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You From Another Star: Episode 21 (Final)
by | February 27, 2014 | 498 Comments

It’s overrrrrrrr, we can all resume breathing now. You From Another Star ended today, and I admit to going into the finale still wondering how the heck they would get our couple out of their cosmic fix. There are a few spots I think got glossed over, but I’m left with a solid appreciation for the value of appreciating each moment of happiness and living life to the fullest, which isn’t about doing stuff so much as it is being conscious of what you’ve got while you’ve got it. Not a bad sentiment to go out on.


Kim Bada – “그대와 영원히” (With you forever). An interesting spacey cover of a classic ballad. [ Download ]

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Min-joon makes his heartfelt “I love you” speech, telling Song-yi that he’d said so in suspended moments, afraid of letting the words be washed away by the flow of time. Song-yi replies, “The you I’ve known in my time, and also the you from time I haven’t known—I love you.”

Interviewing, Min-joon explains that in the four hundred years he’s been here, he has faithfully kept to his rule of not having anything it would be too painful to lose. He was always aware that he wouldn’t be able to take anything with him, so he didn’t want to love anything or anyone. And that rule worked well for him.

“But in these last three months, everything has crumbled,” he says.

In bed, Song-yi asks him to tell her when he first liked her. In interview, he thinks it over and isn’t quite sure—all he knows is that he grew to love her and became afraid of losing her. “Right now, I’m thinking of what is the best thing I can do for her. My final fate is beginning. Will I be able to beat it?”

Song-yi and Min-joon head out to the balcony, where they look up at the sky, especially bright tonight with the comet on its approach. As we see in a news report, the comet has now left its orbit and is heading toward Earth, and people are urged to look for meteors. Sure enough, a shower lights up the sky with stars falling in abundance and exciting bystanders, who stop to look up in awe.

Song-yi suggests wishing on a falling star, and Min-joon complains that those are just rocks, and that he always found that wishing custom silly. Despite the gripe, though, he closes his eyes to wish along with her.

As people stop what they’re doing to watch the meteor shower and take pictures, one meteor flares extra-bright as it flies overhead. One man confusedly thinks he saw a UFO rather than a comet, though this comment gets laughed off.

But we know better, and at a distance that UFO hovers over the dark forest and shines on its lights. Miles away, Min-joon, who’s still praying on his star, feels it and his hand starts to flicker into transparency before regaining its solid form. Shaken, Min-joon holds up that hand to touch Song-yi’s face while she’s still deep in her prayer, but doesn’t make contact.

Instead, he begins his last goodbye: “Chun Song-yi, whom I love. It’s cold, so don’t go around wearing things that are exposed. You’re prettier when you’re covered up.” Eyes still closed in prayer, Song-yi starts to cry as she listens to him continue, “As I said last time, kiss scenes or back hug scenes are no good. So are passionate melodramas. Don’t be sick, and don’t read negative internet comments. Don’t sing alone pitifully and cry, either. Don’t eat alone, and don’t just walk into any room when you’re drunk.”

Song-yi’s face crumples in tears and she has to turn away. Min-joon’s voice shakes as he keeps going: “Don’t look up at the sky at night and wonder uselessly which star it is. It’s not a place you can see from here. But I’m going to look every day, seeing where you are from there, and I’ll try every day to come back. No matter what it takes, I’ll find a way to be with you for a long, long time. I will.”

By now they’re both choking back sobs, and he has to try extra-hard to maintain his composure. “But if… if I can’t come back… then forget it all.”

She cries, “How could I forget?” She asks how he could ask that of her, then grows scared when he doesn’t reply. She turns in trepidation… and he’s gone. Oooof.

Denial hits first and Song-yi demands that he stop playing tricks on her, that he can’t be so mean as to leave before she got her say. But she knows the truth and sinks down, crying her heart out.

Out in the forest, Min-joon’s body vanishes into a million particles of light, just like we’d seen in his vision.

On to less devastating events. CEO Ahn redoubles his efforts to win Song-yi back to his agency, via her weakest link: Mom. He comes by with designer bags and gifts, but you know Mom has changed when she tries to slam the door in his face anyway.

CEO Ahn makes his pitch, that Song-yi is currently the recipient of the whole country’s remorse, and it’s time to strike while the iron is hot. Mom says that she doesn’t care about bags or fancy goods, and entreats, “Just please do something about Song-yi.”

She describes Song-yi’s zombie-like state of the past few days, not eating or sleeping and spending all her time next door in Min-joon’s home. Song-yi wanders around the empty place and see Min-joon appearing next to her, though we see that she’s just imagining his presence.

Jae-kyung’s trial begins, and Prosecutor Seok starts by listing the charges. Jae-kyung’s attorney gets up to argue for his release on bail… or that’s what Jae-kyung expects. To his shock, the attorney accepts the prosecutor’s terms, and judging from the stern look on Daddy CEO’s face, it seems clear that he has cut the line of support.

Afterward, Jae-kyung speaks with his father and adopts an entreating tone, insisting on his innocence and asking Dad to send Hwi-kyung far away. He shares his plan to set up his secretary as the sole criminal and asks his father to arrange the payoff for the secretary’s family.

Dad states that he’s turning over all assets in Jae-kyung’s name to charity, which Jae-kyung approves as a tactic to curry favor with the public. But his face falls when Dad adds that he has no desire to aid him any further: “You’ll spend the rest of your life in this cold prison. It’s a shame.”

Realizing that his father is not on his side, Jae-kyung tries to argue that this would be too huge a blow to the company, but Dad says he intends to step down and hire a professional CEO. He hadn’t realized he was harboring a monster in his midst, not even when it ate up his son. Dad now regrets covering up an accident in Jae-kyung’s childhood that half-blinded his friend, blaming himself for everything. “I had no idea you would do that to Han-kyung…”

Jae-kyung tries to laugh that Hwi-kyung’s accusations are absurd, saying that Hwi-kyung is trying to usurp his place. But Dad is unbudging, and as Jae-kyung is being escorted back to his cell, he thunders that he’ll find a way to get himself out of here on his own.

Hwi-kyung comes by to cheer Song-yi up with chicken and beer and grumbles about Min-joon ditching her. But Song-yi tells him, “He did everything he could for me. What I can’t bear right now is that I realized that too late. I couldn’t do anything for him, or say a proper farewell. He’s going to do his utmost there, too. He told me to wait, so he’ll be doing everything he can over there. He may not be able to come back in the end, but I won’t forget. I won’t forget a thing, and diligently wait.”

Hwi-kyung shares that Min-joon had asked him to look after Song-yi while he’s gone, because while he feels uneasy about keeping Hwi-kyung at her side, he also feel safest asking him.

Then, something catches Song-yi’s eye. It’s Min-joon’s dying plants, becoming green again, and she says with hope, “They’re living. He must have arrived safely. He must be okay now.” Aw yay.

Song-yi finds her brother tending to his new telescope, surprised to hear that Min-joon had given it to him. In flashback, we see Min-joon telling Yoon-jae about leaving on a trip soon, which by the way stirs adorable hope in Yoon-jae that he may need a bike with a basket. *finger touch*

Min-joon asks Yoon-jae to listen to his noona while he’s gone, using the telescope as a bribe. Yoon-jae is so thrilled that he asks permission to hug him, and then ignores Min-joon’s “No” to assault him with one anyway.

On the set of Se-mi’s movie, the director is antsy to have Song-yi back from her personal leave. Se-mi sidles up for a master stroke at reverse psychology, saying that she supports the idea of firing Song-yi. After all, Song-yi’s been on the rise lately with tons of offers heading her way, and it’s making Se-mi uncomfortable. “I’m sure we’ll be a hit with just me onboard,” she says. “Surely we won’t flop.” That’s enough to get the director to backpedal right away.

Bok-ja goes in for her post-heartbreak Felicity routine, asking for an even shorter haircut. She sighs that it was a push-pull relationship she’d been working… even if she never pushed him away and was mostly pulling.

And then, Song-yi plops into the chair next to her and asks for a haircut too. Bok-ja scoffs that Song-yi doesn’t have the confidence to pull off short hair (heh, a fun dig at Jeon Ji-hyun’s career-long resistance to changing her hairstyle), and the ladies relocate for a pity party in Song-yi’s apartment.

Song-yi busts a gut laughing at Bok-ja’s tale of woe over Min-joon, then asks Bok-ja to share more stories about him. And when Bok-ja says there’s nothing more to tell, Song-yi asks her to repeat the stories she’s already told, her laughs turning to sobs.

Se-mi arrives to check on Song-yi and deliver the shooting schedule, and Song-yi turns to her too, asking for Min-joon stories. “I don’t care what it’s about, just tell me something,” she begs.

Song-yi wonders how long it’ll take for mention of Min-joon not to hurt, if that’s even possible. Se-mi tells her that right now her every thought is of him, and that it’s harder to not think of him. But somewhere down the line, she’ll think of him out of the blue, and realize that she’d been thinking of something else. That’s when it’ll stop hurting, because she’ll be able to think of other things.

Song-yi asks how long it’ll take, and Se-mi says for her it was fifteen years, but now it doesn’t hurt. Song-yi says sympathetically that it must’ve been hard for her, then wonders how she’ll be able to survive if it takes her that long.

Then, we cut to Song-yi in Min-joon’s library, in interview mode. She describes how hard it is not to think of Min-joon, and revisits the places they’d gone to seek traces of him. She also describes how it felt to come upon their hundred-day anniversary, and as promised she goes to the Namsan Tower restaurant. She waits there all night, looking hopefully at every person who walks in, until finally someone sits down across from her.

It’s Min-joon, and he smiles at her. She smiles back, but a moment later we see that she’s sitting alone at that table.

In another interview, Song-yi says that at things started to feel different, though. Early on, she had assumed she’d been seeing things, but at a point she started to believe she’d actually seen Min-joon. “No, I did see him,” she corrects. But she knows that’s impossible, and wonders if she’s going crazy.

Fortunately she has a kindred spirit in Lawyer Jang, who laughs that he’s felt the same thing. He recounts an incident where he’d been tending to Min-joon’s thriving plants and heard Min-joon call his name, appearing behind him. Lawyer Jang had gotten up excitedly to embrace him… only to have Min-joon vanish.

Song-yi says that she’d gone to the hospital and been told it was grief-related stress. She figures that Lawyer Jang must’ve been quite close to Min-joon to experience the same thing.

Yoon-jae makes an exciting discovery with his telescope—a minor planet that he reported to the international astrology bureau, which he’ll get to name if they credit him with the discovery. Mom suggests that he name it after her, but he says he’s gonna name it Do Min-joon Star.

That segues us into three years later, when Yoon-jae gets his wish and the discovery is confirmed. He’s interviewed by a reporter and credits his mentor for helping him with the difficult achievement, hence the planet name Do Min-joon.

Bok-ja has assumed the role of his manager, her hair now quite a bit longer than when we’d last seen her. Judging from the way she fawns over Yoon-jae, it’s not hard to see where her current (delusional?) interest lies. He rejects her flat, and she coos that he’s playing hard to get.

The two investigators discuss the Jae-kyung case, which has given up its appeal and drawn strangely little support from S&C Group. Jae-kyung was recently moved to a safe cell because he has started insisting that he’s being visited by people he has killed. Seok figures this is one case of a criminal having a mental break when confronted with his misdeeds and facing a dead end.

However, there’s one oddity that Seok has heard: Jae-kyung claimed to see Min-joon recently. Detective Park shrugs it off as further sign of insanity, but now we’ve had three Min-joon sightings. Dare we hope this signals a return? Is he appearing in flashes? Beam me down, Scotty?

Song-yi’s career is back on top, with Hwi-kyung ever her faithful supporter/friend/investor. He denies any connection to being her investor despite all facts pointing to the contrary, feigning ignorance when she notes that his company keeps funding her movies. He’s outed when the film crew swings by and thanks him for all his constant attention, support, and food trucks. Ha.

Just then, Song-yi spots Min-joon standing in the crowd of fans and gets up with a start, scanning the faces intently as she shouts his name. When she can’t find him, she dissolves into tears and Hwi-kyung does his best to comfort her.

Mom and Dad ask about her tearful breakdown later, as Song-yi’s preparing for an award ceremony. Song-yi bursts into tears again, saying, “I miss him… I want to see him, and touch him, and be with him so much I want to die.”

Award ceremony time. Stars make their arrival on the red carpet, giving us cameos from Sandara Park and Kim Won-joon. Se-mi gets her moment in the spotlight, but it’s Song-yi’s arrival that sends everyone into a frenzy. Cameras flash like crazy, fans scream, and Song-yi works the carpet like a pro.

And then… time freezes. Aie! No! Is it…?

Strangely, Song-yi doesn’t freeze. She looks around in confusion at the sudden halt of everything around her, and spots someone out in the crowd, walking past all the frozen people into plain view: Min-joon.

Incredulous and speechless, Song-yi meets him at the landing, where Min-joon shrugs out of his jacket to place on her shoulders, reminding her that he told her not to go around all exposed like this.

She can’t quite believe it’s him, but he assures her that it is, and she clutches him tightly. He apologizes for coming so late, then kisses her—just as time unfreezes on the spectacle. The crowd goes wild.

For the first time, we get a joint interview with the couple as Min-joon fields the question of whether he’s back for good. Oh, is this an actual news interview? Min-joon wonders how to explain it, and Song-yi says that he did come back, but he disappeared soon after.

Back at the award hall, Song-yi opens her eyes from the kiss to see that Min-joon is gone again. Everyone is stunned since he was just standing there moments ago, and she looks around in confusion, alone again.

Interviewing, Min-joon explains that when he’d left three years ago, he’d been sucked into a wormhole. After he recovered his health, and started searching for a way back. He tried many times and had fleeting successes, but was only able to come to Earth for seconds at a time. The hundred-day Namsan Tower date was his first success, not a hallucination after all.

Seeing Lawyer Jang was his second success, and then we see him appearing in Jae-kyung’s cell. He says that he is here to confirm that Jae-kyung had in fact lost everything, while Jae-kyung is deeply rattled, thinking himself mad.

He experienced many failed attempts, but the crucial point is that with each try he was able to remain on Earth for longer stretches. This time has been a year and two months, Song-yi confirms.

On a cozy night in, Song-yi and Min-joon settle back to watch the stars, his plants still thriving. Song-yi repeats the words she’d said the night of his proposal, “I’m perfectly happy.”

But that’s when Min-joon disappears from his chair. Song-yi takes in the sight calmly this time, assured of his eventual return.

He leaves his book behind, open to the line: “Once, there was rabbit that miraculously found its way back home.”


Song-yi interviews, and is asked the question of how hard it is to deal with Min-joon’s unpredictable departures. Of course it is, she says, but it also allows her to love him more: “If I think that this may be the last time I see his face before me, that moment feels incredibly precious.”

And as she sleeps in bed alone, Min-joon appears next to her and is there when she wakes to say, “I’m back.”


Ahh, it’s over. Time to make sense of it all!

First off, I am happy that we ended on a happy note, one that left our two characters together and in the moment—I didn’t want to be given a poetic or metaphorical facsimile of a happy ending, I wanted my happy ending with a concrete win against the cosmos, tied up in a bow. And given the epic nature of this couple’s battle with the fates (in that it was like cancer to the tenth power, with an interfering meanie universe to boot), maybe some fanservice too. Maybe a lot of fanservice. By virtue of the fact that we got that, I can’t complain too much about loose ends or plot quibbles, because the overall emotional arc was resolved and I’m at peace with it.

On the other hand, I’m not perfectly satisfied on an intellectual level, because in addition to the romance finding its cheerful resolution (which was the paramount concern), I was still hoping for all the mysteries and plot questions to be answered in a way that felt logical and feasible. It didn’t have to be scientifically accurate or believable in a real-world sense, but I wanted the drama to explain its mechanisms, and I don’t think it did that.

This is a weakness in many a Korean drama dealing with paranormal/supernatural/fantasy elements so You From Another Star is hardly the only offender, but it remains that if you set up this fictional world with very distinct and quirky rules (you can only space-travel home once in four centuries, your existence is threatened if you don’t return, human saliva makes you sick), then I’m going to want to know why. Some answers were given (like the comet explanation for the 400-year cycle) but many were not. Since some of these rules are so interesting and amusing, I’ve been waiting all series long to get an explanation, however silly or fictional, and when the drama chooses not to address them at all, I can’t shake a feeling of disappointment.

For instance, why does Song-yi not freeze when Min-joon returns? Did that last kiss make Min-joon sick, or is he completely fine now that he’s been back and recovered his health? Does that reset his sick-meter so that he won’t undergo the slow decay as he did the first time, or is he actually rejuvenated (so to speak) by his regular trips through the wormhole?

Speaking of wormholes: WTF, wormhole. Talk about a last-minute deus ex machina, aka that magical answer to curing finale episodes in need of a happy ending. You From Another Star made me think of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho in that the supernatural beloved is whisked away out of reach, leaving the earthbound half to wait for years, to be then gifted with their lover’s return because of a solution that doesn’t really make sense. It seemed out of the blue to have Min-joon return home that first time via wormhole given the arrival of the UFO, but I suppose we needed it to establish the wormhole travel that would then account for his trips back and forth, but as this all came in the drama’s last fifteen minutes, I’m not sure it was necessary.

How much do I love how the ending line of the drama (pre-epilogue) works with our hero’s journey, where the book describes the bunny finding his miraculous path home? Because despite the fact that Min-joon spent centuries waiting for his spaceship back to his planet, it turns out that home actually is on Earth, with Song-yi, with the people he loves.

I’m not going to quibble about the Time Traveler’s Wife feel of the constantly disappearing Min-joon, because at least that gave us emotional payoffs that felt organic to these characters. And that’s the kind of thing that has buoyed my love of the show all series long, because when you pare down the plot to its essential bones, it’s a familiar story of lovers fighting a force outside of their control to be together, and barring that, to make the most of what they’re given.

What made this drama such a winner for me was Song-yi’s irrepressible spirit and Min-joon’s unflagging devotion, and the fun alien-superpower stuff was mostly gravy—cause for a good laugh, but not the meat and potatoes. Not to downplay the value of a solidly crafted joke, because goodness knows we’ve seen enough bad attempts at comedy fall flat that I give respect when a drama pulls it off. There were some truly golden moments, like Song-yi’s verbal mix-ups, Min-joon’s brief but awesome dips into childish pettiness, Yoon-jae’s blind adoration (and ET fixation), and superpower-related sight gags.

Some of that we owe to the leads’ chemistry, which was the main reason I tuned in—sure the alien premise was interesting, but mostly, I’d seen The Thieves. I’d seen the kissing. Rawr. There’s nothing worse than a romance that falls flat because of a lack of rapport, despite everything else working, so when you already know the couple is going to crackle together, that’s gold. Served up on a silver platter. Sparkling with diamonds.

And I can’t even express how thrilled I am with Jeon Ji-hyun’s drama comeback—you could almost call it her drama debut, given that her last series was Happy Together in 1999 and she had very limited television work on her resumé. She had actually spent quite a bit of time lumped into the “pretty actress with limited acting skills” category, though I think she’s been underestimated. But it was hard to see all her potential in action when she only acted in select film projects and not that prolifically at that, so for her You From Another Star is something of a discovery moment, even though she’s well into the second decade of her career and is already an A-list star.

Kim Soo-hyun, on the other hand, seems to be unable to put a foot wrong, though I can’t begrudge him his success since he has earned every bit of it by always being present and committed. He has some of the best crying skills in dramaland, because I never see a guy trying to make tears happen; he inhabits his pain so that you actually feel him trying to rein it in while everyone else is trying to force it to burst, and it can be quite powerful.

So no, not a perfect way to tie up loose ends (in that some remain untied), but in the scheme of things the most important issues were resolved happily, and I can put this drama away with a sigh of satisfaction.


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  1. Mademoisellegeline

    Oh may gaawwwwwddddd!!!! One box of Kleenex is not enough in this entire episode!! I was crying the whole entire episode.. My head hurts and my nose is congested… This is the BEST KDRAMA TO DATE!! Thank you writernim and PDnim for giving us a different happy ending. Thank you for not ruining it!! I love that it’s not your typical kdrama ending and thank God we didn’t get a rooftop prince ending.. IT WAS PERFECT! Also, the casts did a perfect job in their characters.. JJH unnie is the best actress to date.. When DMJ left, I was whimpering along with her.. In addition to being already so invested to this drama, I felt every pain CSY has.. She was really in to her character that I was bawling. I couldn’t picture her other characters that she acted but just CSY. My eyes kept blurring and my hubby thought something bad happen to me (I told him I was just watching a drama and he starts shaking his head in disapproval. Ha!). KSH on the other hand matched JJH acting, and it was the most amazing thing that ever happen in history of tv dramas. It was just pure perfection! The way they delivered their line and timing and chemistry! I was in awe!! Everyone did a good job and I won’t comment on that coz it won’t fit in this comment. I was so happy to see Dara unnie cameo even if she didn’t say anything! And that kiss!!! Omo!! Omo!! The inner fangirl is coming out!! Lmao I thought it was beautifully shot and scripted.. It was just perfection! The writer and PD really set the bar high in the future dramas.. I don’t think I will ever find another drama that is just as good as this even with all the flaws.. Writernim, PDnim, JJH unnie, KSH oppa and the rest of the staffs and casts, I bow down to all you! I would like to thank you all for giving us the best 20 hrs of our lives.

    Also, thanks Javabeans!

    Now excuse me! I just have to go to a corner and cry.. *goes to the corner, grabs another box of Kleenex and turns in to CSY mode when DMJ left* (this will be me in the coming weeks)

    • 1.1 Mademoisellegeline

      I didn’t have time to put my emoticons coz I just finished watching the drama and I’m such a mess! I will need anti-depressant coz there’s no more of this to look forward to every Wed/Thurs. I hope Three Days will be good..

      ༼ ༏༏ີཻ༾ヘ ༏༏ີཻ༾༾༽༽

      • 1.1.1 jaglaine

        Try listening to the lovely, melodious voice of Kim Soo-Hyun while driving in your car. That’s what kept me from going nuts while waiting for the next eps. This time I think I will have to rewatch his old dramas plus, have him in my car. Ehe! That sound positively lecherous. BUT this Linkin Park fan is now listening to mellow music. All for the love of Kim Soo-Hyun!

        • Mademoisellegeline

          I’ve been listening to the whole soundtrack and I just kept crying especially at KSH nd Huh Gak songs.. Just thinking about the scene when DMJ disappeared on the balcony while CSY is crying her heart out *Huh Gak starts playing in the background* makes me cry again.. i’m just floored right now and I still will be in the coming days..

          ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

          • Skyofblue

            Don’t worry Mademoiselle. I don’t think I’m getting over this any time soon. I rewatched the ending a bunch of times today, and I’m still not over it.

            Gosh this drama. Severe withdrawal symptoms, even worse than The Princess Man and I Hear Your Voice. Probably because I marathoner those two, but waited week after week for this one. When you experience the wait, I feel like you come to love the characters and story even more.

            Great, I’m going to be depressed for awhile now. ;_;

          • Mademoisellegeline

            I agree with you.. I made my cousin watched this last week and texted her earlier about the ending.. She cried, but she’s not the same as us coz she marathon the whole drama. She watched it without subs when it came out this morning and watched it again after the subs are uploaded.. Lmao I got her addicted to this drama in which I feel accomplished.. Ha!

        • KevIna2927

          Oh my goodness … I can relate so much to you…When Do Min JOnn has to leave all their convos pretending taht they were just like an ordinary couple planning to live happily and all celebrating 1ooth day togethher and then CSY eventually said that they have to wake up on their dreams and that she was letting DMJ to GO.. I was lkike what the fudge?! huhuhu .. mjy goodness I cried bucket of tears then.. Though it wasn’t clear..the resoulution of the conflict it’s fine with me..I should be thankful that in the midst of my LONELINESS it surely helped me to forget things and love the moment <3 hehe

    • 1.2 Aid Sincera


      • 1.2.1 jaglaine

        I think Shin Min-a’s and Rain’s kiss in ‘A Love To Kill’ was just as hot. That is if my memory is accurate, cause that was ages ago that I watched it.

      • 1.2.2 Mademoisellegeline

        I kept squealling while crying when they made out.. KSH is one of the best kisser in kdramaland. I wasn’t as satisfied with JJH’s, but I guess it’s understandable since she’s married and KSH is the only k-actor that she ever kissed. KSH already kissed few actresses and I guess this made him have experiences and learned the right camera angles. Although I wasn’t as satisfied with JJH unnie’s kiss, I thought it was fitting since she was crying and too shocked to process in her mind that DMJ is really in front of her.

        • ben

          That and KSH had nine girlfriends…he said it in an interview one time XD. I wonder what else is he experienced in O.O

          • Mademoisellegeline

            Whhhhaatttt? ٩(⌯꒦ິ̆ᵔ꒦ິ)۶ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ Unbelievable!!! Hahahaha

          • Emily

            He never said that. Just watch that inteview. He was joking.

          • czaritsa

            can you give the link of the video? chaebal! :(((

      • 1.2.3 ilikemangos

        Overall the kiss was set up to be grand — flashing lights, loud gasps..and KSH kissed like no other because he knew it would be his last time kissing his ji hyun noona.
        It rivals Secret Garden’s party kiss. Difference is that Secret garden’s kiss lasted longer. But on a scale of which kiss was more epic in feel? YFAS. You know that an alien kiss will make headlines not only in south korea but the rest of the world.

        • Mademoisellegeline ༼ ༏༏ີཻ༾ヘ ༏༏ີཻ༾༾༽༽

          I agree with you!! Did u see the way his lips would part? The way his jaw would move? Oh may gawd!! I just can’t help myself.. I hope it’s not considered cheating on my hubby. Hahahaha I really love Hyuns couple! Their chemistry is just too sizzling hot and so far, they’re the top of my list of my fave OTPs in kdrama..

          • Laden

            @mademoseillegelle ヽ( ^^)人
            (^^ )ノthere you go again
            You really should start writing novels or blogs or
            something,you have a way of describing things
            accurately that when one is reading it you can picture
            what you’re describing perfectly.
            Now excuse me while I go back to fighting my tears as
            I can’t cry now cos I’m in school and in public

          • Mademoisellegeline

            Awww thank you! ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ) I really don’t like writing, but this drama is an exception.. Lol This is the only drama I spent time writing my feelings coz if I don’t, then my withdrawal symptoms will be much worse than what I’m currently experiencing. Ha! ꋧ(⁎ˊ̭ સˆ̀)◞₎̵₎ Also, I always make grammar mistakes, i kept switching past, present and future tense.. Hahaha I hope I’m making sense..Btw i’ll pass you my Kleneex! Kekeke

          • Mademoisellegeline

            All the kisses! ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ)・*♡


        • Tinkerella

          Does anyone remember the kiss in “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”? That kiss made history, too.
          There were many good kisses/ kissers lately in Dramaland lately, which sets the bar higher every time.

          • Sakura

            Its been, what, 2 years since Flower Boy Ramyun Shop? But I sometimes still find my mind wandering back to THAT kiss. So epic.

          • Seanshine

            I cried and I cried and I cried at Song Yi’s pain. I really felt that for her. And still after three years??? I don’t think for a normal guy I would still be feening like that, for my alien lover with super human powers and the strength to match. Yep! So the whole ordeal was really believable. I am not a fan of years passing in dramas and was holding my breath to see what would actually unfold during their time apart. Do Min Joon appearing and disappearing is not something I liked as much. I’ve seen that before and I loved it for THAT story. Not this one. Plus many loose ends remained just so..

            “..however silly or fictional, and when the drama chooses not to address them at all, I can’t shake a feeling of disappointment.”

            In regards to the the writer coming up with a wormhole and all other nuisances this drama has put us through, I totally agree. Not giving us a clear understanding as to why certain factors around our hero were the way it was leaves a gap for me. Saliva sickness.. Did he get over it? I guess we will never know. Overall I still like the drama, it’ll be a classic for me. But in terms of what I’ll watch over and over again in comparison to this show will be my jdrama Starman. ((Spoiler Alert))
            Ryoko’s character was portrayed as a very delightful, caring, strong woman with the down fault of having one’s ‘head in the clouds’ in regards to love. I loved her and despised how easy she was but I grew to understand her too. She was simple. And even as simple minded as she was she went after what she wanted and got it and so much more. There was not wasting of time lolly-gagging about I love you but can’t show you type of thing. Straight forward most of the time and still managed to make me wanna root for the couple. I loved the ending.. A year forward they showed how Hoshio had stayed, they had a baby and were enjoying family life. Loved it! It was not as big budgeted as this show was but I think that was the charm of it all because I didn’t expect much but got a whole lot out of it in the end. No showy product placements necessary. ; )

            Thank you, as always to DramaBeans for all your hard work in recapping this entire drama!! : D

      • 1.2.4 neener

        TOTALLY! I’ll be rewatching it over and over and over again! I did find the recent kiss scene in I Need Romance 3 hot but NOOOO this top ALL the kisses EVAH!

        Esp when the future dramas will just have that flat kiss.

        • Eva diva

          I so agree! ༼ ༏༏ີཻ༾ヘ ༏༏ີཻ༾༾༽༽

      • 1.2.5 Mademoisellegeline

        To JJH unnie’s husband,

        Ooopppsss!! Sawwwrryyy!!!

        For fangirling to our OTP and for being so euphoric to all the kisses that they did in this drama (I’m sure they had to kiss more than once on every kiss scene).


        • jaglaine

          This was my exact same sentiment wheny Korean colleague and I were talking about it. I said I feel sawry for JJH’s husband but I love her kissing KSH. And I said she should NOT kiss anyone else in film coz that would feel soooo wrong. Only KSH. Ever. God! I am sooo bad…feeling so proprietary/possessive/whatever of JJH and KSH kissing.
          BTW, my colleague thought that the last kiss was too over-the-top. I told her that most international fans like it coz we’re used to seeing kisses like that on national TV and films. Right? She had to laugh when I gave a double thumbs up and said, “Daebak!”.

          • Mademoisellegeline

            I feel that way too.. Ha! If only she wasn’t married then maybe we’ll have a real noona-dongsaeng romance. Call me delusional but I feel that there’s some sparks! I can see it! You can tell by their chemistry, their body language, the way they kiss. Ha! Ok now I really feel sawwry to her husband… Lmao ^^

      • 1.2.6 kerine

        i bet he fainted right after he disapeared lol

      • 1.2.7 bd

        Not even close.

        A no. of kisses in “Coffee Prince” that were way better, not to mention a no. of other K-dramas.

      • 1.2.8 Zappy

        Shing-Shing and Sweet Potato’s kiss is my favorite. Two words: tongue action 🙂

    • 1.3 Mademoisellegeline

      Oooppsss!! Sawwwwrrryyyy!! Lol I meant 21 hrs.

    • 1.4 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

      I hope 3 days will be good too ….. it has big shoes to fill I love you KSH now get some sleep 🙂

      • 1.4.1 Mademoisellegeline ༼ ༏༏ີཻ༾ヘ ༏༏ີཻ༾༾༽༽

        I wish I can! I barely ate today.. Lol (๑>◡<๑)

    • 1.5 Mademoisellegeline

      Can I just add on top of everything that has been said that hello/goodbye by Hyorin is a given clue to the ending. It was right in front of our nose and we didn’t even see it.. Listen to the song again with eng subs and you will all be mindblown..
      (ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑)wow!*✰

      Thanks Tiny for letting us know! I just can’t get it out of my head since you mentioned it..


      • 1.5.1 tiny

        as if we didn’t have enough reasons to love this drama. it just keeps pouring moarrr.

        if anyone’s figure out a way out of this withdrawal, please share!

        • Jo

          Yes, pls do share! It’s kinda pitiful, I’m still reading comments after comments to get my YFTS fix! Arrrgh!

          It just occurred to me, this might not help at all. Because now I’m reminded of what I love about this drama!


      • 1.5.2 Daaeeebak!

        oy vey! I’d just dried my tears and then this video?! gosh, i love this show!

      • 1.5.3 jaglaine

        The video got me giggly again, Missy. And I blame you for it. So, are we gonna keep coming back to DB in the next few days for our ‘group rehab’? And stalk the web for news of KSH and JJH? Mainly KSH for me. I have become a true blue fangirl.

        • Mademoisellegeline

          You read my mind! Hahaha I’ve been going back and forth here refreshing, reading fans comments and trying to find new perspective on the drama.. So far, i barely slept and ate.. Like you, i’ve been stalking the web like crazy stalker. We really need a group rehab.. Lol

    • 1.6 J Kim

      I am mentally drained. I cried so much. I cried happy tears and I cried sad tears. My fake/real world crumbled into pieces. My children asked me whats wrong? I just pointed at my computer and my daughter gave me a hug(LOL). I will re-watch this drama time and time again.

      • 1.6.1 jaglaine

        Ohhhh. That was soooo sweet J Kim. Hug your daughter back for me.

    • 1.7 Pieraccu

      This is by far one of my favorite dramas. I would watch him unwrapping a tea bag. As to this drama I have one question that I haven’t seen posed. If the UFO came back for him after 400 years and was able to crystalize him and bring him onto the spaceship, then why didn’t they do that 400 years ago?

      • 1.7.1 Mademoisellegeline

        I read this on soompi forum from AIDSINCERA post which I will copy and paste coz I don’t know how to put the link with just his/her post: (it’s just a theory)

        “I asked my best friend, who’s nuclear scientist and crazy maniac of sci-fi to watch YWCFTS. But of course he refuse. He never ever watch Korean drama hehe.. it’s his typical

        Anyway, finally, he agreed to watch 21 ep marathon in a day with fast forward button

        Here is his comment:

        I can buy it, the whole thing about wormhole, except the ageless-highlander and lovey-dovey romantic thing in YWCFTS (Me: Yeeeahhh right.. hehehe). I assume 400 years ago, Do Min Joon’s colony (the alien) try to go to the earth by UFO through the comet. But at that moment, they don’t have an experience to make some relay. Relay is an electrical device, typically incorporating an electromagnet, which is activated by a current or signal in one circuit to open or close another circuit. (Oxford dictionary).

        During 400 years, they try to stabilize the relay to pick up Do Min Joon in the earth. Do Min Joon got the premonition. But he was assume that he’s might be dead. Maybe, because he never know about the wormhole and relay connection thing. In fact, he’d been sucked into a wormhole. Wormhole is a special type of structure that some scientists think might exist, connecting parts of space and time that are not usually connected (Cambridge dictionary). The relay is not yet so perfect, that’s why he still disappear, on and off. So the sci-fi explanation of wormhole on episode 21 is make a sense.”

        • jaglaine

          Hah! You finally discovered the treasure trove that is Soompi. Thanks to ilikemangoes, I suppose. Feeds the addiction, doesn’t it?

          • Mademoisellegeline

            Omo!! It’s better than gold!!! Lmao

    • 1.8 soserious

      let me join you in the corner and we will both cry over the best drama of 2014. no matter how i think of it, i think it will be hard to top YFAS. it’s so rare to see a good romantic comedy these days.

      cannot stop praising the performances of JJH and KSH. it was winning in every single way. i was invested in their characters from the very beginning. BUT Chun Song-yi is a character that i will never forget in my LYFE so i’m very, very, very sad to see her go.

      i am actually satisfied with the ending. there were some loose ends, but because of the happy ending i got, i was willing to gloss over them (like the supporting characters, but it was the main arc that i was most invested in so w/e). LOVED THE ENDING DIALOGUE AND THE EPILOGUE WAS PRECIOUS.

      THANKS FOR RECAPS JAVABEANS! (hope to see you again in 3 Days – the drama i mean hur hur).

      • 1.8.1 Mademoisellegeline

        Jaglaine and I are forming a group rehab. You’re welcome to join. Ha! I may need to buy few more boxes of Kleenex.. (⁎·́௰·̀)◞ ͂͂(˒̩̩̥́௰˓̩̩̥̀⁎)(·́௰·̀⁎)

        • jaglaine

          LOL! Your nose looks red and swollen. Your husband must think you’re going nuts. As you can see, I’m back.

    • 1.9 Lux Flor

      You know what… I love it. LOVE IT.

      Thank god, they add an episode, i just can’t imagine with all the information resume in one.

      This story was so diferent to anothers, so special. I love the cast, at first i have the feeling that Jun Ji Hyun was a little bit older than Kim Soo Hyun, but Song Yi Do Min Joon are the perfect couple.

      This final episode had so many beatiful moments, the video that song yi made to min joon, the dance. so funny. the good byes, omg that kiss and all the tears, worth it

      This final, allowed us to make your own theories, about why things happened that way. I Think that Do Min Joon doesn’t get on the ufo ship because they only could came back with the asteroid each 400 year, (that’s a long time) so he prefer die alone instead in front of song yi, so he went to the forest, and all the wormhole story happened. And he was able to return home. (he had
      to come back, no matter what -i know that, the writters know that-)

      So Do Min Joon and Song Yi are happy living day by day. And we can’t forget the fact that Do Min Joon could stay for a longer period of time between “trips” (, I’m happy with that idea. (one year and a month and counting)

      I only have a doubt and kind of feel sorry for Lee Hwi Kyung, he didn’t move on with his live, what happened with Se Mi and he?


    • 1.10 m

      hi.. have you seen the last epilogue, the director’s cut? where they bought a new a house and live happily…? if so,, can you translate since i dont understand korean language.. tnx a lot!!!

      • 1.10.1 Mademoisellegeline

        There’s no dialogue.. It’s just the same as what CSY said in the epilogue on episode 21.. They just continue it and added the scene where they bought the house ^^

    • 1.11 Estee

      Sorry i do get it that eventually they are happy at the end but can someone tell me does it mean when do min joon says that he’s home he came back is it for good without dissapearing anymore or he will dissappear and come back again and stay longer and longer each time after he dissapear?

    • 1.12 Bob1221

      … as for those discrepancies … along with Jeon Ji-hyun’s continued motion, notice the large screen in the background, if I am not mistaken, it was in full motion as well … during the “time stop” period.

  2. Ivoire

    My questions: 1- When Pros. Yoo brought the case against JK, the site I watch it at said (and translated) that “ JK admitted his guilt but then he denied it,” (this was 16mns in). That left me confused. Does that imply that JK admitted his guilt to Pros. Yoo, and then he recanted? Except, it would not be like JK to do something like that. He was plotting his defense in jail with his lawyer. I would welcome the beanies’ insights on this. 2- HK said to MJ, “who is asking who the favor?” And then he (HK) got upset. Was it because MJ asked him to do something that he would naturally do? I thought that HK would be happy to get to spend time with SY, and be near her? 3-I heard BJ call SY “puny-ah (or something like that)” when they were at SY’s place. Which means/implies? (If it means anything). 4-Are those statues (they looked like two real children, near the boat), in the garden, when SY returned to that island? 5-There is a blue book (with a boy and a girl on the cover) at the end of the ep., is that “The Little Prince?” (the title wasn’t translated).

    OK! So it ended, our drama. I experienced some of the same feelings I experienced at the end of GFB. Confusion, some “That’s it?”and a feeling that many things are left to be open to interpretation (by the viewer). I am not sure what to make of this ending. (use my imagination, maybe? Though I wanted the writer to tell me what happened, and maybe deliver on some of the things that had been hinted at). I also felt that many questions I have were left unanswered. I guess MJ can kiss now, and not get sick? Since we didn’t see him faint. Though, tbh, I was expecting him to faint again. I thought that would have been funny. Also, we did not get the 7 children and the 5 dogs, which I wondered would be in the finale or not (that would have been cute). And so MJ is not fully back on earth then? Since he keeps disappearing. And I guess he never made it to his star/planet? How long will he keep on appearing and disappearing? What was the importance of being able to freeze time for a year and a month? What does that accomplish, really?

    I guess this ep. was not meant to be as funny as the previous ep. Yes, we had the ET reference, and the big hug YJ gave MJ, other than those (I might be missing some scenes), this ep. felt sad and melancholic to me. I feel unsettle not knowing (or having the feeling) that SY and MJ are back together, living a normal life. What was the point of her waiting then? (I know, she is love, she was going to wait, regardless). I don’t know if I am the only one, but I didn’t get a sense of completion, which I now realize was what I was strongly hoping for. I thought I could handle any ending, however now, I am realizing that I would have prefer something more clear cut. OK, I get it: I just wanted SY and MJ, together, married, waking up together (like in the dreams), MJ catching dishes that SY dropped, eating SY’s burnt food, and running after 6 girls and 1 boy around the house, with 5 dogs yapping around them. And MJ laughing a lot (since we didn’t get that in the 1st 15 ep). That would have made me happy. *Rant Over, * I guess…

    On a happier note, I did like JK’s resolution (of his fate) and how his father ended up doing the right thing, acknowledging that he had contributed in creating a monster and that JK should remain in jail (for the good of society, really).

    • 2.1 KDaddict

      1. You need better subs. You’d be much less puzzled.
      2. Read the recap.
      3. Also, go to some blogs on Korean culture and language.
      That’d do away with so many of your Qns.

      • 2.1.1 AJ

        LOL #shotsfired

      • 2.1.2 gen

        No offense to Ivoire but majority of her questions can be answered by the recaps so like Kaddict says, Just read the recaps.

        And also, Google is your friend. It’s faster and less time consuming to type everything in a post and waiting for answers than just simple googling.

        • Aigoooo

          But but.. how can they be first poster if they have to read the recap? Oh yeah, they can stop time like Do Min Joon, read the recap, type up a very long comment then restart time again. kekeke

          • Aigoooo

            My apologies. My above post sounded funny in my head when I did it but after reading, it seemed so accusatory. I am experiencing poster’s remorse.

      • 2.1.3 Jainab

        Amen @KDaddict! You ripped the words right outta my thoughts!

        Just in case I forget come December 2014, please consider this my vote for drama of the year and to you also for comment of the year. YFAS for Drama of the Year – Hwaiting!

      • 2.1.4 chace

        Omo! So many likes!!!!

        • m

          hi.. have you seen the last epilogue, the director’s cut? where they bought a new a house and live happily…? if so,, can you translate since i dont understand korean language.. tnx a lot!!!

          • anniejang

            Really? Where?
            On another note-I kept wondering why he didn’t seem to react negatively when she talked about how pretty and beautiful she is, then remembered that in Moon Embracing the Sun-KSH liked mentioning how good looking he was! It was hilarious “Raise the curtains, so the people can see how good-looking I am!” and “I’m smart, I’m good looking, and on top of that, I’m King! How great is that?”

    • 2.2 Ivoire

      Thank you for the recap! I did love seeing YJ’s progression and eventual success, and SY crying at her home (after seeing MJ) brought me to tears. Excellent performance. I am still processing this ep., so my feels are all over the place.

    • 2.3 v

      1. he admitted in the hidden camera but he denied in front of the prosecutor. 2. Yes, he is upset because now when he do it (stay near CSY) it seems like he doesn’t do it because of his feelings but because DMJ told him so, you know superiority complex. 5. I think since DMJ collect books, the shows become the story of the alien boy who found his love. Their love biography.

      • 2.3.1 stars

        Uh, for question 5, no, it’s not their love biography wth lol.

        It’s the book he has been reading throughout the series!
        “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”.

        • tdot

          No, you’re mistaken. We’ve seen the cover for “Edward Tulane” and it doesn’t look like that. Also “Edward Tulane” is about a little girl and a ceramic bunny, and the blue book has a cover showing a man and a woman holding hands. Also the title on the cover of the blue book is the title of the show i.e. “My Love from Another Star” and it has the SBS (TV station) logo on it. I agree with v that it is supposed to be the story of their love, and it’s kind of a cute little thing in the credits to link back to DMJ’s love of books and to the journal that he’s keeping.

          • jaglaine

            Second that, tdot. This is actually valuable info. Thanks heaps.

          • Ivoire

            @ tdot,

            Thank you as well, for that insight! I have actually looked at that cover/book again, and yes, it is DMJ and CSY, but they are not holding hands. They are just looking at each other. And you are also right about the SBS logo on that book cover. I just wrote a long comment about that cover that is awaiting moderation, because of some web links that I have included in my response, and they add some information to tdot’s comment. If you guys remember (and are curious), you can check back later to see if my comment has finally been posted, to see what I was talking about. Thank you!

          • jaglaine

            I mean, the parralel between the Edward Tulane book ending with their own story. DMJ found his way back home to CSY. Stayed. Had hybrid babies that grew up to be beautiful and smart. Beautiful like their parents and smart like their father. Sweet!

          • jackie

            Hi tdot! I’m curious what is that blue book? I cant find it in episode 21. Can you share a screenshot maybe? Please? 🙂

        • houstontwin

          tdot, thanks for explaining the blue book. I totally didn’t get what that was. It certainly ties together all the video journal scenes.

          • jaglaine

            …and the ‘ET found his way home’ ending of the book. Gives us definite closure that DMJ eventually found his way home and stayed. Amen.

    • 2.4 Michelle

      It was an ok ending. The appearing and disappearing I think it mean he is getting better at staying every time he does it so from 3 sec to 1year 1month is pretty. Eventually he would be able to stay for a long time. Also guess he got the human vaccine from all the kisses atleast for her. Queen’s man ending had the fan kisses at the end but made no sense.

      • 2.4.1 Ivoire

        Hello Michelle,

        I agree with you! I too think that it was an OK ending. Thank you for adding some additional insight so we could understand or view this ep. better. This ep. left me with so many questions, some more came to me as I rewatch the ep. I will just post them here, and see if I get any answers:

        1-Where did they go to film the kiss scene? What neighborhood, what building were they standing in front of? 2-Are SY and SM both main lead actresses by the end of the drama? (maybe not?) 3-So, MJ is not going to get older? He is going to stay the same, while she ages and changes? How is that going to look like?

        • WhatNow

          Hi Ivoire,

          You’re a legend on Dramabeans and I’ve read through a lot of your questions. Some of them do inspire others to give it some thought and provide their answers. Some have me thinking, how in heaven’s name do you come up with those questions?

          Just out of curiosity though, of your three latest questions, what relevance does Q1 have? Why do you need to know where the kiss scene was filmed, which neighbourhood and what building they were standing in front of? Are you planning on noting all the answers down so that when you visit Korea, you will make a point to go to all these places?

          So now you have me curious and baffled about YOUR curiosity.

          • Ivoire

            Hello WhatNow~

            I really appreciate your comment. I apologize for not having responded yet. I only saw your comment 2 days ago I think, and I have been quite busy (real life getting in the way 🙁 ). I do appreciate your curiosity, and I plan on responding to your question. If you remember, and if you are so inclined, please do check back here, at some point, maybe more than once. I don’t know if you will see my comment, however I will make good on my promise (just maybe not this weekend, FYI). I know this is not much, however I just wanted to let you know that I did read your comment, and that I am planning on coming back and responding. Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • 2.5 Knookey

      For that blue book, where in the episode exactly? I’ve been looking for it like crazy!

      • 2.5.1 Ivoire

        Hello Knookey,

        I just answered your question, look at ep. 21, 58 minutes and 19 seconds in, and you will see it. I posted a longer answer, however it is awaiting moderation because it has some web links in it. So please, check back when my comment/response would have been posted by the DB writers. I think you might be interested in what I wrote (at least I hope).
        It is actually not the book (as I thought), but DMJ and CSY as characters. However, the background image is taken from the cover of the book.

        WARNING: My answer is long, because I was writing as I was thinking. I hope you won’t mind.

      • 2.5.2 Ivoire

        Hello Knookey,

        If you watch ep. 21, after the epilogue (when MJ comes to bed and he is there when she wakes up), the drama starts to show the credits. Before the last minute or so of the whole ep., there is a blue book with two characters on it. One character looks like a boy (not a man), and he has a scarf around his neck. He is looking at and facing a girl (I am not sure it’s a woman), who is also looking at him.

        I asked that question, because the theme of “The Little Prince” has been touched on in the drama as well. Additionally, when MJ did the “fly over kiss,” in ep. 15 (the end) and ep. 16 (the beginning) in a place called “Le Petite France” or “La Petite France” (more accurate name, in French), and you can see the statue of The Little Prince in the background. If you rewatch those scenes, in the episodes that I have mentioned, you will spot that statue.

        I don’t read Hangul (yet), and I know that it is not the book that MJ was reading. The title on the blue book is written in Hangul, which is why I asked my question #5. When I watched the ep., the subbers did not translate the title of the book, which was why I asked here.

        I also asked that question, because a beanie and I discussed the fact that the writer possibly made a nod to “The Little Prince,” since some of MJ’s journey on earth mirrors, or has elements of The Little Prince journey as well (That book is not very long, and it is an interesting read). That beanie and I know or feel that this writer has a subtle way (at times) of pointing at or bringing up certain images or characters (from other movies or books or dramas) and leaving it at that. If one does pay attention or does not know about it, one could just miss that reference.

        When I saw that book at the end, it made me think and made me wonder if there was a reason why that book was there (at that moment). And I just checked the title, and realized that it is actually the title of the drama (this drama). I had not paid full attention to the title in Hangul, so I was not sure what the title was. I would say however that the image (in blue) is taken from “The Little Prince” cover. The background is the same, and the two characters are DMJ and CSY (is what I believe). You can see that image at 58 minutes and 19 seconds in, in the episode. (And I think I just answered my question, btw)

        Here are covers of The Little Prince, (as you can see, the rock MJ and SY are standing on is the same):


        Here are pictures of “Le (La) Petite France” (some scenes of Secret Garden were also filmed there, and apparently, Love Rain too):


        This was long (detailed, I would say), and I hope it satisfied your curiosity 🙂

        • Knookey

          Such a great and detailed reply, thank you so much!! I get your train of thought and man, I guess I really need to put more of my brain in when watching dramas (to pick up references and all).
          It seems like the websites where I saw the final episode didn’t show that blue book. I rewatched those last few minutes 100 times and I saw nothing (or I need to get my eyes tested)

          Thanks for you fantastic explanation!! Love reading your comments =)

          PS: I’m having YWCFS withdrawal symptoms now… sigh

  3. Sakura

    I am supposed to watch this with my frd tonight, so we did a pinky swear not to watch it on our own… BUT here I am “cheating” on her.
    I CAN’T HELP IT!!!!!

  4. tiny

    Cheon Song Yi won’t be CSY if it wasn’t JJH playing her. It was an honor watching her in a drama. The screenscaps don’t do any justice to the, literally, hundreds of facial expressions I saw on her. If .gifs weren’t too heavy… or if jb knew how to make them. Haha! There’s a lot on tumblr anyway.

    DMJ can be played by any talented actor but only KSH can kiss JJH! Haha so petty. But seriously, I still shudder at the memory of that nobody-actor kissing Song Hye Kyo in That Winter. LOL KSH-JJH the biggest lump of chemi if I ever saw one. SY-MJ the OTP to rule them all.

    THAT KISS! I can understand how JJH would be good at kissing since she has her husband for that. But I gotta say it’s KSH who’s always leading the kisses. How did that boy get so good? Wait! Don’t answer that.

    The ending: it must be because I’m not a deep person. But It was a bitter pill to swallow.. In fact I was bawling like a little girl. What’s with the disappearing thing? And for how long does he disappear? He stays for a year then goes away for 3? I didn’t want babies or dogs or the house on the countryside. What I really wanted to see was DMJ circumventing the aging thing. Wouldn’t DMJ still outlive Song Yi?

    My heart… nomu appa. Or maybe I’m just being a child? Haha. The ending worked thematically (of cherishing time together to the fullest) and that’s probably the exact reason why I’m sad because it makes me realize that I’m just being a sourpusss ㅋㅋㅋ

    But I’ll still re-watch this over and over again and probably stop until that red carpet and believe that when MJ said he’s back, he meant FOR GOOD… because I can. Ha. I am a child. La la la la la.

    Daesang for Jeon Ji Hyun, please! Hands down the best rom-com everrrrr! It stayed true to what it was: romance and comedy.

    • 4.1 Skyofblue

      The ending WAS a bitter pill to swallow. In fact, I was just sitting there not understanding what just happened for a long time. I really wish there had been some other way for them to stay together.

      I wanted alive, happy, and TOGETHER FOREVER.

      Bawled like a baby throughout.

      • 4.1.1 Laden

        Sorry for trolling your post and sorry for the potentially long post:
        On that note I don’t know if I’m not 100% satisfied with the end or I’m just 100% dissatisfied with the fact that the drama is over,I think it should be the latter.
        This being the 2nd drama I followed the live broadcast from the beginning through to the end (Heirs being the first tho I’ve watched tons of kdramas)I’m Really really going to miss this drama I’m going to miss CSY,DMJ,LHK,LYJ I’m going to miss everyone even killer hyung(whom I renamed the Hairgel villain)
        It was well wrapped up IMO,they didn’t just give us the happy albeit a bit illogical and impossible end the writer gave us quite a feasible meaningful end though I wouldn’t have minded a time jump to see CSY and DMJ 7 kids and 5dogs but still writernim and PDnim for giving me a wonderful drama that gave me something to look forward to every week *standing ovation from all the beanie’s and yfas fans all over the world*
        Uri DMJ sshi I shall miss you,KSH I’ll be waiting for your anticipated return to kdramaland.JJH sshi please come back to dramaland soon oh pls juseyo.
        Sorry for the long post y’all
        Now excuse me while I go back to fighting my tears as I can’t cry now cos I’m in school and in public
        One more thing:
        They didn’t explain the reason/purpose for the video diary or did they but I missed it?

    • 4.2 creine

      IKR!!!!!….how can he kiss like that?..so pro!..
      and he did the first torrid kiss with JJH also..

      • 4.2.1 fluffy-in-flight

        he practices a lot.

        • skez

          i think my comment got lost somehow…anyhow am curiuos…do they kiss for real or they r camera tricks?? someone…anyone..

      • 4.2.2 skez

        do they kiss for real or camera tricks???

    • 4.3 emiie

      I beg to differ, so petty. I can’t imagine anyone but KSH play DMJ 🙂

      • 4.3.1 jaglaine

        I agree. Only KSH can play DMJ and pull it off. So young and yet so old. This is the reason why the production team only had him in kind to play DMJ.

    • 4.4 SongSong

      “THAT KISS! I can understand how JJH would be good at kissing since she has her husband for that. But I gotta say it’s KSH who’s always leading the kisses. How did that boy get so good? Wait! Don’t answer that. ”

      I’d go with anybody would suddenly be a terrific kisser if the partner is the-only-one-goddess-jeonjihyun.
      But wait.. I’m a woman. What the hell am I thinking ?! No no no.. Don’t answer that.

    • 4.5 Star

      It only took him 3 years in the beginning because he still couldn’t control it & is still learning. So each time he comes back he takes less time to come back & can stay longer. This is my understanding.

      What I believe is that when he disappeared at the end and reappeared in the morning, only 1 night passed. So by the time Song Yi woke up, Min Joon is back! 🙂

      • 4.5.1 niizuma

        oh imo they have clearly made love during the 1yr and 3months they have been living together because the drama subtly implies this to be the case through cheon song yis dialogue her personality the fact he has developed a immunity to kissing given all the hints the writer has shown us with regard to this eg:the red carpet kiss csy line of dialogue from episode 18 then they kissed in ep 20 and he was also fine which leads me to believe csy has progressed from their over the following 1yr and 3months in order to build up his immunity

      • 4.5.2 cantthinkofahandle

        Yes, yes, I like this idea, that he only took one night to be away. He did say that he doesn’t need to be in the wormhole that long, right? So, yes, this is a perfectly logical theory. Yes, so Chun Song-yi doesn’t have to be tormented by waiting for indefinite periods of time. *rocks self in fetal position in corner recovering from awesomeness of the show, overwhelming sadness that it has to end, and the worries about the Chun Song-yi and Do Min-Joon having their super happy ending with no more crying and tears!!*

    • 4.6 Mademoisellegeline

      I agree with you on Daesang for JJH and KSH too.. Like what Laden said, best crier. Lmao ^^

    • 4.7 cantthinkofahandle

      Oh my God, yes, that is what I have been so concerned about ever since the finale as well!! Please tell me she doesn’t have to wait so long for each time for him to come back!!! Aghhhh!! That would be so painnnnnnful!!

    • 4.8 KevIna2927

      hey @tiny! Wahh I love your comment! I’ve been reading a lot of comments, reviews, etc about YWCFTS and it is very seldom to see their comments about Jeon Ji Hyun…in my decades of existence I have never love any actress as much as I love Jeon Ji Hyun! you’re right there can be no other actress that is fit to portray the role pf Cheon song Yi but her…in Sassy Girl (korean) I admired her, I thought she was so good but now giving her this chance to showcase what she got I can say she’s the best…I laugh so hard when her scene is funny like when she was a messed when DMJ rejected her and I cried so hard when she asked se Mi how can she stop herself longing for DMJ..aww that was such a melancholic scene and also when she cried about the death of Han Yoo ra that even though they always argue she believed that Yoo Ra will not kill herself because She Knew that YR was a strong woman…and of course the romantic scenes were the best *can’t breath* I love her when she told DMJ that it was thousand times more important to her to know what is his feelings toward her and not HIM being somewhat extraordinary..oh yeah my comment is too long..anyway like you guys I’m experiencing such withdrawal syndrome and all… ugh! 😀 But I just wanna feel this moment la la la

  5. KDaddict

    Of everything about this show, I love the ending the most! It is novel, and it fits the story and its sic-fi elements. If he were to stay and become human, it’d be rather clichéd and predictable. But where are those kids? Since he is an alien, she could pop them out quickly. 😀

    Romantic as it is on screen, it’d be totally unnerving is the love of my life were to literally fade in and out w no warning.

    Good show. Great finish!

    • 5.1 fluffy-in-flight

      Loved the show, and was perfectly satisfied with everything including the ending, You can imagine him working fervently on finding a way to stay, then them finding a way to start a family. For me the kissing issue had been resolved, because he became more tolerant of it even before he left to go back to his star. The last time they had kissed he hadn’t gotten sick, but he had lost his shoes. The person who screened the actors did a good job, because the part each played fit the role perfectly. I cannot imagine another person even a talented actor stepping into the shoes of anyone on the show, even KSH. A person can be very talented, say an actor but if there’s no connection with the person he/she is playing beside it’s not going to work, yes a high degree of skill is involved but the emotions are involved too. That’s why that profession can be a very dangerous one. The only other person I’ve seen that can really kiss in a drama is Yoon Si Yoon, KSH did a great job in that field too, constantly, it’s just amazing that these guys that look as if they can’t even be talented in that field can give even seasoned actors a run for their money and even win – hands down.(I’ve seen a lot of k-dramas btw) Even if the actor was talented but couldn’t kiss, the effects wouldn’t be the same. moving on to something else – I had really mixed feelings about the ending, because i’d heard rumors, but again I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. What I loved most about the show is that you couldn’t foresee what was ahead of you, the show kept you guessing about how it would turn out in the next episode, it was not predictable. All the times, I had ideas about what would happen, and it didn’t turn out that way at all. I was hoping that for the end, he would find a way (probably shed his alien-ness ) and then in the process his life would be limited to her life and then they would be able to have their dreams come true. I couldn’t see any other way except for a bad ending & it didn’t happen that way. You can foresee him finding out how to stay with her, starting a family the whole works. end of story. I’m not going to address the UFO in addition to the wormhole, and also if he finds a way to stay with her for a long long time, then what? since she will be aging – for I realize It’s just a drama.

      • 5.1.1 omsanthus tea

        Totally agree that YFAS is awesome cuz it’s not predictable! (=

      • 5.1.2 Mademoisellegeline

        The PD and the writer had only KSH to play DMJ and JJH to play CSY.. Hehehehe

        i’m so glad that they both agreed to do the show together coz The Thieves is not enough for me..

    • 5.2 Nissa75

      Can’t agree more with you, even now I’ve already missed this drama. :(((((

  6. Bloops

    For some reason the ending was not completely satisfying for me. The thing that bothered me the most was whether Do Min Joon still maintains his immortality. That, I think, would be the most painful curse ever – to have to watch your loved one grow old and die while you remain the same for all eternity TT___TT

    • 6.1 v

      I don’t think he is immortal anymore, I wanna say since the time flows differently in his planet, he aged there.

      • 6.1.1 Bloops

        That’s what I was thinking too, but I kind of wish they’d spelled it out for me, ha.

        I also wanted a happy ending for Hui Kyeong but oh well.

        It was an awesome drama overall and I did really appreciate it.

        • v

          Should have a side story “The chronicle of 15 years love. Starring Se-mi and Hwi-kyeong”

    • 6.2 Aquila

      I don’t think that will ever get answered… Being stuck in a wormhole… That’s the worst type of immortality…

    • 6.3 Bloops

      One last one before I say a temporary bye to y’all.


      See you guys in the next drama!

      *throws heart-shaped confettis.

    • 6.4 KDaddict

      The guy commutes between earth and a wormhole. I don’t think he’s like us mortals.

      If CSY ages and dies before he does, which is quite likely, he will cherish the time they’ve spent together and live w those memories. That’s what took him 400 years to learn, and the point this drama has been trying to make for 21 eps. I think they spelt That out clearly.

    • 6.5 Atom

      To me, Do Min Joon is no longer an alien, he is just a man with a heart full of love now. He’s doing his every best to be by her side. As mentioned that each time he can stay on earth longer and longer.

      I imagine he will be by her side to send her off to another world. Before then, they will cherish all the moments they have. He will then be happy with all memories they shared till his time to come. He will no loger be lonely then.

      Now that the heart is filled with love, the ending will always be good, right?

      • 6.5.1 Mademoisellegeline

        I agree.. Even if there are so many unanswered questions, I didn’t care for it at all.. I didn’t ask anymore questions when I saw that they were still together.. I don’t care anymore if he will not age or if CSY will die old or if he’s still an alien.. I also didn’t care about the other flaws of the story. I was just in the moment.. What’s I love about the ending is they didn’t focus on their future but what’s happening in the present and that sealed the deal for me..

        Love is the moment (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・
        (I don’t like heirs though., please don’t hate me on this. Ha!)

        • anniejang

          I agree-the ending was perfect, everything we could have wished for. It could have been cheesy and “tacked on”, but it wasn’t. I was so well written and done. that was unexpected for me. This show made it through from beginning to end in superb form!
          I don’t know how some of these people can nitpick over little things that don’t matter at all. They’re picking over every little thing possible. I’m not going to read any more for now.

          • Bloops

            Uh, I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing to nitpick. It just shows how much we love the show. Shows that make us feel like everything matters and make us want to invest our emotions in it and provoke our thoughts are the best. Different dramas have different effects on people.

    • 6.6 FGB4877

      I do think that kind of immortality is the most horrible one. When I think on the question Do Min Joon poses to Lawyer/best friend: what is like to grow old together?, it breaks my heart. I remember a beautiful book from Simone de Beauvoir, “All men are mortals” and the pain the main character suffers from his immortality. In fact, the way that character reacts to the world surrounding him is quite similar to Do Min Joon at the beginning of the series.

  7. NN

    Thanks for recapping this drama! I was not planning to watch it but my interest was piqued from reading your recaps and I grew to love it.

    For today’s episode, their farewell was heart-wrenching – I was in tears, first from DMJ’s little speech to his beloved to take care of herself, then her heartbreak at realizing he’s gone after saying his piece but leaving her no chance to bid farewell.

    Glad he found a way back but I’m not sure if I loved the ending – it felt bittersweet. My heart broke a little when CSY commented that DMJ’s occasional disappearance is disconcerting and she just has to love him more as she’s never sure when it’ll be the last time she sees him. I wished we had a really classic happy ending and get to see our OTP happy with their 7 daughters and 5 dogs!

    • 7.1 niizuma

      imo they did make love heres how you know they sleep in the same bed dmj has been living with csy for over 1yr and 3months dmj no longer has an issue with kissing because hes built up an immunity can anyone seriously believe given csy personality she hasnt progressed the relationship beyond just kissing in 1yr and 3months eg:when she first becomes aware of his issues with kissing her she starts asking him what are the limitations also in response to this she also starts doing her own research on what she can and cant do so in 1yr and 3months i have no doubt they have overcome the body fluids issue

  8. Star

    First of all, what an absolutely amazing, thrilling & enjoyable ride this has been. Now, I feel really empty with nothing to look forward to anymore. There won’t be another one like this. For the first time for any drama, I actually woke up at 5AM to stream it live~ I have literally been crying & holding back tears all day until I just watched it with subtitles.

    More than anything I am really depressed this drama is over. Never have I been so upset that a drama is over. Nor have I ever kept up with a drama and obsessed over it like with My Love From Another Star.

    Regarding the ending… The only disappointing thing is that it was so short. Their reunion was like 10 minutes long only. Even though I didn’t get any cute lovey dovey scenes, 7 children or 5 dogs, the tone of the ending stayed true to the entire drama. It’s about the present time and who you spend that time with. The time with that person is precious and should be treasured as it were the last.

    So the ending was a bit bittersweet for me. But I still like it. The writer followed logic and didn’t try to force Minjoon to become more human-like physically and he is still likely to age much much slower than Songyi, which I can accept. So probably no babies for them. The important thing is that they are TOGETHER~

    I just feel a bit insecure that he disappears for awhile. What if he can’t make it back from the wormhole?? The thing is the writer never quite explained the rules of the universe she created, or maybe she doesn’t quite know herself, which would explain why Minjoon never explained it to anyone either. Maybe she didn’t want to create a bunch of rules and scenarios that she gets trapped by them in her storytelling. BUT… I don’t think that’s what the writer is intending. I believe she’s telling us that eventually he will be with her without disappearing.

    Props to the writer for such wonderful storytelling!! I think she should release a book filled with more events & wonderful moments 🙂

    Anyways I heard there will a directors cut of the DVD. If there are a lot more scenes and a longer ending with English subs I will definitely buy it!!

    Also I am so glad we got an extension because it gave us an extra episode of cuteness we probably wouldn’t have other wise seen!!! Those adorable moments were just so precious~

    Cheers to my favorite drama of all time! I will really really miss Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Jyun’s onscreen chemistry. It will take me a long time to not miss this show. Time to rewatch from the beginning!!!

    Thank you “You From Another Star,” for being such a well rounded, complete drama. I won’t forget you~

    • 8.1 MyWedsAndThursWillNeverBeTheSame

      Agreed with everything you said.

      I wish there were more casual funny scenes between CSY and DMJ. But I can’t ask for too much, this ending is satisfying. I can sleep better at night now.

    • 8.2 niizuma

      imo the ending of this series is setup for a potential movie sequel/conclusion to do minjoon and cheon song yis story with the 7children and 5 dogs given the popularity of the series in asia and other parts of the world
      so i ask you would you go and see a movie starring these characters in the future?

      • 8.2.1 Star

        I would if it were played by Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun!! A huge part of this drama were these two characters. It just wouldn’t be the same without either one of them. They both played their characters so perfectly.

        • niizuma

          obviously with the 2 leads returning IMO no one else can play these 2 characters as well jjh has starred in my favorite romantic comedies off alltime be it movies MSG/windstruck or drama-yfas
          ive already heard rumors of chinese and japanese tv production companies wanting to license the series so they can do their own versions with this momentum and jjh/ksh looking for future projects with lighter schedules as apposed to the ridiculous hours they where asked to manage during the filming of this amazing drama
          a yfas movie may be a legitimate option unless jjh and her husband decide against it
          now this may be an unpopular opinion but i believe jjh should NEVER DO ANOTHER DRAMA you may ask why heres my reasoning for saying this imo jjh has played csy the best heroine in kdrama history in what may in fact be the best kdrama ever made so i ask how can she possibly top this in the drama arena?jjh should drop the mic and walk away from dramas shes proven how great an actress she is without question

          oh btw last week i mentioned in the comments section of the recap that i saw a msg type ending on the horizon for the drama when i first layed eyes on the convenient ufo in the woods above the trees i thought for a second i was correct in my assumption but no i saw incorrect

    • 8.3 Gtara

      I hv checked on wormhole. It is link to blackhole which is believe that even light will be trap inside. I am just wondering how the writer can fiction out the fact that DMJ can travel to n fro so easily? Ha.. ha…

      • 8.3.1 jaglaine

        A lot of sci-fi movies and shows use wormholes as means of travelling. Case in point is Farscape. Excellent use and explanation of wormholes as a means of connecting ‘worlds’.

  9. lemon84

    Thanx for the recaps.. happy ending! And I dont even care he’s an alien… as long as he’s do min joon.. hahah

  10. 10 Eli

    Wait… did I just watch The Wormhole Traveler’s Wife??

    Reeeealy?? Unbeeeelievable! (Song-yi’s style)

  11. 11 Nadirah

    Ahhhh, what a great end to an awesome drama! I mean, I don’t love the whole Time Traveler’s Wife aspect of it either, but the way it was presented (how fleeting life & love is, and you should appreciate it – albeit taken to the extreme) felt right somehow.

    Although I did have some qualms about the whole UFO & wormhole thing, because what? They could’ve just done away with the UFO and just said the whole “meteor” event had induced the wormhole effect. I just felt like that loose end wasn’t tied up very well.

    BUT in the end, the ending made me happy, and that put this drama as one of my favourites, along with I Can Hear Your Voice <3

    Thanks so much for the recaps, I've been enjoying them 🙂

  12. 12 Rovi

    Off to read!

    *prepares for tears and whatnot*

    • 12.1 Rovi

      Oh god I cried when Song-yi wanted stories of DMJ. *lecreys*

      Yoon-jae now looks like he stepped off of that MV with Seo In-gook now. And haha at delulu Bok-ja (which, BTW is the character’s former name. I forgot her current name, but she changed old-fashioned “Bok-ja” into something not traumatic).

      But yeah…WTF is with that wormhole?! It seems kinda put off…

      Oh, I was wrong then with the interviews…but it seems weird tho…

      • 12.1.1 Aisling

        Hi Rovi!

        Haha the wormhole is not the worst of the deux ex machina endings that we’d seen. I thought that this one is actually better than My Girlfriend is a Gumiho that Javabeans mentioned, and the handphone ending in Queen In Hyun’s man.

        But I’d take deux ex machinas over the leads dying! They actually killed the heroines off in dramas like Gu Family Book and 49 Days… *Traumatising*

        • Rovi

          Oh god, never ever mention Gu Family Book. I said it before, the Book in itself is a lie.

  13. 13 laraffinee

    This was such a lovely story! It was so well done- the script, the casting (seriously – could there have been a better Song-yi or Min Joon?), the directing, etc.

    I am just basking in the story. It has left me with a lovely afterglow.

    …and thank you for the great recaps! They helped me understand parts that I didn’t get or when I couldn’t
    make sense of the subs.

    It was wonderful!

  14. 14 NN

    Another part that surprisingly got to me was the look on Mom’s face when she said that she doesn’t care about bags or fancy goods, and entreats, “Just please do something about Song-yi.” I didn’t like her character but this redeemed her for me.

  15. 15 Sophee

    Its here! Its here! ITS HERE!! THE FINALE~!!! Been refreshing like crazy…

  16. 16 Aigoooo

    I felt a bit disconnected watching this episode which never happened in the previous 20. Maybe my expectations were too high or maybe I was just a bit upset knowing that this is the end. The finale was great, not epic, but just great. I was hoping for something more bubbly. I dunno, it was such a weird watch for me.

    • 16.1 earthna

      I say watch it a second time. I was like that too when I first watched it but the second time was better. I think I was overwhelmed by my feelings at first but when I calmed down, I was able to think better. hehe.

  17. 17 dulcedeleche

    Ahh i feel like I did at the end of Queen Inhyun’s Man —- drama you cheated me!

  18. 18 dramaqueen4life

    Oh god…where do I start?
    This show was so solid through its run..im a little dissapointed with the end considering that it makes less sense than the ending of Queen Inhyun made.
    However im so glad that they ended happy and together.

    This drama gave me so many feels that I am ruined for any other romantic comedy..this is gonna be the one to beat in my heart of hearta for its amazing chemistry and heart breaking romance..

    Can anybody clear something for me?
    They ended up happy..that is sure..but what about kids..he is still an alien and still the whole saliva thing applies..and from where I can guess they are even averse to Protection..
    How are we gona get our Little Min Joon and Song Yi running about then?

    • 18.1 v

      I believe he gradually immune to saliva, or since he can go back and forth to his planet, he can heal himself when he is there. It seems like the more he connected to his home planet the stronger his power, hence he can stop time longer and can exclude CSY from the time stopping. It is an open ending, it makes room for possible movie. (that’s what the rumor said)

      • 18.1.1 dramaqueen

        Thanks for replying…appreciate it..:)

        BTW i forgot to add that this is down to my toes heart melting romance…with tears in my eyes Im still trying to deny that this wonderful journey is over.

        I can’t get over Song Yi and Min Joon..Song Yi is the one wearing the pants in the relationship but the fact that with just one stare and word from Min Joon she turns into a giggly-eyed high school girl is so CUTE…

        Im in my own happy land where they actually end up with 7 kids, 5 dogs with a huge house with a lawn..<3

      • 18.1.2 dramabuff

        Business wise, a movie makes sense. IF there is a movie, I in, I do not care if there are no subtitles, not understanding one word just to see if they tie up some strings.

  19. 19 JD


  20. 20 owl

    Hooray for wormholes! Gah! Ever so cool! I’ll remember this ending forever. Really. Truly. Kissingly. Yes, it is possible to cry and squee simultaneously through an entire episode. Do you know why I cried so hard? Because Song Yi made me feel that it was possible to love Min Joon who was from another star. She was never impressed with his powers or alienness, she even found it annoying. Rather, she grew to love him for him. I will never watch a meteor shower the same way again. And if anyone is with me, they’ll probably hear all about YFAS the whole time we gaze at the sky in awe. And never watch with me again.
    Me: About wormholes, do you know it is possible to return to earth from a wormhole if you’re sucked in? At first, it will probably be for a second or so, and gradually as you find ways, longer – maybe even say a word or two, it may be random at first, but isn’t it cool that over time you can figure out how to go where you want and stay longer? If it happens to me, I am going to figure it out just like Min Joon did.

    I am going to check for the next meteor shower after this.

    Telescope bribe – the best ever. Asteroid Do Min Joon – way to go, Yoon Jae! (I loved the asteroid discovery convo with clueless mom.)

    I adore Lee Hee Hyung.

    Gianna Jun is top 5 Korean actresses in my book. ♥ you, girl!

    Song Yi was gorgeous at the 2017 K awards ceremony. The time stop was the cleverest we’re-almost-at-the-end scene in kdramaland. It could have stopped there and I would have been completely satisfied. With the final ending, I am over the top tearfest happy. Thank you dramaland. Now, if INR3 ending is anywhere near as good as this (it promises to be, that’s for sure), kdramaland2014 is off to a much needed (by me) high kicks and emotional fix start. Thanks for the stellar recaps, javabeans!

  21. 21 barbara black fox

    I am so happy. (I am so relieved.) And the bar has been set very high for me now. No longer will I excuse stupid endings. Excellent writing. Even the little plot bumps don’t bother me.

  22. 22 v

    gah Time traveler’s wife seriously. all over the last episodes. So here’s my thought, remember how he faded the first time in balcony right after the UFO seems to scan its surrounding. Is it possible since MJ is the first alien from their planet that is missing they themselves trying to create a portal so that he can go back and forth to earth, I mean MJ himself sying he can see earth from his planet to CSY in balcony. So since the aliens have been watching over MJ maybe just maybe they actually create a wormhole for him—maybe the journey back to home planet could pose potential problem to his ailing power and health due to staying to long in earth. But they are not gonna bother to improve it for MJ to travel back to earth anytime he wants. Thus it’s back again to our resident alien to work his ass off to be with his one true love. Although this ending make it possible for sequel or even that persistent rumor of movie collaborative that shows the time after the series. I think they trying to get as much profit as possible since so many countries bidding for the rights to remake it. Other thoughts also, MJ might end up aging when it’s his time outside earth. Like he said the time flows differently. It might making sense of how he doesn’t age in earth but his power diminish. Maybe when he’s back out there he is aging but his power stays strong. Something gotta give right, can’t get both in same time. If it is, it gives me hope that they both aging in the same time. instead of DMJ end up alone when CSY aging and eventually dies. I really like when they show Jae Kyung’s emotion, gah that man looks great with emotion. He need to be a main cast on other drama pleaseeeee…Overall, I don’t love the ending, but I do like it, it flows with the bittersweet of the series…..clap clap…I just wish I see more of Lawyer Jang…hahahaha

  23. 23 stars4u

    Even though MJ comes and goes, the chance to spend some time with each other is a worthwhile exchange.
    And I had to watch the episode 5 times but why do I feel like there’s still episodes to air?
    The bromance between YJ and MJ was once again so cute!

  24. 24 Alexio

    How the heck they’re gonna make babies with him popping back and forth…tsk tsk

    • 24.1 v

      1 year and two months? pleeeennnttyyyy of timmmeeee

    • 24.2 blackcarnation

      ^___^. So how long you think is needed to make babies!??? ^____^. Last time SY mentioned MJ stay over a year ! Would that not enough time if they can (i mean make babies) ?!!!

    • 24.3 ilikemangos

      hun, happy times is anytime anywhere everyday in a matter of minutes if you wanted to. do not fret. this is not an obstacle for an alien with superpowers.

  25. 25 mdc

    The thing i love the most is the ending is not as simple as we thought. They didn’t give us a simple fairy-tale ending (Minjoon become human and happily ever after with Songyi, 7 kids, 5 dogs, a big house with yard, etc) AND no forced ending like a rencarnation or amnesia or someone died…I appreciate this so much!

    The whole concept of the drama is about FATE and TIME. Do Minjoon is an alien, Cheon Songyi is a human. In the end Minjoon has to comeback to where he came from and left Songyi “alone”. No one could change this FATE. But he is still trying hard find his way to go to his “Home”. Remember the last thing that Do Minjoon said in the episode? “There was a rabbit who found his way home” After lived on earth for 400 years, he has never thought earth is his home. But finally he has a reason to say ‘this is my home and I have to go back no matter how many ways how many times I could, for the sake of cheon songyi, for the sake of their eternal love. And HE DID IT! The previous 3 months that they spent together, it could be the most precious time in their life. But now they still manage to live ‘together’ and happily ever after even though they must through it in different ways, even though they don’t know how many times left they could meet. I believe they would be something good in the future (it’s a open endingg ;;;;)

    In the end Cheon Songyi also said “I’m perfectly happy!” ^^

    goshh too many feelsss..i could write more but let’s stop till this point…

    • 25.1 Mademoisellegeline

      This! (☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝

    • 25.2 KevIna2927

      YES! i agree with you! wooooohhhhhh … it doesn’t need to become a lovey-dovey-fairytale to satisfy us..it’s just need them holding on to something to be together.. and that’s it ! I will always love this series 🙂

  26. 26 Emmy

    Thanks for the recap JB!

    Although I also do not feel completely satisfied with the ending and was really hoping for rainbows and unicorns, this drama will always have a special place in my heart. Cheon Song-yi and Do Min-joon are one of the most perfect couples in dramaland and their love story is one that I will never forget.

    The chemistry between JJH and KSH is fabulous and for me the treat was it was my first time really “seeing” these two actors. Prior to YFAS, I have only seen JJH in “My Sassy Girl” and KSH in “Secretly, Grandly”, and while I enjoyed both movies, I feel that it was in this drama where I could really enjoy the two of them as actors.

    I would be surprised if there will be another drama in 2014 that I love as much as this one. This is probably going to be my favourite for a long, long time.

    • 26.1 Emmy

      I just watched the finale again. It’s one of those that gets better on the second watch.

      I felt slightly unsatisfied with the ending the first time I watched it (The writer seriously got all our hopes up with the big house-seven children-five dogs talk). Upon the second watch, although I still wish things like the saliva issue, ageing issue, wormhole issue were resolved, I felt much more satisfied with the ending for our OTP.

      The last few scenes were understated and blissful. The two of them sitting side by side, watching the stars, reading of a rabbit who “miraculously found his way home.”

      I loved the epilogue as well. That she loves him even more, knowing every moment could be their last, each moment has become so precious to her. *Tears*

      Theirs is a love story for the ages.

  27. 27 banchoii

    aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! i love this drama to pieces! omo! i will never see aliens in the same way again thanks to Do Manager! i love Song Yi and Min Joon so much. :)) thanks Javabeans for recapping.

  28. 28 Nheony

    Aaaaiieee!!! I loved loved the ending. I got my happy ending and Show did it just right. I really give kudos to the writer for being able to tie up the story in a believable way. She didn’t make up some neat resolution just so we get the happy ending. DMJ still disappears but they are both okay with it and have accepted it as part of their relationship. It again emphasizes what DMJ learned in EP20. Life is about the moments so now everytime he’s back in CSY’s side they treasure every moment because they are never sure if it will be their last. They make each moment count and that is really what’s important.

  29. 29 Skyofblue

    Really? That finale left me going “What just happened” for awhile. And I cried and cried and cried.

  30. 30 Nheony

    Thanks again for the recap JB. I enjoyed every moment of watching this show and reading your recaps. Until next drama.

  31. 31 Emmy

    Also, i cried every single time Do min-Joon appeared on the screen this episode.

    OOH.. And that kiss at the awards ceremony. Swoons…. Highlight of the episode.

  32. 32 jaglaine

    The ending took some time to sink in and it took me some adjustments to accept it. But I accept it. My heart may not be thumping with joy, I may not be in the throes of ecstasy but I am in the process of making up future scenarios of this beloved OTP in their happily-ever-after connubial bliss. After all, that torrid kiss did not do him any harm at all. Hell yeah!

    I cried again when Do Min Joon was saying his good-bye. I watched the episode twice, the first was without subs and I cried both times. It was a good feeling though. Thank you KSH and JJH for giving me such a gem of a drama.

  33. 33 Aisling

    Haha!! I’m happy with the wormhole if it makes it possible for Song Yi and Min Joon to somehow be together!!

    I also wondered why Song-yi does not freeze when Min-joon returns? Then I thought, maybe he could selectively choose whose time he wanted to freeze and unfreeze. But I agree that it wasn’t done well because there was no precedent before this.

    As for the last kiss not making Min-joon sick, I think that was somewhat explained previously when Song Yi notes that he’s taking shorter times to recover. He has built up his immunity? Hahaha.. I know a friend who built up her immunity for seafood like that because she loves seafood that much…

    • 33.1 WhatNow

      Aisling, hang on!

      “I also wondered why Song-yi does not freeze when Min-joon returns? Then I thought, maybe he could selectively choose whose time he wanted to freeze and unfreeze. But I agree that it wasn’t done well because there was no precedent before this.”

      What makes you think MJ freezes time every time he returns? I depend on the English subtitles to understand the dialogue but I did not get the impression that MJ froze time and his longest being that 1 year and 2 months. My understanding was that he came, he went, but life went on as per normal even while he was with SY.

  34. 34 wannabean

    UH i am okay with the ending of the drama but ONE thing really bugs me. does do min joon forever age 400 times slower than cheon song yi? if so, and he visits her when she’s super old, won’t he be still like less than 30? and when she dies? what happens to him then? won’t he be so depressed like he almost was? i think that this drama deserved a few more episodes to make a cleaner ending.

    • 34.1 zoe

      more episodes to sort out the plot lines would have been great. a one episode extension wasn’t enough!

    • 34.2 Aisling

      Ooh.. nice one, wannabean! Yea, I think that could’ve been resolved the epilogues that we get at the end of the episode. I felt that the epilogue this time, though sweet, didn’t tell us anything new. Maybe one that shows them eating together? Like the way he does with Lawyer Jang? And Song Yi grumbling that to the rest of the world, they look like mother and son… hahahahaha…

    • 34.3 Mademoisellegeline

      I may have a different opinion than majority of the fans in here.. That didn’t bother me at all.. I was just in the moment and I didn’t care for all the unanswered questions.. I was content knowing they are still together and didn’t care what will happen in the future. Just seeing them together again and happy sealed the deal for me.. I think what’s happening in the present was more important for me..

    • 34.4 RAEEEE

      When he was interviewed with Song-yi, he said 3 years in a wormhole was a very long time. I find that line very interesting. Because if it was 3 years on earth, he wouldnt have said it was a very long time. For him, 3 years on earth must be like 3 seconds if you apply his alien way of counting earth time. And that is why he hadnt aged at all for over 400 years on earth. But in wormhole, he felt the time. That tells something… Time must be flowing differently in a wormhole. So what i undertood is that on earth he doesnt age, but in a wormhole he can feel the time and he ages… so yeah I think they will both end up aging beautifully since minjoon’s gotta commute between earth and a wormhole continuously..

      • 34.4.1 Mademoisellegeline

        Oohh!! I love this theory!! I love reading everyone’s comments coz kt always gives me different perspectives on the episode.. The more I read, the more I discovered something new.. Gotta love YWCFTS fans and beanies!! Daebak!

      • 34.4.2 wannabean

        that’s actually a really plausible theory. i’ll just let imaginations run wild as to somewhat answer the many questions i have that remain from this drama.

  35. 35 Joanna

    What about the aging??

    Will Do Min-joon remain as he is as Cheon Sung-yi grow older in appearance?

    So umm, they’re able to kiss…but what about the more intimate parts of the relationships, you know the one which makes it possible for them to have their 7 kids? Sigh.

  36. 36 Abby

    Thank goodness it was satisfactory ending. I was really wondering if they could pull it off given my high expectations for this drama, but considering everything that was working against DMJ and CSY I thought it was the best they could do. I predicted that they would probably have to come up with some sort of last minute solution but hey, I would take this happy ending over a tragedy that makes sense any day. I am really going to miss this drama and it is undoubtedly in my top 3 if not my favorite korean drama of all time. I really don’t know what i am going to watch after something as amazing as this drama. Oh well, off to rewatch my favorite parts! Thanks for the recaps!

    • 36.1 Skyofblue

      This is a little off topic, but it’s one of my top 3 too!! And I have watched TONS and TONS of dramas. Which are your other two top dramas?

  37. 37 zoe

    honestly, i was rather disappointed with the way the drama ended. even if it was a sad ending, i would have preferred plot holes being tied up and the ‘wormhole’ explanation just seemed incredibly lazy. honestly, if they were separated and song yi knew that min joon existed somewhere in the universe, that would have been much more poignant and emotionally fulfilling for me. i also really wish they addressed song yi as a doppelganger, and the ‘cosmic’ significance of it a bit… they say the same things, she doesn’t like period dramas because they make her sad… come on! it felt as though it was going somewhere, but no. 🙁 i loved this drama, but the first half was much stronger than the second in terms of a cohesive narrative and plot development pacing.

    • 37.1 Lindy12

      I was disappointed as well. There were just too many loose ends to make the final episode truly satisfying for me. The big unanswered question for me is, why is Song-yi the one Min-joo breaks his 400 year non-involvement in human affairs rule? Is she the reincarnated young Joseon widow or does Song-yi just resemble her?

      I completely agree with your statement that if they were separated and Song-yi knew that Min-joo existed somewhere in the universe, it would have been much more poignant and emotionally fulfilling. It’s like the writers set up the internal rules for the drama, like the whole human saliva as alien poison bit, and then just break them. Is saliva still making him sick? If he’s stuck in a wormhole rather than back on his home planet (hello eleventh hour deus ex machine), how come he’s now healthy? Is he going to age on earth or will he stay forever young while Song-yi and the children they will (I hope) have age and die?

      I thought the production values on this drama were just outstanding though and overall I enjoyed YFAS. The opening sequence of Min-joo in period costume in an empty field then the camera doing a 180 while the city grows to reveal him standing on a busy Seoul street corner thrilled me every single time I saw it.

      Thanks for the recaps and the fascinating discussion.

      • 37.1.1 Rushie

        I think Song-yi is not a re-incarnation of Yi-hwa. Min-joon was initially curious about her because she reminded him of the first person who accepted him when he came to earth, but fell in live with Song-yi because of who she was and not because of her resemblance to Yi-hwa. I think that every time he is able to stay longer on earth and soon he won’t need to go back. He can stay for 10 years at a time or even longer. I think he was able to hone his powers more finely and that was why he froze everything without freezing Song-yi. On the first watch, I was so overwhelmed by emotion that I felt a little disappointed with the episode, but after watching it again I now understand and accept it. A nearly perfect ending to a nearly perfect show.

        • zoe

          I agree that Min-joon fell in love with Song-yi because of who she is, not because she resembled Yi-hwa. However, the connection between them was abruptly dropped somewhere. Song-yi said the exact same thing to Min-joon when he saved her as a child as Yi-hwa did, again, after Min-joon saved her, Song-yi dislikes period dramas because they make her sad and Yi-hwa’s life was incredibly tragic, and Song-yi felt sad when she looked at the hair pin that Yi-hwa owned. I think that the writers WANTED us to accept that, in the end, they are two different people, however I don’t think they developed that plot well enough. They seemed to be going in one direction with the story, that Min-joon and Song-yi were ‘destiny’ and fated to be together, decided that this ‘connection’ signified that, and then made the decision to abandon the idea, perhaps because they didn’t think about how to answer the questions they were asking in the first place, whether the answer was that yes, they were connected in someway, or no, they weren’t, and it was just coincidence.

          I think that’s a major issue I had with the later episodes – plots not being resolved satisfactorily! Min-joon had to wait 400 years before he could go home. He was waiting for his spaceship to come back during the meteor shower. He was exiled on earth because this was his only way back…but then he ends up getting sucked up into a wormhole on that day instead, recovers in the wormhole…AND THEN he can suddenly teleport between the wormhole and Earth. It’s too convenient. I really would have preferred it if they ended the drama with Min-joon and Song-yi separated…but then doing a SPECIAL where they showed a more plausible way for them to reunite, and resolved issues like the fact that Min-joon ages slowly, etc.

  38. 38 ilikemangos

    If you like it slow


    If you like it fast


    • 38.1 tiny

      good job, ilikemangoes haha

      Hyorin’s Annyeong or Hello/Goodbye song makes so much more sense now.

      • 38.1.1 ilikemangos

        Exactly! Hyorin’s song was a clue all along.
        Who knew our alien would be saying hello as much as he said goodbye? Aiee.

      • 38.1.2 chhavi

        Yeah…you are absolutely right….MJ is saying first goodbye and then there are many hello..hello…..while appearing in slashes..
        Oh my God…I think I have gone crazy now…I can’t control myself….
        does anyone knows the mental hospital which Jae Kyung has put his wife in???I think I’m gonna need the address….

      • 38.1.3 Mademoisellegeline

        It’s in front of our nose and we can’t even see it.. Lol
        I have much better appreciation now than ever before in Hyorin’s Hello/Goodbye! Daebak!

        • tiny

          it’s my favorite OST. every time it comes on my playlist I start tearing up so immediately change it to something else LOL

          • Mademoisellegeline

            I was mindblown! I just listened to the song and it gave me goosebumps?.

    • 38.2 jaglaine

      Thanks, ilikemangoes! Always love your links and your comments are always thoughtful. Much appreciated.

      • 38.2.1 ilikemangos

        Ha, this is hardly a thoughtful comment (full pervert mode on), but you are very kind. I also enjoy reading yours, and many other YFAS fans’ comments. You guys enlighten me and enrich my watching experience. This is why i come to dramabeans.

    • 38.3 Mademoisellegeline

      I like both!! *byuntae mode* kekeke

  39. 39 Adi D

    I haven’t watched the episode yet but I felt I needed to say thanks for all the recaps and particularly this one. I was waiting impatiently for the last one.

    I have noticed that you often give a grounded/ realistic opinion on the dramas you recap;and everytime you like or compliment something it is indeed worth watching. I wanted to see what you would think of the ending and your take on the drama as a whole.

    I am satisfied with what I read :).

    So now I can go back to studying as you have given me some peace of heart lol.

  40. 40 Small Birdie

    The best moments in Ep 20 for me was the farewell with Lawyer Jang in the park. So heartbreaking to say farewell to a child/parent before their time… :`-( The other scene was when SY thought MJ had died on his bed. Her sobs were absolutely heartbreaking when she kept saying no.

    In Ep 21, it was the departure on the balcony. All the things we want to say when we realise we’re out of time. How to say it all??? Arrr…..feel like crying again.

    Anyways, this was a cute, funny and touching drama. The message is clear – Treasure the moments with your loved ones. You never know when you’ll never get the chance again.

    This one’s a keeper and on the replay list for those nights when I’m feeling melancholic. And I suspect, when real life shows me glimpses of what this drama showed us.

    • 40.1 bd

      His farewell w/ lawyer Jang felt more real/emotional than w/ SY.

      In fact that relationship felt more real than the one w/ SY.

  41. 41 Skyofblue

    That finale….really took time for it to sink in. And even after it did, I wasn’t completely satisfied. I was sitting there, in the last five minutes, waiting to see their kids and dogs, because for some reason I was so sure they would get a very happy ending.

    But I guess that’s why it hit me so hard. I am not kidding when I say I went weak in the knees after it, and was pretty much bawling throughout. I had to go wash my face afterwards, from all the tears.

    It stayed true to itself though, and I have enjoyed it so much. I feel so empty at it’s loss. I would’ve watched this even had it been one hundred episodes. And then again and again.

    For all the tears, laughs, and joy this show has given us, and for crafting such a wonderful story, I thank the writer. And then the rest of the staff. I honestly cannot imagine anyone else playing Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon rather than JJH and KSH. The castings were perfect, and I loved their interactions.

    I’m coming to accept the ending slowly. I just wish that he didnt have to stop time to come back, so that then he could also be with everyone else, like Lawyer Jang.

    The drama has been a wonderful ride, and as I’m going to stop watching dramas for awhile, a great gift to leave on. I am going to miss it so much, I can’t even say.

  42. 42 Hayley

    This drama was truly satisfying although the ending was a little bittersweet (as I did hope to see their children coming up to either one of them during their “interview”). I think it’s quite rare for a show to be solid from beginning to end so I really enjoyed it! The cameo by Sandara Park was such a good surprise too!!

  43. 43 akadiche

    First though “Ah ok.. Ala Time Traveler’s Wife”
    That’s quite pathetic for me, they should have made up something permanent.:( But sadly that’s all we got. Haven’t watch it yet, but i think i have a lot of crying to do watching Song Yi cries over the years that Min Joon is gone.

  44. 44 earthna

    Okay, let me arrange myself for a moment here…

    First to comment! Never knew it felt good (weirdly). Plus my laptop which broke down, I think on Tuesday, magically worked today so I can enjoy the last episode! Heaven is helping me. T^T

    I first watched the episode early in the morning and when it ended, I didn’t know what to feel. I agree with you, javabeans, about some things not being justified or explained. Wormhole? I was like, what the hell? Watching it for the second time, with my sister (and subtitles), I was happy. I felt this warmth in my heart. I don’t know. I guess I’m just happy that it’s a happy ending, more than anything. Wormholes make more sense than Fate so I’m fine with that now.

    I’ve read the book and how can I forget that the drama could end that way? I forgot that last line! But it was good. I’m satisfied actually. Watching dramas, I knew how hard it is to be satisfied with the ending. This drama has been good even until Episode 20. Maybe this slight disappointment I have is because I expected so much. I wanted the drama to shock me in every way possible and make me feel satisfied. Still, my overall feeling, I’m happy.

    I’ve seen Kim Soohyun in MtEtS but I didn’t quite like that drama so I never really thought of him seriously. He’s good, I’d give him that. But this drama made me realize how good he really is. There’s always that one character and people remember you from and for me, I’ll always remember Kim Soohyun as Do Min Joon. Same goes for Jeon Jihyun whom I really like but I’ve always seen her as just a pretty actress. Her acting in this drama was amazing. The role was perfect for her and I’m so grateful that she accepted this drama.

    Park Hae Jin, Yoo In Na, Shin Sung Rok, wow. *claps* Actaully, everyone did a really good job. OMG Lawyer Jang! They all felt so natural and believable and real.

    Park Ji Eun Writer-nim is a really good writer. I bet she can tie more loose ends if given with more episodes. I’m going to watch her other shows now. I’ve enjoyed Unexpected You that she did last year, I think. Jang Tae Yoo PD-nim! I love him to pieces. His works are too beautiful for words. He just became one of the three people I need to meet before I die.

    Writing, directing, acting, camera works, everything. I really enjoyed this drama and it’s something that would always rank high in my charts. Beautiful, engaging, meaningful. A really must watch drama.

    Ahh, I really want to say so many things but it will proba bly bore you all to tears. hehe

    Thanks so much javabeans for all the recaps. For someone like me who doesn’t really have someone I can talk with about dramas I love, this place feels like home. Having people with the same interests as me talking about stuff most people would think weird is something that I really appreciate. I enjoy hanging out here. I look forward to more good dramas to come. More power to dramabeans! See you all in other drama recaps. 🙂

    • 44.1 earthna

      lol my first comment got lost somewhere.

    • 44.2 FromDoMinJoon'sStar

      u could have been first if you didnt spend so much time typing

    • 44.3 KevIna2927

      I remember the moment I finished watching this drama because of your comment..wooaahhh now I’m crying again :'(

  45. 45 lidy

    loved it and i agree about the plot holes. with dmj staying for longer periods, does that mean in the end when he said “i’m back” he was back for good. did he resolve the problem of the planet rejecting him, completely now? is he human now? or still an alien w. powers in tact but with a human life span? is he a human-alien hybrid now? cuz w/that make out session on the red carpet, swapping spit doesn’t make him sick anymore (wishing i was csy then).

    anyways, still love love love love love love love love love love
    You From Another Star

  46. 46 ingri

    I did not watch any kdrama for at least a year until this one came. Now i am in a grieve mode. I feel sadder because I am going to miss all the laugh, the tears, the silliness and the thrill from watching YFAS. I dont think I would see JJH in tv drama again. or see KSH without thinking DMJ. I m going to miss this drama so bad.

  47. 47 Atom

    Regardless whether i am totally satisfied with the ending, it is absolutely a beautiful one, really really beautiful.

    From an alien who does not believe in love to fall deeply into it to the point that he would risk everything he has to protect it. Even if he needs to find ways to travel across the universe to be by her side. He keeps trying and continue to do so.

    From someone who can’t even keep a pet dog for fear of separation to embrace herself to let him go so he could exist somewhere rather than just dying. She continues to miss him and deep down, wait for his return.

    He will keep trying and she will keep waiting for the moments to be together. The love they shared is so beautiful. Such love conquers time and space between them.

    I love the conclusion that the Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane was used…
    Once, there was a rabbit who found his way home….so as Do Min Joon and Cheun Song Yi, they have found their way to keep their love alive.

    Till the end, this drama keeps remind us to cherish those one we love in every moments we live.

    Many thanks to the wonderful script, all casts and crews. It’s definitely one of the best dramas I ever watched.

    • 47.1 KevIna2927

      YES! i agree with you! wooooohhhhhh … it doesn’t need to become a lovey-dovey-fairytale to satisfy us..it’s just need them holding on to something to be together.. and that’s it ! I will always love this series 🙂

  48. 48 RD

    Yes! Glad I am not the only one who felt that the whole worm hole thing is a deus ex machina! Because of this drama, I am going to call every plot device that conveniently wrap up plot lines in dramas wormholes.

    The ending just left so many things unexplained…I hate that the PD even teased that “many secrets will be revealed in the ending” when clearly it was not. Something tells me the liveshoot system had a hand in this.

    But I like the fact that this drama portrayed a healthier relationship than the usual kdrama fare. The girl was the one who openly declared her love for the guy and chased him down , and they both chose for him to leave rather than the whole “If we can’t be together, let’s just die together” a la Romeo and Juliet. In real life, people still try to move on and live their lives when their SO is not there, like what Song Yi did.

    Ahhh I guess we can’t complain too much. Let’s just be like the drama’s message and enjoy what we have/had and not think about the future (or plot holes) too much.

  49. 49 Satisfied

    “I am perfectly happy” with the ending. Close encounter of the third kind, ET going home, and Time traveler’s wife all combined together. Not bad…not a fairy tale ending with a house with white ticket fence. I can move in to the next kdrama 🙂

  50. 50 J

    Am I the only one that wonders how Min Joon changes his outfit so many times? Did he pack a bag when he got sucked into the wormhole?

    Anyways…it’s been a long time since a drama has got me so addicted to watching it over and over again. I’m glad they got a happy ending, but I’m disappointed, like JB, the show didn’t answer all the alien/supernatural/fantasy questions they left us with.

    Jeon Ji-hyun was amazing in this drama. Kim Soo-hyun was fantasic as well. Seeing their crackling chemistry again, made watching this drama AAAWWESOME!!!

    • 50.1 PR Jacky

      I was wondering the same thing. LOL

    • 50.2 omsanthus tea

      yes! When he showed up on the red carpet I was wondering when he became so trendy (his was usually more of a timeless look) with the zip details on the jacket d=

      • 50.2.1 lyptika

        He was sucked into a wormhole (which is just a short cut to another place – probably another planet, so the clothes are from there), not a blackhole (where is nothing) 😀

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