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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 19
by | August 31, 2012 | 65 Comments

javabeans: So we’re doing something different with these last two episodes of A Gentleman’s Dignity, because sometimes life gets busy while you’re recapping. Sad but true. But we know that a drama fix is never complete without a finale, so girlfriday and I decided we’d lend a hand and finish things off. But it’s been a while since the show ended, and uh, maybe one of us hasn’t actually been watching it fully, so…

girlfriday: This is gonna be interesting.

javabeans: Or really boring? Because now I remember why I stopped watching…

girlfriday: Guess we’ll find out!


javabeans: Oh yay, cold open. I like these. They’re the best part of the show, and therefore the only part I’ve consistently watched. Funny thing is, I would watch every episode for the cold open, and then let the show keep playing until I lost interest… and without fail, I always cut out at minute 11. Why is that, I wonder?

girlfriday: The writer must have a Minute 11 Achilles Heel. Though this cold open seems… like it’s in the future? Whereas the others are cool ‘cause they’re in the past.

javabeans: So the boys sit around lookin’ cool, as they are wont to do, when their ladyfriends enter the restaurant. Why are they all gaping? Have they only just now realized that their girlfriends are super hot? In episode 19?

girlfriday: Eh, it seems to be mostly a you’re-showing-too-much-skin reaction, times four.

javabeans: So it’s okay when you’re chasing her, but not when she’s “yours”? I don’t get them. Then again, not like I ever did. They drape napkins around their ladies with lame excuses (it’s cold, you might spill)… Okay, I do laugh when Do-jin wraps his napkin around Yi-soo’s face, saying, “Expose one thing at a time. Today is bare skin.” Ha.

girlfriday: He does get points for creativity. But then of course, to reinforce the double standard, when a different woman walks in showing some leg, they all put a crick in their necks to gaze up her skirt, narrating the “irony.” Lordy.

javabeans: Is pointing out the hypocrisy supposed to make it funny? Eh, we’ve had much better cold opens. On to the episode!

girlfriday: Jung-rok sits dejected in his empty bar, as the other boys file in after getting emergency calls in the middle of the night. He announces gravely that his wife wants a divorce… and they all react like, Psssh, is that all?

javabeans: He insists it’s serious this time, but they all dismiss this as a false alarm and file out. Yoon says he’ll meet with her and talk it out, leaving Jung-rok sitting depressed.

girlfriday: Things are still icy between Tae-san and Yoon, but at least that doesn’t stop them from coming to Jung-rok’s side.

javabeans: Do-jin and Yi-soo sit in his parked car at the end of the date, and things get weighty when he asks, “What if I don’t want to send you home tonight?” Rawr. But also — they haven’t slept together yet?? Aren’t they a little too old and jaded to be playing the soonjung romance storyline?

girlfriday: That is something I do not get about this writer and her insistence that adults…

javabeans: …only have sex in Episode 20 or Minus-1?

girlfriday: Pretty much.

javabeans: He checks into a hotel and they wait for an elevator while standing around incredibly awkwardly. The first one is loaded with businessmen, so they let it go, but the next one is filled with ajummas and their judgy eyes. So you’re going to have sex when you’re so ashamed that you can’t even stand in an elevator with people who think you might be having sex?

girlfriday: Also, doesn’t this guy have like an entire other officetel for just such an occasion?

javabeans: Oh, right. Yes, that too.

girlfriday: But yeah, you know what they say… um… if you can’t take the elevator, you can’t have the sex? Or something. Anyway, they finally make it all the way up to their floor, and then run right into Min-sook. Sigh. They’re not having sexy times, are they?

javabeans: Min-sook gets right to the point, saying she’d come to this hotel instead of the other one just to avoid such run-ins. What, there are two hotels in Seoul?

girlfriday: This show does the opposite of what Gaksital does. Why is Seoul one city street big?

javabeans: This writer does this ALL the time. It sort of drives me nuts. There’s a lot of really important stuff happening purely by coincidental run-in. Anyway, Yi-soo practically pulls a muscle thinking up an excuse for why they’re here.. uh… on business! Yeah, business! And she’s just walking him to his room! And it’s totally not what it looks like! Which again, frustrates me about her — the lily-white pure heroine — because hello, they’re mature adults and they’re DATING.

girlfriday: But also, false, because you’re fine going to buy new lingerie for the boyfriend, but just don’t want to be perceived as such.

javabeans: I do enjoy Do-jin’s reaction at least, which is to find this all very droll, knowing it’s absurd but just letting her cling to her belief that she’s somehow not entirely transparent.

girlfriday: I’ve always liked the fact that Min-sook is a straight-shooter, and her reaction here is great. She just says that life is short and they should grab what happiness they can in each moment.

javabeans: And NOW Do-jin connects the dots, realizing that Jung-rok’s divorce fears are real after all. He swings into motion, telling Yi-soo to invite Min-sook in for a drink while he calls Jung-rok. Uh, I don’t know that an ambush meeting is the best way to spur reconciliation…

girlfriday: Meanwhile Meahri comes home to a big mess, dramaspeak for depression, and cleans up after Tae-san. I would rather you got your life together or something, but okay, dishes and laundry it is.

javabeans: Is this because Tae-san misses Yoon? Or did something happen to the girlfriend I don’t care about?

girlfriday: Because Yoon asked for permission to be with Meahri and Tae-san’s being a foot-putter-downer.

javabeans: Right, so it’s because of Yoon. I guess it’s a sweet twist on the usual depressed-cuz-of-girl scenario.

girlfriday: I do like this one thing about the drama — that the central will-they-won’t-they is actually the bromance. ‘Cause by Episode 19, all couples have formed, though of course one is on the verge of splitting. It’s at least different, albeit not the most thrilling conflict. But lack of conflict isn’t so new for this drama.

javabeans: Min-sook drinks wine with Yi-soo, saying that she’s divorcing because she doesn’t know whether to trust Jung-rok and can’t stop being suspicious now, and is tired of it all. Which seems like good logic to me. I guess because I haven’t sat through 18 full episodes of their interaction, I really have no sympathy for Jung-rok and wonder how they made it this long to begin with.

girlfriday: Yi-soo pegs her situation as a one-sided love, which she happens to be an expert in, and says it’s natural for someone who’s been in an unrequited love for so long to suddenly feel suspicious and nervous at receiving love. She suggests maybe it’s an opportunity for Jung-rok to show his love for her.

javabeans: Annnnnd then Jung-rok comes banging on the door, bursting in to demand what she’s doing here. He asks if she’s really gonna do this, and she tells yeah, let’s divorce. “Because only one side has to want a divorce to make it happen. Unlike marriage.” She busts out the paperwork right then and there, asking for him to sign.

girlfriday: He agrees, not wanting to keep her around if she doesn’t want to stay married to him, and signs. But he takes the pages about his alimony–a third of her giant fortune–and rips them up, saying he loved the woman who had lots of money, but has no desire for money without her. Ha, it’s a pretty funny love confession, but it must speak to Min-sook, because she looks up in shock.

javabeans: Do-jin reports back to the boys, who are shocked. Jung-rok isn’t picking up the phone and they worry that he’s off getting trashed somewhere. Only to have him pop up bearing a fruit platter, totally calm and fine. Ha, they all look at him like he’s an alien, and he’s all, Eh, it was bound to happen at some point. Oh well.

girlfriday: He tells them to text him words of comfort from their respective homes and leaves them gaping. They agree that he’s not as fine as he pretends. And aw, in the kitchen he cries over his burning steak.

javabeans: At school, Yi-soo gives her class a send-off for summer vacation, then chats with Colin about his vacation plans. They both describe their relationship to Do-jin as “gradually getting closer,” and she suggests that she and Colin give it a try, too. Then Dong-hyub comes along to claim him, and she wonders, “Were you two friendly?” Over chicken lunch, Dong-hyub lets Colin in on his get-rich scheme, letting him in on the secret: “To earn 100 mil, you need… 200 mil.” Colin wonders where you get that 200 mil, and Dong-hyub answers, “Uh… if you had 400 mil…”

girlfriday: Hahaha. I don’t think math is his strong suit. But as they’re complaining about needing money, a sign gets posted for a part-time employee, and they fight over who needs the job more. They do this funny little competitive interview with the boss, all “I’m tall!” “I’m tall and good-looking!” “I’m nice if you get to know me!” “I look nice at first glance!”

javabeans: Haha, it’s really cute. “I’m popular with the ladies, I’ll get all the girls from across the street.” “Then should I get you all the boys?”

girlfriday: Meahri tells Yoon she’s applying to go back to school, thank goodness, and he buys her a pair of shoes, saying it’s to commemorate the start of her mountain hike (a play on ip-sa, getting into a job or school). He of course means conquering Im Tae-san (san = mountain), and I’m just surprised we’ve gone 19 episodes and this is the first mountain pun. She notes he’s not wearing his ring anymore and asks if he was sad to take it off; he says he doesn’t think he can answer honestly in front of her. She understands.

javabeans: Then Yoon goes to see Tae-san, who receives him coolly — is he here as Yoon, or as Meahri’s boyfriend? Yoon says it’s as boyfriend, and Tae-san immediately dismisses him… so Yoon kneels down before him. I guess this is one of those gestures that has been so overdone in dramas that it’s lost its narrative impact, though it makes sense that it’s a big deal between two friends, two lifelong equals, for one to bow down and beg the other. He vows he’ll make Meahri happy and remember for the rest of his life that this was a love he won through difficulty (as in, not take it for granted).

girlfriday: I think it’s Kim Min-jong who carries the scene and at least gives it emotional impact.

javabeans: I’d agree, in that since I’m not current with the emotional throughlines, I basically feel nothing for this conflict but do feel that pang of sympathy for Kim Min-jong and his doleful eyes.

girlfriday: Right? Like you could kind of just tune into the middle of a drama and suddenly be crying ‘cause you were looking at Kim Min-jong’s eyes.

javabeans: Yes, whereas if, say, you tuned into the middle of a Jong-rok scene all you can think about is how he has Llama Hair. Anyway, Tae-san grabs Yoon and punches him, asking, “How could you do this to me? How could you kneel?” I guess he recognizes the power of the kneel, and can’t bear to let go of his anger. Yoon promises to repay him every day of his life, and be grateful.

girlfriday: Tae-san goes to see Do-jin, who’s all glib and jokey, until he hears that he hit Yoon. Tae-san wonders now if this is a game he was always meant to lose. Do-jin says he’s done all he can do, and it’s their lives to live. Perhaps it’s time to let go? Finally, someone’s talkin’ some sense up in here.

javabeans: Wait, you mean nobody’s suggested this before?

girlfriday: Nope.

javabeans: ….why?

girlfriday: Because Tae-san is an angry bear? Because it’s obvious and shouldn’t need to be said in as many words? Because we needed conflict till Episode 19?

javabeans: Sigh. Dramas. Min-sook comes home to find Jong-rok measuring all their stuff, saying he reconsidered and he does want a third of everything after all. She’s all, of course you do. And then he clarifies that he’s going to CUT a third out of everything in this house, like the TV, which cracks me up. Okay, that was a good fakeout, after making it seem he was rescinding his love declaration.

girlfriday: HAHAHA. This is so funny. He’s like taping their sofa down in thirds “Do you want your left butt cheek to hang, or the right one?”

javabeans: He actually whips out a power saw, and I’m wondering how far he’s going to take this (I don’t have great faith in his sanity levels, so I’m thinking pretty far), but before we see any destruction Yoon arrives. Min-sook ushers him in and tells him to talk to her “potential future ex-husband.”

girlfriday: He starts calling her Park Min-sook-sshi in return and just keeps going, so she runs into the bedroom and slams the door…. only to find the entire master bedroom already taped off meticulously into thirds. She just bursts into laughter, because that is the only reaction you can have to this. It’s great.

javabeans: I’d love to know his logic behind which thirds he claimed — ‘cause there’s that statue, and instead of left-right, he’s got the top part (most of a face).

girlfriday: He does win for strangest love declarations.

javabeans: Do-jin drops by to Yi-soo, who’s doing her nails and taking a break from being teacher, saying she’s going to spend this vacation being “sexier.” And yet, she couldn’t look him in the face at the thought of sex. Okay. She draws him close and says playfully that there’s something she really wanted to ask him, which makes him all nervous (“Did I do something wrong?”). She tells him to relax, it’s nothing bad, but then he gets a call from Yoon, who knows he’s with Yi-soo and therefore warns him ahead of time to just listen, not talk. Yi-soo’s mom wants to meet him.

girlfriday: Oh no, is it that time of drama? Do-jin goes to meet Mom, who ends up thanking him for the Oppa Incident and asks what he does and if he’s single. He tells her about his son and apologizes, but Mom says she doesn’t have a right to disapprove of anything in Yi-soo’s life. Well that’s… surprising. But I’ll take it.

javabeans: This type of scene’s gotta happen in like Episode 12 for it to have any punch. Episode 19, it’s just a blip on the radar. At least, for the mom-son-in-law conflict. This conflict is all about Yi-soo, who storms into the cafe and heatedly demands Do-jin leave. Mom says she may not have a right to disapprove of Yi-soo’s life, but she still has a right to see her. Yi-soo storms out feeling humiliated (I assume because he’s seen a part of her she’s not cool with), and Mom asks Do-jin to take good care of her daughter. He assures her he’ll make sure she’s loved.

girlfriday: He chases her out and wipes her tears, saying she’s got nothing on him and his complicated family relations. Well, he’s got ya there. Secret son and all. They argue over who cried more when who dumped who. Yi-soo: “Then why did you dump me?” Do-jin: “Because I love you, stupid.” I’m pretty sure that makes you the stupid one, but who am I to argue?

javabeans: Do-jin then hangs out with Jung-rok, who sighs that nothing he’s doing is having an effect in getting through to Min-sook. Do-jin advises him to win her over again, then: “Love is faster than forgiveness.” Ha, is he the voice of reason now that he’s all happily settled down? He’s gonna be SUCH a smug married, isn’t he? Although I suppose if he’s got the good answers, they’ll have to put up with him.

girlfriday: I’m pretty sure he’s a smug everything. He says there’s a quick way to see Min-sook: make Yoon and Meahri get married tomorrow. Jung-rok: “Just because your genre’s a romantic comedy now, are you belittling my courtroom thriller?”

javabeans: Tae-san arrives and says he’s called Yoon and Meahri over. Do-jin warns Jung-rok, “Clear out the expensive cups.” Heh. When they arrive, the couple sits with heads bowed like errant children in front of angry dad, only today he says he’s not going to oppose them anymore. The peanut gallery: “REALLY?!”

girlfriday: I love that in this foursome, it’s perfectly natural that this scene happens with the the two nuts watching and commenting.

javabeans: Tae-san says that it’ll be hard if the two date and break up, because then he’d lose both of them. So if they must be together, they’re better off getting married. ASAP.

girlfriday: I always assumed what they were asking permission for was marriage anyway.

javabeans: Me too. Now I’m confused, like, was all that Sturm und Drang just to go out to the movies and stuff?

girlfriday: If you have to kneel to hold her hand, what’s it gonna take to make babies??

javabeans: I guess they didn’t expect him to agree to the big one without first agreeing to the little one, but really, you’re a K-drama and you’ve got a family member putting a foot down. The question is marriage.

girlfriday: They agree so fast it’s funny, like they’re scared he’ll take it back.

javabeans: Tae-san sighs that he’s lost — he was no match for them and their instant agreement. Do-jin says wisely, “You didn’t lose, you won.” Jung-rok asks why, and he answers, “I dunno. Just, they always say that in situations like this.” Ha, and then he does his ridiculous aegyo voice that sends everyone away in embarrassment. I think that aegyo-idiot voice might be my favorite thing about Jang Dong-gun doing this drama.

girlfriday: I do love his commitment to the humiliating half of Do-jin. Because Jang Dong-gun being cool, we’ve all seen before.

javabeans: Meahri’s face changes as they leave, because she’s so stunned it all feels like a dream. He starts to ask if there’s a way she dreamed of her wedding, as though he’s sorry for things that won’t happen in real life, but she tells him no — all she ever dreamed about was a wedding where he’s her husband. He tells her basically what he told Tae-san: He won’t disappoint her, he’ll love her, and be grateful daily.

girlfriday: Awwwww. Oppa, marry meeeee! Just as Do-jin predicted, their wedding gives Jung-rok a good excuse to see Min-sook, and he crashes a working lunch to ask if they should give gifts separately or together. This is how you’re using this opportunity?

javabeans: I know, right? I was thinking he had something more ingenious planned. C’mon, Llama Hair. Min-sook informs him that she filed the divorce papers this morning, so it’ll be separate gifts. He’s like, today’s Saturday — and then catches her in the fib, having brushed up on filing procedure.

girlfriday: He asks if she’s happy after leaving him, and says he isn’t. “You went from being my woman to a woman I wish were mine,” and gets up to leave. He turns back to add one last thing: “You suffered loving someone like me. I was sorry. Don’t be kind of happy, but actually happy, Park Min-sook.” Oh my god, he actually apologized.

javabeans: Seriously, and that’s the crux of it. It took you that long to acknowledge that. There’s something really sweet about the pathetic way he says it and leaves it on the table, not asking for anything or making conditions.

girlfriday: It’s the first direct and sincere thing he says to her, ever. Which I guess is why it makes an impact. Is that like the definition of setting expectations so low that a sincere apology seems like earth-shattering stuff?

javabeans:…in which case, he wins?

girlfriday: Right? Maybe he’s the genius of the group after all.

javabeans: Let’s go with savant and leave it at that.

girlfriday: Colin, Dong-hyub and their other buddy discuss Teach’s boyfriend (Colin argues that he’s really chic and good-looking, ha) but they stop when they come across their classmate Sung-jae getting bullied. Despite their own strife, Dong-hyub goes in for the rescue.

javabeans: This ends up at the police station, and Do-jin is called as guardian and starts to scold the guys.

girlfriday: A moment of recognition flashes across their faces from the cigarette hold-up way back when, and then to add insult to injury, Dong-hyub’s friend whispers that it’s Teach’s boyfriend. And THEN they realize this is same guy is Colin’s dad. Whoops. I love that Do-jin’s big lecture is: You’re friends with these guys? Have you not seen how tiring my life is because of your uncles?

javabeans: Then the bully’s dad arrives and gets all protective of his baby, asking who messed him up. The bully points at Dong-hyub, and Douche Dad actually hits him upside the head. Oh no you di’n’t. So Do-jin demands to know who messed Colin up, and he points at another bully, and ha, Do-jin never met a dick war he didn’t have to one-up, did he? Dad-fight! Do-jin actually schools him, saying that if he treats his own son as precious he’d best recognize that someone else’s son is precious too. The cop asks whose guardian he is specifically, and Do-jin answers, “Both of them.” Awww. I have no idea what this means in this context, but even so my heart is warm and fuzzy.

girlfriday: It’s especially adorable because Dong-hyub and the other kid bullied Do-jin, but it’s nice to see that when push comes to shove, he can be a grown up. Er, more of a grown-up than the actual teenage boys. It’s especially touching for Dong-hyub, who’s totally adrift and only ever had Yi-soo to act as his guardian all drama long.

javabeans: Do-jin goes on a date with Yi-soo and she sighs about one couple divorcing while another’s marrying — they’re both decisions made in search of happiness, but off in opposite directions. Do-jin assures her that the divorce isn’t going to happen; he’s got a hunch that couple’s in a round of “hide-and-seek and treasure hunting.” Okay, why does that sound dirty?

girlfriday: Yi-soo thinks she recognizes an old boyfriend at the next table over, which leads to a petty fight, naturally.

javabeans: And just when we were saying he was acting grown-up. At her place, he reaches for the nail polish remover, intending to erase it so other men can’t see. It’s an extension of the cold open’s caveman response to “My woman should look sexy for me and me only.” When she protests, he challenges, “Do you want to ride into my pocket or do you wannna erase your manicure?” I’m like, dude, that’s a lame ultimatum, but Yi-soo pouts and gives him her hand because I guess it’s romantic or whatever. As he goes about erasing her manicure, he quizzes her on the ex. Another bickering session ensues.

girlfriday: If she’s so argumentative about his attitude, then why does she comply with the nail polish removing? I don’t get her.

javabeans: It’s this writer. The girl loves him, so she finds his neanderthal ways swoony.

girlfriday: Ugh.

javabeans: My problem with it isn’t that she incorporates these character traits, because hey, they ARE funny. And these men are flawed, which is totally fine. It’s that she raises these points in the guise of arguing against them, and then negates it all by saying that it’s all good and well when the girl wants it, so all the man’s bad behavior is justified (or worse, endearing — his asshole behavior is sweet because he cares). It’s the packaging of this type of behavior as romantic that bugs the ever-loving shit out of me.

girlfriday: I do agree that the traits are funny, but why can’t the heroine call him out on it and stick to her story? Why can’t she also be a shit-stirrer and make him hide his face or tell him to stop wearing sexy shirts, or ride around in HER pocket?

javabeans: Yi-soo gets a phone call, and heads to the club with the other ladies for Meahri’s bachelorette shindig. Part of the fun involves booking (partying with pretty boys)… and then a car pulls up with the boys. Um. This is not going to end well.

girlfriday: At least they get a taste of their own medicine for once. And Jung-rok certainly deserves this shoe-on-the-other-foot feeling, even if it’s to prove a point. Pfft, the bouncer doesn’t let them in, so Do-jin grabs Yoon and tells the others to take a step back. The pretty boys pass. LOL. Tae-san and Jung-rok have to resort to bribery to get in the door.

javabeans: And who should walk in the VIP room to be “booked” but… Jung-rok, Yoon, Tae-san, and Do-jin. Seriously, a girl can’t even have a bachelorette anymore? Ha, did they have to bribe their way in to be booked too? I wonder how much money this club is making just off these four couples’ petty conflict.

girlfriday: Your immaturity is our gain?

javabeans: They introduce themselves as though they were really the booking partners, all while growling through their teeth.


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  1. ck1Oz

    Oh thanks, I couldn’t be bothered and only watched ep 19 and 20. Glad I now know what happened and why.

    Don’t know why I just couldn’t dig into the story even from the earlier recaps. It didn’t give me the zing that made me want to watch it. Sorry, don’t mean to offend anyone but it’s great that I can get the ending explained to me now.

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      You’re lucky then..I actually stuck through it! Ok, kidding. Kinda. Sorta. But it’s funny because yesterday I was wondering why this drama was still listed under recapping. Totally forgot we didn’t have the last two episodes!

    • 1.2 Byj_angel

      Frankly, compare this story to HS’s BIG (such a big let down given that I, as a viewer, watched it with lowered expectations but still it was so disappointing. A writing disaster!), I would rather watch this and go through the roller coaster emotional ride of the story. AGD’s more relatable. Honestly, who hasn’t met in their lifetime, grown up men but immature as a little boy in their life time? And bromance? There are characters that I don’t like, words uttered that doesn’t ring truthfulness in reality & you find it ridiculous but then, you find the friendship dynamic endearing. It’s the bromance that I daresay is the highlight of this show that got me to finish it until the end.

      With BIG, I was like What the heck happened there?!#%😁

    • 1.3 Awe

      TAG-TEAM recapping!! novel concept.

      MAD TAG-TEAM recapping FTW. very kewl, beanoids. thanks for helpin out a sistah and finishing the last 2 epis.

  2. nuri

    I stopped watching a little after ep10 and only read recaps or spoiler. I had fun, while it lasted.

  3. Emma

    A Gentleman Dignity is an excellent drama.
    Also showing the inconsistency of people… and that makes it “Real”.
    A drama would be boring or ridiculous (and is often) if every character would have a behaviour of a saint. I mean people whine when a character has this “noble hero” attitude (which is pretty not realist, but they also whine when they have “natural” disfunctionnal behaviour. I personal know nobody who is “perfectly” logic and fair in his or her choices and opinions.
    And showing such behaviour is not agreeing with it…

    • 3.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      The realness of the drama… it definitely depends upon the context, but I think the drama’s problem lies not in its realness (which can be argued because a lot of the circumstances are so contrived), but in its failure to tell a compelling story.

      I am all for character-driven stories or stories peopled with brilliant characters (History of a Salaryman, anyone?), but the boredom that many people voice has to do with the flatness of script and the 2-dimensional qualities of the characters.

      It’s funny, I’m such a fan of most of the actors, but some of their performances are just unconvincing. Over the top is fine (look at the JR character), but I guess this whole “realness” that you speak of is just lost on me.

      I’m sorry, this drama has bored me to pieces. I find myself scrolling through recaps for the JR and Minsook bits because there is very little plot or character development in all other ares — well, in areas that I’m moved to care about, anyway.

      I just… I just can’t understand its popularity. Maybe it’s the all-star casting?

      Siiiiiiiiiiiigh. I like Kim Haneul. But I think she can do so much better.

      It’s like seeing an amazing friend you admire and love hanging around YEARS too long in a relationship that does nothing for her and brings out none of her natural sparkle. Sometimes I think that yes, even though she’s a pro, it’s not entirely her fault because of the material she has to work with. That and she’s just… not hitting the right notes with her character.

      I think of Jung Ryeo Won and Yeocchi in Hist of Sal Man. That could’ve easily been a shrill and unlikable character, but JRW CONNECTED with Yeocchi successfully and turned her into one of the most likable characters on the show.

      Maybe it’s some invisible chemistry an actor needs to feel with a character. There is no fire or power or star quality in the protagonist. She’s just a wishy washy, dishrag of a paper doll. Not that it’s 100% Kim Haneul’s fault. I mean, when was the last time you saw a “girl-next-door” archetype of a protagonist and found yourself rooting for her tooth and nail?

      • 3.1.1 kakashi

        I’m afraid you’re … right. haha. Though the drama didn’t bore me and I watched it almost to the end, it saddens me now that this great cast got such a mediocre (or even bad?) script. Imagine what could have been! Kim Haneul’s character must be one of my least favourite female leads ever.

        • afufu

          As I watch the drama, I feel that Kim Hanuel was able to deliver emotional scenes better than funny ones (Her series of ottoke gets annoying). And was wondering if she’d better stick to melo? Admittedly I haven’t been watching her dramas nor movies so I can’t really say much.

  4. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  5. saranga

    this drama had a lot of these sparkling moments- scenes where i would just bust out laughing and watch over and over again (without stopping laughing). min-sook scenes were nearly always a hoot (slapping her “nephew” on the head). do-jin slapping the father on the head at the police station in this episode was equally priceless. but i was just bored by the overall storyline. i had a really hard time feeling for yi-soo’s character (maybe because i hated kim haneul in the role?). writer didn’t do enough in fleshing out her characters, especially for se-na. just a lot of glib and not enough heart.

    still it was a good, fluffy, and pretty watch and it kept me entertained, if not engaged.

    • 5.1 skelly

      There were a few characters that I adored in this show: Min-Sook and Dong-Hyub. The rest of them all had character flaws – and yes, this makes the drama “real” and so forth, but dramas aren’t supposed to be exact slices of real life – shall we watch someone wash the dishes for 15 minutes, to nod our heads and say “I can relate”? Instead, drama are supposed to put character flaws out there as conflicts and plot points to be resolved. So the show is boring because it gave us all of these nifty flaws but never did ANYTHING with them, except to make cute vignettes.
      Let’s look at a few character flaws that never got addressed:
      – Me-Ahri’s crying, childish attitude whenever she did not get what she wanted
      – Do-Jin’s incredible ego – slightly bruised by finding a new son, but up and running just fine by ep. 18
      – YS and her downright creepy 12-year-old behavior about love and sex

      I could go on and on, but it boggles the mind how little character growth there was in this show. The only one who showed any improvement, really, was the womanizing cad – and you could argue that he was just misunderstood.

      So brace yourselves for the warm-hearted finale, where Me-Ahri and Yoon get married, then they all troop back to the kitchen to wash dishes for 15 minutes.

      • 5.1.1 foolmoon

        Oh, I’m soooo agree with you …
        Mostly I think the fault lies with the inconsistent characters writing, the writer seems holding into the cliches too many times.
        And some of it I see from the way the actors and actresses act it out. You know, like there are many ways to express sadness without making your tear glands broken.

  6. kakashi

    Thanks! I liked AGD a lot – overall. I say overall, because I seem to have been in a slightly unhealthy JGD craze until approx ep13, which basically means I was so crazy about this guy that I would have watched simply anything with him in it (and actually did). I’m really thankful to AGD for exposing me to him. That said, the drama has its faults, some of them rather big, and that’s probably why I haven’t even watched the last two episodes after the olympics-induced withdrawl. What it did really well, though, is show us people with severe flaws, which made it ‘real’ for most of the time, and different from other dramas, where all the characters follow well-known but clichéd trajectories of catharsis.

  7. S2K

    Yay a recap! Thank you both for this. I really did like this show and agree that the intro part of the eps are the best part. Watched the last two atleast 5 times already, so cute. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules….summers are always crazy busy for people…and writing this. Keep up the good work!

  8. divaz_sha

    their story just not my taste..maybe because it more on the 40-something love genre..so ..kinda old to me

  9. bigwink

    Hi JB and GF, thanks a bunch for this!!
    I do wonder about what’s happening to the rest of AGD recaps.. and I’m so glad that you girls decided to finish this, yeiy!!!

  10. 10 Eeefu

    drop-dead gorgeous F44 outfit (last screen cap)

  11. 11 kewbie

    Thanks for recapping!

  12. 12 A Fan

    Thanks. Love reading something about it again. I love this drama series. It is nice to see something more of bromance and not so cool side of Jang Dong Gun. Damn, he is so freaking HOT here and Kim Min Jong’s a revelation to me. I already know he is such a talented actor but damn he can be my OPPA anytime, anyhow. Yeobo-seyo hahahahaha….

  13. 13 Ann


    You really want to marry a girl whose communication involves either whining, crying, or too-cute talking?
    You aren’t marrying, you are adopting in a creepy way. You deserve the nails-on -a-chalkboard feeling you will eventually get as she whines for the millionth time.

  14. 14 jomo

    Love this format. Thanks for writing your thoughts.
    I am completely with you.

    I had a love hate relationship with this drama.
    Loved when the four were together.
    Hated almost every scene with DJ and YS.

    We get the impression the man would sleep with any young thing at the drop of a sheet, but he allows her to act virginal and shy with him, despite having slept along side her in the same bed numerous times.
    The reason is he loves her sooooo much.
    Why does he love her so much again?
    Because her sweater unwound in front of him and she has great assets?

    It really felt like watching a 1950’s romcom. Sort of.
    As a 10 year old watching Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly, my impression was that the heroine and the hero never had sex despite the obvious attraction. When I turned 16 or so (late bloomer) I realized there were always very clever and not always subtle clues that they actually did have sex off screen.

    ONLY here, they didn’t have sex off screen.
    ONLY here, she was ashamed to be caught almost having sex.
    ONLY here, OMG, I wanted DJ to leave her and date almost anyone else.

    Wasn’t it like that in Secret Garden? Key Lime held out for a long time. City Hall was more realistic. Although nobody would believe that KSA and CSW could possibly hold off after some of those sexy I-am-barely-touching-you-but-I-can-see-that-if-I-did-we-would-both-have-to-run-fast-to-a hotel scenes.

    Was it because this was a weekend drama, as was SG?
    I am willing to accept that the network wants to stay inside of the censors’ stringent guidelines. Fine. But you don’t have to neuter your sexy male lead. For goodness sakes, it’s JDG!

  15. 15 kit

    Nice to know this drama is going to finish being recapped in one way or another! And it’s always a blast to have the two of you in it together, heh. I actually loyally followed this drama from start to end – there were the obvious flaws, in its characterisation of the main cast etc but I kind of sigh and sacrifice some things for most kdramas so that’s not a surprise. The Meahri storyline did start dragging things down, but I think it was handled really realistically with a dash of whimsy that makes the couple who they are. I liked how they tied down the plot point with the second generation of guys in the last two eps, I found that super sweet. And the divorce storyline bawwww.

  16. 16 Sabah

    The way I viewed this drama was as though it was in the format of the series ‘The Green Wing.’ I think this approach really enhanced my viewing pleasure. Therefore I didn’t expect a plot or character development but enjoyed it (which I did immensely) as a series of set pieces loosely strung together.

    • 16.1 AnotherFan

      This is how I feel about this drama too. It was almost delivered in a sitcom format where there isn’t a must-to-follow plot connection from episode to episode (although most of them do). There are some brilliant moments which give the warm fluffy feelings you’d want from a TV drama on a quiet weekend evening – not overly melo, emotional or over the top “trendy-funny”. It feels like a weekly get-together with some friends of sorts.
      I don’t care for the romance part as much either but that’s just icing on the cake and romance always sells (at least for K-drama).
      Have to give credit to the production too. There’s some nice cinematography and editing going around, not mention the aww-so-cute openers on each episode.
      I enjoyed it thoroughly and was never bored.. I am a little surprised to see so many negative comments here as I usually find myself agreeing with my fellow drama friends here..

  17. 17 Naddie

    Haha I seriously just finished watching the last 2 eps a few days ago (I skipped the prior 2 eps because the conflict was boring and just caught up on the recaps, so yay recaps!), so this is nice to see 😀

    Overall I think the series are okay, it’s nothing phenomenal but it was cute while it lasted. I have to agree that the conflicts really either make or break the show, and in most cases, the conflicts just leave me feeling frustrated – it’s the usual noble idiot route and it’s boring because it’s all been done before; it wasn’t cute the first time, and it’s not going to be cute the 1029343th time.

  18. 18 Rashell

    Thanks for this recap. This show had some extremely funny moments…mostly the first scene of every episode. But I wasn’t captivated by the romantic aspect much. Even Yoon and Meahri, whom I loved in the beginning, were dragged down in the end. I’m glad I watched. And I mostly enjoyed it. But it isn’t a drama that will stick with me.

  19. 19 Sammy

    These kind of dramas need to end at 16 episodes instead of showing the same kinda things over n over and stretching the length of the show to 20.

    • 19.1 Rule

      i agree, they start off good, it actually was an enjoyable drama and then fizzles off to drag and further on to boring.
      they should make the script to 12 or 16 max if they dont have a good story.

  20. 20 omo

    Thanks gals for the closure. The recap in dialogue format is fun.

    I don’t know…this episode is saved by Maeri not turning on her waterworks.

  21. 21 Dbsklove

    Urhm the mountain metaphor for tar San actually popped up many times already…
    lol I’m a FAN of dojins instantaneous expression changes. They crack me up. so. bad.

  22. 22 ijusthadafight

    Oh AGD. This is the source of my fixation for 2 months or so, then it becomes the source of my cringing. I’ll remember it for the nice things (JGD, the snappy dialogue & bromance) and I’ll forget the rest. It’s a fun ride for the most part. Something about writer Kim: she writes glitzy, addicting dramas but give it awhile and I’ll be embarassed for loving them once upon a time. AGD is… quite shallow.

  23. 23 Barbarella

    tq jb and gf !

    Maehri should just gone to america whining alone for good ! Oppa yoon should find a sexy female judge !!.

  24. 24 enz

    i could not stand the female characters in this drama. did not find the love story convincing in any way. gave up after epi 6/7. thought jdg was good but found it very unrealistic that he would just fall for someone like that and there was never a moment i could see (at least not from the episodes i watched) that could at least explain that overwhelming attraction that so easily lead to love.

    also really couldnt stand how the female lead would be so offended and indignant at the smallest thing. so ridic

    just my opinion ya. dont hate on me please 🙂

    • 24.1 Rinie

      MTE.. I love you enz~~ 😉

      • 24.1.1 Enz

        Hahah rinie, you must have a good reason otherwise I will find it utterly unconvincing just like the series!! 🙂

    • 24.2 Rule

      haha …so true. don’t worry we have the same opinion and we dont hate you!!

  25. 25 Lemon

    Omg I love you guys JB and GF. It’s so sweet of you guys to help recap the last 2 episodes of this drama. Thank you. 🙂

    I actually really enjoyed watching this drama as light fluff- nothing more. I had pretty high expectations going in, but after 4 episodes in, I readjusted my expectations, and realised this was just gonna be a trendy, pretentious, no-plot-at-all romcom….with pretty pretty actors. Haha.

    Yisoo’s character is really annoying and hypocritical, but I watch mainly for the 4 men’s interaction + Yoon and Meahri. I also wished there was more character development for Meahri, which I guess the writer didn’t even bother to try to do.

    Thank you again! Looking forward to the last recap. <3

  26. 26 Noelle

    I loved that part at the end but I was pissed she couldn’t even have a party as her last night as a single lady. Let them have some fun times!!!

  27. 27 risa

    jb and gf~ thanks for pinch-hitting. Wishing all the best to Orangy911.

    My problem with it isn’t that she incorporates these character traits, because hey, they ARE funny. And these men are flawed, which is totally fine. It’s that she raises these points in the guise of arguing against them, and then negates it all by saying that it’s all good and well when the girl wants it, so all the man’s bad behavior is justified (or worse, endearing — his asshole behavior is sweet because he cares). It’s the packaging of this type of behavior as romantic that bugs the ever-loving shit out of me.

    Thank you!!! My thoughts exactly.

  28. 28 jen

    Well I really liked this drama so it sucks Orangy911 didn’t get to finish, because she at least seemed to enjoy it a little bit lol.

    I thought the drama was cute, funny, and easy to watch. I keep thinking it’d be awesome if they did some continuation of the show with the younger characters taking over, but that’d probably never happen.

    Anyways thanks for the recap, better late than never I guess!

  29. 29 blink_blink

    AAAHHH! Thank you girlfriday and javabeans, i now understand why Dojin had TaeSan and Rok move to the back while trying to get into the club. “Pretty Boy Pass”. I watched the last two episodes weeks ago but still had to come to understand some references.

    I personally thought the cold open was cute despite the sexist attitude and contemporary setting.

    My favorite part of the WHOLE series has to be in the coffee house. The dialogue between Rokkie & Dojin before and their make gossiping-ajumma-like commentary while TaeSan comes to terms with Yoon and Meahri.

    I suppose I should give Meahri credit; she hasn’t cried since her aquisition of Yoon’s attention. If only she had gotten him episodes earlier, I’d like her character more.

  30. 30 lizzie

    Min-Sook is awesome and she was my favorite Character!

    I loved the F40 but confess never liked the main girl at all.

    I even liked Sena more than YS.

  31. 31 Abbie

    I was wondering when recaps for eps 19 and 20 were coming up, but I already watched the eps weeks ago. But, it’s fun to see it again. My favorite scene in this episode was all the Colin/Dong-hyub scenes, particularly the scene at the police station when Do-jin comes in. That was a great scene. Another favorite scene was at Jung-rok’s cafe where he and Do-jin acted as peanut gallery when Tae-san gave his consent to Yoon and Me Ahri.

    I really enjoyed this show, even with its lack of conflict. It’s really slice-of-life and enjoyable.

    Thanks for the recap. JB and GF!

  32. 32 whatis

    thanks for recapping!!! I totally enjoyed the more snarky style of the synopsis. ahhaha.

    Can’t really stand this drama nearing the end also. Skipped ALL of meahri’s scenes, and really just watched for Min Sook’s character.

    Min sook was the most interesting person in the entire drama …

  33. 33 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! This drama really brings a smile to my face. I love seeing the guys interact with each other. I love seeing the gals interact with each other (especially after that moment in the beginning of the series where it looked like Sera was going to stay as evil secondary female lead). I love the ensemble feel of the drama.

    However, my gripe with it is that it’s got such a great premise and characters full of potential, and it doesn’t live up to what could have been. With shorter ensemble dramas making very strong impressions as to plot and characters, it is disappointing that in 20 episodes, we ended up not having a whole lot of solid content.

    I was pretty offended by how Meahri whined her way into getting Yoon. And that it was only after she got Yoon that she could then concentrate on stuff like getting a job and being responsible.

    Can’t wait till the final episode recap. Sure this drama’s got its faults, but it has loads of cute!

  34. 34 edge

    thank you very much for this pleasant surprise ^^

  35. 35 YM

    Le Sigh…I lurrvveedd this drama in the moment but with the 2 week long Olympics I was thinking WTFRACK do I love about this drama anyway?? It like was like the moment after I finished Secret Garden. Kind of disappointed that nothing really happened. =/

    I definitely loved the F44 interaction but they didn’t show enough bromance, not enough Minsook/Jung Rok OR Colin with his dad? If you’re going to make a big deal out of it…show them bonding or SOMETHING! They had 2 scenes together but there were more scenes of Colin with the F44 uncles.

    The thing that makes me the most annoyed with this drama is Sera’s stoy. She is actually one of my favorite characters in the drama. Girl knows what she wants and is not afraid to stand up for it (she is not into marriage and kids while Taesan is ALL about it). I admire the fact that she didn’t give in to Taesan about marriage and kids and happy that she was eventually willing to try because she loved him but he NEVER seemed to wait until she was ready and that’s why they kept breaking up. I was annoyed at the end how things turned out for her…will not spill here. She’s a strong independent woman who built her own career even if she’s not the best golfer around and in the end I feel like they basically forced her into what Taesan wanted all along.

    I really liked the interaction between the cast, I think there was good chemistry like they WERE long time friends. I skipped through a lot of the Yisoo/Do Jin scenes since Yisoo annoyed me so much my the second half of the drama. They should have given Jung Rok and Min Sook more time to work out their marriage, more sweet scenes to show that Rokkie wasn’t a complete cheater and flirt but by apologizing once Min Sook keeps him.

    So much more I’d like to rant about…but my eyes are getting blurry. =S

    • 35.1 Blades

      I would have preferred more space for Yoon and MEahri- they had background given friendship with taesan, and whaT? things were left uenxplained. However, it is true that this drama used women in a terribly sterotypical way. Sooooo made me angry in the end. I like all the cast, espocially kim so roo, kim min jing and kim ha neul and jang dong gun remains as attractive as ever, but honestly…this drama was terrible. But the awards they got..well deserved for delivering profesionally so many horrible lines. The incessant ottoke was annoying, Meagri could have had a bit more grace, but she was cute at tit so I forgive her (plus I did think she went well with Yoon, except I wished they had a bit more background shown!!!!)
      Also, I didn;lt feel Meahri and Tea San are siblings, come on, no screen time between siblings? This drama has got ot be the most imperfecxt drama ever showered with awards. It was BAD. But the acting and che mistry between the cast was excellent.

  36. 36 Yoon Jae FTW

    AGD made me realize one thing, that I was crazy about SG only because of Binnie. Oppa was so hwat! Haha.

    KES just recycled herself but I didn’t enjoy it at all this time around, not even a lil bit. She should get over herself and watch TVN these days. Forget about the cat, forget the safety pins, just write..something.

  37. 37 djes

    I did watch the last episodes, and totally forgot that orangy hasn’t wrote the recaps! Sorry!! ( somehow 😛 )

    Oh well, this drama is not flawless, but whatever I’m just happy my first Kdrama oppa is back!! Jang Donggun is swoony as ever, so I won’t complain.

    While watching this drama I totally forgot the logic and enjoy scene by scene, and didn’t care the continuity or story or whatever that made sense.
    The conversations were interesting, the banters were cute, the openings were good, and Kim Haneul’s outfits were pretty ( I wish I have her body, or legs ).

    Anyway. Will still looking forward the last ep’s recap! Just because you’re javabeans and girlfriday, my ultimate OTP!!

  38. 38 Llamaesque

    I hate this show probably more than it deserves (sexist and boring with unlikeable leads is a deadly combination in my book), but your jaunty review made thinking about it totally bearable. Huzzah!

  39. 39 im_cun

    thanks for recapping although i dont think this is the favorite drama for both of you .. since i dont really feel the trill reading your comments (this is for the first time) since both of you not that excited watching and review about it too .. anyway, thanks for your time .. and just finish off with the last episode since you have to finish recapping what you are starting .. thanks again

  40. 40 umalily

    I think you’re too hard on this drama. Itwas fun and it felt like a sitcom. The best part was the bromance between the four men. In this particular episode- I loved the speech between Minsook and Yi hoo about one-sided love. It was very well written and I replayed a couple of times, thinking it was dead on.

    • 40.1 asianromance

      I agree it felt like a sitcom. That is one of the biggest charms about AGD for me. It’s got a nice cast of characters, multiple plot points, and it’s not dramatic or heavy (one of the most dramatic reveals for me is finding out that DoJin came from a normal family and his parents are still alive. Who would thought, given the kdrama cliches out there.).

      However, I would have liked it more if it was really a sitcom with lots of episodes to accommodate the large cast of characters, multiple plot lines, and pacing. The writer had 20 episodes to give us the story and went ahead with a sitcom sort of pace and trajectory. In the end, things felt both finished and unfinished.

      • 40.1.1 AnotherFan

        I so agree with your comment!

  41. 41 foolmoon

    Thanks JB & GF for the recap.
    Like you say, it’s a closure, since I’ve followed the recap from ….-wait, I forget when I stopped watching this show.
    Let’s just say I enjoy the reading and your recap now is epic. It’s like pronouncing my thoughts aloud. Kekekeke … ^___,^

  42. 42 Maya

    I love your website…don’t get me wrong, and most of your recaps, but I really didn’t like this one in particular. While reading Orangy’s recaps I found myself enjoying them but missing girlfriday and javabeans’ recaps but now I’m glad neither of you recapped this drama. I love this drama to pieces so I guess that’s why I don’t like this recap. But keep up the good work anyhow!

  43. 43 christine

    what is this an opinion recap or episode recap? sorry java and girlfriday but i think i like orangy’s recap better than the two of you on this. there are still some who enjoys reading without having your guy’s opnion every sentence. i hope you guys understand. isn’t the comment section a way for you to write your comment? thanks though but for me, i think it would be better if you just didn’t finish the recap.. it just sets the mood the other way with all those negative comment.

  44. 44 amri jang

    As I have read your recap for all the episodes, as a JDG fan, I find your recap a little too harsh and subjective. Isn’t it supposed to be objective as it suggests, a recap? I thought when you say recap, you would just retell what happened in each episode and not totally rant and whine about it. I must admit, I never really enjoyed reading your recap. Honestly, you totally ruin the AGD’s “come on” to its viewers. It was like bashing it and telling everyone not to watch it at all. Maybe shouldn’t have done the recapping at all, JB and GF. I’m sorry but we don’t need your opinion as to what drama we should watch or not. If you don’t like AGD at all, you shouldn’t have recapped it at all. Next time, if you don’t like a particular drama, don’t ever recap it okay? You should respect that each one of us differ in taste, perspective, POV and preference. So don’t shove us what you like and don’t like, we don’t care cause we have our own minds to speak. If you didn’t like AGD, fine, but you don’t have to be too obvious. Some things are better left unsaid.

  45. 45 Julianne

    I definitely agree and have to say that the bromance is the best part of this. I especially love Dong-hyub and Colin’s developing bromance.

  46. 46 Angie Iam

    llama hair!!!! bwahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

    i wanna watch another show where you tag team recap. That. Was. Awesome!

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