I meant to write something deep and substantial today, but I’m just exhausted.
So let’s go for short (ish) and sweet instead.

Today’s post is dedicated to Studio Ghibli, one of my very first love.
The first ever Studio Ghibli movie I saw was Castle in the Sky when I was 9 years old. And it’s still my favorite.
I still remember that moment vividly, I was transfixed and it was the most amazing thing 9 year old me had ever seen. If love at first sight exists, THAT was the feeling.

I love the well-lived in worlds that Miyazaki builds, the BREATHTAKING and detailed animation style, the atmospheric music that accompanies every story (shout-out to Joe Hisaishi), the childlike curiosity so distinctive of Ghibli movies, the memorable characters (I had such a crush on Howl hahaha… still do tbh), the immersive quality of it all.

To this day, I know that when I’ve had a terrible week, a Ghibli movie can a always cheer me up (with the exception of Grave of the Fireflies, that’s just heartbreaking I’ll never be over that).
I know that one day when I visit Japan, the first thing on my to-do list will be visiting the Ghibli museum, and I’ll probably cry in there and stay until they close 😂
To Studio Ghibli, for giving me some of my best childhood memories, and filling me with awe and wonder to this day 💖