Love Stories Countdown to Valentine’s Day #4:
Love in the Golden Age

Another love story from my former spiritual director, although this is of her father, George.
George and Louise dated for two years whilst in college. When it was time to graduate she was ready to get married, but he wasn’t. They parted amicably and went on with their lives.

Louise met Bill, married him, and built a life together raising three children. George, after a stint in the army, met Marilynn. They married and also had three children. Too soon Marilynn became very ill. George cared for her until her death, then finished raising their teenage kids alone. Some years later Louise was widowed. Both spent more than a decade alone.

Then came their fifty year college reunion. Although they had had no contact in the intervening years, George and Louise found each other again then. They traveled the world together, sharing their interests, friends, and families. Although they did not marry, their romance brought joy to them and all who knew them.

Love, February