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My Fair Lady: Episode 13
by | September 30, 2009 | 67 Comments

I wish My Fair Lady would go full-on crazy, because even though they’re halfway there already, the drama’s still clinging to the semblance of a conventional trendy series. I think at this point they’d do better to have fun running wild with the nonsense rather than struggling to play it straight. I didn’t think this episode was bad so much as it was puzzling, and the cast probably finds it puzzling as well.


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After the kiss, Dong-chan and Hae-na sit and tentatively talk. Hae-na prods Dong-chan, hoping for a positive response, while Dong-chan is bewildered at why Hae-na would like him. She can’t really articulate why; she just likes him.

Hae-na scoots closer and takes his arm. Dong-chan offers his hand, and she holds it.

So it is that Eui-joo spies the couple returning home late that night, looking cozy and still holding hands. Hae-na and Dong-chan separate a little awkwardly once they reach the house, but Eui-joo has already seen them, although she has left by that point.

Bashful now, the two awkwardly say their goodnights and head to their respective rooms.

In her room, Hae-na calms her nerves, but shrieks to see a roach crawling on the wall. She bursts into Dong-chan’s room as he is dressing, which is really just an excuse to get them back together in close proximity again. And for her to feel flustered at seeing him shirtless.

Dong-chan attempts to kill the bug but fails, and Hae-na hits him on the shoulder in a half-flirty way. He complains that she hit him where he was injured in the car accident, and without thinking Hae-na pulls the shirt practically off Dong-chan’s body, angling for a look at the injury. Again, this is purely to get these two touchy-feely with each other, and once they realize what they’re doing, they break apart uncomfortably.

Obligatory jilted-lover-brooding-at-bar scene. You’ll notice that second male leads spend a lot of time at places like this, especially in the latter halves of drama series. (Poor guy goes to pojangmacha and drinks soju in a tent. Rich guy goes to fancy bar and nurses something on the rocks.)

Eui-joo arrives to convince Tae-yoon that they’ve got to take action to break apart the new couple, but Tae-yoon is resigned to his fate as the third wheel. He had once thought Dong-chan was interfering with his relationship with Hae-na, “But now I think I’m the one getting between them.”

Soon, Tae-yoon is drunk and passed out at the bar. Uncertain how to proceed, Eui-joo fishes out his cell phone and calls #1 on speed dial, then frowns in consternation to find it’s his office. I know it’s a bit rude of her, but this is one of the few funny moments in this episode, because Eui-joo then wonders, “Then what’s number 2?” and hits dial. She gets the police station, then a lawyers’ association, and so forth, and finally has to give up. HA.

Tae-yoon is just conscious enough to walk, but not sober enough to do so on his own. Eui-joo tries to get him to tell her where he lives, because she doesn’t know where to take him. Finally, she settles on a motel and deposits him into a room.

This episode is all about cheap tricks to get people feeling each other up, so once again, this is mostly an excuse to get these two into a clinch. Eui-joo prepares to leave, but Tae-yoon reaches up to grab her, thinking she’s Hae-na. Clutching her to himself, he mumbles drunkenly, “Don’t go.”

(This could have been a cute or even poignant moment, but the horrible slapsticky music choice ruins the mood. It makes this feel like a gag rather than a scene that might wring out any bit of sympathy for Tae-yoon’s character.)

Trying to make him more comfortable, Eui-joo starts to undo his necktie — which is when he actually wakes up. Embarrassed, she stammers out a defense, but he ignores that and stares intensely into her eyes… then rushes to the bathroom to vomit. (How flattering for Eui-joo.)

Hae-na can’t sleep and joins Dong-chan in the front yard. (Might I point out that she is wearing camo jodhpurs in this scene. Camouflage! Jodhpurs!)

Dong-chan figures she’s feeling guilty about Tae-yoon, because he feels sorry too: “But I like being here with you like this. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right, but I don’t want to give you up. It makes me happy that you like me, and I don’t want to let go of your hand.”

She asks what he’d like her to do, so he replies, “Just until the chairman calls you back, could you be my girlfriend?” After that, he doesn’t know.

They fall asleep holding each other, and awaken in the morning when Eui-joo’s mother finds them. They try to play it off, pretending this is just a coincidence, but Eui-joo’s mother is more curious about Eui-joo’s whereabouts.

If she knew the truth she might have been more worried, because Eui-joo awakens groggily in the motel room. Tae-yoon has already gone, which offends Eui-joo because it’s poor manners after all she did to help him. (I did laugh at Eui-joo’s response when Su-ah catches her coming to work in the same clothing as the day before. Rather than admit to spending the night out with a man, which Su-ah guesses with approval, she says she’s fallen behind on her laundry.)

Later that morning, Hae-na peers in on Dong-chan’s room, and finds that he’s asleep and feverish — aftereffects of his car accident. She tends to him with a cool washcloth, and when he wakes up, she’s asleep next to him. Dong-chan looks down at her with affection. Then Hae-na wakes up to find Dong-chan gone. (This is when my patience with the writer wears thin, because how much sleeping and waking do we have to get in one morning? What’s the point of all this?)

Hae-na’s plans for the day center around talking to Tae-yoon, presumably to come clean and end their relationship. However, she’s unable to meet with him because he’s not at his office.

Tae-yoon has driven to the farm run by his sunbae, the same location where everyone volunteered in an earlier episode. He’s here to get some air and clear his head, as he walks around and snaps photos of the local scene. Why is he at a festival? I don’t know. Why is he frowning pensively one moment, then smiling happily the next? I don’t know.

His outing takes him to a familiar location: the bench where he’d found Hae-na and first hugged her. He sits there now, alone, recalling their earlier courtship and how he’d realized he first liked her.

Hae-na thinks back to when she had first liked Tae-yoon, and how she had cried because she’d felt hurt at his blunt words. But today, she admits she was relieved not to find him: “I’m sorry to him, but I’m even sorrier that all I have to tell him is that I’m sorry.” Dong-chan assures her not to feel guilty; after all, love changes, and it’s not her fault.

Realizing that there are a lot of things she doesn’t actually know about Dong-chan, Hae-na asks him a series of questions: What’s his birthday and blood type? His favorite season? Food? Song?

Hae-na continues to work on her internet shopping mall, posting a message on the site under her real name. She also keeps an eye out for part-time jobs, and one prospect comes through. Dong-chan delivers Hae-na to a school, where she is given the task of painting the outside wall. I… don’t really know why it makes sense that Hae-na would know how to paint a mural other than to give Yoon Eun-hye another chance to show off her artistic side. We’ve never seen Hae-na nurturing an artistic interest or ability, so… WTH?

Meanwhile, sales are increasing at Hae-na’s shopping site, which lifts her spirits. (This is another logic question that keeps bothering me, since what “work” is she doing to actually promote sales? One message board post? How can she reasonably take credit for increased sales across the whole site? I don’t get it.)

Eui-joo is another source of confusion in this episode, because when she comes home to see Dong-chan and Hae-na together, she tells him very calmly, “Dating her is fine, but I don’t want you to be hurt because of her. Good luck.” I like her composure and maturity here.

But then she calls Tae-yoon to urge him to stick to his guns and keep clinging to Hae-na, while she’ll stick with Dong-chan. I cannot for the life of me figure out: WHY? She couldn’t have been lying to Dong-chan earlier because the scene was played straight, and she can’t be lying to Tae-yoon here because again, she sounds calm in her conviction. What gives?

Tae-yoon has resigned himself to giving up, as he explained at the bar. He apologizes for his behavior that night, and Eui-joo accepts with good humor. However, she tells him that he can’t let go of Hae-na, and
comments that Tae-yoon’s fancy upbringing is showing — his pride is making him give up on his feelings. She advises him to hold on to Hae-na if he doesn’t want to regret it later.

After finishing the painting job, Dong-chan leaves Hae-na happily counting her hard-earned money and reports to the chairman about Hae-na’s progress.

Grandpa Kang is pleased that Hae-na has changed for the better — she’s monitoring sales and working harder than ever (mind you, that’s a relative assessment). Grandpa Kang thanks Dong-chan for his positive influence, and announces that he’s ready to accept Hae-na back now. Starting tomorrow, she can resume her job at the company and move back home.

Dong-chan puts on a happy face, but this saddens him, because they’d agreed to be a couple until Grandpa sent for Hae-na, and this signals the end of that understanding.

Meanwhile, Hae-na spends the rest of the afternoon shopping, and buys a hat and a zodiac necklace, meant to be a gift for Dong-chan. (Yes, way to blow your first paycheck on Gucci, Hae-na. Are you really sure you learned any lesson at all from this exercise in plebeian living?)

On her way home, she finds Tae-yoon waiting to talk to her. She apologizes for running out on the dinner date, but Tae-yoon asks her not to apologize anymore. He says that his parents like her, and promises, “I’ll wait. I know you’re going through a hard time. I want to hang on to you, but I know you don’t need my help. Honestly, I don’t know if this is out of pride or real love. But something I’m sure about is that I’m not ready to let you go yet. So I’ll wait.”


Hae-na happily greets Dong-chan when he returns from his meeting with Grandpa. He tells her that he’s in a good mood, so he’ll do whatever she wants. Hae-na eyes him shrewdly, recalling that the last time he’d said a similar thing and offered her a wish, he left her soon afterward.

Dong-chan evades that topic (she is right, after all), and they proceed to Hae-na’s wish for the evening, unaware that they are being watched. They head to the banks of the Han River (we’re just jumping from pretty locale to pretty locale in this episode, logic be damned), where they sit with a cake.

Hae-na’s never had occasion to light candles on a cake in a celebratory event, so now she wants to celebrate the first money she’s ever earned on her own, as well as having Dong-chan always by her side. (At that, his smile fades.)

She pulls out her present for him, the a necklace with his zodiac symbol on it. As she fastens it around his neck, she tells him half-teasingly, “Don’t go anywhere without my permission, because I’ll hold you back.”

Dong-chan reveals another cause for celebration (although he sure doesn’t feel celebratory about it): Her grandfather has told her to return to her home and her job. A bit anxiously, Hae-na asks, “You’ll come with me, won’t you?” She relaxes when he answers yes.

Still, that leaves their relationship dynamics in a murky place, and she wonders what happens between them now. He answers, “I don’t know either. But you’re my girlfriend, through today.”

In the morning, Hae-na and Dong-chan prepare to return to the office. Hae-na even thanks Eui-joo’s mother for letting her stay with her, and promises to repay her generously for her help. (She thanks Eui-joo sweetly as well, but doesn’t define her “reward” just yet, which makes Eui-joo fret — is Hae-na going to hold this over her head at work? I’m sure she will.)

Hae-na battles nerves, with a directors’ meeting on the agenda as her first duty back. Dong-chan helps calm her down, and she heads inside to face the boardroom.

She is unaware that Chul-gu, as always, has something up his sleeve. This time, he has armed himself with the secret photos he had taken of Hae-na and Dong-chan acting lover-like together, and barges in on the meeting just as Hae-na is reporting on her sales figures. (The numbers aren’t yet at the promised 15% mark, but she feels confident that they will make the goal by the due date.)

Chul-gu feigns distress as he faces the chairman and announces that he has “shocking” news. His men distribute copies to the room while he shows an internet news report to the chairman.

WIth mock outrage, Chul-gu explains that Hae-na has been seen consorting with a former jebi, and the articles paint her as one of the victims of Dong-chan’s conning.

Stunned at the news, Grandpa orders Dong-chan brought before him and asks Hae-na to explain, but she can’t think of a defense. In a panic, she runs out of the meeting and finds Dong-chan, who is waiting in the lobby.

He looks at her, puzzled. Hae-na bursts out, “Let’s run away!” and grabs his arm as she starts running.


Like I said, I kinda wish this drama would embrace its wackiness and go unabashedly, balls-to-the-wall crazy. I don’t love this tepid in-between dance it’s doing, as though it can’t decide which way to go so they just don’t go anywhere at all. It’s funny because that’s exactly the point of the theme song “Hot Stuff,” which sings, “Hot stuff, come to me, I hate things that are lukewarm…” It could take a lesson from itself.

I’d feel better for all the actors if the plot allowed them to give the audience a sly wink, as if to say they’re in on the joke, because otherwise (sorry, but I have to say it) they’re the joke.

(Commence hate mail… now!)

I think Tae-yoon was the most confusing character in today’s episode, although they all had their moments. For example: What the heck are the two images below doing in the same montage?

Did the country air soothe his soul and make him forget about his troubles? Or maybe photography calms his spirit. But Tae-yoon’s a brilliant activist lawyer, right? Whose top five speed-dials are all work-related numbers? Wouldn’t that suggest that he’s not actually all that invested in emotional relationships? If he loved Hae-na enough to be a clinging nuisance, shouldn’t she merit a speed-dial space in between, oh, the police station and the lawyers’ association?

I had this thought in the early scenes regarding Hae-na and Dong-chan’s chaste courtship: This is a drama about twenty- and thirty-somethings, but it’s like the emotions belong to a drama about teenagers. If this were a first love scenario, for instance, I think these dynamics would be more exciting. But when a 32-year-old playboy is bashful at holding hands with a 24-year-old grown (business)woman, or vice versa, it just seems… silly. And when a 27-year-old lawyer drinks in a depression because his almost-fiancee — with whom he has never shared a kiss or even exchanged “I love you”s — doesn’t like him back, I just don’t know why I’m supposed to care.

But most confounding of all is Dong-chan’s agreement to be boyfriend-girlfriend with Hae-na until she returns to her grandfather’s house. I don’t have a problem with them making the promise, and it’s kind of sweet. What I have a problem with, however, is how Dong-chan treats that arbitrary promise like a binding contract when Grandpa invites Hae-na back home. If he’s unhappy with cutting their time short, he could just, oh I don’t know, NOT CUT IT SHORT. They are adults and there are no more secrets between them so they could just KEEP DATING. It’s not a life-and-death cancer scenario here. (Well, not for them.) This is obviously just an attempt to keep the tension in their relationship, but man, are we operating on some flimsy logic.

And I even watched this episode with the goal of NOT being critical. But the problems keep getting bigger, and are rather unavoidable at this stage.


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  1. GenJi

    yeah… finally… I’ve been refreshing like crazy to read your review on MFL…

    now… off to read the review… thanks javabeans for the recaps….^^

  2. Korean Drama

    3 episodes to go. My Fair Lady one of the best drama i’ve ever watched.

    your recaps very good in detail, i know exactly the story, even i don’t watch the drama.

  3. Wonder Girls

    yes, this drama has some flaws, but i still enjoy the story. Very good story and ost.

  4. MEIKO**** ^-^

    Thanks! JavaB!!!!! ^-^

    130am and still awake!

  5. thankyou

    this episode was full of run of the mill stuff. Obligatory hand holding, seeing each other naky, getting sick, wet towel application, getting drunk, Han river shot, a necklace gift, falling asleep holding hands…..
    And not even cute given it is between 30 something and 20 something people.
    Really, coudl’ve done so much better….
    So disappointed.

  6. asianromance

    thanks for the recap!

    things are making less and less sense! i feel like the writers and directors have given up on the drama and are just throwing everything in there without making sure if it makes sense. which is weird for me cuz the director and writers have done some good stuff before…

    “But Tae-yoon’s a brilliant activist lawyer, right? Whose top five speed-dials are all work-related numbers? Wouldn’t that suggest that he’s not actually all that invested in emotional relationships?”—-> that totally struck me too! i mean that scene is probably the funniest in the entire episode….but it makes you wonder what kind of person Taeyoon really is and why he doesn’t have friends…. Before they set Euijoo and Taeyoon up- better make sure he doesn’t have a crazy wife in the attic or has a thing for talking to himself for hours at a time….

  7. Lucille

    Thanks for the recap and I agree with you. I still liked the episode, but it had some issues for me too. Aside from the fact, that I can’t figure out where she keeps getting new outfits from out of that tiny suitcase, why can’t she find a job? Didn’t she go to college? So why must she work at a school painting walls or trying to be a sells girl? Her grandfather kicked her out, but the she is still Han-na. Doesn’t that count for something? Why is it a big deal that she is dating Dong Chang? She had a history of dating “beneath” herself. I mean didn’t her first love work at the stables or was a professional rider? Jung ll-woo hasn’t really shown that he loves her. The only time he is affectiate with Han-na is when he is jealous. Why am I suppose to believe that he is all choked up about this. Pride can only take you so far. Why has no one figured out what the uncle is doing? It’s soooooo obvious. I agree that Han-na is not ready, but his actions are being ignored or overlooked. I can go on like this forever. I am still enjoying the drama, but it is making its’ way into BBF territority. I am close to turning my mind off and just grinning at the pretty pictures.

  8. Sora

    Really on time! after i watched the non-subs-eps13,,then your review is published!!thank you very much!!!!!

  9. eclipse

    I admire your effort for keep trying to be optimistic about this drama, since you keep doing the recap. I stop watching it long ago. Yeah.. I guess the production teams didn`t have the guts to go all the way to crazy land just yet.. 😛 But i think i might watch this eps. just for the scene of Tae Yoon and Eui Joo, because it`s sound pretty funny..

  10. 10 castle

    (sigh,,,,) ROFL on your comments JB! You’re right about Tae Yoon’s confusing mood.

    Thanks for the recap, my day is now complete! I can’t wait for episode 14. The preview is a bit long in Youtube, 11 minutes to be exact… I can’t believe that this drama will end next week. I hope there’s an extension.

  11. 11 saranga

    i think taeyoon was more passionate about work than women, before he met haena. just because he met haena doesn’t mean that he should have changed his speed dials. i think that bit was a bit unfair in the drama. i’m a girl, and i don’t change my dials based on the currently most important people in my life. i wouldn’t expect it of a guy… and i totally get taeyoon’s speed dials. they’re “fixed.” they’re people and places that aren’t going anywhere, and probably places that he calls a lot. to change them would be inconvenient for him.

    but aside from that, i’m not sure why taeyoon loves haena. i understand the dongchan and haena relationship a bit more, though i scratched my head when haena suddenly seemed to warm to him (of course, i’ve been skimming this series so i may have missed a few things). and i’m not sure why haena liked taeyoon….

  12. 12 ina

    Thanks for the recap, dramabeans!
    Oh, “My Fair Lady” – You have officially joined the whacky tacky kdrama club with members such as Witch Amusement, Hello Miss, and countless others. I really had hoped that you would hold out as you had such potential. Alas, I hoped in vain. Congrats on your entry into kdrama whack pack!

    At this point, I blame the writers for everything that is wrong with this drama. The storyline is just silly and the plot contrivances are painful to watch. I keep telling myself that peharps I missed some thing. Peharps I missed the scene where Taeyoon and Hae na had such a great relationship/courtship that would send taeyoon to the wilderness after they break up? Or the scene when Haena learnt to paint? Or the scene…in fact, I can’t go on. Last time, I checked there haven’t been episode cuts for MFL. Did I miss something?

    Also, the music is terrible! If I have to listen to the “I love you, oh I love you” jingle, the next time a romantic scene comes on, I think I may just not have a computer/ my sanity any longer.

    Oh well, as some one who stuck through “Hello Miss”, “Snow Queen” and several other whack pack hall of famers, I will probably stick through MFL as well. Hopefully, the story line gets better. I doubt it though.

    Thanks Dramabeans for the recaps! You make me smile after crazy days at work and school 🙂

  13. 13 thankyou

    Forgot to mention obligatory playing with kids, exchanging info about blood type, kiss on the forehead.
    the only unpredictable thing was EJ’s reaction after finding out about HN and DC. Or rather, the lack of reaction which is in stark contrast to the usual angery behaviour bordering on insanity.
    Then we have TY who can’t seem to decided whether to laugh or cry. I wonder if he is laughing at his own behavior for getting drunk for a girl he has yet to kiss or say i like you. Perhaps he is crying for saying he wants to wait for HN, who has not manage to be in the top 5 speed dial list.
    And ofcourse we must introduce a two year seperation between DC and HN in the following episode. How else would the writer show that EJ and TY are doing fine as they’ve found each other. Ofcourse, grandpa has to pass away, but not before imparting his wisdom and money to HN. Ofcourse HN will grow and become this wonderful CEO on her own. DC will go find himself. I never thought he was lost, but having a 2 year seperation will make him into a better man. It will also reaffirm his love for HN and give HN an opportunity to realize how much she loves DC.
    Now we still have one unfinished business to deal with: the wish coupon gifted by HN to DC. He will probably ask HN not to look for him. To be happy without him. To go and be the best she despite him. But after two years, when DC returns, ofcourse he will ask to be by her side forever and ever.

    I guess what I’m trying to say in a roundabout way is that I’m disaapointed. I really thought this drama was trying to avoid all cliches and now suddenly we have nothing but the same old story lines stuch shamelessly into the remaining crap fest episodes.
    Truely Truely disappointed.

  14. 14 MEIKO**** ^-^

    JavaB,am laughing so much throughout my reading, from your side comments (especially the bar scene comment!hahaha!) while recapping, to your comment part… ^-^

    Yeah, why in the world didnt they at least include his office partner’s name in the speed dial?!?? They seem to be close friends. Made me think TY doesnt have a single friend…..

    “I wish My Fair Lady would go full-on crazy, because even though they’re halfway there already, the drama’s still clinging to the semblance of a conventional trendy series”

    I agree, there are only few more eps left and they still need to show more and better scenes!Am still really hoping they would go all out (am crossing my fingers, especially since it is well known that many kdramas have flop, if not sour, endings)…..

    anyway, still like the series..

    ok, am off to watch this ep…


  15. 15 KDrama

    I just finished watching the episode before checking your blog for the recap. Your recaps are great but your commentaries are actually of more interest to me.

    I agree with most of your comments about this episode. Most of the scenes jumped around quite a bit and there was very little if no character development. I have given up on the writers attempt to show the Hae-na character as a flawed character who has lived, learned and grown. I was frustrated to see that instead of facing the situation in the board room like a rational person, Hae-na grabs Dong-chan and runs away again. Eventually, the writers of this drama should let her stand her ground and be responsible for her actions and feelings.

    With that said, I do have to admit that I still enjoy the drama as a whole. The actors endearing portrayals of their very weakly written characters has enabled me to overlook this confusing, repetitive plot to just enjoy the connections that the actors have created between Hae-na, Dong-chan, Eui-joo and Tae-yoon.

    Thanks again for the recap.

  16. 16 ockoala

    Thanks for the recap, JB! Truly enjoyable to read with spot-on critique and observations, as always.

    I’m enjoying the Yoon pairing – inspite of the lack of a semblance of a plot or story, and the finish line is right around the corner. They might as well cut out everything else and just continue to have HN and DC go from activity to locale to activity, which is pretty much what this entire episode was comprised of anyways.

    I’m glad it hasn’t gone full on Witch Amusement crazazay, cuz even though it may be amusing to mock and enjoy for the train wreck value, I find DC such a sweetie and YSH really enjoyable as the male lead, I don’t want to see another Jae Hee leaving, staying, leaving, staying, rinse, repeat type of situation (though we’ve really already seen it with the butler, no longer butler, back to being butler, scenes – le grande sigh…)

    Anyhoo, I have no expectations for any miraculous emergence of intensity, interesting and credible plot developments, or really a satisfying drama experience. I find MFL enjoyable for its random nuggets of cuteness/goodness/funess, and that’s about it. I’ve long ago checked my brain at the door. It’s not as dour as STS so that’s why I’m sticking it MFL and chucked STS long ago.

    Can’t wait for the big wrap up so that we can welcome – ta da- IRIS!!!

  17. 17 Soulwave

    Good Morning JB
    from Germany

    ” MFL” recap.nr.13 .

  18. 18 Asian Addict

    I really like IJW so it’s no wonder that I have officially given up on this drama. IJW’s character is so pathetic right now, I’d rather not watch the show. However, I LOVE reading your recaps. Thanks, DB!

  19. 19 Amy

    At this point I wish they’d just pair Eui-joo and Tae-yoon together because it’s always at this point in a 16-20 episode drama where I’m just feeling bad for the secondary boy/girl for chasing after the loves they will never, ever get. Why not go the entire way of unrealisticness (yes I made that up) and just smash em’ together since of the rest of this seems to not really make sense anyway?

  20. 20 anna

    20/30-somethings acting like teenagers is pretty funny. It’s so cheesy.

  21. 21 serendipity

    Hey, thanks for the recaps. Because this is the only way I’m going to follow this series, now that I’ve given up watching. Life is too short. I’ve got quite a high tolerance for Silly TV (watched all of Boys Over Flowers, after all), but this one I just can’t hack. Not enough gratuitously pleasing scenes to make up for the logic black-holes; not for me, at least. So your recaps are a life-saver! Given me back hours of my life!

  22. 22 Nom_Kitteh

    The episode was fun. I loved the romantic, shy interactions, and I like the honesty between the two leads. I also liked how they were both aware of the finite amount of time they have. The two don’t have chemistry — I just don’t see it, at least — but theoretically, it’s all very cute.

    HN’s devolution from fierce to needy is disappointing. Where is the girl who went through a butler a day? Now she cannot take two steps without needing DC. I wish the writers had at least tried to give HN some untapped CEO potential, but alas. On the other hand, I loved the romantic moments.

    The previews for ep 14 made me shudder. It seems the writers don’t intend to give HN any leadership qualities at all; I guess she is not going to be anything more than a profligate heiress?

    Ah, I am a terrible human being, TERRIBLE, but I want DC and HN to love each other, learn from each other, support each other, and then…part and go their separate ways. And then HN and TY (even though he will make for a boring husband and probably not a very good father) can get married.

  23. 23 Nea

    @11 saranga “they’re “fixed.” they’re people and places that aren’t going anywhere” Loved this wording. Exactly what I was thinking. I have to agree with you on the speed dials…truly doesn’t bother at all.

    What does bother me is the issue that he supposedly likes her so much that he needs a “break” from work(life). I’ve been reading the recaps and this move doesn’t seem like him at all to me. I find it puzzling that we are to believe that HN has had such a profound effect on him that he needs to go to festivals to pout, ponder and take photos.
    With that said, I could even venture to believe that EJ’s comment may be valid(his pride being his issue), but then again I’m not too convinced his feelings are “love” more than “longing” for shoulda coulda woulda. Don’t get me wrong, I think that there have been some great moments with he and HN but they have only been acting out a relationship when HN and DC actually have been building one. This is what I think TY already knows and EJ is not ready to recognize.

    Ultimately, DB the overall analysis is spot on…crazy days ahead… and what is with this running away crap? How many eps is this anyway?

  24. 24 maria

    Obligatory jilted-lover-brooding-at-bar scene. You’ll notice that second male leads spend a lot of time at places like this, especially in the latter halves of drama series. (Poor guy goes to pojangmacha and drinks soju in a tent. Rich guy goes to fancy bar and nurses something on the rocks.)

    LOL, spot. on. i LOLed for a good 3 minutes. hehehe re-LoLing at remembering it again now. hehehe

    i dunno….. leave your brain at the door, watch the sweet scenes, dumbed up and contrived as they are……. i’m not even following th eplot anymore. i mean: what advances in the plot did we make today, really? hehe. SO. my point is: shirtless dongchan FTW!!!

  25. 25 kira

    “I… don’t really know why it makes sense that Hae-na would know how to paint a mural other than to give Yoon Eun-hye another chance to show off her artistic side. We’ve never seen Hae-na nurturing an artistic interest or ability, so… WTH?”

    1. She showed her artistic side when she drew TY while he was doing his speech.
    2. She made DC theself-made birthday coupon
    3. She was also drawing at the apple orchard. DC snatched the drawing away from her cause he wanted her to pick the apples.

  26. 26 joicy

    I only read your recaps and stopped watching the drama long ago. It’s so boring, the story makes no sense. Signed…

  27. 27 Atsirk

    Hmm…well I still think Ep 13 could have had a better ending other than the cliche “Let’s run away…”

    Nonetheless…I CAN’T WAIT FOR EP 14 TONIGHT! WOOOHH!!!


  28. 28 Helen

    I have been reading your Recaps for the whole entire series. At first I attempted to watched the drama, but I don’t I don’t seems to get the drive to watch it. And I love watching trendy dramas. Maybe its the male lead that puts me slightly off when I first watch ep 1. Even though I do think he is a good actor. I loved him in Queen of Housewives. But your recaps satisfy my curiosity for this drama’s “plot”. Wished they stick to the original plot that was proposed because that is what I really wanted to watch. And another reason why I don’t actually watch it.

    As for the drama. I never gotten the feeling that Hae-na and Tae-yoon were ever a couple. To me their relationship is basically nonexistant. In my opinion from what I got and remember from you recaps is Hae-na says “I like you Tae-yoon” and Tae-yoon is like “ehhh…I guess I like you too” and then there is a stand still on his feelings. A long one. They basically go on like what 3 dates. Then finally Tae-yoon realizes he actually likes her or is still jealousy?. There is no relationship development to make see what he is feeling believeable. So I do agree with you javabeans how Tae-yoon character is confusing.

    But its been fun reading it and looking at pictures of Jung Il-woo. I like his new haircut. Thanks for the episode summaries!

    A/N In the future I’ll probably watch it when I’m utterly bored and I’m pretty sure I’ll like it. I’ll be watching it for Yoon Sang Hyun, to check out his acting abilites, because he grew on me a little just by reading the recaps.

  29. 29 christine

    thanks JB for your recaps…
    i enjoyed this episode not beacause of the story but because of JB comments/insights… specially this part..

    “I… don’t really know why it makes sense that Hae-na would know how to paint a mural other than to give Yoon Eun-hye another chance to show off her artistic side. We’ve never seen Hae-na nurturing an artistic interest or ability, so… WTH?”

    like i can imagine JB commenting on this with her eyes rolling.whahaha
    and i pity the actors for their hard work but because of bad writing all their hard work just goes down the drain… such a waste… they’re all very talented actors…tsk tsk tsk… haist…

  30. 30 XCB

    i think like what YEH and Jung Wo said in the conference…
    they r confused with their characters….

  31. 31 Anh

    Seriously the writing has failed miserably from the high of ep.9. That’s the thing with Asian dramas. The writers have yet to go far enough. *sigh*.

  32. 32 rainerust

    I’ve kinda dropped the drama, mostly due to the plot flaws – as much as I love YEH and the solid acting chops of the cast here, it’s all getting a bit too ridiculous for me to handle.

    Great work doing the recaps though – please tell me you’ll hang on til the end, since I absolutely need to know the ending now (I really, really wish the writers would just put EJ and TY together because they make SUCH a cute couple, and it’s about time EJ gets a bit of loving).

  33. 33 Sakura

    It would be better if none of the girls end up with the guys.

  34. 34 incomplete

    thanks for the recap, i know you must be forcing yourself through the show but for people like me who really like the drama, you dont know how much ‘hope’ you have given us by just providing us a ‘live’ update of the show and a source of discussion for my fav drama at the time being.

    despite the negative reviews its still greatly appreciated!

  35. 35 Crazed and Confused

    Thanks for the recap.

    What the heck is going on with this series? It’s horribly written due to the many inconsistencies, it seems the director doesn’t even have “direction” to go in, there is lack of character depth, the plot is lacking, and there’s too much spontaneity.

    If this is supposed to fall under the category of romantic-comedy, it just doesn’t have that feel anymore especially after the first few episodes. How can 25-33 year old adults act like they’ve never been in a relationship before? Some of the latter scenes in the latest episodes are okay but Jesus f’n Christ. . .isn’t the types of behavior exhibited by the “characters” on-screen a bit too much and unlike them? The age range for these behaviors would be better suited for a teen demographic.

    I feel the actors/actresses are trapped; they’re doing their best to play the role in spite of the bad writing and role-confusion. Right now, were I in their shoes, I would want to get this series out of the way and be more wary of the scripts before jumping into another series. This is such a waste of talent! I guess KBS, the director, and production crew are getting their money’s worth.

    Someone stick a fork in me. . .I’m done!

  36. 36 vis

    Thanks for the recap, the spot on analysis and yeah I must say that there sure are major logic holes in this episode… in general it’s been going downhill and I’m quite saddened by it. Great cast and what does the writer do with that kind of asset? *shakes head in disbelief and SIGHs* Like everyone else has mentioned, TY has been totally dulled out (what a crime!) etc.

    It doesn’t matter how intent one is bent on not being critical when watching, it’s still hard to look the other way when there are such glaring logic holes. It’s just so annoying… I think I’m particularly bothered because I had such high expectations to begin with >_____< *le sigh* I'm already mentally moving on and hoping for "You're Beautiful" to meet my expectations~

  37. 37 vis

    Thanks for your recap and your spot on analysis. But really, with such glaring logic holes in the story it’s rather impossible to look the other way and pretend they don’t exist. So annoying and frustrating! It’s been going downhill and that really saddens me… We have a great cast here and what does the writer do with that kind of asset?! *shakes head in disbelief and SIGHS* I’m particularly bothered by this because I had such high expectations to begin with, but I’ve already mentally moved on and hoping that “You’re Beautiful” will meet up to my expectations instead~

  38. 38 RandomDelurkerX

    Hi Javabeans… Greetings from across the pond. Just want to say I’ve loved your reviews/recaps since Coffee Prince few years back and can’t help but to compare the two YEH drama which made me in the delurk more as I desperately what to share my frustration. The quality of production, script, story, direction couldn’t be starker in difference between coffee prince. It is really sad seeing these charismatic leads not utilized to the best possible light.

    The whole drama has such interesting potential promise, could be an examination of social issues, private/public image/ media persona, crazy comedy dramedy. Instead of we get this washed out cliché 101 kdrama that has been diluted to the point even the actors find it hard to sell. The fact the new song by the 2 leads has been played 4-5 times through out the whole episode is infuriating, are they trying to sell singles or sell a story?

    As much as I have loved the sweet and laugh out moments of the 4 leads, the whole thing really left bad taste of the Stockholm syndrome with chauvinism thrown in. What happend to the glorious gutsy Haena we saw from the beginning, the one that knows what she want and not afraid to get it, whatever the cost? Love does change a person, but not to reduce them to a totally helpless weepy victim of male fantasy. The Haena now makes it very difficult to sympathies or even like! It is kind of pissing me of!

  39. 39 mel

    the reason why I watch this drama is because of the actors, but sorry to say the story is not good, cannot understand the plot.

  40. 40 SITTIE


  41. 41 anonymous

    They should explore the coupleTY and EJ in early episodes instead of near the end of the drama… There are only 2 more left after today…. Bad decision! They are so cute together and much more delightful to watch than the main couple.

  42. 42 crzy4YOONS

    If i may just say something about this part of your comment and I myself am not sure if i’m making sense here you said quote But when a 32-year-old playboy is bashful at holding hands with a 24-year-old grown (business)woman, or vice versa, it just seems..unquote.
    Ok I probably can understand your point here but correct me or anyone if i’m wrong that albeit dong chan was a playboy, this may be his first time to fall for someone in a serious term therefore he wasn’t certain how to handle the matter? He may be at that time feeling overwhelmed that someone in hyena’s status would fall for someone like him? Like he asked her in that epi why does hyena like someone like him? As I said I’m not sure about what i’m thinking is right but that’s what came to mind.
    Thank you for your always nice recap!

  43. 43 crzy4YOONS

    oh and another thing, i may be just a few who feels that this drama is still worth watching inspite of criticisms and i’m really liking it. matter of fact i’ll miss watching it every week when it wraps up! one of the best kdramas i liked and seen! maybe i’m just a huge fan of both actors and i can’t explain how i’m feeling but i love them both!

  44. 44 notorious

    I only watch this series because of the main leads DC and HN. I love their chemistry so much. I just finished watching their kiss scene bts and they have such amazing chemistry even offscreen.

    As for the EJ and TY coupling, I found them appealing in the first few episodes, but I am totally turned of with them in episode 13 and 14. it just feels as if the PD just suddenly pushes them down viewer\’s throat, their development feels overly rushed to me, they should have put these 2 together a lot sooner, now it just doesn\’t look right and feels way too forced.

    And EJ\’s permanent scowl and screaming is so annoying! I wish she had more charm or personality.

  45. 45 bamboo

    @#40 Agree with you, i’m liking this drama ever and can’t wait for the next epi each time! i think the love story here is sweet, innocent sometimes even if dong chan is in his 30s and i love their chemistry! like you i’m loving all the episodes as well! i really am addicted to this drama that i found myself re-watching it the other day esp the kissing scene on ep 12 6/6. i think they should win the Best Couple Award from KBS!! thnx for recap.

  46. 46 Elena

    I love your review and agree – I’ve moved to Heading to Ground, because – if I am going to watch ‘the angst of youth’ I want to be entertained – And HTG is so bizarro its great. I love it. MFL on the other hand – You are so right, lets get real here… all they are going to do is hold hands. Are the advertisers for this program aiming for the tween consumers? I dont’ see any commercials, so don’t have a clue, but given the content – (and the comments on viikii ) it must be!

  47. 47 RandomDelurkerX

    Having just watched the english subbed Happy Together, I am more entertained by the cast there than the last 4 episodes of the drama – yes that is despite the kisse – which s a real shame.

    I do love all 4 leads, but something in the drama really stinks when it could have been so much more! I would really hope they recouperate somehow in the last 2 episodes without any more cliches.

    I suspect that Haena’s shopping mall will some how miraculous hit the target due to the scandal (follow her true love blah blah), I don’t want EJ and TY to ends up together, that would be too awkward and forced, and no one dying or 2 years later plz…

  48. 48 Sonam

    I like the soft waves in YEH’s hair in this episode. I remember she had soft waves in the last episode of CP when she comes back from Italy or wherever she went. It’s better than the classic straight flat bob. If you are going to do edgy red hair you better get an edgy modern hair style to go with it or you end up looking like a middle aged lady.
    I haven’t been watching this drama because of the complete lack of chemistry between the leads but I am enjoying looking at pictures of YEH looking so feminine and attractive. Never thought the butch looking girl in CP and very homely looking girl of Goong would end up looking so good.
    I hope in her next drama she chooses her co star very carefully. He must be tall and masculine to offset her statuesque figure. This guy looks puny next to her. Somehow puny and playboy doesn’t go together. And he looks much older than 32 for an Asian. He looks like he’s in his forties. An aging playboy is so depressing. BTW I have nothing against this guy. He just doesn’t look good with YEH.

  49. 49 nycgrl

    I’ve never seen a single episode of MFL and I’m not likely to watch any in the future but I do really enjoy reading JB recaps of MFL because I find her play by play commentary to be so entertaining.

    I always get one or two really LOL moments while reading. Please keep them coming though it must be painful and tedious for you.

  50. 50 Z

    I haven’t seen today’s episode yet (or yesterdays for that matter) but if it starts with anything other than Dong Chan putting his foot down and coming clean about their relationship, I will be severely disappointed. And I’m not talking about the KDrama cliche of the poor lover bowing his head contritely and apologizing for even daring to look upon someone so above him. I’m talking strait up “Director, I love your gran daughter and I want to date her.”

    On an unrelated note, someone mentioned Heading to the Ground, which I’m starting to see subs for here and there. Is it any good?

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