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You From Another Star: Episode 17
by | February 13, 2014 | 320 Comments

Big decisions are made and directions chosen, leading this episode to its all-time high rating of 27%. We also get a sassy cameo from a familiar character (random drama crossover!) to throw in some laughs, not that Chun Song-yi has any trouble supplying those on her own. I do love that even as Song-yi has legitimate reasons for feeling crushed and miserable at times, the show retains its light touch in its expression of that angst; she can make our hearts twinge in sympathy for her while still making us laugh, which is a much appreciated (and all-too-rare) achievement.


Sesame and Cotton Candy – “잊어야 한다는 게” (What has to be forgotten) [ Download ]

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In interview mode, Min-joon tells us of a government job he once held, working at the bureau that dealt with astronomy, meteorology, and geography matters. We see the Joseon Min-joon poring over a text that contains detailed calculations of astronomical phenomena, like the phases of the sun and moon and eclipse forecasts. His colleague asks if he’s been going around saying “strange things”—like the world being round or spinning, for instance.

Min-joon says that it’s true, only to have his friend laugh that it’s ridiculous—why are people not dizzy at the spinning, and what evidence does he have for calling the Earth round? Min-joon chuckles that it’s visible from afar, but just smiles to himself when his colleague asks if he’s ever personally seen Earth from a distance.

In his interview, Min-joon says that on his home planet there was a lot of curiosity about Earth. He gives us the nutshell explanation of how they made the trip to Earth, which involved terraforming an asteroid to make it seem like an ordinary comet, to hide it from the Earth’s view, and to time its arrival to coincide with Earth’s orbit at the point where it’s nearest the sun. This orbit takes 404 years, so this upcoming comet’s approach will be his first chance to go home.

It will likely also be his last chance, because there’s always the possibility that orbits may shift in the future. But more importantly, if he doesn’t go home this time, he might die.

Now we resume the conversation as Song-yi and Min-joon wait to shoot her scene. Min-joon confesses that he has to return to his home in a month’s time, and Song-yi tries understand. Not fully grasping the implications, she says that’s okay, but when will he come back? Oof. “I’m good at waiting,” she adds.

But reading Min-joon’s reaction, she guesses that it won’t be one year or even ten. She asks, “You won’t be coming back?” Min-joon nods, too wracked with sobs to say anything. Ackkkk, I love the way he cries, except for the way it tears my heart out.

As this sinks in, Song-yi’s temper flares as she calls him an awful jerk after all, now seeing why he spouted all that stuff about being selfish. “One month?!” she exclaims, as though offended at its tininess.

Song-yi storms off and invites herself on Se-mi’s ride back to Seoul. Everyone sits uncomfortably while Song-yi sobs to herself, then asks for a more appropriate song selection than the peppy Jason Mraz song playing. She makes her requests in increasingly distraught wails, singing along to “Like being shot” (Baek Ji-young), “I’ll get lost, have a nice life” (G.Na), and “Can’t let you go” (2AM).

At home, Yoon-jae catches a news report about the approach of a comet, named Deep South, which is returning for the first time in 400 years. Curiously, there’s also mention of a second comet that has been disintegrated by its proximity to the sun, which seems like it ought to mean something important.

Song-yi arrives home and locks herself in her room, where she cries in bed. That means that when the director is finally read to shoot her scene, she’s nowhere to be found. Indignant, the director orders her replaced right away, happy to cut Song-yi loose.

That lasts for about two seconds until Min-joon approaches in full manager-lawyer mode, stating that Song-yi has been rushed to the hospital. He pointedly reminds the director of the stunt that went awry on his watch, compounded by the extraneous action shoots he forced her to endure, which aggravated her condition. Min-joon apologizes a touch sarcastically for messing up the schedule. The director backpedals right quick, assuring Min-joon that schedules are made to be changed.

Hwi-kyung gets the roster for the stunt team and sees Killer Secretary there. (He’s listed under the name Lee Shin, but why rename him now when Killer Secretary does so well?) He tries calling the phone number, which has been disconnected.

He keeps up the unsuspecting brother routine with Jae-kyung, and asks if hyung will accompany him to visit their eldest brother’s grave. He doesn’t press when Jae-kyung declines with a excuse.

Min-joon arrives home and hears the voices next door as Mom urges Song-yi to stop crying. Heart heavy, he picks up his book again (the Miraculous Journey story) and resumes reading, the words landing with poetic sadness:

Look at me.
Grandmother made a wish.
I learned how to love.
That was a terrible thing.
It hurts.
My heart hearts.
Please help me.

In the early morning, Min-joon hears Song-yi heading out for a jog and follows her outside, wanting to talk. She’s still angry and snaps that they have nothing to talk about—he’s leaving, fine. She’d already decided to get over him when he came after her and kissed her, she reminds him.

He blurts that he did that because she kept doing things to worry him, like signing contracts with random guys and getting caught up in engagement rumors. She retorts that it’s none of his business since he’s leaving: “The day you leave, I’ll grab any random guy and get engaged!”

Song-yi jogs on without him, which is when Min-joon catches the eye of a young woman sitting on a bench, whose face lights up to recognize him. It’s Suzy in her cameo, getting the full goddess intro with hazy white light and slo-mo camera work. She recognizes Min-joon as her professor and introduces herself as Go Hye-mi—you know, her Dream High character—and even adds that he looks just like her ex-boyfriend Sam-dong, which, HA.

Min-joon clearly doesn’t remember who she is or return her interest, even when she admits that she failed his class on purpose so she could take it again. To be polite, he lies that he might maybe remember her, and she says coyly that it’s possible he didn’t recognize her because she’s gotten prettier in the last year. LOL. Good to know the Hye-mi ego is still indestructible.

Min-joon doesn’t quite know how to extricate himself so he humors Hye-mi for a bit, just as Song-yi turns to see the young upstart flirting with her man. So when Hye-mi reaches to brush something from Min-joon’s face, Song-yi slaps down her visor and butts in—literally, backing up to break up the cozy clinch. Then she loiters in the background, watching the scene intently.

Undeterred, Hye-mi notes that the professor has finally gotten a cell phone, and asks for his number. Min-joon tries to refuse, but she pours on the aegyo until he reluctantly starts to recite his number. At which point Song-yi barges in again and informs Min-joon curtly: “You said you wanted to talk. I have time right now. Do you want to talk now or never see me again? Make your choice.”

So Min-joon gives a hasty goodbye and dashes after Song-yi, leaving Hye-mi grumbling about the interfering ajumma who looks like a Song-yi knockoff.

Song-yi cuts right to the chase: Does he have to go? Can he… not? She asks why it had to be now, of all times—he’d lived here for so many hundreds of years, and the minute he meets her he has to go away. Can’t he just stay with her?

Min-joon can’t reply, and she adds, “If you can’t, then don’t shake my resolve. It may be over for you once you leave, but I have to keep living here.” She asks him to leave quietly, “and leave me alone.”

Min-joon replies, “If that’s what you want, I’ll do that.” He turns and walks away. Song-yi turns too, heading in the other direction.

Hwi-kyung and his mother visit his brother’s grave, and Hwi-kyung notes that hyung’s accident befell him when he was this age. Huh, I’d assumed it was in childhood or at least adolescence, but I guess not.

He comments on the oddity of his non-drinking brother deciding to drive drunk one day—and on the day before Hwi-kyung’s graduation, which he’d promised to attend. Mom explains that they hadn’t known he suffered from depression until the autopsy revealed antidepressants in his system. Coupled with news that he was foiled in love, she supposes that he’d decided to take his own life.

But that’s not the conclusion Hwi-kyung’s mind arrives at—something doesn’t add up, he decides. So he digs up an old article reporting on his brother’s death, and the name of that medication triggers a hunch. He scans a news report on Yura’s death, and yes, there it is—the same meds.

Aw, poor guy. It’s a blow to finally get confirmation of what he feared, but that doesn’t prevent him from meeting with Seok to share his knowledge. Seok wonders why he would disclose information about his own brother, but Hwi-kyung says that it’s because he’s his brother that he needs to stop him. He offers one more crucial bit of information: the mental hospital where Jae-kyung sent his ex-wife.

Song-yi takes out Bok-ja for grilled meat, redoubling her efforts to eat only the parts that are supposed to keep her youthful-looking. Aw so she hasn’t given up yet, has she?

Min-joon’s no better off, and Lawyer Jang comes by with consolation drinks. Min-joon reminds him that he can’t drink, but Lawyer Jang figures no harm can happen since it’s just the two of them at home. (Famous last words.)

Min-joon reminds Lawyer Jang of a question he’d once asked, about how he managed the loneliness while living so long on his own. “When I lived completely alone, I never felt lonely. It’s only now that I’ve found someone to love for the first time, and think of having to leave her side, that I feel truly lonely. As though I’m the only one left in the universe.”

He drains his bowl, while across town Song-yi confides to Bok-ja that she wishes she could turn back time so that she’d never meet him. Then she wouldn’t feel this terrible emptiness at the thought of being without him.

By the time Song-yi returns home, Min-joon is drunk and the lights are flickering madly. These things are not unrelated. Lawyer Jang cuts him off, and Min-joon wonders dully, “What should I do now?” His head drops in frustration, and the lights go completely black.

Song-yi’s lights cut out too… as do those in the entire building. Haha. Lawyer Jang lights a candle and grumbles that he thought Min-joon might make things fly around, not short-circuit the building. I love the idea of Lawyer Jang hoping to see some alien tricks for his amusement.

Min-joon slurs to Lawyer Jang that his time is precious—why is he spending it here, instead of where he really wants to be? (Lawyer Jang sniffs that he understands the sentiment, but the wording is mean—is a thirty-year friendship good for nothing when a woman’s involved?)

Then, suddenly, Min-joon disappears. Lawyer Jang finds him on the balcony, drunkenly ordering Se-mi’s billboard to move aside—he came out wanting to see Song-yi’s face. Next thing we know, Se-mi’s lighted ad goes dark too, and Lawyer Jang complains, “D’you really have no better place to use your energy?”

Then the whole city goes dark, and Lawyer Jang worries that he should never have gotten Min-joon drunk. Hindsight is so clear, isn’t it?

Song-yi lights candles and heads to her room, only to find Min-joon sprawled on her bed. She feigns annoyance while actually being gratified, and quietly mumbles at him to leave before giving up, saying, “Well, I’ve done as much as I can.” Haha.

Min-joon starts mumbling, “I… don’t wanna be with Lawyer Jang.” She asks who he wants to be with, and thrills when he answers, “Chunnnn Song-yiiiii.”

In the morning, he wakes up sober and shame-faced. In his interview, Min-joon declares that he deplores people who get blackout drunk, tsk-tsking righteously at humans who would give up their free will to the powers of alcohol.

Making his mortification complete, Song-yi’s staring right at him, ready for his scolding. She informs him that he got roaring drunk and passed out on her bed, and Interview Min-joon says haltingly, “I did? But there’s no way I would…”

She gets right in his face and he asks her to step back. She challenges, “Why should I?” and he stammers, “B-because I can’t th-think.”

“Then what about this?” she asks, and swoops in to kiss him. Then she collects herself, straightens, and orders him to leave.

“Are you playing around?” he asks. “Why’d you just do that?” She points out that he’s probably pissed off, which is exactly how she feels.

Just then, her mother knocks on the door and they scramble around to hide before she catches them in this incriminating scene. Song-yi locks her door and tries to get rid of her mother, while Min-joon focuses his energy to teleport out… only to find his powers on the fritz.

Which means he’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way. Min-joon climbs onto the balcony, gritting his teeth while Song-yi disparages his lack of skills and says that he can’t do anything better than a human.

She returns to her room to find her brother looking at her suspiciously, whom she fobs off with excuses. She reminds him to talk to Dad, even though Yoon-jae barely remembers his father. He talks like he’d not interested in talking to Dad, but he does drop by his father’s security guard job to watch him work from a distance.

Seok goes to the mental hospital for a surprise search, hoping to catch them off-guard. They storm inside with a search and seizure warrant, but there’s no trace of the ex-wife.

Min-joon runs into Yoon-jae in the hallway, and Little Bro offers the information that Song-yi hasn’t been eating or sleeping well. We see her haunting her phone for a call or a message, and when she doesn’t get any, she fires up the chat app. She writes and deletes a bunch of half-completed messages, like how she wants to spend the month with Min-joon anyway.

She changes tack and goes for the direct approach: Speaking aloud, she talks as though Min-joon can hear her (he can), explaining that she’s never been a constant fan of anyone, hopping fanclubs as her tastes changed. She’s fickle like that.

“I’ve been thinking it over, and I think I could forget you right away,” she says. “Just help me not have regrets. If I send you off without having done anything, I think I’ll be left with unfulfilled feelings. So… all the things people do in three months, a year, and two years… as you said, let’s do it all in one month.”

She struggles to keep her tears under control and continues, “If we do everything we want to, maybe I’ll even get tired of you before the month is over. That’s the kind of person I am.”

Listening from his room, Min-joon agrees to her suggestion. “But how do I forget you?” he asks. Song-yi proposes a trip tomorrow, and Min-joon sends a text to confirm it.

So in the morning, they meet in the hallway and head out together. She takes his hand in the elevator, and they keep holding tight as he drives.

Jae-kyung gets word that the prosecutor was at the hospital and makes arrangements to have his ex transferred. The more important question is how the prosecutor knew about the hospital, and Jae-kyung has an inkling of who might have tipped him off. Just then, Hwi-kyung drops by to ask hyung to lunch, and leads him to a private restaurant room to meet somebody important.

Jae-kyung is interrupted by an emergency phone call that his ex-wife has disappeared. He starts to dash out to take care of the matter, but Hwi-kyung grabs his arm and leads him to that room anyway… to face the ex, sitting next to the prosecutor.

In flashback, we see Hwi-kyung calling Song-yi during her jog in the park, where he hears Min-joon’s voice over the line and calls him out separately. Hwi-kyung refers to his hospital stay and confronts him about materializing out of thin air, and also for saving Song-yi twelve years ago. Min-joon confirms that it’s true, and now Hwi-kyung decides to trust him and take him into his confidence.

Now understanding why Min-joon warned him to protect Song-yi from his brother, he shares what he learned of the wire stunt and asks for Min-joon’s help in extricating the ex from the hospital.

Now we see that Hwi-kyung had suggested that Seok’s arrival at the hospital would spur the staff to hide the ex-wife—and Min-joon was there to see where they took her. Min-joon and Hwi-kyung had followed that getaway car to the house where the ex was taken, and Min-joon used his time-freeze to bypass security.

Min-joon and Song-yi hole up in a cozy getaway, where she asks him to run lines with her. She assures him that he doesn’t need to act, which is a good thing because he is hilariously stilted—although that doesn’t stop her from loving hearing him say that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world who doesn’t need to diet or change.

Min-joon complains at the cheesy dialogue—ha, I’m going to die laughing if she made it up—but that’s nothing compared to the back-hug scene direction, which he doesn’t want her to do. She suggests practicing it, which he gruffly refuses to do—and then he reads the next page and stops, suddenly in a dark mood.

Song-yi sticks to Min-joon’s side while he makes coffee, and she assures him that this is all in service of getting sick of him quickly. Min-joon laughs to himself, knowing she’s bluffing when she talks like a dating pro when really, Yoon-jae told him that she’s never once dated before so she has no idea what she’s doing. And also that she gets super attached to things and can’t even raise a puppy because she gets so scared it’ll come to harm.

So when Song-yi finds the main room empty—and also the terrace, and the side house—she tears around the property screaming his name, afraid he’s gone. He shows up behind her and she clings to his hand, saying that she was afraid he’d left already, without warning or farewell.

Min-joon promises, “I won’t go. I won’t leave you and go. I’m going to stay here with you.”

He clarifies that he means not now, and not in a month either. She asks if that’ll be okay for him, and he hesitates. We know he’s thinking he’ll die, but he assures her, “I’ll be okay.”

Song-yi hugs him tight.


Song-yi taps away at her computer, indeed having written all that cheesy dialogue about how she’s perfect the way she is, and better than all those annoying, loud youngsters of today.

She grins to herself and adds a kiss in the scene, but deletes it thinking of Min-joon’s health, replacing it with a back-hug. She squeals to herself at the idea, then goes in for the killer last line, which Min-joon couldn’t bring himself to say: “I won’t go anywhere, I’ll stay at your side for a long, long time.”


He’s not going? Aieeeeeeeee. I’m half-thrilled at his decision—mostly because it’s less frustrating to live with a decision than it is to wait for one to be made—but also wary that this means we’re heading into terminal disease melodrama. This drama has been so solid for so long that I don’t actually believe it’ll tank into a glorified cancer suffering narrative now a la Thousand Day Promise or whatnot, and I do have faith that it’ll keep its sense of humor. If we could get through the noble rejection and the self-denial angst and the separation misery with good humor, then I’m sure we can get through the rest with equal cheer. It’s just, you know. The Cancer Drama was never my favorite genre.

I’m not too worried that Min-joon would actually die at the drama’s end (I believe that it’s a genuine concern to him within the storyline, but this just isn’t that kind of show), but I do feel uneasy at the fact that he’s lying to Song-yi. Aside from the basic part where he’s lying, it’s going to hurt to watch her start planning her future with her full-steam-ahead enthusiasm, while Min-joon will just be hoping he was wrong and won’t keel over at her feet.

And of course, there’s also the all-too-crucial question: But what about the kisses? And the skinship? And no, Saran wrap kisses won’t do, because they were frankly creepy in Pushing Daisies and they’d be just as creepy here.

We got some explanation of the comet-hopping mechanism today, though I’m not quite sure what to make of that disappearing comet. Was that a throwaway detail, or will it have unforeseen consequences on Min-joon’s physical condition, or ties to his planet? The drama has been pretty stingy on comet-related details so I tend to think anything they give us is going to play out somehow, but it remains to be seen how.

In any case, I’m relieved to have Min-joon deciding to go forward with his Earth happiness, even if it’s the infinitely riskier move when it comes to his life. But the guy has lived for 400 years (at the very least), and hasn’t really felt alive till the past few months. Better a short life with love than an unending one without?


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  1. Mademoisellegeline

    Watching this episode feels like I’m in a rollercoaster of emotions repeatedly..

    I (⁎•̛̣̣꒶̯•̛̣̣⁎) at their heartaches over MJ’s leaving, then (•̀o•́)ง *shouting Yes!* for MJ putting the PD and the staff in their place, then o(╥﹏╥)o again when SY was crying in her bed and MJ reading the sad qoute of the book,
    then ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))л̵ʱªʱª⁎* at SY’s antics with Suzy,
    then ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚ again when they were parting at the park (the background ♬♪♫ makes it even worse, it’s so heartbreaking!!! Waaaaahhhhh!!!), then (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ some more when SY’s telling BJ how she feels and MJ’s drunk behavior (I feel you my OTP! It hurts so bad! I’m seriously ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ buckets now and I’m only halfway through the episode).

    And then ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛at their morning *ଘ( ॢᵕ꒶̮ᵕ(꒡ᵋ ꒡ღ) (awwwww!! The feelllllssss!!! I lost count how many times they have kiss but please PDnim and writernim, keep them coming and save the hottest one for last), then started bursting into ꒰*⑅˃̶͈ ৺˂̶͈⑅꒱੭ु⁾⁾·° when MJ couldn’t use his powers after the kiss and had to cross over the balcony literally, then ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ at YJ’s bromance with MJ while also being a good little brother to SY (I’m loving his character even more).

    On top of all that, I don’t even know whether to o(TヘTo) or to *ଯ( ॢᵕ꒶̮ᵕ)ॢഒ*♡ at their agreement to stay and do everything together in a month, then starts ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡ again when they held hands, then (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ at HK, MJ and Prosecutor Han’s awesomeness (〃⌒▽⌒)八(〃⌒▽⌒〃)八(⌒▽⌒〃),
    then (๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈)〜♡॰ॱ even more at their romantic moments and when MJ finally told her that he would stay (regardless of the consequence), then ꒰˘̩̩̩‧̫˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡ at the prologue.

    OMG!!! This episode is emotionally and physically draining!! ( ゚இ﹏இ゚)

    I would never thought in my entire life that I would go through these emotions in a matter of a little less than an hour..

    I’m so emotionally invested in this drama that I fear for my life when it ends (˶ॢ‾᷄﹏‾᷅˵ॢ)
    Maybe I will need those anti-depressants from JK (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

    Thanks for the recaps Javabeans!

    • 1.1 hanie

      no related to recap but…
      your emoticons are awesome~

      • 1.1.1 Mademoisellegeline

        Thank you!! You could use them if you want ꒰。•ॢ◡-ॢ。꒱

        • faris

          Agree with hanie…your emoticons are awesome.

    • 1.2 chiomy

      Oh my gosh watching this episode was draining. Laughing then wanting to cry. I think my flatmate thought I was crazy. I loved KSH here and in ep 16. So cute. Bad bad Jang Lyon for making him drink. Although it is understandable, wanting to help your friend fast forward through a rough breakup. But then, he ends up where he (and I) want him to be: her bed! Squeeeaaall! Jun Ji Hyun is just rocking this role! The beginning of the episode both of them shed a single tear each then as she was counting the time he could be gone for, she shed a tear for each count. So saaaad. Then the cameo and ensuing jealousy. Am very glad the breakup was short because yo, we got a lot of loving to do in one month before he leaves or dies ya know. Huzzah! Hui Kyung is really on the case. Love the teamwork between ma boys. McCreepy the hyung is trapped. Let’s see how he wiggles his way out of this one..
      Lastly, oh dear me DMJ is choosing to stay which means happiness then probably quick death. Nooooo! Tellll herrrrrr! You cannot leave her in the dark. I think it is better she knows the whole truth.
      Cannot wait for next week. YWCFTS aja aja hwaiting!

      • 1.2.1 chiomy

        Ooh and thanks JB for the recap!

      • 1.2.2 Mademoisellegeline

        I squealed too (*≧艸≦) when I saw that he was in her bed. I thought she would grope him or something when she was asking him to leave but he didn’t and she said you leave me no choice.. Lol perverted mind ⁞⁝•ֱ̀␣̍•́⁝⁞

        I also agree that she should know the truth although it might make her push him away again coz I don’t think she would want MJ to die. Oh! The dilemma ლ(´﹏`ლ)

        • ilikemangos

          lol in that scene where he’s passed out drunk in her bed all the viki comments “dam look at that s-line”. This is why i have a love/hate relationship with timed comments, ha.

          • Mademoisellegeline

            ꋧ(⁎ˊ̭ સˆ̀)◞₎̵₎ I haven’t read the comments on viki coz I have the app.. I should check them out and join the conversations.. Ha!

          • anniejang

            Me too. I have to turn them off when I’m watching the ep. because they’re so distracting, but when I go back and read them later I love them-better than any comment section, and that’s saying something. Speaking of comment sections-I love this one so far. I also love Viki’s, where people are always putting little vids and stills in their comments.

          • Ivoire

            Hi ilikemangos, what is the “s-line,” please?

          • v

            Ivoirem S line is the shape of the body that means junk in trunk, or nice bum.

          • Mademoisellegeline

            Ivoire check this one out made by Bloops


          • Ivoire

            @ v and Mademoisellegeline,

            Thank you ladies (I am assuming you are ladies 🙂 ) for the link and for explaining. I think I know why KSH has more of an “S” line than JJH (or so it seems). She is skinnier than him. When they are standing side by side, you can see it. In the scene when they are leaving for the trip, and they are in the elevator, you can clearly see her legs and his, because the shot starts from below (close to the floor) and the camera goes up. Her legs are thinner than his, and they are both wearing skinny jeans, so you can clearly see.

          • Mademoisellegeline

            I rewatched the episode with the timed comments and I laughed so much even when the scenes are serious..
            ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))л̵ʱªʱª⁎*.*

          • barbara black fox

            Thanks Mademoisellegeline for the facebook meme page. (I liked it and already shared one of them.)

          • xxvxx

            goddamn i was ogling at his butt too sigh i need me some more alien butt

          • chikok

            i was thinking along the s line too.. hehe

      • 1.2.3 Seanshine


        “Oh my gosh watching this episode was draining. ”

        You too? I felt the same way but more sad than happy. At points in this episode I kept thinking.. Bed scene? I don’t know why? I kept thinking there was bound to be a scene somewhere lurking. Lol Boy, this drama has turned me into a complete pervert. : (

        Other than that.. I’d say this is not my favorite episode. Even though I saw so many heartfelt scenes between them; I was just aching that they were wasting precious time. The highlights of it for me were when Min Joon teleported to Song Yi’s bed.. Awesome! Then the next morning she showed her most aggressive side by giving him a kiss. Loved it!

        Other than that, it was really heart wrenching to watch. The parts that included or Serial Chaebol Killer Bro was so insignificant, I fast forwarded straight through it to get more OTP adorable-ness. And I’m not ashamed of it either! I’m just gosh darn tired of the villain and can care less if the murder gets solved or not at this point. I am deeply invested in learning more about that comet, if or how our hero will be able to stay and last but certainly not least.. How our heroine will be able to get more loving without putting her love in the ICU.

        Thanks again for the recap! 😉

        • Mademoisellegeline

          Don’t worry! You’re not the only one.. Actually I started being perverted after getting hook in kdrama back when I was in highschool (^་།^) (๑>ᴗ<๑) I'm always hoping for the OTPs to have a bed scene since it's very rare in kdramaland..

    • 1.3 Kaybee

      Sorry but these signs gets me reeling trying make head and tail of it…

      • 1.3.1 MajorDickason's

        are you referring to the emoticons?

      • 1.3.2 Mademoisellegeline

        Oh! Are you referring to my emoticons? If they bother you, then just skip my comment.. It’s all good! v(。^_^。)v *peace out*

    • 1.4 jin.jin

      I did totally feel the same way as you do. This series really brought me in a roller coaster ride of feelings. (>.<)
      I would never mind being dizzy as long as DMJ is there in front of my screen. (^_^)

    • 1.5 owl

      those anti-depressants from JK are fatal!

      • 1.5.1 Mademoisellegeline

        I was just kidding!! (๑>◡<๑)

    • 1.6 geese

      awesome emoticons….

    • 1.7 Kethy

      Your emoticons are priceless !
      Will definitely steal them !

      This episode was UH-MA-Ziiiiiiiiing !
      This is how ALL rom-coms should be: women that are HILARIOUS, bold and committed to get what they WANT out of love, men that cry and feel and don’t run away, 2nd lead men that are AWESOME and smart and just… the FEELS!!!
      I will definitely be rewatchint the entire show wants it’s done!

      • 1.7.1 dramarama

        Sounds like there’s a romance self help book waiting to happen in there – How to seduce and keep the alien man in your life

        …written by Bokja using all of the CSY anecdotes!

        • Mademoisellegeline

          ꋧ(⁎ˊ̭ સˆ̀)◞₎̵₎ I would love to own one of the copies..

      • 1.7.2 Mademoisellegeline

        Thank you! I agree with you. I hate rom-coms that have main leads with no backbones and just wallow at their sadness.. I also hate 2nd leads that are annoying and just kept pushing their unrequited love til the effin’ end..

        • Seanshine

          I second that!

    • 1.8 Laden

      Sorry for trolling your comment but who knows how I can get across a designed header(for yfas) to the dramabeans crew.help juseyo.you can check out the header below:

    • 1.9 Laden

      Sorry for trolling your comment but who knows how I can get across a designed header(for yfas) to the dramabeans crew.help juseyo.you can check out the header below:

    • 1.10 k lava

      I actually find myself scrolling for Ur comments when there’s a new post just so I can wonder at ur emotions,this is some serious skills you have

      • 1.10.1 Mademoisellegeline

        Awww thanks! It helps that I texted A LOT during my highschool days.. I always find emoticons online fascinating and I try to copy them.. They help you express your sentences in to whole new level ꒰。•ॢ◡-ॢ。꒱

  2. Ivoire

    My questions for this ep:

    1-Is the word “crocuna (sp?)” different from “crecuna (sp?)” or are they the same? I feel that I have heard the word “crecuna” in dramas before (with an “é” sound), and it was translated as “I see, so it is…” HK’s mom used what sounded like “crocuna (sp?) ” (with an “o” sound), when she was explaining how hard her 1st son’s death had been for her. I could be wrong, that is why I am asking. 2-Am I the only one who has noticed that Daddy Lee and JK are the ones who always seem to not want to go to Kun Hyung’s grave? 3-Does “shikro (sp?)” mean “noisy?” SY typed it in the script she handed to MJ (but then the subs also had the word “bothersome”) and I remember YD using it in Heirs. 4-Yesterday, I asked about the meaning of the 100th day anniversary, what is the meaning of the 1,000th day anniversary? 5- The use and meaning of “Danshin (sp?)” (King of Dramas, INR3, and then here). I am a little confused about that word. It means “you” between spouses (no?), and JW (in INR3) said it means “sweetie, dear.” It is a term you used for someone you like (in a romantic way). But HK doesn’t like MJ in a romantic way, and he used it, when talking to MJ, in the park. Also, in Korean, does the “d” (written in Romanization) has a “t” sound? I always see “danshin” (or “dangshin?”) written with a “d,” yet I hear a “t” sound in the pronunciation. Am I accurate? 6-Would Gwansanggam (in Joseon times) have been a town (or a village), or a province? (I was just curious). 7- About Kun Hyung’s tomb, why is it round? Is it because tombs can have different shapes in Korea? So the marble block in the front would be where Kun Hyung’s name would be written then? And the grass can grow on the tomb? 8-When SY calls MJ “DMJ-shi” is she being formal thus using jondaemal when she speaks to him? And when she calls him “Do manager,” is she being informal (talking down to him, or as an equal), and thus uses banmal when she addresses him? She seems to be intentional in how she addresses, based on the circumstances (and especially with their relationship having ebbs and flows). 9- I wonder how Pros. Yoo got a court order, since he was off the case.
    Another great ep. in which HK got to shine. I really love the arc that HK has had in this drama. He is actually a 2nd male lead who started somewhere, and has had a journey during which he grew, and he is saving the day in the process. We also learned that MJ chose to stay by SY’s side, and that he didn’t tell her the serious repercussions to said decision. I love that this drama keeps some stakes regarding MJ and SY’s relationship, and I continue to look forward to how things will end.

    THE COMEDY:1-Suzy being back, and what ensued, with the meta references to DH and KSH and Suzy’s respective characters in it. We also found out that SSD and GHM were not a together couple. 2-SY’s jealousy, because of GHM. 3-MJ, drunk, and teleporting to SY’s bedroom. The morning after. 4-MJ having to use the balcony to go home. 5-MJ ackward with dating.

    THE MELODRAMATIC: 1-SY overreacting to MJ telling her he had to leave. 2-MJ being affected by SY’s reaction and because he has to live.

    THE AWESOME: 1-How HK masterminded his SIL’s taken away from the mental hospital 2-The collaboration between HK, MJ, Det. Park and Pros. Yoo. 3-JK’s look when he saw his ex-wife and Det. Park, and Pros. Yoo (priceless). 4-SY and MJ back together (finally). 5-MJ deciding to stay with SY (and facing the consequences).

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      Thank you JB, for the recap! And also thank you to the beanies who take the time to read my posts, and answer (some or all of) my questions, and share their thoughts. I don’t respond as quickly as I would like to, however I do read your responses, and I appreciate them.

      • 2.1.1 Ivoire

        What I also love about HK is that he is a good and thoughtful friend. When he found out that SM was in love with him, he put some distance between them, so she would not be hurt (he hoped) as much, because she would not see him as often.

        He has gone from being possessive with SY, to becoming a really good friend to her. He has enough conscience and guts to want to stop his brother, and he actually acts on it. We find out that he is a lot smarter than how he was presented to us at the beginning of the drama. Though, I would have to say that air head HK (especially at the office) was cute and adorable. I have thoroughly enjoyed and loved how PHJ has played HK. He is doing an excellent job. HK really does put his heart where his mind is, whether it is about SY (saving her life, and the other things he has done for her), finding his sister-in-law and exposing his evil brother. I have really appreciated his character growth, and the role he has been playing in the drama.

        • Ivoire

          Oh sorry! That answer was actually addressed to redfox and to houstontwin.

    • 2.2 redfox

      Hwi Kyung is like totally City Hunters´ new identity.
      way too bold. so nervous for him! wish I was a real superfox and ready to fly for help. Glad he asked for help, it is difficult without a sidekick

      • 2.2.1 houstontwin

        Yeah, isn’t HK awesome? At first you think that he is a cute but goofy guy, but he is every kind of wonderful: brave, loving, loyal…

    • 2.3 Pikaljs

      Hey Ivoire! I was just itching to answers some of your questions even though I’m currently on mobile x)
      1-“crecuna” i’m guessing is the word geu-lae-keu-nah, which is like saying “ah, i see…” Basically a word of acknowledgement or understanding, often times as a casual/more informal word. Like, a studen wouldn’t use that with a teacher, but it could work the other way around.
      3-“shikro” is usually what you say when someone’s being loud or obnoxious…it’s different from “joyonghae”, which means to be quiet. It’s like if someone’s blabbering obnoxiously you might just say “SHIKKEURUHWUOH!!” Because you want them to shut up.
      5-“dangshin” has multiple purposes. It can be used affectionately, between a couple, or as a way to say “you” to someone you’re not as familiar/comfortable with.

    • 2.4 anniejang

      I felt happy that he didn’t remember Go Hie-Mi. I never liked her anyway, even tho-I hate hate hate separations at the end, and that one was no exception.

    • 2.5 whitleybug

      I’ll attempt to answer a couple of your questions (I live in Korea and speak some Korean, but am not fluent yet)…
      1) The first word you mentioned is 그렇구나 (usually romanized as keureokuna) 그렇다 means “to be like that” and -구나 is an informal exclamatory ending, so together it means “Ah, so it’s like that!” or “Ah, I see!” It’s used when you suddenly understand something that someone has said.

      3) 시끄럽다 means to be noisy, but if a kid is being really noisy and you want them to shut up, you can say “시끄러워 (sikkeureoweo)!” and while it literally means “It’s noisy!” it has the meaning of “(It’s noisy so) be quiet!” However, in the case you mentioned in the script, it can also be loud (in an annoying, bothersome way).

      4) I teach at a high school here in Korea and I can literally ask any student that currently has a boyfriend or girlfriend how long they’ve been dating and they will tell me the exact day. There are even phone apps that keep track of all the big days. Like the drama mentions, 100 days, 1 year, 1000 days are the major ones. But my students celebrate the 50 days, 200 days, 300 days, etc… basically they really like anniversaries! haha! And for each one of these, there are usual things that you do as a couple. Couple items are also really big here. I have 2 students that just celebrated their 600th day together (I just turned 26 today and I still haven’t had a relationship that long and they’re only 18… :'( haha) Anyways, they have couple shoes, couple rings, couple shirts, couple jackets, couple hoodies, couple backpacks, couple EVERYTHING! haha!

      5) 당신 (dangshin) means you. However, it has very many different ways of using it. Married couples can use it in the way you described as ‘honey’ or ‘darling’. While people who don’t know each other well can use it as a polite way of saying ‘you’ (the lower form is 너 (neo)). Or it can be used in a fighting manner when you are angry with someone but still speaking using the polite form.

      Like I said, I’m not an expert, but I hope these help you while you’re studying Korean! Keep at it!

    • 2.6 anais

      OM Lordy, you’re really using kdramas as an intensive on Korean culture, aren’t ya? Since others have already answered some of the questions very thoroughly, here are answers for the questions remaining.

      2. It’s understandable that JK’s and HK’s dad doesn’t go to the eldest son’s grave at the same time as the rest of his family. After all, he’s the head of a conglomerate.

      5. “dang shin” – whitelybug gave a really good explanation, but I want to address something you raised. You mention INR3’s JW’s explanation for the proper use of “dang shin.” His explanation is a bit limited intentionally. He’s trying to coach the present JY back into the affectionate and loving Shing Shing of the past. Hence, he’s discouraging her use of “dang shin” in a cold, potentially hostile way and encouraging only its affectionate use.

      As for its pronunciation, you have to remember that the Korean language doesn’t map neatly onto English. Korean language uses aspirated sounds and the ㄷ in 당신 is an aspirated “d” that sounds like somewhere between the “d” of “dog” and “t” of “tag.”

      6-Would Gwansanggam (in Joseon times) have been a town (or a village), or a province?

      It’s not a geographical entity but an administrative bureau. Think of it as a feudal, Confucian NASA, with less emphasis on empirical experimentation.

      7- About Kun Hyung’s tomb, why is it round? Is it because tombs can have different shapes in Korea? So the marble block in the front would be where Kun Hyung’s name would be written then? And the grass can grow on the tomb?
      Most traditional tombs in Korea are rounded. If you’ve come across tombs that are shaped any differently (say, raised rectangular beds), those are ones that adhere to a more Western aesthetic. Perhaps finances play a factor since the round plots, presumably, take up more space and might cost more.

      Yes, grass must grow but tidily on rounded tombs. Grooming the tomb is a big deal. My father was greatly upset to discover his father’s tomb ill-tended while he was in the U.S. Since then, I believe, he’s hired grave groomers. (I don’t know if that’s the proper term, but that’s the sentiment.)

      8-When SY calls MJ “DMJ-shi” is she being formal thus using jondaemal when she speaks to him? And when she calls him “Do manager,” is she being informal (talking down to him, or as an equal), and thus uses banmal when she addresses him?
      • “DMJ ssi” is formal. However, “Do Manager” isn’t necessarily informal either. She’s just choosing to address him in a different capacity. Terms of address in Korean are relational. That said, “Do Manager” could be SY’s attempts to lay claim on or assert a preexisting relationship with DMJ. Either way, when she says “Do Manager,” she’s addressing him in that respect, with all its attendant subtleties.

      • 2.6.1 Ivoire

        Hello Anais,

        And thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and actually respond. As you can imagine, your answer elicited more questions from me. So here I go:

        About this, “OM Lordy, you’re really using kdramas as an intensive on Korean culture, aren’t ya?” As they say in Kdramas, “I guess it turned out this way 🙂 ” I am just curious about everything I see, and I want to understand everything I see and hear (or at least know and understand as much as I can). So I take notes, and I put my questions out there (meaning posting them here), to see if I will get some answers. And some kind beanies usually offer some answers. The nice thing is that I have read comments from other beanies who said that they learned from the questions I ask, so I guess it doesn’t only benefit me.

        2-So, Daddy Lee (HK and JK’s dad), what does him being the head of a conglomerate have to do with him not going to his son’s grave with the rest of his family (is there a cultural meaning)? This is not about a schedule issue, or is it? I am not clear on your response. Could you elaborate, please? (And as you know, I am just trying to understand, which is why I keep asking. I hope that is OK with you).

        5-“dang shin” : I had read (a while back, and I checked again right now) on the “Talking Cupboard” website that “dang shin” is (also) an affectionate term that spouses can use (and do use) for each other. So, there was that. In INR3, yes, JW very often says “dang shin,” when he is speaking to Shin Shin. However, in ep. 4, when SR sees JW, and she gives him a hug (I don’t know if she gave him a kiss on the cheek as well), JW asks her to greet him in the Korean way. Then, when they are (both) in the elevator, JW says something to her, and SR asks him why he is not calling her “dang shin” any more. That’s when JW explains that “dang shin” is a term reserved for someone you like (and I added that explanation in my folder, about the meanings of “dang shin”). Also, in the King of Dramas, the heroine, Lee Go-Eun, would very often address Anthony as “dang shin,” and that was before they became romantically involved, and that stayed with me. So, I am saying all of this to say that I have seen “dang shin” being used in dramas, and I always pay attention to the context it is used in, to make sure I understand how it is being used at the time.

        Thank you also, for explaining the pronunciation of the word “dang shin.” I hope I didn’t offend you with my comment. If I did, I apologize. I think I use English as a reference because that is the language I can mention here, since most people would know what I mean. So, the phonetic sound for the Korean language would be different than the English one. I am asking this out of curiosity (and know that you don’t have to exert yourself on my behalf), do you know of a good (teaching) program (with CDs) on the phonetics of Korean? My mom used to have one for English (that one was on LPs), and it was excellent, so I was just wondering. I thought I would pick your brain about that. I also think that because the Kdramas I watch are subbed in English, English has been my go to language, when I try to figure out the pronunciation of a word (or letter) in Korean.

        6-Oh OK! I am so glad I asked. It is better for me not to assume that I know some of these things, when clearly I don’t.

        • anais

          It’s great that Kdrama elicits such enthusiasm and curiosity. It’s wonderful. More than anything, I’m just astounded by your doggedness and meticulousness. Mainly b/c I’m not someone who has such stamina. If I sounded discouraging, my bad, sincerely.

          2. It’s a schedule and patriarchal thing. If HE wanted the entire family to go along with HIM, it’d be a much bigger deal. It would be expected that everyone would work around HIS schedule.

          5. As to discerning when “dangshin” is being used genuinely or sarcastically (hostilely), you’ll have to pay attention to the context. It’s like using “dear” or “sweetie” or “honey” but in a sarcastic and condescending manner.

          Korean pronunciation guide – sorry, can’t help you on that one.

      • 2.6.2 Ivoire

        Hello again anais,

        Sorry, part 2 of my response:

        7– About Kun Hyung’s tomb, why is it round? Is it because tombs can have different shapes in Korea? So the marble block in the front would be where Kun Hyung’s name would be written then? And the grass can grow on the tomb?

        So, I have another question about Kun Hyung. I did some research, and I couldn’t find his full name. So “Kun” would be the 1st name of the oldest brother, right? Since HK calls him “Kun Hyung,” like YJ calls MJ, “Min-joon hyung. So the full name would be “Lee Kun (and something else)?” I am asking because I have always seen Korean names having 3 words, and here, we only get “Lee Kun.”

        I am so glad you are answering my questions Anais, because tbh, I am a learning a lot, while watching Kdramas. The 1st time I saw someone go to a tomb was in the drama “The President,” with Choi Soo-jong and his wife (she plays his wife in the drama). I love finding out that the Korean culture has some similarities with my culture, and I love learning the things I didn’t know, which I find out, every time I watch a new drama.

        So my question is this, “after they have placed the body in the casket, placed the casket in the ground, poured the dirt/sand on the casket, do they plant some grass on the sand? Or does the grass naturally grow (out of no where) on the sand?” My question might sound stupid, but I don’t want to assume, and I would rather ask. Next time I see a round grave with grass in a Kdrama, I won’t be surprised anymore. So, what was the marble block in front of the round tomb? HK put the flowers on it. Is Kun Hyung’s name written on it? (With the date of his birth and the date of his death, like they do in the US?)

        8-When SY calls MJ “DMJ-shi” is she being formal thus using jondaemal when she speaks to him? And when she calls him “Do manager,” is she being informal (talking down to him, or as an equal), and thus uses banmal when she addresses him?

        I asked about this one, because as far as I can remember, SY never addresses MJ as “Min-joon.” That would make sense, because he starts out as her professor, and they are strangers. Later on, she learns that he is at least 400 years old (so, much older than her, and he reminds her of that). And it’s interesting, because even though SY has spent some time at MJ’s place (a number of times), spending the night etc… She still addresses him formally.

        I think I understand that, since I also know that in the Korean culture, parents address their children informally, and the children address their parents formally (even though they live in the same house, and the children grew up with the parents). Even though there are times when SY speaks informally to MJ (and I think there have been times when she has spoken down to him, no?), I find it interesting that she has not called him by his 1st name. Now that they are dating, she might call him “oppa” or “Min-joon-ah (sp?)or Min-joon-ie” right?

        • Lisa

          About no. 7, I can try to answer about the name. 큰 (keun) means big, so it’s a distinction between Hwi Kyung’s eldest brother compared to the second oldest brother, Jae Kyung. The name of elder brother is written on the tombstone in Hanja (Chinese characters). I’m Chinese, so from my knowledge, in Korean, the name would be Lee Han Kyung. The Han is the same as the Han in Hanguk (Korea).

          P.S. I’ve learned things from your detailed questions as well. ^^

        • anais

          7. Let me piggy back onto Lisa’s answer. In Korea, except for (childhood) friends, people don’t address each other by their names. They do so by the terms of their relationship. My younger sisters would never call me by my given name. The middle one would address me as “Unni” and the youngest as “Big Unni.” The youngest would call the middle one, “Small Unni.” I, on the other hand, get to call them by their names. Hee!!! My mom stopped being called by her given name once she had me. Then she became “(My Korean Name) Mom.” Same with my dad. That’s how my parents address each other as well. So, it’s not the name but the relationship that gets privileged. I think this both reflects and reinforces Korea’s Neo-Confucian emphasis on social cohesion over individualism.

          There are then variations that can get fairly complicated, between cousins for example. But let’s deal with that when we come across it in a drama so that we can have something to ground it.

          8. Min Joon doesn’t address Song Yi informally either. The only times Song Yi ever addresses Min Joon informally is when she calls on him by his full name to rescue her. Contrast that to Hui Kyeong. He calls Song Yi only Song Yi or “our” Song Yi. That’s proper given that their shared past goes all the way back to their teen years.

          That said, I’d be shocked if SY switched to calling MJ as “oppa,” or “MJ-ah” or “MJ-ie.” For one thing, MJ probably wouldn’t tolerate it. Secondly, it’s as I mentioned earlier. Relational salutations, not names. So, she’d probably call him “jagi-yah” or “dang shin” (without sarcasm or hostility) or “yeobo” (if they were to get married) before she ever called him by his name on any regular basis. The point is, it’s not strange that she hasn’t called him by his name informally. That’s more normal, given their relationship.

        • anais

          Oh, the question re: the grave. I don’t know enough to be able to answer fully. I’ve never been in attendance at a traditional burial. I’ve only ever gone for funeral anniversary rites.

          That said, they don’t use sand. God forbid. The soil quality does matter.

          There’s a lot of thought/anxiety that goes into grave plot selection and maintenance. I don’t know if you caught the historical drama The Great Seer (대풍수), which was about geomancy, which is feng shui. If you did, you’d know what I mean about all the care that goes into ancestral tombs. The only internet sources I can find readily pertain to royal tombs, but this link had a tiny bit of info re: the distinctions required between royal and commoners’ tombs.

          • Ivoire

            Hello again anais,

            I am so thankful for the time you take to respond to me. I was able to use your very helpful responses in a conversation today with my roommate, to whom I introduced Kdramas 3 weeks ago. We talked about “dangshin” (or “dang shin”) and about why SY would never call MJ by his 1st name. It was so nice to be able to have a conversation about what happens in Kdramas, and being able to explain a few things, the way they have been explained to me.
            They say that the best way to learn something is to teach/explain it to someone else and I was able to do that, thanks to you and to the other beanies.

            I did read your latest responses, thank you for those. I am planning on responding as well. however I have to go attend to real life at the moment. And today has been busy as well. So, if you don’t mind, please check tonight or tomorrow to see if I have been able to respond. I am truly enjoying our conversations, thank you kindly for indulging me.

          • anais

            Ivoire, I’m glad I can be helpful. No need for you to respond, though. It’s a communal give and take, so please, no need.

    • 2.7 omsanthus tea

      I can’t remember where I read this, but there was a conversation somewhere that the detective asked Yoo if he really were going to take the risk. I think that might mean Yoo was faking the warrant?

      Can anyone else confirm?

    • 2.8 Christina

      1 – 그렇구나, it means I see. For pronunciation, you can try googling. They have ‘romanisation’ => keu reo gu na
      2 – This is probably because Jae Gyung has something to do with big bro’s death.
      3 – Yes, it can mean both noisy and bothersome depending on context. Usually, it means noisy.
      4 – It is a couple thing, similar to monthsaries and anniversaries.
      5 – Means you but can be used in many ways. Regarding if it is ‘d’ or ‘t’ sound. In korean, where the word is positioned affects its sound. For example, 바바 (baba) would be pronounced paba. The first b/p is pronounced p (stronger) and the second b/p is pronouced b (weaker).
      6 – Gwansanggam is hanja (chinese word). It means something along the lines of department of astrology. That ‘department’ is official department of the king’s palace.
      7 – I don’t know about korea’s’ tombs but in my country, yeah, they can have different size. For my country and culture, the richer people usually have those round tombs..
      8 – DMJ-shi and Do manager are both polite/casual. ‘-shi’ is quite versatile. If she uses banmal, the ‘-yo’s would be absent.
      9 – He probably faked it haha!

  3. Bloops

    Is it bad that at this point I don’t really care anymore whether Min Joon dies or not as long as he doesn’t leave Song Yi? T___T

    These two are so adorable together I’m about to puke unicorns, burp rainbows and drool liquid caramel.
    I’ll leave you guys with this random thing I made. Happy Valentine’s day 😉


    • 3.1 Mademoisellegeline

      Oh! Are you the one who made those memes on fb? I liked your page and I’ll be sharing your memes on instagram.. I’ll be sure to credit you on those so more fans will know your witty work!! They are DAEBAK!!! ˛˛ꉂ ೭(˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵)౨”

      • 3.1.1 Bloops

        Ha – thanks! I’m glad you like it 🙂

        • jaglaine

          Loved the one about the ‘your bf has sexier curves than you’. So true! I guess JJH actually lost weight coz she was concerned that at the beginning that KSH was skinnier than her.

      • 3.1.2 anais

        Absolutely hilarious.

  4. lordj

    thank you for the recap… drunk alien is so loveable… lol

  5. krys

    Thank you for reviewing! C:

  6. hawaiianseoul

    ugh no do min jooooooon!!!

    Thanks for the recap, so many tears were shed for this episode ughhh

  7. ilikemangos

    That surprise morning kiss was way sexier than it normally would have been because not only did Song-Yi (what a tease) initiate it, the way Jeon Ji Hyun parted her lips and went in for the kill while Kim Soo Hyun looked at her with those warm puppy eyes like an enchanted boy.. It was definitely more than your typical “lip collision” in dramaland despite it lasting a second long. Then again JJH-KSH tend to ooze chemistry in everything they do together. I’m gonna miss them so much after this show ends.

    • 7.1 Conny

      The same reason I’m glad I have The Thieves on DVD. They are so stinking perfect for each other.

      I can’t belive this drama is already closing in on the final episode. I want to see more of this new power couple. That chemisty is amazing!

      • 7.1.1 Seanshine

        The chemistry between them is so good, I was afraid Kim Soo Hyun would actually fall for his leading lady. Then I forgot she’s a married woman.

        Because everyone kept talking about the thieves I decided to watch it. I see what everyone means now. They really are nice together. Too bad though! : (

    • 7.2 Mademoisellegeline

      I kept replaying that scene (^་།^) *wipes blood on my nose* It was really sexy!!

    • 7.3 Aidsincera

      The way Song Yi’s morning kiss is get even hotter than the other kiss scene huhuhu 🙂

      But really, wake up in the morning after drunk like crazy-unconscious-hangover, after that morning kiss.. Errrrr, I mean, breath, people, breath!! :))

      • 7.3.1 Mademoisellegeline

        I guess Alien don’t have bad breath (‾͈̑ ◟  ॢ‾͈̑๑)

        • Aidsincera

          LOL :))

  8. tiny

    DMJ are you just saying stuff we want to hear or do you actually mean it?

    i love how Lawyer Jang harummphs that his 30-yr relationship seemed spiffle when a woman came into MJ’s life.

    I think there are a lot of people who’s accepted MJ for who he is more than ever. Jang, SongYi and Hwikyung. Heck, even JK wanted him forhimself. And YJ, well he’ll probably build him a shrine if he finds out MinJoon is real life ET.

    • 8.1 Ivoire

      I think YJ already built a shrine for MJ in his heart. Can’t you see the hearts coming out of his eyes, when he sees MJ? It’s a surprise YJ doesn’t do cartwheels when he sees MJ. As we know, and as evidenced again in this ep., YJ worships MJ (and I think he did everything he could for MJ and SY to not break up) 🙂

      • 8.1.1 v


        • v

          plus MJ would be a good father figure for him, since he never really has his dad around

      • 8.1.2 Ivoire

        And to this, I will add this, “and I think he did everything he could for MJ and SY to not break up.” That is, short of not “begging” MJ to not let his sister go. I would say that in a way, he was actually begging MJ to not stop dating his sister (conversation in the hallway).

        Also, remember that he has already given his approval to MJ dating his sister. As far as YJ is concerned, MJ is already the son/brother in law, and he has welcomed him in the family 🙂 I also think that (because YJ kept telling MJ that his sister is lacking), that YJ thinks that SY dating MJ is a step up for her, and not the other way around.

  9. chhavi

    I really wish that they might end up together forever…..

    • 9.1 v

      Whoaaa I was right about the comet. (last episode’s comment) Now let see if i got it right again. MJ have his sister riding in the comet to pick him up. and she’s similar in personality to CSY, so she end up helping SY to live in their planet…..LOL that is too far stretch but I would love to see somebody else cameo as MJ sister….oh well.

      • 9.1.1 v

        how about Han Ga In as his noona, alien noona. whoaaa!!

        • mjskim

          Han Gain? NO.
          No offense, but I seriously don’t like her acting.
          Definitely NO for this awesome show.

      • 9.1.2 ilikemangos

        It’d be so awesome to have his alien noona come and give him a real spanking for straying from the group.
        Thing is, do min joon didn’t even mention that he has a family at home, so do aliens not procreate? are they created using machines? obviously not since our alien has human emotions.

      • 9.1.3 Angelita

        Ha 🙂
        It would be awesome if some of his kind would make an appearance! Just imagine Chun Song Yi surrounded by aliens, hillarity ensured! 😉

        • Gidget

          Well, maybe the whole family can go back with him.

          CSY wants to spend the rest of her life with her alien
          Her brother is fascinated by aliens
          Her mom seems like an alien
          Her dad lives like an alien

  10. 10 tiny

    this is why i read DB! i never would’ve figured out the other songs she was requesting LOL same with episode 15’s Lee Mi Ja the trot singer and Bae Ho heeeheee

    • 10.1 earthna

      Okay, this is totally random but I went out with my friends to karaoke tonight and I was searching for Hyorin’s Hello. I typed 안녕 and the one that appeared was sang by Bae Ho. I think I laughed too hard earlier.

      • 10.1.1 Kiara

        The only only K song I ever tried singing in a karaoke was Hello by Yoo Seung Woo. Total disaster, I was so glad my friends were too drunk to notice lol.

  11. 11 ann

    i’m curious as to why the “super evil villain” hasn’t killed off his ex- wife yet and has, instead, kept her in an asylum-prison.
    lingering emotions perhaps…? -gasp- maybe he has a heart?

    • 11.1 Ivoire

      Hi ann,
      I would like to know why he is the way he is. Was he always that evil, even as a child? Though his mother mentioned that she had always been uncomfortable around him. That makes me curious.

      • 11.1.1 ann

        yea, i wish the drama gave him a little bit more character development.

        why did he keep his ex-wife alive when he could’ve easily kill her off. that han yura lady found some things out about him and he quickly killed her off. the ex-wife seems to be his one weakness.

        • Ivoire

          Very good point ann! I wish the writer would give us some answers to your questions. I really love the actor who is playing JK, he is doing a really good job. I do wish JK was a little bit (or better) fleshed out as well.

      • 11.1.2 Seanshine


        Craziness really doesn’t need a background story. Jae Kyung seems to just be a bad seed. Lol

        • Ivoire

          @ Seanshine,

          LOL! But… but… this inquiring mind would like to know 🙂

      • 11.1.3 Gidget

        One of the great things about this drama is the sheer volume of genres, meta, tropes, archetypes, etc. that they’ve managed to sample-in.

        My take is that his character is written as an archetype. He’s stylistically similar to a comic book villain. Everything about him is one dimensional, and drawn with simple, stark and extreme lines. I’m half expecting a scene of his to have a “SHAZAM!!!” or “POW!!!” written into it. There may be no reason for his actions other than that he’s maniacally eeeeeeevil.

        • Thursdaynexxt

          I feel like it’s also the red velvet jacket and the bright purple coat, and his whole fashion sense generally, which contribute to his overarching evilness…

          • John

            Thursdaynexxt ~

            Regarding the overcoat, Prince called and he wants his coat back. Outside of a K Drama character, who else could wear that ?

          • Kiara

            He reminds me of The Joker (just a little bit). He was a highly intelligent serial killer psychopath and often wears a purple coat.

          • Gidget

            Bite your tongue! LOL

            That wasn’t just a red velvet jacket. It was a full-blown red velvet satan suit… accessorized with a matching personality, to complete the ensemble.

            And yes, Prince does want his wardrobe back. Though it also seems Lee Min Ki has stolen his hair.

          • Thursdaynexxt

            LOL!! I just got an image of how Jae Kyung in his purple Prince coat would look if he changed his slicked back hairstyle to Lee Min Ki’s… horrifying’s one word for it. Disturbing is another.

            I always thought Prince should trade mark that colour for himself.

            And @Gidget, you’re right – it was the top-to-toe red velvet look! *Shudder*

            Did you know they sell those nail rings online?!

          • Gidget

            Oh my. Seriously?

        • Ivoire


          I agree with what you said. About this, “There may be no reason for his actions other than that he’s maniacally eeeeeeevil.” I still say, “but why????? Why?” Oh, I know why: so we can have some drama in this drama, and another plot point that pulls MJ and SY in and give them reasons to be physically together (same space). OK, that makes sense now.

          • Gidget


            Forgive me in advance that this is kinda long.

            In addition to using JK as a plot device, I also think they’re having a lot of fun with the artistic side of the show.

            I haven’t been around the Kdrama world very long, but from what I’ve seen, it seems as though this show is pioneering a whole new genre. It goes way beyond fusion dramas, into something that feels more like a ‘dubstep’ drama. (That may not technically be the best word to borrow from the musical world, but it gives the general idea.) Just like dubstep samples and remixes bits and pieces of other songs to create its own music, this drama has done the same.

            Initially I wanted to be told all the rich details of the story lines. And I thought the overt meta, etc, was distracting me from being able to fall in love with the lead characters (plus, at the time, the leads of PMI owned my heart). But then when I realized that what they were doing artistically had largely flown-over-my-head, I started to see things in a whole new way. I thought, to appreciate this kind of art, I can’t focus on wanting to “hear” how every last bit of each and every element plays-out. The show doesn’t strive to do that. Rather, it takes dramatic elements we’re familiar with and lets us experience them in a rich, new way. I think the artistic creation – given the technical difficulty of pulling it off – has been nothing short of awesome.

            The first time I saw this conceptual idea was in Faith. But in that show, it came across as confusing. And I wondered how it would even be possible to create a good show with that vision. The storyline and styling of: the villains were borrowed from a manga; the royal court was borrowed from a saeguk; the heroine was borrowed from both a rom-com and a melo; the hero was borrowed from a psycho(logical) drama, a comedy and an action drama; and the overall show was (somewhat) unified by a supernatural theme. With Faith, the genre differences seemed disjointed and often came across as either unintentionally comical, confusing or perhaps even led to the impression that the roles were inadequately acted. Now, YFAS makes me wonder what Faith could have been.

            So for YFAS I no longer care to see all the details fleshed-out; because that’d distract from the genius of it’s artistic vision. Instead, I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around how it can overtly weave in all the different stylistic elements and still retain a consistent, unified and unique voice. I’m hoping that someone who is better suited to this kind of thinking would (at some point) give some insights. 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Hello Gidget,
            Thank you so much for your response. I have started writing yours, and it seems I have a lot to say as well. I have to go back to dealing with real life, so I will post when I am done writing my response. I hope that you will see this response and check back later. Thank you!

      • 11.1.4 v

        I am wondering whether he’s a born psycopath.

      • 11.1.5 Angelita

        Maybe the nail ring made him that way… You know every time he’s thinking evil stuff he touches that ring. And then in that epilogue where CSY went crazy at the shrink’s office, she was wearing that ring too. Or am I looking too much into the small things? But then again, in a show with aliens who has super powers, it could be possible right?
        Even if it doesn’t make him that evil, I do wonder what that ring means to him, there must be some story behind it, right?

        • Ivoire

          I agree with you, Angelita 🙂 ! And please, do look at the small things. I constantly do it, when I watch a Kdrama. Just look at the length of my posts 🙂

          • Angelita

            I always love your posts Ivoire!
            So keep doing that, every week I’ve learned something new thanks to them.

            Another thing I noticed in this episode, MJ’s bed looks like an ufo. I hadn’t noticed it before but when you watch the scene where SY talks to MJ through the wall and asks to go on a trip with her, there’s a yellow light under his bed. It’s like it’s floating. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did that intentionally.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Angelita again 🙂 !

            And thank you so much for your response, you really made my day. I didn’t know that you read my comments. They are so long, I am sure most of the beanies just scroll down past it (LOL), which is fine by me.

            I went back and rewatched the scene you mentioned, and you are right. I did see the yellow light, however, I don’t think it comes from under his bed. It doesn’t look like it comes from under his bed. They look more like a reflection of the lights placed somewhere around his bed, and they fall at the feet of his bed (the reflections), and so we have those yellow lights at the feet of his bed and on the side. That’s how I saw it. And I agree with you, I would not be surprised if they did that intentionally as well. They paid attention to details when building those sets. Those sets cost 940,000 dollars (and in Korean Won, that’s a lot of money).

            I am glad that you learn new things because of my posts. It makes it worth the time I put in to take notes (when I watch the show) and write my posts. I will respond to more posts and I will add more thoughts. So please feel free to check and see if I have added anything new.

            Have a great weekend 🙂 !

    • 11.2 PlumWine

      Perhaps if she’s dead there is money/property/something that he will no longer have access to. A heart? He likes to think of new ways to stop those, so I would be really surprised if he had tender feelings for her. Perhaps keeping her alive and under his control is a way to torture her?

      • 11.2.1 Ivoire

        Yeah, maybe it’s the torture thing… I guess we will find out, in the next episodes why he put her in a mental hospital. Probably related to his brother’s death, methinks.

  12. 12 noernov

    Jealous song yi is always a thrill 😉

    • 12.1 dramarama

      As is devastated, heart-broken songyi!

  13. 13 zakin89

    Gah I’ll never get used to Kim Soo Hyun crying T.T He’s just so good!

    I loved the Suzy cameo and … will be watching Dream High again very soon xD

    Drunk Min Joon was cute and I loved his mortification after waking up 😀

    Now can we get someone who mixes a humanity potion for MJ so that he can stay with SY forever and make pretty babies? That would make my day because I need a happy ending for those two!!!

    • 13.1 tiny

      KSH crying uhaaaa

      did you guys hear the little sound he made when SongYi confirmed ‘You’re not coming back?’?

      i’m such a sucker for the good kind of angst haha

      • 13.1.1 zakin89

        I swear that tiny whimper put me over the edge! The whole conversation was already heartbreaking but his reaction to her asking if it means that he’s not coming back… T.T

        Kim Soo Hyun is just one of those actors who gets me right in the heart when he cries! I’m such a sucker for good crying scenes 😛 I kind of hate myself for that because it’s exhausting sometimes xD

    • 13.2 ranimah

      Totally agreed with your idea of lasting happiness for MJ and SY couple complete with children to make up for his scarifies.

  14. 14 Beng

    and what about babies?! ooops, i can say it here right? =)

    Totally agree on your last comment, JB =)

    • 14.1 anniejang

      I would not expect them to say or do this in a Kdrama (God Forbid-and TOO BAD) but, whoever said they should use ‘protection’ for him, and in-vitro for a baby was right on target-so EASY!

  15. 15 anonymous0188

    The episode was so good I almost forgot Suzy made a cameo @_@

    • 15.1 Jolie

      Ha ha, I put my hands over my ears and did the nah nah nah, you so did NOT break up with Sam Dong. No way. Nah nah nah.

      • 15.1.1 ilikemangos

        I was actually sad at hearing the news that hye-mi and sam dong broke up, too.. Because my first thought is of sam dong’s crying face and we all know how well KSH likes to gut us with his crying. And how could sam-dong live without hye-mi?

        • spazzing

          Well, I’ve concluded that it’s okay that Sam Dong and Hye Mi broke up because they’re going to get back together after SD wins the Grammy. This is what happens: after Sam Dong goes off to NYC to become K, they temporarily break up. Then, HM meets Kang Chi (Gu Family Book), who, for some reason, falls in love with her and follows her around saying that she looks like a lover from his past. But then, recently, he begins to gain an interest in someone else from an idol group and ends their relationship. So now, at this point in life, HM is a single university student who misses her first love and sees him in her ex-professor.
          In a few years though, after SD has conquered the world as K, he comes back to HM and they get married and have 5 beautiful kids.
          So yeah. Don’t worry. Right now SD is HM’s ex. But in a few more years, they’ll be together again and live happily ever after.

          • Ivoire

            Well said spazzing,
            And I see you have added some meta references, and crossed over with GFB 🙂 (And I understood, about KC falling for an idol girl 🙂 ).

        • Ivoire

          About this, “And how could sam-dong live without hye-mi?”
          And SD said it in the drama, that he couldn’t breathe without her. So, I too was surprised to learn that they broke up. I was like “really?” 🙁

      • 15.1.2 jaglaine

        My take on that is that they broke up because a long-distance love affair is difficult to keep up. But they still love each other and will get together after hye-mi’s concert. They both achieved their goals and they will now get back to each other because after 8 long years, they are still in each other’s hearts and thoughts.

        • Ivoire

          Awww jaglaine, Ever the romantic, aren’t you 🙂 ?

    • 15.2 skelly

      Hm. In the minority, but I thought the Suzy cameo was unnecessary and annoying. But that is because I never watched Dream High, and I don’t like Suzy. She still can’t act, no matter how much back-lighting and gauze they use.

      • 15.2.1 mike choi

        i’m with you in the minority. it seemed weirdly out of place and awkward, just inserted there with no real purpose. (compared to 2NE1’s dara at the red carpet in the last episode, which was part of the story/scene and didn’t distract and it was a good “oh wait, isn’t that dara?…” and that’s it) i don’t care for her as an actress/idol singer and didn’t watch her other drama so i don’t understand the cameo.

        other than that, this is one of the best stand-alone episodes of this series. full of the whole emotional range and hilarious comic scenes, etc… as a guy, i find myself in awe at how much of a great all-around versatile actress jun jihyun is: at times, she’s super beautiful, other times, she’s really cute, other times she’s over-the-top hilarious that i’m laughing out loud holding my belly, and other times, her crying makes you cry and heart ache, and her comic or crazy outbursts makes you smile. what a great actress; no wonder she’s so successful. i liked her a lot since il mare / sassy girl, but kinda forgot about her (didn’t watch much k drama or movie for a long time)– then i heard she made a comeback to drama so i was curious.

        totally NOT disappointed– very quality drama, script, and cast. sort of had the tried-and-true drama formula, yet didn’t frustrate me or had me yelling at the writer/producer– had enough originality and great pacing to really make a great drama. if anyone hasn’t watched this yet, 100% recommended from a long-time jaded kdrama fan… (i also watched secret garden for the first time a few weeks ago, also a superb drama in every way– great character development, writing, directing, and acting).

  16. 16 emiie

    This drama slays me. Every episode keeps getting better and better. And yeah that cancer drama–I don’t even want to go there!

    Drunk MJ is so cute. We definitely need to have more kisses between MJ and SY!!!!

    And I trust winter-nim to give us a happy ending. One thing about this drama is that I can’t really anticipate what the next steps are going to be and those that I anticipate are done so skillfully and with the right amount of humor.

    I am concerned about the second comet that blew up like Javabeans. I just hope it is all for the good.

    Also, I just learned there is going to be a one episode extension so I’m hoping to see pregnant SY in the last episode.

  17. 17 Jolie

    Do we know if this is extending or not yet?

    • 17.1 zakin89

      I just read the news that there will be an extension!

      As much as I like it (extensions can be pretty much hit or miss but if we get more cuddly time of the OTP I have no problems with it :P) but I won’t be home that day and will be staying in a hotel overnight. Last time I was in that hotel the internet connection sucked badly (though it shouldn’t since it’s in the heart of Vienna but whatever). I am already imagining myself sitting outside of the hotel with my phone as laptop alternative 😛 At least I won’t have problems with waiting since I am going to a concert and should be able to watch the subbed episode right afterwards =)

      • 17.1.1 Emmy

        Yayy! Glad to hear that. I think one episode extensions usually don’t affect the pacing of the drama that much (especially since they knew a couple of weeks before). They can just do filler fan service in any case and we’ll all be thankful!:)

        Enjoy Vienna! I lived there for a year, but the centre never fails to enchant me, especially at night!

        • zakin89

          I’m always a bit careful with extensions because I have seen bad outcomes but also good ones. And with this drama I wouldn’t mind some fanservice at all^^

          Thank you, I will 🙂 It’s been a while that I’ve been there though I am just living like one and a half our (by train) away from Vienna 😀

    • 17.2 Mademoisellegeline

      I don’t know either ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

      I saw on wikipedia on the ratings section that they added episode 21 but then again wikipedia is not that reliable..

  18. 18 aweebit

    is there anyone else starting to get more worried about MJ staying-not dying and living without her for four hundred more years? Waaaaay too sad that way.

    • 18.1 Jolie

      I am wondering if there will be another round of reincarnation. I mean, we aren’t sure if SY is a reincarnation or not, but she still might be so, there’s that.

      • 18.1.1 PlumWine

        That would just be too cruel.

    • 18.2 Atom

      Well, it he is destined to live that long in this world, at least he has ‘good memories with tones of loves’ by his heart and not the regrets when in another star. 😉

      I am all for this option 😉

    • 18.3 v

      ok that is just too mean for MJ, I’m not having another wolf boy moment here.

    • 18.4 MajorDickason's

      Like in LOTR when Elrond tells Arwen she can’t choose to love Aragorn because he’ll eventually die since he’s human, but she will live on and on with only loneliness and grief to keep her company. It’s just too sad…. That would be DMJ after spending a lifetime of loving SY until her life is over. Assuming DMJ doesn’t die or disappear first.

      How are the writers going to get our couple through this? Maybe they will grow old together in earth time and DMJ’s death/disappearance is on alien time which translates to a normal human lifetime. What about babies? That’s what convinces Arwen to joyfully choose to love Aragorn in the end.

      • 18.4.1 Anne

        I love the parallel you drew. I am thinking that what if DMJ’s “ceasing to exist after one month” is really just dying to his alien body and abilities and he continue to exist as a human. He will be able to carry on a normal human relationship with SY. With lots of kisses and beyond! I am hoping the writers will give us a good ending with loads of kisses!

    • 18.5 Stardust

      I do!
      Yes it’s cruel to leave SY after one month but imagine staying and SY grows old and dies and Him haven’t the eternity to live it out alone. Isn’t that horrible for alien boy?!

  19. 19 ck1Oz

    Don’t make think about it having better to have lived and lost and not love at all.

    I can’t conclude it is a better decision. I am now dithering between happiness he’s staying and absolute dread on what the writer is going to do?

    Aish, he’s not going to fade, like fade in and out? Or just disappear? Or what?????

    • 19.1 John

      If he stays, perhaps his superpowers diminish and they grow old together.

  20. 20 Ha ni

    OMG!! Best episode yet

    • 20.1 Ha ni

      Half sad but happy. Happy to know Min joon cant really think when song yi is around. But it was the best episode

    • 20.2 Sakura

      That after every ep there r people who say “best episode ever!”, only goes to show how amazing this drama is (*´▽`*)

  21. 21 Conny

    Thanks so much for the recap.

    I honestly can’t wait to see how this drama ends. But man, am I the only one who thinks that Shin Sung Rok needs to be the lead of the bext romantic commedy?
    He is rather stunning and I’d love to see him in something cute and funny.

    • 21.1 Emmy

      Haha.. I would imagine he would welcome it after having to act incredibly creepy for 20 eps! I am sure he would pull it off. He is really in character here and I wouldn’t be surprise that he could immerse himself with ease into a comedy role!

      • 21.1.1 Kaitlyn

        I think he is the sexiest bad buy I’ve ever seen. Every time he does that slow blink thing that he does so well, it just gives me butterflies. He is SO pretty. Mmm!

  22. 22 mysterious

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: I LOVE KIM SOO-HYUN!!! I love him when he cries, when he smiles; all he has to do is breathe, and I love him. He is so good, and so is this show. There are too many great things to list about this episode and this show so I’ll just say this: THIS SHOW ROCKS!!!

  23. 23 Pamela

    “Better a short life with love than an unending one without?”

    – best sentence ever!

  24. 24 sangay choeden

    A second comet that has been disintegrated by its proximity to the sun ? Is that supposed to mean good or bad ?

    If it’s good, that means SY will finally get to see MJ in that restaurant in 3 months’ time ?

    Urgh, another week of waiting …….

    • 24.1 v

      no i’m telling you it is Bok Ja that stepping into the restaurant….ROFL!!

    • 24.2 Emmy

      I think we will soon find out. I am so bad with astronomy my head was just whirring when reading the subtitles! I wonder if Min-Joon’s comet might possibly disintegrate too during its orbit? Or perhaps the second comet disintegrating might have a ripple effect on some other comets?

    • 24.3 petmink

      I posted this later but I want to clarify this for people. ISON was a real comet which was referred to as the approaching comet in the news report in the first episode. It got destroyed on Nov 28 right before the show premiered. The second news report talks about ISON being destroyed. It could mean two things.
      1) The writers are simply trying to match real life.
      2) They planned this trick all along.

      FYI, First episode was around Dec 18. Even with the live shoot system, aren’t the first few episodes filmed in advanced?

  25. 25 hanie

    Thanks for the recap

    Just some quick comment:
    1- I’m feeling uneasy over the 2nd comet news…
    2- SongYi with that visor makes me LOL.. so ahjumma like~ I’ve seen Korean ahjumma at my country also wear that visor during their evening walk~
    3-HK is so smart & it makes me so nervous about his safety.
    4- DMJ drunk antics are LOL but his mortification the morning after takes the cake~

    p/s: Hyemi & SamDong broke up??? No…

    • 25.1 Gidget

      Re: drunk antics

      I’ve heard that a bad breakup can turn a person into an emotional black hole, but MJ has now redefined that.

      • 25.1.1 v

        he has redefined morning after walk of shame. Still look good instead of trashy.

  26. 26 Smileyacp

    Maybe there should be 30 more episodes for their 1month ! 😉
    All actors are great here but the leads are awesome 😉

  27. 27 therowanphoenix

    hey guys, I got to confess my curiosity about something a few episodes back, remember when MJ and SY saw a news cast about the sighting of ufo’s? will they explain that in future episodes or will it just be something unrelated? Got to confess, when I saw suzy with the hazy light and all… I thought she might have been an alien from his home planet or something… was that just me?

    • 27.1 ilikemangos

      Haha, they just overdid the reflective lights on suzy. She looked like an angel sent from heaven — like she wasn’t even real. She’s beautiful in that scene, but I was more drawn to ahjumma-sun-cap wearing Chun Song-Yi doing some warm-up kicks in the background. I laugh so hard because of her.

    • 27.2 PlumWine

      I remember that! I keep expecting another alien to pop up and inform him that he can’t return due to health issues/home planet is gone/ they invented a faster way to travel/he won the lotto….. I do hope the writer does not forget to leave that thread loose.

  28. 28 stars4u

    I hate how Kim Soo Hyun cries… it gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

  29. 29 june_rain

    Yay, I’ve been waiting for this recap to read your inputs. Love this week’s episodes. This series keeps getting better. Cheon Song Yi is so freaking hilarious. Her “butting in” scene cracked me up. Our OTP needs a happy ending cuz they are just too adorable. Please throw in a baby SongJoo as a bonus 🙂

  30. 30 saranga

    1. i couldn’t understand this bit—is the comet’s presence absolutely necessary? going by the recap, it sounds like the aliens could have arrived on Earth without the comet 400 years ago, but they used the comet as a cover to hide their spaceship, or whatever they arrived in.

    but if that’s true, why would min-joon have had to wait 400 years to return home? unless returning isn’t the same as arriving? really confused!

    2. i’ve never seen an actor cry like kim soo-hyun… i think his crying-acting is exceptional. he’s just so beautiful to watch when he cries, because it feels and looks like the real thing. you just know that his heart is breaking, and it makes me want to cry with him.

    3. i read the mysterious journey of edward tulane (min-joon’s book) and was completely blown away by the beauty of the story. i’ve been recommending it to people left and right ever since reading it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. another reason why i’m thankful for this drama! 🙂

    • 30.1 Rovi

      The comet’s presence is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

      The pseudo-comet’s orbit takes about 404 years to coincide Earth at its perihelion, and from DMJ’s explanation I’m getting the feeling that the aliens made the pseudo-comet like an airport of sorts, where the spaceship’s waiting for them.

      • 30.1.1 Patch

        It’s not clear why they changed an asteroid into a comet. There’s key differences between them but from a space travel pov why would you need to? Did they just crab the nearest thing, changed it’s orbit and then got bored along the way? And even if it already had the right orbit (from their planet to Earth) why it needs to be terraformed is still a question.

        Did the metal in the asteroid mess up their ships? So it had the right tejectory but they couldn’t use it?

        Their ships obviously have limited travel ability if this is their chosen method, no FTL/warp speed/hyper space etc for this species.

        Is MJ’s teleportion range far enough to reach the comet and there’s some sort of base there for him to stay in for 400 years? Or an escape pod of some sort?

        This drama makes my inner scifi geek weep.

        My guess is that the other comet on the news was the one MJ told YJ not to worry about.

    • 30.2 krystal.anne

      It’s actually common sense, even if it’s true that they just use the comet to hide their spaceship and they can travel to earth whenever they want too. Minjoon still can’t return because HE HAVE NO SPACESHIP to ride to return in his home planet thus he needs to wait for his co-alien to come back to earth so he could ride back in their spaceship with them. And they only come to earth after 404 years so he has to WAIT!!

      • 30.2.1 saranga

        i don’t believe we can take for granted that min-joon is waiting for his colleagues to come back for him after 400+ years. we don’t know if that was his first trip to Earth, or the first trip his people ever attempted to make to Earth. it’s not exactly common sense when there’s still so much we don’t know about this alien stuff; we can only deduce and guess, and theorize.

        we don’t know HOW he plans to go back, whether by his own steam (building his own spacecraft, etc.) or if his plan has indeed been waiting for the comet to return, assuming his people would make another trip to Earth.

  31. 31 Kristina

    First off, I think I get almost as excited to read your recaps on here as I am about seeing the episodes. I watch them and then think “I wonder what they have to say about this?!”
    Next: I love that the characters are more realistic in the way they handle things. Meaning, when I’m yelling at my screen for SY to speak her mind or do something I know anyone else would do..dammit she does it. And I rejoice! I act as if I did it myself.
    Now…I don’t think I enjoy anything more in this episode than seeing DMJ crying. I actually replay it, he does it so well without looking creepy. Lol
    I am excited that HK is being very active in handling his brother, but I am terrified of something happening to him or Seok…hell even the detective. I am INSANELY curious about JKs wife officially coming into the story. What does she have to say? And why didnt he kill her off like everyone else? Super soft spot?
    Se Mi….that goody bitch. -_-
    I want to be clear that I see her soft side, I get that she wanted her chance and all that, but I still don’t like her. She’s two faced and I get annoyed thinking this show will end with her being not only happy, but with love all around…I don’t like it! Maybe I’m just a bitch like that lol
    DMJ is finally making up his mind. I love that these characters have showed so much growth. SY has always been upfront with her feelings and how he treats her and now he’s starting to see it her way.
    This is my type of drama. All around. They didn’t even need the alien storyline to drag me in, lol.

  32. 32 Kaybee

    Oh my! Thank you for the recap! I’ve been waiting for this! So many feels… While I am happy and excited for them but at the same time the impending fate is unsettling but I know there will be happy ending 🙂

  33. 33 Atom

    Wow… I really hope that Min Joon will really stay. Death is something certain for everyone of us and not just himself but at least he got a chance to lead a meaningful and happy life. Who knows it may not come so soon as he thinks.

    That way I hope he lives with Song Yi every day like his last and nothing to be regret afterwards.

    This wonderful drama reminds me that as well.

    Thanks for a nice recap.

    • 33.1 jomo

      I agree.
      Is not dying – when you are alone and pining for the one who makes your life fun, exciting, fulfilled – better?

      I guess for us, who face mortality every day, it is difficult to feel sympathy for a 400+ year old who may not live to 500.

      Now, if he were to disappear, as he has mentioned, in the next few years, that wouldn’t be so good either. THAT would be a Cancer Drama, like jb said. This better not be that.

  34. 34 Natalie

    I’m rather disturbed from the news of Hye-mi and Samdong broke up!!! No !!! Being K or not, that boy only has eyes for Hye-mi!

    • 34.1 saranga

      haha i’m glad i wasn’t the only one dismayed to hear hye-mi refer to sam-dong as her ex!

      but maybe this is during sam-dong’s stay in america, when he and hye-mi were apart to pursue their separate dreams. i forget if there was a X-years-later sort of thing at the end of dream high to know how old they were, how much time had passed… this makes me want to watch dream high again…

      • 34.1.1 Aigoooo

        The final episode jumped to 2018 as I recall. So 2011 to 2018.

    • 34.2 ybell

      I think it will be worse if Hye-mi flirted with MJ when she is still with Samdong.

    • 34.3 hanie

      Me too~
      Poor HyeMi. From the way she is acting, I think SamDong is the one who asked for it.

      p/s: LOL at us, making break up theories of fictional characters ;p

  35. 35 jambee

    love this couple, fighting do min joon, i know u will survive the earth, couldnt imagine another actor play the couple, they made it, just like jun ji hyun in sassy girl, really hit it, love the show ^^

  36. 36 MIKAN

    Lolz Hyemi and Samdong already split up? No. fix this Sam Mi. I’ll be waiting for another cameo in another drama lolz

    Oh that kiss Song yi gave makes my heart flutter again ahhhh my consolation for those crying moments 🙁

  37. 37 PlumWine

    OMG!!! All over this episode!

    Thanks Javabeans for the recap and commentary. I’m right there with you, laughing at the epilogue. 🙂

    I enjoy each episode so much it’s amazing. There are multiple great scenes throughout each one, but this time, the one that got to me the most was when he was listening to her and then said “But how do I forget you?” I felt my chest tighten.

    As for him staying and probably dying, I am still of the belief it will take him about 70 years if that is what’s going to happen. (I refuse to think otherwise. 😛 )

  38. 38 Vonnels

    That comet wasn’t random. The comet Ison was an actual comet that was declared dead after it’s brush with the Sun in mid November 2013. If you recall, Ison was the comet that Do Min Joon sees on the billboard on his way to work in episode 1. It’s what causes him to start his count down. So what confuses me why mention it at all, then or now? If we have this terraformed asteroid masquerading as a comet coming to pick him up, why did we need Ison? My best guess would be to trigger the count down. But wouldn’t Deep South serve as well? (PS, I’m sorry if you already know this, it’s just you’ve mentioned it a couple times, Anyways, thanks for the recaps! I’ve been a long time lurker and feel no drama is complete without a Drmebeans recap.)

    • 38.1 PlumWine

      Sorry Vonnels, I didn’t hit reply. My theory is #44.

    • 38.2 v

      My theory is that the other when they set the track for the pseudo-comet, they calculate along with the real one, so people on earth doesn’t get alarmed. It also good to distract human with the first comet so then by the time the pseudo-comet comes around human doesn’t get all that excited anymore. Since they need to mask the fact that the pseudo-comet is controllable thus, it wont orbit too close to sun and other planets with risk of being absorbed or worse have their gravity thrown into chaos.

      • 38.2.1 Vonnels

        The problem with that is ISON came from so far away, no one on Earth has seen it. Ever. Not alive or dead. This was it’s first trip here. And they wouldn’t need to mask the Asteroid comet because there are comets that do routinely swing by here and are expected, Haleys for one is a frequent visitor, it’s been observed for over 2000 years.

        Plumwine: I thought that too, but I guess it depends on how much research on ISON was actually done. If they just needed it for a narrative reason, they may not have looked too closely in to the science of it. ISON comes from the Oort Cloud which never formed in to anything and is just a left over cloud of cosmic dust.

        I did think of something though, they could have been using ISON when first writing/shooting and plotting, ISON would have been still been in existence. ISON wasn’t actually declared dead until mid December or so when it never reappeared from behind the Sun, which is the same time the first episode was airing. So maybe because of people like us, they realized they needed another comet and made one up.

        (PS,sorry for misspelling Dramabeans in my previous post. My only excuse it I was very sleepy and didn’t proofread very well.)

        • bbstl

          I also thought that they started the show before ISON burned up.

        • petmink

          I was wondering that too. They might have filmed ep1 when the comet still existed. There is a 3 week difference between ISON being destroyed and the show premier.

          • petmink

            Actually it is ~16 days

      • 38.2.2 nomad

        On the second one that got burnt by the sun, did they just ISON as a reference of the dialogue between Do Min Joon and CSY’s bro, when he said something in essence “don’t worry about that asteroid, because it’ll be burnt by the sun”? I may be completely off here…

  39. 39 redfox

    if Song Yi could be cloned on another planet, and all her conscious tranferred to the replica…

    • 39.1 Rushie

      Even if they were able to, there’d still be only one Chun Song-yi.

  40. 40 chickenwing

    I think it’ll be way funnier if the Dream High arc actually occurred in his timeline. Maybe a very recent short-lived past life dabbling in singing before he decided all that limelight (or Suzy) was too much for him.

  41. 41 ilikemangos

    So much skinship and kisses in this show, i love it. This writer gladly answered kim soo hyun’s prayers. Why waste the chemistry? Jeon Ji Hyun has only ever kissed one man this many times for the cameras in her whole acting career: Kim Soo Hyun. He will be her first and her last, given that she might not return to the drama world. The two have gotten so close with all the over-night filming that they can kiss each other in their sleep.
    This writer really does know how to gift us for valentines.

    • 41.1 peeps

      Us being everyone else but Jeon JiHyun’s real life husband. Hehe. It must have been a nightmare for him these few months… seeing his wife on screen with another man, having her away from him during seollal as she continues to shoot her drama or catch up on much needed sleep and then! Valentine’s day! And she still has to be with someone else!!!! Hahahaha! Poor guy. Jeon Ji Hyun herself said that he flipped when he saw her movie his with Zampano. Oops…

      • 41.1.1 Seanshine ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛


        OMG!!!!!!! Stop it! Are you serious?? I kept thinking the same thing too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does have a crush on her. She seems like a very charismatic person; someone that is very easy to fall for. I’m sure it’s hard for KSH.

        • v

          oh and Kim soo hyun told everyone his crush is Kaya Scodelario, the one he had a chance to do CF with. if you catch the BTS, Soo Hyun was smiling ear to ear.

          • Seanshine ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛

            Lol.. Why am I not surprised at that!

          • Kiara

            Kaya is gorgeous but she has a boyfriend. Kim Soo-hyun had a hard time breathing when he saw her lol.

          • omsanthus tea

            uh where can I watch that BTS? x=

          • ilikemangos

            @omsanthus tea


            @2:36 kim soo hyun has a Bok Ja moment with “DESTINYYY” playing in the backgrond, literally!
            i was in tears. I wonder if the cast saw this video and thought it fitting to make it BokJa’s theme song.

            He’s known to get very shy around beautiful women to the point where his heart races really fast. He had heart surgery in the past due to some issues. I’m sure he harbors a crush on Jeon Ji Hyun because actors tend to develop feelings as they settle into their characters for the duration of the drama. The fact that JJH is married helps, i guess. HA he can remind himself of that.

          • osmanthus tea

            Thanks for the links, @Kiara and @ilikemangos!

            The part where he meets her behind the set was so adorable. He was such a bundle of nerves he seemed like a shy teenager. It was very sweet, and very real. And all those “omg she looked at me!” or “omg we held hands” reactions were hilarious. It’s not regal, but those moments would make a CF look so much more sincere. (=

      • 41.1.2 v

        I think he flipped because the way Soo Hyun kissed Ji Hyun. It was a hot possessive kiss if you remember. sucking her lips and all.

        • Seanshine

          Yeah!!! Damn that was hot! Didn’t see the depth of that kiss coming at ALL! I think he saw an opportunity and he took it. And what a way to continue his journey by having her star in this drama.

          He boosts his star power by having her on board and he gets the girl. Smart guy! Lol

        • ilikemangos

          Yeah, when asked about the kiss in thieves JJH said she liked it. But then said that her husband didn’t like it so now even she has to not like it for his sake. hahahaha
          I bet he’s tearing his hair out at all the skinship in this drama.

    • 41.2 dramarama

      The goddess herself bestows a generous full on lip kiss whereas the ksh initiated ones are angled and nuanced. JJH’s lack of onscreen kissing experience definitely lacks to KSH, whom you can tell is really skilled – slow, gentle, romantic movements, tilt his head, focusing on the right non-hubby infuriating spot, pulling in and closing eyes at the right moment. I like to think that spontaneity is a trait that JJH shares with CSY in reality, so her kisses will tend more to the playful, abrupt side.

      In one of the interviews, JJH said something to the effect that she is OK with having kiss scenes with KSH cos he is younger than her. Maybe this age difference make her think of him as a younger brother hence she can be comfortable? On the other hand, KSH is getting the best deal of all.

  42. 42 myblaze

    i love this episode. but there’s only one thing that make me wonder. i always thought that the eldest brother died at childhood because i remember they give some hint at the previous episode but suddenly the bro died at HK’s age

  43. 43 redfox

    and did you notice he gave her a strawberry. khmm.

  44. 44 PlumWine

    By no means am I an astrophysicist, however I did think of a possible reason why both are mentioned. In this ep Do Min Joon mentions that it is possible that the orbit of ‘his’ comet could change. Could the two have possibly switched trajectories (a loooong time ago and far, far away) and it was actually ‘his’ comet that a disintegrated in the sun?

    Just trying to rationalize fiction and keep him with Song Yi. 🙂

    • 44.1 PlumWine

      This was in response to #38 Vonnels. I must need sleep. Night all!

  45. 45 Rovi


    From someone’s comments, the reason why SSD and GHM broke up is, dun dun…LDR (long distance relationships).

    I mean come on, the time when SD is transforming to K would take some time, and HM too with her singing career. So it’s fitting that they’re exes here.

    • 45.1 Sha

      Suzy cameo as Go Hye Mi is for fun only/comedy (on the first place) the show don’t had the right to twist the story of DH since they are not the one who wrote the series on the first place.

      And DH was broadcasted @ KBS not SBS. I read also those comments about this cameo of Suzy as Go Hye Mi (asking that she and Samdong broke up?)

      We can say yes or we can say NO too.

      DH ended in 2018 where in Hyemi is still singing for her honey Samdong who making his name to the Grammy Awards. (And in this cameo Hyemi is a college student years after they graduated in Kirin Arts High School) but the way she acted she’s flirting with MJ because he looks her ex-bf (I laugh so hard on this part) does it mean Hyemi is not yet OVER with her Samdong.

      She might be missing him so much since he’s in US.

      anyway I love her cameo.

  46. 46 Mynahbird

    Wheee! all set for V-day 🙂
    On a side note, I followed ISON on the news and was hoping to get a chance to see it, only to hear it had disintegrated… maybe that’s why I didn’t give that piece of news too much importance, it just felt like the show’s way of tying the timeline to the present day.

    Also, why do I think that it’s not Jae Kyung, but their father, who did off with the older one? And Jae Kyung’s wife? If he has no scruples about killing other people who are in his way, I wonder why he goes through such pains to keep her alive, if miserable.
    Well, I guess we have 3 (or 4?) episodes now to unravel that mystery.

    Thanks for the recaps!

    • 46.1 v

      oh gosh, if his dad is the main antagonist and killer hyung just following dad’s step to cover for his wife, that will be the best plot twist evaaaaaah

  47. 47 ybell

    I want to see MJ taking care of a baby with super powers and SY bossing him around! LOL!

    plus YJ, Mom, Bokja and HK babysitting 🙂

    • 47.1 redfox

      oh gosh. well first they have to tell Mom and Yoon Jae that you might expect…anomaly. cause if they discover it later it will be… yeah, much more interesting. lets go

    • 47.2 omsanthus tea

      hehe and then completely frustrated when his superpowers come up useless against a baby!

  48. 48 ava

    Thanks for the recap Javabeans! You truly are the best!

    This episode for me showed how our cool collected alien is becoming more and more human.
    Best bits:
    > Drunk DMJ! So adorable! How he was muttering he wanted to be with CSY. The scene when he talked to the Semi billboard. “Move! That’s MY CSY’s spot!”
    >The morning after! I cringe for the Professor and Harvard graduate DMJ.
    >And YAY for the “spontaneous kiss”! Even SY was surprised. No wonder really, how the stuffy alien fall in love with the very STRAIGHT FORWARD, TAKE CHARGE and very pretty Cheon Song Yi.
    >The balcony scene!
    >YJ and DMJ scenes.
    >YJ and the dad scene.
    >The “bedroom monologue”. That was heartbreaking. Especially imposed with the clock ticking. SY and DMJ pain, so palpable. Especially when DMJ said “But, how can I forget you?” How painful is this line?

    I have this thought that Teacher Lee Sun Ji, the one who predicted eclipses accurately, etc. is also an alien. How can he predict so accurately without “looking from afar?”, right? And I believe, DMJ will finally “acclimatized” especially now that he is experiencing a whole gamut of human emotions. I think it is not so far fetched to hope for a really satisfying ending. Satisfying, they have got a lifetime albeit, “human” lifetime together. Half alien/Half human children will be icing on the cake. I love the Secret Garden ending best! Is it too much to ask to have one episode of DMJ/SY typical day of married life? With kids? A lot of them?

    • 48.1 redfox

      the reason why it has to end well is cause too many people would be miserable. Song Yi, Lawyer Jang, Yoon Jae who just found a hyung with telescopes! and Min Joon would get to know what it is like to be a tormented ghost, cause you never really LEAVE when you live on Earth

      not sure if many children is good…. they will cause a black-out on the entire planet.

    • 48.2 Kiara

      Its amazing how advance science was in the Joseon era, especially during King Sejong’s reign. He was a genius . There is a reason why he will always be known as King Sejong The Great.
      Lee Sun-ji was one of Sejong’s astronomer. By my calculation, Min-joo arrived in Joseon almost 200yrs later). Min-joo is seen reading the solar calendar known as the Chilgeongsan Oepyeon that Lee was ordered to create It was more accurate in predicting solar eclipse than the old Chinese based calendar.
      The sun was a symbol of the king’s power. An eclipse could mean great disaster. On the day of the solar eclipse, the king and his officials would dress in mourning attire and prays to the heavens to stop or end the eclipse.

      Half alien half human children eh? Maybe they’ll shower properly, without a towel on lol.

      • 48.2.1 therowanphoenix

        hey, thanks for that comment. What I love about dramabeans, besides the obvious…. is that I actually learn things here! LOL

  49. 49 Pearl~ai88

    Things the show has not followed up on but I hope reappear soon:
    -Min-joon’s visions (Why did he get them? Is that a thing for him, because it seemed like an abnormal occurrence. Directly linked to Song-yi or not? Will there be more?)
    -Losing his powers (I think there was one instance in this episode but it hasn’t really mattered to the plot since it was introduced)
    – JK’s ring (sure we’ll find out soon)
    – Min-joon’s fellow aliens (Maybe we’ll meet some when the comet arrives!?)
    – the whole “kill someone with powers and you die too” thing. (Kinda came out of the blue without good explanation. I bet it will figure in the climax though.)

  50. 50 Hmm

    I don’t understand why K-dramas can’t do more crossovers. Can you imagine if K-dramas had something similar like the Marvel Cinematic Universe? So from watching this episode, Dream High share the same universe as You From Another Star. What’s the connection? The writer, or KBS wanted to find a way to reunite Suzy with Soo-Hyun?

    • 50.1 v

      the writer of this drama loves crossing over, i think it is like an inside joke for them.

    • 50.2 Kiara

      I believe Kim Soo-hyun asked Suzy to cameo. What KSH wants KSH gets. He must have a genie hidden somewhere.

      • 50.2.1 ilikemangos

        He seems to be very shy in real life but likes to maintain strong relationships with the costars he’s grown close to over the years. KSH must’ve really charmed his noona to convince her to come back to dramaland after 14 years. And asking suzy for a cameo with her gladly accepting is evident that KSH has undeniable charms. You can’t say no to him.

        • Kiara

          Same with his relationships with some of his senior actors. You can tell that he respect them. It ‘ll be nice if his friendship with lawyer Jang (Kim Chang Wan) continues after the drama like his relationship with his Moon/Sun co-star Jung Eun Pyo. His cameo was a real treat :).

    • 50.3 tiny

      i’ve always windered what would happened if Cheon Song Yi and Dokko Jin were to meet.

      • 50.3.1 ilikemangos

        lol i don’t think my screen can handle that much hallyu star power in one room– it’ll combust from both parties lashing at each other. This is why polar opposites exist. They’re both beasts that need to be tamed by a Do Min Joon or a Goo Ae Jung.

      • 50.3.2 Ai Sheila

        My brother and me think so too… she reminded us of Dokko Jin…

      • 50.3.3 bd

        CSY from the start reminded me of a slightly toned down female version of DJ.

        JJH as CSY is pretty much carrying YFAS.

        JJH really needs to do a romcom where there is a lot of fun banter/wacky situations w/ her male co-star/romantic interest.

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