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My Fair Lady: Episode 12
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Was it just me, or were the last ten minutes of this episode the weirdest, choppiest, awkwardest sequence of scenes ever? They came across tacked-on and badly edited. Totally felt out of step with the rest of the episode, which marred an otherwise significant ending scene.


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Hae-na wakes up with a start to find herself in Dong-chan’s room. She doesn’t recall calling him last night in her drunken state, crying that it was scary in the hotel room alone.

She makes an attempt to save face with Dong-chan by saying that she ran away. However, he has already heard the truth from the housekeeper and knows she was kicked out.

Dong-chan is optimistic that the chairman will have cooled off by now, and grabs Hae-na to take her back home. She protests, still feeling the sting of her grandfather’s rejection, but he insists, and drags her all the way home.

Hae-na puts up a fuss, but it’s mostly for show. When she arrives, she makes it clear that she’s only here because Dong-chan forced her. However, she waits expectantly for her grandfather’s welcoming embrace… only to be turned away. Mr. Jang conveys the chairman’s message that Hae-na is to be turned out (again), and even Dong-chan is stunned.

Still, Dong-chan prods Hae-na to keep trying to win her grandfather over, encouraging her that she can change his mind. She’s feeling hurt and tired, so she snaps at him to leave her alone, and heads off without him. She warns him not to follow her and trudges down the street.

Dong-chan follows at a distance, watching as she stumbles aimlessly in her high heels and sits down on a bench. She maintains her haughty air, but he appeals to something she can’t deny — her hunger.

Over lunch, Dong-chan gently chides Hae-na for her excessive drinking these days, and her habit of drunk-dialing him. Embarrassed, Hae-na recalls the almost-kiss in the bar the other night, and covers up by lying that she doesn’t remember a thing. She adds that she used to have a drinking habit of kissing (“like with puppies or cats”) and that she hopes she didn’t make any kind of mistake with him. Put out to be lumped together with pets, Dong-chan answers that she didn’t.

Dong-chan also wonders why she hasn’t called Tae-yoon yet. He assumes she has fought with him and tells her to make up with him. She can stay with Tae-yoon, too, since they’re going to marry anyway.

Operating on that assumption, Dong-chan gives Hae-na advice on how to make up with Tae-yoon — she should say she’s sorry and tell him she loves him. Dong-chan doesn’t notice her hesitation as he talks about love and how, “In hard times like this, you need the help of those you love.”

Tae-yoon broods over his troubled relationship, causing Su-ho to wonder if he’d made some kind of mistake. Tae-yoon says no to the mistake, but he did say something he shouldn’t have. Even if it’s true, he shouldn’t have been the one to ask Hae-na whether he was really the one she likes. However, he is ultimately undeterred, and vows, “I won’t lose. I don’t want to lose.”

It’s bad timing, then, that leads Tae-yoon to arrive just as Dong-chan is about to slip away. He had intended to leave before Tae-yoon arrived, but now he worries that Tae-yoon will get the wrong idea and be upset to see him.

Dong-chan’s right on that score: Tae-yoon is wound up tight and angry. The distance between the couple in the above shot is ample proof of their status at the moment.

Although Hae-na explains that she didn’t tell him she was kicked out because she was ashamed, he’s most upset that she told Dong-chan first. He wonders bitterly, “Are you unable to do anything without his help?” He sighs in aggravation, “Why do you keep turning me into the bad guy?”

Confused and uncertain, all Hae-na can do is apologize. Having done that, she gets up and leaves. After a moment, Tae-yoon chases after Hae-na, but it’s too late and he’s lost sight of her.

Dong-chan is called to meet with Mr. Jang, who confides that there’s another reason for kicking Hae-na out of the house. Grandpa Kang believes she needs to encounter the ways of the world to grow stronger, since she has lived such a sheltered life. However, he also believes she needs someone to help her — meaning Dong-chan. Mr. Jang reveals that Grandpa Kang wasn’t able to get his heart surgery after all, and asks him to return to his position as Hae-na’s attendant.

Because Dong-chan had left Hae-na with Tae-yoon, he’s surprised when the latter calls him to ask worriedly if he’s with her. Realizing that she’s out there alone and unaccounted for, Dong-chan races off to search for her, wandering the streets anxiously.

Little does he know that Hae-na has returned to his (Eui-joo’s) house, having nowhere else to turn. However, she chickens out and turns to leave — just as Dong-chan appears at the base of the hill and starts climbing the steep staircase. Embarrassed, Hae-na furtively seeks out a hiding place, crouching down behind a wall.

Dong-chan spots her and stops her from slipping away, and in his relief and worry, he ends up shouting — where the hell has she been?! Does she know how concerned he’s been?! Attempting to salvage her pride, Hae-na lies that Tae-yoon has found her a new place to stay, and she was only dropping by to say goodbye.

Of course, having spoken to Tae-yoon earlier, Dong-chan knows the truth. He demands, “Why are you lying? Did you think i wouldn’t know you left him on bad terms? Why are you so foolish?”

Unable to hold back her tears now, Hae-na admits, “I don’t have any place to go, and Grandfather and Tae-yoon both treat me coldly. Why am I so pathetic? I couldn’t think of anyone but you. That’s why I came.”

Dong-chan hugs her, and she sobs into his chest.

For the time being, that means Hae-na will be staying with them. That night, Dong-chan calls Mr. Jang and accepts the offer to resume duties as Hae-na’s jibsa (again). For what it’s worth, Mr. Jang feels that Grandpa Kang is being too hard on Hae-na, but Grandpa insists that this is the only way to make her learn.

Unsurprisingly, Eui-joo is not happy to be housing someone she dislikes so much. Still, she agrees to let this go, telling Dong-chan that she knows that if Hae-na left, he’d scour the city looking for her.

But Dong-chan doesn’t mean to treat Hae-na as a princess; in the morning, he gives her a rude awakening (literally and figuratively) by telling her she will have to earn her keep. For instance, in order to pay for the cost of housing her, she must take on chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

Back in the lap of luxury, Chul-gu rejoices at the latest news of Hae-na’s fall from grace. The official word at the company is that Hae-na is away in the U.S. for work-related “training,” but he has found out the truth about her ejection from her grandfather’s house.

While the family cackles gleefully, Su-min stands up to his family, fed up: “You’re too mean! Are you that happy to see her leave? Dad, I can’t stand you! Mom, you too! Noona, you too!” And in the very cutest thing ever, Su-min sighs in resignation (“Hmph!”) and walks off.

(This scene is really only worth it for a long-awaited glimpse of little Wang Seok-hyun!)

Eui-joo tells Tae-yoon with some satisfaction that Hae-na is staying with her. She admits that she originally opposed the situation, but has since changed her mind: “I want to get revenge.”

Tae-yoon has a vastly different reaction from Eui-joo’s amusement, as he finds her conversation tiresome. What does she want from him? Eui-joo chides him for his difficult personality, then proposes that they team up together. After all, their goals are in alignment.

Irritated, he turns her down flat, saying he’s too busy to waste his time with things like that.

Part of Hae-na’s induction into living with Dong-chan and Eui-joo is finding a job, which includes helping out at the flower shop. She does not do well there.

(For instance, when she breaks a pot, she lifts her chin defensively and says it’s the fault of the tiny store, not her. It’s another example of Hae-na’s annoying habit of passing off her mistakes onto someone else and refusing to take responsibility. Yeah, Gramps, your real-world training is sure paying off.)

Now that Eui-joo has told him where Hae-na is, Tae-yoon arrives at the flower shop in a pissy mood. Fuming, he drags her away for a talk (more like a tirade) and demands to know why she’s here with Dong-chan again, and why she keeps disregarding his wishes. Tae-yoon says, “I told you I don’t like you worrying over him, or being with him, or thinking he’s a good person. So why are you with him?!”

After he gets that out of his system, however, Tae-yoon calms down, his scowl softening. He feels regretful since he’d actually come to apologize, not to blow up at her.

At that, Tae-yoon hugs Hae-na and says he’s sorry. Hae-na answers that he doesn’t have to be, since she understands the source of his reaction.

Watching from a distance, Dong-chan assumes that they have made up, a bit sad at the scene.

He finds her later that night sitting glumly in an empty neighborhood playground, and asks if something’s wrong. He thought she’d made up with Tae-yoon; why is she sitting here alone?

Hae-na says that she did make up with Tae-yoon, although she doesn’t sound too excited about it. To cheer her up, Dong-chan attempts an impression of her grandfather, which succeeds in bringing a smile to her face. He continues that with a series of goofy gestures and childish antics, which make her laugh.

Next, Dong-chan tries to get Hae-na a job as a sales clerk in a clothing store, but this doesn’t work out well, as Hae-na doesn’t do well with authority. His (almost parental) insistence that Hae-na get a job kicks up a dust-up between them, and she feels he’s being too hard on her. He soothes her wounded pride with lunch and explains that he only wants her to be able to support herself.

When the conversation veers into the topic of mothers, Dong-chan asks if she has any memories of hers. Because her mother died when she was young, Hae-na only has one memory, of when she was a young child crying because she was scared. Her mother had come to hug her: “I don’t remember anything, but I remember that feeling. It was warm.”

Dong-chan asks if she misses her mother, and she replies, “I don’t know. I’m fine as long as my grandfather’s around. If he lives for a long time, I have nothing to fear.” (Which, of course, means that Grandpa’s death is almost a sure thing in this drama. Not that we’re surprised.)

Speaking of whom, Tae-yoon pays Grandpa Kang a visit to inform him of his intentions to marry Hae-na. Grandpa approves of the idea of marrying Hae-na off soon (although he still wants her to get a taste of the real world). However, he feels that Tae-yoon’s parents are not likely to approve of the match. Tae-yoon promises to gain their consent.

Hae-na happily receives a visit from the housekeeper, who is pleased to see Hae-na looking so good. Even though Hae-na pouts about all the horrible work she’s forced to do, her good mood shines through, and the housekeeper figures this is because she’s in love with Tae-yoon. She explains that she had always wished for someone to love Hae-na for herself, rather than as the Kang San heir, and is relieved that she has found it in Tae-yoon.

Hae-na doesn’t contradict her assumptions, but it’s clear from her expression that she doesn’t quite agree with those sentiments.

If Eui-joo has a revenge on the agenda, it’s either still being planned or very, very mild. For now, she enjoys bossing Hae-na around and making her do chores, like preparing dinner and doing the laundry.

Hae-na muses to Dong-chan that making dinner is not a skill she is likely to need, but he tells her that she should learn anyway. Hae-na explains that she hates doing things that she’s not good at, and would rather not bother in the first place. Dong-chan counters, “Do you know when you’re prettiest? It’s when you can’t do something well, but you clench your fists and throw yourself into the task, even if you do it all wrong.”

Echoing the housekeeper’s words (because this drama thinks we are dumb and cannot figure it out), Dong-chan tells Hae-na that he prefers seeing her stumble and falter over seeing her in her grandeur.

To drive in this theme even further, we see Hae-na sitting awkwardly in her finery when Tae-yoon brings her to meet his parents. Despite their misgivings about Hae-na, they find themselves liking her and treat her warmly, to Tae-yoon’s relief. Hae-na accepts their compliments uncomfortably, not saying much.

However, dinner is cut short when Hae-na receives a phone call: somebody has been in an accident and is injured. From her reaction, we can guess who, although she doesn’t explain who. Too upset to worry about being polite, Hae-na rises in a haze of panic and excuses herself, apologizing to Tae-yoon’s parents as she rushes out.

Tae-yoon follows her outside to ask who has been hurt. When she doesn’t answer, he guesses that it’s Dong-chan. Distraught, Hae-na apologizes and hails a taxi. Along the way to the hospital, she remembers all the times they’d spent together in montage of their cute/romantic moments.

When she arrives, Hae-na races into the hospital, looking around frantically. She spots Dong-chan walking down the hall and asks whether he’s okay, near tears.

Dong-chan is fine, having only suffered minor injuries, and is taken aback at the intensity of her reaction. Now that she sees that he’s not gravely injured, Hae-na’s embarrassed for overreacting, and turns to go.

Dong-chan follows, not fully comprehending the source of her panic, and wonders why she left her date with Tae-yoon. At that, Hae-na faces him with tears in her eyes and answers, “Because of you. I came because of you. I was worried, and I missed you.”

Dong-chan starts to realize what she’s saying just as Hae-na grabs his lapels and presses her mouth to his. He stands still in shock, unable to react.

I will just say: LAMEST KISS EVER.

It’s lamer than the stiff closed-lip-press of Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, the embarrassed (and embarrassing) child’s play of Full House, the “oops-I-tripped-and-fell-on-your-mouth” coincidence of Hana Yori Dango. LAME LAME LAME.

But it would appear that Dong-chan agrees with me, because when Hae-na pulls away — perhaps disappointed in his lack of reaction — he grabs her back, and gives her another, more feeling kiss.


The second kiss is much better than the first, which I know is the point. And the kiss scene feels like the expected cliffhanger-ish ending of a typical trendy drama episode. However, the context made the scene feel disembodied: The last ten minutes of this episode were SO BIZARRE.

It feels like those last ten minutes (starting from Tae-yoon “surprising” her with a meeting with his parents) were Frankensteined from another script, and the transitions were weird and jerky. What was the whole point of building up Tae-yoon’s parent’s opposition when they ended up having none? Why did they bother with Tae-yoon’s short phone call to Hae-na, then the super-short car scene, and then the restaurant chit-chat? Worse yet, then they threw in ten seconds — completely out of nowhere — of Dong-chan getting into a car accident FOR NO GOOD REASON. He’s driving, and then OOPS! I’m sorry car I didn’t see you there! Good thing you were there to plot-contrive us to the hospital!

(Like I said before, the scenery and angles continue to get prettier while the plot grows odder. I think the director has given up.)

As for the issue of Hae-na’s “tough love” lesson from Grandpa: Yes, it’s needed. I think Grandpa has a good point about needing to force Hae-na into reality in order to grow up. I think he’s being shortsighted and foolish for trying to groom her into taking over the corporation at the last minute, which is ridiculous, but on principle the lesson is not a bad one.

However, what’s the deal with sending Dong-chan to her (again)? Yes, it must feel nice to have a trusted employee keeping an eye on Hae-na, but that totally negates his elaborate “lesson.” The thing is, you can’t even really blame Su-ah for thinking Hae-na is unworthy, because she is. Hae-na is an emotional weakling without Dong-chan — and while I suspect that this development was meant to show his importance to her, it’s coming off as dependence and weakness, which I hate. Grandpa isn’t teaching Hae-na to fend for herself, he’s giving her a crutch.

In the beginning, Hae-na was a raving bitch but at least she wasn’t dependent on someone and she didn’t crumble under every emotional hurdle. Now, Dong-chan has to be there to pick up her pieces and build her back up again, which is really irritating. So all that said, I can’t even root for Hae-na to take over the company. Gu Jun-pyo was also a spoiled brat, but at least he was shown to be smart and business-savvy. Hae-na is, by her own admission, ignorant — but worse, she’s also uninterested.

You may say I’m looking too deeply into a silly drama, but (1) I hate the attitude that a light-hearted drama doesn’t deserve intelligent treatment, because that just lowers the bar for ourselves. Make something as good as it can be, I say, and don’t put up with failure merely because that’s how the landscape is. (2) I think there are fundamental story problems that just don’t work, and I don’t even think one has to delve deeply to find them. They’re right there on the surface.

Lastly, one thing about Eui-joo: Her approach to “revenge” is a little immature, and somewhat unworthy of her. I thought in the scene with Tae-yoon that although he’s fussy and narrow-minded, at least he’s more mature with his unwillingness to play games.

But then I thought of Eui-joo in the context of all those other hateful second women leads in other trendy dramas, and I appreciated her more. Moon Chae-won is making her “jealous other woman” role playful as opposed to deranged and possessive, so for that alone I’m thankful.


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  1. jj

    YES!! THANK YOU! Been refreshing like crazy!

    I liked this episode. esp the ending :] Even tho it was so predictable…the accident and haena realizing she really cares about and likes him. Typical drama plotline.

    I am excited for next week’s!
    But poor TaeYoon… he didn’t even get to kiss Haena… haha.
    I want him to end up w/ euijoo!

  2. ditas

    I dont care what anyone says. I absolutely loved the kiss.

    Hae-na played the first kiss part perfectly, she was obviously confused, hence the uncertainty when she initited the kiss with DC, it was as if she was waiting for him to move his lips or kiss her back trying to figure out what his reaction would be.

    Then the second kiss just sealed it when she closed her eyes to savor the kiss finally realizing that DC wants her too.

  3. ice

    FINALLY they kiss. 12 episodes into the drama and I was wondering when it would finally happen. And yes I agree. The Dong-chan in a car accident flew in out of nowhere but I guess that might be the editing people to blame…they might’ve cut out scenes that tie those last 10 mins. in better.

  4. necama

    I loved this episode I want more good and pationate moment whith HN and DC
    I think they are very good actors trapped in a very bad screenplay and directing the director didn’t even focused on the kiss much now that is a disapointment because every body eanted the kiss last more and with close ups.

  5. gold

    thanks dramabeans! i have watched this episode, but always curious about
    your recaps and comments. and yeah i agree with you, that was the lamest
    kiss ever. but then again i am still happy with this drama.

  6. canucks79

    Thanks for the wonderful recaps .. Helps me a lot who don’t know a word of Korean.
    And your insights are thoughtful and interesting. Thanks again and keep up the great job and site.

  7. Shanny

    For the very first time, I actually disagree with javabeans. I usually tend to have the same opinion as you.

    The kiss was the lamest ever?! Lamer than Full House? That comparison made me wonder if we watched the same episode today, cause the kiss was tastefully done and it was just right and not overdone.

    Other than the kiss assessment I pretty much agree with what you said.

  8. Deena

    JB, your recaps make my day 🙂 Thanks a lot

    I have to say in advance, that I am still looking for the next episodes, and I did replay the kissing and hugging scenes 100 times already 🙂 I found nothing wrong with the 2 kisses. I actually thought that according to the plot lines (when we find it…) it was quite understandable with DC’s reaction to the first kiss, and the second kiss won me. (First time for me seeing YSH doing a kissing scene, and I liked it).


    There are these little things that are growing on me. For example,

    1. Why EJ would want to revenge? It is not that HN stole her boyfriend, it is not that DC is suffering for the moment- he seems to enjoy the situation of having HN so close

    2. Hiring/Firing- somehow it doesn’t make sense to me that DC agrees to be hired again. Am I being too non-Korean? Couldn’t he just say that he will take care of her without official titles? He cannot reveal that to HN, and when she finds out, won’t she be disappointed and feel kind of betrayed again?( i.e. didn’t he treat her as he did because he really liked her ?)

    3. I really don’t get TY’s character. He is supposed to be such a proud successful well-educated young man. How come he falls for HN in the first place? Spoiled, silly, too proud… Then, he is falling for her, but once he realizes that something is going on with respect to Butler Seu, he sees the whole thing as a battle (“I will not lose”), makes HN to meet his parents, with whom, I thought, he is not on the best terms.

    I have many more points but I’d better stop here and try to stick to the “enjoy it” drama concept.

  9. hoshi

    Wonderful recap Javabeans! Thank you!

    I’m in love with Wang Seok Hyun! ^^

  10. 10 cranky

    I dropped the series a while ago because the plot is really killing me. But I do read your recaps to save myself from periodic violent bursts that the writers are inducing. And my love for YEH.
    From what I’ve read and what I’ve heard from friends who have been sticking with the drama, it would seemed that it has been improving somewhat but the plot, gods the plot! I really hate to think that from the way it is developing, the only for Hye Na to grow is for her to rely on the man in her life. How twisted is that? I like that a person can learn and grow from a relationship but the way it is unfolding now, it is as if the only way she’ll learn is from the guy and without the guy, she’s still an emotional wreck and she will never live up to what she could be. That is just so wrong.
    Like you mentioned in your last recap, there were vibes from Witch Amusement for you in this drama. And I dropped that drama a couple of episodes into it because of the wonky plot too. How can a man who gives up opportunities again and again and for the woman to think it’s all right to give up. Weak characters who cannot stand for themselves are not exactly the best way to connect with viewers.

  11. 11 Biscuit

    At least in this episode, there were more cute moments to make up for the rest of story that slowed down.

    I’m not surprised if Haena is not a good kisser… her nervousness at “skinship” ?

    Btw, how did she date Junsu? Will Junsu make an appearance later? Hmm…


    Why Eui-Joo would want revenge? Kill me, but I find her annoying at moments. She has this possessiveness that Dong-Chan belongs to her -_-
    She never liked Haena, and I suppose she’s finally lost it.
    Maybe it’s like, “If I can’t have him, I’m not gonna give him to you.”

    And Taeyoon, he’s got a big case of big pride -.-
    Even when he thinks Haena is slowly becoming disinterested, he’s too proud to admit defeat to Dong Chan -____-

  12. 12 zulado2

    Thanks for the recaps!!! Sorry to disagree but the kiss was amazing. Lame? Not at all. It was exactly how i thought it would be, sweet, tender, even a little awkward.

  13. 13 anna

    Well, there went my “hope she doesn’t kiss him when she’s still together with Tae-yoon” post awhile back. I can’t believe I was right.

    Honestly, I don’t get why most people would be so happy about the kiss. I understand that everyone is rooting for those two, but she’s still with Tae-yoon, isn’t that borderline.. cheating? I’m probably a bit work up over a kiss, but I still think it’s wrong of them to do that. Not to mention it’s the same night as “meet the parents”. Oh, poor Tae-yoon. I’ll comfort you. 😀

    The capitalization of the LAMEST KISS EVER got everyone all worked up. LOL It was lame, by HN, but the second was better.

  14. 14 incomplete

    yes to ditas i dun care! call me shallow! i can watch the whole epi with just the two of them running around each other and im statisfied. lol they look so good together and their on-screen chemistry is just undeniably GREAT

  15. 15 maria

    thanks for the awesomeness, sarabeans!

  16. 16 asianromance

    Thank you so much for the recap!
    Moon Chae Won’s Euijoo is the only person I can tolerate now. Even Taeyoon is annoying me now. I’m glad that he’s more assertive now, but it seems like all he is right now is moody and whiny. And if he has some doubts about Hae-na’s feelings, why plunge into marriage or try to force it by seeking out her grandfather and that meeting? Where is that cool, levelheaded lawyer? And Haena’s current lack of confidence and strength makes me really doubt that she can head her grandfather’s company. I want bitchy Haena back! And I’m totally rooting for the little boy. He’s a kid but he’s smarter than all the characters in this drama. I hope the old man gets a last minute medical miracle and live long enough for the kid to grow up.

    You had mentioned Witch Amusement in the last recap. I didn’t feel the Witch Amusement vibe back in Ep 11, but I definitely feel it now in ep 12. Seriously, who is writing this stuff?! did the writer procrastinate and ended up writing it at 4 AM in the morning for a 9AM deadline? I feel really bad for the actors here who have to push themselves to give the drama their 110% even when the script is so mediocre.

    And who the heck is it that called Haena about Dong-chan’s accident?! Can’t be Euijoo. Can’t be Euijoo’s mom. Does Dong-chan have her saved as his emergency contact? Would someone WANT to list Haena as an emergency contact especially when he has the dependable Euijoo and Euijoo’s mom?

    @13 anna
    I am also a bit disturbed that they kissed while she is still attached to taeyoon. It’s like going to a restaurant with your husband for lunch. And then for dinner, bring your lover to the same restaurant and then give him a bonus of a playing footsie under the table… i don’t always have a moral way of thinking- but this just seems wrong to me…

  17. 17 MC

    I’ve started watching the drama up til ep.10. You explain the episodes so well that I do not watch the drama anymore. Or maybe cause the drama is not appealing. Yeah, I go with the latter. But I still love your recaps

  18. 18 MC

    I’ve started watching the drama up til ep.10. You explain the episodes so well that I do not watch the drama anymore; I just read your recaps. Maybe cause the drama is not appealing to me anymore. Yeah, I go with the latter. But I still love your recaps Javabeans

  19. 19 whut

    you don’t like the show but you still read the recap? weeeiiiirrrdd

  20. 20 candy

    To say that Euijoo annoyed the sh ! T out of me would be an undertatement. I can see the Seungmi of her Brilliant Legacy obsessive persona starting to resurface. I cant stand looking at her sourpuss face everytime she’s onscreen. As annoying Hae-na may be to me at times, for some reason Euijoo’s character just manages to grate me even more.

    I too am uncomfortable and feel as that Taeyoon has been cheated on. I cant forgive the writers for writing such a plot.

    The kiss was good, thought it was done perfectly, however I wish the writers made Haena break up with TY first before the kiss.
    Cheating is not good and shouldn’t be encouraged at all.

  21. 21 Asian Addict

    TaeYoon is too good for Hyena. Hyena is a stupid girl– I find it hard to commiserate with her. Hyena should be disinherited and live a peasant’s life with DongChan.

  22. 22 christine

    thanks JB for the recaps.. the only thing i liked today is Sumin.. he’s so adorable!!!
    to the kid’s parents.. “CAN I HAVE HIM!!!” hehehehe ;p

  23. 23 Nom_Kitteh

    How fascinating to read JB’s reaction to this episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode, to the point of rewatching parts of it. For the first time, there were some gestures towards equality — with HN and DC working together on housework, and HN showing how much she yearns for him, especially when NOT drunk (this girl has a drinking problem, people). He treated her as a friend in this episode, rather than as a butler/employee, and for the first time I could buy the camaraderie that the writers have been pushing on us for several episodes. All in all, I thought it built up to the final 10 minutes well.

    Yes, the last minutes are gimmicky. There is no reason why TY would invite HN to dinner with his parents without any previous notice — who does that? Meeting your possible in-laws is traumatic under any circumstance! And the car accident — at least the way it was shot — was hilarious.


    I know that these are all preambles to the kiss, and even though they were mildly obvious and maybe clumsy road maps to the kiss, taken within an overall strong episode, they were almost cues I welcomed. I sensed that the big reveal was coming and I couldn’t help but be excited.

    About the kisses: meh — they might have been a bit on the weak side, but then the audience they are targeted are younger, so I can see how they have to keep their mouth firmly closed and avoid too much movement. That said, BOF did try to sneak in a couple of hot ones…maybe MFL guys didn’t want to risk it.

    About EJ: Girl needs to smile a bit. If she thinks she can snag any guy, let along DC, with that perpetual scowl on her face, she needs an appointment with reality. It’s nice that TY gave her a smack down. EJ. take your school yard antics somewhere else. There are adults on the playground.

    About HN cheating on TY: That’s a tough one. I don’t like it, but then I DC and HN hadn’t planned to kiss — the emotions took control — and they were not aware of their feelings for each other, evidenced by DC’s shock over HN’s reaction and the first kiss. But there is no way to sugarcoat the fact that it is sucks to be TY right now. Not only is his gf in love with someone else, but she is in love with one of her hired help, a guy who hasn’t, it appears, ever held down a white-collar job. Considering the fact that they are both nice guys and both treat HN decently, HN choosing DC over TY has got to hurt.

    I wish the writers hadn’t set up the characters this way. HN picking DC now is a personal rejection of TY. I wish it had been more a case of natural evolution of preference. The writers should have made TY a bit dickish instead of so endearingly sweet.

    All in all, I am excited for the next episode. Just two more weeks to go.

  24. 24 bjharm

    The accident scene was just another way of making Hae-na realise who she really has feelings for, it reminded me strongly of the same scene in Wedding [jang nara] and for Dong-chan to see her concern, and thus on to the ‘kiss’ the main highlight of all k-dramas of this sort.
    Its not that she dumb she only trying to get a handle on running the company because of her grandfathers pressure and her own pride, she really shown no interest in business on her own and actually the directors are right in she has no qualification to run such a huge company, other than being the chairman’s grand daughter, and the grandfather trying to push her into the spot without backing or training is one of the big plot holes to me.
    But like ‘beans’ says the story and sub-plots are throw aways, to the interaction between the two leads. It really remains me of the Taiwanese Idol drama, where the story hardly matters as all the fans are interested in are the fights and love interest between the leads..ie the Idols and the drama/story is basically a vehicle for that , boys before flowers also had that flavour come to think of it. Maybe its no longer Korean drama influencing other Asian countries but a little the other way around..:-)
    ‘Drinking seems to be part of Korean ‘culture’ have troubles..get drunk..common theme in also every k-drama.’

  25. 25 Klodica

    I don’t like this episode….i’m so disappointed with this drama….:(

  26. 26 MEIKO**** ^-^

    AM LATE!!!!! Late latelate!!!

    I havent read this nor watch both episodes for the week… *sigh* *work*

    But, Thanks in advance JavaB…!!!

    looks like you had some disappointment (just quickly read the first and last paragraph of your recap..)…. but omo!!!! THE KISS!!! Finally….

    now, let me just get all comfy….

  27. 27 Sunshine

    A kiss is just a kiss, lips together yet fans are so obsessive
    about their kiss, no emotions ( photos from the recap) In gong or cp you can talk about it.

    If you want to watch a really full locked lip kiss then watch Park Kyu and Beo Jin Tamra episode 13.

  28. 28 Ashlea

    Oh I can’t wait to watch this episode! As I haven’t seen it myself yet I can’t honestly comment on how well or badly I think scenes went. From reading what others have said about it I think the kiss scene was done in a way that fitted the characters… it might not be fiery, but I’m sure there will be time for their relationship to grow to that point. As for the first kiss being lame, it seems that Hye Na was more testing the water than properly kissing him, she wanted to make sure he’d kiss her back. I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than going in for a full on kiss and the other person just looking at you as if to say ” what are you doing? ” XDDD so again to me it sounds as if it was done right.

    As for the last 10 mins being choppy I will reserve judgement but the accident coming out of nowhere seems like it maybe could have been worked in better. Maybe if they’d given DC something to be in a rush about and developed it more rather than just throwing it in there. Again as I have not seen it yet I can’t honestly say, I may watch it and think oh it looks fine… we’ll see

    Sounds like EJ is being quite immature I am glad that TY was irritated with her suggestion… I thought maybe these 2 would end up together, but now I’m thinking not, they started off well but they haven’t really been developed together since… I guess because EJ is a young girl, in love (prolly her first love) and jealous that’s why she’s acting up…
    As for TY it seems like he is acting a little immature trying to get HN to marry him because he’s scared of losing her, I thought because of the type of character he was to begin with, he would back down gracefully, but then his character is probably the worst written and developed in the show, I know earlier it was commented that even he didn’t get the character, so that is the writer’s fault and not so much the actors.

    Anyway really looking forwards to seeing it all the same as I have loved this series SO much so far.

    I am wondering what will happen in the last 4 eps now… do we think HN and DC will be together now? Or at the start of the next ep will she get all confused ^^; I wouldn’t like that (it would be like she’s toying with DCs feelings if that happened). Will she be upset with DC again when she finds out he knows about her Grandpa?
    Will they have a “2 years later” I must admit I hate the 2 years later plots but maybe they will do it because HNs character is too independent at the mo… I’m not sure with this story guess we will just have to wait and see ^^

  29. 29 MEIKO**** ^-^

    Ok, am done reading, am yet to watch the ep 11 and 12…

    I have to admit I am not as eloquent as some of the regulars here, most of the time, some of the words that would come to my mind dont really describe the intensity of what i feel…., so I would usually just agree or disagree with lots of “….”, and spontaneous adjectives, and phrases….

    that said, i would like to say… I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE NOM_KITTEH FOR THE COMMENT SHE WROTE!!!!! I completely agree to what she said. ^-^
    You wrote everything that i feel to, almost, a T….

    well, the kiss(from what i can see above, and what had been described)…. could have been done better… i mean, in CP (it was also for the younger audience wasnt it?), it was way better… so i dont think it was because of the audience….

    am guessing (hoping, actually) this is just the start, to a better, greater lip-lock…. ^-^

    thanks JavaB!

    thanks Nom_kitteh!

  30. 30 Anonymous

    The plot is so poorly developed. From being totally infatuated with TY, the story of how HN lost her loving feelings was not fully explored/explained. that’s why it seems strange to viewers and the actors themselves. They should develop TY’s character more – like he is a workaholic, intellectual snob who cannot emphatise with HN and expects her to meet a certain std, etc., then viewers will better understand how HN could swing from being so into TY to DC. Now, one is left bewildered by the sudden loss of feelings. Anyway, from an initial all butterflies in stomach whenever TY is around and all out eagerness to see him at every opportunity, the sudden dip in interest in just not believable.

    From the pictures posted, it is strange that HN hugged TY better with her hands on his arm or back, whereas that of her with DC has her arms dangling like a lifeless doll at her side. I find K-drama actresses/actors a tad too conservative and this makes it difficult to see that the roles they are playing are into each other. Actors in Fated to Love You are more believable.

  31. 31 PO

    I am so disappointed with this drama, it frustrates me. I was really waiting for YEH’s and Jung Il Woo’s comeback but this drama failed me. The story line doesn’t make sense anymore.

  32. 32 Deena

    Just amusing myself with possible developments. Since we saw that the screenwriters are not that original, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to guess their next step. Since now I am pretty sure that they don’t put a preview, because they actually don’t know how to have the story proceeding (i.e. they succeeded increasing the ratings and now they have to keep it up, especially when next week is the last week of Swallow the Sun, isn’t it?), they wil probably get to the same tricks, aren’t they?

    Here are just a few possible scenarios:

    1. TY is actually watching these two kiss…
    2. The kiss is HN’s wishful thinking- therefore it is no complication for the storyline, and no betrayal either…
    3. The same as No. 2 but it is DC’s wishful thinking.
    4. HN and DC did actually kiss, but now they feel so awkward, that HN is sticking to TY, and the wedding plans are set in motion.
    You can also add quite a few other things- grandfather is dying, HN isn’t getting married at all for the time being, goes abroad to study. Oh, wait, isn’t it Coffee Prince ;-)?

  33. 33 sittie

    thanks JB for the recap……i just love this ep 12 VERY MUCH ..alot of sweet moment…the kiss ahhhh a sweet kiss ever……. really DC kiss Hyena so cute….there first kiss was really a first kiss so cute…..

  34. 34 Atsirk

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR EP 13!!!

  35. 35 lilly

    It happened. This drama is officially one of the worst of the year with BOF (what is very sad).

  36. 36 lilly

    people want bitchy HN back. I want too but the only problem is YEH acts bad bitchy.

  37. 37 veronica

    is it just me or is euijoo starting to annoy the shit outta everyone?! i wanted to punch her in the face everytime she talked!

  38. 38 Lin

    for my opinion , the failure of this drama is because of the script writers and director . All the leading cast have their high potential and able to perform well only if the director be able to bring it out . But the script is so awkward and the director is not good enough. That ‘s why the rating is not high as it should . I like YEH so much but for this drama, I have stopped watching it already . I will wait for YEH next drama and hope that she won’t pick the wrong project and wrong director again!

  39. 39 Soulwave

    HI javabeans
    I STOP to see MFL, just read your drama recaps and commentsline.
    I ‘m so angry when TY action,also HANA, .A SCREENWRITER was and is unbelieable.Everything is unreal from the feelling t p personilyty,
    Just wash time for these.
    Five Star to you ,

  40. 40 GrannyDiane

    I was thinking that the awkwardness of the kiss Hae Na gave Dong Chan could be because she isn’t very experienced in dating and stuff. Plus she wasn’t sure of his reaction.

  41. 41 BO

    HAH! Everybody’s now as confused as the writer & PD, even painting their own scenarios. Reading various comments is actually more fun than the drama itself. While YEh/JIW &YSH are having their own drama, there is a parallel drama unfolding within the viewers.

    This drama must win an award as the most talked about and discussed drama of the season! This even stimulates each viewers creative juices thus coming up with their own expected scenarios. The drama may not be that great, but YEH you are BIG! BIGGER than anyone to make us all create such fuzz for noooothing.

    Thanks for waking us up from watching mediocre drama. Now we know better. . .

  42. 42 KikiSoya

    well…i know that this drama is predictable but still i like it anyway coz’ i rather be treated foolish as the viewer rather then being butchered bit by bit with a dragging plot line like East of Eden….*faint* LOL 😀

    Still who knows at the end the writers will have the twist of surprise like in Love and Marriage (this drama also lite and predictable) but the ending..kinda sweet…not just ordinary kiss and make up..

    4 more episodes to go…just crossing my finger no body dies in the end…. 🙂

  43. 43 Sakura

    That laundry scene (top photo) is a fake smile (forced smile) not natural.
    Don’t know why but the lead actor always clenched his teeth.

  44. 44 kechikk (:

    JB, i wanna say thank you for all your recaps. i’ve been reading your recaps for MFL but have never commented. MFL and your recaps make my days at work not dull anymore and time flies so fast. and there’ll be another 4 more ep before MFL ends. though i’m hoping they’ll extend instead :p

    i thought i was the only one who felt the last 10 mins were so stiff and frankensteined. more like the scriptwriters are running out of ideas. i don’t like how the scene of DC and HN transits to HN and TY’s family meeting. i thought the scene happened so fast. prolly cos i’m DC*HN-biased. the accident scene was too short that i almost laughed it off at DC’s facial expression. at least the accident scene should be longer than HN’s taxi rushing off to the hospital. i almost could not grasp the accident scene. i ended asking myself few times, “oh was that supposed to be an accident scene?” i should pity DC but the accident scene happened too fast for me to even have the chance to wallow in sorrow and pity. the kisses’ scene were sweet. they’re not lame though. i love DC’s stunned look at HN’s kiss and also HN’s embarassed look when she realised she’s the only one who kissed. but i do agree though it seems there are awkwardness in the kisses. i think YSH and YEH also feel that it’s too fast for their characters to kiss when HN only realised she had loved DC all along in one ep. all her realisations are lumped in one ep. i wonder how MFL will grow, now considering HN’s realising her love for DC is really too late.

  45. 45 KikiSoya

    hmm..i just remember one thing…
    “The Mystery of Jun Soo Oppa” seems like Grandpa not agree HN being with Jun Soo, coz’ Jun Soo maybe not came from the High Society Family like HN, my speculation maybe it will grow to HN wont give up easy this time, she might hold on to her Love (DC) and wont let go like she did 6 years a go, and maybe grandpa will going a long with her this time coz he love HN very much….LOL look @ me making my own story line 😀 😀 😀 and still got hope for the Bday Coupon will give the viewers a sweet closing 🙂

  46. 46 thankyou

    “I will just say: LAMEST KISS EVER.

    It’s lamer than the stiff closed-lip-press of Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, the embarrassed (and embarrassing) child’s play of Full House, the “oops-I-tripped-and-fell-on-your-mouth” coincidence of Hana Yori Dango. LAME LAME LAME.”

    LOL. This is why I keep coming back to read the summaries of dramas i’ve already watched with subs elsewhere.

  47. 47 jae!

    Thanks for the delightful recap JB!

    Intially, I wanted to say my Two-pence but now I think the above comments just about covered every nano-second of this episode! =)

    But I wil say this, Isnt Dong-Chan just so physically attractive ? he oozes masculinity that is so flippin’ HOT! hehe fangirling mo!

    Anywho! love!

  48. 48 dee

    Everyone seems can’t wait for the real kissing from the beginning and now get disappointments . YEH’s kissing scenes are being criticizes not only in this drama..remember vineyard man! although I love her kissing scene in PH and CP. Wish they have another one better in MFL.

    one say “Kissing practices make them perfect!” Aja YEH!

  49. 49 Bao Bei

    I like ur summary, i always come here to read your writing…….
    But when i see u wrote Lame kiss in capital..I’ve to disagree about this….

    I like this kiss scene actually…its not overdone.
    I like how HN kiss him first, waiting for his reaction. Both expression are touching me…

    If they kissing passionately in a public hospital, it will totally ruined the sweetness in their hidden love for each other… i like how they described the uncertainty in the first kiss…. love DC eyes, his stunned, don’t know how to react…haha….The second kiss, i love it even more…its man takes over…

    good job for the director and script writer…!

  50. 50 jn

    YEH knows how to kiss for sure in all her dramas. The feeling of each scenes with diff. type of kises, for me is not lame at all, a first pressed kiss to let he knows than a more romance gentle kiss between 2 people finally connected.
    Please, don’t compare BBF, Full House kisses with YEH kisses. Can’t wait for next eps.

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