Beanie level: Water maid

Just finished tonight’s ep of Secret Life of My Secretary, and I know the story is deeply flawed and nonsensical and silly, but it’s doing literally everything I want it to so I just can’t get mad. I’m anxious every week for new episodes, then I watch the new episodes and I’m chewing at the bit for more. It’s putting me in my happy place.

The only thing that would make me More happy is if they went ahead and brought our leads back together in tomorrow’s ep so that they can be cute together again and use their combined awesomeness to take on the baddies at the company. I don’t even care about Gal Hee needing to pay penance for her lie. She’s sorry. She won’t do it again. They’re clearly in love with each other. Now can our precious couple work things out and be happy together? Pweeeeeease???


    and last scene gave me all the hope its gonna happen today for sure.. he himself make her wear her red sweater (just opposite as its always her helping him wearing his suit)… and i went awwwwww at that scene..
    i cant be angry with this show at all no matter how silly the tropes are… it just fills the void in my heart which needed something fluff at this moment


First post on my fan wall, and I’m confused. I only get 200 characters, but other people are able to make much longer posts. Is that just something you earn after so much interaction on the site?