Beanie level: The Goblin’s underpants

Happy lunar new year to those celebrating~
May this year brings prosperity,joy and success to us all 💞💞💞


Ops… guess I need to really find time to finish season 2 then.. XD


    Soompi says

    After concluding its first season with success in 2017, the drama aired the second season last year.

    Notice the article doesn’t say that season 2 was a success. And I won’t say it was good.
    But I will watch #3 anyway.


    Lol me too


God’s Quiz 5 is finally ends. Kim Jae Wook cameo is too short , I want more 😂😂😂
But I still hope we will get new season though. I need to see Dr Han and Detective Kang wedding. After 5 seasons, I feels like I earn a sit on that wedding 😆😆😆😆
So this leave me with only one drama, Children of Nobody…
Ermmm… Yeo Jin Goo in sageuks sounds good~


OMG… please tell me this is a cameo, not random friendly visit to the set to support bff kinda thing 🙀🙀🙀 😘😘😘

This makes me wanna explore ig and spoil myself 😂😂😂


God’s quiz 5 ep15

Dang it Kwak. Your redemption arc is coming way too late and now your endanger Dr Han? 😑😑😑 Hey Juwon, call police and Mr. Hyun!


Hopefully I’m not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year 2019~
I said goodbye to 2018 by getting sick and laying on the bed hoping for the fireworks
Hopefully this year will bring the best for us, a tenacity to finish a drama, better eyes to pick good ones, less of ToD and it family members killing our favorite characters, a better PPL that won’t make us groan and rolled our eyes hard and a happy ending that everyone deserves~


Merry Christmas to all who is celebrating. Have a joyous time with your loved ones.
And happy holiday to the rest of us 🙂🙂🙂

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Merry christmas 🧣

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When a pop rock speaks to you more than you willing to admit…. The chorus makes me think about those time I’m struggling to fit in. Glad I’m at a better place now~


Saw another mindless, definitely unnecessary quiz on Soompi
Check out the Ji Hoons they listed… Saw favorite Ji Hoon
Proceeds to take the quiz while happily thinking about that said Ji Hoon
Confident in getting that Ji Hoon
Get a different Ji Hoon…..
Sad Hanie is sad….
Why are Soompi quizzes denying me from all my favorites….


Err… but…why….?
Can’t they offer that role to Jun Ji Hyun/Gyo Hong Jin/Bae Doona or one of the “it” chungmuro ladies though……


Ladies and gentlemen…
Members of Dramabeans community

The wait is over… the wait is over!!! 🎉🎉🎉
Mr. Magnificent Cheekbones finally update his ig with a picture… of himself.. 😘😘😘

Not a selfie but I take what I can get tbh~
This is what happen when you following someone who still didnt want to familiarize with the concept of posting a selfie on ig 🤭🤭🤭🤭 You feel overly happy over any picture that show the owner of account, no matter how grainy it is…



I found my next crack drama~
So glad that I find another drama that I really look forward to watching after The Guest..
Drama, please be good till the end, ok?


    I’m loving this show! It keeps me so immersed until the end of each episode that I completely lose track of time. I’ve not had a show do that in years!!


Only 10am….. but


Bean Count post~

Honestly, I am amazed at myself. I never thought that I managed to finish 9 dramas and currently watching 2. Good job me~ lmao
Seriously though, I was in a drama slump for years (2 years I think?) and this year, I do have some excitement in my drama watching experience. While it probably will take some more time for me to go back to my prime (lol), I think next year, I probably can achieve 15 beans?

Just to share:
Finished: Mother/Ahjusshi/LOM/30but17/Life/Familiar Wife/The Guest (my crack and the winner of my beans)/FBS/Matrimonial Chaos
Currently watching: Children of Nobody/God’s Quiz

The Ghost Detective and Terius didn’t make it as I dropped it at the middle and only watch the last 2 episodes~ lol…

I didn’t count Less Than Evil too as I still undecided whether to continue or not but I’m up to date with LTE


Since I miss my timing to join in on WWW post, I’ll just do it here. My current watch list:
God’s Quiz :
I liking the way they make CODAS keep getting their result after Dr Han. Kwak’s expression makes it funny to me. But the plot involving big bad guy and his big bad plan kinda slower than I anticipate? And it is obvious that Director and Kwak are related to it.

Children of Nobody:
Since this air on my cable, I already on the latest episode. WK and mom relationship is weird and I think we finally know the identity of that green dress girl (GDG) (ep12). The question is, is the GDG materialize due to WK’s guilt or to lessen her guilt? N character is still a mystery but I kind of hope that he is the bad guy~

Revenge Note: Finished. Light high school drama. Has Kim Hyang Gi and Park Solomon.
Voice 2: Stuck at ep 6.

I drop Happy To Die and Boyfriend. Probably will start MOA and Priest, which is already downloaded but I haven’t found any will to watch it yet~ lmao

I also binge watch a lot of Jdramas since I kinda not feeling kdrama after The Guest ended. Hehehe

Unnatural: Awesome~ I like it. Heard will be the 2nd season of it.
Offbeat chief police: Chiaki senpai change career path and becomes a chief police~
Also done binge-watching Boku Unmei/Bitter Blood/Ghost Friends/Q10/Ouroboros/Tonbi


Ohh… I level up? When….?
I always miss my milestone tho
Can I request a notification on this 😂😂😂
And since the other gifs has been widely used (it so appropriate tbh) 😉😉
Gong Yoo Underwear GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


So the psychopath is not a teenager? oh yeah~ I can get on board with this drama. The first 2 eps are solid enough so I look forward to next week episodes.


Ok. I am.confused. I watch a clip from Priest ep4 and …. 🤔🤔🤔 what is this questionable scene.. If one thing I can learn from demon and evil spirits in The Guest is that demon take advantage with our emotions and feelings (thank you PID). I think it probably just an illusion but what exactly is in that young priest’s heart for that underwater…ermm… ‘action’ (😂😂😂 in case it become a spoiler) is used to get him. ermmm….makes me wonder about that. Makes me wanna watch ep4 just to understand it tbh. 😆😆😆 Beanie who is currently watching Priest, mind dropping a spoiler explanation about it in reply? Tqia


When every little thing reminds you of Choi Yoon~