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Rooftop Prince: Episode 16
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Both hero and villain step it up a notch with the scheming, which sends our pendulum swinging back and forth a few times. Also, it is pretty satisfying to watch our baddies unraveling a bit at the seams… even if I am super greedy and want a lot more unraveling. Come on, comeuppance!


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Yi Gak, dressed as comatose Tae-yong, “wakes” up in the hospital bed and calls out to his hyung. The shock sends Grandma into a faint, and Tae-mu looks like he’d like to join her in unconsciousland, except now he has to deal with this complication. And it’s a lot worse than dealing with an impostor, because now he’s facing reckoning for his own crimes.

“Tae-yong” asks why he’s here, then looks down at his hand and realizes he forgot to take off his couple ring. He moves his hand under the cover before Tae-mu notices, and feigns a headache to cut this scene short.

The ducklings hurry the real Tae-yong out of the hospital and into an ambulance, just in time to avoid being spotted by Tae-mu. How did they get their hands on an ambulance? This seems like a dubious plan, but considering the security in this place it’s likely they’ll be okay.

Despite fearing that Yi Gak disappeared into nothingness, Park-ha clings to hope and waits at their date location. It’s not until nighttime that she finally heads back home, fighting back her fear that he’s leapt back in time.

Thus she perks up to find the lights on at home, and she calls out for the guys. But nobody’s home, and she starts to cry. “Is nobody home? Did you leave?”

In the morning, Tae-yong/Yi Gak awaits his discharge with Pyo Taek-soo, who’s in on the scheme, and the three minions. Yi Gak will move into Grandma’s house, while Taek-soo will house the boys, since they can’t exactly go back to the rooftop now that the first version of Tae-yong has been outed as an impostor.

Taek-soo gives them a strong warning to keep their mouths shut to everyone, because they can’t risk someone finding out. The boys worry about Park-ha, but Taek-soo forbids them from talking to her.

At Yi Gak’s request, Taek-soo takes him to see the real Tae-yong, who has been admitted to a different hospital. He wonders if his reincarnation called him here, thinking that watching Tae-yong lying there unconscious is like looking upon his own death. He promises to right the injustice that put Tae-yong in this position, and promises to protect his place till he comes back.

Now the question is what to do with Tae-mu. Taek-soo advises moving swiftly to evict him from the company, but Yi Gak says they should leave him for the time being—they need him if they want to collect evidence that he tried to kill Tae-yong. His tactic: “If you set a fire in a fox hole, the fox will emerge on its own.”

Yi Gak shows up at the company and meets Tae-mu in the lobby, greeting him in a friendly, familiar way, talking with the modern syntax he’s been practicing. He’s gotten a pretty good idea of how to play the relationship convincingly; for instance,. he says he still doesn’t have an interest in working for the company, which is a very Tae-yong-esque thing to say.

Tae-mu likes the way this is unfolding, though he treads lightly just in case. He asks about the accident, and that’s the one thing “Tae-yong” can’t quite recall. It’s not amnesia like before, but the actual injury is a mental blank for now. Yi Gak laughs it off as frustrating, and Tae-mu asks how much he remembers leading up to it.

Yi Gak: “Do you mean about us meeting in America?” Uh-oh, that makes Tae-mu nervous as he asks, “Do you remember that?” Yi Gak acts surprised: “Then does that mean we met? You said we didn’t. I’m saying that I don’t remember us meeting in America.”

So Tae-mu sticks to his story that the meeting never took place. He has the worst poker face ever, but Yi Gak is playing softball, lulling him into a false sense of security.

Park-ha worries about the continued absence of her housemates and goes to the company to check in. Taek-soo says that he’s worried, too, since none of them have shown up for work. He tells her that the real Tae-yong showed up, and that afterward, the foursome disappeared.

The wording of that just solidifies her fears, and she says, “Then they must have returned to Joseon after all.”

On her way out, she passes by Tae-mu in the lobby, who gives her a particularly close look, since she’s about to come face to face with Tae-yong. Park-ha spots Yi Gak and gives him a long, intense look—but Yi Gak moves on without letting recognition show. He can’t betray anything in front of Tae-mu, of all people.

But once he’s out of sight, he races through the corridor to get a glimpse of her leaving, pained at the hurt she must be feeling.

Tae-mu returns to his office to find a new fax. All it has written on it, in large letters, is: “MURDERER. LIAR.” Shaking, he hides the fax from Yi Gak, who doesn’t let on that he registers hyung’s panic.

Tae-mu recalls the previous Imposter Tae-yong calling him those things, and the words ring ominously in his memory. He guesses that the Impostor is still hanging around somewhere, blackmailing him, since Impostor has a pretty good idea that Tae-mu’s a guilty bastard.

Yi Gak returns to the rooftop penthouse to pick up one of his key bits of evidence: Tae-yong’s phone, which he had safely tucked away under his bed. On his way out, he spies Tae-mu entering the apartment to do some snooping and slips away quietly.

Yi Gak thankfully leaves the premises just in time to avoid being spotted by Park-ha as well, who arrives moments later. She finds Tae-mu ransacking the place, looking for clues, and demands to know what he’s doing. He tells her that he’s looking for the four con men, since he’s also a victim of their scam, just like she is. She retorts that she wasn’t a victim of anything and insists that he leave.

Yi Gak heads to Pyo Taek-soo’s home, where he finds the ducklings and gives the go-ahead to enter into the next phase of the plan. They ask if he’s sure he wasn’t followed here, but everyone freezes when the doorbell rings. Could it be…?

And then Yong-sool breathes, “The pizza’s here.” HA! The boys scramble for the door, then dig into the pizza. Yi Gak reaches for a piece, but Chi-san stops his hand—how far their Joseon manners have come—and says that there’s only enough for four people, and they have to leave some for Taek-soo. Put out, Yi Gak huffs that he won’t eat, then.

The boys are cooped up with no change of clothes, since Taek-soo’s stuff is all the wrong size. Yi Gak offers to take them shopping next, perking them up considerably, and tries to sneak a slice of pizza while they’re in a good mood. Out shoot three pairs of hands to block him. Pfft.

Yong-soo’s slice falls to the rug, and in annoyance he snaps at Yi Gak, “Argh, really!” To the prince. Who spared his life. I wonder if he’s keeping tally of all the little slights they’ll have to repay once they’re back home…

Out shopping they go, and the boys pick out… capri pants and matching T-shirts? What about the whole don’t-attract-attention-and-stay-out-of-sight rule? On the upside, I do love their sartorial co-dependence, always needing to match.

Tae-mu and Se-na meet that night, both on edge. Se-na wonders why Jang Sun-joo requested to see her, and he supposes that it’s because of her daughter In-joo—they must make sure to keep Park-ha away.

When she meets Jang Sun-joo in her suite, Se-na explains that she was merely acting on Tae-mu’s orders and apologizes for her behavior. She returns the ring and puts on her soberest, meekest face. But Jang Sun-joo just wants to know one thing: Where is In-joo?

Se-na says she truly doesn’t know. When asked about the story about Dad resting her on his stomach—which Jang recognizes as true—Se-na says it’s something she heard on the radio, which is enough to deflect suspicion.

Park-ha returns to the company, where she watches Yi Gak closely and is struck with familiar details—like Yi Gak’s signature hands-behind-back stance of authority. When he pulls his phone from his pocket, she sees his couple ring clattering to the ground and rolling her way.

She picks it up and recognizes the ring with relief. She mutters, “You’re so dead,” and when he walks down a corridor, she grabs him out of sight and confronts him.

She glares, but Yi Gak grabs her close and tells her, “I missed you.” Calling him an idiot and crying, she asks, “Did you think I wouldn’t recognize you?”

He says, “Now that I’ve seen you, my heart feels much more at ease.” They stand there holding each other for a long moment, which is simultaneously sweet and nerve-wracking, since I’m yelling at them to hide before they’re seen. They sit in the stairwell for a while, until they decide it’s time they go their separate ways, albeit reluctantly.

Yi Gak stops her to give her one last kiss goodbye, saying, “Thank you believing in me.” Park-ha returns his ring and warns him not to go around losing it anymore.

Yi Gak takes advantage of a spare moment to search Tae-mu’s office for clues, which is when he sees that photo in his desk. He recognizes baby Park-ha with her father, which she’d previously shown him. He starts to reach for the photo to look at the mother’s image, but Tae-mu enters so Yi Gak stops the search and plays off his presence as a casual visit.

A courier drops off a package for Tae-mu, and Yi Gak watches him open the box… to find an enlarged photo of the picture from Tae-yong’s cell phone. The one of the cousins in New York the day before the attempted murder. It prompts more jarred nerves.

Grandma gathers the cousins for lunch and tells Tae-mu that all the friction is water under the bridge now; she wants them all to get along. Great Aunt comes in with a recent delivery, and Tae-mu recognizes the distinctive packaging, since it’s identical to the box he just received.

Tae-mu grabs for the box and offers to open it in the other room, while Yi Gak notes his growing panic. Great Aunt swats his hands away and opens the box herself, finding a photo frame inside, which sends Tae-mu’s blood pressure skyrocketing. But there’s no reaction from the family, and Yi Gak takes the frame to wonder innocently, “Who could have sent us a picture of a puppy?” Tae-mu practically collapses in relief.

Then as Tae-mu is driving, he answers a call from an unknown number. “Did you receive my delivery?” Yi Gak asks into the pay phone, speaking in his Yi Gak voice to identify him as the Impostor. Tae-mu demands to know what he wants, and Impostor points out that Tae-mu ran him off. He leaves him with the chilling statement, “What do you think I’d want? Think it over.”

Yi Gak’s phone booth is close enough that he can observe Tae-mu in his car. When Tae-mu comes by in search of his blackmailer, he finds the phone booth matching the phone number, which is just a stone’s throw away from the rooftop penthouse. “Of course,” Tae-mu realizes, “He was here, that rat bastard.”

Tae-mu storms up to the rooftop and yells for the Impostor to show himself. He demands that Park-ha, who’s out on the roof, order the con man outside, which she naturally knows nothing about.

Tae-mu barges in anyway, but finds nothing. Furious, he throws plants and stands over and gives Park-ha the message to pass along: Show himself, instead of hiding like a rat.

From a distance, Yi Gak watches Tae-mu’s rampage with alarm, particularly since it has Park-ha cringing in fear. He stops himself from charging in, watching helplessly.

After Tae-mu has overturned all the patio furniture (you’d think he’d get more satisfaction out of destroying the interior), Park-ha gets a string of text messages from “Dummy ♥.” She cheers up and heads out, pretending not to see Tae-mu staked out nearby watching her leave, which suggests that this is part of a larger ploy.

Park-ha heads to the subway station, followed by Tae-mu, who seems to think he’s doing a good job being inconspicuous. He follows her into the subway car at a short a distance, but reacts too slowly when Park-ha darts out at the last second. Off the train goes with Tae-mu in it, leaving Park-ha and Yi Gak standing on opposite platforms, facing each other.

Yi Gak had requested that Park-ha bring her family photo, so he can confirm that her torn picture is the same one in Tae-mu’s keeping. The question: Why would he have it?

Park-ha asks him to take a picture of Tae-mu’s photo so she can see her mother’s face, and he agrees. Taking her hand in his, Yi Gak advises her to be wary of Tae-mu’s surveillance, and they urge each other to be careful.

Park-ha tells her mother about the other photo, wondering where it could have come from. Mom muses that it could have been supplied by her birth mother, and that stops them both short—does this mean Park-ha may be able to find bio-mom?

Park-ha meets with Tae-mu and gets right to the point, slapping down her photo and saying that she knows he’s got a copy of it. He plays it cool, pretending not to know what she means, even when she demands to know who gave it to him and where her mother is.

Tae-mu offers her a deal: Tell him where the Impostor is first. Park-ha scoffs, leaving without another word. Clearly this tactic will not work.

Se-na sits down for dinner at home with Mom, who tells her about the picture and how Park-ha may get to meet her birth mother after all. Mom is happy for her, which is the opposite of Se-na’s reaction; she immediately hurries to tell Tae-mu of this development. Since the photo gives Park-ha the link she needs, they burn it. Thus when Yi Gak sneaks into Tae-mu’s office the next day, he finds the photo gone.

Of course, Park-ha could just show her ripped photo to bio-mom, which is basically what I’m shouting at her to do all through her conversation with Jang Sun-joo that night. Park-ha explains that she may have a chance to locate her birth mother, but she’s afraid of hurting her stepmother’s feelings, who accepted her so warmly after she found out her father had died.

She wonders if she should perhaps give up the search, but Jang Sun-joo senses that that’s not what Park-ha really wants. She adds that she wishes her daughter would look for her too, since it’ll be a lot easier if both sides are actively seeking each other.

The two mothers meet, both feeling a bit low for different (though related) reasons. Jang Sun-soo says she’d like to take Se-na with her back to Hong Kong, wanting to reveal their relationship after all despite promising Mom she wouldn’t.

Jang Sun-joo is ready to give up her search for In-joo, but she wants to do something for Se-na as a proper mother. She apologizes for the change of heart, but Mom gives her permission, saying it’s for Se-na’s benefit.

Se-na arrives at the hotel to meet her, and overhears a phone conversation where Jang Sun-joo tells her husband she’ll be bringing her daughter back to Hong Kong. This sends her into a panic, assuming the woman has reunited with Park-ha, and she calls Tae-mu to warn him.

Tae-mu is upset, but as he looks around and sees a truck being loaded with boxes, he gets a gleam in his eye. Uh, I hope he’s not planning on repeating Se-na’s childhood ditch job, since I’m pretty sure that won’t work with an adult. Or maybe he’s opting for that easier path—murder—and thinking of running her over? Of course, with him, murder doesn’t seem so easy, despite the number of times he’s attempted it. By sheer virtue of probability and numbers, shouldn’t he have scored a hit by now?

Tae-mu tells Se-na to calm down, because he’s got an idea. He calls Park-ha next to request a meeting, baiting her with the information the she’ll be able to reunite with her mother after all. He apologizes for his rude behavior earlier, saying that he feels this is too important an issue to keep from her.

Thus he picks her up with the promise of delivering her to her mother, which has Park-ha lighting up with anticipation. He drives on for a while, then pulls over saying that her door was making a strange noise.

When he steps out to check on it, he takes out a drugged cloth, which he uses to clamp over her nose and mouth. She struggles, but it takes mere seconds for her to pass out.

Yi Gak looks through the rest of the photos taken on Tae-yong’s cell phone, and this time he stops at a familiar face in the background. It’s Park-ha, dressed as a server, which is enough of a coincidence to seem… well, not like a coincidence.

Tae-mu pulls in to an otherwise deserted junkyard and takes Park-ha’s phone from her bag. He loads her in the back of a refrigerated truck, then takes a photo of Park-ha on her own phone, which he sends to “Dummy ♥”—whom, he can see from her phone log, she just spoke with today.

Yi Gak gets the photo message, understanding the threat loud and clear. He immediately calls her phone, and gets Tae-mu on the line. Yi Gak threatens to kill him if he so much as harms Park-ha. Tae-mu tells him to shut up: “I’ll give the orders now.”

Tae-mu warns him that this isn’t the time to be making threats, since Park-ha’s in a refrigerated truck and just might turn to ice. He orders Yi Gak to bring him the cell phone containing the New York photos.

Tae-mu waits until Park-ha shows signs of stirring, and then locks the freezer door and leaves the junkyard. Thus when she wakes, she finds herself all alone, locked in a freezer, running out of time. Realizing her situation, she panics and cries, screaming for help. But nobody’s around.

Yi Gak races to make his meeting with Tae-mu, mentally replaying Taek-soo’s warnings to not tip his hand before the plan calls for it. This means that if he goes to Park-ha now, he’s giving up the bigger battle. So, what’ll it be: the girl, or your fate-driven mystery and intrigue and time-traveling predicament?

It seems he comes to a decision, because he screeches to a stop in the middle of the road.


Ha, and the terrorization of the villain begins. It’s pretty much the most satisfying storyline in the episode, with Tae-mu starting to unravel with all the pressure of his blackmailer. I enjoyed it enough that I wish the mystery of the message-sender was kept for longer, so that he could stew in the uncertainty for more time. Tae-mu is definitely teetering on the brink, and I suspect it won’t take much to push him over the edge. But it would be nice if that brink were more epic, a la Lady Macbeth, instead of having him figure out that it’s Yi Gak right away.

I find it (unintentionally?) hilarious to consider how many versions of the same person/soul are floating around by this point. There are so many Tae-yong personas that it’s almost confusing keeping track of what to call them. Example: There’s Tae-yong. And Yi Gak. Then Yi Gak Impersonating Tae-yong. Foollowed by Yi Gak Impersonating Tae-yong, Part 2.

Each version has a slightly different set of mannerisms and ways of speaking, so on that front Yoochun’s getting plenty of material to work with in playing with the roles. I think he’s doing a pretty good job of embodying each character, too, so we’re not confused about which role he’s playing at any given moment. For instance, it’s pretty easy playing Yi Gak and Tae-yong as separate entities. And Yi Gak pretending to be Tae-yong (the first time) was the funny version, where you got the funny sageuk talk with the modern appearance. The latest one is the most nuanced version, since Yi Gak’s portrayal of Tae-yong (part 2) is a little different from straight-up Tae-yong. There are little details in his speech pattern to show us that it’s still the stuffy prince in this role, like minor accent or pronunciation slip-ups as he tries to talk modern with about a 98% success rate.

Plot-wise, I did find myself wishing the characters were smarter, both hero and villain. I’ve been spoiled with Ji Hyun-woo’s character in Queen In-hyun’s Man, who is so satisfyingly clever and quick on the uptake that I want Yi Gak to be just as smart. I want him to succeed by outsmarting Tae-mu, who at this point is just smart enough to be annoying, but not enough to actually present a challenge.

To wit: Taking Park-ha hostage makes sense and totally fits with Tae-mu’s crude, brute-force approach to “solving problems” (aka, violence and murder), but I found it a bit of a retread. Especially since Park-ha had just been locked in a burning building a couple episodes back, only to be rescued by Yi Gak. Who else laughed at the inadvertent comedy of that juxtaposition—first fire, then ice? What’s next, submersion in tepid water? A middling-speed chase?

In the absence of super-clever twists, though, I do enjoy that the show makes up for it with cute. Like the super lo-fi subway escape, HA:


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  1. nova611

    i’ve been waiting for this…yay
    tq 4 ur hard work

    • 1.1 maechan

      anyone noticed the Yoochun reference in the last picture (drawing)… there’s a “6002”, which I know is part of Yoochun’s twitter: 6002theMicky

      • 1.1.1 Rovi


        And the “옥탑”, romanized as “OKTOP?”, hahaha~!!!

        • justleo

          LOL I was like staring at the comic and saw T.O.P’s name!(*insert fangirl scream here*) Then I realised it means oktappang (aka rooftop house). ._.

      • 1.1.2 javabeans

        That’s adorable. 6002 = yook-chun-ee = yoochunnie.

        • pat

          is that how 6002 is pronounced in korean? and for the longest time, i’ve been wondering what’s the significance of 6002 in his twitter name. 😉 thanks for the light, javabeans!

          • catie chan

            the number 6 is ryuk or yuk in sino-korean number system. cheon is thousand(s). the number 2 is i(ee). so that’s yuk(6)-cheon(thousand)-ee(2).

            you can learn more about it at talktomeinkorean(dot)com

          • bubbles

            That is so cute and clever. A bit of wit on yoochun’s part! =)

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          Ohhh..that’s where 6002 is from. I always wondered why his twitter ID has that number in it. ^^

        • Lee Minho

          Hey btw, that courier was me! Did you notice??
          -genius of disguises^^

          • bubbletea

            I just replayed that part (it’s where Tae-mu got the parcel for all you others who, like me, wasn’t observant the first time round) and got a laugh out of seeing Man-bo play the courier guy. This director has an awesome sense of humour, I say. 😀

        • sweetspring

          agree, adorable!
          plus the scene where Yi Gak holds up the yellow shirt is the exact shirt Yoo Chun wears for the brand’s ad which he poses with the rest of JYJ, I just saw it in a mall in Seoul today.
          Looks like the drama loves to hide little clues for the Yi Gak detective wannabe viewers.

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    Still can’t get over that Tae-Mu literally flipped all those plants in front of Park Ha. \o/

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      IKR– I was all “not Peppermint‘s Patio plants!”.

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    Love the nerdy look on Yoochun. Kind of sexy like Clark Kent but damn can he be allowed to travel back and take a few lessons from Boong Do on how to kiss a girl in the 21st century. Thanks <3

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    i guess no one else noticed but Yoochun+Glasses DAYUM <3

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    and i hope we dont have bu yong in the pond park ha in the freezer redux 🙁

    • 6.1 Danielle

      But, I was a little nervous on the last scene. He didn’t removed his glasses!

  7. vivyip

    “Plot-wise, I did find myself wishing the characters were smarter, both hero and villain. I’ve been spoiled with Ji Hyun-woo’s character in Queen In-hyun’s Man, who is so satisfyingly clever and quick on the uptake that I want Yi Gak to be just as smart.” you want lee sun joon showing up here instead. ^_^

    (sorry couldn’t resist)

    • 7.1 nova611

      lol…i been thinking of the same thing

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      I wish he had the smarts of Lee Sun Joon, too!

      • 7.2.1 ilovemandoo

        I think he’s fairly smart.. Park Ha, on the other hand, had me facepalming all episode -_-; I love her, but why would you ever ask Taemu to help you???

        • Nutella

          I honestly think it’s not completely dumb of Park Ha… If it were me, I would always be doubting and second-guessing myself as to whether I had used every possible way of finding my mother, and eventually, I would beat myself over it, thinking “Argh, I exaggerated the threat of Tae Mu in my head, when it would’ve been harmless.” or something. That said, she should have definitely told somebody.. even if she couldn’t tell Princey and the ducklings, she ought’ve told something to her mom or Mimi or Becky…

          Also, in the vein of doing things more intelligently, when Yi Gak got the message, I would’ve liked it if he did something like delete the message, and then call the police with an anonymous tip or pretend to be a passerby who noticed something suspicious or something, instead of rushing over blindly… although the way he stopped suddenly, I suspect that he’s just had a brainwave… maybe something along the lines of what if it was Park Ha who passed away in Joseon times, through an elaborate scheme by the Princess, and now that the conditions are leading to Park Ha’s death, they’re closer to solving the mystery and heading home…

          On a very unrelated side note: I loved it when Yi Gak trolled Tae Mu with the framed piccie of a dog.. It instantly reminded me of when Jonghyun trolls all his twitter followers with photos of puppies ^_^

          • July

            I thought the exact same thing. LG seems to have had some time of epiphany or something. I think we are heading to josean pretty soon, maybe in the next epsiode or two. I still have no clue as to how this show will end, but that’s what I love about it—it keeps me guessing.

        • NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

          I would have never gone with him by myself. He already threatened her about finding the fake Tae Yong so why would you willing go with him. Trusting to the end!

    • 7.3 debby

      To be fair to the prince – well he never had to do anything – he always had someone else do work for him.
      Ji Hyun-woo on other hand did that for living so has done it all his life and would not have gotten that old if he didn’t use his brains while with prince it didn’t matter someone allways took care of it for him.

  8. Esther Ong

    I agree, why get Park Ha lock up again. It’s silly and annoying. I hope LG can outsmart TM better as well. I get a kick out of it.

  9. sugarpunch_deb

    I feel the villains are one-dimensional characters so I don’t think much of them… it’s just the same old thing. hahaa. btw does anyone know how many eps this is?

    • 9.1 rbee

      20 I think.

  10. 10 Shukmeister

    Poor Park Ha! she just can’t catch a break.

    Still, I like how the story progressed in this one, even though Tae Mu’s descent into madness causes more problems for our intrepid heroine.

    • 10.1 skelly

      I was so annoyed with her, I couldn’t feel sorry for her at all when she was pounding on the door and yelling for help.

      Here this guy is friends with her sworn enemy, he invades and vandalizes her house, he threatens her, he follows her on to the subway (where she laughed and giggled like it was all a big game) and then she goes for a car ride with him, without telling anyone, because he tells her this fantastical story about her mother wanting to meet her without any advance contact at some out-of-the-way place.

      Sheesh. I’m still annoyed at her, and I want to give the writer a swift kick – what crappy writing.

  11. 11 zsa

    i think the biggest worry is why is there another exact person who looks like you…one would certainly think they are blood related…it’s just unlikely….but it’s fiction anyway….

  12. 12 Nicole

    The locked-in-a-refrigerated-truck scene was exactly the same as one in A Man Called God, only it was Han Chae-young locked in the truck and not Han Ji-min.

    Ooh, this is getting tense.

  13. 13 ellie

    Thank you very much for the speedy recap Javabeans! I just wonder what made YiGak stop? So excited for next episodes….

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    Why would Park-Ha get in the car of a suspected murderer?

    • 14.1 Esther Ong

      I agree. She is causing trouble.

    • 14.2 bey

      maybe because she dosen’t know that he is one? as far as I know YiGak hasn’t told her.

      • 14.2.1 mskololia

        Why does LG have to “tell” her anything when she experienced first hand this man’s brand of crazy???

        • AuntieMame

          Exactly what I was thinking when she so eagerly accepted his invitation.

          And, the other thing I couldn’t figure out was why she rushed to confront TM with her copy of the photo, when she had already asked YG to trying and get a copy of the photo for her. Why didn’t she wait? She should have been leery of his personality, based on what she has seen of him.

          I guess we have to remember that she’s not supposed to be smart in this life. So, I guess she’s not smart enough to be suspicious. After all, she did easily believe the story of 4 costumed-men saying they had time-traveled … and even gave them bed and board.

          • mskololia

            If a police officer in SK asked if you were knew those mean and dropped them off making you somehow esponsible for them, would you trust them?

          • mskololia

            Oop! *you knew those men….*responsible

            Lights out~

    • 14.3 megara

      lol. Even if she didn’t know he’s a murderer, she wouldn’t have gotten in the car after what he did at the rooftop.

    • 14.4 MsGB

      Park Ha still doesn’t know the whole story. To her he was a nice enough guy that help her (so she thought) to not pay for the damage to Granny’s house, that took care of and paid her Mom’s hospital bill when he accidentally hit her, and found her a job.

      But the one thing that should have gave it all away is that he’s dating Se Na!!! Anybody that dated that thing for 2 yrs straight has to be evil incarnate too.

      • 14.4.1 la dee dah

        Exactly, she doesn’t know the whole story, we the viewers do. But does she even know Sena is dating Tae Mu? I’m forgetting, I don’t remember her finding out.

        • mskololia

          She found him in a towel….Is her memory bad?!

          • thorned sakura

            but why would she assume that he’s evil just because he’s her sister’s boyfriend–or ex-bf since her sister got engage with another man after that incident? maybe she just thought that they got together due to SN’s manipulative ways as well.

          • mskololia

            My post was in response to 14.4.1, which alluded to her not knowing SN and him had a history.

          • thorned sakura

            sorry, my post was also in response to 14.4.1…just didn’t get the hang of this yet…^_^

      • 14.4.2 ilovemandoo

        That may be true, but she’s also seen him snooping around her house, stalking her, and throwing flowerpots and various tables.. I think most reasonable people would be wary after that.

        Hence why I facepalmed the whole episode. We have a fairly smart hero (not as smart as Lee Sun Joon or Ji Hyun Woo’s character maybe, but still quick on the uptake). Why can’t we also have a smart heroine?

        Also, it seems a little unfair to me that we’re comparing protagonists to begin with. Yi Gak has always been smart, but the problem lies more with the writing, which has never exactly been intelligent (in terms of schemes and plans).

        • TamTam

          Park Ha might be acting on her emotions rather than her brains, unfortunately. She was pretty desperate trying to find her mom, and TM was her only link. Emotions can make one pretty irrational.

          But yeah, you’d think she’d be more wary of trusting random people after Sena betrayed and treated her. Especially living life as an orphan, you’d think she’d be more streetwise than gullible.

    • 14.5 Jade

      Come on, are people missing the point? Tae-moo said that he found Park Ha’s mum. I don’t think she would’ve gone with him if it wasn’t for that reason. Plus, she doesn’t know that he’s a murderer.

      • 14.5.1 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

        His temper and association with Se Na would have been enough to make me leery of him as well as tell someone that I was meeting him. Her mother, YG, someone!

    • 14.6 debby

      I think Bak Ha is one of those kinds of people that gets all worked up and even if she knows it wrong, thinks nothing can happen and if it did she can handle it. All she was thinking about was being able to see mother not who she with and she knew he had helped her before -i know she though crazy but she was thinking with heart not head

  15. 15 anon

    A suspected murderer that destroyed her house and is clearly angry at her friend?

    • 15.1 Esther Ong

      You are totally speaking my mind!! ^^

    • 15.2 mskololia

      And the beat goes on because I could not grasp that on myself…

    • 15.3 la dee dah

      I’m thinking if she allowed four strange guys – one carrying a sword, who all act totally out of this world, were combative towards her, and almost burned down her home – LIVE with her, then I suspend belief that she would get into a car with a guy that is angry at her friend and throws plants around in anger.

      • 15.3.1 la dee dah

        Oops, I mean “suspend disbelief”..

      • 15.3.2 lizzzie

        “throws plants around in anger”. Oh god. I want that on his official profile. Filed under worst murderer ever, of course.

    • 15.4 tvwithrice

      Who was also trailing her…

  16. 16 kirara

    aww man.. just when things were going good Tae-mu had to ruin it all by kidnapping Park-Ha.. what is our prince going to do??? we have to wait till next week for the decision.. DARN..

    But anyways.. Thanks for the post!!

  17. 17 TiaC

    Yay JB and Rooftop Prince!

    An exciting episode except one minor(ish) complaint: Why the heck did Park-ha not call anyone before she got into the car with Tae-mu? We all know she’s smarter than that! Why not drop a quick text to the Joseon Power Rangers – “Hey guys. Just got in2 car w/ murdurous cousin. Please track my whereabouts!” Or how bout using one of those stalkerish smartphone/facebook apps – ‘Park-ha checks in to: Tae-mu’s car – someone with some sense should probably check to make sure she’s still alive!’

    I love me some cute and sassy heroines, but come on, ladies, let’s think twice before getting into the psychotic cousin’s car alone!

    • 17.1 su

      Because she doesnt know TM is murderous? If she knew I dont think she’d meet him to talk about her bio mom

    • 17.2 Shukmeister

      She hasn’t seen the duckings since TYx2 showed up (they were told not to contact her per Bow Tie), so it probably wouldn’t have been her first thought.

      I would have figured on her texting YG at least though, especially with the Sworn Enemies thing going around.

    • 17.3 pk

      Don’t worry, I think LG must have sent yongsul to protect her cos he already told her to watchout for TM…there is a white car there where TM drove past…

    • 17.4 nourlAkane

      you my dear friend totally read my mind..
      she could just gave a message or make a fake phone call during the scene..

    • 17.5 skelly

      There’s an acronym for heroines like this:
      (too stupid to live) and it is used for sweet young things in romance and mystery novels who stupidly fall into the villain’s clutches because the lazy writer can’t think of any other way to have it happen.
      I know Park Ha is not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, and gets into trouble because she believes the best of people, but this is really too much. There is ample evidence, in both what she has personally witnessed, in what she has heard, and in the company that he keeps, that this guy is bad news… but the writer needs her to get in that truck and so TSTL she must be.

      • 17.5.1 ilovemandoo

        This so much. It sucks.

        • JG


      • 17.5.2 pk

        come on, be patient, this story is of Romace/comedy/suspense…. so I would think that the writer is just keeping us in suspense, I believe LG or that bow tie guy would have sent somwone to follow TW. Remember, LG said something about fox..and fire to lure TW to show his true self..
        Also, I think the writer has a very clever plot, at least so far all the time travelling is one person and this one is a team and though is not the first to travel from past to present but is definitely the first one in the recent time travelling wave in China/HK/Korea dramas….and many more plus points, cheer, writer 🙂

      • 17.5.3 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

        TSTL! I’ll have to remember that!

  18. 18 Mish

    Lol I totally agree with you about the fire and ice thing. It was actually the first thing I thought as SOON as Tae-mu said she was in an ice truck. I love the interaction between the Joseon ducklings and Park Ha, and I understand why the business part is necessary to the plot, but how many times are you going to try to kill off one of our main leads. It makes me sad because despite all the time-jump madness that is what feels the least realistic to me and it jolts me out of the viewing experience. I am still really enjoying the drama though and I love how everything is once again out in the open with our two leads ^.^

  19. 19 singhi26

    this episode was so good, thanks again for the recaps
    i hope nothing bad happens to PH and why did LG stopped? I think he figured out something or what? I hope next episode they let mother and daughter reunite, oh how i wish that Sena and Taemu go up one against the other in front of everybody…a one on one “you did this”..”ohh yeah, you did this” that would be so good, let them be their own downfall.

  20. 20 Christy

    Oh Park Ha! Grrr, how can she be so naive and trusting? Tae Mu’s shifty eyes just scream bloody murderer! Couldn’t she get a clue about his character when he was throwing things around the rooftop balcony like something deranged maniac? So frustrating! It seems that our poor heroine has to stay inside a freeser truck until next Wednesday, LOL! If only I can borrow Kim Bong Doo’s talisman to summon the F4 Power Rangers.

    Thanks for the wonderful recap!

  21. 21 geanna

    While watching the last scene, there’s a little part of me wishing for Lee Sun Joon of SKKS to make an appearance. Yes, absurd, i know.
    But then again, with 2 reincarnations already being in the same time frame, having the 3rd one wouldn’t hurt after all hahaha.
    Plus, it’s the smartypants Lee Sun Joon! He’ll solve the mystery and make the most rational decision for the current issue of saving Park Ha vs. kicking Taemu’s ass in mere seconds. 😛
    Anyway, thanks Javabeans for the super fast thoughtful recaps ^^

    *Park Yoochun, you are on your way to be an admirable great actor. I almost forget that you are a singer after watching RTP lol!*

  22. 22 lovedramas

    I feel like this is a little bit like watching “Choose your own adventure” unfold. There are a lot of guesses as to how these pieces of the mystery and the time travel and the different people etc all fit together in modern time and in joseon time. A lot of viewer’s thoughts are interesting… if the actual writers go one way, then they can do this etc etc. So I’m armed with what I personally think could be happening, and what I’ve read from other viewers, and then what actual story follows, I’m enjoying it just by that. A lot of different possibilities of what is going to happen. I do wish Yi Gak was a lot smarter – he’s getting smarter but not quite as quick… and also I kinda wish PH in modern times was a little bit smarter too. I wish she could join in on the detective work.

    I still love the moment in the story now. At least a lot of things are happening. The OTP still is super cute together so I’m loving that – at least while it lasts. I have a feeling that it has to be the real TY that end up liking her in the present at the end. Who knows 🙂

  23. 23 John

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    Since QIHM was brought up…. There’s no comparison… QIHM rocks in so many ways…

    • 23.1 skelly

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  24. 24 mskololia

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    awww i hope they resolve that Park Ha is In-joo soon (like next week ^^)
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    thanks for the recap btw ^^

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    • 28.1 delaney

      To me, “overwhelmed” is the word to describe a lot of Yoochuns running around which, by the way, is a good thing because he’s so cute (esp. in glasses) 😀

  29. 29 sailoruniverse

    Tae-mu… you know, maybe murdering isn’t your thing.
    You’re not meant for a life of crime with the kind of rotten luck you have right now, you know? Every crime you did backfired on you so far, yet violence is still your first solution to problems. Potted plants, bro? Real villainy. Newspaper concealing your face? Ohhhh look out, James Bond!
    Frankly, is all the stress worth it? Every single episode, I’ve seen you sweat so much more than my whole family at a sauna combined. Come on dude, pick another hobby.

    • 29.1 megara

      Taemu: “I’m so angry!!!” *throws potted plants*

      You know what this reminds me of? Johnny (of J&A) throwing a spoon because he was so angry that Jin married without letting him know.


    • 29.2 Cynthia




    • 29.3 tvwithrice

      The screencap of him holding up a newspaper one handed to cover HALF of his face had me chuckling. So~ inconspicuous.

    • 29.4 katiamon

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  30. 30 Noelle

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  31. 31 megara

    I love how Yoochun improved so much on his acting. His character in Sungkyungkwan scandal was boring and he wasn’t really able to show a range of emotions as compared to Rooftop Prince.
    I can’t help but compare the modern dilemma with the Joseon dilemma. In the latter, the crown princess got her position because her sister had an accident. In the modern times, Tae mu almost became the CEO because Tae yong was presumed dead. The blackmailing part also got to me. Maybe in the Joseon era, someone was also blackmailing the crown princess?

    • 31.1 la dee dah

      Aw, I’m forever going to to defend Lee Sun Joon. He was an awesome character. Calm, steady, super smart (can never forget his quick thinking that led to the awesome smackdown on Ha In Soo to save Kim Yoon Hee and Jae Shin’s butts) willing to push someone who doesn’t think much of herself to achieve greatness… sigh..

    • 31.2 yayaya

      No, I start loving Yoochun because LSJ in SKKS.
      He’s not boring, because that’s LSJ. LSJ are calm, logical, smart and charismatic. That’s his character in SKKS. And I think he pulled off his character very well ^____^

      I already mentioned it before, I don’t even know he’s a singer at that time. I was thought he really an actor. He surprised me by his acting.

      • 31.2.1 Addicted2KDrama

        ditto! I loved him in SKKS and thought he did an awesome job. I’m amazed at how talented he is.

        Yoochunnie Fighting!

  32. 32 Aden01

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    • 32.1 ladyjumong

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    • 34.1 Shukmeister

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      • 34.1.1 swye

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        • spork

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      • 34.1.4 sweetooth

        I know, I’ve watched it. Ji Jyun Woo isn’t really my thing plus there’s something about Yoo In Na’s acting that’s bugging me from the very start(?), so that kiss was just.. a simple kiss for me. No matter how hot that kiss was, if I’m not really interested with the 2 people kissing, as a viewer, It’s just a MEH for me. That Dong Min character is the only one worth watching and of course, the plot. What I really wanted to see is Yoo Chun and Ji Min kissing their hearts out but I guess I just have to give up on that.

  35. 35 Suzi Q

    Tae Mu and Se Na burned the baby photo of In Joo. Didn’t Se Na have it photocopied at the beginning of the drama? So there still is a copy of it?
    I agree that I wished Yi Gak and Park Ha were a little more intelligent. Why didn’t Park Ha threaten to call the cops when Tae Mu broke into the house and went ballistic trashing the premises?Later, why would stupid Park Ha trust Tae Mu and get into Tae Mu’s car? He was acting weird previously, so the red light should have gone off in her head that he’s gone psycho!
    Also, the smartest people in the drama is Taek Soo who is onto Tae Mu’s evil intentions and Park Ha’s biological Mom, Jang Sun Joo, who isn’t fooled by Se Na’s sly, deceitful nature.
    Yi Gak has to get the Joseon Power Rangers to help him free Park Ha from the freezer truck or is she going to be transported somehow back in Joseon time and meet up with Bu Yong?

    • 35.1 MsGB

      If Park Ha travels back in time that would mean either Bu Yong is dead or in a coma like Tae Young. The running theory is that the same soul (reincarnations) cannot exist in the same space.

    • 35.2 Bianca

      what would happen anyway if they did meet?

  36. 36 Indah

    i could not take his eyes off the screen,, this episode is so DAEBAKK….

  37. 37 anotheraddict

    I thought the writing for this episode was pretty lackluster and that there were even more “huh?… that doesn’t make sense” moments than usual. For ex., why didn’t Mom Jang press Se Na about where she got the DNA sample from? It’s obvious that Se Na doesn’t know that she really is Jang’s daughter, so it follows that she wouldn’t have used her own DNA for the test. If Jang is dying and is desperate to find her other daughter, why is she just letting Se Na off the hook?

    I will, however, give the episode credit for proving me wrong– I was pretty sure that Se Na was going to be the one to try to “get rid of” Pak Ha (paralleling what I think happened in Joseon). (Although Se Na is partly culpable for this attempt.)

    Bring on the comeuppance, but don’t forget the cute, please!

    • 37.1 AuntieMame

      Totally agree with you on the plot ‘holes’. The writing has left a lot of holes in the story.

      As for the cute, the shopping trip was a bit redundant. I was surprised that they resorted to another clothes shopping trip to come up with some cute. Again, the writer can’t seem to come up with a new idea. Or, they had to do a clothes shopping trip to satisfy product placement commitments.

      • 37.1.1 lizzzie

        Yea, they totally went and got themselves the latest NII Spring line (that JYJ endorses as well, so I guess that was slightly meta). Well, the shirts are cute, I want one, but the scene was otherwise unnecessary.

        • bjharm

          shopping trip is what called product placement that is the company behind that clothes line put money into the drama, also note the coffee scene where Tae Young makes very sure to show the label on the cup he was drinking and in commercial speak says..ow how lovely, it was a commercial set in a drama for that coffee house/brand, it pretty common you can have fun picking out these commercials in a drama in all dramas.
          Plot hole for you why is Park Ha still living in the roofhouse, it was brought by the fake Tae-yong after all she paying no rent, she pretty much a squatter lol

    • 37.2 Arhazivory

      I also wondered why she didn’t press her for info about the DNA but she probably just figures that she forged it.

      I am a little disappointed that she believes her and sudden;y decides to ‘give up’ on finding In Ju. There are two In Ju in Feast of the Gods so maybe Chairman Jang can try her luck there.

      • 37.2.1 Bianca

        im also miffed about the ‘plot hole’ surronding chariman jang. she knows that se na lied to her about being her daughter, so why does she still want to take her back to hong kong and give up on her real daughter? im dying for her to realize park ha’s her actual daughter and for them to reunite! i also want park ha to be with yi gak! ^.^

  38. 38 h311ybean

    Thanks for the recap! I hope this kidnapping thing gets resolved quickly – there’s too many loose ends left dangling for Park-ha to waste too much time as a damsel in distress.

    I’m glad you remarked on the various layers that Yoochun has had to add to his character/s in this drama. It was precisely what I was thinking while reading this!

  39. 39 Dewo

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  40. 40 rtptan

    yoochun’s acting has improved so much from skk. his combi with han ji min is wonderful . and she very pretty. will be resseing capital scandal where she acted . yoochun so cute and charming in all angle shots .

  41. 41 rtptan

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    thanks for the fast deconstructing !! its so exciting whilst waiting for the subs

  42. 42 cindy

    This drama is making me tired.

    I think 16 episodes or 18 would be enough, 20 is too much, I don’t want to see PH almsot dying from this episode until episode 20 and T and S bitching around…..

    Why not another interesting plot line?

    Show us more about the past, whatever!

    • 42.1 Esther Ong

      Agree. Interesting plot needed.

    • 42.2 Danielle

      Haha, I don’t think so. 20 episodes is 20 episodes. Everything has been planned by the writers. And, there’s been a doubting about CP’s case again, about the fire and ice.

  43. 43 MsGB

    There’s a different kinds of “smarts” in the world. Books smarts, street smart, or obviously smart (example: me and some friends were watching a mystery show when one girl blurts out something that everybody in the room knew. So I turn to her and say “You’re so smart!”)

    K2H’s villain Bong Gu is “a thin line” smart. You probably know what that means.

    But I notice Tae Mu is what you call “dumb smart”. So smart, you dumb. Smart enough to wipe the boat down and swim back to shore but dumb enough not to erase those pic or atleast check the phone before you threw it in the water. Smart enough to spin the story how he and Tae Young never met but dumb enough not to delete the record of him buying two meals in New York instead of one. And smart enough to kidnap Park Ha but dumb enough to get his ass kicked by Blue Ranger Yong Sool when Yi Gak tells him what happened. I see it! Atleast that’s how I think it should go!!!

  44. 44 bajing

    Can we have Tae-Mu to be punished Joseon way please?!!!! I have ran out of expletives for him in this episode. He has climb to be the top of my hit list. asdfghjkl.

    This drama will be the end of my sanity. My poor lil heart…..snif…

    • 44.1 Bianca

      “his drama will be the end of my sanity. My poor lil heart…..snif…”

      thats what ill be saying if i dont get my happy ending in both worlds!

  45. 45 Sandy

    cant yi gak just change his clothes before going to rescue park ha?

  46. 46 one_nee

    ok.. so TaeMu finally tried to kill ParkHa..

    is this also what happened in the Joseon? I was thinking that maybe BuYong knows HwaYong n Taemu (i believe he was also there in Joseon) were having an affair n they tried to kill LeeGak n be the successor of the throne (just like what happened in this time). maybe BuYong saw HwaYong met TaeMu that night n confronted them, in the end, she was killed. and it was her body floating in the pond (and the pond named BuYong Pond isnt it?)..

    i really hope LeeGak n Joseon F3 mission isnt only to reveal who the killer was in Joseon. i mean if TaeMu really was there in Joseon, who know what the murder will lead to. maybe then after the murder there was indeed a coup n LeeGak ended up dead (and maybe that was why ParkHa cried when she read the history book). so maybe they have to found out what happened in Joseon but in the same time also to prevent the same thing happen again in this time. since we know, it was BuYong who supposedly married to LeeGak. so maybe in this time, since TaeMu also have a hand in made TaeYong cant met with ParkHa, maybe Destiny make the Joseon F4 came to corrected it, so destiny/fate will back again the way it should be. i just hope it would be for both in Joseon and this time.i mean they would come back to Joseon before the murder happen, so they can prevent it, since it would be sad if LeeGak back to Joseon n indeed BuYong was the one who died (and there was a coup n he also ended up killed).

    If it really the reason, then my heart that goes for LeeGak-ParkHa will be broken, since it means ParkHa will ended up be with TaeYong…

    and yes, bias aside, YooChun really suprised me with his acting. his acting is much better than SKK n Ms Ripley and that was amazed me. he just been in 3 dramas, and all have different genre n themes, yet he do such a great job in the latest one. my co worker (whom i ‘persuaded’ to wathced RTP) was so sprised when i told her that the lead actor is a singer from my fave Kpop group (many of my co worker know my craziness over Korea n JYJ, lol). since she think JYJ just gonna be the same like SuJu, 2pm, etc. so she really isnt aware that the lead was also ‘a boyband singer’, as she usually said =)

    thx for the recap!!

    • 46.1 Mikunda

      I like your thinking:). It makes a lot of sense to push them back to Joseon a day early or before the murder happened there, so they can correct. I don’t know how things would play out here in present time though.

    • 46.2 Bianca

      i like your theory too. except… it was the crown princess (aka se na) who got married to yi gak, and it was the crown princesses body who was floating in the BuYong pond. although the hiden affair theory is plausible, idk how that would fit in.

      about yoochun, i have only seen him in gungkeungkwan scandal, and he was an ok actor in that. but i a surprised and quite impressed with his acting in RTP, especially playing two different characters and then having to role-play different identities.

  47. 47 whatis

    The two questions that had me thinking…
    1. How is it possible that after 2 years of vegetable state, his hair is STILL nicely styled??
    2. Bring the phone to him containing the NY photos as ransom??? Are we living in the stone age here? How easy is it to transfer the photos from phone to computer and posted on internet? Copy the sim card? It would’ve been the first thing I do. Get a phone that’s exactly the same, a copy the info onto it. Keep the original phone. And i’m no genius.

    Thanks for the recap! Can’t wait until the whole mystery is unraveled. There’s still so much to explain. Is he going to go back in time? What’s going to happen with their romance? Will Yi Gak and Tae Yong switch places? what’s up? I NEED TO KNOOOOW!

    • 47.1 Eva

      After watching Tae Mu trying to break Tae-yong’s phone by a STONE, I always think that Tae-yong should be the one going back and living in the Joseon era instead…

    • 47.2 Danielle

      Well, Lee Gak is not that familiar with the technology yet.

  48. 48 Esther Ong

    TM use Park Ha’s handphone to take picture and track the number of LG. Doesn’t Park Ha’s phone has a password to access information? Does not make sense. Or am i not making sense

    • 48.1 pk

      Also TM will realise that the number is TY’s and not LG, and the secret will be out….

  49. 49 Hang

    This is such an intense episode. I love how warm Yi Gak was to Park Ha when she confronted him at the stairs (*no liesss* – cos’ his heart is definitely not EMPTY…ty…ty…ty :D). I realize the dual traps fire-ice too, and I find it a coerce from the screenwriter to repeat the history of PH being locked in a truck. I think Yi Gak stopped the car in the final scene because he is smart enough to figure out that the place Taemu asked him to come is not where Park Ha was locked – once being a villain, Taemu should go ALL THE WAY – that is, it makes no sense Taemu lets a rescue happen, then he might lock PH up in one place and require meeting Yi Gak in another, two birds with one stone, all killed. I think Yi Gak should mobilize his minions in response to this threat, he alone can’t make it anyway. Till next week, I guess I will rewatch the stair scene from time to time.

  50. 50 Eva

    I guess some people might think Park Ha is stupid when she followed Tae Mu and got into the car given Tae Mu’s previous attempt to muddle her house…

    But she is not US; she didn’t know the whole truth – about Tae Mu’s killing of Tae-yong, Tae Mu’s plan to make Se-Na replacing Park Ha’s place….I guess in her mind she still has belief in Tae Mu who has saved her mother when he knocked her down unintentionally…

    Again, this park of Park Ha’s being hostage is a MUST… for Yi Gak to realize who has died in the Joseon era was actually Bu Yong (ok my guess)… I think the last scene where Yi Gak stopped the car implies that he might know part of the truth (who has died in the Joseon era), but still doesn’t know the rest (e.g. who killed Bu Yong? why?)

    Perhaps in the next episode the butterfly would come alive again and bring Yi Gak to Park Ha…

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