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Smile: Episode 26
by | February 4, 2010 | 22 Comments

Perhaps distance does make the heart grow fonder. I set aside Smile for a while, so as not to watch ahead of writing these recaps (having skimmed up til 29, let me say, it changes the way you perceive the episodes). But when I picked episode 26 back up to write this recap, I was pleasantly surprised. It felt like meeting up again with old friends—who, let’s be honest, have started to get on your nerves slightly. But with the passing of a little time, you’re glad to see them again, and even willing to overlook some of the things that had begun to annoy you. For example, I actually enjoyed the parents’ scenes. I even found Joo-hee funny. For serious.

Objectively, too, I think this episode had a nice change of pace from previous episodes and finally got some key plot developments in motion. It also earned a lot of laughs—especially from the dark horse, Secretary Kim. Who knew the guy could be so funny?


Jung-in and Hyun-soo, on their drive to the ski resort, enjoy their time alone.

Meanwhile, the parents’ car gets sidetracked by Han-se’s phone call. Han-se repeats that Baek Geum-ja is the owner of the Seos’ house, despite Jung-kil’s insisting that he must have the information wrong. Jung-kil finally blurts, “Baek Geum-ja is Hyun-soo’s mother, you dimwit!”

Jung-kil hangs up, and Han-se’s reaction is typical: “Secretary Kim, you’re dead meat!” Ah, the luxury of the rich… to always have a scapegoat nearby!

Geum-ja figures out that Han-se was on the other end of the line, but they can’t get a coherent answer out of Jung-kil. Han-se calls back, this time with more information, to ask if Baek Geum-ja was born in 1958, and she yells angrily that she was. She grabs the phone out of Jung-kil’s hand and ask Han-se what’s going on. He asks her to sell him the house.

“Huh? Hou—?” she begins, but Jung-kil wrests the phone back.

The cat is out of the bag. But it’s clear that Geum-ja doesn’t know about it, because she says, “What house? The car center?”

They head back home, arguing all the way. Tempers flaring, the truth comes out: both Geum-ja and Jung-kil acknowledge that they read the will, but when Joo-hee asks what was in it, Geum-ja snaps, “If you’re so curious, read it yourself!” So we’re still left wondering.

Sung-joon stops by Ji-soo’s apartment and asks Jung-kyung to let him stay over. She tells him no, but he insists that he really has no place to stay tonight. That’s a funny claim, since the family has gone to the ski resort, but he says it’s because Grandpa Man-bok is having an affair. (LOL–it’s cute when Jung-kyung slaps him on the arm and quips, “Quit lying!”)

So-nyeo has come over to the house to have dinner with Grandpa. She suddenly begins to cry, saying she’s been to fancy restaurants with many men, but never been fed a warm bowl of rice like this. When Grandpa leaves the room briefly, she grumbles about how much she has to eat just to try to get some money off Grandpa, while Grandpa mutters that all he wanted was some peace and quiet.

Trying to stay awake on the road, Hyun-soo asks Jung-in to sing for him. He sets his phone to record, and she does a cute intro as if she were a live radio caller, requesting a song for her “idiot” boyfriend.

She then starts singing “Can’t Sleep” off the Smile OST (Really? Singing along with the soundtrack? I really did not like, or even understand, this production choice. She’s cute and a pretty good singer, but it was really jarring to break the fourth wall this way, especially when the actual song begins to play simultaneously—IN A DIFFERENT KEY. Yeouch.)

Ah, but then we go into a way adorable montage. Seriously, these two are the saving grace of this show. I could forgive most of its shortcomings while soaking in the cuteness of Hyun-soo & Jung-in.


Joon-bae comes over to Grandpa’s place; So-nyeo runs into a room to hide, while Joon-bae shares his suspicion that So-nyeo has another man. A younger man, at that. Ha! Poor Joon-bae.

Grandpa tells Joon-bae to go home, but Joon-bae says he’s come to stay the night while the family is gone. While he goes into the room, Grandpa sends So-nyeo off, telling her not to come back.

As for the hoped-for peace and quiet, well, the rabble rousers are back. They ask about the house, which Joon-bae says is his, and that he put it under Geum-ja’s name so that his son wouldn’t try to sell it off.

I love Jung-kil’s sad realization when he finally puts the pieces together: “Wait a second. If it belongs to Joon-bae, then that means President [referring to Grandpa], you haven’t done anything for me.”

Grandpa: “What are you, that I should do something for you?” (LOVE IT. Finally, Jung-kil gets some “No soup for you”!) Grandpa Man-bok cuts the discussion short, saying he’s sick of seeing everyone like this.

Grandpa brings out the will from the Chairman for everyone to see. Sang-hoon, finally overcome by curiosity, reaches to open it. It says that 50% of the stocks for the Seos’ now-bankrupt company—worthless, now that the company is gone–will go to Kang Man-bok.

Grandpa explains that the Chairman never asked him to take care of Jung-kil, but he understood the will as having that unspoken intent. If he had brought out this will when the Chairman died, it would have meant cutting ties with Jung-kil, as the matter surely would have ended up in court. That’s why he kept the will hidden, to protect their families’ ties.

As for the house, it does belong to Geum-ja. He says he used his life sayings to buy it for his benefactress. Geum-ja is taken aback at being called a benefactress, but he explains that he wouldn’t have been able to save up or live as comfortably if not for her fastidiousness and thriftiness.

She’s touched, which quickly leads to regret for how she had been bitter and misunderstood his pragmatism as coldness in the past.

Hilariously and randomly, Joo-hee starts crying too.

With the possibility of getting something from Grandpa Man-bok proven to be a dead-end, Jung-kil has one last resort: Han-se.

But Han-se is out of reach, having come to the ski resort to meddle once again. (He’s the snowboarder above, ruining Hyun-soo and Jung-in’s almost kiss). He steals one of Hyun-soo’s skis, which had come off when he fell. Jung-in gets up to chase the thief down, only finding out at the bottom of the hill that it’s Han-se.

When Sang-hoon calls Hyun-soo again, he tells Hyun-soo that he had seen them together at the Beat launch. “Hyun-soo, you know this won’t work, right?” he asks. “Try not to make it more uncomfortable for our two families. I trust you’ll get over your feelings for her and come back.”

Hyun-soo replies only briefly, saying he’ll explain once he returns home.

While on his forced “date” with Jung-in, Han-se goes off to make a snowman. Jung-in puts her skis on to leave, but he asks her to watch him finish—it’s something he’d never done before as a child. He finally understands that Jung-in isn’t won over by money, so he tells her that he’ll learn to cook, if she wants.

The thing about Han-se is his childlike expectation that he must get what he wants. Though the things he says are deep words—professing his love and the like—his nature is so unbridled, perhaps because he’s used to always having everything the way he wants. But there is a certain innocence even behind his erstwhile manipulations, as though, like a child, he doesn’t realize that what he does in pursuit of what he wants can hurt other people.

In an instance of that wilfullness, Han-se blurts out to Jung-in that Hyun-soo paid for her ring. Hyun-soo, having finally tracked them down, overhears. He faces Jung-in. “Let’s go down and talk,” he says. But she takes off. Both guys follow her on snowmobiles. (LOL, machismo much?)

“Let’s leave her alone for now,” Hyun-soo says to Han-se when they reach the bottom of the hill. He holds Han-se back as Jung-in walks off.

Han-se tells Secretary Kim to make sure that Hyun-soo doesn’t take off anywhere with Jung-in. His solution?

HAHA. So now they’re stuck at the resort overnight.

Hyun-soo approaches Jung-in, who has been brooding in the hotel room, to talk about the ring.

Hyun-soo: Even if you’re mad, it can’t be helped. I still think I did the right thing.
Jung-in: When did you repay it?
Hyun-soo: Let’s see. I think it was the day I started to like you. And no matter how many times I told you, you didn’t understand, so I just paid for it.
Jung-in: Why do you keep making me feel sorry?
Hyun-soo: Isn’t it better to repay me than to repay Han-se?
Jung-in: No, I wanted to repay Han-se and make it up to you at the same time. But what can I do now?
Hyun-soo: Haven’t you thought that you should be sorrier to keep meeting Han-se while you’re repaying him? My guess is, it’d take you 10 years to repay that $86,000, so you’ll continue seeing Han-se that whole time?
Jung-in: No, I mean… why would it take 10 years? If I’m diligent, it’ll just be five…

Hyun-soo tells her not to see Han-se, and if she really wants to, she can start by paying him back for the cell phone.

Incensed that he’s bringing up old news, she reminds him that she tried to, but he wouldn’t accept it.

Hyun-soo: Fine, then. Just pay the $86,000. Since you love me, I won’t ask for interest.
Jung-in: ….
Hyun-soo: What? You don’t love me? Then I’ll need the interest, too.
Jung-in: I’m going to say those words after I repay you.
Hyun-soo: [Gasps] When would that be?
Jung-in: Like I said, about 5 years…
Hyun-soo: Jung-in, in the new year, let’s do about 30 part-time jobs each.

Cute. The track record of honesty between these two pays off; they’re able to get through this situation with a mix of humor and sincerity.

But more obstacles lie ahead. Hyun-soo tells her that his father knows about them. He says it’s time to go and tell their parents.

Ji-soo steals out of her room late at night to check on Sung-joon, which he rather presumptuously, if accurately, was expecting. (D’aw. Their matchy striped sweaters are adorable. Or maybe I just think Sung-joon is adorable here.)

Sung-joon says he’s still looking for the hoodlums, which worries Ji-soo. She says that if Sung-joon continues to carry on like this, she won’t be able to live here. For the first time, she has a place and a restaurant, and she just wants to live quietly.

Holding her arm, he asks, “Are you having a hard time because of me? Am I bothering you? Should I stop? Should I stop, Ji-soo?”

After a pause, she responds, “Yes.” He lets her go.

When Han-se comes out in the morning, Hyun-soo’s car is gone. Secretary Kim is obliviously bringing back four cups of coffee, and Han-se yells at him for his incompetence. “Starting tomorrow, don’t report for work!” he says.

(I haven’t recapped much of Secretary Kim’s antics–both for the sake of time, and also because the moments are funnier when watched than retold–but he completely nails this episode! Hilarious!)

(The car does look pretty sweet, huh?) Hyun-soo gives his father a meaningful look as they arrive home, then takes Jung-in’s hand and goes inside.

Jung-kil comes out to talk to Jung-in, and is so shocked to see them holding hands that he actually moves in closer to inspect. Surely something … must be wrong?

They land the bombshell. Hyun-soo states, “I would like to receive your consent to formally date Jung-in.”

Jung-in hesitantly continues, “I know I am lacking in many ways.”

Hold the presses! Geum-ja stutters, “Hang on. Hang on. What—what did they just say?”

Sung-joon bursts in just then, ready to declare his love for Ji-soo and ask for approval.

But at this point, no one’s listening, especially when Hyun-soo says: “We love each other. Please give us your consent.”

Even Sung-joon and Ji-soo are shocked.


Wow. Did anyone catch that “O Fortuna” score at the end? What is with the poor musical choices in this episode??? I mean… REALLY.

That aside, I actually found this episode refreshing. Perhaps because I haven’t watched this series in a while, but it was also nice to get a change of scenery, a change of pace, and finally have some of those big questions answered. I think I am also finally starting to understand Grandpa Man-bok, who’s been rather enigmatic up til now.

Even though uncovering the will was a bit anticlimactic, it felt right. Had it contained anything substantive that Jung-kil could latch onto, the story would have stayed stuck on the same merry-go-round. But the irony of the devalued inheritance hits home, since it’s Jung-kil’s own fault there’s nothing left in the will for him to claim.

I also like how it reveals the motivation for Grandpa’s loyalty to the Chairman. Up til now, I had seen Grandpa almost as sycophantically subservient to the Chairman’s wishes. Had the Chairman asked him to take care of Jung-kil, and Grandpa Man-bok obediently put up with Jung-kil’s crap, it would make him subordinate to Jung-kil in a way that made me rather uncomfortable. But there was no such ask; it turns out that Grandpa Man-bok was acting of his own volition, based on his own principles and sense of personal responsibility to repay the Chairman for such a generous bequest.

There’s a lot of emphasis on debts and repayment in this episode. We find out what was given to Grandpa and what he felt he owed the Chairman. Technically, Jung-kil owes Grandpa half of the company he had lost, but he still feels that he is owed the house. Grandpa gives the house to Geum-ja because he believes he has lived in her debt, and Geum-ja is so full of remorse that she doesn’t think she could repay the gift. Han-se spills the beans about the ring, and Jung-in still insists on repaying Hyun-soo the full cost because she feels undeserving of him. I don’t have anything particularly intelligent to say on this topic yet—but it certainly is interesting that the bonds between these families have so much to do with what is owed, and therefore, accompanied by a sense of guilt. Perhaps it’s up to Jung-in and Hyun-soo to somehow break that cycle, but they really live under its weight too.

I don’t entirely understand why Grandpa Man-bok wants to give the house to Geum-ja. What I do like is that in this episode we get a definitive sense that Grandpa has finally had it up to here with Jung-kil, and there’s no soup for him anymore. But taking the house that Jung-kil believes is rightfully his and giving it to Geum-ja right under his nose seems a bit spiteful, perhaps too much so for the once-doting Grandpa. Was all that care and affection just a front? Or was he truly always planning to give it to Geum-ja? Given the history of the two families, would she even want to live in that house? It’s probably more for the monetary value, that she could resell… but then why not just give her the actual savings so she could invest in a property of her choice, rather than give her a house with baggage? Grandpa does say that he used to live in that house, so in a sense he feels that it’s his, too… but I still don’t see that rationale as strong enough.


22 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. OneOfTheBestsEver

    Thank You for the recap!! Soo-In is one of the BEST Couples EVER!! <3

    FIRST! awesome!

  2. WW

    thanks for the recap … i love reading them after i watch the episodes since it helps me follow the plot better
    smile is such a relaxing drama 🙂

  3. Quaggy

    Thank you, Soyjoy!!

    I was trying to keep track of all the things I liked about this episode, so I wouldn’t just moan about the downward spiral, but this past weekend’s episodes were actually pretty terrific (biting my tongue to keep from saying more) and that makes it a lot easier to just enjoy episode 26 without the Specter of Things To Come to put a damper on things.

    I did love everything at the ski resort, from Hyun-soo and Jung-in playing to Han-se’s snowman to Secretary Kim skipping along with coffee. While I agree with Soyjoy, the bit with Jung-in singing the soundtrack song was a little random, but even that was worth it because of how Hyun-soo kisses her forehead and how she gets excited of a recording. I liked how they talked out their differences on the balcony (and Hyun-soo face when he gasped). It getting to the point that I’m going to have a hard time watching Jung Kyung-ho & Lee Min-jung paired with anybody else in future projects. They’re just too adorable together!

  4. Celest

    Thanks for taking the time to recap this. I agree with you on some aspects. Looking at this in retrospect, this episode is the catalyst for the conflict in future episodes of the show. For instace, Geum Ja getting the house, Seo Jung Kil (and the viewers) finally learning the truth about Haraboji’s reasons and losing everything (his house), the ring payment and of course, the big confession.

    But drama and conflicts aside, this episode also had some very cute moments: the ski resort, SooIn couple cuddling on the way, and the Sung Joon/Ji Soo moments. I thought the ending to this episode was so much better just because Sung Joon was trumped again in confessing about his relationship with JiSoo to the parents.

    I also really liked the scene when ManBok Haraboji explains why he’s giving the house to Geum Ja and Geum Ja’s reaction to it. Brought tears to my eyes. I thought everything would get better for the SooIn couple because of the kind gift Haraboji gave to Geum Ja, that she would be more accepting of the SooIn relationship…well I guess we’ve come a long way…

    And I also have to disagree with you with the music. I don’t know if they’ve played O Fortuna in the episodes before now but every time it’s played, I think the timing and scene is perfect! There are also other instances in other episodes of music like O Fortuna suddenly being played in the background but I don’t really mind it because it adds to the comedic flair of this drama. And you didn’t like LMJ singing??? I thought that scene was adorable!

  5. Sonam

    I actually liked that JI sang one of the songs from the drama’s ost. I have never seen it in a drama before and it strangely made me feel closer to the drama….like I was part of the drama. And it fit the scene perfectly and I loved how the real singer comes on and carries on with the song. Great editing.
    JKH and LMJ make all the current drama couples strutting their stuff look like they are play acting. Their comfort level is amazing. You can really see it in the snow scenes.
    I thought O Fortuna was very tongue in cheek.

  6. MEL

    Smile…..this is probably one of the best if not the best dramas ever…strong characters Jung In, Hyun Soo…wonderful actors…comedy, drama…tear jerkers… so worthwhile to watch…..keep on recapping SOY JOY……..THANKS SO MUCH

  7. Dav

    Han-se and poor secretary Kim are fantastic. Their timing is close to perfect, and while I like most of the actors in Smile, Lee Kyu Han is the one that I want to see more of. I think it’s his skill as an actor that’s keeping Han-se from degenerating to an unlikeable (or worse, boring) villain.

  8. rainerust

    Thanks for recapping this soyjoy! Great, as always, and very on-the-spot, especially about the debt thing…I still haven’t quite figured out the answers to all the questions you posed at the end, but I do think that the whole “giving the house to Geum-ja” for Grandpa Man Bok made sense in that he never did want to reveal that he was going to do it in front of Jung-kil if his hand hadn’t been forced by the family’s squabbling (and not just Jung-kil’s but also Geum-ja who seemed convinced he never liked her).

    It was his way of putting a full-stop to the whole situation, I think. I mean, we all knew (as viewers) long ago that Grandpa Man Bok definitely had something to do with the house (since he appeared in it when Jung-In and Hyunsoo broke in to talk to Jung-In’s grandfather), so it doesn’t really seem strange when I think there’s been quite a few hints dropped here and there. I loved it when the will was shown though – because Jung-kil not only wasted away his own inheritance, he also wasted away an inheritance that wasn’t HIS to waste (Grandpa Man Bok).

    Don’t want to spoil anyone but actually, Jung-kil has grown a little on me. He still annoys me to no end at times, but I can see in these past weeks that he’s grown to be a (somewhat) better person, even though he’s still sort of the same (but I suppose that’s realistic, since people don’t usually do a 360 degree change). Even Joo-hee has somewhat grown on me. The only one who really continues to grate on my nerves is Geum-ja unfortunately.

    And yes, I want more of Lee Han Se! He has been getting really little screen time lately – I do wish he would appear more because I’m really really fond of him and I (almost) wish he wasn’t the second lead (but I can’t wish really, because I like the JI-HS OTP too much – they’re too cute for words).

    Keep up the good work soyjoy! I’ll be looking forward to the next few recaps of Smile, You!

  9. Anonymous

    hehe…that was good!

  10. 10 Anonymous

    I loved the O Fortuna at the end, it had me rolling on my bed! For me, the moment when everyone found out about Jung In and Hyun Soo has been hyped up to be such a dramatic thing, that I LOVE that the music kind of made it so overdramatic that it wasn’t too heavy. So bad it was good, if you will.

    Also, I like that Grandpa gave Geum Ja the house – she’s been complaining the entire series about Hyun Soo not having a room etc, and how she’s dedicated 30 years to the family. Giving her such an important gift (important to Grandpa and the Chairman) shows her how much he appreciates her hard work and also that he trusts her to make the right decisions for the family.

    I just did a marathon, watching the next 10 eps from here – I could only follow the last 10 through recap, but I think these new episodes definitely get the plot rolling again. I cheered out loud at one high point and I’ve definitely laughed out loud many many times. I <3 Smile You!!!

    Thanks for the recap!

  11. 11 soyjoy

    Just thought I should clarify, the song is not actually “O Fortuna” — in the commentary when I said, Did anyone catch that ‘O Fortuna’ score, I meant that it is an “O Fortuna”-type-of-score.

  12. 12 estel

    I loved Hyun-soo and Jung-in in this episode. They were serious adorable, but not too over-the-top. I especially liked their little chat on the balcony about the ring, and Han-se’s face when he walked in on them hugging…priceless!

  13. 13 pabo ceo reom

    It’s hard for me to say anything because I felt I like I watched this eppy so long ago lol. But it was kinda cute reliving the couple moments. Thanks!

  14. 14 ausming

    oh dear, I’m probably the only one that did not like this episode much. Grew very tired of Hanse’s antics, which I felt was going way overboard. The saving grace for me was how the couple resolved the issue over the ring – what a lovely lovely couple! So far, I am enjoying the music for the drama, kinda corny, and tongue-in-cheek, which I like but I have to agree that LMJ’s choice of song was cheesy and not appropriate. Thanks for your insightful comments about gramps, made me understand him better. You are right about Sec Kim, he’s hilarious,so is Kyung soo.

  15. 15 marinai

    Thanks for recapping , I enjoyed the souvenirs this brought back to me !!!!
    As you said this episode is a turning point : They admitted their relationship to the family ……………..To Geum Ja !!!!
    Drama ahaed 🙁

  16. 16 Icarusfalls

    I love this show!! And Secretary Kim is just freaking awesome!! His reactions in the later episodes are so completely hilarious and unique!!! Man, I loved the Hanse back here…can’t wait to see more of him from the next episode!!!
    I screamed like a fan girl gone wild at the end of this episode.. man, what a great ending!! Hehe…

  17. 17 Kay

    It’s funny, i just picked up this drama last week and just finished watching episode 26 when i saw this update~

    I dont want to read any comments for fear of spoilers however, things are panning out quiet interestingly….i was waiting for something major to happen because it was about time (things were getting wayyyy too steady) lol….

  18. 18 Christina

    woah… i have the same shirt as Ji-soo…. this is strange…

  19. 19 Lambert

    WOW i shouldnt read this… ive just got into ep 25… But at least sawing those adorable pic of our SooIn playing in the snow make me eager to watch the next ep despite of my college test tomorrow…
    JKH-LMJ is one EPIC pairing,,, their chemistry make me feel like they are real in life…

    OH Lord please make time pass faster so that i could catch up with the recent ep… IWaiting is really killing isnt it??

    Anyway thanks for the recaps…

  20. 20 near

    for me smile is the best because when i am watching smile this korean drama makes me laugh even when i am sad!!!….thank you 🙂

  21. 21 hi friends

    hihi friends do you speak english. my name is LENA l have many friends but close friends need you pls

  22. 22 hi friends

    ok call me

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