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City Hunter: Episode 17
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This show? It’s like Shakespeare on acid. Or watching Confucius kick Shakespeare’s ass. Or if Confucius and Shakespeare had a lovechild, it’d be City Hunter. Is anyone else’s head hurty with the daddy issues? Somebody please give this boy a hug. I’m scared for what’s around the corner.


President Choi walks up and hands Yoon-sung the volume that he’s looking for, containing his father’s picture from his days as a secret service agent. Yoon-sung quickly covers up his interest in the book and says he was just browsing at random.

The president asks for some help uploading a picture onto his blog. (How cute is it that he has a blog?) Yoon-sung notes the piles of work he’s got sitting on his desk, and is surprised to hear him say that he strives to keep up with current affairs without having to add to anyone else’s workload.

He cites a very simple, down-home adage that when you give someone more work, you must give more pay. Basically it’s a shorthand to mean that he understands the plight of the average worker, which again separates him from his Council of Five cohorts.

He mentions his son and then frets about youngest daughter Da-hae. Yoon-sung promises to stop by the coffee shop and check in on her. Aw. He’s obviously taken a strong liking to Yoon-sung for various reasons, and invites him to the presidential luncheon later that day.

Mom sends Nana a care package with a hand-stitched handkerchief inside, asking her to come visit and to take care of herself. Nana cheerfully tells her that she’ll come by, hiding her heartbreak.

Target No. 4 Chun Jae-man meets with Jin-pyo and they both play the I-know-what-you’re-up-to game. Jin-pyo tells him that he’s had a recent break-in and something valuable went missing, and Chun very graciously offers to recommend a good security system. Ha.

Chun then comes out and says that he lied before about those men in ’83 – that they were really on a government mission, and died in the field. He admits to lying to draw out the City Hunter, because he’s got the one document to clear up the lie in his possession, and he’s sure the City Hunter will come to collect. Wow, this guy’s no idiot. (This is all of course based on his misunderstanding that the City Hunter is sitting right in front of him.)

Jin-pyo laughs it off and says that the only thing he’s interested in is money. Chun certainly plans to take advantage of that, despite who he thinks Jin-pyo is. I love that both of these guys think they’re outsmarting the other, and I’m not even sure which side is winning right now.

Chun pointedly says that it’s time someone of his stature meets the president, and invites him to the Blue House luncheon. Oh this should be interesting. As soon as he leaves and Mr. Creepy enters, he reveals his plan to take the rest of Jin-pyo’s money and then kill him quietly.

People start arriving at the Blue House for the luncheon and Da-hae clings to Yoon-sung, asking him to come along. He doesn’t intend to, despite the president’s invitation, that is until he sees Dad arriving with Chun Jae-man.

The president enters the room with Nana at his side and starts greeting each guest individually with a handshake, until he reaches for Chun Jae-man’s hand, and stops in midair….

He locks eyes with Jin-pyo, standing right in front of him. Huck! He looks like he’s seen a ghost, and Jin-pyo smiles at him with that creepy badass smile of his. “It’s nice to meet you, President Choi. Eun. Chan.” Eeee! He says nothing in return, but his eyes betray stress, worry, fear.

Nana is startled to see Yoon-sung’s dad, and he notes her presence with an evil smile. No. Nonononononono.

The president gives a short speech, all the while focused on Jin-pyo’s gaze, and neither of them notice Yoon-sung, who arrives late with Da-hae. He sits and observes quietly. Gah. President Choi, Chun Jae-man, Dad, Nana, Yoon-sung… this is the tensest lunch ever.

As soon as lunch starts, Jin-pyo puts down his cane, and a whirring noise startles the entire room. Nobody can tell where it’s coming from, and the agents all scramble. The noise grows closer and louder and louder…

And then POP! as Nana jumps in front of the president to shield him.

Dude, you can say what you want about Nana, but a girl who jumps in front of an oncoming bullet/unidentified flying object is just hardcore, yo.

Luckily it’s something like a paint gun pellet, which just explodes some pink splatter and does no harm. Everyone freezes in fear, except for one man, Jin-pyo, who EATS HIS STEAK with a smile. Hahaha. It’s a similar effect to having everyone in a crowd turn in one direction, while one man stares directly at his target. Only with steak.

Yoon-sung can do nothing but watch as Nana jumps in the path of the attack. The agents safeguard the president and Nana sees that he has some of the paint on his suit. She hands him Kyung-hee’s handkerchief… which he recognizes at first glance.

It makes him look up at Jin-pyo, who’s still enjoying his steak with aplomb.

Outside, Yoon-sung tells Dad that Nana is nothing to him now, and he needn’t put himself at risk to mess with her. He asks who Target No. 5 is, since Dad must’ve read the confidential file before it was stolen.

Dad simply tells him that there’s an order to things – they have yet to get Chun Jae-man. You forgot to add: before I make you ruin/kill your real father. Oh, this is going to be very bad. Very bad.

The president later stops Nana to ask where she got that handkerchief, wondering if it’s maybe someone he knows. She tells him that it’s unlikely, since it was just a gift from an ajumma she knows.

He lets it go and returns it to her, but then goes to his desk and takes out his own identical handkerchief, holding it with a sigh. Man, is he still in love with her on top of it all?

Nana calls Mom to ask if she can tell the president about her, because he asked about the handkerchief. Mom quickly says no, feigning modesty, and tells Nana not to say anything about her. She agrees, but notes her reaction curiously.

Mom goes for a walk in the hospital and nearly crosses paths with Chun Jae-man. She sees him down the hall and immediately hides out of sight, pulse racing in fear.

She flashes back to the day she found out she was pregnant with Yoon-sung. She exits the clinic and Chun is standing there waiting for her. He tells her to abort the baby, and she refuses, insisting that she will raise the child herself. He throws money at her and threatens her with her life.

He tells her that Choi Eun-chan is his dearest friend, and he’s not going to let him leave his family and throw away his future just for a woman who works in a bar. Ooooh, interesting. So he really did love her enough to consider throwing it all away.

But wait… if he loved her… okay, this is getting downright old school biblical. It’s like David and Uriah. He was the king who loved a married woman, got her pregnant, and then sent her husband away to battle knowing he’d die. So that he could have her. EVIL.

I thought the fact that the prez was Yoon-sung’s father was twisted enough, but if you think of it this way, it’s fucking WRONG as all get out.

Back in the present, Jin-pyo clutches a photo of him and Mu-yeol, and talks to his friend. It turns out that Mu-yeol did know that Yoon-sung wasn’t his child, but chose to raise him anyway as his own. Aw. How is it that the only really good guy in this drama died in the first episode?

Jin-pyo asks if he can understand him for raising Yoon-sung the way he did. “But even if you can’t understand me, I can’t stop this revenge.”

Now it makes me wonder – if Yoon-sung HAD been Mu-yeol’s biological son, would Jin-pyo have raised him so cruelly? If he were really his brother’s blood, would that have changed everything?

Shik-joong Ajusshi comes to visit Mom and introduces himself, and then gives her a present from Yoon-sung. It’s the framed photo of his not-dad, Mu-yeol. She takes it and then gives him another of her hand-stitched handkerchiefs to give to her son. Oh dear. You might as well put up a neon sign: Birth Secret Here.

Yoon-sung can’t get his mind off of Nana throwing herself in harm’s way, and then Ki-joon comes in, blubbering (thinking of Eun-ah) and voicing his fears out loud. He watches her walk by but all he can do is worry silently and brood.

Nana washes out her paint-stained clothes and sighs as she thinks of Yoon-sung’s words, asking her to be the one to walk away from him.

The president sits alone in a darkened movie theater, and Jin-pyo arrives to meet him. He says that he’ll reveal the truth and tell the world that Chun was lying about Operation Clean Sweep.

Jin-pyo: “You may have covered it up the way you wanted, but you can’t reveal things the way you want. They loved their country more than anyone. I’ve spent twenty-eight years sleeping to the sound of their cries, dreaming of this revenge. We’re so close. If you reveal it now, it won’t taste any good, like flat beer.”

They speak to each other in banmal, and the president calls Jin-pyo by first name alone. He asks what he gains from going this far. Jin-pyo tells him that he tried to forget, even understand. But watching their actions, he realized that his men had died like dogs, for nothing.

He gets up to go, and President Choi asks why he took Kyung-hee’s child. Whoa. That’s right — way back when he went to see Kyung-hee, she told him that Jin-pyo ran off with her son. So he actually has all the requisite knowledge…if he connects Yoon-sung to Jin-pyo, then game over. Jin-pyo says nothing and walks out.

Young-ju continues to investigate Chun, and finds that his entire empire is an inflated house of cards – Haewon is basically a conglomerate where he builds up the value of each subsidiary by using the others to invest in and therefore inflate the other’s worth. It’s like using credit to mortgage credit. Sound familiar, AMERICA?

Ahem, anyway, his boss comes in and yells at him for refusing to give up on the case, and tells him that he’s been demoted by the higher-ups. Just then, his staff arrives with a letter from the City Hunter.

He succeeds in wrangling the file from them over his boss’s protests, and finds the discarded files on Haewon’s chemical waste and a copy of the contract that Chun attempted to get the cancer patients to sign.

Yoon-sung stops by Da-hae’s coffee shop and she brings him a latte with a heart on it, which he rejects: “I gave up coffee.” Aw, why does that break my heart? It basically means ‘I gave up Kim Nana,’ which makes me wail.

He is nonetheless surprised to see her working hard, having expected her to quit after the first day. She tells him that she wants to make her dad proud, and worry less about her. Yoon-sung acknowledges that as the first sign she’s ever shown of growing up, and then oh-so-causally asks after Nana.

But they’re interrupted when Young-ju walks right up and sits down at his table. Should I be concerned, City Hunter, that the prosecutor seems to find your whereabouts so easily?

Yoon-sung: “Are you a stalker? I’m getting a little tired of it.” Young-ju just says he’s here to drink coffee. And stare at your pretty face? You know, pretty-to-pretty?

Da-hae eyes him warily but when the people behind her knock her down by accident, Young-ju jumps up to help her tenderly, while Yoon-sung chides her for being clumsy. She takes one look at Young-ju and switches teams, handing him Yoon-sung’s coffee. Ha.

Yoon-sung watches her with a peeved look. “You said that’s MY coffee. That’s my coffee! Why are you giving that person my coffee?” Da-hae: “You said you gave up coffee.” HEE. Hee hee hee. Your pettiness amuses me to no end.

Young-ju sits down and tells him about his curious findings, namely concerning Yoon-sung’s interest in Steve Lee, and Steve Lee’s investment in Haewon. He says that Hae-won is like a carefully stacked tower, only most of the parts are worthless. Everything is held together by one linchpin: Haewon Construction.

And who should be listed as the head of that company, but Steve Lee? He illustrates with the tower of blocks on the table—if you pull out the core, Haewon Construction, everything else falls down. He guesses that this is what Steve Lee is after. Yoon-sung just scoffs and walks out.

Nana arrives, just missing Yoon-sung by a second, and stiffens at the sight of Young-ju. She asks Da-hae to hurry with her coffee and Young-ju sees her look away from him.

She brings the coffee back to the Blue House and gives it to President Choi, so that he can taste his daughter’s coffee. Aw, that’s so cute of you to do. He’s adorably happy about it and drinks with a big smile.

Young-ju waits for Nana until she leaves work, and stops her to say that he’s sorry, that he knows these words aren’t important, but that he’s genuinely sorry. She tells him that it’s not his fault, and that she knows how much it must’ve weighed on him, and why he became her Daddy Long Legs, which she’s thankful for.

Nana: But I can’t forget… the words that Kim Jong-shik said about my parents – that he was relieved that they died and became a vegetable. How a person could be so shameless, so cruel. I’m grateful to you, but when I think about your father, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
Young-ju: I’m sorry.

He raises his hand up to her shoulder timidly as she cries.

Nana shows up at Sae-hee’s clinic with a bag of soju and snacks, looking for a friend. She sighs that even her Daddy Long Legs isn’t her Daddy Long Legs, declaring Sae-hee the only friend she can talk to freely.

Sae-hee realizes that she knows about Young-ju and his father, and Nana guesses that she must’ve seen the news. Sae-hee takes a shot for courage and begins: “I didn’t mean to fool you… but I’ve known for a long time.”

Nana asks how and Sae-hee finally tells her: “Kim Young-ju is my ex-husband.” Finally! But gah, Nana’s face when she realizes that every single person in her life has lied to her? It’s crushing. I’d almost rather her keep lying, just for tonight when she needed a friend. Okay, fine I would’ve railed against her if she hadn’t outed herself, but my heart breaks for Nana, who feels so alone.

Yoon-sung sits at home brooding over the ring and his bullet necklace, when Sae-hee calls. He comes rushing over and she tells him that Nana drank until she passed out, saying that she had no one else to talk to freely. She asks if something happened.

He sighs to see her clearly hurting so much and then carries her out, literally walking her all the way home in his arms. It’s totally impractical but really sweet. He lays her down in her bed and watches her sleep for a while.

Yoon-sung: What made you drink? Because of me? I seem like an idiot right? I told you to let me go, and I can’t stand it. I can’t give you up to some other guy. But then I can’t keep you by my side either. Kim Nana, don’t be in pain.

He sweeps the hair out of her face and then leaves. Don’t be in pain? You’re freakin’ kidding me, right? Says the guy holding the knife through her heart? Yeesh. She hears him leave and opens her eyes, having heard the whole thing.

The president meets with Chun Jae-man to warn him that he’s going to tell the world the truth about what happened in ’83. Chun just scoffs that the president has gotten cowardly in his old age, answering to silly pranks.

He asks what Chun was doing there with Lee Jin-pyo, and Chun pretends not to know what he means, saying that Steve Lee is the CEO of Haewon Construction, and he was merely there as a business associate.

Chun thinks he ought to concern himself more presidential matters, such as helping to privatize health care. President Choi declares that it will never happen during his term, because not protecting its citizens’ health is the first sign of a nation’s collapse. He points out that the country’s health care system is what’s protecting the people who got sick at Haewon Labs.

Chun declares that the young should stop having to take care of the elderly (oh my god, you really ARE the devil) and mentions prosecutor Young-ju as being a particular thorn in their side with his constant digging into Operation Clean Sweep. He thinks they should neutralize him first.

President Choi: “Sacrificing the young to save ourselves… once was enough. Don’t lay a hand on Prosecutor Kim Young-ju.” He declares that he’s going to out the truth himself.

Young-ju packs up his stuff for his demotion and relocation, finally defeated and let down by the one thing he put all his faith into—the system of the law. His colleagues stand by unable to help, declaring that their fates were sealed the second they touched Chun Jae-man.

Young-ju walks out of the prosecutor’s office with heavy steps, and gets in his car to drive away. Suddenly, a hand reaches into his window and grabs the steering wheel. It’s his boss: “What kind of back [power, pull] do you have?”

He tells him that he’s not only been reinstated, but is back on the City Hunter and Chun Jae-man cases. Young-ju breaks out into this adorable little boy grin. Aw, it makes me so happy to see him get his job back. I’ve never seen someone so happy to go to work before.

It’s the president’s doing, of course, and Yoon-sung happens to witness his call to the prosecutor’s office to make it happen. I like that despite Young-ju being a constant thorn in his side too, he seems happy about the reinstatement. In the very least, Young-ju is the only prosecutor he can trust to deliver his targets to. Yunno, petty rivalry aside.

Yoon-sung resumes his computer lessons with the president, and seeing him dote on Da-hae, he says, “You seem like a good father.” Oof. That’s gonna hurt later. The president tells him that his must be the good father, since he raised him so well. That’s gonna hurt too. Worse when you find out said father groomed him to kill you.

Sang-gook leaks more information to Yoon-sung because he doesn’t trust or understand Jin-pyo anymore. He seems to be focusing all his energy into investments and political bribes, when he could simply have taken the Operation Clean Sweep document public when he still had it.

Yoon-sung knows better and tells him that Dad is not one to care in the least about money. No, he’s got a bigger plan in mind. He takes a look at Dad’s schedule for the next few days and notes his meeting at Haewon hospital with two senators later that night.

At the same time, Chun Jae-man gets an alarming call from the bank. Steve Lee has pulled his investment in Haewon Construction, essentially cashing out against the company’s worth – 30 million won in one blow. Chun needs to come up with the cash that day or Haewon Construction goes into phase one of bankruptcy.

And just like that, Young-ju’s prophecy begins to come true.

Chun flips to realize that Jin-pyo’s motive isn’t greed but simply to ruin him, though when Jin-pyo arrives for their meeting, he puts a smile back on his face. They meet with two senators to grease the wheels on the healthcare bill, and Jin-pyo adds that they left a little something in their lockers.

Chun’s face turns to stone and Jin-pyo smiles devilishly, enacting his plan to spread his dirty money to every rotted corner of this web.

Yon-sung shows up and heads straight for the lockers and opens one, but a henchman arrives before he can look inside. What commences is this awesome sequence where all Yoon-sung does is hide from the guy, but he does so behind a row of free-standing mirrors, which serve to block him from the guy’s view, but reveal him to us in the reflection.

Basically it’s totally badass while being low-tech. I love stuff like this. It’s visually tricksy but not overly flashy. Just using mirrors to put two people in the same frame, but out of each other’s line of sight.

He makes his way around and then knocks the guy out with a swift couple of blows, and checks the locker. But it’s already empty.

Young-ju arrives, also curious about Chun Jae-man and Jin-pyo’s constant meetings with senators and other officials, convinced that they must be lobbying. He notices the sleeping guards on his way in, immediately cluing him into the City Hunter’s presence there.

He works his way around the locker room, but all he finds is the henchman’s unconscious body. He calls Ki-joon at the Blue House to ask if Yoon-sung is there, and receives confirmation that he’s out of the office.

Jin-pyo alerts the senators that he’s put their “presents” in their cars, to be safe from prying eyes. He assures Sang-gook that this is all for a greater purpose and gives him the rest of the day off for his mother’s memorial.

Sang-gook receives a phone call from Sir Creeps-a-lot posing as the gas company (dude, get a new routine), alerting him to a leak at Jin-pyo’s compound. Jin-pyo says he’ll see to it himself and sends Sang-gook on his way. Ruh-roh. Not the day to give your lackey time off.

Young-ju waits outside the Blue House, totally high on a City Hunter-catching crusade. He asks Yoon-sung’s coworkers if anything about Yoon-sung seems out of the ordinary, but his boss confirms that he just got a call about Yoon-sung’s immaculate presentation at a work conference, and Ki-joon calls him a huh-dang, a rather helpless fool despite the look of him.

Just then, Yoon-sung pulls up to the parking lot while talking to Sang-gook on the phone. He walks up and Young-ju stops him, just as Sang-gook tells him that Jin-pyo went back home to check on a gas leak.

Yoon-sung stops cold, flashing back to Young-ju’s gas-leak-as-assassination-attempt, orchestrated by Mr. Creepy. But Young-ju is a dog with a bone and he is in no mood to let up today.

He turns to go back but Young-ju grabs his arm, taunting him with questions about his whereabouts and whispering that he’ll out his identity as the City Hunter if he leaves now. Gah, I know you’re all excited to get your job back, but can you get up in his grill some other time when he doesn’t have a daddy to save?

Yoon-sung thinks quickly and tosses out, “I have to ditch work to go meet my girlfriend. Will you help me out?” But Young-ju isn’t buying it today. Yoon-sung turns to go anyway and Young-ju grabs him by the shoulder.

It’s just enough to make him snap, and he pulls Young-ju over his shoulder, slamming him to the ground swiftly. At least it’s the move that Nana taught him? He rushes off, and somebody’s car keys lie smashed on the ground in the process, though if it’s something more I can’t tell by looking at it.

His coworkers marvel that he’s gotten much better at judo, while Nana’s boss notes the event curiously. Young-ju smiles, knowing he’s close to blowing Yoon-sung’s cover once and for all.

Jin-pyo arrives home to find himself surrounded by a team of pipe-wielding minions, led of course by the Gas Man. He puts up a good fight for a while, but fierce as he is, even Jin-pyo is no match for the number of men he’s up against.

They beat him down to the ground over and over, as he struggles to stay up. Wah, I know Evil Daddy is evil, but HURRY UP AND SAVE HIM!

Creepy looms over him and takes out his knife. He sticks it up to his throat with a sickening smile…

Yoon-sung bursts in (FINALLY!) and fights his way over to Dad. Oh thank GAWD for the hero’s unending daddy love. I’m a nervous wreck over here.

They stand back to back, ready to take on the baddies.


It’s strangely really hard to see Jin-pyo beaten down like this, because I’m so used to Dad always being ahead, always in control. He’s not a sympathetic character, and yet the thought of anyone except Yoon-sung getting the best of him drives me crazy. Also, I’m okay with him dying eventually if it’s for the right reasons, but death-by-Creepy is certainly not one of them.

Truth be told, Yoon-sung’s daddy relationship with Jin-pyo is still far more interesting to me than his bloodline to the president. Yes, that one is twisted fate, big tragedy, and thematically perfect in setting up Yoon-sung’s empty revenge for his Father-with-a-capital-F (as in idea of, since Mu-yeol was never a father to him in a personal way).

But Jin-pyo is still, for all his faults, Yoon-sung’s father, and the one he’d jump into fire to save.

If it were simply one birth secret hanging in the balance, it’d be an unimaginative, rather common third act. But with three fathers, one a ghost and the catalyst for revenge, the other who ordered his death thereby rendering his child TWICE fatherless (think about that for a second), and then the third who raises him in the mirror image of the truth, so that he avenges one father with the death of the other?

I mean seriously. I don’t know if it’s an ode to patriarchy or a death note to it. Is it wrong if I still want Jin-pyo to be Dad in the end? Even if he dies? For once I want a drama to say, “blood is not the end all be all.” Sigh. What’s a hero gotta do for some fatherly love around here?


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    I really liked this furthering of the plot, though. PD is running a tight ship right to the end.

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    Lee Joon Hyuk (YP) looks TIRED. The boy has triple bags under his eyes. At this point I’m hoping that they can finish the show well without anyone getting hurt or falling into a sleep deprivation coma.

    • 23.1 mandelbrotr

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    I hope next episode Yoon sung learns about his bio-dad so we can see his reaction. No need to drag this thing out to the last episode. We've already well established and got the hint about their father/son "epic-relationship-that-could-have-been," what with Yoon sung helping the president with his blog. LOL (My parents can't use the internet either 😀 it's just a universal truth…a blog is pretty advanced stuff. My Mom is working on email still)

    I am happy though that by the end of the episode City Hunter was back to being a bad-ass action pack show we love instead being mired in cliche kdrama melodrama land with birth secrets and almost incest reign.

    Also I think it's funny how the minute the show revealed 100% who Yoon sung's dad is they did a 180 turn on Da hae liking Yoon sung. Sorry show, but even though Da hae now likes the prosecutor (?, completely out of left field), poor girl did spend 16 1/2 episodes crushing on her brother. What was the point of that storyline?

    I actually felt bad for Jin pyo getting beat up by that evil henchman….why didn't he pull his sword out of his can?!

    • 24.1 sondadsoon

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        responsible for the script, YES, there is some
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        I had to watch the mirror scene a few times
        to figure out (at least a portion of) what’s
        what and where’s where. I think that in the
        1940s, there was a Rita Hayworth movie that
        her then-husband Orson Wells directed that
        was something like this CH mirror scene. It
        might have been a nightmare or a dream
        sequence in that movie.

        But don’t forget the scene at the end of Episode
        #10 of CH with LMH and the prosecutor going
        down the steps, and the different angles through
        the glass and metal of the lobby. I’m just glad
        that so many people notice so much. Looks like
        we’re smarter than we thought, huh? 🙂

        PS……And when evil dad and evil #4 were
        meeting in the office, and both were being evil,
        they were both celebrating Korea’s famous
        holiday: “Wear a Purple Tie to Work” Day! 🙂


        • Maymay

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      Also, on top of all that, there’s still the prosecutor chasing him, evil Jae man running around, Yoon sung’s broken relationship with Nana, YS confronting his mother cause she didn’t even give him a hint as to his real dad, YS being revealed to the public as the City Hunter….how can this possibly be resolved in 3 episodes?!!

      Also, I know this is not going to happen, but I really want the prosecutor to mend his ways, stop being so obsessed with work and get back together with awesome Sae hee. I’m dreaming, but WTH, why not?

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    • 34.1 sondadsoon

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      • 34.1.1 Jinney

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    • 34.2 malta

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      • 34.3.1 Maymay

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        I love the fact that YS uses the move that Nana taught him during training.

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      I’m not fond of his obsession with CH either but he’s trying to piece together 3 different cases and doing a pretty good job of it.
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    out of nana,jinpyo,yoonsung, ahjusshi, mother, and the president who do you guys think will end up dying? my guesses are jinpyo for sure, president maybe, yoonsung probably. but i think if yoonsung died, nana died before him. BUT I REALLY WANT EVERYONE TO LIVE!

    • 36.1 Lana

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      • 36.1.1 sondadsoon

        thats an interesting idea. watching episode 18 right now!

      • 36.1.2 Xtooline

        I agree. Aren’t the writers finally going to have to play the “keep the country stable” card? If the ultimate goal is to a) get all the baddies and b) set up the City Hunter manga series (and season 2, hope hope hope), then they have to unwind this without off-ing the president, the prosecutor, the veterinarian or LMH and PMY.

        How about the president resigns or just doesn’t run for re-election? An orderly transition with him admitting his previous misdeeds wouldn’t be so bad, it seems to me. I also vote for baddie #4 to die a really awful, ignominious death and soon. To say nothing of Mr. Creepy the gas man – maybe they can go down together.

        Many thanks for the recap, GF. Sooo much appreciated!

        • Senris

          President can’t run for re-election anyway: he’s a lame duck and is just winding up his last term. He probably only has a few months left.

  37. 37 ladida

    Shakespeare would never screw with his narratives like this. All his comedies and tragedies follow a distinct and apparent pattern (except maybe The Tempest). But I digress. Suffice to say I am incredibly disappointed in City Hunter right now. It’s pretty much like this:


    It sucks when something you love doesn’t live up to your expectations and you start being resigned. Someone above mentioned there are five people writing this. No wonder. Meanwhile, most people still love it, and I feel 🙁 about that. Also, 0__o? And >:|

    Now I’m just being silly! ;D

    • 37.1 Lidia

      I’m with you. I could have done without the birth secret. Although I certainly don’t hate the show, I am also disappointed in its trajectory. Just waiting to see how it’s going to end!

    • 37.2 ladida

      So I just read GF’s analysis of the multiple fathers situation, and I must admit, her interpretation is compelling. (I especially love the death of patriarchy part, haha.) But then I watch the show and I just feel deflated. I really, really dislike the president.
      I, too, love Jin Pyo. Used to hate him, now he’s awesome for me. Even though he’s totally evil and a murderer. Oh, City Hunter, why do you confuse me so?

      • 37.2.1 malta

        I wish it really was about the death of patriarchy, but that can’t be given YS relationship with Nana. I just can’t get behind the multiple father’s thing though cause they went a step too far. Nobody needs 3 daddies. It really takes the focus away from the wrongs these men including the president have done against their country and instead puts the focus ~mostly~ on on the personal betrayal to YS.

        Interesting, but I loved the “righteousness in the name of Korea/ champion of the people and justice” aspect of YS revenge that differentiated him (and defined the character of YS/City Hunter) from Jin pyo’s bloodlust revenge. The clarity of that differentiation is muddied now, with this bio-dad detour, so it doesn’t seem as powerful…I don’t know if this is true, but I heard that some of the political situations depicted in the show, student tuition, healthcare and environmental pollution etc., actually reflect things that were happening in the news in Korea recently.

    • 37.3 malta

      I understand where you’re coming from. I’m just choosing to accept the show for what it’s chosen to be and move on and try to enjoy the plot for these last episodes.

      I don’t like Jin pyo. Given that the president is YS dad, that means Jin pyo has really F-ed up YS badly. And he did it on purpose. I just can’t like him. Doesn’t mean I want him to get killed by creeper dude, but I don’t like him.

      I’ve always been lukewarm about the president and I realized why in these last few episodes– the president is pretty spineless. How did he get to be president with that wishy washy personality? He doesn’t seem supper clever, or conniving. He’s not filled with angry passion. He got bullied by the other 4 members of the 5. Jae man never listens to him even though he’s the president. When he gave that speech at the luncheon he just paled (!) in comparison to Jin pyo.

      • 37.3.1 bishbash

        i guess the other 4 pushed him to be the president as a cover for them such that they can continue their wrong doing.

        it’s probably like, they know each others’ secret, though yes, i think only chun jae mun knows about the president’s affair. and the president guy probably has the least money laundering and whatnot compared to the other 4, therefore he’s bullied into the position? as well as the fact that the 5 of them were in the 83 incident together. it’s like, some kind of evil bond between them.

    • 37.4 Birdie

      You are not the only one. My disenchantment with the writing started about midway through. The inconsistencies, the conveniences,the plot holes , now the cliches. While it did well in earlier episodes in balancing the action, rom-com, humour, now it seems to have lost a tight revenge plot. YS and NN relationship is getting tiresome. I keep hoping it will get better each episode. This director had been awesome in his treatment of some of the scenes-in this episode it is the mirrors scene.

      Hopefully the ending is not hyped as it has been hinted to be unexpected.

      • 37.4.1 Lidia

        Yes! That’s exactly what I think too–they’ve lost the balance between action and romcom–now it’s too much about the romantic angle rather than the revenge plot.

        And then this episode casts aside romance for…birth secrets? Oh, please…

        I love the look and feel of this drama more than the actual plot itself.

    • 37.5 entertained

      that’s because shakespeare’s plot are never really his. people do not read shakespeare for the plot, its the for the poetry.

      • 37.5.1 reeen

        but at the time Shakespeare wrote no one read his plays for poetry, they watched them for entertainment. not so very unlike kdrama now. just saying.

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      P.S. People around here knows that Dramabeans protocol is not to “Bitched,” about not having recaps fast enough!!!!!

      Heartstrings ep 7 will get recap, so just wait for it with out complaining!!!!!!!!

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      • 38.3.1 Dream

        agreed. HP… don’t watch the show if you don’t like it.

  39. 39 Maymay

    “She takes one look at Young-ju and switches teams, handing him Yoon-sung’s coffee. Ha.”

    I love how DH can so easily transfer her affection. Well, it is a good thing since YS is her half-brother anyway.

    • 39.1 bunny

      exactly… it’s much better that she gets over her puppy love before feeling all wrong after finding out she was totally obsessing over her brother. sick. hahaha

  40. 40 asianromance

    thanks for the recap!

    still not loving the birth secret. I guess narratively, it’s awesomesauce, but birth secrets tend to make me feel really queasy. It’s really like waiting for the other shoe to drop for weeks on end. As if YS’s life isn’t already crappy enough. His mom’s sick. His current adoptive father is a sicko. The dad he thought he had is dead. And his biological dead had a hand in the deaths of several people back in 1983 and will probably be killed off/jailed by the series’ end.

    Loved the mirror scene! The directing in this drama is really amazing! I don’t think i would have enjoyed City Hunter as much with it and the music.

    Nana rocks again!

  41. 41 Lidia

    Thanks for the recap!

    My goodness, this show is getting so twisted! I’m anxious to see how it’ll end. I’m slowly warming up to the idea of a season 2, but if CH does end at this season, I’m kind of hoping for a Return of Iljimae type ending. Something happy, but not in-your-face rainbows and sunshine type of happy. Something meaningful and subtle, with YS finally being able to rest and live peacefully.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on how they want CH to end (if it does end at this season)?

    • 41.1 Birdie

      While ,like you, I hope for a meaningful ending, my feelings are it is going to have an open cliffhanger type of ending-almost death scenario for CH .Or less dramatic, he just disappears, and NN waits for him every year at the bell tower.This will leaves it open to Season 2 in case they decide to do so later on.

    • 41.2 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

      Of course. Everyone in the crowd around here 🙂
      would want LMH to move to an area less than
      a block away from where they live, to run the
      deer-antler empire.

      Ha, ha, ha.
      I’m…SOOOO…laughing to myself as I write this,
      so they better give us Season 2.


      • 41.2.1 Maymay

        Hey grace, how the “Bambi” research coming along? I really want to know JP secret to success through the “Bambi” business.

        If I can make it rich doing the same thing, I will totally pay for a season 2 of City Hunter.

      • 41.2.2 corn tea

        I’d put in my skills to help City Hunter to run his deer-antler empire.

      • 41.2.3 Lidia


  42. 42 Jinney

    Is it only me, but I strangely really like Evil Daddy. I was totally sad when he was getting beat up by those bullies. I wish a tiny bit that hes actually Yoon-sung’s father.

  43. 43 malta

    Can I just say I LOVE that Yoon sung carried Nana home in his arms instead of his back. I know it’s more difficult, and probably impractical if not impossible for him to carry her like that the whole way back to her house, but it was so loving.

    Gah Show! Shameless peddler of the drug that is Knight-In-Shinning-Armor.

    • 43.1 Cynthia

      AND, he took her shoes off before putting her to bed!
      How’s that for TLC on his part?!

      • 43.1.1 zuwa

        But did you guys notice that NN’s position was changed while being carried by YS? At the bridge, NN’s head was on YS’ left shoulder and when they entered the house, NN’s head was on his right. Heh. I wonder when the switching took place.

        Owh, shoot! Almost forget. Thanks for the recap GF ! Coolness !

        • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye


          “At the bridge, NN’s head was on YS’ left shoulder and when they entered the house, NN’s head was on his right.”

          you are right…i noticed that too…the editing is off here…
          but i guess it could be due to the rushed schedule… 😉

          • Cynthia

            Or maybe when he took her shoes off he had to put her down and then pick her back up?
            Let’s not be too nit-picky here. Overall, I think that the Continuity Editor has done a really fine job.

          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye


            i think i was not being nit-picky but was just pointing out what was shown…if you had read any of my comments on CH throughout the series, you would know that i am the last person to nit-pick about anything to do with CH because i absolutely love it, from the very beginning and till the end… 😉

        • Shel

          He had to get the door open somehow…maybe he put her down while he did that.

          I did like that he carried her in his arms instead of on his back. She’s so tiny that it’s slightly believable. If she weighs more than 90 lbs, I’d be surprised.

          The Daddy things are giving me a headache. I think they went too far with that bio-dad, stepdad, baby-stealing dad thing.

          And if NaNa doesn’t get to help him kick butt in the end, I’m gonna be ticked.

    • 43.2 mykdramaself

      i loved that he carried her instead of the cliche piggy back. anybody here noticed that the only piggyback scene in this show (and there are only three episodes left) was the one YS gave to his mom? love the little details.

      • 43.2.1 la dee dah

        I’m thinking that’s because the mother seemed a little too heavy to carry in his arms and Nana seems as light as a twig? heh! =) But ya, but that’s the first time I see someone carry a drunk person like he did in a kdrama.

    • 43.3 Maymay

      I love that he carry her home too.

      When I first saw that part I was like “Dude, just use your cool car, it’s so much faster!” But then I realize that maybe he is doing this because he misses her and wants to be with her longer. Carrying her and taking the long way home will allow him to be close to her longer.

      Besides, that scene was so sweet and intimate so who am I to complain about it being impractical.

  44. 44 CrazyNoz

    Almost heading to bed when hopelessly refresh your site! And it s right here in front of me! Yeah! Thanks so much. Will sleep happily tonight.

  45. 45 anncal

    Nice catch! The biblical reference to David and Uriah is right on the money. Absolutely genius because if you think of that way, then the last target is really the worst. Gawd I love the tight intricate plot and the shifting relationships. Thanks for an awesome, entertaining recap. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

    • 45.1 Maymay

      Now I have the urge to go search up that biblical reference.

  46. 46 laya

    Freaking lord. So intense. How do they keep up this pace?

    Thanks so much for the recap! <3

  47. 47 Okkk...

    Am I the ONLYYYYY one who finds it annoying, frustrating and not believable that the YJ the prosecutor ALWAYYYYYS knows where YS the city hunter is? I mean it’s becaoming sooo annoying. Also, the prosecutor has been bugging me for a while…

    I mean before his father’s comatose state he was always crossing the line! Harassing, stalking, tailing him and coercing him. Now after that fact he goes to people’s homes w/ no warrant, appropriates himself to things that he has YET to prove for HIM to take, uses force and threats…
    I mean, I know that alerting officials would have blown the CH’s fake cover and Jin Pyo’s BUT it all seems nonsensical to me.

    Also, I know the creepy-henchman is a tool BUT why didn’t it cross YS’s mind to just get rid of him???

    Also, Sae Hee’s secret was always of no utility to me! I never got the whole her and YJ being ex-spouses and them hiding it from KNN! What was the point…??

    Also, I never got why the CH’s disguises are never “actual disguises”. You can always tell his build, hairstyle, voice and face (glasses don’t do jack), and he NEVER wears gloves! Hello fingerprints!!!??

    I could go on but after dropping Romance Town at ep.8, Lie To Me at ep.11 and Miss Ripley at ep.2 and just satisfied w/ the recaps…and also stopping Heartstrings at ep.2 and just reading the recaps.

    C.H. is the only good drama (along w/ Best Love and Baby-Faced Beauty) that I’m able to watch this year, so that says something.
    I like CH BUT there are too many things that make absolutely no sense…

    • 47.1 Jinney

      I agree with everything.

    • 47.2 tuqaz

      I agree about YJ. Like YS said, “are you a stalker?” I’m really getting annoyed with him.

    • 47.3 jinz

      haha~~hello fingerprints~~agree! this year i only finished watching SG in full. the next will be CH!

    • 47.4 samgetang

      @Okkkk: I’m with you with all the gaping holes in the CH. As JB and GF said in their podcast, CH is not perfect at all but it’s magical. I also loved BL and BFB along with CH and like the first two they are not perfect (BL is one-step shy of perfect for me! hehe!) but they have charms and beauty all their own.

      I guess the technicalities are expected to be more precise for the kind of show that it has embraced compared to like just maybe a rom-com.

      Im not sure but maybe this is the first time for this PD to helm such a project and so there is a learning curve in these things, like:

      1. For such a high-profile job assignment, you would expect the City Hunter to at least come up with a costume-disguise that would literally/figuratively/virtually hide his true identity. It should be nothing short of all the heroes of our childhood: spiderman, batman…these guys know how to take their costumes seriously….they run the gamut from design to execution of their tools of disguise, knowing how critical it would if the truth comes out. Though we dont expect CH to wear a hot latex all-over suit, his disguise should truly disguise his identity that even us viewers, who knows that it is him, can be fooled. Case in point: LYS and KNN went to YJ’s dad’s office to plant the video bug and they went there just as they are with only a cap on and the technician’s uniform but u can easily identify them a mile away. Why aren’t the staff in the office alerted with the identity at least of LYS if Prosecutor suspects him already as the CH and why wasnt KNN recognized since they work in the same circles (govt)?
      2. Yes, the fingerprints. I guess the show tend to diminish the leaps and progresses that the Korean forensics experts can and will do if the ones in trouble especially are those in the seats of power. LYS is leaving too much fingerprints on far too many places. If Prosecutor is really bent on identifying him, it would have been so easy as 1-2-3.

      There are still a few more….but let’s say these two are sufficient for now. They maybe simple and we might think unimportant yet they are central to the story in that it is about an MIT PhD holder that has been primed all his life for this one task so he really should be very good at it. His target is the government and so all his skills should be nothing short of brilliant because it would reflect the kind of perspective they have on the government. Sloppy preparation and execution would mean they think poorly of the government’s level of expertise, intelligence and security. And not to do well on the 2 things above is not to do well on the basics so to speak.

      But why do we love love love CH despite these gaping basic holes? It’s because we are not looking for expertise, nor technical prowess per se…we can find that in CSI or other American shows. Our souls crave for more than that. We want a hero that will resonate with our deepest dreams and wishes. We want a flawed hero yet a hero who is a non-conformist, a revolutionary so to speak. And we find that in LYS.

      He has been set-up for revenge all his life and yet he finds the courage to have his own take/interpretation of the events that transpired and where he wants to go from there. He is an overcomer and yet he has compassion for people around him and even for his evil dad. For someone who is trained and tasked for vengeance, it is radical for him to seriously aim not to kill people in the course of the execution of his plans. And though he does not subscribe to his dad’s plans, why does he follow his dad’s advice not to fall in love? Why follow one advice and reject another? He has the courage to identify which purposes are good for him and which are not. He always takes the high road. Killing is not the high road. But sacrificing for your love is and so he follows his dad’s admonition not to take that road. JB, or was it GF, who said that she hopes LYS will have closest dad relationship with Jin Pyo. I think there is no question with that. The first one died before he can ever know him personally. The third one is living but may not know of his existence. Only dad #2 has been with him all his life and although they may not agree on all things even major things, he knows deep in his heart that JPyo cares for him in his own way. Otherwise why would he stake his own life for him which led to his limp? And why would LYS deliberately hurt himself so he can see if he can put a dent on his dad’s tough exterior? And yes, why follow his admonition not to love? Indeed, they have such a unique dad-son relationship. LYS has high respect for his dad#2 that even when he found out that he was not his bio-dad he did not change a bit and continue to relate with him as before.

  48. 48 fm

    Girlfriday…I’m totally agree with you that YS’s fatherly relationship with Jin Pyo is far more interesting that his real dad the President.No matter how wrong he is,YS still will gone through fire to save him…Onece again just like you I’d like JP to be his dad after all.Although not in term of blood related but kind of more father figure than before.

    One more thing I really don’t like the President as YS’s father…Although he seem warmhearted and good father.Why?Just like Girlfriday said before…YS already lost a a father once.But when he get a chance to get a fatherly love from Mu Yeol which I think will be great father to him,suddenly The President one fatal mistake causing him losing his dad once again.That make him lost his chance to ahve fatherly love twice.

    While for JP he’s more likely a soldier raise his subordinate but more emotionally connected.I do think JP care a lot for YS but also know that his real father is the cause all this happen and want to take revenge toward the President through YS.I think its not for YS killing his own dad but to make the President realised what the consequence of his decision he make 28 years ago.One more thing I think,JP will left everything in YS hand to do what he think appropriate toward the man that has killed his bestfriend and YS supposed father.

    Although YJ seems close to the truth what has happened 28 years ago for me he is the clueless among others who even know nothing.Why?Because he has no idea that there is much bigger thing actually happen and YS is the most pitiful person that he didn’t realise yet.He only know that he need to catch YS partly because of his father but he don’t know what his father has done that make YS what he is now.I’m totally agree with Nana in this,although YJ didn’t responsible for what he’s father has done she can’t ignore what a shameless word his father has said about her parent.How could their relationship chnage back like before.And its true that the child will be implicated with his parent sins.

    There is no way YS can avoid his fate.No matter what He need to make decision for what he gonna do once the truth revealed.

    • 48.1 Jomo

      I’m totally agree with Nana in this,although YJ didn’t responsible for what he’s father has done she can’t ignore what a shameless word his father has said about her parent.How could their relationship chnage back like before.

      And its true that the child will be implicated with his parent sins.

      OK. I am digesting the parallel here.

      Does YJ owe Nana something for his father’s intentionally selfish and evil actions to her family?

      Does YS owe Fake Dad 1 and Fake Dad 2 something for his father’s intentionally selfish and evil actions to them and the gang of ’83?

      I am nomu nomu nomu mad at Jin-Pyo right now.
      Back at the beginning, I was really mad at him when he stole the baby, because it didn’t make sense to me he would take away the victim of the crime and use him as a tool for revenge. The kid’s already effed up because of his Dad’s death.

      Now that I know the baby he stole as a tool for revenge is actually the perpetrator’s son? This is AWESOME as far as story goes. This is awesomely awesome. This is the biggest FU EVER! I LOVE THAT.

      But, as far as points for being human? Jin-pyo scores somewhere between a Voldemort and a Emperor Palpatine.

      So why did I cringe and peek through my fingers watching him get the spit kicked out of him? Why does it make me so sad to see a damaged man become more damaged?

      I think the answer is because Kim Sang Joong is playing the part. The actor’s humanity pours out of him so continuously. so even though JP is evil evil evil, we perceive there is an actual person in there. So JP ends up being Darth Vader instead of Sauron!

      • 48.1.1 malta

        Very well put. I don’t understand the people who say they “like” Jin pyo. How could you like Jin pyo if you care one ounce for Yoon sung whose been used viciously his whole life by this man and his mom Kyung hee who is now even more of a tragic character? I call Jin pyo a madman, but he’s too calculated and patient to be a madman. Jin pyo is just plain EVIL. He hasn’t shown one ounce of doubt in his revenge master plan like, “man, I’ve really grown to love Yoon sung, maybe I shouldn’t use him this way….” Not one bit of hesitation from Jin pyo’s side!

        I didn’t want creeper to kill Jin pyo either, but something tells me Yoon sung is gonna flip-a-shit when he finds out what Jin pyo has done to him…Kim Sang Joong is a very good actor. And kind of my sometimes ahjussi crush– shhhhhh 😉

        • Jomo

          No secret that Kim Sang Joong has become my number one K-crush. I think I would have his babies…

          What is it?
          Voice, smile, confidence. Physically he has some muscle, but he isn’t tall.
          I like that last shot of them back to back. What a contrast in style, but LMH, if he pays attention, could learn something about hotness from him.

          • samgetang

            maybe people say they “like” Jin Pyo when in fact they like how the character is being played by Kim Sang Joong.

            “What a contrast in style, but LMH, if he pays attention, could learn something about hotness from him.”

            If LMH learns that and more from KSJ perhaps he will already explode from the Hotness Overload, hahaha!

  49. 49 fenny

    lost words for min ho’s eyes in the last picture, just wow.. !

  50. 50 angeline ong

    oh. this episode is so tense. every thing is about to break loose. why is our dear president so slow to smell the fish?? can’t you tell who is your son by judging his traits? half his genes are YOURS!!! so slow, man.

    • 50.1 samgetang

      maybe because he did not know he fathered a son with another woman?

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