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My Princess: Episode 13
by | February 16, 2011 | 256 Comments

We’re playing with some of the same plot points in this one, but at least we get some snuggle-bunny times for our princess and her bodyguard. Not a whole lot, but hey, I’ll take what I can get, since this couple’s cuteness is more than half of the drama’s sustaining life force. The remainder (for me, at least) is probably in the fun of hating the troublemakers, who are operating on a different plane of logic than the rest of us mortals and therefore require us to waste no time finding reasons to explain or justify their behavior. We can just hate ’em.


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Hae-young and Seol arrive at his family’s vacation house, where Seol has a flashback of seeing a man (his father) at the door. Hae-young explains that this is “a place with lots of memories.” Oh, I’ll bet you don’t even know the half of it.

Seol takes a look around, settling at the piano to tap out a few notes. She opens Hae-young’s old piano books and finds stickers of Disney princesses, har har. Hm, I think you should let Dream High handle the meta jokes.

Hae-young reminds her of their deal: While they’re in this house, she’s only allowed to think of him and listen to him.

They spend a cozy night in by the fire (with some bickering thrown in, naturally), and Seol falls asleep in his arms. He sets her down to sleep (on the wood floor? For the princess?) and traces the lines in her face. She wakes groggily and wants to stay awake with him, but he tells her to go back to sleep, adding to himself, “If I see your eyes today, I don’t think I could sleep.”

In the morning, Hae-young insists on tending to Seol, from wiping her face with a towel to tying her hair for her (using her hairtie in the wrong way, I might add, which kinda makes it cuter).

This triggers another memory of her “father’s friend” — the man she recalled seeing at this house — and it’s a good sign that her lost memories are starting to return to her.

Seol steps outside to take a call from one of the people on her call list, who turns out to be Park Tae-joon, Hae-young’s father, requesting a meeting with her. Aw, how much is it gonna hurt when Hae-young realizes his dad ignored his calls, but returned one to his girlfriend?

Since Park Tae-joon is barred from entering the country, he asks Seol to speak to Chairman Park about lifting the ban, since she’s the only person who can sway him. Seol just wants to know if he had anything to do with her father’s death, and he answers no, that it was a mere accident, and that’s why he took her in after her father died. But he declines to elaborate, saying he’ll tell her the rest in person.

He hangs up on her, and when Seol turns back to the house, a few more memories trickle back, like how he had brought her here as a child (with her imperial sachet in hand) and told her that her father was dead.

Jung-woo tells the chairman that the pouch/sachet/reticule/oh-who-cares-it’s-just-a-plot-point that Dan produced is NOT, in fact, genuine. He had anticipated that it would be used to mess with the restoration, and lied to throw Yoon-ju off…which is weirdly convoluted but partly awesome just because I enjoy whenever Yoon-ju is thwarted. He has the real one in his possession.

Jung-woo asks to be entrusted in the handling of this situation — he’ll clear out the troublemaker and bring Seol back to the palace.

Hae-young finds the house empty; Seol, after calling Secretary Oh, has left the house. He calls her, and she informs him that she’s abandoned him, and that it turns out all the stuff her sister had said about their fathers is true.

He reminds her that they’d decided to go after the truth together, but she replies that she can’t see him anymore, as it makes her feel too sorry to her father. She hangs up on him, ignoring his pleas to tell her where she is, and is picked up soon afterward on the road by Secretary Oh.

Jung-woo tells Yoon-ju that he has just come from meeting with the chairman, and that he’d swapped out the imperial sachet with a fake. Yoon-ju contains her reaction and says that she won’t fall for his lie, and that he’s not that kind of guy, and that he’d always been understanding of her. He replies that he’s reached his limit with that, and that she’s free to have the sachet examined.

He tells her to step down from her position, and in return he’ll keep quiet about her using Dan to attack the monarchy. That’s the only way he can help her, and he won’t wait long for her decision.

Seol meets with the chairman and asks if Park Tae-joon killed her father, because she was taken to his vacation house on the day her father died. How would that have happened if he had nothing to do with it?

The chairman swears that his son didn’t kill him — not literally. He has come to consider it the same thing, since Park Tae-joon chased Dad around and threatened him, but the death was an accident. Seol answers that this means the chairman killed her father, and he agrees readily, bowing his head in regret.

Seol says that the chairman’s plan for restoring the monarchy has sacrificed the lives of her father, Hae-young’s father, Hae-young himself, and Dan. And now he expects her to play the princess for the very people who were responsible for her father’s death? The chairman protests, saying that the restoration is 500 years in the making, a part of history. He describes this work as his fate, insisting that it’s not for personal reasons, but Seol asserts that it seems to her that he’s really acting out of a guilty conscience. She won’t be a pawn in his Wipe My Slate Clean project, and asks him to give up the restoration.

Secretary Oh and Yoon-ju enter as the chairman begs Seol not to go, kneeling before her…and then he collapses.

ARGH!$&*#o*&$*(#)(rFAJKSDAJF;DLSAJFD. Et tu, My Princess???

The president gets word of the chairman’s condition and immediately leaps into strategy mode: The moment Chairman Park dies, quarrels will break out over his money, which was to be relinquished to the monarchy. He wants to bring Seol under his purview by making her the Blue House representative. He is firm in his belief that Seol is the real princess, but even if she weren’t, from a political standpoint it’s to his benefit to insist she is anyway.

The opposition politician happens to “coincidentally” run into the president, and sidles up to smugly comment on Chairman Park’s collapse, since his death clears the way for both of them, politically.

Hae-young arrives at the hospital to see the chairman, drawing short to see Seol standing with Yoon-ju. The latter he ignores, and he warns Seol not to go anywhere while he checks on his grandfather.

Yoon-ju snidely congratulates Seol for her ability to send the chairman into collapse and figures she must be scared, since this puts her princess standing in jeopardy. Seol can’t believe Yoon-ju’s cold-heartedness, and calls her a bitch, almost in wonder at how apt that word is. ‘Cause she’s much nicer than me, considering I’ve been using that word since Day 1.

Secretary Oh tells Hae-young that he thinks Seol has found out more information, based on the chairman begging for her forgiveness. He makes the educated guess that the list of callers responding to the ad about Lee Han included Hae-young’s father.

Combined with the fact that Seol had asked for the list a few days ago, ahh, well now things start to make sense for Hae-young. He realizes that she knows everything now.

Jung-woo arrives at the hospital, and Yoon-ju takes him aside to ask for the sachet back. Buoyed by her “miracle” (the chairman’s ill health), she has gained extra time and has no intention of stepping aside, per Jung-woo’s warning. She tells him to step aside himself, but likewise, he isn’t going to quit now.

She tells him not to do this, because if he does, “I have nobody to lean on anymore.” Oh really, evil bitch-bot? That’s your argument? If you don’t help me wreak havoc, then I won’t have anyone to support me while I wreak havoc! Boo frickin’ hoo.

Jung-woo agrees with me, although perhaps not in so many words, and tells her that he’s regretting having sided with her previously and letting things get to this point.

Yoon-ju calls Dan out to tell her that her part is over. For an evil accomplice, Dan sure is whiny, which Yoon-ju points out when Dan complains of being bored in her hotel room and annoyed that she can’t answer her mother’s calls. Yoon-ju smirks as she enlightens Dan on the part of this scheme that Dan was either too naive or foolish to realize: That gaining something means losing something, and that she’ll never have her life back. She’s being given a large sum of money to flee the country for good, and she’s free to do so now.

Dan asks suspiciously how she knows it’s safe to go — what if Yoon-ju backstabs her the moment she’s gone, blaming this all on her? Yoon-ju’s amused, because that’s exactly what she’s going to do, and for a smartie, Dan sure took a while to come to that realization. Dan counters that she’ll stick around and tell everyone that Yoon-ju put her up to it, but Yoon-ju doesn’t care, and will proceed with her plan anyway.

Hae-young finds Seol outside, and guesses that she’d talked to his father today. He tells her that no matter what she remembers, no matter what the truth is — even if that means he can’t be with her — he’s always on her side.

Seol says that the chairman had told her that Hae-young’s father didn’t kill her father: “If you’re on my side, then help me to not be the princess.” But she doesn’t mean this out of a generous spirit, but rather as a way to keep the Park men from ever being able to relieve their consciences of her father’s death. “Whether it’s causing his death, or threatening and frightening him and causing him to wander all his life — it’s all the same to me. Because in the end, my father died.”

And really, what can he say to that? In her frame of mind, pretty much the only way to make things right is to bring her father back. Being neither God nor vampire, he’s SOL on that one.

Yoon-ju watches while her father tends to the chairman, her fury growing as her eyes fixate on the loose button on her father’s sleeve. The chairman stirs, and her father rushes out to get the doctor, leaving her alone in the room. Now, I hardly believe Yoon-ju so far gone as to kill, but this hardly seems the smartest idea, amirite…?

Yoon-ju approaches his bedside as the chairman mumbles for the princess. She tells him that Seol left, and forces herself to say that she’s happy that he woke up. And lookit, there’s no bolt of lightning to smite her on the spot or anything. Must be her lucky day.

Jung-woo finds Seol as she’s leaving, and tells her the good news about the chairman waking up, to her relief. She tells him that she’s had a memory of the sachet — not enough to serve as proof, but enough to confirm that it was hers, and that she had it before living at the orphanage.

Jung-woo asks what she’d like done about Dan. While Seol is still peeved and would love to stick it to her sister, ultimately she’s sighs that she’s still family. Backstabbing, petulant, deceitful family.

Seol returns to her mother’s house for a happy reunion, although Mom gets a little shifty when Seol asks after her sister. It’s a touchy subject, so Mom hedges and says that Dan left the house for a few days because she felt bad about “the mistaken news report” and is getting some time to herself.

Mom’s on her way out to meet somebody, she says a little nervously. Seol sees that Mom has prepared a bag of clothing — obviously for Dan — and plays it off, telling her cheerily to go.

Mom chides Dan for setting off this scandal, and asks what her motivation could possibly be. Dan says she’s merely interested in the truth, since there’s a possibility that she could be the princess, but Mom’s not buying that excuse for a second. After all, she knows that Dan is in contact with her biological parents, so clearly she has no claim to royalty.

Mom sighs that Dan wasn’t this kind of person, that she was always so proud of her. Dan says yes, she was, the opposite of trouble-causing Seol — and that’s why she’s got such a bug up her butt. “You know what was the most horrible part of everything? That you loved us both equally.”

Oh, GOOD LORD. First you’re gonna whine that Mommy loved Seol more, and now you’re going to complain that despite equal affection, you deserved more of that love? You might want to check your math on that. Well, I suppose a girl who has no idea how to love would have a few misguided notions about the principle.

Dan tells her mother that just as she could never earn more love than Seol through her actions, Mom can’t love her less because of this. GEEZ. Are you sure you’re not the real princess? You sure have the complex.

Mom assures Dan that she loves her and apologizes, but urges her to stop, because this is taking things too far.

Yoon-ju is shaken from the chairman’s recovery, and tells Jung-woo that the hoped-for miracle didn’t occur after all. Are we really going to turn this whole wishing-for-death scenario into an argument to feel sorry for you, Evil Bot? What’s with the skewed self-pity today, ladies?

Jung-woo tells her firmly that such a thing is hardly a miracle, and she wonders, “Is that so?” Yes it is, Yoon-ju, who understands not the meaning of words. It makes sense you’d pair up with Dan, who understands not the workings of math.

Before Yoon-ju is ready to give Jung-woo her answer, she has somewhere to take him. Let’s just hope it’s not a dark pit with a shovel.

She asks him to help her pick out an outfit, though it’s not for her. She describes something for a man with broad shoulders — “Shoulders that will be feeling heavy, because of me.” Something lightweight for the burdened shoulders of her father.

She orders it for delivery, because going in person will just make him thank her, and she doesn’t want her father feeling indebted to anyone. Jung-woo points out the inconsistency of her logic, because if she dislikes him thanking people, how does she feel about making him apologize to people? That’s what her actions will cause.

Yoon-ju says that’ll never happen, declaring that her secret will be kept forever, and tells him to bring her the real sachet. Jung-woo’s disappointed, having hoped for better: “You’ve just thrown away your last chance.”

With the princess gone, Gunnie and Seol’s main lady in waiting thumb through a cookbook and sigh over all of Seol’s favorite dishes. The court lady has been growing increasingly flirty with him, and today she instructs Gun to meet her in the garden later for a “creative” night. Ooh la la.

Hae-young arrives at Dan’s hideaway just as she’s leaving, packed bag and all, and sets her straight: Don’t bother going to the airport, because she’s been put on the no-fly list. Oh also? Imma make you pay for everything you have coming to you.

Dan sputters, saying that she ain’t scared of his threats and that she’ll never regret her actions. Her indignation holds for just about three more seconds, because Hae-young informs her that her big payoff isn’t coming, since her funds have been frozen. So if she has plans to live it up abroad with her boatloads of cash, she can cancel them ’cause that boat has sunk. She can forget about her earlier hopes of becoming a lawyer or a judge in Korea, too, because that’s not bloody likely either. And she can say goodbye to ever seeing her mother or Seol again. Nor is she to be in contact with Yoon-ju again.

That does the trick, and Dan is visibly scared. Never, ever cross a diplomat-chaebol-rich-man-angry-boyfriend. You’re just never gonna win.

Hae-young arrives at Mom’s pension as Seol is feeding the dogs, like she’d done on his first visit here. She turns down his request to talk and hurries inside, leaving him to pound on the door, which remains closed.

He speaks through the door anyway, knowing that she’s standing on the other side listening, and says he’s going to be patient, “So let’s not get discouraged.” She doesn’t open up, but she does sit just inside all day long. Hae-young waits outside on the porch all the while, and late that night, he speaks up again:

Hae-young: “When I consider what my father did, and the pain that caused you, I shouldn’t come here. I shouldn’t have come back. I know that’s the only courtesy I can show you, but I’m sorry. I couldn’t do that today. The fun of always finding something to nitpick and bicker with you about — I can’t give that up. And I can’t give up making you feel breathless and making your heart race. I was pampered as a child so I’m not that patient. I’ve never given anything up before. Yes, as you said, I’m a real jerk. You’re right…but…what can I do about missing you?”

His voice breaks at that and he stars to tear up, as does Seol inside. He continues, “What can I do about missing you 24 hours a day? I miss you right now. I miss you to death! What should I do? Lee Seol…I love you. I said, this Mr. P loves you.”

Well, that does the trick.

Seol opens the door and starts to say, “I also…” but he doesn’t give her the chance.


I agree with girlfriday’s comments in the previous recap about not being surprised by My Princess, and it does dim the experience when things happen and you think, “Well, duh, of course that would happen.” Or worse yet, you wonder, “Wait, didn’t they already know that?” When the plot treads water for as long as it has been doing, you start getting confused as to what has happened, what was implied, and what you thought was implied but must have just been your own suspicions putting you ahead of the curve. At least that’s my experience with this episode.

Honestly, I think I probably have more patience with the drama than most — at least that’s what it seems from reading comments. I don’t know what it is, My Princess is just so inoffensive and at times cute that I’m not bothered by the slowness of the plot (much). Maybe I’m getting mellow. Or maybe it’s because it’s got just enough satisfying couple moments, interspersed with love-to-hate villains, that I’m okay going along with it. Yoon-ju’s totally screwy at this point, but at least I don’t feel the need to understand her or attempt to cut her slack. She’s hateful and I gleefully hate. If the drama attempts a redemption for her, I’ll be disappointed, and would actually enjoy if they took her further. C’mon, you’re never going to win viewers over now, so you may as well go for broke.

Plus, the drama has already exceeded my expectations in regards to the acting. I wonder what would’ve happened to Kim Tae-hee’s and Song Seung-heon’s reputations (as bad actors) had they both done a rom-com like this earlier in their careers. They’ve both avoided the genre, and seemed to gravitate toward roles that highlight their weaknesses — I mean, Kim Tae-hee as a badass secret agent? Ha. But rom-com is a forgiving genre if only you have some personal charm, and they’ve got that — plus the gorgeous faces, of course.


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        Since it’s a princess story, a fairy tale one, we should get a happy ending one.. Maybe a hot steamy happy ending? :b

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    Like you, JB, I still have patience for this drama, surprisingly. It’s the personal charm of the actors and the cute couple scenes. And that about does the trick for me. I think I’ve also probably gotten mellow from watching too many dramas…

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      I also like this drama for the cute, I have little to no interest in the rest of it, but I like the main relationship a lot. I hope both KTH and SSH stick to this genre in future.

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    So i’ve kinda given up on this drama too but I still like the cuteness — I mean really – those 2 are so cute together LOL. And I definitely would not have said that before about the 2 of them.

    I agree with JB — they are much better at rom com than any of their other roles. It would be such a waste if neither one did another rom com.

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    It makes me a little sad that sometimes I have to dumb myself down so the plot actually seems UNpredictable…I don’t know, it’s just the whole experience of watching dramas. You want to be surprised and sad and happy and excited all at the same time, it gives excitement to the whole experience…but this just makes me realize what makes GREAT dramas.

    Like in Soulmate and Evasive Investigative Agency, who the heck knew what words they were gonna say or what the exactly the characters we gonna do. Story of a Man also had that brainy and engaging appeal…My Princess is another story…ha.

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        “Never, ever cross a diplomat-chaebol-rich-man-angry-boyfriend. You’re just never gonna win.”

        Love that line! and I definitely want one too!!

        The angst/heavy drama turn of the show is not bothering me at all…I guess the cutesy, flirty stuff at the beginning was to set up your emotions for these characters when they get hit with the tough stuff, so it’s all good to me! I wholeheartedly love this couple now and it will be very satisfying to see them overcome all the evil-robot-plots going on.

  18. 18 YoSoyHaru!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG!! I love this drama 😀 thanks JB

  19. 19 Steph

    At first I thought it was weird that you favour dream high so much more than My Princess, cus they rank about the same on my list. Then I start to think more about the exact points I will give the 2 dramas. And I find that dream high has MORE and MORE plus points while My princes has MORE and MORE minus….So I get it :)

    “If you don’t help me wreak havoc, then I won’t have anyone to support me while I wreak havoc! Boo frickin’ hoo. ”

    “Never, ever cross a diplomat-chaebol-rich-man-angry-boyfriend. You’re just never gonna win.”

    Hehe I always have favourite quotes from your recaps, maybe I should save them.

  20. 20 Dee Dee

    I know how this series is going to end…but yet…I still. must. watch! I’m taking it for what it is, which is sweet, innocent, entertainment. Plus…I love Song Seung Hun! Ha!

    The one thing I’m really tired of is Yoon-Ju…yes, I know we need a villain but I really need to see more of a reaction out of Seol. I mean really?? Not only is Yoonie going after you, but she’s got your family and your cutie jumping through hoops too! Just once I’d like to see Seol grab that chick by her throat…hostile? Maybe. Effective? No doubt.

    • 20.1 Sadhana

      The only thing about LS that bothers me is how naive and slow (on the uptake) she is. Like every time Sister Evil comes to see her, she runs to her like a puppy who wants to play, when Dan is clearly spewing venom out of her eyes at Seol. Not to mention, how crappy she was about the apartment they shared BEFORE the whole Princess debacle. Um, can’t you see this girl hates you?!?

      And when HY had to explain the orphanage event thing…she clearly looked disturbed about the photo op and kept looking at him worriedly (prompting him to save her) but then after, she is like “someone is using me? but no one stole my money??” GAAH!!

      I like that she calls out YJ-bot in private, but she needs to tell HY just how manipulative she really is!

  21. 21 Butet

    So admitting defeat DreamBeans?

  22. 22 goldenflower

    I’m still amused by this drama. It fills my slots when I’m waiting for Mondays. =)

  23. 23 singingzombies

    “Never, ever cross a diplomat-chaebol-rich-man-angry-boyfriend. You’re just never gonna win.”

    I bet he juggles too, lol. The swiss army knife boyfriend.

  24. 24 tari

    “Never, ever cross a diplomat-chaebol-rich-man-angry-boyfriend. You’re just never gonna win.”

    haha..seriously I thought he’s a diplomat/chaebol instead of finance minister/minister of justice? Btw the winner of the showdown is clear for this noona it’s Song Seung-heon for sure..I mean MP. I fast forward everything just to see him. He just soooo F.I.N.E

  25. 25 Jomo

    Thanks for recap. Lots of good stuff, but my favorite line from this one is Yes it is, Yoon-ju, who understands not the meaning of words.

    Yoon-ju needs to get shot in Bali.

    OK Did anyone else notice that LS asks,
    “Where’s the Towel?”
    and HY replies:
    “It’s here!”
    Could he really really be acknowledging his nick name that blatantly? God, I hope so.

    As far as this Show resurrecting their acting reputations, I gotta say this:
    SSH should drop down on his knees and thank KTH for playing opposite him. Any attractive actor (although there are probably none more attractive than SSH) could have played this role. KTH gave him everything he needed to shine. The writers created the Seul character, and she ran like hell with it. All the moments of her playing QUEEN, and her adorable crush on Mr. N, and her willingness to give back whatever HY threw at her, and her wonderful tears with Oma. Those were hers.

    He did wonderfully, too. His personal warmth and humor made HY a delightful character to watch go from having it all to losing it all, then, being saved by the woman he set out to destroy and realizing she was the only thing he could NOT afford to lose. LOVE IT!

    Yes, it has been done before and better (City Hall), but I thank the drama gods for putting SSH on my screen week after week.
    He should stick with the funny and sweet for as long as he can. Long live The Hand Towel!

    • 25.1 Amber's Cube

      “Where’s the Towel?”
      and HY replies:
      “It’s here!”

      LOL….I didn’t notice it. HY should have said, “I’m here”.

      • 25.1.1 Jomo

        I wonder if the Korean could translate to that, too?
        If there were no pronoun in the sentence.

      • 25.1.2 samgetang

        Haha! Wonderful! Mr Hand Towel toweling off his princess…cant get better than this!

        He is really the one and only Mr. Hand Towel.

    • 25.2 tari

      I just love someone mention City Hall..Jo Gook pogo shippo..

    • 25.3 YY

      Did you notice his eyebags at the hospital part where he talked to her alone? I swear they were so humpy they looked like his abs…like mini abs.

      • 25.3.1 Jomo

        You know, YY, The Hand Towel is a beautiful beautiful man.

        But that reminds me of an old old song:

        “The morning sun when it’s in your eyes really shows your age
        But that don’t worry me none, in my eyes you’re everything.”

        The cast all so tired at this point in the filming. The lighting and make-up folks have a tough job keeping them looking perfect.

      • 25.3.2 samgetang

        i think he had puffy eyes cos he just came from grandpa’s bedside where he cried in secret :-( he knew what was coming…

      • 25.3.3 Severine

        Actually, both HY and LS looked REALLY tired in this episode. Hmmm, wonder how LS happened to fall asleep in HY’s arms during the fireplace scene? Those clothes were clearly CGI’d on. *lalalalalala* I refuse to listen to any logical explanations of this scene. *lalalalalalala* The sexy time was clearly edited out. *lalalalalalala*

    • 25.4 YY

      Do you think they showered? Cos they were still wearing the same clothes that night. Or maybe they showered and wore the same clothes. Cos they forgot to bring a change of clothes they were in such a hurry. Maybe they showered together but they edited the scene.

      • 25.4.1 clichique

        I also had this same thought.

        And morning breath anyone?

        Also I like how SSH makes KTH wash her face when he clearly hasn’t washed up because…. HE JUST WOKE UP.

        Also, I can’t stand it, personally, when I don’t take a shower for a day. It bothers me. Maybe I’m spoiled. Actually, I have to take like 2 showers per day. Yeah. I waste water. :(

        • momosa

          I just wrote on the other page about me being put off by the mention of SYJ Personal Taste) not having bath for days! I was so put off that I can picture her as cute, pretty or attractive thereafter. I really have this yakkie thing about people not showering.

          I’m glad you waste water!!! hahaha..

    • 25.5 clichique

      I’m rewatching Princess Prosecutor. A similar thing is done there too. Omg so heartbreaking to watch Seo Inwoo fall in love with Ma Hyeri….

      But yeah. I have like a soft spot for this type of setup. Call me a sadist, but I like watching a guy torture and boil in his growing love. LOL.

      • 25.5.1 dzigh

        You are not alone.

        I LOVE it too 😀

      • 25.5.2 YY

        I love PP….love PSH…he’s amazing. Most charismatic actor around. And a great kisser. I can still remember him saying to her: that he has brought goodu newsu…haha

        • clichique


          (Almost there, rewatching-wise…)

          • eli

            where can i watch the videos of this episode? please im begging u i wanna watch it :'(

          • Jomo

            @eli – Dramafever has it. Be prepared to not leave your computer for a looooooooooong time once you start it.

          • Jomo

            Oh, and hang in through the first three eps. It gets much much better!

    • 25.6 bd

      SSH does the charming thing and the fun banter thing well enough, but I totally agree that, aside from a bit overdoing it at the beginning, KTH has totally stolen the show.

      It’s not just that KTH plays her character’s more fun and frankly, goofy elements so well, KTH really hit the spot whenever it came down to an emotional scene for her character (her crying and emotions in all of them seemed natural).

      The last scene in this ep. where HY pours out his heart to Seol, eh, not so much.

    • 25.7 Sadhana

      Jomo, you are spot on! I agree with everything up there.

      I don’t get the Hand Towel reference (is it from before MP or from the early scene of him at the Pension?) but it’s hilarious nonetheless when you guys reference it here!

      I love reading these recaps AND comments as much as I love watching the show! (Yes, I am pretty much ruining my life with Kdramas now.)

  26. 26 Lee Lee

    I realized what I wish this drama did differently – the background music. It’s soooo damn cheesy and overtakes the scenes. I mean, do they really HAVE to blast the ‘evil’ music when Robo-bitch is on, or cue frothy music 5 secs before the kiss scene. It just amplifies the predictability of whathappensnext. Gah.

    I’m hooked on this drama, as you say by their cuteness, but this episode was really tepid. Increase the cute!

    Here’s hoping tomorrow’s episode delivers.

    • 26.1 bd

      The background music isn’t so bad, much better than the dreck that was in “Secret Garden.”

  27. 27 Katey B

    And 3 more episodes to go.

    Hopefully they can produce some watchable episodes as at the mo the DB recaps are all that’s sustaining me in this drama.

    • 27.1 YY

      katey, I don’t want to sound smug or anything but……DID YOU SEE THE PEVIEW FOR LB????? he he A certain someone kissed a certain someone….he he guess who *spiking up hair*

      • 27.1.1 Katey B

        Sorry, what’s LB?

        • clichique

          I think YY means Love Buffet..

          (Not that I follow it or anything. But I am considering giving it a second chance. Possibly. POSSIBLY.)

    • 27.2 YY

      And a certain someone told a certain someone he loved her and nothing and nobody else mattered but her…..guess who? Ok, ok let me give you a hint….the guy’s name starts with the first letter of the alphabet hehe

  28. 28 Tony

    So I will agree with you on the whole aspect of predictability. It is very predictable but I enjoy this drama for the sheer light-hearted entertainment it presents.

    I must also disagree with you in terms of stating that Kim Tae-hee has a reputation as a “bad actress.” I have watched a couple of dramas with her, including IRIS and Love Story at Harvard and I must say her acting is incredible. Love Story at Harvard was also a semi rom-com and she acted beautifully in it. Although I will agree that she may not have acted the role of secret agent well, she did in fact act well in IRIS and her ability to cry in a not-so-ugly way is remarkable.

    Just wanted to put my two sense in.

    • 28.1 Janet

      “her ability to cry in a not-so-ugly way is remarkable.”

      That, in itself, is a talent!

  29. 29 YY

    This ep for me was better cos of the kiss and the together time at the beginning. I haven’t watched with subs yet so it’ll probably improve once I see it with subs. Just noticed that SSH, in addition to the head tilt, frown, sigh and head shake, introduced a new emotif (my own word) today….the squeeze-eyes-tight-till-only-the-whites-show. He did it twice. Together with his usual. And the kiss part, I was curiously distracted by 2 things: 1) a tear on his chin which miraculously disappeared when she opened the door….did it dry/fall off? 2) the swinging door….I kept worrying it would knock into her back/head.

    • 29.1 Jomo

      Absolutely thought she was gonna get banged on the head!

      I did notice the disappearing tear, but the adorable look of hope in his eyes* made me forget it instantly.

      *Baggy, yes, but I like it! I cannot stand it if The Hand Towel is perfect.

    • 29.2 clichique

      Omgod don’t even get me started on SSH emoting antics. The serious scene where they talk in the hospital, him and Seol? I started cracking up. And then I was like, No, no, this is a serious scene what is wrong with you why are you laughing CAN’T YOU FEEL THE ANGUISH THEY ARE GOING THROUGH. And then I saw SSH do his head tilt, and I just laughed. I couldn’t.

      Also, the end scene. When she opens the door. And he’s leaning on the door. I was thinking…. Well, that’s awkward. She has to push this guy off the door after a heavy sentimental scene after he says, “I love you.” And like SSH was like hardly budging and I was just like, DUDE, SHE IS TRYING TO OPEN THE DOOR. WHY ARE YOU LEANING AGAINST IT?? SHE CAN’T SEE YOU WHEN YOU’RE BLOCKING THE WAY!!

      • 29.2.1 YY

        clichique, you are so funny you just made me laugh like mad…..oh dear you were so cool and calm in your earlier post. What have I done?????

        • clichique

          I know. What have you done.

          I want moar moar kiss scenes!!

          Okay, speaking of the last kissing scene….. is anyone finding it weird… IDK maybe it’s just me but like how KTH opens her mouth like an “o” like who does that. It just looks super awkward looking. Actually the first few seconds of SSH grabbing KTH in for a kiss looked really awkward but then eventually it eased off into familiar (?) territory and became more normal. But seriously the first few seconds of that kiss, I was thinking… what is going on, KTH with the “o” mouth, SSH awkwardly trying to make a kiss… WHAT IS GOING ON.

          • clichique

            Also, this is not the first time KTH does the “o” mouth. Haven’t watched her other dramas, so idk if this is her “trademark kiss posture” or something.


            Like, ooh, SSH leans in, “oh?” mouth. It was just… weird. IDK. Maybe it’s just me.

          • YY

            Omg! *screaming with laughter* the Oh factor eh?? You’re so so funny with your quirky insights…..haha I thought the stairs kiss was ok, didn’t see the Oh sorry….but this kiss looked a trifle awkward to me….like you said, the first few secs….she frowned, her eyes widened then she closed them and proceeded to “enjoy” the kiss…..I thought she should have like closed them gradually….like swooning with delight, but she just slapped them shut. One minute wide open. Next minute snap shut. That moment was awkward, and her posture didn’t help either. She looked stiff and distant….he tried to gather her in but she remained rigid…maybe tonight the kiss will get better? After all we’re seeing only the first part of the kiss. Tonight the kiss continues he he….she should gradually relax and hug him back. Sigh….kiss scenes are terribly awkward in kor dramas, PP kiss was hot though with PSH at it; Coffee Prince kisses were sizzling too!

          • clichique

            Omg, YEAH. THE POSTURE. So bad. She was super stiff. And then when SSH tries to grab her in, she’s just like, Nope, not moving at all, so he like awkwardly holds onto her back. BUT HOW IS SHE SO RIGID WHEN SSH IS KISSING?? WHY ARE YOU NOT MELTING INTO A PUDDLE OF GOO?? I WOULD.

            Which brings me to like that sad kiss later towards the end-ish of Prosecutor Princess (hah this is becoming comparison of the princess drama kisses LOL), that posture was super awkward, but I think the awkward had a meaning to it. Whereas this… IDK. It’s almost like watching high school kids kiss, the degree of awkwardness. I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

            Please, MP, please redeem yourself in the kissing department with more kisses.

            Also, I think PSH would be a good kisser. And SSH, despite his looks, an awkward kisser. I deem it so.

          • Madita

            Best kiss/ers on-screen Cha Seung-Won and Kim Sun-Ah in City Hall *^^*

            Yes, the las kissing scene, it felt awkward. She was so stiff and he couldn’t handle it Bu that reminded me of the most K-Dramas I wathched. The K-drama lady leads are to 99% bad kissers. I would prefer a no kiss-scene to a bad kissing scene, it spoils the drama.

            I mean whatching your favorite couple and waiting episodes for them to kiss, and then such a “unmoving kiss”

            Bahhhhh…I am disappointed :(

            Nevertheless, once again I realised how beautiful SSH is. Definatelly rom-com suits him as JB said it.

            Aaaannnd again …. I do love his HEADTILT 😛 Maybe I am the only one *^^*

            Edit: I have the he feeling he reads your comments – as he headtilts less since 2 Episodes. Or am I wrong ?

          • YY

            The PSH kiss was so sadddd…I cried so hard…..Psh dramas always make me cry from Ijimie to Family honour and PP.

            Madita, I doubt he’s aware of the head tilt….I STILL SEE IT!!!!!!But I love him head tilt or not cos he seems like a sweet nice shy guy….

      • 29.2.2 Saima

        is it only me who gets distracted by SSH’s gorgeousness and thinks he is a genuinely good actor?!! perhaps the fact that i have a goofy smile and only look at him adoringly has something to do with this!! :/

  30. 30 Ani

    Et tu, Brutus!?!?!?!


  31. 31 QueenPinay

    *sigh* please let there be an extension of this series! :) Oppa is really CUTE!!!!!

  32. 32 theedie

    I’m exactly like you JB. I don’t mind the slowness of this drama. While other dramas that have dragged and become slow are normally cause for me to rip my hair out, I find that I don’t mind it so much with this since overall there are no glaring plot holes and illogical inconsistencies. Add on to that the cuteness overload they throw in every episode and the prettiness of the main couple, I find that I can quite enjoy this drama on a level where I don’t have to over think or over-rationalize everything. I’m not hooked and addicted the same way I was for say Delightful Girl Choon-hyang, but it’s still fun to watch and at the end of the day I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time on this.

    • 32.1 clichique

      I second this.

      With other dramas, if it gets boring enough, I just quit. I don’t even try, don’t even hold onto hope. But this one? I think it’s partial eye candy, partial personal charisma of SSH and KTH, and partial chemistry between those two AND HOW FRIGGIN CUTE AND PURTY THEY ARE.

      Also, the plot isn’t stupidly contrived.

      ALSO… I think there’s more meat to the conflict. I’m sorry, but I had to quit Secret Garden because I didn’t understand the purpose of the body switch, their real conflict other than one being ridiculously rich and the other living in lower middle class territory. Didn’t get it. Not even the chemistry between the leads could get me through it.

      • 32.1.1 YY

        Yup, me too….the body switch thing put me off…without it I would have watched it.

      • 32.1.2 samgetang

        Agree! 😉

      • 32.1.3 la dee dah

        For Secret Garden, I actually wasn’t put off by the body switching, because they used it in a way that no other drama really used it before. Other dramas would have them stuck in the other’s body for pretty much the whole drama, and in the end they will both be changed people. In Secret Garden, there was the initial switch and amusement, then when they changed back, they were still pretty much the. Then they switched again a couple of times. Then that last switch was deliberate on Joo Won’s part to save her.

        That said…. the reason I didn’t like Secret Garden as much as everyone else was Joo Won’s character… I just did not like him and did not like how he treated Ra Im, and did not want them together…which is pretty much what they want you rooting for in this drama. Weird, ’cause I looved Oska! Ha ha…

        But here with My Princess, I love both main leads despite the plotlines and the bad guys. Kinda sad that the plot is kinda driving down my enthusiasm for this drama, but both leads are still making me watch.

        • belleza

          Truth is, people liked Secret Garden because it had Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. When you have A-lister chemistry, you can overlook how misogynistic the whole “romance” was. If Joo Won wasn’t Hyun Bin, would anybody take him?

    • 32.2 Jomo

      For me this point in the dramas is the most frustrating.

      This is where there is a “willful misunderstanding” of some sort, later proven wrong, that stops the couple from acting on their true feelings.

      For example – why does Seul not connect the memory of her father’s friend/ahjussi who gave her hair tie and meat to the new found memory of HY’s dad at the cottage?

      And aren’t we, the audience, pretty sure that those princess stickers are Seul’s? Why would HY have girlish stickers on his music?

      I know we get a POV that she doesn’t, having seen the scene from YJ’s apa’s eyes, but would it have been a big jump? He was on the run; how many people were in contact with him?

      And, I’m confused, did the scene where LS’s father covered her ears to protect her from hearing HY’s father threat really happen? I thought it was fabricated, but suddenly everyone’s agreeing that it happened. But NOBODY was there!

      • 32.2.1 Gladys

        I agree with you about the part that was fabricated: where LS’s dad covered her ears to prevent her from hearing HY’s dad’s threat as nobody was there except YJ’s dad. I still maintain it was YJ’s dad who lied about the threat as he may have a grudge against LS’s dad. He kept the existence of LS from Grandpa for many years. Moreover, YJ has a lot ot gain if she marries HY without the restoration of the monarchy.

        • Jomo

          I agree with you, and all YJ’s dad has done so far is look guilty and open his eyes wide a lot.

          SAY SOMETHING!

          Take responsibility so HY’s dad can come home and play ball with HY’s kids. His beautiful beautiful KTH/SSH combo – babies.

  33. 33 aicy

    you know folks, for me, before i watch any drama, i check first who the leading actors/actresses before going to its synopsis be it boring or not. so surely, i will watch this drama to the end coz i love the two.esp.ssh.i watched all his past dramas like east of eden.i just love his facial expressions.expert in emoting.kudos to them both

  34. 34 Miyumi

    I actually stopped watching this 4 episodes ago but just the same, I keep in touch with your recaps all the same.

    Thanks javabeans.

    • 34.1 sophie

      sadly, I also stopped watching but just read the live transcaps then the recaps.

    • 34.2 ElleS'AppelleRebelle

      Me too…I stopped watching after ep.10! I had watched the 10 eps all in 1 day then my anticipation winded down after reading the ep.11 recap….so there ep.10 was my last ep.
      I dunno the same thing happened to me with Secret Garden after ep.16….I just stopped.
      Kdrams for some reason start off so WELL and then something halfway just makes me lose interest…
      Let’s not even talk about Athena…I stope after ep.5!
      Every1 is RAVING about “Dream High” maybe, jus MAYBE I should give it a try…
      I dunno KDramas…are letting me down right now. I’ll just read the recaps from time to time.

  35. 35 ck1Oz

    Yay….thank you..off to read :-)

    • 35.1 ck1Oz

      Oh dear ain’t no love lost for the YJ-bot from JB.

      Man I don’t care what everyone says it’s a good rom com.We’ve seen worse at least it’s not making me tear my hair out.

      The cute factor is still there the eyebags are a huge blech feature though.Sigh.

  36. 36 daisies

    I half-expected Her Evilness to smother the chairman with a pillow when they were alone.


    • 36.1 clichique

      Yeah. I expected this too. But I don’t think Yoonjoo has it in her to become a murderess. I don’t really feel like the land of rom com 2nd female lead bitch really crosses over into that territory…

      But this one Chinese drama I’m watching right now? One of the two bitchy girls, actually, both, would probably be willing to go to that step to prevent things from going astray from their master plan.

  37. 37 nixxochick

    i for one really like this drama :) btw thanks for the recap..it helps me a lot to read and watch the raw episode, this way i have a better understanding of what is being said

    • 37.1 Memmy

      Same here. Liking this drama so much. I don’t care much about the slowness of the plot, I just like watching the interactions between the OTP.

      To think that I only watched the 1st episode to check out the anticipated ‘bad acting’ of KTH & SSH. Man, their cuteness just won me over and I’m now sort of addicted to it.

      Thanks for sticking with it, JB & GF

      • 37.1.1 Jomo

        Same motivation for me, since I had seen nothing with them before.

        THAT, and a few photos’s Javabeans put up of an almost naked SSH.

        Probably 5%/95%…

  38. 38 Daniela

    I can bear slow plot if they give something else in return that make me forget that the plot is slow. The thing with My Princess is that they are giving me in return is little and i can´t forget the slow plot. This was a boring episode until the last part, but the last part was good, the things that he said were nice and cute and there was the kiss, Hurray! (or Finally! I dont know wich suit more. Yes, there was another but we needed THIS kiss).

    I was wondering why they go with all the “They think that Hae-young´s dad killed Seol´s dad”. At the end, we ended in the same place, where the Grandpa killed Seol´s dad by accident. Maybe the Hae-young´s dad story line will be exploted more in the last…3 episodes. Maybe 2 and a half.

    The two bots, I don´t like to hate them, they annoy me too much. I would love that Dan was the loving sister but with bitternes towards Seol. And she stabedd back Seoul. Its hard to explain it (my English vocabulary isn´t that vast, thats why. And it would be too long), but something like that. More vivid.

    Thanks for the recap!

  39. 39 Pat

    Thank you for the recap and priceless quotes! I love this drama, it’s fun and cute, even if Yoonju is boring =__=
    I’m glad the two are showing some affection before the last episode. Usually dramas finally allow their love to happen 5 minutes before the series ends, and then does the “5 Years Later…BAM KIDS!” thing XD But anyways, I’m a bit surprised Jungwoo defied Yoonju. I thought he was going to definitely succumb to her icy cold stares, but he stood his ground! Good for him!
    Kind of miss the two men showdowns though…you could definitely see the sparks fly from Jungwoo and SSK.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode and another great recap!

  40. 40 Bluefyre

    Oh my…why so prettaaay?! 😀
    I’m still not over how beautiful they look. Seriously.

    Anyway…thanks JB! I really can’t wait to watch this. I’m waiting until all the eps are subbed. I’m just subsisting on DB recaps. Haha!

    Now to convince my Korean friend to watch this with me…(she doesn’t like SSH -.-)

  41. 41 punk

    awesome recap! i love the way you write…a comic recap for a Rom-com drama :-) i laughed all the way till the end…hehehe

  42. 42 Saima

    I can’t stand how gorgeous SSH is!! *sigh le sigh* as for his acting….since, i’m new to K-dramas & this is my first time watching him i do think he seems to emote + act rather well!! thought abt giving East of Eden a shot but read abt the ending and heck no, i ain’t watching this gorg guy meet his tragic ending!!

  43. 43 rouby

    Finally the recaps coming!!!! :)
    Every time I ceck. Dramabeans just want to know about. My princess

    Oh I really like your recaps and comment JB,,,and of course I like GF too,,,, both of you make me a little crazy : when I read your recaps I can smile,,laugh,,and cry and many more feeling (and I reading this when I’m in bus,taxi,coffe shop and another public place)….

  44. 44 Dev

    Dramabeans..I have been following your reviews for some time now and you are getting funnier… :)
    Thanks for the recap…
    Love the fact that there are mostly no misunderstandings in My Princess and everyone’s open about their feelings and intentions…

  45. 45 Maria

    So this is a random question, but I will be making a semi-impromptu trip to the san francisco/san jose area in california, and i was wondering if there is a koreatown in that area? I know there is one in LA, but I was wondering if there is one near the Bay area as well. If there is not one in that area, is it worth the trip to visit the one in LA? I will definitely visit Chinatown in San Fran, but should I visit Koreatown in LA if there isn’t one in the Bay area? Can anyone help me with this?!? :)

    • 45.1 sophie

      I don’t think there’s a Koreatown in the bay area – there are probably just a few stores here and there. I don’t know if it’s worth visiting the Koreatown in LA: I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for (food, shopping, sightseeing, or other purposes).

      • 45.1.1 sophie

        just to clarify, I meant that if your trip is short, one might prefer to visit places other than Koreatown in LA. But if you’re looking for specific food, stores, or events, then you should stop by there :)

    • 45.2 Amber's Cube

      There is a Koreatown in SF Bay Area. It’s in Oakland. I have not been there, so i dont know if it’s worth going there.

    • 45.3 kaysee

      There are pockets of areas in both San Francisco and San Jose where you can find Korean shops and Korean restaurants. You can find a few Korean shops/restaurants if you visit San Francisco’s Japantown. If you’re looking for a good concentration of Korean shops and restaurants, I’d say the Koreatown in LA is worth checking out.

    • 45.4 Maria

      Thanks so much the help. This is why I love this blog and its followers!

    • 45.5 jinjoo

      there is in San Jose an hour 1/2 fr SFran & they got lots of Korean stores, bakeshops, dvd store u name it! It’s worth your trip! I go there once in a while or else in LA there’s a big Koreatown! hope this helps! Also in Santa Clara w/c is a short mile drive to S Jose is another good place!

  46. 46 Almontel

    omo…finally! the KISS!!!
    thanks so much for the recap, as always! you’re the next site i come to right after i finished watching…

    i too noticed the eyebags…tsk tsk tsk..but it’s ok they are still the most handsome couple there is and i just love watching MP when the 2 of them are on screen together!

    i can’t wait for tomorrow’s ep…please I want more of the Kiss!!!
    i just read an ep 14 preview and it looks like they won’t even get to be alone together since LS is afraid to be ‘with him’ since he wanted to stay there the night…ha ha ha..so they invited some of their ‘friends’ over…

    @maria, yes the koreatown is here in LA, i don’t think there’s one in the Bay area…

    • 46.1 Maria

      thanks! I just found out about the asian american film festival, so i think i’ll be able to get a good dose of asian culture, lol. i’ll see if LA works into our plans, though. im really excited about the film festival!!

  47. 47 Jazmyn

    Thank you jb for the recap. Love SSH in this drama. He is very attractive and sexy here.Boy, they sure milk his eyelashes. I would not mind being holed up in the vacation home in the middle of nowhere with him. Having plenty of showers together and making out the whole day( I am such a shallow person…Hehehe)Please keep up with the recaps till the end…..: )

  48. 48 Lavender

    I’ll have third or fourth Javabeans’ sentiments on the unusual patience with the languid, drown out plot. Obviously this is because the plot comes in a distant (non-placing) fourth next to the distracting relationship between the main characters, followed by the charming Professor (who is one of the most sensible, most rational characters to come on the merry-go-round of emotion and crazy that is Kdrama second leads), followed by being ridiculously compelled but simultaneously flustered at the absurdly beautiful SSH.

    When he was attempting to emote in the last scene there, I almost bought it, before he did his head tilt (clinque, you’ve ruined him for me, you happy?!? I used an interrobang to to proclaim my righteous indignation!) I was literally thinking: “he is so beautiful, oh man, look at those eye lashes, he even cries pretty. All men should cry pretty like SSH….”

    Anyways, the last scene was a very lovely, necessary moment for these two. I have to admit, that I enjoy the fact that he is completely, totally, irrevocably, Tom. Pursuing so heart aching sincerely his Jerry. I just wish Lee Seol would kiss less like she’s being molested…come on now! It’s the long awaited P Kun kiss! 5 episodes! We waited 5 episodes for this! Show some freakin’ conviction!!!

    • 48.1 Jomo

      “I just wish Lee Seol would kiss less like she’s being molested…come on now!”


      Why do they keep filming these awkward kissing scenes that just frustrate the viewers?

      Kim Sam Soon did it right, so did Coffee Prince, PP, City Hall and, sigh, “Game over” from Personal Taste.

      There was more fire in the short foam kiss in Secret Garden than this long one shot from four angles.

      The kiss should make us stop breathing with them. I offered to practice with SSH, and everything!!

      • 48.1.1 clichique


        Although, granted, KTH… Is nobody else noticing how she opens her mouth in an “oh” shape not a gentle-ish LESS AWKWARD parting of the lips, but an “oh” shape???

        GAH. This is why I went back to Prosecutor Princess. OMG that kiss was hot.

    • 48.2 clichique

      I’m sorry I ruined SSH for you… :(

      You know what’s funny? I feel like he’s been doing this since day one when I noticed him, a la Autumn In My Heart days. LOL. All those years and not one bit changed.

      I like that gumption. Bahaha… but not when it’s making me feel guilty about laughing in serious scenes.

      • 48.2.1 Lavender

        clichique…I think you just ruined any (and possibly all) KTH kissing scenes for me for the rest of her kissing career. O face, now all I can notice is the stiff goldfish O that is her passionate long awaited kiss face. Your super human attentiveness to the every nuance of these actors must translate to being like this in real life too. Oh man, the annoying personal ticks would plague you everywhere…

  49. 49 Leigh

    Your recap had me laughing all the way…and the comments too were so hilarious…Can’t help it but love the drama, the two leads are so attractive and the chemistry is so…you know….they make you just want them to be together in real life. SSH’s tender expressions are believable, I mean, if he looked at us like that, we would melt. And KTH really lookslike a princess..

  50. 50 Tenshii

    I don’t know why but at some moments in My Princess, it makes me think of Wish Upon a Star. There is one stupid bitch in both dramas, plus one extra in My Princess (how to make people hate them more). The story drags… the cute part is when the couple is together, bickering… and when you’re happy is with the cute people (kids-uncle/seol+gun and the main lady)

    I also skipped some parts and read the recaps instead XD

  51. 51 madqueen

    Ok… what’s with this head tilt thing with SSH…
    I mean I replay those Youtube vids again and again to see the head tilt. I don’t see it!
    He looks just fine to me when emoting.

  52. 52 YY

    I didn’t see it at first too. I kept watching and rewatching and he looked just fine to me. Then one day WHAM! I saw it! I’ve never been the same since. Now I see it ALL THE TIME.

    clichique started the head tilt thing. Now she’s onto the O thing. Please help someone. I don’t want to see it.

    • 52.1 clichique

      LOL I’m sorry… :(

      Okay someone mentioned like the bitches in Kdrama world…. IS ANYBODY NOTICING THIS LIKE INHERENT SHORT HAIR MOTIF IN THE KDRAMA BITCH WORLD??

      Yoonjoo. Inhee. That girl from Wish Upon a Star. Dan, if you count her. What is this. Are there bitchiness qualities associated with short bob cuts? I was considering getting one but now I’m not so sure anymore – WHAT IF THIS WILL BE THE BEGINNING OF MY KDRAMA BITCH SIDE?? What if.

  53. 53 rita

    love the recap!!!!! and the blog but have given up watching ..just could not get beyond the airhead princess….the only thing kept me interested was Mr. P ….have decided the recap is more fun

  54. 54 La Plume

    I hung on for 5 episodes but this series is simply boring to death. From the very beginning I thought they were filming some scenes too long. Zoom Kim Tae Hee’s face. Zoom SSH, rezoom KTH nonstop. I mean with all this empty filming they could have done two episodes already!

    The recaps are fun though.

  55. 55 Ace

    Thanks JB! I’m still on board the MP bus/train too. I’d prefer a slow/predictable plot than a messed-up-crazy-wtf plot any time. A boring episode is also still much better than a boring drama. (yes, I’m talking about you M3)

  56. 56 nattmandrama

    can some one tell me which mobilephone are they using

    • 56.1 samgetang

      I think its a SAMSUNG Galaxy 😉

      • 56.1.1 Jomo

        I think it’s a Hand Towel universe.

        • samgetang

          hahaha! Jomo! :-)

  57. 57 mary

    Does anyone remember the bet between JB and GF regarding Dream High vs My Princess?

    I kinda remembered that MP’s 1st ep beat Dream High… but right now Dream High is so much better than My Princess.

    So who owes whom some soju? :)

    • 57.1 Gerri

      Dream High is really not bad but simply cannot sit thru :) it, after awhile it feels flat.

      On the other hand, is hooked on MP even admittedly plot is somewhat predicatable/draggy etc etc.. Guess this is different stroke for different folks.

      DH and MP fighting!!

  58. 58 Z

    Did Seol forget that grandpa admitted way back in Episode two or three that he blames himself for her father’s death? I believe her words then were something to the effect of “I’ll never do anything that will please you.” But then she changed her mind to save her dad’s reputation, so she went in with eyes wide open. Granted, the news about Hea-young’s dad adds insult to injury but don’t act like you didn’t already know that their family ruined your life is all I’m saying.

    Also, HUGE drama pet peeve: When the main couple promises to stick it out together no matter what, then, one episode later, when things get hard at least one of them completely renegs and runs away or goes all noble idiot. And we’re meant to think this is a big sacrifice on their part instead of simple cowardice.

    Anyhow… my two gripes out of the way. I still totally love this show!!!

    • 58.1 Jomo

      I agree with most of your points, but, in this case, Seul never promised anything to HY.

      He came after her when she ran away, and told her he would stick by her, then he took her to the prof’s house.

  59. 59 jodie047

    everytime i see Yun Joo, I scream BITCH!!!! go die!!! hahaha!!

    • 59.1 Jomo

      Me, too.
      Only I add, “crazy” to it.

  60. 60 Toasty

    I love the way Seoul and Hae-Young are together. They are so cute! But the plot is starting to become perdictable:/ but I still like it:)

  61. 61 Ayumi

    Mostly everything is predictable, but with this. I’m completely hooked =P There is just something about it that makes me go crazy for this drama. I really do love it and I can’t wait to watch it later with the subs. It’s going to be awesome! The plot I like, quite a lot =)

    I think they execute it well enough for people like me to enjoy it because I’m totally addicted and I need my fix. Hahaha

  62. 62 Paranoide

    God…I’m laughing like crazy XD
    I still havent watched it, but i’m impatient! 😛

    • 62.1 Amber's Cube

      SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! On episode 14.
      comment # 66.

  63. 63 Hairlove

    What I wanna know is what mr P said to seol when he was fixing her hair,,,while caressing her ears she made some bedroom noises since she is sensitive obviously mr P is a full blooded male n couldn’t take it anymore n decide to exit stage right so what did he say that had her ruffled????…anyone

  64. 64 samgetang

    Javabeans, thank you for the delightfully funny and fantastic recap as always!

    I only have the raw version to watch but was just so excited I FF to the HY + LS scenes only, haha!

    This is the 2nd real kiss we get from these two. At both times I find it awkward that KTH would have her eyes open while the other person locks lips with her and even til the first part of the kiss. Is this how she kisses in her other drama/films? I dont know about you guys but when a girl keeps her eyes open I feel as if she is emotionally detached from that person or just terribly shy. This is not real life so it is either she is deliberately doing this for some reason to relay a certain message to the audience about the character OR she is not conscious that she is doing this while the film is rolling? If the first, why would she/directors want us think that LS is emotionally detached/conscious? And if the second, what prompts her to let her own private feelings come through? And why would the directors allow her so? Any ideas?

    I guess the reason we are so concerned about this is because we find there is something intriguing to the chemistry between these two actors. I wonder how could they have a great chemistry all throughout and yet not have as much, if not more, sizzle when they kiss? I dread to know they in fact just harbor platonic regard only for each other in real life. Or, the big OR…they could be actually shy and tentative towards each other in real life and it comes through most clearly when they have to lock lips? Just a crazy theory!

    Show, pls explain yourself, hehehe! And please more kisses next episode so we can confirm/deny if our theories were correct or just plain wishful thinking. Hahahaha! We have so little kiss in this show that the O/C in us would even take apart every moment/angle/emotion/logic that revolves around it.

    Actually Im more interested that they get together in real life! I dont know why… perhaps the tentativeness is the more intriguing. Too much self-confidence is not as appealing in this world of instant gratification.

    On to the less important stuff, hehehe….

    • 64.1 Jomo

      We are very particular about our kisses, aren’t we?

      I think it is because, like you said, there have so few of them, we expect a lot.

      It’s got to be the director’s fault, right? If he cannot make them comfortable, or if the camera angles are just wrong…

      • 64.1.1 samgetang

        it is also a cultural thing…have a few korean friends and i found that even though how much close you are to each other but when they hug they do not do the same warm- cuddly-all-over hug that our race usually do (and i guess same goes for many other open/passionate races). we are not stingy with our hugs at all, hehe. so in a way, we find their response a bit cold. but i know they are not. they are really the warmest funniest wackiest lot too but they just dont do that kind of hug unless they were brought up in another country other than Korea. also, in korea, they teach the kids to be strong and disciplined and too much hug the parents think may destroy the courage of the kids and bring them up soft. but this is romance, and they need to let us think that they were totally alone in that place and they can be more sexy about it and not feel awkward at all, hehe. but i guess in that scene that was their first kiss with full knowledge of both and so the awkwardness? :-) that’s why they need to give us more kisses…want more sexy time between the two when all is settled and confortable between them, hahaha! help them along in real life, hahaha! playing cupid, you know… *wink, wink*

    • 64.2 la dee dah

      I’m pretty sure the awkward kissing is not due to the actors, I’m sure they know how to kiss well. I think it’s more about the TV guidelines set for this kind of drama, so that’s how they’re directed to do the scene. If you notice, there are lots of dramas where the kissing is really awkward, most just closed lips and sometimes hardly touching, standing still, mostly the girl not doing anything but standing there. I heard that in Korea, there are some decency laws/rules out there, so for something light-ish like this drama, you don’t see the full-on kissing because they are directed to do it that way. Well, that’s what I heard about Korea. I know in Japanese dramas, it depends on the type of drama as well – the same actor will do a really hot kiss scene in certain dramas and do a really awkward stilted kiss scene in another type of drama.

      • 64.2.1 samgetang

        I beg to disagree: I think its the actors. We’ve seen hot kisses that remained chaste like the hat-kiss in SKKS, the ones in Coffee Prince, Secret Garden, MNIKSS….i think there are a few more. They were all shown in the same TV under the same regulations. How can these be hot and yet pass their review and regulatory board? Or, how can they pass the board and yet still be smoldering hot? Show, please explain yourself. Is there a deeper, higher reason behind it? :-)

        • la dee dah

          I just heard from someone else that there were decency laws (on some other board when they were talking about kissing scenes in Korean dramas).

          But I also still believe it’s not the actors. An example: Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye. Their kiss in You’re Beautiful was so awkward and stiff. In the behind the scenes for You’re Beautiful, you see them being directed to kiss that way. But in their commercial for Etude House, wow, that kiss was hot – sooo different from the drama! And correct me if I’m wrong, but that kiss was before the drama. I also remember in another behind the scenes for some other drama that the director told the actors to not move while kissing, or that the guy was moving too much(i.e., showing he’s too much into it) and to stay still.

          So I’m giving the actors the benefit of the doubt here with My Princess.

          • samgetang

            Sorry, it’s the director’s fault then :-)

            Again: Show, pls explain yourself! :-)

          • la dee dah

            samgetang, ha ha, no problem! I also think the show should explain itself. I mean, they’re full-on adults in their thirties (not some young idols where fans will wreak havoc if their idols are caught making out with other actors). We should expect some hotter kissing!

          • samgetang

            la dee dah, you said it! but they must have had a reason :-) but whatever, i still love MP :-) just hopin’ SSH and KTH will get hooked up for real, hehe. And they cant do that with that tepid kiss, heehee. if it was director’s orders, how can that help their show? that bare-your-heart-and-soul speech from P Kun outside the door (doesnt this remind you of Seol’s confession behind the same door? cute and sweet.) deserve a long hot and smoldering kiss, hahaha! 😉 from both parties, might i add…

          • Jomo

            @ samgetang
            “the director told the actors to not move while kissing”

            Sounds like all the ridiculous kisses in BOF. Are you kidding me? You’re kissing LMH like he’s a WALL?

          • samgetang

            I know, Jomo! LOL! :-)

            How can the director miss that out/let it just go like that/be blind to that???

            With just the simple movement from the lady’s shoulder or arm/hands, eyes closing, slight leaning of the head whatever they could’ve already conveyed a BIG BIG difference in the response. SSH was gathering her in his arms when he kissed her but she suddenly stiffens up or something. I guess I was not the only one who noticed that…how could many of the viewers see that and the directors not see it?

            Okay, show, do it better next time, hehe. We love you anyways :-)

            PS…In BOF, I think LMH was also stiff hehe not just the girl…figures! it was his first movie, right? and he was still young then. he improved greatly in his next films hehe and CF, too. :-)

  65. 65 Kiara

    Someone needs to teach these two how to do a “OMG Hot” kiss. That was so not a “I miss you and I love you kiss”.

  66. 66 Donna

    [Spoiler redacted at commenter request. -jb]

    • 66.1 Donna


      • 66.1.1 Donna


        • Donna


          • YY


        • Donna

          thanks JB

    • 66.2 la dee dah

      Woah, spoiler alert!! You should have a warning or not mention it at all please!

      • 66.2.1 Donna

        무엇이 문제입니까? 난 아무것도 나쁜 일을 한 건가요?

        • la dee dah

          Eh? Sorry, I don’t know Korean… =(

    • 66.3 Donna

      thanks JB ..당신은 매우 많은 JB에요 감사합니다

  67. 67 nattmandrama

    are u chore is samsung galaxy

    • 67.1 samgetang

      i saw in another thread somebody asked the very same question…they said it was samsung galaxy…pls check their website and they should have a photo of that phone there :-) happy hunting!

  68. 68 Evon88

    Song Seung Heon, you really have a very handsome unique looks, your thick dark eyebrows and attractive eyes gives you the most greatest charm, to be so manly, tall in height, charismatic, dressing and walking with elegant style. An actor who is so brialliant and multi-talented always love and bless by the worldwide millions and millions surrroundings fans will give you the greatest support!!!!!!

    • 68.1 samgetang

      evon888, SSH looked so good in that last scene especially his jacket…that was elegant. i want one of that…for my future husband, hehe….

  69. 69 Evon88

    Song Seung Heon as recognition by the audience that he is the best top No1 Korean actor, in the recent years ‘East of Eden’ is one of the most promising drama!!! then follow by his movie ‘A Better Tomorrow’ another most invisible love movie the ‘GHOST’ co-star with Japan best top No1 actress Nanako Matsushima. Both match a beautiful re-fine couple, with high calibre acting skill admired by the worldwide fans, and his action movie ‘A Better Tomorrow’ majority are Song Seung Heon’s fans!!!!!

  70. 70 YY


    • 70.1 samgetang

      Our deepest condolences, YY! To cheer you up a bit, pls watch Neil Simon’s Odd Couple II starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. These two grumpy old men are the wittiest and wackiest in this film, my sides ached and i laughed so hard I had tears running all over my face. Not to miss!

      This, I hope, will make you forget all about the pain brought about by Grandpa Park’s untimely demise. Mourn no more, my friend.

      • 70.1.1 Jomo

        LOL! There are plenty of old fish out there swimming, slowly, but still moving…

        On another note:
        If this spoiler is true, can someone please explain to me the desire to spoil episodes for others?

        In three years from now, someone will pull up these recaps, and read through and say, “WTF? Why is that there? Why is that necessary?”

        I don’t get it. Really don’t. It makes me sad.

        • samgetang

          jomo, its not just grandpa who died. suspense, too. hehe. the death of suspending the news on whether grandpa will die this or that episode or whether he will die at all in this kdrama.

          it’s okay, donna. we understand. you were overtaken with grief and so cannot stop yourself. i do not mind knowing at all this early. with the way they’ve shown grandpa, i can almost foresee his demise even if you did not say it out loud for us. but to YY and his many other fans, this is a sad sad sad day indeed!


          • Donna

            당신은 감사 samgetang (means thank you samgetang)

          • Donna

            난 몰랐어요, 미안 해요 :(

          • samgetang

            donna, no problem with me. but we must give enough time and some breathing space for YY and grandpa’s millions of fans as they mourn in peace at this delicate time….

          • Donna

            @samgetang, I asked JB to delete it and it’s done. 나는 그것에 대해 기분이 좋지

            thank you again JB!

          • samgetang

            whooppps! donna, that was genius! hehe. but shouldnt JB also delete this whole #70 thread? people will read this and wonder what’s this about if they did not get to read your previous post that was deleted? :-)

        • Donna

          미안 해요 :( (means I am sorry)

          죄송 또, 몰랐어요

          • Jomo

            Don’t worry. It’s all fixed now.

      • 70.1.2 Donna

        @samgetang 😉

  71. 71 la dee dah

    For me, this drama still has lots of good points that make me keep watching. The main good point is the two leads and their chemistry, too cute! And also, I was actually surprised I like the professor as well. When I first saw him in the first episode, he did not appeal to me looks-wise, and I thought he would just be a dull second lead. But then I was surprised how much I liked his playful side, especially when he’s teasing Seol. And how he’s standing up to Yoon-ju, I’m so glad he isn’t doing the “she may be evil, but i used to love her so I will not go against her” deal.

    Now the bad… the “bad guys”. Yoon-ju is just so… bland as a bad guy. She’s evil and evil, but there’s really no interesting thing about her. There have been other evil characters that were interesting. I mean, I didn’t hate In Soo in SKKS, and he was as evil. I found the He Yi in You’re Beautiful to be actually a fun character, even though she was a “bad guy”. Don’t get me started on spoiled, whiny Dan. Just get annoyed by her character. So I fast foward a lot of Yoon-ju and Dan’s scenes…

    Oh, yes, I found some plotlines to be predictable, but in honesty, I don’t know what will happen in the end… will she still be the princess or will she go back to being a “commoner”? I’m leaning towards the latter, but I just don’t know…

  72. 72 Celest

    Is it wrong for me to be still completely addicted to this drama? A couple of people are abandoning ship but I’m still hooked.

    And can we please talk about Professor Nam? I honestly don’t see a love triangle at all in the story but I love how his character is the rational one. I for once am actually glad that they’re not playing the second-lead-realizes-that-he’s-always-been-in-love-with-lead-girl-until-too-late scenario. You can always count on the prof to be the good ol’ guy next door. Make that good looking guy next door.

    And loved HaeYoung’s you-don’t-mess-with-my-gf-bitch-and-get-away-with-it attitude towards Dan! HA! you got what was coming to you, dear.

    • 72.1 samgetang

      Celest, are you crazy? Of course, who abandons ship at this point? We’re all in this together, haha! We love MP to bits and more bits :-)

      • 72.1.1 Gladys

        I totally agree with you Samgetang about not abandoning ship at this point. There is so much more to look forward to in the last 2 episodes. The real bad guy will be exposed and there’ll be more cute and fluffy moments for our OTP. We, the princesses and princes love MP to bits!

      • 72.1.2 Maracarrero

        Episode 14 is the icing on the cake, it can only get better from hereon.

    • 72.2 Gladys

      You’re not the only one who’s completely hooked onto MP. While there are people who abandon ship there are many who also went on board ship and become addicted to MP.

    • 72.3 clichique

      I’m not abandoning ship!! I am still here!

      There are just frustrations, because, like mothers who love their children, we expect so much of them and are sad when they disappoint, but at the end of the day, we still love them (wow that was redundant, but I’ll ignore that).

      Seriously, this OTP has some of the greatest chemistry, EVER. And prettiness, EVER EVER EVER. We need some serious fluffing and cuteness galore here.. My main complaint is seeing too much of bob shortcut bitches and not enough of the OTP flirting and kissing. Yeah.

  73. 73 dany

    so nice! thanks!

  74. 74 gumbee

    can anybody please explain to me the main reason why the grandfather wants to restore the monarchy? why did he try to get hold of seol’s dad before?? how is the grandfather exactly related to the imperial family??

    • 74.1 Jomo

      IIRC, Gramps used, possibley stole, some royal funds as starter money for the financial empire he created.

      Rather than give just that amount back to the country, he wants to give ALL of it.

      Plus he was involved somehow in the accidential death of LS father, or least that is what he told us in one of the earlier eps.

  75. 75 jinjoo

    can’t wait to see this! i think they’ll both prove that they can act — it’s funny how i never realized about their acting seeing so many projects these have been involved in till i read about JB’s views recently about them! :)

  76. 76 samgetang

    watch the preview of epidose 14 here:


  77. 77 DIANE

    I like their bonding in ep 1 and ep 2.
    i dont understand when they get to cottage
    there should be a bonding relationship.
    but i gues because their father past
    but i do like the last kiss………..in ep 13

  78. 78 big man

    MBC America broadcasted eps 1 last nite with no subtitles. Boo… Do we need to riot like in Egypt to get things done right?

  79. 79 Fafa

    loved this episode.

    thanks for the recap.

  80. 80 Maracarrero

    I am so ecstatic with episode 14, especially the ending. I screamed and cried. Whoa!

  81. 81 bopbopbop

    ehhh not really liking this drama
    i used to watch it…but now i just read the recaps…
    i prefer SIGN for wed-thu dramas..

    and personally,
    i don’t think SSH’s acting here is very good at all…
    kim tae hee’s isn’t good either but, but it’s not bad

  82. 82 lovin it

    they’re both so pretty!
    esp SSH! ahhh his eyes!
    wish the plot would pick up its pace though

  83. 83 Lily Lopez G.

    AWWW >.< love the last part especially

  84. 84 evelia

    Even though I am behind on episodes I follow the recaps and I like the series even if the plot is predictable. Thanks for the recap.

  85. 85 Kim Yoonmi

    I think the problem is that people expected pure fluff and want pure fluff and are losing patience with the fact that you, know, this story has a plotline going on. Seriously. It’s switched gears from pure fluff to some content to follow. I like my political dramas.

    Nyah Nyah Told you so.

    My theory proven correct by:

    1. Professor meets with the chairman and tells him the sachet is fake. You know why? PHY pulled his strings.

    What noble idiot Park Hae Young? I don’t see it. Really. Nyah Nyah. Told you it would. I ain’t been writing stories since I was little for nothing.

    2. (though not quite what Park Hae Young had in mind.)

    LS returns and asks the Chairman directly. This goes with my previous theory that it was the Chairman that killed her father by chasing him down…

    3. Then the talk with the secretary: Park Hae Young is acts like, “Damn it! Now Lee Seol has the cards *I* wanted. This is going to be hard… ’cause she’s my X factor.” He wanted to remove her from this for that reason. Not just for the cuddlies, but he was hoping to draw out his father. But since she contacted him and he her, this makes it really difficult on him. Because the only player he can’t predict is Lee Seol, so now he needs some brooding time (hopefully in a shower–gotta say that).

    Can’t you see the “damn it?” crossing his face and the betrayal he must feel?

    4. I just have to add this, but when PHY figured out that Lee Seol had her mojo and figured out what she wanted to do. He was so cool when he said he’d do whatever she wanted and be by her side. But seriously! He should have gone after her because if she doesn’t want to be the princess anymore then she can be “his woman” (from a few episodes ago–that’s her answer to his question, isn’t it?) *hearts in eyes* Why do I think so? The montage had that when she paused before she really decided to leave. I guess that didn’t occur to him since he had the “I’m brooding this new event over” look. (Do it in the shower!!) Sorry, fan girl moment.

    5. PHY blocked Dan from leaving and blocked her account. (He’s brilliant. Already has a new plan and gave Dan a chance to give herself up.) Who knows how to play politics? Because very few people say this: I want to marry Park Hae Young-ssi. Smexy hand towel guy.

    6. I saw tongue in the kiss!

    What? No one liked Dong Yi? I ate it up with a shovel. It’s switching to a nice mix of Dong Yi and pure cute romance on the side. I loves it. So I’ll firmly disagree with both girlfriday and javabeans. I’m thoroughly entertained. (My first K-drama was Story of a Successful Girl (2002)).

    For those who expected pure cute–you’re going to have to take the fact that you are not in MSOAN territory. You’re in for some politics. If you don’t understand politics, then you can either choose the glaze over them, or you can try learning a little.

    You don’t get a diplomat without some politics. and I started my politics engine when Park Hae Young pulled Lee Seol away from the president–up to that point I was thinking it would be pure fluff, but I sniffed the change in gears and then I was like, “Oh yeah, it’s on.” People complained that Lee Seol was too transparent… but then the majority of the viewers couldn’t follow Park Hae Young’s movements last few episodes?

    You gotta shift your expectations because at the time Park Hae Young pulled Lee Seol from the president, the drama changed. And I likes it. It doesn’t just engage the squee factor, it squares it and engages my head. I like the game change.

    Yoon Ju’s politics are still like a blunt object. Haha. I’m having fun with it.

    Yoon Ju just upped her hate factor too (Well at least severely in Korean terms). She wanted to off the Chairman the whole time. It goes to the idea of filial piety which Yoon Ju doesn’t have. She wants to get rid of the man that helped her family to her position. That’s like huge strike of hate.

    In another words, I’m enjoying this dramas as it changes and making less expectations for it–I learned the hard way that making lots of expectations for a story tends to ruin it. Both as someone who writes stories and someone who consumes a whole lot of them.

    • 85.1 Maracarrero

      ‘m with you. Very good analysis.

    • 85.2 samgetang

      hi there kim yoonmi! so you write stories…anything that we should be reading? im interested to check out your work :-)

      back to MP, i dont think that those people who say they dont like or have dropped MP in mid-stream were just expecting pure fluff. maybe the storyline or the characters just does not resonate to them. we have to consider the legions of fans of PK and MSOAN or even SG. i dont love those dramas as much as i do MP now but that is because those stories did not resonate to me. I love SKKS, CP, MNIKSS, YB for example, from those Ive seen so far for the same reason i like MP now. They are not perfect but something in the characters/storyline gets to me in a deeper level. I watched World That They Live In (or Worlds Within) the directing/acting/story looked seamless, brave and courageous, almost perfect, but i have difficulty finishing the series. I can finish it and maybe praise it for all its technical artistry etc but does not mean it resonates to me in a personal level. id say the whole package should hit us on all levels, head and heart, soul and senses, for us to say its “love” hehehe.

      But how can they miss the intriguing plotline of MP you say? i guess these people were not looking for their minds to be engaged as well at that time when they watched MP (there could be other times when they wanted intellectual stimulation but this was not one of those times probably — this is not something planned by the way).

      I was reading through your inspired analysis and BAM! it hit me: cause I was soooo not getting why the tentative kiss from LS (she got to use some tongue, haha, otherwise he will suspect something’s not right but from our POV her body language is all wrong). That’s it! That must be the reason. For someone like PHY who loves to pull strings as his main occupation, LS was not going according to his plan. He admitted as much that he grew up getting what he wanted, when he wanted them. He admits to being a bastard. Oh! It really angers him that she does not dance to his drumbeat. So unpredictable, this girl! She is really rockin’ his world, hahaha! And so he uses the only other tool he knows might do the trick, bend her to his wishes with that heartfelt confession and heady kiss. But I guess she’s not totally buying it from him. She’s moved but something’s not clicking inside her brain…yet. Sorry, director/s, for not trusting you more: You wanted us to see that ever so subtle mind game there. Oh! Loving MP more and more!
      What’s so cute is that PHY is not doing all of these things b’cos he’s a heartless and manipulating bastard just out to prove his point, he thinks he’s doing it to protect LS and their love cos she does not know any better and is so innocent from the others’ machinations. Maybe he will discover later on that LS has actually a good mind on her shoulders as well and can figure it all out for herself because she uses both her heart and head. She chose him, didn’t she? 😉

      Thanks, Kim Yoonmi, for helping me out here :-)

      We see in the preview of epi 14 that he orchestrates another press conference…what’s up his sleeve now?
      Yes, Kim Yoonmi, we love this kind of men, hehe.

      Cant wait for the next episodes….waiting to be delightfully surprised and more 😉 And yes, he can brood all he wants in the shower, hehe.

      MP for the BIG win! 😉

      PS I love Dong Yi, too..

      • 85.2.1 Kim Yoonmi

        LS is catching up to the game and now has the strings and it *bothers* him a WHOLE lot. But at the same time, I think his Protective Knight air is going down in flames and now he’s seeing her as not so dense. She’s slowly wrapping him around her finger and I think this delights him in some way. The acting even points to it–I can see the PD’s saying, SSH, please act it this way… that or he has some really good acting instincts and the script is saying that kind of thing. But I’m totally eating it up.

        I love that kind of man–not rolling over, but at the same time being able to let the woman do as she pleases–without the controlling air to him. There is the independence in the man, at the same time as trying to meet his woman halfway. I also *love* the fact that he respects her independence too and even LOVES it and even adores it as it frustrates him. Also asking her what she wants, so he can help out and support her. He also is willing to tell his woman like it is–the pulling to the side scene, even if it would upset her. That kind of guy is HOT.

        I do like the occasional fluff, but I do like a story that engages all my senses.

        In a lot of ways I like this drama because the pacing is nice. There isn’t *Here is the cute scenes all in one episode* then *here is the melodrama on the side*. It’s more of the mix of the two so it keeps it light and fun. It’s not too heavy on the politics and it engages the older audience rather than the younger audience. If anything, SG’s weakness was in the pacing and trying to go back and forth–but we can see that problem has been fixed with a nice light balance between the two. There is also less intensity between the relationship and more mind-engaging rather than OMG that’s so smexy kind of engaging story.

        If you see the beginning of 14, you can see PHY delighting in the fact that though he tried to get her to do what he wanted, and manipulated her into opening the door, she still is unpredictable to him. (Slamming of the door scene.)

        As for writing, I’m working on submitting a few novels. My next one coming up is a Historical Novel. (’cause Kim Soo Ro sucked. I wanted it to be more about Heo Hwang Ok.)

        If my slice of life chick lit gets published maybe people would want to read that, but it needs edits.

    • 85.3 belleza

      I pretty much agree with this. It’s a rom-com, but it’s like Goong in how you still have sageuk intrigue bits here and there.

      You can watch it for all its silly goodness (which it actually does in a more measured tone than Secret Garden or MSOAN), or you can watch it for all the conspiracy stuff dancing around our lovably couple. To ask for true, meaningful originality in rom-com is like asking for a 3-part narrative with hardcore porn. BTW, where is Mr. Hand Towel?

      Besides, the emotional romantic bits are very well played, because the scenes are ALLOWED TO BREATHE. How often do we get to see a real apology scene where there is no music and the emotions are allowed to flow in real time, so that we can actually see Lee Seol fidget and worry until she gives in, or that Hae Young even surprises himself during his confession, how badly he misses her.

      • 85.3.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Yes! I love the subtlety of this drama. It’s probably why it wouldn’t work with the younger crowd–the politics, the subtle acting and writing. And the little things that tie in together and keep coming up. You have to do some tracking of plot points to get the pay off later. In fluff you usually are hit with a blunt force object, but like SG there are more subtle points to be had and the mix is pleasant surprise–because it’s not rom-com and then melodrama, but the melodrama and the rom-com are working together–that’s rare in a K-drama, especially going subtle and off the usual road.

        In the United States there is a lot of, “Here is the joke.” and then, “This is why it’s funny.” and then, “This is why I explained to you it was funny.” And then subtle plot point. And then explain the subtle plot point and then hit you over the head with the subtle plot point–so I really like the change of pace when I see something like that.

        See, my PHY analysis was paid off in this one. For those who didn’t get the PHY analysis, off the bat, there is only rehashing rather than pay off.

        It’s like the use of the rain in SG and the flowers. People missed the way it wove into the story, from the show of the seasons passing by (like a Garden) to the flowers rejuvenating to the hot marriage bed scene. (Plus rain was in the poster.)

        I kind of got fed up with the West’s rules that all magic has to have rules and limitations. Fairytale didn’t have such explanations. And in the way SG did it–it was very subtle and like a gentle current.

        Signs of that are in things like the strawberry hairtie, PHY’s movements, the way that the kisses are done. There is a finesse that I really admire.

        I really admire Hong Sister’s way of pushing boundaries and making tight stories, but their plot points are often blunt force objects. So I’m always refreshed to find something along this type of order in K-drama land for a change of pace.

        Besides which, no one caught the you don’t mess with my girlfriend scene as breaking a K-drama rule of second leads leaving the country to study or whatever? Also there aren’t really love rivals in this drama, which I find refreshing as well. So it is breaking convention, but it’s not hitting you over the head with it.

    • 85.4 Ayumi

      I completely agree with this!

  86. 86 essbee

    Why can’t I find episode 14?? [I mean the RAW version]. Is it like postponed of something?

    • 86.1 essbee

      ok sorry, I just found yet.. fail ==”

  87. 87 Severine

    *sigh* Everything between the cutesy HY-LS love shack moments and the end kiss-uh bored me. Alas, those moments were enough to keep me interested. Just like JB, I’ve been forgiving this drama for its misgivings. It’s probably the cute…and maybe the pretty…and maybe the baby hope I still have that we’ll see more SSH choco ab action (Writers? Can my baby hope grow into a toddler hope? Yes? No? Maybe?).

    Somebody mentioned City Hall earlier and I have to agree that drama had the same I-can’t-be-with-you-but-gosh-darn-it-I-lurve-you-too-much-to-give-you-up dynamic, and both couples are completely believable in that respect. BUT, the surrounding action/logic of MP just don’t make no sense. I keep wondering why I should be surprised by plot moves which I thought were already in the open. I also HATE Yoon-ju. The scene where she came into the president’s hospital room and stood behind the wooden window thingy creeped me out. She looked like a serial killer vampire robot. When Secretary Yoo left the room, I swears I thought she would kill the president and somehow blame LS. She’s that evil. Writers, if you try to redeem her evil a**, dem’ is fightin’ words! Imma have to throw it down!

    Neways, hope the next eppy is better. I want more of the cute and less of the nonsensical, makjang stuffs MP has been throwing at me like some fluffy Flames of Desire (Ok, it’s not that bad…but something bout’ the crazy in Yoon-ju’s eyes reminds me of Na-young).

  88. 88 Thatgirl

    BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 88.1 Maracarrero

      Wholeheartedly agree. I am so glad I’m leaving on a cruise on the 26th, so I will get to see the finale beforehand ’cause if not, I don’t know how I’d be able to enjoy the cruise :-(. Am totally hooked and will never, ever, ever, watch a kdrama that is currently being filmed. I’m dedicating too much time to recaps, transcaps, previews, reviews, and my mind is saying “GET OVER IT”, but my heart can’t let go. Is this what drug addicts feel or is it like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)? I don’t watch soap operas or “telenovelas”, but am totally hooked on kdramas.

      • 88.1.1 samgetang

        Haha! Mara, same here. This is crazy, right? :-) After MP I just might chill out a bit and just watch old kdramas or films when I want to and not allow myself to suffer every week waiting for the on-going drama to air, be recapped, translated, subbed, hahaha. In local TV the drama series usually run on a daily basis from M to F so you get your fix every weekday, even if its just 30 minutes in a day (although you hv to suffer through 30 minutes of commercials/ads that’s why I dont watch them, hehe). But kdramas are too stiff on the addicts, you’d have withdrawal symptoms even before the next episodes are made available….too much energy required for a few cutesies here and there, hahaha! :-) I have SKKS to blame for this…before that I do not watch kdramas that are currently being aired in Korea. The Jalgeum Quartet made me do it, hehe.

        Enjoy the cruise! :-)

        • Jomo

          Dangle dangle dangle shiny object

          Did you see some of the faces in the Midas trailier? Didja?

          • samgetang

            Jomo, stop that! hahahaha!

            I just read through MP epi 14 recap over at Koala’s — MOST AWESOME episode! :-)

            Midas what? hehehehe….

        • Maracarrero

          I thought I had suffered enough with Goong (because I has a secret crush on Yul, hehehe). I recorded it on DVR and would watch over and over. Finally had to get the courage to delete all the eps and it was painstaking. Afterwards I moped, even knowing it’s on available on the www.

          I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie “A Millionaire’s First Love” with Hyun Bin, but I recommend it for a good cry and it’s less than 2 hrs. long. He doesn’t resemble the “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”character because he was so skinny then. I watched it yesterday (I’ve promised not to watch more dramas after finishing Bad Guy yesterday at 4am). Is there a KDRAMA’S ANONYMOUS? I need to go to a meeting quick!

          Good thing I’ll be in San Francisco, CA during July ’cause I’m planning to go to Koreatown, eat some kimchi, samgetang, drink Soju and buy some CD’s. I love Yiruma, look him up on youtube.

          Loved, loved, loved the evolution of Lee Seol in this episode and could HY be anymore adoring? I got goosebumps when in ep. 13 he dried her face, then tied and accomodated her hair. SEXY! My 1st b/f would brush my hair and I thought it was the best thing ever. I’ll always remember him and HY (SSH) for that action. I know it’s a drama, but it takes a real man, who is secure in his masculinity, to “do” a ladie’s hair. . Good writing and acting!

          • samgetang

            mara, you lucky girl! somebody has done the hair-brushing and -tying thing to you? im envious :-) agree it takes a strong and secure man to do that.

            I loved Goong, too. :-) those two lead actors there became such a huge hit, right? i watched that marathon style with my whole family in tow, my mom and sisters, we all got panda eyes from not sleeping just so we can finish it. it was all angsty towards the end, hehe.

            I think I watched “A Millionaire’s First Love” already a log time a go but all I can recall was that it was oh so sad! I cant remember if I liked it at all because I was bogged down with all the depression, hehe. I did not know it was Hyun Bin then. I should re-watch it when I get the chance. It is HB after all. I liked the twist at the ending, that much I can remember.

            Enjoy koreatown in San Fo. :-) kamsahamnida.

      • 88.1.2 Kim Yoonmi

        I think what makes K-dramas so good is they have a definite ending so when you see them go and end you’re thinking, “I want more.” (Like me and YAB–I helped with the second project.) You get absorbed and hooked into it and the community around it that sees the things you see.

        Telenovas and Soaps tend to rehash plot points and match ups to no end. What’s sweet about K-dramas is that you’re guaranteed a beginning, middle and end.

        Stories are a drug. They give the same highs, the same lows, they engage your mind, your body, your imagination and your spirit. You can be up til X time in the morning consuming a story and not know why you’re doing it. Stories are relaxing and also call on the powers of your OCD and community.

        For writers though, you get the schizophrenia, people telling you you have a problem, the ups and the downs as you irrationally get emotional with your characters, the OCD from editing, sadism from torturing your characters, masochism from taking the criticism and being called a sociopath and psychopath (Because you felt really good when you finally got to kill that character in scene 8) and so on.

        I think there is a lot of subtlety to MP. And what may look like a rehash is really a new political move. But then people often don’t like political dramas. (I kind of like them…)

    • 88.2 Thatgirl

      Lol!!!! Some people say that they started out really liking this drama and now are just “Ehhh”. I’m the total opposite. I started out thinking this Drama was BORING. I really didn’t care for the plot, or the silliness, until things got Serious! Then I was like WHOA!!!!!!!!!! Idk, I guess I don’t have sense of humor.

  89. 89 kdlover

    I have emotionally check out of this drama…yet another drama that started out soo good and now its just blah for me!!!! So disappointed!!!

  90. 90 bd

    I don’t have as much of an issue as some others do w/ the predictability of MP considering that the vast majority of rom-coms are pretty predictable.

    Yeah, the pace of MP has slowed down a bit – adding more angst to the storyline instead of the fun-n-games that dominated the earlier eps., but that’s just the natural pacing of a rom-com at this juncture (nonetheless, I find that PD/writers do cut the fun banter btwn HY and Seol and btwn the “Three’s Company” a bit short).

    Notwithstanding the pacing, the writers of MP could do a better job filling in the storyline btwn the cute/fun moments by doing a better job w/ the political machinations/maneuvering among the various players; this could have been a pretty interesting storyline for MP, but it isn’t nearly as good as it could be.

    Also, while I don’t mind suspending “reality” such as believing in a nine-tailed fox who wants to become human, I do like to see characters do things which which make sense.

    What doesn’t make sense is Seol not having a problem going away to a secluded place w/ HY after she discovers that HY’s father may have caused her father’s death (once she got over her initial reaction), but then upon hearing from HY’s father that he didn’t kill her father, she gets so upset that she “leaves” HY?

    I know at this juncture, that the writers needed to create some plotline to break apart the 2 lovers so that they can reunite passionately (OK, maybe not so passionately) later on, but I simply don’t buy this rationale.

    Anyway, the good thing that the writers have done is not make YJ and Dan comrades in b!tchiness, but rather have the 2 despise each other nearly as much as they despise Seol.

    And again, Dan making her mother get all upset and apologetic b/c of her stupid insecurities.

  91. 91 Jomo

    The separation of lovers part irks me, too.
    I thought Kim Sam Soon did a good job with it.

    At least it’s not the Lovergirl overhears a part of a conversation between Loverboy and Ex-lovergirl that sends her off to Europe for two years.
    or worse:
    Completely unreliable 2nd female lead makes female lead feel guilty about some stupid thing and makes her promise to leave male lead because it’s the best thing for everyone.
    Usually happens episode 15 right after the best kiss and love declaration EVER.

  92. 92 ElleS'AppelleRebelle

    Also…jb it’s “Es-tu” and not “Et tu”..As a native French speaker just thought you should know! :)

    • 92.1 funnylittlefishy

      i think that’s latin…. as in et tu, brute?

    • 92.2 gsky

      It’s not French. You must not be familiar with Shakespeare, it’s clearly a reference to Julius Caesar’s “Et tu, Brute?”

  93. 93 Yoori

    It would have been almost-perfect if KTH wasn’t so stiff and just threw her arms around him!!!


    • 93.1 Kim Yoonmi

      I think that would have ruined the power play going on. At that point LS had more of the power than PHY. If she threw her arms around him then it would say to him, “I’m in your hands and all yours.” But if she did that PHY would lose respect for her that he just gained. (If you watch the beginning of 14, this idea plays into the next scenes.)

      What makes this drama so good is that the politics influences the romance, down to the kisses. In romance you need a lot of play for respect and being able to see the other’s boundaries and being able to keep them. In this case, LS kept him wanting more. And in romance, specially watching it, that’s a good thing.

      If she had said, “Yes, dear, I’ll give up the Princessship *just* for you” he’d probably still be trying to protect her. This way she evens the playing field. You gain respect for her. You see she’s capable and story-wise you want more out of the character. if she bent that much you’d not be invested and quit. In your case the writers just pulled your strings meaning they did their job.

      Plus the tongue. She totally takes over that kiss.

      Giving into your guy 100% often leads to an imbalance–so I love seeing the balance.

  94. 94 funnylittlefishy

    “Yoon-ju, who understands not the meaning of words. It makes sense you’d pair up with Dan, who understands not the workings of math.”

    bahahaha you guys crack me up. It’s like I can’t wait to finish the episode so I can read the recaps and be like omg that’s exactly what I was thinking! (like leaving Yoon Ju alone with the decrepit grandpa she wants to die? I could see the wheels in her head turning…it’s almost to easy)

    Now every time I watch a drama, I have a running commentary going that sounds suspiciously like you two….oh dear…

  95. 95 Tess

    OMG I am exactly the same – I don’t know WHY I feel so patient with this drama, but I just do. I’m always super excited to watch another episode, but at the end of the it I’m like “yay! wait so… what actually happened…? what’s Dan doing and… the pouch…?”

  96. 96 Donny

    like it

  97. 97 Gerri

    that scene between HY and LS on the hospital rooftop is so sad – nothing dramatic, soft and calm talk but totally heartbreaking (the music too)..

  98. 98 @Imaginefilms

    COMPLETELY agree with every little word you said.

    & thank you for doing some verbal abuse to the Evil-b**** ladies. It makes me feel better about not being able to slap them through the screen.

    Thank you ^_^

  99. 99 Sara

    I´m actually also really bored with the slowness and unexpected things… but it´s so cute and romantic at times that I can´t stop watching it XD
    And to be honest it´s not that many more episodes to endure XD

  100. 100 yellowstar52

    I still can’t tell what side the President is on.

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