threading water. I think the drama must need them for some important reason, that’s why they are still around. They have set up Sung Bin’s awesome vision, but hasn’t used it in the plot as yet.

      There’s a third–but I can’t remember it now. OOpps ala Rick Perry.

      • 19.3.1 Melissa

        What about Hye-sung hitting the heel of her shoe against the bench at the bus stop in episode 7? They kept showing us close-ups of it.

        • shapiro

          It served as an omen and was the equivalent of her untied shoelaces in her mother’s dream, where she had to stop and tie them just before something terrible happened, thrown in the water = mother’s head eventually bashed in.

  20. 20 crazedlu

    BAAHH! uhhhhh… uhh… EEE!…

    cannot wait for next week.


  21. 21 On a QIHM High

    I didn’t even realize what the phone-losing meant. The tracking thing completely slipped my mind. And that narration at the end is making me so worried. How am I going to wait an entire week? And to top it off, I have my english exam on the day of the finale. Show, I’ll already be crying, please don’t make me cry any more D;

  22. 22 b1


    That scence with oska-byun adter he knew that HS knew.. and that in the phone booth .. i was in awe how could this pretty faced giant lad act that well … as in well ..

  23. 23 Z

    1) I know we’ve all been waiting for Min Joongook to make his real reappearance, but as soon as I saw him out of his fisherman’s garb I got the heebie-jeebies and would have given anything for him to go back to sending chain letters.

    2) As soon as we learned that Do Yeon’s Mom is pretty awesome herself I started to fear for her life. Good moms don’t last long around here.

    3) Just WOW at Do Yeon’s Dad. So brazen. Also, who expected that glass of water Mom gave him to be poisoned? Just me? Oh, nevermind…

    4) I haven’t shed a single tear for this drama but I was sooooo close when Do Yeon visited her BioDad at the hospital. Seriously, that girl is awesome. I vote she gets a spin-off show.

    5) That crazy story about Oska Byun and the poop throwing was entertaining even though it was purely filler.

    6) The flashback of Jjang Mom got to me. I just barely started to heal from losing her.

    7) I am satisfied with how the resolved the court case. I would be irate right now if they had gone for a strait up acquittal because I’m pretty sure it is not legal in any nation on this planet to tell a Jury “Just ignore the facts of this case and pretend you’re retrying a case from 26 years ago.”

    8)Highlight of this Episode for me was when Hye Soeng called Pretty the Prosecutor “Turf Head.” I wanted to tell him “Don’t worry, she’s just jealous because you’re prettier than she is.”

    9) Now that Do Yeon has apologized and moved out of her Crazy Daddy’s house can these girls please HUG IT OUT AND BE BESTIES??????

    • 23.1 b1

      i did .. i did!!

      i totally suspected that water to be posisoned .. lol

      • 23.1.1 ttc

        me 2 hahahahaha

        • minalisea

          me 3 ^^

          didn’t expect a change of heart from her father, it wouldn’t be him and really enjoyed the bond btw DY and her bio-dad. Can’t wait for next week.. This show is one of the best, truely! There’s too many possibilities, it was too quiet during the 2 previous eps… thrilling emotions are back !!!

          And, I’m against the thought that SH is MJG’s son. I would really feel betrayed, too hard to accept..

    • 23.2 wag-a-muffin

      Re: #4
      I cried when Do Yeon visited her BioDad at the hospital.
      I also LOVE the explanation of forgiveness that Dal-Joong gives to Lawyer Shin about why he is not going to have any more bad feelings toward Judge Seo. So often in these K-dramas people say, “i’m sorry I tried to kill my friend” and everyone is all–Yeah, we forgive you since you said you’re sorry. Judge Seo is NOT one bit repentant. Still Dal-Joong is going to forgive him, not because Seo is a great man, but so that Dal-Joong can have peace. I thought that was a great scene.

  24. 24 bebeswtz

    Yea, I had the same reaction as you (well, a little bit more of a reaction than you… I kinda threw a fit), Girlfriday, when Su Ha’s phone got jacked and then when I heard Min Joon Gook’s voice on the phone T.T I also kinda– well, not kinda, I DID– have a little break down and my heart sank six feet under seeing Su Ha scream and freak out like that T.T

  25. 25 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for your recap GF!

    Feel like I’m watching this reading your recaps:)

    Especially loved the part of Kwan-woo and Lawyer running around the table. I can imagine them going hell for leather. And of course Hye-sung is a crack up as usual too.

    But the ending. Oh my goodness. Talk about cliff-hanger.

    Hoping for a happy ending but am prepared for the worst.

    However I’ll accept whatever way the writer writes it as they’re doing an A plus job on this drama.

  26. 26 minion

    Thank you girlfriday! This is gonna be a long long week! I sometimes imagine all of us fans watching this episodes together. Its like a bunch of guys watching world cup together.

  27. 27 Fyri

    Well, I think this extension business hasn’t been that bad. It could have been worse. Gosh what a cliffhanger. I wonder what it menas when Su ha says that their ‘story’ comes to an end. Is it literal or something else?

    • 27.1 On a QIHM High

      I agree. Instead of introducing more angst, the writer used the extension to build everyone’s characters. Our OTP stayed together until the latter part of episode 16, so they probably only had half or one more episode of separation than originally intended.

      I really like that Do-yeon got a chance to shine and have her own narrative arc. She was a multi-dimensional character from the start.

      The only parts I found filler were Choongki & Seongbin’s discussion about the case (but I like this couple so I forgive it) and the Judge’s retelling of what happened in the case (we got it the first time around, thankyouverymuch!). Other than that, I actually liked everything else/did not think it was filler. And when it comes to Su-ha’s hiding of the truth, I don’t think it was stretched out unbelievably. I still think he has reason to worry about it + his conflict did not cause noble idiocy/overwhelm the episode (something else was always going on with the other characters) so I thought it was fine…

      • 27.1.1 kidsname

        I might have not noticed the fillers if i was not aware of the extension. But from the moment i heard about the extension. I am looking into the episode to find what can possibly be fillers.

        Like you said i was okay with everything. Like lawyer Cha and shin back story. But the one thing i felt bored is the court room scene because the only case i was involved and didn’t bother with judge retelling is Soo-Ha case because i was anxiously waiting for the verdict

  28. 28 Lyse

    I think Su-Ha is going to lose his ability to read minds, that would fit with “our story of 11 years came to an end,” because that would certainly change their dynamic (story).

    At least I’m hoping the writer is racketing up the tension with ominous sounding monologues that aren’t actually quite as terrifyingly creepy as they’d like us to believe…

    Unrelated side note, the PPL is starting to get a bit ridiculous, I’m usually blissfully unaware during dramas but there’s some seriously heavy handed PPL going on here.

    • 28.1 MeeisLee

      I think that’s a reasonable outcome. I wouldn’t mind if Su Ha lost his ability not only for his sake but also because it would make him more ‘equal’ with Hye Sung in their relationship. I kinda want them to deliver on the omnious and creepy foreshadowing they’ve been doing from a story/tone standpoint, not to the extent of death of any of the lovable characters though.

      And I’m still pretty unaware of most the product placement that’s I hear has been happening. I feel like I’m missing out :(.

      • 28.1.1 the68monkey

        I’d be happy with Su-ha losing his ability to read minds, as long as it doesn’t mean another whack on his beautiful head!

    • 28.2 Ellie

      What is PPL?

      • 28.2.1 Lyse

        (P)roduct (PL)acement, AKA the laundry detergent, drinks, coffee shop, and then all of the clothing, phones, cars, etc etc. I accept it as a necessary evil, budget has to come from somewhere, but IHYV is just jarring with the blatant PPL now. When SH and HS were drinking orange juice(?) in the morning, I found myself disconnecting from what would normally be a sweet domestic moment to recognize the PPL.

        I personally don’t think anyone is going to die, the writer would have so much netizen rage on their hands it wouldn’t be funny. That being said, I’ve definitely been wrong before and I would some twisted admiration for their balls of steel if they decided to do something that gutsy.

        That being said, I want a happy ending!!

        • vawnki

          Hah. I didn’t even notice the orange juice. Actually I haven’t really noticed the PPL for the last few eps. Except for the goddamn samsung phones. I notice those every time. Arg. It always takes me out of the moment. >>

          I hate you samsung phones. Stop ruining my dramas.

          • Lyse


            Honestly, for me I’ve been seeing HS’s Christian Louboutin shoes (infamous red bottom), but then Korean’s seem to really like CL cause they’re *everywhere* in dramas.

            Although I’m gonna start seeing Samsung phones now that you’ve mentioned ’em.

          • dramabliss

            The PPL for Samsung phones is all over K-dramas. But, then, wouldn’t it be more blatant if you show, say, iPhones? Wouldn’t it be more natural for Koreans to use Samsung phones? And since many scenes show people on cellphones, I think it natural that they use Samsung phones, whether or not they are there for PPL purposes.

          • jaglaine

            Love Samsung phones! It always makes me smile how they try to cover it up but loads of people know its a Samsung anyway.

          • djes

            I just came back from Korea, and well Koreans love their Samsung phones. 😀 ( well me too, since I love big phones ), so even though it’s definitely a PPL for Samsung phones, but also it’s common view that everybody is using S-phone.

            ( I think the iPhone’s PPL on City Hunter was more annoying, haha )

        • maakopla

          PPL in this drama has definitely been one of the most shameless ones ever!!! For example when Su Ha went to buy the trekking shoes (it was not enough to just say “I will buy trekking shoes” but they had to show the filler moment when he walks into the shop with the logos all over and then he asks about the shoes and the salesperson actually starts explaining what’s so amazing about them), another one is Holly’s Coffee and their summer drinks… or that “by the way, do you have any dirty laundry?” moment!

          And especially all the food, they have been putting out some very nice looking side dishes and stuff. This is really effective for me, god I have been craving for some Korean food all this time.

      • 28.2.2 skelly

        Product PLacement; the practice of inserting items in the drama that are paid for by sponsors. This can be anything from a watch to a cellphone to a hotel to a refrigerator.

        • Amberscube

          Eversince King of Dramas, i pay particular attention to PPL. I am sometimes amused but considering that there’s no commercial break, i’ll deal with it as long as it’s not scene after scene.

    • 28.3 Caltan

      SH cant lose his special ability.
      That’s the special thing that makes him, a much younger boy, macho enough for his noona. 😉

    • 28.4 Nanaki

      You could also argue that just putting MJG behind them is putting their ’11-year story’ behind them, as he was the catalyst and the outside force that kept them together for those 11 years.

      The PPL is insane, I agree. As long as they don’t go all Rooftop Prince.

      • 28.4.1 Lyse

        I didn’t think about the MJG aspect of the story, very true!

        I much prefer your idea, I would like Su-Ha to keep his mind reading ability.

    • 28.5 ilikemangos

      Yeah. My issue with PPL is not so much the fact that it exists but because it’s so glaring and not incorporated as thoughtfully. But then i try to forgive shows like that because i understand the money has to come from somewhere. Getting more sponsors means more money. And more money means better quality of the show, or a bigger paycheck? Unless that’s not how it works. Either way, i think any show as good as IHYV deserves the money.

    • 28.6 On a QIHM High

      I actually haven’t noticed much PPL either. I’ve noticed the phones (the LTE ones, they are PPL right?) but I didn’t mind because the phones were incorporated well. The detergent was also kind of obvious but I haven’t noticed anything else…

      BTW for people complaining about the juice (?) in the morning, isn’t that normal? I usually drink some kind of juice/flavored drink in the morning too. And in regards to coffee, don’t people go to the same place to buy coffee? On campus, I always go to same two locations for hot drinks and both of them are Tim Hortons because they’re close and I like them better than Starbucks (no Second Cup on campus unfortunately). So instead of [Holly’s Coffee], I’m always asking my friends if they want something from [Tim Hortons]. I don’t find the coffee aspect of IHYV unnatural at all, especially not for a workplace where you might have one place that people prefer or is close enough to make coffee runs to.

  29. 29 Caltan

    SH cant be MJG’s son.

    Based on the flashback, MJG’s son who was lying on his granny’s body and in the toilet was already a boy, not a baby. This means that when MJG went after SH’s dad, he would already “know” how his son looks like.

    SH could not have been MJG’s son.

    • 29.1 Kazoo

      Good point! I’m a little more relieved now.

  30. 30 zsa

    that terrifying scream and moment he had in that phone booth…heart wrenching….my heart can’t take it!! He loves her so much, and to have failed in protecting her is something unforgivable for him…even worse than she hating him for the secret…..I LOVE THIS SHOW!

  31. 31 Chiomy

    Oh my gosh! I am on pins and needles and I have yet to watch this week’s episodes! Do I watch it now or wait till next week and watch all four at once! Can’t decide, can’t decide! But I am definitely loving this show. It’s the first time I have allowed myself to read the recap before watching the episode and STILL wanted to watch the episode after…. arggg!

  32. 32 stars4u

    I need a time machine to take me next week!!!

    • 32.1 kidsname

      can you give me a ride if you found one.

  33. 33 Mar

    What this show did to us (and the characters) in the last three episodes: it is kind of like what happens right before a wicked storm hits in the summer. Life is a little slower than normal, just enough to make one lazy. And then it gets real quiet. Right before the maelstrom hits. We have been lulled into distraction and forget it is hurricane season.

    Duck and cover Beanies.

    I think we can safely say shit just got real.

    And just one more thing-black tank top. Yeah that did not suck. More please.

  34. 34 ttc

    I watched this episode with no spoiler at all and totally enjoyed the first secs of Su-ha’s dream . then it started to look bad and then I had a premotion that a huge CLIFFHANGER would be there. :(((((( This was the most cruel cliffhanger ever for this show! Bring me next week pleaseeeee

  35. 35 saranga

    sigh. drat this extension. drat myself for wishing for one in the first place, and a slap for myself on the forehead for actually thinking it could go over smoothly. i’m sorry, but i loved loved this show so far, and i just hate seeing the pace, the rhythm broken.

    i LIKED some of these filler scenes. i liked the ideas of them. i just didn’t think they were the most smoothly executed. i thought the acting was awkward in many spots. a bit too cute, and a bit too pat. do-yeon’s moments with her father were great, but it was a bit abrupt and jarring how she suddenly got there. if they’d shown us more of her internal struggling before she decided to strike up a real relationship with him, it wouldn’t have felt so.

    there was just too much filler, everywhere. for a drama that was always so tightly plotted and beautifully controlled, even down to all the cute moments, episodes 15 and 16 were disasters in that sense. i was really losing interest, growing bored, which i’d never done with this drama till now…

    i will never ever wish for an extension again.

  36. 36 Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap!
    Cliffhanger: I hate you so VERY MUCH. One week of misery because of you. I will be sad when this drama ends but also relieved cause the emotional tension is really of an insane level.
    HS’s will be OK and Baddie will get killed (or will kill himself): 2 eps are not enough for another round of court stuff, right? Plus we want a looong happy ending party.
    Timejump. HS and SH will be married and SH will be a cop. I want kids who drive our Telepathic Cutie insane at home, with one of them sharing the ability of his dad. Just to drive HS mad… Full circle.

    • 36.1 redfox

      YES, please!!!! please please.

      or I will have to eat ketchup forever.

    • 36.2 RWJQ

      Lol. Yes, I’d go with your ending or any other as long as it entails all of them, except MJG, alive, safe and sound.

    • 36.3 Divyrus

      Oh my goodness ! Kid having su ha powers !!!!!

      That would be so damn awesome !!!!!!!!!

      Love it !

  37. 37 Kilaalaa

    I think Sung and Soo Ha will both live because well just take a look at the Olleh LTE cfs! I don’t think Olleh LTE would be happy if either side of their cute cf couple died in the drama.

    • 37.1 RWJQ

      Somehow I’m reassured by your comment. Thanks.

    • 37.2 jupiter

      Thank you so much! Because of your comment, I am more relieved and I began searching for their CFs and squealing in delight at their cuteness. LOL

  38. 38 redfox

    Nooo please don´t do this! Why are you doing this?

    please, show! I am at a festival and I want to have a good time. Now how can I? I am gonna cry in the middle of concerts. You EVil Show, I hate you! I HATE YOU!

    I am hoping this means “the story came to an end” – that Min Joon Gook dies. So they are free.
    *devours a bottle of ketchup* < yeah, I do this, when I am nervous. eat ketchup.
    waahhaaahaa I hate you Show!
    I am sprry. when I always said "Let Su Ha stay alive" I did not mean you could kill off Hye Sung!
    If they don´t have a good ending, I will feel so scarred.

    everyone, I am listening to gypsy punk in the evening so have a good open thread. if you like, you can answer my question there: what makes you attached to a character?

    wwwaHHH *ketchup ketchup*

  39. 39 Sakura

    Gah………. talk about speeding things up! I could make a barbie doll with the amount of hair I pulled.

    And now I’m left feeling like someone I loved has been wheeled into the operation room, and I have to wait another friggin WEEK to find out if he will make it. All I can do is to pray and pray and also mentally prepare myself for the worst. Please, Show, don’t kill anyone. PLEASE.

    On second thought, if you MUST kill someone, please not let it be Suha. I still haven’t seen him wear the police uniform… ><

  40. 40 vawnki

    1) On main characters dying –
    I’m worried that someones going to die. Namely Su-ha or Hyesung. HOWEVER, seeing that Su-ha was the narrator of that last part, I doubt Suha will die. Hyesung I don’t know.

    If someone dies, I’m going to be angry. Not because I love the characters (ok, ok, partially because I love them), but because it wouldn’t bring anything to the show. This show is about learning lessons, and emotional payoffs. I can’t imagine what lessons or payoffs having someone die will bring to the show. But of course, my imagination is not the writers imagination – which means there still is a possibility of one of them dying. =(

    2) On Hyesung’s reaction to MJK and Suha’s dad-
    While I understand why Suha was freaking out, I agree with Hyesung and girlfriday that Hyesung can take the truth. Everyone’s underestimating her. I’m guessing when Suha goes to rescue her, he’s going to brace himself for her rejection. And then were going to find out that Hyesung didn’t blame him at all. She might have smarted a little bit, but in the end, she accepted it. After all, she DID learn some lessons in today’s episode. Doyeon apologized and didn’t selfishly send HDJ to jail – children don’t always grow up to be like their parents. And it seems through watching HDJ, she’s learnt not to hate and bear grudges toward people. I’ll even go as far to say that she might have gone directly to minjingook to stop blaming things on suha.

    3) On Doyeon –
    I agree with what Ellie said. Doyeon’s still has a bit of a character arc to finish. She’s gotta apply the lessons she learnt, and the writer will have to show us that she has changed. In what form this is going to take, I don’t know. Make it good Writer-nim.

    But I loved the last two eps on Doyeon. She’s matured so much! And she finally got away from depending on her (fake) dad for love and attention. Also, I have newfound respect towards Jung Min Ah as an actress.

    4) On Lawyer Shin –
    I loved that they fleshed out Lawyer Shin as a character too. He could have totally been the cardboard grumpy, fatherly lawyer with no character arc. I love that we get to see his insecurities and struggles as well. Even older and more experienced people have their moments of doubts. And that drunken talk with Lawyer Cha. Too cute.

    5) On the Suha and Hyesung –
    What I love MOST about this couple is that they’re so accepting of each other. It’s not like other shows – He misunderstands her and then gets really hurt/angry and pushes her away and then later forgives her because he finds out it’s a misunderstanding. No. Due to suha’s abilities, it’s hard to misunderstand her. Everything he sees from her thoughts is the genuine. Which makes all her harsh words and mean thoughts all the more painful – there’s no misunderstanding to poof away the nasty. However, Suha just stays there and takes it. Because he loves her and accepts her, and all the mean and egotistical thoughts that comes along with her. He doesn’t even try to change her mean and egotistical, but gently guides her along, like with the Doyeon in the last two eps. And hyesung is the same. He’s too young for her, but she holds his hand for the world to see anyway. He lies to her about getting his memories back, and she forgives him completely. It’s unconditional love I tell you! And that’s why she’s gonna forgive Suha for lying about his father. I have total faith in this.

  41. 41 jupiter

    What do you mean story of eleven years CAME TO AN END?? WHAT DOES THAT FREAKING MEAN?????????????????? HUHUHU… Please let it be min jon gook’s story that is coming to an end… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. My heart can’t take Su Ha or Hyesung’s death.

    • 41.1 redfox

      it has to be, right? it has to be min gook.

      shakes and sucks on ketchup* going crazy.

      • 41.1.1 Kris

        redfox, you crack me up with your ketchup chugging stress eating, I can relate! I put ketchup on everything, and I cannot survive without it.

        But seriously, I have faith that writer-nim will not disappoint with the ending…no matter what that is. Following the ebb and flow of this drama–which has made me slightly bipolar–I would hazard to guess that it will be consistent until the end: the ongoing theme about justice, lessons learned, life moving on, and the constant connection and unconditional love between HS and SH that drives them back to each other time and again.

        • jupiter

          well, come to think of it… time and time again, the drama showed us that justice prevails… at least for each case except for that part where her mother dies and Min Jon Gook was set free… so I would like to join you on the optimistic side and cross my fingers for a happy ending for both Hyesung and Suha…. but please anyone here who could understand Korean, not sure if that grandson or son of Min Jon Gook died together with his grandmother because really if that kid didn’t and he turned out to be Soo Ha, I really wouldn’t know what to say…

          • redfox

            but why would he want to kill his own sone. it doesnt make sense I say. maybe it is someone else

  42. 42 Amberscube

    It will be torture for me for the next days until Wednesday.


  43. 43 TheTofurkey

    I’m just going to pretend that ending voice over never happened. Because if I dwell on it, I’m going to make myself crazy with worry.

    This drama WILL have a happy ending, damn it. I refuse to believe otherwise.

  44. 44 Bengbeng

    this I don’t like to see in the next episode, Min-yook as Suha’s dad… writers, please don’t go there

  45. 45 RWJQ

    I must be of the minority to prefer this episode to the last 2 and didn’t think it was that slow. A large part was due to the emotional beats in it.

    – love how they resolved the case by dropping the charges against Dal-joong. The best solution for all around.

    – we didnt get the hug we wanted, but we got Do-yeon apologizing to Hye-Sung. I thought the way they maneuvered the apology, tying it to Dal-joong’s case and Do-yeon acknowledging how horrible lying can be was brilliant.

    – It hit me (I admit, I’m slow) when I saw Hye-sung scribbling on her palm in prep for her closing argument that her mom did exactly that in Ep 1 with the list of things she wanna say to Do-yeon’s dad.

    – love the callback to mom’s last words to Hye-sung not to spend her life on hate.

    – love that Judge Kim and his 2 minions “bowed” to Dal-joong after he announced the drop of charges. I take that as them acknowledging and apologizing for the legal system that had failed him and cost him 26 years of his life.

    – if there is gonna be any death (fingers crossed tightly nothing of that sort will happen) it has to be Hye-sung and not Su-ha. He couldn’t have died and yet narrated that their 11-year feud ended 2.5 hours later.

    – from the subs, I gathered that the boy died with the granny. Maybe I need to rewatch that scene, but I dun think Su-ha is MJG’s son. It’s too far-fetched for him not to recognize his own son. Of course, this is Kdrama which means anything is possible. I’d be really disappointed if it turned out so.

    Now, another looooonnng 6 days of agony till next Wednesday. Sigh.

    Thanks GF for the recap.

    • 45.1 Nautical

      I preferred this episode to the previous ones as well… vastly. This episode restored my faith in this drama again, whereas I had been reduced to a dry, empty, emotionless vessel by the time I had finished watching episode 15. I didn’t mind the deviation from the main storyline, because they did actually wrap up a lot of the other conflicts and side stories, and all the emotions were just done so well. It was the side characters that hit me with such emotional impact here. Do Yeon, Hwang Dal Joong, Lawyer Shin, and Lawyer Cha were all so wonderful this episode. And finally, we got the full range of emotions again, everything from the sprinklings of cute and funny, to the heartwrenching, to the sheer terror. The emotions in this episode were pretty spot-on for me.

      • 45.1.1 Nautical

        Forgot to note that DY’s despair was the only thing that really got to me in episode 15. My vessel wasn’t completely empty and emotionless, but it was pretty close there.

      • 45.1.2 RWJQ

        Like you, I didn’t mind the deviation at all. More airtime to flesh out the side characters whom I love (because they are so well-written, for a Kdrama) is all well and good. I didn’t mind abit of time focused on Dal-joong and Do-yeon because this plot thread blends seamlessly with the main story.

        It’s the way it was drawn out that I had issues with.

        I particularly hated the cameos in Ep 14. Nothing against the actors. I like Kim Min Jong and I have loved Eom Ki Joon since Dream High. I dun see the whole point of making Cha scored second in the interview, got scouted, had EKJ throw a tirade over reimbursements and then quit, just to get Cha to come back to office with the 1% theory for Hye-sung. The whole sequence was so contrived, and a waste of time and talents, IMO. It could have been done much better with some tighter writing.

        That said, I still love the show. To bits. The meandering, thank god, is only contained to a few episodes. It won’t negate the good or take away my love for the show. It just leaves some niggling at the back of my mind of all the “could have beens”, which I’m sure more cute between the OTP, a great ending with no death, except MJG’s, will banish it out for good. 🙂

    • 45.2 Kazoo

      I’m slow too, I never connected the notes on the palm to her mom either. Perfect! Just a minor detail but shows how thoughtful this show is.

  46. 46 fisy_moo


  47. 47 Noelle

    Crap crap crap! Gah I am so nervous. I know for sure she won’t die but that doesn’t mean he won’t… I hope not. I really truly hope not.

  48. 48 Carmensitta

    Oh wow, so many comments already! I haven’t watched the episode yet, so I’ll come back after the subs are up. I just closed my eyes and scrolled down haha.
    Thank you, girlfriday, for the super fast recap! Now back to waiting anxiously for the subs for me! This drama takes so much time of my life!!! And gives me white hair… and finds a different way to break my heart in every episode… to just glue it with cutesy glue afterwards…

    • 48.1 MAC

      Haven’t watched it too, but my resolve isn’t as strong as yours, Carmensitta. I had to read the recap! I am a weak person 😉

      • 48.1.1 Carmensitta

        And I lasted till the episode was subbed! (probably because I fell asleep haha)

  49. 49 KimYoonmi

    I’m too much of a writer. I smell red herring wafting in my direction. Sorry. I also guessed from the pacing about halfway through that it would end with the kidnapping. I wasn’t shocked.

    And I picked up on the cellphone aspect right away when they pointed it out and the necklace bit.

    Despite that, I don’t mind the slow pacing and the connecting back and forth isn’t so bad. Some things did lag–but it was as I exactly predicted with this writer. She’s not as experienced with extensions.

    And I have to say thumbs up on the adoption bits. Do Yeon still considers both men her father. It’s not ambiguous at all. She still firmly believes she is herself no matter where she is and who she’s with. Power to the writer for *getting* that about adoption. ’cause many people *don’t* get it or *refuse* to. (Even when I explain it to them three or four times. What’s so wrong with that?)

    She’ll explain to him about going at it alone, which I’m guessing has to do with his army service. He’ll be off in the army at some point, since he hasn’t gone yet, and she’ll be on her own, flash forward, probably skip a wedding? Not sure…

    =P It’s a COMEDY. Comedies by Aristotle’s standards needs a wedding.

    Red Herring smell is strong.

    And the reason for seeding the articles is that he really wants a complete set of suffering. Tear her down, make it complete before the kill. Psychopath/sociopath behavior. He wants her to suffer and know that the person she loves is guilty of being involved and to regret all her choices. It’s basics. Sometimes brooding is wise according to Sun Tzu’s art of War. Know when to wait and know when to attack.

    Also, didn’t I say you’d know *this* week how the extension would affect the show overall? I know my writer lore.

    • 49.1 Oberon381

      Oh, let us bow down before you in your greatness as a writer. Please, do offer us more of your valuable insight.

    • 49.2 ilikemangos

      This writer has done better with this show than many other shows with extensions that totally kills the story by adding some insane conflict in the last few episodes ie. noble idiocy, makjang reveal, etc.etc. At least with this show’s extensions the trade-offs(character development and tie-ins) are welcome in my book. I have no frustrations or complaints other than the pacing(which did not spoil me like it did for some)
      Even then, i’m wondering how many writers out there can actually milk an extension without hurting the pacing/storyline? I assume very few considering a small amount of shows ever benefited from the extension.

      • 49.2.1 RWJQ

        Coffee Prince’s writer?

        I was told that Coffee Prince had an extension, though I’m not sure by how many episodes. If it’s true, then I’ll have to say that the extension was worked pretty smoothly into the story.

        • Kaybee

          Oh Noes… I didn’t enjoy the extension in Coffee Shop Prince… The girl comes back from abroad after completing her course in Coffee making like what she did the whole time in the drama! The couple just ends up I guess…kissing…in the end?
          t is my personal view but I enjoy a definite completion of a drama or rather the characters coming together mostly in the form of a marriage or a promissory of sort or something on the line… I guess I am just old fashioned and orthodox.

  50. 50 Caltan

    There’s a missing puzzle –

    – MJG’s wife dies
    – He throws a fit in the hospital and maybe around that time, after the fit, also killed the doctor.
    – SH’s father reports it…..but what did he report that made MJG so vengeful towards him ?
    – MJG’s mother (and son?) found dead (one year after the wife dies) when MJG was no longer around to take care of them ?

    • 50.1 jupiter

      Not entirely sure yet but for now here is my personal take.
      1. Soo Ha’s father reported about how the hospital is so amazing when it comes to heart transplants.
      2. MJG’s wife who is suffering from heart ailment and MJG relied on that report and ended up getting treatment from that hospital, which failed and resulted to her death.
      3. MJG is enraged with wife’s death and threw a fit at the hospital which led to his capture?
      4. While he is in prison, no one took care of his grandmother and son… so granny died.
      5. I noted that the report about MJG being wild and the death of the grandmother was not written by Soo Ha’s father.
      6. MJG killed the doctor.
      7. MJG killed Soo Ha’s father after he was released from prison.
      8. I’m not sure when he killed the doctor, was it before he was sent to prison or after his release? which means right before he killed Soo Ha’s father?

      • 50.1.1 kidsname

        Is it so wrong if i hoped that child did die with His grandmother . I know it might seem harsh but i cant take soo-ha as MJK son.

        IF you want make someone else His son like lawyer oska or pretty the parlegal not soo ha that all i am asking

        • syida

          i don’t think MJK is SH father…he’d definitely recognize him, when he’s trying to them both 10 years ago….it could be someone else or maybe MJK son died along with his grandmother…

          • Kidsname

            Well i just have 3 requests for the final week

            1. Don’t let the OTP die.
            2. Don’t make MJK as SH father.
            3. Don’t give me a City Hunter ending. Where the suspense of whether the hero survived lasted till the last minute.

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