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Rooftop Prince: Episode 19
by | May 23, 2012 | 161 Comments

It’s a surprisingly moving episode, one that I didn’t expect given the dumbness of last week. But when you take away the tired corporate plots, resolve the villain conflict, and remove them from the picture, what’s left? Turns out it’s all the good stuff that made me enjoy the show so much in the first place. When we get to focus on relationships that matter to us, the result can be unexpectedly poignant. WHO KNEW.


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So we’re at the lake, where Tae-mu botches another murder attempt. (Take a shot! What do you mean, this isn’t a drinking game yet? It should be, except we’d all be trashed by now.)

Our four main players are all present as Park-ha shoves Yi Gak out of the car’s oncoming path. Tae-mu slams into her instead, sending her shooting into the air and splashing into the lake. Damn, are you really going to kill her off, just to make the reincarnation cycle complete?

Tae-mu peels out and picks up Se-na, both of them reeling from this unexpected turn of events. Yi Gak sees Park-ha floating in the water and is struck with deja vu, his reaction now mirroring his reaction to losing his wife in his Joseon life. Damn, sucks to be him. Tae-yong escapes all this emotional turmoil (granted, he IS a vegetable), while Yi Gak has to live out the grief twice? Dude’s having a real bad month.

Yi Gak jumps into the water and cradles her limp body, crying out in denial that this can’t be. But she’s unresponsive and sporting a large head wound (though I think it would’ve been cooler if the show had made her wound resemble Bu-yong’s burn scar).

As she’s rushed to the hospital, Yi Gak flashes back to a sweet moment between them under their special tree, when they’d been sitting there enjoying each other’s company and she’d said, “I wish time could stop like this.” In the flashback, Park-ha closes her eyes in sleep, an ominous sign…

The conspirators take themselves to an out-of-the-way house for the meantime. Se-na is wracked with guilt, while Tae-mu is a lot less troubled. She asks, “Park-ha wouldn’t have died, would she?” but Tae-mu tells her coldly that what’s done is done; there’s no use thinking useless thoughts.

Tae-mu’s plan is to hide out here until he can secure passage for them on a boat going abroad. He intends to leave as soon as he can find an exit route.

Se-na picks up a call from Yi Gak (making sure Tae-mu doesn’t see), and asks anxiously after Park-ha. He tells her to meet him, and she comes to the hospital where Park-ha lies unconscious, hooked up to a respirator. The sight rattles Se-na badly; she’s well on her way to cracking, but she tries to leave quickly before she breaks.

Yi Gak clocks her reaction and presses her, saying that Park-ha will die soon if left like this. The impact of the car injured her liver badly, and now she needs a transplant. He asks her to save Park-ha’s life, reminding her that she’s her sister.

She tries to deny it, but he doesn’t buy it. He brings up the topic of reincarnation, explaining that they were sisters in a past life as well. But when she starts to leave and he grabs for her arm, it passes right through—he’s fading again.

At least in this case, it provides some proof of his claim—it’s strange enough to back up his explanation of the parallel lives. He tells Se-na that the reason Park-ha didn’t call the police yesterday was to save both Yi Gak and Se-na: “Because you are her sister.”

He uses all these arguments to appeal to her to save her sister, saying that they have to sever the bond of badness that connects them, both now and in their past lives. He hands over the evidence implicating Se-na in her crimes—the apartment keycard, the phone memory card—telling her he doesn’t need them anymore: “Just save Park-ha.”

This shakes Se-na badly, till she’s sobbing in the street. When she returns to her safehouse, Tae-mu’s pacing impatiently for her, but she tells him firmly that she won’t go with him. Park-ha’s lying in the hospital, “And I’m the only one who can save her.”

Yi Gak and the ducklings race to the hospital responding to the doctor’s urgent news, and despair to hear that Park-ha has taken a turn for the worse. It’s then that he gets a call from Tae-mu, who uses Se-na as his bargaining chip: If they want that life-saving transplant surgery, then Yi Gak is to hand over the inheritance and disappear.

The two men meet to make the hand-off. Tae-mu takes the documents and tells Yi Gak that Se-na will be at the hospital at the appointed hour.

But as Se-na notes in the car ride, Tae-mu heads in a different direction, reneging on the deal. Now that they have all the company’s assets, they can live abroad comfortably… which makes no sense to me since you’d still be acting like a fugitive. Why not just stay at home and enjoy all your luxury here?

Se-na argues that they should honor their end of the bargain, but Tae-mu says that he got the money, and that’ll make her happy. He says that there are other people at the hospital who can save Park-ha, and when Se-na’s phone rings with a call from “Yong Tae-yong,” he warns her not to answer. Reluctantly, she rejects the call.

Man-bo reports that he’s found the location of a vacation house in Tae-mu’s father’s name, so they head down immediately. They’re too late to catch the runaways, but they do find the right house and see that it hasn’t been long since the house was vacated.

Se-na fidgets nervously as Tae-mu drives, hiding her cell phone in her purse. She calls Yi Gak, who eagerly answers and hears Se-na asking leading questions of Tae-mu, to convey their plan. That gives Yi Gak the destination (China) and time of departure (7 pm), and he immediately starts heading for the harbor.

The villains arrive, and Tae-mu points out their getaway boat. Se-na pulls free of him and declares that she’s not going, just as Yi Gak comes screeching up to the pier. Tae-mu shakes her, asking why she alerted him to their plans, but Se-na slaps him and yells at him to come to his senses.

The men grapple on the dock, and oh boy, somebody’s gonna die, aren’t they?

This gives Se-na the chance to run to Yi Gak’s car and lock herself in while Tae-mu shouts for her. The ducklings come screeching up in their car, and Yi Gak shouts at them to take Se-na to the hospital for the surgery. She hops from one car to the other, and off they go, leaving the cousin-killers still fighting.

Tae-mu’s getaway vessel decides that it’s waited long enough and starts pulling out of the harbor, leaving him to literally miss the boat. Tae-mu runs off as if in pursuit, and this gives him the chance to hide as Yi Gak chases him. Tae-mu attacks from behind wielding a stick, and who do you think you are, Equator Man?

Yi Gak goes down and braces for a blow, but asks why he killed Tae-yong. Tae-mu warns that if he tells him, Yi Gak has gotta die, and starts his Scooby Doo moment of revealing his whole nefarious plot instead of just killing the guy when he has the chance. Tae-mu explains the fight on the boat and how after his cousin hit the water, he found that he didn’t want to save him, that he must have always wanted him gone.

Exposition done, Tae-mu goes in for the deathblow, but his foot gets caught in the debris littering the pier, and he misses. Yi Gak takes advantage and fights back, though he gets hit a couple more times. And then, police sirens sound, sending Tae-mu skittering like a cockroach when the lights flick on.

Sadly for him, he runs right into the path of the police car and finds himself trapped. See, you shoulda just killed him and escaped when you had your shot. Lordy, he’s so terrible at being a criminal that I actually want to help him do it better.

Tae-mu finds himself surrounded and read his rights. He scoffs to hear he’s being arrested and demands evidence. Yi Gak produces a voice recorder from his pocket, which has oh-so-fortunately escaped destruction in Tae-mu’s rage fit. He hands it over to the cop, and Tae-mu is brought to his knees.

In the hospital, the sisters are wheeled in together on side-by-side gurneys, and for once Se-na looks at Park-ha with fondness, taking her hand.

The next thing we know, Park-ha’s eyes are fluttering open as she lies in a VIP hospital room, with Yi Gak hovering at her bedside. Her first words are, “Are you okay, Highness?”

In relief, he calls her a fool for worrying about him and warns her never to do something like this again. He promises, “From now on I’ll do anything for you.”

Park-ha holds out her hand, pinky outstretched, ready to seal that with a pinky-swear.

Yi Gak makes Pyo Taek-soo president of the company and asks him to take care of it till Tae-yong wakes up. Taek-soo thanks him for acting the part of Tae-yong to protect the company, and says, “To us, you were the real Tae-yong.”

Se-na visits Park-ha in the hospital, genuinely contrite, and the sisterly bond is awkward but on the mend. Park-ha thanks her for saving her life, and Se-na confesses that she’s on her way to the police station. Taking Park-ha’s hand in hers, she tells her to be healthy.

Park-ha is back to calling her unni, and says, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Both of Se-na’s mothers see her off, telling her that they’re on her side and will accept her with open arms, no matter what she did. Mom says that she’s atoned for her sins by saving Park-ha’s life, and assures her she’ll be fine. Se-na breaks down into tears, and they hug her.

The ducklings know that the end of their time here is approaching, but want to do something to repay Park-ha for her kindness. They’re ready to take up part-time jobs to help with the hospital fee, and what if Yi Gak sets up a store for her?

The next day, off they go to a drama shoot—sageuk, naturally. They’re dressed as random extras, and when one of the swordfighting actors keeps messing up, Yong-sool offers himself for the task. He’s so impressive that he earns quite a lot of buzz as an overnight sensation for his drama, which is literally titled Two Duos. Hee.

Chi-san pulls in some cash through street-performing. On the gayageum, ha, which earns him buzz as a “comet of the classical music world.”

And Man-bo… writes a script titled Joseon Scandal. HAHA. That, of course, is also a smash hit in an open competition and wins the 300 million won prize.

The boys hand over their huge stacks of cash to Yi Gak, who in turn uses it to buy a store. Since logic and reality has never been this drama’s strong point, I’m going with “This is adorable” rather than “This is absurd and nonsensical.” Yes, it is all those things, but I’ve long missed the boys’ camaraderie and the drama’s cheeky sense of humor, so like Se-na’s sin-forgiving mothers, I welcome these back with open arms.

It also has a nicely circular tie-in to when she first met the boys and provided more obstacles than assistance in her fruit and vegetable shop. But it’s not the same, because the new business has got Yi Gak’s own stamp on it: Park-ha’s Sweet Juice. Fruit for her, sweet sugary drinks for him.

They welcome her back from the hospital and drive home in Yi Gak’s SUV, with the boys bickering in the back about being cramped and in each other’s space. But then something strange happens: Chi-san literally disappears, leaving only four people in the car.

They worry that he time-leaped completely unprepared, dressed in modern wear and with no warning. They rush home panicking, and Man-bo urges the prince to change into his Joseon clothing immediately. Yong-sool spots the rooftop family photo and notices that Chi-san is now missing from it.

It’s a bittersweet moment for all, but especially for Park-ha, who will soon be abandoned. She gets an idea, and in a mini-commercial, she opens up her phone and clicks through a few nifty features, capturing an image and sending Yi Gak an invitation to join her here. Because why text when you can advertise all the cool functions of the Galaxy Note, with its stylus and photo-capture and -editing capabilities?

He gets the message and opens his own Galaxy Note smartphone, finding her personalized e-card invitation, replete with video message telling him to hurry.

Commercial over. Yi Gak finds Park-ha and they send each other cute bashful looks for a while before she finally speaks, telling him all he needs to do is to say “Uh-huh” to everything she says.

The questions: “You like me, don’t you?” He smiles, and makes the appropriate Uh-huh response. “I like you too.” More smiles, another Uh-huh. “…marry me.”

What?! I didn’t see that coming, but props to her for beating him to the proposal. It surprises him so much that he stares in silence, smile fading into seriousness, while she babbles on about what a proposal is.

Then Yi Gak takes her by the hand and leads her to her store. Going inside and turning on the lights, he tells her that this is his reply: “You must live on here, and I must leave. You will have to lead your own life.” He presents her with the store, which makes her retort that she didn’t ask him for this. But he reminds her that Chi-san has gone, and he might be right behind him.

She cuts him off: “That’s why I’m saying to marry. Let’s do as others do—do you think people marry thinking they’ll live together a hundred, two hundred years? I’ll be happy with even one day.” He tries to reason with her logically, but she says she doesn’t want to live in fear of that sad ending, paralyzed into doing nothing. And if their fate is to have things cut short midway through? Then that’s nothing they can control.

He asks, “Why are you trying to make such painful memories?” Park-ha returns, “Why is that pain? I want to make memories of being married to you. If I marry, I want it to be with you.”

He argues that he wants her to live well after he’s gone, comfortable and secure. She fires back that feeding the body while starving the heart is pointless. The surviving part is something she can handle on her own—it’s the marriage part she needs him for.

He tells her not to be stubborn. Fighting tears, she walks out.

In the ensuing days, the remaining boys worry over Park-ha, who spends all her days working. Man-bo kneels before the prince to mitigate the challenging question he asks—whether Yi Gak is upsetting Park-ha because of his impending Joseon time-warp. Yong-sool joins him in kneeling, adding that such behavior is unbecoming of a man.

So Yi Gak goes to his thinking tree to reconsider Park-ha’s request, and comes to some kind of conclusion. But when he races back to the rooftop to confront Park-ha, his words are angry as he demands, “Do you feel better for worrying me sick? Fine, do as you want! If that’s what you want, then I’ll do it!”

Not exactly romantic words of proposal, and she mutters, “What I want? You don’t even know what that is.”

She’s not getting it, so he calls her a dummy and clarifies, “I’m saying, let’s do as you want and marry.”

Once those words sink in, she throws her arms around him, and he swings her around in a happy circle.

Date time. He takes her to the palace grounds, giving her a tour from his perspective, noting that it hasn’t changed in all these years. She grumps that they should be busy with wedding preparations, and he amends, “There is one thing that has changed—you. In Joseon, you were not so noisy.” Hehe.

She pouts, but he adds that she was beautiful both then and now, pulling her in for a peck on the lips. Then he ducks around a building and crouches down under the foundation, feeling around for something amidst the rocks lodged there.

He finds what he’s looking for, and holds out his hand, revealing a jade button of the type that was worn on the head. He explains hiding it there in his youth, and gives it to her as a wedding gift.

She threads it through her necklace to wear the button around her neck, and he refastens the clasp for her. Now, he declares it’s time to go to the wedding hall.

Adorably, the boys trail behind them singing the Wedding March like little children. They’re proud of the selection, but she adds that she’d like to marry someplace else, actually.

With that, they head out in the elevator, which takes them down to the ground level… or it tries to, except that the lights start to flicker. And when they flicker back on, two ducklings are gone. Eek!

On the upside, the boys have been preparing for their return and have insisted on carrying around backpacks full of supplies for the time-skip. On the downside, they’re gone!

Yi Gak and Park-ha are thoroughly spooked and clasp hands tightly, afraid of losing each other. They keep those fingers intertwined all day, eating dinner with their other hands, preferring the inconvenience to the fear of the alternative.

They lie in bed at night still holding hands, hoping everything worked out well for their boys. He tells her Thank you, though it’s in the past tense as though it’s already over, as if to say, “I was thankful for everything.” Park-ha tells him not to say things like that, but he adds, “I was sorry.” She tells him again not to say that, so he adds, “I love you.”

She asks him to repeat it, and goes to bed clutching his chest.

Then it’s wedding day, and Park-ha presents Yi Gak with a gift of her own. It’s a gold disk on a chain, matching her jade pendant. He promises to always wear it near his heart, and then they head outside to their rooftop, which they’ve decorated for the ceremony.

It’s not a legal ceremony so much as it’s a symbolic one, so they have no other guests. They trade their vows, promising to love and respect each other forever.

They kiss, and it seems as though their matching necklaces react… or maybe it’s the changing sensation they both feel, because when they break the kiss, they stare at each other in dismay.

He’s already fading, right before her eyes. He gives her a reassuring nod, and she fights her tears as she nods back. He lifts a hand to her face, as though to wipe her tears away, and then he’s gone.

She sobs, “A-are you gone? Can you hear me?” But he’s really gone.

She berates herself for not thinking faster, not saying more: “I sh-should have said goodbye. I should have said take care…”


Oof, I wasn’t expecting to really care about the way this series ends other than wanting to satisfy my curiosity about the plot, but this episode sure brought out some nice emotional beats. Once you clear away all that corporate mumbo-jumbo, there really is a heart to the show, and it’s too bad it’s been neglected in favor of all that inheritance-murder-impostor business.

The show has had an unfortunate habit of spending lots of time on tedious points, then dropping them unceremoniously. Remember when Yi Gak was gonna marry Se-na, and when Grandma was intent on making Tae-yong CEO, and when Se-na tried to kill her sister, and when there was a mystery to solve about someone dying in a pond? Some stories were resolved in the most cursory fashions, while others just faded away.

To take a glass-half-full approach to that issue, at least we dropped a lot of troublesome plotlines in this episode and picked up others that actually had resonance. I’m a lot more willing to let plot logic slide (er, lack of logic, I mean) when what we get in exchange is finally some movement on the emotional front.

There’s also Se-na’s “redemption”—or at least path to rehabilitation, because I don’t think giving up part of your liver to save your sister quite cancels out the part where you abandoned her, or took out a hit on her life.

This drama does the typical drama thing with the eleventh-hour villain turnaround, whereby we’re supposed to allow the change of heart to negate the prior wrongs, and I never think that’s entirely effective. On the other hand, I do think Jung Yumi has played Se-na with a little more range of emotion than we get from this usual stock type, so I do buy her remorse at the end, and turning yourself in for crimes is a lot more than many a person would do.

I did like the way the show depicts the ducklings’ departures, one by one, and the way this instills a sense of growing panic with our time-crossed lovers. You feel that unease in a palpable way, thinking he might disappear at any moment, and it’s an effective way to get us invested in their decision to marry. It’s a bittersweet sentiment, to want to marry the person you love even knowing they’re about to leave you, because there’s value into taking that step, of making that vow.

Now it’s up to the finale to wrap things up and give us some sort of resolution. And given that these two have pledged to love each other forever, time and space be damned, I sure as heck am not going to be satisfied with reincarnation-duplicates. You hear me, Fate? *Shakes fist threateningly.* I won’t demand a Happily Ever After for these two, but c’mon, some Happy For the Time Being would be nice.


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  1. rbee

    I bawled like a baby through this episode. Off to read your recap, JB. Thank YOU!

    • 1.1 kdramapedia

      So did I. I was watching at work and tried so hard to not let anyone see me sobbing at my desk, lol.

      • 1.1.1 Stacy

        Me three. Now to squall again as I read the recap. ::sniffsniff::

      • 1.1.2 rbee

        I sooo didn’t expect to cry, either. Like JB, I started the episode just wanting to find out the story resolution. Halfway through, the waterworks started. I was afraid my 17 year old daughter was going to walk in on my crying. She loves to tease me about my crazy Kdrama viewing…and my teariness. Stinker. 😉

        • ~Feather~

          here’s a 17 year old that would cry along with you!

          • rbee

            Oh ~Feather~…consider yourself adopted then!

        • Nutella's Soul

          I was watching it with my little sister, so I held it aaalll in.. but I bet imma bawl when I read this recap after I finish watching TK2H. I adored this episode. It felt like the world was righted again with the deft hands of the narrator after weeks of spinning off-kilter. But apparently righting the axis of the world results in many many unshed tears and emotional anguish for everyone involved TT_TT

          • rbee

            Oh dear, I’m off to watch K2H right now, Nutella’s Soul, and I can’t help but think there are more tears to come. I’ll see you in the DB K2H recap line later. *runs off to lock bedroom door to insure uninterrupted tear shedding*

      • 1.1.3 NewKDramaAddict

        I watched from work too! Big mistake!

    • 1.2 danny

      TIME and SPACE be DAMNED. Is my favorite line now. hehehe! THat’s the epitome of LOVE. Can’t wait for the last episode. I really hope that body floating in the pond is NOT dead and that Crown Prince will get his HAppy ending too in his Joseon time. As for Park Ha, sigh, I just wish her memories will be resetted before she met those four. Or else it would be very difficult for her not to compare the two . The manner of talking as well as personality wise.

      • 1.2.1 Rule

        why would you want the crown prince to get back with the mean sister, i hope he ends with the sister and be happy
        And Park Ha to start a romance with the coma guy

    • 1.3 singhi26

      me too, this episode was so touching, specially the ending, i even cried when Sena was holding PH’s hand in the hospital, i am going to miss this drama so much. If they cannot be happy in this lifetime, let them be happy in the next reincarnation, since with Sena breaking the circle of ill fate, that means next time, PH and LG will be together.

    • 1.4 JG

      *sniff* I adore this episode.

    • 1.5 mariolawpanda

      I totally didn’t expect this kind of episode. I was pleasantly surprised. I was sobbing at the end. I wish they skipped all the crap and went straight to the love cause its so good.

  2. jiajia

    that kiss was so passionate & beautiful.
    yoochun and ji min should like date for real. love RTP!

    • 2.1 wonda

      Oh the kiss was so passionate, so real. I really felt the emotion in the kiss. It wasn’t a kiss just added in to the drama. It captured the moment quite nicely.

      I was balling so hard at the end.

      I know some people have been hard on the writers for adding the inheritance battle plot. But it seems those kind of family battle story lines are loved in Korea, cause they are prominent in most kdramas, regardless of genre i.e. comedy, romance, melodrama etc.

      Yoochun has really elevated his acting and I hope to see him in more dramas. I think he needs a long break after this drama, cause this drama wrecked him emotionally and physically. He needs some TLC.

      one more episode…

  3. Kiara

    Thank you JB. We have been spoiled by a certain show that shall remain nameless but I have to stop by and say goodbye to my prince.

    • 3.1 Kayleigh

      Yeah, can you imagine the tears that will be shed when that series nears it’s end. I’m bracing myself.

  4. Hya


  5. danny

    i don’t know how would it be, if Crown Prince will return to Joseon and Tae Yong will fall in love with Park Ha, how can Park Ha differentiate her feeling between the two.

  6. Briggy(@subin70)

    I cried a lot watching this episode.I got attached to those boys and I can’t take them leaving.so heartbreaking.I cried more than Park Ha.I can’t imagine losing someone I’ve grown to love.sobs sobs.Now I need to take a bath!! Sheesh

  7. Ivoire

    Thank you so much for the fast recaps. We really appreciate it. I will come back and read later.

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    This ep totally made me cry at the end. Thanks for recapping! I will miss your recaps for this.

  9. Aquila

    Was it me or did I just felt flat when I saw Tae-mu being arrested and Sena making up with Park Ha?

    It felt so anti-climatic… 🙁

    But I had a bit of a cry when Yi Gak left… Poor Park Ha…

    Hope tonight’s episode will bring closure – I want my happy ending dammit!!!!

    • 9.1 Florentine Lily

      Agreed. It was a bit anti-climatic. It was also the run-of-the-mill, over-used formula I’ve seen in too many K-Dramas to be surprised.

      I started out this episode not really emotionally connected to the characters. But when Chi-San disappeared, my heart started beating faster. Not because the show was ending but because it meant that Yi Gak was that much closer to leaving her. Park-Ha would lose her love to time but she had to be tortured through a countdown (the rangers disappearing) first. That must have hurt and scared her the most.

      Regardless of the annoying script (ep. 11-18) and fumbling plot, the actors need to be given a standing ovation. They are the main reason I’ve stuck with this show for this long. Each one played his/her character to a tee.

      • 9.1.1 Aquila

        Totally agree… Especially Yoochun… Wasn’t too happy with his acting (or lack of) in Miss Ripley but this drama really showed his broad range of acting. So congrats to him!!!

        Personally I have an attachment to Yong Sool… And Man Bo – Which btw whatever happened to Becky and Mimi… And Man Bo’s love(?) relationship with Mimi…

        • houstontwin

          Good point! Wasn’t Mimi writing a manhwa about the boys?

        • gingeranna

          Becky and Mimi were so cute!
          They just disappeared. I wish we had less crazy grandma and grandma’s dongseng (who I think was the most flat character ever, totally useless and annoying) and more Becky and Mimi!!

      • 9.1.2 Coco

        Nah! If you skip those episodes, you’ll miss out a whole lot too. There were epic episodes and scenes within these episodes. And one should definitely not skip episode 13, 14, 15. I’ve forgotten what episode 16 was about. Was that the fridge-truck scene? If so then you should definitely watch that too. I haven’t watched ep 17, but episode 18 was also good (not a waste of time at all) and it brought us to episode 19. So truely, the only episodes I thought were fillers and not necessary were episode 11 and 12 (but they were not that bad either, except you could tell the writer couldn’t come up with enough materials to write so he used too much “memory lane” to fill in the gap —> Filler episodes).

    • 9.2 Manu

      I agree with you. The whole first half of the episode was just meh :/ I even cringed when PH and SN made up and SN went to hug the moms. It was like the whole show never happened and she she did nothing. The only moments that I genuinely felt were when the ducklings started to disappear and the wedding at the end.

      I hope to god it ends well, I need my happy ending D:<

    • 9.3 one_nee

      yep, me also agree..
      i hope TaeMu would be suffers more before being arrested.. as for SeNa.. well actually since she found out that she n ParkHa are sisters n shown a bit remorse, i kinda know at the end their relationship would be better a bit, just not expect for a liver transplant to make them closer…
      but if i dislike TaeMu before, i hate him in this eps n really wanna see him suffers (*pouted*)

  10. 10 nonski

    thank you so much! episode 19 is daebak, very beautiful!

    • 10.1 Vira

      Yeah, it’s better than the previous episode. However, how come there is no guest after all? Where are Lady Becky and Mimi? Don’t tell me that they just disappear because I like their involvement altogether with the ducklings. And I’m really curious to what happen to real Tae Yong and Park Ha after this. Hopefully the director’ll settle everything well.

  11. 11 beppu10

    Whew! I thought JB is going to give this show up given her rants on last week’s maddening ep, so…thanks for the recap!

    Honestly I’ve seen this coming (the wedding–thanks to the spoiler pics from Soompi, I should learn to restrain myself from going to that site–to be a farewell vehicle for the couple), but I’ve not expected the intensity of that scene as I watched it. And it was heart-wrenching for me, really. Beautifully done, so to speak. Though it pains me to watch it again i’d do so just because it’s well executed.*tearing up*

    I’m glad that this ep’s kinda redeemed the hullaballoo that went last week. Though now we know that it was the sister who was in the pond and not the princess, I’d like to see how that happened.

    • 11.1 jelly

      not necessarily. I believe it was the Crown Princess floating in the pond. In the present time, there was attempted murder but nobody died. It could be that the CP made a 180 degrees change of heart and decided to save Buyong but drowned as a result.

      • 11.1.1 beppu10

        Hmmm, I’m still sticking with the theory that it was BY who died as a lot of evidence point straight to it. 😀 I just do hope we get to see why and how it became that way.

        • pk

          yes, remember the butterfly in Joseon n modern times, if she is alive then why it flys off the handky…and other things others mentioned before.

  12. 12 Kim Yoonmi

    Park Ha could cross into Joseon and then Bu Yong rescued could cross in her place. =P Then you’d have two time crossed lover pairs. Done.

    But we’ll have to wait and see.

    • 12.1 momosa

      Maybe, just maybe, she will forget what happened & Tae Yong would wake up and they will resume the ‘almost date’ affair.

      As for Yi Gak & co, would love to see what happened in Joseon time. He’ll probably remarry with lots of concubine, hah.

      • 12.1.1 linda macy

        If as some people say this is matching the life of the real King Gyeongiong…his first wife dies and he has a second wife who is reported to have been kind and prudent. They are buried near each other in a gravesite in Korea. King Gyeongiong only ruled for four years and died of seafood or persimmons poisoning. He did not have concubines only the two wives. Today will tell with the finale. Ep 19 was one of the best but saddest I have ever seen.

  13. 13 Heather

    Thanks for the speedy recap!

    Loved the episode–finally really started squeeing again during this show 🙂

    The scene on the bed broke my heart, in all the right ways!

    • 13.1 MsGB

      Ikr……….natural 3 step skincare. “i’m sorry”, “thank you”, and “i love you”. i’m gonna miss this show.

  14. 14 Yue

    oh drama, why are you doing this to me? It broke my heart at the end. I mean, it can’t just end like that, right? They will see each other again, right? Oh please please…

    On a different note, it was immensely satisfying to watch Tae-mu caught. I think I did a chartwheel at some point. Se-Na’s change of heart is predictable – dramaland ran out of creativity long ago, but, it was nice seeing she got the redemption.

    As for the ducklings… I am dead curious as to what would happen, I want to assume they had return to Joseon, they just have. One episode left, I wonder how they’ll make this one count…

    • 14.1 July

      Same here. I was trying to hold back my tears, but in the end I just couldn’t. I hadn’t expected to feel so much for them. It was the first time I actually felt them to be star-crossed lovers.

      On a side note, I just have to say that Park-Ha cries beautifully. I don’t know how much practice goes into crying like that, or maybe it was the way the light surrrounded her, but I sure don’t look like that when I cry.

      • 14.1.1 lizzzie

        She sure does. I was tearing a little while Yigak was fading but when he really left, when she spoke into thin air asking if he’s gone and stuttering to herself about things she should have said, my heart really broke………

  15. 15 eiki ^o^ (@eikisonata)

    thanks for the recap. omg, what will happen tonight. this episode totally bring all emotions in myself. happy, excited and sad for separating. totally love this drama. and for sure, i shipped yuchun and jimin together forever. the best couple ever!!

  16. 16 gary

    i am so proud of sena and no longer despise her, now TM on the other hand i hope he rots in prison

  17. 17 Noelle

    Yay! Off to read.

  18. 18 ravens_nest

    “Lordy, he’s so terrible at being a criminal that I actually want to help him do it better.”

    OMG, took the words right out of my mouth! I think I wouldn’t be so butthurt over Tae Mu becoming a stock villain, if he was actually a good stock villain. Instead he’s so ineffectual, I want to scream. Some Viki commentator was like, “He’s a serial killer…What’s his body count now?” and I shouted “ZERO” at my laptop screen. He has killed no one! Even Se Na has one up on him. Whatever…He’s going to jail now so I wash my hands of him.

    Despite all the wtf!logic fails in this episode, the cute/romance was finally enough to cancel those out. Admittedly, I’ve long since abandoned the use of logic with this series so I’ll take what I can get. One last Chosun 4 high-jink, a cute date, and a great kiss was enough for me to keep trudging on.

    P.S. The music for this drama is amazing. Kudos to the music director!

  19. 19 redballoons

    …why does this episode kind of remind me of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.. LOL

    • 19.1 Hang

      I had the same feeling. Parting right after the epic kiss is the shared pattern.

    • 19.2 asianromance

      It reminded me of MGIAG. Both are in the same situation: one character will disappear soon and they don’t know exactly when. The time together is limited and both couples have one super date together. They hold on to each other as much as possible to maximize their time together…. so sad. =**(

    • 19.3 pitnee

      The situation reminds me of MGIAG too. Could it also be that Yi Gak come back to present after settle down/solve all issues in Joseon? Maybe come back on the day in the present time that has an eclipse?? But then, I still have no idea how they would do with Tae Young.

    • 19.4 one_nee

      oh! i also thought the same too… but well, we always know he would be gone to Joseon from the very beginning, right.. and in Gumiho, wasnt she just dissapears while he closed his eyes? in RTP, the way those 2 staring sadly, longingly n love-ly to each other just heartbreaking.. but both scenes were heartbreaking, just how would painful for you to realise that your loved ones just gone thru thin air like that.. T_T

  20. 20 TamTam

    I thought I wasn’t going to care. But I surprisingly shed a tear or two near the end. Agreed with how the show led us up to that point with the ducklings leaving one by one without warning. I’ll miss them, and I wished they had more screen time.

    The blatant product placement was so cheesy I was kind of embarrassed for the show. Other than that, and throwing all logic out the window, I finally get to enjoy the show again. If I were to recommend this to someone, I’d tell them to skip episodes 11-18. Unless they want to play the failed murder drinking game and get totally wasted.

    • 20.1 Cynthia

      Lol – if you want to see some cheesy, blatant product placement take a trip over to Fashion King. I have NEVER seen such obvious selling of sponsorship in a drama, ever!

      On second thought, don’t bother. The show was crap.

      • 20.1.1 NewKDramaAddict

        OOOHH, don’t be sending people to the dark side 😀 Still can’t get over Fashion King!

    • 20.2 Hana

      If you tell them to skip from ep 11 to 18, how can they feel the love between LG-PH, how can they see they grow feelings and care for each other, so.. hoW can they stick to the show like I AM NOW?

      • 20.2.1 lc

        exactly. each episode, may not be on point, but is necessary to their love story.

  21. 21 la dee dah

    Thanks very much for the recap!

    Well, glad that Sena saved Park Ha. But when the mother said that Sena atoned for her sins by saving Park Ha, I was thinking that if it hadn’t been for Sena, Park Ha wouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place. So Sena has a loooot more atoning to do. And weird that at first, I thought that Park Ha should have plotted against Sena when she was doing all those mean things to her and shouldn’t have shown concern for Sena like in the last episode, but that turned out to help Park Ha in the long run – I don’t think Sena would have been as shaken up and decided to help Park Ha if she hadn’t shown some kindness towards her.

    Very sad the ducklings are gone, and the last scene with Park Ha and Yi Gak. Sadly, I think they will go the reincarnation route and have Tae Young wake up with maybe some of Yi Gak’s memories and have Park Ha and Tae Young get together. But I especially want the reincarnations of other three ducklings to show up and feel some connection towards each other and Tae Young and Park Ha as well.

  22. 22 Mara

    Micky and Ji Min have made this love story credible against all odds and in defiance of logic. Kudos to their acting and the second leads also. Can I hear an applause for out 3 ducklings? It has been a wonderful ride and made me a big fan of all involved. God bless! 🙂

    • 22.1 Mara

      sorry, our 3 ducklings

    • 22.2 pk

      I think writer nim is very clever to make the ducklings and YG disappear one by one, imagine if they all disapppeared at once, the blow to PK would be many times more. Also, is very sweet for them to prepare a shop for PK, K-drama always encourage positive thinking even when one’s love leaving/dies like 49 days, scent of woman etc..

  23. 23 adam6010

    Thanks for recap. The last 10 minutes of Ep 19 redeemed whatever flaws the entire series had in the past episodes. I love this show!

  24. 24 toystar

    Thanks JB! I love Park Ha and her Rooftop family!

  25. 25 dea

    Thank you show for redeeming yourself. This episode is truly daebak, so excited for the grand finale tonight. Not going to predict anything, feel free to surprise me, writer-nim.

  26. 26 kaka

    oo..god I am cry like baby…but sweetness the same time… this ep just so deabak!!!!!

  27. 27 kyuu

    The episode was better than the last few eps. I liked that they included the ducklings more, because it seemed like for the past few episodes they rarely had any screen time. However, the part where Park Ha needed a liver was kind of dumb for me. How “convenient” that she needs a liver that only Sena can give to her, which in turn gives her the perfect chance to atone. Wish they would break out of these cliches. The parts where the ducklings disappeared one by one were done really well though.

  28. 28 Ace

    Hopefully this drama ends satisfactorily. Just fulfill our curiosity regarding the Joseon mystery, please. That’s all I’ve been waiting for since episode 1.

    Thanks JB for the recaps.

    PS: If you want a kdrama kiss, check out the other time-travel drama (awesome episode 11!). If I wasn’t single, I would’ve jumped my bf as an aftereffect of that scene. Made my day. Definitely shipping YIN & JHW. 😉

    • 28.1 hanie

      oohhh…that kiss is so swoon worthy!!!! I squee like a hormonal teenager while watching it.

    • 28.2 Florentine Lily

      Only time will tell if the writers live up to our expectations… or take the easy way out.

  29. 29 Noelle

    Oh man I hope and plead for an awesome ending with answers! Like whose foot was in the doorway? Man I have this feeling of disappointment building. Trying to suppress worry.

    • 29.1 Coco

      What do you mean whose foot was in the doorway? TaeMu’s foot was in the doorway. I thought that was quite clear. He thought it was Sena who had forgotten the door code, so he came out of the shower and opened the door without waiting to check whether it was actually Sena. Maybe you should rewatch the part to get it. Unless we’re talking about two entirely different foot scenes.

  30. 30 Hang

    During the first half of this episode I literally scratched my head with the way they tried to tie loose ends together, and I was quite unprepared for such intense emotion of the other half. I smiled with each moment of romance between Yi Gak and Park Ha, getting nervous about how they were gonna part, and seriously teared up at the ending scene. Looking at the bright side, because sadness really peaks in this episode, perhaps we can smile or cry some happy tears for the finale tomorrow. It’s a rom-com at the end of the day. OMG, I start to miss this OTP and the ducklings already 🙁

  31. 31 stars4u

    I was so disappointed with last week’s episode but it’s nice to see the charms the drama had when it first started…

  32. 32 bd

    I know I’m supposed to feel shock, sadness, even anger at the opening scene, but unfortunately, all I feel is mocking laughter.

    I mean really – is this the best the writers can come up with? (No wonder Tae-mu is the second coming of the “Home Alone” burglars, except a bit more psychopathic.)

    Death by car, except it shouldn’t be if Park-ha wasn’t made out to be even dumber by the writers.

    Park-ha had plenty of time to warn Yi Gak of the oncoming car, but instead she calls out “Your Highness” and (still), instead of warning Yi Gak of the oncoming car, she has the time to RUN over to him and push him out of the way, and yet, she has a couple of seconds of standing right where Yi Gak stood (I guess to contemplate her fate and an attempt to increase the dramatic effect – FAIL) like a deer in headlights instead of getting out of the way?

    And speaking of headlights, what murderer TURNS on his headlights when attempting death by car, esp. when he started driving w/o the headlights on?

    So totally cliche and predictable, but then again, that fits in with the warehouse fire and getting locked up in a freezer trailer.

    Also love how it goes from daylight to pitch night in a flash (must be some seriously long car rides).

    • 32.1 Florentine Lily

      At first I felt something was wrong with me since I didn’t even feel anything for the first half of this episode. I just sat there wishing the story would hurry up, since it was taking up the time I wanted to spend on another show. By the second half, I had realized it was just the cliched writing. The ending was quite sad though and made me step into my RTP zone again.

    • 32.2 sweetooth

      Jeez. Take a chill pill, will ya? EVERYBODY knows that “logic and reality hasn’t really been the drama’s strong point”, so save yourself from self-induced heart attack and stop nitpicking on the details. If these things really ticks you off to no end, just go back to watching whatever your perfectly executed drama is. It really irks me to read people nit picking on every detail possible and on a korean drama?! really, is this your first korean drama or what?

      Okay. Maybe I need half of that chill pill.

      • 32.2.1 RTP & QIHM Fan

        I know right….I wish people would just enjoy the dramas for what they are. I mean…you don’t like the show then search out a Dramabeans recap (no less) just to diss it? Kinda ya know….silly?

        BTW, a gazillion thanks to JB for the recaps to RTP – absolutely fabulous!

      • 32.2.2 bd

        If it were merely the details that would be one thing, but it has been the lazy, paint by numbers cliched writing throughout.

        It’s bad enough that the premise of the CEO Jang giving up 2 daughters separately (evidently w/ no ramifications whatsoever about her abandonment) and then having them miraculously be “step-sisters”, but then she gives up on her search for Park-ha after only a short while and then upon finding out that Park-ha is her daughter, still goes back to HK.

        And Se-na who has been the stererotypical 1 dimensional totally evil one, who cared more about her image when the mother (the mother who she thought was her birth mother) got hit by Tae-mu’s car and also still cared about her and Tae-mu’s scheme after finding out that Park-ha indeed was her blood sister, all of a sudden has a total change of heart? lol

        Heck, aside from Tae-mu’s bloodthirst when it comes to acquiring power and wealth, he actually was more considerate towards Park-ha (until she got in the way of his power/$$) and the mother.

        All the situations where one is supposed to “feel something” are so artificially and sloppily constructed that one really doesn’t feel anything, except to laugh.

        • sweetooth

          Really, you’ve made your point now. You’ve made it crystal clear enough that you are SOOOOOO dissatisfied with how logic and reasoning were off in this episode, no need to justify it anymore and write a lengthy explanation about it. Unless you actually just watch korean dramas just for the heck of pointing out every possible mistake or anything that doesn’t suit to your likeness. Anyone here can literally go on forever citing all the cliches in every drama, but do normal people do that? No, either they simply stop watching it or just prefer to swallow it all in & enjoy the ride.

          Actually, my point here really is that, if you can’t stomach all the cliches in, then just drop it. Why are you giving yourself a hard time trying to work up your blood pressure by nit-picking on the details? A lot of people dropped this drama half-way and I’m pretty sure they’re on their way to well-being.

    • 32.3 Thye Khoo Ching

      Pardon my bad english, but i must say this:

      “And speaking of headlights, what murderer TURNS on his headlights when attempting death by car, esp. when he started driving w/o the headlights on?”

      Its more effective to turn headlights seconds before make contact, that way blind the victim and he cannot move 5-6 seconds, 5 seconds is all we need before the Bang Arrgh.. i hope you know what i mean.

      Dont tell me I am wrong because I did that 3 or 4 times already, you see i am hit n run specialist ha ha.

      “So totally cliche and predictable”

      of course la, MOST movies n drama (90%) Korean or not, all cliche and predictable, if you take your Chinese chapoa or abacus and count how many films and drama made by countries all over the world since the time of silent films you cannot count also, my stupid guess is maybe half a million lol. My point is its super (not super duper) but still its hard to make not cliche and unpredictable movies/drama.

      “but then again, that fits in with the warehouse fire and getting locked up in a freezer trailer”

      Whats wrong with warehouse fire and freezer trailer? That was the most available method to dispose a person at that time, baddies cant put Park Ha in microwave or freezer in grandma’s home I think 😀

      “Also love how it goes from daylight to pitch night in a flash (must be some seriously long car rides).”

      Please have little heart la my friend. The director can’t wait for a whole day to film few scenes like that, they lose valuable times and also maybe there were problems with their lighting equipments. All those things cost money ma. Wait till you have your movie crew and make your own movie/drama then you’ll know for sure ah.

      • 32.3.1 bd

        Exactly, it’s not that difficult to make a drama or film w/o the cliches and stereotypical 1-dimensional characters.

        All it takes is a writer w/ some talent.

        But this drama wasn’t just filled w/ cliches and stereotypical 1-dimensional characters, but had unbelievable and frankly, ridiculous situations (signs of lazy writing).

        Really little in fresh, witty dialogue as well.

        Rom-coms like “My Princess” and “MGIAG”, while having their flaws, had some great dialogue and really charming scenes.

        Aside from the Joseon Power Rangers, RP would have absolutely nothing going for it.

  33. 33 kirara

    Gosh so sad.. they are all disappearing but yet.. We all knew that they had to leave someday..

    Lets hope everything goes well and ends well.. Can’t believe its the last episode tomorrow..

    THANK YOU!!! 😀

  34. 34 Cynthia

    That final scene with Yi Gak fading away was just…**sob**
    I’m really looking forward to the finale, especially considering that all the corporate nonsense has been put to bed. I can only hope that a completely happy ending is in store for our OTP, mostly because they, and we, deserve one.

    One good laugh was Chi-San vanishing and the other ducklings worried because he was dressed in shorts and flip-flops. What a visual for his reappearance in Joseon-ville (if that’s where they ended up).

    Thanks for the recap, JB!

  35. 35 pikapuffie

    i didn’t understand why i was crying non-stop during this ep but seeing as i’m not the only one i feel better about it. lol.

  36. 36 Mikunda

    Oh, so sad. I cried my eyes out. A 300-years old wedding present. So romantic and sad at the same time. I mean they had so many incredulous developments, could have spared us the tears and sadness and invented a way for them to be together. Sheesh.

  37. 37 Ti

    …I’m hoping Yi Gak will come back to modern times?…then what would happen to Tae Yong though?…hmmm…will wait til tomorrow.

  38. 38 Toya

    But here is my question:

    Wasn’t there a previous part where she got curious and read about what happened to Yi Gak and the others? But they never showed us what happened and she looked kinda spooked so I am wondering if they made it or not.

    • 38.1 Stardust

      I was at comment 8 and by the time I was done, I was comment 49! LOL But yes! That was my nagging question too! I wonder if they will even address that…

      • 38.1.1 one_nee

        actually i was thought that since in this era there was plot to kill TaeYong for his inheritance, maybe there was also in Joseon, and since i thought maybe it was BuYong who died after saw HwaYong n Joseon TaeMu together, maybe then there was a coup n LeeGak was killed in Joseon? idk.. but i think the history should be different now, since the F4 are back in Joseon =)

    • 38.2 YeonHwa

      I am waiting for revelation of what park ha read at the library too, still waiting…. Or did i miss the scene ???

  39. 39 hanie

    Thanks for the recap JB. This episode sort of redeemed all the unnecessary uninteresting & whatnots of the last few episodes. And we got more of the favorites 3 ducklings altho they disappeared after few minutes. Wonder how the Joseon people react to the weirdly dressed ducklings??? Hopefully tomorrow will be better or at least at par to this episode.

    p/s: Infinite new song? wow.. JB is a fan?

  40. 40 Daniella

    I wasn’t expecting to cry but when he started fading and gave her a nod as if he was saying “it’s time” I so lost it. What a beautiful episode. IDK how I feel about Sena, I’m glad she finally came to her senses but I’m not impressed. I honestly feel Sorry for Tae Mu. That last performance was something.

    Oh man, I can’t even guess how this is going to end!

  41. 41 RibyBooWhoo

    thanks for the recap … i kept refreshing till da recap came out since dis morning xD (in my country) …i love Rooftop prince very much ..love the chemistry between yoochun n ji min…cant wait for the final eps

  42. 42 jolli

    This episode made me smile and tear at the end. It has it flaw but it just a movie and we tend to dwell too much in it. Now i just enjoy the pirate ride.

  43. 43 jolli

    This episode made me smile and tear at the end. It has it flaw but it just a movie and we tend to dwell too much in it. Now i just enjoy the pirate ride.

  44. 44 21

    Wow the ending of this episode was a surprise! I can’t believe he really did fade away! Kinda excited for tomorrow’s finale!

  45. 45 mj

    thank you for the recap.,. 🙂

  46. 46 tun teja

    King,Queen & Prince drama…

    Prince is gone,now let hope King recap doesn’t break our heart too..


    tooo saaad for me…………..i was crying indeed………we need the final happy ever after……….

  48. 48 WickedBiccie

    wahhhhhhh!!!!! throwing mega tantrums over here!! I won’t get subs for this OR TK2H until Friday and then I’m in Seoul with my girlfriends for Buddha’s Birthday…..which is fantastic, of course…..except that I’ll be going through serious cold turkey and craving both finales!!!

    I swear, I’m seriously considering telling the girls, see you in 2 1/2 hours and ducking into a PC Bang!!


  49. 49 Stardust

    THANK YOU LOADs Javabeans for your super duper fast recaps! I am at office now and I cannot watch the show. I can’t say I have enjoyed RTP for some time now, due to the rather frustrating storylines where goodies get pummeled by baddies, and then redemption at the last hour? BLEH. But I still follow the story, which is told very nicely here hehehe I wasn’t expecting them to return quite so soon, and I do hate the 49 day type of ending… If Tae Yong wakes at in Ep 20, I still don’t think he will be a satisfying answer to Park Ha’s love, because no matter what fate had ‘decided’ on his initial attraction towards her, he is still not Yi Gak. Yet Yi Gak is the crown prince, so he is important in his time. I wonder if Ep 20 will reveal to us what Park Ha read in the history book, or it will be another forgotten plot point… hmmm… Anyways, I am waiting for a conclusion to this tomorrow morning! WEEE….

    • 49.1 zhill

      i was wondering the same thing about what PH read in the history book … could it be about his death? I still have to watch ep19 … was it revealed that the one who died was actually Bo-yong and not the crown princess?


      I’m not sure if this is accurate to what’s written in the history book …
      “According to historical records, Gyeongjong who was born by Sukjong and Jang Hui Bin was named Lee Yun. He was born in 1688, and ascended the throne on 1720. During his reign, the political struggle between Noron and the Soron factions reached the climax.

      Legend has it that he demised in 1724 after eating the crab sauce and unripe persimmon prepared secretly by half-brother Yeongjo who used to be Prince Yeoning. And, his first wife, the Crown Princess, passed away 2 years before he ascended the throne, and was given posthumous title of Queen Danui. He was also given the posthumous title of “Gakgong the Great” given by Qing Dynasty to Gyeongjong.”

      if RP was based on history, then the Crown Princess really died 2 yrs before Prince Yi-Gak became King. His first wife, the Crown Princess, was given posthumous title of Queen … “first” wife, meaning he remarried? to whom? Bo-yong??? BUT he also died 2 years after he ascended the throne.

      sooooo … it’s like six years after the Crown Princess death and the King’s death … a 5 or 6 yrs time jump??? then what … he died and reincarnated to the comatose Tae-yong EEk!

      oh well, at least it’s Yi Gak’s mind and soul … it may not be his body, but it is his soul and his priceless memories … I can live with that <3<3

      (sorry for my bad english)

      • 49.1.1 mheena

        Bringing up history in the topic, i have a question regarding the wedding gift Tae Yong gave to Park Ha. Wasn’t it that the current Changdeokgung Palace is just a rebuilt since it has been burned down? Why is it that the jade button is still there when the place is just a restoration?

        It’s not really an issue, just me being curious, hehe 🙂

  50. 50 Anita

    I woke up early this morning, just to see this episode eventhough without English sub. And reading the synopsis in the office to understand what’s going on, what they (Yi Gak – Park Ha) talk about. Thank for the synopsis JB, you make my work colorful.

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