Beanie level: Chaebol’s poor doppelganger

i’m pretty sure this is the first vacuuming scene i’ve ever seen without a dyson


Day 11:

i love him.
i love how he is honest about his feelings.
he says what he means.
he means what he says.
he doesn’t hold back.
he brightens up the days of people around him.
he doesn’t care for playing hard to get,
and doesn’t act nonchalant.
he loves others.
even though he may be awkward at times,
he is still adorable.


he is chan.
i love chan.


(p.s i have just finished rewatching 30 but 17 so hopefully tomorrow’s post isn’t still about chan)

Day 10:

I love Chan.



    yes i started rewatching it 2 days ago and all the same feelings are kicking in


      I’m watching this for the first time right now 🙂


Day 9:

Disclaimer: you might think otherwise after reading this post, but I am most definitely not a 5 year old child. no.

I wanted you for the longest time.
Your soft fur,
Your floppy ears.
And those floppy feet.

But maybe mainly because Nayeon had one of your brothers,
And gave Jisoo another one of your siblings.

I wanted you for the longest time,
But you were far too expensive.
I had let rationality cloud my emotional needs.
Why would an (almost) grown ass adult need a plushy designed for babies?

But a month ago,
When I saw you and your siblings sitting in the corner of that empty shop,
I’m not sure if what I heard were your calls for me to bring you home
Or the cries of my heart having wanted you.
I walked straight towards you and didn’t hesitate to gently grab you off the shelf.

Because screw rationality. Screw it all.
Because I am a grown ass adult who can do as she likes.
Because its 2020 and you’re gonna be one of the biggest reasons I love 2020.

And also a reason I’m gonna continue to




GEM is one of if not my favourite artist out there and a thing I really love are the lyrics of her songs. Thought I’d share some the lyrics of blindspot (盲点) which from what I understand, was written for her parents as a reminder to myself to love and cherish them while they are still around. The Chinese lyrics hit harder but here’s a translated version taken from musixmatch that I edited slightly.

“No matter how far ahead I set my sight, there’s always been a blindspot
I did not notice that you have been by my side all along
Success is just at the corner, but all that’s just momentary
But I just hate that it took me so long to realize
That love has always been in right front of me

I forgot to hold up an umbrella for you when it rained
I forgot to ask about your birthday wishes

The countless bills you have settled for me
The countless meals you have made, that I didn’t come back for

From the beginning there has been a blindspot that I’ve never noticed
You’ve always been by my side
And I hate that it took me so long to realize
That love has always been right in front of me”


(missed the first half of love feb so thought I’d try write something for what’s left of it!)
Day 7? 1?

They are but human:

Love is about people.
Love is about loving people who are loveable,
Love is about loving people who are unlovable.
It’s about being patient with the most annoying people.
It’s about hoping for the best for those who are permanently on our nerves.
It’s seen most clearly when we love our enemies.
For if we love those who love us, what credit is that to us?
Even sinners love those who love them.

People are annoying.
People are greedy.
People are selfish.
People are proud. People are arrogant.
People hurt us. Oh how they hurt us.
People hurt others. In their selfish greed, in their lack of kindness, lack of empathy, they do more than just hurt others.

But people are just people.
They hurt too.
Maybe they’ve been hurt before.
Maybe not.
But does that matter?
Can’t we love them as humans?
Of what use are spiteful words?
Unless it comes from a loving heart hoping they change for the better,
Those harsh words do no good to anyone.

To love is to forgive.
To keep no record of wrongs.
To forgive people who don’t even think that they’ve done wrong,
People who don’t even seek forgiveness.


Because He first loved us.
Because He forgave us.
Because He died for us even while we were still sinners.



guess who’s finally leveled up to chaebol’s poor doppelgänger! i’m gonna go ahead and make myself yeonseo’s poor (and short) doppelgänger. i’ll die for dan and then two of them can live peacefully together. problem solved!


despite the many things angel failed to give us, i’m glad the writer did give us some things.
1. a chance to watch shs and revel in her performance
2. a strong female character that thinks for herself and is not afraid of expressing her thoughts/ feelings


goodness! kim hyeja’s english is A D O R A B L E! is it just me or did she say  “내가 왜 die”? bc thats literally the cutest.


goodness! she! is! so! cute!


my heart vs my brain when i watch ALML


despite not using my brain much while watching angel, i did find something yeonseo said to be particularly thought provoking: “he trusted his love for her but did not trust her love for him” a particularly good answer to many of the noble idiocracy tropes pulled if you’re asking me. (does anyone think otherwise)


sometimes the best way to enjoy a drama is to #dontthinkfeel! i know the plot and stuff ain’t the most logical but i’m just going to feel my way through angel. that’s what youth is about after all isn’t it? boldly feeling and not holding back even if it doesnt make good sense to do so


    shs’s acting is crazy good all those micro emotions being expressed just WOW.

    L? i’m honestly still enjoying his performance, his reactions are almost exactly my reactions to everything shs does so that’s probably why i love him so much. also dimples. how do u say no to dimples.


      I agree with you. He’s gotten a little better through the show, probably from her influence. But who can resist dimples like his?




      Me as well! I don’t expect anything anymore and I enjoy all of it even the nonsensical product placement. And I love this show soooo much and of course those dimples. Who could resist them? L was good in Miss Hammurabi and I don’t mind him because there are worst but beanies love them even when they act the same way as L but don’t mind them because of their abs. So I’m not into abs but dimples 😜


*tries to go off my unintentional db hiatus by scrolling the fanwall* *also attempts to steer clear of angel spoilers because I\’ve only had time to watch the first 26mins of the first episode* its an impossible task.




so today I randomly walked into the korean/asian mart and look at what I found!! the ramyeon pot that every household in kdramas has!!! oh boy this is gonna be one of the first few things i’ll buy once i starting flatting next year


A cute bunch of quotes I’ve put in an album (with the help of fellow beanies such as @saturtledaisy) on imgur of some of the amazing things beanies have said on rabbit!!!! Credits to the super cool people who have uttered such wondrous words!!

HTML Links
Goldmine!A collection of wise quotes by fellow rabbit pals!!


    if anyone (featured or not) feels uncomfortable with this being up, please comment and i’ll remove it asap!! i think i’ve tried to get most people’s permission to post this! + @mindy @egads i think this works now! thank u so much for letting me know about the previous one!!


2 eps into tcc and i’m just short of changing my name into yeojinguwu


i guess it’s time for a mandatory crying session! what fun!!


a truly good show is one which makes you pity / sympathise the villain while continuing to hate her in such a way that your emotions are just a complete mess.