What makes my heart skip a beat:
(in no particular order)

– different colored pens on display
– unwritten page of a notebook
– new notebooks
– the smell of fried chicken
– that random OST I put in my everyday playlist that suddenly played
– Discord Notifications
– DB Notifications
– My blaring alarm clock at 5 in the morning
– When they finally held hands in the drama
– A good cliffhanger
– The smell of a new book
– The smell of old books, without the dust
– A nice neat penmanship
– The thought of drinking Milk Tea after a long day
– Confirming someone’s attendance to a fellowship I organized
– The first note played on any stringed instrument
– An accomplished task
– Matcha!
– Chocolate flavored desserts
– On a bus, finally on my home
– Sunset and all of its colors
– Opening my eyes after praying
– Scrolling through the fan wall to read all this

Love, February posts