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Heirs: Episode 18
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Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you’re not really broken up. Our couple spends a lot of energy in being apart-but-together and together-but-apart, and I can’t even tell you which is worse. Let’s just say there are lots of tears. But in better news, when Tyrannical Daddy digs his heels in further, it actually spurs the people around him to make some changes. Let’s just hope they don’t get run out of town first.


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We return in the midst of Tan’s meltdown, as he lies bloody and bruised in the street and tells Young-do he can take Eun-sang now. Oh are you done playing with that toy now? Young-do fumes: “Do you wanna die?” He challenges Tan’s right to rebel now, after what’s happened to Eun-sang because of him.

I do admit I see things from Young-do’s point of view in this conversation, because Tan made this mess and is now the one crying about it. Tan admits he can’t do it anymore, and Young-do just leaves him there to wallow a little more in his own self-loathing.

Tan trudges home to a shocked Madam Han and Won, and an annoyed Chairman Dad who shouts after him that his antics aren’t cute anymore. The fact that you thought they were before is disturbing.

Won comes up to his room to try and talk some sense into him, with reminders that no amount of kicking his feet will change the way their household goes ’round. He tries to order Tan to go to the hospital, which is sweet, but just gets met with more deadened stares.

Tan finally asks when he’ll get sent to America. ” I feel like I’m dying. Please just send me away. Please, save me hyung.” He breaks down, and Won is taken aback by his desperate tears.

When Won returns to the hotel, he runs into Young-do wearing a matching bloody lip, and stops him to ask if he’s the one who fought with Tan.

Young-do says he did the hitting and sighs that he forgot that he shouldn’t hit kids with hyungs. “I forgot Tan had one. He’s so good at hiding it.” Buuuurn.

Won just needles right back: “Looks like he doesn’t have any friends either.” He tells Young-do to put some ointment on his wounds, and heads upstairs.

Bo-na gets upset when she realizes Chan-young is staring at Eun-sang’s posts online, hoping for a clue on her whereabouts. The stream of messages back and forth between Tan and Eun-sang both posing as Eun-sang confuse her, because she’s delightfully simple like that.

Eun-sang sits at work staring at the same posts, and takes one last lingering look before deleting them. Tan sits up with a start as he watches every last picture and message disappear from the account before his very eyes.

Hyo-shin sighs to see Tan so troubled, and jokes that wearing his pain on his face is a little clichéd. He knows it won’t solve anything, but suggests that he should just go see Eun-sang or bring her here if he misses her that much, thinking it’ll at least lessen his suffering.

Young-do goes down to Eun-sang’s house for a visit…stalk…visit-stalk. There’s no sign of her, but just as he turns to go, he recognizes Mom, who remembers him too. She turns him away at first, but decides he’s probably harmless (if only you knew) and invites him inside.

She makes him food, which is probably the first home-cooked meal Young-do has had since he was a child, and he chokes back tears as he takes a bite. It’s pretty heartbreaking, and a scene like this makes me wish Young-do had been written this sympathetically from the start.

Mom asks if he’s good friends with Eun-sang, and he admits shyly that he likes her. But as soon as he says it out loud, he gets this sheepish smile on his face that he can’t hide. Mom tells him Eun-sang went to Seoul to wrap up some paperwork at school, but in reality she’s sitting in a room with Chairman Dad. Eep.

Chairman Dad accuses her of taking his money and then overstepping her bounds, feeling so high and mighty about it that he doesn’t even want her saying Tan’s name. What, is she going to taint it by uttering it with her drugstore-chapsticked lips? Good grief.

Eun-sang promises to repay the debts that Chairman Dad covered in her own time, but doesn’t apologize for liking Tan: “because that’s not wrong.” Good for you.

She tells him that she won’t see him anymore as promised, but there’s nothing the chairman can do to stop her from liking Tan. She asks not to be called here again.

She stops at the dreamcatcher store for one last look, which is exactly where Tan is headed on his zombie walk through town. He stops short at the sight of her, and they brace themselves and walk towards each other…

…And they each walk past without stopping. Tan keeps going for a minute until he finally breaks down and turns back. He runs to catch up with her, but she’s long gone.

He chases her down all the way to the bus, hopping on just as the doors close. Eun-sang is shocked to see him sitting across the aisle, but they just continue that way in silence, as he walks behind her all the way back to her house.

She doesn’t look back once, and he just watches from afar. This writer just reeeeeally likes this silent follow-walk motif for all her drama heroes.

It’s only when Eun-sang gets inside and closes the door that she lets herself cry, and she runs back outside. You two and your delayed reactions.

She runs down the road where he was shadowing her just moments ago, but he’s already gone. She trudges back down the empty street alone, but then there he is, waiting for her and asking why she came looking for him.

She tells him not to speak to her, or come to her, or do anything, but as soon as she turns her back he back-hugs her. “I can’t let you go, Cha Eun-sang. What are you going to do?”

She cries in his arms but then pulls away, as if to say she’ll be the first to let go then.

Meanwhile back at Chez Kim, Chairman Dad now turns the blame on Madam Han, accusing her low-class blood of being the reason Tan turned out this way. Wow. There are no words for how disgusting you are.

He says he should never have let her dream of reaching the executive suite so to speak, while she cries that he’s the one who brought her in this house and made the top floor her home. She goes up to her room in tears and takes off every piece of jewelry the chairman ever gave her.

Rachel and Young-do run into each other as they clean up their parents’ cancelled wedding arrangements, and joke amicably now about losing each other as siblings. Young-do still calls her sexy sister, which ew, but at least it won’t come true anymore?

He turns down her offer to share a friendly meal, opting instead to go to his favorite snack shop alone. And there among the scribbles on the wall, is a lone message from his mother: “Are you doing well…Young-do-ya?”

Won has Hyun-joo over for a sleepover and asks if she still doesn’t have a wish for her wishbone necklace. She thinks marriage would be a boring use for her wish, and he brings up his blind date, clearly feeling bad about it.

He asks her if she would’ve liked it better if he had been like Tan, but Hyun-joo says he couldn’t have been: “You’re someone who dreams of the highest seat, while Tan’s dream is for Eun-sang to be his entire world.”

She tells him to go after his dream, and promises to wave from down below. He says he’s working his way up now, and asks her to wait just a little longer.

Eun-sang reads a passage from a novel called Wonder Boy that gives her pause, and she prints out a copy to paste in the bookstore window. It reads:

Our two hands that clasped one other as we escaped past those people. Those bones, and muscles, and veins that gave their strength not to let go—that is almost all the love I know. What other love is there than that?

Other than the fact that I couldn’t let go of that hand.

The door opens and she gets a visitor she wasn’t expecting: Won walks into the bookstore, and though she assumes he’s here to rattle her cage, I think we’re in for a brotherly save.

She tells him defensively that she won’t see Tan anymore, but he says he’s here to fix the mistakes of his father, and asks what it is she wants for her life—to return to her old life, or to be next to Tan?

He suggests that if it’s hard to choose, maybe thinking of tomorrow instead of the long term is easier. He even offers her an excuse—final exams are coming up, and she can use that as a reason to return to school.

He tells her that sometimes when you can’t come up with the courage you need, leaning on a flimsy excuse is a start. Well, he ought to know about that.

Won returns to find Tan sitting in the wine cellar, and asks if he’s really going to do as ordered from now on. Tan agrees to leave for the States whenever hyung wants, but Won says the first thing he wants is for Tan to do well on his final exams. He adds a cute, “And if you’re in last place again…”

He hands Tan a little note left behind by Eun-sang, wedged in between bottles of Won’s favorite wine. He says it must’ve been a request for him to pass it along, but he didn’t really see the need to until now. He says he asked to be saved, so he’s doing it.

Tan sits in the cellar and reads the note as we see Past Eun-sang in the same frame as she writes it. She recalls the dreamlike mid-summer when they met: “The days were hot, the nights cold, and I liked you.”

She apologizes for lying to him and for running away. “My relief amidst misfortune, Kim Tan. I’m really disappearing like yesterday’s dream. It was nice to see you in my dream, Kim Tan.”

Early the next morning, Eun-sang puts on her uniform and returns to school. She sits down next to Tan and he’s so shocked he just stares and stares, finally asking, “Is it you?”

She says she won’t run away anymore and she’ll stay by his side, and he just envelops her in a hug.

So…is that the end of the separation segment? Not that I’m not happy about the misery being over; I’m just not sure what changed. Whatever, moving on.

Young-do hears that Eun-sang is back, and even though she greets him with a smile in the hallway, he walks past her without a word. W…hy?

It’s a happier reunion with Bo-na and Chan-young, and Bo-na is especially adorable with her I didn’t miss you at all! followed by a bear-hug. Cute.

Everyone takes finals and even Tan keeps his promise to hyung and tries. When he passes Young-do in the hall, the air is back to icy between them, and it’s another silent pass-by. I can never keep up with the randomness of you two and your up and down relationship, so I’m just going to go with, Today Is Not-Friends Day.

Young-do bursts into the broadcast room and tells Eun-sang he knows what debt-collectors must feel like now, and asks why she keeps making him ask about the debt she owes him. So they finally go get those noodles she promised forever ago.

He takes one bite and asks why she came back—if she’s really going to fight this fight. She says she wants to try, and he takes it in silently, and then tells her to give up if it gets too hard, that way he can say “I told you so.”

He tells her not to talk to him anymore, and she asks if they can’t be friends. Young-do: “No. You were a woman to me from the start, and you’re a woman to me now. And from now on, my first love. If we see each other, let’s not say hello. Let’s not ask how we’re doing. Even after a long time passes, let’s not smile and pretend to reminisce about how we were back then.”

And with that, he tells her she can pay for the noodles and walks out. Aw, poor Young-do. At least you learned how to be sincere.

Eun-sang tells Bo-na she’s sleeping elsewhere tonight, and elsewhere turns out to be Myung-soo’s studio with Tan.

He tells her that he likes her, that he missed her, and that he felt like he was going to die, and that he swore to himself that he’d never laugh again and never fall in love again. “So don’t ever throw me away again, Cha Eun-sang.”

She reaches over for his hand and they sit there holding hands and smiling.

In the morning he grumps that all she did was study all night, and sighs that he hates the fact that they’re underage. The first reason is that everything he does ends up looking like an adolescent tantrum to the outside world, and the second reason is one she doesn’t let him say because it’s certainly naughty. Let him say it!

Madam Han calls to say vaguely that she might not be home when he gets there after school, which Tan just takes as her going out for the evening. But we see that she’s packing a bag.

She goes downstairs to tell Chairman Dad that she’s going to leave him, which he finds absurd. But she’s prepared to go if it means giving Tan what he wants, and heads for the door. Leaving isn’t as easy as she imagined though, because Chairman Dad tells her she’ll be going to the States to ride out whatever angst she’s feeling, making it clear she’ll never be truly free of him.

She panics as his minions load up the car with her suitcases, and grabs a passing taxi to make a run for it. She goes to Tan’s school and happens to see Young-do out in the street, and begs him to find Tan for her.

It’s eerily similar to the moment when Young-do’s mom came looking for him, and he puts her in his car and goes running to find Tan. Aw, you really are friends when it counts.

Thankfully he finds Tan right away and tells him to hurry, and sends them both off in his car just in time to avoid being seen by Chairman Dad’s minions. As Young-do stands in the street, he envisions his mother asking for him on the last day she was here.

He goes back to his snack shop and writes a response to Mom’s message on the wall asking if he’s doing well: “No. I think I lived wrongly.”

Tan tells Mom to go wait at Young-do’s hotel for now, and goes to see Chairman Dad. Tan tells him that he’ll take responsibility for Mom now, by parting ways with his father for good. Nice.

He says he’ll only live as Mom’s family from now on, and bows: “Thank you for having me.”

It shocks Dad, but he continues to go ahead with arrangements for Tan’s eighteenth birthday as planned—company stocks, along with a big press conference at Zeus Hotel. Tan hears about it from Won, and decides he’ll attend after all.

Won gives him the Cheondam-dong villa for his mother’s use, admitting that her troubles have something to do with him, and Tan apologizes for always doing things his way when it came to hyung.

Won tells him not to apologize because it makes him uncomfortable, but then offers up a happy birthday as Tan walks out, and it puts a little smile on Tan’s face.

It’s time for Tan’s big birthday press conference, and he has Eun-sang escorted there to be his date. Time for the big Cinderella makeover. She wows him in her pretty red dress, and he says they’ll need some courage tonight.

Off they go to face the row of cameras, and he steels himself as they prepare to face the world head-on.


If this entire conflict goes away with one press conference, I’ll die laughing. Anyway, at least there’s some indication that Tan is doing something, even if I’m not entirely convinced he’s cutting ties with Dad for good. And I sort of laughed at the Cheongdam-dong villa for Mom, because these people talk about leaving like it’s some huge sacrifice and they’ll have to be penniless and destitute in exchange for their pride, when in fact they’ll really just move into that other villa provided by the other rich guy. It’s the same for Eun-sang, whose life changes in no visible way except for the fact that in one moment Chairman Dad is pulling the strings, and in the next, slightly more magnanimous President Won is backing her instead. Why… can’t she just live her life instead of being allowed to do things by one rich guy over another rich guy? Or am I just asking the wrong questions for this drama because those are her only options in life ever?

Other than the fact that it’s annoying on principle, it also downplays her decision to go back to Tan. Isn’t it more meaningful for them to say, Screw it, we’re just gonna love each other anyway? It’s like the drama wants to say that that’s too unrealistic, so instead we have our teenage romance playing out under the umbrella of choices made by the overseeing (and puppet-string-yanking) adults, which has the effect of taking away any dramatic oomph from the choices made by our lead characters. They’re told to go away and they’re told to come back, and it’s played as if it holds the same dramatic weight as if they made the decisions on their own. I don’t necessarily disagree that these eighteen-year-olds are in fact powerless in their universe. There’s just a disconnect for me between the characters’ agency and the dramatic weight of their choices.

What exactly about Won’s declaration makes it okay for Eun-sang to go back to Tan? Why does Tan think it’s going to be different this time around? The only major shift we saw in this episode is really Madam Han’s choice to leave her husband, which gives Tan freedom from the last reason he’d have to cower to Dad. I’m just pinning my hopes on Tan making some kind of useful declaration at the press conference, and truly cut ties with Dad, officially, for GOOD. At this point I’d be disappointed if Tan didn’t sacrifice his entire kingdom to be with Eun-sang. Tan has so failed to impress me that it’s the only thing left in his arsenal, though I’m not going to hold my breath because obviously this drama is not going to let them (gasp!) be poor.

It was really Young-do’s episode, and the fact that I really felt for him in this hour just made me lament that it was too little, too late. At some point they flipped a switch and the Young-do who secretly wanted to be Tan’s friend and was sincere towards Eun-sang was written with sympathy, and for that character, this episode was a great moment of growth. For that other guy who started out the series pre-lobotomy, it made me sad that his existence fractured a character I could’ve rooted for and loved. I suppose the realization that he lived wrongly is better late than never. It’s just too bad it’s this late.


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  1. owl

    My Herihead episode titles continued~

    1 Dry Cleaning Only
    2 Dreamcatcher
    3 I ♥ California
    4 Page 16
    5 Wishbone
    6 Parvenu (or New Money)
    7 Pale Pink Angora
    8 ‘Don’t Answer’
    9 Mom Mother Mistress
    10 Matching Shoes For Camp
    11 Stocks Skyrocket
    12 Open The Door
    13 Kicked Out
    14 Getting Back Together Party
    15 Baby Blue Mohair
    16 Closet Kiss 34:41
    17 24,030 won
    18 Try Living

    • 1.1 August

      Congratulations on 1st place in the Heirs recap for Episode 18!

      • 1.1.1 owl

        I know, right? For you, August :)

        • kdramatrailers

          In Honor of the Episode Titles – A Trailer for the Series

          In a drama set in High School for no sensible reason, where a teenage relationship is treated like the end all and be all (seriously folks – you have the rest of high school, college, young adulthood to find the one) and the worst written teenage female character, since Bella in Twilight (our female lead cries in every scene and wraps her life around some teenage boy, she recently met. Yay! Female Empowerment). Starring Park Shin Hye as the same character she plays in every drama, Lee Min Ho in the second worst decision of his career (he can thank Faith for the first), Kim Woo Bin, stealing the spotlight from the leads and seemly a 1,000 other characters in an over bloated drama, where they get on average 2 minutes per episode. Featuring the worst OST, since Boys Over Flowers’ Almost Paradise (Love is a Mommmmmmmmmmmment!!!!). Heirs – He Who Wears the Crown Bears the Weight of the Most Overhyped Drama of the Year.

          Ps. Yes, I am still watching, because it’s hard to keep from staring at the ridiculous nonsense that is this drama.

          • Anon

            haha, the funny thing is, it’s all true! Am I the only one that read it with that trailer voice in my head?

          • sam

            Hahaha Love you man! That was downright hilarious.
            100% agreed..one who wears the crown bears the blah blah blah

          • owl

            or Heirs Loom?

          • Lucifera

            Hey, can I hug you, whoever and wherever you are? You are so right about this drama being overhyped and I’m so sad it might steal all the awards from dramas such as Master’s Sun and Secret Love, just like Boys over flowers, because of its cast and all the publicity. I watch it, but I simply hate the story and the character development.
            A shame, really!

          • freshvase

            Hi girlfriday & JB,

            With Kim Tan actually uttering the words, “I am done with her, you can have her,” like ES is an object to be traded and bartered, and all the numerous wrist grab, forced actions in this drama, can you please use Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman” as the soundtrack for the next recap – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6fHTyVmYp4


          • V

            LOVE IS THE MOOOOO-*shoots monitor*

          • xrs

            you guys have a lotsss of complain to say and yet u keep on watching it..


          • NathanJ

            Except…Faith was not only one of LMH’s greatest, it is one of sageuk’s, no, KDrama’s greatest series.

            And Almost Paradise is still in your head.

    • 1.2 Ivoire


      Question, mostly because I don’t remember the episodes really well:
      1–In reference to ES’s mom?
      4–page 16? (meaning?)
      9–Mom, mother, mistress?
      11– Stock Skyrocket?
      13–Kicked out, KT, right?
      15–Baby blue Mohair? (KT’s sweater?)

      OK, I think I am having a senior moment (no disrespect to the seniors, though I am getting up there in age), because I don’t remember what many of those titles are referring to.
      Does that mean that I have to rewatch the drama to remember? The whole drama? Yikes! (though I would rewatch it for KWB’s performance. He didn’t move me as much at the beginning, so I was not paying much attention to him, not until a little later).

      • 1.2.1 owl

        Hi Ivoire,

        p 16 refers to the comment made to his tutor

        Mom Mother Mistress refers to the confusing maternal titles in the Chairman’s household and all under the same roof- “Mother” – his father’s first wife and Won’s mother, who is also the principal at Chaebol High; Mom – his biological mother and his father’s mistress whose status in the household is rather compromised and complicated for Tan. The title represents the confusion and tangled web that the parental units have created for their sons.

        Stocks Skyrocket refers to the comment concerning the stock prospects on the announcement of Young Do’s father and Rachel’s mother’s marriage.

        Kicked Out, right – Kim Tan

        Baby Blue Mohair – right, Tan’s fuzzy extra large turtleneck sweater.

        The episode titles serve as place markers for where we are in the story, in case you ever did want to rewatch certain parts…


        • owl

          oops, I didn’t finish p 16 – it was a flip comment Kang Ha Neul made to his tutor

        • Ivoire

          Hi owl,

          And thank you so much for answering. I really like what you did (with the titles), and I was trying (like a game) to guess what the markers signified/implied. I was able to guess a few of them, however I have to admit that most of them had me guessing for a while. It just made me realize how much information we (our brain) gathers in the viewing of 18 episodes (so far) of a Kdrama :-).

          1–So I take it that it was a reference to ES’s mother then?

          4–P. 16, I totally did not remember that.

          9–owl, about #9, I would just like to clarify something. You said this, ““Mother” – his father’s first wife and Won’s mother, who is also the principal at Chaebol High.”
          I think that Won’s mother is the 1st wife, and she died, and her body is buried in CA (ep. 1, I think or 3? The one where KT goes to the almond farm? KW later meets Rachel and takes her to his mother’s grave’s). Which means that Ji Sook (sp?) is Chairman daddy’s 2nd wife. She raised KW for 10 years, and she is mentioned in the family registry as being KT’s mother (official mother).
          3rd, is Madam Han aka as Ki Ae (I think) and who is KT’s biological mother and chairman’s mistress. I am sure that is what you meant to say, however it was written that way :-) I did understand what you meant here though, thank you for explaining.

          11– Stock Skyrocket? That was in ep. 11? Ah OK…

          13–Kicked Out, got it.

          I am going to see if I can guess the rest:
          2–When ES gave the dreamcatcher to KT (to help pay for her stay)?
          3–I heart CA, scene in the motel room, dining room, and the CA T-shirts?
          5–KW offering the wishbone to HJ?
          6–When KT lies at school that ES is new money?
          7–KT’s sweater, when he hugged Hyung in the cellar?
          8–KT’s don’t answer your phone and kiss on the rooftop?
          10–Matching tennis shoes, BN and CY?
          12–When KT kicked the school door (and destroyed it?)
          14–BN’s party and forehead kiss?
          16–Self explanatory
          17–24,030 won. KT frantically looking for ES all night (and eventually finding her).
          18–Try living: What KW tells KT to do, in the wine cellar, I think.

          Did I get all of them right, this time? :-) If so, what did I win? (Just kidding :-) )

          • owl

            Ivoire, you’re right, #9. Wow, the mother thing is even MORE complicated. And that doesn’t even include YD’s mother’s story (sigh, so complicated, the motherness of it all). I almost got mixed up for a minute thinking there was a music box scene with Won, but then I remembered that was from Secret. Sheesh, inter- and intra-kdrama confusion!

            I have to laugh at Pale Pink Angora, the rabbit fur sweater that Tan wore.

            Anyhoot, it’s been a fun thing to do, make up episode titles :)

      • 1.2.2 August

        [Episode 1] Cha Eun-Sang was flipping through one of her mother’s notepads and noticed that Dry Cleaning Only was written down multiple times and on page after page of the notebook.

        [Episode 4] Page 16 refers to the page Jeon Hyun-Joo told Lee Hyo-Shin to turn to in one of their tutoring sessions.

        [Episode 9] “Mom” = Han Ki-Ae pretended to be Cha Eun-Sang’s mother at the Parent Conference at Jeguk High School. After being reprimanded by Director/Chairwoman Jung Ji-Sook for fighting with each other, Choi Young-Do taunts Kim Tan about having to call her “Mother.” Choi Young-Do makes a surprise visit to Kim Tan’s home and sees Tan with Han Ki-Ae…”Mistress.”

        [Episode 11] Marriage Announcement/Alliance of Esther Lee and Choi Dong-Wook becomes public knowledge in a news release. Jung Ji-Sook informs Kim Won of Chairman Kim’s plans to transfer stocks to Kim Tan for his 18th birthday.

        [Episode 13] Kim Tan is kicked out of the house by Chairman Kim.

        [Episode 15] Baby Blue Turtleneck Sweater that Kim Tan had on during his escape from home confinement by Chairman Kim.

    • 1.3 Faye

      Love your chapter titles!

    • 1.4 Kim Hyuna

      love the last part in ep 18..thank’s for the recap…
      It’s make us smile,again..Finally!!

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! This was an interesting episode for me, in that yes, there were some development (YD finally moving on, on many fronts; KT and ES getting back together), and yet, I was still confused by other things, such as KW and HJ being in bed together. Because I thought, “how did we get there? So now they are back together? Were they ever together? Were they on, then off, then on again, then off, and now they are back on?” So confusing…

    My favorite scene right off the bat (of the whole ep.), was YD being with ES’s mom. I rewatched it many times, and each time I cried. KWB is just that good, and YD got to me. I LOVED that it was a scene where not much was spoken, but A LOT was conveyed, nonetheless. I will expand on it later. That scene reminded me of the scene in Gaksital, where KT eats the potato given to him by the leader, and he remembers his brother and he cries. So. Moving…

    My questions of the day:

    1—Interesting comment from Chairman daddy: about VP Yoon, “he was a dog with a bowl of just that size?” meaning his ambition amounted to just that much?

    2—Even if things don’t change, after getting into an accident, you can breathe freely for a little bit. (meaning?) (HS). I am asking because when I hear accident, I always think car accident, but that is not what HS meant here, I think…

    3—ES to Chairman daddy: depending on my situation, I will pay you (not lazily)? Meaning how fast she will pay him back, right?

    5—I asked where that bloodline (mother and son being alike) would go. Why is the dad acting as if he has nothing to do with it (meaning Tan’s conception and birth)? She is not the Virgin Mary. I am just frustrated with the dad.

    6—Chairman: I raised tigers?(KT and KA). How are they tigers? So he thinks he raised KT’s mom? (rhetorical question, kind of, but feel free to comment on that).

    7—Chairman: Why can’t you give up a thing like that (what thing?) I think for KT, he means, ES, but I am not sure what he meant for KA.

    8—KW to HJ: “You didn’t ask me her name, how old she is, and if she is pretty”. HJ: “I am not great in those areas” (a blogger said, “I am not worried about those things, she can’t beat me” something like that), and then KW, “at least you know.” (Which one is which, the subs or the blogger’s version?)

    9—KW to ES: “KT, you are not going to see him”(Eng. Subs)? But I thought I heard, (you don’t miss him?) bogoshipo (sp?)?

    10—ES, in the letter, she says she is disappearing now…? (So does she want to be with him or not?)

    • 2.1 sequestial

      9) I don’t clearly remember what Won actually said when he was talking to Eun Sang, but ‘보고 싶어’ (bogosipeo) literally means ‘want to see’, so in some instances when people use it casually, it can be construed as ‘(I/you) miss (you/someone random)’, but perhaps in Won’s case, the subbers just took it to mean ‘do you want to see him’.

    • 2.2 hyun joo

      2- it also means getting into trouble…
      3- she’ll work hard and pay him back as soon as she can.
      9- also means “want to see or look at”
      Where’s #4?

    • 2.3 curious

      I have a question. Exactly why do you have so many questions for every episode? I don’t mean anything by this, it’s just that I really am curious as to why you have the need to analyze the entire episode. Is there a specific reason for this?

      • 2.3.1 dubois

        Ditto. Especially, since it takes up so much space of the early comments section.

    • 2.4 adette

      10 – won tells tan that he found the letter “a few days ago,” meaning eun-sang probably wrote it before she disappeared.

    • 2.5 mysterious

      I also loved Young-do’s scenes in this episode. So moving. I was curious about the note that was supposed to be from his mom. Is it new? When he saw it, he look surprised. If it had been there for the past 3 years I think he would have seen it by now? So does that mean she was back around town again and left that (new?) message on the wall?

      • 2.5.1 jl

        Perhaps the writer had another one of those lightbulb moments when she thought, “Let’s add that coz it’s a nice touch.” Considering this drama’s plot inconsistencies, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is exactly what happened. Look at Won’s and HJ’s relationship. WTF! Are they on third base already? I thought they didnt even have a proper relationship!

    • 2.6 Ferret

      Hey Ivoire, I’ll see if I can answer some of your questions, haha.

      1- I think you’re right about that. The chairman had bigger expectations for him (saying multiple times that he wasn’t satisfied with Won)
      2- I know HS tried to kill himself…
      3- Yep. She meant “I’ll pay you back as fast as I can”
      4- Where are youuuu???
      5- Oh my Goodness. So, funny story, at the beginning of this drama I liked the dad. Now, I’m trying not to kill him.
      6- Commenting just because I didn’t catch that while watching the episode… Interesting. Possibly how they are wild and don’t obey him?
      9- bogosipeo – want to see, but can also be used as I miss (whoever)
      10- She wanted to be with him but since the chairman told her she was ruining Tan, she “disappeared” to be miss noble idiot. (all in past tense because she wrote the letter right before she left.)

  3. Faye

    *Episode 18: The one where everyone’s heart and sense of courage grew three sizes. In some cases inexplicably so, but it was such a welcome shift from episode 17’s angst that I happily accepted it.

    Kim Tan: He was truly scary at first. When he begged Won to send him back to exile in the U.S., it was so sad. He was saying that he’d rather go back to the numbness of feeling nothing rather than experience the pain of lost love, and that is a bleak place to be. Thankfully, although it took a while, he managed to shake off the dark cloak of depression and self-pity. I think seeing that other people besides Eun-Sang cared about him really helped.

    While I loved his and Eun-Sang’s reunion, I think my favorite Tan scene was where he told off his father calmly, like an adult, and took responsibility for his mother. It showed real growth – no more tantrums, just standing up for what he believes is right.

    Eun Sang: The Wizard must have given her some courage. Who knew all it would take was the right book? Instead of all this agony, Tan should have just gotten her a Kindle in the first place :). Seriously, though, it might have been a bit on point to have her read that particular book, but it was a beautiful passage.

    Young Do: The woobification (pun intended) of YD is complete, but KWB is so good that I completely bought it, despite my past dislike of him. His calmly telling ES they couldn’t talk any more, instead of being nasty; his humbly and gratefully eating the meal her mother prepared; his acknowledging that he hadn’t been living well were so touching. And when he helped Tan’s mother escape, it felt as if he and Tan were coming full circle from their first mother-centered fight.

    Won: I’m still not sure how he went from being Tan’s enemy to not only acting as a true brother, but playing Cupid for him as well. Still, it was nice, so I’ll take it. LOL at that scene of him and HJ in the bed fully clothed. I’m not saying to be naked, but then why have them in the bed at all?

    KA (Tan’s Oma): I loved that she had enough courage to leave the Chairman – and also that, in some way, she was inspired by Tan to do it. That scene of her slowly removing her jewelry, then appearing in a somber black coat, was such a great way of symbolically showing her removing the “gilded chains” she wears in her relationship with the Chairman.

    *I generally hate scenes of rich guys taking their poor girls shopping – too many flashbacks to Pretty Woman, a movie I loathe. However, I’ll let this one pass because Tan and Eun-Sang were so striking in their formalwear – and yay for bangs-less Tan! Young-Do must have lent him his hair wax, the true sign of their renewed friendship.

    *I enjoyed Rachel and Young-Do’s little exchange in the dress shop –I still say these two would make the best match. I also liked HS trying to help Tan. As usual, Bo-Na wins the cute award.

    *Because it cannot be said enough: Die, Diabolical Daddy. Diiiiieee.

    *The fairy-tale birthday outing seems too easy, somehow, especially since it’s sanctioned by the Chairman and we still have two episodes left. I’m getting a little nervous about what’s to come.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 3.1 August

      Your thoughts are a fun read and capture what many of us are thinking!

      • 3.1.1 tura

        Yay I finally got to watch the first five episodes of heirs and it was not as bad as some people made it sound. Its not the best but its good and I mean really good. Lee min ho’s english was that bad it was just so laughable and I wish they didn’t show his face when he was saying long dialogues in english. It spoils his cool image for me cos I had to cover my yes just so I don’t see his face, so I can keep on seeing him as perfect and cool. And KWB is so hot and such a great actor and I giggle like an idiot even if he’s a jerk and I am not a fan of his but now I am but I will always love LMH more. KMH is so cute with krystal, I just love their relationship. PSH is great too but I never really saw her as pretty until I watch HS and heirs but heirs really made realize just how pretty she is and which in my opinion is DAEBAK. CJH is looking good and no matter how mean he is, I can not not like him. After spending weeks of just reading recaps and glad that I finally got to watch the real thing and that its not as bad as people made it seem. The ost is actually really good.

        • jl

          Keep watching, it will still be okay…for a while. Watch out for the middle. But then marathoning it might not be so bad coz you can get over the bad parts really fast. The ending might be even good. Hopefully. Hopefully.

      • 3.1.2 Faye

        Thanks, August! I enjoy your posts as well. We need to pick a song for this episode.

        • August

          Whenever I hear “Royals” by Lorde now, I think about Heirs and how fitting this song would have been as an OST for Heirs.

          “Royals” by Lorde

          I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh
          I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
          And I’m not proud of my address
          In the torn up town, no post code envy

          But every song’s like:
          Gold teeth
          Grey Goose
          Tripping in the bathroom
          Ball gowns
          Trashing the hotel room

          We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams

          But everybody’s like:
          Diamonds on your timepiece
          Jet planes
          Tigers on a gold leash

          We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair

          And we’ll never be royals (royals)
          It don’t run in our blood
          That kind of lux just ain’t for us, we crave a different kind of buzz
          Let me be your ruler (ruler)
          You can call me queen bee
          And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule
          Let me live that fantasy

          My friends and I we’ve cracked the code
          We count our dollars on the train to the party
          And everyone who knows us knows
          That we’re fine with this, we didn’t come from money

          But every song’s like:
          Gold teeth
          Grey Goose
          Tripping in the bathroom
          Ball gowns
          Trashing the hotel room

          We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams…

          We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair…

          ooh ooh oh ooh
          We’re better than we’ve every dreamed
          And I’m in love with being queen

          ooh ooh oh ooh
          Life is great without a care
          We aren’t caught up in your love affair…

          • Marie21

            Wow!!! no kidding!!! I always think about Heirs when I hear this song!!!and if I was talented with the making MVs, I would probably make a video of the characters of Heirs with the song, Royals!!! it just seems right…maybe someone is thinking the same thing too and will make a MV with this song!!! I’d like to see that!!!

          • AdAl

            LOL. How appropriate.

    • 3.2 Vicky


      “Yay for bangs-less Tan! Young-Do must have lent him his hair wax, the true sign of their renewed friendship.”

      Lolz. As always, love your insight. You should consider doing recaps.

      I agree that Tan definitely inspired his mom to finally leave the crappy chairman and living situation.

      Loved the YD & Rachel scene. Those two are kinda perfect for each other no? They had good chemistry. See Rachel, when you stop being a b*tch, the romantic possibilities are endless!

      As for the Won/Hyung fully clothed bed scene, lol, I explained in my post below that I think the writer was trying to convey their bond. I found it to be a really intimate scene even though they had clothes on. I think she wanted to let us know they have an adult relationship. Which I appreciate because in K dramas, grown adults dating seem scared to even hold hands. I’ll take what I can get!

      I also scared for what is to come. With two episodes left, it seems Daddy KT can still cause a lot of tears :(

      • 3.2.1 Faye

        I really appreciate that coming from you, Vicky, because I know you used to edit recaps professionally! I can’t compete with the professionals, and even if I wanted to, I just don’t have the time to do recaps consistently. I think I keep on commenting for Heirs not only because I enjoy interacting with (some) people here, but somehow I feel compelled to at least have one positive outlook on the show here on the site :). I think even the recappers can’t stand it.

        I’ll go check out your post below re Won/Hyun Joon. I agree it seemed very intimate, it just sort of came out of left field for me. The last time they talked they still seemed estranged, and the next thing you know they were in bed together.

    • 3.3 Cute girl

      dear Faye!:)) Once again I got drawn 2 your comprehensive comment! I really enjoy reading your comment AND I REALLY LIKE THIS PART OF UR COMMENT:

      ” I think my favorite Tan scene was where he told off his father calmly, like an adult, and took responsibility for his mother. It showed real growth – no more tantrums, just standing up for what he believes is right.

      :)) u hit the nail on the head! as this drama is “Gossip Girl-esque”,the character behave as if 30 but in fact they are teenagers. Unlike the previous KES’ dramas,in which,the characters were 30 something but behave as if 15! :)
      Madam Han character is the ONLY REMAINING of Kim Eun Sook’s previous method & approach of writing!
      she behaves as if 15!

      • 3.3.1 Faye

        @cute girl – Madame Han is Tan’s mother, right? If so, although she has been rather immature in the past, she showed growth in this episode. I think she finally grew up and realized how toxic her relationship with the Chairman was.

        I actually watched Gossip Girl from start to finish, and I think emotionally, this show actually beats Gossip Girl. Of course, it’s much harder to do six seasons rather than one. But by the end of the series, the characters were all awful parodies of themselves and I couldn’t have cared less what happened to any of them. Whereas I am very emotionally invested in wanting the best for the “Heirs” peeps.

    • 3.4 Anduril

      I think with Won it isn’t that much of a game changer. We learned via his ex-girfriend/current-love-dilusion/i-have-no-idea-what-they-have-going-on that he does like his brother. He has always just been afraid of the threat Tan represents. He also didn’t believe Tan could be as naive as he sometimes is. I think the big change is that now he truly believes Tan.

      Since he believes that (Tan wants girl) and not (Tan wants crown), he can now allow his nicer feelings. Of course, if you grew up with Won’s dad and uncles, it might also take you a while to trust that being nice is ok. It’s not true of all siblings that they’d eat your liver.

      • 3.4.1 Faye

        Good points! It still seems like the transition for Won was too abrupt -wasn’t it only two episodes ago he was trying to exile Tan again?- but maybe seeing how torn up Tan was convinced him of his sincerity, as you say.

        • PlumWine

          I definitely think it was because he saw how self destructive Tan became. Didn’t he say something to his devil gene donor last episode that Tan had patiently and nicely tried to get Won to like him, but now didn’t care. Like he was throwing everyone in his life away. I think when Tan decided to be his brother’s enemy it might have woken up Won to how far down he had gone.

      • 3.4.2 Marina

        I was thinking. What if Tan turns Golden Empire on his brother Won. Let’s say he did all thise dramatic scenes with crying and fighting to get his brother to think Tan is a sincere fool, who only wants a girl, and not daddy’s company. Then he (Tan) takes over the Empire, gives half to his abused mother, while buying that Dream Catchers store for Eun Sang. There WAS For Lease sign on the window in this episode, if you noticed. Is that too much to ask of an eighteen years old boy?! The writer obviously doesn’t like’em poor. So why not make him truly rich and a bit evil at the end?

    • 3.5 Rushie

      I’m a bit sad that this drama is ending so soon but I like that my other Oppa is replacing my present Oppa.
      I loved this episode. Tan and Eun-sang continue to slay me with their interactions. The running around they both did, trying to run away from each other then going oh screw it and running back to each other was so adorably done I think I almost cried.
      Kim Woo-bin, I may not have gotten why so many girls like you, but your ability to make my burning hate for Young-do turn into sympathy is really something, I now fully acknowledge your acting skills.
      Won. Finally, you step up and do your duty as a big brother, and not a moment too soon. It makes sense that now was the time he chose to take charge. Tan’s dad is a grade A jerk-face, he wouldn’t listen to his mom, who is as much a slave to dad as Tan himself is, and there’s no Eun-sang to reign him in. Although, I do admit that scene between Hyun-joo and Won, random and a little bit awkward to see.
      Bo-na and Chan-young continue to be adorable as ever and Hyo-shin such a good friend to Tan. I love Ki-ae finally taking a chance to escape her gilded cage, now to find Ajhumma and start their own sismance.
      And finally, hurray for Tan getting a decent hair-do and normal looking clothes. I’m going to miss this drama when it’s over.

      • 3.5.1 Faye

        “Kim Woo-bin, I may not have gotten why so many girls like you, but your ability to make my burning hate for Young-do turn into sympathy is really something, I now fully acknowledge your acting skills.”

        Isn’t that the truth? I can’t stand abusive characters, which is what he definitely was at first, and I don’t like dramas whitewashing abusive behavior. But KWB is so good that his transformation really seems believable. I think he’ll have a great career – I can’t wait to see him in “Friends 2.”

    • 3.6 the68monkey

      “Won: I’m still not sure how he went from being Tan’s enemy to not only acting as a true brother, but playing Cupid for him as well. Still, it was nice, so I’ll take it. LOL at that scene of him and HJ in the bed fully clothed. I’m not saying to be naked, but then why have them in the bed at all?”

      How did they even end up in bed in the first place? Maybe I’m experiencing a bit of the old K-drama amnesia, but one minute, Won is telling HJ to wait for him; the next minute, they’re having a pajama party? Do all of those “deals” the girls made with Bad Daddy suddenly take on no meaning in this episode just because? Hmmm. . .

      I am also confused as to what caused the change in Won’s character. Yes, it turns out Bad Daddy intended him to retain the power in Jeguk after all, but why the sudden growth of a heart towards his brother? The sudden coziness with estranged girlfriend he failed to stand up for in the first place?

      Don’t get me wrong — it was a pleasure to see Choi Jin-hyuk have a little bit more to do onscreen in this show, for a change, but I guess asking for any character motivation to make the slightest bit of sense in this show is completely out of the question by now. 😛

      • 3.6.1 Yenlinh69

        I think Won being in bed with HJ is a surprise, but not that improbable because he lives in a hotel room. She did feed him jook in the room when he pretented to be sick. He complains that she never let him up to her bedroom when he caught HJ with Yoon. But I think the changed attitude comes when he asks her to wait for him outside of her place, he hugs her, and she also returns the hug as the camera pulls away.

      • 3.6.2 Marie21

        What? Don’t tell me you don’t know that they’re sleeping together?!!^^ They have had a secret relationship all those years!! We seldom see that in Korean dramas so I’m glad that this drama shows that even though you’re not married, you can still have a relationship even if you see each other in secret. Even if Dad forbids them to see each other, it doesn’t mean they’re going to stop seeing each other.. I think Kim Won needs Hyun Joo a lot! He needs someone he can trust and rely on and the scene in bed was such a lovely, intimate scene!!! I loved it a lot and it made me swoon a lot!!^^how he strokes her cheek!!! for me this scene and the conversation they’re having show very well how much they love each other and their level of intimacy! Kim Won is human, a regular guy, so of course, they sleep together from time to time! oh no,, that wasn’t awkward for me at all, that was a sweet scene!!

        • anniejang

          I agree-so sweet and full of love.

      • 3.6.3 NathanJ

        Ask a K-Drama writer to make sense? That is just too much…

        Although School 2013 stood out in that it actually did make sense for streaks of 3 or 4 episodes.

  4. August

    I have watched projects with the following male kdrama actors: Lee Min-Ho, Yoon Si-Yoon, Lee Jong-Suk, Kim Woo-Bin, Jang Geun-Suk, Yong Joon-Hyung, Kim Jae-Wook, Kang Ha-Neul, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Jun-Ki, Lee Seung-Ki, So Ji-Sub, Choi Jin-Hyuk, Jung Kyung-Ho, Daniel Choi, Park Shi-Hoo, and Hyun-Bin.

    Likewise, I have watched projects with the following female kdrama actresses: Park Shin-Hye, Yoon Eun-Hye, Lee Da-Hae, Jang Na-Ra, Ha Yeon-Soo, Gong Hyo-Jin, and Kim So Yeon.

    With this list, I realized that I am familiar with more of the male kdrama actors than the female actresses.

    Heirs is a drama full of and mostly about teenage characters. Are there any other female actresses that you can think of or imagine playing the character Cha Eun-Sang?

    • 4.1 Cha Eun Sang

      But its her that Lee Min Ho wants to have a passionate deep French Kiss. So he suggested to KES.

      • 4.1.1 August

        My exposure to female kdrama actresses is limited. I need more names to equal or rival the list of male names of kdrama actors.

        • Marina

          Heh. My exposure to Kdramas is limitless, and I still don’t remember most of the actors’ names. Be it male or female. I only remember faces and ALL the dramas they were in. :-)

      • 4.1.2 anniejang

        Unfortunately, I read her father said in an interview, he did not like LMH and didn’t want to see her in a deep passionate kiss with LMH. So she was too intimidated to do it well. I hate it when parents get that far into their adult childrens’ lives.

        • anniejang

          This is filial duty gone wrong.

          • anniejang

            In my opinion.

        • SweetPea

          Really? Where did you see that?

          You wonder if that’s why she’s terrible in all her other kissing scenes…

          What a shame.

        • Farah

          Is there a link to this interview, I would love to read it.

          If PSH’s father had made such claims against LMH then I would consider PSH’s father to be insensitive & tactless. He should not have gotten all personal; his daughter IS an actress & as an actress she has to be professional and not allow personal / family obligations get in her way.

          If PSH is really a filial daughter then she should not have agreed to work with LMH in the first place. Such selfish and conditional stand regarding intimacy/ kissing in acting would only affect the co-stars performance. Did she actually think that if she continues to show an uncomfortable face then it would justify that she didn’t ‘enjoy’ such intimacy or physical contact hence respecting her father’s wishes? How ridiculous.

      • 4.1.3 skelly

        This is a joke, right?

      • 4.1.4 Dania

        really,where u get that info?wow…

    • 4.2 Mandy

      Jung Eun Ji maybe? At least she looks like she’s in high school. Although I wouldn’t sentence her to such a horribly written character. No one deserves to play Eun-sang because that she has got to be my biggest complaint in this drama – and that is saying A LOT given my uncountable issues with heirs.

    • 4.3 Daisy

      There are not a lot of young actresses in dramaland these days thats why younger man are always paired up with older woman and why idols keep getting cast.

      Lee Yoo Bi, Kim Ji Won, Kim So Eun are a few underrated young actresses that should be given more chances for larger roles in dramas.

      • 4.3.1 skelly

        I second the Lee Yoo Bi nomination. She rocked it in Gu Family Book, she did a much, much better job than Suzy (who had all of the idol hype going for her). Give that girl some more work!

    • 4.4 Jessica

      What? Nothing with Bae Susy in it yet? Then you haven’t seen “Gu Family Book”? Should be next on your list.

      • 4.4.1 pogo

        I wouldn’t condemn anyone to enduring Suzy’s vacant, wooden ‘acting’.

        The only actress worth watching in Gu Family Book is Lee Yubi, and to a lesser extent Lee Yeon-hee in episode 1.

  5. stars4u

    My poor Young Do!!! He needs a hug (from me perhaps)!

  6. Beeni

    Two words: FACE. PALM. =.=;

    • 6.1 dramaboy

      definitely wins best prize for incoherent storyline

      • 6.1.1 OhPaulliexD

        I couldn’t agree more x)

      • 6.1.2 Beeni

        I literally threw my hands up in the air during the “reunion” scene. *shakes head*

  7. Roggy

    Okay. Eun sang is probably the worst character in this drama. And that is just something. Apparently all she needed was encouragement from Won, a practically a stranger, to do a complete u-turn. God help me, I don’t understand why I keep watching. But I do.

    • 7.1 Vicky

      I agree that her return to KT felt a little rushed. Almost like we missed a key moment or scene or something.

      However (I like to play devil’s advocate cause I think this writer is intelligent) from the writer’s POV, I guess it makes a little sense that ES felt less scared and more courageous with Won now protecting her and encouraging the relationship. Won is no slacker himself. He is also somewhat powerful as the President of the company.

      So with Won AND KT working to protect her, it makes a lil sense.

  8. Cha Eun Sang

    Cha Eun Sang in real life will be the “future mistress”. Look innocent and pure in high school, but vulnerable to become a “concubine”.

    Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho should do a part 2 of Heirs – The Concubine, the Movie.

    • 8.1 Roggy

      Nah I think Tan’s mom should star, I’d totally watch.

      But the only ending that would satisfy me is if she teams up with the Wife and ES’s mum to take down tans evil father…

  9. chewyish

    youngdo and eunsang’s mom
    youngdo and tan’s mom
    and youngdo imagining his own mother had me tearing in a public library. One of the few times I’ve felt genuine emotional pull for heirs which was all eye candy and mindless entertainment until now
    kim woobin was so great this episode all the applause for him

  10. 10 bishbash

    Can I say I like Young Do MUCH more than Kim Tan now? I don’t know what’s the whole point of Kim Eun Sook writing this drama. And then getting LMH to act as Kim Tan. It’s like she has some agenda against LM because Kim Tan is so much more badly written than Young Do.

    I don’t buy the romance between Tan and Eun Sang. The passing of time in this drama is so random and everything seems like they happened within days, instead of the supposed two seasons had passed.

    Episode 17 totally feels like a filler JUST so episode 18 can roll around.

    Heirs is really one of those very rare dramas where the OTP totally doesn’t deserve any attention, but the supporting cast grabs all the love.

    • 10.1 saranghaelmh

      Yes she hates LMH. Otherwise who would waste such talent.

    • 10.2 Windsun33

      I have never cared for KT, my dislike varies from episode to episode, but for me he has never crossed the line to the plus side.

      • 10.2.1 skelly

        I wrote a tumblr post about Kim Tan, “Ten Things I Hate About You.” I had to stop at 11.

        • Alzy

          I would like to be linked to your post. Something tells me I’ll find vicarious enjoyment in it.

        • spi

          Haha your tumblr post is so spot on about KT! So funny! I especially like the 5th and 6th one.

        • Alzy

          Somehow there wasn’t any ‘Reply’ button next to the post where you’ve mentioned the link, I think even this site does not want me to add more redundant comments on comments. 😀

          That apart, it’s really sweet. And to mark how the character as well as Lee Min Ho’s pouts have grown on me, I read each one of your points and thought, ‘yes, that’s right, but he looks cute doing it.’ Hehe.

          I might be in the minority here, but I actually liked his fluffy angora sweater. However, that does not prevent me from laughing like a maniac at all these angora sweater jokes.

      • 10.2.2 Megumi

        I dislike his character kim tan too, but as Lee Min Ho an actor I like him, so I think the problem lies with the writer for writing bad character like that…LMH tried his best but what more can u do if you’re given this kind of roles…

    • 10.3 Alzy

      I think you’re absolutely right on that one. Kim Tan’s character seems much more like an excuse than anything else. I get it that this wasn’t supposed to be the most well-written drama of the year, but dunno…she could have tried.

      And the romance does not hold at all. I find the leads engaging to watch, I sometimes empathise with them, but their relationship has no real basis. The only way a person can fall that quickly in love is if there is only a physical attraction, and nothing more. Pity and lust, that’s it. But I’ve read on Dramafever that falling-in-love-at-first-sight is an acknowledged k-drama trope, so I’m going to let this go, however unwillingly.

      Post-13, the pace and writing had picked up, but with 17 et al, I believe it’s gone back into its corner.

      Even though I’m replying to your comment, bishbash, let me add this one original observation: my point of contention with the very last moments of episode 18. Was this really necessary? The ‘glamification’ of Kim Tan and Eun Sang? Did no one else have any problems with it? It alienated me more than anything else on this show. What they accomplished was making Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye of the characters.

      • 10.3.1 bishbash

        No, it wasn’t necessary imo. Though I think the writer THINKS its necessary because it IS a Candy story, so it is necessary in her head to “glamify” Eun Sang, especially. Because who knows, it may be the last chance to give Eun Sang a makeover.

        I think I get what you want to say. It’s just like the many blatant product placements that had peppered throughout this drama. Lest we forget they’re Lee! Min! Ho! and Park! Shin! Hye!. I have nothing against this two as actor and actress though.

        I have way too many issues with this drama that I don’t even know where to start with.

  11. 11 JD

    So much love for Bona and Eunsang. That hug was just adorable haha. Lee Bona went from hating Eunsang, to protecting her secret, to becoming her saviour when she got kicked out, and now her biffel. Love these two. #OTP

  12. 12 Alinka

    Oh my… I can bear watching Secret Garden, but even reading Heirs’ drama recaps makes me cringe (have no idea what range of shrinking I’ll have when I actually watch it). Thanks to Javabeans and girlfriday for making the cringe-worthy drama becomes less-cringe-worthy (even only for a portion)

    • 12.1 OhPaulliexD

      Thank GOD I wasn’t the only one thinking this. I’m barely holding on only because of Javabeans and girlfriday. And it’s mostly because of their amusing/hilarious comments x)

      • 12.1.1 spi

        Me too. I’m only still watching this terrible mess in order to read the recap by dramabeans. Oh dear, this drama has so many issues!!

    • 12.2 Cakelady Dee

      While waiting for Heirs ep 17/18 to surface, I looked at “Secret Garden & Scent of a woman” Now to veer of topic for a minute. Alot of people were commenting about the kiss/romantic scenes in Heirs and how lackluster it was. I got a point of reference with these dramas. HOT KISSING SCENES. I could feel the passion they were conveying. Nicely done. Now back to Heirs, all I can say is “what you see is what you get as per the director vision. on this one in my opinion not yet. But with a WHOPPING 2 episodes left……..lmao!!

  13. 13 noernov

    Today is Non-Friend day,love that sentence😉

  14. 14 Cha Eun Sang

    I don’t watch Heirs but I like to read Dramabeans final comments.

    • 14.1 outsider

      glad to see i’m not the only one. :)

      • 14.1.1 sophia

        I think we may be legion here at DB. I just CANNOT with this show but I LOVE DB commentary.

        Thank goodness for answer me 1994, otherwise I would have been in drama drought. (team chilbong!)

        I say to you LMH – just give us what we want and make CITY HUNTER 2 already. This high school drivel is beneath your considerable talents. And what a waste of daddy gumiho.

  15. 15 Momoi

    This episode had three really nice, and emotional scenes IMO.

    1. Young Do eating the food Eun-Sang’s mother made him. It was just really touching and sad.

    2. Young Do closing the Eun Sang chapter of his life with the noodles. As long as she had that debt, he could always use the excuse that he needed to see her. Now that that’s done, I think he might be ready to move on with his life, well soon. It is sad he wasn’t like this in the beginning, but I think the fact that it is too late makes it more impacting.

    3. Tan’s mother taking off her jewelry and leaving Daddy. I’m really happy she decided to do that, even if it’s hard.

    I think that something the show missed, however, is why Tan likes Eun Sang so much. We know why she likes him, why Young Do likes her, but not so much Tan, at least not why so intensely.

    Bittersweet overall, but it had some nice, touching moments.

    Oh and Park Shinye looks great in that dress! I just wish her hair was tied up like in one of the posters.

    • 15.1 lizzie

      I’d put Young do running to find Tan about his mother scene at the top as well. Gosh YD really makes this show for me. I think the indifferent “walking past each other” scene between him and KT makes sense to me. I mean they both know they have a not so comfortable history together, and now they both love the same girl. I get that they might not want to be too close for comfort. Besides, they’re friends when it counts anyway as GF has mentioned.
      Anyway about how KT’s intense feelings for ES came to be, wasn’t it that moment sometime during the first few eps, she was looking outside in the pool area that morning. He saw her and that moment might’ve been it for him. Also i kind of sensed that he was drawn to her pain (sister/mom/poverty/lost cause problems) and that kept him interested. This frustrates me knowing that pain was what drew the OTP together, but then our heroine couldn’t have been drawn to YD’s pain too? C’mon even Jan Di got past Jun Pyo’s bullying. I guess KT just got to her first. Just frustrating. I’ve never felt the impulse to hate on YD’s character even from way back. I knew he was gonna grow on me and now I can’t stop whining about how this isn’t his show. I’ve never seen any of Kim Woo Bin’s shows before, and so now I love him shamelessly.

      • 15.1.1 spi

        Well said Momoi and Lizzie. I really enjoyed Young Do’s scenes in this episode too: when he eats at Eun Sang’s and when he runs to find Kim Tan for KT’s mom. So well done! The only rare moments this drama can provoke any sympathy. Kim Woo Bin’s acting is great.

      • 15.1.2 Momoi

        Well Eun Sang did say that it’s bad she didn’t know that Young Do was also a good guy at first. Things may have turned out differently.

        • spi

          Yes, please, if the writer actually make ES end up being with YD, that would actually reverse all of my feelings about this show. I would actually LOVE it! Can we actually hope for that? In a million years?

  16. 16 moimoi

    LOL I hadn’t known but this drama is on a rush schedule apparently. I saw them film the scene where Young Do remembers the day his mom left and Tan’s mom leaving in the car at a middle school in my neighborhood yesterday. From a distance I had only scene Kim Woo Bin open and close the car door 15 times but little did I know that it would air that very night. He looked very tired, but was extremely handsome. Sorry for blabbing on, but it was actually really exciting to see a drama filming near my neighborhood.

    • 16.1 panshel

      Live-shoots are like death for actors. I keep noticing how red everyone’s eyes are in these recent episodes — yes, because everyone’s crying incessantly, but more because everyone’s getting zero sleep. Even Dad’s eyes are blood-red (http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa324/girlfridaydb/drama/2013/heirs/heirs18/heirs18-00130.jpg).

    • 16.2 Vicky

      @Moimoi, thanks for the BTS info! I can’t believe they are still reshooting scenes to air the same night. That’s pretty cray.

      Korean drama schedules are tough. I noticed LMH seemed to have lost a lot of weight in this episode. PSH looked a bit slimmer too.

    • 16.3 Windsun33

      Kind of scary that they are shooting almost up to air time. That might be why some scenes look so rushed and not quite “done”.

    • 16.4 Rachelle

      That’s why suddenly the exterior of the school is so different from the previous episodes. They didn’t have time to shoot the scenes at the original locations. I think that also contributes to the random feel these last few episodes.

      • 16.4.1 Rachelle

        That is also why they haven’t had previews on Thursday nights the last few weeks, they haven’t filmed the next 2 episodes yet.

    • 16.5 RockPaperScissors

      Anthony from The King of Dramas wrote the textbook on live-shooting a drama.

      • 16.5.1 PlumWine

        I miss Anthony. :(

  17. 17 valleydale

    The scene with Young Do and Eun Sang’s mom was so moving. It made you see how deeply the loss of his own mother has affected him. The scene that tells you that he no longer holds Kim Tan responsible for the fact that he missed seeing his mom before she disappeared is when he’s confronted with making the decision whether or not to bring KT to see his own fleeing mother. I actually cheered for the YD who allowed his decent side to emerge. Kim Woo bin: such an amazing actor.

  18. 18 magickaito

    It is really Young do’s episode but a really really sad episode for him, KWB is really good actor i really felt for him even just reading the recap especially the scene with ES mom, he is so sweet to her and in the snack shop and his realization about his wronged life it is just really sad. i wish in his next drama he will finally get the girl.

  19. 19 Eileen

    KT’s and ES’s bipolarity make my head hurt. One day they are brave, the next they are a mess, then they get brave again, then a mess and so on and on and on. And things around them are exactly the same while this is going on. If KT ends up poor in order to be with ES then I will believe his feelings and will love him for it. Otherwise I can’t care anymore. And I tried to care, I really did.

    • 19.1 Windsun33

      I think it is all the whiplash that pretty much ruined a lot of this drama for me. It was like each day the writer woke up with a different idea, so they would get back or break up again, depending on if it was an odd or even day.

    • 19.2 Josh

      I’ll prescribe Lithium for them

    • 19.3 mamamia

      Exactly! My biggest problem with this drama is that I can’t feel much sympathy with main couple. What they’ve been doing so far is just pushing and pulling each other. They even didn’t have much deep time/or history together. So even they act like they can’t live without each other, I can’t feel sorry for them.

  20. 20 magickaito

    Finally after 18 years or 18 episodes Won step up and become a brother to Tan and KT’s finally realizing how evil evil daddy is. It really took them so long to grow up.

    • 20.1 valleydale

      Who’s more evil? Kim Tan’s Daddy Douche Bag or Young Do’s? Right now, I’d say Tan’s by a nose because at least Young Do’s dad acknowledges that, where women are concerned, he has no moral standing by which to dictate to his son whom he may or may not date. Tan’s father actually has the nerve to see himself as “better” than the concubine he knocked up and then kept under his thumb for almost twenty years. I absolutely hate that man.

  21. 21 Sue

    I don’t know what the big deal is about taking Kim Tan’s mom to the airport. Can they really get her to board the plane against her will? Even if somebody goes with her, can’t she get to security and ask for help? At least she can shout “I have a bomb!” a couple of times. That will keep her grounded. And if the gets to the US, so what? All she has to do is say that she has to go back to Korea to get her GED. The finals excuse worked for Eung-sang, and Won seemed to think that made her untouchable. Ha! This drama does not make any sense.

    As hard it is for me to admit, I’m enjoying Pretty Man more, even though I didn’t have high hopes for that drama. It’s lighthearted and fun.

    • 21.1 Windsun33

      I find those type of “I am the chairman, I can do anything I want” scenes like that extremely frakking annoying, and about as realistic as a zombie tooth fairy. And instead of saying that she has bomb, start screaming that the bodyguards have guns and bombs and are kidnapping her.

      • 21.1.1 PlumWine

        Lol! Great, now I’m picturing a tiny zombie with wings, wearing a wilted flower headdress, holding a skull headed wand.

        Totally agree about the airport. How do you force someone on a plane?

  22. 22 Ana

    Kim Woo Bin ……….he nailed it such a good actor , best well dressed , classy , hot and sexy . Hope he will have a lead role for the next drama.

    • 22.1 hyun joo

      Totally agree. I didn’t like him at first but now, I wish he had someone who loved him back. Hoping his mom will appear before it’s over. CYD should star in Heirs 2, don’t you think?

      • 22.1.1 spi

        Yes, hope his mom will be back. But, as much as we want to see KWB in a leading role in the next drama I don’t think we want to have Heirs 2 at all, do we?

        • Arhazivory

          Hello no…we do not.

    • 22.2 Eileen

      YD looks like he is headed for the catwalk in every scene. It’s because KWB is a professional model so I think it will be unfair to compare him to the other guys but damn if he hasn’t stole my attention away from the others. Maybe if the story was more solid I wouldn’t be noticing too much but with not much plot to sustain whatever is going in the episode I find myself hoping for more YD every time. I read an interview where he said that due to his modeling background he is very anal about the way he is styled. That’s probably why his outfits are cooler than LMH’s, he will probably throw a fit if they tried to dress him in the fuzzy pink sweater.

      • 22.2.1 DayDreamer

        LOL! Well, I certainly am glad that he gets to put a stop to any horrible stylings.

        Btw, about YD looking like he’s headed for the catwalk in every scene….well, Woo Bin said in an interview that he unconsciously does the catwalk when he’s shooting his dramas and gets told off for doing that. So yeah, because of his modelling career, his body reacts that way without him even thinking about it.

  23. 23 DramaFan100

    It was like, really? Wow! That is all?

    To think despite all the pitifulness of KT and ES, I get a choked up only when YD is sad. And roll my eyes whenever ES cries and KT pouts.


    How come there are no good dramas this fall?

    • 23.1 mikimotoable

      try reply/ answer me 1994.
      so much better than heirs trainwreck

    • 23.2 GoldenDiva

      Try pretty man its sooo amazing n hopefully soon man from another star is coming so look out 4 tht 1 😃

      • 23.2.1 Adal

        Pretty Man is delightfully funny. So refreshing. I had no idea IU could act so well and be so genuine and her chemistry with her costars is priceless – has me in stitches most of the time.

    • 23.3 Windsun33

      Pretty Man is actually better than I expected. Not deep, but funny and fun. Unlike Heirs, it does not pretend to be deep or thoughtful – what you see is what you get. And oh yeah, as of ep5 I don’t think anyone has cried or stared, though IU tends to drool a bit.

      • 23.3.1 spi

        Yes I am also having so much fun with Pretty Man!! Things happen and people have personalities.

      • 23.3.2 anniejang

        Yes, it’s better than I expected too. but a little hectic-we already see the triangle, don’t see the quadrangle yet. Looking forward to when it slows down (hopefully) to give us some real romance.

  24. 24 Nancy

    I can’t wait to see how this hot mess ends next week and for You From Another Star to premiere. I think Heirs might break 30% ratings with the finale. It’s crazy!

    • 24.1 valleydale

      Wow, thirty percent among the Korean viewing audience? That’s impressive given where this drama’s ratings started. I must say that have agreed with virtually every criticism of Heirs put forth here at DB. Nonetheless, it’s exerted a strange hold on me almost from the start. I honestly can’t explain it, other than the saying that the whole so greater than the sum of its parts. Has it been so roundly criticized in Korea also?

      • 24.1.1 JustRozy

        Valleydale, you’ve summed it up for me, too. I’ve agreed with all the criticisms I’ve read here, and could add a few more of my own, and yet…I’m all ‘is it up yet???’ every Wed & Thurs, lately. I think it’s the TERRIFIC actors (even PSH does not irritate me as much as heretofore ;), but also the deep true power of Kdrama themes and style–I wish I could express it better.

      • 24.1.2 Beeni

        I think it’s mostly LMH and KWB’s fangirls (basically high schoolers and college students) who are watching the drama…… Most older adults that I’ve come across consider this show cheesy and unrealistic.

        • megumi

          yeah I think this drama was aimed towards younger audiences but still I don’t know what age groups watch this show in korea, I think older audiences watch it too because I know there are a lot of ajhumma lee min ho fansit doesn’t reach 30% ratings just by high schoolers and college students watching it…

    • 24.2 Windsun33

      Despite all the buildup for the big party, I am pretty much expecting a total fizzle for the grand finale. I expect a bit of screaming, but after that everyone will turn into nice guys and live happily. Except that the chairman will get amnesia.

  25. 25 mikimotoable

    I only came here to read the GF or reader comments, gave up this drama since few episodes back..
    super glad my forever favourite character Young Do is all grown up, I am so proud of him!

  26. 26 panshel

    I almost started crying as Young Do tore through the school looking for Tan. I could feel his desperation followed by relief when he found him and sent him off in his car. And Mom’s home-cooked meal for him. *tears*

    I feel bad seeing Tan so gullible believing the world is peachy keen again as soon as Eun Sang reappeared in his life because you can’t trust a word she says. Firsthand experience should have taught him that she always goes back on her word.

    Who is this Won and what has he done with the real Won? This overnight change is too sudden, it’s unbelievable and makes me slightly uncomfortable. Suddenly caring about Tan and going around calling him his dongsaeng. Since when did Won and Hyun Joo get back together? Let me guess, Won will be taking Hyun Joo to Tan’s birthday extravaganza?

    LOL at Myung Soo. No one is cheating off of you, Mr. 99th Place.

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

  27. 27 kikidee

    I say again, I wish this drama would have a Dawson’s Creek ending. Eun Sang can have her youthful romance with Kim Tan, but in the future, after he works out his issues, it would be great if she ended up with Young-Do. I’m just going to imagine it happens that way.

    • 27.1 Enchanteur


  28. 28 jl

    Yes! This episode hit all the right notes! Phew! I quite enjoyed it. Hopefully, now that we’ve got 2 episodes left, this drama will hit all the right notes right through to the end.

  29. 29 Pakykul Gunk

    Thanks for the recap.
    I like YD in this episode too.

  30. 30 jl

    Thank you for sticking with it GF and JB!

  31. 31 momoi

    Oh yeah question: anyone know what the drama they previewed at the end was? I think it’s airing on the 18th on SBS.

    • 31.1 panshel

      You From Another Star staring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. I can’t wait! Hoping it will be my next crack drama.

      • 31.1.1 momoi

        thanks! Looks funny.

    • 31.2 bishbash

      I thought I read somewhere it’s premiering on 25th?

  32. 32 newbie

    Okay am I the only one hoping for a bit of an extension for this drama.

    I know we have only 2 episodes left, but it seems that the last few have finally picked up some steam and gotten more interesting. I still have more questions and I think too many things have been left unexplained up to this point for them to be resolved by next week.

    Case in point:

    1) YD’s mother left, well what happened to her and why hasn’t she kept in touch?

    2) Why was KT exiled to America 3 yrs ago, what was the catalyst to that?

    3) Why did all the kids turn against KT when he went to America. YD was the only one who knew about his birth secret and in his mind had a reason to hate KT.

    4) How did Won and the tutor get together and start their relationship?

    These are just a few of the things that happened or talked about but never fully explained and I’m sorry I like closure!

    No way any writer can answer all this stuff in two episodes.

    So even though I know it’s not a popular opinion I vote for at least a 2 episode extension. At least show us what KT & ES’ s relationship would be like through college!!

    Has anyone heard any definitive news about a possible extension for this show??

    • 32.1 owl

      YD’s mother is a mystery, for sure. I thought the black bean noodles scene with YD and ES represented completion for YD in that ES kept her promise to eat (what turned out to be) a “last” of “farewell” meal together, unlike the “last” meal he did not eat with his mother. Also, there was the more obvious scene where YD made sure that Tan and his mother did not get separated like he did from his mother. But we still wonder, what did happen to YD’s mother that she left (was forced to leave??)??

    • 32.2 sequestial

      2) KT was exiled to America partly due to him not really wanting to play any part the whole Jeguk power play, partly due to Won telling him to go, partly because he loves his family and thought this would be a good solution to prevent it from fully tearing itself apart, also the premature realisation that nothing he did would be seen as an act independent of the world he was born into.

      3) I don’t think all the kids turned against KT, there was never any explicit hostility shown towards him when he returned (other than from YD). I think it’s more like, many resent him for his high status (derived from the family he comes from), and some might have ‘turned against him’ (insofar as the fact that he doesn’t seem to have any genuine friends outside of HS/MS/BN) either due to the fact that he was just as much a bully in the past as YD or because 3 years is a long time to stay away, and a lot of things change, tides have turned, etc.

      4) Since HJ the tutor was also a charity case when she used to attend Jeguk High, even though there’s probably an age gape of 1-4 years between her and Won, they probably met in high school, or something. Also I think it was mentioned previously that she was an orphan? So perhaps she grew up with the Chairman’s backing, which might have led to the circumstances in which she could have met Won.

      • 32.2.1 anniejang

        I think chairman dad explained to Won in an early episode that he sent Tan to America for 3 years because he knew Won was jealous and hated Tan and his mother and he did it to mollify Won. but then he said 3 years was long enough and Won should get over it.

      • 32.2.2 newbie

        Thanks for your response.

        3–I was thinking of the early episode scene in the studio with Bo Na/MS/YD were hanging out and Bo Na talks about Rachel going to the States to see KT.

        She said (paraphrasing here) something to the effect you can’t be on KT’s side, you hate him too. What made Bo Na hate KT? The arranged engagement with Rachel, which meant he broke up with her in order to fulfill his father’s needs?

        MS in another episode said something also about how YD didn’t see KT off when he left (I understand why he didn’t MOM/illegitimate issues) but it’s implied that maybe only him and HS saw him off, no one else. The guy was leaving the country into exile, and I know he was a bully, but given all the ass kissing that goes on @ that school based on how rich you are I can’t imagine KT was not given a send off to equal HS’s college exam cheering.

        Also can anyway explain to me why KT said to Rachel when she visited him in CA “I got engaged now so I wouldn’t have to marry you later.” HUH??? How does any engagement postpone a marriage? Isn’t it usually the precursor?

        4–If there is an age gap between Won & the tutor then they couldn’t have met in HS and we’ve already been told that they attended different colleges. (the scene between HS and her when she’s inquiring as to what is going on with KT).

        When exactly did they hook up? It seems Won has always been ambitious and his goal was running the company from the beginning. She’s known that and accepted it, so they ran into each other on the street and he thought, pretty girl I’d like to date her and oh by the way comes to find out she’s sponsored by his Dad?

        Won’s relationship with her was never fleshed out and the writer did a disservice to these characters. It would have been interesting to see the parallel of how these two brothers handle their love-lives.

        In a lot of ways I think Tan is more mature than Won when it comes to love.
        He’s running towards it and fighting for it, while big bro is secretive and can’t admit to anything other than giving her a necklace (big whoop), remember the confrontation scene with Daddy dearest in the library? He’d have been on ES’s heels before she took one step out that door.

        Since I don’t live in Korea and don’t really pay attention to who’s writing what or what they’re rep is. I had no feelings one way or the other about KES, but i have to say given we’re 2 episodes from the ending, the writer left a lot on the table that she could have developed and made this drama so much more interesting.

        I mean the English title is “HEIRS” right? Meaning more than one…So why do only KT’s & YD’s stories get the full treatment and HS’s suicide back story, MS’s partying, Rachel’s Daddy issues and of course Won are left rotting at their feet?

        This is what’s wrong with having only ONE writer with ONE voice. She can’t see and flesh out the others. Multiple writers are needed for an ensemble story such as this.

    • 32.3 Windsun33

      I sincerely hope there is no extension, I would rather move on to the next show, which promises to be better. Too late to extend anyway, a lot of folks say they are shooting up to just hours before air time, so any rewrites now would bring it all crashing down.

    • 32.4 xanti

      1. YD’s mom just left. I don’t think it was ever explained yet why and where she is that’s why YD is also still wondering…so we all are wondering with him. But I’m sure it will be explained before the show comes to a close.

      2. KT was sent to the US by Won. There was a scene in the first episode of Won telling him to go there and never come back. It was Won’s growing fear of KT going against him when the time comes that prompted him to do that and KT had always loved and adored his brother he didn’t say no.

      3. I don’t know about the kids resenting KT but when KT and YD were still friends, KT led the bullying in the school. He mentioned that a few times in the middle of the series. YD kinda took over that role. So kids had probably always feared him plus he was the son of the school’s president whom everyone thought was his mom so he was sort of untouchable — like him or not.

      4.Won and teacher had always dated since the start of the show. They never explained much how but they were. Am not sure if it was in college that they met but teacher is also a charity product of Daddy Kim. We can do the math from there. They this “it’s complicated” relationship.

      I also feel like 2 more episodes would not be enough to end it all, although, I think they wasted a lot in episode 17. It was just one hour of music video. 17 and 18 could have been just one episode.

      I feel like there are some things not quite explained either. Like how can ES all of a sudden just gather guts to stick it out with KT? I think there were some things not shown in 18 that will be shown in 19…to explain those changes in her decisions. Especially that for her to get her old life back, KT has to go back to the US since he made a deal with Won. Anyway…too many knots to untangle in just 2 episodes left. I am crossing my fingers for a very good finale. Phew.

      • 32.4.1 jl

        At this point I’m just hoping for a good ending. The way this drama has been written, I’m not holding out for explanations. Crossing Ts and dotting I(s) does not seem to be this writer’s strong point. So I’m aiming low satisfaction-wise.

        • Thandy

          I agree, there’s a lot of things that remains to be explained in this drama but it looks like the audience are going be left filling in the blanks for themselves because I doubt the writers are going to do it .

  33. 33 Altari

    I think I heard an actor on Actors Studio saying that if you have a good script it’s like your job is half done. I don’t really have an opinion on LMH’s acting but I think KT would be a hard role for anyone with writing like this.
    I know Heirs is probably cosidered a success ratings-wise and money-wise but I can’t help feeling like Heirs success=a blow for good drama making in Korea. :(

  34. 34 Z

    1) I’m glad to see that everyone has been reconnected with their long-lost spine this episode.

    2) I didn’t get how the Chairman was planning to force Madam Han onto an airplane. I mean, he can have his goons drive her to the airport if he wants but why is she freaking out like that? She can walk right back out and they can’t do a thing about it.

    3) I hated Sociopath Young-do but at least he was interesting. Mopey Young-do is a total snoozefest. Obviously, Young-do is some kind of Korean Samson who’s will to live is directly proportional to the slickness of his hair. Also, why cut Eun0sang off? I love them as friends. When will these spurned lovers learn that avoiding your crush will only keep them on a pedestal and make it impossible for you to move on. Plus, how you gonna avoid her when you go to the same school and you’re well on your way to re-BFFing her boyfriend?

    4) My favorite moment of the night was when everyone deserts the Chairman and he’s all “I don’t understand what’s going on here.” That’s because you’re a souless alien being of some sort, sir.

    5) Maybe my heart is two-sizes too small but I physically roll my eyes and sigh heavily every time Eun-sang starts crying. They have overplayed their hand with all her tears. At this point I’m just like “This again?”

    6) Tan is about the creepiest boyfriend ever. In earlier episodes, I thought it was cute the way he lurked on her facebook thingie. But all those pictures of her from behind, almost made my skin crawl. Not to mention silently following her from Seoul to her secret hideaway.

    7) Speaking of which, I don’t know if it was supposed to be funny but I laughed out loud when she chased him down only to tell him not to talk to her.

    8) When Bona was reading Eunsang’s facebook and trying to figure out why she was talking to herself I was silently cheering her on like “You can do it, girl, put it together…”

    9) Speaking of Bona, that hug she gave Eunsang totally warmed my heart.

    • 34.1 adette

      everything written next to the number three is perfect. +1 for korean samson (and i agree about him cutting her off. that’s… idk. it felt like a weird move.)

      also, 6 – God, i know, right? it was cute at first. but it isn’t anymore. following her allll the way to her new home did not seem romantic to me at all. it seemed more like cause for concern… but I already knew that my ideas of what is appropriate &what is romantic to not match Kim Eun-sook’s…

    • 34.2 bishbash

      Your (7) is the exact reason why this episode (along with 90% of this drama) is crap.

      What’s this he follows her, she knows, she hides and cries, and then changes her mind to go out and find him but can’t, and then turns back home, and he appears out of nowhere. Does Tan has some invisibility cloak? It’s so repetitive this hide-and-seek thing it’s no longer laughable at the sheer absurdity of it.

      And then she screams at him not to talk to her. This girl. Or rather Kim Eun Sook. I don’t know why her notions of romantic love is so illogical.

    • 34.3 Windsun33

      #1. – Yes, but for how long? Until daddy throws another tantrum?

      #2. – that whole scene was just stupid, both the idea that he could force her to leave, and the idea that she had to get away RIGHT NOW.

      #5. – Then my heart is even smaller, I just cringe at every cryfest.

      #6. – yup, creepy. I almost expected him to break out a chainsaw.

  35. 35 Vicky

    Another excellent episode. Is it weird that I’m feeling so sad knowing this time next week, it will be all over? :( Want to see the ending but don’t want it to end.

    Pros about this episode –

    – A lot happened this episode. It almost felt like episode 20 or at least 19. Makes me wonder what is to come. Got a lot of resolutions (KT’s Mom leaving Chairman, Won finally being a good big brother, ES coming back to KT & her old life, YD finding resolution with ES & his mom’s departure).

    – LOVED the scene between Won & Hyung. My pet peeve with some K-dramas is how they try to make the adult relationships too cookie cutter. Even though they were fully clothed, the scene with them in bed was very intimate, symbolic, and said a lot without saying much about their relationship & bond.

    – Also loved the scene between YD & Rachel. I like the improved YD but I also enjoy the bad boy charm of the old YD. It was nice seeing a bit of the old YD return in that scene.

    – And of course KT & ES coming back together was awesome.

    Cons –

    – ES’s return to KT felt a bit rushed and sudden. With 2 episodes left, I’m not sure I want to see them break up again and get back together AGAIN. I would rather see them stick together & fight together. With so much happening in this episode, I can’t help but wonder what else is there to cover? Without being repetitive?

    – YD’s scene with KT’s mom also felt a bit cliche, but I get it. And what I love about this writer is even the “cliche” scenes still seem somewhat realistic and not as corny. It takes a good writer to do that.

    • 35.1 valleydale

      Our fearless writernime (KES), reminds me of the very little girl with the very little curl right in the middle of her forehead: when she was good, she was very very good, and when she was bad she was horrid!

    • 35.2 Faye

      “Is it weird that I’m feeling so sad knowing this time next week, it will be all over? Want to see the ending but don’t want it to end.”

      If it’s weird, I’ll be strange along with you :). I know this drama has its faults, but for some reason it has really pulled me in and engaged me in a way other, perhaps more technically superior dramas haven’t. I’ll miss it when it ends.

      I agree that this seemed more like an ending episode in a way – a lot of resolution. Which makes me nervous, like you, for the next two eps. I had the same exact same thought about not wanting to see yet more breaking up in episodes 19 and 20. If they have to face more obstacles, at least let them do it together.

      I know it’s cliche, but I’d enjoy a time jump rather than a rehash of same old, same old.

      • 35.2.1 Rushie

        Welcome to the 1% group. I don’t know what’s in store either, but I’ll take all the fan-servicing I can get. Tan/Eun-sang, Chan-young/Bo-na, Ki-ae/Ajhumma, Young-do/some newly introduced hot chick who will match him fire for fire and raised eyebrow for raised eyebrow. Between Heirs and City Hall, I’m slowly becoming a fan of Kim Eun-sook. Manseh!

        • Faye

          Hey, I started that 1% thing :)!

          I have to check out “City Hall,” since everyone keeps talking about it. I know everyone loves to hate on KES here, but she must know what she’s doing to some extent. Look at how many comments “Heirs” generates, even though most of them are negative. There must be something to it.

          • Rushie

            You totally should. I saw Best Love first before City Hall, I hadn’t seen any CSW dramas before that and I was totally blown away by his chemistry with GHJ but then I saw City Hall and then I was like I can’t even pick who he has most chemistry with between GHJ and KSA. And KSA is so fabulous as Shin Mi-rae that I didn’t get why people were complaining about her character. She made me laugh so hard and I cried too. It was amazing. She’s the reason why I decided that no matter what anyone says, KES is just my type of writer. And you’re right about the fact that people still manage to watch Heirs in spite of all its flaws is a testament to her ability.
            Sorry about hijacking your 1% thing. 😀

          • Faye

            @Rushie -That will be next on my list, then. Thanks for the recommendation. I was joking about the 1% thing. There are so few of us here that we have to stick together, LOL.

  36. 36 geese

    Cha Yong Do, Jo Myung So, Lee Bona and Chan Yong…thank you for having them on the show love these character… Eun Sang and Kim Tan character (face palm) what happen to the story line….

  37. 37 Andy Anne

    Wow I cried so much for Young Do this episode! I really wish the writers had given him this break through like 8 episodes ago, I wanted to route for him from the beginning but I knew he had so much more growth ahead of him. I really wish they gave the Young Do character more care, he is such a deep interesting character, this drama in general is a headache.
    All I really want is for this drama to end simply, and I know it may seem hopeful but I want some sort of happiness for Young Do… I really hope he can find his mother, sometimes before you can give love you need to receive a little. Fighting Young Do!

    Ps CANNOT WAIT for You from Another Star! woot!

  38. 38 coco

    -I miss ES’s relationship with KT’s mom

    -I think that the chairman has romantic feelings for the mistress deep deep way deep down in his heart or he wouldn’t have made her go to the US or maybe I’m just wrong and he just doesn’t want her to cause rumors although the truth is already out. And I also think he does care about his sons as he insist they all com back home … although maybe I’m also wrong on that account

    – It made me laugh when the chairman kept making surprised crazy eyes when ES or anyone else was talking about love and all. It’s as if he’s never heard about it

    It was also funny that the only person who stayed with him was his wife/ex-wife

  39. 39 Caroline

    It would be amazing if the writer starts writing a follow up for Young Do. I really want to see him happy, I don’t think he’s an asshole on purpose, it’s just a very obvious defense mechanism.

  40. 40 coco

    Oh and this whole I want to be with you/we shouldn’t be together between KT and ES is getting annoying I mean you’ve had this debate since the beginning make a choice and stick with it.

  41. 41 binbon

    If you realize, episodes with odd numbers show Eun Sang leaving(or talking about leaving) whilst episodes with even numbers mean Eun Sang gets all daring and ‘holds” Kim Tan’s hands. Had i known writing a drama would be this easy, i’d be famous in Korea by now!!
    Come on Heirs, SERIOUSLY- either make up or break up- FOR GOOD!!!
    What a stupid stupid ride you’re taking us on(i speak for us adults, not neccessarily high schoolers, are they actually enjoying this sort of romance??!)
    I actually cant wait for you to end, coz i really need to move on. Never mind that your ending may suck(and be predictable) JUST END ALREADY!!!

    • 41.1 Eileen

      “i speak for us adults, not neccessarily high schoolers, are they actually enjoying this sort of romance??!”

      You know? The most criticism I have seen towards Heirs is on this website. Other sites I’ve looked at are overwhelmingly positive.

      I think part of the reason from what I’ve gathered is that the audience here tends to be older and we are too cynical to believe this love conquers it all and that the problems of these kids are all that devastating. I am not saying that this is true for everyone and that an older person can not love this show, there’s examples here that they can and they do and that is great. That doesn’t make us cynical people any more mature either because here we are discussing all the flaws of this high school show week after week.

      • 41.1.1 the68monkey

        I think it might have more to do with the way teenagers read so much emotional weight into every. single. moment.

        Seriously, when a 16-year-old girl looks at LMH playing out KT’s suffering, longing looks, she’s filling in what the writers left out with her teen angst emotion-writing. As a mom of two teenaged girls, I had forgotten how much they can fill the unsaid with meaning that isn’t there, but is filling their own teen minds.

        • Eileen

          Yeah, maybe if I was 15 I’d be feeling so sad for KT and finding him awesome but my 32 year old self finds him so needy that I want to punch him most of the time. There has been moments when I feel sorry for him but they don’t last long.

          Again, I think that most of the teenagers girls go to other websites where they fangirl together over how cute KT and ES are, as exemplified by the many one-liner comments such as “KT <3". Both lovers and haters of the show here in DB generally offer deeper commentary of the show. Some are deep, some are shallow, but I do not see many exclusively fangirl one-liners.

          I am not dissing teenagers at all. I was there once and it was lots of fun. It's just a comment on the nature of this website and the critical tone of many of us. We've become blasé with age.

          • Windsun33

            I was never a teenager, or if I was I got amnesia and don’t remember it.

      • 41.1.2 Windsun33

        I have seen several negative actual reviews, including some on Korean sites. Some are hard to find because they are overwhelmed 100:1 by “best drama ever” and “I heart XXX” comments by fans.

  42. 42 kanu0688

    So…my comments: 1. So i cried like shit because the inevitable separation and i was fear about what would it takes to Kim tan to bring his girl back and they came back together like NOTHING HAPPENNED?????!!!! I WANT MY TEARS AND MY WORRIES BACK DAMN IT!!!! 2. SO FREAKING MAD WITH THIS PLOT AND THEN…i cried again watching Young do eating home cooking and imagining his mother 3. Kim tan’ mom…so innocent and pure….remind me a little bit to Eun sang or whatever her name is…lets call her Fish-dead-kiss-girl…so…what is going to do Kim Tan to not repeat his mom’s faith again? And it include his brother…t seems that the writer is delaying it that shock decision BUT is almost over and i can see nothing…so maybe the writer is JUST coming up with a idea…and so with the rest of this drama, and that would explain why they are so many empty and random situations and full of memories and blank and disturbing “following my lover” scenes. 3. That last scene….i have a Boys over flower deja vu…and it was soooo strong…that i thought ALLLLLMOOST PARADISEEEEE would come out and the actors were going to look at the camera and said: “YOU’VE PUNK”

    • 42.1 saranghaelmh

      I know right…
      I can’t believe that she couldn’t exploit LMH for starters. She managed to make everyone elses character a bit reactive rather than his. Who would want to just sit on a golden egg?? i am just so infuriated with the way his character was treated and underdeveloped… Even though BOF was nothing but mush, he was able to exhibit a range of emotions which sealed his persona. Here, WTF??? He moped around for the major part.. Thank God it was him moping, otherwise I would have thrown the remote already.
      Though it’s clearly a ratings hit and I am happy for him that way, I don’t feel like I got to see LMH the way we were promised.. sigh.. lol .. soorry for ranting 😛
      KWB got a lot of out of this though.. Saving grace..

      • 42.1.1 saranghaelmh

        Oh and if YD doesn’t get his momma, I will need to pay the writer a visit… and maybe make her do a Mirae’s Choice..

      • 42.1.2 jl

        You are so right s-lmh. I expected so much more. That’s why I’m so disappointed.

  43. 43 tura

    Yay I finally got to watch the first five episodes of heirs and it was not as bad as some people made it sound. Its not the best but its good and I mean really good. Lee min ho’s english was that bad it was just so laughable and I wish they didn’t show his face when he was saying long dialogues in english. It spoils his cool image for me cos I had to cover my yes just so I don’t see his face, so I can keep on seeing him as perfect and cool, like the writer chose LMH to ridicule him(poor LMH) . And KWB is so hot and such a great actor and I giggle like an idiot even if he’s a jerk and I am not a fan of his but now I am but I will always love LMH more. KMH is so cute with krystal, I just love their relationship. PSH is great too but I never really saw her as pretty until I watch HS and heirs but heirs really made realize just how pretty she is and which in my opinion is DAEBAK. CJH is looking good and no matter how mean he is, I can not not like him. After spending weeks of just reading recaps and glad that I finally got to watch the real thing and that its not as bad as people made it seem. And the ost is actually really good.

    • 43.1 Thandy

      I really really love LMH but him and speaking English, especially long dialogues is so uncool for real, I had to stop and laugh so much at his English . I watched Heirs 99% because he was in it so , but this wasn’t such a bad drama only that it’s so disappointing because it had so much potential to be better .

  44. 44 bluie1

    Finally, payback from the last crap episode. All I can say that Won is love.

    • 44.1 Thandy

      I wish we had seen more of him throughout the drama.

  45. 45 saranghaelmh

    I think KES hates LMH. The way his character started out had so much potential but it ended up drab. Did she count on his looks to carry on a blank script or something? I love the guy but making his character suffers so much without a single shot at competence is such a waste of his talent. I hope he never does anything with this writer again.
    Apart from that I loved MS acting during the exams. That was hilarious. And Bo Na lol.. And CY too! ES… errr… PMS much?
    While the heirs ride was bizzare, Im angry that I am still looking forward to how it ends…. Curse you LMH and KWB.

    • 45.1 jl

      I think KES lost the plot somewhere around ep 6 thereabouts. The story went round and round in circles until finally, 11 episodes later, KT has his breakdown. That was when somebody woke her up to say: Hey, the drama’s ending in 4 eps, we gotta do something!

      Sigh. And to think that LMH had the KT character down pat. Perfect. But it was ruined by the pointless script!

  46. 46 scout

    Seriously, KWB is the best thing in this drama. I know YD’s early bullying alienated some viewers here, but he was always my favorite character because KWB brought such life to him and because without YD, this drama would be so boring.

    It was sad how YD wrote “no” to his mom’s “are you doing well?” and realized he had lived his life wrongly (because he was a bully, his classmates weren’t willing to go find him despite his mom’s requests, so YD got the news too late). I hope YD’s scenes don’t diminish after his moments of closure with ES and his mom.

  47. 47 Moonbean

    Thanks for the recap Girlfriday…

    I must be the only one I know who ‘s happy that there was no time jump. I know people’s frustrations with the show and why they want a time jump but I detest time jumps and frankly think it is a cop out. Writers use it to get themselves out of the corner they backed themselves into. In the case of Heirs that would definitely have felt that way to me. A time jump, a mature and more powerful Tan who resolves everything. Where’s the fun in that? To me the point is to watch how Tan kneels and gets up again and again in order to to learn not to fall anymore and gets to be that powerful and determined man who can stand up to his father. Also timejumps either freeze the rest of the characters in time or have major changes to the we don’t get to see and I find these frustrating as well. So overall I was very happy there was no time jump and lengthy separation for our characters. The only kind of time jump I like is the fan service kind as in the end of Secret Garden and I won’t mind a repetition of that here. It would be fun to see our characters’ adult lives.

    Besides that, although I never wanted Eun Sang with Young Do can I say that his scenes with Eun Sang affect me much more than Tan’s? Her farewell to him compared to Tan’s, the scene in which he saw her for the first time after she ran away compared to Tan’s, his “break up” with her compared to her break up with Tan… I don’t know whether it’s the writing or the acting, but that’s the way it is. I am enjoying the sad story of the second lead more than the story of the leads – and don’t get me wrong, I liked the lead couple’s story as well and never found Tan’s character boring or the couple a mismatch. And I never ever get the 2nd lead syndrome so I’m unable to solve this but as I said, that’s the way it is.

    The problem is I’m too sad for Young Do. While everyone else is running towards their happy ending he is the one left behind, alone, loveless… I hope there will come a day when he can accept Eun Sang’s friendship and can handle being around them so he gets his best briend back as well. But as much as that, I want his mom back. Since we saw her in Tan’s flashbacks I’m almost sure she will come back and I think the note Young Do found was fairly recent. I almost waited for her to come out of the car that Young Do passed by when he left the noodle shop. And I loved his scene with Eun Sang’s mom. He needs motherly affection so much! And I’m sure it felt even more special coming from the mother of the girl he likes. I also found it funny that after Myung Soo’s comment that he’s losing weight Eun Sang’s mom fed him. I always wanted him to apologize to Tan’s mom for his behavior when he first went to Tan’s house next time he sees Tan’s mom and seeing him bowing to her and apologizing made my day.

    I like that Won is finally getting Tan, helping him, being the brother he should have been all these years, and even wondering what would have happened to his relationship if he was more like Tan. I hope he takes a page out of Tan’s book and shows up at his birthday party with Hyun Joo on his arm (I have to say I had a minor shock seeing them in bed together. I think theirs is the worst written story of the show. I never understood whether they were even dating or not).

    In the beginning I had thought Rahel would be paired with Young Do but there seems to be a sad ending for him, he is the only one left alone… But I’m enjoying the unexpected…

    • 47.1 xanti

      totally agree with you. although the push and pull of KT and ES can be annoying, i think it works well for a drama. if they just end up sticking it out no matter what then there is no drama to tell anymore nor is there too if they decide to just break up…for good. there has to be that annoying push and pull and go and stay and come-don’t-come thing going. i have seen too much drama of that sort in real life that what i see on that show just actually makes me laugh.

      i also think Won and gf are weird. I think they are the ones who should make a decision. Weird. He goes out to meet a prospect wife because his dad told him so (hello? you’re not 18) then he goes home to sleep with gf. Ugh. And gf says she understands. Ugh. She sure does love herself.

    • 47.2 anniejang

      RE: KT and ES relationship-some people have said they wanted Eun Sang to become a ‘strong’ woman and ‘stand up’ to KT instead of just being pushed around and doing everything he wants.
      Womens’ Lib much? I’m very much for real Womens’ Lib, but I see Eun Sang as much different than others see her.
      She has been cold and cruel to Kim Tan 80% or more of the time, and tease him with ‘maybes’, and how she likes him the rest of the time. This accounts for their long term crazy relationship. Kim Tan has gone straight ahead he loves her let’s be together through 18 episodes.
      In my estimation he has given her far too many chances to accept him and then immediately dump him. The fact that he was so long suffering through her push-pull BS just wore me out. I would never have predicted he would go 18 episodes putting up with that.
      “We don’t match” and “Your daddy said mean things to me” only goes so far, and as she said in her letter-this s**t went on for more than 2 seasons!

      • 47.2.1 xanti

        I don’t see how she is being pushed around either. She has been passive-aggressive. She just sits there doesn’t say much but hardly ever does what she is told anyway. How many times has KT said that she tells him everything. She nods. But does she ever? Um…maybe in episode 18…and we only have 2 episodes to go…so…anyway…

        • anniejang

          Hahaha-I noticed that-he orders her around all the time, but she just ignores him.

    • 47.3 kikidee

      “I am enjoying the sad story of the second lead more than the story of the leads – and don’t get me wrong, I liked the lead couple’s story as well and never found Tan’s character boring or the couple a mismatch. And I never ever get the 2nd lead syndrome so I’m unable to solve this…”

      I’ll solve it for you. You’re noticing that Kim Woo Bin is a really good actor (the best out of the entire ensemble).

      • 47.3.1 Moonbean

        It didn’t take me that many episodes to figure that out. Though I have never watched him before, I liked him from the start as an actor, even when he was the “bad boy”. I’m looking forward to his next role already. I hope it will be a good one and his talent won’t be wasted.

  48. 48 Cha Eun Sang

    Where’s another batch of passionate deep French kiss that I am waiting for from you Kim Tan? We haven’t seen each other for one week and I told you I am leaving for good, but I changed my mind I want that deep kiss again. Ah! I may be pure and innocent, but I am not really – that’s just my drama. I am the opposite.

    • 48.1 BBD-Lite

      Aha Cha Eun Sang! So this is why you keep changing your mind about Kim Tan!

    • 48.2 Kim Tan

      Coming right up yobo~ this time I will not look like I am munching on your lips, I will actually munch on your lips. These fools keep overanalyzing our actions. Jeguk Shmeguk they are forgetting what motivates teenagers the most. Hormones.

  49. 49 Sajen

    Seriously buys just kill your father, no one will care, no one will go to jail. Instead it will be declared an international holiday confetti will be thrown with parades and elephants, statues will be made of you, music and movie festivals will be launched poverty will end and the world will be a better place.

    • 49.1 coco


    • 49.2 Tinselfannel

      Hahahaha! Okay that made me laugh out loud. It’s a great solution Sajen, it would have saved 18 episodes of angst (them) and headdesk-ing (us)..

  50. 50 tokio

    You know what…I ended up shipping Bo-na and Eun Sang!!!

    As much as I love Chan young, I could totally root for Bo-na and Eun Sang running off together.

  51. 51 LizC

    There are only 2 things I want from the last episodes:
    1) Young Do reunited with his mom.
    2) For the Chairman to be defeated and not redeemed.

    I think 2013 is the year of the interesting secondary female characters. BoNa (and Rachel, and the moms), Yoo Kyung in Mirae’s Choice, Little Taeyang in Master’s Sun, Do Yeon in I Hear Your Voice, and Chung Jo in Gu Family Book (there are probably more.)

  52. 52 haynblackjack

    Last night it was rock bottom neck minute psyche theyre all good. I mean it feels like KT/ES reunion was too easy. Like im waiting to fall in 19 or come close to it. Not to mention all the teasing with W/HJ R/HS…I need them to have more screen time….and BLOODY HELL, BN/ES BFF needs their own show. What to do until next wednesday omg! I need season 2, same exact cast, different writer…then just maybe then I willbe ready to “go forward” lol.

  53. 53 Apple

    One thing I don’t really get is this… Kim Tan is innocent, but his mom is NOT. I mean…she did have an affair with a married man, and was a third-party after all.

    What the official wife’s character is like, in this case, is irrelevant. Yes, it would hurt for Kim Tan to see his mom being treated badly, but what did she expect? The Chairman cheated on HIS WIFE with her, and she still expected him to be some caring oppa?

    Maybe I’m being harsh, but I find it really hard to sympathize with any woman who is a third-party.

    Still, poor Kim Tan.

    • 53.1 Apple

      Of course, that doesn’t in any way negate the fact that the Chairman is an ass.

      • 53.1.1 Suzi Q

        Agreed. They entered into an clandestine affair and had Kim Tan and wrecked everyone’s lives.
        The Chairman Dad is a horrible piece of work. Kim Tan’s mom had to hide in that mansion for 18 years after being denigrated by the second wife and Won and she couldn’t even claim her own son. No wonder she drinks on the sly!
        Why didn’t the old coot marry her after the second wife and him got divorced? Glad she had enough nerve and took off on him finally but I guess rich people hide out and stay at a villa? That’s not too shabby…
        I can’t understand why Kim Tan said his final good byes to psycho Chairman and still attended his birthday celebration? Must admit LMH looks mighty fine in his tux.

        • Eileen

          -Daddy and the second wife are not divorced, they registered Tan as her son. The second wife still has shares on the company, while the mistress does not and apparently never will. This family is fucked up beyond redemption.

          -KT went to the party to stick it up to his dad by bringing ES as his date. Let’s see how that goes. I can only see 3 possible things coming out of this: a. Daddy accepts defeat and leaves them alone – which is a huge cop-out after all the evilness or b. He outsmarts Tan again and we go back to rock bottom or c. Everyone in the family (and friends) rallies out around Tan and ES and daddy chairman is left seething alone. This is the only path that I think will kind of satisfy me but I kind of think a magic wand will be needed to make some sort of coherent ending with only 2 episodes left. Or who knows, ES may pull a wonder woman stuff where she somehow saves the world from destruction and the only thing left to do is for everyone to help her reach happiness.

  54. 54 Cute girl

    the scene in which Tan was sitting on the ground with his injured hand on the head & teary eyes,I like it. I liked the facial expressions of LMH in that scene.
    I really am into Madam Han’s character. The character is greatly created! Kudos 2 KES!
    I felt so bad for Madam Han while she was talking 2 that EVIL FATHER! Her acting was so great. She made me cry
    I never thought that once Madam Han would end up giving everything up & leaving like YD’s mom & I also never thought that the bad guy YD-Turned to be-likable & cool would help in this issue! I really really like the very idea of KES about making an impressively sad situations for Tan as she made for YD in his teen!
    I like the music which is played when YD is sitting alone on a chair next 2 a wall full of words & sentences!!

  55. 55 Cute girl

    the scene in which Tan was sitting on the ground with his injured hand on the head & teary eyes,I like it. I liked the facial expressions of LMH in that scene.
    I really am into Madam Han’s character. The character is greatly created! Kudos 2 KES!
    I felt so bad for Madam Han while she was talking 2 that EVIL FATHER! Her acting was so great. She made me cry
    I never thought that once Madam Han would end up giving everything up & leaving like YD’s mom & I also never thought that the bad guy YD-Turned to be-likable & cool would help in this issue! I really really like the very idea of KES about making an impressively sad situations for Tan as she made for YD in his younger age.
    I like the music which is played when YD is sitting alone on a chair next 2 a wall full of words & sentences!!

  56. 56 Shaw

    Am I the only one thinking that the book “Wonder Boy” is somehow written by Kim Tan?

  57. 57 kanz

    The addition of like button is really nice!!
    Just 2 episodes to go.. This drama is painful and kinda embarassing to watch eventhough I like some of the characters..
    I swear I could write better plot and character development for this drama

  58. 58 Alzy

    I think that the main problem with this episode (and the entire drama in general) is that the resolution is never as momentous or as significant as the conflict itself. It can therefore be called a ‘drama of conflict and unsatisfactory resolutions’. I mean, there must be some parity between the two power relations, because that is in effect what they are. If KT and ES’ separation is really that big a deal, then why is it defused like it was nothing? Makes no narrative sense.

    Also, I might not be aware of this since it is most probably a cultural thing, but how is the fact that KT is a minor reflect on his decision to engage in/abstain from sexual relations? Is it punishable by law, a social taboo, or a psychological block? This is where my annoyance with the whole high school setup manifests itself. :sigh:

    Again, a personal point, but why does the depiction of mature adult relations (by this I mean both emotional and sexual ones) require a higher rating, when it is clearly in the best interests of any society to promote a healthy attitude towards it? This is by far the most irrelevant question anyone has ever asked on this page, I think.

    :ends rant:

    • 58.1 skelly

      I was assuming that the whole “no sex, I’m a minor” thing was a feeble attempt at a joke. If not, then it is just part and parcel of this strange, cartoonish world that KES has created, yet another behavior/social more that bears absolutely no resemblance to real life. Only in Heirsland are business mergers only possible through marriage. Only in Heirsland would teenagers refrain from sex because they are not 18 yet.

      • 58.1.1 Alzy

        Haha, I would love to agree with you. I too guessed that it was supposed to be a joke, but then the real-life implications just overtook me. Heirsland is a strange place. Much, much stranger than fiction.

        While a demand for ‘moar skinship’ normally meets with disapproval in this section, I feel that this one night that they spent at Myung Soo’s studio could easily have translated into more, seeing as it is a critical juncture in their relationship. Cha Eun Sang voluntarily (I believe) stayed back with Tan, in order to be with him. This could have been interpreted as an active decision that she takes on behalf of their relationship, say, reminiscent of Eun Chan in Coffee Prince. But that would be too much to hope for. Even while writing this, I’m saying to myself, ‘In your dreams, mate.’

        • Thandy

          I agree with all you just said. I was thinking to myself , so they spent the night together and nothing happened , really.

  59. 59 Cute girl

    I forgot 2 mentions sth.
    the ROMANTIC & CUTE wan Tan looks at Eun Sang,leaning his hand on the head & wearing a sweet smile! I flip
    I LOVE IT! :) <3

    • 59.1 Faye

      I admit I found myself smiling at that as well. It was kind of cheesy, but the way he was looking at her in MS’s studio – just grinning away and not looking away from her face for a second – was very sweet.

  60. 60 denise31

    I would have to say Kim woo Bin has to be the best dressed & actor in this drama. I don’t know why they dressed lee min ho so badly. I couldn’t stand his sweaters and pants. KWB will no doubt have a leading role after this drama, for sure.

    • 60.1 jl

      Their products were so horrid it wasnt selling, so they had LMH do it for them. Coz he can make a sackcloth look good. ;D

    • 60.2 Adeline

      …but, in all fairness to LMH, KWB would look good in anything. If you put YD’s clothes on KT, they’d still look horrid. All the clothes on this show aren’t very good. It’s just that KWB is so gorgeous that it doesn’t matter.

      • 60.2.1 jl

        I think you need to check them clothes again Adeline. You seem to be the odd man out.

  61. 61 Justsaying

    Seriously, I don’t buy KT-ES romance even though I like the actor and actress. And until now? I don’t. It’s fast and I don’t know. I can’t feel that “thing”.

    However, it’s not the same case for ES-YD. I wasn’t supposed to feel when YD saw and hugged her because I gave up shipping them.. but I was stunned. I was really affected.

    This episode is Choi Young Do’s episode. This is the episode which 2-3 minute scene would explain so many things. Not like 40 minutes of stares without getting a thing at all.

    I love the YD and ES mom’s scene. I am satisfied with YD’s ending his connection with CES and just will remain a past.

    In general, I like the development of YD. And I am not regretting that I have liked his character since ep 5 among all the characters.

    • 61.1 jl

      Because KT and ES were playing push-pull. KT was going to ES while ES kept playing hard to get. This went on forever and forever until everyone got sick n tired of the OTP. So, KES killed her own OTP.

      • 61.1.1 Justsaying

        Or maybe I have been thinking that they’re the main lead anyway or that their romance is just so quick and their struggle is just one day or three days? Hahaha.

        But I’m done with them since episode 5. That shifted to Young Do. It’s him that I can’t still drop this show. I hope the writer gives him an end he deserves. :)

      • 61.1.2 enz

        playing is the operative word here. such utter rubbish coming out of the mouths of ‘kids’ who dont seem to have any sense of reality or perspective on life and love at all!!

    • 61.2 Akiddo

      YD had me at hello. Maybe it is because of KWB (probably so) but I am partial to reformed bad boys. Many thought he was psychotic in the beginning etc but I liked him all the same.

      Young-do ah…his heartbreaking expression when ES said his name that way.

      Feel that PSH has more chemistry with KWB. I looked forward to their scenes together. The chemistry with LMH is not bad but the script requires them to be so…while ES and YD had a different relationship – almost like a hunter and prey relationship but the hunter ended up being hurt because beloved the prey too much. The actors made the chemistry palpable.

      Hope that they get a chance to be the main couple in another show. More laughter, less tears please!

  62. 62 Zappy

    I’ve forgotten that this is the same girl-tripping, pool-pushing, blackmailing Young Do. He deserves to have his mommy come back.

  63. 63 niKai Soh

    I havent watched this episode but I adore Won and Hyun Joo. Btw, was it deliberate or coincidence that eun sang and hyunjoo actually look similar, like sisters, while tan and won, well they are brothers so actors similarities or likeness may hv been intentional. So it looks like brothers have similar taste in woman or something.

    • 63.1 laden

      I thought I was the only who noticed the similarity btw the both of them,they actually even look alike

  64. 64 Zarani

    Tan says this 2 his father,who is cause of all trouble
    “……Thank you for giving birth to me”!
    This is so impressive,Korean people’s respect toward each other,especially descendants toward parents,is admirable.
    I also have seen in other dramas and this show Korea culture.
    For some reasons,I’m fond of this drama
    1-the characters are not perfect. Some are screwed up,hurt and lonely with scars which make the characters interesting.the characters themselves are interesting to keep you watching the drama

    2-the character of Kim Tan,is HOT & COLD. I get various kinds of emotions in each episode from Tan.
    when he meets the girl he likes,he is honest,warm & kind.He openly shows his interest without hesitation
    there were times he got feisty & furious because of YD’s provocative actions.
    in some part he displays his seriousness & maturity by standing up for his mom or others
    when it comes 2 Bo Na,he becomes cute by teasing her
    The times which Tan went through tough spots,expressed his vulnerability by crying & self destruction.
    His love for Eun Sang is INNOCENT.
    3-The lines are sometimes HILARIOUS,meaningful,sad..
    sometimes they make you contemplate,u automatically
    sink into thought.
    At first I thought that everything would be predictable but now I have a change of heart. I wanna know what will happen 2 YD in the end?cause now he is not fine,as he says in his line! Is the writer going 2 let him go & suffer??

    • 64.1 Windsun33

      Don’t get all your information about Korean life and culture from dramas. “..South Korea’s suicide rate — nearly triple that of the U.S. — has been rising dramatically, jumping by 101.8% from 2000 to 2010. The rate is twice as high among the elderly…”


      • 64.1.1 Kape

        That’s a curse to a country. Korean dramas are not making life easier for them too. Most dramas are tragic and Cinderella’s stories are not real, but those watching those kinds of plots most often cannot separate reality from fiction. They expect too much and when they fail, they become depressed and could not handle the complexity of life.

        There is a proliferation of non-acceptance of oneself. They worked long hours beyond my 7.5 daily working time. there is almost nil work-life balance. they drink a lot. they have plastic surgeries.

        Students studies almost to 10 in the evening. When they finished their studies, they work beyond the usual working hours. If they go home early, they watch dramas that have themes of vengeance, and cinderella’s stories. Just think of their daily tragedies.

        Hilarious dramas are shunned by society. As a nation, they don’t want to have fun.

        Its a curse to a nation to have an increasing suicide rate, despite their economic growth.

      • 64.1.2 Daria

        This is tragic. The government should do something about this and must collaborate with other stakeholders to eradicate suicide.

        Look at the Philippines. They had Typhoon Haiyan. They have nothing left – yet, just look at the people they are constantly smiling and they seem to get on with life beyond their poor circumstances. I saw a picture taken by CNN, group of teenagers playing basketball in the midst of the ruins of their house, women dancing to a beat coming from a cellphone of a journalists…they believe that life is not measured by what one has but how you handle it.

        Koreans should learn from the “always happy and resilient Filipinos”. Life to them is a daily fiesta.

  65. 65 em

    I feel for the dad and the hospital scene. I think he is one of my favorite characters because even though he’s the villian he comes from a good place. He’s said some terrible things and done some terrible things(granted I think the majority of all these characters have.) Am I the only one hoping that the next episode chan sung makes tan visit his dad at the hospital. Then magically because of that decision dad, won, and tan have some father son bonding time at the end of the show?

    • 65.1 Alzy

      While it is easy to reject what you said entirely on prejudice (haha), I will try to look at it from your point of view and try to see what you see in him. The trajectory of his character has been an unfortunate one, if there is one to be considered. Personally, he stayed the same calculating, indifferent and ultimately short-sighted person from Day 1 to this more recent development. If he was truly cunning (which by now I know he isn’t) he would’ve ensured that Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang never meet in Korea. Also, there are more diabolical ways in which rich, influential parents take care of their children’s ‘girl/boy problems’, which I don’t think needs to be discussed here. Like everything else in this drama, he too is ineffective, a mere parody of a villain, a snake without venom.

      But that aside, I feel that a reconciliation after all that happened would be in poor taste, seeing as it would endorse all his actions, which have been far from exemplary. Also the limits of his character would not permit a sincere repentance and reformation of his ways.

      Won and Tan have already come together in a lot of ways, so I don’t think that has to be eagerly anticipated anymore.

      • 65.1.1 newbie

        It’s interesting how the writers made him the bad guy in this drama, early on I thought the women (KT’s Mom & the 2nd wife) would be the obstacles to the relationship.

        I only say this because after the scene of Won & Rachel in CA where Won talks about how his Mom was an ordinary American-Korean girl that met, fell in love and married his father but couldn’t cope with dealing with the “in-laws”.

        To me, that showed the chairman as once having been young and following his heart and not the arranged relationship I’m sure his family wanted, he rebelled.

        I mean come on, both sons are taking after Dad and falling in love with poor ordinary girls, they must get that from somewhere.

        In my mind it would have been more interesting if the father was written as sympathetic to KT/ES & the women who were the driving wedge between those two.

        Can you imagine some of the scenes between KT’s Mom & the chairwoman scheming to break them up?? While meanwhile you have the Chairman behind the scenes giving aid to “young love”.

        Ah well, way too late for that to happen but I’m left wondering what could the drama have been like with that change???

  66. 66 Yanny

    Getting crappier and crappier with each passing episode -.- How it manages to get its high ratings is beyond me.

    • 66.1 ?


      • 66.1.1 Justsaying

        ?= Bitter

    • 66.2 Windsun33

      Right now it has almost no competition in that time slot. When Secrets was running, Secrets beat it every time.

  67. 67 mimosa

    Young-do, his side of story is the one I’m waiting for in this drama. Kim Tan? I don’t care. He and Eun-sang are just running around the circles, which could be done with 2 episodes only.

  68. 68 Lulu

    Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho developed feelings for each other while filming Heirs. Insiders of the drama said that while filming, the two became close as they share kisses and embraces with each other. The deep kiss that they shared in Episode 16 was not in the script but both said that the scene was too lame without any kiss. The Director agreed and all staff were surprised that they have done it perfectly like real lovers.

    They will continue to see each other after the filming of the drama. Both, will travel to Europe together until February. Give them your love and support.

    • 68.1 favoree

      How do you know this?

      • 68.1.1 Windsun33

        Times like this I miss the DOWN button 😀

    • 68.2 Kay


      This is hilarious! the kiss wasn’t in the script?
      On the whole,the hardest things EVER for PSH is to be kissed and kiss a man in her dramas and now you are saying they kissed while it wasn’t in the script?
      U must be dreaming the two dating but that’s not gonna happen cause they already have mentioned in their interviews that they R JUST FRIENDS!

    • 68.3 skelly

      This is from The Onion, right?

    • 68.4 Birdie

      LOL In your dreams perhaps.
      Spreading rumors will justify your delusions? lol

    • 68.5 Windsun33

      That is total BS, taken from some fan fiction site.

    • 68.6 Yee

      There is a SCRIPT on this Closet Kissing and I’ve seen the translated version somewhere…so STOP spreading rumors or else PSH dad will never forgive you!

    • 68.7 Farah

      WTF?! Seriously Lulu???

      If the closet kiss wasn’t scripted and THAT is how PSH would look like in the heat of passion then I have only one thing to say… UGLY. Wahahahaha

  69. 69 Nikilann

    “It was really Young-do’s episode”

    YEAH !
    I’m so frustrated by Young Do ! He could have such a wonderful and complex character ! And here… they just… I think my issue with it is that they explain everything about him now, so what seemed like a petty fight between, like Tan said, underaged teens, is in fact all about his mother, and the fact that if he didn’t hate Tan, he would have to face that his mother abandonned him. Like totally. I knew he hated Tan because he represented everything why his mother had left, but I never felt it was a reason enough to justify such coldness. But here, it take all its strengh, and suddensly, I just understood Young Do character.
    And I want to kill the writer. Really. Why, why, why so late ?
    Why such a misery episode to just resolve things with a… discussion she must have had with herself at least a million times ! Seriously ! How can they lack such charisma ?!
    And Tan, the only character I like with his mother, because at least, he is well written, is starting to get on my nerves too. Drama, don’t make me want to hit Lee Min Oh ! PLEASE !

    Or I’ll burn you.

  70. 70 magic

    Nice script!
    It is very useful for me,This lines have made me reflect.
    I usually have trouble deciding & I think a lot about the future. when I recall it 2 my mind,I see that there were some times that I should have thought of my tomorrow not far in the future. In the end I got no where by getting lost in thought and travelling in my future.I am being regretful a lot these days,sad :(

    “When you can’t decide on something, don’t think too much,
    just think about what you are going to do tomorrow, the answer won’t be the same.
    When you don’t have the courage, find an excuse is also a good choice.”

  71. 71 enz

    i really dont get it – kim tan is one of the most ridiculous male lead ever. completely toothless yet constantly making pronouncements of love and promises that is beyond him. the OTP breaks up like they are going to die and then they get together again and tries again when nothing really has changed in external forces that determine their fate?

    i know i am repeating girlfriday’s thoughts but i cant help it.

    and yes its young do’s episode. esp the shot of him running slo mo/ i likey.

  72. 72 Islandgal

    Well well, although this episode had the desired result ( happyish ending for our fave couple) there were loads of parts that just did my head in……..

    ES- so she meets with Evil Dad saying she won’t see Tan. Boo hoo. Sees Tan in the street, ignores him. Boo hoo. Tan shows up , she runs away from him again. Boo hoo. Then Won shows up and god knows what he said to her but all of a sudden it’s the “welcome back Tan and ES show- the let’s be in love again edition “????? Lost!

    Maybe even a scene with ES considering her options, then telling off Dad then meeting with Won saying she thought living without Tan was for the best but it’s not working ;please help or something would have made more sense. Beats me. Then again this kinda ish normally happens in dramas when they are running out of episodes……

    Bo Na and CY- love these two, too cute.

    Won and HJ- so they like each other, sleep together ( wiggles eyebrows) but HJ needs to be like a lady in waiting till Won reaches the top? WTF seriously ?? He’s sexy but he ain’t wait 5 years sexy please! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Nice to see Won looking after his little bro for a change tho, sweet.

    YD – wow seeing him so humble and polite to ES mom was really nice . Made you think he could be really cool if he wasn’t such an asshole. Poor guy, still hoping he meets a bad girl by the end. Oh and that whole run to find Tan scene was a bit over the top tho smh.

    Chairman-Seriously? How vile can one person be? Sending people here and there like they are parcel post? So glad Tan’s mom left his Viagra taking ass!

    Tan’s mom- Better late than never ,props to you Moms.

    Tan- whoa his self- destructing scenes were good , you could really feel the pain. Keep them tear ducts primed though cos ES isn’t very decisive. Also his hair was much better for the party bit.

    Can’t wait for the finale (hope it makes sense) XD
    Love is the momenttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

    • 72.1 Adeline

      I know a lot of people don’t want Young-do to be alone, however just because he didn’t get Eung-sang, I don’t think the answer is to his unhappiness is to find him another girl who will actually reciprocate his feelings. 1. It will cheapen the profound impact that caring about Eung-sang had on him. He was a bastard before meeting her, and there were plenty of girls around then, too. 2. Young-do should get his mother back. This ending gives his character much better closure. A new last minute romantic interest wouldn’t do very much for him.

      • 72.1.1 Lindy12

        I agree. Young-do really needs his mother now that he’s had the lack of her hammered home by his interactions with Eun-sang and Tan’s mothers. All he has had of his mother for years is a note left on a cafe wall and the guilt he feels (deflected onto Tan for a lot of the time) at being too late for their last meeting.

        He doesn’t need a girl right now, he needs a mother. Specifically to find his own mother. I think he is getting on his motorbike and heading down that long street to do just that.

        This episode is kind of like closure for Young-do for a lot of things. He meets Eun-sang’s mother and treats her with respect and is treated with warmth by her in return. He admits to her mother that he likes Eun-sang then when he sees that she is determined to pursue a course of action he thinks will prove to be disastrous (as do I), he “dumps” her and says he doesn’t want to continue as friends, doesn’t want to see her and, if they meet up in the future, no nostalgic reminiscing. Pretty final to me because they never had a romantic relationship to begin with.

        I think Young-do’s connection to Eun-sang was the last thing keeping him in his present situation. He doesn’t seem to care about running the business he will inherit, like Won obviously does with Jeguk, although he likes the power and position it gives him. He obviously doesn’t want to live his father’s life. If he actually does get up and leave, his father probably won’t notice for weeks what with all the tax audits and fornication. He seems to have already blown off his higher education so school’s not an anchor. Friends? He has them but knows how to keep his own company as well. Money? He knows how to work; dishes always need to be washed and motorcycles always need to be tuned. What’s keeping him?

        • Lin_K

          @Lindy12 – I agree with everything you said about YD. He should go and live with his mom! One thing I do disagree is about his dad. His dad is an abusive jerk, player, and has messed up principles in life. However, I do think he cares about YD in his own way. For example, he was proud when YD defeated KT. He respected YD and said that he has no right to intervene in YD’s love life. And I liked it when he patted YD’s shoulder and told him that he will give the hotel back to YD intact. It does seem like YD cares for his dad too because he implied that he is worried about his dad and not the hotel. On a side note, I would love to see YD going off and living with his mom, working as a mechanic :) :) YD received growth and closure!! YES!!

      • 72.1.2 valleydale

        I agree. The thing Young Do needs more than anything is his Mommy. It’s always struck me as odd, the fact that his mother disappeared and was never heard from again. How do you just leave your child and behave as if he doesn’t exist anymore? The drama needs to show that she tried for many years to contact her son, but was somehow always thwarted by the evil and somehow all powerful (because this is a Kdrama, after all) father. But then, because Daddy is about to go down via prosecution (which hopefully, Mom had a hand in facilitating), she is now free to return to Korea and her son. That would make sense, and make it possible for YD to forgive her absence and heal. He also needs his best friend back. I got the impression that those two boys understand one another in a deep and profound way, despite their recent years of seeming mutual hatred, and a lot of the acting out was predicated upon feelings of missing what was precious between them. I’m seriously rooting for the return of their bromance.

  73. 73 Yue

    I think I’ve spent the last 18 episodes watching Bo-na and Chan-young and more interested in them than the main couple. That is just a sad sad thought hahaha…

  74. 74 namedx

    Ah I actually don’t see Young Do’s turn around as being all that bad or nonsensical, at least compared to the other characters; it actually makes a lot more sense and has remained sorta consistent.

    The problem I have is that they made him go from one extreme to the other, without any clear proof of change. I don’t mind that he was the violent lad at the beginning, but they made him too violent before toning him down.

    And then they made him fall in love with ES, which I didn’t mind, but even then, they made it too dramatic for his character, so much so that it became the sole reason for his change, which just didn’t sit well with me.

    YD does well when it comes to the more subtle changes, like the moments with ES’s mother, or his friendship with Tan – it’s just a shame that we saw the results so late into the game, when really this should have been built in over the entire stretch of the drama.

    Having said that, I’m most gutted about Won’s character, and how non-existent he’s been up until now!!! What a waste.

    Thank you for the recap ladies. x

    • 74.1 valleydale

      Yes. Won’s character was one I really wanted the see developed. Such a total waste go CJH’s acting abilities. But hopefully, the fact that the show is a ratings success will help bolster his chances for a leading drama roll soon.

  75. 75 ty

    its so sad, because i was actually looking forward to this drama so much
    it even premiered on my birthday D:

  76. 76 Natalie

    Ok. A random comment for a random drama.

    I really think KWB is more handsome without wax and LMH with it. OMG that hair that face at the end. I fell for Kim Tan the first time at the end of EP18! Finally! Thanks goodness it’s not the last one.

    • 76.1 ^ ^


  77. 77 the68monkey

    Let’s hope everybody stays together now (except for Bad Daddy. He can be alone). I don’t think I can keep a straight face if there’s one more choreographed Ships Passing in the Night scene, as characters walk past each other refusing to make eye contact.

  78. 78 Ace

    The problem with the writer is that when I’m watching her dramas, it’s entertaining. But when I think about it afterwards and/or read the recaps, some things just don’t make sense because there’s a problem with continuity (random stuff happens for no reason). Add in the slow pace for this series, what will she do with the last 2 episodes? Cram stuff to resolve the problems? I wish there was a time jump so that the characters were older and would have some power/freedom. I didn’t have a problem at the start with them being in high school but the writer keeps giving them problems that would be absurd to be solved by minors even if they’re rich. And those problems that even other kdrama adult characters had a hard time resolving, what more these teenagers that are still dependent on adults for their basic needs. At this point, I also would’ve wanted those rumors earlier of birth secrets to come true even if it’s too cliche or lazy, at least it would make some sense for the poor girl and rich guy to get together without opposition from evil dad.

  79. 79 Andiya

    I have a question,pls answer if anyone knows
    Do you know WHERE ELSE can the viewers make comment on each episode of a drama apart from “Dramabeans’?!
    I have heard about “Soompi”
    Can viewers make comment on each episode of dramas in “Soompi”?!
    I visited the website but I couldn’t find where 2 make comment!

    • 79.1 skelly

      1. In soompi, click the Forums tab.
      2. Choose the Korean Drama option.
      3. Choose your drama from the scrollable list.
      4. Commence fangirling.

  80. 80 Skwon

    I cried. Young do had my tears streaming endlessly. Could Kim Woo Bin be any cooler? He plays Young Do so well, giving him depth, making him the most dynamic character of the lot. I even appreciated his earlier, blackmailer version. Although it got extra tough in those middle episodes. And as always, he’s the best dressed. Unlike his nemesis, who continues to be sponsored by the Ajumma-line.

  81. 81 Dramafan

    1st time poster with a question for JB and GF.

    This week, a longtime KES/LMH/PSH fan blogger in Asia expressed disappointment about the lack of screen time of the 2 OTP and KWB becoming the main role in ep. 17 and 18(and earlier eps). This blogger thought that KES sold out to the pressure of KWB’S much larger management company and wrote in script changes that brought more limelight to KWB in these episode. As a result, these changes took the focus away from the OTP and the main story, which was to have been the story of how the OTP come to “bear the weight of the crown”. The blogger mentioned that since LMK/PSH both belong to much smaller management co’s, they really had no way to counteract these moves. The conclusion was that it could have been a better script had KES stuck to her original storyline and that it was an insulting move to the OTPs, who did an incredible job to make KT/CES come alive for the viewers.

    As a total drama layperson, I am not sure, since the premise of the story does include the growth of supporting characters (other heirs and non-heirs like YCY and CES). Based on your knowledge of the SK entertainment industry and having recapped the show, what do you think?

    Btw, I am a fan of the show and have enjoyed the slow moving story telling. I prefer it over the “instant gratification” effect of some dramas.

    • 81.1 Windsun33

      It is possible. Apparently, according to several reports, there have been many changes in the script, and in fact that the shooting is being done right up until just a few hours before air time. Why all the changes I don’t know, but it is pretty certain that there have been a lot of rewrites for the last few episodes.

      • 81.1.1 Dramafan

        The Asian fan/blogger and several viewers felt that ep. 18, in particular, was “crammed” with scenes with YD that didn’t serve the purpose of main plot movement, such as YD eating with ES mom, or YD/RY returning wedding clothing. These were nice scenes for the supporting cast, but were they necessary to the main plot and the OTP story? The viewers already saw that the wedding had been cancelled, and YD’s mother issues were later touched upon again with KT’s mom leaving and YD answering his mom’s message at the Dubboki shop.

        This does lead me to question whether KES could have done more explain ES/KT getting back together, which really was the main conflict of ep. 17 and 18. For me, ep 18 felt more disjointed, as opposed to previous episodes that seemed to have been methodically plotted and thought out, despite many comments that the plot moved too slowly. The viewers were basically left to interpret ES’ return to KT to be driven by the impact of ES reading a book passage about love/handholding, and Kim Won’s visit to the bookshop. While plausible, I missed the unfolding of the story that was evident in earlier episodes.

        I still like the show and want to see how KES chooses to finish the story. However, if the script was changed according to these speculations, it really does sound like it shortchanged the story- the main OTP’s growth and how they came to “bear the weight of the crown”, which now has to be explained in the next 2 eps.

        I am curious about how a script writer balances the demands of the management co’s, the viewing public, and how much can you compromise before your story veers off entirely.

        • Lindy12

          About the character of Young-do getting increased screen time as the show progresses, this happens occasionally. It’s more than likely a serendipitous combination of a good, strong character, the right actor cast in the role, positive audience reaction and the writer or writers finding a lot of scope for development and fun to write rather than acceding to an actor’s management demands. A good example is that of the vampire Spike in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The actor, who had previously worked mostly on the stage, was cast to appear in 5 or 6 episodes in the second season as Spike was to be killed off. Spike was so charismatic, the actor so good in the part, the fans reaction so positive and the writers so taken with the character that he wasn’t killed. The second season was rewritten to include him. Then in Season 4 he returned as a regular and, when Buffy ended, he was written into the spin off series Angel for the final season. I don’t know how much control Kim Woo Bin’s management company would have over this but it’s a lucky break for him as the character of Young-do has become a real star making part.

          • jl

            I dont think one can compare it with the other because Buffy is a US series. Series being the operative word where it runs for as long as viewership is high. This is KDrama. Totally different world, different style.

            Addendum: I loved Spike!

          • Lindy12

            That’s true. Series versus Kdrama is a big difference but, if they are still script writing on the day of shooting (!?! Can this be true? My husband has written for television and, when I told him this, his one word response was “Brutal”), it’s like what happened on Buffy except foreshortened. What kind of hours do the actors etc put in for our viewing enjoyment anyway?

            I belonged to a group who got together on Buffy nights to watch it together. Half of us thought Buffy belonged with Angel and the other half with Spike. The discussions post viewing got pretty heated at times. Much like the ones with Tan and Young-do. Strange.

        • Lin_K

          @Dramafan – Please don’t feel offended if I say that KT and ES OTP do not have much of a story. Or the writer didn’t make it special or convincing to root for. And KES introduced a lot of side characters in this drama. She has to wrap up their stories too. YD is the second lead. Since the OTP is back together, she may have thought that it is time to work on YD’s issues and other side characters. Maybe that’s why we saw more of YD, R, Won, HJ, and HS this episode. Also it may be that KES don’t have much story material and that she is just adding filler material. Even if it was supposed to be filler, it turned out to be good for YD. Like Lindy12 said, this is KWB’s lucky break. I also agree with Lindy when she said that YD’s popularity may have prompted the writer to spend more time on his story. Also it does seem proper to resolve his conflicts; he is the second lead after all. Pressure from the management company, I don’t know. I do think it highly unlikely though, given the popularity of LMH.

    • 81.2 Lin_K

      I hardly think so. LMH is much more famous than KWB. I even heard that KES wrote this drama with LMH as the lead in her mind. And I honestly don’t think LMH would have just complied even if KES wanted to make YD the lead. However, I do think that KWB stole the limelight with his performance. And KES did give the best lines to YD; she writes/likes strong male leads as we have seen in the past. OTP did get a lot of screen time in all the episodes. The viewers thinking that KWB is becoming the lead maybe because of his well-written character and performance. It does not make sense to me otherwise.

      • 81.2.1 Lin_K

        Unknowingly/mistakenly, KES gave the best lines*

      • 81.2.2 gene

        “KES wrote this drama with LMH as the lead in her mind”

        That explains this trainwreck of a drama.

  82. 82 Tan tan

    Who has watched “Gossip Girl”?
    What does “The heirs” have in common with “Gossip Girl”,I wish 2 know more about the American series “Gossip Girl” coz this drama is supposed 2 be “Boys over flowers meets Gossip Girl”. I know about BOF,but I don’t have a clue about GG!
    How do things end in “Gossip Girl”? Are the characters engaging?!

    • 82.1 xanti

      i don’t see any close similarity to the plot. the only similarity is that in GG, the characters are all from upper class of NY. but the main leads do not have the poor girl, rich guy story line. nothing like that at all.

  83. 83 dania

    seriously,did park shin hye and lee min ho develops real feelings for each other?kyaaa!

    • 83.1 skelly


    • 83.2 Thandy

      I highly doubt it , I just can’t see it

  84. 84 ling ml

    Facts: Heirs is very populsr with viewership ratings of more than 24%
    All her leading men, only Lee Min Ho had the privelege to exchange passionate kisses. The only one that Park Shin Hye opened her mouth and really kissed him in return.
    The collaboration between Psh -lmh crashed and sent to very low ratngs pretty man
    Psh fans are 100% behind psh-lmh
    Lee min ho and park shin hye are the hallyu world king and queen. Proof is Heirs.
    Park shin hye bought dream catcher for herr and lee min ho. She nought diary to document her love for lee min ho

  85. 85 dania

    that kiss sure are passionate,i rewatch n it many time,muahaha!

  86. 86 Joonni recap

    I have read a very interesting analyse in “Joonni recap for episode 18″. I wanna share this with you guys here in dramabeans.
    wish for your satisfaction :))

    I guess Kim Eun Sook wanted to kill two birds with one stone- get Ki Ae out the Jeguk house and also give some closure to Young Do. I see why Kim Eun Sook put Young Do in that situation. First, Young Do had to see and understand how his own mom must have felt and looked like when she was looking for him through his interaction with Ki Ae. That is That is why Young Do was able to imagine his own mom later. Second, Young Do has to experience the same kind of panic Tan felt as he searched for him in the past. It is through these two types of experience that Young Do is able to answer his mom. No, he is not doing well. He lived his life wrong, making himself miserable in order to make others miserable. This is not something his mom would have wanted from him. Hopefully from now on, Young Do will be on a pursuit of happiness for himself, which ties along well with him giving up in Eun Sang.

  87. 87 ling ml

    So what do you mean Skelley in real life lee min ho and park shin hye are having ???

    • 87.1 skelly

      LOL, absolutely not. I don’t think they like each other much at all, in real life, and will most likely be glad to see the backs of one another when it’s over.

      What I was saying is that in real life, two teenagers who have decided they are wildly in love, and have the world against them, and have gone through so many twists and turns to prove themselves to one another, would not spend their night all alone studying for finals. I think Eun Sang is actually an alien and she is worried Tan may discover her metal framework and plasticene exoskeleton. That explanation makes a lot more sense.

  88. 88 Adal

    Young-do-ah you break my heart. So many scenes…

    …eating with ES mom…
    ….running off to find KT before his mom disappeared…
    …sitting alone at the restaurant and reading your mom’s handwriting on the wall… “No mom, I’m not fine”….
    …breaking up with CES, your first crush by having a last meal in the same restaurant in which you missed your mother’s last meal….
    …commiserating with your would-no-longer-be ‘sexy’ stepsister…
    …. trying to beat some sense in your frenemy KT….
    ….and giving ‘lip’ to his hyung…

    …sigh…. Here’s wishing that you find your mom before Heirs is over. There should be some happiness in store for you at least.

    Bo Na and CY… you are by far the most favorite secondary couple I’ve seen. I particularly like CY’s masculine possessiveness…. ‘don’t go to KT’s party else I’ll break your legs!’ LOL.

  89. 89 ling ml

    Even in trusted fansites of park shin hye they said that the two are dating in real life and started in Heirs. Psh likes tall men because she feels protected when hugged. The passionate kiss sealed it. I think she is surprised too that she kissed him back. We’ll see more of them in the future. Fan site psh int’l. Reliable because admins close with psh and her manager. They know her parents too.

    • 89.1 Dania

      really,thanks for the information though, i shipping this couple, eventhough personally i think their chemistry in ‘heirs’wasn’t that great, but still they both soo good looking and look great together!…;)

    • 89.2 Birdie

      That’s a difference between good acting to script and reality. There have been no rumors at korean sites about them dating or any suspicions from fan accounts of those who were watching the filming.

      Best not start rumors for the sake of PSH and LMH. :)

    • 89.3 Windsun33

      That dating story is total BS. The same silly rumors popped up when she was doing other dramas also, and nothing ever happened.

      • 89.3.1 Birdie

        Some of her fans get overboard every time every drama as if she is so irresistible that her costars must date her.
        Sorry get back to real life. Acting is acting. Let the girl be professional.

    • 89.4 Justsaying

      They’ll just eventually break up. Trust me.

  90. 90 fantasma

    I can’t help but wonder if/when all this angst and misery between KT/ES ends, they’ll actually have a normal conversation, so they can, you know, GET TO KNOW each other.
    “So, Tan, do you like potatoes? What’s your favorite color? What do you do on you free time (besides stalking me)? What do you want to Be? A Writer, a model, an architect?”
    “So ES, do you like cheese? Do you like to read? What kinds of games did you play when you we’re Young?”
    Who knows, maybe if they would talk to each other about normal stuff The Way everybody does, they would find out they have nothing or very Little in common and their relationship would end up deteriorating. Just maybe.

    • 90.1 Lindy12

      I know. Who wants a relationship with a guy who falls to pieces like that? “I’m dying if you’re not with me. You’re my whole world, my everything. I’ll go anywhere I’m sent because my life has no meaning without you. You are all I have left. You are all I can see.” Okay. In the space of days, Tan is a complete and total wreck, he’s a mess physically, mentally and emotionally. He doesn’t seem to be capable of manning up at all. Not exactly a solid foundation for a healthy, stable relationship.

      • 90.1.1 fantasma

        Exactly what I’ve been thinking. Why would she want to go Back to that kind of person? He saw that she left because He was making her Life miserable but, despite all His big talk, instead of finding a Way to work on himself and His circumstances (or at least attempting to do it) He Just goes for The beaten track and starts to Be self destructive. Great boyfriend material indeed!
        Just reading these sentences you wrote makes me think of several real life cases where The Guy completely sucks The Life out of The object of His “affections” and ends up killing her if she doesn’t accept or gets tired of His “Love”.

        • Lindy12

          Exactly right! What does happen to a woman when she wants to break away from a guy like Tan? He wants control, dominance and to possess her absolutely because he sees her not as a person but as a thing. He is using every trick such men use to bind Eun-sang to him. Such men are dangerous to the women they “love” precisely because the women are possessions rather than people. Physical violence and even death are entirely possible in such relationships.

      • 90.1.2 Windsun33

        What girl would want to hook up with a guy that goes into total self-destruct mode every time he loses out to Big Daddy?

        • fantasma

          Unfortunatelly, many. Here in my country it’s kind of an epidemy. The numbers of Young girls, and even older ones, Who date instable, abusive, controlling, especially criminal, men is allarming. That’s why The concept of bad Guy turned good for Love is such BS for me. It probably happened somewhere to someone, but I’ve never seen it or heard of it on real Life.
          That’s why it’s hard for me to Just jump into The YD Love wagon (as much as I’ve come to love KWB). I still remember The bullied student and I know he’ll carry those scars for The rest of His Life. What’s first Love delusion compared to that?
          And don’t even get me started on what is so great about ES that made him (YD) turn into softy overnight?
          I think I veered a bit far from The topic of my reply. 😊

          • Lin_K

            Because ES showed YD warmth and love when no one else did. For someone like YD, that was huge. He totally fell in love with her after that. I find it hard to believe Tan’s love for ES than YD’s. YD was a bully but he received growth and (some) redemption in this story. And honestly, the “changed” YD is much better than the KT. YD at least knows his mistakes and admits it. Tan’s breakdown/self-destructive behavior because ES moved to another town was the scariest thing for me. Even YD got fed up with Tan. YD’s self-destructive behavior (I admit, it is bad) at least came from years of hurt, abuse, and loneliness, not because his love moved to another town. I wish they made Tan’s sadness more realistic. Or at least that he had that huge breakdown after he believed that his dad killed ES. Aaargh!

          • Lin_K

            And I do agree while she is kind and showed warmth to YD and managed to change him, she is not that great for two guys to fall in love this deeply. Oh well, it is a drama.

          • fantasma

            Well, The thing, for me, is that her kindness came out of nowhere. It’s not like she is shown to Be kind to everybody, but one Day she looks at YD, The Guy Who tripped her, threatened her, made her Life and that of The bullied student miserable and she says: oh, how do you feel about your dad getting married? And some other Day she gives him a ban-aid. Bam! Instant Love?
            Feels like The Writer thought: hey, this drama is reaching The end, we need The second lead to fall for The girl, let’s throw some random “kindness” His Way and job done.
            The Way I try to understand it, He didn’t fell in Love with her because of her “kindness”, but because Tan did. YD looked at her because Tan was looking, and He desired to have what was Tan’s, but as time passes and He realizes that she won’t Love him Back, for His wooing methods are cr@p, He realizes that in order for good things happen to him He has to change.
            That is The reason His change, imo, feels more organic than Tan’s. He changed for himself, not for The girl. That’s why, even though she rejects him, He won’t go Back to His old persona. He wants People to Be able to love him back, so he’ll be better from now on.
            I Just wished He and Rachel would find The Way to each other. They’d be such a power couple. Sigh! She wasn’t afraid of him and answered fire with fire. And I bet they wouldn’t be moping around.

          • fantasma

            Oh, I forgot to add, other People had shown YD kindness before, like R’s mom and MS, Who seems to Be a good friend, even if a bit clueless.
            And I totally get why Tan fell for her, given The circumstances of their first encounter. I Just don’t get all this intensity.

          • Lindy12

            I agree with you that Young-do, as an 18 year old teenaged boy with massive issues surrounding violence, abuse, abandonment, loneliness, unhealthy sexual relationships etc, isn’t a fitting partner for any young woman. But at least he now seems to recognize this for himself. He tells himself he is not doing well, he’s lived wrong and this is the biggest step he’ll ever take towards changing. I’d definitely watch a drama about Young-do on a voyage of discovery through Korea to find out about himself, his mother and the world outside the chaebol bubble he’s inhabited all his life. He can get some real jobs and see how the 99.99% of the rest of the world live their lives. I also want to see him with grease on his face and shirtless but a girl can only dream.

            But Young-do sees Eun-sang first well before he knows anything else about her and her relationship with Tan and his family. She delivers chicken to the shop he’s gone to pick up parts for his expensive motorcycle. She’s strong, feisty, gives as good as she gets with a couple of older men who are flirting with/bullying her. She threatens to call the cops on them and they back down. He’s intrigued, attracted to her strength and attracted to her. He’s the kind of bully who likes people who can stand up to him.

          • Lin_K

            @fantasma – There is no reply button to your reply to my post; so, I will reply here. I disagree about YD liking ES just because Tan liked her. YD was intrigued by ES even before he came to know of her and KT’s relationship. Of course, Tan’s interest in her elevated YD’s interest, and he started pestering her. From later conversations of YD and ES, we see that his questions were only excuses to strike up a conversation with her. In the process of bulling her, he fell for her sometime – Around 7th or 8th episode? He had already started liking her then, and I believe when she showed compassion, he fell for her completely. Maybe it was an abrupt love (and the writer introduced the love triangle very late in the story) but I can understand what motivated him to hold onto ES. On the other hand, you saying that he changed for himself, I find myself agreeing to it. I never thought that way before but it makes sense. Even though ES rejected him, he is NOT going back to his old ways; so, he must have changed for himself. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. It earns more points for YD in my book!!!! It shows that he is man enough to own up to his mistakes and correct them with or without a girl in his life!! YES!!……………………………………………….
            @Lindy12 – You mention unhealthy sexual relationships in talking about YD. He never had any if I remember correctly. That was never mentioned in the story. He did talk vulgar a couple of times but that was it, right?

          • Lindy12

            @ Lin_K: I don’t think Young-do has had any sexual relationships. I’m talking about the example his father has set regarding all the women in his life. Young-do has been exposed to his father bringing women into the home/hotel (I don’t think he has ever had what we would call a home at all, just a hotel room). Some of these women have tried to use Young-do to get closer to his father. He’s witnessed his father in the act at least once we know of, with Tan, while both boys hide in the closet. His mother has left town in a real hurry with only a small bag. She’s anxious and clearly so afraid of something she leaves her son behind. So he’s probably witnessed spousal abuse as well. Like I say, he’s been exposed to dysfunctional sexuality, mistreatment of women, and, coupled with his own history of physical abuse at the hands of his father, he most likely has never seen an example of a loving couple with well-loved children even looks like. When Young-do tells his father the one area of his life that is off-limits to his father’s interference is his relationships with girls, his father agrees that he hasn’t set much of an example.

          • fantasma

            Lindy12 and Lin_k, you are right about YD meeting ES earlier, I had forgotten. Or I guess I didn’t count those times. For me, their first real interaction was when she ripped R’s nametag, and His intestest was piqued because Tan was mentioned.
            I know The Writer wanted to set up some meaning for their interactions before that, but I Just can’t consider their first meating all that meaningful for His feelings, especially since after He meets her at school, she starts her sleepwalking, lobotomized routine of having an occasional spine. Not very impressive.
            I guess that’s why I understood His feelings having to do with Tan more than ES herself, only point in her favor being The “random” kindness I mentioned before. But that’s Just my interpretation and I see your points. I guess it’s kind of open to The Way every person sees their actions.
            I Hope this comment makes any sense. I’m sleepy now.

        • Lin_K

          You mean Tan, right? Because I don’t remember YD going into self-destruct after losing to his daddy. He did show up at ES’s place because he was lonely and went to pick up R because he lost the fight.

  91. 91 Crystal

    Honestly the transformation is so swift that I feel like I’m still in the break-up things and angst for Tan. What firms ES to go back to Tan? Just because of a few words of Won? doesn’t make sense.

    Young-do’s helping Tan and his mother is the most effective part. I guess this is the moment he grown up. I feel for YD, despite my love for KT. Hope he will have a happy ending, not necessarily be with Rachel, just don’t let him alone. That is so heartbreaking.

    Still an engaging and affecting story. I’d miss it when it ends.

  92. 92 Estefani

    I also felt this episode was for Young Do. He made me cry so many times in this episode. Kim Woo Bin is an awesome actor!! And Young Do is my favorite character in Heirs.

  93. 93 MYoung

    I just hope that they won’t rush the ending, like I have seen on other dramas. Also, I would love to see their adult lives, that would be interesting.

  94. 94 BBD-Lite

    Okay guys I have figured it out. This drama isn’t doing anything for me because the leads have NO chemistry whatsoever. It’s not LMH or PSH – it’s the random way the relationship was set up! I just don’t believe the two were made for each other. When they break up – meh. When they get back together – meh.

    When I want the leads to be together I will sit and root for them through anything – I even liked Faith because of Kim Hee Sun and LMH, plot holes and all! I’m actually watching Master’s Sun right now and have two eps to go and the contrast is striking. I need need need So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin to end up together, but with CES and KT I really don’t care either way. I feel bad for the actors – they’re acting their hearts out but there’s no storyline.

  95. 95 TinaFee

    it was definitely Young Do’s episode. I’m happy to read here, that everybody feels the same about WB acting. he’s great… love him in this show… maybe the only character, which is interesting for me!! is he going to end up lonely and sad?! :-(

  96. 96 whilethemusiclasts

    I just have Young-do feels, okay? That scene between him and Eun-sang’s mom? *tears*

  97. 97 DHM

    ” I suppose the realization that he lived wrongly is better late than never. It’s just too bad it’s this late.”

    Personally, I think it’s pretty gobsmackingly impressive for an 18 year old kid who has grown up without any love but what he got from his single friend, abandoned by his mother* and horribly abused by his thuggish iceberg cold father to figure out he’s been living wrongly before he’s even out of high school.

    *I realize that his mother probably didn’t mean him to be abandoned and he knows that, too, but that doesn’t change the emotional trauma and what that does to a kid with a dad like Young Do’s dad.

    • 97.1 dibudiaz

      I agree, I don’t think it is late at all for YD. I think this is the perfect time for YD to confront the mistakes he has made in the past and grow from them. The author is way to harsh on YD. I would rather be with YD the way he is now than with present KT. That guy is a mess.

      When I saw KT get drunk, violent, skip school and get moody I didn’t did not think it was charming at all. Not only was it disturbing that he would go to such lengths for a girl that he barely knows; he will never get anywhere in this world with that horrible attitude. When his father kicked him out and he felt utterly lost, THAT should have been his wake up call.

      If he really wanted ES, save his mother and get out of his father’s grasp. He should start thinking of a way to built a future for himself. That begins by studying, getting into a good university and try to be financially independent from that dictator. That way if things go well, 5 years from now, he would be his own man and be able to take care of the ones he loves.

      Now he is just his father’s b*tch and the leash will be passed to his brother when his father passes away.

  98. 98 Yee

    My 2 cent on WonJoo, the writer must be thinking oh shit we spend so much times on TanSang’s angst we forgot about this couple why not throw in a bed scene to show them not in a ‘maybe-kinda-sorta’ relationship anymore..they are finally in a proper romantic adult relationship! In proper clothing with proper conversation about his would be properly wifey! It suddenly decided to show us how far they have gone, through this proper bonding bed scene…..awwww NOT! But their convo are quite enlightening on the differences of these 2 brothers.

    It looks like KW might have to pay the price & make the promise with his dad to marry that Telco heiress in exchange for his lil bro freedom as hinted in his various conversation with Dad, HJ & ES! I hope I’m wrong though and I want the BUN IN THE OVEN! I swear all the good stuff for this couple happened off-screen and we only get the most random stuff on-screen for them…so wasted!

  99. 99 ScoobyDoo

    I remember when I first heard that this drama was inspired by Gossip Girl, it made me wonder. Now that I have been watching this drama, Kim Eun Sook wasn’t inspired, she more or less ripped it off. The character developments done for Heirs are very thin sketches of folks from GG.

    – Kim Tan = Serena van der Woodsen. Tan is the ultimate “IT” boy. The start of GG was when Serena came back to NY from self-exile and the start of Heirs was when Tan came back to Korea. He and Young Do have that same frenemies relationship riddled with history and resentment that Serena and Blair had. Queen B never could beat S at anything. The big secret that tore them apart in GG was that Serena slept with Blair’s boyfriend while the big secret in Heirs that tore the friendship was Tan’s illegitimacy and YD’s mom.

    – Cha Eun Sang = Dan Humphrey. The poor kid who is the object of affection of the “IT” boy.

    – Choi Young Do – Chuck Bass. YD even has a major asshole of a dad like Chuck Bass did.

    – Yoo Rachel – Blair Waldorf. They have a similar haughtiness.

    – Lee Esther, Rachel’s Mom – Lily van der Woodsen, Serena’s mom who got married multiple times for all the wrong reasons. Esther is the same way.

    – Yoon Jae Ho, Chanyoung’s Dad – Rufus Humphrey. Remember how Rufus and Lily from GG were each other’s first loves who still pined for one another? Well so do Esther and Jae Ho.

    Forgot Kang Haneul’s character’s name, but the whole back story with the suicide attempt is the same story used with Serena’s brother.

  100. 100 ScoobyDoo

    I really hoped this drama was going to do something different with the whole subject of Chaebols and Heirs. I know this point had been made so many times and sorry to beat the dead horse, but I so wish the characters were older and had more at stake over the actual empires of which they are the HEIRS. I almost wish Won was the main character. His dilemma of loving the wrong girl (according to Daddy’s standards) and wanting to take over the empire is much more compelling. He has conflicting needs coming from himself and the outside. It’s also refreshing to see an Heir having the DESIRE to take over the family business as oppose to treating it like a filial duty. Then someone like Tan who just wants the girl could be a secondary character to serve as the foil to our tormented troubled hero.

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