Beanie level: Errand boy

I was there when your mom announced her pregnancy. A bunch of us girls went to have some ice cream for celebration. We had so much fun mocking your dad over his choices of names, and we couldn’t wait to call you by one.

I was anxiously waiting at work when the call finally came. You had arrived at last!

I rushed to the hospital to see you after work. And there you were… so tiny, all swaddled up, wrinkly, and perfect. 😍

I signed up for babysitting duty right away, although I had never changed a diaper in my entire life before. But hey, so were your parents. If they could learn to do it, I could too! [Love powered up that optimism, you see 😊]

The first time I was left alone with you (for 45 minutes!), it was very eventful to say the least. Shall we call that the Overflowing Diaper incident? I think “Overflowing” is an understatement. I won’t delve into details, so we don’t gross out the aunties and uncles who happen to read this. But suffice to say, you and I were both in tears. 😭😭😭

I looked forward to my babysitting dates with you. You know all those cheesy things they use in dramas to illustrate people in love? I felt all of those at one point. From the way you looked at me though, I am confident my love was not unrequited!

I had fun feeding you. I had fun playing with you. I had fun seeing you dance. I was a little disappointed that you’re more into balls than books, but I can’t really fight genes, can I?

When you first called me “Auntie Whabbit!” in your cute little voice, I think my heart might have burst with pride. You still call me “Auntie Whabbit” to this day and I love it. When you took your first 10 steps without falling, I was working hard to hold back my tears. Because you know… your parents didn’t cry! I should not embarass them (or rather me) in front of everybody.

You make me feel all the feels. You made me do things I would never have done for anybody else, even myself. Learn the lyrics to nursery rhymes, watch the first 5 minutes of different movies in short period of time, pushing a stroller in a parking lot for 30+ minutes, eating in a restaurant while everyone stared at me because I seemingly had a 2 year old attached to my chest, and many many more. You didn’t remember most of what happened, but we love to laugh and giggle over the silliness of it.

Now, you’re all grown up. Taller than me. A young lady. When you texted me “Happy Birtday, Auntie Whabbit!”, I went “OMG, you have your own cellphone!” 😱 We rarely go on dates anymore. You are embarassed of public display of affection, so we can only enjoy a secret rendezvous with hugs once in a while.

I wonder what your future holds. I wonder what your future boyfriend would look like. I wonder if I’d get to see your wedding and your little one(s).

To the apple of my eyes, the 💙 of my life
Please grow up well and be healthy
that’s all I ever wish for.

Love Auntie Whabbit,
February 14, 2020


#YJGS ep.6

Confession is the theme this episode.

Awww.. poor buddy. That’s okay. Main ship is sailing.
His dedication is admirable. I would be touched too, if I were Fengyu. You deserves happiness!

LOL. Junlong almost-going-to-confess sessions were gold. And his dramatic dash through the storm, blaming mosquitos had me in stiches… 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You’ll get all the 🙂 stickers from me!

And ladies and gents, we have a towel scene without screaming. 🥂


    I LOVED that ep <3 x) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!…!!!!!!!!!!!
    I laughed so much watching it hahaha !

    That was what I was talking about when commenting on your previous post , this was the ep to look forward. Happy to see that you enjoyed it a lot πŸ™‚


      It’s the best episode so far. Young grandpa’s acceptance of the girl was great to see, even though I was a bit sad for him for having to do that.

      Buddy Ling Jian and his I-am-sad-I-am-not-the-one-but-I-only-wish-for-your-happiness made me teary. It was Junlong that put me to tears. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Yes, I enjoyed this episode a lot! πŸ˜€


Every year around this time, I think of you.

I had a chance to visit the old school recently. It brought back so much memories. It made me think of you even more.
Where do you live? How are you doing? How is your family?
Do you still remember me?

Fourth Grade
Then, it was my first day in a new school. I had just moved from the countryside to the capital city. Excited. Scared. Unsure. Alone. Frankly, I don’t remember much about that day, just that I felt relieved when it’s over. I was walking home by myself. Then I heard someone calling out to me. “Hey, aren’t we in the same class?” As it turned out, we were. And we happened to live in the same neighborhood too. We walked the same path to go home. You were a bouncy chatterbox. I mostly just listened. To be honest, you were a little annoying. You were like that little stubborn mosquito buzzing in my ear and just wouldn’t go away. We walked home together almost every day since.

Then one day, you showed up at my door. You wanted to do homework together after school. I didn’t see the reason why, but sure, why not? I confessed, I secretly enjoyed that I am slightly better in Math. So that’s how our friendship started and developed.

Fifth Grade
Then came that shocking day, my family knows yours! We all used to live in that little small town in the countryside. So when my grandma and my aunts came to visit, the entourage made a stop at your house. Frankly, that was the first time I’d ever stepped inside your house. I remembered thinking, why haven’t we do homework together at your house? Why is it always at my house? Being typical me though, I forgot all about it by the time we left.

Then it came the time, we’re now at that age. We got teased when we were seen together.
“Get a room, you two.”
“Are you dating?”
“Boyfriend~~ and girlfriend~~~” 🎶
It never bothered you as much as it bothered me. I wanted to keep a distance from you. I did have other friends I could hang out with at school. However, I didn’t know how. Plus, I came to like talking to you. I enjoyed our arguments and debates while solving math problems. Time passed by unnoticed when I was with you.

Sixth Grade
Then it happened. It was drizzling. You were walking ahead of me in a rush. I saw you and tried to keep up. Panting, I called out to you and you turned around. Suddenly, my heart did this strange thing. It started to pound. Really hard. Honestly, I thought I was dying. My face was burning. There’s suddenly this backlit light shining on you. You must have noticed it too, because you asked me what’s wrong. As a longtime drama watcher, I knew there’s nothing wrong. I was struck by love, that’s all.

Then after that day, I didn’t know how to act around you. Sometimes, things got awkward. I wondered if you’re just acting like nothing was wrong with me. I wondered if you feel the same way too. However, nothing had changed between you and I. We talked, we laughed, and we did homework together.

Then came Graduation day. You told me you are moving away to a different middle school and from the neighborhood. You were super excited about it. I congratulated you, gave you a smile and said “Keep in touch!” We’ve never seen each other again since.

Whenever it is time to celebrate that heart fluttering thingy, I think of you.

It’s funny how my heart never does that strange thing anymore. Perhaps, I’ve gotten a lot better at guarding it now than I was then. Even after (Or IF) I find a Mr. R in the future, I think I will continue to think of you around this time of the year.

I’ve never told anyone about any of this. It’s a well kept little secret and it will always be.

Once in a while, my aunt would ask, “Whatever happened to that boy who used to come to your house all the time?” I would smile and shrug. In my heart though, I would think of you. Fondly.

친ꡬ μ•Ό, μž˜μ§€λ‚΄μ–΄?


#YJGS ep.5

Grandpa is back! Yessss! Grandpa’s love story is sad though.

Junlong and Xiaojun is a different story. How could this ship possibly fail when the entire village is the shipper? LOL.

Quote of the episode:

We are bound to face an arduous journey in life. But we still have to rely on ourself, lift up our legs and walk through it.


    Grandpa’s story though, is the story of so many people who sacrificed their love so that their love can live a better life. Realistically painful. The stories in this show are so real that it seems like they’re happening around me or have happened to people I know.


      Agree. Especially in those time and generation. I have a relative who was in this situation as well. It’s sad. 😢


    Grandpa’s love story is sad and tough but unfortunately happened often back in time. Seeing the flashbacks from several parts of his love, seeing how he lived through them and seeing the grandpa he is in present day, at the end of this serie I just had the best respect for this man.


#YJGS ep.4

Wait…this young man grew up to be the grandpa in the wheelchair??? [jaw drop] What happened there? 😅

I am liking the development of the main romance. She’s dropping by on her own and even got him dinner! 😁


I have something in mind already for LF Thursday and Friday, but I can’t think of anything for today. I want it to be something fun though. So yea… with your encouragements, here I go again with an attempt at fake poetry with added challenge to make it rhymes. Never say ‘never’, guys….

WARNING: Read at your own risk.
DISCLAIMER: Author is not responsible for your cringes, eye-rolls and/or spitting of hot beverage.

Even Me
by Ms. Rabbit

I think it happened when I was around 2
when I dived head first to the floor
and my aunt had no clue
Of course, I remember no more

My grandpa blew his lid like he had just ingested C4
My poor aunt got an earful of chide
though she’d already felt reproachable before
Yet, she took it all in stride

At 6, I cried no more
when grandma took me to school
and left me there inside the classroom door
I remember liking grandpa’s $1 allowance than grandma’s no-candy ground rule

I wrecked my brain for number 8
but can’t come up with something great
Perhaps that fall at two bears some weight
to my brain not working straight

Though I would not get a perfect 10
for this fake poem as a score
thank you all for reading then
and trying not to snore

Love (Even Me),
February 12, 2020


RDTK 2 ep. 12
Dr. Cha, that’s the mother who you love so much that you’re willing to endure trauma to be in the OR?? Tsk.


#DiaryOfAProsecutor16 (Final)
Like a slice-of-life drama that it is, it ended without much flairs. Life goes on. For them, and for us.


My one and only attempt at being a Fake Poet
(see what y\’all did to me?)

An Odd to My Father
by Ms. Rabbit

I am your 1st child
the apple of your eyes
an epitome of daddy\’s girl
the child everyone in the family was waiting for

Your grandson was barely 3 months old when you fell sick
He was a cute little baby
who looks nothing like our family
except for the fact that he is a tad too heavy

It was 5 am in the morning when Auntie Rabbit gave me a call
You were in ICU
barely breathing
not doing well at all

I packed my bag immediately and left on the 7th
holding in my tears the whole way through
until I got to see you
and held your hand

You left us on the 9th month of that year
Everyone was shocked and sad to lose you
but could only remember the wonderful person that you were
and vow to never forget you

Love you still,
February 11, 2020


#YJGS ep.3

How could anyone say no to that face? 😄 Him and his Doraemon helmet is the cutest thing. ☺ And that friend of his sure has a weird way to show affection. Then again, all his best friends are crazy.

FL, your ❄icy❄ demeanors just don’t stand a chance. 🎵Let it go~~ Let it go~~🎶

LOL at his attempt to get her house key out of her shirt’s front pocket. Her mother though… what a horrible woman!

Quote of the episode:

Life is like a game, in which we keep trying non-stop to pass through the different levels.
But when we think we are doing so well, there’s always an incident that causes us to get stuck at that level.


    everytime I saw his helmet, I melted , it’s so cute πŸ™‚

    his friend is a bit weird but he’s a nice one πŸ™‚

    the scenes with him and the girl were so funny, some high quality content will come to you , enjoy πŸ˜€



Aww.. look at that smile. Myung Joo, you and this team have come a long way.

LOL at Kim Pro and Mi Ran. Poor love birds could not find a safe place to date. Now that the (not) secret is out, I hope they can freely date as much as they want.


    I loved this ep.
    Only one to the end.
    I’m already missing it.


      Me too. My only complaint is that no sight of Chief Kim in this episode, but did enjoy the lessen screen time of evil new boss.


RDTK 2 ep. 11

That’s right, Kim Sabu. There’s someone I have in mind who shall die first.

And where is my Do In Bum cameo? Don’t tell me that glimpse of him is all we got!


When watching Yongjiu Grocery Store, I thought of you, grandpa. Even though you left us a long long time ago, the memory of you is still very much with me.

My favorite pass time was to wake you up from your afternoon nap before dinner. I would pile up blankets and pillows around you, and you would wake up because it’d be too hot. You would tickle me to death to “punish” me.

I love everythng about you except your cigarette smell. Because of your love for music, I came to love music too and I still prefer songs from the 70-80s till this day.

Thanks to you I grew up pampered, privileged and loved. You always gave me half of an apple to eat when the rest of the family had to share the other half. You threw me a big birthday party every year which became the subject of envy for the other kids in our neighborhood. You made sure I had a custom-made new dress for every New Year.

When the cruel kids called me names, I didn’t take it to heart, because I knew I am precious. When they mocked and laughed at my country-bumpkin accent, I thought, you guys would not be laughing right now if MY grandpa is here. You always took my side no matter what.

Though you might not be the best husband or the best father, you are the best grandpa a little girl could ever have.

I love you
and I miss you.
Today, I think of you.

Love, your little Rabbit
in February


@ndlessjoie Oppa is here! 😍 @katakwasabi, HRH is the cutest dongseng! 😁

Korean has the strangest abbreviations ever. OT = OrienTation.

#MasterInTheHouse ep.106


Love, February.


#YJGS ep.2

Kids can be cruel sometimes. That little girl is just about the cutest thing. 🥰 And her “Dad?” just killed me. 😢

I am liking the reversal that the FL is the cold prickly one. His attempts to melt her are cute, but it’s not getting through just yet. Keep trying, Junlong! I am rooting for you.

Life is short. If you can do one thing well in your life, that is work.

Grandpa indeed is wise.


#NeverTwice ep.whatever

Now, why did it take so long to get to this point?


Dear beanies,

I don’t have an obsession. I just like the fact that all the ending numbers are ‘8’.

Even though this happened yesterday, I am posting it today. No, I am not L8. I just really really like that the numbers are even. It’s all about the connection, you see.

Did you know that I was once β€œaccused” of ordering the wrong quantity for something, and I knew immediately it wasn’t me? I would NEVER EVER (!) ordered anything in odd number, that’s why! No, it’s not an obsession, I tell ya.

I confessed. I went and β€œFollow” a bunch of you and commented yesterday just to make up the numbers. But hey, I am not obsessed!

Look at those 8s. Aren’t they beautiful?


February 8, 2020


Finally have time to start Yongjiu Grocery Store, though only have time for Episode 1 and a little of 2. Multi-generational storyline always gets to me. I am liking it so far.

Junlong deciding to follow his heart and regret it the next morning, him being happy to see his childhood friend and dread it at the same time, feel all too familiar. lol.

Btw, young lady, if you plan to elope with two very big suitcases, why didn’t you fill it with more valuables other than your mother’s necklace?


I don\’t remember when I first met you. You are just always there and you\’ve always been present in my life as long as I can remember. Your presence is as normal as breathing to me. Sometimes I don\’t even realize I am doing it. But if I stop, I felt it right away.

I can\’t even count the countless time I\’ve spent staring at you, just to capture that perfect moment. 😍

You\’ve made me laugh, sometimes incredulously. 😂 You\’ve made me cry, and I mean… the loud ugly sobbing cries. 😭

We have our disagreements sometimes. You\’ve made me want to throw books at you 😡, and you know how precious my books are to me.

If I don\’t see you for one day, I feel uneasy. I will try to clear my schedules, lose hours of my sleep and try to go the extra miles just to see you again. 😩

Why bother? You may ask. I don\’t have the answer to that.

Maybe because I live vicariously through you. Maybe because you make me feels emotions that I would not be feeling otherwise in my mundane life. Or maybe… just because.

To all (H, T, J, K, C and others) dramas in my life.

Love 💗,