One of the best things about Mò Xiāng Tóng Xiù’s novels is the amount of fanart it helped churn out. Some fanartists have officially been hired to do art for the donghua, manhua and audio drama adaptations (i.e. Qianerbai, Gearous, etc.). However, unless hired officially, these fanartists can’t monetize on their fanart because JJWXC owns the rights to the novels. The only way they can share it with other fans (loophole) is through pay for production projects (p4p) or by offering them as freebies on their online stores. Basically, for p4p, the fanartists give away their art for free and only ask fellow fans to pay for the cost of producing prints, keychains, charms, stickers, etc. I’ve joined several p4ps, mostly from Singapore and the Philippines because shipping is so expensive. My first haul is from Kit from Singapore. I got her WangXian shirts, bunny pin, pot stickers and WWX and LWJ standees. The standees are my favorite because the quality is just awesome. I can’t wait to receive my HuaLian and Yunmeng siblings standees on my second order! I missed getting the HuaLian shirts because at the time I still haven’t read the novel. Aside from getting merch, I get to discover local artists/creatives and support their work, not only MXTX-related ones.