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Rooftop Prince: Episode 17
by | May 16, 2012 | 153 Comments

Secrets come pouring out and lots of dots are connected, praise be! Secrets are great when they twist the viewers’ expectations, but when the secrets are things that the viewers have been aware of for a long while, they lose their dramatic punch when we’re just waiting for them to come out. Now that some big hurdles are cleared out of the way, we can turn our attention to the more interesting stuff.


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So, Park-ha’s locked in her refrigerated prison and Tae-mu’s let his crazy out. Yi Gak screeches to a stop in his car, because Yong-sool has pulled over ahead of him. They’re here to swap cars so Tae-mu will believe he’s Impostor No. 1, since he can’t just show up in Tae-yong’s car without outing himself as also Impostor No. 2. (Sheesh. What a tangled web, and et cetera.)

He refuses Yong-sool’s offer to follow along as a safety precaution: “This is something Yong Tae-mu and I must work out between us.” Yes, but who says you can’t work things out without a bodyguard standing by, just in case? Trust me, dude, I know Tae-mu, and he tends to have a lot of “just in case” scenarios cropping up.

All the while, Park-ha shivers in the refrigerated truck, crying for help.

Jang Sun-joo calls Se-na over and greets her more warmly, needing to tell her something that can’t wait. She tells her that she’s found her daughter—not In-joo, who seems out of reach now, but In-joo’s unni. Tearily, she reveals, “Se-na, I’m the mother who gave birth to you.”

Se-na is back to calling her by her formal business title, but now Jang Sun-joo invites her to call her Mom. She explains how she’d given her to Se-na’s adopted mother to raise, and how she’s now ill.

Se-na is so shocked at the news that she can barely form words. Shaking, she asks for a moment to gather her thoughts and steps outside. Immediately she calls Tae-mu and asks after Park-ha, whom he assures he’s taking care of, per Se-na’s request; she’s “in an appropriate place.” Says you, evil bungling villain.

She asks what he did to Park-ha, and he tells her nothing yet. Se-na tells him they were wrong, that CEO Jang had given up looking for Park-ha, and asks him to release her.

Se-na returns to face her mother, kneeling and crying, even more ashamed for perpetrating the con given the irony of its needlessness. Jang Sun-joo proposes that they both go to Hong Kong for a fresh start.

Despite Se-na’s revised plan, Tae-mu ain’t about to give up his chance to use the situation for his purposes. When Yi Gak arrives, he demands the phone as ransom, and gets it. I guess Tae-mu isn’t a total idiot for forgetting we’re in a digital age, because he warns Yi Gak not to entertain thoughts of using that photo against him in the future, threatening more harm.

Yi Gak replies that he won’t threaten Tae-mu anymore, “Because merely threatening won’t satisfy me—I’ll make you feel regret down to your bones.”

Tae-mu drops the truck key on the ground and kicks it over, warning Yi Gak to mind his words if he wants to save Park-ha. He directs him to the junkyard and waits for Yi Gak to retrieve the key, bowing at his feet to do so. Aw, aside from giving Tae-mu the satisfaction, it’s particularly meaningful given all the height gags we’ve had, since the prince cannot lower himself to anyone.

Grudgingly, Yi Gak bends to pick up the key, and gets attacked from behind by hired thugs. I’m just about to make a crack about Tae-mu outsourcing his revenge beating, but then I remember that Tae-mu doesn’t do so well with evil plots; maybe it’s best he leave it to more capable hands.

The struggle is cut short after a few blows, because Yong-sool arrives to defend his prince. Aw, did you secretly follow him anyway? Yong-sool tells Yi Gak he’ll take care of this, subduing the gangsters easily, urging him to save Park-ha.

Yi Gak staggers off and drives away, finding the locked truck in the junkyard. Opening it, he finds Park-ha huddled inside and grabs her to him as she sobs. Yo, smarty, you think you could do the reunion outside the icy prison?

The ducklings huddle outside their home, anxiously awaiting the prince’s return. When he arrives, Park-ha is weak but otherwise fine, and adorably the boys all scramble to help her walk inside.

Yi Gak tends to Park-ha’s recovery, holding her hand as she sleeps. When she awakens in the morning, he suggests breakfast, and she gets up to make them omurice. But today it’s his turn to do the cooking, and he prevents her protest with a kiss. Like she’s going to argue with that.

His version of omurice is a lot uglier than hers, though, which makes her smile. He knows it too, and hurriedly tells her to eat before she can kill his pride by commenting on it. Hee. She soothes the ego a little by saying he made it look “interesting,” though when she compliments the taste I’m pretty sure it’s a forced Mmmm sound she makes.

He suggests that she take it easy today, but Park-ha won’t give Tae-mu the satisfaction of knowing he put her out of commission. She can’t report Tae-mu because it puts Yi Gak at risk, but she’ll go to work for Jang Sun-joo as planned.

She can find her mother without Tae-mu’s help, either, since it’s clear he isn’t about to share his information. Her plan is to take out an ad with her photo, in hopes that her mother will see it.

Se-na tells Tae-mu the shocking news of her birth secret, and it brings a satisfied gleam to his eye. The same gleam that always makes me want to back away nervously, that is, given his track record. Honestly, I’m not sure whether it’s better to have him on your own team or on the rival one.

Se-na asks him not to press the company issue right now, since she’s still dealing from the shock of it all, but it’s clear he’s thrilled; the company is within his reach again.

Park-ha runs her errands for Jang Sun-joo and tells her about her plan to put the ad in the papers. Jang Sun-joo asks to take a look at the photo, but predictably, just before she’s about to take out the photo she gets a phone call.

Park-ha listens in shock as Jang Sun-joo addresses Se-na as her daughter and asks to meet at her other mother’s house. Jang confirms the news to her, though she adds that Se-na isn’t In-joo.

Se-na panics at the thought of Jang Sun-joo seeing Mom’s house, with all those family photos around. She rushes home to take down all the pictures, grabbing the photo album Mom intends to show Sun-joo.

Se-na explains her behavior by saying that she wants to honor their mother-daughter relationship by keeping their shared stories between them. A pretty answer to soothe Mom’s blue spirits, even if it’s driven by selfishness. Arg, she’s such a good liar, it kills me, especially since Mom is touched and we know she’s just lying through her teeth.

When Jang Sun-joo arrives, Mom describes the dishes on the table, which are Se-na’s favorites, but her attempt to stay calm fails as she starts to break down in tears.

Sun-joo assures her that Se-na’s still her daughter, and even Se-na looks upset as Mom excuses herself to go to the sink, crying over the running water. Now that she’s gotten what she wants, I wonder if Se-na will find enough room in that tiny corner of her heart that’s left to bring her back to some semblance of humanity.

Though he’s been threatened into keeping that New York photo private, Yi Gak shows it to Park-ha and asks if she recognizes it, then zooms in closer to show her the third person: herself. This fills in a few more puzzle pieces, and Park-ha guesses that the postcard must have come from Tae-yong after he’d come to her bar with his hyung.

Yi Gak says he won’t “mess with” Tae-mu using the photo anymore. Donning Tae-yong’s glasses like Clark Kent readying for battle, he clarifies, “I’ll crush him completely.”

In Tae-yong guise, Yi Gak then meets Tae-mu for lunch, all smiles and warmth. He looks around for someone, explaining that he’s asked someone here to meet hyung, then excuses himself to use the restroom… which is when Park-ha walks in.

They trade barbs, and she snipes that he sure looks well-rested for someone who pulled such a cheap stunt last night. He guesses that she couldn’t go to the police because of her relationship with the con man, and warns her to choose her boyfriends more carefully. He ends the conversation and dismisses her coldly, just as “Tae-yong” rejoins them and invites her to sit.

“Tae-yong” explains that he ran into her and thought her face looked familiar. Park-ha says pointedly that she found herself staring since he looked so much like somebody, and Tae-yong adds, “It turns out we met in New York!”

Suddenly Tae-mu starts sweating, particularly when Park-ha takes out the postcard and Tae-yong says that he supposedly drew it. He doesn’t remember, of course, since his New York accident is still a blank in his memory, but Tae-mu knows what this means, and out comes his guilty-murderer face. Really, dude, reaction control. Learn some.

Tae-yong(-gak) says it feels like his memory is about to come back, and Park-ha says leadingly, “You were both there [in New York], weren’t you? I thought I saw you both at the pub where I worked—isn’t that true?”

Tae-mu nervously says she must be mistaken, and Yi Gak lets him off the hook, acting like nothing is suspicious to keep Tae-mu feeling safe. After Park-ha excuses herself, Yi Gak asks Tae-mu if this means he liked her, since he drew her picture and all. He sighs that if not for that accident, they could have dated in New York, goshdarnit. What a pity.

That sends Tae-mu tearing through Tae-yong’s room, and he finds a laptop with that same cell-phone photo as its wallpaper—Impostor No. 1 must have saved them on the computer he’d used while posing as Tae-yong.

Yi Gak enters and sees him holding the computer so Tae-mu can’t take it with him. But thankfully for him, Tae-yong says he doesn’t use it anyway, pretending he doesn’t notice Tae-mu trying to steal it. Heh.

That’s enough mind games for one day, and Yi Gak returns to the rooftop that night (Really? There?) where he hears about Se-na’s big birth secret. Yi Gak has his thinking pants on, because he says that it always bothered him that the girls were blood sisters in Joseon, but not here. Now that Se-na’s birth isn’t as it seemed, he supposes, “It is possible you may be blood sisters after all. You may be CEO Jang’s daughter, too.”

Park-ha dismisses the suggestion as unlikely, but it does get her thinking.

Tae-mu tells Se-na about that laptop and tells her to steal the computer while he distracts Tae-yong. He calls him out for drinks and Yi Gak goes along with it, knowing Tae-mu is stalling.

When Yi Gak tries several times to leave early, Tae-mu insists on one more round, then another, buying Se-na time to enter the house. Either Yi Gak is pounding those beers or Se-na is the slowest walker ever, because it takes three rounds for her to get inside the house and upstairs.

She finds the laptop, opens it up, and sees the incriminating photo… then turns to see Granny glaring at her. Whoops.

Grandma demands to know what she’s doing here, and why she’s got Tae-yong’s computer. She has caught enough of a glimpse of the screen to know the photo features the two cousins and demands a closer look. Se-na can’t have that, so she hurriedly makes up an excuse about taking the laptop to Tae-yong, then runs out clutching it, not stopping to retrieve a dropped key card.

Grandma follows her out, grabbing hold of her on the staircase, and… this isn’t going where I think it’s going, is it?

Yup, it is. Granny grabs for the laptop and slips instead, falling down the stairs. A pool of blood slowly forms around her head. I know I’m supposed to think this is a terrible thing, but Grandma’s so hateful that really, I can’t help but think all our baddies are making it easy by taking each other out.

Also: I always knew Se-na was the better villain! Tae-mu’s got, what, a dozen failed murder attempts and Se-na gets it on her first try?

In shock, Se-na hurries out clutching the computer to her chest, unnoticed by two men dealing with a minor fender bender. She texts Tae-mu a panicked “Uh-oh, we have a problem” message, and he goes running. Se-na blubbers in a panic that she didn’t do anything, that Grandma fell on her own. Which I think is true enough—I’m sure she could get away with it if she called the police and argued accident—but it’s always the cover-up that screws ya, isn’t it? Tae-mu tells her he’ll protect her no matter what.

Yi Gak arrives at the house carrying lunch for Grandma, passing by the cleared accident scene and heading inside. The gate is suspiciously open, and in horror, he finds Grandma lying at the base of the stairs.

The family gathers at the hospital, everyone in shock. The doctor comes out to deliver the “I’m sorry, we did our best” message, and everyone reels at the news of her death.

Se-na’s in genuine shock over the news, but Tae-mu racks his brains and instructs her to go to Hong Kong immediately. She wasn’t at the scene, she went to Hong Kong today, got it? He’ll call her when things have settled.

Yi Gak pays his respects to Grandma, apologizing to her. She wasn’t his grandmother but he’s affected by the loss, remembering how much she loved Tae-yong. Upon entering his room, he steps on the dropped key card and sees that the laptop is missing. It’s enough to get the wheels moving in his brain—Tae-mu was with him, so the culprit must be…

Se-na arrives at her officetel and immediately begins packing, shaking badly as she crams things into her suitcase willy-nilly.

Park-ha drives mother and daughter to the airport, and during the drive Jang Sun-joo returns the envelope containing the family photo meant for that advertisement. Park-ha doesn’t say anything as she sees them off at the gate, even though she mulls over Yi Gak’s suspicions in her mind afterward.

She changes her mind belatedly and runs back into the airport with the photo. She spots Jang Sun-joo sitting in a waiting area and runs over, asking for just one question. Park-ha takes the photo out and hands it over with trembling hands—does she recognize it?

Jang Sun-joo recognizes it immediately and asks, “Are you… In-joo?” Park-ha reacts to her reaction, asking, “Am I… In-joo?”

Mom recognizes that it’s true and holds Park-ha to her as they both cry into each other’s arms.

Se-na misses the scene since she’s calling Tae-mu to inform him of her departure. But as soon as she returns to the boarding gate, she sees Park-ha and Mom embracing and understands that the secret is out.

As a result, she can’t face them and slips away, taking a bus as she texts Jang Sun-joo that In-joo is in fact Park-ha. She apologizes for not telling her earlier, and says she’s too ashamed to go with her to Hong Kong.

Hearing this unexpected change in plans, Tae-mu puts on mastermind hat—though really, it’s crude-apprentice-hat at best—and instructs Se-na to go home to the officetel.

It’s a conversation that Yi Gak overhears, and this is where her dropped key card comes in handy. He scans it and lets himself inside, and Se-na naturally assumes that the arrival is Tae-mu. So she asks, back turned, how he can stand in front of Grandma’s memorial without fear.

But there’s no response, so she turns and realizes who’s standing there. Registering her huge slip, she gapes at Yi Gak, just as Tae-mu arrives behind him.

But Yi Gak has enough confirmation of his suspicions and growls at Tae-mu, “You bastard!” Punch.


You know how sometimes you’re in the middle of a sentence, and you can feel your train of speech starting to go awry, but you can’t stop talking and redo your thought because that would be even weirder, so you just go with it? Yeah, that’s how I feel about Rooftop Prince.

That’s not necessarily an insult, though, because the drama totally commits to the new line of thinking, and that, if nothing else, is totally entertaining. If it were half-assed and confused, like many a waffling drama that just didn’t know what to do with itself and therefore just spins its wheels in place, it would be a huge annoyance. The fact that Rooftop proceeds with swiftness and assuredness gives the illusion that things make sense; and maybe by the show’s barometer of internal logic, they do. True, that barometer is totally insane, but I do get the sense that the show knows where it’s going. It’s just that where it’s going is absurd, but you know, I’m willing to go with it because the show remains fast-moving and easy to watch.

With that said, I liked this episode for the fact that (1) birth secrets are out! Finally! (2) most of the connections have been made, or are well on their way, and (3) Buh-bye, Grandma. I know she’s not a villain but she was never likable enough to make me take her off the love-to-hate list, so I find myself humming, Ding-dong, the witch is dead… Maybe that’s not the intended effect, but hey, I’m happy about it and isn’t that what really matters?

At the very least, her death means that the company warfare, which is the drama’s most tedious point and has long been static in terms of conflict, can finally get moving again. Inheritance rights are at stake and Se-na’s a blood daughter to the biggest shareholder outside of the family… just as Park-ha is. I feel like the company takeover story is nearing its close, which means we’re that much closer to getting to the really interesting questions: the murder, the Joseon mystery, and the time-skippy shenanigans.


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  1. Swye

    wow. that was fast. off to read. =)

    • 1.1 Swye

      “You know how sometimes you’re in the middle of a sentence, and you can feel your train of speech starting to go awry, but you can’t stop talking and redo your thought because that would be even weirder, so you just go with it? Yeah, that’s how I feel about Rooftop Prince.”

      This, right here, perfectly sums up what I think about RTP. I just hope the writers have some idea how to give this show a satisfying ending. They’ve wasted far too much time on the company drama and now we only have three more episodes to answer all the important questions. And really.. killing off the granny was just plain unnecessary; not only does it have no real impact on the story, I didn’t even feel any sadness over her loss.

      • 1.1.1 houstontwin

        Well, granny’s death does have some impact on the story because the key that Sena left behind is material evidence of foul play.
        That being said, I also hated Granny. But. I think that we were supposed to see her as tough but loveable. The actress has played the same role so many times that she is physical shorthand for the character. The writers didn’t seem to feel the need to write loveable stuff into the part because she has residual loveability from other dramas.

        • houstontwin

          PS thanks for the quick recap!

        • lishuys

          . . . you are so right. i love her as an actress. don it just wanna make u part of the writing team . . .

      • 1.1.2 KDaddict

        That’s such a nice way to put it, JB!
        I started out a big fan of this show, but have found the scripting annoying for a while now. So, pardon me for ranting:
        The show seems to be more abt Sena than Park Ha. What show gives the villain a bigger, more juicy part than its heroine?
        From being special in their own ways in Joseon, the 3 ducklings r reduced to mere ornaments here. Lee Min Ho, who was so interesting to watch in METS, is now a paper cutout.
        The main characters r so dim, n missed many opportunities to connect the dots.
        Even in ep 17, PH showing the photo to Chariman Jang, is deliberately delayed just to stretch out the so called angst.
        Micky n the ducklings r very cute. But the script is sth else.

        • daniela

          I feel the same, it started to become an ordinary drama, too bad that it didn’t keep the plot more interesting. It became sufficient just to read the recaps only, and If I have some time I watch the episodes, but not necessarily.

        • Cruelsummer

          Amen to everything. I’m beginning to feel insulted by the incompetence of the villians and the stupidity of our heroes.

        • bd

          It’s called LAZY, bad writing.

          The writers rely on making the characters STUPID beyond belief or make incidents totally unbelievable (such as Chariman Jang about to see the photo and then stopping b/c of a phone call, and then has the envelope w/ the photo the whole time and didn’t look at it once before she hands it back to Park-ha – lol).

          And JB is being a bit too harsh on Halmoni.

          Granny wasn’t bad, she was just being manipulated by the evil ones and she really did care for and want the best for Tae-yong.

          She was on the “good side” when she wasn’t being manipulated.

      • 1.1.3 spjork

        I have to agree with you that the grandmother’s death was completely unnecessary and smacked of lazy writing. Makjang, anyone?

        Also, with grandmother dead, there’s no one to harshly and definitively dole out the punishments within the family and company. Her death is simply a ham-fisted contrivance that doesn’t serve any meaningful purpose aside from coloring the villains with more villainy paint and belatedly tacking on some “drama” for drama’s sake.

        It certainly doesn’t mean much to the viewers as she was as generic an over-protective, busybody chaebol grandmother from the KDrama store as you can get. The story could’ve been pushed along well enough without, methinks.

        • Nutella

          I think that Granny’s death is somewhat important because everyone else knew what was going on, but had to keep on tip-toeing and pretending because she was there. Now that she’s finally gone (praise the lord and hope no one smites me for saying that), it’s gone from Cold War to Nuclear, with everyone openly battling it out, since they all know each others’ true colours, even Chairwoman Jang about Se Na and Tae Mu.

          That being said, I feel like the material for this episode ought to have been the material, for, say, episode 15, and the show should have used the last 4 episodes to get to the interesting stuff and wrap things up leisurely (and with mucho fanservice), instead of hurrying everything, which is what the pit of my tummy indicates will happen. They could easily have fast-forwarded/condensed the contents of the previous teen episodes, in hindsight. I have a bad feeling that the explanations at the end will be a copout, and am fervently hoping against that.

          I find this drama much lighter than what it’s going head-to-head with, with K2H just being solidly epic and Queen In Hyun’s Man being a gorgeous dark horse, but I don’t resent it. That was not what it was going for, and that’s ok. It’s strong point was the comedy and characterisations of Princey, his ducklings, Bak Ha, and Mimi and Becky, and I just want it to get back to it’s roots, instead of drowning in makjang waters where it’s too deep for it to swim.

          • spjork

            Exactly. The writers have written themselves a free pass to not have to work around the grandmother impediment. That the characters can do and say pretty much anything now without fear of immediate retribution from grandma goes to show just how lazy the writing has/is set to become. Does not bode well for the tying up of loose ends. I too fear the worst! BAD JUJU.

            For all my whining, though, I don’t hate the show. It was always feel good fluff- a lighthearted break from the strum und drang of TK2H- and I enjoyed it immensely up to episode 10 or so when the strong points you mentioned were in constant play. Lately, not so much to not at all. Like a lot of the others have already stated, I’m just disappointed at all the wasted potential and the show it could’ve been but will not be.

      • 1.1.4 kungfupigeon

        The way I look at it: Since the murder in Joseon, all other attempts at it have gone askew…so they writers figured someone had to get it right. And for someone to get it right, someone had to die. Would you all have preferred one of the ducklings?

        And something on the ducklings. Specifically the “eunuch” and whether or not he’s had the chop. If you think back,when he was doing his crossdressing thing as gisaeng, he was standing up to pee. Eunuchs would usually pop a squat. On account of the having been…well you know. I believe he hasn’t.

        • spjork

          Eunuchs still have their “wands”, so to speak. Castration involves the removal of the testes so an eunuch is more than capable of peeing in a standing position.

          • kungfupigeon

            Oh…I learned something entirely different then. Woops

          • kungfupigeon

            But that would also explain how he got kicked out of the Eunuch occupation for fooling around with maids

  2. Shukmeister

    That punch was soooo satisfyying, and I’m glad they FINALLY got Chairman Jang and Park Ha together.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s epi!

  3. muhloy

    yay! i know my drama watching week has begun with the first rooftop prince recap.

  4. Star

    honestly, i like this drama. But, i think it should’ve been a 16 episode drama instead. The secrets stuff got dragged out a bit too much & i was loosing interest. Some of the tools the writers used were too recycled, like how Chairman Jang was going to open the envelope but the phone rings.

    Now they are going to spend a mere 2-3 episodes to help us understand the really interesting things, like the Joseon murder & time jump & what will happen to Taeyong, and Yi Gak & Pak Ha.

    I hope the writers will provide a satisfying ending for Yi Gak & Pak Ha.

    • 4.1 RamanKuttyGopalan

      “hope the writers will provide a satisfying ending for Yi Gak & Pak Ha.”

      That would be a tall order indeed, there’s nothing satisfying about Yi Gak going back to Josean and Park Ha remains in Metropolitan Seoul. That’s the only way it should end, right? He can’t stay and marry Park Ha neither can he take Park Ha back to Josean else there will be a very BIG change in the history of Korea. It is possible the Korea we know today may cease to exist and we can never watch K-Drama anymore (sob sob).

      • 4.1.1 WM

        I have read many theories about this. There are so many ways for this to play out. Modern day Tae Yong could be taken back with the 3 Joseon Power Rangers, but still be in a coma. No one need know that the king stayed behind, and will instead assume TY is him. The Crown Prince could stay behind and all is well. Or, all 4 return to the Joseon time line, the Crown Prince can fall in love with the Joseon Bak Ha since his heart and eyes are now open, and Tae Yong can wake up and be with Bak Ha. Or, all 4 go back, maybe slipping past their “current” time and back to when they were younger. The Prince can realize it’s not looks he wants, and so falls for the right woman. History is rewritten, so Bak Ha and Tae Yong meet in NY and fall in love. These are the top three theories I’ve seen floating around. Fingers crossed we get a good ending, because we are all so invested now.

    • 4.2 lizzzie

      I think it should have been a 16ep drama too. Or, there should be more Joseon scenes interspersed within the episodes, there could have been a layering of developments and unfolding of secrets between what’s going on in the past (before the time slip) and future. It would have been a lot more interesting. I dunno why the writer didn’t try that.

      • 4.2.1 lucertola

        I’m agreeing here. I don’t like much the characters of the QIMan, but I enjoy the RPrince’s one. I would prefer too, that the Joseon and the current story time would be developed contemporaneously. Sigh…

  5. robee

    thanks a lot fo the quick recap. Looking forward to it.

  6. Aquila

    I too am glad that we didn’t have to wait to episode 19/20 for the birth secret to come out!!

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!!! How is Yi Gak going to pull this off – didn’t he blow his cover?

    • 6.1 Shukmeister

      He implied that the laptop in his bedroom wasn’t his but the previous person (his first incarnation).

      Since it was under books, he wanted Tae Mu to think it was left over from before he was outed.

      So, whether Tae Mu has his suspicions, the laptop isn’t definitive proof.

      That’s my take on it, anyway.

      • 6.1.1 Aquila

        No no… I should of been more precise. Sorry!

        I meant at the end scene when Yi Gak enters the officetel and overhears Sena, Tae-mu comes in and Yi-Gak (in Tae-Yong outfit) comes and talks in Yi-Gak talk before punching Tae-mu.

        Or am I hallucinating? Argh…!! @.@

        • Swye

          I think he is indeed outed. Episode 18 preview kinda shows that.

          • Aquila

            Really? I was too busy flicking the channel to TvN to wait for Queen Inhyun to see the preview for Rooftop… I guess I’ll have to wait till tonight… Thanks for the heads up!

        • Shukmeister

          Well, as Tae Yong, he loves his grandma, and he all but heard Se Na admit to complicity in his g-ma’s death. That may be spinned into thinking Tae Mu had a hand in it, even though it occurred when they were drinking together.

          It’s a stretch I know but they’ve spinned worse in this show.

          • Aquila


            Very true… I’m pretty sure Yi Gak knows that Tae mu was deliberately stalling him… I’m sure that side accident near Grandma’s house will play an important role in the remaining episode… Gut feeling!

  7. Kat

    I’m confused? So BOTH Park-Ha and Se-na are Jang Sun-Joo’s biological daughters?

    • 7.1 Shukmeister

      Um, that secret’s been out for a couple of episodes for the audience…

      • 7.1.1 Kat

        LOL, I haven’t been consistently following the drama.

        • Shukmeister


          Well, The Pathetic Evil Couple found out and tried to keep the info from Chairman Jang by promising to help her find her long-long daughter, then burying any evidence that pointed to Park Ha.

          They burned the complete copy of Park Ha’s picture that Chairman Jang gave them to help with the investigation, then they tried to pawn off Se Na as the long-lost daughter, which fell through as she already knew about Se Na.

  8. la dee dah

    Finally, she knows! I was waiting for Park Ha to finally figure out Jang was her mother and the other way around. I mean, those talks they had in the previous episodes, with Park Ha saying she’s trying to find her mother, and Jang saying she’s trying to find her daughter, I was like “um, hello???”

    And is Sena actually remorseful about her evilness?? But now she belongs in jail (not that she actually pushed the grandma down the stairs, but she pretty much left her to die there). But I’m thinking she may actually turn to the good side in the end…. still hate her with a fiery passion, though.

    I like that Yi Gak is not only trying to one-up Tae Mu, but he’s actually toying with him (with the threatening fax, the picture in the mail, his act with Park Ha about seeing Tae Mu in NY). He doesn’t just accuse Tae mu of doing things, he’s being sinister about it and making him sweat!

    • 8.1 MsGB

      Even if Park Ha didn’t make the connection you would think she would at least show Lady Jang the picture for conversation sake. And I agree about Se Na. Even if it was an accident, there’s a high possibility Halmoni could have been saved. It’s manslaughter.

      Se Na: “Worst. Week. Ever!!”

      • 8.1.1 Len

        (this is really really late and I haven’t seen the remaining episodes yet) but yeah I agree about the manslaughter thing! Like she couldn’t have called 911 and given an anonymous tip?! I don’t care if she was in shock or whatever, she had the wits to call Tae Mu= why she is a selfish evil HGWKDHHfkhhwloh. Although I was surprised she sent that text to Lady Jang at the end and left… it seems the whole finding out that she is actually her mother thing has slapped a little sense into Se Na, and the whole Grandma thing looks like it’ll break her so she may do something almost decent before the drama ends. I’m still craving blood though; I was all TAKE THAT when she realised Lady Jang had found out Park Ha was her daughter and vice versa.

        On a side note I think JB is being pretty harsh with Grandma, yeah she’s not exactly lovable but I felt really sorry for her death, she really did love Tae Yong (I was anticipating they’d have a happy life together when/if he woke up from his coma and Yi Gak left) and she wasn’t exactly evil just misguided in many of her actions. That whole scene with the photo taking and the “My only wish is that you can stay with me like this forever” was really cute and made me sad to think on after her death. Conveniently left that entire scene out in the recap JB …

  9. ilikemangos

    “Also: I always knew Se-na was the better villain! Tae-mu’s got, what, a dozen failed murder attempts and Se-na gets it on her first try? ”

    i LOLed.

    • 9.1 Sameth

      Haha…. I have the exact same thoughts when I watched this

    • 9.2 spjork

      The way I see it, the bitch is so evil she got it right without even trying!

      • 9.2.1 thorned sakura

        yes!100% success rate!hahaha

        only maybe she’s better focusing her strengths on doing nasty things coz she sucks sooo bad at covering it up!hahaha

    • 9.3 SoyB

      I Loled, too! Too, too funny!

  10. 10 rbee

    Thanks JB!
    I just finished watching this episode and am still reeling from Grandma’s demise. I’m really hoping there’s a reason for her death reflected back in Joseon era, otherwise it just feels a bit out of left-field and gratuitous.
    Are the writers really going to be able to wrap this up in only 3 more episodes? Please, please, please…don’t let us all down.
    So glad our warrior ignored his prince and followed him anyway. Loved the butt-kicking, or more accurately, head kicking, of the bad bullies at the beginning. Miss more action from our cute side kicks. Love, love, love them. Can never get enough. Three cheers for the BOYS!!!

  11. 11 anzu

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  12. 12 Heather

    Thanks for the recap!

    Not a huge fan of the episode–lots of plot, but at least things did get moving along…

    However–it was totally worth it for Yong-seol beating up those guys like a boss and the adorable scene with the kiss! They are so adorable together!

  13. 13 kirara

    HAHAH yeah.. Everything is out in the open OH YEAH! And Funny how you are so happy that Grandma is dead.. “ding dong the witch is dead??” ahahah..

    Just love your comments and THANK You for the recaps! So quick today! 🙂

    Man.. Happy endings soon since this is going to be ending soon.. can’t believe it… 🙁

  14. 14 Jennie Lee

    “Honestly, I’m not sure whether it’s better to have him on your own team or on the rival one.”

    I’m with you on that one. LOL

  15. 15 Hui Hui

    I’ve just watch the preview for ep 18.. screw the writer.. Yi Gak got himself into trouble and ended up in jail.. >.<

  16. 16 hanneebuff

    Wow! a lot has happened again and I can barely keep up.

    Grandma dying was a surprise and is Sena finally showing some conscience? Btw, I miss the three ducklings here. T_T

    3 more episodes and this journey is finally over. I thank you JB for continually recapping this and uploading it earlier than the week before.

    • 16.1 spjork

      I think Sena has shown herself to be a sociopath of the highest order and I feel comfortable in saying that she’s probably incapable of feeling true remorse. She doesn’t have anything resembling a conscience but she’s smart enough to have figured out that it’s something other people have and she’s learned to mimic having one.

      If you think back, she’s had plenty of chances to redeem herself and put past wrongs to rights but she, time and again, calculates then chooses to only say and do things which are most strategically advantageous and put her in the best light. When Sena’s on her knees, it’s not because she feels humbled and sorry for her actions, it’s to elicit sympathy and emotionally manipulate her own birth mother. If ever there was a time for her to seek redemption and reveal the truth about Park-Ha/In Joo, that would’ve been it.

      We all saw how suddenly and coldly she cut Tae Mu off once she realized someone with a better set of conditions (Tae Yong) was within her grasp. Even the despicable Tae Mu has more emotional depth and loyalty judging by the fact that he still loved and wanted to marry Sena even after finding out about her background and that she’d been lying to him the whole time.

      The scene where she tells Tae Mu that she’s found out she really is Jang’s daughter after all, you can see how she’s starting to distance herself from him again because, as a daughter of a CEO, she’s decided that she can do better. Tae Mu’s too busy to notice, what with all the dollar (won) signs dancing in front of his eyes but Sena looks at him like he’s something to be disposed of as the ever-running tally in her ledger of a mind says he’s no longer an asset but a liability.

      • 16.1.1 TamTam

        What an accurate description of Sena’s actions in this episode. Especially with her using Tae-mu when convenient. If they only extend the same layered complexity and intrigue for the main conflict.

      • 16.1.2 crazykel

        In other words, she’s a Slytherin to the core.

      • 16.1.3 SoyB

        I totally agree… her actions are that of a sociopath so it’s impossible to feel any sympathy for her. So, I’m really curious about what the show is going to do to her.

        Tae-mu is turning into one, too. The Tae-young accident was an accident and not trying to save him was just maybe possible to forgive, but since then he’s been steadily walking on the darkside.

        So, with both, I feel like the only satisfying ending would be if they are both thrown in jail, but do k-dramas do that? If they are “forgiven” and walking around free after all the evil they’ve done, I’m going to yank all my hair out.

  17. 17 sweetooth

    Thanks javabeans! But er, you somehow missed TaeYong(-gak) & Granny’s selca-scene, which I thought was cute along with the Aunt’s jealousy fit. 🙂

    This episode.. All I can say is.. “Now that it’s all out in the open.. on to Joseon scenes, PLEASE..?”

    • 17.1 CJH

      yeah. i love that scene too. how cute they are together:(

  18. 18 duffy

    LOL at the very quick recap! Haven’t watched it yet (still waiting for the raw and subs) but it feels like I have already 😀

    I too am not affected by Granny’s death partly because her character didn’t grow on me and she wasn’t endearing lately. Although I do agree that her demise is necessary for the plot to move into a more serious and crucial mode.

    On the other hand, I just wanna share this thought from someone from another forum…maybe Granny was

    the one who drowned in the pond? XD

    • 18.1 RamanKuttyGopalan

      Very unlikely. Grandma was nearing 70 more or less and a heavyweight, the body in da pool was slim (thats what i thot), no, it was the crown princess alright or Sena, coz she is going to die too in the final episode. yay!!


    • 18.2 Kiara

      I wish but no, dont think so.

    • 18.3 Korazy Lady

      I almost thought Sena was going to jump in the Han River herself after drinking herself into a stupor. I actually thought it might be persimmon flavored alcohol, as didn’t they say she died from a poisoned persimmon?

      I totally agree with JB on the change up midway, but I still love this drama. I think that since it started out so hilariously with such an absurd premise, I never took it seriously. And I actually feel it moves pretty quickly. But by far this is one of the cutest couples ever, so I could watch just for that reason. That, and the fact that I’ve never seen two people squirm as much as Sena and Tae Mu as they keep digging themselves deeper in their deceit. I would have definitely jumped in the Han River if I was trying to juggle the multitude of lies that Sena is trying to hide!

  19. 19 sootyxsnowpetal

    My question is, with three episodes left, can we really cover everything without it seeming rushed?
    There’s the finish-up with the company inheritance/evil snooty uncle put to justice storyline, then there’s the real-Tae-yong/Tae-mu accident justice, the Se-na evilness being brought out and her being put to justice, and finally the Joseon mystery being solved without it being half an episode. It deserves more than that!

  20. 20 Joy

    thank you 🙂

  21. 21 Pr1ncess61

    In the last screen shot, if that was supposed to be Yi Gak, then why did he leave his glasses on? OR, was he coming in as Tae Yong because he found Se-na’s keys and wanted to confront the both of them together? I haven’t seen the episode yet so I don’t know if he was speaking in his Joseon accent or not.

    Thanks for the quick recap Javabeans! I’m now looking forward to the remaining three episodes and hopefully, all of our questions will be answered, especially with, “what’s going to happen to both Yi Gak and Park Ha?” I really want them to be together! And please, more of the Joseon F4 together!!! I miss them!

    • 21.1 hanie

      Yi Gak is speaking in his Joseon accent at that last scene.

      • 21.1.1 su

        but he said 나쁜자식 which I believe a mordern swear word?

        • Raitei

          I think he did go for the modern swear, but from the preview, he’s speaking with his Joseon accent as he’s framed by Tae Mu as the perpetrator behind Granny’s death (from what I can make out of the scenes anyways)..

    • 21.2 su

      I dont think he was supposed to be Yi Gak. When he said you bastard his speaking voice was Tae Yong’s not the prince’s

  22. 22 Lizzie

    This drama without the chaebol and boring company stuff would be so much better! Why not a 16 episodes drama!

    I prefer less but good plot line episodes, than boring annoying plot line episodes.

  23. 23 JD

    The one dimensional villains are so boring *yawn*

    And Yoochun looks like he’s sporting a layer of lipstick in that last screenshot.

  24. 24 Noelle

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    • 24.1 Noelle

      It’s almost over! =(

      Finally the birth secret is out but I feel so bad for mom. She is losing both her daughters.

      • 24.1.1 John

        I know, poor Gong Man-ok!. Losing both “daughters”. Park Ha needs to take care of her. Chairwoman Jang just said, “thanks”. That’s it?

        C’mon, help her out somehow so she’s not a fish wife the rest of her life.

        Man-Ok would probably be happy to remain a fish wife if Park Ha stayed with her.

        • Kiara

          Ikr? She freaking raised not one but both of them. Its a good thing Park-ha took after her father.

  25. 25 skelly

    Thanks for the recap, it keeps my expectations comfortably low, LOL.

    It’s not that this is a BAD drama, necessarily, but it started so fresh and full of inventiveness and now it is bogged down in the usual tedious disclosure of birth secrets and corporate shenanigans.

    I could never care who had control of the blasted company – it’s a shopping network that only the villain seems to sweat over. Ever notice that Tae-Moo is the only one who seems to do much real work? The prince played at it for awhile, just to make Tae-Moo angry, and Tae-yong couldn’t care less. Granny really did create a lot of divisiveness by refusing to acknowledge his work.

    She was annoying, and not in an interesting way but in a pig-headed stereotype way. Both heroes and villains continue to bring the stupid, while the real interesting mystery, and the interesting people, were left behind in Episode 1.

    When secrets come out and all you can think of is “Finally!” then you’ve got a drama that’s jumped the shark, so to speak. I have the feeling we are going to spend two more episodes on corporate wrangling and Tae-Moo sweating and Sena finding some sort of ridiculous totally undeserved redemption, and then one rushed job tossing out the answers to all of the really interesting questions. What a shame.

    • 25.1 spjork

      You, This, THUMBS UP.

    • 25.2 TamTam

      Agreed. I was slowly losing interest after episode 10. The ducklings and prince in modern Seoul kept me entertained from 1-4 episodes, then 4-10 was about PH and LG’s romance. After that it just got completely bogged down by the company hoo-ha that should only belong in Korean melodramas. It’s really a shame, I thought despite the 20 episode extension, they’d start solving the mystery by episode 16, but instead the focus was still on TM and Sena. Facepalm and move on.

    • 25.3 Cruelsummer


    • 25.4 SoyB

      “I could never care who had control of the blasted company – it’s a shopping network that only the villain seems to sweat over. Ever notice that Tae-Moo is the only one who seems to do much real work? The prince played at it for awhile, just to make Tae-Moo angry, and Tae-yong couldn’t care less. Granny really did create a lot of divisiveness by refusing to acknowledge his work.”

      Jeez, so true. Why do k-dramas always do that… create divisiveness by refusing toe acknowledge the hard work of the “other” person b/c they are so obsessed with giving the company/chairmanship whatever to the “real” heir. Why would you give your hard-worked company to someone that’s not interested and has shown no talent for it… how does that make YOU (granny here) a smart business person?

  26. 26 nonski

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  27. 27 Yue

    Oh wow… I think my brain is failing me now. Too many things going on at once. I really had hoped that Se Na would somehow come to her senses but, I realize that would probably be a foolish hope. She might have backrd out, still, for some reason, I feel bad for it. The grandmother dying was pretty sad for me because now the real Tea Yang wouldn’t be able to see his grandmother one last time. It breaks my heart thinking of that. I was hoping that she’d slip into a coma instead.

    As for Park Ha, I am just glad that she os safe and now the secret is out. It was nerve wrecking to watch the show with the whole drama about her birth. I won’t say that it was one hell of a twist, but, it was an interesting plot.

    I can’t wait for the Tae-Mu & Tea-Yang’s face off. It would be awesome!

    As for the cute moments, Yi Gak making breakfast and loyal duckling still owns heheh..

    Can’t wait for tomorrow and thanks for the recap.

  28. 28 CoH

    i actually think tae mu would make a good ceo…he’s spent so long trying to earn enough credit to deserve the position. meanwhile tae yong did nothing but travel the world and draw. it would have made them happier too, if tae mu was ceo and tae yong became an artist. i think this is all granny’s fault ): if she hadn’t wanted to force tae yong’s destiny, everything would have been fine…
    and i’m still curious about who died in that pond…
    anyways thanks jb!! you are awesome!

  29. 29 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap!

    It’s so true…Se Na was always the better villain and Tae Mu was the wannabe. He didn’t even have the facial expressions down.

    I’m not too, too sad that Grandma is dead, since she was a beeyatch, but it just adds fuel to Yi Gak’s fire to finish what he came to do.

    I wish we saw a little more of the power rangers today, but hopefully we’ll see them tomorrow. Can’t believe it’s ending next week, already!

  30. 30 Daniella

    This episode left me mind blown! As you were, I was totally glad about the birth secrets.

    I have a feeling they won’t touch much on the Josen mystery. They’re going to pull a Salary man tactic where they build up this plot, but leave it un handled. But that’s just my opinion. I hope they do! Can’t wait for tomorrow?

    • 30.1 Shukmeister

      The easiest (and the cheapest IMO) would be for Yi Gak and ducklings to reeturn home and correct their present.

      And then have the present reset so that Tae Yong and Park Ha meet and stick in NYC, and Park Ha never experience / remember Princey and the Ducklings.

      That they could easily do in one episode, but it would be as satisfying as ending a story with “..and the little boy fell out of bed and woke up.” :-/

      • 30.1.1 dea

        I totally agree with you. Maybe because Yi Gak couldn’t be with Bu Yong in the past, he came to the present world to “help” his & BY reincarnation to be together.

        In the end, YG won’t stay in the modern world, as it’s not his fate to be with PH & it can change the history if he takes PH back to the Joseon era.

        It’s actually a really good drama in the beginning, but unfortunately they spent too much time in the birth secret plot. Unless in Joseon era, they also have the same birth secret story? That BY & CP parents are not their real parents? Because if not, the birth secret plot is totally unnecessary.

        • Shukmeister

          I think it’ll be the same birth secret, which is why BY was chosen in the first place – because she is the real daughter of Minister Dad.

          I will amend my previous statement so as this twist may be possible:

          If the boys spike the timeline and go back even before The Body In The Lake happens, then Blue Ahjussi can save his sister/mom, everybody resets in Joseon for a Happy Ending, and so does Modern.

          [sigh] I really really hope I’m wrong.

      • 30.1.2 shirin-noona

        I agree,and I think the writers will actually go for that ending,but that would be THE WORST ENDING EVER!
        Dear writers please hear us!Don’t write a lame ending!Please,please,please!

  31. 31 Mrk

    I really don’t know what to think about the drama anymore.
    The only secret(s) that was the premise of the drama is still unsolved.
    The prince is playing so many characters that I’m surprised he hasn’t slipped up even once. Yoochun is doing a good job playing the various nuances, though.
    And, as all of us agreed, the corporate backstory and the painfully long deroute to identify step-sisters as bio-sisters, needed to be whittled down. And didn’t anyone question why the halmoni sudden didn’t care for TaeYoung 3.0 to take over the business anymore. Didnt we spend episodes over make-him-a-CEO?
    I predict that the next 3 episodes will be rushed. And that will be a sad way to go for a drama that started out with so much potential.

  32. 32 jiajia

    thank you!

  33. 33 Koreandramasrock

    “I always knew Se-na was the better villain! Tae-mu’s got, what, a dozen failed murder attempts and Se-na gets it on her first try? ” Bahaha…
    Also I was sorely disappointed in this episode as they tried to make grandma into a good person at the thirteenth hour and then killed her. Like you, I did NOT feel bad that she died! =.=

    • 33.1 spjork

      Honestly, I felt more upset about the naeng-myun (the thing in the plastic bag that Tae Yong had brought) that was going to go to waste.

      • 33.1.1 xsilx


  34. 34 hanie

    Thanks for the recap. Anyway, I’m glad that we finally move along since only 3 episodes left and so many thing to do!!! This birth secret should be out few episodes ago… I feel that RP spent so much time on birth secret and company problems when they suppose to solve the Joseon mystery. Hopefully they addressed this in the next episode. I would feel bitter if they only give us 1 final episode to wrap everything related to Joseon and call it a day. I mean, I know the relation btw current people/world with Joseon but at least revisited the original issue now to find possible solution.

    • 34.1 mrk

      They have to find out the CLUE in the present era that will tie in with solving the MURDER that happened in the past.
      They have to go back to the past to bring justice to the crime.
      They have to give “happy endings” to the J4 – and the ducklings have expressed that they will happier in the past. So atleast they will go to the past since they havent formed any attachments in the present that will stop them, unlike the Prince’s.
      They have to bring justice to TaeYoung1.0’s comatose state.
      They have to bring justice to Halmoni’s death.
      They have to solve the corporate ownership now that the Halmoni Chairwoman is dead.

      Augh!! too much to do in 3 episodes.

      Why am I getting upset over a mere drama, you say?

  35. 35 Jackie

    Where can I watch the Episode 18 preview…?? Im dying to watch it!! Pleasee…

  36. 36 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, JB!

    After numerous near-deaths, attempted murders gone awry, etc., how totally refreshing was it to have a character actually DIE?! And I really kinda laughed when it was Se-na who inadvertently caused pissy Granny’s demise.

    How cute were those ducklings sitting curbside, waiting for their imprinted parents to arrive? Have to agree with JB – that reunion/rescue in the refrig truck really was a ‘huh?’ moment. Dude, get her OUT of the freezer before you start your heartfelt emoting. I half expected to see an icicle hanging off her nose.

    • 36.1 blergh

      I actually did laugh when granny fell down the stairs, just because of the absurdity and predictability of it. I was kinda hoping RTP would stay away from some of the more “convenient” plot devices often thrown in for a little extra conflict, but…..no. Although I guess Park-ha’s multiple near-death experiences should have clued me in.

      • 36.1.1 spjork

        Predictable is too right. The saccharine sel-ca scene gave it away. As soon as grandma said “I just want us to be together like this all the time,” I knew her number was up.

    • 36.2 Kiara

      “I half expected to see an icicle hanging off her nose”.

      ROFL ….” Dumb and Dumber” flash back.

  37. 37 Byj_angel

    This drama could have been finished with just 16 episodes. The story dragged on in the middle & what with the makjang version of missing daughter & mother? Like does it really take several episodes to finally find out she’s your daughter? Duh!

  38. 38 Jackie

    Dear DramaGods, I dont want to see a disappointed ending next week. I’ll be good! Promise… ; -(
    I super loves this kdrama.

  39. 39 lizzzie

    It’s come to the point where I find the best thing to do is stop going WTH at where the story is going and what questions are left unanswered… and just enjoy how adorable Yoochun is. While the drama is still on and his cuteness on display. Like the kiss. I think it was pretty cute he used the same words he used to threaten Parkha with, something like… if you don’t shut up I’m going to tear your lips off. Only now in a totally different meaning. Why so suggestive?

    • 39.1 Raitei


      I’m missing all the wackiness that is the 3 ducklings, I’m getting irritated at all the stalling, and I’m hoping they would reveal everything already. BUT, I still want and try to enjoy the drama. It’s one I’ve grown to love, so regardless of all the silliness it presents, I will endure. After all, there are just 3 more episodes… 🙂

  40. 40 Swye

    Since I am still waiting to discuss the latest episode of my love that is K2Hs, I figured I could entertain some questions that this drama has me pondering.

    1) Why did the Princey and the four ducklings start weaving in and out of the present from the moment he kissed Park-ha. Was it just a co-incidence or is there more to it.

    2) Even if the above WAS a co-incidence, what exactly is causing the four to weave in and out? From what we know, Taeyong is not showing any progress, so it can’t be that they are weaving in and out of the present as Taeyong is weaving in and out of consciousness.

    3) When they are weaving in and out, shouldn’t they feel something? aside from appearing translucent and not being able to grab things. You are between this world and some unknown. How is it that you don’t feel anything?

    4) What was in the history books that made Park-ha sad? And why hasn’t she talked about it to ANYONE? Did the writers just forgot about it and dropped the idea?

    5) More importantly, why hasn’t any of the four even thought about referring to the history books to figure few things out? After watching Boong-do in QIHM, I can’t help but think that Man-bo must’ve been one lousy scholar in Joseon.

    6) How come the two lovers from different times have not for once had a conversation about what it means for them to be in a relationship. Does Yi-gak want to stay in the present? Does he want to go back with the ducklings? Does he want to go back, solve the mystery and come back to Park-ha? They must’ve thought of SOMETHING, right? or atleast had a conversation about where all this is going?

    Finally, are we going to get a satisfying closure to all our characters? Are three episodes even enough to answer all the important questions.

    And what with Yi-gak sent to jail and what not, I don’t see us getting any significant progress tomorrow.
    *******END of SPOILER******

    The show started out so well, and not it churning out cliches after cliches. The thought of of this show could’ve been saddens me. so much potential. lost.

    • 40.1 mrk

      true dat

    • 40.2 spjork

      My thoughts/predictions:

      1) They will probably come up with an explanation for this one but it will be unsatisfying for most– like seeing a round peg being forced through a square hole.

      2) Tae Yong has been in a coma for 2 years yet has the same stylish *expensive as hell* haircut as Yi Gak. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

      3) If *you* saw your boyfriend becoming translucent, cutting in and out like he’s a weak signal on a cheap television set, would you not say anything to him about it or bring it up with his friends to compare notes?

      4) Seriously. I think you and your boyfriend have *major* relationship issues when all you do is verbally abuse him by calling him a dummy/idiot/fool and all he does is threaten you with ancient forms of torture. Then when you DO talk it’s almost always about omurice. TALK STRATEGY, TELL EACH OTHER THE IMPORTANT, POSSIBLY LIFE-ALTERING CLUES WHICH HAVE BEEN DROPPED EVER SO CONVENIENTLY AT YOUR FEET.

      5) I have seen ALL of the Back To The Future movies. When you’re in the future the FIRST thing you do before you do anything else is to read up on the past. When you’re in the past, make sure you don’t kiss your own mom.

      6) F all of that. How are they all going to manage without omurice when they go back to Joseon? No tomatoes for ketchup, nevermind no ketchup!

      • 40.2.1 Swye

        “When you’re in the past, make sure you don’t kiss your own mom.”


    • 40.3 jyyjc

      Whoa you raised a question I’ve completely forgot about. What DID parkha read in that history book that made her upset?

    • 40.4 MenCallMeBacon

      4) I’ve read some articles theorizing that Yi Gak is modeled after Joseon’s 20th King, Gyeongjong (Lady Jang’s son). I won’t go into details, but if it is true, what she read would have made her sad].

      And I concur, the whole not talking to each other–either between the Joseon 4 or Yi Gak and Bak Ha–has been bothering me for awhile. Things will go much smoother on the solving mystery front, if they actually shared information, or talked about their theories. For example, look how much they got accomplished when Yi Gak and ducklings burned the midnight oil walking and talking on the rooftop? Yi Gak finally realized that the Crown Princess was not what she appeared to be because Chi San finally told him.

  41. 41 RibyBooWhoo

    Park Ha and Yi Gak r just toooo cuteeeee…cant wait for next eps recap :))

  42. 42 PAZ_PRANZ

    I am a little disappointed because I feel like I’m in a roller coaster that there is no end to solve the mystery of the present time but still the real mystery (Joseon time) still hanging on.

    But still I enjoy watching it even I feel that way but I hope the ending give us satisfaction and we could say that is worth to watch it 🙂

  43. 43 lindyb3ar07

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  44. 44 singhi26

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    I am so glad that PH and her mom could reunite, I hope the mom never forgives Sena for what she did and I really really want PH to tell both moms what Sena did when she abandoned her when she was 9. I must confess that I had the smallest hope that she would repent, but when she went home and started hiding the pics uggghhh …and what happened with the grandma, i would hate her less if she would have called the ambulance, who knows the grandma could have survived…she should be in jail, the fact that they filmed the number or whatever was that of the accident means that it will be used later as witnesses, and TM what can I say…he is just horrible, i laugh everytime he puts that scared face omg i can’t wait for the downfall of those two.
    I won’t mind one whole episode of happy Joseon 4 and PH, that would be so sweet. and they have been kissing in every episode lately, it is almost natural hehehe, i’m waiting for the news that they are dating in real life

  45. 45 anotheraddict

    Thanks, jb! Ding-dong, the witch is dead… Maybe that’s not the intended effect, but hey, I’m happy about it and isn’t that what really matters? LOL… and absolutamente!

    Let’s see… if Se Na and Park Ha were blood sisters in Joseon times, they’re probably blood sisters in 2012, right? Bingo! Okay, then if Se Na caused a death in 2012 and tried to make it so that no one knew the truth, isn’t there a strong possibility that she did the same in Joseon, too? I say: Bo Kyung, I mean, bingo!

    Speaking of games, I wish I could play high-stakes poker with Tae Mu, because then I’d be rich!

  46. 46 Eva

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    I got the thought that the 2 eras are “running” together, so if granny died in the modern era, someone in Joseon era with POWER is dead… and that should be the KING, who is Yi Gak’s father…

    and this implies that the writer is sending Yi Gak back to the Joseon era SOON

    • 46.1 mrk

      whoa! I like the way you think. 🙂

    • 46.2 MenCallMeBacon

      I like this! It reminds me of the scenes way back in Episode 1 where the King looked rather unwell, holding a handkerchief to his mouth. At the time, I thought it was age-related, but now there might be something more to it.

      The parallels between timelines are getting me NERVOUS because under my working theory Yi Gak and Bak Ha are in big trouble.

      Given the limited amount of details we got in Joseon timeline, I couldn’t help but think that the target of the assassination attempt was Yi Gak and not the Crown Princess. The poisoned persimmons were on the table brought to Yi Gak and the Crown Princess, who was in the room, so we can’t know for sure who was the target. The woman in the pond (the Crown Princess or Bu Yong; it’s Bu Yong, in my opinion) is in there because: 1) she ate the persimmons and is collateral damage; 2) she died attempting to protect the prince. Also, Episode 1 ends with an obvious trap set for Yi Gak and baddies shooting arrows at our J4.

      This means…Yi Gak’s and Bak Ha’s lives are in danger?

      This show makes my head hurt.

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    But thanks to you I know that I was pretty dead on with most of my assumptions. Can’t wait for the next recap. (^^)b

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      Same here. Loved every episode – and if it is 20 episodes then that’s enough. Am very easily bored with dragging out episodes, didn’t find that happening with rooftop prince. I was hooked from the very beginning, and it continued right up to the present time. Some people I think base their opinions on what other people say, and others didn’t watch it properly, things that were covered in the episodes – they were confused about. e.g although it was covered that both girls were CEO Jang’s daughters, she knew about the older one but was looking for the youngest, some people were wondering how she had 2 daughters. Everyone is different. I found it very entertaining and loved every minute of it. Personally speaking I hope that Bak Ha ends up with Yi Gak in the Joseon times and Bak Ha ends up with Tae Yong in the modern times. He came forward in time to correct a wrong, because Bu Yong was killed (though he didn’t know and was dressed in the Princess clothes) he thought it was his Princess, ( who by the way was involved in a conspiracy to usurp the throne). that’s my spin on it – until next Wednesday and Thursday.

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      • 49.1.1 Kiara

        err I’m

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    Happy ending for me is a Lee Gak and Park-Ha ending. From what we have watched, I don’t think that is gonna happen. Sigh!! (and goes back to watching video clips of Lee Gak and Park Ha sweet acts)

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