What are the holidays without….AWKWARD FAMILY DINNER CONVERSATIONS??

I really love dinner time. Growing up, Dad always insisted that we eat as a family for dinner no matter how busy we were. I have so many happy memories of having dinner together. It was the time when my parents asked about Ellen’s and my day, and we could ask them questions or talk about things we were having difficulty with.

Now my niece and nephew are old enough to ask their own questions at the dinner table. One night the following conversation ensued:

Niece (looking at me): I want cousins from your side
Me: Oh, you want me to give you cousins, Eloise?
Niece (nodding): Do you want to get married?
Me: Yes, of course…
Niece: Will you EVER get married?

(n.b. suddenly, Mom, Dad, Ellen, and François become VERY quiet and their food becomes VERY interesting. Note also Eloise is at one end of the table whilst I’m on the other.)

Me: Well, hopefully one day….
Niece: Have you found anyone?
Me: Well, not that I’m aware of….no…
Niece: When will you find someone…?
Me: Ummmm….. well…. hey, maybe we can pray to God about that!
Niece: Oh, I already did.
Right, so I guess I’m #sorted. Keep in mind this was markedly different from my conversation with Julien:

Me: Ju-Ju, would you like Auntie to get married so you have a new uncle?
Nephew: You NEVER get married

Me: Well, umm…that’s true. I haven’t gotten married yet. But, IF I got married, would you like a new uncle?
Nephew: No, because 公公 (material grandpa) is the best.


Love, February