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My Fair Lady: Episode 15
by | October 7, 2009 | 82 Comments

I know, at this point it’s probably more “appropriate” to post a pic of our main couple… but eh, whatever. This one is very cute.

Episode 15 makes me sorry for all of us who were holding out hope for an exciting ending, because this episode was rather boring. Things that should have been heart-tugging lost their pull because they’d already been done before in previous episodes, and I think we’ve had enough of the endless repetition. Although, if you want to play a drinking game, you could probably get pretty far along by taking a shot every time this episode employed a pointless cliche.


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It’s the morning after, and Dong-chan and Hae-na wake up in bed together, a bit shy but happy. They enjoy their morning, and head out for their first day out as an official couple.

Dong-chan asks whether Hae-na is nervous about telling her grandfather that they’re dating, and asks what she would do if her grandfather kicked her out again. Teasingly, she answers that he’ll have to take her in, then.

Hae-na notices that Dong-chan is back to calling her “agasshi” and speaking formally, and prods him to talk to her casually. Just last night he’d called her “Hae-na,” and she likes that. However, he laughingly sticks to the formalities, answering that he’s still her jibsa.

When they arrive at Hae-na’s mansion, they are advised that the chairman is in no mood to see them. The couple are determined to face him honestly, and insist that they will see him.

Grandpa Kang receives them with a grim face and directs his questions to Dong-chan, who asks Grandpa for his consent to date Hae-na. He knows that he isn’t in much of a position to make this request, but he won’t give her up, and Hae-na echoes his plea.

Given how upset Grandpa looks, one expects a flat-out denial, which is why it’s such a surprise to get his agreement. Grandpa isn’t happy about this and says that he’s consenting out of concern for the company’s image, not for them, but in any case the two are relieved at this relatively undramatic scene. They expected much worse.

Mr. Jang expresses his surprise, but Grandpa tells him later, “Who says I consented?” He points out that opposing the match right away would have forced Hae-na to run away again, so he’s playing along temporarily. He needs Dong-chan for now, but after the next directors’ meeting, he will cut him out.

The rest of the world, however, is fed a romantic tale of the heiress falling for her bodyguard, which is how the story is spun to the media. This is Grandpa Kang’s way of neutralizing the scandal, and Chul-gu is shocked to hear that Grandpa has acquiesced to the couple.

Likewise, Su-ah can’t believe this turn of events, but Hae-na arrives at work the next morning arm in arm with Dong-chan, openly admitting their relationship.

Tae-yoon arrives at the office to speak with Hae-na and apologize for his previous behavior. When everyone turned their backs on her, he wanted to stay by her, and felt guilty that he wasn’t in the position to do so. He admits that his feelings weren’t purely driven by his feelings for her, but also because he disliked the idea of losing her. But now he recognizes that he has to let go.

Hae-na knows that he wasn’t making things hard on her purposely, and apologizes since she was the first to chase him. He asks if they can be friends, to which Hae-na extends a hand, saying she’d be happy to have a friend like him.

Likewise, Eui-joo also decides to let go of Dong-chan. (Remember how I said the writer has the bad habit of making all the characters experience the exact same scenario at the same time? Here’s another case.)

While Tae-yoon’s departure was acted with a degree of gravity, as befitting the relationship they’d (supposedly) shared, Eui-joo’s “I’m letting go” scene is played pretty lightly. This would normally bother me in a drama that made sense, but here, it’s actually funny how the music is so dramatic and she pouts as if to say, “Eh, whatever.” I kinda love Moon Chae-won for this.

That night, Dong-chan finds Woo-sung snooping in the darkened library, which strikes him as suspicious. Woo-sung lies that he’s cleaning, and makes his getaway from Dong-chan’s sharp eyes.

He calls someone to report that he couldn’t find “it”; it turns out that he is reporting to Chul-gu, and the item in question is the chairman’s will.

While at work, Hae-na receives a message on the website from a user, which asks if she can repost and forward Hae-na’s statement. This puzzles her, as she’s not sure how to answer. As usual, it’s Dong-chan who steps in to advise her, saying that it’s wise to say yes. Every little gesture of sincerity will reflect well on her.

The message is passed along and spreads along the internet, prompting an immediate increase in sales. This is a stupid point and makes no sense and I am annoyed at how carelessly the plot is being advanced. On the plus side, it gives us the image of Wang Seok-hyun adorably cheering on his noona, so there is that.

Grandpa Kang calls Dong-chan to give him his true opinion, which is that he is only allowed to stay with Hae-na until he names the Kang San Group successor: “You didn’t think I’d accept you, did you?”

Dong-chan is surprised at the change of heart, and dismayed: “I know I can’t say this, but I truly love Hae-na.” Grandpa warns him not to tell Hae-na of this conversation: “Since you say you love her, you should know what is best for her.”

Accordingly, Dong-chan keeps the conversation a secret from Hae-na as they head out on an outdoor date. This means playing games, blowing bubbles, and bike riding.

When Hae-na gets on her bike for a short ride, she finds that her handbrakes are unresponsive, and yells out in a panic. It’s understandable that she would be startled, but it’s ridiculous that this drama plays this scene so straight, like a big moment in a shocking thriller. She is going SO SLOWLY that the bike is about to topple over from lack of speed, and yet the tone is one of dire emergency. Oh! No! Danger!

Hae-na comes home limping from her crash, after which Dong-chan inspects her bicycle to find that her brake line has been disconnected.

Immediately he has a suspect in mind, and confronts Woo-sung, who denies his involvement weakly. Dong-chan is unconvinced by his nervous answers and presses him for information about who he’s working for and why.

He finds Uncle Chul-gu at the office next day, conferring with his associate at a urinal. (Er…?) Chul-gu had arranged for Hae-na to be kept busy enough to miss the directors’ meeting, where she is scheduled to report on her web mall project. (Again, this is a head-scratcher if we’re playing the logic game, because the implication is that he doesn’t want to hurt Hae-na; he just wants her out of his hair. But how does cutting her brakes the day before the meeting keep her sufficiently busy, unless he’s intending serious injury?)

Dong-chan confronts Chul-gu about his plan, saying he knows everything. To prove it, he warns, “Don’t get too curious about the chairman’s will.” Since Hae-na is fine, Dong-chan will let this go, but makes it clear he won’t put up with any further sabotage. If Chul-gu doesn’t comply, he’ll go straight to Grandpa Kang and spill everything.

Therefore, Hae-na’s meeting goes well, as she reports that she successfully met the 15% sales increase. Chul-gu, thinking of Dong-chan’s threat, applauds her efforts nervously.

Dong-chan understands that Woo-sung wasn’t working with Chul-gu willingly, and assures him that Chul-gu will no longer bother him. He is so sympathetic that Woo-sung wonders why he hasn’t asked why he did it. Dong-chan answers, “Everyone can make a big mistake once in their life. Like me. I don’t know why you did that, but I’m sure you had a reason that you can’t explain. Isn’t the important thing that you don’t make the same mistake again?”

Even though Dong-chan hadn’t been angling for an explanation, this wins his confidence and Woo-sung confides that Chul-gu had found out he wasn’t from the background he claimed, and blackmailed him. But, he says with tears in his eyes, “I really didn’t have bad intentions against agasshi.” Dong-chan believes him, and now he’s won Woo-sung’s loyalty forever.

This was a surprisingly nice scene, because Woo-sung (actor Kim Young-kwang) played his part with a nice, subtle sensitivity. After having small parts in Triple and The World They Live In, I think we can expect more things from him. In fact, I found his acting jarring in this scene because it was so much stronger than the stuff in the rest of the episode, where it feels like the main cast has half given up.

Tae-yoon deals with the fizzling of his relationship by calling Eui-joo to talk. She finds him lost in thought at the park, and shoots a few hoops with him before sitting down for a talk.

Tae-yoon admits that although he gave up on Hae-na and thought he would be okay, he feels strange: “I feel like talking to someone about it, but there’s nobody to talk to. I asked to see you because I felt like you’d be a good listener. Is that too selfish of me?” Eui-joo doesn’t mind, and says it’s fine.

He wonders if she’s given up on her love, too. Eui-joo says that she has given up hope that he’ll reciprocate, but liking Dong-chan has become a long-standing habit, so it’ll take a while to get over it. But she doesn’t regret it — she liked liking Dong-chan, “And even if I fall in love with someone later, I’ll be the first to fall in love then, too.”

He’s impressed at her plucky answer and calls her “pretty cool.” (She retorts, “You’re just figuring that out now?”)

Dong-chan and Hae-na go on another date, which seems superfluous since it’s the third date montage this episode. The one difference is, today Hae-na offers to do whatever Dong-chan wants to do. Dong-chan’s wish is that she act as his personal attendant for the day — this means she has to call him “Master” and speak in honorific language. He enjoys himself by being difficult and making her run around doing his bidding, and gets her to confess that she understands now what she put him through.

As they walk down the street, something catches Hae-na’s eye — a wedding dress in a shop window. Naturally this means they must stop and let her try on bridal gowns. (Personal aside: As someone who did not grow up planning a hypothetical fairy-tale wedding and who has no great desire to don a fancy white gown, I find this cliche really annoying. Not all women need the Overpriced Princess Bridal Dress to validate their love lives!)

Dong-chan is struck dumb at the sight of Hae-na looking beautiful in a wedding gown, and gapes. Then he whips out his cell phone to record her (as he’s been doing all day) and prods her to say something.

Hae-na is bashful at first, then tells him, “I love you.” As his playful attitude turns solemn, she continues hesitantly, “When some time has passed and Grandfather gives his blessing, would you propose then?”

He takes a moment to respond, making her nervous. But she smiles happily as he agrees, “Yes. Later, when your grandfather gives his blessing, please marry me.”

On their way home, she complains that he didn’t say “I love you.” He’s genuinely surprised (he’d thought he said it), and defends himself, saying he already confessed his feelings to her so she should know.

The next day, Hae-na suggests spending time with her grandfather. As they take a leisurely walk, Hae-na turns to him to say something important: “I want to marry Seo Dong-chan.” Immediately, Grandpa is affronted and says no — he can’t accept Dong-chan as a family member. In fact, he intends to fire him tomorrow.

Hae-na protests that she doesn’t want to lose him: “I really love him.” This only gets Grandpa more worked up, and he threatens to cut ties with her if she continues to date Dong-chan. Incredulously, he asks if she would abandon her family, position, and everything to still choose Dong-chan.

Hae-na is conflicted, but looks at him sadly as she answers, “If that’s the only way to stay with him, I’m sorry Grandfather.”

Grandpa storms off, and collapses clutching his heart. (Come on, we all knew that was coming, right?)

At the hospital, Hae-na learns that he had been ill for a while; he explains that there was no point needlessly worrying her by telling her he was sick. As Grandpa lies weakly in bed, he asks whether she can throw away 50 years of work, all over a man. Hae-na promises to protect Kang San, so couldn’t she keep Dong-chan too?

Grandpa Kang knows we’ve got one more episode left, so he answers no. She needs to find someone who can look after both her and the company, and Dong-chan isn’t capable of that.

Dong-chan rushes to the hospital, and in yet another useless cliche, he misses Hae-na just as she steps out. (He reconnects with her just a few minutes later.)

After learning that Hae-na has had a huge shock, he rushes out to find her, running into her at the hospital entrance. They head up to the rooftop for another talk, where she reminisces about his comment the first time he brought her here, how he’d come to the roof to watch the sunrise with his ailing mother.

She wonders, “Is this how you felt?” He must have wanted to save her, finding it impossible to leave the one he loved.

Dong-chan senses her mood with foreboding as Hae-na says, with difficulty, “You said love changes, and to tell you when I saw myself change. I’m going to change. No, I have changed. So… so… ”

But she can’t continue, and is overcome with emotion. Dong-chan understands what she means to say, and tells her gently that she doesn’t have to say it: “Last time you let me go, so this time should I let you go first? Let’s break up. I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to keep my promise to keep you from crying. But I will make this promise: I won’t forget you.”

She grabs his hand and cries, “I’m sorry,” then forces herself to let go.

As she walks away, he calls out to her, “Hae-na. I love you.”

(This calls back to the fact that he hadn’t called her by her name all episode, and the fact that he hadn’t confessed his love in words.)


I think I should have more to say about this episode, but I just don’t. It was okay. It was completely paint-by-numbers, expected, and unsurprising, but I suppose it was serviceable. I think we all expected the couple to break up (yet another time!) and for Grandpa to oppose the match, and for guilt at his health to drive Hae-na to break up. (I mean, we’ve all seen My Girl and Witch Amusement, right?) Given the reliance on conventional trendy-drama cliches, I wish this drama got more inventive with them and at least tried to turn the cliches on their heads… but I think that’s probably expecting too much.

One more episode to go! I will be relieved for the actors’ sakes when My Fair Lady wraps, because it’s saddening to watch Yoon Eun-hye sobbing her heart out and not feeling the least twinge of sympathy for her character because the story is so contrived.


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  1. jj

    it was so predictable 🙁
    but thank you for your recaps as always!
    I was wondering if you’ll be recapping “you’re beautiful”?
    Just asking :]

  2. MEIKO**** ^-^

    thanks JavaB!!! ^-^

  3. dramalover


  4. etsy

    I find the bike scene to be so bizarre. Cut the brakes…on a bike?! That’s not dangerous enough to seriously hurt someone (try screwing with brakes on a car instead) but also not completely harmless. It’s such a random manifestation of mean spirit.

  5. rainbow9

    Though the story line may be cliche, I love the acting from YEH and YSH. I only watch to see their interactions and moments together. If they are sad, I am sad. If they are happy, I am happy. I will miss this couple dearly. They make beautiful music together and give so much of each other in their acting. If they were truly a couple, they would make beautiful babies too. teeheee!

  6. scriptwriters

    The scriptwriters fo this series is so LAME! I went to dcmfl to check out for more
    info only to find out that the cast have just gotten the script for finale episode 16 last night.
    How is that acceptable?! OMG if the scriptwriters have done this kind of bs to american actors or actresses they would have already walked off the set.

    i feel really bad for the cast who have to deal with a sucky script and also have to quickly memorize the whole thing just hours before the shoot. How are they expected to understand the character that they have to portray?! OMG it’s totlly unacceptable.

    With that said, I still managed to feel chocked up when Hae-na said “I love You” at the bridal shop and totally bawled like a baby when Hae-na cried at the end.

  7. Molly

    I haven’t seen the episode yet but I’m looking forward to it, just to get that dose of MFL, which I like even with its glaring flaws.

    Reading your recap, the episode is SO predictable that there isn’t a single scene I’d really focus on, like I have been doing with the last few ones when short on time. But since there’s only an episode left, why not; I love Yoon Eun-hye anyways. 🙂

    Overall, MFL’s plot moved too slowly and I think that was its major flaw – faster pacing would have saved the current heartbreak and evened out the plot…and hopefully would have made Tae-yoon and Eui-joo actually part of the love triangle/square.

    But still, it had its great moments!

    Thanks for your recaps!

    @6: No way!! That’s completely unfair and unacceptable. 😐 Btw, how can I access dcmfl? I’m not sure where to go to.

  8. ockoala

    Gah, the writer needs to be hauled straight back to introductory screenplay writing 101 class ASAP. I love the Yoons, I love the Hae-na, Dong-chan couple, but please release all the actors so they can move on to bigger and better dramas/movies. I am so disappointed that such talent couldn’t be paired up with an amazingly moving and meaningful story. It’s not terrible, but by now, even if the ending is wham pow, it’s still not enough to make up for a flimsy story. But at the end of the day, I’m still enjoying watching MFL.

    An aside – I LOVE intense/angry/passionate Dong-chan. On the rooftop when he says “Hae-na ya….Saranghe..” I died, I’m crying inside for him. Hae-na, erm, not as much, but DC has shown himself to be mature, honest and caring in every way to those around him. Love YSH to pieces, so happy he finally made leading man status, even if the story is iffy, he still got to act against YEH, who is still very engaging as ever.

  9. scriptwriters

    @7 the link for dcmfl is this: http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=ladycastle

  10. 10 giddygirl108

    lol Grandpa Kang knows there’s one more episode to go haha. Dude…seriously, why didn’t they bring in her first love? That would’ve been soooo good. Urgh..well…it could’ve made the drama better. Too bad the script wasn’t too good b/c the main cast really has the potential going for them.

  11. 11 joanna

    Oh this series is ending soon. O.O
    Hopefully you could do recaps on You’re beautiful. *crosses fingers*

  12. 12 fabio

    you’re so funny. I crack up everytime I read your recaps.

  13. 13 camein

    I don’t know why but when I saw TY-EJ moment. It’s annoyed me very much.
    They’re such a boring couple, not because of MCW but JIW.
    In earlier episode I found TY is very cute and charming but just now I keep thinking to myself how could he actually become an actor.
    OK he has a cute face and great skin but besides that what’s he really do in this drama???
    He’s such a boring actor. He likes a one-faced guy.
    I can’t feel any emotion from him with either YEH or MCW.
    In contrast with MCW, she’s great with every of her co-stars.
    She varies in emotion and acting(funny, sad, happy, bitch and good-hearted).

    In all of 4 main leads, sorry I have to say this but JIW is the weakest of all these casts.
    I never see him in other dramas before but I think he has a lot to improve if he really want to be a top actor. Still a VERY LONG way to go.

  14. 14 Biscuit

    I have so much to say, but I think I will be saving my opinions for the final episode tomorrow.

    I know that tomorrow’s recap will be flooded with comments, being the last episode, so my comment might be flooded in a sea… heh.

    So I wanted to say thank you~ For keeping to the drama til the end and putting in much effort to do the recaps, thank you.

    Ah. For all those who will be missing Sungmin~


    ^Found it the other day. So. Cute. *Dies*

    @camein: I blame the script that JIW isn’t able to bring out his full potential. He was pure awesome in ROI. If you haven’t watched it, it is a must watch. You won’t be dissapointed at all, and JIW was full of emotion in that drama 🙂

  15. 15 christine

    thanks JB is all i can say…

  16. 16 lurker

    worst. episode. ever.

  17. 17 necama

    I enjoyed very much ep 15. I cryed like a little girl YSH is a the best actor I have seen Since LEE MIN HO I will miss My Fair Lady when it ends. I can’t wait till the final episode. I hope for a happy ending.

  18. 18 ripgal

    Stopped watching MFL ages ago…but can’t help but notice how beautiful YEH looked while crying in your caps… If only I could cry like her, I’d have any man I want! haha..

    Point aside, was actually waiting to see if you’d recap You’re Beautiful?

  19. 19 hopesofgreen

    I’m not watching this anymore but I still come for your lovely recaps. It’s such a shame that this drama has turned out so sloppy. It had a lot going for it in the beginning. Oh, well.

    But anyways, what the hell happened to Junsu, supposedly her first love? This issue was never really addressed or confronted (unless it was and it just wasn’t included in the recap or I missed it in the recap). That’s just sloppy and irresponsible writing.

  20. 20 Nom_Kitteh

    *head scratching* a strange filler episode just before the finale? Makes no sense. I wonder why the writers didn’t just keep DC and HN separated during this episode, with some angst-ridden scenes of both of them missing each other but trying to do the right thing, instead of bringing them back together and then separating them again.

    A separation in this episode would have transitioned nicely to the last episode, where we could have had the make-up sex and the lovey-dovey montages toward the end, and that would have been it.

    I don’t get it. It’s like the writers genuinely could not come up with anything more than the one episode to play out over and over again. Earlier it was butler hired, then butler fired, then butler hired, lather, rinse, repeat, and now it is get together, kiss, separate, get back together, kiss, separate. It has essentially been one episode for 16.

    So sad because YSH, while still not appropriate for this show, won me over with his serious acting. And YEH is a darling.

    At least there is You’re Beautiful to look forward to.

  21. 21 ida

    You are right.. the episode is BORING.. i have expected for things to be fast, exciting, crazy, fabulous.. and its all FLAT.. FLAT… I expected more tender moments from Hae-Na and Dong Chan, but I just felt for a couple who has shared an intimate moment that they would to be more affectionate in their actions, …. I wanted passion/romance (since there was a lot of LONGING involved in the previous episodes) but after that I didnt even see a peck or them holding hands.. Ahhhh.. Its so unnatural… The main reason why I am following this from EP 1 to now is Yoon Eun Hye (and now Yoon Sang-Hyun and Moon Chae-Won) but I am just baffled by the turn of events… if you know what I mean…Good thing, only one more episode to go right!!

    Thanks as usual Javabeans for the great recap. You are the main reason why I am still up at 1:00 AM (Eastern time) on Thursday and Friday. I cant understand Korean (much to my chagrin), so I need validation somehow on my assumptions on how the episode went, which I base solely on reading the actor’s body language. Keep it up.. I am watching out for your Smile, You recaps too..Hopefully its not as woeful as Lady Castle..

  22. 22 Anonymous

    For the most part, I did take this series as an entertaining “mess”. But like you, JB, I can’t wait for the finale….so that these talented actors can move on to better projects.

  23. 23 saranga

    i am so glad this drama is ending tomorrow! lol i’ve stuck with it all the way. i have to say, i was incredibly looking forward to it, and it was a major disappointment. i fought jetlag in korea to stay up and watch the first broadcast and now….. haha. i’m really looking forward to IRIS next week though. really appealing and attractive cast, tho i am not familiar with TOP.

    i watched you’re beautiful today! looking forward to your review of it =] i have to say, i liked it much better than i thought i would.

  24. 24 jen

    the plot of this drama just has no direction or any ‘wow’ factor. It’s like a cycle of neverending things. The drama was given such amazing actors and actresses, and had the potential to be so good. >.< I guess this just shows no matter how great an actor/actress is, they're nothing without a good plot.
    I feel kind of sad 🙁 i really like the two main leads..if only the plot was more organized

  25. 25 onemorepls

    @14 Biscuit

    Awe…..so cute ^ ^ Sungmin………….thx

  26. 26 jen

    I agree with Ida.
    The script of this drama was just so weak. Essentially..when you think about..there were so many repititions in the drama -____- Sigh.

  27. 27 maria

    it doesn’t feel like it’s ending tomorrow, is it? just coz it’s so……. “*meh* that’s it?” hehe… cute moments, but overall—unsatisfying, you were totally right.

    and lol at bringing back the drinking game from our BOF days! hahaha! i’m so in!

  28. 28 MORE

    cant say i told you so but i will LOL

  29. 29 diana

    well, one thing that saddens me about this series is the weak plot. it starts off good, but goes on ….??…..
    somehow i think this series lost its realistic views…
    and the morning bed scene, maybe its just me, but it just feels kinda weird. i just dont feel the electricity??
    nevertheless, im still kinda curious about the ending though…

  30. 30 lovemfl

    I swear, Yoon Eun Hye’s crying is one of the best in the business! It looks so amazing like her nose gets all red and the tears just flows like faucet.
    My heart just breaks everytime I see her cry.

    I initially just watched this drama for my favorite actor Yoon Sang Hyun. I’v been obsessed with him since Queen of Housewives, little did I know that I’d also love a girl named YEH.

    I am gonna miss my Hyena and Dongchan!

  31. 31 diana

    give the script to me and i’ll revise lots of things!! gosh…, i could make this series a lot better…. what a waste…..

  32. 32 coollady

    this drama does absolutely nothing for me anymore. it’s useless nonsense over and over again. i feel sorry for the actors in this drama who have to go with this nonsensical plot/storyline. well, it’s okay, cause every actor has at least one bad drama on their resume’s right? haha. one more episode to go. let’s hope it’ll be better than today’s. “sigh” is all i gots to say.

  33. 33 diana

    oh yeah… and the date after they got out of the hotel???? that was totally awkward…. it seems like yoon eun hye just doesnt know how to do the scenes….. doesnt look natural to me, like the way she keeps touching his hair….

  34. 34 diana

    one person who at least still has some senses in her is eui joo (though not always)….. well, at least im glad she’s not like those other 2nd leads who keep holding onto their unrequited loves

  35. 35 necama

    @30 lovemfl – I agree with every thing you have daid. I love both actors YSH (ever since I saw him in Queen of Houswifes and YEH I adore her. I will miss them both. I hope they will gether TOGETHER in a new project VERY SOON> ^____^

  36. 36 dimpler


  37. 37 Ashlea

    I knew they were going to pull the old ‘Grandpa doesn’t agree ploy’ WITHOUT fail it happens EVERY drama like this… for once I’d like to see the parents/ guardians more accepting ^^; I suppose it was far fetched to expect that of this show consiering HNs status… but maybe in a show soon :: crosses fingers :: XD I actually felt a little choked when I read about the last scene from your review, so I think when I watch it I am going to end up crying a bit ^^;;;

  38. 38 nara

    I Though this drama doesn’t suit you..but thanks for giving it chance

  39. 39 Sakura

    Yoon eun hye seems to be wearing wedding dresses in all her dramas.

    Now she should change that image if she want to be a versatile actress.

  40. 40 vis

    I gave up on this drama~ I’ll watch the actors and actresses in a better drama in the future! For now I’ve moved on to “You’re Beautiful” and the first episode was rather good! I’m definitely looking forward to more ^^

  41. 41 santaiah

    If there is an award for the most inconsistent, repetitive & uninspiring script writing in Korea (I think) no doubt MFL script writers will win it…
    MFL…MFL…what happened with you ? In the beginning the premise of this drama looks so promising, but now …”head scratching”…But still I respect the actors, for despite of all this mess they still can manage to act good (although this is not always the case).
    Looking at the positive side, in this drama YSH can show us his acting capability, so does MCW. It’s important to boost their career. If they play it right they can become top actors one day. As for JIW, I hope he found a good project similar to ROI in the future. Because despite of his “confusing” character, he still a promising young actor IMO. And as for YEH, despite all of the critic been pointed to her she still shows improvement IMO. Yes, her acting in this show isn’t “so damn good” or “getting praises” kind thing like in CP, but still it looks promising. I still think she has talent. Just imagine if she’s been given a good script & good PD, than we will get Coffee Prince 2.0.
    Anyhow, although I feel sad that MFL almost finished, I’m relieved it will be over soon. It’s so painfull to see they wasted some talented actors.
    And lastly, despite of all bad review & bad writing, MFL still manage to get two digit in rating department. If that’s not because of some actors “star power” I don’t know what it is…

  42. 42 *panada

    @ 39 Sakura

    erm, it’s part of the script for her to wear a wedding dress.
    it’s not something that calls for an “image change” LOL!

    I’m only watching this drama for Yoon Eun Hye and Dong Chan.
    If not for those two, I doubt this drama would have even made it double digit ratings, let alone on your list of recaps JB.

    I only hope Yoon Eun Hye doesnt make us wait too long for her next project – be it drama or movie.

  43. 43 Atsirk



    Thanks Javabeans :))

  44. 44 incomplete

    @39 Sakura

    It’s the script that tells her she needs to wear a wedding dress for that particular scene, and it just so happens that she’s been required to wear one in all 4 of her dramas.
    That doesn’t call for a “change of image” LOL!

    If not for Yoon Eun Hye and Dong Chan I doubt this series would have even made 2 digit ratings, let along landed on your list of recaps JB.

    I only hope for a happy ending and that Yoon Eun Hye chooses her dramas not only on the basis of a fun synopsis but also looks at WHO she is working with in terms of production and ESPECIALLY script writers. Oh, and please don’t make us wait that long.

  45. 45 incomplete

    @ 41 santaiah

    I agree, it is extremely painful seeing such great talents be wasted due to a lazy bunch of script writers who have only done so much as recycle their own and YEH’s previous dramas’ plots and cliches.

  46. 46 asianromance

    the euijoo and taeyoon scene was the only fresh thing about this episode. However, their scene seems like something that would usually happen in the last episode. I’m wondering if they’ll even show up in the finale.

    and i’m still wondering about Haena’s past heartbreak!!

  47. 47 Soulwave



  48. 48 bjharm

    I can not really comment of the plot as it really makes no sense, so full of holes, I will just watch it as I would a Taiwanese drama, and turn of half my brain and watch the leads play off each other, and not worry too much as to why they doing something.
    Seems the idea of the Idol Drama has set in, in Korea..why worry to much about plot just get a lot of pretty faces and two Idol leads to watch..worked so well in Boys before flowers..could be the start of a whole new trend.
    Soon be seeing remakes of TW dramas next….lol…that going a bit to far I guess

  49. 49 casualobserver

    i suppose the plot has not been astonishing .. but the actors have been doing well, the chemistry and vibes b/w the main leads Yoon and Yoon have been great :p
    My 2 cents worth – MCW has a fairly lightweight role in this drama – the accolades given in the recap sounds unbalanced since it is probably easier to carry a fluffy happy character

  50. 50 pat

    How can an actor choose good scripts when they are not even written yet?
    It’s impossible. What a way to work! What do these actors do about this as career moves? Try to work in the movies?

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